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BITB05 sucked Kim Anns nipple into his


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 5 * * * * *

A short time later the door to Randall's bedroom creaked
open. Laura walked in first. She was wearing only her collar
and a restraint on each wrist and ankle. Kim Ann was right
behind her, similarly clad. The restraints had soft inner linings
and a locking outer strap. There were large D-rings set on the
sides of each. The center piece of the bedroom was a huge
brass bed. It had ornately crafted brass head and base boards.
Randall had removed the blanket and top sheet and was
propped up on one side with all the pillows piled behind him.
He was still naked and was reading some computer print outs.
He didn't look up at their entrance and said nothing. He was
making them wait.

Laura cleared her throat.

"In a minute." He continued reading.

The two girls shifted uncomfortably and wondered what
was next.

After about five minutes, Randall sat up and turned. He
stood, walked across the room, and laid the papers on a
dresser. He turned again and looked at the girls. Without
saying a word he walked over and circled them. He inspected
their restraints and checked to see they were adequately tight.
He inspected their bodies. He was pleased with both. The
girls were clean and the restraints were correctly fitted.

Without saying a word, he pointed to the bed. The two
girls lowered their gazes and climbed in, side by side. They
sat and waited. Randall reached under the bed and removed
a number of lengths of soft cord. He climbed into the bed and
positioned himself between the two girls. He was on his knees
looking down into their faces. Laura was on his right and Kim
Ann on his left. He took Laura's right hand and Kim Ann's
left. Holding the restraints together, he threaded a cord
through the two restraint loops. He tied them tightly together
and moved up pulling their locked wrists with him. The two
girls fell backward. He tied the cord to the center of the brass
headboard fixing their joined wrists only a half foot from the
top. He fixed a cord to Kim Ann's left ankle restraint and tied
it around Laura's calf. Since Laura was taller their ankles
didn't meet. He brought the cord down through Laura's ankle
restraint and tied another knot. He pulled the cord tightly and
tied it to the center of the base board. The two girls were
lying face up pressed together along the entire length of the
sides of their bodies. Randall took more lengths of cord and
fixed each girl's free wrist and ankle tightly to the nearest
corner of the bed. He stopped to enjoy the view. Then he
reached into the night stand nearest Kim Ann and removed a
prod gag. It looked like a giant baby's pacifier with straps.

With one hand he pulled Kim Ann's chin down. She was
shaking her head very slightly in the negative, but he ignored
her. He pushed the prod firmly into her mouth filling almost
the entire cavity. Then he connected and tightened one set of
straps behind her head, another over the top of her head, and
a third under her chin which held her mouth tightly closed.
Kim Ann's eyes were wide.

He gave her nipple a tight squeeze and watched Kim Ann's
nostrils flare in response.

Smiling, he moved around the bed to Laura's side and
removed a similar gag. Laura made no protest as he affixed it
to her. When he squeezed her nipple she just shut her eyes
and sighed through her nose. She was still extremely worked
up and unlike Kim Ann hadn't had any release.

Then Randall left the room for a while. The two girls almost went out of their minds with curiosity and concern
about what he was up to. The feel of their bodies pressing
together and the days events was also fueling their sexual
drive. When they had been washing themselves in the
bathroom they hadn't said anything, hadn't even looked at each
other. Now they felt like talking but couldn't do so. They
could hardly even see each other without lifting their heads
and craning their necks. And on the couple of times when
they did so were able to communicate little else but a sense of
apprehension and helplessness. So they lay back and listened
intently. Randall was making little noises in the kitchen. In
fact, he was preparing and eating a light lunch. That, and he
was making them wait, letting the tension build.

He sat at the kitchen table chewing his sandwich and
considering his next moves. Deflowering Laura had been an
act of romance. In Kim Ann's case it was going to be an act
of control. He finished and sat for several more minutes,
mulling tactics. Then he tossed the empty coke can in the
trash. He cleaned the kitchen, washing up and putting things
away. One last look around to be sure everything was neat,
then he turned toward the bedroom.

As he entered two heads craned up to stare over their own
nakedness at him. Seeing that he held no instruments of
torture, Laura and then Kim Ann let their heads fall back.
They were both in a terrible state of anxiety and sexual
tension. Randall walked up to the bed and looked down.
Laura's arousal was especially betrayed by the dampness of
her crotch. He climbed into the bed and positioned himself
with one knee between each girl's spread legs. Because the
bed was so big, their legs were spread rather wide. He looked
down into their faces and smiled. He reached up and took an
inside nipple from each girl and began squeezing. Laura's
breast seemed to swell almost hungrily at the intrusion. Kim
Ann's nipple had been sleek and soft; it soon began to tighten
and crinkle.

Randall wanted to bring both girls to a peak of sexual
tension together. Laura was much closer so he spent most of
his efforts keeping her in check and getting Kim Ann aroused.
He lowered himself onto their bodies. They each could feel
his cock and balls resting where their thighs joined. He moved
his hands to their outside breasts and began to suck on first
one and then the other of their inside breasts. He nipped at
them with his teeth and ran his tongue over and around the
tender flesh.

He sucked Kim Ann's nipple into his mouth and listened to
her sudden intake of air. He loved her smell. He loved the
feel of her warm skin on his lips. He loved the feel of her
large crinkled rock hard nipple against the roof of his mouth.
Her breasts were so sensitive she was almost frantic with the
sensations. She thrashed under him and he could feel her
moisture against his leg.

He leaned over and sucked on Laura's breast. She was
already so hot his leg was sliding against the slickness of her
pussy, oozing against the warmth and wetness which was
smearing his upper thigh. As he played with her tit there was
no doubt, she was actively trying to rub her clit against him, to
finally bring herself off and relieve the tremendous sexual
pressure she was feeling. He moved his hand down to her
pussy and insinuated his fingers into her cleft and rubbed
against the engorged little bud. Laura felt a flash of heat. Her
sexual temperature jumped but the orgasm which had been so
close suddenly seemed to be on hold. She groaned with
passion and disappointment.

Randall moved his other hand down to Kim Ann's pussy.
He started rubbing her in a different way. Her sexual
temperature also jumped but it seemed to propel her even
more quickly toward another climax.

He listened to their labored breathing and felt their flesh
squirm under and against his own. When he judged Kim Ann
was getting close, he stopped licking on their breasts and
kissed his way down their bodies toward their hips. He never
stopped playing with either of their cunts. They could feel his
balls sliding down their leg, over the cord than held them
together, and beyond.

When his head was at crotch level, he brought both knees
between Kim Ann's legs and positioned his mouth over her
clit. His right hand was still working on Laura who was out
of her mind with lust. He moved his left hand away from Kim
Ann's cunt and pushed it under her left thigh. He sucked her
upper pussy flesh into his mouth and begin to rapidly lick his
tongue up and down the love grotto. On each pass the tip of
his tongue would slap against Kim Ann's clit--first up, then
down, then up again. He could feel the little pearl stiffen and
grow even larger. He heard the sounds of rising passion in her
breathing. Mostly he could feel her body closing in another
crushing climax. His left shoulder was pressed against Kim
Ann's thigh, his arm all the way up her body and squeezing her
breast. She was right on the verge. It was all he could do to
hold Laura back with his other hand.

Then when he judged the moment right, he removed his
hand from Laura's cunt and brought it quickly under his own
chest and up into Kim Ann's slit. His fingers were completely
wet with Laura's juices. Laura was squirming and moaning
with inflamed frustration. Randall had left her right on the
edge but gave her no means to push herself over.

Randall quickly reached over and pinched Kim Ann's left
nipple, he changed his tongue motion from up and down to
side to side and pressed in much harder and even faster, and
he brought one finger up into Kim Ann's vagina and another
into her anus. The combined stimulation drove her way over
the brink and she started to spasm chaotically. The sounds
emanating from her throat and coming out through her nose
were almost pathetic in their intensity.

And the combination of those sounds, her own passion,
and the feel of Kim Ann's thrashing body rubbing and
pounding against her own side finally drove Laura to the
climax which had been so long delayed. Without actually
being touched, she orgasmed. Laura's sounds of passion and
convulsions shook against Kim Ann and drove her to an even
higher peak of ecstasy.

As soon as Laura started to come, Randall scooted up Kim
Ann's body and thrust his prick into her cunt. She was so
aroused and Randall so deft that she hardly even noticed the
loss of her maidenhead. He rested on his elbows on either
side of her neck and stared into her eyes as he began a series
of quick rhythmic lunges against her pussy. He was working
to insure that her clit received a big squeeze and that his balls
would slap sharply against the crack in her ass with each cycle.
He timed them to coincide with her orgasmic rhythm and
rapidly brought her to a higher and quicker set of contractions.
Her eyes were staring into his own. Her head was contorting
wildly around. He pressed his elbows together against her
head to hold it steady and thrust even harder.

Laura was still spasming but her contractions were
damping out. Randall could feel the tension in her body
starting to dissipate. He thrust even harder. Kim Ann was
terribly close now, he could sense it. He wanted to drive her
over the brink and get to Laura before she cooled off and
started to get drowsy.

And then, it was there. Kim Ann seemed to enter an even
higher state of excitement, as if her orgasm was having an
orgasm. It was all Randall could do to hold her head still. He
pressed his lips against her forehead. He reached down and
around and squeezed both of Kim Ann's nipples at once. She
seemed to shriek through her nose. With a couple more
thrusts he let himself come into her. His seed exploded and
drenched her cunt with cum. Kim Ann shrieked again and
then blacked out. That was what Randall had been working

He allowed himself a couple of moments to savor the feel
of Kim Ann's sweat drenched body under his, the spasming
contractions of her vaginal muscles against his still throbbing
prick. Then he eased himself out of her taking care to maintain
his erection and moved off of her side of the bed.

Laura was drained but alert and watching him. He quickly
removed Kim Ann's gag and tossed it lightly on the floor. The
way it cut down on her oxygen had contributed to the
intensity of the experience. He undid her right arm and leg,
leaving on the restraints but tossing the cords aside. Then he
moved down and undid the cord that held their legs together.
Finally, he untied Laura's outside leg.

He again moved between her legs and raising them a little
pressed his mouth against her cunt. She tried to grunt in
protest but had no leverage--of any sort. He began licking
her, moving his fingers underneath to play with her anus and
lower pussy. Within moments she was again hot and ripe for
action. Then he moved up and undid her gag but not her
arms. Laura could still feel the sleeping Kim Ann's arm
pressed against her own. Randall moved up and positioned
himself over Laura, the tip of his prick right over the outer
ring of her love tunnel. He removed her gag. She was
breathing raggedly. He moved his head down so that his lips
were just an inch away from hers. He could feel her hot
breath all over the bottom of his face. Then he looked into her
eyes, his belly pressed against hers, his chest pressed into her
breasts, and did nothing.

The tableau held for several long moments. Laura was
primed for another orgasm. She was hot and wet and couldn't
understand why Randall just hovered there. She looked into
his eyes and felt his flesh pressing against hers. She could feel
his breath on her lips. She could feel the head of his dick
lightly tapping against her hungry cunt. She suddenly cried
out like an animal and pressed her pelvis up against his penis.
She felt his cock slide into her with a welcome warmth and
pressure. She pressed her head up against his and shoved her
tongue into his mouth.

It was what he had been waiting for. Expertly he thrust
into and against her until they had both come again.

When the throbbing contractions of their orgasms were
finally over, Laura lay exhausted but not unconscious at
Randall's side. He had reached up and undone the final cords
and then positioned himself between the two girls. He
laid Kim Ann on her side facing him and then lay back with
her belly and one tit pressed up into his right side. He had
draped her upper leg over his and rested her head in the crook
of his arm. He lay that way staring at the ceiling and waiting
to see what Laura would do. He could sense that she was in
the throws of an internal debate.

To turn her back or to otherwise ignore him was to invite
future retribution. But what did he want. He hadn't said
anything. What did she want? She asked herself this question
and was confused by the feelings it provoked. She was stuck.
There were all kinds of limits on what she could do anyway.
And she was feeling drowsy and sated. 'Aw what the fuck,'
she would sort it out later.

She rolled over and pressed her body up against Randall's
so that her breast and belly were pressed into his other side.
She draped her leg over his. She looked down and saw that
Kim Ann's free arm was lying against her side. Somehow that
didn't seem right. She reached over and took it. They were
both still wearing restraints. She draped Kim Ann's forearm
across Randall's belly. Her other arm was over her head as
was Randall's. That didn't seem right either. She lifted herself
up on one elbow and looked down into Randall's face. He
smiled up at her and she found herself smiling back. She
brought her left arm up and moved his free arm down to make
a pillow for her head. Then she slid her right arm down
between their bodies and lowered herself to rest against his
side. She looked over into Kim Ann's sleeping face and
almost without thinking brought her free hand down and
rested it on Randall's crotch. Idly she begin toying with his
prick until it was semi-engorged. She soon fell asleep.

Randall lay there and thought about what had occurred.
After a long while he became aware of Laura's regular
breathing and that her hand was now resting limply on his
crotch. He slept too.

The next morning both girls seemed in excellent spirits.
They all showered together and Randall made them breakfast.
He also made them stay naked and wearing their collars and
restraints until it was time for them to leave. They didn't seem
to mind.

Then they were gone. The collars and restraints were
hanging in the hall closet. Both girls had gotten dressed and
left. Randall had watched them walk together out of the
building and toward campus. They were chatting with each
other about how they were going to spend their summers.

Randall knew they would both be back in the fall.

* * * * *

The next day Randall was already thinking about adding a
third and final girl to his stable. Master Eugene had three, so
why shouldn't he. Of course he wasn't going to add more
because the first rule of the Mart was, don't be conspicuous.
Don't do anything that draws unwelcome attention. His
experimenting with Laura and Kim Ann were already risky
enough. Without Master Eugene's intervention he would be
dead twice over. But with the Master's approval, why not go
for three.

He was looking over files and considering. He had a blond Anglo and an Oriental brunette. Was there such a thing as a
red headed Mexican girl? Not at Briar Oaks in any case.
There was only one black girl and she was very bright indeed.
She was also a dog. Randall had a class with her the year

There was a very pretty Lebanese girl whom he knew. He
checked her file. She had checked out and wouldn't be back.
Some kind of family problems. Oh well. The problem was
that Briar Oaks was over 90% Anglo.

He spent most of the week working on the problem and
decided that as long as it was going to be another Anglo, he
might as well go for a redhead. He had just about made his
final selection when he overheard something in the
administration building which sent him back to his computer.
Old Professor Andrews from the English Department was
making some off-handed and slightly obscene comments about
a pretty young new faculty member who would be joining
them in the fall. That alone might not have done it if he hadn't
also mentioned something about a wonderful head of auburn
hair. 'Auburn is a lovely color,' Randall thought to himself and
made mental note to check the new teacher out before making
any decisions.

It didn't take him long to find what he was looking for.
Penelope Taylor, one of three new hires, and the only one
joining the English faculty, was just about to turn twenty-two.
He used the data on from her personnel records to cross check
with everything else he could find. University records, high
school records, financial stuff. He soon had everything on her
that the three major credit reporting agencies knew and much,
much more.

Miss Taylor was five foot seven or eight. The records
didn't agree. Call her five foot seven and a half. Just an inch
or so shorter than Laura. A hundred and twenty pounds.
Well, women always lied about their weight. Call her one
twenty-five. Some indications she was athletic. Hmmmm.
Her driver's license record listed her hair color as red. But for
some reason he couldn't call up the picture. He spent several
additional hours digging and considering. He was sorry there
didn't seem to be any computer pictures of her which he could

Wait a second, she was already here. The housing records
listed her current address as faculty row. How could he find
her? He ran a locator program of his own creation through
the entire school computer system. The head librarian's
calendar listed her name at 2:00 on Thursday. All right, he'd be

He was. And Miss Taylor was a knockout. Was it worth
the risk trying his strong arm tactics on her? Would they
work? He'd have to talk it over with Master Eugene before he
made any moves.

What was this. No library tour? He volunteered to help
her out. And it certainly never hurt to get a little more
information. By the end of the afternoon he was hoping that
the Master would give his blessing to the project.

* * * * * End of Part 5 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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