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BITB06 girls were address Randall


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 6 * * * * *

The Master was examining the photographs Randall had
taken. He was nodding his head as Randall talked. "She's
fabulous, Master Eugene, and I'm sure she would be worth the
effort. I'm even fairly convinced the techniques would work."
He paused and looked uneasy.

The Master sensed a fly in the ointment. "But?" he asked
still studying the pictures.

"But, I can't find any kind of hook to get started," Randall
admitted. "I mean, she's about as wholesome as you can get."
He thought back. "I thought Kim Ann was a tough nut, but
this one . . ."

The Master looked up. "And?"

"She's fresh out of college. A perfect record going back as
far as I can trace. Not a single negative note anywhere in the
computer records. Her parents are dead and from what I can
dig up were both candidates for sainthood. She was raised by
an equally saintly grandmother." He paused for emphasis.
"Nothing, . . . Nada, . . . Zippo."

"And?" Randall looked up at the Master. He was smiling
amusedly at him.

"And, . . . I want your opinion about how I might go about
snagging her. Or whether I should just forget it." Actually, he
had already given up when he caught sight of Miss Taylor in
a bikini at the school pool. She was so pretty it made his guts
tighten. There just had to be some way of getting to her.

Master Eugene nodded and looked back down at the
pictures. "Well," he said, "from your description and these
pix, I'd say she's definitely worth the trouble." He looked back
at Randall. "Hell, if she's half as good as she looks, I could
easily find a buyer who would pay to have her picked up and
trained in a traditional manner." He smiled at Randall's pained
expression. "But you want to do it yourself don't you. Or
rather, to see if it can be done."

It was Randall's turn to nod.

"Let me ask you something." The Master was looking
intently for Randall's reaction. "Is it because you have the
hots for this lady? Is it the challenge? Or is it simple
academic curiosity?"

Randall thought that over for a minute and then grinned.
"All three, maybe?"

That was good enough for the Master.

They were interrupted by the entrance of a new girl whom
Randall hadn't seen before. She looked to be just a little
younger than Alexia--the middle thirties, perhaps. She was
quite pretty with large breasts and a very patrician face. Her
legs were fabulous. She was dressed like all of the Master's
girls--that is in virtually nothing-- and carrying a tray with
drinks and little finger sandwiches.

Master Eugene introduced her. "This is Leticia." She was
also Hispanic and had flaming red hair.

Randall laughed.

The Master looked over at him questioningly. Randall
waived it off and said, "It's nothing, I'll tell you later."

Master Eugene shrugged and continued. "Leticia is the
daughter of a Spanish diplomat. More importantly, she is also
a trained nurse."

Randall looked over at him.

He looked back, "A geriatric nurse."


"I'm getting on in years and I thought it wise to make
certain provisions." He looked up at her and smiled. "She
was recruited about ten years ago by a Austrian gentleman for
much the same reasons. He died not long ago and she came
on the market. I was actually outbid for her." He looked a
little sad.

Randall wondered why. "So how did you end up with

"I had to trade Victoria."

"Oh." Victoria was gone. Now Randall felt a little sad,
too. He would miss her. But that, he understood, was the
nature of the Mart. Slaves were slaves. And even the most
valuable ones, or the ones you were most attached to, could
be sold if the price were right.

Leticia set down the tray and waited for directions. "That's
O.K. dear, I'll call you if I need you." She turned to leave.
She had a really fine ass and was probably just a trifle shorter
than Alexia, say five foot seven. "Randall can get better
acquainted with you later if he'd like." From the looks they
shot each other, it was clear they would both like.

For a long time they ate in silence. Each was thinking
private thoughts about Victoria. Then the Master, having
finished, broke the silence by asking, "So what about this


"What motivates her?"

"Well," Randall answered, "she loves to teach like Laura,
and she has a deep need to honor her family like Kim Ann.
She's really sort of a combination. She's not about to get
involved in anything underhanded."


"I don't think so."

The Master smiled knowingly. "She's not about to get
involved in anything underhanded for the sake of illicit gain,
but let me ask you this." He paused for effect. "Are there any
circumstances under which she might bend some rules? Just
a little?"

Randall thought about that. "I don't see it, . . . unless . . ."

"Yesss. . . ." Master Eugene was grinning broadly now.

"Well she might bend the rules if there were a good reason.
You know, like someone was in trouble and the only way she
could help them . . ." His voice trailed off as the light bulb
went off in his head.

"Have you ever been fishing?" the Master asked.

Randall nodded silently and caught his meaning instantly.
The rest of the evening they talked about other things. Then
the Master went to bed and Randall got better acquainted with

A week later he offered Master Eugene a sheet of paper.
"I've been thinking about this like I was writing a computer
program," he said. "There are certain rules I've got to follow.
Tell me if you think I've missed anything." The list read as
follows: 'One, the bait must be irresistible; two, the hook must
be firmly set; three, the pressure must never be enough to
break the line; four, the girl must be led not dragged; and five,
she must be encouraged to tire herself out.'

For a long time after reading the list, Master Eugene
looked off into space and considered. Randall let him think.
Finally he said, "I like your list." Then he added, "You might
think of this as a series of events rather than a single event.
Every time you succeed the girl will feel a little more trapped.
That will be your continuing motivation. She'll want to get
out of the trap. So the irresistible bait might be the promise of
a way off the hook. She'll be jumping from hook to hook,
each connected to a stronger line."

Randall nodded. "And eventually the line will be strong
enough to reel her in." He looked up for confirmation.

Master Eugene was smiling.

He spent much of the rest of the summer getting to know
the new English teacher better. He talked little and listened
much. He found ways to be helpful. He made plans. He did
nothing else. He waited for Laura and Kim Ann to return.
Shortly after the start of the fall term he made his first move.
Or rather, he had Laura make it for him.

* * * * *

Laura and Kim Ann had taken up with Randall exactly
where they had left off. As they returned to Briar Oaks, each
was thinking that she only had one more year of his running
her life. Then they could go their separate ways. Laura was
already beginning to have very mixed feelings about that. For
Kim Ann it was a condition devoutly to be wished.

On the day before the classes started they met in Randall's
apartment. When they arrived the door was ajar and Randall
nowhere in sight. There was a note telling them to "prepare"
themselves--he would return soon. In fact he had watched
them enter the building and was giving them about fifteen
minutes to see what their interpretation of 'prepare' would be.
When he arrived he found them both in their collars and
nothing else, sitting on opposite sides of his big chair and
waiting. He was pleased.

After an evening of lovemaking he explained the agenda
for the coming semester. He had reviewed their schedules and
made one change. Kim Ann would add Miss Taylor's English
class and shift her study period. Every Tuesday Laura would
spend the evening in Randall's apartment. Wednesday was
Kim Ann's night. From Friday evening through Sunday
afternoon they would both be there. And, oh yes--a present
which Master Eugene had arranged with the consent of the
managing partners of the Mart--from now on, and in private,
the girls were to address Randall as 'Master.'

He was still primarily a computer jock as far as the Mart
was concerned. But by virtue of his successful subjugation of
Laura and Kim Ann he could wear the title. The partners
were mostly amused. There was some concern about secrecy,
but Master Eugene had taken responsibility for security and he
was trusted. Randall didn't know it yet, but a number of
trainers around the world were extremely interested in the
results of his experiments. Master Eugene had been spending
progressively more time on secured phone lines reviewing Mr.
Locke's progress with these interested parties. There was
much to be learned from the young man and his innovative
ideas. In fact, it was the support of the trainers as much as
anything which had won Randall his spurs.

So 'Master' it was. Laura and Kim Ann accepted this as
more easily than many of the other things he had forced upon
them. They thought it was just another aspect of his
megalomania. Only later they would realize how much more
it signified.

* * * * *

It was the third week of the new term and Miss Taylor's
fourth period English Literature class was going well. There
were eighteen students including Randall, Laura, and Kim
Ann. When the next day's homework had been assigned and
class was over everyone filed out for lunch except for Laura.
She hung around looking uncomfortable. She looked as if she
wanted to say something and was trying to work up the nerve.
This is what Randall had instructed her to do the night before.
Wait for Miss Taylor to ask you what's wrong and then make
her drag it out of you.

With great empathy, Penny waited until the last of the
other students had left and then went over to Laura. She
stood next to her and waited. Laura waited longer.

"Is something on our mind, dear?"

There was. She had made a stupid mistake and
accidentally mailed a library book home with some of her own
books. Her grandmother would send it back, but she had sent
the package book rate and it might take several weeks before
it would come back. Would Miss Taylor please tell the library
that she had given it to her so that it wouldn't be due until the
end of the semester. She promised to have it back long before

Penny laughed. Was that all? Not to worry, if there was
a fine she would be happy to pay it for her.

No it wasn't that. It was just that Laura had a perfect
record at Briar Oaks and didn't want so much as a library fine
to besmirch that record.

Penny thought this was silly in the extreme, but she did
understand perfect records and pride. Besides she wasn't
being asked for much.

"Of course, dear. I'll tell the head librarian herself later
today. What is the name of the book?"

It was a tiny indiscretion. But it was a start. And it was

The next week a special call came in for the book. Miss
Taylor received a library notice to return it. She checked with
Laura after class. How soon would the book come back.
Laura said she would call that night to check.

The next day she told Miss Taylor that her grandmother
hadn't received the package yet, but that she had gotten a
friend to change the library computer records and wipe out the
book request. The worst that would happen is the requester
would wonder what had happened and put in a second
request. By the time that happened the book would be back.

Penny was very unhappy at the idea of changing computer
records, but it was already done. And it make sense. She told
Laura that it was O.K., but in the future, she shouldn't arrange
for things like that without checking with her first. Laura
assured her she wouldn't.

From then on it was just a succession little things which left
this young girl with a number of examples of Penny bending
rules, violating regulations, changing records. Miss Taylor
was growing more uncomfortable with Laura's hold over her.
She had recently found herself doing certain favors for the girl solely to keep her quiet about other things.

Then one evening about mid-semester Laura showed up at
Miss Taylor's little house with Kim Ann. Laura looked
concerned; Kim Ann looked miserable. Laura explained that
Kim Ann had a problem and would Miss Taylor please see if
she could help. Laura said it would be a really big favor to her
since Kim Ann was her friend. She emphasized that last bit as
if it held special meaning. She left them alone to talk.

Kim Ann waited a long time. This time Penny waited even

She had a problem and maybe Miss Taylor couldn't help.
But before she said anything Miss Taylor had to promise to
keep it an absolute secret.

She said she would.

Kim Ann explained that what she was about to admit was
against school policy and that Miss Taylor would be obligated
according to the honor code to report her. Would she still
keep it a secret under those terms?

That took the young teacher aback. But Kim Ann's
distress seemed serious and if she said she couldn't guarantee
secrecy she would lose any opportunity to help her. By this
time Laura was forgotten.

O.K., she would keep her secret despite the honor code.

Kim Ann was afraid she might have gotten pregnant. This
was something that would get her tossed out of school in
disgrace. She wanted to get checked out at a free clinic in the
city but needed an adult to go with her. Her parents lived in
Hong Kong. She had only known Miss Taylor a short time,
but had come to trust her greatly. She was the only adult
female that Kim Ann knew in the United States. Could she
please; would she please go with her?

Penny wasn't at all sure what the ramifications of this were.
She was absolutely sure this would be frowned upon by
administration. She might even be breaking some laws. And
yet, she couldn't see any reason to refuse this poor girl's
request. She bit her lower lip and looked distressed.

Kim Ann said, "If you want to come with me secretly, I've
got a friend who can arrange for some fake I.D. for you. That
way no one ever needs to know it was you." She looked
down. "I was going to have it made up for me, but there's no
way I could pass for twenty-one."

Penny didn't know what to do. Teen pregnancy, school
policy, fake I.D. But the girl clearly needed help and had no
one to turn to. And maybe by helping this friend of Laura's it
would cancel the other debts.

"Look, she finally said, I don't need any fake I.D. I'll go
with you." They set a date for that Saturday.

Once in the clinic waiting room Penny began to get cold
feet. They were standing in line and a parent with her
daughter at the head of the line was asked to show I.D. As
Penny was starting to panic, Kim Ann reached into her purse
and handed her an envelope. Penny opened it and found it
contained a fake drivers license with her picture. It was the
picture the school had taken for her faculty I.D. card. How
had they gotten that? There was also a very sincere looking
document which said that the identity on the fake I.D. was the
in loco guardian of Kimberly Ann Soong. She needed both
documents to get Kim Ann in to see the doctor.

She had to sign a bunch of forms with the bogus identity
and kept checking the drivers license to be sure she got the
spelling of her fake name right. She had a horrible feeling of
impending doom the whole time she was there.

Kim Ann disappeared into a back room and emerged a
short time later. "I've got to come back in about an hour to
get the results of the test, but you can go."

"I don't mind staying."

"No," Kim Ann said thoughtfully, "I think I'd rather be
alone now, if you don't mind."

Penny nodded," I understand. "You'll call me if you need


Kim Ann wasn't in classes for the next few days. Laura let
Miss Taylor know privately after the Thursday class that Kim
Ann had an abortion.

Penny was shocked. She shouldn't have been. Then she
got a really bad feeling and asked quietly, "But how? She's a
minor. Wouldn't she need someone's approval for that?"

"Of course, but you approved it with one of those forms
you signed."

Penny felt sick. She didn't approve of abortion. What
would Kim Ann's parents say if they found out? She felt
horrible about all the deceptions. She was dreadfully afraid
her part in this would get out and would get her in all kinds of
trouble. And, of course, this also meant Laura had even more
of a hold over her. On Friday, Miss Taylor stayed home sick
and the class had a substitute.

In all this time Randall's name had never come up. He of
course, had orchestrated everything. And while Kim Ann had,
indeed, visited the free clinic, her test had come back negative
and there had been no abortion. But Penny didn't know that.

For the rest of the semester, Miss Taylor's life became a
merry hell. First Laura and then Kim Ann kept getting her
involved in progressively more uncomfortable misadventures.

Laura asked for some departmental stationery. She said it
was to play a joke on a friend. Penny doubted it, but provided
the letterhead and envelope. Why couldn't the damn girl have
just stolen it from the secretary's desk? Why did she keep
getting her involved in these schemes?

A week later Laura told her that she was going to get a
package from a computer company. Miss Taylor wasn't to
open it, just give it to her. Penny wanted to press her about
the contents, but decided to let it go. The package came a few
days later and after a night's indecision she turned it over,
unopened, the following day. Later in the semester, after
some even more outrageous requests by Kim Ann, Penny
discovered a packing slip in a notebook which Laura had
accidentally left in class. It contained an invoice for a
computer gizmo charged against the departmental account.
There was also a photocopy of a letter signed by Penny Taylor
ordering the gizmo.

'Oh, no. . . Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no,' she thought.

She confronted Laura about the next day. Not to worry,
Laura said. She had arranged for the purchase through the
same guy who had gotten her the false I.D. when Kim Ann
had her abortion. Actually, the gizmo was for him. It was his
payment for the I.D. But not to worry. He had already taken
care of the bill by transferring funds from the President's
discretionary account. And he'd hidden things in the computer
records so no one would ever find our unless they were
actually looking for it. And, by the way, if Miss Taylor
noticed some computer time charged against her school
account, it was because her friend had made all of the changes
using Miss Taylor's computer account number. That is, if
anyone ever did check, it would look like Miss Taylor herself
had doctored the school records.

Now she really was feeling sick. This had gone beyond
unpleasant. The gizmo had cost several hundred dollars. This
undoubtedly represented some kind of fraud and was quite
possibly a felony. Penny had no one to turn to and had no
idea what to do. She cried herself to sleep that night.

By Christmas break Penny was a nervous wreck. She had
already decided to leave Briar Oaks at the end of the spring
term and was quietly looking into other job opportunities.

Christmas cheered her up a little. She spent it with her
grandmother, but couldn't bring herself to discuss any of this.
Her grandmother was concerned and kept remarking on how
tired she looked. She warned her not to drive herself too

Penny returned to school with trepidation and was relieved
to see that neither Laura nor Kim Ann were in any of her
classes. Randall Locke was. And that was fine with her. She
certainly hadn't discussed any of this with him, but he had
become a warm and supportive friend and she enjoyed his
company. He would usually drop by her little house on
Mondays ('his free night' he called it) and they would have
dinner and discuss things. She would talk and he would listen.
There was nothing sexual in their relationship. But having no
other friends and being under such tremendous stress, she
found his companionship welcome.

It wasn't long before things started up again. First Kim
Ann, and then Laura, and then Kim Ann again. She had just
about decided to have it out with them. The strain was
becoming too much for her. Even total disgrace or jail
seemed preferable. She talked about this in a vague
hypothetical way when Randall came to dinner one Monday.
Later that week Kim Ann and Laura came to her together.
They had one last request to make of her. They needed her
help making a delivery. She didn't want to know what it was.
Just drop the package off at a certain address and that would
be the last either of them would ever ask of her.

Penny was suspicious as hell. She didn't believe it, either.
As it turned out, it was true.

She left late one night. Laura had given her a package
about the size of a large dictionary. It was quite heavy. She
drove to a little house in the suburbs and rang the bell. A
unpleasant looking man with a lecherous smirk and a limp
opened the door and took the package. He leered at her as
she turned the package over and kept leering as she walked
quickly back to her car. As she was driving off to return to
school, the little house and the unpleasant looking man blew
up in a ferocious fireball. She saw it in her rear view mirror
and felt the impact of the explosion a block away.

The hair rose on the back of her neck and it was everything
she could do to resist the terrible temptation to return just to
confirm that it was the same house. She was sure it would be.

The next day at school she didn't know whether to ask
Laura and Kim Ann about it or not. She didn't have the
opportunity. Both of the girls avoided her for several weeks.
Then Kim Ann showed up one day with an envelope. Penny
looked at her questioningly.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'm not here to ask you for
anything. This is an invitation from a certain individual who
wants to see you. He knows everything, so I'd go if I were

The invitation was for dinner for Friday. It said formal

* * * * * End of Part 6 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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