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BITB07 girls can find wig for


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 7 * * * * *

The address on the invitation turned out to be only a few
minutes away from campus. It was either a huge private
residence or a modest mansion, she couldn't decide which.
Whatever it was, it was built in the middle of a really big
parcel of land surrounded by an eight foot brick fence topped
with ornamental iron spikes.

Penny was dressed in the gown she had worn to the
university senior ball. She also had on a light coat. She
parked the car and walked to the front door. She was wearing
two-inch heels. She wore them intentionally to give her
maximum height. She'd heard in one of her university courses
that height could be intimidating and she wanted as much of
it on her side as she could muster. She was psyching herself
for whatever was about to come. She rang the bell.

What came knocked all of the psych right out of her. The
door was answered by a beautiful girl with light brown hair
who was wearing nothing but a neck collar and little cuffs on
her wrists and ankles. She looked like she was in her late
twenties. The girl was about three inches shorter. No, that
wasn't right. The girl was naked and wore no shoes. The girl was maybe an inch shorter than her.

"May I take your coat?" she asked in a sultry voice.

In shock Penny removed and handed her the coat.

The girl led her down a long hallway. As she followed,
Penny noticed an engraved name on the side of the collar,
'Carolena.' She led her to a large and ornately furnished dining
room replete with chandelier and expensive looking french
provincial furniture. The table was set for two. There was a
seat at the head of the table which was empty. Two equally
naked women stood on either side of the chair. Both looked
to be in their late thirties. They were about the same height
and both were very pretty. Neither was wearing anything
except for collars and restraints. One of the women had a
remarkably attractive face and extraordinary eyes which
followed her closely. The other looked Mexican or perhaps
Middle-Eastern but had very red hair.

Carolena held out the chair at the foot of the table. Penny
sat. Carolena padded off to deal with the coat. For several
long minutes no one spoke. She heard a throat clear behind
her. She turned and there was Randall Locke smiling at her.


"I thought you might enjoy it if I treated you to dinner for
a change." Still smiling, he walked over to the head of the
table and seated himself. The redhead held his chair. The girl with the remarkable eyes undid his napkin and laid it across his
lap. Almost immediately Laura and Kim Ann came in through
a side door. They were dressed in the same nothing as the
others and were carrying silver trays with dinner.

Penny's heart was pounding in her throat. What in God's
name was going on? She opened her mouth to speak, but
Randall raised a hand and motioned her to silence.

"Why don't we eat first and I'll let you know how things

So they ate. Penny didn't eat much as she listened to
Randall. Randall didn't eat much since he was doing all of the
talking. It was really a waste of a marvelously prepared

Randall spoke at length for almost an hour. He began by
saying, "Let me tell you the story of a sorry little tramp who
got involved with some nasty underworld activities and ended
up a murderess."

Penny's eyes went wide and her hair roots started to tingle.

Randall told the story, completely accurate and without a
word of truth, weaving together all of the evidence which
Laura and Kim Ann had accumulated against her. The story made sense. Penny had hit the campus and was seduced by a
low life type who furnished her with fake I.D. She used the
fake documents to get involved in a number of illicit and very
lucrative activities. The embezzlement of the computer gizmo
was only the tip of a very large iceberg. The partner
threatened to turn her in unless she gave him a larger share of
the loot, so she killed him. Drove up to his house one day and
left a package which blew him sky high. Also sent a little girl who was playing next door to the hospital. Most unfortunate.

Penny remembered reading about the little girl in the
papers. She was eaten up with guilt and had cried on and off
for days.

Randall finished the story as the dinner dishes were cleared
away. He concluded by saying, "There are a great many things
you still don't know. And I have no intention of telling you.
I wouldn't be allowed to anyway. At least not at this point."

Wouldn't be allowed to? Who wouldn't allow him? Who
was behind all this? Whose house was this?

"All you need know is that there is a much larger and more
powerful organization involved. I have intervened with them
on your behalf. And you now have exactly two choices. You
can do exactly, precisely what I tell you to do, and no one will
ever know about any of this. Or you can pick yourself up and
walk out the door." He left the consequences of the second
choice unstated.

Penny was flushed and clearly in distress. There were so
many questions she wanted to ask. All five naked girls were
standing like statues around the walls of the room. She turned
to look down the hallway toward the front door.

Randall's voice interjected, "If you're going to leave, I'd
advise you not to return to campus." He stood up and walked
over to a china closet, "Do you have any money?"

She looked confused and couldn't see where this was
leading. Vaguely she shook her head.

He opened a drawer and withdrew a large wad of bills.
Walking over he deposited them next to her plate. "If you're
going to leave, take that with you." It looked like several
thousand dollars, but she couldn't bring herself to touch it.
"Don't try to access your bank account. I'd suggest you ditch
your car as soon as possible. Drive to the bus terminal and
park it there. Buy a ticket for the next bus out of town. Ask
a lot of questions. Be noticed. Lay a false trail. Then quietly
take a taxi to the airport and get a plane to either Canada or
Mexico. I don't think you'll need a passport for that. Use the
fake I.D if you still have it. With a little luck you'll make it.
And never, ever come back to this country."

He stopped to consider for a moment. You'll probably
have to quietly and unofficially change your name. I'm sorry,
but I won't be able to help with that."

Penny looked faint. She was following Randall with her
eyes. He had returned to his chair. She wore a glazed
hopeless expression.

"There will, of course, be a great scandal concerning Penny
Taylor, a young Briar Oaks teacher. The tabloids will love it."
He paused considering for a moment. "Your picture will most
likely crop up all over the place. You probably ought to stop
somewhere and try to change your appearance as much as
possible. Maybe one of the girls can find a wig for you to
wear out of here." He looked directly into her eyes. "If you
can keep a low enough profile you ought to be able to live out
your life without being extradited back to the U.S. for trial."
He paused for emphasis. "There is no statute of limitations on

Penny started crying freely. "But I didn't kill anyone," she
almost wailed. Why are you doing this?"

Randall ignored her and nodded over at Kim Ann. She left
the room and returned a moment later with another tray.
"Dessert," he announced.

Penny sat there sobbing as Randall dug into the exquisite
torte. It was a Spanish recipe which Leticia brought with her.
He finished eating slowly and deliberately before saying
another word. Penny's dessert went untouched, she was still
crying when he finished, but her tears had slowed
considerably. Strong emotions don't last and he had given her
a chance to vent a little before pressing the point.

"The question," he finally said, after pushing his plate away
and wiping his lips with the linen napkin, "isn't why. The
question is what. What are you going to do. I've told you as
much as I can--as much as I'm going to. Absolute obedience
or beat it quick. Those are the choices." He stood up and
turned to Laura. "I'll have coffee in the den." Turning to
Carolena he said, "If Miss Taylor would like to join me, please
lead her there." He looked at the grandfather clock against
the wall. "Give her exactly fifteen minutes to make up her
mind. Then get her coat and show her to the door." And with
that he turned and left the room.

Penny called out, "Randall, please," after him, but he didn't
stop, didn't turn, didn't acknowledge her. She tried to get one
of the girls to answer some questions, but they were
studiously indifferent. Laura had gone to fetch his coffee as
soon as he had left the room. Kim Ann was clearing away the
dessert dishes. The two women from the head of the table had
disappeared out side doors. In a moment, Penny was left with
Carolena who stood waiting and glancing from time to time at
the clock.

Penny was thinking furiously. What did he want from her?
'Absolute obedience.' What did that mean? What had see
gotten herself into? What had she done wrong to deserve
this? She looked up at Carolena. Carolena looked blankly
back. What had happened to Randall? He had suddenly gone
from a quiet, supportive friend to a crazy demonic lord. He
had always struck her as mature for his age, but this change in
personality was startling. It was like he was playing some
kind of role. Or that he had been playing a role for all those
months before and was finally showing his true self.

She looked at the clock; eight minutes to go. Carolena
looked as vacant and imperturbable as ever.

Penny thought about her mother and father and the plans
she had for honoring them. She was going to write a book on
education some day and dedicate it to them. She thought of
her grandmother. What would grandma think when she read
about her in the newspaper. Why was God doing this to her?

She looked at the clock; only two minutes left.

"What does he want from me?" she asked Carolena
piteously? She wasn't sure if she were referring to Randall or
to God.

"Absolute and complete obedience in all things and no
questions asked," was Carolena's answer. The answer seemed
to apply to both.

With just a minute left Carolena asked, "Should I get your

"No," she rose resignedly. "Take me to him."

* * * * * End of Part 7 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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