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BITB08 camera off the table She


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 8 * * * * *

Carolena led Penny to a very masculine, wood-paneled den
with a deep pile rug, plush furniture, and lots of books.
Randall was standing in front of a large picture window
looking out over the wooded estate. He was holding a cup.
He heard them enter but didn't turn for a long while.

He took several sips of coffee with long pauses between
sips. He seemed quite reflective. Actually, he was eager to
get on with things, but strategy dictated a calm and studied
lack of haste. Eventually, he set the cup down on a nearby
table and turned. Penny was standing just inside the doorway.
Carolena had left.

Randall walked to a spot near the middle of the room and
pointed down. "Stand here." He turned, walked slowly to a
large chair, turned again, and sat. Penny was standing where
he had directed. "Nice dress."

"Thank you."

"No, I didn't ask you anything, I was just commenting."
Speak only when directed to.

She stared at him.

"Nice dress," he repeated. Then after a long pause, "Take
it off."

Penny should have been prepared for this, but wasn't. She
opened her mouth and started to object, then froze. Randall
was studying her with a neutral expression. She bit her lower
lip. Reaching up behind herself she undid the clasp. She
grabbed the fabric with one hand and pushed the zipper as far
down as it would go with the other. Then she brought her
hand around and pulled the zipper down the rest of the way.
Pulling the dress off she stepped out of it. Hearing no
directions she stood there holding it in front of her.

He pointed to a small table. She lay the dress across the
table and returned to her spot. 'This is crazy, crazy, crazy,' she
was thinking. It was like being caught in a weird nightmare.
She was standing half undressed in a strange house in front of
one of her students who was ordering her around. She had no
idea how to make it stop. If she didn't follow his orders she
would be caught in an even weirder nightmare the very
thought of which made her blood freeze.

For a long time Randall just studied her. She was wearing
a frilly pink bra and matching panties. She was also wearing
pantyhose and of course the heels. The only jewelry she had
on was a modest string of pearls.

"Lose the pantyhose, but not the shoes." Penny stepped
out of her heels, slowly and carefully removed the hose, and
then stepped back into the shoes. She walked over to the
table and lay the pantyhose next to the dress. Then she
returned to her spot again. She looked miserable.

Randall really liked her legs. They looked as great as he'd
remembered from the pool. He stood up and removed a rose
from a nearby vase. He walked up to her and held it in front
of her mouth. "Open." She did. He placed the stem across
her teeth. "Close." Then he walked back and picked up a
camera off of the table. She hadn't noticed it before. "Smile."

'A camera?!' She smiled a sickly smile.

"No, smile." She did a little better, but not much. Click.
She trembled at the sound of the shutter.

"Obviously, we're going to have to do more to help you get
in the mood." He walked around behind her. She still wore
the rose in her teeth. He stood there for long moments,
looking at her from the rear. "Hold still." He unhooked the
bra and pushed the straps off of her shoulders. She flinched
and pressed her arms tightly against her sides to hold the bra
in place, but otherwise didn't resist. Randall walked around
and hooked the bra with one finger, right in the middle. He
pulled it forward and down until it slid along her arms and off.
He tossed it lightly to the side. Penny's breasts were large and
well formed. They stood just in the middle of her chest,
neither high nor low. They showed not the slightest trace of
sagging. There were little freckles and tiny dark nipples.
Randall reached up and tweaked one of the little buds.
Immediately the skin of the areola surrounding it tightened and
she felt a tremendous sexual rush. He was surprised by the
quickness and intensity of the response. She wasn't. She had
always been extremely responsive to sexual stimuli. As a
young teenager she had been secretly afraid she was some
kind of nymphomaniac. For a long time she felt it might be a
punishment from God. But she was never as religious as her
parents and outgrew that feeling years before. She had gone
to college and learned that her feelings and bodily responses
were natural if a little extreme. But still she was careful not to
give in to her desires, and had never been sexually active. She
had always been a 'good' girl. Yet here she was. Perhaps it
was a judgement from God, after all.

Randall looked down, the front of her panties already
showed a little damp spot.

He touched the spot with his finger and said, "My, my."
He looked into her face. She stared pathetically back,
breathing heavily through her nose and around the stem
of the rose.

He returned to his chair and picked up the camera. "Now
smile like you meant it." It really was a much better smile. A
smile mixed with sexual heat. Click, Click, Click.

"O.K. lose the rose." She walked over to set it next to her
dress and hose. When she turned back he was standing in
front of her spot. She walked over and stood facing him. She
gazed straight ahead and tried to look through him.

He waited a moment then reached out with one hand the
slipped a finger between her belly and the elastic band of her
panties. Watching her expression he slid his finger slowly and
sensuously from side to side under the elastic band. He let the
back of his finger rub lightly against her skin. Her face
betrayed the passions she was feeling. He looked down and
her damp spot had grown considerably. A very unusual and
powerful reaction. Especially considering the circumstances.

He got down on one knee until his face was directly in
front of her crotch. Her legs were pressed closely together.
He grabbed an ankle and, pulling it to the side, positioned
her feet about shoulder width apart. Then he reached
up with both hands and pulled the sides of her panties down
until they were hugging her upper thighs. The tangle of pubic
hair matched her glorious locks perfectly. The crotch of the
panties was still pressed up against the bottom of her pussy.
The rest of the panty was hanging down like a wilted flower.

He stood up and stepped around behind her to admire her
ass. She didn't move but almost lost bladder control. She felt
him touch the back of the neck with a single finger. Slowly his
finger ran down her spine, continued through the crack of her
ass, and came to rest between the heavenly warmth of her
flesh and the damp cloth below. She was trying not to think
about what was happening, but her responses gave her away.

Randall listened to the sound of her breathing. It was
another most impressive betrayal of how quickly and
powerfully she had become aroused. He wiggled his finger
gently. Within seconds it was thoroughly soaked. He brought
it up and sniffed. What a great smell!

He pushed his finger back against her wet flesh and
collected more of her juices. Sliding his finger back up her ass
he stopped when the tip was just against her quivering anus.
He could not only see but feel her trembling. Gently he
pushed his slick finger into her tender hole. She started to
moan. He could feel the ring of flesh pressing tightly against
him. He reached around with his other hand and felt her
breast. The nipple was rock hard. He squeezed it to intensify
her reaction and slid his finger a couple of inches in and then
back out of her anus. She hissed through clenched teeth.
Randall continued the intrusive pushing and pulling action and
let his other hand slide down across her breast, past her belly,
until his fingers were resting above her clitoris. He reached in
and massaged the little nub. She was trembling vigorously and
came so quickly it surprised him. He could feel her
convulsions through the finger in her ass.

He withdrew his fingers and left her there gasping for
breath and twitching. He picked up the camera again. Click,
Click, Click, Click, Click.

"The panties."

Tears of humiliation, sorrow, and lust, were coursing down
her face. She pulled the panties the rest of the way off and
tossed them toward the table with her dress and hose. It was
almost an act of defiance. She missed and the panties fell with
a moist squish near the table leg. She was now facing him in
only pearls and high heels. Being forced to come like that was
the single most mortifying moment of her life. She couldn't
even imagine what he was going to do with the pictures, but
that seemed almost insignificant compared to everything else
that was happening to her.

He continued taking pictures until she caught her breath.
"Lose the pearls." She did. He put the camera back on the
table, sat down and pointed at the floor in front of his feet.
She walked over and stood before him.

"On your knees."

She lowered herself to her knees. Her arms hung limply at
her sides. He opened a drawer and removed a collar with
rings set into it. It looked just like those worn by the other
women. He held it so that she could see the inscription on the
side. "Penny." She swallowed. He opened the collar and held
it in front of her. He waited. She looked into his eyes. Then
she leaned forward and placed her neck into the leather band.
He fastened it. Penny heard it click shut. He pulled out wrist
and ankle restraints and made her put them on herself. When
the last restraint was in place he tested them for fit and pointed
back at his feet. She got back on her knees facing him again.

"How often do you masturbate, Penny?" The question
shocked and embarrassed her. This must be a judgement from
God. And through her emotional turmoil and confusion she
was aware that he had called her Penny. He had always called
her Miss Taylor. He had never called her Penny before.

She shook her head as if in confusion. He slapped her
across the face. Not too hard, but not too gently either. She
was shocked. "You will answer my questions immediately and
truthfully. How often?"

She answered with a wide-eyed stare, "Almost every night."

He sensed a deception. "How often?"

She looked into his eyes. How had he known? "With a
quaver in her voice she said, "Usually two or three times a

Somehow Randall wasn't surprised. She sounded not just
embarrassed but guilty. He remembered some items in her
computer file and decided to take a little chance. He said,
"Yes, I am God." He was pleased with the profound look of
disquiet this statement produced. "At least, the only god you
need to worry about."

She swallowed again and started to tremble.

"You're still horny now, aren't you."

She flushed. "Yes," she answered in a very small voice.


"Yes," she said louder.

"Show me how you masturbate."

She flushed even redder but brought her right hand up to
her crotch while still on her knees. With her index and ring
fingers she spread the large lips and then inserting her middle
finger between them began to stroke her clit. Up and down,
then side to side, then up and down again. She was going to
come again if she kept that up. Randall leaned forward and
studied her hand position. Then he picked up his camera
and stood. He walked in a slow circle around her. Click,
Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click. He got a
series of really impressive shots as she came for the second

At the moment of climax she squeezed her eyes tightly shut
and tried to ignore the sound of the camera. She was aware
that he was sitting in front of her again. He was still staring
intently at her hand as she tapered off from her climax.
Nervously she dropped her hand to her side.

"Put it back."

She did. He reached over and showed her a different way
to finger herself. "Try that." He held his hand up mimicking
her own and showed her how to move her fingers.

She looked at him in some confusion. What the hell was
this about? She started doing it his way. Within a few
moments was feeling an erotic rush like she had never
experience before. Her mouth dropped open and she stared
up into his face as she continued beating off.

It was a trick he had learned from Alexia. "You like that,

She half nodded as she continued to finger herself.

"O.K., that's enough for now."

She didn't seem to hear him. Her fingers were accelerating
as she got the hang of the new technique.

He smiled. This was exactly the kind of thing he needed to
enforce discipline. With a tremendous swipe of his hand he
slapped hers away from her pussy. "I said, that's enough for
now." His tone was angry. He reached over and hooked one
of her collar rings with his finger. drawing her face close to
his own he said, "You will take your pleasure only at my
pleasure. Do you understand that perfectly?"

"Y . . . yes."

"You will call me Master unless strangers are around. Do
you understand that as well?

"Yes, . . . Master."

He continued to hold her ring and look penetratingly into
her eyes for a long time. Only when he could feel her
trembling and see the tears pooling did he turn her loose.

He sat back. She looked terribly shaken. He was
considering what he had learned from Master Eugene. Did he
want to have sex with her now or develop a greater sense of
control first.

The Master, who was watching all this from a monitor in
another room was wondering the same thing. What would
young Randall do now?

He reached into another drawer and withdrew a complex
assemblage of chains and straps.

'Humph,' thought Master Eugene.

Looking into her eyes and toying with a dildo that seemed
to be part of the apparatus, Randall said, "You really enjoy
receiving pleasure. How are you at giving it?"

Penny looked confused, "I don't know . . . Master."

"You've never had sex with anyone else?"

"No, Master."

"Not even sex play with a girlfriend?"

"No, Master."

Her reactions made it clear she hadn't.

"Stand up." She stood.

"Turn around." She turned.

She heard some jingling behind her. He grabbed her right
hand and pulled it up behind her so that her palm was facing
the ceiling and her thumb was near her left shoulder. It was a
judo hold and made her joints ache. She found herself
standing on tip toe in her high heels. He clicked something on
to her wrist restraint and then clipped it to the back of her
collar. She felt him release her hand but the wrist stayed high
on her back. Within seconds he had shackled her other wrist
up against the other shoulder. He wrapped some kind of strap
around her forearms where they crossed to bind them

"Turn around." She turned again.

Her breasts were pointing even higher toward him. He
grabbed one nipple firmly with each hand and squeezed.
There was something about the way he squeezed. She almost
came in response. He leaned over and kissed her. She kissed

"You're a slutty little tart, aren't you?

"W. . . what?" There was a long pause while he eyed her
with disapproval. "Master."

"Better. . . . I said, you're a slutty little tart, aren't you?

"I don't think so, Master." She expected to get slapped,
but he demanded obedience and to her that meant telling the

"You don't, huh?"

"No, Master."

"But you do play with yourself several times every day,
don't you?"

" . . .Yes, Master."

"And you have sexual fantasies all the time, don't you?" It
wasn't a difficult guess.

She dropped her eyes. ". . .Yes, Master."

"And you just kissed me despite this whole situation, didn't

"Yes, Master."

"Then you are a slutty little tart, aren't you?"

"Y . . . yes, Master."

"Say it."

"I'm a slutty little tart, Master." She said it. And what's
more, she believed it.

"O.K., then let's see if you can give as good as you get."
He released her nipples and reached over for what looked like
a dildo with straps attached. It was built a little like a sword
with a hand guard. There was a big dildo on one end and a
smaller one on the other side. The straps were all attached to
the hand guard.

"Open your mouth." He pushed the smaller dildo into her
mouth until the flat hand guard was against her lips. It filled
her mouth. She could see the long flesh colored probe
shooting out before her face. It was very realistic looking. He
pulled the connecting straps around her head and tightened
them. The contraption wasn't going anywhere.

"All right," he said, "come with me." And with that he
turned and headed out the door.

* * * * * End of Part 8 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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