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BITB09 young teacher here can just


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 9 * * * * *

Penny followed, horrified that someone might see her
striding around naked in high heels with her arms tied up
behind her and this dildo jutting out from her mouth. She
needn't have worried. No one was about to catch an
accidental glimpse of her. The first thing Randall did as he
walked down the hall was to shout, "Leticia. Now." Even as
they turned into the welcome refuge of another room, Penny
saw the Hispanic redhead walking up to meet them.

Penny was flushing deep red. She couldn't look Leticia in
the eye.

Once the door had closed behind them, Randall gave
Leticia a long and thorough kiss. Penny stood to one side and
tried to disappear. "You never knew Victoria, did you Letty?"

"No, Master Randall."

"Did Alexia or Carolena ever tell you how good she was
with a strap-on?"

Leticia smiled, "Yes they did, Master."

He turned toward Penny who was now trembling visibly,
"Well perhaps our young teacher here can do just as well with
her mouth organ."

"Perhaps, Master."

"See what you think, but before you do. . ."

"Yes, Master?"

"Have a taste of that snatch.

She turned toward Penny who started to back away.


"Uhh, Mmmm?"

"You cooperate with Leticia, you understand?"

"Uhh-huh, Mmmm."

Randall sat in a comfortable chair on the side of the room
and leaned back to watch the show.

Penny held her ground, painfully aware of Randall's
presence, as Leticia walked up to her. She smiled at the
restrained teacher and then grasped the dildo like a handle.
She led Penny over to the large bed. It was the same bed in
which Randall had first enjoyed the Master's hospitality years
before. She backed the girl up until her calves touched the
side rail. Then, still holding the dildo she reached out with the
other hand and tweaked Penny's nipples until she was
breathing heavily through her nose. She pushed back and
down on the dildo so that Penny sat, then continued to push
until she was lying back on the bed with her lower legs
hanging off. Leticia followed her back and was leaning over
the now thoroughly confused and excited young teacher.

Leticia released the dildo and sucked on one of Penny's
nipples while fingering the other. Penny was moaning into her
gag. This sexy redhead was really skilled at this.

Sensuously, Leticia worked her way down Penny's torso,
her own breasts sliding along the girl's body as she went.
Penny felt the woman's nipples sliding down her stomach,
across her crotch and on down along her thighs. Leticia ended
up on her knees between Penny's legs. She felt the woman
spreading her lower lips apart. She felt Leticia's hot breath
inflaming her steaming pussy flesh. Then for the first time in
her life she felt the first tentative touch of a tongue to her
twat. She started with a heady mixture of tension,
apprehension, and lust.

Leticia had taken in the wonderful aroma and then the
taste. She turned briefly to grin at Randall who smiled back
and arched his eyebrows as if to say, 'See, I told you.'

She turned back to Penny and began to feast on her pussy cleft. The sensations drove Penny wild. She had never
imagined anything could feel that good. It was entirely new
and so much better than being fingered. It was even better
than the new trick Randall had shown her. All sense of shame
left her as she lost herself in the wondrous sensations. Her
legs hung like dead weight but her ass was quivering. Leticia
would lick her clit and then dip her tongue into her cunt.
Penny squirmed. Leticia would then come up and work the
clit again. Penny came, groaning into her gag. Leticia kept
licking and within minutes Penny came again, even more
strongly. Leticia was surprised, the second orgasm should
have been weaker. She kept licking. There was a fine coating
of sweat covering Penny's body. Her legs were now fluttering
as well as her ass. She came a third time, even more quickly
and perhaps even a little stronger than the second. Penny was
nearly out of her mind. Leticia changed her licking technique
and inserted a finger into the vagina. Penny's legs started to
convulse and she came a fourth time.

And then something occurred which Leticia had thought
was only a myth. Penny began to have a series of layered
orgasms. Multiple orgasms. Just as one would start to taper
off the next would come on its heels.

Randall sat up and watched Penny's body as Leticia
continued to lick. As Penny came, little goose pimples would
appear on her upper arms and shoulders. They would fade
away as the orgasm diminished and then suddenly burst out
afresh with the next climax. Leticia kept this up for eight
orgasms over a period of six minutes. There was no end in
sight. The girl was some kind of sexual dynamo.

Leticia decided it was time to try out the dildo. She was
already primed and well lubricated herself. She hopped up on
the bed and looked into the beautiful teacher's face. Penny
was still coming down off her last climax. Her eyes were
closed, her nostrils flaring, and her lovely chest heaving. Her
head rocked gently from side to side, the dildo swaying like a
baton. Leticia moved behind Penny and, gripping her by her
bound upper arms, pulled her backward and around until she
was centered on the bed. Penny didn't react or even seem to

Leticia got up on her knees so the tip of the dildo was
bobbing in front of her pussy. She grabbed the weaving
member and inched forward a bit until her knees were on
either side of Penny's head. She positioned the pliant rubber
shaft and slowly slid herself down until her hot wet slit was
almost touching Penny's face.

With the pressure on her mouth and the smell of Leticia's
womanhood, Penny opened her eyes, suddenly aware of what
was happening. There was a moment of disorientation and
then of shock. She froze, her nose was just an inch away from
Leticia's ass. The rich smell and dampness filled her senses.

Leticia leaned forward and rested her hands on Penny's
waist. She raised herself up just a bit and then began to
rhythmically slide up and down like a piston. Every time she
came down she rubbed her clit against Penny's chin.

Penny screamed into the gag and started to squirm
frantically but her head was clasped between Leticia's legs.
Randall stood up and was about to intervene but Leticia
reached between Penny's legs with one hand and started to
massage her clit. Almost immediately the teacher calmed and
was soon purring through her nose. Randall sat back.

Leticia was building up her own head of steam. She loved
the feel of Penny's cheeks and chin pressing up against her
flesh. She loved the wonderful fragrance rising up from
between Penny's legs. She found that by adjusting her finger
motions, she could get Penny to jerk her head in a most
delightful way. It didn't take long before Leticia was on the
verge of a climax. She waited until she was very close then
leaned all the way forward and buried her face in Penny's
snatch. With both arms she reached around Penny's legs and
pulled them up and against her cheeks. Then she sucked Penny's pussy flesh into her mouth, tonguing the clit wildly,
and mashing her own clit into Penny's chin. They came almost

Within seconds the feel of the dildo jerking with Penny's
head movements and the hot breath from Penny's nostrils on
her ass caused her to have a second mini-climax. She lifted
her head and groaned in ecstasy. After a few moments she
looked over at Randall her eyes going very wide, her mouth
hanging open. She had just had a double orgasm of her own.
It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Randall
was nodding in approval.

Penny was still spasming beneath her as Leticia lifted
herself off the dildo and lay against her quivering body. Her
pussy was pressed into Penny's shoulder. Her head lay against
Penny's thigh. With one hand she idly toyed with Penny's tit.
That had really been great. Penny was already half asleep.
And Leticia was ready to go to sleep herself, if the young
Master would permit it.

Randall walked up to the bed and looking down into
Leticia's face asked, "Well?"

Leticia smiled up at him and nodded.

He seemed to consider that. He leaned over and kissed
Leticia lightly on the forehead and then quietly left the room.

* * * * *

Randall walked down the hall and into the kitchen where
Laura and Kim Ann were waiting. "Coffee," he said; "Two
cups;" and then added, "The works." Kim Ann prepared the
coffee and Laura fetched a small carafe of brandy. While they
were getting it ready, Randall considered his next move.

They returned with everything neatly laid out on a silver
serving tray and set it down for their Master's inspection. He
glanced at it absently then give instructions--he would meet
them on their regular nights with further details. He kissed
each girl and patted her fanny. He told them to get dressed
and head back to campus.

Taking the tray he made his way to a quiet little media
room. Master Eugene was sitting in a comfortable chair
watching a large monitor. Leticia was still snuggled up
against the bound teacher. Both were asleep.

For a long time neither Randall nor Master Eugene spoke.
They prepared their coffee and drank in silence. The Master
reached up and flicked off the monitor. He looked over at
Randall and asked, "Why didn't you take her yourself?" He
didn't sound critical, just curious.

"Do you think I should have?" asked Randall uncertainly.

"I didn't say that." He was watching Randall intently. "I
just want to know why you didn't."

Why hadn't he? He had certainly thought about it. The
phrase 'not yet' floated through his mind. He tried to put his
feelings into words. "I'm not entirely sure. It just didn't feel
like the right time. She has to get used to seeing me in an
entirely different way. . . . Maybe I thought she needed more
time to make the adjustment. . . . Maybe I want her to really
think of me as her master first." He looked into the older man's face for confirmation. "Does any of that make sense."

Master Eugene looked over at the blank monitor and
considered Randall's words. After a time he nodded his head
and said, "Yes, actually." He looked back at Randall. "You're
breaking new ground here, this training-in-the-wild business.
There are no necessarily right or wrong answers. But your
decision rings true. Time will tell if it was a good move." He
paused to consider for another long while. He took another
sip. "I can't see that it will do any damage." He looked back
at Randall, "What now?"

"I was thinking it would probably be a good idea to set the
psychological hook a little deeper before going on. Can you
have one of your girls leak the cover story tomorrow?"

The Master smiled, "I've already told it to Alexia when the
others could overhear. I gave no particular instructions to
keep it secret."

"Won't they suspect it's a plant?"

"Not really." He had pictures of Alexia, Carolena, Leticia,
and Victoria, on a shelf near the monitor. He looked over at
them. "I tend to tell them a great deal of what is going on in
my mind and I do get preoccupied and forgetful at times. Age
you know. They'll just think it slipped out and when they tell
Penny, I'm sure they'll warn her to secrecy. They wouldn't
want her repeating it back to me. And depending on how
things go, I may end up confirming it for her."

Randall considered for a moment and seemed satisfied.
"By the way," he said, "thanks for getting rid of the jerk for

"Well, when he started making trouble again there really
was no choice. You couldn't keep paying him and he was
obviously too stupid to take the hint."

"What would have happened if Penny hadn't gotten the
bomb there earlier. I mean what if she got caught up in traffic
or something?

The Master laughed, "I'll let you in on a little secret. She
didn't deliver any bomb."

Randall arched his eyebrows questioningly.

"Look, if you're ever going to set these things up, they've
got to be foolproof. You told him to be at home alone to
receive his money, right?


"That pretty much guaranteed he would be there by
himself. The little girl was an accident. No one knew she was
there and these things can never be perfect. So you work it
out from the other end, how did we get the bomb to go off at
exactly the right moment?"

Randall didn't have to think too hard. "Radio control from
a parked car?"

"Exactly. The same agent who set the charge."

Randall mulled that over for a bit. He drank some more

After a while Master Eugene asked, "Are you going to
leave Penny here for the weekend?"

"Just tomorrow, if you don't mind. The girls can train her
as best they can. It will give them a chance to repeat the
cover story. Send her home Saturday night. She'll need
Sunday to recover if she's going to teach next week without
breaking down.

The Master nodded. It was consistent with his other
decisions. He looked again at his prot‚g‚ and shook his head
fondly. "Beginner's luck."

"Beg pardon?" said Randall.

"I've known professionals who have been recruiting for
years and never found anything as impressive as your young teacher." He shook in head again. "Beginner's luck. Properly
trained and presented to the right buyers, she might fetch

Randall thought about that. It suggested some very
interesting possibilities.

* * * * * End of Part 9 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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