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BITB10 sucking actions She worked swallow


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 10 * * * * *

In the morning, Leticia got up first. She sat up, yawned
and stretched. Penny was still sleeping in her bondage.
Leticia disappeared into the bathroom for a while.

Upon her return she walked back to the bed and shook
Penny by the shoulder.

Penny awoke heavily. Her mouth and arms ached. The
events of the previous evening came rushing back. She looked
up at Leticia over the tip of the dildo and tears formed in her

Leticia made no move to remove the gag or to unbind her.
She asked, "Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

Penny nodded her head. The dildo bobbed up and down.

Leticia slid off of the bed and helped the young teacher to
unsteady feet. She led her into the adjoining bathroom and sat
her on the toilet. It took Penny several minutes to relieve
herself. Leticia wasn't paying attention, but she wasn't leaving
either. Leticia was getting things ready for a shower. When
she had the soap and towels arranged and the shower running,
she came back to find Penny had finished. Leticia gave her an
enema and a douche. She made her stand up and bend over to
be wiped. Penny was mortified. She was led into the shower
where Leticia soaped and rinsed them both.

During the steamy shower, Leticia stood behind Penny,
pulled her close, and placed her mouth to Penny's ear. She
whispered for a long time. As she did, her hands were
massaging suds into Penny's slippery skin. She paid careful
attention to her nipples and clit. Penny's eyes were wide and
staring between the twin stimulation of the finger play and
what she was hearing.

Afterwards Leticia dried them both and led Penny to the
sink where she finally removed the dildo gag.

Penny stared to say something, but Leticia shushed her.
She put some toothpaste on a brush and said, "Open." Penny
opened and Leticia brushed her teeth. She cleaned her
thoroughly, from top to bottom, including Q-tips for the ears
and a toenail trim. Then she brushed her hair. Stepping back
she considered her handiwork. "It will do for now." She
untied Penny's arms. They were very sore and hung limply.
"Come on." She turned and left. Penny reluctantly followed.

The rest of the day, Leticia, Alexia, and Carolena took
turns instructing Penny in the finer points of being a sex slave.
They taught her how to act and how to address her Master.
They taught her more about love making then she ever would
have guessed existed to be known. Alexia and Carolena were
delighted to learn of Penny's unique scent and capacity for
multiple orgasms. Before lunch time, Penny had close to

Most people grow tired after they come. They may be
good for two or three or even five terrific orgasms, but
eventually there is a hormonal reaction; lust fades and fatigue
sets in. Penny's system worked differently. Each orgasm
seemed to release hormones which made her even more
lustful. She might eventually be overcome by pure physical
fatigue, but hormonal reactions to her orgasms weren't about
to slow her down. This was why she would finger herself to
orgasm two or three times a night, almost every night. If it
weren't for pure lack of time and feelings of guilt, she would
have been good for a lot more. And here she was, caught up
in an elaborate con which had reduced her to the status of
sexual slave. Her hormone level was incredibly high.

By the evening, Penny was in the grasp of a sexual fog
more powerful than she had ever known. She had added
another dozen orgasms since lunch and her mind was in a
profound state of sexual confusion.

The girls cleaned the young teacher again and presented
her to Master Eugene and two strangers. It was at dinner,
only this time Penny was doing the serving. For most of the
meal the Master and his guests ignored her and conversed
over a number of subjects. Penny only heard bits and pieces
of what they said as she moved from kitchen to dining room
and back. She heard Randall's name invoked a number of
times and one reference to murder.

After dinner Master Eugene had the young teacher stand
so they could all inspect her body. She presented herself as
she had been taught--as if she were going on the auction
block. Over dessert and coffee he had her stand at attention
and tell them all about herself and her background. The tears
flowed as she talked. He let her cry. She would have to get
it out of her system sooner or later.

Eventually she talked herself out and was sobbing to
herself and staring at the floor.

She heard the Master say, "I would offer you the
hospitality of this extraordinary young woman, but you
understand the situation . . . ."

Both of the strangers nodded agreeably, but, Penny didn't
understand the situation at all.

The Master said, "So let me, instead, invite you to enjoy
such humble pleasure as my other girls might provide." On
cue, without any obvious signaling, Carolena, Alexia, and
Leticia entered the room and waited beside Penny. The two
strangers were both in their late forties and seemed to prefer
Alexia and Leticia over Carolena. At least that is how things
shook themselves out.

After they had left, the Master rose and headed for the
door. "Come," was all he said. Penny looked over at
Carolena who indicated with a head nod that she was to

The Master led Penny to a small intimate bedroom with a
modest balcony and a fireplace. Most of the light in the room
came from a set of brass candelabra. The doors to the balcony
were open but it was dark and moonless outside. Penny was
aware of the wonderful view--a dark carpet of tree tops, faint
city lights and rolling hills in the distance, a black sky filled
with stars. She could feel a warm breeze blowing in through
the open balcony door. It played across her nude body and
caused the candles to flicker. It had been one of the first really
warm days of spring. It would have been terribly romantic
under different circumstances.

The Master removed his clothes and left them in a heap on
the floor. He walked over to the small bed and lay down.
Penny was unsure what was expected of her. For a long while
he just looked at her and said nothing.

Penny's mind was racing. Who was this strange and
powerful man. What did it all mean? She was vaguely afraid
that this man was going to kill her, or have her killed. But
then why spend the entire day having her trained? She started
trembling at the long silent stare and the uncertainty.

"You wish to ask me something?" she heard him say in a
low voice.

She wished to ask him many things. But she didn't want to
get Leticia in trouble. How could she confirm the story she
had told her in the shower without betraying how she heard it.
She spent too long thinking about the question.

"Let me guess," he finally said. "One of my girls has told
you something which is praying on your mind. Yes?"

It was a direct question and she was supposed to answer
truthfully any question put to her by a Master. She very
briefly considered lying to cover for Leticia, but was afraid to.

"Yes, Master," she answered in a small voice.


'Oh please don't ask me that,' she thought. "Leticia,

"What did she tell you?"

Penny drew a deep breath and remembered what she had
been told in the shower. "She said, I was supposed to have
been killed when I delivered the bomb but Master Randall
disobeyed a direct order and set it to go off after I left."

"And what do you want to know?"

"Is it true, Master?"

"It's true enough." There followed another long silence.
The Master watched Penny start trembling again. "What

'What else?' 'What else!' She suddenly lost control and
blurted out: "Am I going to die? Is Master Randall in trouble?
What is going to happen to me?" She stopped herself and
started weeping.

After several moments without a reply the Master said,
"Come here, child." He patted the edge of the bed. Penny
walked over and sat.

"Of course, you're going to die," he said. And then after
observing her shock, continued, "We're all going to die sooner
or later. But there is no reason you shouldn't live a long and
happy life if you continue to obey orders and make no

The pounding in her chest subsided a little.

"As for Master Locke," he continued, "our two guests
were here tonight specifically to discuss his future. He took
a considerable risk in not letting you get killed. He seems to
feel you are too valuable a property to toss away so lightly.
And he seems to have a great fondness for you." He paused
to let that sink in. "He also seems to feel you will become an
ideal slave." He paused again to observer her reaction to the
word 'slave.' After the earlier shocks, Penny appeared not to

"Was he right?" the Master continued. "Will you become an
ideal slave?"

The Master's presence was overpowering. Her sense of
powerlessness was pervasive. She swallowed dryly and
nodded her head. "Yes, Master."

"Well then your Master is not in trouble, and you've
answered your own question about your future." Penny
swallowed again.

He let her stew on that for a little while.

Then he said, "You must be tired of sucking on dildos."

She was, and without thinking nodded her head.

"Good, then show me what you've learned."

Her eyes went wide. But she moved between his spread
legs and placed her hands on his thighs. His prick inflated at
her touch. Penny leaned forward and closed her lips around
the head. She tried to shut out everything but what she had
been taught. In this she failed miserably.

But she had learned well. She was an apt pupil; Summa
Cum Laude and top of her class. Only now it was 'Some
Come Loudly' at Master Eugene's Bondage Academy.

The Master followed her actions carefully and was suitably
impressed. Her finger movements were both delicate and
firm. Her lip and tongue technique were outstanding for a
novice. She would most certainly improve very quickly with
practice. Satisfied, he closed his eyes and thought to himself,
'beginner's luck.' Then he stopped thinking and allowed
himself to savor the experience.

Penny quickly noticed the difference. She glanced up and
saw the tension had drained out of the Master's face. She felt
the difference in his muscles. She realized that she was now
supposed to control and direct his responses and that he was
going to let her. She had never been in this position before
and the thought of it ignited her lust. Her passion for
excellence kicked in as well, and she felt a determination to do
the task well.

For the next twenty minutes Penny took Master Eugene on
a roller coaster ride of sexual responsiveness. She would
bring him to the edge until she could feel the tension in his
penis and the gentle throbbing which indicated his climax was
imminent. She would pinch his shaft firmly, just under the
head, and gently swirl her tongue in slow circles. The
imminent orgasm would slowly recede as goose pimples broke
over the Master's legs. Penny smiled inwardly at the
wonderfully erotic sound of his breathing in response to her
mouth and finger actions. Then, after what she had been
taught was the maximum time she should allow this process to
continue, she brought him to a tremendous orgasm.

The Master drew a deep breath, held it. His entire body
tensed. He exploded into her mouth.

Even having been taught what to expect, Penny was
startled. But she held her lips together, continued her licking
and sucking actions. She worked to swallow his cum as she
finished bringing him down off of the orgasm. She found she
was actually enjoyed it.

* * * * *

Five minutes later, Master Eugene sat up and studied
Penny's face. This young redhead would be a real star
someday. 'That was superb,' he thought 'but no more. I'd
better save myself for Carolena.' So he propped up a few
pillows and moved back against the headboard. He had her sit
on his lap and spent the next twenty minutes idly toying with
her sexual responses. Within moments his prick had started to
rise again and he had to reposition her. But he had no
intention of deflowering her, himself. That honor and duty
went to Master Randall, her owner.

He enjoyed the feel her naked body pressed against his
own as she began a series of multiple orgasms. The
performance he had witnessed over the tv monitor the night
before was certainly no fluke.

He eventually tired of the game and pushed her gently off
his lap. She was almost limp.

"Go," he said. "Find Carolena. Get cleaned up. Get
dressed. Go home. Carolena will let you know what Master
Locke expects of you."

Penny was surprised that he hadn't had intercourse with
her. She had expected it and had been both terrified and
excited. Now she was vaguely disappointed and not nearly as
relieved as she later would feel she should have been.

Penny was about to leave when she stopped at looked
down at the reclining Master. She had to admit, he really was
handsome for his age. But more importantly, he exuded
incredible power and control. She felt a thrill run through her.
She had this overpowering urge to lean over and kiss him
before she left. She barely stopped herself.

Turning quickly she almost ran out of the room. Master
Eugene sat staring into the moonless night for a long, long

* * * * *

Penny spent most of Sunday in bed. She was trying not to
wake up or to think about the previous day and a half. The
more she tried not to think about it the more awake she
became. And the more she thought.

Carolena had said that Master Randall would come to her
house at exactly 8:01 pm on the following Saturday. She
should be prepared to receive him. She was to wear nothing
except for her collar, and wrist and ankle restraints.

She got up, showered, then buried herself fervently in
school work. She graded papers and fussed with student
records until far into the night.

The next day she was terribly anxious about Randall
showing up in class.

He didn't. She ran into Laura and Kim Ann in the hallway,
but they were infuriatingly neutral. Randall was conspicuously
and inexplicably absent, for the first time ever. She found that
even more unnerving than his presence.

Somehow she got through the day and as soon as the last
class was over went directly home and collapsed into her little
bed. She awoke at the sound of the doorbell. 'Who could that
possibly be?'

It was Randall. 'Master Randall,' she reminded herself.
What did he want--he wasn't supposed to be there until the
following Saturday. Then she remembered, he always came
for dinner on Mondays.

She stared at him dumbly. He waited patiently and smiled.
Eventually she came to herself and moved to the side. He
walked in and took up his usual position at the kitchen table.

"I thought . . .," she started to say. "That is, . . ."

"I know," he said, "I wasn't in class today. Sorry. There
was this meeting and I had to show up to explain a few
things." He let it go at that. Penny was dying to ask him how
it went, but didn't. The girls had impressed upon her that it
wasn't a slave's place to question her Master.

Her Master? Penny went to the refrigerator and began to
put together some kind of dinner out of leftovers. It was hard
to think of Randall as her Master. She would address him that
way, certainly. She was too afraid not to. But her real
Master? She glanced over at him as she worked.

Randall sat imperturbable. Saying nothing. He was
carefully resetting his wristwatch by the clock in her kitchen.
She kept fixing. He had finished tinkering with the watch and
was now watching her, but that's what he always did.

She was suddenly aware of the awful silence. He wasn't
usually silent on their Monday night get togethers. Then she
realized--yes, he was. She was the one who always did the

It came to her that Randall was behaving exactly as he
always had. She had always interpreted his quiet demeanor as
a shy intensity before. Now it seemed to reflect confidence
and his power over her. And yet, he wasn't demanding
anything--wasn't threatening anything. Her hands shook
slightly as she set the table and laid out the food.

They ate in silence. Randall didn't comment on her lack of
chatter. And when the meal was over, he rose and thanked
her, just as he always did. He then said, "I guess you have a
lot on your mind. I'll just let you get back to work," and left.

Penny shut the front door behind him and listened to his
retreating footsteps. She shook violently for a long time

* * * * *

On Tuesday Randall was in class like always. On Tuesday
evening Laura came to his apartment for her regular night and
to receive her special instructions for Saturday. Laura was
turning into a most satisfactory slave. She was even
demonstrating many of the proper inner attitudes of loyalty
and affection for her Master. It was Master Eugene who had
first pointed this out to Randall, but the signs were quite clear
for all to see.

On Wednesday things were again as usual at school and
Kim Ann came to him in the evening. She no longer resisted,
but betrayed a careful dispassion. She was, however, entirely
reliable and very competent. Technically, she was a more
proficient lover than Laura, but not nearly as enthusiastic.

On Thursday Randall missed class for a second time.
Laura said nothing and Penny didn't ask when she passed her
in the hall.

On Friday, he was gone again. This time Penny found Kim
Ann and asked, but she didn't know.

On Friday evening, Penny went to the indoor pool in the
school gym and swam until her muscles ached. She usually
went there regularly, but hadn't been in several weeks. She
worked late and woke up tired. She ate a light snack and
went back to bed. It was mid-afternoon when she woke
again. She was sore and her mind was fuzzy. She got up and
took a long, hot shower. Then she wrapped a towel around
herself and spent the late afternoon puttering around her little
house with the shades drawn. She had a vague feeling of
something impending, but was successfully trying not to think
about it.

By seven-thirty she was still wrapped in the towel and had
fixed herself a sandwich in the kitchen. As she sat to eat she
glanced up at the clock and everything suddenly came rushing
back. Randall--Master Randall--would be there at eight. No,
at 8:01. Why 8:01? She remembered him setting his watch by
her kitchen clock.

Losing her appetite, she left the sandwich and wandered
into the bedroom. She removed the towel and dropped it in
a hamper. Turning toward her dresser she caught a glimpse of
her naked self in a full length mirror. She quickly looked
away. She had stashed the collar and restraints in the bottom
dresser drawer. She pulled them out and spent a while
examining them in an absent sort of way. Then, almost
without thinking about it, she put them on. First the wrists,
then the ankles, and finally the neck. The clock on the dresser
said 7:56. She always kept it 10 minutes fast so she wouldn't
be late. She watched the number change to 7:57. 7:58. 7:59.
When it clicked over to 8:00 she felt a rush of anticipation and
fear. He would be there in eleven minutes.

Penny turned to leave the room and saw her reflection
again. This time she seemed fascinated by the look of her
nude body in the restraints. She walked over to the mirror and
examined herself. She was quite beautiful and knew it, but
generally tried not to think about it. Beauty meant sex and sex
made her feel . . . uncomfortable. But now. In the garb of a
sexual slave. The sex wasn't her responsibility; it wasn't her
fault. She didn't feel guilty at studying her reflection. Penny
looked at her well manicured feet, her shapely legs and hips.
She moved her feet apart and looked at her pubic patch. Her
stomach was firm and her breasts didn't sag. The women at
the mansion were quite pretty, but she was prettier. She
looked at her face--especially the lips. She made a little "o"
out of her mouth and remembered the sounds of Master
Eugene's breathing as she brought him to climax. She saw the
reflection of the clock in the mirror. 8:09. She whirled
around as it clicked over to 8:10.

Penny went racing into the living room and ran to the front
door. She glanced into the kitchen and that clock still said
7:59. She breathed heavily in relief as the sweep hand came
around and up and the clock reached eight.

Penny peaked through the edge of a front window and saw
Master Randall walking up along the path leading from the
main road. He was wearing a long dark trench coat. The
weather had turned cold again. He was glancing at his watch
in the yard lights. Now when had she turned those on?

She looked quickly back at the clock. The sweep hand was
coming around toward 8:01. He would reach her door almost
to the second. She took a step, then leaned over and put her
hand on the handle. It felt hot to her agitated senses. She
heard his footsteps on the porch. The clock said 8:01 exactly.
She waited for his knock or for the sound of the bell wringing.
His footsteps had stopped.


Silence for long terrible seconds.

The sweep hand was 15 seconds past 8:01 and still no

With a sinking feeling she suddenly pulled the door open,
stepping back behind it.

Her Master walked in without invitation and glanced at the
clock in the kitchen. "You're late," he said without emotion.
He walked across the living room and pulled the large swivel
chair around so that it faced the front door. He removed his
coat, dropped it next to the chair, and then sat facing her.

Penny was still standing behind the open door. His words
had made her feel a mild sense of guilt and failure. She had a
vague feeling that she somehow should have known enough
to pull open the door without waiting. She was supposed to
anticipate the needs of her Master. And she had. She had just
failed to act.

"Close the door." She did.

"Come here." She did that too, standing naked before him
and strangely feeling no shame. He nodded his head in
approval and she felt a definite sense of relief.

"Let me see you." Penny stepped back and turned in a
slow circle. When she came around she saw disapproval on
her Master's face. She immediately went through the
displaying ritual she had been taught. This time her Master
was nodding again.

A little voice inside of her was saying, 'This is sick.' But a
much louder voice was screaming, 'Get it right--get it right the
first time.'

He reached down into a pocket of the coat and removed
the same bundle of bills she had seen the weekend before.

"Last chance," he said, holding the bills up between them.
"I came here directly from Master Eugene's and . . .," he
glanced at his watch, ". . . in twenty minutes, the police are
going to receive an anonymous tip concerning the bombing."
Her body went cold and broke out in goose flesh. "If you
want to run, you'd better run quickly and quietly." I think I
can call them and buy you a little extra time." The color had
drained out of Penny's face. "On the other hand, if you choose
not to run, the police will receive a tip which will draw them
away from you, presumably--forever." He was studying her
face intently and saw that she was looking at him and not the
bundle of bills. After a lengthy pause without comment from
her he said, "Well?"

'Get it right the first time.' The thought came clearly into
her consciousness. The decision had been made the week
before and everything since then had conspired to set that
decision deeply and permanently. The girls had told her what
was expected. The beautiful young teacher dropped down to
her knees in front of him and, ignoring the money, grabbed his
lower legs and pleaded with him. "Please, Master Randall.
Please accept me as your slave and I promise absolute and
perfect obedience always." Tears were coming into her
eyes. The little voice in her head had died completely away.

* * * * * End of Part 10 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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