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BITB11 sucked her breath and felt


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 11 * * * * *

Randall reached down with one hand and stroked Penny's
hair. He carelessly tossed the bundle of bills aside then
brought his free hand under her chin and lifted her, still on her
knees, to a more erect position. He looked deeply into her
eyes and she looked back into his. He continued to hold her
chin with one hand as his other hand slipped down and
stimulated first one breast, then the other, and then continued
down to her crotch. He could feel her shift weight slightly to
make the access easier for him and smiled to himself. He
reached in with several fingers and began toying with her clit
and pussy lips. She was already wet. Within a very short time
she was humming sensuously and floating on the edge of her
first orgasm since she left the mansion.

Just then, there came a knock at the door. Penny was
startled and started to turn, but he gripped her chin more
firmly and shook his head, no. His fingers in her slit keep
moving. The watch on his wrist said exactly 8:16. "Come,"
he called out. Penny heard the doorknob rattle. But it had
locked when she closed it. A second later she heard a key in
the lock. 'How had anyone gotten a key to her home?' The
door swung open. Footsteps entered. The door swung
closed. The footsteps walked up behind her. For a frozen
moment she thought she was about to be shot, but there was
nothing she could do about it.

Her Master continued masturbating her--holding her close
to the edge without letting her tumble over. He looked up and
nodded his head in the direction of her bedroom. Penny
caught a peripheral glimpse of two figures as they disappeared
around the corner. One was carrying a satchel. 'Kim Ann and
Laura' she thought, and relaxed.

Randall accelerated his stroking and moved his other hand
from Penny's chin to her left breast. He palmed and massaged
it with his entire hand and then concentrated on the nipple.
She sucked in her breath and felt very near an orgasm.

"Do you like that?" he asked.

She looked up into his face but there was no particular
expression to read. "Yes, Master."

"Would you like to come?"

"Oh yes, Master, very much so." She had been warned the
week before that a slave only takes pleasure at her Master's
bidding. And after the sexual saturation of that weekend, the
last warning Carolena gave her was not to test this restriction.
She hadn't . . . and was about ready to bust.

He suddenly stopped his fondling and sat back. Her eyes
went wide and her frustration was almost palpable. "And so
you shall." He smiled down at her. "But first . . ."

'But first, what?' she wondered.

She followed her Master's gaze to see the two girls returning from the bedroom. They, too , were dressed only in
collars and restraints. Laura was carrying some chains in one

"She's beautiful, isn't she girls?" Laura and Kim Ann
nodded almost in unison.

"Who do you find most attractive, Penny?"

'What was this?' She looked at them closely. They were
both quite pretty, but she had more negative associations with
Laura. "Kim Ann," she said.

He smiled and then nodded to the two girls. Laura walked
up behind Penny and grabbed the back of her collar. She felt
Laura clip on a leash. First one and then the other of her were
arms pulled up behind her and the restraints fastened together.
Then her linked wrists were pulled up and connected to the
collar by another short length of chain.

As this was going on, Penny was aware that Kim Ann was
standing before the Master who had removed his own clothes.
He began playing with Kim Ann the way he had with Penny
earlier. In a very short time, Laura had finished her trussing
of Penny and Kim Ann was hot and ready. Laura stepped
back and, gave the leash a shake. "O.K.," she said.

The Master stopped his rubbing and turned Kim Ann so
that she was facing Penny. He wrapped one arm around her
and fondled a breast as he spoke. "These two girls have
worked very hard, and they are very horny." Kim Ann's eyes
were closed and her pubic patch glistened with moisture. He
sat back on the couch, pulling Kim Ann after him. He
carefully positioned her over his stiff prick and lowered her
onto it. Kim Ann sighed as his hot shaft plunged up into her.
"I think they deserve a reward, don't you?" His own legs were
only slightly spread. He had grabbed Kim Ann's upper thighs
and pulled them wide apart.

"Y . . .yes, Master." Penny was staring at Kim Ann's cunt and could see where this was leading.

Randall nodded at Laura and then said to Penny, "Show me
how well you can reward her."

Laura tugged downward on the collar. Penny dropped
back to her knees and inched forward. Her head was on a
level with Kim Ann's neck. The master was massaging the
inside of Kim Ann's thighs and rocking her very gently across
his lap. Kim Ann's eyes were closed and her head was lolling
back on Master Randall's shoulder. Her breathing was rapid.

Penny wasn't sure where to start, but Laura relieved her of
the need to figure it out. She felt the tall blond grab a fist full
of her hair and position her mouth over one of Kim Ann's tits.
Penny closed her eyes and began to suck. She was surprised
at how hot the nipple felt and how quickly it turned hard under
her lips and tongue. Kim Ann was moaning deliciously in
response. After a while, Laura pulled her head back and
repositioned it over the other tit. Penny continued sucking and licking as she had been taught the weekend before.

Master Randall was observing both Laura and Penny
carefully from over Kim Ann's shoulder. Laura was following
his instructions perfectly. Penny was clearly lost in her sexual
responses and was following Laura's guidance with
enthusiasm. He could feel the muscles in Kim Ann's vagina clenching and unclenching in time to Penny's slowly changing
oral techniques. After he had seen enough he nodded to
Laura. She pulled Penny's head back and then guided it down
to between Kim Ann's legs.

Penny opened her eyes and saw the wet black love triangle
rising up to meet her. She could see the bottom of her
Master's shaft protruding from Kim Ann's twitching cunt. The
Master's balls seemed to be slowly rolling in response. When
her lips were only inches away, she felt Laura release her hair
and step back. The leash went slack.

Penny took a deep breath of the womanly aroma wafting
up from below, then tentatively stuck her tongue out and
lowered it to Kim Ann's clit. The little half-oriental shuddered
at the touch and groaned deeply. Penny felt a little thrill run
through her. Her own cunt was wet and throbbing. She
sucked Kim Ann's clit into her pursed lips and ran her tongue
all around the little nub. Kim Ann started to shake on her
Master's prick.

For several long minutes Penny worked the entire slit, up
and down, side to side. Then dipped down to lick the base of
her Master's penis and his balls. She felt a tug on the leash.
So up she came again and continued working on Kim Ann
until the young girl was completely blind with lust.

Kim Ann was bopping up and down on her Master's shaft,
trying hard to bring herself off. Penny was doing a wonderful
job. But Master Randall was using both hands to fondle her
tits, stalling her climax while making her even hornier.

And then the moment was right. Master Randall felt Penny
face pressing in, sucking with a series of long hard strokes.
He released Kim Ann and felt her practically explode on his
lap. She cried out in chinese as she came, and to his own
surprise, Randall felt himself climax as well. It wasn't exactly
part of his game plan, but he closed his eyes and allowed
himself to enjoyed it.

Laura pulled back on the leash and Penny sat up.

After considerable heavy breathing all around, the Master
lifted a limp Kim Ann off of his lap, and looked ruefully down
at his own messy crotch.

On her own initiative, Laura decided to do something
about that. She tugged on the leash and said, "Lick it up."
Penny looked down uncertainly and then went to work. As
she did, the Master and Laura looked into each other's eyes
and both smiled. When Penny was finished, the Master's rod
was still slick with saliva but clean. And it was again hard.
He nodded to Laura and watched Penny's face carefully.

On cue, Laura tugged the leash and said, "O.K., slut, it's
my turn." Meek acquiescence played across Penny's face. She
followed her student to her bedroom and found the only light
came from an oil lamp. The light cast stark shadows across
the room.

Once they were alone, Laura's attitude softened
considerably. The Tuesday before she had been carefully
instructed by her Master about the events of this evening and
her part. The Master had expected Penny to choose Kim Ann
as her favorite, but it would have made no difference in the
sequence of events. Had she chosen Laura, they would have
acted out exactly the same roles. The important thing, he had
said--half to himself--is that she be made to chose her own
fate. It was the Master who told her to call her a slut before
leading her to the bedroom so he could see how she reacted.

Laura turned and released the leash. She reached up with
both hands and held Penny's face, looking deeply into her
eyes. The Master had impressed upon her the need to do this.
When she had asked why. He had replied that she would see
herself and learn something.

So now she was looking and trying to learn. She saw
uncertainty. She saw repressed rebellion. She saw
resignation. She saw what was probably a great deal of lust.
Laura dropped one hand down to Penny's crotch and felt the
wetness. She watched the redhead's facial reactions to her
fondling. Her eyes slowly closed and her nostrils started to
gently flare. Definitely a great deal of lust. She saw a vast
and profound unhappiness. It hit her--she was seeing herself
a year earlier.

The hand stopped moving and she froze with the
realization. Penny's eyes sprang open--a questioning look on
her face.

And then another realization--she wasn't unhappy now.
She thought about her most recent trips home. Each one had
left her more irritable than the last. She had supposed this was
due to her entrapment. But she now realized that she had
actually been missing her Master. It was a shocking and
liberating realization. Master Randall had somehow brought
peace and security to her life. All she had to do was serve him
faithfully and well and all other problems dissolved.

She looked back into Penny's face and smiled. The teacher
felt the transformation and wondered what it meant. Laura
found herself feeling for her poor fellow slave. "It's going to
be all right," she said, in a kind and hopeful voice. "It really is.
I know you don't understand that yet. But things are going to
be wonderful. You'll see."

Penny had no idea what this was all about, but she felt the
tall blond's sincerity. She wanted desperately to believe her.
With a sudden welling of emotion she seemed to lose her
former hostility toward Laura and felt a rush of warmth and

Laura saw the change in Penny's features--the relaxation
and release. She smiled even more broadly into her face and
then impulsively leaned forward to kiss her. Penny tilted her
head and kissed her back. For long minutes their lips and
tongues intertwined. Laura felt reborn. Penny felt profoundly

Still smiling, Laura led Penny to the bed. "The Master
wants you to pleasure me before coming yourself." She
removed the leash and turned the bound girl around. She
unclipped the chain that linked Penny's wrists to the back of
the collar. Then she clipped the wrist cuffs and used the short
chain to reattach them. Penny's wrists were now cuffed
behind her about a foot apart. Laura pointed down at the bed
and Penny lay on her back, hands at her hips.

The bed itself was little more than a box spring and
mattress on a steel frame. Laura and Kim Ann had moved it
out away from the wall and then removed the little wheels.
With the hollow steel legs digging into the rug, it wasn't about
to move. Laura brought out a cord with two large leather
cuffs attached and proceeded to cuff first one and then the
other of Penny's elbows. The cord ran under the steel frame
of the bed. Laura cinched it tight and Penny found her arms
frozen tightly against the top of the mattress. Laura then
pulled one of Penny's shapely legs off the side of the bed and
brought her foot almost down to the floor. She tied the ankle
restraint to the steel leg. She trussed the other leg the same
way so that Penny's legs were spread wide.

Penny felt hopelessly vulnerable and was waiting to see
what would come next.

Over the past year-and-a-half Laura had learned to be as
turned on by women as by men, and Miss Taylor certainly had
a beautiful body. She bent over and sucked first one of her
nipples and then the other. She let her hand slip down
between Penny's legs and sink into the warm, moist flesh.
Penny groaned luxuriously in response. Laura climbed up
onto the bed and positioned herself with one knee on either
side of the bound teachers head. She looked down between
her own legs into Penny's face and then let her eyes travel
downward. As she examined the bound form spread out
before her she felt a sexual rush. She carefully lowered
herself onto Ms. Taylor's waiting face. Laura felt another
wonderful rush when the teacher's warm breath first played
across her pussy lips. Laura closed her eyes and felt
somehow calm and complete. She was doing her Master's
bidding and he was seeing to her pleasure. Suddenly she felt
a tongue working its way up and around her slit.

She lowered herself the rest of the way and leaned forward
until her own mouth was hovering over Penny's pubic mound.
She loved the feel of Penny's tits pressing up into her abdomen
and the feel of her own nipples as they played along the supple
skin beneath her. She alternatively licked and blew hot air
across Penny's cunt as the teacher nibbled, sucked, and licked
her twat. She was careful not to let the restrained redhead get
too close to a climax as she got closer and closer to her own.
The slick and sensuous film of sweat between their bodies felt
wonderful as their skin slid across each other. In very short
order, Laura was grunting and panting into Penny's crotch as
her ass wiggled back and forth and her pussy played more and
more and more rapidly across the young teacher's mouth.

Despite her incredible lust, Penny quickly realized she
wasn't about to come herself this way. At least not until Laura
had. So she concentrated on bringing the sexy blond to
climax. The feel of Laura's body rubbing against hers was
driving her nuts and fueled the passion with which she was
sucking and licking at the blond snatch above her. The
muffled sounds of Laura's responses and quickening pace of
her movements were stoking her own sexual fervor. She
sensed the young student getting closer and closer.

And then it came. Laura gripped Penny's thighs almost
painfully as she ground her pelvis down into that delicious
mouth and felt the waves of pleasure wash over her. She
pressed her face against Penny's crotch and almost sobbed
with pleasure.

Penny felt the convulsions and redoubled her tongue
movements. Eventually she felt Laura lift herself off of her
face and fall off to one side. She groaned deliciously. There
were a couple of minutes of heavy breaths blowing along her
leg. Then she felt Laura rise up and reposition herself for
another go around. Penny was disappointed that she was
going to have to wait even longer for her own turn, but
secretly delighted that she had done such a good job on Laura.

* * * * *

In the mean time, Randall and Kim Ann were reaching the
climax of a little discussion. After the other two had left, her
Master had reached into another coat pocket and removed one
of those new pocket computers. It was very expensive and
allowed him to access his own computer through some kind
of cellular phone contact. He walked into the kitchen saying
only, "Come."

She came.

He took a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator and found
two glasses. Pouring them each a drink he said, "It might
interest you to know that I've saved your father's life twice this
month." He handed her a glass and look into her face. He
saw a mixture of relief and concern. She took the glass and
sipped cautiously. Picking up his own glass and the computer,
he moved to sit at the table. "There is an agent in Hong Kong
who seems somewhat obsessed with your father's activities.
He keeps sending in reports and is getting concerned about the
lack of action." He paused reflectively, "Of course, so far, no
one has seen his reports except me."

Kim Ann was still standing where he had left her, looking
very small and scared.

Randall asked, "Do you want to keep your father alive?"

She nodded.

"Then we've got three options. One, we can get a warning
to him. The phones and mail are out--agents have those
monitored. But I've worked out a program that can sneak a
message though a computer link-up. The message is from
you. It warns him to shut down and go into hiding. You tell
him you'll do the same and not to worry, that you'll find him
when the time is right." He held out the little computer. The
message was on the screen. She came over, took the device
and started reading.

After a while he continued, "Option two, we can arrange to
have the agent eliminated." She looked up quickly. "Killed,"
he said, to make his meaning clear. "I've figured out a way to
get this guy wiped out and make it look like an accident. But
if you want to do this, you've got to move quickly."

Kim Ann looked questioningly.

He shrugged and explained. "There is an order which is
scheduled to go out to an assassin in the area. The assassin is
supposed to call in to get his instructions . . ." he looked up at
the clock, ". . . in just about an hour. Now, there is a
relatively rare malfunction which occurs in some large
processors when a certain transistor blows. It can cause two
or more messages to be garbled together before transmission.
I've got a program which will cause that transistor to overload
in the CIA's main data transfer station in asia and then send
out a carefully garbled message to have the assassin bump off
the agent. After the message is sent, the program erases all
reported references to your father and then erases itself." He
paused and looked extremely pleased with his own cleverness.
"After the agent gets killed, it looks to all concerned like a
terrible accident and there is absolutely no way to detect that
it wasn't. Your father will still be at risk, but it ought to be
some time before another agent catches up with him."

There was a very long pause while Kim Ann considered all
this. Then she asked, "And the third option?"

"Both of the above. Wipe out the agent and send the
message." He looked at her purposefully. "That's the most
certain way of keeping him alive in the long run." He reached
up and she handed him the computer. He tapped some keys
and then laid it on the table facing her. The screen said,
'Program Option . . .?' He said, "Type in a 1, 2, or 3, and then
hit enter--everything else will happen automatically."

She took another sip of wine and considered her Master's
words. Her eyes were fixed on the little green screen. Randall
drank some of his own wine and watched her.

"How long do I have to decide, Master?" she asked.

"Well, the assassin is scheduled to call in a little less than
an hour from now, but of course he might call later," and then
added meaningfully, "and he might call earlier. Once he calls,
you'll know because he will have gotten his correct message
and options 2 and 3 will disappear from that screen."

After only a slight hesitation, Kim Ann reached down,
tapped the 3 and hit enter. The screen said, 'Please Wait.' For
a long moment nothing happened. Kim Ann looked drawn
and nervous. Then the screen said, 'Program Successfully
Completed." Kim Ann looked as if she didn't know whether
to relax or to become more nervous. Randall smiled.

* * * * * End of Part 11 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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