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BITB12 sucked the nipple had


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 12 * * * * *

Laura was still humping Penny's face when Randall and
Kim Ann appeared at the bedroom door. Randall was quite
pleased. It was clear this would be Laura's second or third
orgasm. Then he saw that Penny was getting pretty close
herself and Laura didn't seem aware of the possibility. He
strode over and hooked a finger into the D-ring on the back of
Laura's collar. He pulled her to a sitting position--still atop
Penny's face. Laura had the look of a kitten being lifted by the
scruff of her neck. She was really close to another climax,
grunting wildly, her arms hanging limply at her sides.

Penny was working furiously away beneath her. Penny's
own pelvis was thrashing on the bed and she was trying to
achieve some friction by sliding her thighs against each other.

Randall reached down and pinched one of Penny's nipples
to shut off the impending orgasm.

Penny groaned, but keep lapping Laura's clit with her
tongue. Laura was still aroused, but had clearly been slowed
by the interruption. Randall turned to Kim Ann, who was still
standing in the doorway, and gave her a meaningful look. She
knew exactly what he wanted. His hands were full and he
wanted Laura to climax quickly. So Kim Ann hurried over to
the other side of the bed and lightly scratched the side of
Laura's neck with one hand while sucking her nipple. Within
seconds, Laura was pushed up to and over the edge and
luxuriated in yet another wonderful climax.

Kim Ann stepped back and waited.

Penny stopped her tonguing. She was breathing raggedly
into Laura's sopping muff.

Randall waited a few moments for Laura to catch her
breath. Then, still holding her D-ring, he reached his other
hand under one of her breasts and bodily lifted her off of
Penny and planted her on her feet. "And, now my dear," he
said, looking down into the teacher's love juice smeared face,
"it's your turn."

He nodded to Kim Ann who quickly undid all of Penny's
restraints. He had the redhead stand facing the foot of the bed
with her legs pushed up against the mattress. Kim Ann affixed
one ankle to the nearest leg of the bed. Laura did the same on
the other side. Penny's legs were well spread. Then they
reconnected her wrist restraints in front of her with a strange
looking length of soft cloth. Kim Ann filled Penny's mouth with
a rubber ball gag and tightened the straps. Laura sat on the bed
with her legs shoved between Penny's. She placed the short
length of cloth around her back forcing the young teacher to
lean forward and embrace her. Then she lay back pulling Penny
down on top of her. There was so little play in the cloth that
Penny's hands were effectively pressed into the mattress with
one ear pressed between the blond's breasts. As soon as she
was settled, Laura reached around and started fondling
Penny's nipples.

The young teacher was still standing at the foot of the bed
with her legs spread, but now she was bent way over with her
ass stuck high into the air. Kim Ann came up behind her and
started fingering her to orgasm. Penny was so hot, it only
took a matter of seconds. As soon as she came, Kim Ann
removed her fingers. But it didn't matter. She had finally
reached a climax.

Then, as she twitched and convulsed with welcome release,
she felt a tremendous thwack on her left ass cheek. She
shrieked into her gag and felt a second smack on the other
bun. Tears filled her eyes. And then Kim Ann was back, this
time sucking her clitty and fingering her anus. Laura was still
working her tits with expert precision. Almost immediately
she felt her passions rising again, despite the sharp pain in her
rear. She heard the sound of her Master's voice from behind,
close to her ear. "Good girls are rewarded. Bad girls are
punished. . . . You've been both."

Her eyes went wide even as she begin to build toward her
next orgasm. Her Master walked around the bed and into her
line of sight. Her head was still pressed against Laura's chest.
He was hefting a paddle like the ones fraternities used in their
initiations. She wanted to beg, to plead, to protest. But all
she could do was stare wildly as her Master again walked
around behind her as she came a second time.

Penny squeezed her eyes shut as she convulsed and grunted
into the gag. Thwack. Her pussy was throbbing with pleasure
and her ass cheeks with pain. Thwack. A brief respite and
then the renewed feel of Kim Ann's mouth and Laura's hands.

'Good girls are rewarded. Bad girls are punished.' They
kept this up through several more cycles until her multiple
orgasms began. Penny was slobbering and crying and
drooling into Laura's chest. Kim Ann had backed away for
good. Her Master gave her a few last swats for good

Then she felt the crown of his prick against the her vaginal
ring. She was about to have real sex--intercourse--for the first
time. She was a bad girl. But she had already been punished.
It was almost a sense of relief to feel her Master's shaft slide
into her. His prick broke through the first minor resistence.
Given the pain in her ass, Penny hardly felt a thing at being
deflowered. Soon, her Master's prick was sliding in and out
her pussy and his balls were tapping on her clitoris. The
combination was intensely pleasurable as her multiple orgasms
continued with greater intensity. The feel of his thighs
slapping against her burning ass cheeks were a kind of terrible
counterpoint. It was like a cosmic judgement. And yet even
in the throws of her passions and pains she was most intensely
aware of the feel of her Master's hands gripping her, on her
sides just between her breasts and hips. That and the echoing
of Laura's words in her head, 'It's going to be all right; things
are going to be wonderful.'

And then it was over. Penny was lying on her stomach on
her little bed. The gag and the ropes were gone. She was just
barely conscious. Laura, Kim Ann, and their satchel full of
restraints and cords had departed. Her Master was about to
leave as well. He was sitting on the side of the bed, looking
down at her. He ran his hand down her back stopping just
short of her hot, red ass. Then she heard him opening a
container and felt him gently start to rub some kind of salve
into her abused behind. She winced and let out a pitiful little
cry and then relaxed as the salve began to deaden the pain.
When he finished he reached between her legs and ruffled her
pubic hair. She moaned. "8:01 next Saturday, he said." He
stood. "Precisely." He leaned over, kissed the back of her
shoulder, and was gone.

She slept.

* * * * *

Penny awoke to the sound of her alarm going off. Her ass
and legs were extremely stiff, but only a little sore. She
glanced at the clock and jumped off of the bed. The date on
the clock said it was Monday. She ran to the living room and
glanced out of her window. There were two newspapers on
the stoop. The larger Sunday edition and a Monday paper.

Colleagues kept asking why she was walking so stiffly.
'Too much exercise,' she told them, trying not to look as guilty
as she felt. Somehow she got through the day.

That evening she expected Randall and he didn't
disappoint. She had prepared a fancy dinner and was waiting
by the front door for his appearance. She pulled the door
open as he walked up and was surprised to notice his hand up,
about to ring the bell. What did he expect from her?

They ate in silence. He sat and she stood. He didn't
comment about her standing. And shortly after the meal was
over he left.

The next Saturday she opened the door on time. She was
again paddled at each orgasm. It didn't seem nearly as
unpleasant this time. It felt like she was being absolved, even
as she was sinning.

They shared another silent Monday meal.

The next Saturday, her Master had Laura and Kim Ann
prepare her for paddling at the very start of the evening. Her
Master surprised her with a sound thwack before anyone even
touched her. He reached between her legs and felt her tender
flesh. She was already wet. Just at the feel of the paddle. It
was a marathon evening. Before he left, they removed her gag
and all restraints. He lay on the bed and sat her on top of him.
She felt his rod slide into her. He pulled her head down next
to his and the girls pulled her feet back, so she was lying face
down on top of him. Her cunt still filled with his prick, she
felt the first of several paddle blows administered by Kim Ann.
Her pussy seemed to come alive with wetness as she squirmed
furiously and orgasmed almost at once. She kissed her Master
with an intensity she had never before felt.

That Monday, they ate in silence, but Randall got the clear
impression Penny wanted to talk.

The next Saturday, her Master arrived alone. She looked
at him questioningly.

"It's just us tonight."

She closed the door and walked over to him. He stood for
a long while, examining her.

"Bend over and grab your ankles."

She did so. He pulled the paddle out from his coat and
gave her a series of sharp smacks on the rear. On the eighth
slap she orgasmed. He nodded to himself and tossed the
paddle on the sofa. Master Slade, the trainer who had
suggested this training technique, had been right about her.
He'd have to be sure to let him know. He wouldn't need the
paddle anymore. Even so, it was another long evening.

The next Monday, the dinner started out quietly, but soon
Penny started to talk. Randall sat as always and listened. It
was clear he had no objection to her talking, and as the
minutes past she found herself drifting from small talk to
serious concerns. She was soon pouring her heart out--
discussing all of the feelings and fears which she had bottled
up and couldn't discuss with anyone else. Above all else,
Randall heard the ambiguity of her feelings about sex, her
servitude, and him.

After dinner was long finished she was still talking and
Randall showed no signs of impatience. The clock said it was
past twelve before she finally ran down. After a long,
uncomfortable silence Randall got up to leave. He thanked
her, as he always did, and started toward the door when he
heard her say, in a small voice, "Please . . ." He turned and
saw her looking at him pleadingly as if she herself didn't quite
know what was on her mind.

Master Slade had predicted this moment. Master Eugene
hadn't been so sure but Slade had been certain it would come.
And he had been right about the paddle as well. Penny needed
a strong authority figure to direct her, to make decisions for
her, to cleanse her. With Laura it had been love. with Kim
Ann it had been sternness. With Penny it had to be both. A
powerful father whom she could love, fear, and obey. He
would continue to follow Master Slade's training advice.

Smiling, he walked into the living room, turned the swivel
chair, and sat. Penny had followed him and now stood
uncertainly. Giving no clue, he watched her and waited.

She thought about removing her clothes and putting on her
restraints and collar. There was something almost liberating
in the thought. It would mean she could stop making
decisions. But she had to make a decision and she wasn't sure
that was it. She looked over at the imperious figure who sat
watching her. What did he expect? What did he want? Was
this her Monday night dinner guest or Saturday night Master.
She started to tremble.

He smiled at her. Penny calmed considerably. He pointed
at the floor before him. She walked over and stood waiting
while he examined her slowly and methodically. She was
wearing a frilly white blouse, a tweed skirt and low-heeled
pumps. Her arms hung limply at her sides. She wore the
expression of a small frightened animal.

He reached up and, gripping her by the upper arms, pulled
her down until she was on her knees before him--her head on
a level with his. She was staring at his shoes.

"Look at me." His voice was not harsh but stern. She
looked up into his eyes. He asked her, "What do you want?"

Penny's lower lip started to tremble again. Her head shook
slightly in the negative. He reached up and steadied her face
with his hands. Using the thumb on his right hand he traced
an outline of her lips. She stared back into his eyes. Then he
removed the thumb and repeated the question. "What do you
want?" She found she could only look helplessly back at him.

After a long while, he stood and took a couple steps
toward the door. He felt a hand grip his pant leg tightly.
When he looked down, Penny was staring at his foot. In a
quiet voice she said, "Please . . . Master. . . . Please let me
serve you. . . . Just tell me what to do . . . and I will serve you
as well as I can for the rest of my life." She was softly crying.

He reached down and took a fist full of her hair from the
back of her head. Pulling steadily he guided Penny to her feet
so that her face was inches away from his. With his free hand
he started fondling her breast. After a few moments Penny
swallowed and shut her eyes. He shook her head once so that
she would open her eyes and continue looking into his.

"Do you want me to protect you?"

"Yes, Master." He hooked a finger behind the top button
of her blouse and pulling quickly tore the button off. Penny
was startled but only swallowed hard in response.

"Do you want me to make decisions for you?"

"Yes, Master." He ripped the second button off.

"Do you want me to love you?"

"Oh yes, Master." The ripped the last button off so that
her shirt rippled completely open in the front. Still holding a
fist full of her hair, he undid the little snap between the bra
cups with the other hand. Lifting one of the cups, he kneaded
the soft flesh and taut nipple. Penny groaned. "What do you
want? Right now. Tell me?"

Penny's crotch was damp. "Please, Master. . . . Please
make love to me."

Gripping her nipple firmly he pressed his face against hers
and kissed her deeply. He tilted her head back and kissed her
chin, neck and throat. He changed breasts with his free hand
and, bending over, sucked on the nipple he had just released.

Penny felt ready to melt. He had made her ask him--no,
beg him to dominate her, to ravish her. She felt degraded, she
felt cheap, she felt reborn. She felt hornier than she ever had
before in her life. He was, indeed her Master now in every
sense of the word. She still wasn't fully adjusted to the fact,
but there was no longer any doubt in her mind.

He released her hair. "Take off the rest of your clothes."
She did so with enthusiasm, tossing her clothing into a pile on
the side of the room. He looked at her naked body for a few

"Now undress me." He stood before her as she undid so,
carefully folding his clothes and laying them on a nearby table.

When she was finished, he held out his arms, facing her, his
prick pointing straight at her. He said, "Worship me." How
would she react? When Master Slade had predicted this
moment and suggested this tactic during a conference call,
Master Eugene had laughed. There had been a bet made
about whether this moment would come and how Penny
would react.

Penny slowly sunk down to her knees before him and
began to lick and suck on his dick.

Master Eugene was going to have to pay up.

For a long while, Randall allowed Penny to continue,
luxuriating in her wonderful technique. She had already
learned a great deal and was applying herself with almost
joyous abandon. Randall reached down and held stroked her
hair as he reached his climax. It was a moment of exhilaration
for both of them. She sucked him dry and began working on
bringing him to another orgasm, but he stopped her and
helped her to her feet.

He lifted her in his arms and carried her back to her little
room. Depositing her on the bed, he rolled her on her back
and spread her legs. Her face was filled with lusty
anticipation. For almost an hour, her Master played with her
body, massaged her breasts and nipples, rubbed and licked her
engorged pussy lips and tightly throbbing clitoris. Penny came

And when the multiple orgasms began, he mounted her,
pushing his stiff rod into her tight wet love tunnel. He thrilled
to the wild look of passion in her face as she panted and
grunted and made little gasping cries with each new orgasm.
The feelings of release at having finally given in completely to
his dominance and of his balls slapping against her buttocks
was driving her to higher levels of lust than she had ever
known. Randall came himself four times that night. And
towards the end, when he didn't have a lustful thought left in
him, but she was still going strong, he positioned himself
between her legs and used every trick he could think of to
drive her into a sexual coma. He sucked at her clit, pinching
her nipples and thrusting fingers into her vagina and anus. He
tried for twenty minutes, and succeeded only in calling up a
raging storm of orgasms. Finally, exhausted, he quit. Penny
had come over thirty times.

For the next ten minutes, Randall sat on the edge of the
bed and caught his breath. Penny lay there twitching and
throbbing as she came down from the most incredible and
intense sex she had ever known.

Her Master stood up and walked out. She could hear him
dressing in the next room. She felt strangely at peace.

Then her Master returned and walked up to the bed. It
was time to add some sternness to the mix. "Next Saturday,"
he said, looking down at her, "I want you to report to Master
Eugene. You take excellent care of him. Understand?"

She looked up at him with shock and consternation. "But
Master . . ."

He expected this. He grabbed a nipple. There was no
subtlety here. She felt the pain shoot through her and she

"Shut up," he hissed. She shut, whimpering and blubbering
to herself. He was still gripping her tender bud with painful

"Who do you belong to?" he asked.

"You, Master." She answered through the ache in her tit.
She answered without hesitation.

"That makes you my property, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Master."

"Which means I can lend you out if it gives me pleasure."
She was staring wildly at him. "Or I rent you out. Or I can
even sell you." There was iron in his voice. Penny felt a wave
of cold fear pass through her. "And whatever I tell you to do,
you will do with complete obedience and enthusiasm.
Because I am your Master, and it will give you pleasure to do
my bidding. Isn't that right?"

She wasn't so sure, but answered immediately. "Yes,
Master! Yes, of course, Master."

He released her nipple and reached for her far arm. Pulling
it, he flipped her over and spanked her until she came again.

"And don't you dare forget that or ever question it again."

She was crying in earnest. "Yes, Master."

"8:01 next Saturday at Master Eugene's. And it better be
the best he ever had."

"Yes, Master."

* * * * *

She showed up at Master Eugene's the following Saturday
at 8:01 exactly and did her very best to please him. Both he
and Master Randall were quite pleased, indeed.

* * * * * End of Part 12 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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