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BITB13 girls are ready you can load


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 13 * * * * *

For the last several weeks of the semester, Penny found
herself becoming more and more accustomed to her status of
Master Randall's property. There was something oddly
comforting in it. She was still torn by conflicting emotions,
but since she didn't have any real choice, there was no sense
of guilt. And she also found herself becoming more and more
attracted to Master Randall himself. Her sex life had certainly
never been better.

Then the semester came to an end. It was the Saturday
following the last final examination. Graduation was
scheduled for the next day.

Randall was sitting on the swivel chair in Penny's little
house looking at his three totally naked slaves standing in a
line before him. He had told them to pretty themselves up for
final inspection.

Laura was calm. Whatever her Master had in mind,
whatever would come next, he would take care of her. She
was eagerly awaiting the future.

Kim Ann was resigned. Her Master had shown her a copy
of a CIA report--fake--about the accidental assassination of a
far eastern agent and a newspaper article--real--about a
prominent Hong Kong businessman who sold his firm, retired,
and disappeared with his American wife. The loose ends of
her old life were tied up and she didn't much care what her
new life would hold. She was only vaguely curious about
what was to follow.

Penny was apprehensive. A major transition was clearly at
hand. Randall was graduating and it was obvious he was
planning to leave the area. She fervently hoped he would take
her with him. But he could be getting ready to sell her to
someone else. He had made a point of telling her that he
could do that. What would she do if he did? What choices
did she have? What was going to happen next?

None of them had long to wait. Almost as soon as his
inspection was finished, they became aware of the sounds of
a heavy truck driving up faculty row. The girls weren't
surprised to hear it pull to a stop at the turnoff to Penny's
house. There was a distant sound of the cab door opening and
slamming shut. And then the sound of footsteps approaching
on the gravel path. The three girls were still at attention with
their backs to the front door. Randall was calmly watching
them and waiting. They expected to hear a knock at the door

But then there was the sound of another, smaller vehicle
coming along the main road and turning up the gravel path.
The footsteps stopped. The car came to a stop. A door
opened and closed.

"Roger, you son-of-a-bitch," came a loud cowboy voice,
"what are you doing out here in the wilderness? I thought you
never left Europe?"

"Hello, Andrew," replied a very cultured British accent.

"Andy," barked the cowboy, half laughing.

"Andy. Yes, of course.

"Put er there, Pard."

"The last time I shook your hand, I almost lost three

The cowboy laughed heartily, "All right you wimp," he said
good naturedly. And there followed a loud slap like the
clapping of a large meaty hand on an unsuspecting back.

"Ahhh," came a startled voice, "I wish you colonists
weren't so bloody friendly."

Another hearty laugh. "So what the hell are you doing way
out here in the boonies?"

"A special pick-up for a Swiss buyer."

"A pick up? You? But I thought . . ."

"There's probably more than one, Andrew."

"Oh yeah, Pard, sure."

Penny felt herself go cold. Randall saw her skin break out
in goose bumps as the steps came up to the door. Randall
motioned to Laura who ran over and opened the door even
before the two strangers could knock.

They were both so stereotypical it hurt. The trucker
looked to be in his early forties and was dressed in a
cowboy shirt, western jeans, and boots. He wore a ten
gallon hat. The Brit was probably in his early fifties and
dressed in conservative suit and bowler. As they entered
the house the Englishman removed his hat, the cowboy
didn't. Laura closed the door and then returned to her
place in line.

"Ladies," said, Randall, "as I'm sure you've guessed, we are
going to take a little trip."

The two strangers were examining the three girls. The
cowboy wore a big, Texas grin. The Englishman studied them
with detached professional interest.

"Laura. Kim Ann."

"Master?" They replied almost in unison.

"Get dressed." And they were gone.

Penny was very conscious of her nakedness and of having
been singled out.

"Mr. Parker, did you have any trouble at the apartment?"

"Andy," he emphasized with a smile.


"Not at all, Pard. I found the key and got everything
loaded up."

"Great. As soon as the girls are ready, you can load them,

"What about luggage?"

"None to speak of. One small satchel each. Master
Eugene has made arrangements concerning everything else."

"Will-do, Pard. I'll just go check on the little fillies." And
so saying he followed Laura and Kim Ann to the back room.

"Does he always talk like that?" Randall asked after Andy
had left the room.

"Always," Mr. Orson replied.

"Well, anyway, if you'd care to have a seat. . . ." The
Englishman took a seat in a large chair near the kitchen.

"Penny." She was instantly attentive and so nervous she
felt ill. "Please show yourself to Mr. Orson." Penny gulped
and then went through her display ritual. There was one
moment when standing with her back to the Englishman, legs
spread, bent over, pulling her ass cheeks wide for his
inspection--a moment when she thought she might throw up."

"Very nice," the stranger said to Master Randall.

"And smell this," her Master said, walking up behind
Penny. He slapped her hard on the ass and then ran a couple
of fingers through her moist twat. He held out his fingers in
front of the other's face. The Englishman leaned forward and
sniffed as if inspecting a rare wine vintage. His face
brightened with surprise and pleasure.

"How extraordinary."

Randall said, "All right, Penny, go get dressed."

She left with feelings of great unease. She passed Laura,
Kim Ann, and the cowboy on her way to the bedroom. Laura
read her face. She stopped for a brief moment, took the
trembling teacher by the shoulders, and looking directly into
her eyes said, "It will be all right. Just relax."

The words were welcome, but didn't help.

And then the two students were gone and Penny was alone
to hurry into her clothes. She wanted to get back as soon as
possible to hear what her Master and the stranger were saying.
But by the time she returned the important part of the
conversation seemed to be over.

"Penny," she heard, almost as soon as she entered the

"Yes, Master?"

"You are going to travel with Mr. Orson. On this trip you
are going to be his step-daughter, Leslie Orson. He's got all
of your travel papers. He is going to be taking you to a lady
in the Swiss Alps. If she likes you, she will become your new

Penny was wearing a frozen, blank expression. Her
Master, her father, her God was rejecting her, sending her out
into the wilderness. What had she done wrong?

He added, "You be sure she likes you--understand?"

"Yes, Master," she replied with a quaver in her voice.

Randall considered her reaction for a moment and then
said, "Come here, dear."

She walked up to him.

"You're a delightful girl and I've loved you very much."
She looked up into his eyes as if trying to read the meaning
behind them. "But I can't keep you." She wanted to ask, 'Why
not?' but had enough sense to say nothing. "If you're lucky,"
he continued, "this Mistress will want you for her own. From
what Mr. Orson tells me, your life with her will be very good."
She looked over at the Englishman who seemed to be nodding
slightly in agreement. "If she doesn't like you, you will
probably be sold at auction--and then I have no idea where
you will go or what your life will be like." Penny wanted to

Randall put his arms around her and kissed her deeply one
last time.

Then he turned to Mr. Orson and said, "Double
commission, plus bonus. Just be sure to make the proper
exchange--you've got some pictures along with the transfer
papers." He handed a thin file to the Englishman. "Contact
me through Master Slade when you've got an answer and if all
goes well, I'll tell you where to make delivery."

"And, if not?"

Penny felt another cold chill run through her.

"Well," replied her Master, "then we'll just have to see, I

"Actually, I wouldn't worry about it," the Englishman
volunteered. With what you're got to offer . . ." he was
looking at Penny, ". . . and the trade you have in mind, she'd
be out of her mind not to accept." He smiled at the prospect.
"She'll bitch about it, but she'll say yes. And, of course, the
cash will more than cover my commission--even considering
your generosity."

"You just close the deal, and it will be worth every penny."

"You realize, of course, that if Mr. Turkell is even half
right, you're passing up a huge sum by not putting her on the
open market?"

Randall smiled. "Master Eugene, doesn't know everything
that goes on in my head, despite the fact that he thinks he
does." Then he looked sharply at Mr. Orson. "You didn't
discuss any of this with him, did you?"

"Of course not. But the girl's reputation proceeds her.
And your mentor's estimate of her value is common

"So much the better." And then he turned to Penny and
added, "You hear that? I'm passing up a fortune by trying to
place you with Mistress Viola." Then he slapped her on the
ass one last time and said, "All right, I've got to scoot."

The Englishman said, "Please go ahead. I've got to discuss
a few things with Leslie before we take to the road." Randall
left, without a backward glance.

* * * * *

As he walked along the gravel path leading from the little
cottage one last time he felt a certain nostalgic break with the
past. The 18-wheeler parked at the intersection ahead started
up at his approach.

"Hey, Pard," came a voice from the cab. "You want to
ride up here or back with the girls?"

"I think I'll join you for awhile." He walked around the cab
and climbed in. "What do you know about Master Slade?"

The cowboy put the truck in gear. "Slade, huh?" He
laughed out loud. "He was Delwin when I first met him and
he's had at least a half dozen different names since then."

Randall's eyebrows raised.

"But he's about the best trainer you'll ever meet, and one of
the finest men that ever sucked air." The cowboy grinned
broadly, "You'll like him."

* * * * *

After she had watched her former Master leave, Penny
turned to Mr. Orson who was checking through a set of
documents in a large zippered wallet. "Do you have a purse,
that matches that outfit, girl?"

"Yes, Master," she answered with great sorrow in her

I'm not a Master. And on the road, please call me father.
You're supposed to be my daughter. If you need to refer to
me by name, I am Roger Orson.

"Yes . . . father."

"Hmmm. Well go fetch the purse and try to cheer up.
You look like a funeral."

When she returned he started handing her documents. This
is your passport, Leslie. And these are your tickets. . . ."
After he finished with the documents and reviewing the cover
story, he asked if she were clear on everything.

"Yes, father."

"Blast, girl, you sound like death at a tax audit. I wish you
were fully trained." He looked at her intensely for a moment
and then snapped his fingers. Do you have a black dress?

"Yes, father." She looked at him curiously.

"And a black purse to match?"

"Yes, father."

"Good. Go get into them, and be sure not to forget
anything when you transfer the contents of the purse.
Remember what I said about going to meet your mother in

"Yes, father?"

"Well forget it. Mother's dead and we're going to pick up
the body."

She looked at him blankly for a long moment and then
laughed. Then she left to do has she had been told.

He smiled at her as she went to change. It looked like the
trip wouldn't be nearly as arduous as he had imagined.

* * * * *

Two weeks later, Randall was sitting down to dinner at
Master Eugene's table. The formal training of Laura and Kim
Ann was going splendidly and he had flown down from
Canada for the weekend to thank his mentor properly.

Even though he had only been gone a short while,
Carolena, Alexia, and Leticia acted as if he hadn't been back
in ages. They assured him everything was set and that dinner
would be magnificent.

The Master was equally pleased to see him but
considerably more restrained. "You are going to be a
superstar, my boy," he said over pre-dinner cocktails, "and I
will be proud to have been your sponsor." They spent most of
the early evening discussing the fallout of the disappearance of
Miss Taylor and Laura. There was some speculation that they
had run off with each other. Nor was anyone aware that Kim
Ann had disappeared as well. It was probably assumed she
had gone back to Hong Kong. Most importantly, no one had
noticed anything unusual about Randall's having left after
graduation. The bottom line seemed to be that there was
nothing to worry about.

Dinner was indeed special. Letty had outdone herself. The
girls took turns serving. And then dessert! The dessert was
something flamb‚, but just what wasn't important. It was
served by Victoria. As soon as the Master caught sight of her
he jumped out of his chair and, after a frozen moment, tried to
hug her. It was a matter of dexterity and luck that no one got
burned and that the house didn't go up in flames.

A great many explanations were required, but it came
down to the fact that Victoria was a gift of thanks and
appreciation from prot‚g‚ to mentor. Randall steadfastly
refused to accept even a single dollar's compensation from
Master Eugene who guessed immediately how Randall had
achieved her purchase. "This makes Victoria the most
expensive slave I've ever owned." He smiled at her and she
beamed back.

Later that night they were all naked around the hot tub.
Randall was lying on a bench being totally massaged by
Alexia. Carolena and Leticia were in the tub kissing and
nuzzling each other. And Master Eugene was perched on the
side of the tub with his feet dangling in the water. Victoria
was in the water between his legs trying to give him the most
enjoyable blow job he had ever had. She thought to herself,
'Lady Viola had been a nice enough Mistress, but no one
would ever replace Master Eugene in her heart.' It was just
the way you felt about your first Master.

* * * * * End of Part 13 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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