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BITE hurt you she asked Let mommy


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My Lord, that was painful! The things we do for art :-}


A Quick Bite To Eat by Bob Peale (1/1)
We're a pretty average 90's couple; two cars, a house in the suburbs, no kids,
lots of tech toys. If we had kids, we'd probably be active in the PTA and
Little League, but since we don't, we've had to find other ways to amuse

Sex has always been pretty good between us, but it got REALLY interesting
about a year ago when we discovered that she got out of her mind horny after
watching me show myself to another woman.

We were at a beach near our house, playing a game where we made believe that
we met each other randomly, went back to my place and screwed. Sometimes
she'd play willing and pliable, other times reluctant and standoffish, but it
was always hot.

We arrived together, but set up our blankets about 50 yards apart. While she
lathered herself with suntan lotion, I decided to go for a swim. Feeling a
little devilish, I'd gone out earlier in the week and purchased a pair of thin
white cotton shorts to wear that day. They were solid enough dry, but once
they got wet, you could see absolutely everything!

I made sure that I spent enough time in the water to get my shorts good and
wet, then returned to my blanket, where I picked up a towel and started
toweling my head. I made sure that I was facing in my wife's direction as I
covered my face and head and took a good five minutes to work the ocean out,
the sun in back of me leaving nothing to the imagination. As I rubbed dry, I
thought about the show I was giving my wife, and started to grow hard.

Removing the towel, I realized that an incredible looking woman had positioned
herself on a towel between my wife and me, and was sitting eye level with my
crotch. My wife noticed that the woman was staring at my cock and hung back,
waiting to see what would unfold. She motioned me to come forward, so I made
my way over to the woman's towel.

I could not believe she was alone. Sun bleached blonde hair, tiny little
waist with no hint of flab, grapefruit sized tits, and a deep tan that, from
the looks of things, did not end at the skimpy perimeter of her bathing suit.
I stopped on the sand a few feet from her and looked down.

"Hi," I said. "Was it my imagination, or were you looking at me?"

She responded without looking away from my crotch. "Well, that depends. Was
it MY imagination, or can I see your cock through your shorts?"

Is spite of myself, I blushed at her directness.

"Mmmm," she continued, her voice pleasingly husky. "That's pretty thick. How
well do you use it?"

I could not believe this. I was rock hard, being hit on by this gorgeous
creature, and my wife was less than three feet away. I looked over at her,
and she nodded, indicating that I should continue.

"Pretty good, I think. The only complaint I've ever had is that it didn't fit
in easy."

Luckily, it was still early enough that this part of the beach wasn't crowded
yet. Actually, the reason we'd originally chosen it was because the sun came
over the cliffs later, so fewer people came in the morning. I was hoping that
we might get a little in behind one of the rocks just for the rush of doing it

"Mind if I check?" she asked, reaching out to trace the ridge of my cockhead
with her hand. "Oh, that's wonderful. I don't know how easy it would fit,
but I'd love to try."

She rested her hand on my shorts and started to slowly rub me. I know how it
felt to me, but apparently, it also felt pretty good to her. Her bikini
bottoms were starting to darken in the crotch, and she was pressing herself
into her blanket, trying to scratch an itch that needed a little more than a
long finger. With her free hand, she reached down and pulled her bathing suit
to one side, giving me a view of her clean-shaven pussy. Moisture had
collected on her swollen, outer lips and I could see her clit peeking out of
its hood as it grew hard. Quickly, she looked around and spied my wife, who
had anticipated the movement and turned away only a moment before, feigning a
search for some elusive seashell in the sand. The woman turned back to me
removing her hand from my shorts.

Looking at my face for the first time she said, "We really don't have any
privacy here." She reached over to her beach bag, pulled out a paperback
book and a pen, and scrawled something on the book's title page. "Here's my
number. Call me tonight and we'll pick up where we left off."

As if to seal the deal, she leaned back on the towel, removed her top, and
proceeded to sun those glorious tits. I was done. Turning around and making
my way painfully back to my towel, I collected my things and almost ran to the
parking lot. I leaned against our car and waited for my wife to join me.

Normally conservative in public, she hadn't even bothered to throw a cover
over her bathing suit as she came rushing over to the car. Without saying a
word she began kissing me, first on the lips, then on the neck, then down my
chest and along my stomach. Not caring who might see, she continued down,
sliding my shorts down over my hips as she dropped to her knees. My cock
sprung out gratefully, happy to be free of the confines of my shorts. But
freedom was short lived; in one gulp, Sara, my wife of seven years, engulfed
my cock with her mouth and began to work it down the back of her throat. I
could not believe that this was my wife blowing me in the parking lot at 9
o'clock on a Wednesday morning.

She choked hungrily on my cock, mashing her nose in my pubic hair as her
throat muscles strongly massaged my cockhead and shaft. Normally she has
trouble deep throating me because I'm so thick, but today she went at it with
all the energy of a seasoned pro. I was so horny I didn't care who saw
either, leaned my head back on the car, and started fucking her face,
reaching down to control the movement of her head as I pushed my cock further
and further into her mouth.

Her enthusiasm proved to be too much for me, and I came in minutes. My load
seemed to fuel some fire deep inside her, because at the first shot of cum,
she reached down and started tugging on her clit, firmly pinching it between
her thumb and forefinger as she pulled. With my cock still in her mouth and
pumping cum down her throat she started to cum herself, causing my cock to
vibrate in her mouth as she screamed with it still in her mouth.

When she was finished she stood up and leaned against me, my pants still
around my ankles, breathing heavily. I waited for her to regain some
composure before I started in with the questions.

"What the hell was that all about," I asked, the shock evident in my voice.

"I don't know what came over me. I was all set to start playing our game
when I noticed that woman staring at you. I could see your cock so clearly
through your shorts! And then something about the fact that she could see
you got me excited." She stopped and took a deep breath. "By the time she
started rubbing your cock, I was soaked; if she had pulled it out, I probably
would have cum right there. By the time I got to the car, I couldn't think
straight. I had to have your cock in me. The blowjob was just the quickest

She'd never come before without getting fucked, at least not with me. I had
to admit, it was hot. She made me drive home with my pants off so she could
stroke me the whole way home (thank God we didn't get pulled over for
speeding or anything!). Once we got home, she spread out on the trunk of the
car and begged me to fuck her in the garage. I still can't remember how many
times we screwed that day, but it was definitely the beginning of a new
chapter in our life.

After that day, Sara's whole outlook changed. She threw away all of my
underwear, so that I would be free to flash whenever she wanted me to. She
started nagging me to go to the gym so that I stayed in shape, and would
sometimes "accidentally" rip my shorts in the crotch so that she could
masturbate to the thought of women looking at me. When I got home, I was in
for hours of sexplay. She also bought me tighter, more revealing clothes for
when we went out together, and on more than one occasion we had to excuse
ourselves from a party so that we could go outside and fuck because she was so
worked up.

The one place we drew the line was actually cheating. I did not sleep with
any of the women who approached me, and I don't think that she ever slept
with any other guy. In fact, I don't think that she even looked at another
guy. Neither of us really ever had the desire to be with anyone else.

One day, after I'd been out for a run (wearing only form fitting lycra running
shorts and running shoes, the way Sara liked), Sara met me at the front door
and asked me to hurry up and shower, because she wanted to go eat. She'd
finally gotten reservations for a new restaurant in town that she'd been dying
to try. When I got out of the shower, she'd already laid out my clothes for
me, her signal that this was going to be one of our "adventures". I quickly
pulled on the sweater, but almost put my foot through the rip in the crotch of
the jeans she'd picked out.

"Sara!" I yelled. "How the hell do you expect me to wear these? There's
nothing bloody to them!"

She appeared around the doorway with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her
eye. "They'll be fine once you get them on. The sweater hangs down low
enough, at least until you're aroused. Then you might peek through," the
twinkle got a little brighter, "but that's OK."

Shrugging, I pulled on the pants, because I knew better than to argue. She
was horny, so I just figured I'd strap in and enjoy the ride, wherever it
might take me. She was right, you couldn't see anything under the sweater,
but I felt a helluva breeze! In the garage, she tossed me the car keys.

"You drive. I want to relax."

In Sara speak, that meant she wanted to play with me so that I'd be hard and
horny and would put on a good show. While we drove, she gave directions, and
played with my cock through the hole. In almost no time I was hard,
especially since I'd just finished my run and the testosterone level was
pretty high. By the time we got to the restaurant I was Rock hard and
sporting a tent. Of course Sara wouldn't hear of letting it subside before
we went in.

The hostess had to have seen my hard on, but was too polite to say anything.
Sara had already been here, and knew exactly which table she wanted: one in
the back of the restaurant, on a raised platform. Anyone approaching the
table from a particular direction would be eye level with my crotch.

After we were seated, Sara leaned over to me and whispered, "Those pants must
be terribly uncomfortable. Why don't you slip out the hole? You can cover it
with your napkin, and I bet it'd feel better." The pressure was getting
unbearable, so I took her advice. She was right; it felt a whole lot better.

As our waitress walked toward the table, Sara reached over and snatched away
the napkin. The girl's eyes arched in surprise, but that was the only
indication that she had seen what was under the table. To Sara's delight,
she began checking on us quite often, and each time we gave her a show. It
was just like any other time until Sara reached under the table and started
to stroke me slowly. God it felt so good to my aching cock! After a few
pumps, I didn't care that we were in a restaurant. I leaned my head back and
thrust my hips into her hand until she stopped suddenly. I opened my eyes
and there was our waitress standing over me, and there was no mistaking her

She was a pretty girl, built like a dancer. She had very long legs, accented
by the skimpy skirt that she was required to wear as part of her uniform. She
wasn't wearing stockings, so we could see all the ripples in her legs that
started in her calves and went up under her skirt. Her uniform blouse was
tunic style, cut loose (after all, this was a classy place), which normally
would have hidden her breasts (if I had to guess, I would have put her at a 34
C), but I guess our show was affecting her as bad as it was affecting me. Her
nipples were sticking out prominently, like two pencil tips, and they burned
deep red through the white of her blouse. Her brown hair was pulled back,
which just emphasized the flush in her face. She was softly biting her bottom
lip, like she was trying not to scream. She leaned close to us, so that she
had a bird's eye view of my cock. Even though she was talking to Sara, her
eyes never left my lap.

"Ma'am, I have to ask you to stop that," she said shakily.

Sara was the picture of innocence. "Stop what, dear. We're not bothering
anyone, are we?"

The waitress closed her eyes for a minute before she continued speaking. "No,
you're not too loud. In fact, I'm probably the only person who knows what's
going on back here. But I can't take much more. At first it was kind of
freaky, but when you started to jerk him I had to go back into the break room
and take my bra off because I was getting so horny I almost came from the

Sara smiled wickedly and looked the girl straight in her eye. She grabbed
hold of the hole that my cock was hanging out and tugged violently, fully
exposing my cock and balls.

"Oops," she said softly. "Did I hurt you?' she asked. "Let mommy kiss it and
make it better."

Then she leaned in and swallowed my whole cock down to the balls. She must
have been really hot, because she'd never done ANYTHING like that before. I
was putty, submitting to whatever whim she had. I looked up at the waitress,
who was unconsciously tweaking her nipple through her uniform blouse and
panting softly.

Sara gave several long sucks and sat up. "We'll take our check now. Unless
you'd like to show us something for desert."

The girl didn't even hesitate. "Wait here. I'll be back in a minute."

Quickly, she disappeared down the steps and into the kitchen. Moments later
she returned, but she wasn't carrying any menu or dessert tray.

"Follow me," she whispered. "Hurry!"

Sara got up and followed the girl, with me close behind. Trying to attract as
little attention as possible, the girl ushered us past the kitchen and down a
long corridor toward the bathroom. Mercifully, we didn't run into anyone,
because in the condition my pants were in, it would have been awkward. At the
end of the hallway was an unmarked door, which the waitress opened and rushed
in, motioning us to follow. If Sara hadn't stopped short I would have gone
tumbling headfirst down the stairs. Guiding me with her hand on my cock, she
led to the bottom of the stairs, where our waitress was stripping off her
uniform in front of several sacks of rice.

"That fucking blowjob put me over the edge," she said, kicking off her skirt
and dropping down on top of the rice sacks, vigorously fingering her pussy.
"I don't care who, but somebody has to help me or I'm going to die!"

I thought that was my cue, but Sara beat me to the punch. Throwing a leg over
each shoulder, she spread the girl's pussy as far apart as it would go and
plunged her face between her legs. I couldn't see much, but I could hear the
wet sloppy sounds of Sarah's tongue attacking. The girl responded in kind,
humping Sara's face, trying to get more tongue inside.

I couldn't take it any more and bent down in back of my wife, pulling down
her slacks and trapping her legs. I stuck a finger in her pussy and almost
slid my whole hand in, she was so wet. With barely a push I slid in from
behind up to my balls and started fucking Sara slowly, ignoring the pace she
was keeping on the girls pussy, because I wanted it to last. As the girl's
orgasm started to build, she began pushing her hips harder into Sara's face.
Never having been with a woman before, I don't think Sara had a lot of
experience with what to do, so she did what she'd always felt me do; suck on
the girl's clit. The girl must not have had a lot of experience either,
because as soon as Sara got her button between her lips, the girl stuffed her
hand in her mouth to keep from screaming as she started to cum. Almost
simultaneously I felt Sara's pussy clamp around my cock, which signaled the
start of her orgasm. I had to pull almost all the way out to keep from
cumming myself, leaving just my cock head in for her to wrap her pussy around.

"Uuunnnhhhhh," Sara moaned from between the girl's legs. Looking past her, I
could see that the girl's eyes were clamped shut and she had cum so hard that
tears were rolling down the side of her face. The two women collapsed in a

"Hey," I called out. "What's your name, anyway?" The least I could do was
find out who my wife's first woman was.

"Jenni," she breathed heavily, her eyes still closed. "But you two can call
me what ever you want."

"Good, because what I want to call you now is on my cock." Both women looked
up at me. "She, " I said, gesturing toward Sara, "will not be having all of
the fun today."

Quickly stripping off my clothes, I sat down next to Jenni. "Up and at `em,
little girl. You've got a ride ahead of you."

And little she was. The poor girl was very slender hipped, which usually
meant a narrow pussy. Years of practice had made it easier for Sara to take
me, but for the uninitiated, it was going to be tough. Fortunately, Sara's
tongue bath had loosened her up.

I had Jenni straddle me with her back toward me, and slowly squat down. I
felt her shiver when my cock made first contact with her outer lips, and used
it trembling to my advantage. I jabbed quickly, and my cock head slid in
with a pop.

"Oh God, oh Jesus, Jesus, wait!" she screamed. "It feels like you just rammed
me with a baseball bat! Please, just wait a second!"

But I was long past waiting. I was hard, and I was horny. "Sara, help her
out, please."

Sara was like a kid in a candy store, pulling one of Jenni's rock hard nipples
into her mouth and sucking deeply. I felt her juices flow over my embedded
cock, and I worked more of it in.

"That's it Sara, make her wetter! I'm almost in."

Sara heeded my urgings and started to really work on Jenni's tits. Jenni
began whimpering as I worked deeper and deeper into her, splitting her in
two. The muscles on her thighs stretched taunt as she tried to balance
herself on my cock, hoping to control how fast I plunged it. I had an idea
how we could move this along.

"Sara, honey, lick her like you did before."

Sara dropped down between our legs and started to lick my shaft, getting the
part that was exposed nice and wet. She then lapped at the place where
Jenni's pussy met my cock. I was able to slide in a little further, but
Jenni was still resisting. Then Sara started sucking on Jenni's clit, and
her control failed. I could tell it was slipping because her pussy, already
tight as a vise, started to clench my cock like she wanted to pull it off,
drawing it deeper inside. With a final push, I was in up to my balls.

The moan that erupted made us worry that some one might discover us, so Sara
stuffed the easiest thing she could find in Jenni's mouth.her pussy. Jenni
responded by clamping her mouth down and sucking like this was the hottest day
of the year and it was the coolest drink she'd ever had. Sara's pussy juice
was soon dripping down Jenni's neck and around her back, collecting in a pool
on my belly.

My poor cock had been through the ringer all day and deserved some relief, so
I picked up the pace. Right before I cum, my cock head flares, the effect of
which brought Jenni to another orgasm. By the time I was finished cumming,
she had passed out on top of me, my cock still in her up to the base.

Sara kneeled down and kissed me. "We have to eat out more often."

The End.
I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am currently
at work on others that will be posted as soon as they are finished. Thank
you for all of the constructive comments and words of encouragement. If you
have story ideas, feel free to email them to me; I can't promise anything,
but I'm always looking for things to write about.

As always, please drop me a line with your comments.


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