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BLAME camera would love the look right


Keywords: M/F, oral, anal, B&D
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: the Blame Goes Round and Round- Sam Hill III

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

The Blame Goes Round and Round
A Sam Hill Mystery
Sam grabbed another handful of the tissues and passed them to the
sobbing woman. It was enough already. Sam got the point. She wanted him
to help her, she really wanted him to help her.
"All right, Mrs. Magpie," Sam assured her, "I'll get right on it.
You've given me a couple of ideas and I'll see where they lead me."
"Millions of people," she was sobbing, "Most of them don't care,
but there's perverts too- And they'd get their twisted excitement from
the violation of my privacy. I can't take the idea."
"I'll try to keep enough heat on so whoever has the disk will be
afraid to bring it out to do anything like that, Mrs. Magpie," Sam
tried to assure her.
"I know you will, but I'm so scared," she bawled.
"I think you should go home and have a stiff drink and try to
relax," Sam said, "What's done is done. I'll get to work on putting it
back to normal."
Sam followed her home, not trying to hide his intent, but not
announcing it either. When Mrs. Magpie had gone in the front, Sam
pulled around to the back and knocked on the servant's door.
It wasn't locked. Sam went inside to find Juanita. She had access.
She could at least give him an idea about the visitors to Mr. Magpie's
office. He was just going to talk to her.
He found her cleaning. She was the good help it was hard to find.
She was straightening out the master bedroom when he walked by and then
stepped into the room.
"Juanita?" Sam asked like he didn't know.
"Si?" Juanita said, puzzled at the strange man in the house.
"Sam Hill, I'm looking for some of Mrs. Magpie's things that have
gone missing," Sam went direct to business.
"I no take anything!" Juanita protested.
Mrs. Magpie had said that was probably true. Juanita was very
trustworthy. That didn't mean she wasn't told to take the disk to
someone or to hide it. Her answer was defensive enough to give Sam a
chance to put some pressure on the maid.
"I didn't say you did. Why do you feel so guilty?" Sam asked.
"I no take anything," Juanita protested again, "I like to work
here. I no steal."
She was afraid of something. She backed toward the master
bathroom as Sam interrogated her. Sam kept closing in as his questions
came closer to his real concern.
"You know Mr. Magpie is a big important man. He has an office full
of important things. What do you do when you clean in there?" Sam asked.
"Not Juanita," she said, "Muy electricity- I no go near electric
"Could you drop the half-breed English?" Sam asked, mocking her,
"You no need to try and fool me. I no want to hurt you."
"It's true," she said, her English improving remarkably, "I don't
go near his desk. I don't want to be blamed for some broken computer."
Juanita had backed against the bathroom vanity and Sam was nearly
nose to nose with her as he carried on his interrogation.
"But just once, someone told you exactly what to get and you took
one of those plastic cases off the desk," Sam said, Who told you?"
"I don't know what you're talking about," she protested.
"I'm talking about Mr. Magpie trying to hurt Mrs. Magpie and you
helping him," Sam said.
"Mr. Magpie is big boss, I like my job," Juanita lapsed into her
pidgin again and tears filled her big brown eyes.
Sam was single-minded sometimes, but he wasn't stupid. He had hit
a nerve. She was doing something she was ashamed of for Magpie. He
decided to switch to 'good cop' mode and reached out to hold Juanita.
She took that as a signal and Sam never got his arms around her.
Juanita dropped down as he reached and then looked up at him.
"Please, don't tell the mistress," she pleaded, "I'll make you
happy if you promise not to tell."
Her hands rested on Sam's belt. It all came clear to him now.
"The Mr. made you do things. You made him happy, didn't you?" Sam
"Please, I no mean to hurt the mistress, but Mr. Magpie, he my
boss too," Juanita confessed. "Please don't tell."
Sam was easy to bribe when she was asking him to not do something
he wasn't going to do any way. Boffing the maid had nothing to do with
his investigation.
"Make me want to be quiet," Sam said with a lusty growl creeping
into his voice, "Maybe the missus doesn't need to find out."
Juanita opened his pants as if he was holding a gun on her. She
extracted his growing hard-on and looked up at him like a martyr. Her
tongue came out while her eyes still held his and she licked his cock.
Her whole demeanor changed when she bent her head down and slid
her mouth over his cock. She wasn't pretending to be the poor victim
anymore. She sucked on the expanding staff with style and what could
only be described as eagerness. She had expertise and it didn't feel
forced as Sam became rock-hard in her mouth.
"You like?" she asked as her tongue darted over the head of the
steel bar she held captured in her hand, "You want Juanita to do more
or do you want to be inside her?"
"Both," Sam croaked, "I'll tell you when to stop."
He was being a greedy pig. Juanita swooped down on his cock and
he groaned as his hardness filled the warm wetness of her mouth. He
could only stand a few more moments of her long, firm sucking strokes
before he was overcome with the desire to push his cock into her cunt.
"Now I want to be inside you," he gasped as she bobbed up and
down on his cock.
Juanita pulled her underwear out from under her skirt as she
stood up and stepped out of one leg hole. Holding the skirt up, she
slid back onto the vanity until her back was against the mirror. Sam
mused that 'bearded clam' was an apt description of her genitals as she
opened her legs to expose herself to him. Her panties swung from one
ankle like a marker, but Sam had no trouble finding the spot as he
stepped between her upraised legs.
"Ahhhh! Muy grande!" Juanita enthused as Sam pressed against the
chubby lips of her pudenda and slid down to find the entrance to her
She was nowhere near the poor innocent she played. Without any
encouragement from Sam, she had become very aroused and very ready for
Sam's cock to slide smoothly inside her already lubricated twat. She was
one hot momma, Sam mused as he found her hot and ready as he pushed his
cock into her.
Sam looked up into his own face in the mirror and was jolted by
the expression of bliss he saw. He knew he liked the hot grip, but he
didn't know how transparently it showed on his face. He was supposed to
have a poker face, dammit.
He worked on making his expression more neutral as he slapped
against the tight globes of Juanita's butt and she threw her legs over
his shoulders to make that angle more accessible for him.
It helped, but only in delaying him a bit. Juanita was prime pussy and she was squirming as he fucked her. It was just the right movement
to add excitement to his thrusts without disrupting his rhythm. And the
picture of her scrunched in a crescent shape against the mirror and on
the vanity was another addition to the turn-on of fucking the maid in
the bathroom.
It was perfect setting, perfect cooze and response while leaving
Sam in control. It was pretty much the storybook fuck, especially to
walk into in the middle of the day.
Sam pulled her tight to him to bend her even more as he lunged up
into her. He was going to cum too quick anyhow. He might as well get
some good, hard fucking in before he blew his wad. It was as if Sam was
holding her in the air and fucking her, except he left her ass perched
on the edge of the vanity to take her weight.
"Show me your tits," Sam growled as she grasped him with her
thighs to help him move in and out of her.
Juanita opened the blouse quickly, but then struggled with the
suspender strips of her skirt that blocked moving anything over her
"Here," Sam said and gripped her tighter to free a hand to jerk
suspender, blouse and bra straps off her shoulders with a tug.
She only had to pull the straps down for her ample breasts to
spill brown over the cups and jiggle with his thrusts as they hung
invitingly in front of him. They had great fullness in the bottom curve
up to the jutting point of her black nipple. And they swung
hypnotically as Sam applied force to the other end.
"Let me feel those," Sam croaked and closed his hand over the
resilient breast.
It was soft, but there was great weight in his hand. They were
almost liquid as they formed new shapes when Sam closed his hand.
Juanita moaned as he squeezed, but Sam was seeking his own charge in
playing with her tits. He caught her nipple between his fore and middle
fingers and explored the rubbery tautness to even huskier moans from
the maid.
Then Sam lunged up in the final stretch. He mauled her breasts absently to groans of encouragement as he stabbed up into her and tried
to lift her butt from the vanity with his closing thrusts. Then
Juanita's cunt clamped on him and Sam could not hold back the flood.
He was managing thrusts of half an inch until Juanita used her
thighs to move him and insure that they pumped out his cum in the
greatest quantity available. It may have even been self-preservation,
Sam thought. He couldn't rule out that she had been cumming and needed
the strokes for herself.
She held him tight inside her for a little while, but then
relaxed and let him slip out of her. Sam observed the scene for later
recall. There was something hot about the maid's spraddle-legged beaver and the breasts hanging out of disheveled clothes. And it was all
wrapped up in a double view in the mirror.
"And then she copped to screwing the boss?" Staci was asking.
"And was real scared she'd lose her job," Sam agreed.
He had left out the bribe that came after that. They hadn't been
talking about the disk for sure.
"In the classic no-win situation," Staci said, "Fired now if you
don't, probably fired later if you do. I believe that part. But if she
put on the ignorant talk, it means she's a lot smarter than she tries
to appear. I don't know if I buy the computer fear."
"I put it to her directly about the disk," Sam offered.
"Even then, the only way she could be mixed up in this is if
she's got some connection on the side," Staci went on as if she had not
heard Sam, "If there's no ominous conspiracy, she's probably telling
the truth."
"And what does that mean?" Sam asked.
"Unless she's a plant, Sam," Staci explained, "No illegal maid is
going to mess with thievery of something like a disk. She has no
bargaining power with the people that would be interested."
"And if she was a pack-rat- stealing whatever caught her eye,
they'd know that by now," Sam finished unnecessarily.
"I think the one thing you're overlooking is the innocent
mistake," Staci said, "You're looking for someone with a reason and you
could miss someone who didn't even know what they did."
Sam had a vision of the disk halfway down a stack of disks on an
anonymous desk, unsuspected and undetected. Then he had a vision of
Staci sliding his cuffs out of their holster and snapping one around her
wrist. She locked her top drawer and slid the other cuff through the
"And I have another idea, but you'll have to get it out of me,"
she said as she snapped the cuff on her other wrist.
She was cuffed to the desk until Sam let her loose. He knew the
only persuasion she'd respond to was sex. She wanted him to fuck the
clue out of her. She looked uncomfortable pulled awkwardly out of her
chair by her cuffed wrists. Sam pulled the chair out from under her and
made her kneel at the corner of her desk.
"I'll show you how much I care what you have to say," Sam snorted
as he pulled down his zipper.
She deserved her little treat. Like it was a lot of trouble to
indulge her bondage fantasies as a reward for her help. Sam teased her
with his cock and she reached for it like a baby robin.
"I don't expect you to tell me anything," Sam said as he let her
suck his cock into her mouth, "I expect you to suck my dick like the
helpless little baggage that you are."
Sam could fuck with her when she was like this. She didn't have
her hands to stop him. It was all mouth on her end. She could only suck
as much of his cock as he gave her and she had to suck it when he gave
it all to her. He made her work to get him hard.
He liked to watch her struggle to follow his movements as he
swayed around by her desk. She was so eager to suck him that she weaved
crazily to keep his cock in range of her sucking mouth. Then Sam stood
still and let her work on him with just her mouth. She didn't let it
out of her mouth so she wouldn't have to chase it. Staci moved wildly
as she worked her head back and forth to force the hard head of his
cock into one cheek and then the other. She was doing her own version
of teasing now.
Sam knew how to put a stop to that. He pulled his cock out of her
mouth and stepped back.
"Stand your fat ass up," he ordered, "Watching you is making me
Staci stumbled to her feet, hampered by her inability to get a
good grip with the cuffs on her wrists. She had to stand like a
domestic animal and Sam came up behind his 'cow' and threw her skirt up
over her back.
"You can spill those beans now," Sam said as he yanked down her
panties and pinched one cheek of her ass.
It was a setting to behold. Staci wore garter belts to give access
to her desires on a whim. Sam had pulled her panties to the top of her
stockings and her rear was framed between that limit and the blue band
where her skirt lay over her rump.
Sam hit the bulls-eye when he pressed forward and pushed his cock
between her wide-spread labia.
"No! Never! You can't make me," Staci snapped as Sam's cock moved
up inside her.
That translated to: fuck me hard- beat me up with your cock. She
never held on. She let the cuffs jerk on her wrists as she tried to
resist his thrusts on balance alone. She wanted the tug of the steel
bracelets to punish her into talking. That meant Sam had to fuck her
hard enough to knock her off her feet as she stood bent over in front
of her desk.
It wasn't that hard for him. He was slapping against her center
of gravity and he had long ago found peace with fucking her hard enough
to knock her off balance. Her cunt squirmed invitingly on him as she
lurched to catch herself.
"Talk now, bitch!" Sam ordered as he heaved into her faster.
"Not enough to make me," she gasped as he pounded on her rear.
Sam pushed her forward until she had to put her cheek on the desk
to take the strain off her backward-bent arms. That opened her like a
plum split down the seam and Sam sank even farther into the hot grip of
her twat.
"Tell me or don't, I'm gonna fuck your fat butt like the bitch
you are," Sam promised Staci.
He wasn't interfering with anything by grabbing her hips now. She
was no longer off-balance and he could use his hands to hold her and
drive his cock solidly into the wet squish of her cunt.
"It got lost in the mix! Don't stop!" Staci both bargained and
pleaded. "Fuck me you rotten bully!"
Sam was distracted for a moment by the vision of a client walking
in on them, but that only served to highlight the incredible sexuality
of the scene in his mind. Staci's huge breasts rested on the desk still
covered completely. The white moonscape of Staci's ass was the only
skin uncovered as he humped into the helpless woman. Sam hadn't even
taken off his hat.
That was hot enough, but it was the lava tunnel of Staci's cunt that had Sam on the brink. With or without the scene, she was a great
fuck. Sam demonstrated that in a more evidentiary way as his balls
jerked and his seed jetted out inside his helpless secretary.
"This will teach you to be a suspect," Sam tried to croak as he
struggled to keep up his thrusting as his cock emptied itself into her.
Sam pulled up her panties after he had pulled out his spent cock
and patted Staci on the rump. He lowered her skirt, but he didn't offer
to set her free.
"You look good like that," Sam teased, "so-- available."
"But it plays hell with my answering the phone," Staci reminded
"Then explain this mix-up theory and I'll think about taking off
the cuffs," Sam proposed.
"I don't know if I want to answer the phone," Staci said cheekily.
Sam tossed up her skirt again and tugged her panties back down
below the curve of her ass. Staci shook her butt in anticipation and
then jumped when Sam smacked his palm against the upraised cheeks.
"Ow!" Staci complained, "That really hurts!"
"It's supposed to," Sam said and brought his hand down with
another loud crack on her ass, "But what can you do about it?"
"Ouch! Okay, I'll tell and you can OW! let me go," Staci reacted
to the slow but powerful spanking.
Sam stopped, but didn't restore her clothes.
"Talk," he said.
"It could have got gathered up in a completely unrelated pile,"
Staci explained, "It could have been taken away by mistake."
Magpie did have a partner. It was another lead to follow. Sam
reached in his pocket and got out the handcuff keys. He took off the
cuffs and left it to Staci to rearrange her clothes.
"Thanks," he said, "That gives me something to think about."
"I hope so," Staci said, "a girl doesn't like to think that she's
just another cunt in a long line."
"It's personal business for the Magpies," Sam told Mr. Melrob's
secretary, whose nameplate said Miss Beaucoup.
"I'll see, but Mr. Melrob is very busy, particularly since Mr.
Magpie has been leaving everything in his lap," Miss Beaucoup said with
some scorn.
Melrob wasn't that busy. He seemed to have more questions than
Sam about the Magpies. Sam told him where he stood and then made up
what he thought was a slick cover story.
"I don't even know who they're entertaining, I just know the Mrs.
is frantic about finding the guest list," Sam told Melrob, "Is there
any way a disk could get mixed up in an exchange?"
"No way in hell," Melrob said, "We don't do that dinosaur stuff
any more. That's why we spent the bucks for a network. We don't trade
disks anymore."
From Melrob's questions, Sam didn't think there was much
communication between the two partners in any case. He had found a dead
As he left, Miss Beaucoup seemed very interested in him. Sam could
only guess that she'd been listening in and had a higher opinion of him
now than when he arrived. He wondered if she knew something her boss
"You haven't seen any disks come over from Mr. Magpie, have you?"
Sam asked.
"No, we don't do that thing," she said and then asked, "You don't
know what's on the disk, do you?"
"I've never seen it," Sam said.
"I just wonder who the Magpies invite to their parties," she said.
Social climbing wasn't going to help Sam. He'd had enough of that.
Finding a bathroom would be good, however. He asked and Miss Beaucoup
pointed down the hall.
Sam didn't watch guys walk into bathrooms, so he didn't react
when the door opened. That made it a big shock when a hand reached for
his prick.
"Let me hold it for you," came a feminine voice in his ear.
Sam let Miss Beaucoup take over as he finished pissing. She was
subtle about jacking him off at first, but as the stream dribbled down
she sent drips splattering everywhere as she stroked his cock back and
"I love to feel them get big and angry," she said as she rubbed
her thumb over the head of his cock like she was petting a mouse.
Her face was turned to Sam's as she stroked him and she had to
be pleased. His cock was certainly getting bigger in her hand. She
made faces like it was her cock being stroked as she brought Sam erect.
"We better find more privacy," Miss Beaucoup suggested and led
Sam by the cock to one of the stalls.
"Come on, big boy," she said as she bent and kissed the head of
Sam's cock, "I want you to show me how strong you are."
She wasn't talking to Sam. She was having a relationship with
Sam's dick. She turned and lowered the slacks of her pants suit, taking
her panties with them. Then she bent forward to grab the plumbing behind
the toilet.
"Do me. Do me now and don't get fancy," she instructed, "Just the
good hard in-out. I want a quickie in the john."
Sam stared at the sight for a moment before moving. He wasn't used
to fucking anyone with their pants around their ankles. But it was
undeniably a female butt facing him from under the back of the
button-down shirt. It was a pretty nice female butt at that. A quickie
didn't sound that bad.
Miss Beaucoup's cunt was on the other side of the room from bad.
Sam sank in and she pushed back and he was off on a roller coaster of
a fuck in a bathroom stall. Sam found she meant it when she asked for
a quickie. She wouldn't let him ease off. Her butt drove back at him
faster any time he slowed down.
"Just fuck me and cum," she demanded, "I want to make you cum."
Sam wanted the same thing. He just wasn't in as much of a hurry
as Miss Beaucoup. But if that was the way it was going to be, he'd show
her what fucking Sam Hill in a hurry was like.
He gripped her hips, but found he couldn't pull her back to his
thrust any harder than she was driving her butt back on her own. His
hands naturally followed up her belly and he found the fabric-covered
mounds of her breasts.
As much as her breasts were a focal point when she sat behind her
desk, they were that much more interesting as they swung pendulous and
strained the restraint of her bra with their weight. They made wonderful
handles for Sam to grip as he shoved his cock into her and pounded
against her rear.
"Harder! It won't take much more!" Miss Beaucoup grunted, "Fuck me
now! Fuck me like a whore!"
Sam began to dimly understand that this quickie wasn't all for
him. She was doing this within the guidelines of her own fetish. He had
to fuck her like an animal for her to get off. The furious motion of
her butt wasn't for his benefit. She had to help to get the kind of
hard fucking that she craved.
Now Sam could give a damn. He tried to tug and not squeeze her
breasts, but that was the only concession to gentleness he was making.
His cock speared deep into velvet heaven and he slapped on her rump with
a smack that assured them both the nail had been driven all the way in.
Sam beat her by a spurt and a half. He was humping wildly and
fucking so hard that he fucked right through the spasms that jetted his
hot seed inside the bent over secretary. That let her own spasms milk
his cock as he fucked her through her climax and Sam emptied more cum deep in her cunt than he could remember doing for some time.
"Now pull up my panties so I can hold it in," she said huskily.
Sam pulled the underwear up and seated it firmly over her still
backthrust ass. The she stood up and turned to face Sam with her pants
still around her ankles.
"Don't put it away," she said in a lusty purr as Sam reached to
tuck his cock back in his pants, "It's all smelly and sticky."
She sank to the toilet seat and pulled Sam to her by the crease in
his trousers. They were feminine legs, Sam reminded himself as he
approached the one with their pants around their ankles again. But then
he saw the generous cleavage and the ballooning broadcloth shirt and
laughed that there could be any confusion.
"You were so nice to me that I should at least put you back the
way you were," Miss Beaucoup said just before sucking his cock into her
It was a ticklish time for Sam. He was still jumpy from cumming
and her mouth was a gentle touch that was making him twitch. She hummed
appreciatively at his reaction and the vibration only made Sam jump more.
By the time she pronounced him clean, Sam felt that someone had
plugged his spine into an electrical outlet. She tucked his cock back in
and patted his fly.
"I like take-charge guys. They don't run from a strong woman," she
told him as she stood up.
She pulled up her slacks as she rose and then pinned them between
herself and Sam as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him
"If you ever have business in our offices again...." she left the
invitation as she buckled her belt.
It was a good rule. Sam agreed a girl had to have rules. Not back
by the time Staci leaves, Sam sleeps on the cot in the office.
He only had to stand around the corner for about twenty minutes to
make sure she had already gone home today. It was good for her to have
some time alone in her own apartment. Sam knew she wasn't sex-starved.
And he wasn't up to a performance worthy of Staci.
That alone should have filled Sam with foreboding. Things were
going along smoothly- too smoothly. Sam should have expected the knock
on his office door.
He wasn't sure what he saw when he opened the door. It was short-
haired on one side and long on the other and swathed in paisley of
undetermined origins and exits. It wasn't a dress. It wasn't a robe.
It looked like the concoction of a mad sail maker.
"You got the right door?" he asked whatever it was.
It checked the glass and asked, "Sam Hill, working on the Magpie
investigation, trying to put the bitch in the catbird seat?"
The voice was husky, but female. It was a she wrapped in those
swatches of garish material. And it was a she with an interesting
knowledge of what he was working on.
"I don't discuss my cases with outsiders," Sam said, "but if
you've got information for me, I'll listen."
She pushed past Sam with an air of entitlement and walked straight
back to his office/living room without pausing by Staci's desk. She was
looking around with her hands on her hips when Sam shut the door and
joined her.
"Jaz Hardly, I'm a clothes designer," she said and offered Sam
her hand to shake.
He took it and said, "Sam Hill, and I appreciate your perception
that I am not familiar with clothes designers."
She didn't take the bait. Instead she chose the edge of his cot as
her resting place and sat down.
"As far as being an outsider, I'm in this as deep as Magpie," she
said. "Macaroni will want my neck as much as anyone's."
"Gino Macaroni?" Sam asked.
"You've heard of him. Yes, Gino. I hear the D.A. has a hard-on for
him and he won't like witnesses," she went on.
"Something about the Jerry Squeal assassination?" Sam said.
"You do a good job of playing dumb," she said, "Of course the
Squeal execution- that's what it was. And anyone that heard Macaroni
threaten Squeal two days before the councilman turns up dead might be
of interest to quite a few parties."
"Look- want to level?" Sam asked, "I'll admit my ignorance of all
this stuff you're talking about and we'll both speak English from now
She looked questioningly at Sam and he explained, "I wasn't told
much about the disk. Certainly none of this stuff came up. Tell me
what you're talking about and it might help me find who has this thing."
"We- and that's all you get out of me about that- were at Jolie's
doing what you do there and Macaroni was in the next room with Squeal.
Gino said some unfortunate things about Squeal dying a couple of days
before he was gunned down. It's all in a data file burned on the CD,"
Jaz spilled out for Sam.
That was not even remotely similar to the story Mrs. Magpie told.
Sam was used to that. The only people he could believe were the ones
seeking a divorce- and half of them just wanted blackmail. This had
a lot more import. According to who was on the disk with this woman and
Mr. Magpie, it could be quite a scandal in its own right. Then there
was a councilman and a gangster meeting in an afternoon fuckhouse.
The disk was like dynamite. It might blow up in the face of
whoever had it. Sam picked up on the blackmail angle first thing. It
was a dick-ring on the Mr. for Mrs. Magpie.
"That's real far from a link between Macaroni and the shooting.
Squeal was an asshole. I bet he got death threats all the time," Sam
"I'm glad you think that way. I wish I could trust Macaroni to
think the way you do. But I think he'll want any witnesses to anything
flicked off the planet like so many dead flies," she countered.
"So what do you want to happen?" Sam asked.
"I want Gino to feel safe. I want to take the chance he'll be
reasonable if someone- a third party- you perhaps, takes the disk to him
as a good-faith offering with a pledge from everyone involved that they
have already forgotten everything and that they didn't remember anything
in the first place," she spealed.
"That's good," Sam said as he followed her logic, "I couldn't come
up with anything better myself. A proper demonstration of fear should
impress Gino enough for you to stay alive. Especially when the
prominence of the targets presents a hassle."
Sam thought he saw a shocked look pass over her face when he
mentioned prominent targets and wondered what she wasn't saying. If
there were others there, it could help convince Gino. The higher the
position, the more likely they wouldn't be admitting spending the
afternoon at Jolie's.
"Of course, I have to find this disk first," Sam reminded her.
"How hard can that be? Who could have it?" she asked.
"Not Mrs. Magpie and she's the one that wants it," Sam said, "she
said her husband stole it to post it on the internet."
Jaz laughed suddenly and for a while.
"It would be just as easy to put a gun in his mouth and pull the
trigger if he wants to commit suicide," she laughed. "He wouldn't know
which direction the bullets would be coming from."
"I take it a few would be coming from your way?" Sam pried gently.
"Like I give a fuck," she snorted, "I'm allowed to live an
alternative and decadent lifestyle. I'm an artist! I just want to keep
on living it and Macaroni is the kind of man that can be a real threat
to that."
She seemed to be relaxing. She flowed more easily into sitting
back on the cot.
"Anyway, I'm not the type to use bullets," she said, "I always try
everything else instead."
She had casually undone her turban while she spoke and she was
placing it carefully in just the right place over the top corner of the
cot. Then she caught Sam's eyes and held them with her gaze as she
slithered to her feet.
"I was planning on showing you a sample of how pleased I would
be if the disk got to the right hands," she said as her hands went to
some fastening at her side, "That's more my style than guns."
What Sam had at first mistaken for a jumble of rags was being
revealed as a particularly clever arrangement of rectangle and triangle
shapes of silk. They were draped over Jaz to cover in layers and at the
present were being slowly removed in a way that harked back to the
seven veils.
She was pausing to make an arrangement on the cot with each
piece she removed. The third veil finally exposed her navel to go with
the bare sides revealed by the first two. One thigh was sleekly bare and
then both as she removed another piece. She was a pantless harem girl now.
Jaz swayed toward Sam and lifted his hands to undo the knot below
her left breast. That brought right breast into view. She waited as he
undid the second knot and both arrogant breasts swooped out at him. She
had fashionable tits. That is to say tiny little cupcakes jutting out
abruptly from the start of a mannish chest. Sam didn't get to muse much
about Jaz's breasts.
She took his hand and slid it up her thigh. Her lone remaining
veil left her right hip bare as it swooped on an angle just below her
pubic mound and low on her left thigh. She slipped his hand above the
barely covering silk and over the corn silk of her pubic fur.
"Now isn't that better than a bullet in the gut?" she asked
incongruently as he fingered the moist folds of her pussy.
"Come on, I'm way ahead of you, get those things off," she told
Sam, "I want my men naked."
While Sam hurried out of his clothes, Jaz was back to arranging
her veils as a cover for his cot.
"Socks too," she told the nearly naked Sam.
"I wasn't done, I was getting to them," Sam protested.
Her uncovering was simpler, yet more dramatic. Jaz rotated the
kilt until the bareness was over her crotch. Now the angle ran to the
back, giving her a tail of silk. The pattern showed off the gap between
her thighs and emphasized where her cunt bridged the gap with its pointy
beard hanging in the space.
"Lie down," she instructed, "Feel how much difference sleeping on
silk makes."
Sam noticed the coolness most. He didn't care much about the feel
at that point. Jaz was sliding her body over him and he was much more
interested in the sharp little nubs of her nipples tracing a path up his
chest. She kissed like an artist with no motion of her tongue repeated
for long. She was quite engaging in the duel of their tongues.
But there was going to have to be some movement. Her pubic hair
tickled his belly halfway to his navel and he couldn't even brush the
head of his swelling cock in stray hairs from her crotch. Like she had
read his mind, Jaz slid back down his body.
His cock nuzzled between the aroused lips of her cunt for a second
in passing and then her nipples were drawing their trails down his belly
and onto his thighs.
"You're a good boy," she said facing him with his hard-on looming
between their faces, "But I won't penalize you for that. I'll treat you
as well as any limp-dick old man."
It was a jarring speech. It made Sam feel handicapped because he
was potent. That feeling vanished as if mist when Jaz licked his cock
before taking deep into her throat. The good thing was she was going
to suck him anyway.
An art critic might have said that her performance held all the
aloofness and despair of her time- a mechanical rendition, but Sam
wasn't being a critic. To him, Jaz was making it plenty suckalicious
whether he felt like her heart was in it or not. It felt great and it
wasn't just another up and down suck.
The way she moved as she crawled up to poise her cunt over his
cock augured well for the way she would use her hips. Sam was not
disappointed by the reality. From her initial squirm to fit his cock
inside her and press down on it, Sam knew he was in for a whirlwind ride.
It still seemed she was following some preset routine, but Jaz was
an excellent choreographer. That and she knew her venue well. As her
hips were doing their obscene hula on Sam's cock, she was making him
discover the real value of silk on skin. It was a tickling kind of
addition to the wet clasp of her cunt, but the kicker was the tail of
silk that she was dragging over his balls as she moved up and down and
around on his cock.
"Jesus!" Sam grunted, "You ever think of taking up the profession?"
"I don't need cash and I like my amateur standing," she garbled
back as she fucked him mercilessly.
Sam was sure she got the complimentary part as well. She was a
smart cookie.
"You want me to play with your tits or something while you do
that?" Sam offered.
"I don't mind if you do," she gasped back, "And I like it pretty
rough, so don't hold back."
She did indeed respond best to hard treatment. She moved her best
when Sam caught her distended eraser-like nipples between his forefinger
and thumb and yanked as she bounced up and down on his dick. Sam didn't
think he was hurting her, but she did tremble each time his pulling
shot a jolt careening across her chest.
It didn't have to be Sam's idea of fun. It was as much of a
performance by rote as Jaz's. And she seemed to be bothered as little as
he where their hearts lay. They both were receiving the treatment they
craved and sincerity wasn't in the formula.
Sam's near indifference to having a woman on top did come into
play. Even with the silk tail giving him the illusion that his balls
were being licked as he was fucked, Sam was ready to let her bounce on
his cock all night. It felt great and all but it wasn't building toward
anything. He was willing to let his cock bathe in her hot grip as long
as she was willing to slide her cunt over his rod.
"Dammit!" Jaz broke the spell with a gasp, "Are you ever going to
cum, or don't you do that with women?"
It had easily been fifteen minutes of her forcing his hard cock up
to play inside her belly and he was as calm as if they had just started.
She had at first marveled, but now she was getting tired.
"Sorry," Sam said, "I was enjoying your performance. I'll help now."
What it took was Sam's effort to co-ordinate with the drive of her
hips. He tried to lunge up into her as she was coming down and after a
few misses they settled into something of a co-operative fuck.
Jaz fell forward onto her hands as Sam rammed up at her and they
both had their hands on the other's chest. The feeling of actively
filling Jaz's cunt was doing the trick for Sam.
"Damn," Sam moaned. "You feel good even when I can't feel the
fancy stuff."
Jaz was no longer in the mood for subtle nuances. She only wanted
to feel Sam swell and jerk inside her so she could climb off him.
"Cum for me then," she urged, "Slam that cock into my cunt and
fill me up with your jizm. Finish me off, babe, come on."
It was more of a negotiated peace than a victory as Sam finally
felt the cum run out of his cock. It wasn't as if he was driven up the
hill and shoved off as usual. It was more like enough had been added to
the trigger plate and his floodgates opened to let off his seed.
It was a quiet orgasm that gave him little warning, but it was
still powerful once it came. Sam didn't twitch as much as lay paralyzed
as the unsuspecting Jaz kept pounding her hips down on him.
She knew he had cum when she felt the wetness seep out of her and
over her thighs and his belly. Then she knew why Sam had gotten quiet
"You give a girl a work-out when she's trying to bribe you," Jaz
said as she regained her breath laying on top of Sam.
"And that was just a sample?" Sam returned.
He had been lucky his own quirk had made him seem like a stud. If
she had decided the sample would be a blow job, he wouldn't have been so
impressive. There was no reason for Jaz to know that. He liked the
impression he was leaving her with.
"Guess what?" Sam said to Staci, "A client lied to me."
"And the sun came up today. What's new?" Staci replied.
Sam explained what Hardly said was on the disk and Staci got her
inscrutable thinking look.
"I don't see where Mrs. Magpie enters the equation," Staci said.
"Blackmailing her husband," Sam offered the explanation he'd come
up with.
"How do you blackmail a dead man?" Staci asked, "Macaroni isn't
some boogy-man. He has people killed on a whim."
"Let's pass that for now," Sam said, "It doesn't make any
difference if I don't have the disk. Does this make anyone more likely
to profit from the threat?"
"You're the detective Sam," Staci told him. "I don't second-guess
your thinking. I just sometimes have another take- like now. I say think
protecting. If that tape in the Biachi case had been lying out and
Detective Catalano had come in, I'd have stolen it to protect you."
Of course. Boss man in trouble, the faithful secretary bails him
out. It gave Sam a place to look. It also reminded him of the times
Staci had done just that kind of thing for him. He looked at her and
remembered a few of them.
They all seemed mixed up with wife two or three. The dirty, torn
panties she claimed as she admitted a non-existent life as a gutter slut
to Trudy. The inventory of lipsticks she kept to match stains while he
was married to Anabella. All the dirty inviting notes he got in either
of those marriages and mementos left to entice him.
She wasn't just a big-titted cooze, as Detective Baker liked to
call her. Staci was a good broad all the way around. She had been
through a lot for him.
Sam felt vaguely guilty for a lot of things pertaining to Staci,
but right then he was bemoaning his decision to remain faithful to his
last two wives. Okay, at least 80% faithful- maybe even 90%- sometimes
it's part of the job to seem like a snatch-hound. But they had traded
double entendres while he was married to Trudy and never given in until
the divorce decree was on the judge's desk.
Then he met Anabella and Staci had seemed proud of him for
breaking off their affair. Given the tempest that was Sam's third
marriage, he would have been better off moving in with Staci and leaving
Anabella the hell alone. He thought the marriage would have lasted
longer that way.
But so much time lost with a broad he could put up with. This made
Sam misty. Instead of mid-fuck arguments with Anabella, he could have
been humping a woman that liked her vagina called a cunt. It was such a
"You do a lot for me, doll," sentimental Sam said. "I was just
thinking of some of the things you've done for me and I think you
deserve the morning off. Why don't you go lock the door?"
To Staci, Sam's sentimental looked like horny. Not that she minded.
She was a little horny herself after passing the night alone in her bed.
But a morning off meant going outside: shopping, eating lunch in a place
more than two blocks from the office, seeing the sunshine.
She had sold Sam short. After their mid-office embrace and the
requisite groping that went with their passionate kiss, Sam had his
fingers in the band of her panties and pulled then down and off her.
He tossed them on her desk and led her back to his office.
It was going to be a bit cramped, but Sam could see it would work.
He lifted her skirt and bunched it around her waist as he sat her in his
own chair.
"We don't want to stain your clothes," he explained when Staci
flinched as her butt hit the rough weave of his chair.
Garters and hose were the only way to go, Sam though as he knelt
down to face the open invitation of her naked snatch. He tilted the
chair up and pushed his face into her crotch.
"God, Sam!" Staci gasped as she instinctively grabbed his head and
pushed his face deeper into her cleft, "This is a shock!"
He'd eaten her before. She must be reacting to the suddenness with
which he was getting his tongue into her. His own arms lay framing her
hips and he let Staci guide his face with her grip on his hair. He was
dedicated to making this good for her. There was no better way than to
let her call the shots.
"Put it in now! You're making me nuts!" Staci yelped when Sam had
been doing the tongue-tango with her clit for a long, long time.
'It' was going to be his tongue today. He stiffened it and plunged
into Staci.
"Oh god! Hurry!" Staci was pleading now, "Fuck me with it good!"
She just wanted Sam to bounce his face off her clit while his
tongue drove inside her. Her need was great and she needed busy, fast
and all-consuming at the moment. Sam went at her with everything he had.
"Yessssssss- unh unh Ohhhh Yessssss-" Staci groaned as her hands
left Sam's head and gripped the arms of his chair.
Her hips shot up to bang into Sam's face and he glued his face to
her twat and shook it. She was going off like a skyrocket. Sam struggled
with his need for air as he determinedly kept moving his face and
wiggling his tongue to make sure she finished with the biggest bang he
could give her.
"Oh my god, Sam, what's got into you?" Staci said with what breath
she could muster after the momentous climax.
"Thinking about dirty panties you claimed," Sam said and Staci
began to blush even now.
With all her kinks in other areas, it had been the biggest
challenge to her self-respect Sam knew of. He had tried to kid her about
it- to make a joke of the whole sordid situation, but Staci was too
upset by it to see the humor. Something about admitting she wore torn
and horribly stained underwear was devastating to Staci. Particularly
since the demeaning revelation was a lie.
"That and because I cut you off during my marriage to Annabella
which was stupid for both of us," Sam switched the subject.
"I thought that was noble," Staci protested.
"Sure, me too, but it turns out it was stupid," Sam said, "Don't'
tell me you think Annabella was good for me."
"Of course not, but you were too dense to see that," she poked at
him. "Still, being faithful was a gallant gesture on your part."
"Just stupid, when I could have been pleasing this," Sam disagreed
and plunged face down into her pussy.
"Yikes! What are you doing?!" Staci screeched as his tongue went
back to work, "Careful I'm too sensitive right now."
She tried to pull his head away this time. She was confused, Sam
thought. She didn't know a good thing when she was about to get it, he
mused. But his head came out of her crotch as she pulled on his hair.
"I'll give you sensitive in a minute," Sam growled in his gangster
voice, "Now sit back and shut up or I'll gag you."
Staci caught the not very subtle shift to one of her bondage games.
That made it easier for Sam to fasten her wrists to the chair arms with
duct tape. Now she had little say over what Sam did to her.
Whatever she was expecting, Sam just went back to work. She seemed
to have recovered from her squeamishness as his tongue burrowed into her
again. But that didn't stop her mouth. Not that Sam minded. He liked
dirty talk.
"What's come over you?" she asked, "Are you trying to eat me to
death? Please- let me up and we can fuck together."
Her protests became unconnected and sounded more and more like
groans of content as Sam licked and teased his way over her sex. He
wasn't going to let her up for a while. It was good she was slipping
into the spirit of things.
"Sam. Sam! Don't tease me," she finally gasped, "Don't let me hang
on the edge. If you're going to- do it!"
She was on the tip of the iceberg, but she had asked for it. She
was ready now. Sam wondered if she was ready for anything.
He slipped a finger inside her and he was teasing her with it.
Then she was ready for two fingers and Sam stopped teasing. He worked
them, twisting and inserting as he zeroed in on the top of her cunt with
his tongue. His thumb circled her anus as his fingers moved and she
thrashed on the fingers and his insistent tongue.
"Sam! Fuck me! I'm ready!" she called as he lifted her to the
crest of another orgasm.
He turned everything up a notch. His fingers dug deeper, his thumb
pressed harder and his tongue circled her clit and its hood with more
intent. Then her cunt grabbed him and she bucked with a climax.
"You're making me do it! I'm cumming!" Staci announced loudly,
"Make it long and hard!"
Sam had no other intent in the whole wide office. He let the tip
of his thumb press inside her anus and fucked her with his thumb and
two fingers as his tongue whipped back and forth on her swollen clit.
It was long, hard, and never-ending. He sucked her clit into his
mouth and played with it with his tongue as the maelstrom subsided, but
the fingers only slowed. He searched her insides with his fingers, all
the time insinuating more of his thumb in her asshole.
When his palm was against her, Sam rotated his fingers out of her
and slipped them under her butt to give him a grip to aid the
butt-thumbing to come. Then he attacked her cunt again.
"No Sam! No more! I'll have a heart attack!" Staci warned as his
tongue stabbed into her and made her jerk with the tingle it gave her.
Sam had another thumb and he slid it into her under his probing
tongue. That thumb searched the top of her vault for happy surprises.
Staci had two thumbs vying for both her orifices and the impossible to
ignore tongue treating her clit like a punching bag. She didn't need
more shocks.
She was either finishing a small orgasm or in the middle of a long,
slow one when Sam found the thickening he was probing for. Staci jerked
as if he had applied a branding iron and wailed into a shuddering,
spastic climax that shook the tape holding her wrists.
There was really no need for his tongue now. Sam sat back and
prodded at her colon with one thumb as he let the G-spot do its little
trick on Staci.
"Stop! No really- Stop!" Staci pleaded and Sam heard enough
desperation to ease off on his stroking.
She came to a stop like a run-on engine, lurching a couple of
times before she slumped back into the chair. Sam slowly moved the thumb
still buried in her cunt and wiggled the thumb in her ass.
"I want to make up for all the pleasure I denied you by being an
idiot," Sam confessed, "I owe you about hundred of those and I'm ready
to kneel here and give them to you."
"God, Sam- I feel like you dragged me backwards down a flight of
stairs. I can't take any more," Staci said and then added, "Not
complaining, mind you. That all fit into powerless acceptance scene real
nice and they were some incredible orgasms, but I'm beat."
"I don't have to listen, you know. You are still tied to the
chair," Sam reminded her and moved his thumb in her cunt a little more
energetically. "I could hold you to that hundred."
"Sam- please- listen to me. You're trying to please me aren't
you?" Staci got reasonable, "I want you to fuck me this time. I want
you to find that spot again, only with your dick this time."
"Only if you wear the cuffs in case I change my mind," Sam
bargained, keeping his dominance while giving in to her idea.
Cuffed on the desk with her DD's still muzzled in bra and blouse,
Staci was only a little slice of heaven, but it was the slice Sam wanted.
Her exposed cunt contrasted sharply with the otherwise clothed woman
sprawled across his desk with her stockinged legs in the air.
Sam rubbed his cock between the lips of her cunt for both their
benefits. His cock was bigger than his thumb and it was nice to pick up
some moisture before he fitted the head to her hot little hole and
pushed his cock all the way into the heat of her snatch.
She was a good fuck too. Sam took advantage of her full welcome
for a bit as his cock got to the proper state of petrification. Then he
dutifully moved back and altered his angle to scour the top of her cunt for that elusive thickening.
"You know this only really works when you're excited," Sam tried
to convince Staci.
"You ate me to a dozen orgasms, I'm excited," Staci exaggerated.
The problem was the thing was only inside about the length of the
head of his cock. Pulling back to the head was not a bad thing, but it
was meant to be followed by a plunge back to the hilt. Instead Sam was
left to try and do a job for which he was poorly equipped.
A cock may feel sensitive and all, but it doesn't have the same
degree of discernment as the tips of fingers. He couldn't tell quite
where he was in her twat, but she wasn't screaming, so he hadn't hit the
right spot yet. Then he was inspired by the answer to both problems.
"What are you doing?" Staci yelped, "You're going to ruin me!"
What Sam was doing was fitting his thumb into her beside his cock.
It was getting crowded, but there was no chance he was injuring her.
It wasn't the perfect solution for either of them. Sam felt a
bit strange fucking his cock past his thumb and Staci was just darn full
of things that protruded from Sam. And Sam wasn't having much luck in
his search either.
"Just fuck me Sam," Staci asked, "I know you tried, but... Just
fuck me."
Sam was ready to get on with it. Sympathetic orgasms while she
came on his fingers and tongue weren't much compared with putting his
cock in a cunt and getting the white stuff to shoot out of the end. He
took out his thumb and left in the plum (shaped head of his dick) and
fucked her.
"Sam, I'm grateful as hell, and I REALLY think it was sweet of
you to want to make it up to me, but I feel like I'm going to walk like
a cowgirl for two weeks after all that," Staci said as they were trying
to pick up their normal day.
"Then you better buy some cowgirl clothes, because you got about
ninety more of 'em comin," Sam threatened.
Staci didn't know what overuse was, but Sam was about to get a
free lesson. Mr. Magpie's secretary, Miss Bottomly, had been his last
lead anyway. Staci had only provided a motive and given Sam an angle to
interrogate her from.
It was a matter of access. Unless one of the un-named
co-conspirators had crawled in a window, Rita Bottomly was the one
physically present in the same area with this legendary disk. That is,
if there was a disk and it contained a record of a threat or love
letters- it made Sam's head hurt. He wasn't assuming anything, but he
didn't like having to follow the twisting possibilities down their
crooked road.
"Hello Miss Bottomly, I'm here to see Mr. Magpie," Sam said as he
stepped in the office and then interrupted her with an upraised finger
and continued, "But I understand I just missed him, so I'll have to
work with you."
She was already suspicious. His manner was oily and slick, but he
wasn't dressed well enough to be a salesman.
"We seem to have a missing item and I wonder if you were the one
that didn't miss it," Sam said cryptically as he scoped out her desk as
he rested his butt on one corner of it.
Bottomly knew what this was about, but she hadn't expected
private trouble. She was too worried about the cops and the mob. Sam
was presenting her with a problem she hadn't prepared for.
He wouldn't be impressed with a need for warrants and he wasn't
likely to mistake her for a dumb broad. However, emergency plan gang
member might still work on him.
"How can I miss it if I don't know what it is?" she countered.
"And where would you file it if you didn't know the first letter
of its name," Sam continued, but absently as he made leaning towers out
of the piles on her desk to see what was there.
She would seem guilty if she grabbed his hands, she knew. She had
to be subtle in this situation. She did the next best thing. She grabbed
his dick.
"I know what this is," she said, forcing the issue and then trying
to downplay her aggression, "and I know where to file it, too."
"No offense, but that was my first assumption looking at you," Sam
commented, "You know how all those skinny, plain girls take typing and
then disappear and all the jobs go to make-up ad women with chests full
of fun."
(That was the kind of hard-boiled dialogue Sam's mail-order
detective school advised him to use.) In this case he could have said
anything and she would have nodded and then tried to coax him away from
her desk. She didn't have anything to protest anyway. Sam had pretty
much nailed her real function.
"Isn't it great?" she mumbled as she tried to be artful about the
way she freed his fly and tugged it down.
Her other hand had never left his cock and it was starting to
swell down his thigh under her touch. It was two goods and one bad for
Sam. She was determinedly fishing in his pants, so he knew she was
going to have some sort of sex with him. That also meant he was close
and she was trying to cover. That he wasn't going to get a chance to
look for the disk was the only downside.
She had his cock trapped, she only had to find the way to thread
it back out of hiding where she could take unfettered possession of it.
Sam waited bemused as she solved the intricacies of men's underwear. He
only stood when she had brought his cock out.
"I take it you have this filing place on your person?" Sam asked.
"We don't have to worry about that until we get this into a proper
format," she smiled up at him, lifting his cock out from his pants.
Sam wasn't going to be able to look through her desk any time soon.
He let all thoughts of searching go as Miss Bottomly covered his cock
with her mouth. Woman leaning forward in a chair wasn't his usual way of
envisioning this, but it felt nearly the same as if she had been on her
"Oh my! It's been a while, hasn't it?" Miss Bottomly said as Sam's
cock shot to attention at the first touch of her mouth.
About an hour, Sam mused, but lied, "Well, you know, things like
this don't happen to me every day."
It was a good answer. Sam could see her confidence grow in the
smile that spread across her face just before she opened her mouth to
suck his hard cock into it. He knew she was thinking a poor, horny guy
like this would be putty in her - well, mouth. That left Sam to do some
scrambling of his own to keep the illusion intact.
"Oh jeez- I'm almost there," he gasped as she sucked him, "It's so
good. Oh- Oh no- so good, so good I can't cum!"
He left it to her to figure out how it could be too good. She
began to pause for some lolly-pop licks between sessions of feverish
bobbing up and down on his rod and finally took up a two pronged attack
of licking around and toying with the head of his cock before taking him
deep and sucking him a few times.
It was one of the tricks Staci used to get him hard a second (or
third) time and it was building up the urge in Sam's balls. His only
thought amidst the hot wet of her sucking mouth was how she would react
when he filled her mouth with cum.
"Right there! Like that! I'm going to cum!" Sam announced as she
bought him to the crisis.
She used both hands to cradle his balls and squeeze tight on the
base of his cock while she sucked voraciously. Sam appreciated that she
was willing to let her lips and tongue do the work of taking him over
the top without jacking him into her mouth. True to his secret kink, Sam
got an extra charge out of her working for it the hard way.
He didn't mind that her hand followed her face when the jets of
jizm began. At that point, she was demanding he pump out all the cum he
could muster. Sam appreciated the greed with which she sucked his
spurting stalk.
When the torrent stopped, she flicked her tongue up and down under
his glans and looked up at him.
"I bet a horny guy like you isn't fucked out yet," she teased and
flicked her tongue under the head of his cock some more.
Sam didn't have to think how he would gently ease her out so he
could come back and search. It was easier to give up his intended
mission this time since he had practiced once already. Her fingers
touched his balls like spiders walking in addition to her teasing tongue
and Sam thought he just might be able to carry his hard-on into the next
bout with Miss Bottomly.
'Might be' wasn't an option Miss Bottomly was prepared to grant
him. When Sam drooped a bit as he dropped his pants and tugged his
underwear out of the way, she reached back and pressed between his balls
and his asshole, sliding the finger toward his ass with the obvious
It was all storm and fury when she had to stop and take off her
clothes. Sam wasn't about to jack himself off to keep hard while she
stripped and all her work drooped with his cock.
That didn't mean the woman being revealed didn't have Sam's total
interest. Miss Bottomly was a looker, well-deserving her name for the
smooth twin curves of her squarish butt. Sam didn't think her tits were
real, but they were fine huge hooters projecting from her chest as she
removed her bra.
She didn't look like a typist. She looked like a mistress. She was
built and equipped for fucking right down to her smooth-shaved cunt mound.
"You just want the basics, don't you," she said looking up and down
at Sam's clothed state, "Then let me give you the easy access you want."
She sat on the desk and lifted one leg to rest the foot on the
edge. The red invitation of her cunt blared from the clean-shaven
whiteness of her crotch. She lay back slowly and the red passage tilted
up to open to Sam's gaze.
It looked good. She was perched a little awkwardly and Sam helped
by lifting her knees as he stepped up between her thighs. It wouldn't
be so bad to fuck her, Sam thought. His cock wasn't quite ready, so he
laid it on her slit and let her press it down while he fucked between
her hand and her cunt.
He was inside her before he knew he was ready. She guided his half-
hard cock inside herself and he felt her clamp down with her vaginal
muscles. Magpie had himself quite a woman here. Her cunt was nearly as
good as having a second mouth on the other end. Her milking muscles and
a little rocking of his hips had Sam ready to plunge into the recumbent
secretary in no time.
He changed his hold to let her rest her legs on his shoulders and
plowed into her. It was no time for subtlety. He needed to drive his cock
into her to keep his momentum. And Miss Bottomly knew that too.
"I'm just your easy piece," she told him, "Fuck me like you want
to. Jack off with my cunt and get rid of those tensions."
She had no idea. She didn't have a clue Sam was fucking with her
as much as she was trying to fuck with him. And she blindly thought he
hadn't figured the reason for her sexual distraction. Sam fucked her to
keep her in her ignorance.
All things considered, Sam was lucky that it was Catalano that
was looking for him when he left Magpie's office. It may have been the
one time Detective Catalano was something other than an annoyance.
"Sam Hill! When you sit by a sewer, you never know what will float
by," Catalano smirked.
"What do you want, Catalano?" Sam growled without much passion.
"I want to know what you were doing in Mr. Magpie's office," the
detective said.
"Why detective, I'm surprised at you," Sam said slyly, "I thought
it was your job to know that kind of thing."
"No," Catalano said sharply, "It's just my job to find out. How's
a couple of hours of interrogation sound?"
"My car or yours?" Sam asked as he held out his wrists to be cuffed.
Catalano hated when Sam spoiled his fun. That's why Sam did it.
"G'wan with that stuff," Catalano waved his hands away, "I'll
follow you to the station so you don't stink up my car."
"Oh god, Sam, what did you do this time?" one of the patrolmen
said in mock concern as Sam walked into the station, "Did you figure
some poor waitress's tip wrong again?"
It didn't put Catalano in any better mood to have everyone on the
force on Sam's side. They all knew the contention between the two, but,
like Sam, thought it was a big joke. Catalano's partner, Baker, was
"I assume you have a charge?" Baker asked Catalano.
"He came out of Magpie's," Catalno said as if that was a crime.
Baker just groaned and waved Sam to a chair.
"Go arrest some guys in the Teamster's hall because Hoffa's
missing," Baker dismissed his partner.
"What's your interest in Magpie?" Sam asked first.
"He's a missing person," Baker told him.
"Who reported it?" Sam was curious.
"That's the funny part," Baker allowed, "It was his secretary. His
wife didn't seem that concerned with his absence."
"And for that Catalano is arresting people?" Sam asked.
"Just you, Sam, and you know why. He figures you fuck that
big-titted cooze six ways to Sunday and he's jealous," Baker answered.
Baker was the jealous one. Catalano just didn't like Sam. Sam
was interested in the police interest in Magpie. Was there something to
this death-threat thing? Had they found out about the disk?
"Do you think this disappearance is legit? Or are you guys looking
in to it?" Sam tried to be coy.
"As legit as anything Gino Macaroni has his hand in," Baker said,
making Sam's spine tingle, "And we haven't found any way that it's our
business to look into."
Sam hadn't wanted to play his trump card so soon, but it seemed
Baker was done on the subject. Sam needed to know one more thing.
"This anything to do with Squealer?" Sam asked.
"No, Magpie had nothing to do with it, his alibi was airtight,"
Baker said.
It was interesting even if it didn't answer his question. Magpie
had been a suspect in the assassination? Sam felt further and further
"Sorry I didn't make it back before you left," Sam said to Staci
on the phone, "Catalano had to drag me to headquarters again."
"Want to come over anyway, just this once?" Staci invited.
"I'd love to ordinarily, but I'm beat. I'm going to have a drink
and go to bed. Tomorrow promises to be a full day," Sam begged off.
"Then I guess I don't have to kick Catalano out of my bed," she
teased him.
"See you in the morning," Sam signed off.
It was almost like cheating to go out now, Sam thought. He had to
convince himself his night visit to Miss Bottomly was all business. In
his heart he knew better.
The frown passed quickly over her face as she saw Sam at her door.
She was all smiles and seduction as she stepped aside and let him in.
"Why detective Hill, I was just thinking about you, remembering
really," she said, "How much better to have you here in the flesh."
Her manner warmed Sam right down to his crotch. If he had to play
that game again, he would. It was a necessary sacrifice to earn his
client's money.
That was only half a lie. Sam would enjoy fucking her as part of
his search, but he was here to find a way past her to the disk. He knew
she was going to try and fuck him as a blockade to that very search
ever happening. It was a contest of sorts, but Sam's twinge of guilt at
kissing off Staci to go to Miss Bottomly's said he was also looking
forward to the fuck.
"And what does my flesh have to do with it?" Sam left it open.
"If you want to play dumb, follow me and I'll show you," she
Her ass wasn't on springs. It was MacPherson strut suspension
making her use the curves to their best advantage. Sam had been around
and her ass still made him want to drool as he followed her into her
"Let's not kid ourselves," she said as she led him straight
through the curtain to her bedroom, "Let's be comfortable while we do
She had thrown an oriental robe over her grunge clothes to open
the door. Sam was a little surprised that she wasn't naked, but the
loose top and shorts she revealed under the robe made him smile. She
did have a regular private life. At the business level, it also meant
he had caught her unawares.
She was not unprepared, however. She went to work on Sam's clothes
and laid him back naked before she stepped away and pulled off the top.
It was only a sign. The thin material had reminded Sam of her naked
breasts well enough as they moved and bulged out the fabric as if it
wasn't there. Wriggling her hips out of the shorts was more like a
starting gun.
Sam's cock stood hard in anticipation as she came over and
crawled up the bed over him. His hard cock was trapped between their
bellies and the heat made his cock feel like it was in a pizza delivery
bag, being preserved for later.
"We can have so much more fun here where I've got all the
fixin's," she grinned down into Sam's face.
That removed all doubt that she was going to toy with him and only
give him relief when he was hanging on the last thread. It was a torture
he'd just have to withstand.
Her belly rocked back and forth on his cock slightly as she
lowered her breasts to swing across Sam's chest. She teased him with
them and slowly moved back towards his groin. His cock nestled in her
cleavage like it was made to be there when she got down to his crotch.
Maybe that was what the doctor intended when he pumped up her chest. In
any case, the firm implants made the clamp of her tits a rare treat.
Her hands were active up and down his torso and encouraged him to
fuck up between the firm pillows. Sam was ready for something more. Sam
wanted something more, but she was taking her time moving on.
Only when Sam seemed to be having too good of a time sliding his
cock between her tits did Rita sit up between his knees.
"I bet you'd really like to put that in something and fuck it,"
she teased.
"I could just about go off in the air," Sam threatened.
"Then I better hurry," she said with mock concern.
Instead, she ran a fingernail over the pulsing surface of his cock
until she enraged Sam into coming after her. He leapt up and lunged for
her and realized he had responded like a puppet to her plans.
"Oh you tiger!" she teased him, "Please don't hurt me too bad when
you rape me!"
She succeeded in turning away from him as he grabbed her and they
landed both face down with Sam on top of her. He pulled himself up her
body until his cock rested on her slit. She surrendered then and slid
her legs wide apart to accommodate him.
"Really, there's a jar of grease in the drawer, please don't hurt me too much," she said again with an obvious instruction.
Sam held her down with one hand as he opened the drawer and found
the jar already open and waiting. He dipped his finger in and then
smeared her asshole. Another fingerful slid the lube over the head of
his cock to ease the initial insertion.
Her ass quivered as it lifted toward the stab. She helped keep his
thrust straight on the path as Sam furnished the push to press the head
of his cock through her stubborn sphincter. Then he put both hands on
her shoulders and worked against her squirming butt to ease more and
more of his cock into her back door.
Her legs spread wider and she arched her back to open her cheeks
to his invasion, but all indications that she was helping Sam were for
show. There was no reason for her to be that hard to enter. She may have
made a presentation of her asshole, but she was making it hard for him
to take the prize.
From more than a cock-length away, Sam might have seen the
parallel between her cagey intercept of his search and her faux offer
of her anus. But at that distance, he only knew the struggle of pushing
his cock bit by bit into her clenched rectum.
At that distance he also didn't care what games she was playing.
He had a mission and he was determined to conquer her resistance. For
all he knew, she liked it that way. He kept jabbing at the tight ring
of muscle, content with his centimeter at a time of progress.
"Oh god! It feels so big," she moaned as he slowly fought his way
into her bowels.
"And it's going to feel bigger when I ram it all the way up your
butt," Sam growled back.
"I don't think I can take it!" she groaned, but it was only to
goad him into more ferocious exertions.
Sam picked up on her tone and changed his attack. He had intended
to ream her good once he had his cock in her, but she wanted it hard all
the way. The 'too much' she had asked not to be hurt was relative and
meant a lot more pain than Sam had originally thought. He lunged
forward hard.
"Yow!-yesss," she yipped as his cock sank into her with a jerk.
He battered his way inside her like kicking down a door and felt
a great victory when his belly finally pressed on Miss Bottomly's hot
little bottom. Now he would show her what he intended before she had
frustrated him with the clench of her anus.
"I hope too much pain means a whole lot," Sam growled into her
ear as he possessed her ass fully, "Because I intend on stretching this
little hole out to make it nicer for the next guy."
"Okay, I give," she gasped hopefully, "You don't have to be too
rough. I'll stop playing around,"
Sam figured the only reason she was relaxing now was that he had
proved to be too hard to control. And she may have realized that there
would be no way to stop him if he thought it was all a game.
Sam would have just as soon fucked her ass bloody for all the
trouble she was giving him in his investigation, but he had to admit it
was much nicer to ease in and out of her ass than to have to struggle
to move his cock.
And she hadn't begged to participate. Sam was still in control of
how deep and how hard he jammed his cock in her ass. She was being the
vessel and letting him take her the way he wanted. For the moment that
was shallow and fast, but he was looking forward to the spanking sound
of his belly on her ass when he went fast and deep.
That was when she intervened again. He was in mid-stroke when she
broke his rhythm by clamping down on his cock again. He heard a muffled
giggle, so he thought it was a just a little joke. He started plunging
deep again and she took it a moment and then clamped down again. It was
going to be a long joke, Sam thought.
He had a remedy for that. She was flat on her belly in no position
to refuse. He had 195 pounds of persuasion to keep her joke a private
one. He made her contractions her own problem by driving as hard as it
took to thrust into her.
She was stubborn, but not stupid. When she saw she was having no
effect except a sharp pain in her own ass, she gave up and let Sam
finish with no interference. The struggle made the final thrusts
sweeter and Sam couldn't remember feeling more fully surrounded by hot
and tight as when he forced her into the bed with the deep push that
brought the cum shooting out of his dick.
Sam slid off to the side like a gentleman when he collapsed. There
was still a twinge or two left in his cock as Miss Bottomly proved
wiggling out from under him.
"That's fine, just lay there and don't move," she instructed as
Sam rolled onto his back.
Sam's eyes opened when he felt the touch of a tongue on his cock.
He looked first to the side and then down to find Rita had crawled down
so her head was level with his groin and was tracing wet lines from the
bottom to the top of his cock with her tongue.
"I'm going to lick every little bit and then we'll see what
happens," she said with a grin before dropping her face back over his
What happened was the obvious. Her response was the predictable.
Sam relaxed through the licking for a long time and then it started
to tickle. The tickling became stirring and a general warm feeling that
spread down his balls into his groin.
She was true to the letter and the intent of her word. Even as his
cock stumbled up from his belly like a child taking its first step, she
refrained from anything but licking his growing cock. She ran her tongue
over the swelling surface until Sam's cock was rigid and throbbing.
"Now look what I've done," she giggled, "I can't leave you that
way can I?"
Sam wasn't sure where this was coming from. He wasn't going to be
able to search her place any more. He wondered if this was a bribe or
perhaps she really wanted to suck his dick. Her mouth closed over his
cock and he really didn't care why anymore.
From the rough and aggressive way she attacked him, Sam began to
think she was trying to scare him from fucking her again. Her sucking was demanding that he hurry up and cum in her mouth.
As Sam's cock gave in to those demands, it didn't seem like such
a bad idea after all. There was no dallying on the brink as her head
never wavered in its relentless bobbing. Her fingers gripped tight and
stroked when Sam's hips started to jerk and she got her mouthful of
semen in good order.
Nothing went as planned. Sam's midnight foray into the offices
of Magpie & Melrob after he left Miss Bottomly's turned up nothing
and Sam had to assume he had scared her into taking the disk home. He
had been close to it, but in no position to claim it earlier.
Sam got a restless night's sleep interrupted by dreams of vaporous
uncertain danger. There was something he wasn't remembering about this
He was wandering around, trying to pull the clue up from his
subconscious when the limo pulled up. The driver was a huge man and
stepped in Sam's path.
"Get in the limo," he said simply.
"You got the wrong guy," Sam bluffed.
"No. Someone wants to talk to you," he said and pointed again to
the car.
He couldn't take this guy and he would have been afraid to shoot
him if he had a gun. guys like that end up in court for beating to death
men who have shot them. And it could be a stupider move than that if
Macaroni had sent him.
The townhouse he was taken to was a little too uptown for Gino's
taste. Sam had only a little time to wonder. There was a short hall and
a second door opened to let him into the presence of Betty Muffins, the
wife of Mayor Muffins.
"I hope Alfred wasn't too imposing," she said sweetly and offered
her hand.
"He wasn't talkative, but he didn't rough me up," Sam said,
searching for a way to gain the upper hand in this mysterious meeting.
"Mr. Hill, I can see you're wondering why I sent for you," she
said, "Let me assure you I think you will enjoy your time here. Won't
you come into the other room with me?"
A thought was crawling like a worm in Sam's brain. He looked at
the still stunning ex-showgirl and had a suspicion. He had it figured
the moment it came out of her mouth.
"Jaz said you had that terrible disk," she said, removing the
mystery, "I think she has a great plan. Mr. Macaroni certainly wouldn't
let it become public."
"My problem is that when he has the disk, he can kill the
witnesses with impunity," Sam said.
"I can't believe Mr. Macaroni would seriously think I would ever
admit to being in Jolie's at any time, let alone discuss anything that
went on inside," she said. "Why would he take the risk of keeping
me quiet?"
Because she was the mayor's wife, she had a slight point, but Sam
wouldn't have bet his life on it. She sounded naive about Gino's power
and influence. There were, however, many reasons why that shouldn't
trouble Sam.
It was her call. She could be right. In any case, she was not his
client and in the third place, she was untying the belt on her sarong
with the air of seduction.
"I plan to impress you as did Ms. Hardly," she whispered like silk
as she let the dress gape to expose a naked right side.
She was ten, perhaps even twenty pounds heavier than when she had
danced in Las Vegas. It was hard for Sam to estimate since she had
seemed to plump evenly over what was now a more generous set of curves.
The thigh that snaked out of her dress as she stepped toward Sam jiggled
slightly, but it was as shapely as any dancer's. She was a slightly
broader, more pillowy bundle of promise.
She still had the moves, as she demonstrated in the way she simply
slinked out of the wrap in two steps toward Sam. He was even more
impressed with her in the nude. Her coloring told Sam that her
strawberry blonde hair didn't come from a bottle. It was less that she
was freckled than that the milky skin ran like many-branched tributaries
around the darker, shaded to orange, areas of color.
It also brought a dusky pinkness to her aureole that made Sam's
cock twitch in his pants. She was busty for a dancer, which means on the
big side of average. As his eyes moved down for confirmation he noted
with pleasure that the straw-colored wisps covering the vee above her
thighs was still close-cropped and cleared to a bare strip like an
exclamation point.
"I think you owe me something to look at, Mr. Hill," she said as
if she was asking him to pass her a magazine.
Sam certainly had different plans for the day. Not that he was
having second thoughts about the plump package waiting for him to
unravel it. Betty was directly involved in the case. He would get more
out of her by co-operating. He would get more out of her in a lot of
He took his time dropping his coat and opening his tie while he
stared at her posed nude body in front of him. He left his shirt hanging
open as he undid his belt and let his trousers drop to the floor.
"You ought to be a dancer, you've got an instinct for show
business," she lied horribly to him.
Her motive was flattering, however. She was intensely interested
in what bulged Sam's briefs and wanted to encourage him. She was
enjoying the reversal of her usual role on center stage. She waited
expectantly while Sam shed the rest of his clothes.
"Now say a little prayer, because I intend to fuck you to death,"
she warned Sam.
She deserved to be the wife of the mayor from the way she took
charge of Sam. She climbed on top of him and held him down by the
shoulders as she bent down to kiss him. She was taking the aggressive
part, stabbing her tongue into Sam's mouth as she purposely drew light
patterns on his chest with her nipples.
Her blossomed wetness barely touched Sam at first, but as she
excited him, his cock rose up into the humid valley to ride between her
nether lips. With a sway of her hips she tantalized his cock in the
folds while she attacked him relentlessly with her tongue.
Sam wasn't used to this kind of foreplay. Usually when women took
over it was to suck his cock. Betty had him straining to get his cock
inside her and all she had done was kiss him. She had used her entire
body in that kiss, but she hadn't centered her attention on his cock.
"Oh my! Trying to sneak up behind me, are you?" she teased Sam as
she reached back to hold his cock tighter against her slit.
She was moving against him like a cat and her breasts had become
heavy weights against his chest as she moved her hips to stimulate his
erection. She was searching his face and Sam had the feeling he wasn't
doing something she wanted.
"Aren't you going to ask me to put it in?" she asked
"Sure, if you want," Sam said, "I was enjoying what you're doing
and I figured that you'd put it in when you were good and ready."
She grinned at his hint that she was supposed to be in charge and
then confirmed it.
"I didn't say I'd put it in," she purred, "I just asked if you
were ready to beg for it yet."
"Just give me a minute- an hour at the outside, to get my breath,"
Sam grinned, "I'll try to take this torture that long."
"Okay, tough guy, if you won't talk, I'll just finish you off and
get it over with," she entered into the spirit.
She didn't seem to mind at all that Sam didn't want to play.
Holding his cock the way she was made it a simple matter of lifting her
butt and coming down for Sam to be suddenly deep inside her warm welcome.
Betty was generous with her internal exertions as well, making it seem
all her muscles were inter-connected as she squeezed his cock with her
cunt every time she moved up on the appreciative hard-on.
There was no mistaking who was in charge when Betty Muffins fucked
you. She still pressed down on Sam with her hands, but he had the
perception she needed that purchase point to fight her ass into the air
against the clasp of her internal muscles on his cock. It was an almost
painful pressure- like an overeager cocksucker pulling too hard and
ruining the moment. Except in her case the moment lasted until she
dropped back down on him and soothed his distress with a cuisinart of
hot, wet flesh as she moved about and fro with his cock as deep as it
would reach in her belly.
For all the jokes about sexercise, Sam was laying beneath a woman
that actually put the energy into fucking that might burn weight off.
She was working with the concept of a dancer- sweat, exert, strain and
make it look easy on the surface. And she didn't cut corners even as her
ride went on and on.
It was the difference between fucking and being fucked. Sam
couldn't have refused to enjoy it if he had wanted to. She was giving
him pussy and making him like it. She was in control of his pleasure too.
She jerked him off with the fist-like grip of her cunt shorter and
harder as he became supremely rigid and swelled as his orgasm became
Her control did not falter when he came. She did relent on the
Kegels and bounced a tight but not suffocating cunt up and down on him
as his cum jetted out. She fucked him through a great orgasm before the
muscles clamped down again and held his much satisfied cock inside her
as the blood drained away and he became limp inside her.
"Do I get it back now or do you have more plans for me?" Sam
"You're not done until I say you're done," Betty grinned, "But I
am going to get off you for a while."
Sam expected a blow-job and what he got was a foot rub. He tried
to pretend it was a boring interlude, but it felt better than he was
willing to admit. He put a lot of miles on those dogs and she seemed to
be peeling those miles away with knowing fingers.
He was putty in her hands when she rolled him over and started
up his back with her tits. By the time she had rubbed and dragged the
sexy weights down to his butt, Sam's thoughts had snapped from
relaxation to excitation. When she lifted his hips up like a bitch dog with breasts humping on his buttocks, her exploring hand found a glimmer
of stiffness dangling between his legs.
She pounced on it like Rover had found a bone rather than a bitch
and she was stroking him while her tits still pressed rhythmically on
his ass. Sam's cock jumped with his perception of the forbidden homo-
erotic touch to the experience. Betty made it clear that none of that
was happenstance.
"I bet you'd cum on the couch if I stuck my finger up your ass
right now," she chided him.
Betty was doing everything she could to hold on to the role
reversal. She was playing bull dyke to the hilt when she rolled Sam on
to his back again and pushed his knees to his chest like a supine woman
spread and awaiting her man.
So far it had all been just play and Sam appreciated what her tone
had done for the resurrection of his hard-on. She rewarded his
willingness to play along as she dipped her head between the hands
holding his thighs back and sucked his growing cock into her mouth.
Finally Sam was getting his blow-job. He might feel a bit like a
woman in the position, but every second his cock was being more and more
assertive about his being a man. When his cock became hard enough to
make the angle difficult, Betty let Sam's cock fall on his belly and
moved down tease his balls with her tongue.
Sam came to appreciate being bent double as her tongue trailed
down from his scrotum to rim his asshole. It was more smutty than
an exciting sensation, but Sam's cock jerked out another quarter inch
anyway. She didn't dawdle licking his asshole. She moved back up over
his now tight-drawn balls and licked up the length of his shaft.
Then Sam understood the preview she had given him. As she covered
his cock with her mouth, Betty was pressing her finger to his anus. As
she slid down his rigid rod, her finger was sinking into his ass.
Sam yowled something unintelligible and wriggled his ass with no
particular purpose as she went to work. Her mouth was relentless as it
traveled up and down his prick and her finger followed her head's lead,
driving the furthest up his ass when his cock was the deepest in Betty's
"Oh Jeez, lady, that feels so good!" Sam encouraged her.
Betty responded by pulling back to the last few inches and bobbing
furiously on his cock, sucking hard in her fury. Her finger found his
prostate and Sam thought he was going to launch a mouthful of jism into
her mouth momentarily.
She didn't allow that to happen. At the brink she pulled the
finger away and then looked up at him with evil in her eye.
"Now it's my turn," she told him, "And it's your turn to make me
That was fair. Sam knew she hadn't made it while riding him. He
didn't mind paying her back. It wasn't like he wouldn't be enjoying
himself in the meantime. He still wasn't on the same page with Betty.
If Sam had held his pose a while longer, they would have been
bookends on the couch. Betty rolled onto her back and pulled her legs up
in the same bent double position she had put him in. In Sam's opinion,
she looked better that way than he did.
Right down to the sharp curve of her calves, she was a sonata of
appealing shapes, valleys and invitations. She knew how to pose to look
her best. Sam wondered if she had made explicit films while she worked
in Vegas. The camera would love the look right up into her snatch as
much as he did, he was sure.
"Oh no, You're going to have to work harder than that," she
scolded him as he tried to put his cock inside her.
She reached between her legs and pushed Sam's cock down.
"You put that down the narrow way so you're not distracted from
the business at hand," she instructed. "I want to cum before you do and
you know what I'll need for that."
Sam had no idea what she wanted any more. Luckily, she wasn't
leaving it to chance. After she fitted his cock to the rear entrance,
she reached for his hand and plopped it on her pubis. That was enough
for Sam to divine her meaning.
Her ass opened like it was courting. It gave way bit by bit,
always seeming ready to give in and then holding out a little more. He
pressed his thumb into her naturally as he pushed his cock up her ass.
Then it was just as natural to roll that thumb into her over the arch of
her pubic bone as he moved his cock in and out.
"See that was simple, wasn't it?" Betty asked with a voice
becoming breathless as his thumb stroked and penetrated her.
It was a lot better than simple for Sam. He hadn't opened an
unused passage, but perhaps because of the experience, her rectum was
snug and comfortable, a perfect place to put his cock while he made her
ass dance on his hard prod with his thumb.
Pretty soon it was more than comfortable in the hot grip of her
ass. Betty was not shy in letting Sam know when he was hitting the right
spots and as he hit them. She wriggled, twisted and clenched around the
cock poked in her back door. She began driving back at him and Sam
realized that his cock in her ass was a big part of the pleasure he was
giving her.
That worked for him. Sam fucked up her ass and Betty dropped her
thighs over his so they both could burrow his cock around to all angles
in her confining bowels.
"Now you know what does it," she gasped as he drove hard against
her butt and she pushed back to drive him even more solidly into her
She seemed to cum continuously once his fucking into her butt
became rapid with his own growing need. She groaned and flopped as he
rammed into her. Little shivers popped up between the tremors as she
was a shaking pile of flesh between his twin assaults on her anus and
her cunt.
"She likes it hard," came a shocking voice over Sam's shoulder.
Sam's head snapped around and he saw Jaz Hardly taking off the
blazer of a more conventional business suit. All the conspirators were
gathered to sell Sam.
"You can't ram it in there too hard for her," Hardly encouraged,
"The rougher you are, the better she cums."
Sam recovered from the interruption in an instant, but it was an
instant that had robbed his climax of momentum. It didn't seem to have
bothered Betty, who was still quivering as she hung on his hard cock.
Jaz stomped all over that part as well as she stalked naked to the pair
coupling on the couch.
"Let me give her something extra to think about," Jaz said as she
swung her leg over Betty's head and mounted her face.
Betty may have been controlling Sam when they started fucking, but
it was easy to see who was in control between the women. Jaz grinned
evilly at Sam as their faces came within inches. They stared into each
other's faces as their hips worked on opposite ends of their mutual
Magpie must have thought he was in heaven, Sam thought as he
realized they were re-creating the scene the women claimed was captured
on the disk. If Macaroni was going to show up now, Sam hoped the
gangster had the courtesy to wait until he got his rocks off.
The thought was only a flicker across Sam's mind before he put his
concern to rest by dumping his load deep up Betty's ass. If he was
rushing to beat Gino's entrance, he had wasted the effort. No one else
intruded on their privacy and the women weren't near done with Sam.
They let him sit back and rest as he watched them play with each
other. After a respectful interlude, Jaz let Betty up and they both
closed in on Sam's cock.
"Ladies, ladies! I'm only human," Sam protested as four hands and
two mouths set out to raise his dead cock.
"Oh, Sam, be still," Jaz said as if to a child, "If you can't get it
it up, you can't get it up. But don't stop us from trying."
She could have felt the life returning already, Sam knew. He could
feel himself responding. He was just trying to get out before the two
crazed women worked his cock down to a frazzle. But that resolve was
weak and reduced more as his cock swelled and robbed his brain of blood.
Two tongues working independently but together was a hard treat
to refuse. Fingernails spider-like on his thighs and fingers seeking
out the secrets of his balls and ass were an attractive perk to a
compromise. Sam decided he had to do whatever they wanted him to do. It
was business- sort of.
Jaz turned around and forced Betty to slide under her. Betty was
again folded in half as Jaz forced Betty's legs back and Jaz spread her
own thighs as she lay over her woman lover. Their pubes pressed and
ground and their hips moved as if they were a man and a woman.
"Come on, Sam," Jaz said through gritted teeth, "You see a need
to fill, so fill it!"
He knew what Jaz was talking about. It was evident and winking
pinkly in stereo. Two cunts open and wet on top of each other for Sam
to choose and use.
It was easier to reach Betty than he thought, but he still only
gave her a taste before pulling back and filling Jaz with his newly
erected hard-on. She was the leaner and meaner of the two and Sam felt
like he was splitting her narrow ass apart as he fed his meat into her
Jaz grunted into Betty's mouth as the two women kissed and Sam
pressed to his deepest in Jaz. She was a tight fuck. She was a sharp
fuck and Sam finally took refuge from the confrontation of Jaz's
thrashing ass by seeking the warm, wet suck of Betty's more generous
The rubber band and the sponge, he fucked the tightness and then
pumped the comfort as he alternated between the two snatches presented
for his enjoyment. It was the extreme of the scene as much as the
feel of the quim that had Sam in the spirit in no time.
Sam dragged his fucked-out ass back to the office when he escaped.
It had taken Sam's constant reminder that he had to find the disk
before their plans would work before the two let him go.
Tired or not, Sam could only afford a short rest before he got
back to business. Maybe Miss Bottomly got careless when the day was
about to end. She might be caught in the transition from where she hid
the disk in the office to where she concealed it when she took it home.
None of that took into account how alert the secretary was. She
had handled Sam twice and she was ready to handle him again.
"Hello, lover," she said as he walked in, "Glad to see you're back
for more. I can't get enough of your big dick either."
It was a declaration of battle. She was going to block him every
time he tried to get around her. This time it was less appealing and
more of a duty for Sam.
"I was hoping your boss would be out," Sam said to match her mock
interest, "I bet you're a lot better in bed than he is."
"I wouldn't know," she said, "a nice girl like me is very private
about her sex life and doesn't fuck her boss, particularly when his
wife is a real ball-buster."
"Then I'm a lucky guy," Sam said, taking off his jacket for the
They both played their parts like academy award winners. She
played sultry and Sam played eager. He coaxed her to the couch in the
waiting room and did his best to be the aggressive lover. There was an
idea forming in the back of his head and he wanted to keep her busy
while he worked it out.
His hard, deep thrusts seemed to have her distracted and he
strained to keep them up as his hand trailed along the floor. He lifted
himself up to drive more powerfully into her and tried to make it seem
natural that he would pull her arms up to stretch her out to plow into
her. She didn't react except to moan as he went into the big finish.
The finish was clicking the cuffs on her wrists around the steel
tube arm of the waiting room couch. Sam rammed into her as she was
suddenly animated by being trapped. He had come too far not to cum and
stuck her deep while his aching balls poured out another dose of jism.
"You can't do this! This is kidnapping!" she spluttered and
yanked on the confining cuffs.
"You're right, I better call 9-1-1 and get the cops here," he
replied, "Maybe the fire department too, they like to see a helpless
naked woman from time to time."
She got his point and pouted darkly as Sam pulled on his pants
and went into her office. The disk was laying on top of the contents
of her purse. Other than the irritating burning of his cock it had
been simple. He guessed his vacation from dogging her had made her
There were tears in her eyes as he went to let her up, but she
was refusing to cry.
"You know this means it's over for Mr. Magpie," she said fiercely.
"You're destroying a fine man."
"A real sweetheart that cheats on his wife with every high-powered
woman in the city," Sam said.
"You don't know anything about it, do you?" she quavered, "She's
the one. She's the big boss."
He admired her loyalty however misplaced he thought it was. He
could even be convinced that she wasn't fucking her boss. But none of
it changed the job he was sent to do.
It's better to be lucky than good. He missed Macaroni's men by
five minutes on his return to the office. All his work would have been
down the drain if they had found him with the disk in his pocket.
He put it carefully away and tried to mend some fences with
Staci. He wanted a good meal and a long, hot bath in that order. He also
wanted to make up for the nights he had been sleeping at the office.
Staci was understanding when the big meal and the hot water made
Sam drowsy. She didn't complain at all when all Sam could muster was
a cuddle before falling asleep with his head nestled in her huge tits.
The good sleep came in handy when Sam's day picked up where it
left off. His client had a concern about the investigation. The door had
no more than closed behind her before she was at Sam.
"Why are you holding out on me?" she demanded, "Am I not paying
you enough? How much does your loyalty cost?"
Sam was unprepared for this flurry of animosity. He didn't know
what she was talking about.
"What are you talking about?" he asked, "What am I holding out?"
She got a stormy look on her face and stared angrily into his
eyes. She had the feeling she regarded him as dinner.
"What am I paying you to find?" she snapped at him. "The disk. The
goddamn disk."
Did she know or was she guessing? If she knew, there was only one
person that could have told her. If Miss Bottomly was reporting to
Mrs. Magpie his whole view was skewed. He had to test her.
"Where did you hear I have the disk?" Sam asked bluntly and then
protested, "I've looked everywhere you say your husband has been. Now
I hear he's disappeared. Do you know where he is?"
It was her turn to play dumb. She became instantly vague.
"I heard you paid a visit to our mayor's wife," she countered,
"Such high-powered 'friends' must have given you all the information
you require."
"Like what's really on the disk?" Sam parried.
"I only blurred the facts. I made the nature of the data clear,"
she defended herself, "And I need it. Don't you see the power that is
on that disk? I need it. I deserve to have it!"
"No problem from me," Sam said, holding up his hands, "I just
have to find it. I still work for you."
Their sparring was a draw. She knew Sam knew the real contents of
the disk. He knew that she knew about Betty Muffins and probably Jaz
Hardly as well. Her missing husband had dropped from significance.
While Sam was toting up the score, Mrs. Magpie was undergoing a
complete change. In three-quarters of a second she was a housewife's
vision of the femme fatale. It was so transparent that Sam had to catch
himself before he laughed out loud.
"I know what she offered you, Mr. Hill," she said very seriously,
"I'll do whatever it takes to have you give me the disk."
"You pay me and I give you the disk. That's how it works," Sam
said, "You don't have to do more than that. I'm not an auction."
It wasn't working. She wasn't listening to him. She had the scene
locked in her mind and she was determined to play it.
"I can be a whore!" she said defiantly and stood suddenly.
"You're a very- uhh- desirable woman, but I don't need a
demonstration," Sam tried to stop her one more time.
She was wearing her wool blazer with no blouse underneath. It was
now open and pulled back to expose a torpedo bra that was at least a
three-hooker. She was opening the zipper on the side of the skirt and
Sam could see the lycra of a panty girdle beneath.
"I can match anything she has to offer," she declared as she
dropped the skirt to the floor and stepped out of it.
It was ludicrous. Mrs. Magpie didn't have a bad body, but her
dowdy underwear made her look more like a mother than a lover. And her
manner was about as sexy as a longshoreman popping open a crate.
She was about as subtle in coming around the desk and pushing her
way between Sam's knees to get out his cock. She slobbered and used too
much motion with too little suction, but her enthusiasm for cocksucking
was unquestionable. And it was a blow-job. It wasn't even a bad blow-job,
just not in the league with the head he was used to.
Sam's cock responded to the wet warmth and she sucked a little
harder as he came fully erect. Then she jumped up and was back into her
little playlet again.
"I know that's not all you want!" she announced as she stood on
wide-spread feet with her arms thrown out to the sides. "Use me! Take
me however you must!"
She was a paying customer. That didn't make Sam a whore, but it
had come up before and Sam had given in. No reason to agonize over it.
He would end up fucking her anyway. He just needed some time to get
ready for it.
"Turn around," he stalled.
It was a curvy, if full, bottom held captive in the elastic
material. Without thinking about it, Sam gave it a back-handed slap.
"Oooooooo," she cooed as the smack was echoed by the wave-like
shimmying of her ass.
"Ohhhhh," Sam returned, understanding her reaction at once. "You
bad slut. Naughty little vixen. I'll give you what's coming to you!"
Sam slapped his hand on the lycra and she gave little yelps of
pleasure as his hand landed. She moved to bend over his desk and Sam
rose from his chair to stand behind her in a fluid dace while his hand
was falling on her bottom a bit harder each time.
"Oh God! OW! That hurts!" she complained, but not in a way that
meant stop.
Instead, Sam was halted by the familiar creak of his door. He
looked up just in time to see Staci's face disappear as she pulled the
door closed. He was busted. It made a cold, dead place appear in his
middle. He was frozen with the shock until Mrs. Magpie stirred him.
"Yes, take me like this! Like a slut on your desk!" she roused
him from his paralysis.
He had to take care of business. If he didn't finish now, he would
have two screaming harpies to contend with. But he didn't want her on
the desk. That was too average.
"No. Down on the floor like the bitch you are," he ordered her.
He tossed her around a bit as he tugged the tight undergarment
down over the ample curve of her butt. He pulled it down until it had
just cleared her gash and then moved to her.
"Oh I am a whore!" she announced as he grasped her waist and
pushed his cock into her.
"No." he said, punctuating his words with thrusts into her, "You
are a bitch. Just a bitch dog that needs fucking."
Sam had released her hips to grab her bra strap with both hands
and he was using that sturdy strap to pull her back to his thrusts.
They were loud and active and Sam knew what more she needed.
"Tell me about it, bitch," he ordered, "Tell me how you like it.
Tell me how my dog likes it."
She howled. Then she barked each time he rammed his cock into her.
Then she collapsed in tremors as her cunt spasmed and she came. She hung
from the bra strap as Sam fucked her through the climax. Then she
collapsed completely and left Sam's cock swinging pointlessly in front
of him.
"I didn't mean for it to be that good for me," she apologized
breathlessly as she wobbled back up to her knees. "Let me at least take
care of you."
Sam was close enough that he appreciated the offer. She went face
down into his crotch and this time it was better. Her sucking was still
a tease, but this time she backed it up by wrapping a hand around his
cock and following her lips up and down as she jacked him off into her
mouth. The finish at least was totally successful.
Sam sat in the chair by Staci's desk like a client as she
flittered pointlessly around the office avoiding eye contact.
"I'm sorry," Sam said.
Staci kept up her mythical duties without indicating that she
heard him.
"Will you sit down?" Sam pleaded, "We have to talk about this."
She finally showed that she had heard him and came back to her
desk. She sat down without looking at him and only slowly brought her
eyes around to meet his.
"I'm sorry, I'm a bastard, but she was coming on so strong and
one thing led to another," Sam sputtered out and wound down.
"I'm not a doofus, Sam," Staci said, "You think I know human
nature and I don't know you get fucked three times a day before you get
to me?"
"Yeah, okay," Sam stalled as he processed this revelation, "But I
felt real dirty getting caught like that. It must mean I've done
something wrong- done something bad between us."
"It was a shock, but I just don't know how to feel," Staci said,
"It made me hot- and it made me embarrassed that I had intruded and it
was a bit of a slap in the face, but I don't know which one of those
is my real feeling or if they all are."
"Great, doll," Sam said, not unfeeling but following his racing
mind back through the twisting alleys of the case, "We'll work this
thing out, I know we can."
Business took precedence. Staci knew that far-away tone to Sam's
voice. She was instantly interested in what he had flashed on.
"Whatcha got?" she asked.
"I think you gave me the trump card," Sam said. "This is all about
witnesses. We need a couple more and I think we can clear this whole
tawdry scene out of our backyard."
Gino Macaroni was not a part of Sam's grand plan. When he was
hauled in front of the mob boss, Sam could only remember that it was
better to die like a man than on your knees begging.
"Where's the disk?" Gino didn't waste words.
"Good question," Sam said, trying not to sound like a wise guy,
"I've been asking that same question for a week."
"Word is that you've got it," Gino said without bothering to look
at Sam for a reaction.
"Same word that Mrs. Magpie got, just as wrong," Sam said and then
couldn't restrain himself, "She fucked me because she heard it. You're
not going to fuck me are you, Gino?"
"Yeah, the pubic private dick, I've heard the stories," Gino
Sam relaxed a hair. At least Macaroni had a sense of humor. But he
was interested in what he was interested in and Sam rushed to speak to
that interest.
"I do know that none of the parties involved is anxious to speak
up," Sam assured Gino. "They have good reason to keep quiet and have
even suggested that I bring that news to you with the disk when I find
"I bet Magpie didn't have that slant on it," Gino challenged.
"I think he's absconded and may have taked it with him," Sam
pretended, "I found out he's disappeared."
"MR. Magpie is no longer a worry," Gino said and Sam left it
there, "And I never questioned the missus's loyalty."
"Then I got work to do," Sam stonewalled.
"Okay, just checking. I want the disk in the right hands," Gino
"This has nothing to do with Squealer, does it?" Sam had a light
go on.
"I don't know no Squealers, least not live ones," Gino deadpanned.
"But I got a clue for you. Try his secretary Miss Assly. That's where
he hightailed it when he 'disappeared'."
The little bitch. Sam had fallen for her innocent act. She was
slammin' the boss man like he thought. He took a deep breath of relief
when Gino's goons let him leave after the interview.
"And I have a message from Mr. Macaroni especially for you," Sam
said into the phone. "Five o'clock then."
It was coming down to a whirlwind finish. Sam had hunched behind
his computer as the ancient machine spat out flickering frame after
flickering frame from the disk as soon as he could get back to the
office. If Macaroni's men followed him they could have the disk. It was
too important to know what was really on it.
It was quite a show. It was very familiar like a recent memory.
Jaz Hardly over a plump figure he knew intimately as Betty Muffins
and a huge cock going up Betty's ass. But it wasn't Sam's dick that
time. It wasn't even Mr. Magpie's. It was a rubber protuberance
sprouting from a harness around the waist of Mrs. Magpie. He was
watching a lezzy lunch break.
She had turned the reality 180 degrees on Sam. It was her husband
that needed the disk to put her tits in a wringer. It was the confining
collar around her neck. And now the problem was keeping his own neck
She was punctual. Sam appreciated that. And she wasn't playing the
housewife with an overactive imagination. She was all business now
because she assumed Sam knew all about her. She was right, but that
still left room for a couple of surprises.
"Your loyalty was never questioned," Sam said, "That was Gino's
"You called me here to tell me that?" she was pissed.
"No darling, he had a perfectly exquisite plan to make everything
all better again for everyone," said the first of the surprises.
She snapped around to see Jaz Hardly standing next to her second
surprise, Betty Muffins. Jaz had the dildo swinging suggestively from
one finger.
"What the hell is this?" said the suddenly fierce Magpie.
"It's the deal for the disk," Sam said to ease her tension while
still reminding her that she was trapped, "I want to watch. They want
to play. We figure there's too many witnesses this time and we'll all
be safer in this mutual secret society."
"You've got the disk?" she pounced.
"I know where it is and you don't," Sam said. "I'll give it to
you after I watch a hot performance like the one at Jolie's. It isn't
all business, you know, I think I'll really like watching."
She shrugged. It seemed stupid to her. What was one more dead
witness? It would sink in after a while that Gino would make the
connection and she would be looking over her own shoulder before long
if she made such a move on her own.
Still smug in the feeling that Sam was making a hare-brained
bargain, she began to peel off her clothes. She was ever so sexy when
her moves were made with power rather than the helpless pose she had
tried with Sam before. From the disk, Sam knew that of all the bitches
standing in his office, Mrs. Magpie was the Queen bitch.
Large, rounded tits, little Hardly there tits and then the
revelation Sam had not made- big floppy tits were everywhere in front
of Sam. He sat back and let the girls sort it out for themselves.
"No, darling," Jaz said as she reached for the dildo, "We've come
up with another plan for this little show."
Sam knew she was beaten when she dropped her hand to her side and
let the other two wrestle her into position on the cot. She was put in
a squat with her ass in the air and her chest pressed flat to the cot.
"Here you old cow, here's for you," Jaz said as she rubbed her
hand furiously in her offered crotch.
Sam knew the abuse would help her, but he wasn't sure how she felt
about victim Betty hauling her face up by the hair and pushing out her
crotch for Mrs. Magpie to lick. However she felt, she licked like a
slave as Jaz tormented her other end.
There was no start or finish to their love. It just went on as
they came and continued in their female entwinement. Betty's fingers
had found Jaz and she was groaning along with the rest as they
belabored each other's sex in a writhing pile.
Finally and just because, Jaz moved away and picked up the dildo
and harness. She would wear it well, but the reversal they had planned
was complete. Betty moved away from Magpie's mouth and Jaz strapped
the fake dick on her lovingly. Jaz went down then had gave the fake
dick a fake blow-job to get it ready for Magpie.
"Careful! I'm not bored out for anything that size!" Magpie
protested as Betty rammed the dildo home.
"You will be when we're done with you," Betty threatened and
heaved her hips against the kneeling woman's ass.
Jaz cut off further protest by replacing Betty and filling
Magpie's mouth with her own sparsely furred bush. Then they were at it
for another interminably long time, punctuated only by their repeated
pleas for Sam to join them.
He was to help Betty fuck Magpie by putting his cock in her ass.
He could fuck Jaz's face while she fucked Magpie's. Jaz would sit on
his cock and Magpie could lick her and Sam's balls at the same time.
They even offered the prize of prizes- Magpie's ass.
"Don't think there's ever been anything bigger than a finger in
there," Jaz said as Betty took a break and she was holding Magpie's
cheeks wide in invitation to Sam.
That appealed mightily to Sam as revenge for being misled, but he
still refused and nursed a hard-on that had jumped excitedly at every
suggestion. It was his penance for Staci. A penance that was easier
to endure since he knew that Staci was the hidden witness to their
girl-girl-girl action.
Betty fucked Jaz with Magpie licking underneath and then both
women relented and turned their tongues on Magpie as she fingered them
to another spate of uncounted orgasms. It was a workout just watching
the women lick and fondle and squirm on and on without a stopping
point in sight.
It was nearly eight o'clock when the heaving pile of woman flesh
quivered to a stop. Jaz got off the pile and walked to Sam. She plopped
down in his lap without warning and yipped as his cock prodded her butt.
"We really could take care of that," she offered with little
grinds of her ass on his hard-on that threatened to do that right then.
"Thanks, but no thanks, I need to remain neutral," Sam said.
"I don't understand, but I guess I don't care either," she said,
"I just wanted to say it was a great plan- for everyone and I'm glad
you thought it up."
"Yeah it was fucking fine," Magpie snarled from under Betty, "This
bitch hurt me and I'll ache for days. Now you got that disk or not?"
Sam went out for a few minutes and came back with the prize.
"That wasn't far away," Magpie commented.
"Just far enough you wouldn't find it," Sam said.
"Okay, gumshoe," she said, "You did your job, even if you did
ruin most of this thing's value. Don't be surprised if more business
comes your way."
"As long as you're not surprised when I figure out what they're
really after," Sam reminded her.
"You know Sam, I wouldn't have minded if you'd climbed in with
them," Staci said to him in bed that night after he had worked out his
pent-up lust on her the first time.
"But baby, it would have felt wrong to be fucking them under your
nose," Sam said.
"That's sweet, but I was turned on by the thought and I was a
little disappointed that you didn't go poke every hole those three
women had," she said.
Sam rolled up onto one elbow and grinned stupidly at Staci. What
did women want anyway? He didn't know, but at least he was going to
have fun trying to figure this one out.
"Then I guess that means I've still got two holes to go with you,"
Sam said and reached out to pull sharply on one nipple, "You going to
take it easy or am I going to have to rough you up?"
"There is that, I haven't had a fresh Sam in a long time," she
mused and then responded to his advance, "You ain't gettin' nothin'
from me, buster. And I'll be damned if you're going to use me like a
His analysis was going to have to wait. Even with all the strange
tail he got, it was always best to be home among the comfortable hills
of his curvy secretary. He pinned her down as she put up as mock
struggle and wrestled her into position on the bed.
The little fight and her angry talk had Sam hard and ready. He
twisted her arm behind her and grabbed her hair to hold her in place
and then drove his cock into her.
"I'll be damned!" Staci screeched.


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