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BLINDLUST thick crowd was thinning the


Title: Blind Lust
Keywords: mF, nc, mdom
Author: Caesar

Blind Lust

by Caesar, copyright 1997-2002

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/08/11 22:56:35 $

Lora knew she was being followed. It was evident to me, as she became
nervous and crashed into more objects and people. Her cane snapping
back and forth seemed to help her little from the small accidents she
had. The long curly mane of blond hair whirled about as the woman
seemed to try to get a fix upon me while she tried to manoeuvre to her

It had started nearly four months ago, when I first saw her waiting
for her train on the way home. We shared the same transport, a forty
minute drive, every day. At first, I didn't realize Lora was blind,
as she looked incredibly sexy and relaxed in her environment. Wearing
a dark brown dress and tanned nylons, she was the picture of a
professional, attractive, woman. But, as I watched her she became
much more to me. She unfolded a white cane and made her way onto the
train and later, at her scheduled stop, off.

From that day onward, I would consciously attempt to be near her. At
first it was just to see her tanned skin within a few feet, from the
tiny wrinkles about her eyes to the delicate curve of her full red lips. And then I would attempt to be near her to smell her wonderful
scent, clean, rich and very sexy. In the last weeks, I had become
more daring, my hand would reach out to gently stroke a whisk of hair
or touch a flowing curve of her skirt or blouse.

I don't know why I never approached her, to chat as we both waited
each day on that train, perhaps wanting fate to take a part in our
first 'official' meeting. Nor do I understand why I found a woman a
few years older than I very sexy and the knowledge that she was blind,
rather titillating.

I was worried as she half-ran through the crowd, trying to get away
from me, that she would harm herself. Lora, though normally very
expert in moving about in locales that she was familiar with, seemed
lost as she crashed through people and unmoving objects. I closed the
distance, unknown to her, not wanting her to be hurt because of me.

And yes, it was I that had placed her in such a state.

I've watched Lora from close and far for these many weeks and find
nothing negative about her. So naturally beautiful and sexy, to the
point that I doubt she even realized how attractive she truly was.
Did her husband realize? Did her two kids know what a wonderful
mother they had? Well, I knew.

A month ago, I had followed her home, and watched her through the
condo's window as she prepared her families supper. Discarding her
flat, sensible shoes and donning fuzzy slippers and an apron, she
prepared a pork roast. She moved about the well organized kitchen
with ease, never having a problem with her disability, nor needing her
eyes. The kids came home, but I barely looked at them, so beautiful
was their mother. Then Lora's husband came home, an argument ensued
and I barely contained the urge to enter the household and protect the
woman that I so desired. Nothing but a silent supper came of the
argument and it tore my soul up, to watch the married couple ascend up
the stairs to bed, arm in arm, with their lips sucking upon the
others. I did not return to that window for nearly a week but when I
did, nearly every day I watched her after her evening trip home.

I am not proud of the fact but to discover more about this woman I
stole the unopened mail in her insecure mailbox - I rifled through her
garbage. Soon, I began to form a mental picture of Lora and her life.

Our train was normally very crowded, so much that Lora and I had to
stand more days than not. That was when I most enjoyed the trip
together. I could stand directly behind her, with my nose in her
hair, and my breath touching her neck, without undo attention. Even
lately I've become more brave and allowed my body to brush up against
hers when the train jerked our bodies around. I soon found that I
could brush my crotch against her sexy round ass without being too

Our relationship, and yes, that is what we had, if only one sided, had
to progress somehow. This afternoon, on the train ride home, it did.

I had found a seat, and Lora stood unknowingly before me, rocking to
the motion of the train. Leaning forward I found that I could
actually place my face against the woollen fabric of her skirt. It
was a weakness on my part, I agree, but I had no control over my
feelings for her.

My hand touched the inside of one calf, the silky nylon and the warm
smooth skin beneath intoxicating. I felt the muscle beneath my
grasping hand clench and Lora attempted to step away.

It was an impossibility though. The crowd was so thick that it was
shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip - the swaying of the train pressing
bodies rhythmically against the other in a mass song. Lora could not
move from before me and my hand still grasped her calf even after her
stumbling attempt to retreat.

I was actually touching the woman of my dreams - the person of my lust
that I have only viewed from afar. It was intoxicating - it was

My hand slid upward, beneath the skirt, enjoying the soft inner thigh
above the knee.

Lora clenched her soft thighs vainly, her knees locked against the
other. My hand was firmly entrenched between those sexy thighs so
there was no denying me now that I had finally passed the step of
voyeurism and fantasy to reality.

Her free hand came around behind her and tried to push her skirt down,
forcing out my arm that was hidden to the elbow of her pleated woollen
skirt. I am sure she was strong for her size, but it was no match for
me - who had been working as a millwright since I dropped out of high

I touched the smooth nylon directly over the crotch of her panty hose,
with a satin panty beneath. It was warm and I wondered if she was hot
for me - her invisible lover, being touched by me for the first time.
It was right wasn't it - that she should be as excited as I?

Lora nearly stumbled when she shifted her weight to one foot and
kicked backward, trying to hit my leg. Well she only skinned it, but
the effect was nearly disastrous for her, as she almost fell to the
disgustingly dirty floor.

My free hand stopped her and I felt like a hero as I held her by the
waist until she steadied herself.

With her back to me, all I could see was Lora's long curly blond hair,
but I could tell that her head hung down and I sensed that her
willingness to deny me was gone.

Her knees again parted to a steady stance, easily giving me space
between her thighs. With my dirty long nails I tore at the nylon
about her upper inner thigh until it tore in my fingers and my flesh
touched my loves for the first time.

I am sure some electrical lust travelled between our first touch and I
knew she now must know of my lust for her. We were meant for each
other - our lust binding us before even this first, of many, touches.

The tear in her nylon easily spread so that I was able to open the
whole of her crotch and very soon I was fondling her crotch.

That fact that she did not call out for help - does that not tell you
that she had come to accept my love?

The satin panty was easily pulled aside and my fingers slipped
beneath. I found sparse kinky hair that did not protect the thick outer labia from my fondling fingers. These thick lips easily parted
by my persistent fingers and I found the warm slick inner labia.

My Lora was not dripping wet - but that would change as she came to
trust and love me as much as I did her. This was only the first step
after all.

I found the entrance a little trying as it was not wet enough even for
my single digit - but my passion for her would not wait and I knew her
sex would soon moisten.

The swaying of the train seemed to help as my finger started to
stimulate my desire to consummate our relationship as it moved in and
out of her body.

Lora did not move or acknowledge my work at pleasing her - obviously
nervous about being discovered by all these strangers.

Oh I wished we were alone and I could show her how passionate my love
truly is! I desired nothing more than to hear Lora's passionate cries
as I moved my cock in and out of her body. I wanted to make her
forget her life; her kids, her prick of a husband and even her boring
job and life. With me she would be the queen of our love - and my
cock would remind her of this again and again.

I was starting to swoon with passion, as if drunk upon this first
touch that I did not notice the train come to a screeching stop.

Before our mingled passion could come to its mind-numbing climax Lora
stumbled away from my hand.

"Lora?" I called out disappointed, noticing that this was not her
stop. Poor dear, so enthralled with our new love that she was getting
off the train two stops too early.

Though partially hidden in the rushing crowd, I saw her head turn and
that her face was mostly hidden by her long curly hair. What I could
see was that her cheeks were wet with her tears - so happy was she!

With only a quick sampling of her moisture and scent upon my finger, I
rushed to catch up to her - nearly missing her when the doors to the
train closed automatically barely a meter behind me.

"Lora honey... this is the wrong stop!"

She was stumbling through the crowd, and I saw more than one person
turn and frown at her awkward movements.

This is the point that I started my tale, how it all comes down to
mere seconds in our lives.

I reached her in seconds after leaving the train, seconds before she
reached the escalator, grasping her upper arm firmly. I did not want
to hurt her but I had to hold her arm very firmly, else she stumble
and hurt herself.

Gasping for breath I told her, "You have to be more careful Lora!"


She tried to pull from me and now that her hair was away from her face
I could see her scared face. Did she think this her train stop, that
her husband might catch us?

My hand came up, the same hand that had been in her body and I knew
she must smell herself upon it, as I held her jaw firmly - holding her
face toward my own.

"Silly Lora... you got off the train before your stop." Tears were
again flowing and I saw that they were not tears of happiness. "Tell
me what troubles you Lora? Are you afraid of your husband catching
us?" For my love, I was prepared to do anything.

Around us the thick crowd was thinning, as the commuters retreated
toward their homes.

I leaned over and kissed her lips as if we had been together for years
- and I knew this was it, the woman of my dreams, soul mates. I
whispered right into her face, "Lets find a hotel Lora so I can
properly show you how much I love you!"

Rather than relieving her worries and calming her fears, she balked at
the idea and sudden fury filled my senses. "Whats wrong Lora - tell
me?" I was nearly yelling.

"Who... who are you?"

Who was I? Her secret lover all these months. I felt foolish, I had
not properly introduced myself. I thought to be gallant and dominant
at the same time, later, more mundane introductions can happen later.
"Lora, I am the one who is going to fuck you all night long!" Surely
she must hear that barely restrained passion in my voice.

A slow smile appeared on her lips and I knew all would be OK, that
this was only the beginning of our lives together.

"You will be a lady in public and my personal slut in private!
Nothing will be forbidden between us Lora, nothing!"

My heart was pounding so hard and fast that I thought my chest would
explode with love for her.

"If we were alone I would drop to my knees and suck your big hard cock
right this very moment!"

Her sultry thick words were like a dream and I felt my knees almost
collapse and my cock pressing painfully against my thick denim work

Lora leaned forward, so that she was leaning upward so that her lips
were nearly to my chin. At the same time her free hand reached out
and grasped directly over the length of my shaft and squeezed me
expertly. "Will this thing be 'up' for me all night long?"

She was teasing me - the slut! I loved her so much!

I removed my hand from her arm and did not even both to look around
the train platform to see if anyone was watching as I pressed my palm
upward into her covered crotch, pressing her pleated skirt between her

Just as I leaned forward to again kiss her, wanting to taste her
tongue within my mouth, she suddenly spun backward, away from me.

"Lora?" What was wrong?

She stumbled and almost fell before she ran in a half crouch right
into a brick pillar. Lora cried out in pain and I called out
gallantly, "Lora honey - don't move, I'm coming!"

Lora screamed out crazed and then stumbled around the pillar and I
watched in horror as she stood on the ledge of the platform for a
brief second just before falling out of sight.

In only a couple of seconds I stood on the edge and watched helplessly
as she knelt upon hands and knees between the tracks, on the jagged

"Don't move Lora! Oh god!"

Should I jump down and help her up back to the platform? Should I
call someone?

Behind me I could hear shouts and calls for help already - others had
witnessed my true loves fall and help would soon come.

Just then I heard it and my heart seemed to stop and my head turned as
if in slow motion. A shrill whistle seemed to sound and I watched the
face of the surprised driver in the glass-encased front-end of the
train as he pulled on levers and the screeching of the trains brakes
could be heard.

It would not be enough!

I turned back to Lora and saw that she had heard it too but she did
not seem to care, and seemed to even invite the oblivion of what was
about to happen.

I whispered, "Lora", even as the passing of the train almost blew me

I fell to my knees anyways, sobbing in sorrow. The treachery of fate
taking me my love as soon as we found each other almost too much to
handle. And the look of Lora's calm face just before the train hit -
a look that told me that my love may not have been fully seated in

No matter Lora's sanity, it would never change my love for her.



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