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BLINK1 older and she did she


The Awakening of Blink

This is a kind of what if...what if blink hadnt been rescued from the

Clairce had lived in the pens for years. Though she hated to think of
such a disgusting place as home it had indeed become just that. She hid in
her "stall" untill feeding time, and curled up in it at night.

She had been here since she was a kid. She lived ver quietly, mostly
because lot of the "normals" reguarded her as a mutant and a enemy. She
knew she was different, but they were all there together, couldn't they see

Clairce grew older and as she did she grew more numb to her
surroundings. People came and went, somehow she managaed to survive various
cullings. After one Culling a guard went up to her and asked what she was
doing there. The suprise scared her so bad she felt a surge through her
like adrenalin. She thought at the time it must be adrenalin because she
felt weak after that and passed out to the site of guards heading for her.

When Clarice woke up she was in quite a different setting. She had some
sort of gadget on her neck, which didn't feel at all comfortable and the
surroundings were, to say the least, bleak.

"What do you mean you didn't know she was there?!" A voice boomed
through the corridor. It sounded like Apocolyse though Clairice hadn't
actually heard his voice in more than a echo.

"Honest sir, she just looked weird. even her DNA scans turned up
normal. She must've triggered it at puberty."

"Well whoever she is I want McCoy to test her out. She can be of great
value to me."

Clairice shiver at McCoys name. His projects were feared and his mind
was a warped as his body. She saw the door open and a guard motioned for
her to follow.

A few years ago they brought her to McCoy to see if she was a mutant.
He tested her...In some strange ways. and she felt that would be the same

McCoy looked at the door as Clairice was left there. "Well little girl,
it seems your more of a enigma than mutants. I have run a dna scan and
still see no X factor, yet you clearly display abilities. Apparently when
your body gets a rush of adrenalin the gene triggers."

McCoy motioned to a chair and Clairice reluctantly sat down. McCoy
flipped a switch and strapped her into the chair, this was what she
remembered and even now she felt helpless.

"You know it's always a pleasure getting someone back, I usually know
where to start."

McCoy placed something between Clarice's legs and straped it there so
she couldnt kick it away. Hey then hooked a Iv to her to take blood
samples as the test progressed.

"Now get cosy as this will be a wild ride." Mc Coy tuirned a dial and
the device started to vibrate. It didnt feel unpleasent. Quite the
opposite infact Clarice found herself giggling.

"Having fun I see...Well then lets step it up a notch."

Clarice laughed and started to wince as her thighs started to cramp.
she felt something else to. A burning that distracted her.

As Mccoy turned the dial again the burning was all that was in her mind.
She could taste it cutting through her psyche like a knife. Her thighs
twitched and she started to gasp as her adrenalin level went up. Another
click and she gasped begging Mccoy to turn the machine off, she could feel
the knots in her legs and the burning between them. The emotions sent her
head spinning.

"My my we are strong....last seting ..."*CLICK*

Clarice yelled out. she couldn't block out anything anymore. Her
thighs shoock violently and she felt something wet as she saw flashes of
color in front of her eyes. she also felt the rush like she did when the
guard startled her...

When she did the Vibrations stopped cold.

"Most interesting...."

Clarice sat slumped in the chair.

"Your mutant gene is perfect for self defense. It only activate when
your adreniline is Very high."

Clairice looked up...The computer was analyizing her DNA with McCoy
looking on.

"Now we've figure this out...What other methods can drive it up like
this I wonder."

Clarice shuddered. McCoy was know for his nasty tricks and she was
helpless, in part she guessed to this "collar".

"You will have a couple days to rest. Then I'll test you again. We
must be sure your fit to survive."

She was shoved back into her cell where she curled up and cried. This
world would suffer for what McCoy was doing. Somehow she would make it.


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