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BLINK3 girl getting herself off and that


Awakening of Blink 3

Blink was carried back to her cell. As she slowly regained conciousness
she felt oddly cold. A quick reality check revealed she was now mother naked in her cell. Worse is that she still felt the turbulent feelings
awakened in her by the Beast.

She leaned against the cell and wimpered. As she did she heard sounds
coming from down the hall. She tried to concentrate on what it was. It
didn't sound familiar, to her anyway.

"Mmmmm, yeah.."

Blink's sense exploded. That was Rahne's voice, but what was she doing?
She tried to peek through the bars, but an infiniti stood in her way. She
could see some of what was going on inside her friends cell.

Apparently and infiniti was in with her. She could see that Rahne was
still nude , but couldn't figure out what she could be making sounds lkike
that for, after all an infiniti isn't even human.

Eventually the infiniti guarding her cell moved enough that she now had
a eyefull of what Rahne was doing. By what Blink could see the Infiniti's
we're built like human males. She could see by his structure that he was
strong. And she could see that he had Rahne pinned to the cell floor.
What she couldn't understand is why the infiniti was moving like it was,
back and forth, back and forth. And while Blink could not see a part of
him touching Rahne, she was sure acting like there was. She could see
Rahne squirming under him trying to get some kind of freedom, but the
infiniti held her down and kept moving.

As blink stared at her she could hear footsteps. She froze trying to
pinpoint the sound. As the footsteps got closer Blink looked out he hall
to see if she could see anything. this proved her dismay as the bars she
slid her head between squeezed, effectively trapping her. It was then she
realized someone had snuck in the cell.

"Why Clarice what a awkward position. You wouldn't be trying to get to
your little girlfriend would you?

Blinks face formed a snarl. Beast. She should've known we she realized
it was in the cage. He built a lot of secrets in here. As she tried to
free herself from the bars she felt a sharp prick and twinge. The Beast
was injecting her again. She kept looking at Rahne in case it was the same

As she started to feel the familiar warmth of the drug the bars released
her head. She pulled out and jumped up to still see the Beast there. He
had a evil grin on his face and Blink immediately realized why.

"My dear you don't think I would inject you with the exact same serum do
you? This one I tweeked to see if the reaction could be delayed."

Blink knew he wasn't lying though she wished he was. Now she not only
had passion for Rahne, but now also for the Beast. In anger she lunged at
him, but he grabbed her neck and hurled her into the wall. With the wind
knocked out of her she felt his arms pin hers. She was belly down and
trying to find a way out when she felt something odd.

Something was gliding up her leg. Slowly. She felt a shiver as it got
close to her middle. She tried to look behind herself, but that just
showed her the face of the Beast. She then felt something rubbing against
her passion. As she tried to squirm she shifted her legs. This proved her
undoing as then the thing started to painfully push inside her. With a
long cry she felt the invader go deeper inside her.


Rahne! somehow she heard the noise from Blink's cell.

"Rahne! HELP!"

Blink could her a comotion now as the invader seemed to stop. She could
feel a sharp pain and then it continued through.

"My my, so we had a virgin here. No wonder you acted so strangely to my

Blink gritted her teeth waiting for more pain, but felt the invader
pulling out of her. She let her reath go and then felt it slam back inside

"Ughn..what are you Doing?!"

Beast chuckled as he started to set a slow and strong rythem. "Why
isn't it obvious my dear, I'm raping you."

Blink had heard that word before. It usually meant someone was really
going to be hurt. She had run into someone one time in the pens who had
been raped. She was limping bad and cryed a lot.

As she started to get somewhat used to the feelings of the Beast she
heard a crash. As she strained to hear something over the erratic
breathing of the Beast she heard a infiniti.

"Get Back!"

"Nae, you're hurting her!"

Beast laughed and pulled out of Blink long enough to go to the cell door
and look at Rahne. "And let me guess, since you love her your going to
kill me for hurting her." Rahne didn't need to answer. She simply spit at
Beast who pointed to her cell. the guards threw her in there and the Beast
went back to blink.

Blink by this point was holding the needle the beast had injected her

"Oh Clarice you know you can't use it. You don't know how."

He was right of course. Blink knew litle of her body, much less anyone

Beast took the moment to slam her against the wall again causing the
needle to fall. As blink coughed to get her air back Beast grabbed the
needle and rolled her on her belly again. While holding her arms in one
hand her shoved the needle in near her tailbone. As the fluid flowed into
her Blink started to cry. She didn't know how much of this she could take.

"Now let's see what that does."

She heard a door close and found herself alone again.

Then hell began. Her body started to burn again. This time though not
only by her nub, but her rear as well. Blink instictivly lied down and
started rubbing her nub and felt the fire in her sould flare. Her moans
rang through the halls, and her climax was so loud all the cells heard it.

As she lied panting though she found while the fire in her groin had
stopped the one in her rear remained. She nervously slid a finger down and
started tracing it along her crack. Unfortunately this only seemed to fire
her passions more.

"Blink? what did he do?"

"He injected something in my rear and it won't stop burning!"

Rahne growled. "Listen to me hon, you need to take care of this
yourself. First make a hand like your pointing at something."

Blink followed Rahne's instructions. "Now slide that finger in your
mouth, get it nice and slick." Blink complied and started to feel the fire
in her nub again listening to Rahne's voice.

"Now, take your finger and gently push it in your rear." Blink did a
double take. "What?" "Trust me Clarice, it will calm the fire."

Blink gulped. Slowly she took the finger from her mouth and slid it
down her body. Her other hand was rubbing her nub again and her breath
started to get erratic. This sharpend when her finger gently poked into
her rear. She felt her passions start to flow and slid it in further. As
she started to finger herself her moans and breathing got louder. Then she
heard another sound. It was Rahne. Blink moved enough to where she could
see the were girl getting herself off and that made her hands move even
faster. Blink was so preoccupied watching Rahne she didn't even know she
had orgasmed untill her body went limp.


"Yes clarice?"

"Thank you."


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