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BLK cum running out and her


Lil Japanese girl 1st Black Cock

by: Mitsko

I sit here thinking about my first big black cock, it was so huge, so big
for my little tight box. Hmm, it's only been a few years that I knew about
those big dicks and how good they feel. I guess it was about 4 years ago,
I didn't know too much about Americans, especially black ones.
I lived in not too far from Tokyo, and in Tokyo they have alot of American guys,
gaijin, we called them. I was 17 at the time, and had spent most of my
life at a girls school in the country, so I never had a chance to see
all the Americans, except for in American movies. But my sister, Mischi
lived in downtown Tokyo, she is 2 years older than me, she was 19 then,
and she had just moved away from our parents into her own apartment. She
asked me to come stay with her during one of my school breaks.

At that time, I didn't know how much my sister liked to go out partying,
but the first night I was there, we went out to a big dance party, I saw
so many American guys, they were so tall and handsome. My sister and her
friend were dancing with these black men, they were big men, very muscular.
I danced some, but I was a little shy, so I stayed at our table most of the
night. Sometimes my sister would dance with different guys, mostly all
black ones. I was getting very drunk just sitting at the table, and as the
club was closing my sister comes over with this black man, Derrick, he was
big, with huge arms, and a big hard chest, he had short hair, and was very
dark. I heard him say he was in the American Army, and my sister kept
kissing and touching him, I was very nervous since I didn't really know
any American guys, especially black ones. Derrick was going with us as we
left, I was wondering if he was going to come to my sister's apartment, my
sister was not telling me anything, so I really didn't know. As we got to
Mischi's house, he came inside and sat down on the small couch. My sister's
apartment is very small, the living area and the bed are only separated by
a curtain. My sister changed her clothes, and was just wearing a t-shirt and
her panties, she is very small, both of us are, we are both about 5'1" and about
95 pounds. I also thought my sister is very pretty with her
long straight shiny hair, mine is the same, but a little shorter, hers goes
all the way to her waist. Derrick was sitting drinking beer, as I was starting
to fall asleep on the other small couch, but I could still hear Derrick and
Mischi talking, she was saying "I love you big black dick, it's so fuckin big"!
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I started to listen more and open my
eyes just enough to see my sister and Derrick on the other couch. She was
playing with the biggest dick I ever saw!!! I had seen some sex videos, but
the men were japanese, they were very big compared to this! His dick
was so big, it must have been 11 inches and 5 inches around, my sister was using two hands to play with his dick.

Then I didn't know what to do, I didn't want them to know I was watching, but
I didn't want to stop looking. She was licking his big balls, her mouth was
so small trying to take in his big fat balls. They must have thought I had
passed out, because they seemed like they didn't even notice me there. He was
telling her, "suck that black dick little girl, you like sucking that fucker,
don't you?, you love black dicks, don't you?". I just couldn't believe his
words, and I couldn't believe hearing my sister say "oh yeah, that's so nice,
baby your dick is so big, I want it soooo bad. You gonna fuck me, please
fuck me". She was sucking it, she could only get her mouth on the head, and
he already had cum running out and on her face. I was still so shocked, I
couldn't believe it, I had never seen a black man's body, I had heard stories but I never could have imagined how big he was. But it also made me so wet.
Derrick had picked Mischi up and was sticking his big black dick in her
pussy, she was in his arms like a little doll, and she was moaning, "oooh, yes
oooh aweeeee, ooohh fuck it baby, fuck me with it, it's so big". He was
pumping her pussy, I could see his dick, it was half way in her but she was
screaming loudly now. Then he put her down on the couch with her laying back
and him on his knees on the floor fucking her, he would take his black meat and
smack her pussy then ram it back in. She was screaming and moaning saying "yes,
oohh that black dick, oh yeah you got a big black dick baby, you are making
my pussy so big".

I didn't realize that I had moved my hand down to my skirt and was pushing
against my pussy. But Derrick did, he started looking at me and saw that
my eyes were open, this made him ram Mischi harder. Then my eyes met his, he
definately knew I was awake and knew what was going on. Then my sister noticed
me, she said "oh Mitsko, I'm sorry I thought you were sleeping. Mitsko, are
you OK?" I said "yes, I just never have seen anything like this before". Then
my sister told me how she loved black American guys, that they all had these
big fat dicks and were so sexy. Then she asked if I liked what I saw, I didn't
know what to say, but she could see it on my face. She came over to me
and sat next to me saying "Mitsko, do you want to try, black guys are so
good, look at his big black cock, it feels so good, trust me I've fucked 3 or
4 of them, they make me feel so hot, they are so big and have so much cum,
not like the little Japanese boys. C'mon try him, just look at his fat black
dick, like a horse dick". Then she asked Derrick to move over to us, he came
over, his body still sweaty from their fucking. I was wearing a mini-skirt and
a tank top, so he easily moved his hand up my legs, feeling my panties and
grabbing my nipples. He was so hot, then Mischi moved my hand to his big dick
and I stroked it, it was still wet with my sister's pussy juice, but it felt so
strong and hard. Derrick says, "Mitsko, you like that black dick, this is what
you need girl, some of this big black dick, not some little jap dick, isn't that
right Mischi?" My sister said "yes baby, she needs some of that black dick in
her little pussy, you wanna fuck her, she's only been with 1 little Japanese dick,
she needs some of your black dick in her". Then he stood up and put his big cock right in my face, I couldn't help but to start sucking on it, I was sucking his
big fat head, I could barely get his head in.

Then Derrick said "you like it little girl, you like this black dick?" I looked up
and said "yes derrick, I love it, I love your big black dick, it's so big and fat".
Derrick told me to lick it, so I licked his head and all over his fat balls. He was
putting his finger in my pussy, I was so wet, then he grabbed my legs and ripped my
panties off, he was so strong, they just ripped in half from my body, he started licking
my pussy. He was sticking his big tongue inside, it felt so good. Mischi was sitting
next to me, playing with her pussy, I could see her wet fingers rubbing up and down.
Derrick took his dick away, and put it over on Mischi's face, she took it and licked
his fat shaft, he said "are you ready to see this black dick inside your little sister,
I'm gonna tear her pussy up baby". Mischi just said "Derrick, fuck her good baby, fuck
her little pussy, tear her up, use your black dick". Then Derrick put his dick inside
me, just the head in first moving it up and down. I started screaming and moaning, he
started going faster tearing my pussy in half. I thought he was going to kill me, my
pussy felt like it was ripping, I was moaning so loud "ohhh, oohhh, gawd, oohhhh hurts
ooooh fuck, fuck, yes, ohhhh yes". Then he was just ramming me, fucking me so hard,
his big dick had all 11 inches inside, it was smashing against my pussy wall, I could
barely take, but I could hear myself telling him "Derrick, oh fuck me, oh fuck me big
black dick, big black dick inside me". And Mischi was playing with her pussy, saying
"take his big black cock, oh Mitsko, it looks so good inside you, how does it feel, now
your getting a big black dick?". He kept fucking me, he was hammering my pussy, and
then I started cumming, I was screaming, "oh yes, black bastard, fuck me with your big
black dick, oooooh yeah, ooooh gawd I'm cumming!". I must have came 3 times, but he
kept pumping away, taking his big dick almost all the way out of my pussy and ramming
it back in. Then he says, "Mitsko, you want my black cum in your mouth or pussy". I said
"cum in my mouth, I wanna suck your hot cum from that big dick". Then he pulled out and
shot a big load of hot cum all over my face, then he shot more on Mischi's face, he had
so much cum. I was so tired I just laid there, but not Derrick, his big dick was still
hard, he started fucking Mischi, the whole time, he was grabbing my hand while fucking her,
he was saying "you like that black cock don't you Mitsko, now watch it fuck your sister".
And Mischi was screaming "fuck me baby, ohhhh yeah, fuck me, use that big black meat, fuck
me". Then he moved her doggie style, with me next to her, he was fucking her doggie style
taking his big black dick out and smacking her ass, then he would stick it back in and
ram it for 10 or 12 strokes, then take it back out. Finally he starting to cum again,
he let out a loud moan and blew his cum all over me, it was on my titties, my mouth, and
face. It felt so good. Derrick asked me how much I liked it, all I could say was "Derrick,
I want you to fuck me with your big black dick every day".

I'll always remember that week at Mischi's, Derrick came and fucked us both every day. And
ever since then I've been in love with big black cocks and always will be.


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