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BLOCKRUN girls like this high school


Block Run

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2001 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long as
all author related information and this paragraph remain on
the copies. I don't mind if you send it along to a friend,
repost it to an appropriate newsgroup, or post it to your
adult-oriented web site, so long as you don't charge money
for any of these activities. No alteration of the contents
is permitted.

This isn't such a big story. It's not like the other
stories I see posted here, with all the details that I
would be too embarrassed to even put down in print. Really,
I don't really even know why I'm bothering to write it,
except maybe as a bit of a confession. I mean, who else am
I going to talk to about this ? Not my husband, that's for
sure. I sent some of it in an e-mail to an author I've been
writing to, and he's been very understanding (thanks O). He
says he's willing to post it if I want, and I guess that's
okay so long as he keeps my e-mail address private. Maybe
once its off my chest, I'll feel a lot better about things.

Lord knows, I don't feel so good about it right now.

So I'll write the whole thing out again (this time in
one part), but I probably won't set the scene too well. I
don't have much practice at writing this kind of thing.

When Jan and I took up jogging, we tried to keep each
other honest. We tried to commit to an early morning
meeting time, and force ourselves to do the whole block
(and not cut through the park). For the first few days, it
worked okay, but then we began to let it slide. I had to
get my son to elementary school after the jog, and it was
just hard to get motivated at 6 o'clock in the morning.

I missed a day, then Jan missed as day, and soon, we
were only actually running about a day a week. So we tried
something new. We began to run in the early afternoons, and
suddenly, it became a lot easier.

It wasn't just the chill of the early morning that we
were glad to be rid of, although there really is something
to be said for being able to jog in running shorts rather
than a jogging suit. There was something else that neither
of us expected to help motivate us.

You see, the block we lived on - Jan was my next door
neighbour - isn't far from one of the local high schools.
As luck (and later, a little bit of planning) would have
it, our daily run coincided with the block run of one of
the boys gym classes.

I think we were both a little self-conscious that first
time when we found ourselves running in front of them. I
was a little out of shape, and by this point in the run, I
was having trouble keeping up. I didn't need an audience
while I huffed and puffed and fell behind Jan. I really
expected them to pass us quickly, in one big pack, but
instead, they slowed down behind us.

Never underestimate the power of teen hormones, I guess.
It's not like either of us are models. We're not bad for
thirty-something, and a few pounds to lose, but the way
these guys were checking us out was more than a little
embarrassing. Jan has bigger breasts than me, and I won't
pretend we didn't hear them making some comments about it.

We didn't really discuss it, but the next day we managed
to meet at exactly the same time, and sort of did a slow
jog until we heard the boys coming up the block.
Afterwards, Jan called me a tease for not wearing a bra,
and I called her a tramp for the shorts she was wearing,
but it was all in good fun. And like I said, we suddenly
seemed to have no trouble motivating ourselves to get out
and run.

As summer approached, we knew that it wouldn't be long
before school went out, and we wouldn't have any more
company on our runs. With Jan going away with her husband
in June, I wondered if we would even bother to get back
into the routine after she got back. It would be a shame
too, because since we started running, I had never felt

I was even starting to be able to outrun Jan.

During the final week of school, the gym classes were
sporadic... I guess because of exams. The boys were with us
on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday, they were gone. Then
on Thursday, as we began our run, I could hear a class
coming up - and Jan gave me a little wink. I guess you
could say that we had become a bit blatant in our teasing
the boys. As the first runners came up. Jan used the front
of her T-shirt to wipe her face, nearly exposing herself.
That always got a reaction.

Except this time, all we heard was laughter.

I turned my head to find that it wasn't a boys class
behind us this time. With all of the exams going, they must
have switched classes around, and now we were being trailed
by a group of fifteen year old girls.

Suddenly, I think both of us were regretting wearing
such skimpy running clothes. I can't say I heard everything
that was being said by the girls, but not much of it was

" Move, " one of the bigger girls bumped me while
passing. Some of the other runners did the same, and I
found myself slowing down and keeping my eyes low, hoping
that the whole group would pass us quickly. The problem
was, there was one pack of six or seven girls who were all
running together and they seemed happy to continue
harassing us.

" They're the ones, right ?" I heard one of the girls
ask. I could tell that Jan didn't understand what they were
saying, but I could hear bits and pieces, and I figured out
that some of the boys from school had talked about the way
we always showed off to them.

A funny feeling came up in my stomach, and I knew right
away that this could get worse. Not only were the girls
taunting us now (one of them was making a sound like a
cow), but I could tell that they were sort of building up
more courage from each other. Another one bumped me, but
she didn't pass. She just said, "Watch where you're going.

Because I didn't answer, one called me deaf, and another
one called me a dummy. And so on.

I don't know if Jan was as scared as I was. I mean, I
hung out with girls like this in high school. They were all
obviously friends, and I don't care what anybody says, I
know from experience that there's nobody crueller than a
clique of teen aged girls. The taunts became more personal
as we continued.

" Look at the way she shows off her fat ass, " I'm not
sure which one of us she was talking about. " I don't know
why Paul would want to run behind her and her saggy old
tits. " I assumed that Paul was one of their boyfriends.

This was enough. As we came close to the park, I nudged
Jan, and we detoured onto one of the trails. Then I
regretted it. Instead of continuing on the road with the
rest of the class, the pack of girls followed us into the

Somehow, I think people always know when something is
going really, really wrong. It's just this electric feeling
in the air that put a lump in my throat, and a knot in my
stomach. I could hear some of the girls laughing. They were
breaking the rules for real now, and they seemed pretty
excited by the whole scene.

" Abby..." Jan began to say, but then tripped on a tree
root across the trail. I helped her up, and continued to
run, but the girls were all around us now, bumping us, and
calling us names, and laughing amongst themselves.

Jan broke into a real sprint, and left the trail, trying
to cut back towards the street. I followed her, but I
already knew it was useless. These girls were twenty years
younger, and were pumped with adrenaline. It was a chase
now. Two of the girls passed me quickly, following Jan into
a wooded area. The others surrounded me.

Ahead, I could see the high school girls catching up
with Jan. They bumped and jostled her the same way the
others were doing to me. Then, one of them kicked at her
ankle, and Jan stumbled forward. I had a hard time keeping
my footing on the wet grass, and I knew that it was only a
matter of time before I went down too.

Jan finally hit the muddy ground behind a patch of
rhododendrons. The girls cheered each other, and descended
upon her. I was running out of room to manoeuvre, and
finally skidded to a stop just on the other side of the
thick patch of glossy foliage.

A light rain was coming down now. It cooled my hot skin
as I tried to catch my breath. On this side of the bush, it
was a stalemate. I realized now that only two of the girls
were still with me, cornering me against the shrub. The
other four or five had joined the girls who had wrestled
Jan into the mud beyond the bush.

I'm so ashamed. I stood there like an idiot, too afraid
to try to make a run for it, while I could hear the group
of girls kicking and spitting on my friend. She coughed and
gasped and begged them to stop.

What a power trip it must have been for these teen
girls. Not only had they chased down a couple of adult
women, but now they had us trapped, and Jan was at their
feet, begging for mercy.

I already knew that no mercy was on their minds. Like I
said before, I used to hang around with girls like this in
high school. No, they wouldn't feel any pity. It was only
going to get worse from here.

" You like showing off for our boyfriends, huh ?"

" Yeah, you think you're such hot shit with your big
saggy tits and your fat ass... don't you ?"

Jan tried to beg, but another round of kicks and
spitting kept her silent. I couldn't see anything from
where I stood, on the other side of the rhododendrons. One
of the girls who had me cornered backed up a couple of
steps so that she could watch the amusements from around
the corner of the bush. She was a short, athletic chinese
girl that I thought I heard someone call Brandi. She
watched with wide eyes as her friends continued Jan's

" Do you want to show off your ugly body for us now,
bitch ?"

" Yeah, come on. " " Take off her shirt. " " Show us
your titties, old lady. "

Maybe they had picked Jan for this part of the attack
because of her large breasts, or maybe it had just been the
way it had turned out, but I found myself feeling lucky
that my own breasts were more modestly sized as the girls
ripped away Jan's T-shirt, and began to abuse her.

" Look at how fucking flabby they are. Jesus. " " What
a pig ... listen how she squeals when I pinch her boobs. "
" Trina... you don't have to kick them... you're just
getting mud all over the place. " " I don't give a fuck,
she's a pig... she should be a little muddy..."

(That's not word for word, but it's pretty close.)

It got really bad. I really shouldn't say much more. If
I went into all of the little details, this would turn into
a very nasty story. Besides, I was really on the other side
of the bush, and all I could see was the chinese girl,
Brandi, watching excitedly, and another girl, a bit
overweight, who was still doing her best to keep me from

I have to say though, from what I heard, they abused her
ass, and even her... you know... just as much as they did
her breasts. They kept on calling her a pig, and pushing
her into the mud, and making her grunt and squeal. It was
really hard to listen to.

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, a new round
of encouragement came from the group as one of the girls
went a step further. I couldn't believe what I was hearing
until Brandi said it aloud to the heavy girl who couldn't
see the action, "Oh, man... Amy's pissing on her... right
on her face. "

I don't know what was holding me there. Brandi was
distracted. I could probably get past the other girl. I
guess I was just afraid that the whole group would chase
me. Yeah, I guess I was just plain chicken. I really felt
like I was failing Jan. She was probably counting on me to
get help.

And it really wasn't that far. There was a row of houses
just beyond the park perimeter, but I here I was, scared of
a nervous teenaged girl, who was beginning to look just as
frightened as I was.

The girls took turns. That wasn't all they did to her.
They continued to abuse her body, and call her filthy
names. Worst of all... and I hesitate to even mention it...
some of the girls forced her to lick them. The other girls
cheered them on. Brandi squirmed in her gym shorts while
her friends had their fun. She even began to rub herself
through them as the scene progressed.

The only one who seemed nervous was the overweight girl
who was keeping me in position. She watched me anxiously,
and tried to look as intimidating as she could.

" The piggy is enjoying this, isn't she ?" They heaped
humiliation upon my neighbour. I knew it was all forced,
but they made her 'admit' how much she was turned on by
being abused by a group of teenagers, and being "put in her
place". Through grunts, and groans, and squeals, she told
them how much she worshipped them, and asked them to piss
on her, and told them how she liked to lick them.

I think one of them even had an orgasm.

(O... is this getting too graphic ? You can cut some out
if you want. )

" Jesus, this is hot, " Brandi said to no one in
particular, still rubbing herself through her Adidas
shorts. Then she addressed the group. " Hey, maybe we
should do this one too ..."

My heart almost stopped. The girls were in such a
frenzy, I didn't doubt that they'd do even worse things to
me. Then the overweight girl spoke up. " C'mon guys, we're
going to be in so much shit when we get back to class. "

The way they were going, I'm surprised they even cared.
Nonetheless, the girls decided to go. The heavy girl and
Brandi kept me cornered there as their peers emerged,
tucking in their T-shirts and shorts, and with mud on their
knees and running shoes.

Mud was everywhere. The girls wiped their feet on the
grass as they walked away, but I was soon to find that Jan
would need a lot more cleaning up. When I came around the
rhododendrons, I couldn't believe the scene.

She was still laying there, of course. Everywhere the
thin grass had been worn away, leaving footprints all
around her. The traffic was especially heavy around her
face, where I imagined the girls had squatted above her
while forcing her to do humiliating things with them. Jan's
clothes were in tatters, and her body was marked up by the

One detail... I didn't even want to write this, but
Orestes told me that it figures into the plot... and I'll
have to admit to thinking about it a lot afterwards... Jan
was rubbing herself. The effect of it was absolutely lewd.
I mean, I'd never seen anyone like this, much less my next
door neighbour. She had been abused and pissed on... her
lips were swollen from the beating... and all I could think
about was the way she was rubbing herself.

And I was sure that is was just something that the girls
had forced her to do. I mean, they made her say how much
she enjoyed it, so this was just another way to humiliate
her. I never heard them tell her to do it, but there was so
much chatter, I must have missed it.

Jan was so ashamed. So was I. She made me promise not to
tell anyone. I ran back home and got her a change of
clothes. Then I brought her home for a shower. All the
while, I couldn't think straight. We had to tell someone,
didn't we ? We couldn't just keep this a secret.

But we did.

It was a nasty, dark, and shameful secret that only the
two of us shared. It almost felt like a dream.

Jan called me five times over the weekend, but we never
had anything to say to each other. I could just feel her
heart pounding from across the phone line, but there were
no words to describe the secret we were keeping. I couldn't
get it out of my head. I replayed it again and again,
reviewing all of the emotions I felt that day, especially
the inappropriate ones. I tried to tell myself that it was
natural to have been glad that it was Jan who ended up in
the mud instead of me.

Then there was the moment just as the girls were walking
away, and one of them lit up a smoke, and I stood there,
waiting to go to my friend. I'd heard everything they had
done to her, but in this moment, I'm ashamed to admit,
there was a little bit of anticipation to see it with my
own eyes. And the feeling I got when I found Jan rubbing
herself. Well, I can't describe it.

Jan went away on that business trip with her husband the
next week. I was left with this secret smouldering in my
belly. One time, late at night, maybe Wednesday or
Thursday, I got a phone call, but no one was on the other
end. I got that feeling that it might have been Jan. I
don't know.

When the following week rolled around, I was left
wondering what was left of our friendship. Then, at the end
of the week, she came over unexpectedly.

" Hey, did you want to go out for a jog ?" she asked me
breathlessly. " Remy can watch the kids. He's home from
work this week. "

And yes, I wanted very badly to go for a jog. I was
surprised that Jan would even consider it.

So, a few minutes later, we were taking our familiar
route through the neighbourhood, trying to pretend than
nothing had happened, even though it was totally consuming
my thoughts. Finally, I had to say something.

" Are you going to talk to anyone at the school ?"

Her face flushed red. " No... I mean... it's just, well,
it's not as if they really..."

She couldn't finish. I wasn't going to pursue it.

We rounded the corner where we normally caught up with
the gym classes. Of course, it was summer now, so there
would be no one to follow us today. But suddenly, Jan
picked up the pace a little bit, leaving me lagging behind.

Now, I told you that I had become a better runner than
Jan over the course of our jogging together, so it was no
problem for me to keep up. Just as I caught up, though, she
sped up again, keeping me another few steps behind. My
heart was really pumping now. I knew that I could outrun
her, so I began to push the pace too, forcing her to really
push herself to keep ahead.

I don't know why the chase began, but neither of us
seemed ready to call it quits. Half way down the block, she
suddenly veered right, into the park.

I can't really explain what happened next. It was all so
unexpected. One minute, I was chasing Jan across the grass,
and then we sort of bumped each other, and Jan stumbled
into one of the bushes beside the path. Then I was on top
of her.

God, this is the hardest part of all to admit to. I
don't know if you'll believe me when I say that I didn't
plan this, but once I was on top of her, it just happened.
It was such a rush of power. I felt exhilaration and
intense shame as I found myself pinning her into the muddy

In that moment, it all seemed so inevitable. I'd been
playing the scene in my head so often, and even little
variations on it. Now, I found myself re-enacting the dark
secret we had kept for the past two weeks.

She didn't even resist me. She just accepted this most
recent violation as if she somehow deserved it.

I won't repeat the filthy names I called her. I can't
believe they even came from my mouth. I won't tell you
about the awful things I made her do with her tongue (not
even to you, O). It's bad enough that Jan and I know about
it. I think about it all of the time now.

And since I'm not going to spill all of the details,
that's the end of my confession. We didn't talk again after
the incident. Less than a week later, I found out that Jan
was moving away to relocate for her husband's job. I guess
that was the reason for the business trip, although she
never told me about it. They rented out the house next

I guess I've tried to bury the whole thing in my memory,
but it's impossible. They've been gone nearly a year now,
and I can't stop thinking about that run we took in the
park, and the window it gave me into the darkest part of my

I've been thinking about it a lot more now. Recently,
I've been getting phone calls again late at night with no
one on the other end. My husband wants to trace the calls,
but I try to play it down. I guess I'm afraid that it'll be
an out-of-state number, and then I'd know that it was her.

Worst of all, about two weeks ago, the renters next door
moved out. I heard a rumour that Remy and Jan were moving
back into the neighbourhood, but I don't know if it's true.
I really can't stand the suspense.

That's about it, but please remember to strip my e-mail
address from everything before you send it on.



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