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BLUEMOON sucking his dick was your


Rose Noire Copyright 1997


Laura Lee was 18. Well, two weeks from tomorrow Laura Lee would be 18.
Having graduated from high school that year, she was aware that her future
lay ahead of her, but she had no idea what that future would hold. She had
been dragged along with her parents to visit her Grandma Mandy who lived
way down in the Florida swamps. Grandma Mandy was 98 at the time and some
say she was the family witch or shamaness.

She found herself with nothing to do most of the time when she first got
there. Her grandma lived out in the boonies, alone, and without
transportation. Her folks had decided to arrive early to spend time with
Ma Mandy before everyone else started to arrive for her 99th birthday
celebration in two weeks. Her birthday was on the same day as Laura Lee’s.
The only hope she had for any entertainment while she was here would be
when her cousin Brent arrived. He and she had played together many summers
in the past while they were children. His parents had moved to France when
they were 11 for a number of years. This would be their first year back in
the U. S. and she couldn’t wait to see him.

In the meanwhile, she visited with her grandmother. One day whe was
helping her organize her many jars of teas and herbs. This was something
she’d done in all the years’ previous visits, as well as helping with the
gardening and harvesting of herbs. Sometimes, her grandma had even shared
a few secrets with her about how she worked to heal people. Laura Lee had
never taken it seriously. All the while they worked in the small pantry,
Ma Mandy kept up a steady dialogue with her grand daughter.

“This one here chile. This red leaf here is good for what ails you. I
take a little every now and again in my tea to ease the ache in these old bones. My ma first gave it to me when I had my first period and flowered
into a young woman.” She smiled as she set the jar back on the shelf.

“What is this awful looking stuff, Gram?” Laura Lee was looking at a jar
which contained a dark, gelatinous mass.

“Oh, that be the stuff that keeps evil away. It’s very strong. It
works every time. But, be careful, it’s very strong stuff.” She turned to
the shelf she’d been muddling through and picked up an old dusty jar.

“Ah, this be what I’m looking for. This girl is what will make a man hot for you and make him love you from moon rise to moon set. If you want
to be with child, it makes him potent. He’ll be like a bull with a cow in
season. But, you must drink of it, too, before the moon sets, if you don’t
want to be with child when the sun comes up. It only works on the night of
the blue moon.”

“Blue moon? Gram, you’re teasing me. I have never seen a blue moon.”
She put her arm around the old woman’s shoulders and hugged her.

“The blue moon is the new moon which appears twice in the same month.”
Grandma Mandy handed the jar to Laura Lee. “You’ll need this before the
summer ends and you leave here to go home. You’re pretty enough, you got
your grand daddy’s blood, but you got my gift. You’ll be takin’ my place
when I die. You, of all the grand children and all my children, are the
only one with my gift.” She turned and left the pantry.

“Grandma, you still have many years left. Don’t talk such about dying.”
Laura Lee said as she followed the old woman out into the living room. She
studied the contents of the jar and laughed a little to herself.

Sure she was fairly nice looking with her obviously mulatto features.
She’d been told she had the same sea green eyes Grandpa Leon had had.
There were no pictures of him, she only knew he’d been handsome and of
mixed blood when he was younger. Though he’d been born to slaves, it was
common knowledge their master had sired him. All Grandpa Leon and Grandma
Mandy’s children had the carmel coloring and curly hair, all their grand
children came in hues from dark chocolate to cafe au lait. But, only Laura
Lee had the green eyes of her grand sire.

“You laugh now girl, but I tell you you’ll have need of that before too
long. You’re too young to marry and old enough to be a woman. Your heart
will tell you I’m right. Then you’ll use the tea. I used it once long
ago, and married the man. I chose to have a child, your mother. But, you
chile, will not marry this one.” Grandma Mandy sat in her rocker and picked
up some quilting that laid next to her on the table.

“Really, Ma. You shouldn’t be filling Laura’s head with such things.
We’ve been blessed with such a good girl and don’t want that to change.”
Laura’s mom got up from the couch she was sitting on and gave her daughter a peck on the cheek. “All she needs is to find herself a nice young man to
marry, and we’ll be happy. You never mind your grandma girl. She’s just
disappointed none of us children have been called to her brand of

“Esther, don’t talk like that. She has the gift, she just don’t know it
yet. I’m going upstairs to take a nap.” She left the room and climbed the
stairs. Laura Lee watched the matriarch leave the room and had to blink
her eyes as her grandmother passed the mirror because she thought she’d
seen a face similar to hers, but with brown eyes.

“Ma, I’m going for a walk. Wanna come?” Laura Lee yelled as she got up
from her seat.

“No, dear, you go without me. Tell your father to come in for a while
if you see him. I’m going to start dinner.” Her mom called back from the

Laura wandered through the dense woods which surrounded her grandma’s
property. She came to a stop when she got to the edge of the marshes. She
sat on a dead tree stump and thought about what her grandma had told her
earlier. Why her? What makes Ma Mandy so sure that she, Laura Lee
DeVries, has the gift? Why was it so important that she become a woman as
Grandma Mandy had put it. Sure, she’d had a few boyfriends, but they were
just friends really. She knew about sex, but really wasn’t interested.
Not that she didn’t feel urges, she just wasn’t interested.

She remembered the time she had made out with Sam at the school picnic
in high school. They had sneaked off to climb boulders and found
themselves a cave to explore. Since they were both breathing hard, they
had decided to stop for a rest. He’d showed her a picture he kept in his
wallet which he said reminded him of her. When she’d looked at it she’d
seenthe naked woman in the picture did resemble her. She knew the body
didn’t look like hers, but was flattered. She’d leaned over to kiss him
and he held her close and kissed her back.

“I want to see what you look like.” He had said.

“What? Why?” She’d asked shyly. She could still feel the flush that
had risen in her cheeks then, as she sat there thinking about it now.

“Can I tell you a secret, and you won’t tell anybody?” He’d asked. When
she’d nodded yes, he continued. “Sometimes, I lay in bed at night and
think of you and all I can see are your eyes, and all I can feel is you
skin against mine. I don’t know why. I just lay there and make my hard on
go away as best I can. I don’t think I love you or anything, I just think
I want to know you in that way.”

“Yes, you can. I’ll tell you a secret too. Sometimes I wonder what it
will be like for someone to touch me like I’m a woman and I lay there and
feel that I’m all wet between my legs, but I guess I’ve been too shy to
find out.” She’d let her hands find the hem of her tee shirt and she’d
raised it above her head. “What do you think?”

“Nice. I like them better than the woman’s in the picture. Can I take
off your bra? I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ve peeked at my mom sometimes and wondered. Her tits kind of fall out of the cups and sway a
little.” He had reached behind her when she’d nodded. He’d touched first
one then the other as it was released from the bra. Then he leaned forward
and before she could stop him he had taken one of her nipples in his mouth.
She’d gasped, and he’d pulled back thinking he’d hurt her. But, she’d
pulled him forward again and relaxed while she concentrated on the pleasant
sensations. Slowly he had pulled away and she could see the color in his
face had changed. He was almost a deep red color and his eyes had looked

“Are you okay?” She’d asked, concerned.

“Yes, but now what do I do about this?” He’d looked at the fly of his
pants and she had seen a bulge there. She hadn’t known what to say.

“Is that your, uhm... Can I see what it looks like when it’s hard?”
She’d reached delicately into his crotch.

He’d spread her fingers out around its mass and then pushed her hand
towards it more. After letting her get a feel through the cloth of his
shorts, he‘d opened his pants and used her hand to pull it out. She’d used
both hands to feel it and then had leaned over really close to look at it.

“Would you, could you, please lick it with your tongue?” He’d asked when
she was examining it. She’d looked at him quizzically, then did it. The
taste and the musky odor were still fresh in her mind while she recalled
that day. After allowing her to lick it for a few minutes he had jerked of
so she could see. She’d let her hands stray to her crotch to play with
herself through the denim of her shorts while she watched him. She’d
thought the gooey stuff he’d called “come” had been interesting and she’d
even tasted it. Then he’d told her to back up against the side of the rock
behind her. He had opened her pants and slid them over her knees and
removed them. Carefully he’d pushed the crotch of her panties aside and
then began to give her face. She’d wanted him to stop when she began to
shudder, but he’d promised her she’d like it if she’d let him finish. She
had liked it and even dipped her finger in her snatch when he was done so
she could taste it. It had had a slightly tangy flavor.

She remembered asking if this was all there was to sex and he’d said no.
There was more, he’d told her, but they weren’t prepared and he didn’t want
her to get pregnant. They’d heard voices outside of the cave just then, so
they’d dressed hurriedly and headed back to the picnic.

The whole time she was sitting there remembering that day, she was dimly
aware of the throbbing in her crotch. When she’d finished her reverie she
was aware of the wetness in her crotch. She straddled the log she was
sitting on and began rocking back and forth. She had used this log before.
She liked to squeeze against the firmness of the bark with her inner
thighs. She scooted along until the rough knot on the log was putting
pressure against her crotch. She rocked until she felt that familiar
shuddering she’d experienced several times, when she fingered herself at
night, in bed. Then she leaned back and arched forward.

On the walk back to the house she found herself wondering what her
cousin was like now. She imagined he was probably very sophisticated, and
very worldly. Not at all like the common place individual she’d turned out
to be. When she mounted the stairs to the porch she noticed another
vehicle parked next to her parents’. When she opened the door she
recognized her Aunt Edna and Uncle Paul and her Cousin Brent. She gave
both her aunt and uncle a hug, but when she walked over to her cousin, she
drew back as though shocked. He gave her a puzzled look then smiled a
bright, welcoming smile. She settled for a hand shake then went over to
sit on the hammock next to her grandma. The commotion in the room died
down as every one found seats and turned to Ma Mandy. Laura Lee eyed her
cousin discreetly and was embarrassed several times when he returned her
glance. No one else in the room seemed to notice her discomfiture. She
couldn’t even say what was causing her confusion. But, she appreciated his
good looks and could see he’d filled out a great deal from the skinny
little boy he’d used to be. But, then she reminded herself that she hadn’t
done too badly in the looks department herself.

All that evening the grown folks chatted while she and Brent listened.
Dinner was a nice occasion and Brent spoke only when asked a question.
Occasionally, Laura Lee caught her grandma eyeing her and Brent. She
wasn’t sure what was going on in the old woman’s mind, but she felt
decidedly uncomfortable. One thing she noticed; however, as she looked
around, was that there were no physical similarities between Brent’s mother and himself. He had hiss father’s sile and twinkling eyes. It was
apparent though, that her aunt and her mother were related.

When grandma went up to bed, she asked Laura Lee to help her to her
room. On the way up she’d asked her granddaughter what she thought of her
cousin. Laura blushed and didn’t know why. When she came down, her mom,
dad, as well as her aunt and uncle were sitting in the living room over
cups of coffee telling stories. She slid out the back door quietly. She’d
noticed her cousin was not there and figured he’d gone to bed. With her
feet dangling over the side of the back porch, she sat deep in thought.
Brent appeared quietly out of nowhere and startled her.

“Well, cousin. You didn’t greet me properly. Are you mad at me still
for hiding your art supplies in the hen house?” His eyes danced with
mischief as he took both her hands in his and kissed her on the forehead.

“No. If I remember correctly, your boomerang and sling shot disappeared
soon after. She drew her hands back when she felt that same current flow
from him to her.

“Thanks. You’ve grown up since the last time I saw you. You’re a knock
out in fact. I bet you have to barricade yourself in the house to keep the
boys away.” He gave her an appreciative look.

“You’re not so bad looking yourself. I bet you had fun with the French
women. You know what they say about France.” She stood up and turned
towards the door. She didn’t know why, but she felt at extreme odds.

“Well, maybe. We’ll have to swap stories Let’s go on a picnic tomorrow
morning before the old folks get up. I want to take the boat down to our
favorite little grotto.” He patted her on the leg as she turned to go in
the house.

“That sounds like fun. Let’s. I’ll meet you at 5:30.” She went into
the house.

He climbed the stairs behind her and watched her from behind. The folks
were still talking in the living room when he went down to his room in the

All that night she tossed and turned in her sleep. She kept reliving
the time in the cave with Sam. But, every time she looked up from the dick
she’d been licking, she looked into the face of her cousin instead. She
woke up twice that night to find sticky, wet hands between her hot thighs.
At the first sign of daylight she was up, and dressed, and downstairs. She
left a note on the refrigerator for her mom and walked out onto the patio
to find her cousin sitting there waiting with a picnic lunch already

“Geez! I didn’t sleep much last night. I guess it was too hot or
something.” Brent whispered as they walked down the steps of the porch to
the launch.

“I didn’t either. I had some really weird dreams.” She climbed down
into the skiff and took the basket Brent handed down to her. He unloosed
the rope from the tie and climbed in the boat facing Laura Lee. He pushed
off and rowed until they were further away from the house, then he started
the motor. The early-morning mist settled in clumps on the top of the
water. For a long time they didn’t talk then Laura Lee broke the silence.

“Remember when we went out to the grotto last? It was hot and sticky
and we went skinny dipping. I never did show that sunburn I got to mom.
It would be hard to explain to her why there were no strap marks.”

“Yeah, I remember. We almost got stuck coming home because it had
started to rain and the motor kept crapping out.”

They reminisced for the remainder of the trip and Laura found herself
relaxing in the company of her cousin. When they got to the grotto it was
more over grown than she or he remembered and they tied the skiff to a dead
log, before heading off to the little cluster of rocks they used to eat
their lunches on.

“Grandma Mandy was up when I came down and had fixed sandwiches for us.
She’s such a lively old lady. I really missed coming out to visit her in
the summers. She’s got some weird ideas though. What’s really funny, she
knows about those things I always try to keep secret from everyone else.”
While he was talking, Brent passed out the breakfast of biscuits, beef
jerky and cheese.

“Yes, she has a way of knowing what no one else knows, or you think no
one else knows.” She leaned back on her elbow while she consumed her share
of the breakfast.

They hiked for most of the morning and when it became unbearably hot,
they went back to where they’d beached the boat and waded in the water.
Brent stripped down to his shorts and Laura removed her blouse and waded.
Soon they were splashing and having fun. Brent had a body that showed a
great deal of strength. He had broad shoulders, strong legs and big hands.
She was soaked to the bone when they called it quits and was aware of her
nipples poking through the fabric of her bra. She tried to mask her
embarrassment and blushed when Brent’s gaze showed appreciation. Moments
later, they were both laying back in the sand.

“So, cousin. Tell me what your love life has been like. Surely you’ve
got some old beaus back home waiting for you.” His eyes twinkled

She rolled over and looked up and down her cousin’s body but turned her
eyes away when he looked over at her. She leaned on her elbow and told him
about the day in the cave and then asked him what his experiences had been

“Well, not much really. I’ve dated a few times, but I’m never
interested in more than a friendship with the women I’ve gone out with.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten close to actually screwing a few of them,
but it just didn’t happen.” He sighed as he looked up into the sky.

“I’ve felt the same way. I don’t know what it is. Maybe there’s
something wrong with me.”

“No, I doubt there’s anything wrong with you. It’s like this with some
people. But, I’ll tell you something. I’ve fantasized a lot. You know
what else? Many times my fantasies have been of you and me here in the
grotto. We go skinny dipping then we end up getting close. But, I never
get so far in the fantasy that we actually do it. Seeing you naked in my
mind always gives me a hard on.”

“Hmm. I’ve fantasized a lot about that time in the cave with Sam. But,
you know what’s really weird? Last night I dreamed it over and over and
each time I looked up from sucking his dick it was your face and not his.”

Brent looked at her then looked away. It was noonish, so they decided
to head back. Laura suggested they go hunting for light bugs that night.
When they got back to the house, both their parents had gone into town to
do some shopping and Ma Mandy was napping upstairs. They played games for
a while. Laura Lee found herself unable to resist the urge to touch him.
He seemed to have the same problem. After a while they both decided to go
get showers to wash the afternoon’s heat away. Several times she passed by
the jar of tea her grandmother had given her then decided she was being
silly for even thinking what she was thinking.

That night at dinner Laura Lee was unusually talkative and she noticed
whenever she started to speak everyone turned her way and listened. Her
grandmother had a knowing smile on her face each time she looked her way.
Her and Brent announced their plan to go hunting light bugs in the woods
that night. As an afterthought, Laura Lee mentioned they might take a
couple tents so they could camp out as well. No one thought it unusual
that the two should resume their friendship after so long a time.

“Well, tonight’s the night of the blue moon everybody. I should hope
you all take advantage of this special night.” Ma Mandy said as she got up
from the table. She walked behind Laura Lee’s chair and patted her on the

After some deliberation, Laura Lee made iced tea and used some of the
leaves from the jar her grandma had given her. She and Brent packed their
back packs and left shortly after sunset. They walked through the woods to
the marshes where Laura Lee had been yesterday. They set up camp and then
caught light bugs and talked more about the fun they’d had as children.
Except for the flashlights they’d brought with them and the jars of
captured light bugs, the night was completely dark.

They sat close together as they talked and then without a thought, Laura
Lee kissed her cousin on the mouth. Sensing his hesitation and surprise,
she kissed him again, but this time placed one of his hands on her bared
breast. He returned the kiss passionately and soon they were making out,
exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and mouths. Looking to her
cousin for cues, she followed the natural course her passions took. Then
suddenly he rolled over onto his back and sighed.

“You know, there’s another reason I haven’t had sex with anyone. I’ve
been too damned afraid. I don’t know why, but I get cold feet. So, I
usually make some excuse to end the date early and go home. I don’t have
any problem in the darkness of my room, jerking off but I can’t seem to
bring myself to do it.” The emotion in his voice let her know how troubled
he was about this.

“Don’t worry. You just need a little understanding, I think. I’m no
expert in these matters. After all, I’m still a virgin. But, my girl friends at home sometimes talked about meeting men like you.” She sat up
and pulled the beach blanket around her as she reached for her back pack.
She pulled out the thermos of tea and some cookies she’d scavenged from the
kitchen. Grandma had made them that morning.

She handed him the thermos to sip from and the bag of cookies. They
passed the thermos back and forth until it was empty. By the time they’d
finished the last cookie, Laura Lee was feeling decidedly giddy. Brent
pulled her over on top of him and began to kiss her hotly.

“Well, I guess I hadn’t gotten quite enough, though.” He said as he
unwrapped the beach blanket from around her feverish body.

“Hmm.” She purred deep in her throat. She remembered that day in the
cave and performed the same things on him with no hesitation. She took
pleasure in his fervor. He returned her attentions in kind and before long
they had come several times before getting down to business.

“You’re still a virgin aren’t you? You don’t have to go any further, if
you don’t want to, but, gawd, I want you to want to.” He looked into her
eyes and saw a sea nymph staring back at him.

He didn’t need any other response. He rolled her over onto her back
then straddled her. He wet his cock in the juices of her cunt and then
slowly entered her. She tensed slightly, but then relaxed. He began to
stroke her insides gently then increased the tempo as she begged for more.
He pumped harder and harder while her legs gripped him tighter and tighter.
She kneaded her nipples and tilted her head back. She felt the familiar
trembling begin in her thighs. Just as he spurted his wad into her, she
came with a shudder. That night they explored their sexuality to the
limits of their imaginations.

They woke, still on the beach, in each other’s arms. She smiled into
his eyes and he into hers. They freed the captive light bugs before they
packed their camp gear and headed back to the house as the sun was climbing
to the heights of its zenith. Only grandma was up when they got home. She
sat in her chair with her needlework in her lap. A twinkle in her eye and
a smile on her face was all she had for them when they walked in. Laura
Lee gave her a hug then took her stuff upstairs to her room. She stripped
and then slid between the sheets of her bed. In her dreams she saw Grandma
Mandy sitting in her rocker, but as she drew nearer to her she saw it
wasn’t Ma Mandy, but herself, her face aged and wise.


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