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This is a work of erotic fiction. This work may contain description of
sexual intercourse between consenting adults, non-consenting adults, adults
and children (both consensual and non-consensual). If you are turn off but
such works, leave now.

The author, bentspoon, exerts his rights over this work and wishes to
know known as the owner of this piece of literature. You are free to read
and distribute his works provided it is clearly mentioned on all copies
that he is the author of the work.

The author maybe contacted at bentspoon@excite.com for clarifications
and comments.

If you are still here I guess you really want to read, welcome aboard.


Bob and Natalia - More Games

Natalia was a gold mine, a wet dream come true. Nothing was too far for
her or at least I hadn't found her limits. Many a time I got the feeling
that we, she and me, we just at the start of a long journey of discovery -
the discovery of her sexuality and its complete release. Bob had read the
situation well and had given a free run on her, on my part ensured that I
never left him out or monopolized her so much that he would feel like an

One afternoon as I pounded into her the screams of pleasure and pain
turned into mewing of a sort I hadn't heard from her. Without losing the
rhythm I asked, "What's wrong?"

"I need to pee badly", she let out.

I did not stop, now that I knew the reason for the mewing it only
spurred me on to bang harder into her. I took around forty minutes from
the time she told me of her predicament to shoot into her. As soon as I
rolled off her she rushed into the toilet. I could hear her moans of
pleasure as she spewed forth her liquid. I lay there enjoying the sounds
that her private act made.

It was a couple of days later that Bob and me were sharing a beer and
talking about a lot of mundane affairs that the idea came to me. It
actually started when I felt the pressure in my bladder and I had to go but
was caught between having to stop Bob in the middle of an interesting
story. As I urinated and let the pleasure of releasing held back urine that
the plan actually hit me. I went back to the table and discussed it with
Bob, not surprisingly he was game.

The next weekend we got together at their place, which in itself wasn't
out of the ordinary. Over the past eight months all my weekends had been
spent there. However, what was different about it was that we were having
beer instead of the usual Bacardi. Natalia commented on this change of
drinks and we gave her some answer. We must've had three beers when
Natalia announced that she wanted to go. Bob stopped her saying, "Wait
baby, we have something in mind."

She gave him a quizzical look and asked, "Can't it wait till I go?"

"Unfortunately no, as a matter of fact it requires you not to go", he
told her.

She looked at me accusingly. I smiled back.

She let out a sigh of resignation and said, "Alright out with it, what
sick act do you have planned for me?"

Her sigh and tone were betrayed by the gleam in her eyes. I was sure
that her cunt was already dripping in anticipation of whatever I had

I got up and went to her. Putting one hand behind her head I began
kissing her deep until she began to moan and announce her heat. When I
thought she was sufficiently turned on I moved my other hand to her bladder
and began to press it. The moans changed tone. I broke off the kiss.

"We've got the other bedroom prepared for you, come" I told her.

She followed us into the spare bedroom. This was the site of a lot of
games. In the room was a X cross, it was standing in the center of the
room. Under and around the cross was a bed of sand. She took in the
sight, turned to me, and asked, "Impressive! Now what's the game?"

"Well it's more than just a game honey", I told her. "Bob here is
betting his love on it. I was telling him about the other day when you had
to go to the loo as I fucked you and how you held on for forty minutes till
I was done. He has bet me that you will hold your urine for however long.
We tried working on a deadline like an hour or something like that. But I
felt if you had a time limit to look forward to with your determination you
would do it with or without love. So we decided not to put a limit, you
will not know when you will be allowed to release. Now the tricky part, if
you hold as long as Bob wants you to he gets to keep you, if not you become
mine. That is how sure he if of your love for him. Are you willing to
back him up?"

The challenge I put down had the desired effect on her. With all her
love for erotic adventures she loved him deeply. I am sure that if the
choice were between my erotic adventures and his love I would lose, big
time at that. It was precisely this streak in her that I intended to
exploit in this game today.

"You lose buddy!" she said.

I led her to the cross and she stood with her back to the wooden object.
I undressed her slowly. By the time I was finished she was holding her
thighs together. The pressure was building and the excitement was thick in
the air. I took each of her hands and fastened them to the upper parts of
the X. She now stood as a Y, her arms stretched out.

"Even if you a let go of a drop it will show in the sand below you and
he loses", I informed her.

I reached behind her and let her hair loose. I pulled it out such that
it fell over her shoulder, then I arranged it so that her nipples were
still open to stares. They were already hard and stood tall on their
mounts. I bent down and sucked on them, just the nipples not the breasts,
she moaned.

"Why tie me?" she asked. "You could've asked me to hold it and I

"You'll see", I told her. As I finished the arrangements Bob had
brought in the drinks and arranged the bean bags such that we would both be
facing her.

On the table was also a glass of beer with a straw in it. I went behind
her and picked up a plank of wood. It was cut in a U at one end, I placed
it under her chin so that the U was filled by her neck. The board also had
a hole in it so that a glass could be placed in it. I put the beer glass
in the hole and the end of the straw into her mouth and looked at Bob.

He walked over to her and said, "I bet she can finish the glass in three

She eyes widened but they hardened as soon as I said, "Nope, I say she
won't" and held up a stopwatch.

She began to suck from the glass and I started the timer. Both of us
took our places on the bags and sipped our drinks slowly. I looked at the
watch and began the countdown, "60, 59, 58, ."

She was making good time, she had finished a third of the glass by now.
Her thighs were squeezed tight. A film of sweat appeared on her forehead
and thighs. I watched fascinated as a drop of sweat fell from her chin to
the valley between her 36D beasts and ran down into her navel and

I had reached fifteen and she finished the drink. I slapped Bob on the
back and said, "Brilliant!"

Bob was all smiles; Natalia was in all sorts of trouble.

"Gosh! I don't know about her but I need a leak", Bob said as he got up
and went to a bucket in the corner of the room. From the look in her eyes
I knew she hadn't noticed it. Bob pulled out his penis and began to
urinate into it. I had half-filled it with water and so the sound of his
urine falling would be torture for her. I was right as she squeezed her
eyes shut in a vain attempt to keep out the sound.

He took his place and we opened a couple of drinks more and ignored her
as our chatter wandered. However, that was a charade, both of us could
think of nothing but that naked woman tied to the cross. We both watched
out of the corner of our eyes as she writhed helplessly to control the urge
in her bladder.

"Bastards" she screamed.

"Oops! I'm sorry we are ignoring you? Shall we have a bet on one more
glass of beer Bob?" I asked.

"Sure and this time let's be fair to her, two minutes and forty five
seconds should be sufficient", he said.

She groaned, "No!"

"Done", I said as I poured the beer into her glass, gave her the straw
in her mouth. "Bob I think we are over using this 'love for you' scheme.
She is doing all this especially the holding of urine for that, why don't
we bet on something else this time?"

"And what do you have in mind you dirty schemer?" he asked with a
mocking sneer.

"Well remember that jacket she got you on your honeymoon? If you lose,
I get it. What do you say?"

"Well, well, well, honey, look what he's got his eyes on? My favorite
jacket! But I guess I can trust you with it so I am going to bet it for I
know you will win it for me", he told her.

Her eyes pleaded for mercy, but in vain. I held up the timer and said,

She began to suck. As I watched her go for it I imagined my penis in
her mouth and how good it felt. My penis was rock hard now. I wanted to
pee bad too but the sight in front of me was mesmerizing. I waited,
watched, and guess what! She beat the clock by two seconds. Bob and me
let out a whoop of joy when she sucked in her first breathe of air from the
glass. I was a fantastic performance. I kissed her, he kissed and it was
as if she had won the gold at the Olympics. After the celebrations died
down I went to the bucket and began to pee. As the jet of liquid rushed
out of my penis I let out a long, satisfied "Aah!" and was rewarded with a
tortured cry from the cross.

Bob said, "Let's move to the next step Kevin."

I concurred and went up to her and kneeling before her I tied her legs
to the cross, so now she too was like the cross, an X. The strain of
having to hold back her urine while her legs were spread out was clearly
visible on her face. She looked like she was carrying the entire world on
her shoulders.

"No!" she gasped but held.

Both Bob and me were now in front of her. I don't know about Bob but I
was filled with admiration for this woman and also a sense of wanting to
see just how far and how long she would last. I turned the air-conditioner
to High. She realized what I was doing and grunted.

I took off the neck table as Bob called it. Then getting close I kissed
her full on the lips, my tongue forced its way into her mouth and began to
explore. She turned away and gasped, "Please! I can't concentrate."

Bob turned her face so she faced me and told her, "It's part of the bet

She returned my kiss. I agree that I have had better kisses from her
but under the circumstances she did pretty well.

Then I sucked on her chin, her neck, her nipples, then down the valley
to her tummy and thence to her navel. She was begging for me to stop. No,
she was mewing for me to stop. I reached her lush pubic hair and let my
tongue roam in the jungle. She was mewing louder, my tongue moved into her
grotto, probing and seeking for the source of her wetness.

"Nooooo, please!" she begged.

I persisted until my tongue was flicking over her clit. I played with
it until it stood out like a little prick and then began to softly suck it.
She arched and thrust her pelvic out, whether she wanted to push me away or
for me to suck harder I really don't know. I have a feeling it was the

I was now an hour since she had been tied up. Bob tapped me on the
shoulder; it was our pre-arranged signal that we should stop.

I looked up she had her eyes tightly shut. I moved away. Bob placed
the bucket under her and whispered to her, "Let go darling, it's over."

There was a silence and then a groan as the golden liquid came flowing
out in torrents. "I'm cumming" she screamed and then began to thrash on
the cross. Her thrashing sent the urine flying.

Then she lay there limp. We cut her down and lay her on the floor.

"Will one of you fuck me or do I have to play with myself?" she asked.

Bob asked me to do the honours. It was the greatest fuck of my life.


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