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BOB sucked organ she raised


Bob, Natalie and I were sitting in their living room and having a drink.
The fact that the three of us were having a drink isn't something to start
a story about. But the story had to start somewhere and this is as good a
place as any. Bob and me have been friends since college, it had held
strong the six years that followed college. We would meet up either at my
place when he came to town or his place when I was visiting his area.
Natalie is Bob's girl, a busty, sexy looking dame. He always had a way
with women and I always admired him for that. The guy would have a woman
swooning over him within an hour of being introduced to her.

He had emailed me about Natalie; according to him she was the best lay
he had ever had. He had described her to me but nothing had prepared me
for the shock of meeting a woman from who's pores oozed sex. She was about
5'2", fair, her hair was just a shade longer than shoulder length. I
guessed her breasts were about 36 C or D and a figure like an hourglass.

I had come into town in the morning. Bob, Natalie and me met up around
four hours ago and I'd been walking around with a hard on ever since. She
was wearing a sky blue shirt who's buttons were fighting an almost losing
battle to keep her buttons on, her pants were figure hugging jeans that
accentuated her hips in a erotically sexy manner.

As I spoke to them I tried to figure out if she was playing sexy or did
it come naturally to her. I must say that from the little I saw if she
tried to be any sexier she would be a hazard, she was one of those women
who were born to sex. Another thing that made life difficult for me was
that the two of them kept hugging and kissing in front of me. Bob's hands
roamed her body unselfconsciously. I did my best to hide my interest and
close observation of her and body.

As the evening wore on and we got drunker their passion rose and Bob had
got a couple of her buttons undone and his hands would slip in now and then
and play with her nipples. It must've been about 10 when she excused
herself and the two of us were in the balcony looking out onto the lit up
city and he asked me, "What do you think of her?"

I knew he expected an honest answer so I said, "Fantastic would be mild.
I've been walking around with a hardon since this evening. She is the
sexiest woman I've seen and when you touch her I want to kill you."

Bob laughed out loud and at that point she rejoined us. "Nats honey,
Kevin here has been admiring you from afar a bit too long, why don't you
give him a little kiss and a feel to ease him?"

She looked at him and them at me, she was stunning standing there at the
door. I felt junior begin to really push to break the shackles. She began
to walk towards me and my blood ran cold as my heart slowed down to a
crawl, God why wasn't the air reaching my lungs?

She came to me and her fingers began to caress my face, they came to
rest below my chin and urged me forward and our lips met. God could she

Her arms went around my head as we immersed ourselves into the kiss, her
tongue probed my mouth and mine hers. I felt a hand of hers on my groin as
she began to stroke my hardening penis over the pants. I placed held out
my drink with Bob took from my hands and I began to feel her breasts,
undoing the buttons he had left. Her shirt was now open and I eased her
breasts out of the bra cups. I took her nipples between my fingers and
began to pinch them and knead them, the more I squeezed the deeper she

When we broke the kiss we were panting and in her eyes I saw something
that reflected what I felt, pure unadulterated need.

"Gosh! That was some performance the two of you put up. Something
tells me you two are going to get on famously" Bob said as he ushered us
back into the house.

This time I sat next to her on the couch and was also included in the
kissing and petting that was going around. However I needed more and I
guess she realized it too. She slid off the couch as Bob and me were
talking and releasing my straining organ began to suck on it. As she blew
me her fingers lightly played on my balls stimulating them and urging them.
She did nothing to keep the slurping sounds quiet and with seconds they
were the only sounds in the room.

She had the attention of both of us as we watched an expert in action.
As she sucked on my organ she raised her eyes to meet mine and kept sucking as her eyes held mine as if in a vice like grip.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bob get up and come behind her and
began to remove her pants, then he helped her out of her shirt or whatever
little was left of it. Soon she was stark naked and as she continued
sucking me I admired her near perfect body.

Bob dropped his pants and if his engorged dick was any indication of the
effect our performance - it was awesome. She got on her knees so her back
was turned up for me. He slid his penis into her and began to work up a
steady rhythm on her. She was now grunting along with the slurping sounds
she made as she was sucking me.

Bob kept pushing into her and his momentum forced her to take more of my
penis into her mouth and soon with each stroke I could feel the back of her

I reached below her and began to play with her breasts, pinching and
pulling on her nipples. She grunted and groaned with each pounding that
she got.

Suddenly without a warning Bob pulled out of her and left the room. It
did not in anyway slow her down as she kept moving her lips over my penis
and with her hands she kept up the pumping motion. When Bob returned he
had a jar of Vaseline in his hands. He knelt behind her and entered her
cunt. The ease with which he penetrated her showed just how wet she had
become. He began moving in and out of her until her acheived a rhythm and
then opened the Vaseline and taking a generous helping of it on his fingers
began to push it into her asshole.

At first he was pushing with one finger and when it was slick enough he
maintained a in and out motion for sometime. By now Natalie was sucking,
grunting and screaming all at the same time.

When the pumping of his finger got easy he pushed in one more finger,
gently but surely expanding her hole. Soon he had three fingers in her and
when he thought she was ready he nodded to me.

I pulled out of her mouth and he pulled out of her cunt. She let out a
complaining moan at being empty. He lay on the floor and she got up and
straddled him and slid onto his penis. Once she had taken him in
completely she bent over so I had a clear go at her ass. I spread some
Vaseline over the tip of my penis and began to work it in. Bob had done a
good job on her and I did not find it too difficult to go all the way in.

Once i was there I began to bang into her which in turn got her fucked
by Bob.

"Yes, harder, harder" she cried as I increased the tempo of my thrusts.

"Oh! God I'm cumming", she called out.

The pleasure and ecstasy in her voice sent the two of us over the edge
as we let loose torrents of our seed into her.

After I'd finished dumping my load I rolled off her and she off Bob.

"God that was good", she panted.

"Two more days with this babe", was the thought running through my mind.

Tell me if you liked this story. If you did I'll take it further.


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