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BOBBIE hurt and must have showed


Bobbie (m/TG)

(Author’s note: the theme of this story is totally different than my
usual fare but it has been rattling around my brain and I needed to get it
out. Hope you like it. Let me know)

I’ve always been intimidated by women. They scare the shit out of me.
And maybe that’s why I’m a computer geek. I feel safer around computers
than people. In high school, I dated but never had more than one date with
any girl. Word got around that I was a geek and a bore; the same for
college. I had to go to a prostitute to lose my virginity and it felt like
I was masturbating; only not using my hands.

After college, and because of my computer skills, I was offered a high
powered job with a start-up It keeps me so busy so I don’t have
time for a social life (thank god). All my time is spent with my machines.
The only time I go home to my apartment is to shower and change clothes.

I had just finished a major project and decided to celebrate by going to
a club that my co-workers constantly mentioned. Getting a drink, I sat at
the bar. It was a typical non-descript club that was packed. Any move you
made pushed your crotch into someone’s ass, be it male or female. I never
understood why men and women came to these places to get roaring drunk only
to go home alone. I felt safe here; I was just a face in the crowd until
my eyes found the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. Turning her
head slightly, her eyes found mine and a shiver ran thru my body. I was
locked into her eyes and she made no attempt to break contact. She smiled
and moved out of view. I was in love. In those few seconds of eye
contact, I knew I could spend the rest of my life with her. The only
problem was that I would never see her again. Turning back to my drink, I
memorized her eyes and what I had seen of her face. I would be
masturbating to that face; the body, I would fill in.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, she was standing there,
smiling. Smiling at me! I was, again lost in her eyes. Tearing my gaze
away, I looked at her face. She had an oval face that was framed with long
black hair. Her make-up accentuated her gorgeous eyes and full lips. Her
shoulders were bare except for thin spaghetti straps that held up her low
cut red top. Her large breasts were held in place by a strapless bra and
her nipples showed through the flimsy material like hard erasers. Her legs
were encased in Capri pants that seemed to be sprayed on. Holding out her
hand, she introduced herself as Roberta but wanted to be called Bobbie.
Taking her hand, I mumble my name back at her, looking at the floor. I
hadn’t let go of her hand and she pulled me to my feet say “Let’s dance”
and dragged into the crowd.

The music had changed to a slow tune and she wrapped her arms around my
waist and pulled me to her. Her breast against my chest made my dick
harden and when she ground her crotch against me, I thought I was going to
cum. Feeling awkward, I tentitively put my hands around her, barely
holding her.

Laying her head on my shoulder, she whispered “I know what you are
looking for” finishing with a lick to my ear. A shivered ran from my head
to my toes.

“What” I croaked, afraid to say anything else.

Then she said one word that made me come in my pants.


“Oh, god,” I moaned.

Her hand found my crotch and its wetness. Lifting her head off my
shoulder she looked me in the eye. She had bewitched me; I would do
anything she asked. All she had to do was ask.

“Let’s get out of here” she said dragging me towards the door.

Outside, she hailed a cab and dragged me in. She gave an address and we
were off. I was in a daze. How could a woman so beautiful be interested
in a geek like me? She was talking but I barely heard her. I amazed
myself that I would do anything for this woman keep her in my life. I was
deeply and hopelessly in love with her and I didn’t even know her!

Entering her apartment, she led me to the sofa. Curling up in my lap I
looked into her eyes again, making melt all over again. “I’ve been
searching a very long time for you too” she cooed as if she could read my
mind. Placing a hand on her breast, she kissed me. My cock was concrete
and was jabbing her in the thigh.

Pulling away, she pushed my head into her cleavage. “Mommy’s here,
baby” she cooed. I felt so safe, safer that I ever felt. I needed this
woman in my life. Again, I told myself that there was nothing I wouldn’t
do to keep her. Moving my head, she slipped the straps off her shoulders
and pulled her top down to her waist. Next, she unhooked her bra, letting
her breasts feel the air.

Again, freezing me with her eyes she moaned “Baby, Suck her tits. Will
you do that for me?” I could deny her nothing and my mouth attached itself
to her left nipple.

“Oh, baby, that’ so good. Now the other” pulling me off one tit and
forcing me to the other. I was in heaven. This woman was letting suck her
tits. I had never gotten to first base with a female, let alone 2nd. I
was head over heels in love.

Gently removing my mouth from her, she got off my lap. Her eyes were
closed and her hips were swaying as she peeled off her pants. Underneath,
she wore pink lacy panties. I stroked myself thru my pants, enraptured in
this beauty before me. Her hips still swaying to some unheard music, she
rolled her panties down her thighs till they fell to her ankles. Her bush
was as dark as the hair on her head. She swayed closer to me. Mesmerized
I stared at her crotch. When she was right in front of me when she spread
her legs and I got the surprise of my life.

From between her legs, a 10 in hard cock and a pair of balls emerged. I
was repulsed and turned on at the same time. Here was the woman of my
dreams and she had a cock! I wrestled with my emotions as she swayed back
and forth in front of me. Her girl cock point at me, daring me to make a

Looking up at her face, she was smiling and once more I got lost in her

“You want suck me, don’t you” her eyes seem to say. I was lost in her
beauty and I surrendered. Leaning forward, I kissed the head of her cock.
She moaned “I knew you were the one”

Getting bolder, I took as much of her girl cock into my mouth as I could
and held it there. Her hand found my head and stroked me, cooing, “Yes,
baby, suck my clit” I wanted to please her more than anything in the world.
I tried taking all of her in my mouth but I started gagging. From above,
“Breath through your nose and relax your throat, honey” I did and it
worked, her clit slid down my throat with ease.

“Now pull your mouth back and pucker your cheeks” I did this too. My
only thoughts were to please my love, my savior. It didn’t matter that I
was sucking a cock. Giving this her pleasure was all I could think of.

I was totally focused on my cocksucking. Down my throat then pucker and
pull away over and over again. In those few short minutes, I came to like
sucking on her boyclit. It made me feel warm. I was pleasing my love as
her moaning got louder and her hips moving, forcing more of her down my
throat. Just when I was really getting into it, she pulled away from me.

I was hurt and it must have showed. She kneeled between my legs and
kissed me again. When I opened my eyes, I found myself again drowning in
the blue pools of her eyes. Her hands had undone my belt and zipper and
were pulling my pants completely off. My erection, momentarily, get caught
in my shorts. Never losing, eye contact, she whispered. “This is going to
hurt, baby, but it will soon be the most pleasurable thing imaginable.” I
had no idea what she was talking about.

Lifting my legs, she rammed her cock up my ass to the hilt. I screamed
and screamed and screamed. I felt like I was split in two. My cock
wilted. Somewhere through the pain I heard her voice.

“Baby, look at me” over and over. Fighting the pain, I struggled to
look at her. When I found her eyes, the pain went away leaving me with a
feeling of fullness. Not moving her cock in me, she started talking in a
sultry voice: I’ve found you; you’ve found me. That’s all that matters.
I’m your soul mate and you are mine. Just because I have tits and a cock
doesn’t matter. You need mothering and I need to mother. We have been
searching for each other for a long time and now we each are complete.”

Then she leaned down and kissed me with all the passion she possessed. I
kissed her back in kind. Pulling away, I moved to her ear and whispered
“Fuck me, cum in side me. I am yours forever.”

Still holding each other tight, she started fucking in and out of me.
The pain returned but was soon replaced by a warm glow in my belly. My
cock had returned to life and rubbed against our bellies. She picked up
speed and I wrapped my legs around her. I wanted to be possessed. I knew
she was right. I wanted her to take care of me and in return I would take
care of her. I completely surrendered!

“FUCK ME!” I cried. “POSSESS ME!” I screamed.

She responded by fucking me harder, ramming her girl cock in and out. I
was consumed with lust. I wanted to feel her cock in my belly. My hips
moved to meet her thrusts. My legs kicked at her. I wanted her to fuck me
silly. I need her cum to coat my guts. She was pounding away at me. Her
head buried in my neck; her breaths coming faster and faster; her hips pile
driving into me but I wanted more. I wanted to taste her cock in my mouth
from the bottom. Her cock felt so good in me, my asshole spasming giving
pleasure to both of us. I was insane with lust. The only thing I was
aware of was her cock and my hole.

“DEEPER, FILL ME WITH YOUR LOVE” I screamed! Her hips tensed and I felt
her love shoot into me.

spewing my seed between us as I squeezed my asshole around her cock,
milking her for every drop.

For the first time in my life I felt alive and whole! I swore I never
would lose it

Epilogue: The next day I made arraignments to telecommute and moved in
with Bobbie. She goes to work and I work from home. She takes care of my
emotional needs and my mouth and my ass take care of her physical needs.
What more could a man want?

Tyler Thane



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