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BOPEEP sucking out intestines every time


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

We need your help. Little Bo peep Agency has lost its
secretaries and doesn't know where to find them. Could one of them be
you? Temporary assignment. Top pay.
The notice was faxed to the office and caught my attention. I
had personal days coming and I could always use a little extra cash. I
guess I should have trusted my instincts when I went to Bo peep and
felt more like I was in a meat market than in interview. But they
promised $250 a day and I lost my caution in thoughts of the windfall.
I was excited when I got my first assignment in one of the
skyscrapers downtown. I was to report to a Mr. Jennings.
I called my regular job and was off on my adventure. Mr.
Jennings told me I'd be his personal assistant and made me feel special.
He made me feel like I would make a difference to the company.
When he put his arm around me as we walked in his office, I felt like I
was his buddy.
I didn't notice how much work we weren't doing as he talked
on about opportunity, and new horizons. I didn't even notice how
friendly he was getting until he sat in his high-backed leather chair and
pulled me onto his lap.
"Now, now, now, what's this?" he asked as I struggled, "I said
we were going to work closely."
"I didn't come here for this," I snorted, but he just slid his hand
inside my blouse- inside my bra.
"Oh yes you did," he said, "Why else do you think a temp gets
$250 a day?"
That made me freeze in my struggles. It was a lot of money,
and it explained why I felt the interviewer was undressing me with his
eyes. I hadn't given in, but I didn't stop Mr. Jennings as he played with
my tits under my clothes.
"I never heard anything about this," I protested, "They didn't
say I had to put out for my bosses."
"Well I say you do," Mr. Jennings said in a nasty tone. "Now
cut the crap and go back to the nice, friendly little girl you were or I'll
make you sorry."
He scared me. I tried to get off his lap, but his arms clamped
around me like steel. As I continued to struggle he picked me up and
shoved me face down over his desk.
"I told you about this," he growled, "I warned you to straighten
He threw my skirt over my back and ripped my panties down.
Then he moved up behind me, trapping me against the heavy oak desk
with his naked thighs and holding down my shoulders with one hand.
He used the other hand to rub his cock in the crack of my butt.
"You could have made this so easy," he spat at me, "I was
thinking about giving you a tip, you seemed so in tune with what I
I was sobbing by then. It was useless to struggle. I had tried
and tried and I hadn't gained an inch. No one had answered my calls. I
knew I had been abandoned to my fate.
"I won't fight you any more," I sobbed, "You can let me up if
you want."
"I like you where you are," he said and pushed his manhood inside me, "You can suck me later to demonstrate this new contrition."
He wasn't nice about it. This was just about him. I was not
ready and his thrusting was rubbing me raw inside. Not that he cared.
He was fucking me deep and hard while I wobbled on unsteady legs in
my awkward position.
All I could do was grip the desk for support and pray it
wouldn't take him too long to besmirch my pussy with his cum. I ran
out of prayers long before he ran out of lust. He sped his fucking
slowly and then it seemed he pounded in and out of me like a mad man
for ten minutes before he finally rammed me into the edge of the desk
hard enough to bruise me and shot his wad up inside me.
But even the relief when it was over was tainted. As I breathed
my sigh of relief, I suddenly remembered that he expected me to
comply with his wishes now. I was trapped. If I reneged on my
promise to be docile, I knew he'd be violent again. And the thought of
acting out his sick fantasies made me physically ill.
He didn't give me long to puzzle over my predicament. He
dropped back into his chair with his pants still around his ankles and
started ordering me around.
"Now you're going to take the other kind of dictation," he
smirked at me, "Grab a pad and get up in that chair."
I had to. I picked up the steno pad and a pen and then moved
over to the chair.
"No," he froze me and then ordered, ":face the other way.
Kneel in the chair leaning over the back and spread those legs as far as
you can."
He was looking directly into my pussy when I got in that
position and it seemed I could feel his eyes crawling over me like
ants. I could feel his semen running down and I knew he would be
watching as his seed dripped out of me.
"Now take a memo," he smirked, "Mr. Jennings- colon-
Hmmmm..." he trailed off in a way that made my blood freeze in my
heart. Knowing where his gaze fell, I could imagine why he paused
"Bo peep mild success," he started up again, teasing me with
the words he made me write, "Better visual than in action. But let's not
throw out the barrel until we sort out the bad apples. Suggest
comprehensive screening this office before we commit long term. This
package leaves possible perks up in the air. Yours, etc.''
"Now honey, take out your tits, spin that chair around and read
it back to me," he instructed.
I think he was enjoying the fact that he was forcing me to do
things I didn't want to. I think he would have had any girl do the same
things, but I think it was an extra charge that it embarrassed me so
much. I opened my blouse and lowered my bra so my breasts hung
over the back of the chair and then reached over to the desk to swivel
the chair so he could observe my handiwork.
I tried to concentrate on the page as I read the 'memo' back to
him, but I could feel his eyes on me. I accidentally peeked up once and
saw him stroking his dick with lazy strokes as he watched me. When I
finished reading he paused and then told me to type it up. As I backed
out of the chair and stood up, he stopped me.
"Oh, that will never do. Come here," he told me and when I
was standing in front of him, he reached around my waist and pulled
my skirt back up to tuck it in the waistband so I would remain
"You don't want to get that nice skirt messy," he grinned at me.
I hadn't worked on a an actual typewriter in years. It was like
using an antique. I couldn't even figure how to turn it on at first. He
just watched with the same smirk on his face as I struggled with the
ancient machine. When I had finished, he motioned for me to bring him
the page.
"Pretty bad," he said, actually looking in my eyes for once, "In
fact, it is horrible. I can't use inferior stuff like this. Now I don't want to
fire you, so I'll give you a choice. I can emphasize the need for you to
pay more attention to your work by spanking you, or you can show me
you're sorry and will do better by kneeling down and sucking my
He had it down, I had to give him that. It was a thinly disguised
case of do what I want or suffer. I knew he'd be turned on no matter
what happened and my only choice was which pair of cheeks I wanted
to burn. I could suffer his heating my butt cheeks or the blush of
embarrassment on my other cheeks as I became subservient to his
I knew he was going to fuck me again in any case, so I took the
easy way out. I dropped to my knees between his knees and looked up
at him.
"I'm sorry and I'll try to make it up to you," I said in my best
baby-doll voice.
He reached up to pat me on the head like a favored dog, but the
pat quickly became a push as he forced my head down into his lap. I
licked him, but I wasn't going to fight his hand to put his prick in my
mouth. When he moved his hand I did take him in my mouth and suck.
"Make it nice and hard, I've got a place I want to hide it," he
chuckled at me.
The more pleased with himself he sounded, the more sure I was
that I was going to unravel the mysteries of anal sex very soon. What
else would I expect on a day like this had turned into. Anticipating that
rude intrusion made my asshole clench and I tried to imagine what it
was going to feel like. The only thing I was sure of was that it wasn't
going to be pleasant.
Then the intercom buzzed and he pressed the button. "Mr.
Herlin to see you," it buzzed.
"Under the desk," he snapped and I backed into the well as he
pressed the button again and said, "send him in."
He rolled under the desk to hide his naked lap and reached for
my head as I heard the door open. Obviously, I was to be blowing him
while he did business. He got down to business and so did I. Taking
the meeting was a favor to me. It seemed every movement of my
mouth had double the effect on his growing cock. A few quick bobs of
my head had him hard and twitching and suddenly I re-evaluated my
Why was I so happy to have him ready faster? As soon as
Herlin left, my butt was history. I decided to walk the skinny road and
hope I could suck him off before he could finish his meeting. If I
failed, I knew my butt was in for instant opening and probably a fast,
hard ride. If I got the job done, I thought there was a good chance he'd
be pleased with cumming while his associate stood there oblivious.
I never had a chance. He got rid of Herlin in two minutes and
then pulled me by the hair as he rolled his chair away from the desk I
stumble-crawled after him as fast as I could, hung on his cock like a
trout on a hook.
"Now you seem like a bright girl," he told me, never letting my
mouth budge from his prick, "I think you know what I want now. I'll
let you run the show as long as you stay on track, but fuck up and I
take over and do it my way."
He was toying with me, making me tread some invisible line.
But I knew he was as good as his word if I didn't try.
"You might find something you need in the top left drawer," he
told me as he released my head.
I looked and in the clutter was a half-used tube of K-Y jelly. I
decided I could play too. I didn't take the tube out right away. Instead I
pushed my butt back at him. I tried to make my ass open for him just
by flexing my thighs and then I wiggled my butt at him. Mr. Jennings
wasn't saying anything, so I guessed I was doing all right. I even forgot
my embarrassment a little as I slid my hands back and pulled my
cheeks open for him.
I had to do it sometime. The thought still made me flinch, but I
forced myself to touch my asshole. It wasn't so bad once I had
touched it. Then the taboo was passed and it was easy to rub the
crinkly muscle. Pushing my finger inside was self-defense. I wanted
my anus to get used to accepting deliveries where it normally made
shipments. It also got me used to the way to make my asshole open.
Then I got out the K-Y and I heard Jennings chuckle. He stood
up in anticipation as I squeezed the jelly on my finger. I wanted it
greased good before he opened my ass for the first time. I put most of
the jelly inside my ass and then went back for more to rub around the
ring of muscle. Then I faced the grinning man and stared him in the
He flinched when I squeezed a ribbon of the cold jelly on his
dick and then smiled as I rubbed it around the rock-hard organ. He was
looking forward to fucking my ass as much as I was fearing it. Then I
turned, rubbed my jelly-slick hand up and down my asscrack one last
time and braced for him.
I felt him come closer, but I didn't feel that fatal press of his
cockhead. Then I realized he was going to let me guide him through
the entry as well, as long as I pleased him. I reached back and put him
to my own asshole. Acting as my own executioner, I pushed back.
It's not going to work! I can't! I just can't! Those were the
thoughts that flooded through my head at the first panic-inducing
attempt to push him inside me. With all my bearing down and thinking:
open, open, open, it was still like hitting a brick wall. It was worse
then losing my virginity. At least the first cock got into my cunt before
he had to thrust me open. I was having trouble even getting him the
tiniest bit inside.
But a deeper dread took control of my hysteria. I knew he
would grab me and force his cock inside me if I couldn't manage on
my own. I knew I had to do whatever it took. Perhaps that fear pushed
me too far away from caution. He stumbled from the force of my
lunge as I drove back on him. But it worked. Much to my greater pain
it worked. It was a feeling of violation that surpassed the tearing
feeling as his cockhead pushed open my back door. It was a feeling of
being possessed that transcended the nausea I felt as I contributed to
this unnatural act.
My overwhelming reaction was embarrassment as his dick gave
me non-specific feelings of a social faux-pas. My bowels were insulted
even as my asshole was screaming about the pain. And I knew I still
had to let him ravage me deep inside with God-knows what
excruciating agony waiting for me.
I pushed again and this time at least there wasn't the explosion
of sensation I had felt before. It was more of a gagging, gut-cramping
kind of intrusion that made me feel too full and unable to hold more.
But there was more and I pressed back to slowly let his huge tool slide
into my protesting bowels. When I finally pushed back to hit his thighs,
he congratulated me.
"Now you want me to take over?" he asked and I capitulated.
It was too much work to impale yourself. I just hoped he
would take it easy on me. After all, it was as tight on his cock as my
asshole was stretched.
The only good news was that my anus adjusted to his girth. He
didn't continually tear me as he slid his organ in and out of my ass. But
it was a rude bumping. I felt like he was beating my kidneys with
every in-thrust and sucking out my intestines every time he pulled
back. And that was while he was being gentle. As the heat and
tightness aroused him,. he forgot the niceties. He began ramming me
like I was a dog and I lost track of the subtleties in the thudding of his
belly on my backside and the stabbing of his rod in my guts.
He let me go early after he was done fucking my ass. As if that
was somehow supposed to make up for the way he used me. I never
went back for another position, even if the $250 would have come in
handy from time to time.


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