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BOPEEP2 thick plug meat exploring


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

New Job
We need your help. Little Bo peep Agency has lost its
secretaries and doesn't know where to find them. Could one of them
be you? Temporary assignment. Top pay.
The notice was faxed to the office and caught my attention. I
called the number and found out they paid $250 a day for their temps. I
was instantly out of there and walking in the door of the Little Bo peep
The guy that took my application was a little creepy, but I
wasn't going to be working for him. A guy named Jennings was going
to have that pleasure starting tomorrow.
Jennings was a little pushy, but he was obviously the guy in
charge. And his office was a knock out with this heavy real, solid
wood furniture and leather everywhere. I had certainly fallen into it.
His girl in the outer office seemed a little stiff, but Jennings
treated me like I was a queen. He escorted me into his office like I was
a client rather than an employee. He wanted me comfortable and didn't
seem to be in any hurry to get to work. I certainly wasn't going to push
When he sat beside me on his overstuffed leather couch, the
scuzz alarm in my head went off. I could tell where he was heading,
but I evaluated the situation and decided $250 was a good wage for a
little slap and tickle.
"Mr. Jennings," I said straight out, "I can see where you're
heading with this."
He tried to smooth over that, but I didn't allow the interruption.
"I think it might go better if you sit there and I get more
comfortable," I went on, getting up from the couch.
He liked my lacy black bra. I decided to let him get a good
look at it while I toyed with sliding my skirt down over my hips. I did
a little turn for him in my pantyhose and bra and he smiled. When I
stripped to my high heels, I went over and danced my nude body right
in front of his face.
He enjoyed that for a minute or two and then reached right out
and slid his hand between my thighs. He cupped my mound for a
moment and then slid a finger inside me. I wriggled on his finger like
his finger wriggled inside me, cooing.
"Well, doll I can see we're on the same page," Jennings said, "I
think we can let the work slide for a little while and get to know each
other better."
He took his finger out of me and stood up.
"One last little job," he grinned, "Could you help me with these
buttons and this zipper?"
He liked the way I undressed him even better than the way I
undressed myself. I think that was from the way I was touching him as
I slipped his clothes off. By the time I got his pants down his dick was
hard and standing proud. I let it slip into my mouth as I pushed his
pants to his ankles for just a teasing taste of my blow job. I think he
liked the sample, but when I got him naked he lifted me up and
brought me around to sit on his naked lap.
He started playing with my tits and I could feel his cock throb
underneath my butt. His dick jerked a little every time his hands on my
tits made me sigh with pleasure and that meant it was twitching almost
constantly. He finally couldn't stand it and had me part my thighs so his
rod could pop up between them. Then he pulled my legs together again
so his cock rubbed on my pussy as he stroked my tits.
"I don't want to shock you," he started, "so tell me if I'm off
base. I think you like all sorts of kicks."
Well, I have given a lot of things a shot. I described some of
the encounters I have had, going a little heavy on the spanking and
bondage thing I thought he was driving at.
"And have you ever made it with another woman?" he asked.
Well, no. I had never gotten to that. But I told him I would try
anything once.
"Then let's get Miss Stocker in here," he said and lifted me off
his cock and off his lap.
"You sit up there," he said, motioning to the front of his desk,
"Put your heels on the edge and lean back so I can play with your tits
some more."
When I was flashing a wide open beaver at the door and laying
back with my head on his shoulder, he flipped the intercom switch and
said, "Miss Stocker, could you step in here."
His fingers went to my nipples and he had me moaning again
by the time Stocker opened the door and stepped into his office. She
paused in mid-stride for a fleeting moment and then looked up at
"Be my guest," he said and Stocker underwent a complete
change before my eyes.
The prim little stiff woman became a heavy-featured lust-driven
harridan with the look of a vampire in her eye. She moved forward
smoothly, as if she was on wheels and knelt in front of the desk with
her face in the apex of my crotch.
Who wouldn't like this? I asked myself as her tongue sought
out my secrets and noted each time this lick or that stab made me catch
my breath. She read me like a book. By the time Jennings slowly
lowered me to the desk, she had memorized my favorites and played
me like a symphony. Every movement of her tongue was for effect and
I hardly noticed as Jennings stuffed his dick in my mouth. I sucked his
dick because it was there, my mind lost in the delicious treats Stocker's
tongue was serving my twat.
"Now Peg, I hope you remembered your uniform," Jennings
said to his secretary.
I tried to gasp as her mouth left me, but it was more of a gulp
around the thick plug of meat exploring my throat. She stood and lifted
her short skirt to reveal stockings and a garter belt with her panties put
on over the rig. As we watched, she slid those panties off and showed
off her luxurious black bush.
I figured I was expected to return the favor and readied myself
to deliver the same treatment I had received. Instead, Jennings pulled
his cock from my mouth and pushed me up to a sitting position on the
"Turn around here with your pussy toward me," he instructed.
He had me hang my butt just off the desk and pushed my legs
straight up in the air. Then when I was sure he was going to drive his
dick straight up my cunt, he called Stocker over. He turned over
custody of my ankles to Peg and grinned at her. She pushed my legs
apart far enough that she could get between them and then pressed her
pussy to mine. Trusting her position to hold my legs in place, she let
go and bent over me to launch a tongue war.
Her somewhat smaller breasts were firm against mine as she
squirmed over me and our tongues twined. Her bush became an
insistent tickle as her hips rocked on mine. Then I realized the new life
to her motion was caused by Jennings ramming his dick into her twat.
She kept me quite excited with this grinding on my mons, so when
Jennings decided it was my turn, I was quite ready for his cock to slide
into me.
He displaced Stocker a little to get to me, but that was all right
since his thick organ was a fine replacement for her mound rubbing on
mine. He brought me to the brink and then deserted me to pull Stocker
back for her turn. I finally came as her cunt pounded urgently on mine,
obviously nearing her own moment of climax.
I had to give it to Jennings, even with our head start, it was
quite a feat to satisfy us both. But even as Stocker came, a totally
different look came over her face. Her mouth opened in a soundless
scream or gag. Her eyes went wide and then squeezed shut and her
hips stopped all moving.
Then she was moved on me, not on her own, but in the control
of Jennings' thrusts. Then I realized her change in expression came as
Jennings withdrew his cock from her cunt and pushed it up her ass.
Her shocked expression remained as he butt-fucked her, but she began
to respond to his driving dick. Now he was pounding her on me and
she was rubbing back as she pushed her ass back on him.
I worried about my turn, but Jennings seemed content to ram
his secretary's asshole harder and faster until I heard him grunt several
times and then felt his weight join Stocker's on top of me.
We unpiled one by one, and when I could sit up I saw Stocker
sitting on Jenning's lap in the leather executive chair.
"She said you got her lezzie cherry," he said to her.
"So how did you like your first experience with another
woman?" Peg asked me.
"It was great," I said, overstating a little, "You found me out
real quick and it was like we'd been lovers for years."
"Women can do that," Peg smiled, "For one thing we know
where to start."
"I imagine Peg could be talked into letting you return the
favor," Jennings said and lifted one of her legs to spread her open for
me, "And I think I could allow it if we reach a little agreement."
This time I was pretty sure where he was heading.
"Will you grease mine first?" I asked and Jennings laughed.
"You are a bright one. Yes, of course, and I'll take you nice and
slow if you want that too," he said, "But I want you to start on her
while she's sitting here- and every once in a while pay me a little lip
service. When I'm ready again I want you to lick her cunt and my balls
at the same time while I'm buried inside her."
The mercenary half of me was calculating that he had just
about run through the $250 he was paying, but the curious, lustful rest
of me figured it would be enough fun to make up for it. I rocked Peg
through one orgasm with the help of his hands stroking her tits and he
was just about ready. He was ready enough that Peg managed to stuff
him inside her and I licked her clit and his balls as instructed until he
pushed her off of him.
"Show her the good part of butt-fucking," he told her and Peg
climbed on the desk and lay down on her back with her head facing
"Come over here," she instructed and when I got close enough,
she positioned me with my legs spread over her face.
I let my legs slide farther and farther apart until my cunt rested
on her tongue and she pulled me over and directed my face into her
own crotch. I felt Jennings lubricate my asshole, but I was lost in the
oblivion of Peg's tongue and my own work on her clit.
Jennings' entry was a wake up call. He wasn't brutal, but he
was firm as he put his cock to my asshole and pressed. He kept
pressing as the head slid in. He kept pressing as he slid, inch by inch,
deeper into my rectum. And then he was as deep as he could get and
my tongue went wild on Peg's clit.
I knew what was coming next. I get fucked in the ass quite a
bit. I don't ask for it, but I give in and it seems guys always want to
take me that way. But this time was different and Stocker's tongue
licking me while it happened promised to turn a just tolerable fuck into
one that was at least mildly pleasurable. And I urged her to the best of
my ability with my tongue in her own pussy.
It was like a chain reaction. She responded, I responded and
Jennings took advantage of the rock of my hips to pull back and slam
his dick full length up my nether hole. He continued to take me at full
length as Peg slipped a finger inside me and circled her tongue on my
I couldn't stop from shaking my hips on Stocker's delicious
tongue and Jennings used that motion of my butt to fuck me all the
faster. He grabbed my hips and plunged into me like a piston as Peg
finger-fucked my cunt in counter-point. I felt like my whole bottom
half would explode. When I came I actually rammed into Jennings
harder than he was ramming into me.
But he wasn't done. He kept thrusting, interrupting my
afterglow. Then he started jamming me with short, hard, measured
bursts that threatened to lift my feet from the floor.
"It's there, it's there, get her up," he gasped to Peg and she
nearly threw me off her body and to Jennings.
He caught my head and pulled me down so he could shove his
cock in my mouth. I sucked because I didn't want to find out how he
could make me and he came off within a dozen strokes. While he
jetted the thick, salty seed in my mouth, he held my head still and
fucked unto my throat. He almost giggled when I tickled his cockhead
with my tongue as his prick softened.
Then he let me dress, asked if I'd come back and told me to
take the rest of the day off. Now, my mercenary half figures we broke
even and the rest of me was pretty happy, so I figure I've got Bo peep
on my list and I hope they keep me on theirs for some time to come.


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