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BOPEEP3 sucked the old man was


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

I found the sheep We need your help. Little Bo peep Agency has lost its
secretaries and doesn't know where to find them. Could one of them be
you? Temporary assignment. Top pay.
Okay, I knew. My friend Lisa worked for them once and told
me about the agency. I mean, told me what they really were about. But
$250 a day was enough to go boff some executive type as far as I was
The thing I found weird was that I was sent to the same Mr.
Jennings as Lisa. It was beginning to smell of a set-up. I went in armed
with a little information and the will to use it. I couldn't help but smile
when I saw Miss Stocker. Lisa had told me a load about her.
I played it cool with Jennings for about a minute and a half and
then I just yanked my dress over my head and threw it on the floor.
"Are you ready to give me the dick-tation," I asked as I stood
there in my panties.
"I'm ready for a couple things," Jennings said, "And I think the
first is teaching you a little respect for the boss."
Ooops. My little stunt didn't catch him off-guard at all. I think I
surprised him, but he was so quick on his feet he recovered in no time.
He pulled me to his chair and tossed me across his lap before reaching
for the intercom.
"Miss Stocker, we have a bad girl here," he spoke into the box,
"Will you bring in the proper supplies."
He intended on making it a production number. Stocker came
in with a valise and set in on his desk. As she stripped off her sweater
and skirt, Jenning was reaching into the bag. He clamped nipple clips
on my breasts and cuffed my hands behind my back as Stocker shed
her underwear and reached in the valise for a leather costume of straps
and belts.
I guess I unleashed a special scene for them. But first I had to
go through the routine spanking. You know, welts and screaming, a
hot, red ass and the begging to stop. I promised to do anything if he
would stop hitting me and he stopped with a smile.
"Anything?" he said (what else do they always say?)
I renewed my promise and he pulled me off his lap. I was still
clamped and bound and then I was nude as he yanked my panties
down around my ankles.
"You have been punished, so you know what can happen,"
Jennings threatened, "Now we will teach you respect and if you fail to
learn I will punish you again."
My butt hurt. My hands were cuffed and I was hobbled by my
own panties. Assessing the situation, I guessed I was going to learn
"Do you know what you first mistake was?" Jennings asked.
It wasn't enough I was going to have to go through this kinky
submission scene; he wanted to play twenty questions. I like to have
fun, but I'd rather not be just an object in the joy of others. I was a little
"Being a smart ass?" I took a stab at it and he returned the jab.
"Ouch!" I yelped as he reached up and yanked the chain between
the nipple clamps.
"No, we like aggressive behavior in this business," he
corrected, "You just overstepped into assuming. You ASSUMED that
I wanted you right then."
I was afraid he was going to drag out a blackboard and start
cutting 'assume' into the old ass out of u and me thing, but he wasn't
quite that manic. And that wouldn't have had anything to do with sex.
"We've taken care of the ass part. Now there's only the matter
of you and me," he said and turned to his secretary, "Stocker, please
make her available for me."
Stocker's outfit was a sweet little number all in leather. A base
strap circled her beneath her breasts and two thin straps stretched up
over her nipples in a lampoon of a bra. Beneath the base strap was an
open lattice of leather that ended on a cincher that was wide above the
hipbones and tapered to nearly nothing at the buckle on her spine.
Tendrils of leather hung from the cincher like a skirt but they were
mostly on the sides with no obstruction of either her pussy or her ass.
The cincher also sported a variety of steel rings around it, several of
which Stocker had filled with supplies like a riding crop, a dildo and
some more restraints.
She looked like the handyman from Hell as she took me by the
elbow and led me to the far end of the room. When she slid back one
of the oak panels, I saw Jennings had a playroom. It was more
awesome than fearsome. Nothing looked deadly, but everything looked
state-of-the-art, inescapable and so totally efficient. I would be the
warm, giving part of the pleasure machine.
There was a table with crankable arms, legs and body sections
that would allow someone to be strapped in and then put in any
position, but Stocker didn't lead me there. Instead she took me to a
contraption that looked like a perverted universal gym. What passed
for a seat was a pad about a foot wide set on a 45 degree angle. I could
imagine how uncomfortable it would be to try and keep your balance
on that slope. Obviously I could be hung against it and then struggle to
take the weight off my limbs.
That wasn't the plan this time, however. Stocker pushed me
over it forward and seemed to be eyeing a measurement before she
tossed me back on my feet. She cranked a device down the rails and
then threw me over the pad again.
This time my breasts fell in an opening and hard surfaces hit
my chest above and below them. Stocker then pulled my panties off
and dropped down cables with cuffs on them. She cuffed both my
ankles in the broad leather before she stood and retracted the cables.
I was forced forward as my feet rose from the floor, up and out
until I thought she was going to pull my legs off. I could feel my
position open my cunt and I knew what kind of glee must be coursing
through Jennings as he watched me opened for him.
But that was not enough. Can you say mammogram? Stocker
next closed the panels surrounding my breasts, making sure first to tug
on the nipple clamps to ensure full extension so she could smash my
tits paper-thin between the boards.
Available? I was fucking helpless. My only hope was that my
total immobility would hold through whatever kinky games Jennings
had in mind. Otherwise, I might never have tits again.
"I know this seems like a strange way to teach respect, since
you have no choice, but I think I will instill the will to follow the
instructions I will be giving you throughout your training," Jennings
droned on.
It was his trip. I was convinced. Like he said there was no
choice and I was going to try to make him happy before he though of
something really evil to do to me. I already dreaded the buttfucking I
assumed was coming since I didn't know if I could take it while
remaining totally stock-still for my tits sake.
But I hadn't been thinking of Stocker. Lisa had told me
Jennings liked to buttfuck and Stocker liked women, but she had cast
Stocker as just another plaything.
"Can I spank her now?" Stocker asked.
"Oh, Pam, Pam, Pam, every time you put on the leather, you
get more evil," Jennings said, "Well, I suppose you can give her... six
little welts, but come here and wake up Mr Tool first."
Six little welts, huh. That was just dandy. And I had to
anticipate as 'Pam, Pam, Pam,' sucked the old man. It was boiling up
inside of me, but I held my tongue. I knew they left off the gag only so
I could bring myself more trouble with my mouth.
My mouth was soon put to another use as Stocker finished with
Jennings and walked behind me. In spite of myself I forgot that my
breasts were clamped when the first blow fell. That made me ache on
both ends as my jerk from the fire on my ass shot a fire through my
breasts. I forced myself to stay stationary as the next five fell.
That in itself was a major feat of concentration. Stocker was in
no hurry to exhaust her supply of strokes and paused maddeningly
between them. Waiting for the next blow strained my attention to the
importance or remaining frozen in my precarious position. And then
the pain blazed across my ass again.
I was a quivering mass when the sixth blow finally fell. My
concentration was on the verge of exhaustion. I was passing into some
uncomprehending willess state where I sensed rather than felt Jennings
probing around the opening of my twat. I was open enough for him to
enter me easily.
I must have been drifting in that mildly unhinged reality while
Jennings pushed at my rear. I was shocked out of it when it seemed he
had suddenly grown. The entry that was so easy before was now
stretching me to a new limit.
It couldn't be him. It was too firm to be a real penis in any case.
Then the only thing that made sense was that Stocker was the one
entering me with the unreal cock. Then Jennings confirmed that.
"I think she noticed," I heard Jenning say from farther behind
"Now you realize it sometimes is difficult to do your job,"
Jennings lectured me.
"Respect is doing that job without complaining," he went on.
Now I knew I had to keep my mouth shut no matter how
distended Stocker was forcing my pussy. The dildo was not only wide,
it was deep. It went on and on even after I thought it had found my
Stocker was no more polite with the rubber tool than she had
been with the crop. She pulled it back and rammed it in again,
obviously trying to make me squirm on her faux cock. With my breasts
trapped as they were, that was not an option. I had to remain
submissively still and take it.
When I forgot myself for an instant and yelped at a particularly
nasty thrust, Stocker landed her hand hard on my striped bottom.
"No, Pam," Jennings scolded, "That was a bad thing. You had
your turn."
"She asked for it," Stocker replied, trying to defend her action.
"Wrong, wrong, wrong," Jennings said, feigning tiredness, "I'm
sorry Pam, but you've done it now. I can't train her by letting you get
away with these things. And you know answering back just makes it
worse. Even if I could have just reprimanded you before, that retort
sealed you fate."
This might have been a humorous exchange if I hadn't been
spread-eagled and stuffed with the dildo. It seemed everything and
everyone was fair game for Jennings. Stocker just grunted at his words
and I felt her adjust her position.
She bent over my back and I could feel her tremble, wriggle
and then jerk. It didn't seem like she was moving, but rather being
moved. A series of grunts and a sharp intake of breath later she began
to move in me again. It all came into focus as Jennings talked to her.
"Is that a little lesson for you?" he asked as Stocker was
rammed into me.
"It's a very big lesson, sir," Stocker replied with a quaver in her
"If you can't learn on one end, then I'll teach you at the other,"
Jennings grunted and Stocker was worked in and out of me.
"Yes- unh- sir, teach my ass a lesson," Stocker begged, albeit
It was no picnic for me either. I guessed Stocker was getting
the brutal assfucking I had feared, but Jennings' energetic use of her ass
was making her drive into me with a force that made it impossible to
remain still. Tit torture and twat rip- it was too much to remain silent
through. I let out my first groan even as I was trying to call it back, but
nothing happened. I guessed it was allowed when everyone was busy
It wasn't about me coming. There was something interesting
about the extremes I was being put to that filtered through the pain, but
it wasn't anything like orgasm. I couldn't appreciate the art with which
the situation was constructed, but I understood how arousing it must
have been for Jennings.
And he was getting to drive his cock up his secretary's asshole at
the same time. This was too polished of a setup for me to make a mark
on with my smart mouth. I had overreached myself with this guy.
I knew he was done when Stocker pulled the dildo slowly out
of my cunt. The dildo was still swinging in front of her as she stepped
forward and turned the crank to release my tits. The ache in my hips
seemed to increase as she let my legs lower and it was a few seconds
after my feet hit the ground before I felt like they could bear my
I was relieved but puzzled at being released. I hadn't thought
they would be through with me so quickly. I was right about that.
"I imagine you understand your place here a little better now,"
Jennings said to me as Stocker pulled me up and turned me to face
"Yes sir," I said truthfully, "I know I overestimated my place in
the scheme of things."
"You mean I'm even more like you than you are," Jennings
laughed, "I think I know what you had in mind stripping off like that. It
was an interesting concept, but I thought it was dangerous to let you be
in control."
Maybe he could read minds. The power trip was in the back of
my mind, but I can guess how I would have gotten if he had let me
take control. Of course I knew now that I would have been brought up
short when I tried to press my advantage. This guy was too slick for
me to handle.
Handling wasn't on his mind. After his little speech, he crooked
his finger at me. When I stood in front of him, he pushed me to my
knees and pushed his pelvis at me.
Handling wasn't even an option. My hands were still cuffed
behind my back. I leaned forward and sucked him into my mouth. He
was making me work for it. Stocker's shit was still sour on his cock
mixed with stale cum and I knew I would be sucking awhile before I
even got him hard again.
Stocker crossed and sat on the couch with an evil grin on her
face. I didn't know what was coming next, but the look on her face told
me it wouldn't be pleasant. As usual, I had both over- and
underestimated my predicament. Stocker didn't have to move. I began
to understand shortly.
I think having Jennings' dick in my face made it better. I had
something to distract me a little as the blood rushed back into my tits.
Fire would have been a vacation from the grab-bag of pains that the
returning blood brought. I had felt a kind of relief when Stocker had
released my tits. I didn't know that was just a grace period before all
the pain that had been stored up in them through their compression
came flooding back with the blood supply.
Stocker just grinned all the more each time I winced as I
sucked on Jennings' cock. The sadistic bastard must have noticed it too.
It seemed too convenient that his dick would start to rise just as the
pain made me squirm. Even when the pain died down, the ache
remained and reminded me with every bob on his cock.
When he finally painted my gullet with cum, he lifted me up
and smiled at me again.
"There, I hope that taught you something," he said.
"I learned a lot," I agreed, :but it was a painful lesson."
"The best ones always are," he said, and then added, "I'll give
you another lesson."
When I flinched, he laughed.
"No, no, not that kind of lesson. It's just that I've heard," and he
looked at Stocker, "That ice will lessen the effect of the vice. Stop
swelling and keep the bruising to a minimum."
To that end, he gave me the rest of the day off to go soak my
tits in cold water.
Lisa may go back there, but I'll be thinking twice before I go
through this again for a measly $250.


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