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BOPEEP4 stretch accommodate 22 baby


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

The big Bo babe strikes again
We need your help. Little Bo peep Agency has lost its
secretaries and doesn't know where to find them. Could one of them be
you? Temporary assignment. Top pay.
Secretaries my ass. Advertising for whores, but for secretary
wages. The word's been around. So why did I go? It's decent whore
Guess who? Mr Jennings! So I walk in to see that broad they
talk about- you know, leather queen. And I say to her, "The whore's
She looked at me with a stiff smile and a sparkle in her eye and
buzzed the other office. She had a hushed exchange and she pointed for
me to wait.
"Ahh! the whore's here!" said a man loudly as he opened the
doors of his office and strode into the room. "Well, I'm glad about that.
Come here little lady."
This had to be Jennings I was thinking. He certainly was a
dynamic sort of guy. I walked over to see what he was going to lay on
"I am glad you are here. I've had that room of executives bored
for half an hour. Now you can go in and entertain them," he rattled off.
Like, sure, the old roomful of executives ploy, but I go along
with it. I say, "What kind of entertaining are we talking here?"
"Why? Is the whore particular?" he challenged.
"No, the whore doesn't do group rates, if I got to fuck these
guys, I want more that $250," I said.
"Ohhhhh, how about $500, Ms. Negotiator," he mocked me.
"How many guys?" I asked.
"Five. Six with me, and Pam doesn't count, of course," he
"That's worth $750, but I'll do you all for $600," I countered.
If he wanted to play this little game, I was going to play it hard.
And I wanted to see how he would squirm out of it when I called his
"Done," he said quickly and took me by the elbow, "I think it
would be appropriate to start by getting on the table and stripping.
Then we can let events unfold however they will."
I didn't know if he just liked to play it to the last drop or we
were entering into a fantasy where we would pretend there was an
audience. I knew I would start out with the table strip just to see what
his game was. And I really liked the idea of events unfolding.
Well, they unfolded. He opened the doors and there was a
roomful of men that turned and looked at him and me.
"I think this lady has some charts you'd like to see," he said
and helped me step on a chair and up on the table.
He gave me just a second before he started the raunchy stripper
music. I didn't have time to sort out the fact that the five other men
existed. Luckily I had been rehearsing my strip in my mind as Jenning
had walked me to the room. As I tried to grasp the import of agreeing
to take on six men- and probably a woman, my hands went to my
blouse buttons and I followed the script. When I realized I was little
more than taking off my clothes as I walked back and forth on the
table, I realized that this mechanical style seemed to have them
extremely excited.
Some were obviously excited and I counted three cocks
standing naked out of the flies of their respective owners. And I was
going to fuck six guys. Whew! And it was getting down to it. I was
opening my bra and dropping it disinterestedly at my feet. Another
bend, squat and wiggle and I was going to be minus my panties and
things would- unfold however they will from there. I tried to relax and
remember what it was I liked about the idea of events unfolding.
Fortunately, the idea came back easily as I stood there in high
heels, stockings and a garter belt ready for the first man. It would be
their place to choose him or his place to take me. I strutted up and
down twice before a burly blond man was pushed up at me. I guess he
had won the hardon jackpot because he had cute little chubby one that
he seemed intent on planting inside of me.
He wasn't smooth in getting me down on the table. He more
tackled me than laid me down. He wasn't very patient about getting his
dick inside me either. In fact, he was rather rude about it. The upside
was his hurry extended to fucking me and he only thrust about a dozen
times before he shot off in me.
One down, I thought, taking them as they came. I was doing no
better with the concept of fucking six guys, so I decided to focus on
them as they took me and not try to look ahead. Chubby rolled off me
and two volunteers crawled up on the table. When I saw they intended
to take me at the same time, I vetoed the table. I was going to want a
softer surface soon anyway.
They carried me to the sofa and put me on my hands and knees.
One distracted me by pushing his dick in my face and the other waited
until I was sucking it to put his cock in me from behind. They gave me
room to pull off one of them and onto the other and that's what they
expected me to do. I was the working girl, I was supposed to work at
getting them off.
They may have been doing me a favor by leaving it to me. Sure
it was a little work jamming back on the one guy regular enough while
I was sucking the other one, but at least I was in control. And after the
control came the opportunity to show off a little for the assembled
multitude. When I knew I had the guy in my mouth under my spell, I
started attacking the guy behind me with a flourish.
I pushed back and up and every once in a while added a wiggle
that elicited a groan every time. I had Mr. Mouthdick ready to go
whenever I wanted and I worked harder at getting Mr. Crackfucker to
flood my pussy. Then they ruined my fun. They got up and changed
"Take it easy, now," said the new Mr. Mouthdick, "Make him
cum before me."
I just teased him with my tongue flicking under his cock as the
new Mr. Crackfucker broke tradition and plowed into me. He got real
urgent real quick and I had to start sucking the cock in my face to
make sure I could get him off by the time his pal had spray-painted my
womb jizm white.
I didn't have to worry. The guy I was sucking was pretty near
the edge himself and when the other guy started ramming me real good
all I had to do was go way down on the cock in my mouth to get him
started. The guy behind me started jerking spastically, still trying to
jam his cock into me and I took all of the guy in front into my mouth.
That started his fountain and I sucked him once more before I pulled
him out so his buddies could see his cum splatter on my face.
I was going to lick him clean, but the other guys had other
ideas. I was pulled away by a big guy who pushed me to my knees and
presented his cock for me to suck. It was a nice one. Thick, but not too
thick to wrap my mouth around, and pretty big. It wasn't my job to
arrange me, so I sucked him and waited to see what else was going to
happen. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Stocker sucking Jennings,
but no one seemed to want to interfere with the big guy getting his.
He knew what he wanted. When I got too enthusiastic, he
grabbed my head and slowed me down. He wanted to enjoy the blow
job, but I knew he had more in mind. After a while he pulled me back
so just the head was in my mouth and shook my face. I took the hint
and played my tongue over the knob as I sucked. He let me do that for
a while and then pulled me up.
He plopped down on the sofa and then pointed to his dick. As I
stepped forward, he grabbed my crotch and expertly parted my
pussylips as he pulled me over his erection. I sat. He entered. It was a
nice cock. It filled me nicely without stuffing. It was just about the
perfect size to feel full and not hurting. Then he pushed at my hips and
I started to move.
I knew it was too good to last when I felt the hands pull my
buttcheeks apart. I expected a cock up my ass, but what I got was a
tongue. A quick look around told me it was Stocker kneeling behind
me adding her tongue on my asshole to the cock up my cunt. As I rode
his cock, her tongue slipped farther and farther up my anus. Soon I was
banging her face with every backthrust, ramming her tongue up my ass
as I rammed his cock into my cunt.
I was getting pretty turned on when Stocker left me. The guy
tried to make up for it my reaching up to play with my tits, but I felt
deserted. Then the hands were on my butt again. My pleasure at the
expected return of Stocker's tongue turned to surprise as the knob of a
cockhead was pushed against my anus. Sandwich time, I thought. The
man wasn't rough, but he was firm and steady. He wasn't taking no
from my asshole.
I ground on the cock in my twat purposefully to alleviate the
pressure of my back door being sprung, but nothing distracted me from
the feeling of being the Christmas turkey getting stuffed. When I
finally had them both to the roots, I realized my mouth was gaping and
gulping for air as if making room there would somehow lessen the
engorgement of my two lower orifices.
They both grabbed me and I was no longer required to fuck
them. They were taking care of lifting me up and slamming me back
down on their cocks. In a sense they were masturbating with my body,
but that was of little concern to me who was the body being double
stuffed with their meat.
When they were through excavating out my bottom end, I did a
quick mental count. One, plus two, plus two- that was five and that left
one. I mused why they would have broken it up that way and then I
saw the last guy. It became obvious.
I was sprawled on the couch, my legs gaping open where the
two before had dropped me. When I saw him saunter up, I suddenly
became aware of the invitation my body was posing. I couldn't become
the prim schoolmarm now and cross my legs, but I did wish I was
posed a little less open to him. If I was going to be sacrificed to the
monster swinging between his legs, I wanted him to work for it a little.
Fortunately he understood my fear. I guess he was used to it.
He stepped up close and let his cock swing in front of my face. It didn't
seem like a demand for me to suck it, rather he was presenting it for
me to examine. Maybe he figured I could get used to it that way. It
wasn't a matter of getting used to it. Instead it was the process of
gathering courage to attempt his hugeness. If you remember John
Holmes, you have an idea. This guy looked like John's daddy- John's
big daddy.
And that was as he merely arched towards me in the semi-sleep
of a semi-hardon. I really didn't want to know, but some maudlin
fascination made me touch him to see what this weapon would
become. He didn't respond quickly. It was probably best that it didn't
startle me with a rapid growth. Instead, I could feel the sluggish
stirring as I stroked him. It made me feel brave enough to open wide
and put the head in my mouth.
It was like an avalanche gathering momentum as his huge cock
rose. As it stretched up, I found myself with head forced back by the
length of his growth and I took my mouth away to survey the truly
marvelous specimen he sported. Marvelous if it isn't your body he
plans to deposit it inside.
It was more than a foot long. And that's not a hysterical
overstatement caused by the misjudgment of fear. My fearful
misjudgment would have put it at nearer two feet. In calm reflection I
know the vagina can stretch to accommodate a 22" baby with a head 4"
across, but even in calm reflection I have little desire to go through
childbirth. I had less desire faced with the imminent prospect of such a
But I was outnumbered. He certainly wanted to put that thing in
me and the other five were gathering around like a rooting section.
I suppose I inadvertently aided his cause as I backed away
from him. I had gotten myself in a position where it was easy for him
to pick up my legs and slide his hands down to my ankles. Then he just
picked me up by them and pulled my legs as wide open as he could get
Now he owned everything south of my belt and left the rest to
me. Of course there was little the rest of me could do while he was
jockeying my butt around to get his cock inside me. Mostly I just
braced myself and made faces as his enormous tool slid in and in and
in and never seemed to stop.
We're not talking cervix here. We're talking womb. We're
talking right up there beyond the bellybutton at uterus end. We're
talking not no more room nohow. And then we're talking D&C.
All in all, I guess it was really nice- even a little exciting,
compared to an abortion. But if I had been carrying a child, it would
have been an abortion. That thought stuck in my mind as he ravaged
my feminine recesses, certainly scraping the lining from my womb.
But, in other news, his slamming against my cunt balanced that with an
interesting excitement just a foot from the surgical procedure the rest
of his dick was performing.
I don't know how my cunt separated itself from the rest of me,
but I'm glad it was happy and juicy. I think it was the only thing that
kept him from killing me. I mean, Lord, I was loose already and his
monster cock was still threatening to rip me a cunt/asshole uni-hole
where I used to have two.
He was real pleased with the way he came with that cock
way up inside me. I was just glad he'd cum. They didn't want me to
leave, promising that they wouldn't fuck me anymore if I'd just stand
around naked so they could look at and feel me.
I knew where that would lead, promises or no promises, and no
one mentioned money, so I looked at Jennings and he just nodded.
Stocker took me back to my clothes and cut me a check for $600. When it didn't bounce, I was a pretty happy girl, but I tell you, it'll take
the full $750 for me to even consider something like that again.


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