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BOSS extreme pleasure Her hands went behind


(c) 1999 Lambchop -- This work is copyrighted to the
author, with all rights reserved. -- This work may be
archived and displayed on non-commercial web sites
without permission, but please do not remove the author
name or address. Thank you!

This story is dedicated to my good friend, Kristen Becker, whose help I could
not have done without. You will be greatly missed, especially by me. Big
kisses to you, wherever you are.
Bringing Home The Boss (FFM)
by Lambchop

"Working late again, Leslie?" It was Robert, the computer geek from the cubicle
next to hers. Leslie starred at his deep blue eyes as he spoke. He was an
attractive man, but not quite her type. A little too tall for her taste, but
nicely proportioned. His dress needed a woman's touch, too. But still, those
piercing eyes...

"Always," Leslie, breaking out of her trance, replied with a grin. "If you want
something done right, you have to do it yourself!" She was a typical New York
workaholic, all work and no play, trying to climb the corporate ladder to the

"Okay then, take care, but don't stay too late, Leslie. You have a loving
husband at home waiting for you," Robert reminded her.

"Yeah, good night, Rob." Yeah, right. Loving. More like boring. His eyes
were probably glued to that damn tv right now, watching Monday Night Football,
or whatever the hell was on now. Why did they have to get that stupid cable TV.
It was bad enough with the regular channels, but now, with close to a hundred
channels, the tv seemed to engulf her lover and squeeze the life out of him.

It was no coincidence Leslie had begun working late. The thing that really
pissed her off was John didn't even notice when she began coming home later and
later. Leslie was never much of a cook, so they ordered take out food often.
Most of the time Leslie picked up the food on the way home from work. Since
John was so engrossed in his idiot box, he didn't even notice he was eating
later. Sometimes Leslie wondered what would happen if she didn't come home at
all. Maybe one day she would find out.

It hadn't always been this way. When they were married six years before, their
relationship had been wonderful. The companionship and sharing was good, but
the sex was incredible. Every night, seven nights a week, their bodies would
writhe together, their passion and bodily fluids overflowing, the sounds of
orgasm continuously filling the air. It was raw, sensual passion and lots of
fun, too. But where, she wondered, had it all gone?

Leslie was still in great shape. She studied herself in the mirror on her
cubicle wall. Nice breasts, still pointing straight up like when she was a
teenager. Maybe not as big as she would like, but they were one fine set.
Definitely better than those stupid footballs he preferred to look at. Maybe it
was those anorexic cheerleaders attracting his attention. She would have to
check that out.

She turned around and looked at her trim stomach and behind. She definitely
didn't look 33, yet that's what her driver's license said. "What is it about me
that doesn't interest John anymore?" she wondered.

Just as Leslie was finishing her visual inspection, her boss Sharon appeared at
her cubicle entrance.

"Is everything all right, Leslie?" Sharon asked. "You've been kind of down in
the dumps lately."

"No. I mean, yes. Oh hell, I don't know what I mean," stammered Leslie.

"You look like hell, Leslie. You could really use a night out to unwind,"
observed Sharon. "Why don't you join me for a drink? I was just getting ready
to leave. We could stop by at that cool new place over on 54th street. Drinks
are on me. What do you say?"

"Well... All right, just let me finish up here and we'll go," responded Leslie,
brightening up slightly. She had never had the opportunity to spend social time
with Sharon before. Maybe this could be the start of some new possibilities for
her at the office. She got her coat, logged off her computer, and left the

They walked in silence over to Cornerstones on 54th and Eighth. It was a
wonderful late autumn evening, with just a hint of winter in the air. The city
hadn't gotten any snow yet, and there was a slight chill in the clear cool night
sky. A full moon hung overhead, lighting their path.

As they entered the darkened pub, the warmth engulfed them immediately after the
door closed. Leslie had never been to this place before and the friendly
atmosphere surprised her. She had expected a typical New York bar, filled with
men drinking beer and watching sports. It turned out, however, to be a cozy
little place, almost romantic. Leslie giggled to herself at that thought. Here
I am with another woman and I think the place is romantic.

"Am I really that horny?" she thought, again laughing softly. The closest I've
come to romantic recently has been a kiss from tv boy between innings or periods
or whatever they're called, and then sneaking up to the bedroom for a solo
masturbation session filled with fantasy and longing. Yeah, romantic.

They took a quiet booth in the back and ordered two of the biggest frozen pina
coladas Leslie had ever seen. They came in real pineapples! Strains of soft
rock music flowed gently into their ears, adding to the ambiance. When the
drinks arrived, they both took long sips, each visibly relaxing as the warmth of
the alcohol began to spread through their bodies. The conversation became more
casual and began to flow more easily.

Sharon began telling Leslie about her experiences in the early days with the
company. Sharon had been one of the first women managers at IBC and she liked to
reminisce about those early days. Her stories about people and things from the
past kept Leslie riveted on Sharon. Never before had someone opened up to her
like this. It made her feel good inside and helped her forget some of her own

Leslie studied Sharon's face as she talked. Sharon was a real beauty, thought
Leslie almost jealously. She had the most incredible brown eyes, like deep
pools of rich imported chocolate. Definitely Godiva. Continuing to glance
downwards, Leslie admired Sharon's small gently sloping nose poised above those
full red lips, meticulously outlined in the most expensive lip liner. Perfectly
straight white teeth completed the picture of perfection that fascinated Leslie.

Sharon was wearing a low cut, almost translucent white designer blouse, with the
two top buttons undone and a white lace bra just visible underneath. Leslie
felt her heart begin to beat faster as she let her eyes fall to Sharon's
breasts. "Nice big ones, bigger than mine," thought Leslie, "Just like luscious
cantaloupes." Leslie loved cantaloupes. This strange thought excited her and
she could feel her pussy begin to moisten. "What the hell is the matter with
me?" she thought, "I'm no lesbian!" But she couldn't take her eyes off those
luscious lips, except when they darted down to Sharon's breasts.

Sharon must have noticed where Leslie's eyes were drawn to, because she casually
undid one more button on her blouse, allowing more of her cleavage to show. It
was becoming almost too much for Leslie. The passion and desire were beginning
to overwhelm her.

"So, Leslie, what's going on in your life? What have you been so down about?
Talking about it can only make it better." As Sharon ordered another round of
pina coladas, she whispered something in the waitress' ear. The waitress
smiled, nodded to her, and left to get the drinks.

Leslie wondered what Sharon had said to the waitress, but she didn't want to
appear rude, so she kept quiet. Sharon continued the conversation as if nothing
had happened. When the drinks arrived, the girls again took long sips. They
were much stronger this time, or so they seemed to Leslie. "I'm just being
silly," she thought.

Leslie began telling Sharon about her husband and the TV. "I just don't
understand, Sharon," complained Leslie, "I mean, he just watches tv and goes to
bed. Sometimes he even falls asleep on the couch. Our sex life is really bad.
I've been going through two packs of alkaline batteries a week. I can't take
much more of this. I'm going to go nuts."

Sharon just listened and drank. When Leslie was finished, Sharon told her, "I
think I know what your problem is. My girlfriend's husband was the same way.
Don't take it personally, Leslie. It's not your fault. The problem is that
you're both bored. He's bored with you and you're bored with him. There's no
excitement in your lives."

"I could never leave him, though," said Leslie, "We've been together almost ten
years and I still do love him. It's just that I don't feel satisfied with my
relationship. It's not enough. I need more. A lot more."

"I'm not saying you should leave him, silly!" said Sharon, smiling, "That's the
last thing I'd suggest. Like I said before, my girlfriend Jane had the same
problem and I helped her and her husband get through it. What you both need is
a little variety. With a little effort, you can spice things back up and get
him away from that tv set. All it takes is a little work and the right person
for the job."

"Eh, what are you talking about?" stammered Leslie. She was sure she wasn't
hearing her correctly. It must be the alcohol. How could Sharon help them?
She wasn't talking about joining John and her in bed, was she? The thought
frightened her and yet excited her beyond anything she'd ever felt before. She
shivered with anticipation.

"Simply put, I'm coming home with you tonight. Let's go, I'll get you your
husband back!" commanded Sharon, paying the bill and getting on her coat.

Unsure of herself, yet excited beyond belief, Leslie got up unsteadily and
followed Sharon out of the bar. She was still a little tipsy, wondering how she
had gotten herself in this situation. "Wow!" thought Leslie looking at Sharon's
backside, "What a great looking body. I can't wait to see what she looks like
without those clothes." At this point she had abandoned all her reservations
and decided she had nothing to lose.

The drive home was made in silence. There was obvious sexual tension in the
air. Leslie knew this was either going to be the most incredible experience of
her life or the biggest embarrassment, and the end of her marriage. Leslie
preferred not to think of that. "After all," she thought, "What man wouldn't
want to have sex with two women. Isn't that every man's fantasy?"

As they pulled up into the driveway, they could see the light flickering from
the tv in the living room.

"First, we'll take care of this cable," said Sharon, as she took a pair of
pliers from her car and disconnected the cable from the house.

"Damn it!" was all you could hear come from the house. From John's voice it was
obvious he had had a couple of beers.

As they opened the door, they could see John banging on the TV, trying to get
his reception back. He looked up as Leslie and Sharon entered. "The damn cable
is out again."

"I think I saw a truck down the block working on the lines," mentioned Sharon,
"I'm sure that it'll be up again soon."

John looked up, surprised, when he heard the unfamiliar voice.

"John, this is my boss Sharon," said Leslie, nervously, "Sharon, this is my
husband John."

"Nice to meet you," said John, as he looked Sharon over from head to toe,
lingering at her big breasts.

Sharon gave John the once over. He was taller than her, and fairly muscular.
Not too much flab on those bones. He obviously took good care of himself.
Clear blue eyes the color of a summer sky contrasted with his short blond hair,
fashionably parted and styled. Maybe he couldn't be on the cover of GQ, but he
could be on page 2 or 3.

"Likewise," replied Sharon, leaning over slightly so he could get a better view
of her breasts, "Leslie's told me so much about you. I feel as if I know you
already." She moved close to him, and motioned Leslie over to his other side.
"Since the tv is out, maybe we can all find something to do together," said

John looked shocked. He obviously wasn't sure what to make of this unexpected
development. He looked over at Leslie, who was watching this gorgeous women
almost making a pass at him, and he saw her grinning from ear to ear. "I better
make sure I'm not misinterpreting this," John thought to himself. "You mean you
want to play cards? Or Scrabble?" he asked aloud.

"That's not exactly what we have in mind, is it Leslie?" asked Sharon, licking
her lips.

"No, not exactly," purred Leslie. Her pussy was burning! "I can't believe I'm
going along with this!" she thought to herself.

Leslie and Sharon eased the slightly inebriated John down on to the couch. They
both put their arms around him and took turns kissing him on his lips. He could
feel the heat rising from their bodies, flowing over him. What could these two
have in store for him tonight?

They began undressing him, gently massaging him and stripping him until he was
sitting there totally naked, his cock hard as a rock. Then they turned their
attention to each other. Leslie and Sharon took turns sensuously undressing one
another until they were both standing in bras and panties.

John looked at the visions standing in front of him. All thoughts of tv
vanished from his mind. Leslie never looked more attractive to him. Her pert
upturned breasts with their pink button nipples were enclosed in a purple lace
bra. Her pussy lips were just barely visible under the sheer fabric of matching
purple panties.

John looked at Sharon. Her enormous breasts, barely contained in that white
lacy bra, looked good enough to eat. Her silky white panties above those
shapely, sexy legs, held within them her sweet surprise. He couldn't wait to
see what was underneath.

Leslie and Sharon stood there holding hands for a little while, heightening
John's state of arousal and basking in each other's warmth. The minute electric
shocks passing between the two girls passed directly from their hands through
their bodies straight to their pussies. The scent of feminine arousal was in
the air, intoxicating all three of them.

The girls moved back toward the couch and John. Sharon stood directly in front
of him, while Leslie stood behind her and reached around to unfasten her bra
from the front. As she opened each hook, Sharon's enormous breasts seemed to
quiver with their anticipated freedom. Finally, with the last hook undone, they
broke free from their imprisonment. John starred at the most gorgeous set of
breasts he had ever seen. These were even better than the ones he had seen in
those porno magazines he bought when he was a teenager. Large, round, with
scarlet silver dollar sized nipples standing erect in the cool air. Leslie
sighed as she guided Sharon's left nipple into her husband's mouth.

The hungry look of raw desire on John's face was a sight for sore eyes for
Leslie. This was what she thought she'd never see again from him. The way he
sucked and licked on Sharon's nipple raised her excitement even higher than she
ever thought possible. Leslie found herself drawn to Sharon's other nipple, and
soon joined her husband licking and sucking Sharon's generous breasts.

Sharon was really getting excited now. Leslie and John were doing a great job
on her tits. She always loved getting her breasts sucked, and it wasn't often
both nipples could get sucked at the same time, big as her breasts were. Her
horniness was taking over now as she pulled away from the couple, panting. She
lowered her panties, exposing a neatly shaved delicately sweet pussy, dripping
with juice.

Sharon climbed onto the couch and stood with her pussy over John's mouth. The
smell of her aromatic cavern drew him to her as he parted her pussy lips. He
licked around her pussy, lapping up all her juices before settling on her sweet
erect clitoris. As he fastened his mouth over her clit, Sharon let out a
muffled cry of extreme pleasure. Her hands went behind his head, entangled in
his hair, drawing him even further inside her.

While Sharon was feeding her pussy to John, Leslie attacked John's cock with her
mouth. This was the first time in months she had the opportunity to suck her
husband's dick and she wasted no time in swallowing his velvety smooth skin.
The sight of Sharon's body over her and the sounds of her husband eating her
boss out was driving Leslie's excitement to a new level. She sucked like she
never sucked before, matching her rhythm with Sharon's moans of pleasure. As
she heard Sharon cry out in orgasm, she felt the first spurt of come explode
from John's cock into her mouth. She swallowed and continued milking his cock
until no more came out and his dick softened.

As Sharon's orgasm ebbed, she climbed down on weakened legs and sat next to
Leslie, panting heavily. "Wow, Leslie, your husband knows how to make a girl
come!" Sharon said between pants. "Now it's your turn!"

Sharon gently pushed Leslie down on the couch and climbed on top of her. She
looked into Leslie's eyes seeing the hunger and passion within them. She could
feel the heat from her body as she lowered her lips to Leslie's and began to
kiss her, gentle at first, then with increasing fervor. She slipped her tongue
into Leslie's mouth, tasting John's come inside it.

As Sharon broke away from the kiss, Leslie's body tingled with anticipation.
Sharon gently removed Leslie's bra and began using her lips to make a trail of
wet kisses down Leslie's hot body. She lingered at her breasts, encircling each
nipple and sucking on them. As Sharon's tongue passed over Leslie's belly
button, her anticipation grew. As Sharon removed Leslie's soaked panties, a
shiver shot down her spine settling in the area between her legs. Leslie felt
Sharon's tongue pass over her neatly trimmed black pussy hair and settle on the
furnace between her legs.

Sharon gently parted the folds of flesh between Leslie's legs and looked at her
beautiful pussy. It was overflowing with juices and the heat coming from it was
almost overpowering. As she began to lap up Leslie's pussy juice, Leslie moaned
slightly. "Mmmmmm. Delicious," thought Sharon, "Just like I thought it would
be. She tastes as good as she looks!"

Leslie felt Sharon's tongue licking up and down on her pussy and darting inside.
It was unlike any time anyone had ever eaten her out before. Sharon was gentle
and knew just where to lick and how much pressure to use. It was then Leslie
realized why this was so different. This was the first time another woman went
down on her! Of course! A woman would know exactly how to bring another woman
to orgasm. She had the same parts! A man could never do this as good. If only
she had realized this sooner! Oh well.

Leslie felt Sharon's tongue settle on her clitoris. The waves of passion were
overwhelming. She felt like she had died and went to heaven. Sharon's
obviously experienced tongue was really doing a number on her. Her pussy was
getting close to exploding already! She felt the heat building up and knew this
would be one mind shattering orgasm.

The sight of Sharon eating out Leslie was too much for John. He was already
hard again! He felt like a teenager! Twice in one night! Actually, twice in 20
minutes! He got up off the couch and knelt behind Sharon, parting her pussy
flesh and making room for his tool.

As he slipped his cock inside Sharon's tight pussy, he looked at Leslie. She
had her eyes closed and her body looked like a pleasure machine. Her breasts
were rhythmically rising and falling and sweat was glistening off her brows.
Soft moans continually escaped her lips. She looked hotter and sexier than she
ever had before.

He felt Sharon's pussy contract on his rod and he began humping her, slowly, and
then with increasing ferocity. He heard Sharon's moans of pleasure muffled by
his wife's pussy and this brought him even closer to orgasm. Every thrust was
accompanied by a tremor in Sharon's pussy. He could tell the three of them were
going to come together very soon.

As Sharon's tongue mashed into Leslie's clitoris, Leslie's orgasm began. She
felt it begin in her toes and travel all the way to her pussy, where it exploded
like a stick of dynamite. She locked her knees around Sharon's head and pulled
her as close as she could, as she cried out loudly. She felt like she was
twenty feet off the ground. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed throughout her

John heard and saw his wife's orgasm and it brought him right to the edge. As
he watched her finish her explosion, he began one of his own. Thrusting almost
viciously in and out of Sharon, he shot his hot sticky come into Sharon's
twitching pussy. He felt totally drained after shooting so much come. It was
easily the best orgasm of his life.

All this was too much for Sharon. Being sandwiched between two climaxing people
just made her body tumble into orgasm. She clamped down firmly on John's
spasming penis as her own orgasm rocked her body. She felt flooded with her
orgasmic juices mixed with John's come.

All three of them collapsed on top of one another on the couch, hugging and
kissing and enjoying the warm afterglow of their sexual passions.

The next day, bright and early, John called the Cable Company to have the Cable
TV disconnected.

"But sir," said the customer service operator, "What's the problem? Didn't we
give you enough channels? How about three free weeks of premium channels?"

"No thanks," replied John, "All your channels almost cost me my marriage. You
can keep them!"

John hung up the phone and rolled over towards Leslie, who was still snuggling
under the warm covers.

As Leslie felt John's delicate fingers tracing a path over her stomach towards
her pussy, she knew that she had her husband back.

"Can we invite Sharon over for dinner tomorrow?" asked John with a grin.

Author's Note: As always, I'm very interested in any feedback that you, the
reader, may have. Any posted reviews are welcome, or you can E-mail me at the
address below.

Special thanks to Roger Raccoon for proofreading this story for me.



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