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BOXING movies hed seen and idea


Boxing Day

(c) Copyright 1999 by Wiseguy

Lucy sat in the car, staring out the window, thinking.
Is this really what I want? she asked herself. It
better be, she answered silently, because you didn't
leave yourself an out.

She looked over at Dan, her lover and sometime slave.
His face showed irritation, which was not a surprise
under the circumstances -- at Lucy's insistence, they
had left the best Christmas party in town at 11:00,
just as things were starting to get interesting.
Normally they would have been among the last to go.

His brown eyes connected with Lucy's momentarily, then
he asked, "Do you plan to tell me what's going on?"

"A surprise," she answered, slightly amused by the
gross understatement.

Dan thought about trying to get her to say more, but
he knew Lucy would never give away a planned surprise.
From the mischievous twinkle in her eyes, he figured
that something very interesting was in the works. His
cock stirred a little as he wondered how his Mistress
might use him tonight. "It had better be worth it,"
he replied, needing for Lucy to know that he was
disappointed about missing the party.

"Or else what?" Lucy challenged. Dan backed down,
shrugging his shoulders. Lucy laughed softly and
added, "It will be. Trust me."

"With my life."

It was 11:10 when Dan pulled into their reserved
parking space in front of their building. As was his
habit, Dan got out of the car quickly and went around
it to open the door for Lucy. He then followed one
step behind as they climbed the stairs to their third
floor condominium. Inside the condo was nice and
warm, a pleasant contrast from the cold, rainy
Christmas day that was coming to an end. He took
Lucy's coat and scarf first and hung them in the coat
closet before doing the same with his own. Coming
back to the living room, he saw Lucy staring at the
clock, lost in thought. God, she's beautiful, he
thought to himself. Lucy was tall -- at six feet
exactly, she was an inch taller than Dan -- and had a
splendid hourglass figure, which was currently
emphasized by an off-the-shoulder maroon velvet
cocktail dress and spiked heels. Dark brown hair was
feathered in layers on either side of her face, with
auburn streaks adding to the effect.

But it was her eyes that had initially attracted Dan
three years before. Lucy had very large eyes,
naturally clear, with irises of deep, delicious blue.
He had not been surprised when he first learned that
Lucy was a hypnotherapist; with those eyes, she was a
natural. Then he realized Lucy's eyes were fixed on
him. Looking up, he met her gaze and felt himself
slipping away, getting lost in the brilliant blue.

"On your knees, Daniel," Lucy commanded.

Dan responded to his hypnotic conditioning
immediately, dropping to his knees and bowing his head
before his Mistress. "How may I serve you, Mistress?"

"I want a bath," she responded. "Prepare the tub."

"With pleasure, Mistress." Bowing as he stood, Dan
walked into the bathroom and began the preparations.
Lucy liked her bath water just so -- not too hot, not
too cool -- and enjoyed the scent of some very
expensive imported bath salts. Dan ran the water in
the tub, mixed in the salts, and waited for his
Mistress to issue her next command.

Looking at his own reflection in the water, he had to
laugh at himself a little bit. Three years before Dan
had been a classic Type A personality: a junior
stockbroker in a high-volume firm, cold-calling every
day and dealing with the small investors. He worked
fourteen hours a day, six days a week, for four years
before the accumulated stress and poor nutrition
finally took enough of a toll to send him to a stress
management seminar. Lucy was one of the guest
speakers; her presentation on the use of self-hypnosis
to manage stress fascinated him not only because of
the subject but also very much because of the speaker.
Even from half a room away those eyes had captured his
attention, and he wanted nothing more than to see them
close up. He felt the full power of their gaze when
he sheepishly accosted her after the talk to ask for
her card.

With Lucy's help, Dan learned how to take control of
his life. He quit his brokerage job and became a
certified financial planner, putting his investment
expertise to good use in a far more pleasant
environment. When his therapy was through, he and
Lucy became lovers. At first they were a conventional
couple, living and loving as equals; then after a few
months Lucy began to introduce him to the concept of
hypnotic domination. In public they remained equals,
but in their private time Dan was trained to obey his
Mistress for their mutual pleasure. Serving his
Mistress well gave Dan a feeling of peace and comfort
that no amount of therapy could match.

Dan snapped out of his reverie in time to notice that
the tub was sufficiently full. He turned off the
spigot and went in search of his Mistress.

He found her in the bedroom, sipping what looked like
Scotch from a highball glass while removing her
jewelry and shoes. "May I finish undressing you,
Mistress?" he asked.

Lucy took another good swallow of her drink and
replied, "You may."

"Thank you, Mistress." Lucy held her arms up, and Dan
pulled the cocktail dress up over her head in a
smooth, well-practiced motion. He paused just a
moment to admire the reflection of Lucy's breasts in
the mirror, then carefully folded the dress and set it
in a special hamper for dry cleaning. He then removed
Lucy's hose and finally her G-string panties and put
them in the hamper.

When he was finished, Lucy patted him on the head and
smiled at him. "You are doing well, Daniel. Undress
yourself and join me in the bathroom."

"Yes, Mistress." He undressed quickly, dropping his
clothes in the hamper as they came off, then followed
his Mistress into the bathroom.

Lucy was already in the tub, stretched out with her
head just supported by the tub's far edge. "Massage
my neck and shoulders, Daniel," she commanded.

Dan was happy to comply. Through time and practice he
had learned exactly how his Mistress liked to be
massaged. Perching on the side of the tub, he worked
on her neck and shoulder muscles and was happy to feel
them soften and relax under his touch.

"Very good, slave," she said after a few minutes.
"You may wash me now."

"Thank you, Mistress." Taking a fresh cloth and a
bottle of Lucy's favorite body wash, Dan lovingly
soaped up her entire upper body. He rinsed her off by
cupping his hands to capture some of the bath water
and then pouring it onto Lucy. Her nipples became
firm and erect as he ran the soft cloth over them and
then the rinsing water. Next Lucy allowed Dan to wash
her lower body, rearranging herself in the tub so that
he could easily reach her feet, her legs, her sex.
Dan was particularly careful not to get too much body
wash on his Mistress' private parts, and he was
pleased to hear a soft moan escape her lips when he
rubbed her mound with the cloth.

Lucy took the cloth from him, indicating that he was
finished with his chore. "That's enough," she told
him. "Now you may wash yourself, and then come to me
in the bedroom." She rose from the tub and took the
towel Dan offered her immediately, opting to dry
herself off. She dropped the towel on the floor when
she was through with it, knowing her slave would hang
it up properly.

As usual, Dan made use of his Mistress' bath water to
wash himself, letting the scent of her bath salts
envelop him. He hurried through the process, not
wanting to keep his Mistress waiting any longer than
necessary. He did make sure that both towels were on
their towel bars before returning to the bedroom.

Lucy was seated on the edge of the bed, waiting for
him. Dan approached her with head held low and
dropped to his knees before her. "How may I pleasure
you this evening, Mistress?"

Lucy looked over at the bedroom clock and saw that it
was 11:45. No time for anything elaborate, she
thought to herself. "Lay down on your back," she
commanded, "spread eagle."

"Yes, Mistress." Dan moved to the other side of the
bed and climbed on, centering himself on the bed, and
spread his arms and legs wide. His cock got harder
and harder as he looked straight up at the ceiling,
feeling Lucy's hands attaching the restraints to his
wrists and ankles. Then he saw her leaning over his
face, and his vision went dark as she pulled a black
sleep mask over his eyes.

"Deep trance now, Daniel," she instructed. Daniel
felt himself slipping away, giving himself completely
to his Mistress as he had been carefully conditioned
to do.

Seeing his body relax, Lucy opened a drawer in her
nightstand and took out a large, soft feather.
"Daniel," she instructed, "I want you to focus on your
body. Experience every sensation you can with your
body right now. Feel the coolness of the air on your
skin. Feel the softness of the sheets beneath you,
and the firm strength of the straps on your wrists and
ankles. Smell the scent of my perfume as you give
yourself to me." She gave him a few seconds to comply
and was pleased to see him sniff delicately at the
air. "Now I want you to concentrate on your skin.
Your entire body is becoming an erogenous zone;
anywhere I touch you, my touch will arouse and excite
you. Your arousal will continue building for as long
as I choose to continue touching you, but you may not
achieve orgasm until I permit it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

After checking the clock again -- 11:48 -- she touched
the tip of her feather to Dan's right nipple. His
response was a gasp and a twitch in his already-erect
cock. With one eye on the clock, Lucy tortured her
slave by running the feather all along his body,
paying special attention to his cock and balls. By
11:51 she could tell he was more than ready to come,
but his hypnotic conditioning would not allow him to
orgasm until she permitted it. She kept up her
efforts, and by 11:54 Dan began to beg his Mistress
for release.

"Mistress," he pleaded, "If it pleases you, please
allow your servant to come."

She let him continue to beg until 11:55, then put down
the feather and assumed a kneeling position on the
bed, her sex just a few inches from Dan's face.
Sensing her closeness by her scent, Dan changed his
plea: "Mistress, I yearn for your taste. Please
allow me to earn my release."

Removing the sleep mask, Lucy looked down on Dan.
"Wake up, Daniel. Serve me well, and you will have
your release."

Dan's eyes opened and looked straight up into Lucy's
face with gratitude. "Thank you, Mistress." Dan
craned his neck forward those few inches and applied
himself with zeal to eating his Mistress. He traced
the edges of her slit with his tongue, feeling the
moisture flowing even as he began his work. Her lips
parted quickly and easily, giving him access to
explore inside. His tongue found her clitoris and he
kissed it, causing his Mistress to shiver with
pleasure. He continued sucking and licking and
kissing as the scent of her arousal grew stronger and
stronger. Finally, after what seemed like hours but
was only about 3 minutes, he heard his Mistress cry
out in delight with the orgasm he had given her. He
started to pull away as her breathing slowed.

"Don't stop," she commanded him. It was 11:58. Dan
resumed kissing, licking, sucking, using his tongue
and lips anywhere he could. He could feel his
Mistress getting ready to come again and applied
himself with even more zest to his work. Soon she
cried out again, signaling another orgasm, and Dan
felt a rush of pride in his ability to please his
Mistress. Again, he started to withdraw from her
sacred region, but felt her hand grab onto his head
and push him back.

"More," she ordered. Just as Dan was beginning to
comply, he heard the bedroom clock chime the
Winchester melody; it was midnight. The hand on his
head let go, and his Mistress drew back from him. He
looked up at her face and saw something he had never
seen before: his Mistress was looking at the wall
with a blank, unseeing expression. Her jaw had gone
slack, her shoulders slumped, and she suddenly felt
much heavier on his torso than she had a minute
earlier. She remained motionless as the chimes played
their tune, then counted off 12 bells and fell silent.

"Mistress?" Dan asked. "Are you all right, Mistress?"

Lucy blinked a few times, then looked down at Dan.
Something was wrong, he sensed -- her eyes had lost
that powerful, commanding gaze; they looked dazed,
even docile. Her face was still slack, and her head
had fallen into a slight bow. Dan tried again to
bring her out of whatever she was in. "Lucy?"

"Yes, Master?" Lucy snapped to attention, looking
down at Dan with an expression he couldn't place.

"Did you say 'Master'?' he asked, perplexed.

"Yes, Master," she replied, as if that were the most
natural thing in the world for her to say. "May I
untie you now, Master?"

What kind of game is this? he thought. Lucy was
obviously waiting for a response, so he told her,

Quickly but gently, Lucy opened the soft-lined leather
straps that she had put on his wrists and ankles
earlier. "I have a present for you, Master," she
said. "May I show it to you now?"

Dan nodded his assent, still wondering what the hell
was going on. Lucy reached into the top drawer of her
nightstand and produced a plain white envelope.
Kneeling on the floor, head down, she offered the
envelope up to Dan. He scooted to the edge of the bed
and sat up before taking it from her.

Inside the envelope was a sheet of Lucy's favorite

My precious Dan,

Being your Mistress has brought more joy into my life
than I ever expected, and I love you with all my soul.
I know it was sometimes difficult for you to learn to
trust and obey me, so I have arranged a very special
Christmas present for you.

In some countries, December 26th is known as Boxing
Day. Traditionally people observe Boxing Day by
trading places with someone of different status; for
instance, the lord of the house would become butler
for a day, while the butler enjoyed a day of leisure
as the lord. It's a fun little custom that helps
people to appreciate how others live.

Starting tonight, darling, we will celebrate Boxing
Day in our own way. Over the past several weeks I
have been visiting one of my colleagues regularly, and
I am now hypnotically conditioned so that for the next
24 hours I will be your willing, obedient and loving
slave. You are my Master -- order me to do anything,
anything at all, and I will have no choice but to
obey. Your power over me is complete until the clock
strikes midnight again.

Use me well, Master.


Dan read the note several times, his head reeling as
he tried to come to grips with its contents. He had
become so used to serving Lucy, to laying aside his
problems and burdens and losing himself in her, that
he couldn't think of what to do.

"Master?" Lucy inquired, a perfectly subservient look
on her face. "How may I serve you?"

"Wait," he told her, "I'm thinking."

"I am sorry, Master." She bowed her head down again,
as if praying. The image of Lucy, naked, kneeling in
a church made Dan laugh softly. The churning in his
head started to settle down, and he started to
appreciate the quality of Lucy's gift. He must
exercise his power correctly, he realized, or the gift
would be wasted. His cock was semi-rigid; that
reminded him that Lucy hadn't permitted him to come
before turning into his slave.

"Slave, I want you to take my cock into your mouth and
pleasure me," he commanded.

"Yes, Master." Lucy obeyed, wrapping her lips around
his member and sucking while teasing it with her
tongue. Dan felt himself react immediately to her
touch, his cock growing hard and long again in almost
no time. Normally Dan had to work very hard to earn a
blowjob from Lucy, so he savored the feeling of her
lips and tongue on his cock. He fought back his
body's urge to moan; he did not want to appear to be
losing control. After a few minutes Dan could feel
that he was on the verge of orgasm. He flirted with
the idea of coming in her mouth, but decided on a
different course. "Stop now, slave."

Lucy stopped immediately and looked up at Dan with
fear in her eyes. "Am I not pleasing you, Master?"

"You're doing fine so far," he praised. "I want you
to get up and bend yourself over the edge of the bed.
I want your legs hanging down. I am going to enter
you from behind, and you will find it the most
pleasurable position you have ever been in."

"Yes, Master." Lucy positioned herself as instructed.
Dan was a little surprised to see that Lucy was quite
wet; then again, he mused, he had also tended to get
aroused when obeying orders. Positioning himself
behind her, he guided his cock into her and thrust it
in deeply.

Lucy gasped the first time he rammed himself into her.
"Oh, Master!" she cried. "I do not deserve this

"But I do," Dan replied, and picked up the pace. He
was enjoying this position very much. Mistress Lucy
had seldom allowed him to take her from behind; she
preferred to be above Dan, where she could easily use
her marvelous eyes to enthrall him. He worked himself
in and out a number of times, keeping his knees bent a
little for the best angle, and he heard his new slave
start to moan in time to his rhythm. He could feel
the pressure rising again and knew he was
tantalizingly close to a well-earned orgasm.

Dan pounded into her a few more times and then his
cock burst, pumping powerful jets of seed into his
slaves' eager body. Her moans turned into squeals as
her body rocked with his, riding another climax of her

He held the position until they were both finished, at
which point his exhausted legs folded underneath him.
He ended up sitting on the carpet, still panting from
his exertions. Lucy slipped off the bed as well,
landing on her knees and bowing deeply to her Master.
Dan regarded his semi-limp, wet penis. "Slave, I want
you to clean me up."

"Yes, Master." Lucy dashed into the bathroom and
returned with a small dish of soapy water, washcloth
and towel. She gently swabbed his entire groin area,
washing away the evidence of their lovemaking, and
dried him.

"Very good," he commended her. "Now go into the
bathroom and wash yourself." Lucy hurried into the
bathroom to comply.

Dan was getting more comfortable with the idea of
holding the upper hand. Part of his mind started
contemplating what he might like to do with his slave.
He remembered a vacation at a remote woodland cabin
where she had made him sleep on the floor at her feet,
and decided to share the experience with her. He
grabbed the flattest pillow he could find and dropped
it on the floor at the foot of the bed just as Lucy
emerged from the bathroom.

"Lay down here," he said. Lucy complied, lying on her
back and looking up at his swaying cock. "You served
me well tonight," he continued. "As a reward, you may
sleep on the floor at my feet. At exactly 8:00 in the
morning you will awaken me by sucking my cock. Is
that understood?"

"Yes, Master. It is an honor to have your precious
member in my mouth, Master."

Dan smiled and bent over to kiss Lucy on the forehead.
"Sleep now, slave." He was pleased to see her eyes
glaze over and close instantly. "Remember your
instructions on how and when to wake me." He climbed
into the bed himself and slept soundly.

Dan awoke the next morning with the realization that
he had a tremendous erection, and that a warm, soft
mouth was teasing his cock expertly. Looking down, he
saw Lucy's head bobbing up and down over him and
stirred. Lucy paused and looked straight into his
eyes, the tip of his cock still between her lips.

Normally, looking into Lucy's eyes like this would
send Dan off into a trance, but not this time. Lucy's
eyes had lost their commanding, powerful glare and
instead seemed to be asking, seeking approval. Dan
remembered the note, the present, and woke up
completely. It wasn't a dream after all, he thought.

Lucy seemed to be waiting for him to speak.
"Continue, slave," he told her and she went back to
work on his cock. She was very good, Dan reflected,
folding his hands behind his head and laying back on
his pillow. Damn good. "You may gently fondle my
balls while you suck me, Lucy," he added for good
measure. Lucy obeyed, using her fingers to fondle his
balls while he mouth continued sucking. Dan allowed
himself to moan softly as Lucy's expert fingers found
the most sensitive spots in his scrotum and tickled
them lightly.

"Faster now," he commanded, and Lucy responded by
picking up the pace. Dan's moans got louder and
faster, and he knew he was only a few seconds from
orgasm. Relax, he told himself, relax and let it
come. The intensity of his climax surprised even Dan
-- he felt a white-hot explosion inside his groin
followed by a series of long, slow clench and release
cycles as he shot his semen into Lucy's mouth. When
he was finished he let his body sink back into the bed
while Lucy licked him clean.

After a few minutes Dan started paying attention to
other parts of his body. "Slave," he said, "I am
hungry. You may prepare my breakfast now."

"Thank you, Master," Lucy replied, rising to her feet.
"What would Master like for breakfast?"

Make it simple, Dan told himself. "Two eggs, sunny
side up, with toast and juice."

"As you wish, Master." Lucy reached for her bathrobe
to put it on.

"Stop!" Dan commanded, and Lucy froze. "I did not
give you permission to put anything on," he scolded

Lucy turned towards him and dropped to her knees,
bowing her head in supplication. "I am sorry, Master.
Please forgive me."

I should punish her somehow, Dan thought, but how? He
thought back to the times that Lucy had punished him,
and a suitable indignity came to mind. He checked her
dresser drawer to see if it was still there -- it was.
"For your punishment, slave, you are forbidden to put
on any clothing today except this." He pulled a black
leather dog collar with shiny metal studs and a five-
foot leash out of the drawer and handed it to Lucy,
who accepted it and quickly fastened the collar around
her neck. Dan examined her work and saw that even
though the collar was fairly tight, but not
dangerously so. He could easily slip his fingers
under it without pressing on her throat. "Now go and
prepare my breakfast."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master."

Dan took care of business on the toilet. He thought
briefly about having Lucy come and wash him in the
shower, but decided it would better not to keep
changing his mind. Instead he washed himself, dried
off and slipped into comfortable clothing. As he was
tying his shoes, Lucy entered the bedroom and dropped
to her knees. "Your breakfast is ready, Master," she

"Very good," he replied. "You may wait for me in the

Dan got a kick out of watching his Mistress -- or ex-
Mistress -- toddle back to the kitchen, head down, with
that leash running down her back and just brushing the
floor. He followed directly and found the dining
table set for only one person. He sat down and
allowed Lucy to place his napkin in his lap.

"Would you like me to feed you, Master?" Lucy asked.

Dan looked at his plate. The eggs, he could see, were
a little underdone and the toast a little overdone.
Apparently her hypnotic training had not improved
Lucy's cooking skills. "That won't be necessary," he
replied, part of him looking for a way to spare her

An idea came to him and he looked at his watch: 8:55.
The mail usually arrived between 8 and 9, so it was
probably waiting in the box. "Instead," he said, "you
will go down and fetch me the mail and the newspaper."

"Like this, Master?" Lucy asked, indicating her state
of undress. Her voice wavered a little and she
watched his face intently.

Dan thought briefly about the neighbors -- the
mailboxes were on the first floor near the entrance
door -- but decided they were probably either out of
town or sleeping in. He pictured Lucy slinking down
the hallway, keeping out of site, until she could
complete her assignment unobserved. He found the
image quite arousing. "Yes, like that," he told her.

"Yes, Master." Dan thought he caught a hint of
resignation in her voice, but paid it no mind. Lucy
grabbed her keys from their normal spot and stepped
outside, still wearing nothing but the dog collar and
leash while Dan turned his attention to his breakfast.
A few seconds in the microwave took care of the eggs,
but the toast was beyond salvage; he threw it away
made new. He was just getting the first bite into his
mouth when he became aware that Lucy had been gone a
long time. What is she doing, he wondered.

The minutes dragged on with no sign of Lucy. Dan had
just made up his mind to go looking for her when he
heard a key in the door and Lucy reappeared,
shivering, clutching the mail and the daily newspaper
in her hands. "Where have you been?" he demanded.

"In the lobby, Master," she replied, looking
uncomfortable. "The newspaper was there but the mail
hadn't come yet, so I waited for the mailman."

"You did what?" Dan was stunned.

"I waited for the mailman," Lucy repeated. "You told
me to bring you the mail and the newspaper, Master. I
couldn't come back until I had both."

"How many people saw you?"

"Just the mailman, Master. Nobody else was up yet."

"Jesus H. Christ," Dan thought out loud. He couldn't
get over the mental picture of his Lucy standing
around the lobby, naked, talking to the mailman. Then
he saw Lucy shiver again. Idiot, he castigated
himself, the mailboxes are right by the door. It must
be fifty degrees in that lobby right now.

"Lucy," he commanded. "Go into the bathroom and take
a warm shower."

"Yes, Master." Lucy hurried to obey.

Dan finished his breakfast in silence, inwardly
berating himself for exposing Lucy as he had. He
remembered the slight reluctance in her face and voice
when he gave her the command and realized that he'd
made a serious mistake. For as long as he had been
her slave, Lucy had never commanded Dan to do anything
that would put him in harm's way or humiliate him in
front of other people, and here Dan had just done both
to her simultaneously. That thought sent a chill
through him and spoiled the taste of his breakfast.

How does Lucy do this every day, he asked himself. He
was beginning to feel the weight of the responsibility
he had taken on by becoming Master, but still had only
a vague idea what a Master was supposed to do.

"Are you not hungry, Master?" Dan hadn't noticed, but
Lucy had returned and was regarding his half-empty
plate with concern. "Did I fail to please you?"

"No, Lucy, you do please me," Dan was quick to reply.
"I simply am less hungry than I thought." He watched
Lucy's chest heave as she sighed in relief. "You may
finish this for me if you wish," he added, knowing
that Lucy liked her eggs the same way.

"Thank you, Master." Lucy took the plate away and
knelt on the kitchen floor, picking up the food with
her fingers.

"You may sit at the table and use silverware," Dan
told her, and she complied.

Dan gave Lucy orders to finish eating and then clean
up the kitchen while he read the paper. His eyes
moved over the newspaper, but his mind was occupied by
the puzzle of what to do in his temporary new role.
As Master, he realized, it was up to him to set the
agenda. Lucy would wait on him hand and foot all day
if that were all he asked, but she hadn't done this
just to be compelled into menial chores, had she?

"Lucy," he called from his easy chair, setting the
paper aside.

She appeared immediately, coming in from the kitchen
and kneeling at his side. "Yes, Master?"

"Why did you want to become my slave, Lucy?"

Lucy gulped. "Because I love you, Master. I am
honored to serve you. It excites me greatly to give
you pleasure, Master."

"Did you feel honored when you waited in the lobby for
the mailman?"

"Yes, Master."

Dan was incredulous. "Didn't you feel uncomfortable
in that cold lobby with no clothes on?"

"Of course, Master," she replied matter-of-factly. "I
was cold and embarrassed and frightened someone would
see me." She looked up at Dan adoringly and added,
"But I have to obey. I knew you would not let
anything harm me."

I hope you're right, Dan thought to himself. Aloud he
tried another tack: "What did you hope I would do
with you?"

Lucy's eyes opened wide. "Why, anything you wish,
Master. Anything that will bring you pleasure."

"I want to know what would bring you pleasure," he

"Serving my Master," she replied, surprised at having
to state something so obvious.

Dan was getting frustrated. "I understand that," he
said. "But didn't you want something more than just

"There is nothing more," she said simply. "Is my
Master displeased with me?"

"No, no, no," Dan answered quickly, working to drive
the irritation out of his face and voice. "Go back to
your work now."

Lucy bounded back to the kitchen to resume cleaning,
leaving Dan to ponder the situation.

Lucy had taught him just enough about hypnosis to help
him understand the nature of her control over him and
his ability to resist if he felt the need. It had
never occurred to him that Lucy would take his
commands so literally -- he would have to be more
careful with his wording in the future. Dan concluded
that Lucy had to be acting under a very powerful post-
hypnotic suggestion. The dominant, vibrant side of
her personality looked to be completely suppressed;
only the occasional reluctance or a rare glimmer in
her eyes suggested that his Mistress was still there,
passively watching -- or maybe evaluating.

Clearly the onus was now on him to come up with
something sexy to do. He had never really worried
about that before because Lucy planned every scenario.
He was deep in thought when the phone rang. He was
right next to the cordless, so he picked it up on the
first ring. "Hello?"

"Hey Dan. Can I talk to your mistress, please?" Dan
recognized the perky voice as belonging to Denise, a
close friend of Lucy's who lived a few blocks away.

"She's ... um ... indisposed," he answered. "Not

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's kind of hard to explain. Is there something I
can do for you?"

"I don't know. Lucy told me before you guys left the
party that I should come over in the morning. She
didn't say why, but if she's sick we can do it another

Dan knew Lucy had been planning this day for at least
a few weeks; if she told Denise to come over today, he
decided, she must have wanted Denise to see her as a
slave. "No, she's not sick," he told Denise, and
explained about the note and the Boxing Day present.

"Oh my God," Denise said after Dan's narrative. "So
she's your slave for a day?"

"Yep, for all the good that does. I don't know what
to do with her."

"Will she do anything you tell her? Anything at all?"
Dan could hear the mischief in her voice and pictured
a spit-eating grin coming over the girl's face.

"So she says."

"Then I've got an idea." As Denise explained her
idea, Dan felt himself blushing. The more he
listened, the more he felt his penis responding to the
idea. In the end he had to agree, it sounded like
fun. "I'll be over in a bit, luv," Denise said before
hanging up.

Dan summoned Lucy from the kitchen. "Aren't you done
in there yet?" he asked roughly.

"Almost, Master. I just need to scrub a few more
places on the floor."

"Never mind that. I want you to go clean up the
bedroom. Make the bed, put our dirty clothes in the
hamper, and pick up anything that is lying around
loose. We are having company."

"Yes, Master."
Denise rang the front bell at 11:00 and Dan buzzed her
in. He had Lucy open the door for her and assume a
kneeling position just inside it.

Denise was a short, slim woman in her 20's. Her
blonde hair was cut very short, and she had an elfin
face that seemed to be constantly laughing at someone.
When she stepped into the condo and saw Lucy kneeling,
waiting, she cried out in delight.

"She really did it!" Denise cried. "This is amazing.
Here, slave, take my coat." Denise began removing her
overcoat. Lucy looked over at Dan; when he nodded she
took the coat from Denise and hung it in the closet.

Denise had clearly dressed for fun. Thigh-high,
glossy black boots complemented a black leather
wraparound skirt and matching bustier. Smiling
mischievously at Dan, she reached into her bag and
removed a small, multithreaded whip. It was about two
feet long with a braided leather handle and nine
tails, each of which split out into a number of thin,
soft strings toward the ends. A round knob and hand
strap adorned the handle end.

"What the hell is that?" Dan asked.

"It's like a cat of nine tails," she answered, "but
it's smaller, and it's been declawed. It won't hurt
her -- much."

"It had better not." Dan felt some doubts rising in
his gut as he watched her handle the weapon. He knew
Denise had dominant tendencies, but this was his first
taste of the girl's dark side. "Let me see that
Silently she handed the whip to Dan. He examined it
carefully, paying extra attention to the thin strands
at the end. They felt soft, not stiff or barbed as he
had imagined they might be. He tried a test smack on
his own palm and decided it was probably safe.
"Can I just look at her for a few minutes?" she asked
Dan, taking the whip back from him.
"Sure. Slave Lucy, stand up. Denise is going to
examine your body. She may touch you anywhere and in
any way she pleases; you are not to move or make a
sound. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Master." Lucy put down the bag and stood up,
head slightly bowed, arms at her sides.
"You look quite tasty," Denise said, walking around
Lucy's motionless body and helping herself to a good,
long look. "Could use a bit more up here," she
critiqued, cupping her hand around one of Lucy's
breasts. Lucy's nipples became hard almost
immediately, Dan noticed.
"Lucy," Dan said while Denise continued her
inspection. "Would you like to know what we are going
to do? You may speak to answer my questions."
Lucy swallowed and replied, "Yes, Master."
"Denise tells me that before you met me, you used to
hypnotize Denise and use her for your own sexual
gratification. Is that true, Lucy?"
"Yes, Master."
"And what things have you made Denise do?"
"I made her eat me until I had multiple orgasms,
Master. Sometimes I would make her extremely horny
and force her to beg me before I would allow her to
"Is that all?"
"Yes, Master." Denise nodded her concurrence.
"Did you ever ask Denise if she wanted to do these
Lucy hesitated just a moment before answering. "No,
Master." She cringed, knowing that a punishment must
be at hand.
"Then you owe her something, I think. Go to the
bedroom and wait for us there."
"Yes, Master." Lucy bowed to Dan before retreating to
the bedroom. Once she was gone, Dan turned to Denise.
"What else did you bring?"
Beaming, Denise reached into her bag and pulled out a
portable camcorder. "This, for starters. I thought you
might like a souvenir for your private collection. As
for the rest ..." She held the bag open enough for Dan
to see a collection of dildos, vibrators, and other
assorted sex toys.
"This is going to be interesting," Dan remarked and
headed for the bedroom. He placed the camera on Lucy's
dresser, where it had a good angle on the bed and
immediate area. He played with the zoom until he had
the picture to his liking, with most of the bed in
frame but close enough to get a good, detailed shot.
Lucy's eyes lit up with both fear and excitement when
she saw what he was doing.
Once he was satisfied with the picture, Dan started
recording and turned to address Lucy. "Slave, I want
you to stand at this corner of the bed." Dan indicated
the corner of their four-poster bed nearest to the
camera. "Put your hands as high up on the post as you
can and turn your back to the camera."
Lucy complied, reaching up almost to the top of the
post. Dan dug again into her top drawer and pulled out
a red silk scarf. He used the scarf to bind Lucy's
hands together as she had so often done to him.
"Are you ready to receive your punishment, Slave?"
"Yes, Master."
Dan nodded at Denise and stepped back out of the way,
making room for his cohort and her little whip. "Don't
hurt her," he reminded the girl.
Denise winked at him before turning all of her
attention to Lucy. "Well look at you," she began. "All
tied up and no place to go. How does it feel, to be
completely in my power?" When Lucy did not speak, the
whip flashed in Denise's hand and Dan heard a solid
WHACK as it contacted Lucy's exposed ass. It left a
red mark across Lucy's left buttock but the mark did
not look serious.
Dan swallowed once. "Lucy, you will answer Denise's
"Yes, Master."
Nodding to Dan, Denise continued. "How does it feel to
be in my power, slave?"
"It is frightening to me," Lucy replied. "But I know
that my Master will not let you hurt me more than I
"Are you excited by the idea of being punished by me?"
WHACK! Another stroke of the whip, and another red
spot appeared on Lucy's buttocks. "Does that excite
you too, Slave?"
"Yes, what?" WHACK!
"Yes, Denise."
From his side of the room Dan could see clearly that
Lucy's nipples were hard and protruding. The red marks
were fading fairly quickly, so he allowed Denise to
continue but watched Lucy closely.
The intensity on Denise's face was growing as she
paced back and forth behind her captive. "You used me
as your sexual plaything," she accused. "Any time you
got an itch in your ditch you just called up good old
Denise, said the magic words, and took what you
wanted. Didn't you, Slave?"
"Yes, Denise." Lucy's voice trembled, but she was
still obviously aroused.
WHACK! "And what do you have to say for yourself now?"
"I -- I'm sorry, Denise."
WHACK! "What was that, Slave?"
"I'm sorry, Denise."
WHACK! "I can't hear you!"
Denise reached back for one more whip stroke, but Dan
moved quickly to grab her by the wrist. "I think
you've made your point," he said firmly. Denise let
go of the whip, allowing it to drop to the floor. Dan
retrieved the weapon himself, setting it aside on his
dresser, then sat down on the edge of the bed near
Lucy. He saw gratitude in her face; he had done the
right thing in stopping the beating. On an impulse he
reached up and caressed one of Lucy's breasts,
noticing that her nipples were still very hard.
He felt a heavy sigh as Lucy relaxed against him. He
stood up and untied her hands. "Are you ready for the
next part of your punishment?"

"Yes, Master." By the glow in her eyes, not to
mention the visible wetness in her crotch, Dan
concluded that Lucy was ready to continue and may even
have guessed what her punishment would entail.

"On your knees and face Denise," he instructed, and
watched with approval as Lucy dropped to the floor.
Denise tugged at an unseen fastener on her skirt and
flung it away, revealing a garter belt and stockings
(all black) but no underpants. She stepped forward
until her pussy was within easy reach of Lucy's face.

"Since you saw fit to use Denise for your own wanton
pleasure," Dan pronounced, "I will now allow Denise to
use you for hers. Eat her."

Lucy dove in between Denise's thighs, the younger
girl's blonde thatch brushing up into her face, and
began licking and sucking. Dan adjusted the camera
angle slightly and zoomed in for a better recording.
Lucy had barely begun when he saw Denise's knees
buckle, causing her to grab the bedpost for support.
She was breathing in soft gasps that evolved into
moans, getting faster and louder the longer Lucy
continued her work. Lucy reached around Denise with
both hands and pulled her closer, tilting the girl's
hips to give her a better angle. Denise responded by
moaning more loudly, commanding Lucy to keep it up.

Dan saw Denise's hand wander back to her own breast
and squeeze against the firmness of the bustier.
Seeing the straps in the rear, he walked over and
unfastened the garment, freeing the girl's breasts
from captivity. Taking one of Lucy's hands, he ran it
up the side of Denise's body and placed it on her
breast. "Make her come," he said to his slave. Lucy
fondled Denise's breast while continuing to suck and
lick her pussy. Denise shrieked as Lucy pinched the
nipple at the same time as she tongued the girl's
clit, triggering an intense orgasm. Denise cried out
several times and her legs gave way; Dan moved quickly
to catch her before she landed on Lucy. "Keep going,
Slave," he commanded, his arms firmly locked around
the ecstatic girl's body. "Make her come again."

Lucy continued, carefully allowing Denise just enough
respite between orgasms to catch a breath but not
enough to cool down. The girl's muscles turned to
jelly as Dan held her in position through shudder
after shudder. At one point he became aware of the
feel of Denise's butt pressing against his crotch, and
noticed immediately that he was extremely, almost
painfully, hard. Denise felt it too, and her body
responded by deliberately grinding herself into him.
For perhaps a quarter of a second Dan thought about
dropping his pants and letting his aching cock slip
between Denise's legs. Instead, he hoisted the girl
up and back a little, pulling her away from Lucy.

"Stop now, Lucy," he commanded. She remained on her
knees, waiting for his next command. Dan, his arms
exhausted from the effort of holding Denise up, swung
her body around and gently laid her down on the foot
edge of the bed. He was still very conscious of his
cock pressing into the girl's rear cleavage through
his pants, but knew if he backed away too soon she
would fall.

In a few minutes Denise's breathing returned to
something resembling normal, and Dan saw signs of
muscle tone in her arms and legs. He stepped back and
Denise did not fall. Instead, she climbed up, turned
and sat on the edge of the bed, wiping the sweat from
her forehead with the back of her hand. "Whew!" she
exclaimed. "That was intense. She's as good with her
mouth as I am."

Dan said nothing, considering his next move.

"Hypnotize her," Denise suggested with glee.

Dan shook his head. "I can't hypnotize people. I
don't know how."

"You shouldn't have to," Denise said. "Think about it
--she has to obey your every command. If you tell her
to put herself into a trance, she'll do it. Nothing
could be easier."

Dan thought it over. Lucy had gone outside naked on
his command, even though she clearly hadn't wanted to.
If her conditioning was that strong, Denise had a
valid point. "What the hell? It's worth a try."

Dan turned himself and Lucy so that the camera would
catch both of their faces, then motioned to Denise to
stand behind her. He opened his eyes wide. "Look
into my eyes, Lucy," he commanded. Her gaze met his,
and for a heartbeat Dan felt an urge to sink into
trance himself. But Lucy's eyes still had that
subservient look; the power was his now, not hers.
"You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Your eyes are
getting heavy. You are going into a deep, hypnotic
sleep." Inwardly, Dan was laughing at his B-movie
induction speech, but to his surprise it was actually
working -- Lucy's eyes had gone dim and her lids were
drooping. This is kind of fun, he decided.

Dan's voice took on a parody of the singsong tones he
had seen in the movies. "You cannot resist me, Lucy.
You are completely in my power. Say that for me,

"I am completely in your power, Master," Lucy replied
in a monotone.

"I will now count to three, Lucy. When I reach the
count of three, you will close your eyes, relax, and
sink into a deep, peaceful trance for me. You will be
aware only of my voice, and will obey all of my

"Yes, Master."

"One ... two ... three." On the final count, Lucy's eyes
dropped shut and her entire body went limp. Denise
was ready and caught Lucy as she fell back.

"Help me get her onto the bed," Denise said. Between
them they maneuvered Lucy's limp body into the center
of the bed, then located the leather straps and
secured Lucy's hands and feet.

"Keep your eyes closed, Lucy," Dan instructed as he
fitted the black sleep mask over her face. "Remain in
your deep, pleasant sleep, but listen to my voice.
You may speak only in response to me. Do you

"Yes, Master."

"Good. I can see that you are aroused, that you want
to come. You may not do so until I ..." he paused,
considering. "... touch your nose. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," came her sleepy reply.

He reached for Denise's bag. "What kind of goodies do
you have in here?"

"Just a few odds and ends," she replied modestly.
"What do you want to do next, tease her into oblivion
or get her off?"

"Both, in that order," Dan replied.

"Here's just the thing." Denise pulled out a long,
tubular plastic wand with a pair of mesh panels
stemming out from the base like leaves. She flipped a
switch on the thick end and Dan heard the faint
buzzing sound of a vibrating motor. Denise handed the
vibrator to Dan, who in turn took it and moved around
the bed so he could stand over Lucy.

"Lucy," he instructed, "Your body is becoming
extremely sensitive to touch. Everywhere that I touch
you, you will feel my touch and become more and more
aroused, more and more desperate to please me so that
you may come. When the feeling is strong enough you
may even beg me to let you come, but you cannot come
until I touch your nose. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

Taking the vibrator, he held it gently against one of
Lucy's erect nipples. He heard a sharp intake of
breath from his slave as she felt the sensation
throughout her body. Moving slowly and deliberately,
he ran the vibrator up and down her body, pausing
anywhere that appeared to further arouse his slave.
In a few minutes Denise pulled out a different
vibrator, switched it on, and worked with him,
concentrating on Lucy's face and neck. Dan worked his
way down Lucy's chest and abdomen, teased the insides
of her thighs for a while and watched the fluids run
out of Lucy's slit. While Denise used her tool on
Lucy's breasts, Dan ran his up and down along Lucy's
lips. Lucy moaned and groaned, over stimulated and
approaching incoherence as they kept up their
attentions. When he judged Lucy was near the end of
her rope, Dan plunged the vibrator all the way into
Lucy's pussy until the plastic wings made contact with
her bush and the bottom of her buttocks. Lucy
shrieked with delight.

"Do you want to come, Slave?" Dan asked forcefully.

"Yes, Master! Please, Master!"

"NO!" he replied viciously. "Not until I touch your
nose. And I don't intend to do that until you have
been sufficiently punished for your misdeeds." He
gave Lucy no time to respond before lifting up on the
inserted vibrator, bringing more of it into contact
with her mound, and began to slowly turn it from side
to side.

Lucy felt the change in position and the motion and it
sent her soaring even higher on a cloud of pure sexual
excitement. She wanted so badly to come, and to make
her Master come, but she had to obey or face more
punishment. She started to beg her Master for her
release. "Please, Master, let me come so I can take
your massive cock into my mouth and suck it dry."

"Not yet," he responded, driving her further and
further out of her mind. Lucy continued to beg, her
words becoming louder and more difficult to interpret
as her mind became numbed by the stimulation. Dan
added to her agonies by placing soft, loving kisses on
her breasts, then worked his way up her neck to her
face. He kissed her lips, her cheeks, her forehead,
her eyes, all the time taking care not to come in
contact with her nose. Lucy's every breath ended in a
sustained, elated moan as her body ached for release.
When he judged she had had enough, Dan took her head
in his hands. "Your punishment is over," he
whispered, and gently kissed the tip of her nose.

Lucy let out a series of loud, sustained screams as
the pent-up energy in her being was finally set free.
Dan prolonged her climax by moving the vibrator in and
out so that it brushed Lucy's clitoris. Lucy's body
wrenched and twisted in the restraints then went limp
again as the orgasm ended. In between heaving
breaths, Dan could just barely make out her words:
"Thank you, Master." He turned off the vibrator and
removed it.

"I think we wore her out," Denise remarked. She
pointed a finger at Dan's crotch, where his raging
hard-on was still trying to push through his pants.
"Looks like you could use a little something, though."

Holy shit, Dan thought as he realized how very huge
and hard he had become watching Lucy writhe and twist
in erotic rapture. His hand reached down and touched
the bulge, as if to verify that it was really his.

"Would you like me to take care of that for you?"
Denise asked, her eyes sparkling as they regarded his
condition. For the first time in three years, Dan
found himself seriously tempted by a woman other than
Lucy. He stared at Denise in her black lingerie and
boots, pussy dripping, nipples erect, and imagined her
grabbing his throbbing dick and pumping it until he
came. Then he looked again at Lucy on the bed,
silently willing her to tell him what to do.

You're being weak, his inner voice told him. You're
the master here, not Denise and not Lucy. Act like
the master, dammit!

"No," he finally said. "That's okay, I'll take it out
on Lucy in a bit."

"You sure?" Denise asked, doubting. "This could be
the only chance you get. I'd do you in a heartbeat,
all you have to do is say so."

"No thanks," Dan repeat. "I do appreciate the offer,

"Let me know if you change your mind."

"I'll be okay, thanks," Dan replied. "Believe it or
not, I'm kind of an old-fashioned guy at heart."

"Yeah, sure," Denise retorted with heavy sarcasm. "I
can tell by the way you handle a vibrator."

After an exchange of grins, Denise dressed and went
home, taking her camcorder with her but leaving the
tape on the dresser. Dan closed the bedroom door,
removed Lucy's bonds and blindfold, and climbed into
bed next to her.

"Wake up now, Lucy," he whispered.

Her eyes fluttered open as her head turned toward the
sound. "Master," she breathed as his face came into
focus. Dan saw nothing but love in her eyes.

"You took your punishment well, my slave," he said
tenderly. "Now you may go and prepare yourself to
delight me."

Lucy's eyes lit up. "Yes, Master!" She jumped out of
the bed and raced to the bathroom.

As he listened to the sounds of his slave in the
bathroom, Dan took stock of his performance so far.
He'd had a shaky start for certain and Denise had
surprised him with her sudden shift into rage, but Dan
thought he had handled things well since his early
mistake. He felt sure Lucy had enjoyed her
"punishment," just as he normally enjoyed being
"punished" by her. Now he would reward his slave by
letting her screw his brains out.

Lucy reappeared and knelt by the side of the bed, head
bowed, waiting for her Master's next order. She had
washed and combed her hair, Dan could see. She was
staring at his engorged cock with hunger in her face.

"Adore me," he commanded. Lucy immediately dove into
the bed and took Dan's cock in her mouth. The
pleasure shot through him like an electric shock.

"Stop!" he barked. Seeing Lucy's crestfallen look, he
continued: "Not with your mouth. Use any other part
of your body, and any part of mine. I'll tell you
when you may mount me."

The happy grin returned to Lucy's face. "Yes,
Master!" Leaning forward, she sandwiched his cock
between her breasts and began to massage it. Dan
groaned with pleasure as he felt her firm, round
breasts enveloping his pounding cock. He willed
himself to relax, slow down, enjoy, but he had been so
aroused for so long that he knew his self-control was
tenuous as best. "Are you ready to receive me,
Slave?" he asked, working very hard to keep his voice

"Yes, Master." As proof, she swiped two fingers along
her inner thigh and held them up to Dan. They were
well coated in her own juices.

"Then do so."

"Yes, Master." Lucy wasted no time rising up and
dropping herself straight down on her Master's cock.
Dan felt himself slipping in so easily, so deeply. He
loved the feel of Lucy's weight on his hips as he
buried his cock into her all the way to the root.
Lucy shivered above him, eyes closed, and tightened
her vaginal muscles to grip Dan's cock more firmly.
Slowly, sensuously, she began to move her hips up and
down, keeping up the pressure on Dan's head, keeping
him as deep as possible.

"Lean forward," Dan instructed. Lucy leaned forward
but her hips kept moving, each up and down motion
bringing Dan closer to the edge. He reached up with
his hands and grabbed onto Lucy's breasts, gave them a
good squeeze, and then felt the rush in his groin as
he climaxed. Lucy continued to work her pelvic
muscles, milking him dry, until she felt his shaft
begin to soften. She slowly sank down to a prone
position and relaxed on top of her Master's chest.
She kissed him gently and ran her hand through his
chest hair while he regained his composure.
Once the adrenaline high subsided, Dan felt himself
growing hungry. He looked at his watch: 1:30. "Time
for lunch, Lucy," he announced.

Lucy perked up. "What shall I fix for you, Master?"

Dan thought about it, but remembered the underdone
eggs and the overdone toast. "I think we'll go out
for lunch," he said.

"As you wish, Master," Lucy replied. "May I please
dress?" Once again that hint of reluctance crept into
her tone.

Dan was expecting it this time, and had an answer
ready. "You may put on shoes and your long lined
overcoat. Nothing else. And keep the collar on."

"Yes, Master!" she beamed, and Dan gave himself a
short pat on the back.

After getting dressed himself, Dan allowed Lucy to put
on her shoes and coat and checked her out thoroughly.
The coat was excellent for his purposes -- a dark fawn
color, it was light in weight but very warm thanks to
a furry lining. She had it buttoned from chest down,
leaving the top two buttons open to form a plunging
neckline. Dan could make out the studded dog collar
around her neck, and saw the end of the leash peeking
out from under her coat tails; that would be fine. He
could tell from the way the coat clung to her body
that Lucy was nude underneath, but he doubted other
people would notice.

One thing Dan wanted to avoid was running into anyone
he and Lucy knew. To most of their friends, they were
simply lovers; only Denise knew the true nature of
their relationship. With this in mind, Dan drove to
an outer suburb of town that he and Lucy seldom visit
and started looking for a place to eat. He soon came
upon an old-fashioned diner in front of a strip mall
and decided that would be the place. He could tell by
looking through the windows that several of the
patrons had kept their coats on; that would make Lucy
less conspicuous.

He asked the hostess for a private table and was
ushered into a small booth in a back corner of the
dining area. "How's this?" the hostess asked.

"Great," he replied.

Lucy didn't open her menu; instead, she laid it flat
on the table and simply waited for Dan to order for
her. After a few minutes, a college-age boy in faded
denims and an apron came to the table and introduced
himself as "William, your waiter today."

Dan ordered a chef's salad and decaf for Lucy, and a
burger and fries for himself. As Mistress, Lucy kept
Dan on a strict low-fat diet; today Dan decided he
could indulge freely in his fondness for "real" food.

When William returned a few minutes later with their
drinks, Dan noticed that his eye wandered to the
neckline of Lucy's coat. The kid's got good taste, he
thought to himself. Let's give him a cheap thrill.

"Lucy," he said as William returned to the kitchen.
"I want you to unbutton your coat but leave it
closed." He watched as Lucy did as instructed. "From
now on, whenever William comes to our table, I want
you to casually open your coat enough to show him your

Lucy's eyes grew wide with excitement as she answered,
"Yes, Master."

William brought their food directly. Lucy's hand went
to her coat collar and played innocently with her
lapel. It wasn't until he leaned over to place her
salad in front of her that William noticed that Lucy's
breast was completely exposed to his view. His eyes
bugged out and he drew in a sharp breath, almost
dropping the salad in surprise. Lucy saw the comical
look on the boy's face and smiled -- her Master would
be pleased. William recovered himself and looked
ashamedly over at Dan, who took great care to pretend
he was unaware of what the boy had just seen. William
finished putting food on the table and retreated,
holding his plastic serving tray over his groin. He
returned frequently, however, to ask if they needed
anything and to steal another guilty look inside
Lucy's coat. Dan laughed inwardly as he watched the
boy trying unsuccessfully to hide his hard-on.

Their little game of peek-a-boo put Dan in an amorous
mood again. As he shepherded Lucy out of the diner,
he thought of another luxury in which he could indulge

It was just after 3:00pm when they returned to the
condo. A few neighbors were out, but none of them
appeared to notice anything unusual about Lucy. As he
closed and locked the door, Dan ordered Lucy to hang
up their coats and remove her shoes, leaving her again
with only the collar and leash on her body. "Grab a
twin sheet," he told her afterwards, "and join me in
the bedroom."

Lucy was right behind him as he walked back to the
bedroom, pausing only long enough to open the hallway
linen closet and remove a spare bed sheet. Dan went
immediately to the walk-in closet and pulled out their
portable massage table. The table was fairly heavy
and somewhat tricky to unfold, so he did that part
himself and had Lucy cover it with the spare sheet she
had brought.

Lucy couldn't help but smile as she realized what her
Master would be having her do. Without being told,
she slipped into the bathroom and returned with a
small wicker basket. Inside the basket was an
assortment of incense, candles, and massage oils.

"Think you can read my mind, do you?" Dan teased when
he saw her return with the basket.

"No, Master," she answered quickly. "I merely hoped
that you would allow me to massage your body."

"I would like that very much," he replied, approving
of her initiative. "The vanilla candles, please."

Lucy took two thick white candles out of the basket
and lit them, placing them both on the floor at the
head of the massage table. Small aluminum pie tins
protected the carpet from any dripping wax. She lit
the candles carefully and soon the soothing, sensuous
scent of vanilla filled the room. Lucy bent down
before the candles and held her hands near the flames
to warm them, then pulled them back and rubbed them
together. Dan watched with a growing sense of
anticipation as he removed his clothing. He had
performed this ritual on Lucy's behalf many times as
her slave. When he saw that she was ready to begin,
he laid himself face down on the massage table,
letting his arms dangle straight down from his

"Which oil would you like, Master?"

He thought a moment. "The unscented one," he replied,
not wanting to mask the vanilla from the candles.

Lucy took a vial of unscented oil from the basket and
carefully poured a small amount of it into her cupped
hand, then closed her other hand around it. Sealing
the oil between her hands for a moment to warm it
first, she then allowed it to drip slowly onto the
small of Dan's back. Dan felt the dripping and willed
himself to relax, the better to enjoy his massage.

Lucy's hands began working his muscles, slowly,
gently, lovingly. This was erotic, not therapeutic,
massage and Lucy was expert in its practice. She had
taught Dan how to give her such a massage and he had
always been eager to practice, to see how many times
he could get his Mistress to orgasm from his touch.
Her hands never left his body except to replenish the
oil; they just slid over his contours, squeezing a
little here, rubbing a little there. Every touch
brought a deeper feeling of relaxation and peace for
Dan to wallow in.

While Lucy took delicious care of his body, Dan's mind
drifted on a cloud of pure luxury. Being Master
wasn't so hard after all, he decided. He thought he
might even get used to it in another day or two. Of
course you don't have another day or two, he reminded
himself. The slave turns back into a Mistress at

He became dimly aware of Lucy asking him to roll over
onto his back. Half entranced by her ministrations,
he complied and was surprised to discover that his
cock felt hard as a wrecking bar and almost as long.
Lucy hadn't touched his genitals yet, not that he had
noticed, but the smooth feel of her hands working his
legs, his thighs, and his buttocks along with his deep
state of relaxation had all served to tantalize his
body. Lucy began working on his shoulders and Dan
lost his train of thought, breathing deeply and
letting his mind go blank.

An eternity later, or so it seemed, Dan became aware
of a sudden urgent need in his loins. The clouds in
his mind parted just enough to allow Dan to realize
two things: he was now lying on his side, and he was
about to come. He felt Lucy's hands, one on his cock,
the other squeezing his butt, and before he could
decide what to do he felt a massive burst of pure
energy run through his body as he came. The sensation
of the orgasm was spectacular; he could feel it in
every muscle of his body. He was so relaxed only his
groin muscles were in tension, expelling his seed onto
the sheet. Lucy's hands never left him, they merely
slid upward to help support him while he rode the
climax to its end.

Lucy continued the massage almost exactly where she
had left off, putting more oil on and sliding her
hands up and down his body. He blissed out once
again, watching in his imagination from somewhere
above them, and when he felt the second orgasm carry
him away he didn't even bother opening his eyes.

He felt himself moving and stirred enough to become
aware that he was now lying on his back again. Lucy's
gifted hands were gliding around his chest, teasing
his nipples, and her mouth was locked around his cock.
He felt her tongue caressing the underside of his
fuselage as she sucked and prepared himself for
another climax. This one was less intense but just as
long as the previous two and Lucy kept him in her
mouth throughout. The pumping, firing sensation was
different, and Dan dimly realized that he probably had
very little semen left to expel. "That's enough,
Lucy," he said, and allowed himself to drift into a
brief nap.

When he awoke the first thing he noticed was that the
vanilla scent had all but disappeared. His body felt
warm and moist all over, and as he opened his eyes he
became aware of Lucy's touch once again. This time,
however, it was the soft feel of a sponge guided by
her loving hand. He relaxed again. This was also
part of the ritual he normally performed on Lucy --
after the massage, a sponge bath to remove the excess
oil. The shower was quicker, but far less sensual.
Dan felt his cock struggling to erection, but he was
completely satiated already so he ignored it.

His sponge bath over, he hopped off the massage table
and dressed himself while Lucy cleaned up. Once the
table was bare he collapsed it and stowed it away in
the closet, then waited on the edge of the bed for
Lucy to finish.

"Come here, Lucy," he called when her job was done.

"Yes, Master?" She knelt before him on the floor,
looking up into his face.

"Lay down on the bed, face up."

"Of course, Master." Lucy assumed a prone position on
the bed, arms straight at her sides, legs slightly
apart. Dan saw the end of the leash between her
thighs; it looked highly erotic to him, but this was
not the time to be distracted. He had an idea and he
wanted to put it into action.

"Look into my eyes, Lucy," he commanded, leaning over
her so that his face was hovering over hers. His
voice took on the melodramatic, singsong tone that he
had used earlier when playing hypnotist. "You are
getting sleepy, very sleepy. Your eyes are growing
heavy. You cannot resist me. You are sinking,
sinking, into a deeeeeep sleep." Again, he saw Lucy's
eyes cloud over and her lids start falling. He knew
it wasn't really his hypnotic ability doing this to
her, but the sight was still a powerful turn-on.
"Close your eyes now, Lucy, and prepare yourself to
obey my every command."

Lucy's eyes stopped fighting to stay open and fell
still. Slowly she breathed, "Ready, Master."

"Have you enjoyed being my slave today, Lucy?"

There was no hesitation. "Yes, Master. You have been
a wonderful Master."

"Do you regret anything I've made you do today?"

"No, Master, although I did wish you had allowed me to
wear a coat to fetch the mail." Dan thought he caught
the slightest hint of reproach in her voice, but let
it pass unchallenged; after all, he had asked an
honest question and gotten an honest answer. Instead,
he moved on to his idea.

"Would you like to become my slave again sometime,

"Yes, Master. I'd love to serve you again."

"You can, Lucy," Dan replied, a triumphant grin
spreading over his face. "From now on, any time I say
the words 'Boxing Day' to you, you will immediately go
back to being my slave, and I will be your loving
Master. You will not try to resist the change because
you know I will take care of you, and because you love
being my slave. You will continue to act as my slave,
exactly the way you have done today, until I tell you
that you are dismissed. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good." Just to be sure, he reinforced the suggestion
several times before continuing. "It is almost time
to awaken, Lucy. When I count to three, you will open
your eyes and awaken feeling refreshed and happy. As
soon as you are completely awake, you will have an
orgasm which will be longer and more intense than any
you have experienced today. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Master."

"One ... two ... three." Dan studied Lucy's face closely.
As her eyes opened her face spoke eloquently of
serenity and contentment. Almost immediately it
changed to ravenous sexual hunger as she felt her body
respond to his final command. The sudden surge
through her being felt to Lucy almost like the sudden
drop from the top of an amusement park ride -- she felt
herself free-falling, out of control, as the orgasm
ripped through her body. She heard someone screaming
out in delight and dimly realized it must be her. All
she could see was her Master's face watching her with
an unspoken tenderness. She closed her eyes again and
gave in to the sensations.

"Sleep now, Lucy," Dan said, and Lucy faded into
heavenly sleep.

Dan was surprised to see that it was already 7:15 when
he returned to the living area of the condo. He had
been blissed out on the massage table for much longer
than he thought; late lunch or not, some sort of
dinner would be needed soon.

Cooking had been a favorite pastime of Dan's even
before meeting Lucy because it appealed to his
creative side; given Lucy's rudimentary skill level in
the kitchen, it was natural that he would become the
primary cook. Rather than wake Lucy to begin
preparing dinner, therefore, Dan elected to take care
of it himself. He removed two large, boneless chicken
breasts from the freezer and set them out on a
thermally conductive tray to speed thawing. He took a
bottle of red wine out of the cabinet and put in the
refrigerator to chill.

Dan went back to the bedroom knowing he had about 20
minutes to kill before he could start cooking. He
spent the time gazing at Lucy's peaceful, sleeping
form, lovingly running his hands along her contours.
Her nipples reacted automatically to his touch, but
she did not stir -- Dan had told her to sleep.

When he checked on the chicken after 20 minutes it was
sufficiently thawed to begin working with. He mixed
together a rub from garlic, sage, pepper, and a few
other assorted seasonings and rubbed it into the
chicken on both sides while the broiler heated up,
then slipped the chicken inside. While the chicken
was cooking, he chopped up some salad greens,
tomatoes, a little onion, and a hardboiled egg to make
a wholesome salad and cooked a small pot of white
rice. He opened the broiler once, to turn over the
breasts, and decided it was time to wake Lucy.

"Wake up, Slave," he said softly, kissing her lips as
she woke.

"Master," she acknowledged, holding him to her
briefly. Then her nose picked up the scent of garlic
and sage emanating from the kitchen. "You are
cooking," she said, looking slightly hurt.

"Yes I am," he confessed. "It gives me pleasure to
cook. It will give me even more pleasure to have you
assist me."

"Yes, Master!" Lucy's face lit up and she happily
followed Dan back to the kitchen. He had Lucy set the
table for both of them and open the wine, allowing it
to breathe. When his experience told him the chicken
was almost done, he opened the broiler again. On each
breast he placed a thin slice of fontina cheese, a few
shavings of smoked ham, and a little more fontina on
top. Adding a very light touch of basil, he closed
the broiler again to allow the cheese to melt and to
brown slightly.

Lucy had the table set, the wine poured into chilled
glasses, and salad served by the time Dan turned off
the broiler and brought the chicken to the table. She
held out his chair for him, pushed it in when he sat,
and spread his napkin on his lap as before. Smiling,
Dan allowed her to serve him his food before sitting
down to serve herself.

"This is delicious, Master," Lucy said, savoring her
chicken. Even as Mistress, she often praised his
cooking. Dan took the compliment in silence,
responding only with a benevolent smile.

After dinner Dan sat back in the living room with
another glass of wine, watching Lucy clear the table
and clean up the kitchen. She'll get even with me
tomorrow for all this housework, he thought to
himself, but it's worth it.

When she finished her work, Lucy came quietly into the
living room and sat on the floor beside her Master,
resting her head on the arm of his chair. He stroked
her hair fondly, thinking about the rest of the
evening. He realized his time was running out: it
was approaching 9:00 in the evening. He should have
at least one more encounter planned out, he felt, but
he was drawing a blank. After six first-rate orgasms
in a 21-hour period, Dan didn't feel a burning
physical need for more sex; what he really wanted was

"Lucy," he ordered, "Please put on my long Steve
Miller CD." Lucy hopped up to obey, and Dan moved
from his solitary recliner to the end of their
overstuffed sofa. Lucy loaded the requested CD and
two more into the changer and brought Dan the remote
control. He started the music, and motioned for Lucy
to sit beside him. She stretched herself out across
the remaining length of the sofa, her head resting in
Dan's lap. It was a position he had often assumed
with his Mistress, and he liked it. Silent except for
a few happy sighs, they sat together. Dan petted Lucy
lightly on the arm, occasionally sneaking a peak down
at her breasts; she let her hand rest on his upper
thigh a mere inch or two from his zipper.

After a while the feel of Lucy's breath on his crotch
started to have an affect on Dan; slowly but surely,
his cock swelled and his thoughts turned again toward
sex. His hand dropped a few inches and checked out
Lucy's breast: the nipple was hard and erect, and she
moaned softly when he made contact with it. Her hand
reached to his zipper as she looked up at him
inquiringly. At his nod, she opened his pants and
freed his cock.

Lucy worked his shaft with her fingers for a while,
teasing it into full erection while Dan continued to
fondle her breasts. She took him into her mouth
slowly, deliciously, all the way to the root, and then
backed off and repeated. The sensation of slowly
fucking Lucy's mouth was heavenly, and Dan felt
himself building up to another quality climax. It
took quite a while, but Lucy never let up and never
gave any sign of impatience; she simply continued
sucking and bobbing, petting his balls and using her
tongue to stimulate the most sensitive parts of his
tool. Finally Dan erupted into another long,
relatively dry orgasm and became still. As he worked
to catch his breath, he felt Lucy kiss his shrinking
cock and gently tuck it back into his pants, taking
extra care with the zipper.

Dan lost himself in thought as the clock passed 11:00,
his right arm still stroking Lucy as she lay in his
lap. One more idea, he told himself, something sweet;
something Lucy would never expect. He thought about
stories he'd read, movies he'd seen, and an idea took
root in his brain.

"Lucy, I want you to lie down on the bed and wait for
me. Use the bathroom first if you need to, and wash
yourself thoroughly before coming to bed."

"Yes, Master." Lucy rose and headed straight for the
bathroom. Dan followed as far as the kitchen, where
he started looking through the cabinets in search of
something he thought they had but seldom used. He was
pleased to find what he was looking for lurking in the
very back of the corner cabinet. He tucked his prize
into the back of his pants to conceal it and headed
for the bedroom.

Lucy was just settling down on the bed when he came
in. "On your back," he told her, "eyes closed." She
settled into the bed expectantly. Dan approached her
and placed the black sleep mask over her eyes, then
pulled his kitchen item out of his pants and set it
aside long enough to strip.

Already getting hard in anticipation of the fun, Dan
picked up his prize -- a 16-ounce bottle of Hershey's
Syrup, almost full. For a split second he thought
about the mess it would make if it got on the sheets.
So what, he decided, noticing that it was 11:25. I'm
the one who's going to end up doing the laundry.

"Stay still and trust me," he said as he approached
her. He popped the cap on the syrup and let a small
drop squeeze out onto the ridge just under Lucy's
nose. He saw her nostrils flare as the scent of
chocolate wafted into them. Playfully, he anointed
her closed lips with the syrup then knelt down and
kissed her hotly, licking up some of the chocolate
while allowing more to slip between her lips and into
her mouth.

"MMmmmmm..." she moaned through his kiss as she felt and
tasted Dan's chocolate-covered tongue in her mouth.
He could feel her relaxing into the bed, giving
herself to his attentions. He continued kissing,
adding a little more chocolate from time to time,
until he felt the desire to explore elsewhere. He
stole a quick glance at the clock: 11:40.

Moving down to her abdomen, he squeezed some of the
chocolate out into her navel and spread it over her
belly with his fingers, then licked it up. He held
his fingers up to Lucy's mouth and allowed her to lick
the chocolate off them. She was getting extremely
aroused and anxious to do more, but he reminded her to
remain still.

Mindful of the time, he squeezed the bottle again and
traced an O around each of her nipples. Diving in one
at a time, he cleaned and reanointed her breasts until
she was moaning with every movement of his tongue.
Then he rose up and positioned himself between her
legs. Lucy gasped sharply when she felt the chocolate
land on her mound and start running down her slit,
where it mixed with quite another kind of nectar.
Dan's mouth and tongue were on it immediately, licking
the fluids from every surface of her mound, her inner
and outer lips, her thighs. He carefully aimed the
bottle and even managed to land a drop on her
clitoris; Lucy's legs clamped down on him
involuntarily as he sucked it off her. By 11:51, with
Lucy on the verge of orgasm, he stopped.

"Oh, MASTER!" Lucy cried, still in a sexual frenzy.

Dan removed her mask and handed her the chocolate
syrup bottle. "Now you try it." He stretched out on
his side of the bed, hands folded behind his head, and
watched her as she studied his body. She started out
with a nipple, outlining it in chocolate and then
licking and sucking it up, as he had done. It felt
even more sensual than Dan had expected, having Lucy's
mouth on him like that. He willed himself to relax
and enjoy as Lucy worked her way down his body. It
was 11:55 when she reached his rigid cock and squeezed
a stream of chocolate onto the tip, which ran down in
all directions. She licked his shaft like an ice
cream cone, trying to catch the drips, periodically
applying more chocolate to the tip while Dan moaned in
delight. Lucy gave the bottle one more big squeeze
and plunged her entire mouth down over Dan's
chocolate-coated cock, sucking and licking with more
skill and strength than he had felt in all that
remarkable day. "Stop, Lucy," he croaked at 11:58.
"I will come inside you."

"Yes, Master." Lucy quickly aligned her pelvis with
his and plunged down onto his quivering shaft. Dan
felt her squeeze him and work him inside her and knew
another climax was imminent.

"Come with me, Lucy," he commanded, and let go to the
orgasm that took hold of his body. He felt Lucy
stiffen and heard her shriek as she followed suit,
pumping him for what little fluid may have been in him
after such an amazing day. Soon the orgasm was over
and she collapsed on top of him, his cock still
peeking into the opening of her canal. He held her
tightly to him as the last waves of pleasure subsided.

"I love you, Lucy," Dan said as the clock chimed

As soon as the clock finished its tune, Lucy stirred
and shook her head. Rising up like a great dragon,
she opened her eyes and once again Dan saw the fire,
the drive, the erotic power that none could resist --
his Mistress was back. Smoothly and quietly, her
fingers opened the studded collar and tossed it aside.

"I love you too, Daniel," she said, the smoothness and
richness of her voice leaving no doubt that she was
completely in charge again. "Did you enjoy your day
as Master?"

"Yes, Mistress," Dan answered, feeling his former
power fall off him like oversized clothes. Part of
him didn't want to give up control quite so easily,
though. Looking straight at Lucy's face, he added,
"Happy Boxing Day."

He watched Lucy closely, expecting to see her change
back into his slave as ordered. Instead a look of
complete triumph swept over her and she rose up a
little higher, the better to bore into him with her
irresistible eyes.

"Nice try, Daniel," she said, "but no. I spent months
planning the suggestions that would allow you to
become my Master for a day; one of the most deeply
rooted of them all was that any suggestion you gave me
would expire when the day ended." She grinned down at
him while he absorbed the impact of his failure.

"I am sorry, Mistress," Dan muttered, knowing he was
defeated. "I was presumptuous."

"Yes," she agreed. "But you were also considerate
most of the time, caring and passionate all of the
time. Not to mention creative. Such a performance
merits a reward."

Mistress Lucy scooted forward until her mound was
within a few inches of Dan's face and handed him the
bottle of chocolate syrup. Dan required no further
instruction; he squeezed out a generous amount onto
her mound and proceeded to eat her with abandon. As
he felt her thighs squeezing around his head, Daniel
resolved to serve his Mistress well in the coming
year. Only 364 more days until the next Boxing Day...



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