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BRADY camera pans the open


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Alice's Surprise - (Brady.txt) - Loosely based on an idea of a
concept of two single parents combining their broods. They aren't the
Bradys no matter what the name of the textfile is. Their name is Brady,
but they aren't the same ones. M/F
It's the story - of a man named Brady,
Who was fucking three very lovely girls.
All of them had big tits like each other
And the youngest one liked girls.

It's the story - of another lady
Who was screwing three boys of her own.
They were three men with their mother Playing hide the bone.

One day when that lady met that fella
They knew that it was much more than a hunch
That they must all somehow have an orgy
With all eight of them fucking in a bunch.
(In a bunch...)
That's the way we started fucking in a bunch.

Alice's Surprise

(Alice is slaving away in this pre-fab thing that's supposed to
be a kitchen when a girl in pony-tails comes in)
"Alice, why do I have to be the one that wears her hair in pony-
tails?" She asks.
"Because you're the youngest and you like girls," Alice tells her.
"What does liking girls have to do with this?" she asks.
"Well, if you gave boys handles like that, they'd choke you, ramming
their pee-pees down your throat," Alice says.
"That's all boys want, isn't it," she says.
"I'll tell you the next time one of those stud-monkeys lets me
chomp his choad," Alice retorts, "I'd show 'em what a real knob job is,
too. If they'd give me half a chance."
Poor Alice, she can't even play 'butt in the woodpile' with Mr. B
to make him think she's a boy and get a cum enema anymore. Since the orgies
have started, Alice's action has gone almost to zip. All she gets is that
butcher guy to come over and cleave her meat every so often.
(They are joined by the oldest, whose name is Helga, but we'll call
Marcia for easier identification with a certain T.V. familiy)
"Alice, I can't find my red pegnoir," Marcia said, "I want to wear
it to the orgy today."
"Why don't you think back to who you were fucking when you wore it
last," Alice says drily, "It's probably wadded up under their bed."
"Oh! That's right, I bet it's in 'daddy' Mike's room," Marcia lights up.
"Daddy, daddy, daddy," says Yvonne (Jan) as she passes Marcia leaving
as she is coming on the set. "She thinks Mike only wants her. My tits are
just as big. If he wanted only her then there wouldn't be three of us."
"But why do I have to wear the pony tails?" "Cindy" piped up.
"Because you're the youngest and Mike likes to think you're a child,"
Alice and Jan say in unison.
(Mrs. B stands at the edge of the shot waiting for the girls to go
off before coming in to talk to Alice.)
"Mike likes to think of everybody as a boy," Carol says ruefully,
walking a little funny.
"Did he play butt in the woodpile again last night?" Alice asks.
"No, Indian brave, and boy, was he brave," Carol winces.
Alice gives her a sympathetic look masking her jealousy that Mr. B.
was buggering his new woman instead of her. She doesn't really resent Carol
or the boys, even though it does double her work, but having three new
cocks that aren't interested in her does increase her frustration.
Mr. B is approaching and Alice tries to look busy. She has something
else to do and moves off so Carol and Mike can talk in private.
"And how are you this fine morning, honeybunch?" Mike asks.
"Still sore from that wild Indian," Carol admits, "I'll have to find
some soft cushions for the orgy today."
"Well, if you're not up to it, I'm sure the boys and I can manage,"
Mike offers.
"Oh no, I think the boys feel better with even numbers of boys and
girls," Carol says hastily.
"Now what's that supposed to mean?" Mike asks.
"Well, you know Bobby was complaining about the last orgy," Carol
reminds him.
"I've told you- I've told everybody. That was a mistake," Mike
alibis, "I was distracted and I didn't think it was Bobby. And I wasn't
going to fuck him in the ass. And I never got it in anyway."
"Whatever," Carol cuts off his babble, "The boys will be more comfortable if I'm there."
"Then what if we have the orgy by the pool today," Mike suggests,
"That should make it easier on your ass."
"Why Mike, that's a great idea," Carol agrees.
(Poolside behind the B's house. Everyone in swimsuits except Alice,
who wears a grass skirt and two coconut halves as a bra. Carol's two piece
suit has flowers along the neckline and waistline. It's brief, but not too
revealing. Marcia wears a bandeau top as wide as a band-aid and a bottom that leaves her bottom bare and barely covers the split of her sex. Jan
wears a modest one-piece except it's as opaque as saran wrap. Cindy has the
little girl multi-strap top and ruffled bottoms. The boys all wear cock-
hugging Speedos.)
"And this means, let's play in the grass," Alice is explaining her
hula as she parts the grass skirt to flash her naked cunt at the boys.
She is gratified by the grins and gets a bit of pleasure when she
sees some stirring in Bobby's swimsuit. But she knows she's just the comic
Everyone is waiting for Mike to make his entrance and get the party
"Gee you guys look excited to see me," Mike says as he strolls in.
The boys shiver a little at his choice of words. But the funny old guy hasn't made a direct advance- if you didn't count that thing with
Bobby- and he does bring those delectable babes to the table.
Now Greg should want Marcia, Peter should want Jan and Cindy and
Bobby should be left if Mr. B wants to fuck Carol. Of course Cindy doesn't
like Bobby and Bobby wants Jan. Peter wants a blow-job, he doesn't care
from who and Greg wants Jan too.
Right now Carol wants her cunt eaten and Marcia wants to play mother and fuck Mike. Jan wants what Marcia wants and Cindy is going to see what
happens before she sees where she fits in.
That leaves it up to Mr. B to pick his victim. He throws them into a
spin with his choice.
"Come over here and sit on my lap, Cindy," he calls out from the
chaise by the pool.
Cindy doesn't think he's so bad. He makes her feel creepy the way
he pretends she's 10, but he's never tried to fuck her in the ass. She
sits down and finds a very hard cock under the ruffled seat of her
"That's right honey, get comfortable," he says, mistaking her attempt
to find a way to sit so his cock isn't poking her for wiggling her rear
to excite him.
Up close, the top of her swimsuit is ridiculous. All the straps
strain as they cross her back and come down over her shoulders. The flat
triangles designed for a flat chest become little more than pasties as
they are pushed out by her swooping Oldsmobile bumper breasts.
Mike is examining this phenomena closely as the others deal with the
fallout of his choice.
Marcia, snubbed again from getting what she wants, turns to the next
best thing- Greg. He's in the pool in the wink of an eye and Marcia is
yanking down his trunks. Not to be outdone by Marcia, Jan jumps in behind
Greg and as Marcia goes down to give him an underwater blow-job, she
dives down to lick his ass.
"I just want a blow-job!" Peter announces loudly.
"Then bring your Peter peter to mom and I'll give you one," Carol
invites him.
It seems so juvenile to have your mother sucking your cock- at least
to Peter who has grown up with his dick in his mother's mouth. But all he
wants is a blow-job and mom wil give him a good one.
Poor Bobby is left to snort loudly and pout. That lasts about ten
seconds when he sees Jan's butt float up as she licks Greg's ass.
"What are you trying to do!" Jan shrieks indignantly as Bobby tries
to find a way into the bottom of her swimsuit.
"You weren't using this end and I thought I would," Bobby pouts.
"There, why don't you take Bobby somewhere and leave Greg and I
alone," Marcie snaps.
"Go away Bobby," Jan says and then snaps back, "I will not go away.
Do you want me to go away, Greg?"
"I ahh... ummm..." Greg doesn't want to be in the middle of anything
but their mouths.
At just that time Carol creates an opening when she suggests that
Peter lie on top of her and lick her cunt while she blows him. He's never
like kissing girls where they pee.
"No, that's okay, I got to go do... something..." Peter says lamely
and pulls away.
Seeing her opportunity to escape the 'this little tittie' game Mike
is playing, Cindy jumps up to go to Carol's aid.
"I'd love to lick your cunt," she says as she scampers over to kneel
between Carol's legs.
The fight between Marcia and Jan is reaching tropical storm
proportions and Greg has to step in before it becomes a her-icane. There's
nothing going on at his crotch during the fight anyway.
"Now Jan, Marcia was here first. I guess I've got to give it to her,"
Greg says.
"Peter's got a bigger dick anyway!" Jan yells, alerting Peter that
she's coming for him.
Normally that's okay, but he's afraid it will be a grudge fuck to get
back at Marcia. No matter, Jan is shedding her transparent suit as she
comes up the stairs out of the pool and there's no escape.
Jan is sitting on Peter and Peter's peter. Greg sets Marcia on the
edge of the pool and climbs out over her. They don't take off her suit. It
moves easily enough he can fuck her with it on.
Cindy has buried her face in Carol's cunt and Mike is right behind,
pulling down the ruffled bottoms to expose her lovely little girl behind.
Bobby is left out again.
"Poop on all of you!" he announces and runs off crying.
Carol looks concerned, but then Cindy's tongue makes her sigh.
Peter's concern is melting as Jan is riding him very nicely. Marcia is busy
showing off for Jan and Mike is only concerned with stuffing his cock in
Cindy from the rear.
The camera pans in on the open patio door.
(Back in the kitchen. Alice is making lemonade in a big pitcher.)
"What's the matter big guy?" she asks Bobby.
"I'm not a big guy!" Bobby pouts, "Everyone treats me like a kid!"
"Want to be breastfed kid?" Alice jokes, pulling aside one of the
coconuts to expose a slightly sagging breast.
"Aw Alice, none of them want to fuck me," Bobby says despondently.
"Then they're missing a pretty good deal, I say," Alice says as she
sits down and motions for Bobby to come sit on her lap.
"That sure feels like a pretty big thingy for a kid," she says as
she rubs Bobby's cock in his Speedos.
"Gee Alice, that feels good!" Bobby sounds surprised.
"I know something that feels even better if we take those pants off
you," Alice offers.
(Cut back to Mike sucking Carol's toes as she writhes on Cindy's
tongue and he slams into her from the rear. Peter and Jan are rolling over
and over trying to be on top as they fuck and Marcia is doing her fainting
heroine impression as Greg pounds between her legs.)
(Cut back to Bobby kneeling by Alice's chair and fucking her. The
grass skirt covers most of the action, but it's obvious what they're
"Wow! That don't feel like a kid!" Alice is panting as Boby plows
her. "Give me more, big boy."
"Gee Alice, your cunt feels just like mom's," Bobby replies.
(Fade) (Fade in on naked bodies aprawled by the pool. They are
looking around.)
"Where's Bobby?" Carol asks.
"I guess we kind of ignored him," Greg says sheepishly.
"Gee I feel like a rat," Peter says.
"Well, it wasn't nice of any of us to let him run off crying," Carol
"All he had to do was wait his turn," Marcia protests.
"Yeah, Marcia would fuck all of them if we let her," Jan snipes.
"That's enough you two," Mike offers. "If you two got along better
we would have one less problem. That's for sure."
"I wonder what happened to him?" Greg asks before the commercial break.
(We come back to Greg pushing open a door slowly. Peter bumps into
the shot behind him. They peek into the room. There's a big picture of
Errol Flynn on the wall with a crude but huge cock drawn at the crotch of
his Sinbad the Sailor costume. They surprise Alice rubbing herself with
her eyes closed.)
"Alice?" Greg says cautiously.
"What! Oh God! What are you boys doing here!" Alice sputters and
tries to hide her crotch.
"Don't bother with that," Greg says.
"Yeah, don't bother," Peter parrots.
"What do you mean? What do you want? Do Mike and Carol know you're
here?" Alice sputters.
"Sure, it was my idea, but they thought it was a good one," Greg
"And what idea is that?" Alice becomes wary.
"Well, we found out what you did for Bobby and we think we ought to
thank you," Greg explains, "We were all too busy and you had time for him.
That's pretty special."
"Awww, it was nothing," Alice blushes.
"We think it was something pretty special," Greg says as he sits
on Alice's bed.
"We think it was swell," Peter says as he crawls up on the other side
of her.
"We think we ought to thank you for being so special," Greg says and
slips his hand in Alice's nightgown to fondle her tit.
"We know your life has been turned upside down with the eight of us
here," Greg says and bends to kiss Alice passionately.
"Yeah, we know you're not getting any," Peter chirps.
Greg gives him a surly stare and Peter gets to work sliding his hand
into Alice's crotch. they lay her down with the obvious intent of both
fucking her.
(Mike is laying in bed painting the head of his cock like the helmet
of a fireman with Carol's lipstick. The water is running in the bathroom.)
"You know you've got some pretty considerate boys," he says.
"We have some pretty considerate boys, dear," Carol's voice comes
from the bathroom, making his cock jerk perceptibly, "I think we're
becoming one happy family."
"Well, it makes me feel better knowing Alice will be happy. You know
I don't have as much time for her since you've moved in," Mike says.
"Well, I'm not giving you up so she can have you," Carol says, "So,
what game are we playing tonight?"
"Something I just thought up," Mike says, envisioning a burning
building and firefighters hacking a way in through the back door, "It's
called Fireman's rescue."
(Fade to credits.)


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