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BRAT movie where they had fuck


Keywords: m/F, m/f, oral, anal, group
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Brat in the Suburbs

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Brat in the Suburbs
Debbie knew she was the definition of 'in'. She was the mover.
Hers was the yea or nay that counted around here.
Brad, on the other hand, was beginning to piss her off. He had no
concept of lepers. He was still the dude- athletic, handsome and
everybody's pal, but when Debbie thought of everybody, she didn't
include hopeless geeks and juvenile delinquents.
She felt he was giving her a bad name by hanging around with
Melvin. She just knew Steffie was saying, 'poor girl, her boyfriend
hangs with dweebs,' behind her back.
She was still steaming when she opened her blouse for Brad. It
was automatic like a ritual when they stopped the car at the far end
of the football field. She opened her blouse and let him fondle her
breasts. Sometimes she jacked him off and sometimes she made him wait
for later.
He wasn't getting jacked off today.
"Brad, do you have to be seen with Melvin?" she asked as he
lowered the straps of her bra.
"What's wrong with Melvin?" he asked.
"Do you live in a cave? Melvin is a drooler- a mouth breather-
a total loser. You should hang out with your own species," she
rattled off.
"Melvin's okay," Brad said, "He's a real smart kid and he
thinks about the weirdest things."
"If he's so smart, then why doesn't he know he's dressing for
the 80's?" she snapped. "The age, not the era."
She might as well have been yelling in a canyon to hear the
echo. Brad dressed all right because his mother bought him the right
clothes. If he wasn't good-looking, athletic and popular, he would
have nothing going for him either.
But everyone else thought he was dreamy and were jealous that
Debbie had him locked up. That was worth being mauled and all the
sticky tissues she had to throw away.
On a date night she had to come across. She had to at least
give Brad a hand job. He could get it anywhere and he would if she
tried to cut him off, she kept reminding herself. She used the same
whip to force her head down when he wanted her to put the evil
little thing in her mouth.
He'd been asking for that more and more lately. She really
didn't like having sex with him either, but at least she could lie
there and think about other things while he did the work.
As much as it disgusted her, Debbie even tried to think of
something she could do for Brad to make him stop hanging around with
Melvin. She couldn't think of a thing. She did it all now and Brad
had never asked for anything except a blow-job.
"Oh no, Brad's real loyal, he'd try to make you happy," Tami
said as Debbi laid out her problem. "He wouldn't just dump you. He'd
try to work it out."
"But he wouldn't dump Melvin either," Debbie complained.
"Sometimes they are such a pain to get to do what you want,"
Tami agreed.
"Whatcha talking about?" Linette asked as she sat down.
"Debbie wants Brad to stop hanging with Melvin and we're trying
to think of a way to make him do it," Tami explained.
"Let him fuck you in the ass," Linette said.
"WHAT!" Debbie exploded.
"Guys will do anything to put it in your back hole," Linette
"I suppose you do it all the time," Debbie challenged her.
"Well, no. Not me, but LaVon says men will do anything to get
back there," Linette said. "You know she calls herself the AssMaster
and you've seen how the juvies jump when she asks for something."
Brad wasn't the only one that had friends outside the circle.
But Linette was only a fringe member anyway. Debbie certainly
wouldn't stoop to anything like that. Besides the delinquents were
different from real people. They had bad brains. Who knew, or cared,
what made them heel.
It was eating at her sense. Debbie couldn't even put together
her Wednesday outfit. The thought of Brad going in through her out
door kept looming in her mind. It was so icky she couldn't chase it
away. She wished Linette had never brought it up.
Her way wasn't working either. Now Brad and Melvin were
partners in a chem lab experiment. In general that was borderline,
since it was cool to get a geek to do the work, but in light of his
recent history, Debbie knew it was a step in the wrong direction.
Maybe she was looking at this all wrong. Yellow was her
Wednesday color, not green, and maybe she had to flip her problem
over too. If Melvin liked Brad, maybe he'd go away so Brad could
remain cool. But how would she say that to him?
"Great outfit," Tami complimented and then whispered, "You do
that thing Linette said yet?"
"Eeeeuuuwww! No way! I'm trying not to think about it at all,
thank you," Debbie retorted.
"Sorry, I just can't get it out of my head. It's sooooo dirty,"
Tami said.
"Me neither, get it out of my head, I mean, and it's totally
weirding me out," Debbie said. "I know people like us don't ever do
anything like that."
"Then what are you going to do?" Tami asked.
"I think I'll work on Melvin," she said.
"You're going to do the deed with Melvin?" Tami was shocked.
Thank you. Another horrible though was planted in Debbie's head.
Unfortunately, she saw that it would work as soon as Tami blurted it
out. Melvin would be afraid, ashamed and absolutely avoid Brad if
she did it with him. Even a blow-job would make him go away.
"As if!" Debbie exploded.
She wouldn't just because it would work. She might as well come
to school in jeans from Sears and start chewing gum. No one fucked
nobodies. They didn't even do that to girls for sorority initiations.
"I was trying to think of a way to tell him he's dragging Brad
down and see if he won't go away in Brad's best interest," she said.
"Like- Melvin, you're so uncool you have to go away," Tami
"Yeah, but I'm trying to make it sound nice, like he's too good
for Brad," Debbie said.
"That never works," Tami said bluntly, "When a guy says you're
too good for him, you still know you're being dumped even if he is
being polite."
"Yeah, but I can't think of anything else," Debbie complained.
"I got it," Tami said, "Linette and Ashley are coming to my
house tonight for a party. Why don't you come and we can all try to
come up with something better."
Debbie packed a small bag with a swimsuit- just in case- and an
extra outfit to meet all possibilities. She was going to be gone for
hours. She had to be prepared.
"Be gone long?" her mother asked when she saw the bag.
"Just going to Tami's for the evening, I won't be too late,"
she said.
Her mother was used to her by now. She didn't understand her,
but she was used to her.
It was a total disaster. First, Tami was wearing the same thing
she had in the bag, so she couldn't change if she wanted to. Then
Tami told the whole story and Linette and Ashley were only interested
in how icky it would be to have to do it with Melvin.
Debbie tried to get them on the right track and then Linette
dropped the last straw. She told Ashley all about her fucking in the
ass idea. She wasn't going to have the nightmares start again. It was
clear they didn't care a fig for her and that they were going to
talk about that horrible stuff.
Debbie excused herself and left.
As if they could think of anything she couldn't, she pouted.
They were, face it, followers. The only one that could help her was
her. And now she was so upset she couldn't think straight.
Hot chocolate was the only thing that could fix her now. She
deserved a treat after the way she had been ignored.
She was warming milk in a pan to make REAL hot chocolate when she
heard the first noise. It sounded like the cat had knocked something
over, but they didn't have a cat. She followed the sound upstairs and
then heard a groan that made her heart stop.
It came from the bedroom. Had her mother had a heart attack? Was
it the sound of her falling that she heard?
It was worse than that. Debbie was shocked into a statue by what
she saw when she pushed the door open.
Her mother had both hands on the wall like a convict and a man-
Oh God! It was Brad! was fucking her from behind. Her paralysis forced
her to watch as Brad slowly pushed in until he was tight against her
mother's butt.
"Oh god, that fills me up," her mother moaned.
"It's so tight, Mrs. Sherwood, are you sure I won't hurt you?"
Brad was so sweet.
"It hurts already, Brad," she grunted, "But I want you to fuck me.
I want you to fuck me hard. Fuck my tight little asshole and make me
Debbie tried to drop her glass to stop them, but she had left it
on the counter. Her throat certainly wasn't working and it didn't seem
like her legs were of much more use. She wanted to wake up. She had
fled this just minutes ago and here was her own mother... it was too
terrible for her to think about.
"Ill stop if you want me to," Brad said as he pulled back.
"That's sweet Brad, but don't worry," Stella said and then roared,
Brad seemed unsure and mechanical as he drove into her at first,
but then Debbie could see the change as he got used to the idea and
plunged eagerly against her mother's upturned ass. Her mother felt it
too, because her unconvincing grunts became howls and cries when Brad
started filling her ass in earnest.
Debbie wondered how she could watch this, but that was only one
stray thought passing through an overloaded confusion of betrayals and
nausea and disbelief that filled her head.
She seemed doomed to watch as her boyfriend did the nastiest thing
she had ever heard of to her own mother. That her mother had made him
do it was beyond her comprehension.
"Oh yes! Drill me deep, boy!" her mother shouted and Debbie was
afraid someone would hear. "Take it all! Fuck my ass! Ream my tight
little hole!"
Brad was giving as athletic a performance as she had ever seen as
he slapped his belly into her mother's ass. He was working hard to move
in and out of her asshole and he was giving it all he had to make his
cock fly in and out between her cheeks.
Debbie couldn't begin to think about how that must feel to her
mother. It was obviously too tight for something the size of Brad's cock
and he was ramming it into her more brutally than she had ever seen him
do anything before. Then the dark thought that Linette had been right
about boys and asses clouded her mind.
"Dammit!" Brad cursed, "I can't help it!"
He slammed against her and humped with short thrusts deep in her
"It's all right!" Stella urged, "Fill my ass with your hot jizm!
Pump me full of a cum enema! Give me your hot, steaming load!"
That broke the spell for Debbie. She fled the room and ran back
downstairs. The milk was a black residue in the smoking pan and that
just completed the whole thing for her. Why did God hate her? Was it
because she was so beautiful?
She was an impending hurricane waiting for Brad and her mother at the foot of the stairs.
Nothing went as she had planned.
In didn't mean so much to Debbie any more. Her whole life was
crumbling around her. parents can be such a downer. Brad had been scared
but her mother just laughed at her.
"Honey, the only 'in' that counts in this life is when it's in
deep and hard," she had told her. "Your father left us for an illiterate
19-year-old because it felt better 'in' her."
She had been told that she had better forgive Brad, because her
mother wasn't giving him up. She could keep things as they were or she
could break up and let people figure out that Brad was putting it to
her mother. He was 18. It wasn't a crime.
Even Brad had cut her cruelly trying to be nice.
"We don't have to do anything any more if you don't want to," he
offered, making it perfectly clear that he had only been patronizing
her to get to have real sex with her mother.
It was just the worst. Things like this weren't supposed to
happen to the brightest star. Debbie was totally bummed out. She was
ready to hand the crown to arch-rival Steffie and take home-ec.
"Where did you go in a hurry last night?" Tami asked her.
"You know, Linette brought up that thing I don't want to think
about and I just had to get away," Debbie confessed.
"You know, I think she wants to do it," Tami giggled, "I mean
she's talking about it so much."
"Well, I know who will give it to her," Debbie said before she
could stop herself.
She wasn't telling anyone what she found out. It was way too
personal to ever tell a soul. She started thinking furiously.
"Oh yeah? Who?" Tami was all over her for an answer.
"I bet Melvin would fuck her anywhere just to have her," she
said, grasping at the first name not Brad's that came to mind.
It was weak, but now she had time to think some more. Tami took
it as a joke and laughed.
"Oh yeah, Melvin would do anything, but I think Linette is
serious," Tami said.
"So am I," Debbie said, a plan blossoming in her head. "We'll
just have to work on her."
It was a challenge, but it would take her mind off her troubles.
After all, manipulating people was what she did best. And it would
serve Linette right. She might not have any reason, but she blamed
Linette for Brad fucking her mother. She certainly was the one that
forced her to find that out.
"It's a perfect plan," Debbie was telling Linette, "You get
excellent deniability- who'd believe Melvin- And I'm sure it would
weird the two of them out."
"But you're forgetting I'd have to do it with Melvin," Linette
pointed out.
"Who do you want to do it with? Some guy that will wait about a
second before telling everyone who will listen? Your choices are
kinda limited there," Debbie campaigned.
"This is just because you want me to do your plan thing so you
don't have to do it yourself," Linette accused.
"It does have that going for it, but think, it's a good idea for
you too. It's like a perfect answer to both our problems," Debbie said.
"I didn't know I had a problem," Linette said.
"You weren't thinking," Debbie said, "I explained that already. If
you let Chuck do it, he'll be impossible to reason with. I mean, what
do you have to promise him after he's had it all. And then he can talk.
Do you really want to put him in a position like that? You'll have to do
whatever he says for the rest of your life."
Debbie had talked long enough to confuse Linette. But the prime
issue was clear to her. Still she stuck on the idea of being that close
to Melvin, let alone that close and naked.
The seeds had been planted. Debbie hadn't thought she'd convince
Linette in one take. She thought she'd planted the point about Chuck
becoming unreasonable.
"I thought it was like a joke," Tami said when Linette had left,
"You're serious about it."
"Like she says, it gets me out of having to go near Melvin,"
Debbie pretended. "And what's the difference? I don't think she'll be
looking at whoever is doing THAT to her. She might as well help me out."
Tami knew Debbie well enough to realize she wasn't getting the
whole story. Debbie liked to set up surprises. And they were usually
great, so Tami bided her time to see what was really on Debbie's mind.
That was the only phase of Debbie's life that was going as
planned. Parking on the far side of the football field seemed like such
a sham, but Brad insisted.
"We're going to do everything just the way we always have," Brad
told her in no uncertain terms. "You're not going to do anything to make
people think things aren't as they always have been."
"Then do I have to open up my blouse, since I'm obviously not the
one you really want?" she snipped.
"Sure, Jerry still wants to look at them," Brad said and sent her
head swiveling around to see voyeurs.
"You're kidding! Right?" She asked.
"He's there somewhere, or at least he usually is," Brad laughed.
"Paid me $10 once because he wanted to peep."
"You make money showing me off!" Debbie screeched.
"I only took it once," Brad said, "It was too funny. It's a joke
between us now. 'Hey, Jerry, got $10?'- like that."
"Some other boy looking at my- at my bosoms is a JOKE?" Debbie was
really pissed.
"No, him paying for it," Brad clarified, "It's no big deal, we can
see you girls in the shower any time we want anyway. But that's not what
I'm getting at. It's you being normal. That means you're going to have
to blow me like you did too."
"You want to have sex with me after I saw you doing that
disgusting act with my mother!" Debbie was incredulous.
"No, that always sucked," Brad said, "But you're getting better at
sucking cock."
She had to face it. Her life was going to be shit for some time.
The most she could do was drag some poor soul down with her. She was
going to be a suck slave for Brad and when she got home, she found that
was only the beginning of what her mother had planned.
"I tried to talk you up, but Brad doesn't think you'd be any fun
helping us," her mother lectured, "So pick a floor and Brad and I will
study on one of the other two."
She had nothing else to do but work on the problem of Linette. She
was going to hide in her room and try not to think of what was going on
below her. She certainly had no interest in that. She had a phone call
to make.
Melvin sounded like an excited chipmunk on the phone. It was all
she could do to not goof on him. She had to sound serious to get Melvin
to believe her story.
"She didn't say it in so many words, but I think she was talking
about you," Debbie was purring.
"No way, she's always laughing at me," Melvin chattered.
"Just because she likes you and doesn't know how to show it,"
Debbie fed him the line, "I don't think you should approach her yet, but
be aware. You wait and see what she does."
"Well, there's no harm in that," Melvin reasoned, "I can watch her
out of the corner of my eye and see about this."
"I know something else that you might want to know before she
comes on to you," Debbie twitched the bait, "Something dirty."
"Yeah???..." she could see Melvin hunched over the phone.
Blammo! She jerked him and set the hook. She'd have him cleaned
and dressed for Linette when ever she could get Linette to the
"She's a little kinky if you know what I mean," Debbie reeled him
a little closer.
"Yeah???..." he breathed.
"She wants you to put it in her heine," Debbie whispered, "She
says she likes it that way."
"Ohhhhhh- Jesus!" Melvin moaned and Debbie assumed he had just cum in his shorts. "That's so evil."
"I think so too, but Linette is into it," Debbie pulled him in.
"I hope you're not lying to me," Melvin rasped.
"Now, did I promise you anything?" Debbie asked, "I just told you
what I think is going to happen. You have to wait and see."
"I can do that, but now I don't want to wait," Melvin said.
She hung up before he could start to drool on the phone. That was
going well at least. But it was the only thing. She faintly heard the
sound of the rutting pigs and tried not to think about it.
She really did need a glass of milk. And the refrigerator was
downstairs. It wasn't like she was going down to catch them. It was milk
and it was good for her. That was what she was after.
Her rationalization sprung a major leak when she discovered they
had gone down to the basement. Laundry was a weak excuse, particularly
since she had done three loads in her 16 years. She still denied she was
going to watch, but her feet took her down the steps.
The laundry room was one way, the groans were coming from the
other. Still in denial, she knelt down and pushed the door open a crack.
All she could see was her mother's contorted face moving in and out of
There was no point trying to kid herself. She could deny that she
came to watch all she wanted, but she had to push the door far enough
open to actually see something.
The slice she had seen was her mother sitting on top of Brad and
moving into view on her rise. She could see him pinching her nipples now
and heard the familiar chuffing sound Brad made when he was about to
cum. She had got there late.
She was trapped. Her mother rolled off with a clear view of
Debbie's escape. She stayed crouched and watched Brad sit up beside her
mother. Her mother reached out by reflex to catch some left-over cum before it dripped on the couch. Like Debbie wanted to see that.
"I lasted longer that time, didn't I?" Brad said proudly.
"You don't have to worry about that as long as you have the
rebound ability of youth," Stella told him as her hand came up to cradle
his drooping erection. "Seven inches twice is better than 14 inches once."
Then she slid off the couch onto her hands and knees and crawled
her face into Brad's crotch. Debbie was free now. She wrinkled her nose
at the sight of her mother sucking Brad's cock and scampered off.
She was sure there'd be more of the same and her heart was still
beating rapidly with the feeling she had when she thought she was
trapped. Of course watching them have sex was a little exciting, even
if it was her mother and her boyfriend.
She touched herself from time to time. It was reasonable to assume
that she had both hands between her legs as soon as the door closed
because it was one of those times. It could be that she was bored, too.
It didn't mean watching them fuck got her horny.
For a passing moment, she thought it would serve Brad right if she
did fuck Melvin. She would get some relief anyway- but then the horror
of the idea came through. Melvin. Melvin naked. Melvin with his mouth on
any part of her body.
"You know, Melvin's been acting real weird," Linette complained
to the girls, "He's been staring at me all day."
"Oho! A simmering pot of manhood waiting to erupt," Debbie quoted
from one of her dirty romance novels.
"Well, it is creepy," Linette said.
"Maybe he's a super-freak under the surface," Tami said, trying to
"Gives you a little twinge deep down you-know-where?" Debbie said,
"Sounds like he's the man to do your deed for sure."
"He looks like such a maniac," Linette said.
"It's always the quiet ones," Tami chipped in.
"Well, at least you know he's willing if you decide to go through
with it," Debbie said, meaning to step on a nerve.
"I want to do it and I will," Linette snapped. "I just want to
make sure it goes off all right."
"You know I meant if you did it with Melvin," Debbie lied, "I know
you'll do it if you say so."
Linette was backing up all on her own. She had no perception that
Debbie was pushing her into a corner.
"I will too, you know I will," Linette said defensively.
She had rattled Linette's chain and given herself an idea at the
same time. If she wanted a little on the side, why not Chuck? It might
even help convince Linette to fuck Melvin.
He was such a complete nothing, but she assumed he had a dick.
That was about all he needed to qualify for this list. But it was a
little neater trick than that. She certainly couldn't invite him to her
house. If Brad and her mother weren't fucking like mink, then she'd have
to watch out that Chuck didn't end up her mom's second victim.
It was the kind of problem she liked solving. Maybe she could make
Chuck jump through a couple of hoops before she let him get in her pants.
Melvin broke her mood by scuttling up when he saw she was alone.
"I thought you were playing a joke on me last night, but she
looks at me as much as I look at her," he said out of the corner of his
mouth, "I can't believe it"
He had the good grace to scuttle away, but he left the warm
feeling of a devious plan well done. Both Melvin and Linette had the
same idea in their heads. Debbie thought they might resist, but she
felt confident they would finally surrender to the inevitable. And she
would keep assuring them both that it was inevitable.
Her own problems were only getting bigger.
"I bet you felt like a super-spy when you snuck down to watch us,"
her mother greeted her. "And I bet you ran upstairs and fucked
Mr. Teddy's nose hard and long after what you saw."
She was embarrassingly on target although Debbie tried to deny
"You think Brad's dick is big enough to block the sight of your
broad butt running up the stairs?" her mother snickered, "I saw you.
Forget about denying it. And forget about Mr. Nice Guy Brad's feelings
about you being fun. If you want to watch, you can help. It might do you
She called Chuck about an imaginary assignment and acted confused
when he was confused. Then she straightened it out. In the meantime,
she dropped a hint that she'd like to get him alone. If he was hot for
her pussy, let him think up the place to meet.
Then her mother called and sent a chill up her spine.
"You get him ready," she commanded like an empress on her throne
as she sat totally naked on the bed with her knees drawn up.
As Debbie undressed Brad, her mother was fiddling between her legs
in a wide-screen display of two-handed self-love. Debbie was shocked by
how lewd her own mother could be. She was doing herself like it was a
stage act for them to watch.
"Well, you see, momma knows best. You won't have to blow him this
time," she said as Debbie peeled Brad's underwear over an already
steely erection.
"Now get over here, boy, and give your hot momma her lovin'" she
said huskily.
"Don't you think of leaving," she said sharply to Debbie, "I'll
have something for you to do, I'm sure."
Despite her sour expression, Debbie couldn't help watching every
move as Brad crawled up the bed directly between her mother's legs.
He moved over her on his hands and knees like he had radar in his cock
and stopped his crawling only when he could push his cock no further
into her mother.
"You like the way I can take it, don't you?" her mother snarled.
"Yeah," Brad said to prompt more of her dirty talk.
"You like it all at once, don't you? Then do something with it,
little boy!" she challenged, "Make me feel like there's a man between
my legs. Fuck me so I can feel it in my toes."
Brad's butt was wild as he pumped away at her mother. There was
nothing of the restraint he had shown in his sex with Debbie. She
wondered briefly if she would want him more if he had been more lively
with her. She wondered more how it felt to have him thrusting so hard
"You're almost there, keep going," Stella urged, "The spot's just
a bit deeper."
Her mother obviously liked it, Debbie saw.
Her knees had lifted and it seemed her legs draped over Brad's
active back on their own. She was moving along with Brad as she urged
him to greater exertions in her body.
"That's it! Go boy, go, go, go!" she cried out and her heels kicked
him as if he was a horse she was riding.
"I...I can't hold it!" Brad sounded frantic.
"Go ahead and try!" she challenged him as she pulled him into her
with her heels frantically as he sounded.
From there it was only disgusting grunts and groans as Debbie was
reminded that she was disapproving of this whole sick display. Her
boyfriend was threatening to make her a sibling as he emptied his balls
into her mother. It was sick. It was just sick.
It was only the first step of sick. When her mother nudged Brad
off her, she found out about the next step of sick.
"Now I've got something for you to do," her mother purred, "Brad
says you suck cock 'okay'. Get over here and suck 'okay' until he's got
another hard-on for me."
Debbie would have sliced a rival to shreds with her tongue for
such disrespect, but she was in no position to do that now. Her mother reveled in being out of step and different. And they both knew words
couldn't change the fact that Brad's jizm was dripping from her
mother's snatch.
She briefly though about biting off Brad's dick, but that brought
her up against her main problem again. Anything out of the ordinary
would attract attention and at the least, gossip. Debbie started
whispering campaigns, she wasn't the target.
"She means it nice, don't you Mrs. M?" Brad tried to referee, "She
just wants to involve you and it's not like you've never sucked my cock
"She's afraid," her mother mocked, "She likes to be the big fish
in the little pond and she's afraid to come out with the big fish."
Dammit. She hadn't thought of that until her mother brought it up.
Debbie had only been thinking about the cum and pussy juice on that cock.
She would be performing for a critical audience. Now how could she be
anything but self-conscious?
She put on her best, 'I'd rather be tortured, but..." look and
crawled on the bed before her mother put worse thoughts in her head.
Almost anything, except of course the public humiliation she was
trying to avoid, would be better than the private humiliation of doing
these perverted things in front of Brad and her mother. It was the
(excuse the phrase) mother of dilemmas. She could see her whole life-
her real life, school life, turned to shit or she could slip farther
into the clutches of these two. If she refused she was free and
worthless. Going ahead left her living a lie and in their power.
She stared hatefully at her mother and then turned away to suck
Brad's cock into her mouth. She had survived on braggadocio and nerve
before. She could play this out until she could disappear into America
after graduation.
"Not so hard," Brad squealed, "It's real sensitive after I've
fucked someone."
"See, you've learned something already," her mother teased, "This
is good for you. Just hold him in your mouth and play with his cock with
your tongue."
At least Debbie was sure that was good advice. But it was making
her think about what she was doing. She usually tried to think about
anything else when Brad wanted this.
Brad responded quickly and Debbie found that it was interesting
to feel his cock swell and stiffen in her mouth. Maybe if he hadn't
been hard as a rock every time before, she would have liked it more.
"That's not good enough," her mother scolded as Debbie lifted her
mouth off Brad's cock, "He has to be as hard as he can get this time."
Debbie didn't see Brad roll his eyes when she went back to
sucking his cock. She did hear her mother's exasperation.
"Oh, bother," she snorted, "Move over and let's get this done
Now her mother intended to suck her boyfriend's cock right under
her nose! Brad's cock as much dropped out of her mouth as was released
as she stared in open-mouthed shock. But with mom there was always more.
"Suck his nuts while I do this," she snapped before Debbie watched
Brad's cock disappear all the way into her mother's mouth.
Debbie's whimper of surprise was covered by Brad's groan as she
took him all. She lowered her head and let her tongue shyly contact
those things of Brad's so she could watch.
Okay. So thinking how deep Brad's cock went in her mother's face
turned her on a little bit. It would have been normal with two other
people. She may have even seemed a little eager as she licked Brad's
balls. It didn't mean that she liked any of it.
She could have proclaimed her dislike in neon 100 feet high and
not been overstating it when she found out what she had been helping
prepare Brad to do.
"Now come on and show little Debbie where the real fun is," her
mother grinned at Brad before rolling over flat on her belly on the bed.
She had found another particularly disturbing pose. She was
clutching a pillow under her chin as she lay on her belly with her
legs spread wide in invitation. Anyone could see all of her parts down
there. It was so slutty.
"No, no, outside my legs," she corrected when Brad came up
between them.
She pulled them together the smallest bit to accommodate his
squatting over her, but Debbie was forced to have a sick view of her
mother's privates as Brad lowered his cock toward them.
At first she didn't see the attraction of such an awkward angle.
Then she almost gagged when she saw Brad's aim press dead on the brown
pucker of her mother's asshole. Christ! They wanted her to watch as he
forced his cock into a hole less than half its size.
She had sympathy cramps as Brad pressed her mother's anus deep
into the crease of her ass. Couldn't he tell it didn't want him in
there? But then there was a rubbery snap down there and Debbie saw the
rim of her mother's ass pop back into view. The animal had forced his
girth inside her!
"AAAhhuuuuoooww!" her mother groaned as Brad's cock pushed in her
back door.
Humph! thought Debbie, you can't tell me it's fun now.
"You're there now, boy, fill it up!" her mother directed.
Debbie was sick of this lie. Who did she think she was fooling?
"Go ahead!" Debbie blurted out, "Try to impress me! I know it
hurts. Let him bang you too sore to walk. I know you think you're
fooling me!"
"I could give a shit," her mother laughed, "Think what you want.
I just want that big dick buried deep in my ass."
Brad had let go of his cock and was in a strange frog position
over her mother as inch after inch of his cock disappeared into the
tiny little hole in her ass. Her mother gave out a long moan right up
to the point where Brad's balls rested on her and hid the intrusion
from Debbie's eyes.
"Oh God! That feels so big!" her mother sighed, "Work it around
in there a little bit and let me really feel it."
Brad let his legs slide down outside her mother's and let his
weight bear down on her butt to fulfill her wish. Debbie didn't want to
think how far Brad's cock reached as she watched her mother's butt
bulge out under the pressure as Brad moved his hips around.
"Ohhhh, right there," her mother moaned, "Rock on that for a
Brad did as he was told, digging in with his toes to move up and
back on her mother's body. It didn't sound like it hurt any longer when
her mother grunted as Brad's cock moved around inside her. But it had
to be so gross!
"Fuck it!" her mother ordered, "You know how to fuck it. Fuck it!
Fuck my ass like a jackhammer!"
The sound of pain in that request was a familiar sound to Debbie.
It was the sound of her own whine when Mr. Teddy nudged her into a
gasping climax. Her slut of a mother was getting off on this disgusting
sex act. It had to be some twisted, sick state of mind that let her do
She was amazed at the ferocity of Brad's attack on her mother's
ass. She had never seen him try any harder in an athletic contest. He
was slamming his hips into her mother's ass with every ropy muscle in
his body. In response, her mother was tilting her hips to drive her
butt back against his thrust.
They sounded like animals as they rutted unnaturally and Debbie
was offended by the sound alone. It was as if Brad's cock invading the
smaller hole was the work of the gods and they were being very devout
indeed in their efforts.
Then Brad could stand no more and he exploded into a series of
flopping gyrations as he fell full-weight on her mother's back.
"Oh Jesus-- Oh- ohh- Jesus! It's- I-- Ahhoooooohhhh!" Jason
puffed through clenched teeth and then collapsed utterly on Stella.
Debbie wasn't going to be needed any more after that. She edged
toward the door and slipped out of the room.
Tami really wouldn't be any help if Debbie confided in her. She
didn't feel that as a loss, but it did strain her imagination to come
up with small talk after what she had been through in the last few
nights. The only other real topic of conversation was Chuck, and Debbie
didn't feel safe letting Tami in on that either.
Under the circumstances, Debbie was glad to have Linette around.
Her chatter was just the thing to fill in the dead spots. It didn't
hurt that Linette was praising Debbie's wisdom.
"And I just got the feeling that if I went any farther, Chuck
would think he was my master," Linette was saying.
"I'd hate to think what he'd demand then if he already had you
crawling around naked in the backyard," Tami purred.
"I wasn't naked, he pulls my skirt up and my panties down,"
Linette explained, "It's kind of exciting, really. But wanting me to
bark was going too far."
"Like he was calling you a dog," Tami agreed.
"Like he wants to fuck his dog," Debbie sniped.
Their hard girl attitudes brought color to Linette's cheeks and
she tried to back away from the intimate details.
"I just mean that I think Debbie's right about Chuck," Linette
said. "He'd think he had a right to do anything if I let him do it to
me in the rear."
"And he'd brag- boy, would he brag," Debbie re-enforced her
negative conditioning.
"Well, that wouldn't be so bad," Linette said, thinking of the
looks on the faces of the jealous boys when Brad told them.
"Right up until the boys started calling you 'caboose' or
something even nastier," Debbie snorted.
"It wouldn't be so bad if guys weren't assholes," Linette revised.
"We haven't explored that galaxy yet," Tami put in.
"So when are you calling Melvin?" Debbie pushed forward with the
hard sell.
"Melvin. Yuck!" Linette reacted, "I might not want to do it with
Chuck, but that doesn't make me ready to do it with Melvin."
"Just don't decide to do it with one of the delinquents when you
could help us both out," Debbie switched to the status carrot. "Melvin
can't be any worse than doing it with someone like Hieber."
"And he'd spray paint it on the walls," Tami offered.
"How do I know Melvin will go away after we do it?" Linette asked.
Debbie liked the trend. This was more of a when than if question.
And Linette was speaking in the present tense about doing it with
Melvin. At least she was admitting the possibility.
"Because he's a nice guy and you'll tell him to go away," Debbie
said. "Guys like that have to do what they're told. That's why they're
After school, Debbie saw Chuck motioning frantically from the side
of the building. She went over, and when they were out of sight Chuck
grinned at her for a while.
"You talk to Linette today?" he asked and then waited until she
nodded, "I bet she told you all about last night. That was because I was
so hot from talking to you. That stuff about diversifying and all."
"You were thinking about me barking like a dog for you?" Debbie
said icily.
"Nahh... I just said that because Linette shakes all over when
she's outraged," he raised his eyebrows and leered, "ALL over."
That was a bit of information Debbie didn't think she'd ever need.
"Like I said, I was real hot and I needed all the stimulation
I could get- if you know what I mean," Chuck leered.
"You mean you want it real bad and you'll figure out somehow to
make it happen," Debbie said.
"Hey, I know how to make it happen now," Chuck said and looked
He dragged her to a metal door and pulled it open. She had never
seen the shop before. There was no reason for her to know where it was.
He pulled her into what looked like a tool room and grinned again.
"Like this is so private," Debbie scoffed.
"The janitor won't be here to lock up for almost an hour. That's
a lot of privacy," Chuck said, unbuckling his belt, "Certainly that's
long enough for you to give me a blow-job."
Debbie's brain was crunching the power and position numbers with
lightning speed. Excellent deniability, Brad would beat the shit out of
him if he tried to brag. Poor balance of power, but he was, after all,
only a man. He'd get her down on her knees and feel like king of the
hill. Then she'd have him whining like a puppy when she was done.
"Ooooo-" she squealed looking very agitated, "But what it someone
comes in?"
"Then we'll be really quiet and wait for them to go away," Chuck
"It sounds so kinky," she said, "I'm getting horny thinking about
Debbie meant that as a teaser while she knelt down on her
schoolbooks to wait for Chuck to get his dick out. It worked as a self-
fulfilling prophecy as she looked around the little room. It WAS kinky
to duck into an unused room and have sex.
When he finally got his cock out, she had a half-formed plan to
make it more than a blow-job. She tugged his pants the rest of the way
down to give her hand free rein over his balls and took his cock in her
mouth. It took her all of fifteen seconds to get his cock to a
swollen, throbbing pole.
"I am really horny," she said, squeezing his cock in her hand,
"You sure all you want in a blow-job?"
"What do you mean?" he asked, sounding a little puppyish already.
"Does this give you an idea?" she asked as she sprawled her
chest over the counter.
She pulled up her skirt to give him a broader clue and was
rewarded by his hands drawing down her underpants.
"You want me to put it in like this?" he asked hesitantly.
"I don't want you to just put it in. I want you to do me good
right here," Debbie invited.
"Oh Jeez," Chuck groaned as his cock sank into her, "This is great,
Debbie. You're so hot."
She helped him by raising up on her toes and then letting herself
down as he moved in and out of her. As exciting as it was to be screwing
in the dirty tool room, it was the feel of her panties lowered just far
enough for Chuck to have access to her that burned into her mind as
Chuck thrust into her.
She felt like such a slut, a quick and easy slut, bending over and
letting a guy fuck her just like that. When Chuck grabbed her hips and
and started pounding hard on her ass, that feeling swelled up to
overwhelm her. She was just a cunt for him. She was just a piece. It was
sex for sex's sake.
The freedom or the nastiness or even the uncomplicated motives
behind her being fucked had her gasping each time he filled her. Then
it was too much. She needed more. She needed release.
"Do it for me! Come on and do it for me," she begged.
Chuck sped his thrusting and the rapid charging in and out only
inflamed her more.
"Harder, I need it right now!" she begged again.
He reached past her to grip the far edge of the counter and used
it to pull himself deeper into her, trying to keep up his frantic pace.
"AAhhhhhhh!" she exploded into sparkles of orgasm.
"You wiggle better than Lineh- eh- eh -eh ohhhh!" Chuck was
interrupted as her fluttering cunt made him shoot his cum inside her
orgasming body.
"Holy shit! You made it, didn't you?" Chuck gasped as he lay over
her body on the counter. "I never had a girl make it while I was fucking
her before."
It was the perfect time to tell him that was because he was a
selfish asshole, but Debbie wasn't trying to drive him away. If she was
so horny that she could beat the minute man, she better keep him around
or she'd be forced to fuck Melvin herself just for the relief.
"I've never been fucked in the back of auto shop before, either,"
Debbie said instead.
"You get off on kinky stuff like that?" Chuck asked, "I bet I can
think up a lot of great places like this if you want me to."
"Well, we can't go to your place or my place because of who might
show up, so I guess you'll have to- if you want to do this again,"
Debbie told him.
"Hell, yes, You're a great fuck, Debbie, I want to do this all the
time," he enthused.
"Just so we don't get caught," Debbie cautioned. "And don't make
it obvious in school or Linette or Brad will figure it out."
"Hey, I'm cool, I'm not going to ruin this after only one shot,"
he said.
Brad was furious when she got home.
"I waited twenty minutes for you to show. Where the hell were
you?" he interrogated her like a husband.
"I forgot a book and then I saw some girls and we talked," she
lied smoothly and then turned it back on Brad, "What do you care for
anyway? It's all show for you. I thought you'd be glad to get back here
quick so you could fuck your honey in the ass."
"I don't have to hurry because your mom will give it to me any
time I want it," Brad snorted. "She's not a schoolgirl. But we're
supposed to be going on like nothing has changed. You know that."
"We've missed your little grope sessions before. What's the big
deal?" Debbie steamed.
She had gone from fear that Brad had seen or heard something to
feeling safe again. He was mad because of something else. She didn't
have to wait long for him to tell her.
"I was going to have you give me a blow-job today because your
mom said she was going to be late," Brad confessed.
So that was it. The poor little boy hadn't got his blow-job.
Debbie saw more than a petulant Brad. She saw an opportunity to
harass him.
"She didn't tell me she was going to be late," she said, "Who do
you think she stayed late to screw?"
Brad ignored her sniping. Instead he turned it back on her.
"Maybe your mom is closer to me than to you," Brad snapped, "She
tells me all about what she's doing."
That stung. They could be closer, but it was her mom. And Brad was
not about to let Debbie talk him out of what he wanted.
"Since you weren't there after school, I want that blow-job now,"
Brad demanded. "You could have done it easy, but now I want you to kneel
down right here and suck my dick."
There was the echo of Chuck saying almost the same thing in what
he said and in different circumstances it could have been just as
exciting. They were in the middle of her living room with her mother due
at an undetermined time. If her mother wasn't a co-conspirator, it
would be deliciously dangerous to dare to have sex with her arrival
looming over them.
"Get down here or start calling me Uncle Brad," he threatened
when she was too slow to respond.
She caught the reference. He'd only be step-dad if he married her
mom. Uncle whatever was the guy that came over and put the blocks to
mom, sometimes a long stream of Uncle whatevers. It was the old code
between divorced people that said: I'm getting laid more than a two-
dollar whore but you can't prove a thing.
She had just evened things on a personal level, but Debbie still
had her reputation to think about. It did make it easier to drop to
her knees knowing that his was the second cock she would have in her
mouth in about an hour and that her panties were still holding Chuck's
Brad's grin had more to it than the feel of Debbie's mouth on his
cock. Debbie had always given him just enough sex that he couldn't
complain, but she had done it with a superior air. He liked the power of
ordering her to her knees.
She was learning to vary her sucking a little bit anyway.
Predictable sucking up and down had got the job done, but Brad didn't
want the least possible effort. He was pleased with the way she was
learning to change her depth. Next he would have to show her that she
didn't have to start slow and gradually gain speed until she was sucking fast enough to make him cum.
That lesson got moved to the front burner when the door slammed.
"I didn't tell you to stop," Brad scolded when Amy looked around.
Stella walked in just as Amy had turned back and started sucking his dick again. She watched with a definitely un-motherly interest for
a moment.
"You call it an okay blow-job when she sucks like a machine?" she
critiqued her daughter's technique.
"Sooner or later she gets me off," Brad said, "And it's better
than it was."
"Let me do you a favor," she said to Brad and then said to Amy,
"Sit back and watch how it's supposed to be done."
She was assuming Debbie gave a rat's ass how it was supposed to be
done. Like Brad said, it was good enough to get by. Debbie didn't intend
to be a hooker when she grew up. She was totally disinterested in making
men want her to suck their things.
She was grossed out by the way her mother went down on Brad. She
knew his thing was jamming the back of her throat. Then she sucked on it
like it was the best thing in the world. She looked like a dog playing
with a bone. She looked like she was having fun.
It made Debbie cringe to see her mother being so subservient to
a kid like Brad. Debbie felt ashamed for her as she slurped and moaned
on his prick.
"You want me to finish you? You want to give me a big mouthful of
your sweet cum?" she asked, jacking him off as she looked up at him.
"I better," Brad gasped, "I'm almost there."
Debbie had little time to be disgusted with the sluttish string of
saliva that drooled out of her mother's mouth before she again went
down on Brad's cock until her lips were within an inch of taking him
all. Debbie gagged herself when she heard the sound of her mother's
throat fighting the intrusion. Stella wasn't deterred. She sucked Brad's
whole cock eagerly until he gave out a groan that was as loud as a
shout. Then she was jacking him furiously as she pulled back and sucked on the head of his cock.
Brad had a look of total bliss as her mother kept sucking for what
had to be long after the jets of cum had stopped splashing against the
back of her mouth. She looked up and swallowed animatedly after a long
moment and then her tongue went right back to exploring Brad's still
twitching cock.
It was obvious Brad liked it, but why wouldn't he? That never
seemed the point to Debbie. They were always so reasonable after they
shot off anyway. Why would she keep putting her mouth on their thing
when they were ready to do as they were told anyway?
"She doesn't look impressed," her mother said.
"I think she's jealous that you're so good," Brad said.
"I think you're both sick perverts and I hate both of you!" Debbie
shouted and ran from the room.
No one called after her. She was not commanded to stay and watch.
That was slim comfort as she lay on her bed and tried not to think of
them breeding like rats on the living room sofa. It was even worse when
she calmed down a bit and started to think objectively about what was
going on.
As horrible as it sounded, her mother was teaching her a lesson.
It wasn't about the way to suck cock, either. Debbie was beginning to
see that it wasn't some Oedipus complex that attracted Brad to her mom.
It echoed something Chuck had said. Chuck had never felt a girl cum on
his cock and he liked it. She was charming Chuck away from Linette in
the same way her mother was sexually out-bidding her for Brad's
That sucked, but Debbie knew other girls would always do any
sneaky thing to get what they wanted. She knew she would. She thought
about dropping her attitude and seeing what she could learn from her
mother. Without admitting it to anyone but herself, of course.
Linette's face was a mask of glower. Debbie had never seen her
so serious before.
"He called me frigid," she was so mad she was spitting, "He said
it was my fault I can't cum in the thirty seconds it takes him."
"And you hadn't complained or anything?" Tami asked.
"No. It was out of the blue," Linette said. "I hadn't said a thing
to him and he went off on me."
"It's never the guy's fault," Debbie commiserated, feeling a twinge
because she knew she had set Chuck off.
Then her guilt turned to secret pride as Linette ranted.
"I might as well fuck Melvin," she snapped, "I bet he wouldn't
complain about how I did it."
"I don't know what you expected from a guy like Chuck, but I
heartily endorse your idea to do it with Melvin," Debbie urged a little.
"You know, I think I will," Linette said. "What difference does it
make? It would serve Chuck right."
She wasn't making any sense, but Debbie could see where her mind
was going. She was just mad enough to ignore her distaste for Melvin.
She had had enough of Chuck's attitude to want some gratitude. Now, if
she still felt that way when she cooled down...
Chuck met her in the hall late in the day.
"I hear Linette is all pissed off about something I said," Chuck
was smirking.
"I'm surprised you didn't tell her why you think she's frigid,"
Debbie snapped, "Don't you have the first clue how to sneak around?
You try to keep everything just like normal."
"Now you're pissed off too. What the fuck is wrong with you
girls?" Chuck asked.
"Right now my problem is a dumb jock," Debbie said, "Do you know
how Brad would react if he found out about us?"
"I bet he'd be pissed off too," Chuck said.
"And he wouldn't like you very much. So why don't you try and act
like nothing is happening so neither he or Linette catch on." Debbie
"Hey, hey, all I said was that she should move a little more and
now everybody is making a federal case out of it," Chuck complained.
Debbie didn't think her words had made an impression. Chuck
might be a guy that didn't listen to anything women said. It sounded
like that was the case when he went back to his favorite subject.
"So, when's me and you getting together again?" he asked.
"Give it a couple days, huh, we don't want it to be boring now
do we," she said.
He missed the sarcasm. He just wanted to update his date book and
now he had. He wandered off with typical carelessness.
"Thinking of moving out of the penthouse into a cold water flat?"
Brad's voice behind her made Debbie jump.
He was there for their daily grope session.
"Chuck is such an asshole," she said, "Did you hear about what he
said to Linette?"
"No, what?" he asked.
"Never mind, but it upset her. I was telling him to grow up,"
she said, confident that changed the subject in Brad's mind.
"I thought Linette was Melvin's girl," Brad said.
"Did he tell you that?" Debbie was ready to be so pissed.
"Oh come on, Melvin is too shy to say anything, but I've seen how
he looks at her," Brad said, "Do him good to have a girl."
In other circumstances, Debbie might have taken credit for her
work to that end, or at the very least told Brad she would work on it.
As it was, she didn't even want the brownie points for it. Brad was an
artificial boyfriend now. There was no need to impress him.
Debbie had the chance to put the finishing touches on her plan
when Linette called that night.
"You're not making a big joke of me, are you?" Linette wanted to
"Of course not, you saw right through my reasons right at the
beginning," Debbie assured her.
"It just sounds like a joke, even thinking about it now," Linette
"What do you mean- now?" Debbie asked.
"I called Melvin right before I called you," she confessed.
"Really? What did you say?" Debbie was excited.
"I told him to get his big dick over here and fuck my ass, what
do you think?" Linette teased, "No I just called to say hello and see
if he'd like to go out with me sometime."
"Did he have a heart attack?" Debbie asked.
"No, but he sounded like he was going to beat off as soon as he
hung up," Linette giggled.
"You've got to set the ground rules right from the start," Debbie
got serious, "Tell him he can't hang around you. Tell him it's a mercy
fuck. Tell him you lost a bet. Tell him whatever you want, but make
sure he doesn't start following you."
"I've been thinking about it a long time," Linette was defensive,
"I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to tell him I thought he was
the right, considerate, kind guy to try this experiment. Then I'm
going to say: Ooooo- I hate it. Sorry, don't ever come near me again."
Debbie weighed that a minute before she spoke.
"I think that'll work," she agreed, "I even think Melvin will
take that the right way."
"What does that mean?" Linette asked, ever suspicious that Debbie
was making fun of her.
"He's got to be a virgin," she explained, "When the hormones wear
off, I bet he'll be scared to death."
"Okay," Linette said, still unsure of Debbie's sincerity, "I
do have Chuck to chase him off it he tries to hang around."
Debbie snickered into her hand and then answered, "That's a
comfort for you."
Linette was aware of the irony in the tone. She was also most
aware of Chuck's shortcomings.
"Well, that would make him useful for something other than having
a dick," Linette allowed.
Chuck did have a dick, but there was a lot of shit that came
attached. Debbie was sure Linette was welcome to all that mess.
Disaster was a little strong for the outcome. No one was accusing
Debbie of anything and she had suffered no popularity hits. You might
even say she got points for engineering the whole deal.
The flowers would have been sweet from anyone but Melvin. Linette
was ripe to do her favors and even Tami was impressed with her absolute
understanding of human motives and motivations.
But it was supposed to go wrong. Linette was supposed to lead the
Melvin's a shithead campaign and Melvin was supposed to slink off and
never be heard of again. Even Brad was proud of her and that was the
last thing she wanted from that motherfucker.
The absolute worst was Linette's gushing clinical description
of every moment of the act.
"Come on, you had to be nervous," Tami was actually prompting
Linette to go on.
"Maybe a little bit, deep down, but I tell you Melvin was a
master at being soothing and gentle." Linette said.
Compared to Chuck, a pit bull is gentle, Debbie thought darkly.
"He kept rubbing my shoulders and telling me to relax and saying
to tell him if it hurt too much," Linette said.
"The only bad part is he pulled it out three times because I
made a noise and I had to go through his putting it in over and over,"
she said, "I finally told him it had to hurt a little bit, but he had
to keep going. Then when it slid way up inside me, I thought I was
going to shit myself."
"Was it icky?" Tami asked.
"In a strange way it was scary and exciting at the same time,"
Linette tried to explain, "The rest of my body was telling me something
was wrong, but my pussy was really tingling. You know how you sometimes
feel like you have to go to the bathroom just before you cum? It was
just like that and he hadn't done anything but put it in."
"He made you cum?" Debbie challenged.
"Well, no..." Linette confessed, "But I did get a lot of good
feelings along with the others when he started fucking. I think I
could cum if I got used to a big thing moving in and out of my ass."
"Did it feel like he had a fist up your butt?" Tami asked.
"No, it felt like I had a huge turd that was confused about
which way to go," Linette said, "That's the part I'd have to get used
to before I could cum that way."
"You're not going to try it again?" Debbie was shocked.
"Who knows?" Linette said, "You know boys like it, and it it's
not that bad..."
Debbie didn't like the subject on any level. And she really
didn't like a fringer like Linette having a great story that she didn't
have the least urge to top. It was not good for her standing.
The only note on the flowers said: Thanks, Miss Psychic, but
Debbie knew they were from Melvin. So was the toilet humor of leaving
Linette an OHenry candy bar saying, I'll eat yours now or later, but
Linette seemed to find that funny and not sick.
She had pulled off a coup and she felt worse than before. Brad
was still fucking her mother, Linette was more popular than ever and
even Melvin's reputation had improved. She really couldn't blame her
plan for her troubles with Chuck, but she did anyway.
If she was really Miss Svengali, she would have set Steffi up
with Chuck. That little slut would probably like a crude jock.
Brad was full of vinegar on the far side of the football field as
"I bet Linette told all you girls what she did last night," he
crowed as he was pushing Debbie's head down to his crotch.
It was just like a man to ask questions and then stuff your
mouth full. He held her there and then told her Melvin's side of the
"He didn't say much, but I acted like he didn't have to tell me
anything and he kept saying a little more and a little more until it
just tumbled out," Brad laughed.
She didn't want to hear it. She really didn't want to hear it
while Brad was probing her mouth with a cock super hard because he was
so turned on by the dirty story he was telling her.
"And you know I know he was telling the truth," Brad battered her
self-respect, "He was totally accurate about the way it feels. He even
got to put it in her a bunch of times, because she kept yelping when
it popped in."
"And I think she liked it. He said she didn't beg for it hard and
deep like your mother, but he said she just melted like a pool of
butter when he started stroking," Brad bedeviled her, "I bet she wants
him to do it again."
Debbie was always anxious to get the blow-job over, but today it
was her first priority. She didn't want to hear it. She didn't want him
to beat her with the fact he was a motherfucker. She wrapped her hand
around his cock and jacked him while she sucked like she had seen her
mother do. He'd know where she got the idea, but the point was getting
him to cum as quick as she could so he'd shut up.
It worked. He began to gasp and stopped talking. But it was only
a brief break in his mind games. When he had filled her mouth with his
jizm, he made another mean comment as she looked for a tissue.
"I thought you'd swallow it now," Brad teased as she spit out his
cum, "Your mom says it clears up the skin. You know she likes to drink
"I know you like my mother better than me, I just don't know why
you still want me to do these things since she's so much better,"
Debbie snapped.
"I like the way your mother fucks better than the way you do,"
Brad defended himself, "I don't know why you won't take some hints from
her so you'd be a better fuck."
Debbie had a response. She just didn't choose to admit her
disinterest in fucking well. Instead she put on her icy stare and
refused to answer at all.
Her mother tempted her to blurt it out with her own take on
Debbie's attitude.
"She's afraid of the competition, Brad," her mother said, "She
knows she won't be as good and she doesn't want the comparison."
Her mother was casually taking off her clothes at the top of the
stairs as she was talking. She stopped when she got to her underwear
and gave Brad a knowing look.
"I see my daughter has been blowing you again," she smirked, "I
guess that means we should eat a bit before you give me my mattress
"You said it makes me last longer," Brad countered, "I think we
should do something right now."
"But I'm all sweaty from the hot car," she argued.
Brad had been taking off his clothes in the foyer and he got to
his underwear in a flash. He pulled them down sporting something very
close to a hard-on and pointed to it.
"Look at this, it needs its mommy," he teased.
Stella shook her head in surrender and crooked her finger at
Brad. It was definitely too sick for Debbie to watch.
Her mother met Brad about three steps from the top of the stairs
and reached down to feel this cock of his. Debbie wanted them to just
go away and let her get to her room. Her mother had other plans.
"It feels like we have an emergency here," she said to Brad, "I
don't think we can wait another second."
She turned around and pulled her panties to her knees. Then she
knelt on a step and bent over in front of Brad.
"Hurry, before it feels unwanted," she teased him.
It wasn't much of a tease for Brad. He didn't care what tone she
used to urge him to fuck her. He loved the way she always had something
different in mind. Debbie could learn a lot if she'd just pay
Debbie was learning. She was leaning things like rage and
frustration. She wasn't about to be chased into the basement by these
rutting animals. She watched Brad lean into her mother and then fuck
her persuasively on the stairs.
It was like a bad porn movie where they had to fuck everyone and
everywhere. It was so wrong. Her mother had it so upside down. There
she was, hanging her butt out for Brad to fuck her right in the
middle of normal life. Debbie could see it if Brad had done something to
deserve the treat, but it seemed all her mother required was a hard-on
to give Brad the kind of sex he had only dreamed about.
Debbie would have considered her mother to be a traitor to the
female sex, if she thought in those terms. More importantly, she was
a traitor to Debbie. Brad had already become unmanageable, thanks to
her. Women like her mother ruined men for everyone.
She watched her mother arch her back and push against Brad in
disgust. There was nothing feminine in that display. She was acting
like some bitch in heat and Brad was wallowing happily in his hard
driving acceptance of her animal lust.
It got to the point of being boring as Brad pumped into her
mother's rear. They seemed to be enjoying the extended session, but it
seemed like Brad was going to hold out forever. He certainly had been
fucking her mom longer than Debbie could remember him lasting before.
"Oh God, Mrs. S., this is great," Brad chortled as he rammed his
cock into her obscenely offered rear. "I feel real good without
panicking this time."
"Kid, you feel good even when you panic, but more is always
better when it's fucking," she flattered him.
Debbie decided it wasn't worth the wait. She'd make herself
an after-school snack and let them hump like animals as long as they
wanted to. She was looking in the refrigerator when the phone rang.
"You busy right now?" Chuck got right to the point.
"What do you want?" Debbie tried to put him on the defensive.
"Well, it's been two days and if you can go out in back, I got
something for you," he said crudely.
"Where are you calling from?" she asked.
"My house, but I'm ready to roll," Chuck said.
That would put him on the gravel path that ran behind the houses.
He lived three blocks over, but by the paths connecting back yards, he
was only three or four minutes away. The breeding pair's grunts were
still in the background and Debbie did the easiest thing.
"I'll wait over by the corner of Kendall's," she said and hung
up the phone.
Even if she didn't care about Brad anymore, it was still some
kind of revenge. It was at least flaunting his decree that everything
go along normally. If her mother thought fucking right out on the
stairs was something, she'd show her. Certainly humping like savages
in the back yard was more deviant and more public.
Chuck surprised her with a better idea. It was obvious he had
broken into the Kendall's storage shed before from the way he smoothly
used the piece of wire he had brought to make the hasp come off the
door. He didn't have to mess with the padlock. The whole latch swung
away, still locked.
"Now watch this," Chuck said, having noticed her stare as he
opened the door.
He pulled the door shut and replaced one of the nuts that held
the latch to the shed.
"It's locked again," he said proudly, "They could come and look
and they'd see it locked up safe and sound."
"But what about when we come out?" Debbie was concerned. "How do
we know Mr. Kendall won't be standing there when we open the door?"
Chuck just grinned for a moment, but then gave in as her look
became more anxious.
"Cause I asked Billy and he said they were going out for dinner,"
Chuck finally explained.
That was it for Debbie. She had gotten what she wanted now. It
was enough to have this guilty secret. Unfortunately for her, Chuck was
standing in the way of her exit and he wanted something.
"You want to just fuck with our clothes on like last time, or do
you want to make out first?" Chuck asked her.
Debbie looked around. If the Kendalls hadn't needed to leave a
path to get the lawnmower out of the shed, there would hardly be room
to stand. She didn't see anyplace to fuck, much less make out.
"Where? There's no room in here," she complained.
"So you don't know everything about everything," Chuck teased,
"Let me show you some fancy stuff."
Everyone wanted to show her how to have better sex. It was so
stupid. Like she had the slightest interest in making boys happy.
He wasn't so smart. All he did was put his arms around her so he
could feel up her butt while he kissed her. It was a little more
interesting when he tipped her back so he could kiss her and feel up
her breasts at the same time. She didn't feel she had to hold on to
him as he bent her back. It was a good feeling to have him doing all
the work holding her up with one powerful arm.
Of course he had to get into her blouse and under her bra.
Typical. Her nipples hardened because that's what they did. Debbie
wouldn't have made them if it was up to her. It made boys cocky. At
least Chuck wasn't boring kisser.
She waited for him to start rooting around in her panties.
Instead he set her on her feet and disappeared below her waist. He was
tugging down her shorts and underwear all right, but it wasn't his
hand she felt on her pussy.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" she exclaimed as she
felt a wet touch on her slit.
"Shut up and enjoy!" Chuck menaced.
He shook her when it said it and Debbie realized how precarious
her position was. She was hobbled by her clothes around her knees and
there were dangerous sharp things all around to fall on. She had no
choice but to let him be disgusting down there between her legs.
It was definitely creepy- like some slimy reptile crawling in her
pussy, but it had its good side too. And in a short time Debbie found
she was ignoring the creepy part and liking the good side.
She was really trying to find a better balance when she parted
her thighs a little more, but it was because his licking was making her
weak in the knees. Giving him better access only made the weakness
greater as he slithered his tongue up inside her.
She would have slapped Brad away if he had tried anything like
this, but Chuck hadn't given her the chance. As long as he didn't know
how good it made her feel, Debbie was glad he was licking her.
"You and Brad never made out like this before, have you," he said
proudly as he got up from his knees.
He had pulled his cock out while he had been down there and
Debbie felt it come up to press on her spit-wet cleft as he stood. He
rubbed it back and forth as she bowed his head down to nip at her
"I love to chew on titties," he grunted as he worked on her.
His cock was better even than Mr. Bear's nose. At the angle it
ran in his position, it hit all the good spots. Debbie was torn
between abandoning herself to the feeling and trying not to make Chuck
more of an asshole by cumming for him a second time.
She held back and was rewarded. Chuck was in a hurry now. Her
pussy must have felt as good on his cock as his cock felt rubbing along
it. He pulled it away and Debbie knew she wouldn't have cum if she
had let herself try. It saved her the frustration.
"You want to bend way over or kneel down," Chuck asked, a little
She didn't want to make him think of a dog, but she didn't feel
safe leaning over in the shed. There were things that would really
hurt if she fell on them. She decided to pick the safe route of
kneeling down.
There was still little room for them. If Chuck didn't have legs
it might have worked, but he did. He saw the problem at once and came
up with the answer. He was leaning against the door and let his legs
surround her.
"Come over here and sit on it," he instructed, "I bet you'd like
to be on top."
She had to take her shorts and panties all the way off to manage,
but she got over Chuck and lowered herself down on his cock. Brad had
wanted her to do this, but there was never room for her legs in his
car. In the shed, she fit perfectly.
She even had control of how fast he put it in and then how quick
she fucked him. Chuck did toy with her control by holding her breasts in his hands and rubbing his thumbs back and forth over her hard
nipples. That made her ride on his cock with extra urgency.
In a strange way, this was something she wanted. Not from Chuck
of course, but it was the feeling that was missing when she humped
herself off on Mr. Bear's nose. There was all the same delicious
rubbing, but Chuck supplied the deep probing inside her missing from
sex with Mr. Bear.
She had almost made it good for herself when Chuck interrupted
with his own needs. She had been grinding back and forth with his cock
deep in her belly long enough. He was totally ready, but he needed to
get some in and out action to lift him over the top.
He reached out and gripped a cheek in each hand and lifted her in
counter-point to the back and forth rocking of his own hips. He
couldn't manage long strokes, but the depth he was getting made up for
"Okay, Chuck, let's do it," Debbie gasped as the energetic jerk
of his cock in her cunt convinced her to help.
She tried to bounce in time with his lifts and then abandoned
his lead when she realized they both wanted her fucking him faster
than Chuck was able to lift her. It was like a Mr. Teddy cum times
two. She just had to move fast enough to scratch that itch...
She felt him swell and vibrate just as she was reaching the top.
"Don't give out on me now!" she warned and begged at the same
"Don't stop! I'm not done yet!" Chuck gasped back as she
frantically drove down for the few more strokes she needed.
The jerk of her hips and the shivers after were even better after
he had cum, Chuck decided. And he was sure that counted as fucking her
until she came. Linette just wasn't hot enough. It was her problem.
Debbie had a different problem. She wanted Chuck to go away and
leave this wonderful cock for her to get off on. She knew that wasn't
going to happen and she was torn whether to get right up to get rid of
him or to stay seated on Chuck's cock and enjoy it a little longer.
She stalled until it wasn't much of a choice and then moved so
Chuck's cock fell out and dropped on his stomach with a plop.
"Damn. You are a smart one," Chuck said, "I never figured getting
a stray piece- what'd you call it? Diversifying? I never thought it
would be this good."
"Maybe you're just fucking a better class of woman," Debbie
sniped at Linette.
"Well, I hope you don't change your mind because I could use a
better class of woman on a regular basis," Chuck said.
Debbie didn't answer as she pulled her clothes on. She needed to
think this out when her pussy wasn't still tingling from an orgasm.
But it was interesting to note that Chuck had made her cum as many
times in two tries as Brad had since they had been going steady.
It certainly wasn't Chuck, Chucker, the Chuckles, that made the
difference. She didn't like Chuck. It had to be something about the way
they were doing it. But they were two for two. Even if she figured out
why she got off with Chuck, it wasn't likely that she would share the
ideas with motherfucker Brad. There had to be a couple more guys willing to fill in for Chuck, but he was there and they weren't.
It was easier not to rock the boat. If he continued to amuse her,
she might as well string Chuck along.
Brad and her mother had gotten off the stairs when she got back
into the house. She heard them grunting when she went by her mother's
room on the way to her own. They were just animals. She wondered how
Brad ever found time to do his homework.
School was getting to be little better than home. She had
triumphed and she still felt like she had lost. Now Tami was full of
disgusting speculation about how it felt to have a cock up your ass.
"I wouldn't tell this to anybody but you, but last night while I
was- you know- diddling myself..." Tami started, "I was wondering- you
know- how it would feel... And I put my finger up there. It felt pretty
good. There's, like, a lot of nerves or something back there."
Eeuuuwww! That was one of the very last things Debbie wanted to
hear about. She couldn't even make herself taunt Tami because she just
wanted to talk about anything else.
It was an idea gone mad. It was hardly the kind of thing that
should be consuming girls in their position. And it was Linette's idea
in the first place. Why would they listen to a girl that talked to
In mid-grouch, Debbie was confronted by Linette herself. She had
a question.
"What did you do to Chuck?" she asked.
That was perfect. The fucking little loudmouth had admitted
something. Debbie did damage control.
"Why? What do you think?" she asked.
"He's been nice. He said you yelled at him. What did you say?"
she asked.
"I just called him a dumb jock," Debbie said.
It was becoming a minefield even in her own clique. She knew it
was mostly her fault, but that didn't make it any nicer for her. She
would have never guessed that getting Linette together with Melvin was
going to strengthen the bond between Melvin and Brad. How was she
supposed to know it would link them by their membership in the
butt-fuckers of America club?
Okay, the Chuck thing was totally her fault, but she was getting
praise for that. Linette was happy someone was fucking the vinegar out
of Chuck, and Debbie could understand that. She'd be happy if the same
thing was happening for her even if she knew about it, which she was
sure Linette didn't.
That, of course, excepted mothers which was another thing
entirely. And for all her mother's bragging, it hadn't seemed to do
much to quench Brad's desires in their case either.
It was all a conspiracy to give her too much to think about. She
couldn't just ignore Brad fucking her mother because Brad still wanted
to do sex things with her. She couldn't ignore all the disgusting talk
about anal sex because no one would let her. She couldn't ignore Chuck
either because he was both insistent and, she had to admit,
Her musing about Mr. Bear's nose in the shed came back to her as
she rode Mr. Bear's nose that night. And then, as she tried to again
capture the feel of a hard thing inside her while she rocked on the
bear's nose, Tami's words were unwelcome interlopers.
She could never do anything like that. She'd have to wash her
finger like a hundred times to feel a little bit safe. But it did give
her the idea that a finger might satisfy the deep urges that Mr. Bear
couldn't touch.
It took two fingers to satisfy the urges and Mr. Bear lay
abandoned as Debbie rolled on her back and slapped her feet against the
bed while both hands worked to bring her to a mind-blanking climax.
It was only when she lay thinking on the sweaty sheets that she
realized how she must have looked as she pursued her passion. She
wasn't about to forgive her mother anything, but now she understood
better. And at least she had the decorum to do it in private with the
door locked.
She had not run into Brad that evening and she was pleased to
find out why. According to her mother, Brad had been falling behind
in his school work. They both knew why. And he was grounded for a week
until he proved he could get his homework done.
Debbie was going to have a lot of fun with that tomorrow.
"Get your homework done last night?" she asked Brad.
He gave her a dirty look.
"Mom told me about you being grounded. I bet there'll be a lot
of whacking going on," Debbie teased him.
Brad wasn't that easy to tease. He still had a shameful secret
and he knew how to use it.
"That just means I need to get that done before I get home,"
Brad said, "You'll have to be ready to suck me off every day until I'm
off house arrest."
Debbie hadn't meant to walk into that one. But it just fit with
the way things had been going. The worst part was how it would limit
her sessions with Chuck. She had been pretty much, almost, kinda
looking forward to the orgasm Chuck could give her.
It wasn't the kind of thing the most 'in' girl in school would
do, but Debbie didn't have time to think it out. She had to make
something work and she had until the last bell to do it.
She called Chuck under a stairwell to tell him her predicament.
"Geeze, Debbie, I was so hot for tonight, I don't know what to
do," Chuck complained.
"Look," Debbie told him, "We'll figure something out. We just
can't get it set up tonight. I don't want to miss a week either."
His look made Debbie nervous. He was more disappointed than mad,
but she was afraid he would look for greener pastures. Even if she
didn't like him much, Debbie couldn't give up the pleasure he gave her
just like that.
"Come here," she made a decision on the spur of the moment.
Debbie dragged Chuck into the boys bathroom next to the stairs
and right into a stall. She sat down and looked up at him.
"You've been wanting this for always," Debbie said as she pulled
down his zipper, "Let this tide you over until we can think of
Then she sucked him right there in the boys bathroom. At first
she had to make herself suck him, like she did Brad, but then the big
picture trickled into her head. She was sitting on a boy's toilet in
a boy's john, sucking a boy's dick that wasn't even her boyfriend. It
was deliciously naughty and dangerous.
She was startled when she heard footsteps and voices, but not
afraid. The rush of sensation that went through her was exciting. She
lifted her girl's feet out of sight and motioned for Chuck to hold
them. He grabbed her knees and she tried to get back to his cock. It
wasn't working. She'd have to wait until they were alone to finish the
blow job.
Chuck had other ideas. He pushed her knees back trying to get his
cock back to her mouth and succeeded only in tipping her back on the
seat. The plumbing was hard against the small of her back and her head
was against the wall. Chuck moved forward.
His feet must have attracted attention because one of the boys outside called out, "Not long enough to reach?"
"Oh, I'm about to," Chuck answered good-naturedly as he thrust
his hips forward to push the head of his cock against her lips.
It was the ultimate uncomfortable position being rolled into a
ball with hard steel sticking her in the back, but the naughty tingle
seemed to center between her legs now and Debbie concentrated on that.
Chuck could only reach far enough to push the head of his cock in her
mouth, but that was enough.
He jabbed furiously at her face and she sucked. His peers on the
other side of the stall seemed to hurry Chuck as well and it seemed
like only a little time before the cock in Debbie's mouth began to
spurt a salty load. She lashed his cockhead with her tongue as the
cum shot out and Chuck groaned his pleasure.
"Good one, huh?" came the voice from outside.
"Just as good as a blow job," Chuck answered with irony.
When they left, Chuck scouted outside and got Debbie out of the
boy's bathroom when the coast was clear. From his smile, Debbie knew
he would hold on now, even if they didn't get together for a week.
Twenty-five minutes later she was blowing Brad in his car. She
wasn't hurrying this one. It was too much fun to think of sucking Chuck off in the bathroom while she sucked the unsuspecting Brad's
cock. When he came in her mouth, she reached for the tissue as always
and giggled inside as she remembered Chuck's jizm sliding down her
throat when she swallowed all of his.
That night she was insane. She was crazed with lust. There was
something wrong with her. As she plunged the two fingers into her
crack, her thumb took over stroking her clit and her other hand
wandered. She was hardly aware of what she was doing as the finger
touched her asshole. It felt good to rub the bud. That was the only
thing she was thinking.
And it only seemed natural that her finger would slide inside as
she was trying to get over the edge into the fuzzy pink land of happy.
She did cum like five virgins at the circus. It was only afterward when
she realized what she had done.
At least it was in private with the door locked, she soothed
herself as she washed the finger. She wouldn't admit it to anyone. But
it had felt good.
"I think I should open it up to bidding," Tami was saying.
Debbie had come to the realization that nothing was going to stop
them. She would be risking their respect if she got strident about them
talking about what was on their minds.
Now Tami was in the planning stage of losing her anal virginity.
She didn't have a steady boyfriend, preferring to keep several boys guessing, and she was mulling which one she would bless with this
prize. Typically for Tami, her musings were mercenary.
"Best dinner, best plans for the evening gets the prize," Tami
was saying, "I bet it's worth something pretty good to get to bust
my ass the first time."
Debbie agreed with her attitude, if not her specific plans. As
long as she was going to do something so disgusting, she might as well
be well rewarded. Debbie just couldn't understand the urge.
Debbie did understand Chuck's urge. He wanted her to reprise her
performance in the restroom, or at least somewhere in school. She
thought he was cute when he was horny. It made her feel good to say no.
She knew she had him hooked. That was the way it was supposed to go.
Blowing Brad in the car as not the way it was supposed to go. She
got him off as quickly as she could to get away from him. Being a slave
to his needs was not a high point in her day. She, of all people,
should not have to put up with crap like that.
She was still seething inside when Brad paused for a long look at
her house when he let her off. He really missed the old bitch. It was
frustrating to know he was so vulnerable and that she couldn't use it
against him without suffering the social repercussions.
It eased her pain a bit to take it out on her mother when she
asked about Brad.
"Brad drive you home today?" her mother asked.
"Yeah," Debbie mumbled in passing and then just casually added,
"He's pining for a warm hole to put his dick in."
The look on her mother's face was not one of indignation at the
slur. There was sadness there and it struck Debbie that her mother was
missing Brad even more than he missed her. Debbie was so ready to jump
all over that, but something held her back.
It didn't feel right and she had a feeling that her discovery was
too valuable to waste on a snide remark. She filed it in her 'to think
about' pile and went to her room.
It was almost like being in exile, even if it was self-imposed.
Debbie spent most of her time in her room since Brad and her mother had
begun copulating everywhere else in the house. Now it seemed normal
to shut herself in and think dark thoughts about how her bright
expectations had all turned to crap.
That and touching herself regularly, she had to admit to her
masturbation as well. But she didn't want to do that again. The real
dirty thing she had done that she wasn't even going to think about was
the only way she had ever really gotten off like she could with a boy.
She was in the mood for a hard cock. It was shocking, but it was true.
Sex with Chuck was fun, unlike the uninspired sessions with Brad. She
actually wanted it for no other reason than to feel him inside her.
It wasn't a major change, she assured herself. She was still in
control. It was just that this time what she wanted from the guy was
his dick. It was one bright spot in her shitty life that fucking
Chuck to get what she wanted happened to accomplish her desire at the
same time she was inducing him to give her what she wanted.
"May I talk to Chuck, please?" she said in her best dizzy high
school girl voice to the female voice on the phone.
"He's not here right now, may I ask who's calling?" the voice
Debbie was not ready for that. She had been a bit taken aback
when the woman answered in the first place. There was secrecy going on
here. She wasn't about to tell the truth.
"Steffie- Steffie Gamble," she improvised. "Tell him we need to
talk about the Spirit Club rally."
It was hours later when her phone rang.
"The Spirit Club?" came Chuck's laugh through the phone, "I knew
Steffie was too busy for silly school functions. It took a while for
me to figure out it wasn't some stupid joke."
"Did you fuck her?" Debbie was down to business.
"Steffie?" Chuck was taken aback by her instant descent into the
"No, Linette. Did you fuck her tonight?" Debbie asked again.
"Well,... Yeah... You said we were supposed to go about our
business like nothing had changed," Chuck was hesitant.
"Good. Now I want your ass over at my house in five minutes,
because you're going to fuck me next," Debbie said.
She was surprised how adamant she was. Chuck was blown away. She
sounded like a starving woman to both of them. He was instantly
intrigued and on his way. Debbie had to let the flush fade before the
deeper lusts emerged to hurry her feet out to the back yard.
"You got it figured out how we'll do this?" Chuck asked as he
took deep breaths from the run along the path to her house.
"How did you fuck Linette?" Debbie asked.
"We did it in the back of the car, but that's back at my house,"
Chuck said.
"Never mind that," Debbie pulled him toward the garage, "I know
where there's a car we can use."
There was something ironically appropriate about using her
mother's car to cheat on Brad. It didn't hurt the ambiance to do it
right under her nose in the garage.
As far as Linette was concerned, Debbie was content with the
difference in comfort between her mother's Buick and Chuck's Escort.
She was not immune to the tingle of knowing she was fucking Linette's
boyfriend and fucking him better than Linette.
She was cool to the way Chuck wanted to do her, however. He
wasted no time in getting her shorts and panties off her and onto the
car's carpet and was just as quick in trying to get his face between
her legs. Admittedly, it had felt good in the shed before, but Debbie
didn't think she should let him make it a habit.
But this was Chuck and letting him had little to do with what
happened. He pulled on her knee to turn her to his intrusive face and
kept her turning as he rolled onto his back himself. She ended up
straddling Chuck's head with her legs bent and her feet pinned against
the car's window.
His tongue was again slithering around her privates. It was even
better when she knew what to expect. Chuck even knew what her clit was
for. That was probably the impetus that made Debbie notice that he had
pulled off his own pants and his cock was standing up between his own
bent legs.
She had heard a dirty joke about this. It was called '69' because
of the way the numbers looked. At the moment it didn't seem like it was
that dirty. At least the dirty thing was happening any way. It wouldn't
be giving up too much if she bent down and licked Chuck's cock a little.
"Yeah, that's right, we'll do each other a little while," Chuck
said into her crotch.
It tickled when he talked to her cunt. That little unexpected joy
was the extra push she needed to go right down on him. She found it was
a whole lot different doing it this way. His cock felt more natural
curving down against her tongue and it was less of a problem to bob
up and down on his cock.
The bigger difference was having his tongue sliding into her cunt at the same time. He was shoving his tongue into her good and it made
her suck on his cock without thinking. In fact, there wasn't much
thinking going on at all. Debbie forgot to monitor what was happening.
She let go of the control and just let it happen.
"Wait, wait, stop a minute," Chuck said urgently after a short
"If you still want to do it like Linette and me did, you got to
stop before you make me spurt," he said. "I'm going to cum in a second
if you don't stop sucking me."
Debbie thought it would be interesting to see what it felt like
for a boy to cum in her mouth while she was getting her pussy licked,
but she didn't think she'd get off on it. That was the point with
Chuck. He was supposed to make her cum. Maybe she would let him do this
again and suck him to completion. For now, she let him push her off his
face and scramble around so they could find a position to fuck in.
"Here," Chuck said as he wadded up their clothes to put on the
He pushed her up so she was bent a bit awkwardly against the door
of the car and got between her legs. Just being squooshed up to fit in
the back seat was kinky. Debbie let her position and place run through
her mind to get the best kick from fucking in a car in her own garage.
It was a good thing, because Chuck was not at his best in the
confines. His cock felt average, he fucked average, it was only the
trimmings that made it something special for Debbie. She kept thinking
about him humping over Linette in the same way and it excited her to
fuck the same boy on the same night.
This time when Chuck came it was also average. Debbie got her
only excitement from her jest at Linette's expense- and getting laid
under her mother's nose. That made it better than sometimes, but not
what she had come to depend on from Chuck.
Debbie couldn't believe it herself. With Melvin leering and
Linette glowing and Tami arranging an auction, it seemed somehow to fit
in the crazy quilt that had become her life. But there was still a
measuring stick beyond all the obnoxious happenings around her and it
was strange on that scale.
Both she and Brad kept their eyes straight ahead as they drove
out to their spot on the other side of the field. It was very important
not to give this away. Everyone in the car had a huge interest in not
being found out.
They even kissed for a while to check for lurkers before Brad got
out to get into the back and Debbie lay down on the seat out of view.
"God, I missed you." "Oh you don't know how bad it's been not
seeing you." Debbie heard their horny declarations amidst the rustling
of clothes behind her.
It should have made her nauseous like it usually did, but today
Debbie was seeing a bright spot in her mother's unseemly lust for Brad.
If she had it that bad for him, maybe Debbie had a little leverage.
That was the good thing that had come from the disappointment
with Chuck in the car. She hadn't cum for the first time, but it had
started her thinking. She thought about danger in fucking almost in the
house. She thought about fucking in cars. Then it came to her to
arrange this meeting between the lovers.
She really didn't care what Brad did any more. She wasn't sure
she even wanted his status any more. After all, football was almost
over and there was Jimmy Shank, the star of the basketball team. It
was a step down, but she knew she could make Jimmy even cooler than
Brad because he'd listen to her.
Those were only musings to fill her mind as the wet sounds of
Brad fucking her mother came out of the back seat. They did grunt like
animals when they went at it.
"Come on, baby, squirt me full of your fuck juice!" her mother was groaning and Debbie knew it was almost over.
"Please, it won't take long," her mother was begging a few
moments later, "Let me suck your cock and we can do it real quick."
"You know how much I want to, but if I don't get home, I'll be
grounded even longer," Brad was saying with pain in his tone.
What a greedy bitch! Debbie thought. Everybody goes out of their
way for her and she wants more. Then she realized that she would think
that was an admirable quality in anyone but her mom.
Brad drove into the driveway that day so Debbie's mom could sneak
out by the garage in case anyone was watching. Debbie even pretended
the kiss good-bye. Brad just wasn't the same boy any more.
She had many other things to think about. It might have been an
off day for Chuck. Maybe the next time it would be as good as the first
times. But she had to be prepared for it if the thrill had worn off.
Debbie settled down with Mr. Bear and tried to think of the
possibilities. Jimmy wasn't very bright, but that could be a good
thing. She could also be like Tami and free lance for a while with the
boy that promised to show her the best time.
Mr. Bear was being naughty as she thought over her options. He
snuck his nose between her legs and tried to distract her as she went
over the list of cool boys and tried to pick a victim.
Out of the blue, she saw the solution to her Brad problem. The
guy was helpless with her mother and her mother seemed to return his
lust. She figured they would keep it up even if she dumped Brad.
Mr. Bear was making her less worried abut the scandal. In her
distracted state, she was bold enough to consider how likely it was
that anyone would believe his story. Fucking her mom? It sounded like
a schoolboy daydream to her.
She hunched harder on Mr. Bear's nose and had a vision of Brad
standing alone in the hall and the rest of the school pointing at him
and laughing at the declaration. He just missed her so much it made him
hallucinate, she'd say.
Even this anal thing was working for her, she thought as Mr. Bear
was clouding her mind of everything but thoughts of sex. It was great
timing for the idea to work its way into the upper echelon of society.
It would make Brad seem like he was clutching the most recent trend to
flavor his lie.
She might even admit that, in her own imperious way, she had
tried this new thrill quietly just to keep with the trend. And Brad was
no good at all at it, she thought as her finger crept into her rear
almost without her noticing what she was doing.
Yes! Oh, yes! That was it! Debbie celebrated both her revelation
and the feel of rocking on Mr. Bear's nose as her finger probed her
rectum. She didn't realize what she had done until after the orgasm
washed over her and left her cool and sweaty on top of her bed.
She had been poking her finger into her ass pretty hard and it
did feel good. She wasn't sure she should be ashamed of that any more
since she might claim to have experimented because it was a trend.
Maybe it was like smoking marijuana. Only stoners did it all the
time, but you had to say that you'd done it 'a couple times' or people
thought you were a goody-goody or something.
"You know, this Brad being grounded really sucks," Debbie was
telling Linette.
"Well, you do get to see him after school," Linette grinned.
"And that's the sucking part," Debbie joked, "But you know what I
mean, I miss the close encounters."
"You know, I wouldn't have understood before, but now that Chuck
is being nice I know what you mean," Linette sympathized.
"The way you talk, you make Chuck sound nicer than Brad," Debbie
"Wanna switch?" Linette joked.
"For the rest of the week? Sure," Debbie gave it right back to
her. "You go blow Brad in the car and I'll date Chuck."
"I'd suck Brad's dick any time," Linette said dreamily and added,
"But I don't think you'd like Chuck. He's pretty crude some times."
Life is so weird, Debbie thought. It actually would be kinda fun
to see Linette give Brad a blow job. It would be a lot better than
watching her mom do it. And Chuck being crude? Debbie was willing to
bet Linette didn't mean the licking stuff he did and that was the only
thing she had found crude about Chuck. And she was beginning to like
that too.
"I'm almost ready to risk it, but I guess I can hold out a few
more days," Debbie said.
"Then I'm afraid you'll miss your chance," Linette said
"What?" Debbie asked, eager for the gossip.
"Oh, nothing," Linette said, holding out on her, "I was just
thinking about something, but I don't know if I will or not."
Linette was hardly worth worrying about all day. Anyhow, she
wouldn't be able to hold back long. Debbie tried not to let the snub
affect her. That was easier than dealing with Tami's excitement.
"Greg said he'd take me to Chez Flambee and then up to his
summer house with candlelight and wine and everything!" Tami told her.
The summer house was a shack on the lake with one room and a wood
stove, so candles would be the only way to light it anyway, but the
dinner at Chez Flambee would cost Greg $75 easy. It was a mercenary
girl's delight, but Debbie still didn't like Tami falling into a trend
started by Linette.
"You taking that, or waiting for a higher bidder?" Debbie asked.
"Mr. Rockefeller didn't show any interest," Tami said, "I don't
think I'm going to get a better offer."
"Then have fun," Debbie tried not to sound bitter.
"It would have to be pretty bad to make it not worth dinner at
Chez Flambee," Tami gloated.
Everybody was getting laid and Debbie only had Brad's cock
gagging her in his car to look forward to. She was in a surly mood.
To add to her woes, her mother was acting like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs when she got home. The tryst in the
back seat had obviously only made it worse for the older woman.
She flitted around nervously all evening as if she was expecting
something. When the phone rang, her mother pounced it and then held it
out with a sour look on her face.
"Melvin?" she said with a question.
It wasn't Melvin. It was Chuck.
"Like that?" he asked, "Just like saying you were Steffie. I
wondered if you would still like to fuck like Linette and I just did."
There was something cocky in his tone that Debbie didn't like.
Still, anything that got her out of the house and away from her crazy
mother was a good thing.
"I'm having trouble with that equation too," she said, "I guess
we could try and work it out."
"Mom still there, huh?" Chuck got it right away, "Well, I've got
the house to myself for another hour or so, so come over if you want."
"Okay, I'll get my books," Debbie said.
"Who is Melvin?" her mother wanted to know.
"I'm surprised Brad didn't tell you, it's one of his best friends
and his lab buddy in Chemistry," Debbie sniped, "He wants to do
homework together."
"If I didn't know you so well, I'd suspect you were sneaking
around on Brad," her mother said, "But then you're such a cold fish I
guess you wouldn't if there wasn't something else in it for you."
Debbie wasn't going to waste time arguing. She was pretty well
done with caring what the old bag said anyway. Let her think what she
wanted. She was way off base.
When Debbie got to Chuck's, he met her at the door in a robe. It
was kind of a shock, but this was the first time they had the time and
place to have anything but hurried sex. He had gone all out- or at
least he had gone all out for Linette and left the trappings in place.
There was a crummy something-berry candle burning and red bandannas over the lights when they got to Chuck's room. Debbie
supposed Chuck thought he was being suave.
"Would you like me to undress you?" Chuck said in what he thought
was a sexy voice.
What the hell? Debbie nodded.
It was somewhat interesting as Chuck slowly undid each button
and kissed pieces of newly exposed flesh. He was trying to be sexy, but
Debbie realized during the slow process that some of the fun of her
illicit joinings with Chuck came from hurry and lust that had been part
their successful fucks.
She thought they would finally get to that when she was naked and
Chuck stood up to shed his robe. Chuck had other plans. He laid her on
the bed and pulled her knees up and apart. She thought he was going to
climb between them and fuck her, but he ended up with his head between
her legs.
"I've really gotten to like eating pussy," Chuck said as he
peered up at her over her pubis.
Surprisingly to her, so had Debbie. This time in particular,
Chuck's tongue was less of a squirmy bad thing and more of a teasing
sensation that made her hot. He made his tongue flit over her lips
and clit until she was squirming and then eased it into her.
Debbie guessed taking your time wasn't all that bad as Chuck
leisurely ate her out. He wasn't slobbering as much as before, but she
was just as wet as she added her own wetness to that of his probing
"You ready?" Chuck asked finally.
"Mmm-hmmm" Debbie hummed.
"Then roll over," Chuck instructed.
"What?" Debbie's eyes flew open.
"You want to fuck like Linette don't you?" he said, "She let me
put it in her butt-hole tonight. You want the same thing, don't you?"
"No!" Debbie yelped.
"Come on, she said it felt real good," Chuck appealed, "I'll go
real slow like I did with her and it'll be great. Linette almost came
and she never does that."
"Can't you just fuck me like always?" Debbie asked, "Look, I'll
suck you and you can cum in my mouth if you want."
"Please?" Chuck asked, "It's real good. I really want to try it
with you because you're so much better in everything else. It's so
tight. I was all excited thinking about doing it to you."
"No, I'm not ready for that," Debbie protested on the verge of
tears, "I'll do anything else you want- please don't put it in my butt."
Chuck was trying very hard to be nice. He had to fight the urge
to pin her down and fuck her ass anyway. He slipped a little as his
frustration pushed through being a nice guy.
"Will you bark like a dog?" he almost snarled.
"Okay," Debbie said in a small voice.
"Then get up on your knees and be ready to howl like a bitch,"
Chuck told her.
"Just don't put it in my rear," Debbie begged as she assumed the
doggy position.
Chuck had given up on that. But his frustration and having his
plans derailed made him ram his cock to the hilt in her cunt with one
fierce thrust. Then he pulled back an inch and rammed into her again.
Surprisingly, that hit the spot for Debbie. Her fear had made her
clammy and she was trembling a little as she got on her hands and
knees. His cock was a shock as it blasted into her, but it was a shock
that made her heart race. There was relief that he had put it in her
cunt mixed with the feel of his cock prodding so deep up inside her.
Her mind swirled with confusing thoughts, but his cock was a
certainty, thrusting its hard thickness into her juicy twat. She
reacted to it with a purely animal response and that response was that
it felt good.
"Oh yeah! Make me your bitch!" she heard come from her mouth.
Chuck quickly forgot his frustration as he felt Debbie's thighs
strain to arch herself open for him. Her urging made him forget his
loss and concentrate on shoving his cock deep and hard into her
receptive cunt. She was hot for him and that made him want to fuck
her more.
Debbie didn't have time to think about her image. she wasn't
considering her self-respect. She just knew the hard pole driving into
her was making her want more and that she was excited as she'd been
when she was cumming sometimes. Only she was still working up to that
"Do you want me to bark? Do you want me to bark now?" she growled
out as Chuck fucked his cock deep into her cunt.
Chuck pounded into her opened cunt in his own swirl of emotions.
It was going so quick. He had gone from rage to almost cumming in a
second and a half and he didn't know if he was prepared for the climax
that was looming over him. Debbie was only making it harder to resist
as she begged like a bitch for him to fuck her more.
He bent forward to grab her shoulders and pulled at them as he
rammed his cock into her in a series of butt-shaking hard thrusts.
"Yes! Bark! Bark for it bitch!" he growled back as his cock
slammed as deep as it reached inside her and he pulled back to ram it
in again.
"Arf!" Debbie barked as he slammed into her.
"Arf! Arf! Arf, arf, arf," she tried to make him fuck her faster
as she teetered on the edge of climax.
One mammoth thrust tipped her over and she only moaned as the
rest of his measured thrusts went unnoticed in the pink, prickly haze
of cumming.
The spasm of her sex did not go unnoticed by Chuck. As she came,
he quickly switched gears to pulling back to the head of his cock and
driving into her with rapid, long strokes.
"You're going to take it now!" he crowed, "You're getting it all
and you'll take it!"
Then he slammed into her again with another monster thrust and
felt like his soul was squirting out of his body through his cock and
pumping her full along with his hot jizm.
He felt like a deflated balloon as he slid down onto her round
butt and then over onto the bed. Debbie was frozen in her pose a while
longer and then slowly tried each of her joints as she lay down beside
They lay there without speaking as they tried to understand what
had just come over them. Clearly, there was some power that had
boiled up inside each of them. They just didn't know what it was.
Chuck wasn't much worried about implications and came to terms
with the demon first.
"Debbie, that was the best sex I've ever had in the whole world
in my whole life," Chuck said quietly.
Debbie wasn't dealing as well with it. It was just as
mind-blowing for her, but it was even more troubling. She had sounded
like her mother. She hadn't been in control of anything. She had said
things she never wanted anyone to hear. The only good thing was Chuck
hadn't put his thing in her ass.
"I came real good too," she finally admitted.
"Real good?" Chuck said in amazement, "I thought I was going to
blow up- bloody pieces all over the room- and you say real good?"
Debbie had bigger concerns.
"You won't tell anyone, will you," she pleaded.
"We just have the best sex ever and you're worried I might tell?"
Chuck said, "I'll never understand women."
"Look, I meant all of it, but the other girls wouldn't
understand. I know, I'm one of them. All they would do is rag on me
about barking like a dog. I couldn't stand that," Debbie said and began
to weep.
"Hey, hey, hey," said Chuck, made protective by her tears, "I
won't say anything. We can't tell anyway since we're cheating on our
boyfriends and girlfriends. I think it was real special. I'm glad it
made you feel like that. I know it was the best ever for me. You're
fantastic in bed."
Debbie knew he would brag or he wouldn't, but she felt a little
safer now. That still didn't answer all the questions her unrestrained
and totally unacceptable behavior had raised. She had to get home and
In her bedroom Debbie looked at Mr. Bear like a traitor. It was
his fault for making her oversexed. She needed someone to blame.
There was no one to take this out on. She had enjoyed herself.
She had enjoyed herself too much. How could she revenge herself for
that? Debbie had to face the fact that sex was powerfully good and she
couldn't control it.
She could make sure she had only lukewarm sex and remain in
control, but that was so stupid. She wasn't prepared for this. She
would have to change the way she thought about a lot of things.
It did feel good. It felt more than good. It was the best feeling
a person could have. If there was only a way to stay in control while
it took over and drove her to that place of ecstasy.
"Pssst, Debbie," Chuck was whispering from under the stairs.
"What?" she asked, hiding beside him.
"You feel better about last night?" he was sweet.
"Oh yeah, I just needed time to think," Debbie said.
"So, did you think how we can get like that again?" Chuck asked
Epiphany. She may have lost control under the unrelenting urging
of Chuck's hard cock, but it was clear who held the power now. It
all suddenly seemed so obvious. She had always known she had the magic
box between her legs. Now she understood that the more magic she had in
that box, the more effective it was at attracting her thralls.
Being good at fucking made her more in control rather than less.
She could make them do more for a better reward. And the fact that it
felt good was just the kind of bonus a girl like her deserved.
Bumping into Chuck brightened up her day. It didn't even bother
her when Linette confided the secret she already knew.
"I let Chuck do me in the ass last night," Linette beamed.
"I thought you knew better than that," Debbie scolded, "Now he'll
be a smart-ass all the time."
"That was the old Chuck, before you fixed him," Linette said, "He
was fantastic- romantic with candles and red lights and everything. It
was really nice. He was even real gentle since he thought it was the
first time for me."
"Then you keep him and I'll just blow Brad until he gets off
grounding," Debbie said.
"I don't know why you don't try it," Linette pouted, "It really
isn't that big a deal once you get used to it."
"Actually, I've been thinking about it," Debbie said. "Sometimes
I'm just cautious. You think Chuck would like to break me in?"
Linette was horrified.
"Don't talk that way!" she gasped, "You wouldn't do that to me,
would you?"
"Do what?" Debbie kept prodding her, "I wouldn't let him do
anything unless you were there to supervise."
Linette knew she was teasing now. She relaxed and laughed.
"I can see that. More jelly, honey, now put it on her hole and
just hold it there," Linette laughed, "Now push just a little and wait
for her to relax for you."
"You sound like you've done it before, supervise I mean," Debbie
teased some more.
"It does sound exciting, like a fantasy I mean," Linette said,
"But what would people think if they found out?"
Debbie left it there. She didn't think it would be hard to talk
Linette into sharing Chuck- willingly she meant. But that wouldn't be
as much fun as sneaking behind her back. And then Linette would feel
like hot shit for being so cool and Debbie didn't want to her have
that kind of status. She knew she didn't want Linette claiming credit
for introducing her to butt-fucking.
Yes. She was going to do it. Despite her best efforts it had
become a trend. She bet Steffie had already got fucked in the ass. She
couldn't be a leader and not be on the leading edge, even if it
meant letting some boy put his dick in her ass.
But it wasn't going to be Chuck. Maybe sometime, but he wasn't
going to be the first. He was already devoted enough to her.
It was a bad dream and a persistent dream. Debbie kept seeing
Melvin's myopic grin looming over her. She didn't think about Melvin
enough for him to be in her dreams. She wished he would go away.
This WAS Linette's fault. She knew why it was happening. Ever
since her near escape with Chuck and her decision to think about
finding a boy to open her rear, the Melvin dream had been haunting her.
It had to be because Linette said he was such a good pick for her
first experience. But Melvin?
She had to fight the notion because it made so much sense.
Fucking Melvin had been the obvious way to split him and Brad from the
start. Now it was the perfect way to get back at Brad for fucking her
mother. And letting him have her in the rear just made it perfect
squared. That was ignoring Linette's claim that he was gentle and a
good choice.
It became as much her mother's fault when Debbie heard her plans.
"It's a vacation I've been needing for a long time," her mother tried to rationalize. "It's only a couple of days. I thought you'd like
to have me out of the way for once."
"That would be if you weren't taking my boyfriend on your
'vacation'," Debbie accused, "What am I supposed to do? Have a drunken
party with the girls?"
"I'm not condoning drinking, but I will be away," her mother skirted the issue, "You will be free to follow your conscience."
"That's about as spineless as calling it a 'vacation'," Debbie
snapped, "You're having a fuck fest with my boyfriend. Admit it, why
don't you? And I'm supposed to think having some beer with my friends
fixes all that."
"It doesn't matter. I'm going," she snapped back, "I thought
you'd be happier with having the house to yourself."
Brad was coming off being grounded and she was taking him to a
motel on Sunday and fucking him straight through Monday and probably
Tuesday morning. She didn't know what Brad was telling his folks.
Given the freedom with which they did everything under the sun in
her presence, Debbie figured her mother had something very, very, very
outrageous planned if they couldn't do it at home. After what she had
witnessed, she couldn't imagine what depravity her mother felt the
need to hide.
It made her mad enough to do the unthinkable. It had been
pounding around the edges of her brain long enough she only had to give
in for everything to fall into place. She kicked it off by calling
"Hi Melvin, this is Debbie," she said to the mouth-breather on
the other end of the line.
"I recognized your voice," Melvin said.
"They were nice flowers," Debbie stalled.
"Good. I didn't talk to you because I knew you like it that way,"
Melvin said.
"Look, lets just cut to the chase," Debbie said in a rush to get
it over with, "I'm going to be all alone on Sunday and I'd like you to
come over."
"Ahhhhh huuu- what?" Melvin sounded like he was having a coronary.
"Linette was impressed and I want you to do me like you did her,"
Debbie slowed down, "We'll have all day. We can have a lot of fun."
"What about Brad?" Melvin was shaking.
"Brad will be out of town. I won't tell if you don't," Debbie
said and then poured on the charm, "I really want it to be you, because
Linette said you were the best for a virgin. Besides, Brad might not
know what he's doing and I wouldn't want it to be a bad experience for
"But Brad's my friend," Melvin stuttered.
"Then help him out," Debbie said. "I can't give him that pleasure
now and if you'll help me, then he'll be happier. Please, I really want
to do it and I'm afraid of doing it with anyone but you."
That was enough bullshit to drown anyone. It washed Melvin away.
"Sunday?" he breathed.
"And Monday too if you want," Debbie promised, "Coincidentally
Brad and my mother will be both gone both days."
If he lived to hang up the phone, Debbie knew he'd be there.
Melvin brought more damn flowers when he came to Debbie's door.
She had to say something nice before she could haul him into the house
before anyone saw him. She put them in water and then had to pry him
off the couch.
"Melvin, it's hard enough not to be scared without you being so
reticent," Debbie scolded, "Maybe you need to get into the mood. Take
off your clothes. All of them. Take off your clothes right now."
Melvin was obedient, but slow. It was going to take him an hour
at the rate he was going. Debbie decided she had to help.
"Look, I'm sorry I was so strident, but I am nervous about this,"
she said in a gentler tone, "Tell you what, I'll strip too and maybe
we can relax a little bit."
At first that slowed Melvin down as he stared at her taking off
her blouse. Then he hurried as she reached her underwear and reached
back to unsnap her bra. Her breasts coming into view made Melvin's
fingers fly at the fastening of his clothes. She pulled down her
panties and found she had beaten Melvin only by his own underwear.
He took a deep breath and pulled them down. They were both naked
and now only Melvin was nervous.
"You have a nice penis," Debbie said to calm him, "It's nothing
to be ashamed of. I think it will be easier now that everything is out
in the open."
"You- you're beautiful," Melvin stuttered as he looked at her
nude body, "I can't believe that this is happening to me."
"You come highly recommended," Debbie told him, "Linette was
all agog at how good you were to her. You know what you're doing is
what she said."
Melvin's penis really was as nice an any she'd seen. The only
strange thing was he was standing nude and staring at a nude girl and
it was still hanging limp. She took that as a challenge.
"I read some stuff before you came over and they say a hot shower
is good to loosen things up," Debbie said.
That was a hot bath to make the hymen more flexible on your
wedding night, but what Debbie really wanted was to get Melvin in
close proximity and see if he could still maintain his cool.
Of course he couldn't. Just touching her as she adjusted the
water and rubbing against her as they climbed into the shower together
made his cock shoot up like a skyrocket. His cock was as big as the
best of them. The soft folds of his belly made it seem less imposing,
but Debbie was able to ignore that in her estimate.
What gave her pause was that the head of his prick seemed
abnormally large for the rest of his cock. That was going to be a
challenge when he tried to push it into her tiny asshole.
She soaped his front and then told him to turn so she could soap
his back. Not having to look in his face made her think again what she
was doing. It was hard to believe she was naked in a shower with
Melvin. She tried to suppress the feeling and reached around to hand him
the soap.
"Come on, I won't break," she urged him when he hesitated to
touch her with the soap.
Finally she took the soap away from him and soaped his front
again. Then she pulled him to her and rubbed herself on his chest and
belly. His cock was very hard as she pressed it into her belly while
she rubbed against him.
"Now the good part," she said as she soaped his chest again.
She backed against him and for a while only his belly and his
hard cock riding between the cheeks of her ass were in contact.
"Come on, hug me and soap me up," she ordered him.
When his hand touched her breast, he pulled it back like it had
scalded him, but he did pull her against him and let her squirm the
soap onto her back. His cock was still very hard and pressing between
her cheeks. It made her want to have it inside her.
"You want to put it in me now?" she sighed to Melvin.
"I better not. I don't want to do this wrong," Melvin said in
a quaver.
Maybe that was for the best. Debbie tried to convince herself as
she dried him and herself. It was a pretty big cock and a really tiny
hole. Maybe she'd need all the lubrication she could get.
"How should I lie down?" she asked Melvin to make him feel like
the expert.
"Just on your side with your leg up," he said.
"You'll take care of me, won't you," Debbie said in a little girl voice to pump him up. "I just have to lie here and be ready, okay?"
Melvin was sweating and it wasn't from the heat. Linette had
ordered him around more and he was comfortable with that. Now he had to
do it on his own and he really didn't want to mess it up.
He found the K-Y where Debbie had laid it out and warmed some on
his fingers before rubbing it on her anus. He pushed one fingertip
carefully inside to grease her there as well.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean I wouldn't help," Debbie said, "Do you
want me to put the stuff on your thing?"
"N-n-noo," Melvin stuttered, "I think I'd shoot right then if you
touched it."
He wasn't far from right. Even stroking the jelly on his cock was
a near thing. Debbie was taking deep breaths and trying to brace
herself when Melvin pressed the head of his cock against her back door.
He had only begun to push when Debbie felt a warm, wet flood on her
"Oh gosh, I'm sorry," he Melvin whined, breaking into tears. "I
was too excited in the shower. I couldn't hold it."
Debbie really didn't mind the reprieve. She was having second
thoughts when she felt the size of his cock actually pressing against
the tiny opening of her anus. But now she had to do something to get
Melvin's courage back.
"It's all right, we've got two days," Debbie said, rolling over
to look at the blubbering schoolmate.
It was time for action. She had to get him back before he decided
to run away. She didn't have time to think about anything but saving
the moment. She dropped right down on Melvin's cock.
The K-Y didn't really have a taste. It was like corn syrup
without the sweetness. She didn't mind it too much as she sucked on
Melvin's cock.
"What are you doing?" Melvin was shocked, "You don't have to do
Debbie lifted her head long enough to say, "I want to. Relax and
see if I do a good job. I like it and I bet you'll be hard again in no
Melvin was erect again in no time once he stopped his panic
breathing and relaxed.
"Oh god, that's good," he gasped as she gave him a thrill he had
never even dreamed of. "I can't believe anything can feel that good."
Debbie rolled onto her side again and looked back over her
"Then pay me back by opening me up back there," she invited.
This time Melvin was eager to do the job. He eased up behind and
Debbie felt the press of too much cock against too small a hole. But
Melvin was still considerate. He urged her thigh higher with a hand
that lifted her cheek and opened her ass wider for him.
"Now Linette said this has to hurt a little, I'm sorry," Melvin
apologized before he pushed a little harder.
That wasn't going to do it. Debbie felt her anus dimple into the
cleft of her ass as it resisted Melvin's cock. Melvin squeezed her
cheek harder and she felt her sphincter crawl on the head of his cock.
Her ass was opening just a bit.
It didn't really hurt as Melvin pushed the tip of his cock into
the space he had made. It was a growing feeling of being overwhelmed
as her anus was made to open and embrace the invading head of his cock.
It hurt when the wide part of the head stretched her anus beyond
its limit and was forced inside her rectum. It was sharper, but briefer
that the pain of losing her hymen. Debbie was quickly overwhelmed by
the feeling of fullness again once the head had passed her sphincter.
But this was fullness beyond imagining. Debbie felt she was
being pushed into the impossible when Melvin's cock head settled inside
her rectum. It was so very, very huge and there was so little room
in her ass. She had only given out a short grunt when he pushed his
cock into her ass. Now she moaned piteously as she discovered that
there was more, much more, still waiting to enter her body.
The jelly was a demon thing for Debbie. As she gasped for breath,
it paved the way for Melvin to ease a little farther inside her.
She had to admit it was mostly in her mind, but the feeling of
being stuffed like a turkey filled her head. She didn't feel that much
fuller, but the helplessness of her asshole to keep Melvin from
sliding in made her fear what he could do if he wanted.
What he wanted was to wait. With only the slight movement caused
by their breathing, Melvin paused his penetration.
"You'll get used to it in a minute," Melvin said, "And then it
won't feel so big in there. Try and relax and it will happen quicker."
Then came the back rubbing Linette had told them about. He was
uncharacteristically firm as he massaged her back and it did make her
want to relax. She had a better idea.
"That same massage would feel even better if you did my front,"
Debbie invited.
Melvin let his hands slide around to her belly and quickly moved
up to grasp her tits. He touched them reverently and gently.
"No, do it the same as you were doing my back- hard, but not too
hard," Debbie told him. "You can squeeze them a lot harder than that
without hurting them."
Remarkably, Melvin did exactly that. He kneaded her tits with the
same firmness she had enjoyed as it loosened her back muscles. That
grip on her breasts made Debbie stretch into the sensation. As he
massaged her breast, her anus did relax and suddenly she felt Melvin
moving into her ass again.
It was like a train going by the crossing as Melvin pushed deeper
into her ass. There was no way to stop the cars flashing by just like
there was no way to stop Melvin's smooth slide. And his hands kept
giving her great feelings like the insistent clang of warning gates.
"Unnnnn NNNhhhh!" Debbie grunted as she felt Melvin's soft belly
finally press against her buttocks. "Oh Jesus! Tell me it's all in."
"Am I hurting you?" Melvin asked in concern.
"No-" Debbie squeezed out, "But I don't think I could have taken
much more."
"I think you get used to that, too," Melvin offered and then
screwed up, "Lin.. uhh. I mean, you can sometimes, I mean I have...
but anyway, there can be some pretty good going at it at the end and
they don't seem to mind."
"I know you did it with Linette," Debbie told him, feeling
ridiculous to have to explain this while his cock was up her ass, "I
not only set it up, Linette also told us about it- all about it. You
don't have to protect her."
Debbie didn't really want to move, but it seemed like the only
way to get Melvin off dead center. She pushed her hips back at him and
he got the hint to slowly pull out of her. It seemed like he was right.
Only the initial insertion made her feel like she was being split open.
When he slid back into the same space again, it was nothing more than
the incredible fullness she was feeling the whole time his cock was
rooting around in her ass.
By the time she got the rest of the bad news, it wasn't so bad
anymore. They both were working hard in a conspiracy to move Melvin's
cock in and out of her ass faster and faster. Debbie didn't think it
was going to make her cum, but it was fun to feel Melvin's cock move
inside her. It was like some strange game of 'who can sit on the peg
the fastest' and it was fun to play.
Then Melvin lunged a little extra in his growing passion as his
hips touched her ass and kept going. There was almost an inch more
to bury when he pressed down on her ass and compressed it tight. It was
a surprise, but more rush than shock. She had become accustomed to
someone shoving a cock in her ass.
"Keep doing it, do it for me," Debbie urged as Melvin began
heedlessly slapping against her bottom.
He did, with a grunt, a moan and a sigh. Debbie felt a strange
wetness in her bowel as he came. It was strange to think of his sperm
in her ass. She wondered what it must be thinking.
Debbie was thinking: 'glad it's over and who let in the draft'
when Melvin pulled his cock out of her asshole. She felt a squirmy
shiver go up her spine as her asshole tried to wriggle closed. It
hadn't been that bad. There were parts that were fun.
"Gosh," Melvin marveled as he rolled on his back, "I can't
believe I just fucked Princess Debbie in the ass!"
Debbie didn't mind the nickname. She didn't acknowledge it, but
she secretly thought it described her pretty well. As for his wonder,
she wanted to nip that in the bud.
"You don't have to believe it," she told him, "You and I both
know you did. But that's it, isn't it?"
"What?" Melvin puzzled.
"You're not going to tell anyone are you?" Debbie asked.
"No, I'd never do that," Melvin protested.
"Not even, particularly not even Brad," Debbie told him.
"Well, sheesh- I'm not telling him I butt-fucked his girl,"
Melvin explained.
Okay, that was crazy. He wouldn't do that. Debbie felt better
with all of it, anal sex included, out of the way. Now she could
embark on phase two: Melvin ascends to heaven.
"Hey, I was just nervous," she said after a pause, "This is a
big event in my life and I'm a little hyper."
"You took it real good," Melvin told her, "Particularly the last
part. I get carried away there at the end."
"It was all right," Debbie said, "The whole thing. It didn't even
hurt too much at first. And then it was okay."
Debbie had sat up on the edge of the bed as she was recovering
and now spun around to look at the reclining Melvin. She grinned at
"I expect you to do better for me the next time," she insisted.
Melvin's eyes got wide and he turned to look directly at her with
an expression of wonder on his face.
"We've got all day, at least," Debbie said impatiently, "I don't
want to do schoolwork. Do you?"
If it hadn't been his second load that was even now seeping out
of her asshole, Melvin's dick would have shot straight up at her sexy
invitation to fuck all day. He tried to breathe shallow lest he disturb
whatever dream he was caught up in.
Debbie had her own things to teach Melvin in return for his
service to her. She reached for his hand and pulled him up from the
"Let's go down and fix something to eat," she offered.
She wanted him to walk around the house naked. She wanted to take
some of the edge off his sexuality so he could be a calmer lover. She
knew he would develop a greater awareness of his body and hers that
way. She meant for him to be very familiar with both before he left her
"What if somebody comes to the door?" Melvin asked nervously as
she led him downstairs.
"We don't answer it- because we're naked. You don't have to
answer the door when you're naked," Debbie told him.
The initial shock wore off, but Melvin remained self-conscious
while Debbie fixed them sandwiches. Maybe shock treatment would
help him.
"Melvin!" she announced loudly, "I'm staring right at your cock
now. I can see the whole thing and your balls too. But then, I've had
your cock up my ass already. I guess you've got nothing to be shy
"Look at me," she demanded, "Look right here between my legs.
See my cunt? See my tits? There. Now relax. We're going to be naked a
lot today."
Debbie guessed she had made him feel silly. He did act a little
more normal after that, but the emphasis was on 'act'.
"So," Debbie said as if picking up a conversation that was
lagging, "Do you want to go and fuck again now, or should we do
something first and go fuck later?"
"What would we do?" Melvin asked.
"All I can think about is fucking, so if you want to do something
different, you'll have to think of it yourself," Debbie told him.
"I don't know if I can do it again right now," Melvin said.
"I'll have a nice close-up talk with Mr. Dick there and I bet
you can," Debbie said with an evil grin.
Melvin knew exactly what she meant.
"Oh god, that was so good before," Melvin enthused, "I so want to
feel that again."
"Then back to the bedroom, my man," Debbie said with a wave of
her hand.
He wasn't that much slower coming back to life a third time.
Debbie lingered after he had grown to full height and stiffness to
give him a treat with her sucking. He was overflowing with praise.
Before he literally overflowed, Debbie sat up and told him her
plan for their next fuck. She wanted him to get some pussy too. She
was certain that he was still a virgin in that way.
"I want to try a position I saw in a dirty movie," Debbie lied.
"I want to be on my hands and knees like a doggie and have you kneel
behind me. First I want you to put it in my pussy and when I tell you,
I want you to switch to my ass."
Melvin had seen that and many variations in dirty movies.
Personally, it only mattered that he had his dick inside a girl and she
was going to let him cum in, on or around her. He was willing to give
anything a try.
"Jeeze- that doesn't need grease or nothin'" Melvin marveled as
Debbie got in position and he pushed his cock into her cunt from behind.
"Not after the way we've been playing all day," Debbie agreed,
"I'm plenty ready to have a cock in my pussy."
Melvin went slow at first. Debbie figured he was marveling at
the feel of his first pussy. It was nice, but after a while it got
boring. Debbie had more exciting things planned for their day than to
kneel as Melvin went in... and out... so slowly.
"Come on, Melvin, fuck me," Debbie urged, "Pussy is made for
cock. You can jam it in as hard as you want and it feels great."
He picked up his pace a little and Debbie began pushing her ass
back at him to speed him up even more. Actually it was pretty nice to
have him draw it out that way, but Debbie was impatient to get on to
the other treats she had planned.
"Debbie- don't move so much or I'll shoot off," Melvin warned her
just as she was getting into the feel of his cock driving into her
"I'll make you a deal," Debbie gasped, "You promise you'll fuck
my ass later and you can go ahead and cum inside me."
"Are you sure?" Melvin sounded worried, "What about getting
"You won't, don't worry," Debbie panted as she tried to keep her
momentum toward climax.
She was making Melvin wobble on his knees as she drove her cunt back on his hard cock. It was feeling real good. She hadn't thought of
Melvin as a lover. She was planning to have fun with him, but at the
moment her skin was flushing hot and all her plans were lost in a
growing excitement. Maybe Melvin could make her cum.
"Please Melvin, fuck back at me," Debbie begged, "I need you to
fuck me right now."
Despite his worries, Melvin couldn't ignore her impassioned plea.
She sounded like something bad would happen if he didn't fuck her. He
responded and then he couldn't help himself either.
"Debbie! I'm going to shoot off!" he cried out as his hips took
off on thrusting of their own.
When he was ready to cum, Melvin could be a monster. His
geekieness peeled away and his raw boy lust was exposed. He rammed into
her as hard and as fast as his fat little body let him. He had
responded to a false alarm and there was plenty of fucking left in him.
It was enough for Debbie to get over the top. She felt the
conflicting feelings of a cold shiver down her spine and a fire kindled
in her rippling cunt. She cried out as if she had been stabbed as she
came, but this time Melvin was too busy to be concerned.
Her cunt was doing amazing things to him and this time the alarm
was real. He fucked into her fluttering cunt through the first couple
of spurts and then rammed hard against her upraised ass and let the
jizm jet out of him to fill her pussy.
He fell back onto the bed as if he was dead.
"I can't be dreaming because I couldn't think up anything that
felt like that," he mused mostly to himself.
"That's what fucking is supposed to be like," Debbie said as she
curled up next to him. "Maybe that was a little better because it was
your first, but it's always really, really good."
"And you're sure it's okay that I put my sperm in you?" Melvin
"Of course, I get the slut-shot," Debbie told him. "One shot and
you're baby-proof for months."
Then worried little Melvin had more concerns.
"Sorry I didn't do it the way you wanted," he apologized.
"Yes you did, and stop being such a worm," Debbie scolded him. "I
changed my mind, if you can remember that far back. You did fine and
what if you didn't? We'd just have to keep doing it until you got it
right. boys disappoint girls all the time. It's the way things are."
Melvin responded well to her mix of praise and scorn. It
satisfied his need to be a loser at the same time it gave him hope that
maybe he really wasn't. He even had the guts to ask her a question.
"Your thing- pussy- really felt nice at the end. How do you do
that?" Melvin asked.
Debbie went all mysterious on him. She pulled her head down and
pushed her shoulders up and cupped her hand by her mouth.
"I was having an orgasm," she whispered anti-climatically, "You
made me cum and that's what a pussy does when it's cumming."
"I made you cum?" Melvin said in amazement. "Isn't that hard to
"Boys that don't know how to fuck think so," Debbie told him,
"And it does depend on a lot of things, mostly a girl has to feel right
when she's getting fucked and then the guy has to last long enough to
get her off."
"And I made you cum? Really?" he was still unsure.
"Yes. You would know it if you'd fucked before," Debbie told him.
"That's how you tell. Sometimes a girl moans and wails and stuff just
to pretend, but when you feel those contractions, you know she's not
It was pretty cool to be the authority here. Now that she had
gotten past the Melvin factor, she was having fun leading him into the
world of adult relationships. She wasn't planning on leading him astray
but it tickled her to know how badly she could.
Debbie was going to have to wait for her second ass-fuck. Melvin
didn't look able at the moment. She figured they'd have to find
something to do- in the nude, of course- for a while to let him
recharge for more sessions.
It was a shame they were at her house. She would have loved to
make Melvin go outside naked and feel the sun all over his body. She
loved the feel, but she wasn't going to risk anyone seeing her and
Melvin cavorting nude in the back yard.
All they could come up with was sitting on the couch downstairs
and flipping through the channels, looking for something to watch. The
t.v.. didn't distract them long, however.
She caught Melvin sneaking peeks at her body several times before
she said anything. It was as good a way as any to pass the time.
"Don't peek," she started and Melvin tried to curl up, "Hey,
listen! Don't peek. Look if you want to. Stare at any part of me you
want. Ask me to move so you can see better. Worst thing that can
happen is I'll say no- and I don't think that's likely."
"It just seems so dirty to stare," Melvin said shyly.
"For christsakes!" Debbie exploded, "You've had your dick in all
three of my holes- the only guy that can say that- and you're shy about
looking. Maybe it's all right to be polite in general, but, damn, we
are going to fuck all day long and all night too, maybe. You can be a
lot bolder under those circumstances."
That didn't take his shyness away, but at least he didn't look
away when she saw he was looking at her breasts or where her thighs
came together to form a furry delta of fine pubic hair. And she had
to admit it was kinda cute to have this dweeb being so deferential to
her. It was funny when she thought about the fucking they had done and
were going to do.
Melvin had great stamina. They had been trying to find something
to watch for about twenty minutes when Debbie noticed Melvin was
sitting funny and shifting in his seat.
"Would you like to see my pussy close up?" she asked out of the
Melvin looked uncomfortable in return. Debbie thought she knew
why. She stood up anyway and climbed up on the couch straddling Melvin.
She squatted down and let her knees fall forward into the back of the
couch so that her cunt was inches from his face.
"I know you're trying to hide your hard-on and I won't make you
show it to me if you kiss my pussy," Debbie told him.
"Kiss it?" Melvin said hesitantly.
"Its got lips. You've got lips. Put your lips on mine and kiss,"
Debbie demanded, thoroughly enjoying her dominating role. "And if
you want to French it, go ahead."
The angle of her hips was just right for him to kiss her square
on the clit. She tilted her hips up and down to rub her pussy on his
lips and Melvin's tongue came out the slightest bit to lick her. She
couldn't believe she was forcing him into doing something she had only
come to terms with in the last week herself.
But now that she was into it, she decided to jump with both feet
and show Melvin the other thing she had learned from Chuck.
She waited until Melvin's tongue came out enough to move a little
ways inside her and then took her hips away from him. She got down off
the couch and pointed to the cushions.
"Lay down and I'll show you a new game we can play," she said, "I
think you'll like this."
There was no hiding his hard-on now. Melvin laid down and it
popped up like a soldier at attention. Debbie climbed over him with her
butt toward his face and put her pussy back over his mouth.
"Eat pussy or suffocate," she teased him as she pushed her crotch
tight down on his nose and mouth.
Melvin seemed to have caught the spirit and his tongue came out
to lick all over the lips of her cunt. It was a bit like being lapped
like a dog, but it still felt pretty good. Debbie couldn't expect him
to have the expertise of practice that Chuck had.
"Don't forget to stick your tongue inside me," Debbie reminded
That was easier for Melvin when laying down over him opened her
labia for him. Then, in an instant, it was harder for him to
concentrate as she began to lick his cock.
"Can we do both things at once?" Melvin asked into the muffling
flesh of her crotch.
"Feels good doesn't it?" Debbie said, "You just go at what you're
doing without thinking and feel what the other guy is doing to you. I
think it's great."
It was only half a lie. It was pretty good, even if Debbie still
wasn't quite used to a boy licking her 'down there'. She had to admit
it did make sucking a guy's cock more fun. And with Melvin's clumsy
attempts to eat her pussy, it wasn't as distracting as Chuck making her
excited enough to cum.
She only had to be careful not to let Melvin go too far. It was
almost too easy to suck a cock when you were being licked. The hard
head banging her throat didn't bother her as much and it was too easy
to bob frantically up and down on a hard-on when she was being
stimulated by the tongue up her cunt.
Debbie was alerted by Melvin's moans into her pussy that she was
going too far. She took his cock out of her mouth and licked his balls.
She would have gotten off him then, but his tongue was feeling pretty
good even in its amateurish exploration of her twat flesh.
"Now are you ready for that other thing?" she asked Melvin as she
crawled farther down his legs with her ass in the air.
She stopped with her elbows on the arm of the couch and her back
arched to push her butt up like a target.
"Right here?" Melvin asked as he dragged himself out from under
her and sat up behind her, "What about the K-Y?"
Debbie was reckless. Perhaps his tongue had affected her more
than she was willing to admit. She didn't want a pause. She wanted his
cock in her now. She would worry about the rest when it happened.
"Don't stall," she rebuked Melvin, "Get that cock in me and don't
worry about it."
He got up behind her in a process of getting to his knees that
took far too long for Debbie and finally put his cock into her from
behind. Even that wasn't doing it. Debbie was too wound up to settle
for Melvin's cock in her cunt. She wanted more, faster and ten minutes
"Now just put it in my ass," she ordered Melvin.
She didn't want him to go too far this time. She wanted to
re-create the scene she had walked in on between Brad and her mother and she didn't want him to waste another orgasm this time.
"I'll try," Melvin said hesitantly and pulled out of her cunt.
He was far too timid. Debbie wanted it now. Melvin was trying to
ease against her anus and then press ever so lightly to slip his cock
inside. Debbie pressed back. Melvin had succeeded in carefully placing
his cock to the hole and Debbie succeeded in ramming the head of his
cock inside her in one thrust.
It was a mistake from one point of view. Debbie hadn't realized
how sore Melvin's first intrusion had left her. But from the point of
view of her lust and her underlying desire to be as much of a slut as
her mother, it was a thrust that got her past the worst and made it
easier for her to bear the pain and make Melvin finish her off.
"Now fuck me, damn it," she grunted at Melvin, "Fuck me like an
Melvin was perhaps the only boy that could have pulled it off. He
pushed forward with the intention of burying his bone in her back yard,
but he couldn't make himself do more than steadily slide his cock into
Debbie's asshole. It was as much as her tender anus could stand and
Debbie gave extra points for the intention Melvin clearly showed.
He pulled back a few inches and slid his cock back into her. The
speed was enough, if barely, but Debbie wanted to feel one specific
part of the performance this time.
"Come down here," she instructed Melvin as she slid her elbows
off the sofa arm and flopped down to her belly on it.
Melvin put his hands on the arm on each side of her and bent to
the task. Now she had him in position. Now she'd get that deepest of
penetrations into her bowels.
"Lean on me," she told Melvin, "I want to feel you put your
weight down on me. I want you to lie down on my ass as put that thing
into me as deep as it will reach!"
It was a case of not being wary enough of getting what she wished
for. The weight squashing her butt flat was just what she wanted, but
Melvin's cock stuffing her to full depth was a fair distance over the
edge of comfortable. At the same time it was too overwhelming for her
to do anything but hold on as Melvin pounded his cock into her ass that
"Oh jeeze- it feels like you're strangling my dick," Melvin
gasped as he bounced his weight up and down on Debbie's butt.
Debbie only grunted as Melvin bored into her butt. At least the
fullness in her rear distracted Debbie from the raw throb of her torn
asshole. That was only a sharp reminder from time to time in the midst
of the feeling that Melvin was packing her belly ever fuller as he
fucked her captive ass over the arm of the couch.
Melvin's cock was more of a disturbance to her thinking that she
had anticipated. Debbie had hoped to muse on being butt-fucked at home
while her mother was probably having the same thing done to her by
Brad. All she could do was bring the image of Brad pounding into her
mother's behind into her mind. Melvin's cock was insisting that she
think about the way it was swelling her belly from the inside as he
poked around deep inside her bowels.
It was not the kind of thing Debbie could ignore. Melvin's cock
was keeping her in the here and now- butt spread and taking it up the
ass over the couch. She couldn't 'rise above' being fucked in the butt
and Melvin hadn't even really started in yet.
"Ooohhhhhhh! Debbie, Debbie, Debbie," Melvin wailed as the heat
and constriction of her bowels caught up with him.
The short throw of simply bouncing on her ass had helped him draw
out her confusion and his pleasure, but he had reached the end of that
period of grace. He had soaked up that hot squeeze long enough that
his balls had to let loose. It had nothing to do with the brutal boning
that Debbie was experiencing. Melvin would have been horrified if he
knew what his cock felt like to Debbie. He was too inexperienced to
take pleasure in the complete possession and domination of the girl beneath him.
Debbie felt that his cock had forced its way to the back of her
throat from the wrong direction. Her mouth opened in case it wanted to
skewer all the way through her and come out between her lips. Melvin
had settled his weight on her and lunged in his final throes and he
was holding his cock to this deepest penetration as his legs kicked
and he flooded her bowel with his hot cum.
Debbie felt like he had left the Grand Canyon when Melvin got to
his knees to pull his cock out of her and then toppled over onto his
back on the couch. Her own legs felt weak and she stayed splayed over
the arm of the couch waiting for the world to be the same again.
"Oh jeeeze!" she heard a concerned gasp from Melvin. "What did I
do to you?"
She could feel him pull her cheeks open.
"Gosh Debbie, I didn't know I was hurting you like that," Melvin
was repentant.
"What are you talking about?" Debbie asked, a little pissed she
was not getting the rest she wanted.
"The blood," Melvin said. "Your ass is bloody and so is my
Debbie sighed. If she was hurt, she reasoned that there would be
more than the feeling of a gaping void in her asshole. She was tender-
if that was a strong enough term- but she wasn't wounded.
"Don't you know virgins always bleed?" Debbie told him.
"But it wasn't the first time," Melvin protested.
"Melvin, shut up," Debbie snapped and then forced herself to make
nice. "I'm okay, really, but I need to rest a minute, okay?"
He fell silent while she took another couple of deep breaths and
then pushed herself up. No rest for the wicked, she thought. She might
as well see what Melvin was talking about.
There were pink streaks on his cock. No more blood that when she
nicked herself shaving a bikini line. Obviously her anus had torn under
his assault, but the bleeding was nothing compared to the feeling of
bruising in her asshole. Debbie was no longer as confident about having
Melvin fuck her ass all day.
"We just need to wash up and then we'll get something real to eat
like a meal," Debbie told him.
Having Melvin gently wash her ass made Debbie perk up. It was
good to be princess. Having him put cold washcloths on her ass was an
inspired idea. She felt almost normal again as the cool cloths took
away the sting and made her anus feel like it could close again.
Melvin had turned into a good little servant. It was too bad he
wasn't cool. Debbie didn't have to promise him sex to make him be nice
to her. Of course she had given him a two year's supply of sex, if she
hadn't missed her guess.
She made Melvin eat lunch naked, but that was no longer the
worrisome thing it had been for the young boy. Debbie was sure he would
remember it if there was a knock or even if the phone rang, but he was
fairly relaxed in the nude now. For her own part, she found comfort in
sitting with an ice cube melting against her asshole as they ate.
"You know, I still feel funny about being here with you, you
being Brad's girl and all," Melvin said.
"It's not like he owns me," Debbie said, "And there's things
going on that you don't know about."
"You're not breaking up with him, are you?" Melvin was shocked.
"That wasn't what I meant," Debbie said. "I just meant you don't
have to worry about it. Everything is going to be fine and it will be
for the best in the end."
Melvin snickered. Debbie didn't get her own joke. She was trying
to cover too many secrets to know what she had said.
She guessed even geeks were people. The delinquents were animals,
but maybe the geeks were some form of human. Not that she was beginning
to like Melvin. She was getting used to him. He was far too different
for her to feel any kinship.
Melvin had his own theories, all wildly wrong. Of course he had
no idea Brad was even at that minute putting the blocks to Debbie's
mom. But even in the things he did know, he erred on the side of
goodness. He had no thought that Debbie hoped this would be a wedge
between he and Brad. He thought in some way his buddy had induced the
little princess to be nice to him.
And nice to him she was. Melvin still had no clue about a way to
pass the time and Debbie dragged him back into further exploration of
their sexualities. Again he assumed it was all for him, when it was
Debbie that was on the cusp of a new understanding.
It was the next logical step since her realization that sex gave
her power and great sex gave her great power. She knew she could give
in and still be in charge. That was a given with Melvin, so who better
to show her how good sex could be?
They lounged on her mother's bed to be perverse and Debbie let
Melvin explore her body with his hands.
"Every part, Melvin," she told him, "I want you to touch every
part of my body before you start picking favorites."
It was more of a rub-down than a massage, but Debbie found it
very relaxing. When she turned over for Melvin to continue on her
back side, it was all she could do to keep from drifting off into sleep.
Melvin tickled her awake as he worked down to the soles of her feet
before moving back to play with her butt some more.
"Now kiss my breasts while you feel me up," she instructed as
she rolled onto her back again.
She wanted him to warm her up slowly, but the position Melvin
took to stroke the breast not being ministered to by his mouth betrayed
his own readiness to Debbie. His hard cock pressed the outside of her
thigh and Debbie made shortcuts in her plans so she could feel it
inside her again.
"Do you know how to finger-fuck?" she asked him.
He shook his head with her nipple in his mouth and made a little
sparkle run through her breast.
"Then I'll tell you," Debbie said. "First run your finger up and
down my crack."
She guided him through gently parting the lips and finding her
clit and then easing a fingertip inside her. She wanted to forget the
lesson and have him climb on her, but she persevered to let him feel
her cunt suck at his finger as he slid it in and out of her.
"Now do the come here thing," she told him, "Wiggle your finger
inside me while you finger-fuck me."
That made it too good to endure any longer. She grabbed his wrist
and pulled him up on top of her.
"Now I'm so hot, I'd do anything," she breathed into his face.
Melvin had a silly grin on his face.
"Well, aren't you going to put it in me?" she asked.
"You said you'd do anything," Melvin said.
"What do you want?" Debbie asked.
"I want to do what we were doing before, only all the way," he
"What we were doing?" Debbie was confused.
"With my mouth on you down there and yours on mine," Melvin said.
He had turned into an asshole already. Debbie shared the blame
for letting him lay there with a hard-on long enough to think. She
grudgingly rolled over on top of Melvin and crawled around into
She probably would have gotten around to letting him cum in her
mouth at some point, anyway. It wasn't so bad to give her lower half
a rest right now. Only her reasoning didn't address her real concern.
She was vulnerable to having an orgasm on his tongue and for some
reason she feared it. She had a feeling that she would become addicted.
She was heartier than she gave herself credit for. She was close
while she was romping on Melvin's finger, but the attention of his
tongue let her start from very near scratch. That was her fault too.
It was her fault for being such a good cocksucker. Melvin was
doing more panting into her pussy than licking it. She knew she was
good at getting boys to shoot off with her mouth, but she wasn't even
giving Melvin her best effort. She was resting between a spurt of two
or three sucks and just licking his cock 'round and 'round.
She thought he would respond and start licking her when she was
licking him, but that seemed to incapacitate Melvin even more. He
groaned like she was twisting a knife in him while her tongue slid over
the flesh of his cock. Debbie figured she'd have to stop all together
to convince Melvin to put his tongue inside her.
She wasn't about to do that. She had lived most of her life
without anyone licking her down there and she wasn't about to beg for
it now. She decided to pass on that part of their fun and suck Melvin
off so they could go on to other games. Then contradictory Melvin
began to work on her pussy.
He must have had the same feeling about using his mouth as she
had. It was natural to lave affection on the nearest sex part when you
were being stimulated. As Debbie sucked, Melvin seemed frantic to
touch every part of her pussy he could reach with his tongue.
She gripped his cock around the base and tried to make him cum and his tongue plunged inside her. His tongue didn't slither. It rammed
into her as she took him deep in her mouth and sucked off. The faster
her head moved up and down on his cock, the deeper he tried to push
his tongue inside her.
She felt his nose bump her bruised anus at the same time she
felt his cock bump the back of her throat. Debbie decided it was a
pretty good way to give a guy head. A more educated mouth and skilled
tongue could have her cumming like a faucet, she realized.
Even Melvin's less experienced attempts were giving her a
welcome distraction as his cock threatened to gag her. His face
pressed to her crotch felt somehow right as she sucked hard to get
Melvin to shoot into her mouth.
His head dropped away when she felt the first hot glob spurt into
her mouth. He lay helpless as she sucked his cum out of his cock. She
could feel him twitch beneath her as spurt after spurt was sucked out of his balls. She kept up her sucking until he fell quiet.
"Golly, Debbie, I didn't know you were allowed to feel that
good," he gasped when his breathing came somewhat under control.
"Well, don't get used to it." Debbie said wryly, "It's my
experience that you only find out about stuff like that when you're
going have it taken away."
"Yeah," Melvin agreed, "Sucks, doesn't it."
It just went to prove how narrow the line was between losers like
Melvin and girls like her. He could appreciate her plight even if he
was a dork.
Right them she had her own disappointment to deal with. She had
wasted a little more of Melvin's stamina doing what he wanted and not
what she had planned. It didn't make any difference that the '69' had
revealed she was too sore to have him enter her ass again so soon.
She let him hold her as she processed all this and tried to alter
her plans to take it into account. She found out she had
underestimated how horny dorks got. Just holding her next to him had
Melvin's cock twitching after the shortest of breaks.
"Are you getting hard again already?" she asked him.
"I can't help it, you're so pretty," Melvin tried to explain.
"Save it," Debbie cut him off, "I'm glad. I wasn't planning on
sucking you off until you really needed it later. This means we can get
on with it."
"You want to do it again now?" Melvin asked in amazement.
"Don't you?" Debbie asked right back.
"Well, I'm getting a little sore down there," Melvin admitted.
"If I had a cock, I'd fuck you in the ass and you'd know what
sore feels like," Debbie told him sharply.
"Then why don't we take a break for a while?" Melvin reasoned.
"Because Christmas only comes once a year and we've got to get
everything we can into this one opportunity," Debbie said. "I want to
be sore. I'm going to take it whether I want it or not. And you're
going to give it to me."
She wasn't thinking about her ass when she started on her tirade.
She was establishing her position. Melvin was going to do what she told
him. Now she was going to have to tell him to hurt her some more.
She set her mind to that thought and came up with her opening lie
to Melvin. Cold stopped the swelling, but warm was relaxing. She
dragged him to the bathroom and turned on the hot water full force in
the tub.
"Now I don't care if you cook in there," she told Melvin, "You're
going to sit in it and fuck me in the asshole."
Melvin eased in gingerly with his teeth gritted as the water
turned his skin lobster red. Debbie had to suck on the head of his cock
to keep it up when the water closed over his genitals. Then she found
out what Melvin had been bearing when her own butt hit the water.
Actually, she had a foot in the water, but that didn't prepare
her for the heat on her rear. Fortunately the vaseline she had rubbed
on her asshole only melted a little in the water. It did distract her
from the pinch of Melvin's cock forcing her bruised sphincter open
as she let her weight down over him.
Then she slipped and screamed as Melvin's cock rushed all the way
inside her as she fell onto his rigid pole. She tried to believe that
made it easier on her, but she couldn't believe that lie. She was
trying to recover from the rude filling when Melvin happily chirped up.
"Gosh, it's so hot inside you, but this time it feels cool
compared to the water," Melvin said happily.
Cheerful was not what she wanted to hear from Melvin. Debbie was
still not sure that she wasn't mortally wounded. His cock had given her
a sick feeling in her stomach when it slammed into her guts inside her.
She was paralyzed with a fear of moving lest his cock cause her even
more pain.
"I'm so fucking pleased for you," she snapped as she held the
sides of the tub in a death grip while she slowly moved her feet to try
and find a place to brace them, "Don't you realize how much that hurt?"
"Gosh, I'm sorry," Melvin whimpered. "I thought you did that on
purpose to get it over with."
"No, I slipped," Debbie informed him sharply, "And I don't want
to do it like this any more."
She could feel him shrink a little in her ass. She could feel
everything about his cock as it crammed her bowels, including the beat
of his heart in its veins. He was trying to move under her.
"Don't move!" she snapped, "I'll take care of it. Give me a
He was sorry again and Debbie realized he thought she wanted him
to pull his cock out of her asshole. She wasn't going to let all this
commotion go for naught. It might have been really painful, but it was
history now. And the hard part was over. She might as well have him
fuck her in the ass the third time right then so she would have that no
matter how the rest of the night went.
"Now stay with me," she told him when she was set, "I don't want
you to take it out. I want you to get up with me and get on your knees
behind me with your dick right where it is now."
Melvin helped her into position when he tried to gather his legs
under himself. He had to raise up and he pushed Debbie over onto her
knees. It actually made her feel a little better. His cock had moved
around in her guts and it felt better in the new position. And she
appreciated the lift.
She was bent over with her forearms resting on the sides of the
tub with Melvin kind of squatting behind her. She was sure they looked
like frogs fucking. When Melvin began to move, the way they looked
didn't matter as much any more.
It wasn't the pain. The melted vaseline was a remarkable
facilitator and it was only as sore as rubbing a bruise as Melvin's
cock slid in and out of her ass. It was the water passing in waves
across her pussy.
She was lowered to the point her pubic fur was just dipping into
the hot water when the water was flat. When Melvin stirred the waters
with his thrusting, he stirred Debbie. The steaming hot water was like
a kiss as it slapped against her clit and washed over her labia.
Melvin's cock cyclically filled her just as the wave broke over
her pussy it all the sensations mixed up in her head. She felt his
cock reach its limit and the water splashing as parts of the same
feeling and she began to forget the pain.
It was a tingly, fairy-wing feeling that started as a fragile
fascination, but built to a level that made her start to grunt as
Melvin fucked his cock into her asshole. The circumstances may have
conspired to make a deception, but she liked the feeling.
It was such a feeling, she heard herself egg Melvin on in
amazement. It was impossible anyone could give her such pleasure with
that rude intrusion. It was certainly impossible that Melvin of all
people would be capable.
But it was her voice begging him not to stop, to fuck her faster,
to put it in her deeper. And Debbie knew that was what she wanted. It
just made no sense that it could feel that way. The plunge of his cock
was identified with the splash of the water.
That was the only explanation when Melvin did go faster and her
heart threatened to burst out of her chest.
"Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus, Melvin, oh Jesus!" was all she could get
out when he was driving into her in a commotion of wet flesh slapping
and water breaking in crests over the edge of the tub.
"Oww," Melvin complained and she felt him freeze deep inside
her as she jerked in orgasm on the impaling organ that split her.
"Please don't stop me again," he begged as his cock moved and
he resumed spanking into her bottom hard and quick.
The next time he froze, it was with a sigh of fulfillment and she
knew he was shooting out another warm pool of cum into her bowels.
"Not yet," she asked as she felt him move back.
He leaned over her to support himself with his hands on the
tub sides and she pushed back to keep him inside her. They pressed
against each other with little grinding movements for some time. As
they lingered, they exchanged pillow talk like lovers.
"That thing you did with your hole was incredible, but it hurt,"
Melvin told her. "I think you should warn people."
Debbie didn't blurt out a reply. She was just relaxed enough that
she thought before responding. How did she tell Melvin that she came
when he was fucking her in the ass? Should she tell Melvin that he
made her cum?
"I couldn't help it. It just happened," Debbie said instead.
No reason to make Melvin crazy. It was probably the water that
did it in any case. The water had seemed so hot before, but now they
were lingering in it. You could get used to anything.
They were both marked with red when they got out of the water.
Melvin wore red skin like pants and Debbie had a humorous pattern like
legwarmers and an additional circle on her butt.
The marks faded in minutes, but left a memory imprinted in both
young minds. Melvin was living in a dream at the pinnacle of sexual
excess and that image would become the defining highlight. Debbie was
making her own statement and it was a symbol of her revenge on
everybody in general. It was also the gateway to the dark secret that
Melvin, of all people, had made her cum by fucking her in the ass.
In this case it was the sixth seal that was broken and there was
quiet in the bedroom for the space of half an hour. Debbie was sure
she had dropped off to sleep somewhere in there.
It was still good training for Melvin since they lay naked
together on top of her bed as they napped. She'd get him used to being
naked and vulnerable before she let him escape her clutches.
They hesitated through dinner and then tried determinedly not to
bring up sex for another hour. Debbie wanted Melvin's lust to grow.
Melvin was sure she didn't want to do it any more.
"It's pretty strange you not wanting to touch me, you know,"
Debbie finally had to break the truce. "Are you tired of me?"
"I thought you had enough," Melvin said. "I didn't think you
wanted me to."
He infuriated Debbie with his wimpy whine and she saw a way to
make him pay for irritating her.
"Didn't think I wanted you to what?" Debbie asked.
"Touch you," Melvin said.
"Is that all you didn't think I wanted you to do?" Debbie lured.
"I didn't think you wanted to do anything," Melvin said
"Anything like what?" Debbie goaded, and then knew she had to
explain, "Say it. Say the words."
"I didn't think you want me to have sex with you again," Melvin
"Come on, say the dirty words, Melvin, say what you don't think
I want you to do," Debbie coaxed.
"I don't think you want me to fuck you," Melvin gave in.
"I don't think you can," Debbie challenged. "If you can get it
up, I'll fuck you."
"Can I touch it?" he asked.
"You can put it in my mouth if that'll help," Debbie offered.
She could see from the way his cock twitched that she had struck
a chord with that. She only had to hold it in her hand while she
kissed him to get it rising. Her slinky drop to her knees was enough
to complete the job. Since he was so excited to put it in her mouth
again, she sucked him a bit even though he didn't need it.
Then she took him to her bed. She did it literally. She was tired
of some of the places they had gotten throughout the day. This time she
wanted to lay back and have Melvin service her the way it was supposed
to be. She lay back with her head on her own pillow and let Melvin be
Mr. Bear come to life.
"I don't want it in the ass this time," she warned Melvin, "Just
fuck me like normal- and try to make it good."
"Then tell me if I'm doing something wrong," Melvin implored.
There was nothing wrong about the way Melvin mounted Debbie. It
seemed like he fit perfectly as he crawled up between her legs. His
cock slipped right into her as he got into position over her and all
he had to do was get down onto his elbows to move it all the way inside
her. To Debbie it was like he had become Mr. Bear. There was no muss,
no fuss to it, just like playing with her stuffed toy.
"Gee, Debbie, I can't believe you're letting me do this," Melvin
fawned as he lay over her.
"Shut up and fuck me, Melvin, before I change my mind," Debbie
told him. "You know why you're here. This is just because I want to get
fucked all day and all night and you were already here anyway."
She wasn't trying to make him feel bad and the censure was so
mild that Melvin hardly noticed. She was trying to keep him at arm's
length. It would be truly cruel for her to make him think she liked
From Melvin's point of view, the exact nuance of her affection
was moot. It was enough that she liked him enough to let him put his
dick in her. Some of that other romantic stuff might be nice, but none
of it was as good as letting him fuck her.
And this time fucking her was a very good thing. If he were doing
anything else, he would be straining, but fucking her the seventh time
was a great way to let the drawbacks of exertion become positives. He
wasn't going at a break-neck pace. He didn't feel he had to- or could.
There was no lack of sensitivity, only a lack of urgency as he
dipped into the still foreign confines of a girl's snatch. In any case,
if felt better than he could comprehend all at once. The nice, slow
fuck was just the thing for him to have time to let the experience
sink in.
It was an interesting concept to Debbie, who had always been
fucked rather urgently. At least it was a interesting concept for a
while. Then it got boring. After all, it was Melvin laboring over her.
She started to urge him to fuck her faster and moved her hips to give
him the idea how she wanted it.
This was without question the best day of Melvin's life. Debbie
squirmed like she wanted his cock and he responded. He was getting laid
repeatedly and it seemed like Debbie couldn't get enough of his fucking.
He didn't mind one bit not bragging about this day. It was the
kind of secret that would stand him in good stead as he had to suffer
all the indignities of not being with the in crowd. Knowing he had
fucked Princess Debbie all day would be the armor that deflected their
taunts and took the sting from their derision.
Debbie was awash with other sensations. This sex stuff had snuck
up on her again. When she pulled with her heels to push her pelvis at
Melvin, she found another fascinating fact. Moving under a man made him
press against you in interesting ways. Melvin WAS Mr. Bear when a
particular tilt of her hips made his belly brush her clit.
Putting it together with her earlier revelation that she could be
good in bed and still retain control, Debbie was finding that sex could
be quite a nice thing in all sorts of ways. Even if it wasn't Melvin,
she reasoned, she could get herself off and still be in charge.
However, in charge was slipping through her fingers as she got
lost in rubbing herself against the advancing Melvin. She wanted him to
fuck her faster. Hard was not an issue as she floundered on the bed.
She needed him to be where she could reach him as she got more excited.
She grabbed desperately for the little nerd as he lifted her to
the pinnacle. She needed more. She needed it now. She needed his cock
pressing deep in her belly as he rubbed oh so nicely on her clit.
Melvin was overwhelmed. Debbie was demanding every ounce of
effort he was able to give. She really liked being stuck with his dick.
She was squirming under him, pulling at him. Melvin was losing his
focus. It felt too good to hold back much longer.
Neither of them could tell when the other came. There was a
chorus of half-formed yelps and groans from both of them as they
thrashed together on the bed and climaxed with each other. Melvin
wasn't sophisticated enough to realize he had beaten her by a spurt. He
was busy pumping out another load into Debbie and his mind was too full
to process the massage of her spasming cunt as he plowed desperately
into her to empty his balls. Debbie was likewise overcome by the
explosion of light and sound to feel him filling her with his jizm.
Melvin collapsed and Debbie couldn't yell at him for a while. She
fought the impulse to put her arms around him. Then she gave in. There
was no other place that felt comfortable. She could see the scene in
her mind and would die if anyone else could see her holding Melvin
in her arms as he lay between her legs. They looked too much like
Finally he got his breath and rolled off her all on his own. He
flopped on his back and sighed deeply. When Debbie turned to look at
him, she saw tears running silently out of the corners of his eyes.
"Something the matter?" she asked.
Melvin dabbed self-consciously at his eyes and answered in a
quavering voice.
"I can't help it. Nobody had ever been this nice to me before,"
he warbled out.
This was all she needed. Shockingly, she was not numb to his
gratitude, but she didn't want to deal with Melvin going all sappy on
her. She ran through a bunch of options before she answered.
"You have only yourself to blame," she went with the light
approach, "If you weren't sensitive and gentle we wouldn't have thought
about you and you wouldn't be here."
"Well, it's the best thing that's ever happened in my life," he
Debbie wasn't in the mood to destroy him. She didn't know where
this soft streak came from. She took the high road.
"I'm glad you're happy doing me a favor," Debbie said simply.
Melvin hadn't brought it up in the first place. Debbie let it
rest after one salvo. She was ready to go on as if it hadn't happened.
Okay, so he thought it was special. That was good for him. She
didn't have to be sucked into it. She wasn't doing anything bad. She
didn't have to feel guilty or anything. What was she going to do? Suck
his dick? She'd already done that when he asked.
She sat up on the bed beside Melvin. She leaned forward and
hugged her knees. It was his turn to think of something.
"You thought of anything to do other than fuck?" she asked him.
"I could use a cold drink," Melvin said.
Whew! That was over. Melvin seemed totally comfortable padding
down the steps with his dick swinging after a day of being in the nude.
Debbie could be proud of giving him that.
They sat at the table to have their drinks. It had become the
center of their non-fucking world. There was no better place to plan
the rest of the night.
"So, are we going to drink up and go back and fuck some more or
do you have a different idea?" Debbie pressed him.
"Gosh, Debbie, I don't know I can do it any more," Melvin
complained, "I'm getting awful sore down there and the last time it
kinda hurt when the stuff shot out."
Seven? Eight? Debbie had lost count of the times Melvin had cum.
She didn't know boys had a limit, at least not a limit when you took
all day. She could easily identify with the sore part, however.
This time there were no distractions. It was easier to settle
in front of the television and watch without the novelty and lustful
urgings making them restive. Debbie even let Melvin put his arm around
her shoulders and eventually cuddled against him.
Except that it was Melvin, except that they were naked, except
that they had been screwing relentlessly all day; it was a normal
picture of two teenagers on the couch. Melvin even acted like a boy on
a date when Debbie deigned to rest her head on his shoulder.
Debbie knew this drill from numerous repetitions. He stroked her
upper arm for a while and then, oops, his hand just happened to brush
her tit. She let him fumble for a bit for the fun of it and then
snapped at him.
"If you want to feel me up, feel me up," Debbie said. "You've
already fucked me six ways to Sunday. What's a little feel compared
to that?"
Melvin tried to explain, but Debbie wasn't interested. No, he
hadn't done much of that. That was his fault because she had given
him free rein and he had plenty of opportunities. They hadn't kissed either
and Debbie was happy to leave it that way.
She moved her arm back to give him a free path to her chest and
Melvin quietly let his hands wander over her tits. It was a strange
feeling for Debbie. There was something clinical about his explorations
but at the same time the gentle touch was stimulating. On top of it
they were watching music videos that added a contrary visual image to
the hands giving her the sexy exam.
Melvin shifted a little and Debbie felt his hand slide down to
her crotch. The little fuck wanted to practice the finger-fucking she
taught him. She opened her legs wide. She had encouraged him. She
couldn't back off now. She just hadn't thought he could be so bold.
He did a half-assed job of remembering what she had taught him,
but his own technique had a certain charm. It was more like mapping
the territory between her legs with his fingers. He seemed fascinated
with the way her inner lips peeked out between the outer. The tickling
touch of his fingers made her blossom open and then Melvin had more
of the sensitive flesh to toy with.
Debbie squirmed a little as Melvin's finger kept finding the
hood at the top of her crack and sticking there. It wasn't the impassioned
attack she taught him, but the teasing tickle was heating
her up all the same. Indeed, the slow simmer seemed to be cooking her
unaware like a frog. Her passion snuck up on her in tiny increments
like the tapping of Melvin's finger on her clit.
The next thing she knew, Debbie was gasping on Melvin's finger
and he hadn't pushed it inside her yet. She reacted to the flood of
passion instinctively.
"New game," she gasped out, "I know you want to see it up close."
She pulled away from the hand that still held her tit and laid
back on the couch with her legs thrown open wide. She reached between
her thighs with both hands and pulled to open her cunt wider for him.
"Now I want you to lick it," she told Melvin.
Debbie only peripherally realized she was asking for something
she had an aversion to. If she had considered it, she might have
realized that her aversion was rooted in her old attitude toward sex.
As she lay on her back on the couch, she was only eager for Melvin's
tongue to wetly finish the job his fingers had started.
"No time to explore," Debbie was short as Melvin's tongue
meandered over her needy cunt, "My clit. Lick my clitty."
Debbie handled her own tits, figuratively and literally, as
Melvin ate her out. In the blush of lust it was perfectly ordinary to
have a tongue probing her secret recesses while she played with her
nipples. Debbie had identified Melvin with Mr. Bear before and that
made it right enough to let him give her this pleasure.
She came with several jerks of her hips and Melvin did well to
keep his nose out of the way. He licked her slower when she slumped
limp into the couch and she found that comforting in a way. Melvin
was her ever-obedient servant. It was a nice feeling to be served.
"Thank you, Melvin, that was good," she said more to stop him
than to compliment him.
He looked up beaming from between her legs. He was certainly
proud of himself for being a cunt licker.
After Melvin- talking to his mother while in the nude- made
arrangements to stay overnight with a friend, they finally went to
bed to sleep. At first Debbie wanted Melvin on his side of the bed, but
she found it almost impossible not to seek out the other warm body to
press against.
Of all these meetings, the most successful was when the nestled
together like spoons. She let Melvin put his arm under her head and
pulled the other over her hip like a cover. She could consider those
hands and the body behind her to be anyone's in the land half between
waking and sleeping.
And in due course they became very stimulating hands and a body
behind her in her half-dream. She moved her ass against Melvin's groin
in a most suggestive way.
"I don't think I can," Melvin whined as her intention brought him
away with a start. "It feel good though."
"Come on, Melvin," she said as she scooted her rear back against
Melvin's belly a little harder, "We both know we shouldn't, but I bet
you want to just like I do."
His cock stirring between her cheeks answered that question for
her. Melvin was left only a vain protest.
"I want to, but I'm afraid I'll hurt something," Melvin whined.
"Let's do it this way then," Debbie reasoned. "Your dick is sore
and my ass is just torn to shit. Fuck me in the ass one more time and
we'll suffer together. Maybe it'll teach us lesson about being horny
all the time."
Debbie didn't think her argument convinced Melvin. He was just
easy to order around.
His cock didn't immediately warm to the task, either. He achieved
a kind of semi-stiffness nestled between her butt cheeks, but it was
hardly the kind of erection they needed for him to fuck her ass again.
The last time a frightened boy could only get it up that far,
Debbie drove him to tears with her sharp tongue. She had heard you
could finagle a 'halfie' inside yourself and that it would get hard
in there, but she doubted that applied to anal sex.
She wanted this. It was one little romantic notion in a day of
hard-nosed realism and she wanted it. She went on, hoping he would get
hard enough to fuck her when it was time.
"Let's grease each other up," she suggested as she rolled to
face Melvin.
Somewhere in trying to rub the jelly into his prick, Melvin
responded. She didn't know if it was the slick feel of her hands on
his cock or the careful way she was paying attention to it or even if
playing with her asshole turned Melvin on and she didn't care. His cock
was getting hard- really hard and she would have her good-night fuck.
"Now I don't have to tell you take it easy," Debbie joked as she
turned her ass for his attack.
It really didn't make any difference. Just having his cock
push her ass open bothered the bruising and the pain was like that of
an overused muscle. He could ram it in and it wouldn't hurt any more
than it did. Debbie found a perverse pleasure in that.
First off, it wasn't THAT bad, and secondly the sense of being a
girl that couldn't get enough dick in her ass gave her a dirty thrill
that more than made up for it. Even the rhythmic pinch of the pain he
gave her seemed like a close relative to sexual pleasure.
Debbie's hand strayed to her crotch and met Melvin's on the way.
Instead of fingering herself, she pushed his hand down and placed it
on herself for him to do the honors. She moved her other elbow above
his arm and let him grip her to himself as he thrust in and out of
her rectum.
Melvin also warmed to the task. Sliding his finger up and down
Debbie's slit as he fucked her ass was an additional thrill and holding
her tight as he butt-fucked her aroused the animal in Melvin. She was
his and he was playing with her the way he liked.
Animal Melvin wasn't exactly what Debbie wanted, but she
concentrated on the finger stimulating her and let the feeling of
claustrophobia pass. They were getting into something pretty intense.
Debbie could tell she was going to climax again with Melvin's cock deep
in her ass.
She remembered his plea and this time warned him as the invading
cock made her reach the crest.
"Just push it in and hold it," she gasped urgently as she held
of her orgasm.
When Melvin obliged, her climax broke on her in a fit of trembling
and she could feel her anus try and rip Melvin's cock off at
the root. This time he responded favorably to the grip of her sphincter. He
jerked back and forth in the grip of her asshole and let it suck at his cock
while it was thrust deep in her ass.
"God yes, that's good!" Melvin announced, "It's great when you're
ready for it! Thank you!"
The motion of his finger became a grip in her pubis, bur Debbie
was over the crest and didn't care. The jabbing of his cock in her
guts was enough to keep the shimmering waves bouncing through her body.
Then Melvin pushed hard against her ass and let loose his load inside
"Let's stay like this," Debbie asked when the fury had subsided.
She really didn't know how vigilant Melvin was about that. His
cock was still in her ass when she went to sleep, but that didn't cover
much time. She was exhausted too from her day of being fucked.
She awoke with a start once during the night at touching the
foreign body in her bed, but when morning came any plan she had for
mischief with Melvin was lost. He awoke in confusion much earlier than
she, who was in her familiar bed.
He was up by the time Debbie woke. He was up and gone. She
stumbled downstairs to find him in the kitchen at the table.
"Seems like the most familiar place," Melvin said with a weak
"I wanted to wake up with someone beside me," Debbie complained.
"I was afraid to wake you and I was up a long time ago," Melvin
"Then we'll go pretend," Debbie said as she took him by the hand
and pulled him to the stairs.
She could only trace her sudden imperative to the way Melvin
answered her. She had wanted to wake up and fuck first thing in the
morning, but it wasn't as important as it had just become. There was
something too assertive in Melvin thinking. She wasn't going to let him
mock her, in case he was.
She made him lie in bed as if he was sleeping, waiting with his
eyes closed until she decided that they had waited long enough. Long
enough was when Melvin finally relaxed his tense wait.
Debbie knew how this should go. She often woke up in the middle
of a dream about it. They would sleepwalk into each other's arms and
magically melt into a union that would go on and on as she had one
continuous orgasm the whole time they fucked.
Reality was a little cruder than that. Melvin had long before
lost his morning erection and he was not the type to melt magically
into anything. Debbie had to add some manual stimulation, albeit brief,
to make Melvin's cock workable and then they had less than a smooth
time rolling his rotund form on top of her.
Even the sheets became logistics problems as they had to fight to
clear them so Melvin could maneuver into position. That being said, it
was still the earliest Debbie had ever had a cock inside her in the
All the cobwebs of dreams had been swept away by her trip to the
kitchen, but she still had a blank slate for the day. The first thing
of any import that happened today was opening her legs for a cock to go
inside her. It wasn't as dreamy as she had planned, but it did still
have a little charm.
Melvin had got the hang of fucking pretty quick. He was already
less hungry than Brad or even Chuck. He seemed to enjoy the in-out as
much as shooting off inside her.
Debbie found some interest in that, but she missed the big bang
that she had been getting from Chuck and most of the time from Melvin.
He labored over her for some time, giving her this mild substitute for
pleasure and then pounded too quickly for him to catch up and shot his
load inside her. It was a good way for her to get over their day of
excessive sex.
"Where's Brad?" Tami asked. "He hasn't been in his classes all
What was she supposed to say? He's still fucking my mom? She knew
why it was her turn to watch him, but she wasn't looking forward to
explaining to everyone where he was. At least she had ended her day of
excesses early enough to get to school.
Chuck was better about caring where Brad was and worse about
wanting to make the best of it.
"So, if you miss having someone to blow, I'm willing to fill in,"
Chuck offered.
On the face of it, it was typical Chuck. You blow Brad every day.
Brad's not here. You can blow me. It must be easier having a one-track
mind, Debbie thought. Yet there was something about the idea that
wasn't repulsive to her.
She was glad she had been non-committal as she turned the idea
over in her head during the day. Chuck was due and she wasn't about to
have him fuck her after her sexual Sunday. She didn't exactly owe him
sex, but it was a good idea to keep him hanging on.
Then there was the Brad factor. The after-school tryst was like
their song. Letting Chuck fill in had a nice symbolic rejection of
Brad at its center. It was like cheating on your husband in his own
bed. Debbie was leaning toward accepting Chuck's joking offer when she
saw Brad after lunch.
"Hell of a way to celebrate not being grounded," she told him.
"Yeah," Brad smiled, thinking of the nearly two days he had spent
debauching himself with her mother, "It was quite a celebration."
"I meant not showing up to school on time," Debbie scolded.
"Check-out time was noon and we didn't want to waste it," Brad
slapped her with the explanation, "Your mom faked a note saying I was
having a physical exam."
Debbie had been wrong. Knowing she had been fucked all day wasn't
helping her deal with this. There was no way the image of Melvin
laboring over her could override her thoughts of Brad and her mother fucking like rabbits all over a motel room.
The only use it had was in deflecting Tami's tale of her night
with Greg. It was easier listening to her stroke by stroke description
now that anal sex was no longer an atrocity in her mind. Indeed, she
felt comfortingly superior as Tami told of the blind leading the blind
into her first assfuck.
"It was like the devil was making him deaf," Tami said. "I was
yelling for him to go slow and he wouldn't stop pushing his thing up
there. I can't tell you how trapped I felt."
(You don't have to), Debbie thought.
"It's like he's gone somewhere right inside you, not in the place
where he's supposed to be," Tami said.
(As if I didn't know), Debbie thought.
"I can't describe how it feels to have the stuff shooting into
you back there," Tami described.
(Takes your mind off sex, doesn't it), Debbie thought.
Tami had beaten her to losing her anal virginity by a few hours,
but Debbie felt superior in her more extensive exploration of the
feeling. Tami didn't even hurt any more and Debbie had the constant
reminder of her day of activity each time she sat in class.
Melvin, at least, was no bother. No flowers on her locker, no
longing stares, no attempts to meet her, he was playing normal very
well. The little geek was coming out pretty well compared to her
It was a busy day. She wanted to avoid Linette, but she was
trapped in the middle of the hall. What bright message did she have?
"I guess our swap window has closed," she joked, "I saw Brad and
he looks as horny as a horny toad."
"Hey, that's an idea," Debbie gave it back to her, "You could
come and help me. If he's that horny, we could trade off blowing him."
"How did you get so kinky all of a sudden?" Linette asked, "I
don't know what to think about you any more."
Linette thought it was joke, but it was an image that amused
Debbie. If she was going to watch Brad with someone, Linette would be
the perfect choice. She'd appease her secret animosity toward Linette.
She would be warmed by the secret swapping that was going on with
Chuck and she'd be getting back at her mother all at the same time.
The best part of the day came when Brad didn't want a blow job.
His dick was too sore, he said. He tried to finger her, but Debbie
said she'd get over not blowing him without his help.
Chuck was in her backyard minutes after Brad dropped her off. He
had a concerned look on his face.
"Linette asked me if I wanted to fuck you," he said. "Do you
think she suspects something?"
It was nice to be Princess. Debbie knew just what to say and
exactly what was going on.
"I suspect she wants to fuck Brad. I made a joke about it when
Brad was grounded for the week," Debbie told him. "I think she's just
having a fantasy about swapping."
The look on Chuck's face was not the greedy grin she expected.
He looked more like he was sitting on a secret.
"She had some specifics in mind," Chuck admitted.
"Like she would help you fuck me in the ass?" Debbie surprised
him with her boldness, "That was the joke. So far I'm the only one not
falling for this butt-fucking craze. If I was going to let her fuck
Brad, she was going to have to let me fuck you. If I was going to fuck
you, she wanted you to fuck me in the ass. Now you know the whole
"So, are you going to do it?" Chuck asked.
"Are you nuts?" Debbie replied. "It wouldn't be any fun to have
Linette watch. That would ruin everything. I like sneaking around too
She was giving Chuck too much to think about. The idea of Linette
fucking Brad was just beginning to seep into his awareness past his
lust to fuck Debbie in the ass. Watching Brad have her was a confusing
thought, not as attractive as having Linette and Debbie both naked and
waiting for him to fuck one or both of them.
He had things to do. He had rushed right over. He would call her
later when the coast was clear.
Debbie walked back into the house dressed for battle. Her little
talk with Chuck had brought her to a decision. She had a few
interesting things in mind to run by her mother.
"You want Brad grounded again?" she asked, "I would think you of
all people would want him to get to school on time."
"It's hard to say goodbye when you've got a stud-muffin like
Brad, but you wouldn't know about good sex, would you," her mother replied.
"I don't know about cradle-robbing slut sex if that's what you
mean," Debbie snapped.
She was going to war. She wanted her mother a screaming harpy for
this exchange. She swung at the tenderest spots on her mother.
"Brad likes me better. He's told me so I don't know how many
times," her mother sniffed. "Like it or not, that is the fact. I like
having sex and you're stiff and unresponsive."
"And you like to fuck children," Debbie accused.
"Brad is not a child. He's old enough to know what he's doing,"
she huffed back at Debbie.
She was almost there. Debbie only needed a little more needling
to make her mother start raving. Then she would be able to counter-
"He's young enough for you to lead, you mean," Debbie said.
"He only needed the opportunity. He was stuck with an
unsatisfactory relationship with my daughter," she sniped, "All I had
to do was be willing. He was hungry for some real sex."
"Then you feed him, slut mom. I don't want to have any more to do
with that stuff. You tell Brad that and see what happens," Debbie fired
her first shot.
Her mother laughed at her.
"You're the only one that will get hurt by that, little girl,"
she smirked. "How will your little friends take the news Brad prefers
me to you?"
"They'll think he's a cheesehead," Debbie said. "I didn't pick
him because he was the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree."
Disinterest in the repercussions was Debbie's first volley. She
would have a land mine or two to set off when her mother began her
"Keep up the brave front," her mother goaded her, "I know you
love to be the target of gossip."
Now it was time to turn her into the waiting traps.
"You see, that's the problem with living vicariously through your
children's boyfriends," Debbie told her, "You start to confuse them with
yourself. It's you that has the most to fear from wagging tongues."
"You think that having a teen-age lover- a legal age teen-age
lover I might add- is going to inspire anything but envy?" her mother snorted.
"Whoop-de-fucking-doo!" Debbie said with an accompanying circling
of her finger in the air, "And what is the prime motivator of gossip?"
They were toe to toe on this one. Debbie had chosen her ground
carefully so her mother wouldn't feel she could play grown-up with her.
Debbie wanted the appearance of a fair fight even though it was really
an ambush.
Too late, her mother sensed the trap. She knew Debbie seldom
attacked directly without having overwhelming forces at her command.
"All right. What do you think you're going to do about it," she
"I think I'll fight fire with fire," Debbie said calmly, "Like
any woman would when faced with an interloper. I'll give Brad what he
wants and then see if he still wants you."
Her mother's reply was a laugh.
"Oh I know, what chance does an almost 18-year-old have keeping
the attention of a boy when he could have an old, wrinkled almost 40-year-old,"
Debbie teased. "But I'm ready to do whatever it takes to overcome my failings."
"I thought you wanted me to have him." she pounced on the
inconsistency in Debbie's rant.
Debbie had her where she wanted her.
"Oh, I'm sure he'll come crawling back to you like a wounded dog when I cut him loose," Debbie said. "Better some easy tail than having
to go out hunting after the way I'll cripple him socially."
"Well, honey," her mother said, feeling superior, "I never minded
sharing him. That was your hang-up."
"I still see that as your perversion," Debbie countered, "You'll
find out a lot of people think the same way when this all comes out."
It was a great fight. She had taken her mother once around the
barn and left her there. She was sure her mother had the impression
that Debbie had spilled her guts, but she had not actually revealed
much at all. She certainly hadn't given the least hint about the plans
brewing in her brain.
"Chuck said you liked my plan," she ambushed Linette the next
"What did he tell you?" Linette was shocked.
"He said he's supposed to fuck me and you said it's okay," Debbie
told her.
"I was just playing around. I was just playing pretend with him,"
Linette squirmed.
"So you don't want to suck Brad's dick?" Debbie asked.
The reverses were coming quick and Linette was reeling with
Debbie's confusing attack. She had an idea what Debbie was talking
about, but she had to be cautious in case it was a trap.
"I already said I wanted to suck Brad's dick," Linette said, "and
fuck him too. Are you suggesting that we really do it? Swap I mean."
"Better," Debbie's eyes got bright. "I want us to have an orgy. I
want you to help Chuck fuck my ass and I want to watch you suck Brad's
dick and fuck him. I want us to do it all together."
"You're joking!" was Linette's response.
"Well, if you're not up to it, we don't have to, but I thought it
would be really fun," Debbie said easily.
The easy surrender threw Linette. She felt Debbie was testing her
and she had just failed the test. She did want to be cool and she did
think Brad was dreamy. It felt dangerous because she didn't trust
Debbie to not trick her. At the same time it was the kind of thing that
became a legend and Linette liked the idea of being part of a legend.
"You really have thought about it?" Linette opened the lines
"I really have it pretty much planned out," Debbie admitted.
"Then tell me about it. Does Chuck know? Does Brad?" Linette was
a ball of questions.
"I told Chuck no way, but at least he has a clue about the plan,"
Debbie told her. "I don't plan on telling Brad at all. We'll surprise
"What if he freaks out?" Linette asked, "Aren't you afraid he'll
get pissed off?"
"Number one, if he's pissed off because he gets to fuck you, I
don't give a shit what he thinks," Debbie was greasing Linette even as
she laid out her evil plan. "Number two, he can't say anything in front
of Chuck because of that macho guy stuff. He doesn't want to look like
a pussy."
"But how can we do it? Where are we going to be able to all get
together and do all this stuff?" Linette had gone from if to when.
"That's the part I don't have nailed down," Debbie admitted, "I
guess we have to go to one of our houses whenever we can get the folks
out long enough."
"We better be real sure," Linette said. "I don't want to get
caught doing this."
"Anyway, I know what you're supposed to tell Chuck," Debbie
interrupted. "I figured that part out."
"Don't I just tell him that he can fuck you in the ass?" Linette
asked, "I don't think convincing Chuck will be a problem."
"No, you've got to be more mysterious than that," Debbie told her
and proceeded to set Chuck up. "He'll get the idea quick enough when
we spring it on him, but I think you should say you've got something
serious to talk about. Be real somber and all. Make him nervous. He'll
be so happy that it's a good thing that he'll be extra anxious to do
"You don't want him crazy now," Linette warned, "Chuck can get
rough when he's excited."
"I'm just thinking about how he reacts when you start sucking
Brad's dick in front of him," Debbie said. "He's got to be in the mood
to think clear enough to see the good side of that is he gets to do
"Well, we still have to find a place to do it," Linette deferred.
"We can worry about people's moods when we know where we're going."
Brad was as much fun as he'd been since he began fucking her mom-
none at all. He had decided that things change in life and they should
alter their daily routine. There was really no reason to hold that spot
across the football field as sacred.
Their new destination after school would be Debbie's house. If
they had to explain, they would say her mother was used to them by
now and they could do what they wanted right under her nose.
Debbie knew Brad just wanted to substitute her mother for her.
Debbie suspected, correctly, that this was her mother's opening salvo in
the Brad wars. It was a welcome attempt.
The only negative was it derailed her plan to hide Linette in the
back seat of the car and have her pop up to take over the cocksucking
duties for Debbie.
"You sure you and Linette haven't been in on this experimenting
thing all along?" Chuck was next to corner her.
"It's diversifying and Linette can obsess on me without any of my
input," she said, anticipating the real root of his concern.
"It's just hard to listen to her spin these tales and keep a straight face,"
Chuck complained.
"Isn't being hard a good thing?" Debbie snickered. "Just don't
laugh until she goes away. That should be fun, knowing you know and she
has no clue."
Linette obviously blabbed everything they had said like a little
parrot. Debbie herself had no problem keeping a straight face as she
waited to see how it played out.
"I'd feel it more if I had really fucked you in the ass..." Chuck
The ride home was tense. Most of that came from Brad. He was
finally seeing himself as the ping-pong ball in this struggle between
mother and daughter. His glee at taking revenge on Debbie was waning and
he was starting to see his situation more clearly.
Sure, he was getting hot sex from Mrs. Sherwood, which was like a
fantasy come true, but she was an old woman and she was just using him
to get at Debbie. His own revenge on Debbie for being in charge of their
sex felt great at first, but it was beginning to occur to him that
fucking her mother hadn't made his hold on Debbie any stronger.
He wasn't about to turn away from easy sex, but he was developing
a clearer view of what he had gotten himself into.
Debbie left the two to their perverted pursuits. She had to work
out a way to get the four of them alone long enough for her plan to play
itself out. She toyed with the idea of renting the same room her mother had, but that was a bad alternative. The best thing would be to have
everyone at her house.
That would set the right tone for Chuck as he was dragged there for
'a talk' and it wouldn't arouse Brad's suspicions at all. Getting mommy to leave long enough was the hurdle there. It was a dim possibility.
Mr. Bear mocked her from the corner of the bed with his recently
altered nose. He looked more smug since she had given him the nose job
with her wet cunt. His quirky grin made her suddenly think of her father.
Perhaps it worked its way to the surface as her subconscious sought
a solution. It was a great idea. Her mother would meet him, if only to yell at
him some more for leaving. The only problem was that it probably
wouldn't work.
Mommy didn't like daddy any more. And daddy wasn't likely to
stick his head into the middle of her rage. It would give them plenty of time.
Her mother would have enough to say to fill two days. Her challenge was
to find some reason that would make her father want to listen.
It had been two days since she had been laid. The old Debbie would
have considered that vacation, but this Debbie was getting jumpy. On top
of it, Brad's new idea of going home with her was putting a crimp in her
meetings with Chuck for their illicit couplings.
At least that had a simpler solution than the other problems she
was wrestling with. She only had to decide what was an acceptable risk.
"Brad's following me home from school now," she explained to Chuck.
"Does he suspect us?" asked the increasingly jumpy Chuck.
"Of course not," she pooh-poohed, "You know how perceptive he is-
about the same as a rock. But even he might catch on if I take off for an
hour to get fucked."
"So you're saying we have to cool it for a while?" he asked.
Debbie couldn't read his expression. He might be relieved, being as
nervous as he was. Still, she thought she could tempt him.
"We have to find a new way," Debbie said. "You like adventure,
don't you?"
She was winging it now. She grabbed Chuck's hand and dragged him\
towards a half-formed idea. The auditorium was dark. Even if someone
walked in, Debbie reasoned they would be safe in the corner of the stage.
There was a control room for the stage lights there. Debbie had been in
a play once. She had heard stories about how private the room was.
"Here?" Chuck asked.
"Here." Debbie told him. "It's my version of the tool room."
The familiar reference seemed to soothe him a little. Putting her
hand to his crotch finished the job. She even gave him his own job to
do to keep his interest.
"You might as well help." she said as she lifted his hand to her
There wasn't enough blood in his brain for him to protest. She
had pulled it all to the thickening bulge in his pants. He wouldn't be
capable of worrying until he had fucked her.
"That would be better for both of us if you got them out," she
said as he groped her chest.
She gave him a three button head start and then opened his pants.
As they stroked the other's naked skin it was already more foreplay than
they had found time for before. Debbie had meant to distract him with
her tits, but she was finding that Chuck was surprisingly well-mannered
as he touched them.
It made her want to get her pants off and climb on the stiff hunk
of meat she held in her hand. She couldn't believe those feelings in
herself. So much had changed since she had been immersed in this horrid
She dismissed her reservations. It felt good. She was a peace with
her new sexuality. She wanted Chuck's cock and there was nothing wrong
with that. She dropped his cock to tug down her pants.
"Get on top this time," Debbie told him, "And fuck me real good.
I'm real horny."
Chuck no longer had any hesitation. Her open legs and dripping
slit had him fixed on the target. He guided his cock into her and fell
forward onto his hands over her.
Her heels went inside his thighs almost automatically and she
pulled him to her. His cock was just the thing to scratch her itch. It
felt so right sliding inside her.
"Don't mess around," she gasped, "Give it to me good."
Chuck didn't have to be told twice. Debbie had as much as attacked
him and now she was urging him on. He wanted her as much as he had ever
wanted a girl. Her cunt was hot and so was he. He did his best to drill
her out wider and deeper than she had ever been fucked before.
Debbie threw it up to him. It made his cock find all the areas
inside her and salved her need for cock, cock and more cock. They
struggled together to make his cock pound harder and faster into her.
This time it felt good somewhere up deep in Debbie's chest. The
friction down below was giving her a warm and fuzzy feeling different
than the spiky charge of climax. It felt real good all through her
insides to have this hard pole rummaging in her twat. Debbie could get
used to this happy, comfortable feeling.
Chuck dropped down to his elbows over her and slid his hands under
her to grip her shoulders. He held them to help himself push harder into
Debbie. She liked that part too. Chuck was taking over and working very
hard to make it nice for her.
"You never fucked like this, God! You never fucked like this,"
Chuck grunted as he heaved to try and to push his whole body into her.
Debbie's nails sank into his back as she held him and his butt
went frantic fucking her. There was the bright light. Chuck was
abusing her cunt with his power, but Debbie only felt rumblings like
a volcano about to erupt.
"God Debbie, I love you!" Chuck mewled as he drove deep inside her
and let the active motion of her hips toss him there.
Debbie was distracted by the pink fuzzy- this time seeming to
burst from the inside out. She didn't know or care that Chuck was
squirting her full of a bumper load of jizm as they squirmed on the
floor with their bodies grinding together.
She didn't know or care about much of anything in the long moments
it took to recover from her orgasm. Then she saw Chuck's adoring face
still inches from hers and remembered his last sputtered avowal.
She looked closely. Naw. He hadn't gone batty. He had just
stuttered out the thing he usually said to girls when he was fucking
them. That made it quite all right to use it against him.
"So, if you love me, you won't mind Linette fucking Brad so you
can fuck me in the ass in front of them," Debbie said.
"I don't know what happened, but that was totally great," Chuck
said instead. "I guess it would be worth anything to fuck your ass."
"Remember you said that when Linette tells you what she wants,"
Debbie prompted. "It's beginning to look like she's going to make it
It was enough she had warned him. Now everyone except Brad knew
the plan. She had to figure a way to make it happen now.
Before it had been her secret shame. Now she was going to make it
work for her. No one else's parents had regular times when they went
into the bedroom and locked the door. When she had been old enough to
realize, in horror, what they were doing in there, she was shocked and
ashamed. Now it might be useful.
She was using her best little girl voice and she had the hints
carefully salted in the notes she was using while she talked on the
"If you'd just say something to her, it's all I can think of,"
she was telling her father, "She's so restless, I don't know what she
might do."
She could hear the wheels turning as she told this false tale
of her mother's frustration. He knew she was describing sexual
frustration. She could hear him thinking about having his ex-wife one
more time.
"But I don't know if I'm the right person to talk to her," he
said, "Your mother doesn't like me very much right now."
"This is more important than that," Debbie tried to sound
desperate, "You can think of something, can't you?"
"I don't know, sweetie, but I promise I'll try," he said.
That was the same old story. I promise, sweetie, meant he forgot
in the next second. But this time Debbie knew she had planted the seeds.
She had heard his breathing get heavier as Debbie described her mother pining with lust. He would find a way on his own to take advantage of
his ex-wife's needs.
Now she had to complete the circle, so to speak. She knew her
mother would respond best to her father having learned his lesson.
"He didn't sound like he had the perfect life," she told her
mother after casually dropping the fact that she had talked to him.
"He still thinks of you as a little girl, honey, he's not going
to talk about those things with you," she answered.
"I just said he didn't sound so bouncy and good-natured," Debbie
corrected, "You're making the connection between that and his little
girl. Of course, I think you're right."
She just wanted her mother to gloat. Her mood would be pivotal
when daddy tried to seduce her again. Now Debbie had to put everybody on
notice that their scene might be happening any time now.
She went downstairs. She remembered catching Brad and her mother as she looked in the rumpus room. It was certainly laid out for their
purposes. The sofa was big enough for four and the comfy chair would
be just as good of a site for youthful hijinks.
She imposed Linette over the memory she had of her mother kneeling
and taking Brad's cock deep into her throat. She tried to imagine the
look on Brad's face as he saw Chuck push his cock into what they all
believed was her virgin asshole.
Her ruminations had an unexpected side effect. Like the last time
she had this series of thoughts, Melvin came into her mind. She again
had the vision of his soft, naked body looming over her. Only this time
it wasn't the horror it was the first time she had the thought. She
felt something- something tender?- about the image.
She was not as soft on the idea in the morning. That image had
carried over into her dreams. She had been sucking Melvin's cock in her
dreams when he wasn't laying on top of her crushing her as they fucked.
The dream was unfair to both of them, but Debbie was only
concerned about herself. Melvin would have probably liked the dream. She
didn't understand how this could be happening to her.
"I'm supposed to tell Chuck I've got something important to talk
to him about at your house?" Linette was confused.
"Yeah, act like he's in trouble and he won't know what's going
on," Debbie encouraged her.
"What could I want to tell him at your house?" Linette asked.
Debbie hadn't thought about Linette's curiosity. She certainly
wasn't going to satisfy it with the truth.
"It could be something about the football team- I don't know,"
Debbie grasped at the nearest lie. "I just thought it would be cute to
surprise him. Have him go from all worried to- wow!"
"And you think it's a wow to fuck you in the ass rather than me?"
Linette was threatening to get huffy.
"Do you think it's a wow to suck Brad's dick rather than Chuck's?"
Debbie turned it back on her, thinking, don't mess with your betters
little girl.
Linette wanted to continue, but she was afraid to say what she
was thinking out loud. If she said Brad was better than Chuck, she would
be leaving herself open for comparing herself to Debbie. She didn't
want to go there. She was just beginning to be accepted in the clique.
Debbie found her feet taking her to the east wing before sixth
period. She used to come this way every day until Melvin started all
this mess. She had stopped because she couldn't stand to see Brad with
a loser.
"What are you doing here?" Brad asked in a low voice as she
intercepted him on the way to chemistry.
"We've got to act normal, don't we? Or do you want to drop that
pretense as well?" Debbie said back in the same tone.
"I thought you were going to dump me anyway," Brad said.
"Certainly not in front of the campfire at the gathering of the
Clans," Debbie huffed, "I think that should be a private conversation
and I haven't decided yet, anyway."
They were interrupted by good old Melvin shuffling up. Debbie
felt an amazing neutrality at the sight. Where she used to be enraged
by his mere presence, the intimacy they had shared, physical and
otherwise, left her solidly undecided as to her feelings about Melvin.
"Hi Brad, Debbie, it's been a long time," Melvin said.
That was so incisive. The way he said it made Debbie think how she
had the very thought moments before. It brought the old world, now
almost a month away, back and set it in contrast to all the things she
had become in that time. It reminded her of the changes in her life.
More intriguing, it was just the kind of line she would imagine
the smooth hero to use in the same situation. It's been a long time.
That was just the kind of thing he would normally say. He was so
cool as he delivered the lie anyone would have believed him. It was
only their secret knowledge that made the lie like a password between
She must have been delving too deeply into the corridors of this
conundrum, because she was shocked to see Mr. Compton standing over
her trying to get her attention.
"A daydream about Chemistry at least, I hope," he was saying
rather loudly as her attention snapped back to the classroom.
"Yes..., I'm sorry..., I'm sure," Debbie stuttered out.
"Don't be sorry, you'll just make up the time you spent dreaming
in detention," Mr. Compton said.
That was a nice mess she'd gotten herself into. Mr. Compton was
a doubler and she knew better than to argue and turn it into two day's
detention. At least it left Brad in a quandary. He'd have to think hard
to find some excuse to visit her mother after school today.
Debbie knew something about Mr. Compton. The tall, gawky man with
the large head and skinny body was a pervert. Deep in his bald head,
under the comb-over of hair, raged a demon of sensual lust. Behind the
thick dark-rimmed glasses his eyes saw luscious fruit in the bodies of
his students.
And he had a secret joy that made him most irrational. He would
risk his job and his reputation for a taste of this forbidden fruit.
"Mr. Compton, I really don't want to spend a whole long time
in detention," Debbie pouted when she arrived for her punishment. "Isn't
there some other way I can satisfy my obligation?"
"Just sit down, Debbie, you know why you are here," Mr. Compton
said sternly and returned to papers on his desk.
She didn't obey. She crossed the room to stand by his desk and
gave him a bigger hint.
"Oh please, Mr. Compton, can't you punish me some other way that's
quicker?" Debbie whined.
"In the good old days maybe, but I'm not allowed to paddle
students anymore," he said with what he thought was a disconcerting smile.
To Debbie his grin looked like the village idiot's, but she hadn't
missed what he had said. He was having a little interlude himself,
fantasizing about paddling students. She had him turned the right
direction to make him receptive to her next pitch.
"Then don't use a paddle, use your hand," Debbie suggested, "I'd
rather take it that way than sit around here for a long time. You could
do that, couldn't you?"
"No, you get detention," he said, but his tone was playful.
He just needed a demonstration. She reached down and lifted his
hand. She patted herself on the rear with it a couple of times.
"Please? A good old fashioned spanking and I won't tell you to
stop or not hit so hard. Just spank me and get it over with," she said,
adding to her case by sliding his unresisting hand up her skirt until
his hand rested on the smooth cotton of her panties.
"You've put my hand on your underwear," Mr. Compton observed.
"You can spank me on the bare if you want," Debbie said quickly,
"You make up the rules. I just want to do it now."
The sweat beaded on his bald head as he looked carefully at her.
His lip trembled as he hoarsely ran through his dream as instructions.
"You will lay down on my lap and I will spank you bare bottom,
but not here," he said, standing and pulling her to the storage room as
he explained her punishment. "I will give you one for each minute, which
is twenty-five, and you will count them out. If you don't I will start
over until you count twenty-five."
Even Debbie felt safer in the storage closet. She wanted this to
be common knowledge as much as Mr. Compton. Even Tami didn't know.
Debbie had learned of his foible from a girl two years out of school
and would never admit doing something like this with squirrelly Mr.
He helped her over his legs as he sat on a lab stool. He peeled
back her skirt and carefully pulled her panties down to just below her
buttocks. Debbie could imagine how that framed the tight curves of her
upraised ass.
"One!" she screeched out when the first smack fell.
Mr. Compton was into it from spank two. He ran faster through
the ten's, eleven's, twelve's and the stinging in her rear was beginning to
get sore. But in an odd way it was exciting in a thrill-ride sort of
way and that made it not the most horrible thing to endure.
Nearing twenty, Debbie's groping hand found the stiffness in Mr.
Compton's crotch. She gripped it and the blows fell thick and fast on
her tender cheeks. It wasn't so much a plan as pulling the emergency
cord when Debbie lost track and made her plea.
"Twenty-uh? I don't know. Just spank me how much you think I
need!" she invited her teacher.
When Mr. Compton fell to that with gusto, Debbie found the rapid
flailing of his hand made the thrill go up much more than the pain.
Still, she sought asylum from both.
"I know I said I wouldn't say stop, but I know something else that
we could do," Debbie gasped.
Mr. Compton smacked her poor rear a few more times and then
stopped with his hand on her overheated butt.
"What do you want to do now?" he asked.
"I want to make this very happy," she said, pulling on his cock
through his pants.
"What do you want to do to that?" he asked.
"Let me show you and then you can see if that's what you want,"
Debbie said. "I'll leave it up to you."
She slid to the floor without bothering to adjust her clothes and
opened his pants. It was just a cock. She had been jerking off or
sucking one about this time every day for months.
It was a bigger deal for Mr. Compton. He seemed to particularly
enjoy her kissing and licking, which Brad said was frustrating. It
seemed almost too much for him when she bobbed down to take most of his
cock into her mouth. From his grunts, Debbie though he was going to
cum right then, but he was just enjoying her oral services more than
He enjoyed the delicious torment of her mouth for quite some time.
Debbie thought he was going to cum three times before he finally
relented and let her suck the salty goo from his exploding prick. If she
ever had to blow him again, she knew it was hard sucking and very
rapid bobbing on just the head of his cock followed by deep strokes
as fast as her head could move that got Mr. Compton over the top.
Licking his nuts also drove him crazy, but it did little to
hurry him along to completion. He liked a little of everything to set
the stage and then the neck-straining dash to climax.
"Now stand over there facing away," he said with no command in
his voice.
Debbie knew what he wanted and held her skirt up without being
told. She stayed posed with her red butt peeping out of the frame
completed by her underpants while he panted at the sight.
"I suppose you can go now," Mr. Compton told her. "You know there
are other rules of confidentiality."
"Only trusted people ever know," she said, the password, key
phrase, whatever given her by her friend.
Neither Chuck nor Brad was there to meet her after her detention.
She felt disposed to half forgive Brad since she was almost an hour
early being released. And it gave her a chance to see if he and her mother had any other secrets they were hiding from her.
She was not disappointed nor happy when she found Brad had already
gone home.
"You father called and Brad got huffy when I stopped what we were
doing to talk to him," he mother said.
Debbie could sympathize. They were fucking, of course. What else
did they do? You lover stops to have a conversation with an ex? She
could see why that would be threatening to Brad. She was more interested
in the fact her mother stopped fucking to talk to him. That boded well
for her plans.
"Did daddy sound like I said?" Debbie pried.
"I think I know where you got that idea," her mother said, "But he
sounded all right to me."
"Then where did I get the idea?" Debbie pumped the well.
"Because he was so jolly with me, not genuine jolly, but like he
was putting it on to hide nervousness," her mother said, "I think things
aren't as good as he thought and he's missing what he had."
Or he heard you were horny and wanted to call, but wasn't sure you
wouldn't scream curses into the phone and then slam it down, Debbie
thought. He was predictable. Now how about her mother?
"What did he want?" she asked.
"You know what men want," her mother said. "His pretense is to
show me some pictures he found and see if I want copies of any of
"Are you going to fall for that?" Debbie couched her real concern
in tones of daughterly guidance.
"I'll meet with him, but that's all," her mother said with
conviction. "Let him think he's getting a treat. Let him suffer."
Bingo! The plans were on. Her mother listening to her father's
smooth lines? It was a done deal. Now she needed a date and time to
publish for those involved.
"When are you going to this 'meeting'?" Debbie asked.
"Don't get smug with me," she snapped. "I don't care what the
rat bastard says. If he's having hard times, good! He's the one that
left us! Anyway, I see him tomorrow night at 7:00."
The lady protested too much. It was a done deal. Debbie turned her
efforts at getting the news to Linette. She'd give Brad the same line
she recommended to Linette. She had something important to talk to him
"How do we?... What do we?... Talking about actually doing it is
one thing, but how do we actually do it when comes down to doing it?"
Linette was a ball of questions at school the next day.
"You mean how do we say, now we switch partners, boys?" Debbie
replied, "We show them while we tell them. They're boys. You can't push
it at them too fast. We stand by the other's boyfriend and then we say
'I'm fucking this one and she's fucking you' to them."
"But won't they argue?" Linette was scared.
"Not if you grab their dick when you say it. A boy can't think
when you have a hold of his dick," Debbie said. "By the time they can
think again, they'll be enjoying themselves and I don't think we'll
have any trouble."
"What about afterwards?" Linette asked.
"There's the problem," Debbie admitted. "You never know what goes
on in what passes for brains in boys. But if they get freaked out by
something like this, isn't it better to know now? If your love can
survive this, then it's true and if it can't then it's better to find
out now."
Debbie was spewing bullshit faster than a herd of Angus, but
Linete wasn't listening anyhow. She only needed Debbie to say something-
anything to calm her frazzled nerves. Linette was wallowing in the
dangerous of dangerously exciting at the moment.
Chuck took the news better, but Debbie went spastic herself in
trying to give him unneeded coaching. She wanted him to keep his cool
as well as Melvin had.
There was that damn Melvin again. If she knew he was going to
keep turning up in her thoughts, Debbie would have had second thoughts
about their day of lust and abandon.
In the end, what did it matter, she asked herself. She didn't care
a bit for Brad any more and whatever trouble Chuck got in for cheating on Linette wasn't her worry either. If Linette wanted to try and make
trouble, it would only add to Debbie's reputation. She had nothing to
fear from the night.
Brad was the reluctant one. He didn't want to come over.
"Why should I come over? Your mom's going to dinner with HIM,"
Brad pouted.
"Him is my father, her husband, the one she fucked to make me.
The only one she's ever had the moral, legal and ethical right to fuck,"
Debbie scolded Brad. "She told me she's just looking at some pictures."
"And you believe that?" Brad scoffed.
"I asked the same thing and she said she wanted to let him twist
slowly in the wind for walking out on her," Debbie reported.
"So why don't I let her call me if that happens?" Brad got
"Because I want to talk to you in private," Debbie said.
"Oh-, yeah, you're breaking up with me," Brad said.
"I want to see if we can recapture the magic," Debbie said. "Maybe
we can work all this out, but we have to talk."
Supreme weenie was too grandiose a title for Brad. He acted like
it was such a big deal to come over when she knew he didn't have anything
else to do. His love interest was getting it from another man tonight.
They both knew that. He was still acting like the aggrieved party in
their relationship.
Here she was, probably doing something nice for him, and all he
could do was give her attitude. She was sick of dragging him along. At
least soon she could plop him in the chair and he would become low
There were so many other things occupying her mind. Linette had a
good point. There was going to be a awkward pause and Debbie wanted to
think of just the right thing to say to get them past that.
"Hey Chuck! Look at my tits. Brad says they're real nice. Wanna
suck them?" was flashy enough, but it didn't capture the tone that
Debbie was going for. "Linette's going to blow you now and you can
watch as Chuck fucks me in the ass," was closer to the idea, but it
didn't have the punch she was looking for.
What she wanted to say was, "This is a special day for me and
I wanted you here, Brad. Chuck is going to be the first one to fuck me
in the ass and I want you to watch. Just because I'm so nice I begged
Linette to blow you and she set aside her revulsion and agreed." But
that was too confrontational.
What she did say was, 'hi guys'. The rest was choreography.
Meaningful brow raises directed Linette to the arm of the chair Brad
was sitting in and she took a place behind where Chuck sat on the sofa.
"We've got the place to ourselves for a while and you know what
teenagers do when they're home alone," is what Debbie said to set the
The real introduction to the idea of the swap was a line she
would have never come up with, no matter how long she thought.
"For Christ sakes, grab it!" was the line.
She yelled it at Linette, who was hesitating to put her hand in
Brad's crotch. It was delivered from a nearly upside down Debbie, who
the instant before had pulled Chuck's head under her T-shirt and was
bent over with his cock firmly in her hand.
In times of crisis, the simplest things work the best. Debbie was
making the leap of faith to believe that neither boy could resist the
touch of a hand on their dick. Whatever more complicated issues went
through the boy's heads, the net result was what Debbie had hoped for.
Rivalry, jealousy and shyness all took second place to the concern
for keeping that hand where it was. Neither boy was unaffected by the
thrill of new conquests and having it happen in front of witnesses had
a positive spin that conquered their self-consciousness. The boys let
whatever was coming happen.
Chuck had a clue. He had been working both sides of the fence and
knew most of the plan. Brad thought both boys were equally surprised.
He couldn't make much of a fuss while Chuck was happily accepting the
opportunity to bone Debbie and not caring much what Linette was doing.
Debbie's tits smashed in his face made it easy for Chuck to
relax and enjoy what was happening. It was easy to ignore that his
girlfriend was going to suck another guy's dick when his attention was
distracted and his vision obscured in Debbie's shirt. Her fingers
playing under his balls didn't make the situation any harder to take.
Debbie was most enjoying watching Brad squirm. He had already made
his decision to let whatever was going to happen happen. Otherwise he
would be up and out of the chair by now, protesting. He was dealing
with the uncertainty of what was coming. Unfortunately for Brad, his
genius was in decisive action and his role for the time being was to
be passive.
Brad shifted uncomfortably as Linette stroked the growing bulge
in his pants, but he didn't shift away from her hand. Debbie had Chuck's
cock out and was stroking it with her fingertips and Linette still
hadn't made a move towards Brad's fly.
"Go on, Linette, honey, I know you can make him last a long time,"
Debbie urged, "You get him started and I'll get it set up at this end."
Chuck laughed into her tits at what he thought was a coded
reference between the two girls. He was looking forward to that end
with a dick like steel and throbbing. Two ass cherries- and one with the
girl's steady watching him pop her. It sounded like a manly statistic
to Chuck.
It didn't occur to Debbie that she was being ripped off until she
had shed her shirt and was pulling her pants and underwear past her
knees. Here she was getting naked in front of everybody and she wasn't
getting anything out of it. She was intimate with both dicks present
and they both had seen her naked before. Linette was the only novelty
for Debbie and she was still fully clothed as she slid off the arm of
the chair and squatted down between Brad's knees.
There was nothing she could do about it now. She would have
to think things through better in the future. Now was the time for her to
accomplish her first mission- let Brad watch her with Chuck like she
had been forced to watch him with her mother.
"Here, you do it," Debbie said as she handed the tube of K-Y to
Chuck and took a position over the arm of the sofa with her ass high
in the air. "And make it good so I get warmed up."
She was hoping the touch of the dramatic would make the final
sacrifice of her 'virginity' have more of an impact on Brad. But even
her revenge was flawed. She didn't have anyone giving her head when she
walked in on Brad and her mother the first time.
Indeed, Linette had him very distracted as she lovingly explored
the surface of his cock with her tongue. Debbie had always been
efficient, but little more. He was finding out the difference when the
giver was putting her heart, soul and love into giving him head.
But even the teasing production in his crotch couldn't completely
shield him from noticing the eager wag of Debbie's ass. He wasn't
particularly discerning about which orifice Chuck was fingering, but
Debbie's enthusiasm was an aberration that transcended such details.
She certainly had never shown much desire for sex when he was with her.
"Now use three fingers," Debbie instructed Chuck.
The fire in her voice was not what Brad had heard in the back of
his car. Then he finally got the whole picture.
"Open up my asshole real wide so you can get your cock all the
way inside me," Debbie moaned to Chuck.
Brad was smart enough to smell revenge when you rubbed his nose
in it. revenge was the only reason she would do something so unlike her
and with another boy. He had always known better than to ask. She
didn't like him fucking her. She certainly wouldn't even think of
letting him do something like that.
Brad was only mildly perturbed, however. He knew what she was
doing and knew he should be livid, but Linette had moved his cock into
her mouth and the gentle feel of her further exploration was draining
all aggressive tendencies out of him. It felt too good to ruin by
being mad at Debbie.
Chuck paused with his cock touching Debbie's loosened anus. This
was a Polaroid moment and he wanted to at least record it on the film
of his mind. Another tight, hot virgin butt about to lose its
exclusivity to his cock, it was something to remember.
Debbie tried to relax and waited for Chuck to push his cock into
her. When it came, it was nothing to brace for. Where Melvin had
stretched her to the limit and then made her snap over the wide head
of his cock, Chuck stretched her and then slid inside with a jolt. It
was easy, comparably.
The great fullness was still there. As Chuck moved slowly deeper
her entire attention was captured by this huge intrusion opening her
and stuffing her full at the same time. This part seemed like it was
the same with everyone. Debbie pushed down to open and allow Chuck
deeper, but only the adjustment that came over time finally let her
asshole stretch so Chuck slid steadily into her until his pubic hair
tickled her butt.
"That's my dick in your ass," Chuck announced proudly.
"Is that what it is?" Debbie panted. "You didn't smuggle a
telephone pole down here then?"
"But you like it, don't you?" Chuck pursued.
"It's so fucking big!" Debbie groaned, "I don't think it wants
my opinion. I'm concentrating on surviving and I'll decide about
liking it later."
Chuck didn't give up. He was buried to the root in her ass and he
was going to badger her while he soaked up the tight heat in her rectum.
"But what do you want me to do?" Chuck wouldn't let her go.
"Fuck my ass!" Debbie shouted. "Give my butt a good reaming. Give
it to me good and see if I like it!"
Brad had a confusing array of stimuli bombarding him. Linette
was sucking hard as she pulled off him and then dropping back quickly
to begin another sucking withdrawal. He saw Chuck buried balls deep in
Debbie's ass and heard her begging him to fuck her hard.
He felt like he was getting a blow-job assfuck and that he was
all the cocks in the room doing it all at once. He didn't have any
unoccupied space in his brain to deal with Stella's arrival.
Chuck froze. Debbie grinned. Linette was oblivious at her sucking.
Brad could only note the expression of shock and then horror as his
older lover assessed the situation in the rumpus room. She turned and
ran out of the room.
"At least finish me off," Debbie scolded Chuck to set him in
motion again.
About three strokes later, Chuck was lost in the wonder of her ass
and they were back as they were before. Chuck was still pulling back
to the head of his cock and ramming it up her ass, but his thrusts were
coming quicker together. She knew he would be drilling her for shit
in short order.
"Get him straining, Linette," Debbie called to her friend, "Don't
get him off, but get him ready. I want him to cum right after Chuck
shoots off a big load up my ass."
Melvin just fucked ass better. Debbie could give Chuck all sorts
of points for his obvious concern for her welfare and for being steady
and maintaining control, but it didn't add up to the unrestrained animal Melvin became as his orgasm neared.
Chuck fucked her ass faster and faster, but even as she felt him
twitch and swell as he got his rocks off he only eased forward until
he finally was as deep as he could reach in her bowels. It wasn't the
core disturbing pile driving of Melvin in the throes and she missed
that. A lot of her reaction had come from that passion. Chuck fucking
her ass was only mildly successful.
Those were private thoughts. Debbie certainly wasn't going to
admit them to anyone in the room- or any eavesdroppers just outside the
door. She had a fiction to maintain.
"Oh god, Chuck, I can feel your jizm in my ass," she cooed, "That
was something."
"Yeah, it was great," said Chuck with enthusiasm but little
experience voicing his sentiments.
Brad was making doggie dream whimpers as Linette finished off his
blow-job. Her hand was wrapped around the base of his cock and she
was sucking him with a desperation to make him give her his seed.
Debbie though she saw a flash of something dripping, but Linette
went on. That she probably had seen the moment Brad was pumping out
his cum in Linette's mouth only became evident when her head finally
stopped its bobbing and she let Brad's already half-limp cock out of
her mouth. She hadn't let up for a moment until long after the jizm
had been sucked from Brad's balls.
Brad was mesmerized by the dedication Linette had shown sucking his cock. It was a different dimension for Brad. Even Debbie's mom was
result oriented when she sucked his cock. She only wanted to get him
hard so he could ram his cock into her.
Then he was jolted by a memory that had been lost in the mind-
numbing travel of Linette's mouth up and down his cock. That made it
even worse. He hadn't even responded to Debbie's mother seeing Linette
suck his cock. She was going to be pissed. He quickly identified the
real culprit.
"Debbie, you bitch, you set me up," Brad snarled at Debbie.
"You know we both thought she'd be gone all night," Debbie
defended herself, "Besides, it'll do you good to explain yourself to
Fortunately for them both neither Chuck nor Linette could make
sense out of their fight. They were preoccupied with cleaning up and
getting away any way. Chuck even took the extreme measure of hoisting
Linette up through the basement window and following her himself.
Their cohorts retreated, Brad grimly prepared to meet Mrs.
Sherwood. Debbie was nursing her own counter-attack for whatever anger
her mother had in store.
"I can't believe what you were doing in my own home," her mother was whining non-specifically as the two came up the stairs.
"I should have stopped her, but I couldn't do it," Brad said with
a whine as he saw the red-eyed remnants of tears in Stella's eyes.
"You two go on with your little kissy-face make up," Debbie
said. "I'll tell you what I think when you two are done."
"They caught me by surprise," Brad alibied, "She was sucking my
thing before I knew what was happening. I know I should have stopped
her. I'm sorry. I knew I should, but I couldn't do it."
His puppy-like groveling gave her some kind of satisfaction.
She turned her wrath to Debbie.
"So what smart-mouth do you have to explain me finding you having
some kind of orgy with your friends?" she demanded of Debbie.
"The same thing you use to explain me finding you with my
boyfriend's cock up your asshole," Debbie exploded. "You have a lot of
room to talk child-fucker! You're just upset because you're afraid you
won't have that cock to fuck you if he gets a taste of what girls his
own age can do."
"Oh no, Mrs. Sherwood, it was nice and all, but I've got real
feelings for you," Brad protested. "I'd never give you up for that."
He was summarily ignored by both women. Mrs. Sherwood had already
made her plans for the contrite boy. Debbie was all involved in the
confrontation that fate had allowed her.
"What do you think I should do now? Let you off because your
boyfriend prefers a real woman? You were having group sex in the
basement. What kind of mother can ignore that?" she sputtered.
"Your kind, mom," Debbie said. "The kind that keeps kids out of
school to fuck them in motels. You don't even know who else was here.
They've got away with it. What can you do about it any way."
Debbie was going to the combination of ingredient defense. She
threw every excuse she could think of at her mother. The fact
remained that there was little her mother could take away from her that
wouldn't make her coup worth it. Brad had been put in his place and,
by good luck, so had her mother. Debbie was satisfied so far.
"You go to your room, young lady, and don't think you've heard
the last of this!" her mother blustered at Debbie.
Debbie knew she had run out of things to say. The room thing was
to give her mother time to think. Debbie wanted to clean the cum out of
her ass anyway.
Debbie took her time cleaning up. By the time she was walking
back to her room, she heard familiar sounds coming from downstairs.
Her mother had decided on Brad's penance. She was gasping with
pleasure as he performed for her.
She hated herself for being drawn to the railing, but the scene
she saw made her glad for her weakness. Brad wasn't fucking her mother.
He was on the floor between her thighs with his face in her lap. He
had been sentenced to serve.
"Sorry we took off on you like that. I didn't know what was
happening and the next thing I knew Chuck was dragging me across your
yard toward his house," Linette said the next day. "What did your mom do to you guys?"
"She hasn't decided yet," Debbie said. "I suppose I'll be
grounded or something."
"That was so weird. I'm glad I didn't see her or I'd have freaked
out," Linette said.
She had been so busy sucking Brad that she hadn't noticed. Chuck
told her why they had gone out the window when they got to his house.
She was still the clueless pawn in the game.
Chuck was the nervous one. He had the longest and best view of her
mother when she walked in the room. He had mistaken her look of betrayal
and horror as directed at him for fucking her daughter in the ass.
"What is she going to do?" he needed to know.
"I don't know, but you can relax," Debbie snapped at him. "She was
so freaked she only recognized Brad and me. Your little rabbit trick
saved your ass."
He had done the smart thing. Part of Debbie recognized that. He
had even thought of Linette. That was sweet. But it didn't erase the
fact that he had left Debbie to face her mother alone. He might have
been a nice guy in general, but he hadn't made Debbie happy.
"What is she going to do to you?" Chuck asked.
"She hasn't decided yet," Debbie give him the same answer as she
had given Linette. "I suppose I'll be grounded or something."
"Well, I guess that isn't so bad," Chuck said.
She could see his thinking as if he was writing it on a
blackboard. 'I guess I can still sneak over and get some.' In another
mood she would have appreciated that chance for a break in her exile,
but she was irritated at the moment.
"She can't do anything else. She doesn't let me do anything, so
she's got nothing to take away," Debbie said, masking her sudden
coldness toward Chuck.
Even Tami was an irritation today. She had been snowed under by
a crowd of boys frantic to be one of her admirers the last few days
but she found the time for Debbie when rumors of the 'scandal' reached
her ears.
"So, how many people were at this orgy?" she asked.
"It wasn't an orgy," Debbie tried to explain.
"Whatever," Tami brushed aside the protest. "Did you have time to
cover yourself up before the cops broke in?"
At least Tami gave her something to laugh about. Debbie couldn't
hold back a guffaw at that fractured bit of news.
"Who told you this stuff?" Debbie snickered. "There were no cops.
It was just my mom and even she left until we got done doing what we
were doing."
"And what were you doing?" Tami pried.
The thing Debbie regretted most about telling the story was it was
so tame. At that moment she wished the whole senior class had been in
her basement naked and fucking so she'd have something showy to tell
"Hardly anything," Debbie said. "It was just Linette and Chuck
and Brad and me."
"Linette?" Tami interrupted.
It wasn't jealousy in her voice. She was just shocked that
Linette had been taken inside the circle.
"Mostly Chuck," Debbie admitted. "You know how Brad's been lately
and I wanted to teach him a lesson."
"You wanted to have him see Chuck fuck Linette?" Tami guessed.
Then the likely scenario popped into her head.
"Oh- I know. Linette's been bragging about how much she likes it
in the ass. You wanted Brad to get the idea from watching Chuck butt-
fuck Linette," Tami said and then laughed, "So you're going to join
the parade, huh?"
"Something like that, but Chuck was fucking me in the ass when
my mother walked in," Debbie said.
Actually this was fine. She was going to admit she had done it
anyway. This was as good a way to pass on the information as any.
"You dirty bitch," Tami snickered, "And what was Brad doing while
Chuck was putting it to you?"
"Jamming his cock down Linette's throat," Debbie grinned.
"So- did you get it from both of them ass girl?" Tami asked.
"No. My mother broke it up right at the start," Debbie said, "But
I wasn't planning on Brad getting any anyhow."
"How much of that do you think he'll take?" Tami wondered.
"I don't care," Debbie snorted, "He's beginning to bore me. You
know, he's not bright enough to concentrate on sports as much as he
does and be good in the sack too."
"I never thought you cared about that as long as they did what
they were told," Tami said.
"I guess I figure I deserve it all," Debbie said.
It was vintage Debbie. She had maintained the persona for Tami
despite her disappointing tale of debauchery. All in all her damage
control was going well.
Chemistry with Brad was going to be the final test.
"You heard anything about last night?" she asked Brad in the
"Your mom said she hadn't decided how she was going to handle
it," Brad said.
"That was so you'd keep eating her pussy," Debbie whispered
"So what? I'm gonna do what I've gotta do," Brad got pugnacious.
"I'm just saying she might still call your mom and get you in
trouble," Debbie soothed her beast.
"Nobody's said anything to me," Brad maintained.
Brad's trouble was Debbie's mom had something on him now. She was
going to handle it herself all right. He was her little sex slave
forever as long as she dangled it over his head.
Debbie wasn't as fortunate. Her only luck was escaping the snide
remarks her mother would have leveled at her if she had realized the
boy behind her daughter was fucking her in the ass. As for the rest,
Debbie was under house arrest. Her mother even disconnected the phone
in her room. She had to ask permission to use the phone.
There was a basic unfairness here. Brad was under her thumb, but
he wasn't being made to do anything he hadn't been doing willingly.
She was being held like a prisoner. Since Brad had taken up with her
mother, Debbie hadn't been going anywhere, but taking away the phone
was tyranny of an intolerable degree.
"Can I have people come over?" Debbie asked.
"Oh sure, turn this into your own little queendom and it won't
be like being grounded at all," her mother laughed. "You're being
punished. You don't get privileges."
"Oh well, fuck it," Debbie shrugged. "I guess I can't be expected
to keep my grades up without help on my homework."
"You're just asking to be locked up for the rest of your life,
aren't you," her mother fumed.
"Just months, mother, just months," Debbie fired back. "I'm sure
daddy would help his adult daughter find a place to stay. Maybe his new
wife would like to share my wardrobe."
There was always the old faithful soft spot to poke mom. Play
daddy against mommy like the old days.
"You need an attitude change, young lady," her mother skirted the
issue. "You go to your room and think how you could be making this
easier on yourself instead of harder."
That meant Brad was on his way over to give her the nightly
workout. Debbie was happy to be in the sanctuary of her room while
they fucked like bunnies.
Brad was evil beyond what Debbie thought was his capacity. He was
willing to help her mother with Debbie's punishment. He gave her all
the inside to make it tough on Debbie.
"Brad said you've been having trouble in chemistry," her mother opened the conversation.
"What do you care?" Debbie was waiting for more information to
see where this was heading.
"He had an idea what I could do to help you without falling into
one of your traps," she smiled.
"Well, Brad's a genius all right, what did he say?" Debbie was
prepared to be amused.
"He said he knows the brightest kid in class and he probably
would be free to help you with your studies," her mother was beaming
as she relayed the plan. "He says you know Melvin too. You wanted
people over. I'll let you have Melvin come over to tutor you. But
that's it."
Amusement didn't nick the surface of the humor Debbie saw in her
mother's smug demeanor. It was so perfect Debbie wasn't sure she wasn't
dreaming it. To mix her metaphors, her chickens had come home to be
guarded by the fox. She tried to look suitably pissed off.
"Melvin? That dweeb? That geek? Tell Brad thank you so very much
and take good care of him because he's never going feel me touch him
for the rest of life in the universe," Debbie snapped at her mother.
She hoped that was explosive enough not to tip her secret delight
at her mother's choice. Let her mother gloat. Debbie would have the
last laugh.
Debbie had to be restrained on the phone. She knew her mother was
lurking somewhere in earshot. She tried to sound level and neither
disappointed or enthusiastic as she invited Melvin over.
Once the door to her room closed behind them, she did a little
jig that confused the poor boy.
"There's something going on here I don't know about, isn't
there?" Melvin observed.
"Only that my mom is letting you come over because she thinks it
will gross me out," Debbie said.
"But we're only going to study now, aren't we? Your mom is home,
isn't she?" Melvin asked.
"Even if that's all we do, I've won. That's the point," Debbie
told him. "But I think we might be able to slip some fun in. You
wouldn't mind, would you?"
Melvin had another one of his spells that made Debbie think he
would have a coronary.
"Huu- ahh- ahh- I... I... I don't know," Melvin sputtered. "I don't
want to get in trouble or anything."
"But you don't mind getting laid, do you?" she asked.
"I don't know if it's good for you," Melvin began.
"What the hell does that mean?" Debbie asked.
"Well, you know, I know why you're grounded because Brad told me
and I think I'd be like an enabler if we did it," Melvin said.
This was very interesting. His concern was sweet if it wasn't pure
fear. Debbie was intrigued by what Brad might be telling people.
"And what did Brad say to make you think these things?" Debbie asked.
"He just told me why you're grounded," Melvin said.
"And what did he say? Quit stalling," Debbie pressed.
"He said you were- unh- a- a nympho and your mother caught you having
an orgy. He said you were fucked up and it scared him," Melvin reported.
That sounded like something Brad would say. There was not even a hint
he might know why it was happening. It was all Debbie and she was crazy.
"Did you think I was fucked up last week?" Debbie asked.
Melvin blushed automatically like a reflex when she reminded him.
"You were real bossy and you wanted it a lot, but I didn't think you
were crazy or anything," Melvin said.
Okay. This would work. Melvin had heard Brad's version. She was going
to give him her spin. She was much better at the selective truth than
Brad. And she had extra ammunition with Melvin.
"Did Brad say when he first noticed that I was getting funny?" she
asked sweetly.
"He didn't say a day, but he did say it was all of a sudden," Melvin
"And can you think of anything that happened recently that might have
made a difference in my way of looking at things?" Debbie teased.
Melvin was very red now. He was following the text and sub-text at
the same time. She was making her point.
"I just did what you told me," he answered the deeper implication
first. "I thought you wanted me to."
"Of course I did," Debbie snapped. "Brad's a meathead. He doesn't
understand and I can't tell him. That's why he's confused about what is
going on. I'm grounded because I got caught expressing my sexuality. I
don't think it was crazy or even very far out."
Debbie gave Melvin the short version of the truth. She left out her
experimentation with Chuck and the fact that she had represented her ass
as virgin. She told him she was trying to loosen Brad up and do Linette
a favor at the same time.
"You see how he took it," Debbie said with exasperation. "I think
he's afraid to try new things and attacks anyone who tries to make him."
"It does sound a lot more normal the way you tell it," Melvin
"Remember, if there's something wrong with me, you know who did it,"
Debbie put the trump on the pile. "And I think the person that did it is
responsible for making it better any way he can."
There was the message. I'm not fucked up, but if I am fucked up it's
your fault and if it's your fault you have to fix it. Melvin might be
smart enough to see the circularity of her argument, but she was betting he
was willing to ignore it since she was trying so hard to convince him he
should fuck her again.
"But Brad says he has to come over and do chores for your mom so she
doesn't tell his parents," Melvin protested. "We can't with him here too-
can we?"
There. Resistance was conquered. Now Debbie had to brace up his
timidity and things would fall in place.
"Think a minute without being scared," Debbie scolded him. "Do you
think my mom is going to let Brad up here after what she saw? We're safe-
at least pretty safe. Aren't you willing to risk a little bit to have me?"
"I trust you to work something out," Melvin said. "You've been
pretty smart so far."
"Good. Now come here and I'll suck your dick for being so
understanding," Debbie told Melvin.
She was smart. His ass, along with his heart and soul, was hers now.
Melvin like cumming in her mouth above all the other things they had done
together. Debbie further solidified their alliance by suggesting her ideas
for caution.
They would have to play with each other under their clothes as much
as possible- just in case. And when they did have sex, they would do it
with as little exposed as necessary. This was only maintenance of the habit
Melvin had got her hooked on, she told him. She'd expect another full dose
sometime after she got off being grounded.
"So, you have a great little fuck session with Melvin last night?"
Brad taunted her the next day.
"No he only wanted a blow job," Debbie enjoyed telling him the truth
sarcastically, "but we couldn't get a car in the bedroom."
Her barb didn't dent Brad's joke for him. He thought he was getting
back at her.
Tami was confused but intrigued by what she overheard.
"You're seeing Melvin now?" Tami pried.
Debbie gave her the story, embellishing on Brad's perfidy in
suggesting that Melvin be her study buddy. Tami got the joke.
"So you really didn't blow Melvin. You were just saying that," Tami
wanted confirmation.
"Of course I did," Debbie treated her like Brad, "You know how all
the girls are lining up to suck Mel's crank."
Surprisingly, Debbie felt more righteous than St. Peter as she walked
away down the hall. She hadn't denied Melvin, at least not directly. She
didn't want to make fun of him and she hadn't. She wasn't sure why she
didn't want to make fun of him, but she felt good about herself.
Brad wasn't as mature. He was waiting outside Chemistry to give her
another rude surprise.
"Since you're buddies now, I thought you should have Melvin as a lab
partner," Brad grinned at her. "I checked with Mr. Compton and he said
it was okay if Jenny and Melvin switch."
"So you're turning on all your friends?" Debbie asked, "I thought
you liked Melvin."
"I did my boy Scout thing for him," Brad said, "And this isn't like
I pantsed him in assembly. He thinks you're good looking, you know. He
might even have a crush on you."
Brad was grinning at that. Good old doppy Melvin drooling over Debbie
all period was a suitable revenge on her.
It went to confirm the mush boys had in their heads as far as Debbie
was concerned. For someone that hung around with dweebs, Brad was certainly
over-confident in the high school rules of cool. Perhaps some coach had
hammered the idea that you can't win just by throwing your hat out there
into his thick head, but Brad hadn't understood that it was one of those
lessons that carries over from sports into life.
It wasn't the first time she used Melvin like a tool, but this time
she felt bad about it. Still, she was very mad at Brad and she resolved
to make it up to Melvin later.
"Now watch the boil carefully," she counseled as she and Melvin
leaned toward the flask wearing the clunky goggles.
Melvin's response was a loud gulp as he felt her hand slide up his
leg and linger in his crotch. No one else could see what she was doing,
Debbie had made sure of that. Secret revenge was okay. Debbie was beginning
to think it was the best kind. It led to all sorts of fun things happening.
"Debbie, please, I'll mess my pants," Melvin whispered.
"Awwww- come on, enjoy it. I won't go that far, I promise," Debbie
whispered back.
Even a week ago Debbie would have lured him into that lull and then
made him cum in his pants. Now somehow she felt bound by her word. She
outlined Melvin's erection in his pants and made him pant, but she didn't
try to get him off.
She was only cruel when a crisis reared its head.
"I'm telling Brad you fucked me in the ass," she whispered suddenly.
Mr. Compton came over to look at the reaction in their flask and
then walked on.
"I'm real sorry, but I didn't think you wanted him to see you with
a hard-on," she explained to Melvin.
Melvin was still trembling a little, but her sudden declaration had
shriveled his cock immediately. He took a deep breath.
"Maybe you shouldn't play with me any more," he said. "That was kinda
hard on me."
"Just so you know I wanted it to be nice, us being lab partners and
all," Debbie told him.
"Will you please tell me what's going on with you and Brad?" Melvin
asked her that night. "I know there's something and I'm caught in the
"You're not in the middle as much as you think," Debbie told him.
"Well, you are, but not the way you think."
As she tried to explain, Debbie found that she was almost as confused
as Melvin. Last week it would have been easy. You're a dick and I need one
to put in my ass, she could have told him. Now the twists and turns made
the explanation murky.
"As far as Brad goes, he thinks he's playing a joke on me by trading
lab partners," Debbie went to the easy part first. "He doesn't know about
any of the other things we've done. He thinks I want to break up with him
and the way he keeps saying it makes me think he wants me to..."
Debbie didn't want to tell Melvin about her side of it. She wasn't
sure she understood it herself. And she knew her explanation wasn't
making any sense. On a whim born of desperation she broke down.
"You want to know? You want to know the whole ugly truth?" she was
suddenly very fierce.
"Hey- I didn't mean to upset you..." Melvin stuttered.
"It's not you. Come here, I'll show you what's really going on,"
Debbie said and grabbed his chunky hand.
There was no sound at the top of the stair. Debbie put her finger to
her lips and led Melvin down. This time they went out through the patio
door and Debbie made Melvin get down and look through the basement window.
He couldn't have looked more stunned if Debbie had hit him with a baseball
"Your mom... Your mom... " Melvin was having trouble talking even
when they were back safely in her room. "She was all naked and Brad...
God! This is so fucked up."
"But as crazy as it is, it all makes sense now, doesn't it?" Debbie
asked Melvin.
"No." Melvin said. "But I understand why you've been acting a little
crazy the last few weeks."
"Did you guess where Brad and my mother were when we had the house to
ourselves?" Debbie asked.
"And you say I'm not in the middle?" Melvin said in amazement.
"There were a lot of things going on there," Debbie said. "Mostly
I was pretty straight with you. It was time to find out how it felt to have
a cock in my ass. I picked you because of your success with Linette, not
because you were Brad's friend. From there it gets a little murky."
"Like I'm a pawn in this power trip between you two?" Melvin accused.
"I guess that's fair," Debbie admitted, "But that's not all it is
any more. Oh, I don't know. I didn't mean to hurt you- at least this time.
I guess I didn't care much before."
"Before what?" Melvin wanted to know.
"Before we spent all that time naked and doing everything to each
other," Debbie said. "I think about that a lot."
"Well, I guess I knew you had some ulterior motive," Melvin admitted.
"And I guess I did it for the chance to actually have sex with a girl."
"But I'm being straight with you now," Debbie said. "I wouldn't have
let you see what you saw otherwise."
"I can't figure any other angle," Melvin said. "But why?"
"Because I found out you're a person like everybody I know. Even..
guys like you have feelings and thoughts and hopes and maybe I didn't
think of that before," Debbie said.
That wasn't the whole truth, but Debbie wasn't sure what the whole
truth was. Her feelings about Melvin were very confusing. He was still
social poison and that weighed in the balance. She was also finding him
to be the most honest and the easiest to talk to of anybody.
"Not just because I'm the only available dick right now?" Melvin
asked sharply.
"No. Not just because of that," Debbie said. "But what does that have
to do with it? Think about it. You like fucking me, don't you? I like
fucking you, too. That's another thing entirely. I'm not being nice to you
just for that, but don't you like me getting you off?"
"Well yeah, but a guy doesn't like to be used," Melvin said.
"Since when?" Debbie joked. "The guys I know don't care about
anything but getting their dicks in a warm, wet place."
She got him on that one. The exchange also filled in for all the
conversation they could have had to assure Melvin he was in on the joke.
It was heady brew for the outcast and Debbie didn't give him the chance to
bask in the glory.
"Speaking of which, let's see where you fit in that picture," Debbie
said as she reached to pull down Melvin's zipper.
Their conversation hadn't excited him, but Debbie's hands reaching
in his pants and searching for his cock had him stiffening before she could
extract his cock from its sanctuary. She only had to take it in her hand to
have it grow quickly.
"Now I guess we have to find a warm, wet place for this to go,"
Debbie smiled at Melvin.
There was only one way to do it right. Debbie would have to wear a
skirt for future 'study' sessions with Melvin. She leaned over her bed and
pulled her pants and underwear down below her butt.
"Which way am I supposed to do this?" Melvin asked.
"There's one thing you have to fix," Debbie said crossly, "Make up
your own mind. Dare to make a mistake. Don't act like a geek. Pick one.
What can happen? I make you put it in the other one?"
Perversely, Melvin heard good things in her tirade. She did want him
to be cooler and was telling him how. She was also offering herself as the
proving ground for this new creature.
He stepped forward and rubbed his cock up and down her slit.
"I thought you said wet," he teased her.
"Oh darn. I guess we can't do it then," Debbie bantered.
Melvin dropped to his knees with a thud. He was perceptive for a boy.
The coloring of slavishness was not unattractive to Debbie. His tongue was
more than attractive as it slid up and down her crack. He pushed it inside
her and fucked her with it until she began to warm to the treatment.
Then he was on his feet again and his cock replaced his tongue.
Debbie wasn't strictly ready yet and his cock felt like a Buick driving
into her cunt. In her present state even that was interesting and she
missed it when her cunt opened to make him feel normal inside her.
"Reach around and play with me, dammit," she ordered.
She was what Melvin needed, she mused as his finger found the top of
her slit and bumbled across her clitoris. He needed a strong woman to pull
him across the chasm of indecision.
He didn't need much help fucking, however. His drives were strong
and his instincts were good as far as plunging a cock into a cunt. He
tried to take it easy with slower thrusts at first, but that could only
last so long. He bumped high and hard as his passion began to get away
from him.
That was good for Debbie. His long, deep explorations had been
mildly arousing, particularly with his finger digging at her clit, but
the good, hard fucking was making her cum. He had just lost his head and
begun slamming brutally into her butt when she went over the top.
"You're cumming!" Melvin told her in gasps as he fucked feverishly
to answer the call of his lust.
"Keep fucking me!" Debbie answered.
Melvin took his hand out of her crotch to grab her waist with both
hands and pull her back to drive even deeper and harder into her cunt.
His orgasm came in hard stabbing thrusts as he tried to keep up the speed
and failed in the throes of emptying his balls inside her.
Debbie reached back to grab his shirt and pulled him on top of her
as she collapsed on the bed.
"My cock fell out," Melvin said as he lay on top of her.
"I know, Melvin, but does it feel bad where it is?" Debbie asked in
"Just a sec," Melvin said and slid back so he could get the head of
his cock back inside her. "I like this afterwards."
"So do I, Melvin," Debbie said, "But we're going to have to be
Melvin laughed at her. It was the first time she could remember.
"You're telling ME to be careful?" he laughed some more.
Chemistry was not the place to be fooling around. Melvin convinced
Debbie of that before class. If it was their only chance it would be more
worth the risk, but they had their study sessions to do that.
Instead, Debbie practiced her sour looks to make Brad think his
nasty trick was working. For his part, Brad was trying to come onto
a very unimpressed Jenny.
The strange twists of fate made Debbie say- hmmmm. Her mother told
Debbie that Brad was going to help her shopping. She couldn't guess the
real reason they had to go out of the house, but that wasn't the good
Her mother had bought totally into Brad's opinion of Melvin. She was
glad to continue the joke. Certainly her study buddy was expected to
come over and help her. In fact, he had to.
She met Melvin in her robe. She had her hand high on the doorframe
and was leaning seductively on it. Enough flesh peeped through the edges
of the robe to assure him that she was naked beneath it.
"I thought we were going to be careful." Melvin said.
"We will be," Debbie assured him. "There's nobody home, but we're
going right up to my room just to make sure."
Melvin had already calculated the risk by the time he was up the
stairs. Debbie was right that they would have quite a safety margin from
hearing the car until they could be walked in on. He still hid his
underwear in his coat pocket and made sure his clothes were laid out so he
could get into them the quickest possible.
Debbie appreciated his caution. A week before she might have laughed
at him, but she had been caught once. It made more sense now to take
Being naked together stirred up echoes for Debbie. It felt like they
owned each other as it recalled their day of debauch. She knew Melvin's
body like no other except her own. She had given him the opportunity to
feel the same. They had done everything they could think of freely and
openly. It made this naked chunk unique among boys.
"Do you have any ideas this time?" Debbie asked.
"I know it's selfish, but I like it best when you suck on my dick,"
Melvin said. "Could we do that '69' thing so I can lick you while you do
It was okay to feel good and she could let herself enjoy him licking
her now. It could be an even trade if she was lucky. She let Melvin lie
down and then climbed over him.
"I don't want to shoot off right now," Melvin said before her cunt came down on his face. "I'll fuck you too, so don't make me go too far."
That was no kind of guidance for Debbie. She saw his erect pole
sticking up in front of her face and her tongue came out to lick it.
Melvin found the nub at the top of her slit and it went into her mouth
like her clit was the suck button. She tried to stay in control, but
she was getting lucky.
Melvin had his nose in her ass as he pushed his tongue as deep as it
would reach in her cunt. He fucked her with his tongue a bit and then went
back to lapping at her clit. She was enjoying the hell out of that. She
tried to keep her sucking level and not too intense, but each time his
tongue slid inside her, she felt herself allow his cock to go deeper.
He pulled her cheeks apart to try and bury more tongue in her cunt and
Debbie felt his cock gag its wide head into the opening of her throat.
Only she didn't care. She was noting it, not reacting to it. Melvin's
cock slid on down her throat and all she felt was his nose in her asshole
and his tongue twitching inside her. He moved back to lick her clit and
her head came up almost in response.
"You've got to do both. I need both," Debbie gasped when the cock
cleared her mouth. "Use your fingers too."
That was exactly it. Melvin crept two fingers into her and moved them
around a bit as he attacked her clit. Debbie abruptly climbed to climax.
She ignored the cock slapping her in the face as Melvin got her off.
"Oh Christ! you fucking genius! That's it. Fuck me! Do it! Do it
now!" Debbie was desperate for the orgasm. "Yes! Oh Yes! God yes!"
Debbie's pelvis began to swing and Melvin responded by fucking her
more firmly with his fingers. She froze as she came, but Melvin showed her
no mercy. He worked the fingers way in and way out as she shuddered in
orgasm and his tongue more jabbed than licked her clit.
He didn't stop there. He shook his head with his tongue flat on her
clit when the shaking subsided and pulled his fingers out to stroke over
the lips of her engorged twat. Debbie was torn between stopping him and
putting his cock in her mouth.
She put his cock in her mouth. The wide head gave her something to
explore that distracted her from his mouth in her crotch. Then one finger
strayed to her anus and pressed against it. It wasn't fair. Melvin was
making her lose control again.
The finger just pressed until her anus parted and the tip popped in.
Then all bets were off and Melvin slid his finger into her ass. Again his
cock followed the trail of his finger. Debbie felt compelled to let his
cock run down her throat as his finger reached the last knuckle in her
ass. Melvin's tongue was still pressing firmly on her clit and he was
moving it in circles to add to the overstock of sensation on her back end.
Whatever it was that happened when Melvin pushed his thumb into her
cunt was something Debbie didn't have to understand to appreciate. It
wasn't like an orgasm, but it was. She felt the same kind of shiver run
up her body, but she didn't go spastic. Then she felt his finger and
thumb come together inside her and stroke the membrane separating the
two orifices and she didn't know anything about anything any more.
Melvin's balls slapped against her nose as his cock was buried to
the hilt in her mouth and fucking her deep in her throat. That seemed
only right somehow in the haze she was in. The rest of her body was
electrified as the mysterious pulses bombarded her in a string. She could
no longer notice the feel of his fingers or tongue with any more attention
than she was giving the cock way too far down her throat.
It was like being thrown in cold water when Melvin struggled out
from under her.
"I can't take it any more, where do you want it?" Melvin panted.
"Just fuck me!" Debbie pleaded. "Fuck me hard right off!"
She was still caught in a half squatting position on her side and
she rolled on her back and pulled up on her knees to make her bottom wide
open and available for whatever Melvin wanted. He didn't have to dodge her
feet because they were pulled back so far. He was on the mark quickly
and plunged his cock into her with the same desperation that Debbie was
feeling herself.
"I'm not going to last," Melvin warned.
"Just fuck me hard!" Debbie snapped.
Melvin was in an awkward position to drive into Debbie hard, but as
far as she was concerned he was doing the job. His cock was bigger than the
fingers or thumb he had in her. It felt just right ramming up inside her.
He fell forward onto his hands when he inevitably lost control and
then she got hard in spades. Her poor pussy was exposed by drawing her
thighs out of the way and Melvin pounded on the puffy lips with all his
weight. The smashed lips sent shocks through her that made the pulses
congregate in the pit of her stomach and then explode in the grandmomma
of climaxes.
Her legs snapped down and she beat unmercifully on Melvin's butt with
her heels as she urged him to fuck on as she trembled and flopped beneath
him. Melvin too was reacting to the excess and flooding her with jets of
cum almost as if her heels were prodding the jizm out of him and into her.
"God, Debbie, you were rough there at the end," Melvin said after a
long period of mutual gasping.
"God, Melvin, you were fucking me out of my mind," Debbie responded.
"Well, it was certainly quite an experience," Melvin said. "I felt
like a stranger to myself when I was trying to put it in you."
"You mean you were a lust-slavering dog looking to bury your bone?"
Debbie teased him. "I saw you with that angry red thing bobbing in front
of you and the look of murder in your eye. You were ready to fuck anything,
weren't you."
"It was your fault," Melvin said. "I didn't know you could take it
all the way down all the way past your mouth and all like that."
"Neither did I," Debbie admitted, "But it was easy when you were
busy at the other end."
"You know, Debbie," Melvin said in a shift of mood, "I don't care how
we got to this point when it feels that good. You can't tease anyone
enough to ruin this kind of thing."
"Well I'm not going to tease you," Debbie told him. "It was a pretty
amazing experience for me too."
"I didn't mean you," Melvin said quickly, "You've been real nice to
me, at least lately."
Debbie felt like there was something to say there, but she wasn't
sure what it was. For some reason she wanted Melvin to like her and she
didn't know why or how to go about it.
"Let's go wash up," she avoided that part.
It was another reminder of before as Debbie insisted they go naked
down the hall to the bathroom. Debbie took over the cleaning duties and
was soaping Melvin's cock when she felt the stirring.
"You are a horny devil," she teased.
"It's the soap," Melvin said, "Soap is so slippery- so sexy."
"If it comes up, you have to use it," Debbie warned without stopping
her stroking of the growing organ.
"Then I'll have to use it because I can't help it," Melvin groaned as
she jacked his cock into erection.
"Kiss me, Melvin," she said and their tongues dueled as she pulled
his cock under the water and let it wash the soap away.
"Come on, you've got something to do," Debbie said when he was clean.
She lay back on the bed and crooked her finger at Melvin.
"Come make love to me the way a boy is supposed to," she invited.
She wasn't sure where Melvin had learned his moves, but she was
willing to bet it was a movie. He had the external where arms go
stuff down, but the internal things were lacking. He wasn't a very good
kisser. Without her lead he was machine-like and boring.
She took his hand off her breast and moved it between her legs.
"Kiss them and finger me," she asked.
His instincts took over when he got a nipple between his lips.
It was altogether a relief from kissing him. He quickly made it more
than a relief. It was, in fact, getting good. She groped under him to
find his stiff rod and fondled it with the same passion as his finger
was rubbing across her pubis.
"Can we do it now?" an out-of-breath Melvin lifted his head from
her breasts to ask.
"How do you want me?" Debbie asked, "Do I have to roll over or
something? Do you want to use the hole you haven't used yet?"
"I just want to put it in you," Melvin said plaintively, "My thing
is beginning to hurt. I'll do it any way you want me to."
She would have to work on his assertiveness. Debbie was really
wishing for him to tell her what to do. She didn't want to interrupt
her feel-good reverie to think how to have sex. She just wanted to be
rolled into position and fucked.
"Then lay back and I'll give you what you want," Debbie said,
deciding to do to Melvin what she had wanted him to do to her.
She was opened real wide just by clambering over Melvin. His
width forced her knees way out so his cock was touching her lips even
when she was kneeling as upright as she could. It made sitting down
and letting his cock move up and fill her the easy part.
It was way hard to lift herself up and try to fuck him. Melvin
didn't notice. From his contented groans, Debbie knew he was enjoying
the way her struggles felt on his cock. There was something to that.
Debbie imagined she could feel that big head punching at the top of
her vault as she tried to raise up and then plopped back down on top
of Melvin.
But that was never going to get them off. Debbie leaned over
Melvin and put her hands down to help her move. She could get some
rhythm going like that. And Melvin's cock was on the expressway
straight up inside her in the position. Debbie felt like the cylinder
part of some machine as she worked her butt on and off of Melvin's
"Oh god! It's so good when you're just feeling it!" Melvin
sighed as she did the work.
"Then play with my tits and let me feel that," Debbie shot back.
Breasts were Melvin's area of expertise. Other than his attitude
of concern and co-operation in bed, it was the one thing he could teach
the other boys about sex. Melvin didn't torture test a tit. He
marveled at the appendage with wonder and reverence. He was gentle but
thorough as he enjoyed them.
To Debbie it was the added dimension that let her sink into her
rhythm of bouncing on Melvin's cock and feel the heat build inside her.
She wanted it. She wanted more. She needed something to take her
Debbie ground her hips as she came down on Melvin and that made
his cock do a nice trick inside her. She liked the way it slapped
around inside her sheath. If felt like he was roto-rooting her insides
out with his cock.
It was cute, but it wasn't the kind of good, solid fucking she
needed at the moment. She had worn this path out as she learned how to
ride a man. She had to find some other way to make his cock touch her.
There was only one way to go from where she was. She sat up for
a moment and let the deep, short thrusts fill her. Then she leaned
backwards. That was enlightening. The angle was delightful. She fell
back onto her hands and let her cunt fight the natural tendency of
Melvin's cock to rise. It made his rigid stiffness scrape meaningfully
over the front of her sheath.
Her folded legs were like springs helping her bounce her hips up
and down on his cock. She could drive down on him with renewed energy.
As she did, marvelous things happened in her cunt. The angle became
exquisite. There was something going on inside her that was more than
the way his cock sawing in and out of her was jiggling her clit.
Soon Debbie no longer cared. She could feel her breasts toss
wildly as she threw herself onto his cock. She could feel his rod stir
her emotions as it jabbed into her. And she could think about nothing
as the fog that these actions was mixing filled her head.
Far off, outside her need to have his cock, Melvin was whining
on his own behalf. He was clawing at the sheets like a torture victim
and crying out in a pained voice as he begged her for more.
Debbie could do nothing but honor his request. Her feelings were
making her thighs tremble as she slapped her ass down on him. The lust
was building inside her like someone turning on the water while the
nozzle of the hose was still closed.
She felt like she was swelling, turgid, ready to explode, and then
she burst out like that hose, spraying cries of delight as she gushed
into a mind-rattling climax.
Melvin's desperation made him an animal. He clumsily, but
powerfully knocked her over and managed to get on top of her in a lunge
driven by her orgasm. He was so close and then her cunt spasmed on his
throbbing rod and denied him the riding he needed so badly just at
that moment.
He clambered on top of her with instinctive quickness and fucked
her with all the energy of his lust. Debbie just screamed and took it.
Melvin was drawing out the sparkles and pincushions as he drove hard
and deep into her fluttering cunt. It was the perfect topper to the
orgasm she had given herself. Melvin was keeping the spasm alive as she
twitched and shuddered as the receptacle of his rabid thrusts.
It was a bright burst, so full, yet actually quite brief as Melvin
needed no more than a dozen strokes to begin filling her with his hot
cum. He jerked and hunched indiscriminately as his need drove him, but
his pleasure confounded his attempts to keep driving his cock into her.
When it stopped, they lay where they were. For once Melvin's
weight was like a comfortable covering for Debbie. She felt the need to
be held together after what she had just experienced. THAT had been a
real good one.
They were sitting in the kitchen with chips and soda and open
books when Brad and Debbie's mother came home. They hadn't discussed
much about the fuck, although they exchanged looks now that conveyed
something of what it had done to them.
They had chosen not to say much. They started studying like they
were supposed to. It seemed like the only thing left to do.
"How can you stand to have Melvin at your house night after
night?" Tami asked.
"We study, that's all," Debbie answered.
"Well Duuuh! Was I supposed to think you were fucking like
bunnies?" Tami laughed at her own joke
Debbie herself was shocked at the sharpness of her retort. She
usually wasn't that jumpy. She was the queen of cool. She should
remember that.
"Actually, fucking with Melvin is the one fun thing left for me,"
Debbie answered with her own ironic humor, "He's the only one I'm
allowed to see."
"Too easy a target," Tami replied. "You'll get soft going for the
Debbie didn't tell Tami everything, but this was the first time she
could remember seriously misleading her. But her time with Melvin was
indefensible. There was no way she could spin it to make Tami understand
why she was fucking him.
Her joy at seeing Chuck was fading as well. She knew what the horny
little bastard wanted before he got close enough to speak.
"You know the locker room is empty for two straight periods after
lunch period," Chuck informed her.
Oh dear, what could he mean by that? He was pathetically transparent.
"All I need now is to get caught in school," Debbie told him. "I'm
in a lot of trouble you know. It's like my mom is punishing me for the
ones that got away too."
Debbie liked the way that dug at Chuck. He was cute when he felt
guilty. She didn't think she'd have trouble with him.
Melvin was strangely quiet as they played with their chemistry toys.
He was brooding over something. Debbie was beginning to be able to read
him too. She tried to be open for him to talk, but she didn't push it.
They would have time to hash it out later.
"I don't think we should keep doing stuff," Melvin dropped his bomb
that night. "We should just study."
Cut off by the class joke? Debbie's initial reaction was to jump on
him and scratch his eyes out. She took a deep breath and tried to find out
"Why?" she asked. "I thought you were enjoying it."
"You've been nice to me, but I think we better stop before we go too
far," Melvin answered.
"Too far? How much farther can we go? What else is there to do that
we haven't done?" Debbie was confused and for once she had the feeling that
it was her fault she wasn't getting it.
"I don't mean too far in sex," Melvin said, "I mean too far emotionally."
No wonder she was confused. A boy talking about emotions? She still
didn't see his point even now that she knew what he was talking about.
"What does that have to do with it?" Debbie asked, "We didn't have
any emotions when we did it that first time. I like you more now, but why
does that mean we should stop fucking?"
"It's me," Melvin hung his head, "Last night was- wow- too much. I
felt way too much. I can't get it out of my mind. It was like a religious
"I'm sorry, I don't hear the bad part in there," Debbie said.
"I can't think straight. I keep feeling the need to be inside you
that came over me when you had that orgasm on top of me," Melvin explained,
"I wanted you, not just pussy. All about you, even being bossy on that
first day, your pussy, I wanted to be in you, deep in you and cum while
I was holding you."
"That's very poetic, but it sounds more like a compliment than a
reason to stop fucking," Debbie said. "I had a pretty good night myself,
even before that."
"Okay, I'll say it," Melvin said. "I think I'm in love with you. I
know it's stupid, but I can't help but get these feelings when we're
'That's only natural', died on her lips as she tried to understand
what Melvin was saying. He didn't want to fuck anymore because he was in
love with her. Of course he was. It was still hard to understand his
reasoning. He was getting to fuck the woman of his dreams. What was the
"It's okay to be in love with me. I don't mind," Debbie said. "I
don't see why you don't want to fuck the woman you love."
"It's not real that way," Melvin sighed. "I'm only kidding myself.
I don't want it to hurt so much when you get off restriction."
You might think a lot, but you ain't shit in argument, Debbie
thought. If this was all it was, she could talk him out of it.
"You feel real good right now?" Debbie set him up.
"No, I'm really going to miss touching you and all," Melvin said.
"So you've decided to hurt yourself now rather than be hurt later,"
Debbie pounced. "So you're going to hurt before you get another two weeks
of fucking rather than hurt with two weeks fucking under your belt."
"Two weeks of fucking you might be more than I can take," Melvin
said, "I tell you I can't get yesterday out of my mind."
"Then we might as well try and replace it with tonight," Debbie
grinned, "What difference does it make what you can't get out of your
Against all their rules, Debbie opened her blouse and threw it off.
She lazily pushed down the straps of her bra and then slid it to her
waist. She smiled evilly at Melvin as she turned the bra around to undo
the clasp in front.
Half-naked Debbie seemed to be giving Melvin second thoughts. He
knew he was being tempted, but it didn't seem to be helping him resist.
He was still enough Debbie felt emboldened to step forward and put her
hand in his crotch.
She found the beginnings of a good hard-on and she stroked it with
the flat of her hand the three seconds it took to pop fully erect. Melvin
looked like he was going to cry.
"You have to do it at least once more to say goodbye," Debbie made
up a new rule. "I'll even suck you off it that's what you want to
remember me by."
The crying face only reflected the dark night that was passing in
Melvin's soul. He knew the noble, higher path was to refuse her, but he
knew even more surely that he wouldn't be able to resist her. He was
like the sinner who knows yielding to the temptation means damnation and
still yields.
He lingered in the despair of failure only until flesh met flesh.
When Debbie had his prick out and her tongue touched him, there was no
room for his gloom. The warm, slipperiness of her mouth was too good a
feeling to be confounded by thinking.
She was sucking him, but not hard, as she used her mouth like a
shallow cunt on his eager cock. It was too selfish for him to let this be
only for him.
"You don't have to do it that way," Melvin said, "We should both get
something out of it."
The more she gave him, the harder it would be for him to refuse the
next time. Debbie was pleased with his decision. She'd fuck him so well
he'd be hooked.
Secretly, Debbie wanted that as much as Melvin. Whatever he had
done to her with his tongue and fingers the night before made her ache for
him as much as he reported lusting for her. It seemed like she had been in
an orgasmic state for hours. And then that final explosion was like nothing
she had dreamed of before. She wanted Melvin to make her feel that way
She left her skirt and panties on the floor as she got up. She
pulled off Melvin's shirt as he stood dumbly and then had to open his
pants and push them down too. She decided she like him that way.
"Leave them down there and come and get it," she invited Melvin as
she backed up to flop on her bed.
She was quite a sight holding her saddle shoes and bobby socks (they
went with the skirt, don't question my fashion sense) in the air with
bent knees and a yawning pink welcome in between. Melvin somehow fit in
that picture with his pants around his ankles and his big-headed dick
sticking out.
Debbie still imagined the scene correctly, with the rogue clothing
in place, but it was hot cock that she was centered on. Her expectation
had her ready and that cock slipped into her with only a minor discomfort
at having to accept the size. It was too damn good. She wasn't going to
let Melvin take this away from her.
"Melvin, you do feel good inside me," Debbie primed him. "You can't
take that away from me, can you?"
"Oh Debbie, it is good," Melvin groaned.
He was fucking her like a home movie, for reviewing later. And for
every way he explored the feel of her cunt on his cock, Debbie was feeling
the exploration. She wrapped him in her legs. She reached down to grab
his butt. He drew up a knee to push into her like a bulldozer and then
had to pull up the other to follow her as his thrusts moved her across
the bed.
"Don't use it all up now," Debbie gasped in his ear, "If I'm not
going to get another chance, I want your cock in my ass. I want you to
cum in my butt so I don't forget."
The more she gave him, the harder it would be for him to stop. It
was about time to have it that way again anyhow. It seemed that keeping
her rear hole limber was part of making it easier when she was fucked in
the ass.
"Then we better do it soon, because I'm pretty excited," Melvin
gasped back at her.
"We're going to need the K-Y," Debbie said. "You're too big to take
without a lot of warming up or some lubrication."
It never hurt to tell them that their dick was big. Debbie reached
over and found she was too far from her bureau. She had to unwrap from
Melvin and crawl a little way to reach it. When his cock came out, there
was no reason not to roll over and crawl to the edge of the bed.
Debbie sat up to reach in the drawer and then was struck by
inspiration. She stood up and bent over the drawers. She reached behind
herself with both hands and squeezed the jelly onto her finger back there.
"I want you to come and take me like this," Debbie said as she
spread the jelly on her asshole in front of Melvin. "Sit on the edge of
the bed and I'll back up onto it."
It was an interesting half-squat for Debbie. It helped her open her
ass as she pressed back on Melvin's hard cock, but it wasn't near enough
to make him go in easy. There was a pinch as she felt him rush inside.
She felt like a total slut in her position, even more for being the one
that rammed a dick up her own ass.
If she was a slut, she was going to be one all the way. She eased
back to force more of his cock up her ass with a grimace on her face.
"Wait till it gets easier," Melvin piped up, "You're so tight it
He grabbed her hips to hold her and that soon became guiding her
just a little up and back as her asshole loosened. When he pulled her
again it was a light touch. It was more of a permission for her to resume
her labor of forcing his pole into her rectum. Debbie was even excited by
the idea of being a slut now. She slid back slowly to savor the feel of
cramming his thick hunk of meat into her own ass.
It was like a badge of courage that she could take it. It certainly
didn't feel like he left any extra room inside her when his cock invaded
her bowels. Then she was sitting on Melvin and she knew she had it all.
"You can't even let me feel this big thing inside me any more?" she
whined as she ground around with his cock as far up her ass as it would
"I don't know. I can't think now," Melvin whined back.
She knew how tight it felt from how full she felt. She knew she was
warming his cock to the core. She wanted to ride him like she had the
night before, but she knew she wouldn't manage it like he would.
"You've got to stand up now. I can't move with your dick in my ass
the way I'd like," Debbie told him.
He followed her up as she lifted her weight off his lap and she
ended supporting herself on her elbows while bent over the bureau. It was
a perfectly slutty position and she shook her ass like a slut as Melvin
started to fuck her.
She had evidently been pretty good to Melvin. He was pulling out
to jam back into her with a purpose. He was closer than she had thought
he'd be and it showed in the urgency he slapped against her rear.
This was all PR anyway. She had only cum once from being fucked
in the ass. The other time didn't count. She was cumming on Melvin's finger
while he happened to be fucking her ass. She wasn't doing it for
her immediate pleasure. She was working to insure she would have a
chance to feel like she had the night before again.
Melvin was feeling pretty good judging from his shift to frantic
pounding on her butt. He was an animal when he was about to cum. Debbie
was caught by the power he radiated when he was possessing her in his
final fury. His cock owned her butt as he drove into her in his frenzy.
Holding back his yowl made it bubble out in a growl as he came in
her ass. He was particularly brusque ramming his cock into her when
he came this time. Debbie struggled to keep her balance as he slammed
into her with unprecedented force and passion.
"Oh god, Debbie, how can that feel so good?" Melvin was whimpering
as he bent over her with his spent cock still burrowing in her rectum.
"It's supposed to when you do it right," Debbie said, not missing
an opportunity to stroke Melvin's ego. "You get more out of it because
you do it right."
Her plan had gone pretty well up to that point. Worse case she
would have to talk Melvin into fucking her every night. She was sure she
could do that. Hopefully, she had cured him of his stupid ideas that
giving up fucking her would protect his heart.
Then she saw Chuck underneath her window. He was looking right up
at her. She didn't think. She stood up so he wouldn't be able to see
Melvin behind her. She opened the window and hissed at Chuck.
"What are you doing here, I'm grounded," she said as low as she
"You look like you're having fun," Chuck said.
Christ. She was standing by the window naked. She crouched down
"You've got to get out of here before my mother sees you," Debbie
pleaded with Chuck.
It was the reverse she feared more. Chuck was standing six feet
from the window on the basement room where her mother was very likely
fucking Brad as they whispered back and forth. She wanted him to leave
before he looked down there.
"I can't believe you're a big enough slut to fuck Melvin," Chuck
snarled at her. "But now I know what doing it with me was all about."
Nothing was going right any more. Every instinct had been wrong.
She had shown Chuck she was naked and then squatted down so he could
see Melvin in the room. She might as well keep the string alive.
"I only had to be a slut to fuck you, Chuck," Debbie told him,
"You're the one that's sneaking around on a girlfriend."
"Come on, you have to be hard up to fuck Melvin," Chuck snorted.
"Not that it's any of your business, but you'd be surprised who
has fucked Melvin because he knows what he's doing," Debbie came
perilously close to tattling on Linette. "It was you I had to be hard up
to fuck. What was I thinking trying to replace a jock with a jock?"
"Oh yeah? At least I got to fuck a slut. Who knows when I'll
get a chance to do something kinky like that again," Chuck hissed.
"Just go away and call me names at your own house," Debbie told
him, "You can see you're not going to be getting any tonight."
"Wait and see who else thinks you're a slut when I tell them you're
fucking Melvin," Chuck left as a parting shot.
Debbie didn't bother to answer him. He was a minor jock and
beneath her notice. He could tell any tale he wished about her and people
would judge his credibility and not hers.
Melvin was the one wearing the haunted look. He looked pale as she
turned away from the window to face him.
"What's the matter with you?" she asked him.
"I didn't know he could see me," Melvin stuttered, "I was standing
back. Now they'll all know. I'm sorry, Debbie."
"Calm down- and get dressed," Debbie said as she reached for her
own clothes to do the same, "Why do you care if they know you're fucking
"It's supposed to be a secret," Melvin quavered, "I wasn't supposed
to tell."
"Oh, that," Debbie dismissed him lightly, "I guess I didn't tell you
that had changed. That was before on that one day. After I tried to
jack you off in Chemistry it was okay if people knew."
"But what are they going to say when they hear you were with
someone like me?" Melvin said, growing calmer.
"They are going to think as they wish and I am going to neither
confirm or deny," Debbie said, "A gentleman would do the same."
"I- I won't say anything," Melvin promised.
"They'll know because it will make sense after they watch us for a
while and I tell you, you'll look a lot cooler if you keep it to
yourself until they figure out you really have been putting it Princess Debbie,"
she used the term because Melvin had the first time.
"Gosh, people looking at me and knowing I've had you," Melvin
began to smile, "I bet that will feel good."
"As good as when I let you come while I'm sucking you?" Debbie
"Oh gosh no, nothing is like the real thing," Melvin said.
"To tell you the truth, I'm beginning to think the same thing,"
Debbie said with a subtle shift to the conversation. "I didn't get a
chance to answer you when you were trying to dump me before."
"Dump you?" Melvin was incredulous, "I was giving you up, most
painfully, to prevent being hurt worse later."
"It feels the same on my side," Debbie pointed out, "And I don't
want you to. Last night you did things to me no one else has ever come
close to doing. It was in-fucking-credibly good. I'm beginning to think
having those feelings is worth more than almost anything."
"I don't understand what you're trying to say," Melvin said.
"You're good in the sack. You're really good in the sack and I
don't want you to stop fucking me ever. You know how it's been with Brad
so you don't have to worry about that," Debbie tried to explain.
"But you said it isn't going to be a secret much longer," Melvin
"Then we'll let Brad deal with it," she said, "You heard him tell
me I was going to break up with him. It hasn't been perfect between us
and you know why. I haven't said anything about breaking it off because
of her, and we'll see if he wants to break up because of you. It's real
complicated as you can guess."
"It's just confusing," Melvin said.
Melvingate laid a quiet egg in her own circle. Even Steffie's worst
sneer at Debbie's expense was little different from her usual barbs.
Too many had been involved in Melvin planning already. Linette had
fucked him too- bringing back a good report. Tami admitted thinking about
letting him be the first. Even Ashley agreed it sounded like Melvin was
good for something.
Despite what she had told Melvin, Debbie wasn't exactly mum on the
subject. These were her confidants. She didn't exactly admit that she
was fucking him, but her hypotheticals told the rest that it was true.
The sticking point in this little ritual of knowing without saying was
Linette beginning to wonder why Chuck was the one that brought the tale.
That didn't bother Debbie. It still amused her to bring Linette
a little trouble. Chuck would have to fend for himself in that one. He
had turned out to be just another jock after all.
Brad was the one worried by the talk.
"You're going to have to deny it," Brad said flatly. "I'll come
and help you tell Chuck he's a liar to his face."
"I wouldn't give him the satisfaction," Debbie said.
"I don't care what you want. You've got to nip this rumor in the
bud," Brad said.
"But it's not a rumor. What do you think we're doing while you two
are rutting like pigs down there?" Debbie said.
"You would," Brad said. "But it doesn't mean you can't make Chuck
stop saying it."
"Is this causing you a big problem?" Debbie asked. "Are you afraid
of what people will think? Or are you just confused how you'll explain
coming over if you break up with me?"
"Your mom says nobody cares if I come over. We talked about it
when you were going to break up with me," Brad sniffed.
"Then it's up to you because I'm going to keep doing the things
I'm doing," Debbie said.
"But nobody has to talk about it," Brad tried once more.
"Chuck knows and he isn't going to back down," Debbie replied.
"What else might come out if we confront him?"
She wasn't sure Brad could think of anything as damaging. It was
probably the dire tone in her voice that made him pause. He had plenty
to feel guilty about. Maybe he had more than even she knew.
Melvin was also a hard sell.
"People are acting like I started the rumor," Melvin complained.
"Tell them you started the rumor because nobody would believe it
and then you'd get away with it," Debbie said logically.
"That's like starting the rumor again myself," Melvin said.
"That's like starting the rumor by denying it, to be precise,"
Debbie explained, "It's like saying, I'm lying. It doesn't make sense."
"How does that help?" Melvin asked.
"It confuses them. Even if it takes a while for them to get it.
They wonder about that and leave you alone," Debbie said.
The up side came in the argument with her mother. There were
threats and counter threats and then the general understanding that the
punishment had been out of line in the first place. Her mother had only
imposed it because she thought she ought to. Debbie maintained she had
a weak case for knowing what she ought to do.
Linette was the first visitor after the ban was lifted. She had
gotten Chuck to admit everything.
"You were fucking him before any of this happened," Linette accused
"Look Linette, I did screw up a little bit, but let's put it in
perspective," Debbie defended herself. "First off, it wasn't before
everything because you had let Melvin fuck you before I let Chuck fuck
me. I know that doesn't make it right, but maybe the fact that you said
I fixed Chuck after the first time I fucked him makes it easier for you
to take."
"But you went behind my back," Linette pouted.
"Yes I did," Debbie agreed, "I'm sorry. I really was mostly going
behind Brad's back though. He was the one I wanted to do it to."
"But how could you look me in the face?" Linette asked.
"Why do you think I was so anxious to set you up with Brad to
even it out?" Debbie said, "I was feeling very guilty."
Amalgamated history was softening Linette up. She was still an
amateur compared to Debbie.
"It still doesn't square the sneaking around behind my back,"
Linette said.
"What can I do?" Debbie asked.
"I don't know, I guess I just wanted to hear you apologize,"
Linette said.
"Brad is pretty pissed right now, but if Melvin doesn't mind I'd
let him fuck you again to make up for it," Debbie offered.
Linette wasn't prepared for that. She looked over at Melvin, who
had been listening the entire time, and wondered what he was thinking.
"It's not like I'm renting you out, baby," Debbie said to him.
"I'm just being nice to my friends. You know what I think about how
good you are in bed."
"I liked it with Linette," Melvin said. "I'll do it if you want
me to."
Life is an odd thing. The problems never stop changing. The only
thing you can do is be consistent with the way you meet them. You
never know.


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