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BRATSNOTE sucked and licked and our frantic


Story - The Brat's Note

An episode of The Brat

My morning was full of meaningless meetings. I saw Honey walk up to the
conference room door twice while I was trapped in ridiculous debates with
coworkers that apparently had nothing better to do than take up my time.
Honey looked absolutely gorgeous, as usual. Her eyes met mine for just a
moment and she slowly licked her lips. I made a motion that I hoped looked
like "I'm stuck in here and I can't leave, sorry". She left with a pout on
her full red lips. I wondered what mischief she might be up to.

When I finally returned to my desk, I found this note waiting for me:

Sir, I have been thinking about fucking you all morning. Since you were
in a meeting, I decided to wait in your office. While I waited, I sat in
your chair and gently stroked my cunt. I was thinking about your hands,
your cock. I pushed my fingers inside and fucked myself with them, first
slowly, and then faster until I came all over my fingers.

I'll be back at my desk, call me if you need me.

love Honey

I re-read Honey's note several times, my cock swelling more with each
read. I imagined her sitting in my chair, where I was sitting at the
moment, spreading her legs wide as she shoved her fingers deep into her
pussy. I gripped my erection through my pants and squeezed... I was
suddenly so turned on, I felt like I could cum in my pants. Hastily, I
dialed Honey's desk.

She answered the phone, "Do you need me now?" She knew it was me, and
she also probably knew the state she had put me in with her dirty little

"Yes, come here," I growled.

In a moment Honey slipped through my door and closed it behind her. She
began to unbutton her blouse as she walked towards me, her hips swaying
slowly with each step. I reached for her breasts, bound up in a lacey
black bra, as she dropped her top behind her. My fingers tore at her bra,
pushing it down to expose her hardening nipples.

Honey's hands went to my shirt, tugging the knot of my tie untied and
pulling it from my neck. I got an idea, and I reached up to clutch the
silk tie.

I said, "I need your mouth on my cock, Honey." With a slow grin she
knelt in front of me and began to unbutton my pants. While she freed my
aching cock, I took the ends of my tie in each hand and lifted it over her
head and down across the back of her neck. As her hands reached my bare
cock, making me groan, I slowly pulled on the tie, pulling her neck and
head towards my straining erection.

Honey sighed as she felt my tie pulling her head towards me. She opened
her mouth as she allowed the silk to guide her, her lips wet and shiny as I
watched them surround the head of my cock. The heat of her mouth made me
groan, and I continued to pull down with the tie.

Slowly, while I pulled firmly with the tie, her mouth descended over my
cock. I watched as inch by inch the taut shaft disappeared between her
lips. I could feel her tongue, hot and soft, sliding along the bottom
vein, caressing my length. Her mouth felt so good. Without any conscious
control my hips moved back and forth, slowly beginning to fuck her mouth
with my aching cock. The silk band of my dress tie pulled on her neck. I
was reminded of the collar she had worn when I went to her apartment, the
one that made me think of leashes. I pulled on the tie with my hands,
using it like a leash to draw her mouth down my cock, then releasing the
pressure slightly while she slid her mouth back up.

I sped up, fucking her mouth faster as I pulled her head down to meet
each stroke. She wrapped a hand around my shaft, moving it in time with
her lips, increasing the friction that was gradually driving my cock to an
explosion. She sucked and licked, and our frantic rhythm continued to
build. I was desperate to cum, looking down at her mouth around my shaft,
her hair bunched against her neck by my tie taut around her, her breasts bare and delicious as a perfect backdrop to the sight of her sucking me. I
could feel my cock swelling, and then suddenly I was cumming. I gripped
the tie tightly, pulling hard as I sank my cock deep into her mouth and
came, spurting my cum down her throat over and over again. Her tongue
moved against me, her lips tight as she sucked the cum from my cock.

I slumped back against my desk, completely spent. I released both ends
of my tie, leaving it draped around Honey's neck as she stood up and kissed
me. Her mouth was hot as it met mine, her lips soft and tender.

Then she pulled the tie off her neck and wrapped it around mine,
carefully tucking it under my collar and tying it properly. She pulled my
pants closed and buckled them, and when she was satisfied that I was
presentable she made her way back out of my office.

I sat back in my chair, staring at the pile of paperwork I had yet to
do. My eyes fell on the Honey's note, still sitting on my desk. I picked
it up and read it again.

And again.

And eventually, after ignoring my paperwork and re-reading Honey's note
for awhile, I knew I'd be calling her back into my office.


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