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Archived Sex Stories

BRENNAN stories this list might not


Brennan stories

Stories about Bob and Jeanette Brennan

The series begins on their wedding night and has
progressed into their second decade of marriage. More stories
are planned.

This site is under construction. Until it is finished, I am not
going to amend the index every time I add a story. So *some* of
the stories on this list might not be available on the site. All
of the listed stories are on the website,
On the website, the story listed here as XXX.txt would be

All stories on this site are Copyright, Uther Pendragon. You may
download and keep ONE electronic copy of each story for personal use;
but reposting, making hard copies, posting on other websites, etc.
require the specific permission of the author.

Please notify the author of any missing links or missing stories at:

The number of words in each story is listed in {braces} after the story-
code. This is an indication of the length of the download, but does not --
of course -- include the "frame" which is just about the same for each

forever.txt "Forever" (MF rom 1st wl) {1,753} :
First posted June 1996. Their wedding night.

forest.txt "Forest" (MF rom wl) {3,185} :
First posted June 1996. This and the next story take place on their
honeymoon. They walk the Appalachian trail.

forecast.txt "Forecast" (MF rom wl) {2,678} :
First posted October 1996

forestal.txt "Forestalling" (MF rom wl safe) {731} :
First posted July 1996. Their honeymoon is (literally) over, and
they are starting their new life in their new home with their new

foreplay.txt "Foreplay" (MF rom wl) {6,062} :
First posted July 1996

for_him.txt "For Him" (MF rom wl) {8,819} :
First posted October 1996

forks.txt "Forks" (MF cons wl) {2,154} :
First posted April 1997

forthrig.txt "Forthright" (MF rom cons oral wl) {817} :
First posted October 1996

gifts.txt "For These Gifts" (MF wl rom cons oral) {5,558} :
First posted November 1996

now.txt "For Now" (MF mf f-solo cons pett voy) {18,437} :
First posted December 1996. They come home for their first
Christmas as a couple. The story is told from the viewpoint of
Vi, Bob's sister.

tuit.txt "Fortuitous" (MF wl cons) {9,153} :
First posted January 1997

voor.txt "Voortrekkers" (MF mf pett rom cons wl) {11,547} :
First posted March 1997. They move to Boston where Bob will
attend grad school.

formid.txt "Formidable" (MF rom wl cons) {5,515} :
First posted February 2000

taste.txt "Foretaste" (MF rom wl) {5,637} :
First posted May 1997. Bob is teaching in Michigan, and they
decide to start a baby.

effort.txt "For Effort" (MF wl rom) {4,304} :
First posted May 1997

given.txt "'Forgiven'" (MF preg wl cons) {2,079} :
First posted June 1997

foretold.txt "Foretold" (MF rom preg wl) {6,926} :
First posted December 1999

bearing.txt "For Bearing" (MF preg wl rom) {604} :
First posted July 1997

fortissi.txt "Fortissimo" (MF wl cons lac) {1,652} :
First posted August 1997
The first appearance of The Kitten, "The cutest baby in the whole
The term "lac" up there in the parentheses is a story code
indicating that Jeanette is nursing The Kitten -- and
occasionally Bob.

forays.txt "Forays" (MF cons lac wl) {8,392} :
First posted November 1997

forlorn.txt "Forlorn" (MF wl rom lac) {6,972} :
First posted December 1997.

elise.txt "For Elise" (MF rom wl voy lac) {23,558} :
First posted December 1999

"Forget All That" (MF rom cons lac wl) :
First posted December 1997
fat_a.txt Parts 1-3 {10,517}
fat_b.txt Parts 4-6 {11,630}
fat_c.txt Parts 7-9 {16,619}
fat_d.txt Parts 10-12 {13,356}


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