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BRETON girls hand both hers


Breton-American Collection {Pendragon} (MF nc 1st etc.)

Breton-American Collection
Uther Pendragon

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
read electronically transmitted erotic material, please go do
something else.

This material is Copyright, 2001, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
and keeping ONE electronic copy for your personal reading so long
as this notice is included. I would prefer to do my own
reposting, thank you.

If you have any comments or requests, please E-mail them to
me at

All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly

# # # #

Breton-American Collection
by Uther Pendragon

- = - - = -

Spencer Albright
Mythological Scene
Oil on canvas
832 x 471 mm.

Andromeda is tied naked to a large tree in an otherwise stony and
sandy wilderness. Her arms are above her head, her ankles are
tied behind the tree; this thrusts her body forward and spreads
her legs. To our right is the head and severed neck of a sea
serpent. To our left is a stack of Perseus' armor and other
impedimenta. Perseus himself is shown in the act of untying his

- = -
Le Bain des Cousins.
[Bath of the Cousins]
16th ? Century
Gold and Enamel Bowl
Bowl 120 mm. diameter, 43 mm. deep, with Figures 52 and 44 mm. high

The inside of the bowl is covered in black enamel up to ca. 1 cm.
of the rim. The 5 cm. figure of the naked boy rests on the
enamel to just above his waist. He is naked and slightly erect.
The 4.5 cm. figure of the girl, on the opposite side, only has
her feet touching the enamel. She is also naked, with her hips
and one hand on the rim and the other hand hiding her pudenda.
When the bowl contains water up to the level of the enamel,
however, the hairless pudenda -- in exquisite detail -- are
visible in reflection. The boy seems to be looking at that

- = -
La Cascade
[The Waterfall]
Eduard Denude
Oil on canvas
732 x 353 mm.

A pinkish-brown rock wall, black water streaming unhindered in
front of it until it meets two symmetrical, nearly spherical,
eruptions of white foam at the bottom of the painting.

- = -
Dunyazade Asks For a story Spencer Albright
Mythological Scene
Oil on canvas
232 x 576 mm.

Two girls. One, ca. 15 years old, is lying on a bed. We see
only one arm and her head turned to look down that arm. She
is open-mouthed in shock or agony. The other, ca. 8, is facing
her holding the older girls hand in both of hers. We see her
from a little above the waist. There is a tear just starting
from her eye.

- = -

Un Etude Pour <<La Cascade>>
[A Study For "The Waterfall"]
Eduard Denude
Figure study
Charcoal and crayon on paper
152 x 98 mm.

A nude woman seen from the back. She holds her long hair up at
the back of her head so that the ends just brush the top of her
buttocks. Those buttocks are highlighted with swirls of white
crayon. Several other partial sketches of the same scene are in
the corners of the paper, each with the white highlights.

- = -

Gerald Bridge
Mythological Scene
Acrylic on board
427 x 841 mm.

A modern barn. In left center, a naked woman bends over, facing
left, supporting herself on a bale of hay. Her large dangling
breasts just miss the hay. On the right, a bull sporting an
erection approaches her.

- = -
La Forete
[The Forest]
Eduard Denude
Oil on canvas
460 x 392 mm.

A symmetric valley leads towards a forested mount. The nearby
stone is featureless; the distant mount has contours, but the
trees nearly hide them.

- = -
Die Geschwesteren
[The Sisters]
Heinrich Geh
Oil on wood
623 x 548 mm.

On the right: The edge of a plantation mansion. Leaning out of
an upper window is a young woman in elaborate costume and
elegantly arranged hair. On the left: a young woman at ground
level with her hands tied to a rectangular frame. She is
collapsed forwards, and -- by the marks on her back -- has
evidently been lashed very recently. Aside from the clothes and
hair, the two women are identical; in face, in shape, even in
their pose.

- = -
Robert Jameson
Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
732 x 425 mm.

Figure of a supine woman; fully painted from the waist to the
knees (at bottom of picture), merely sketched in above the
waist, except for two bright nipples. The thighs, although fully
painted, are fuzzy as if out of focus. So is a
disproportionately large man's hand above the right thigh. In
the hand is a paintbrush which is depicted in increasing
sharpness towards the tip. This spreads a very thin line of
intense red up the center of the woman's pubic thicket. The line
has reached about the height of the midpoint of her thighs.

- = -
La Mariee Heureuse Va Se Laver
[The Happy Bride Goes To Wash]
Pierre Raimond
Oil on canvas
327 x 318 mm.

The view is of a woman's buttocks and thighs, with only enough
space above her to show that she is bent over and only enough bed
on either side to see that she is leaving it. There is a splash
running down her right (far) thigh; it is white, streaked with
pink. Another, smaller, drop falls towards that thigh.

- = -
John Salway
Acrylic on board
932 x 476 mm.

A woman from directly in front. Her head hangs down so that the
hair covers her face. Her left arm covers all of her
breasts save the swells at the bottom. Her right hand covers her
pudenda, except the left top corner of her pubic hair. Below
that hand, we see the open end of a condom. It is dangling from
her sex.

- = -
La Muraille
[The Wall]
Eduard Denude
Oil on canvas
450 x 260 mm.

Featureless, pink-sandstone walls slope upwards on either side.
Directly in front is (from bottom to top) a wall of somewhat
brighter color than the ones on either side reaching nearly to
the center of the canvas, the rounded top of an doorway just
seen over the wall, a spout -- as if for rainwater, an elaborate
window with a woman in medieval headgear looking out, the domed
roof of the building with a few sprigs of ivy crowing on it. The
sky is a bright, springtime, blue.

- = -

Lydia Castillo
Oil on canvas
500 x 300 mm.

A naked woman lies on a bed, our point of view is from above her
head. Her feet are drawn together and near her buttocks; her
left knee is on the bed and her right knee is nearly on the bed
on the other side. Her hands grip the sheet on either side of
her buttocks. Her face is in a grimace which could be pain, could
be ecstasy. Through a window at the foot of the bed pours golden
light. This concentrates at her groin, and spills off to her
left side. At that edge, there are a few golden coins.

- = -
Prenuptial Coiffeur
Peter Fabian
Harem Scene
Oil on canvass
1237 x 1981 mm.

In the center of a harem scene (as traditionally depicted by 19th
century European painters) a woman with quite pale skin lies
across two Persian carpets. She is surrounded by women and girls
of tints from tan to ebony. None of them wear anything below the
neckline. Three of them are dressing the central woman's auburn
hair. Several are holding her wrists and ankles. One at each
armpit and one at each side of her waist are plucking her hair
with tweezers. The ones at her groin are about half done, enough
undone to show that she is even redder below than above -- enough
done to give us a view of the already plucked lips. These are
puffy, slightly spread, and aimed straight at the viewer.

- = -
The Reason
Trevor Harding
Acrylic on board
607 v 607 mm.

On the left is a face, despite being turned half away from us and
depicted in yellow, it is clearly recognizable as the face from
Munch's "Scream." On the right, reaching from the right edge
well past the center of the picture, painted in a bright red and
looking more plastic than flesh, is an enormous phallus.

- = -
La Tache
[The Task]
Eduard Denude
Oil on canvas
620 x 235 mm.

A fissure leads upwards from the viewer on a vertical face of
whitish rock. Towards the top of the picture, the fissure is
blocked by a boulder of the same sort of rock. A much smaller
crevice splits the bottom two thirds of the boulder.

- = -
La Vallee
[The Valley]
Eduard Denude
Oil on canvas
540 x 325 mm.

A valley. The sides nearest us are bare and featureless. Over
those, we can see another -- verdant -- set of hills on either
side. In the center foreground, the far side of a hole or tunnel
just beginning. Beyond that, a spring. Beyond the spring, the
sides of the valley come together in more intricate folds leading
to a verdant hill just at the top of the picture.

- = - - = -

Breton-American Collection
Uther Pendragon

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Journal of Desire Winter-Spring 2000-2001

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