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BROWBEAT2 sucked faster and played with


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Browbeaten II
Denise's Report
She went back to being Denise. No remarkable change came
over her after our night of incredible sex. She was hopeless about the
report of her past sexual experiences. Not that she was resisting
revealing it all, she was still ready to do as she was told. She just had
no idea how to go about it.
I could sympathize. I didn't have a ready answer either. A
narrative would have been nice, but I knew that was beyond Denise. I
thought about it and decided she could do it by categories- just fill in
the answers for a base group of questions. For everything she had
done, regular sex, oral, anal, bondage, spanking, group, whatever, she
could answer the questions. How old were you the first time? Who did
it? Were you willing? How did they convince you/force you to do it?
How many times have you done it? What was the best part? What was
the worst part?
She typed away for two days and then handed me her report.
"Very good," I said, "Take off your clothes and sit on my desk
as I read it."
She complied as if she had been waiting for me to want her
with anticipation. Her eagerness, if that was what it was, touched me
and I took off my coat and trousers and boxers before I sat down. I
would let her watch my reaction to her history and, perhaps, give her
an easy path for any service I might require from her. Then I began to

Denise XXXXXXX (childlike and unoriginal,
but no modesty or shame either)
Part I- Sex at first. My grandparents had a room over the
garage and the four girls and two boys in the neighborhood would go
there and show each other their genitals. One boy played doctor with
me and wanted to put sticks inside my holes. It hurt when he tried to
stick them in my vagina, so I only let him put them in my anus. He
wanted me to play with him when it was my turn to be 'nurse' but I
didn't want to.
(That was a little farther back than necessary, but boded well
for her willingness to reveal every little detail of her sexual
experiences. The revelation didn't effect my dick at all.)
The other girls didn't like to play those games at all, so only the
boy and I eventually got caught. He was unimpressed with the
whipping he got, but I refused to continue our games. I feel like that
was my first break-up.
Part I- real sex. In junior high we had our first real gym classes.
Our teacher was a lesbian and picked me to be her pet, literally.
Publicly, she humiliated me by making me go to the showers early, but
that was so she would find me wet and naked when she dismissed the
rest of the class. It gave her time to fondle me while the other girls
were getting ready. She kept asking me if I liked this or that and said
she was giving me the best feelings a girl could have. I felt funny about
it and it didn't make my classmates like me much, but I really didn't
mind her touches. Sometimes she let me touch her back through her
clothes, but she really only wanted to touch me. She did this for two
years- until we got another gym teacher.
Part I- boys. I developed early, not like I am now, but enough
to put me ahead of most of the other girls. That made the boys think I
wanted to 'do it', though most of them had only the foggiest notion of
what 'it' was. One boy told me he wanted to pee in my butt. He just
talked dirty, but some of the other boys tried to 'accidentally' feel me
up. I was willing to let them but they didn't wait around to find that
out. Grab a feel and run was more like it. One of the boys finally asked
me to a dance and then asked me if he could 'touch them' meaning my
breasts. I wanted to take off my shirt, but he was afraid and I told him
that he couldn't touch me if I couldn't touch him. He was scared off.
He must have bragged because other guys became more bold.
Finally, one of the boys agreed to the mutual touching session. We did
it behind the school in an overgrown lot. He was timid about dropping
his pants at first, but forgot that when I dropped mine. I let him see my
naked little bumps and touch them. While he felt me up I rubbed him
too and his little dick spit out this sticky stuff in about a minute.
Then it was over for him. He wanted a repeat every day, but I
hadn't got much out if it. He didn't even act like he liked me. He just
wanted me to rub him. But my 'bad' reputation led to some perks. The
boy who had been afraid for me to open my shirt had bragged to his
brother, a high school freshman. His brother wanted to see me, but he
was afraid I'd tell what really happened. His brother found me anyway
and I did tell him.
The first boy really hated me then, but his brother thought he
was going to be Casanova. He said all this romantic stuff he must have
read in a book, but he wanted me to rub him too. At least he rubbed me
back and gave me my first orgasm with a boy. He was the first one that
sucked on my tits as well.
I had intercourse the first time when I was 16. The guy was a
senior and he didn't even hang around with me at school. He called me
at home and talked and he'd come pick me up. He thought because he
brought beer that I would think of it as some kind of date. We did the
stuff I normally did with boys and one night he said it was time to 'pop'
I was unsure about the whole thing. I wanted to find out what it
was like, but his penis looked very big and I had been told so much
bad stuff about intercourse. But he wasn't exactly asking my
permission and I didn't try to fight him.
It was a lot like the boy whose dick I first rubbed except it hurt.
It was over quickly and I didn't feel anything except the pain. And he
lost interest right after that. He bragged too, because then a lot of guys
wanted to have intercourse with me.
I think I had intercourse about 50 times in high school and
about 500 times since then. That's kind of a guess.
(It was better than I thought she could manage. My member
was stirring as I read, but the dry, matter of fact telling wasn't getting
me real hot. I must have shown I was impressed, because Denise was
grinning as she sat naked on my desk and watched me read.)
Part II-Oral sex. Nobody would lick me until I was in high
school. I had several boys in my mouth before that ever happened. I
was almost 14 when one of the boys that wanted me to rub him also
wanted more. He told me how good it would feel if I put my mouth
'down there'. I didn't even think of it as kissing him where he peed. It
was a kind of interesting idea, but I could tell he wouldn't be able to do
anything to me if I was in that position. He pretty much begged me to
do it and I leaned down and kissed his thing. It got all jumpy and red
and he told me to open my mouth and put it in. When I did that, he
came right away. I thought that was rude. It surprised me and I yelled
at him. He seemed like he felt bad about it, scared really. Anyway, I
didn't do anything with him again.
The message got around. Nobody just wanted me to rub them
anymore. But for the first time I got to make up some of the rules. I
told boys to warn me before it spit. I got some mouthfuls of cum even
so, but I never did those boys again. Otherwise I would put a
handkerchief over it and suck on that right at the end. Later, I let some
of them cum in my mouth, but only if they warned me they were
coming. I did it with about a dozen boys in high school before I lost
my virginity. I guess I did it 30 or 40 times before and then almost
every time I had intercourse afterwards, except I didn't finish them. I
guess I've finished it about 200 times since then.
Part III- masturbation. I learned it from my gym teacher in
junior high. It was okay, but seemed pointless. I guess I've masturbated
50 or 60 times, sometimes because a boy wanted to watch.
(The short section on masturbation broke my concentration. Her
history was well thought out and seemed complete, but wasn't as
exciting as my anticipation of learning her secrets had made me hope. I
told her I wanted to help her get over the 200 mark and told her to
climb down and suck me while I read on. When I flipped the page, I
found my timing was good.)
Part IV-anal sex. Some guys wanted to put it in my ass in high
school, but their reasons were lame. They said it would leave me a
virgin, but they were too late for that. They just had intercourse with
me. The owner/cook of the restaurant I worked in after high school
didn't try to use an excuse. He told me I needed to find out what it was
like. I found out it was creepy. He did it to me in the kitchen after
work with me bent over the butcher block table. He used a lot of
melted butter to grease me up and it was too hot. It wasn't that bad
when it put it in. It hurt, but I don't remember it hurting like when I lost
my other cherry. It did take him a long time to get finished and that
made my ass ache- like a cramp ache. I didn't get much out of it. Since
then, I guess I've done it 200 times. A lot of guys like it best.
Sometimes I like it too, when the guy tries to get me off with his hand
when he does it. It's mainly getting an orgasm that is good, but it's a
special orgasm with a thing in my behind.
(I think I would have gotten an erection from picturing her
leaning over the table while her boss poured butter on her asshole. She
already had me stiff and horny by that time, however. I noted what she
liked about anal sex for future reference.)
Part V- bondage. I don't think of this as sexy at all. There was a
guy that liked to tie my hands loosely with the sash of my bathrobe and
pretend he was raping me, but that was the best of that kind of stuff. A
couple of guys asked about it and one of them did tie me to his bed.
He had a whole dresser full of leather stuff and used leather cuffs on
my ankles and wrists and chains to tie me to the bed. He tried to act
scary, but all he did was have intercourse with me tied down. I was 22
at the time. He threatened to tie me up and whip me, but I stopped
seeing him.
(I could sympathize with guys that wanted the bondage
experience with her. She was the wrong girl. It was obvious that she
had already become a willess, easily manipulated girl by the time she
finished high school. There would be little thrill in tying down a girl
that wouldn't have moved anyway. That made the next part of her
report a surprise.)
Part VI- spanking. One of my father's friends that I called
'Uncle' got around to this. I was 18 or 19 and 'uncle' had always been
real interested in me- copping feels and stuff as I grew up. He was like
40 or 50 and invited me to his place one day. He wanted me to tell him
stuff like in this report and I could see he was getting aroused as I told
him about my sex life. Then he told me I was a naughty girl and that he
would like to punish me. When I didn't say anything, he told me to
take off my panties and lie across his lap.
I could feel his erection poking me in the stomach as I lay there
and he kept kind of poking it into me as he lifted my skirt up. He just
rubbed my naked butt for a long time, but then he spanked me. It was
like a play spanking mostly, but then he really hit me hard and right
away I felt the lump poking me get all wet. He told me I needed more
of it and I guess I went back seven or eight times and the same thing
happened. We never had any other kind of sex. One other guy like to
slap my butt when I was doing oral sex on him. It just distracted me. I
think it must be a thing just guys like.
(But she had gone back for more. I thought she liked it more
than she admitted.)
Part VII- group sex. After I lost my virginity, a bunch of guys
wanted to all do me at the same time- or at least one after the other.
My boyfriend (for almost a month counting before and after) was real
non-committal about the whole thing. I think he wanted to impress the
guys, but I'm not sure he wanted them to be able to say they had all
done it. I thought it would be all right if they all got me off, but I didn't
think they would, so I wasn't real excited about it either. They finally
pressured him into bringing me to a park. When he was still hesitant to
turning me over to them, they called him a liar and things. Anyway, it
ended up that I got on my knees and they lined up and I sucked them
off. Just so they would be impressed, I let them all squirt their stuff in
my mouth. I didn't like the stuff in my mouth, but I felt pretty proud of
taking on all five guys.
Later in high school, I let my current boyfriend and one of his
friends have sex with me together. We did it three or four different
times and they had intercourse and oral sex with me at the same time
and they had intercourse with me one after the other. In college, a frat
guy asked me to 'be nice' to a couple of guys and they did me together
too. That led to me being the party girl at one of their parties and I had
sex with five or six guys that time. It was the first time I had a boy in
my vagina and anus at the same time. I gave someone oral sex during
part of that as well. I was pretty disappointed with the whole thing. I
knew they didn't think much of me and they certainly weren't worried
about me having a climax. I had a couple while they were taking me
one after the other, but it wasn't that good. Since then, I've done two
guys about six times and at last year's Christmas party I had sex with
all the engineers but you. Nobody used my ass. I just had intercourse
and oral sex with them. (There were another 10 engineers in the
company. I wondered why I was the last to know she was sexually
(By this time, I was having a hard time resisting the urgent pull
of her mouth. I waited to turn the page until I came. I told her I was
almost there and she sucked me faster and played with my balls until I
shot off into her mouth. I joked with her about the handkerchief trick
and she even smiled a little.)
Part VIII- exhibitionism. (I hadn't expected this, but it gave me
further insights on how her lack of initiative was formed.) I was 21
when a guy that was dating me told me to do it. I guess he thought I
would like it. I can see how some women might. I know he liked it a
lot. He pulled up by a group of high school boys and rolled down my
window. He told them to look and he told me to show them my
breasts. I did and then he pulled away. He wanted me to leave my
breasts exposed, so I think he wanted to show me off again, but he was
so excited he pulled into an alley and had intercourse with me. I think
he also wanted to have sex in a public place, but he was too timid to
pull it off. Then next time I can think of is when my boss made me
strip naked and walk around the office the rest of the day.
(I caught that. It was a rare display for her and I enjoyed my
part in her sexual history.)
Part IX-humiliation. The guy that had be show my breasts to
the high school kids wanted to do this. I think he gave up because I
didn't understand. He wanted me to beg for things but I guess I didn't
do it in a way that excited him. He sometimes called me a lot of names
for no reason, too. I think he was trying to humiliate me then.
Part X- scatological. The first I encountered it was when my
'uncle' wanted to watch me pee. I thought it was weird and all, but it
wasn't that big a thing. Then he wanted me to try and go while I was
laying across his lap with a bare butt. That was strange but I learned
how because he like it so much. It made him get the wet spot on his
lump a lot faster. The next time was when one of the frat boys in the
big party called me a 'worthless slut' after they had all used me and
urinated on me. It was smelly and it itched after a while. It never
happened, but the guy that exposed me told me he would piss in my
mouth. I don't know if that belongs here or under humiliation.
Part XI- homosexuality. The first was the gym teacher. About
the same time I had a girlfriend that told me our breasts would grow
faster and bigger if we touched each other. We played with each other's
tits and practice tongue kissing. I got very excited many times, but we
never put our mouths between each other's legs.
Whew! Eleven parts and I had found out that she had done
pretty much everything. It still didn't answer where her submissiveness
came from, only that it was in place by high school. And it showed that
deep down there really was a Denise in there, but that she didn't show
her to anyone except in glimpses.
It also showed me that all my praise for doing a good job,
whenever that happened, wasn't going to touch the deeper causes of her
timidity. It might make her open up a little to me, however, and I
complimented her on her report. She smiled happily up at me from her
position between my legs.
Yes, she would be a challenge to lure out of her shell and I
wondered why I cared. Then Mr. Big Picture, one of the facets of my
mind, told me that I should relax and go with it. He filled my head
with scenes of 'how it would be' and his point was I would be having
constant on demand sex of every type that suited my whim while I
tried to draw her out. And I knew the reason I cared was simply that
Denise was a problem and I was a problem-solver.
I had touched a common thread there, but of course, I had no
clue at that time.

-------------------------Next----- Denise tells us what she thinks.-----


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