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BUBBA2 stretch them back but her youthful


Bubba Seizes the Day

Copyright Dave Haugen 2002

M/F rape torture
If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature
focusing on rape, humiliation and non-consentuality is
personally offensive to you, please do NOT read any
further! Thank you!
Part 2

Morning came as the sun started to peek in through the
windows of Charlie's Gym, waking Bubba up from a
terrific sleep. The moment Bubba opened his eyes, he
looked towards Jennifer to see what she was up to.
Amazingly, Jennifer was asleep, adorably so. Her little
butt was hanging in mid air by her legs via the elastic
rope, and the vibrating massager was still humming away,
sitting fully on her spread open crotch. Bubba chuckled
to himself, wondering how she could have managed to fall
asleep with that constant buzzing distraction, but then
he decided it must have been a result of pure
exhaustion. He had admittedly put her through a lot in
her young life last night, but today was going to be
even more challenging. Yes, there was nothing like
helping a young gymnast with her stamina, thought Bubba,
it was the least he could do for her.

Standing up, Bubba walked over to Jennifer and turned
off the massager. Noticing the wet stain in her green
leotards all around the crotch area, Bubba hoped that
she had gone through some agonizing orgasms throughout
the night. And if not, well, who cared.

Lifting the massager off of her, Bubba leaned in closer
to examine his handiwork. The wafting smell of young
pussy juice reached his nostrils as he sniffed at her
crotch like some over aroused dog. She had leaked like
a faucet all night long. A few minutes passed as Bubba
was sure to breathe in Jennifer's heavenly odor. The
next question was, how to wake the sleeping gymnast?

Bubba headed into the gymnasium's kitchen to prepare a
few treats for later, then returned to the balance beam,
deciding it was time to wake Jennifer up. 8 o'clock am,
and time for another full day of hard training. Her
nipples were poking so nicely into the open air through
the holes he had cut into the front of her leotard,
meant Bubba just had to start there. Reaching down,
Bubba gently placed each nipple in between his thumbs
and forefingers and prepared a grip. And what a grip it
was. Jennifer's eyes bolted open and she let out a
blood curling scream as Bubba squished her nipples
almost totally flat in a crushing hold.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Jennifer as her sleep
was so rudely interrupted by the hands of a janitor, who
less than 12 hours ago, she wouldn't have even looked
at. Bubba kept his firm crushing grip on them, feeling
her chest and body wiggling around, trying to find a way
to escape the pain he was inflicting.

"Rise and shine Jenny girl! You gotta long day ahead of
you, and I thought I would start off by exercising those
great lungs of yours!" Bubba started to add some
twisting motions to his grip on her nipples, causing
more agonizing screams from Jennifer. Eventually, the
screaming became too loud, so Bubba let go and grabbed
her chin with his hand, forcing her to look directly
into his eyes.

"Girl!!! Calm down! Remember the deal we discussed
earlier?? You behave for me, and you don't get raped.
You misbehave, and, well, I won't be responsible for the
black baby that ends up growing inside your belly. Well
actually I will. But it will be a result of you not
doing what I want. Remember???"

Breathing quickly, Jennifer stared at Bubba with total
hatred in her eyes, wanting to scratch his eyes out, to
kick him so hard where she knew it would hurt, to do
anything to inflict her hate upon him. However, reality
returned quickly to her as she so wanted to get out of
this horrible situation without him raping her, and deep
down inside, she truly believed that if she submissively
went along with everything he wanted, that he wouldn't
force himself sexually on her. After all, he had
behaved so far without going as far as sex, just maybe
he was serious in not wanting any DNA evidence from
sperm to be on her, so Jennifer decided that she had to
curb her anger and hatred long enough to get out of this
horrible mess.

"Ok ok, as long as you promise not to rape me, I'll do
anything for you!!" replied Jennifer, feeling nauseous
for having to even speak to this black bastard. Bubba
smiled. "Atta girl Jenny. Now, I'm going to pinch your
nipples again, not nearly as hard, and I want you to
smile at me, and make it a damn good happy convincing
smile, and tell me that you love me. If I'm not
convinced the first time, I squeeze your nips harder
until I am convinced. Got it? Go!"

Jennifer wanted to kill him, but somehow, as the pain
returned her to her aching nipples, she managed to force
out a smile and said to Bubba, in staccato words,

Inside, Bubba's stomach tingled with butterflies like a
kid on Christmas morning opening presents. He
absolutely loved this. He loved watching as Jennifer
obviously had to force those words out of her mouth.
And that phony smile! Fantastic. It must have been
killing her inside to say those words and to keep that
expression, thought Bubba. He just had to see more.

"No way. I don't believe you. I want you to tell me
again, not just that you love me, but how much, and
about how much you love black men, and how sluts like
you just love making men like me happy. I want you to
improvise and make it good, or this is just a sample of
what you get..." Bubba squeezed down on both nipples
firmly in one quick punctuating move, causing Jennifer
to emit a lovely little yelp, before loosening them

"Ok!! Please, don't pinch me anymore!!! I can't take
it!!!" replied Jennifer, tears forming in the corners of
her eyes from the sharpened pain in her poor sensitive
nipples. Then she began. "I love you, I love black

Bubba quickly interrupted. "Ah ah're
forgetting that sweet little smile girl! Come on!"
Jennifer inhaled deeply, and Bubba watched as her smile
returned. "I love black men like you who make sluts
like me happy. I love you."

Bubba released her nipples completely. "There, now that
wasn't so bad was it?" When he received no response,
Bubba repeated his question in a stronger, deeper tone,
causing Jennifer to quickly answer "No".

"I think I deserve a nice wet juicy kiss for making you
smile, dontcha think Jenny?" Bubba watched as
Jennifer's face scrunched up with the thought of kissing
him, and it totally pissed him off. Big time. "I
SAID...dontcha THINK????"

"Yes yes!!!" came her quick reply, fearing that he would
hurt her nipples again, now that the sharp pain in them
had just begun starting to turn into a dull heavy ache.
She just knew that they were going to be severely
bruised from his fingers, and the last thing she wanted
was any more hurting, as her pussy was completely sore
from having that dildo in her last night.

"Good," continued Bubba, "But it won't be my lips
you'll be kissing Jenny dear. It'll be my big black

Jennifer's eyes opened as wide as saucers. Bubba loved

"What?????" she bolted out as Bubba stood up, and began
to undo his belt before letting his pants fall down to
the floor. She gasped out in horror when Bubba removed
his burgundy boxer shorts, revealing a huge, black,
semi-flaccid penis hanging between his legs. It must
have been at least 8 inches long, and as thick as her
wrist. She couldn't imagine how big it must grow when
he was fully aroused and erect. There was no way she
could allow herself to be raped by such a monstrous man,
thought Jennifer, she had to do everything in her power
to stop that from happening!

"Now, I'm gonna squat over your sweet little tongue, and
you're gonna give my ass the licking of the century.
After all, I sucked your pussy last night, so this is
the least you can do to repay me." Jennifer tried to
mentally prepare for her inevitable degradation as she
licked her dry lips and tried not to burst into tears,
while Bubba, naked from the waist down, stood on either
side of her shoulders before squatting down in a deep
knee bend. With his huge black hairy ass just inches
from her face, Bubba forced Jennifer to look upwards at
a site she never imagined she would one day be forced to
see. Bubba's rear end was enormous, with curly black
hair patched sporadically around from the deep crack of
his ass to his dangling balls. His anus was all
scrunched up and puffy, centered deep in between his
spread out legs. A sheen of sweat glistened all over
Bubba's skin, making Jennifer's tummy totally sink,
knowing what he expected of her. Thinking back,
Jennifer had once quickly licked the butt of an ex
boyfriend back in high school, just to be cute and
playful, but he was thin, young, clean, and most
importantly, white! She couldn't imagine how horrible
this sickeningly repulsive act was going to be. But she
was going to find out through first hand experience.

"Ok Jenny babe. Now stick out that little pink tongue
of yours and give my asshole a nice kissy-bath. And
don't forget to lick off all the sweat, I haven't had a
shower for two days now. Oh yeah, and my balls need
cleaning too. Get to it!!" Bubba was so honored,
squatting over this young 90 pound white racist gymnast,
about to get his asshole cleaned by a tongue that had
probably bad mouthed his entire race her whole life.
Retribution is good, Bubba thought happily.

As for Jennifer, her racial hatred was growing. But she
knew she had no choice. Slowly, her tongue inched
upwards as Bubba dropped down a few more inches, and
finally made contact with one of his butt cheeks. The
heavy pungent odor of male sweat quickly filled her
nostrils, and the salty sensation on the tip of her
tongue, caused her to retract it quickly as she turned
her head away from the horror above her. A quick grasp
of her nipples reminded her that avoidance was
inevitable, and that she just had to get this over with.
Moaning from pain from Bubba's finger grasp of her
nipples again, Jennifer replaced her tongue onto his
huge left ass cheek and proceeded to lick. Over and
over, Jennifer licked all around Bubba's perineum and
ass cheeks, effectively cleaning him from his own body
sweat. And Bubba loved every wet minute of it.

"Oh Jenny, that's fucking great! Keep it up girl! We
finally found something your tongue can do that doesn't
annoy the shit outta me! Don't forget my asshole girl!
And keep your eyes on the prize bitch, or your nipples
will be as blue as your eyes." Bubba lewdly loosened
his huge asshole and squeezed it again in a disgusting
wink. Jennifer knew Bubba was watching her, so she kept
her eyes open as her tongue touched his asshole for the
first time. The instant taste of shit was there, and
Jennifer didn't think she could do it. But a bit of
pressurized encouragement from Bubba's digits caused her
to continue on. For the next ten minutes, Bubba settled
down on Jennifer's face, allowing her to lick his
asshole clean, resulting in the heavy smells to be
pressed all over her tongue, lips, cheeks, nose and
chin. Whew, thought Bubba, she did it. This little
white slut just licked all the sweat and slime from his
asshole. Could things get any better than this? Oh
yeah they could!

Standing up, Bubba loved watching Jennifer twisting her
head in an attempt to wipe her slimy lips off onto her
shoulder. She was really repulsed by that. When Bubba
started to undo the elastic ropes holding her legs up in
the air, Jennifer watched him carefully. Bubba let
Jennifer down, and untied her completely. Her legs were
so sore and stiff that she had to carefully massage and
stretch them back, but her youthful healthy body
recovered quickly, and Bubba began to prepare his next
creative idea.

"Ok Jenny, you did just fine. I haven't ever had such a
nice tongue bath like that before. You must have done
that before, you're a natural! Now, today, we're going
to start off doing some exercises to get your heart
going. Sound like fun?"

Instantly Jennifer reacted. "Please...don't put
anything inside me again, I can't take it!!! Please!"
Her pleading and begging was so refreshing to hear.
"Well, we'll just have to see how well you perform.
Stand up and head over to the Stairmaster. You're about
to do some climbing."

Bubba watched as Jennifer sluggishly stepped onto one of
Charlie's special Stairmaster machines. It had a series
of controls on it that allowed the user to control the
length of each climb as well as the resistance. Bubba
wanted to see Jennifer sweat big time, and some good
incentive would most certainly help.

"Now, I want you to start climbing those stairs
Jenny...FAST!!!! If I think for a second that you're
not working as hard as a little white girl should, I'll
start whipping your tight little ass with my belt. Got
it?? Now go!!"

Without a second's hesitation, Jennifer held onto the
handles with her fingers, and began pumping her legs up
and down in a series of climbing motions. Bubba paced
back and forth all around the machine, enjoying the view
of her muscular little legs pumping up and down, her
tiny ass bobbing back and forth, and her heaving chest
with her swollen nipples pointing forward. Bubba reached
out and started to remove Jennifer's scrunchie, noticing
that the moment he touched her, she began stepping
faster, as though she was scared of being hurt. What a
good girl, such a quick learner. Once the scrunchie was
removed, Jennifer's ponytail fell apart, and her
shoulder length brunette hair cascaded down around the
back of her neck. Bubba was amazed at how her face lost
two or three years of youth once the ponytail dissolved.
She looked more mature this way, but also less sluttier,
less Lolitaish. So Bubba forced Jennifer to replace her
scrunchie back into its gymnast position.

After 10 grueling minutes, Jennifer's legs were quickly
filling up with lactic acid, and her movements as a
result, were slowing down noticeably. Reaching back for
his belt, Bubba reminded her of the consequences of
slowing down, which resulted in a sudden increase in her
pace, but her legs just couldn't handle it anymore.
With a raise of his arm, Bubba slashed the end of his
leather belt right across both cheeks of her tight
leotard-encased ass. The SMACCKKKKKKing sound was so
loud, it shocked Bubba more than it did Jennifer.

"NOOO!!!!!!!" cried Jennifer as she instantly jumped off
the Stairmaster, prepared to run, but instead, she
crumpled into a ball, rubbing her stinging butt. Bubba
laughed as he explained calmly to her that he warned her
what would happen, and that she had no one to blame for
her belting other than her. He told her to get back
onto the Stairmaster, but Jennifer started begging over
and over again that her legs were too tired to climb
anymore. Tightening his grip on the belt, Bubba raised
it up, saying she was going to get a more severe
beating, and that caused Jennifer to beg profusely, as
she quickly resumed her position on the Stairmaster and
continued her pumping.

Sweat was covering her entire body as Jennifer exercised
harder than she ever had in her life. Bubba almost felt
sorry for he watched her struggling
with every step as though her life depended on it. In a
way, it kind of did, thought Bubba as he chuckled to
himself. When she ultimately began to tire, Bubba
whipped her ass ten more times before she collapsed to
the floor, trying to shield herself from the leather
belt. Bubba loved watching her squirming on the floor
in pain, with some noticeable red marks across the sides
of her legs where the belt had reached. She was
sniffling, although she wasn't crying, and that too
impressed Bubba. She was a fighter, but he was going to
have so much fun testing her resolve.

"My oh my Jenny girl. You're a mess! Look at your
skin! You're covered in sweat. We need to get you
cleaned up big time." Picking her up around the waist,
Bubba carried her into the swimming pool area. No
resistance at all, thought Bubba; she was certainly too
hot and tired to put up a struggle. Bubba placed her
down onto the tiled floor at the side of the pool.
Taking her left wrist in one hand, and her left ankle in
another hand, Bubba picked her up and began twirling her
in pivoting circles, giving Jennifer an airplane ride.
With great aim and greater force, Bubba flung her over
10 feet into the air over the pool and she sunk down
with a loud splash. Laughing heartily, Bubba watched as
Jennifer surfaced, gasping and coughing for air, dog
paddling to the far side of the pool, and finally
climbing out. Bubba followed her over and gave her an
insincere apology as he laughed so hard, he could barely

"Oh Jenny girl, don't be mad at me! I was just trying
to cool you down a little." When Bubba thought he heard
her mutter something like 'son of a bitch' under her
panting breath, he grabbed her angrily by her arm and
pulled her towards the gym's kitchen. Sensing that he
was planning something not so good, Jennifer began
begging for forgiveness, saying over and over again that
she was sorry and promised that she would be good.

"Not good enough you fucking slut! I was just trying to
help you cool down bitch, but I can tell you aint cool
enough yet. This oughta help some!" Jennifer watched
in horror as Bubba yanked her tiny body over to a large
freezer in the far corner of the kitchen. Opening the
freezer door up, Bubba pulled out two popsicle molds
that he had filled with water earlier in the morning.
They were almost solid; two five inch long, inch thick
tiny ice-dildoes, made just for her. Jennifer instantly
realized what Bubba was planning to do to her, and she
started begging him over and over not to hurt her.
Bubba laid her down onto her back on the floor, sitting
on her chest so that he could pull her legs backwards,
exposing her nicely spread open crotch, covered by her
sweaty sticky leotard. Taking the first ice dildo out
of its plastic case, Bubba winced as he could barely
hold it comfortably in his fingers, it was so
unbelievably cold. Jennifer continued to howl
underneath him as Bubba pulled the stretchy material of
her leotard away from her crotch, exposing her tiny
little pussy and asshole underneath. Grinning from ear
to ear, Bubba rubbed the tip of the icy dildo all around
her steamy pussy lips, making her yelp out in shivering
pain. Prying open her outer labia with his fingers,
Bubba unceremoniously shoved the entire length of the
freezing dildo into her pussy until it disappeared, her
lips clamping it shut inside her. Jennifer began
squirming around like crazy, as Bubba imagined that her
poor tender sensitive insides must be cold chilling!
Working quickly, Bubba took the second ice dildo and
poked it against her tiny little asshole. Jennifer's
entire pubic region began breaking out in tiny little
goosebumps as the ice began to do its magic inside her
pussy. Serves the bitch right for thinking she was such
hot shit, thought Bubba. He wanted to see just how hot
her shit really was! And with that, Bubba rammed the
second dildo inside her tiny, unlubricated asshole,
until it too disappeared from view. Snapping the
leotard back into position, Bubba let Jennifer go,
watching as she cutely hopped around in little circles,
holding her front and back, yelping from how cold the
ice was inside her! Bubba broke out into more laughter!

"Shit girl!! You aint such a hot ass any more are ya!
HA HA HA!!" Bubba loved watching her as she started to
swear. "You son of a bitch!!! It hurts!! It's too
fucking cold!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!" cried Jennifer as she
bounced around helplessly, feeling the cold burning
sensations of the ice sinking through the inside lining
of her two sexy cavities, an itch she couldn't stop.
"Here bitch. I'll help warm you up now...inside and
out!" said Bubba as he again dragged her kicking
screaming body through the gym, this time to the
jacuzzi. He dumped her body into the steamy hot water,
explaining that it would help melt the frozen popsicles
working deep inside her. Jennifer shivered with anger
and pain as the hot water burned her skin on the outside
while the ice began melting in her churning insides.
Bubba loved it. As she closed her eyes and just sat
there, not daring to move, Bubba quietly stood behind
her, and grabbed a large empty water jug that sat on a
table next to the pool. Holding it under his huge black
cock, Bubba began quietly pissing into it, amazed at how
much he was able to must have been at least a
liter if not more! As he finished urinating into the
jug, he could smell the fumes from his hot steamy piss
rising upwards to his nostrils, definitely not a
pleasant smell. I'm glad I don't have to drink this
down, thought Bubba to himself.

Kneeling down beside the jacuzzi where Jennifer still
sat, motionless, exhausted, numbed, Bubba tapped her on
the shoulder, causing her to jump a mile, breathing
heavily, totally afraid of anything he might do to her.
"Listen slut. I think you've earned yourself a little
nap time. That is, unless you piss me off right now. I
am going to give you a choice, because that is just the
kind of nice prick that I am. Ok?" Bubba asked
Jennifer, who quickly nodded, wanting a nap and a break
from her torture so much she would have done almost
anything for it. Well, it was the anything part that
Bubba wanted to find out about.

"You're going to get to go home after today. Right?"
asked Bubba. Jennifer's eyes opened, and she started to
pay more attention to him, as his sign of hope peaked
her interest for the moment. Maybe she was going to be
free soon after all! Poor Jennifer, thought Bubba, here
he had her believing that freedom was near, when in
actuality, her nightmare was only beginning.

"Now," continued Bubba, "you've been doing great so far,
but I have a few more things that I want you to do for
me. If you do this next thing, and you do it well, you
have earned a nice long break. In fact, I'll give you
two hours off to rest. If you don't do this next thing
for me, well, let's just put it this way Jenny're fucked."

"I'll do it!! I promise you I'll be good!" replied
Jennifer eagerly. Bubba smiled deviously, wondering if
she would be so eager in about ten seconds from now.

"Hold this." said Bubba as he gave her the water jug.
Innocently, Jennifer reached out and took the jug from
him. "This is your breakfast juice bitch. Drink this,
and it's rest time for ya. Choose not to, and well,
you're not going to like it."

Confused, Jennifer looked into the water jug, and as
soon as the wafting smell of his acrid urine hit her
nasal passages, she realized what this black monster
wanted her to do. It was his pee and he wanted her to
drink it!!! Jennifer started to drop the water jug, but
Bubba was able to catch it before a single drop was
spilled, and he placed it safely on the tiles next to
the jacuzzi.

"That does it bitch. You obviously don't want to drink
the nice juice I just made for you, so it's punishment
time for you. But since I'm such a nice mothafucka, I'm
going to give you a small sampling of what you might
get, and then another chance at gulping down that nice
piss! Come on Jenny!" Bubba yanked her out of the
jacuzzi by her pony tail and pulled her along by a
nipple back to the main gym area. Duct taping her hands
together behind her back, Bubba listened again as
Jennifer began asking questions, wanting to know what he
was going to do to her. He reached into his duffle bag
and pulled out the five by two inch butt plug, and the
huge inflatable dildo. Jennifer's eyes grew as wide as
saucers as she looked at those two horrible sex toys,
realizing that he was planning on using them on her,
here and now!

"Oh my God!!! You can't put those in me, you'll kill
me!" wailed Jennifer in fear as she stared helplessly as
Bubba held them in front of her. "This bitch, is a butt
plug. Imagine this nice fat piece of plastic getting
rammed up your shit tube. Two inches is pretty big for
a small tight little asshole like yours Jenny, I don't
think you're going to like it. Allow me to demonstrate
for ya!"

Bubba secured Jennifer onto her back by tying her down
and spreading her legs wide open. She was now
restrained on her back, and could only wiggle and squirm
a little bit, as she watched as Bubba knelt between her
open legs. Lifting aside her leotard crotch band, Bubba
began rubbing the tip of the butt plug against her still
shivering pussy, much to the begging of Jennifer not to
do so. Jamming a large thick finger inside her vagina,
Bubba felt the cool water from the now thoroughly melted
ice dildo swirl around his finger. The inner walls of
her pussy were cool to the touch, the dildo had done its
job and had melted completely away. Jennifer cried out
as Bubba's finger was such a horrible invasion inside of
her. She hated him for doing this to her body against
her will, it was so wrong and unfair!! Yanking his
finger out, Bubba began pushing the butt plug against
her pussy lips, admiring the way her taut elastic flesh
sucked at it like a hungry mouth. Fuck she was hot,
thought Bubba, as his huge black cock began growing
larger and larger. Jennifer didn't notice as she was
too busy dealing with the dilating of her tight little

"Calm down whore! The dildo I shoved in there last
night was way bigger than this tiny little butt plug!
Chill babe!" shouted Bubba as he finally forced the
entire butt plug inside her, watching with arousal as
the thickest part of it passed through her tiny vaginal
opening, and it began to disappear from sight, save for
the easy to access handle which stuck out, preventing
the plug from being lost in any orifice that it might
find itself placed inside. And man, was that butt plug
ever lucky, thought Bubba as he yanked it a little,
enjoying hearing Jennifer scream that she was too full
and that it hurt when he pulled on the end of it. Her
pussy was so sore and swollen from being abused last
night from the larger dildo Bubba had shoved into it,
that every little movement of the plug in her felt
enormous. She winced and bit her lip as Bubba tugged it
so hard, the plug popped free from her hole, causing her
vagina to gape lewdly open for a split second before
clamping shut again. Bubba's cock was rock hard now as
he pushed the butt plug back inside her tight little
pussy before ripping it out again, causing her hole to
expand and retract a full two inches in less than a

good-little-slut-when-I-told-you-to!" said Bubba sternly
as he repeated the process twenty more times, one in and
out movement with each word of his sentence, as Jennifer
could only lay back and helplessly scream out in pain
from her poor little cunt being so savagely opened and
closed by the plug. By the time he was done, her little
pussy hold could be seen gaping open about the size of
an oval penny. Jennifer was beside herself in pain,
both physical and emotional, as she couldn't believe
that anyone could ever be toying with her private parts
so graphically and horribly.

"Oh my god, you're ruining my pussy!!" Jennifer cried
out as she tried to wiggle her hips as if to alleviate
some of the pain running through her body. Bubba let
the leotard material snap back against her pussy again,
while he held the butt plug against Jennifer's mouth.
Without even having to be asked, Jennifer immediately
began to lick off her sticky, slimy juices with her
tongue and lips, fearing that if she didn't, he would
shove the butt plug back inside her, and she didn't want
to make him any angrier than he already was. Bubba was
impressed at her slutty submissiveness.

"Atta girl. You suck that plug off bitch, it's covered
in slut juice! If you continue to be good, you won't
get this...." said Bubba as he reached for the
inflatable dildo. Holding it about six inches in front
of Jennifer's face, he watched as her eyes studied the
penis shaped toy. Currently, it was small, only about
six inches long and an inch and a half thick, but once
Bubba started to pump the little bulb attached to the
penis by a long tube, Jennifer watched in horror as the
penis began to grow to a ridiculous ten inches long and
three and a half inches wide! Jennifer was horrified
that a sex toy could even be made to be that big, it was
monstrous! What woman would ever want to take something
that big inside of her!

"Oh no!!! I don't want that!! I'll drink your pee!
Just don't put that thing in me! Please, I'm begging
you!" begged Jennifer, as Bubba grinned. Here was this
little white slut begging to drink his piss. He was a
better athletic trainer than he thought! And it was
only 10:30 AM!

"Ok slut. Since you want it so bad, I'll be right back
with my piss. Of course, it might be a little colder by
now, but I'm sure after all this, you'll be used to any
temperature." Bubba stood up and grabbed the water jug
full of his yellow piss back to the gym, and Jennifer's
heart sank, knowing she was going to have to drink it.
Licking his asshole was disgusting enough, but having to
drink and swallow his piss? It was awful!

Bubba untied her upper body, but kept her legs spread
and tied open. Jennifer was able to sit up, trembling
and shivering as Bubba handed the heavy jug over to her.
"Now you fucking little cunt, I want you to take a big
sip, swallow, then I want you to smile at me and tell me
that you love drinking my piss because it's yummy in
your tummy. If you ever stop smiling at ANY TIME, or if
you don't drink all of my piss, I am going to cram the
butt plug back up your slutty cunt and you'll be having
your nap time with it inside you. If you stop again,
you'll still get your nap time, but with an extra
punishment. Three times...well Jenny the
saying is really going to suck to be you!"
warned Bubba. Jennifer took a big gulp, and nodded her
head understandingly. Oh my God, thought Bubba, the
slut is actually going to go through with this! Why in
the hell did he not bring a video camera with him...this
would be a memory that should be recorded on tape for
all time...a tiny white slut willingly drinking the piss
of a huge black man, while smiling and telling him how
much she loves it!

Shaking, Bubba watched as Jennifer raised the jug to her
lips and took a first sip...just a little one, but she
did swallow, and kept her plastered-on phony smile while
she said aloud: "I love drinking your piss because it's
yummy in my tummy." How adorable thought Bubba! It was
so cute! This little girl smiling and having some piss
cocktail for breakfast. He didn't know how much longer
he was going to be able to hold out before raping the
shit out of his slutty little slave, but for now, this
was a great show.

The next sip was a little smaller as Jennifer could
barely stomach to get any more urine to trickle across
all the taste buds over her tongue, and down her throat
where it pooled inside her stomach. But as promised,
she kept that adorable smile on her face while
announcing again: "I love drinking your piss because
it's yummy in my tummy." Bubba was impressed with her
smile and speech, but not with her pace.

"Hey, start gulping it down in bigger gulps or you'll
get your first punishment!" warned Bubba as Jennifer
nodded in repulsion. The next sip was bigger, granted,
but it still wasn't the good chug that Bubba wanted it
to be. At this rate, they'd be here until lunch time,
and she still would have a ways to go. Not good enough.
Bubba wanted the whole jug of his piss inside her
stomach now!

"Ok bitch, that's it. Punishment time!" said Bubba as
he started to walk away. Jennifer shouted out eagerly
that she was sorry and that she would start to drink it
faster, but she knew it was too late. Bubba returned
with the jar of tobasco sauce, a can of hot cayenne
pepper, and a piece of sandpaper. Jennifer watched in
horror as Bubba began to sandpaper her already sensitive

"Nooooo!!!! What the fuck are you doing!!!! Stop it!!!!"
yelled Jennifer as Bubba turned her pointy, swollen,
bruised nipples a bright red. They weren't bleeding,
but the outer layer of skin had been scratched off by
the rough sandpaper, and were practically glowing! As
Jennifer continued to plead and beg anxiously, Bubba
then rubbed some tobasco sauce into them. Instantly,
Jennifer screamed in severe pain as the searing heat
began internalizing deeply into her nipples, making them
feel like someone had set them on fire!! When Bubba
added the cayenne pepper to her nips, the pain
intensified even more, causing Jennifer to scream

"Shut the fuck up now or I'll do the same to your cunt!"
yelled Bubba, which resulted in an instant silence from
Jennifer. She knew he meant it! Whimpering and
moaning, making little mmmmming sounds, Jennifer shifted
her little butt on the gymnastics mat, somehow trying to
curb the burning of her poor tender red nipples, but
Bubba simply handed the jug back to her.

"The burning stops once you finish this piss bitch!"
said Bubba as he held a tube of some soothing aloe vera
gel in his hands. "This will make it feel a little
better for you, but not until you get some of that piss
down! Now DRINK UP!!"

Jennifer wanted to absolutely throw the jug of piss all
over Bubba's face, she hated him so much! But instead,
the cute little smile returned, and she continued to
take sips, this time, much larger sips, of Bubba's piss
into her tummy, gulp by gulp, while making her forced
statement in between. Bubba was really enjoying himself
now, watching as her tiny little gymnast's belly became
fuller and fuller of his disgusting piss.

When she was about three quarters of the way done,
Jennifer began to slow her pace again, feeling that her
tummy was becoming totally full, and the thought that it
was his piss causing it, made her want to throw up.
Bubba picked up the tobasco sauce bottle and warned
Jennifer that he would have no problem lubing up the
butt plug and the inflatable dildo with the sauce and
cramming them up her hot little holes. Jennifer quickly
finished up the last of Bubba's piss, with that bit of
added incentive. She looked like she was going to turn
yellow herself, as she dropped the jug and sat
motionless, ashamed and humiliated by what she had to

"Atta girl, I'm so proud of you Jenny dear." said Bubba
kindly as he allowed her to clean off her fiery nipples
with the aloe vera gel, bringing a slight relief in the
burning pain that would still last for several hours.
"You've earned a nice little nap. And then it's time
for some more exercise and some more gymnastics. Isn't
this fun!" said Bubba. Jennifer nodded yes. Bubba
loved her compliancy. He knew that it was much better
to give your victim some false hope at the start, to
make things so much easier at first. You could always
shatter their illusions later, but for now, this worked.
As long as Jennifer believed that he wouldn't rape her,
he could get away with murder. Drinking a whole jug of
his piss, licking his asshole, this was fantastic!
Bubba's mind reeled with so many other possibilities
while he watched as Jennifer instantly began to fall
asleep on the mat, as tired and exhausted as she was.
Bubba's eyes traveled over her sweet little body, just
begging to be tortured in more devious ways. Oh well,
for now, Bubba decided to give her the two hour nap she
had earned. In the meantime, thought Bubba, I wonder if
Drake still had that horny-humping Great Dane as a
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