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BUBBA3 panties that Jennifer had been wearing

Bubba Seizes the Day

Copyright Dave Haugen 2002

M/F rape torture
If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature
focusing on rape, humiliation and non-consentuality is
personally offensive to you, please do NOT read any
further! Thank you!
Part 3

The Madison family was full of worry. It had been
around 8:30 PM the previous night when anyone had last
heard from Jennifer. Several police officers were at
the Madison household, asking questions, and beginning
the investigation that had been reported around midnight
when Jennifer failed to return home and the police were

Jennifer's parents were in the kitchen, answering
several questions from two police detectives. They had
both decided to take their days off from work, tired and
worried after staying up all night, trying to call
anyone and everyone who knew Jennifer, and who might
have any idea as to her whereabouts. In the Madison
living room, another series of questions was being asked
and answered.

Katie Nelson, Jennifer's best friend in the whole world,
was busy answering questions from two other detectives.
Her boyfriend Matt sat by her side, holding her hand,
noticing how much Katie was trembling as she talked
about the two hours she and Jennifer had spent together
yesterday night, before Jennifer had headed over to the
gymnasium to do her gymnastics, as she always had three
or four days a week.

Katie and Matt were all-American kids. Both aged 19,
they were in their second year of university, taking a
lot of the same classes as Jennifer. They had been good
friends of Jennifer's for years, since elementary
school. In fact, it was Jennifer's matchmaking which
helped bring the two of them together in high school,
and they had been an item ever since. Katie had been
instantly attracted to Matt's boyish good looks. Matt
was about 6 feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes,
trademarks passed down to him from his Swedish/Icelandic
ancestors. He was in excellent shape, making him the
perfect candidate for one of the starting wide receivers
for the University's football team.

Matching his good looks and excellent physical
condition, Katie too was extremely attractive. Her slim
5 foot 4, 120 pound body was in great shape, as she and
Jennifer had exercised together for years, challenging
each other to keep their bodies in the tip-top shape
they were in. Her blonde hair was in a sharp contrast
to Jennifer's brown hair, but their attitudes were very
similar....rather snotty with people they didn't care
anything about, but very good to each other.
Matt encouraged Katie to continue answering questions
from the detectives.

Outside in the yard, Jennifer's 21 year old brother
Jason Madison was sitting on a lawn chair discussing the
entire situation with his girlfriend Erica, his best
friend Brandon, and Jennifer's ex-boyfriend Stu. Jason
and Brandon had also been best friends for years. They
would do anything for each other, and Brandon promised
Jason that he would do anything to help locate his
sister. Erica sat in between Jason's legs, resting her
elbows on his knees, teaming up to help the two men toss
some ideas around. Even Stu, Jennifer's ex-boyfriend of
only four months ago, was there, offering his

Stu had dumped Jennifer four months ago after they had
dated for almost a year, when they were both freshmen at
the University. Jennifer had immediately caught Stu's
eye, as well as every other male in the freshmen class,
but Stu was one of the first to make his move. Dating
Jennifer was no easy task, as her snottiness and
arrogance was hard to tolerate at times, but Stu held
out, knowing that when he was finally able to get into
Jennifer's pants, it would be well worth the abuse he
had to take in the relationship. The problem was that
Jennifer continuously resisted his advances, time and
time again. It would drive Stu crazy. They would be
laying on the sofa in his dorm room, passionately making
out, with Jennifer running her hands all over his
bulging crotch, but just before Stu could get to open
them up, she would stop him, telling him that he would
have to wait. Over and over, Stu heard the same story.
She didn't even let him eat her out, not even once. He
did have two fingers inside of her on numerous
occasions, but that was as far as Jennifer would let him
go, and he would end up having to lick the juices off of
his fingers when she turned her head to put her shirt
and pants back on. It drove him absolutely wild, and
finally, he ended up dumping her, not wanting to cheat
on her, and not wanting to wait any longer for the
prize. Stu was rather miffed when Jennifer took the
break up almost too easily, saying that it was for the
best, but that they would always be good friends. Stu
felt as though she had been leading him on for the
entire year they had dated, and that she never had any
intentions at all of letting him sleep with her. And he
had forked over a lot of cash from his wallet and credit
cards on Jennifer's exorbant spending patterns. It
drove Stu wild, and following the breakup, he went on a
three month sex binge, sucking and fucking any female
that would open her legs for him. Luckily, Stu had the
looks to always draw them in, and he felt better about
the whole thing. He really didn't hate Jennifer, but he
certainly cared enough to be here for Jason, who had
been a good friend to him in the past year, while he
dated his sister.

Jennifer and Jason's little 15 year old sister Phoebe
Madison joined the foursome, curious about the whole
incident, and about what her older brother and his
friends were discussing. Phoebe was a bright
inquisitive teenager, with a good heart and possessing
an energetic precociousness that surrounded her. When
she spoke, people sometimes forgot they were talking to
a child and not an adult. Phoebe was very intelligent,
and had the mind of a young budding detective. Jason
used to tell people that Phoebe came right out of
Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. Phoebe listened in
carefully to the conversation.

"Man, I tell you, there's got to be something Katie can
remember about last night.", thought Jason aloud. "She
was the last person to see Jennifer around, maybe she
noticed something, anything."

"I hope you're right. If Katie knows anything, at least
it gives us somewhere to start from," replied Brandon.
"I feel as helpless as you do Jay, it's like we're just
sitting around waiting, it's driving me crazy."

Jason nodded, worried to death about his younger sister.
The worst thoughts were going through his mind, but
privately he hoped that there would be a reasonable
explanation to her disappearance when the truth finally
came out. Although, he was having a tough time coming
up with any reason at all that 19 year old Jennifer
wouldn't have come home without calling or leaving a

Suddenly, Phoebe spoke out, causing all four heads to
turn her way. "I think we should go to the University
and investigate the places that Jen was at last night
because maybe we could find a clue or something."
Brandon smiled and rubbed Phoebe's head..."Thanks for
your help Nancy Drew, it's good to have you on the
case." Jason, Erica and Stu smiled, but Phoebe did not
like feeling as though she was being talked down to or
being treated condescendingly. "I'm not joking
Brandon." was her reply.

"Hey look," interrupted Brandon, "Here comes Katie and
Matt." Everyone stood up and approached the two of
them, noticing that Katie was wiping tears from her
eyes, being held supportively by Matt.

"Jason, I'm so so sorry! I wish I knew more, I wish I
could say something that would help!" cried Katie as
Matt continued to hold her.

"Katie, this is NOT your fault." consoled Jason. "You
didn't do anything wrong. All we know is that Jen
disappeared sometime after she left you at campus, and
we need to find out where she might have gone, or who
she might have gone to see."

Matt shook his head, as he held his girlfriend tightly.
"The police want us to return to campus with them to go
over some of the places that Jen and Katie hung out at.
We're going there right now, do you want to come?"

"Heck ya, I totally want to go. I wanted to stay here
and call up some of Jen's friends but I'd rather go with
you two." replied Jason.

Erica stood up and said "Jason, why don't you go with
Matt and Katie to the University, and I'll stay here
with Brandon and Stu, and maybe we can call up those
names that you have on your list. You'll probably be
more valuable over there anyway, and if we come up with
something or need you, we'll just call your cell."

Jason smiled at Erica. Not only was she incredibly
attractive, with her shoulder length brown hair, her
blue eyes, her tall 5 foot 8 stature, and her curvaceous
body, but she had a heart of gold. He loved her so
much, for her strength, her support and her love.
"Thanks Erica, you're the best. Ok Matt, Katie, I'll
come with you." replied Jason. Phoebe jumped up with
excitement at the chance to do some detective work.

"Jason!!!! I want to come too!!!!" said Phoebe
excitedly as she leapt up to his side, eager to do
anything she could to help find her big sister. "Ok
squirt, come on." said Jason as he kissed Erica good
bye. Erica, Brandon and Stu went back into the house to
start the phone calling while Jason and Phoebe hopped
into the backseat of Matt's car, and Matt drove them off
to the University campus.


Meanwhile, back at Charlie's Gym, Bubba smiled as he
prepared to wake his tiny sleeping beauty, laying so
peacefully on the gymnastics floor mat. Bubba walked
over to Jennifer's quiet body, making no noises but a
steady in and out breathing noise. man she must be
exhausted, thought Bubba. Just watching that strenuous
exercise made him tired. Oh well, he was ready to watch
some more, although he was quite sure his little victim
would not be feeling quite as enthusiastic.

"Yo girl! Jenny girl!! Wake up wake up wake up! Up
you wake up you wake up you wake!" shouted Bubba in a
loud booming voice. Instantly Jennifer sat to
attention, like some disciplined Marine private rising
to the sound of a bugle call. It took her a few
milliseconds to register exactly where she was, but when
she saw the large menacing black body above her, well,
like Celine Dion crooned, it was all coming back to her.

"Oh God, please, no more!!!" begged Jennifer as she
looked up at Bubba with a set of sad, pleading eyes.
Bubba smiled as he knelt down on one knee next to her,
watching her tremble and flinch with every movement of
his body. He loved the feeling of incredible power.

"Good morning sunshine! Did ya have a good nap? Ready
for some exercise? Ha ha ha!" taunted Bubba as he
helped her stand to her feet. Instantly, Jennifer
reached down to her stomach.

"Oh God I have to pee so badly...please!!" she stammered
as she stepped from one foot to another. Bubba chuckled
to himself and replied..."Dontcha mean, that ol' Bubba
has to pee so badly? After all, that is my piss flowing
through ya girl. So technically it's me that has to
pee. I thought you was a college girl? Didntcha take
any sciences yet Jenny?"

Jennifer stared back at him with a flash of hatred,
ready to give him a piece of her mind. But of course,
she didn't dare say anything, not wanting any more
punishments. Unfortunately for her, it was the look on
her face that gave her thoughts away. Angrily, Bubba
grabbed her by one of her still tender nipples and began
to pull her after him as he started to walk away.
Jennifer howled in pain, as she clenched his wrist with
both hands in a futile effort to dislodge his fingers
from her sore, swollen nipple, but to no avail.

"Please, I can't take the hurting anymore!!! It
hurts...please!!!" begged Jennifer as Bubba led her into
the shower room area after grabbing her duffle bag.
Bubba let go of her nipple finally, causing her to pull
her hands to her chest, to somehow alleviate the
horrible statements of pain that her nipple was sending
to her brain. Bubba tossed the pair of white cotton
panties that Jennifer had been wearing before she had
ever changed into her green leotard at the University.
The panties bounced off of Jennifer, and fell to the
floor. Confused, Jennifer looked down at the panties,
then back up at Bubba.

"Go on girl, take off that gym outfit and put those
panties on now!! You're gonna get punished for acting
like such a bitch. I didn't like that face you gave me
back there girl. Haven't you learned your lesson yet??
It's your bitchy attitude that got your ass into this
situation in the first place!"

Without any argument or resistance, Jennifer sadly
picked up the pair of panties from the floor, knowing
that it would be pointless to argue against his
decision. Once the panties were in her hands, Jennifer
expected Bubba to leave the room, or at least turn
around while she took off her leotard. "Well?"
Jennifer asked innocently.

Bubba couldn't believe it!! Was she actually waiting
for him to leave the room before following his orders?
"Excuse me Jenny girl, I gave you an order. Take that
gym shit off your body RIGHT NOW and get those panties
ON! This aint no time for modesty! I've already seen
everything you have to offer, there aint no surprises
left. So hop to it!" said Bubba sternly, as Jennifer
angrily started to pull the straps of the outfit off of
her shoulders, and pulled it down to her waist. Bubba
noticed that she seemed to have a tough time with the
next step of pulling her leotard all the way down to the
floor and stepping out of them. However, Jennifer did
just that, and Bubba watched in awe as she revealed her
entire naked body to him, in its full glory. man oh
man, thought Bubba, that was definitely not the body of
a 19 year old, it was teenager nookie pure and simple.
Jennifer was underdeveloped, and he loved the petite
figure that stood before him, now quickly dressed in
panties, as Jennifer had quickly put them on, not
wanting him to stare at her nakedness any longer than he
had to. She noticed the bulging in his pants, and
didn't want to do anything to take his mind off of the
promise he had made her about not raping her.

"Ok girl, you wanted to piss? You're gonna get to piss.
Step into that shower." Jennifer was confused as Bubba
pushed her into a small shower that had three walls and
one curtain covering the entrance, which Bubba had torn
off. The entire showering area was only about four feet
by four feet. With Bubba's huge body standing in the
entrance, Jennifer was most certainly trapped.

"I...I thought you said I could go to the bathroom?"
said Jennifer in a childish like manner that only served
to intensify Bubba's lust. Bubba laughed. "Yes, you
can go girl. I'll letcha."

Jennifer stood there, without any clue as to what Bubba
was talking about. All she knew was that her bladder
was aching to explode, full of his pee that she was
dying to rid herself of. "But, I have panties on! I
have to take them off!"

"Still arguing eh bitch? Well argue about this!" said
Bubba as he lunged forward with his fingers, rolling
Jennifer's nipples into hard little nubs by painfully
twisting them in both directions like he was madly
searching for his favorite radio program on two
different radios. Jennifer screamed and moaned as her
nipples became filled and pointy against her will, and
then she gasped for air as Bubba placed the two nipple
clamps on her, one for each nipple. Unfortunately for
her, she temporarily lost it.

"Fuck you son of a bitch!!!" Jennifer managed to get out
before the censorship neurons in her head fired up,
protecting her id from saying anything else that would
get her in even more trouble. Bubba smiled a big white
toothy grin as he heard those words.

"You're in a whole lotta fuckin' trouble now Jenny girl.
I'd piss your panties now like I've been telling you to
do for the past five minutes." said Bubba surprisingly
and calmly. Knowing she had zero options at this
moment, she picked the one she needed to pick. A stream
of pee began flowing from her tiny pee hole into her
panties, soaking and staining the material with urine,
and spurting out from between the waist bands, running
down her legs, and into the shower drainage hole below
her. It was incredibly humiliating for Jennifer as she
felt the hot urine running down her legs, and her
panties becoming completely soaked. Bubba smiled,
knowing that most of the urine coming out of her was
his. He thought of her as his little coffee filter and
chuckled. When she was finished, Bubba then told her to
remove the panties. Jennifer complied immediately,
wanting those sticky things off of her. Bubba took them
carefully from her by holding the waist band, one of the
few places where the urine had not soaked through the
cotton material.

"Now, since you keep having these verbal outbursts
Jenny, I'm gonna have to plug a couple of holes, and
we'll start with this one." said Bubba as he lunged
forward and pulled her ponytail back, and began to cram
the urine soaked panties into her mouth. Jennifer tried
to resist but it was a hopeless battle, and eventually,
the panties were completely inside her mouth, her urine
and Bubba's urine soaking over her tongue, trickling
down her throat, pooling in between her teeth, and
reaching every little cell inside her entire cheek
cavity. The taste was horrible and Jennifer was forced
to relive her urine-tasting again, this time, no matter
how hard she tried, the taste was there.

"Now Jenny, you're a mess, sweat, piss, pussy juices,
you need a shower girl." said Bubba as he undid her
ponytail. Despite the severe pain emanating from her
nipples, Jennifer reached forward to turn on the water,
just wanting to feel clean again somehow, but Bubba
stopped her. "Don't you be worrying about that, ol
Bubba here will be on temperature control. You just be
worrying about soapin' up and shampooing." said Bubba as
he turned the water on to a nice warm setting. The
cascading water coming from the shower was set to a
rather high pressure, but the warmth and cleanness of it
actually made Jennifer feel good. She reached over to
get the big bar of deodorant soap laying on the soap
holder, and began to lather up her hands and her skin.
It felt wonderful to have her odors washed away down the
drain....it almost felt too wonderful, thought Jennifer,
just knowing there had to be a catch. And of course,
there was.

She noticed the water temperature starting to drop,
becoming cooler and cooler. She turned her head towards
Bubba who was slowly turning the shower level towards C,
with a big smile on his face. "Don't stop now girl, you
got a lotta cleanin' to do. That is, unless you want ol
Bubba to do it for you? I've got a tool here in my
pants that's great for cleaning those hard to reach
places like those deep folds in your pussy and your
asshole. Wanna try it?"

Instantly, and despite the cooling water, Jennifer
resumed her lathering at an increased velocity. It
wasn't easy as she began to shiver and little goosebumps
started to pop up and down her flesh as the water was
now moving just past the zone of comfortablility. Now
it was just getting colder and colder. The little mmmmm
sounds coming from Jennifer's mouth as she was pleading
with Bubba not to drop the temperature anymore was music
to Bubba's ears.

"What's that?? You don't like it so cold?" mocked
Bubba. Jennifer replied by shaking her head no, her
matted hair clinging seductively to her cheek. She
looked so erotic like this, her nipple clamps tugging
down on her swollen nipples with every movement, her
panties crammed into her mouth, and cold water dripping
down her goosebumpy body, that Bubba decided he was
going to finally have to rape her tonight. She had
caused the sperm production in his balls to quadruple,
and he knew he would have a huge load built up to dump
anywhere on or in this tight nubile body that he wanted.
And he knew he just couldn't wait. After all...who or
what could stop him?

Bubba started to turn the water ever so slowly back to
the H direction, and Jennifer continued her soaping.
However, Bubba now didn't stop at the nice warm level
that Jennifer wanted....he was turning it hotter and
hotter! Again, Jennifer noticed the severe temperatures
approaching and again ,she turned to Bubba. Trying to
escape the now uncomfortable hot water that was pounding
her skin from the shower head above, she tried to move
towards Bubba, who of course was not in the line of

"Hey get back there girl!" shouted Bubba as he pushed
her back, but she kept coming towards him, the pain
sensors in her mind telling her to leave now! Bubba was
pissed off, so he pulled out the inflatable dildo and
held it up....it was like magic! Jennifer's mind made a
quick choice of the lesser of the two evils, and she
backed up, back into the now hot stream of water, steam
emanating from the shower stall everywhere, and Bubba
smiled again.

"Looks like you don't like my toys Jenny. That's ok,
you made your choice. But step outta that water one
more time and this thing is going places, got it?"
laughed Bubba as she stood under the hot water that was
just hot enough to send pain sensors in her brain firing
off, but not hot enough to burn her. Her skin was
turning a bright red, Bubba noticed. "Shampoo time!!
Get that shampoo out, I want some nice silky clean hair
on your head."

Jennifer reached for the shampoo and dumped a glob onto
her hand, then proceeded to massage it through her hair.
"Ok bitch, you didn't like the hot water, lets try the
cold again." said Bubba. This time, he had no plans for
gradual decelerations, rather, he simply turned the
shower dial ALL the way to C in one millisecond.

Jennifer straightened out her body and let out a loud
mmmmmmmm as she instantly froze as though she had been
paralyzed. The ice cold water was hitting her hot skin
at full force. Jennifer knew the consequences of moving
from that spot and it required every ounce of strength
and energy to simply stand there and tolerate the icy
water that was making her life a living, if rather
frozen, hell. She just had to avoid anything else put
into her pussy, it was still too sore to take anything,
so she willed herself to take the water.

"Come on girl, the longer it takes to shampoo the hair,
the longer you'll have to go through this..." and on the
word "this", Bubba cranked the water back to the H
level, not all the way, but just to the level where he
knew it wouldn't burn her. Again, Jennifer's body was
forced to cope with the sudden and violent change in
temperatures. Finishing her shampooing was not a
pleasant task as Bubba forced the water to each extreme
about 10 more times before he finally pulled her soapy
clean body out.

"Get back into that leotard girl. It's gymnastics time
again, and then we're going to have a very special
lunch! Let's move it!" ordered Bubba, as Jennifer put
on her green leotard again, wishing it was as clean and
fresh smelling as she was. Once on, Bubba removed the
nipple clamps and had her replace her hair into the

He then led her back into the training room where he had
her hop up onto the balance beam, straddling it as
though she were riding a horse. Bubba noticed that her
legs were not long enough to touch the floor, and that
she was using her hands to keep from having her entire
weight placed against her crotch. That gave Bubba an
idea. He placed several phone books on each side of the
beam so Jennifer could stand on them while sitting on
it. Jennifer's heart was beating faster, not knowing
what was planning on doing. Bubba then instructed
Jennifer to hold her arms straight out to the sides. He
placed one hoop over each wrist and told her to swing
them in big circles. Jennifer immediately did as he
commanded, and Bubba admired the strength and youthful
energy her tiny body possessed. After a few minutes,
Bubba noticed that her arms were tiring, so he decided
to give her some more incentive. He returned with the
huge power vibrator, the one that he could barely touch
in his fingers when it was turned on, and he ordered her
to stand up a little. He laid the vibrator on top of
the beam, just under her crotch, and then turned it on.
The vibrator instantly bounced off the beam like it was
a toy and fell to the floor, humming away violently.

"Hey girl, you keep that toy ON the balance beam with
your crotch, got it??" commanded Bubba as he turned the
crazy thing off just so he could hold it again. He
placed it back on the beam in the off position and had
Jennifer settle her crotch down onto it. Once it was
held firmly to the beam by Jennifer's delicious
underparts, Bubba turned it on again. Jennifer's knees
shot up like she was on fire as the buzzing was simply
too much for her to stand. Angrily, Bubba grabbed the
long metallic flexible ruler that he had purchased from
the grocery store, and whipped her nicely rounded ass
cheeks with it!!!

Jennifer groaned in pain through her asscheeks, and
Bubba was forced to again turn off the dildo, and pick
it up off the floor again. "Hmmm, we'll have to keep
this thing there somehow." thought Bubba outloud as he
decided on how to accomplish his task. Having Jennifer
continue to stand, he placed the vibrator inside her
crotch band, so that it was making direct contact with
Jennifer's little pussy lips. The band kept it in
place, a little sideways, but still basically front to
back, parallel to the balance beam. He then had
Jennifer place her weight down again, so that she was
sitting on it. Once seated, Bubba removed enough phone
books to have her planted firmly on the vibrator with no
way to stand up. It rolled her back and forth a little
but the phone books were still in place to allow her to
use her feet to keep the balance, yet it would be
impossible for her to dislodge her crotch from its firm
position on the vibrator. Smiling, Bubba took the hoops
from her and handed her a couple of five pound weights.
He instructed her to hold one in each hand, again
straight away from her to her left and right sides, and
that she was NOT to lower her arms for any reason. If
she did, the ass whipping he was about to give her ass
would seem like a trip to Disneyworld.

Now for the moment of truth, thought Bubba as he turned
on the vibrator once again. Instantly, Jennifer began
thrashing and moaning as the vibrator relentlessly
thrummed through her entire crotch area from her clit
down her pussy lips to her asshole. She was literally
riding the balance beam, like some demented remodified
wooden pony torture. The vibrations made her stomach
muscles clench, tighten and release over and over again.
Bubba watched with fascination as Jennifer began
sweating again, wiggling her tight little ass over the
vibrator, squishing her pussy lips and her clit on it.
She was using the phone books to kind of push her from
one side to the other, and it was actually helping her
muscles build up slowly on a path which would ultimately
lead to a thundering overwhelming orgasm! Bubba knew
that would soon happen, so he started to slam the ruler
into her luscious ass cheeks over and over again. To
Jennifer, the sparks of pain in her ass was only somehow
helping her erotically intensifying feelings spread
throughout her body. The mixed sensations of pain and
pleasure was driving her over the edge. Her arms ached
holding the weights, but that too only seemed to help
push her along to the orgasm she so needed. It felt
wonderful, thought Jennifer, after all this pain to
finally have some pleasure!

Bubba noticed her moaning and building up, and he
enjoyed spanking her ass hard with the ruler, while she
rocked back and forth over the vibrator. Her nipples
had peaked to two hard points, and her crotch was
dampening again from her aroused secretions. Now,
thought Bubba, wouldn't it be nice if I could time this
just right........

.....and when it seemed appropriate, Bubba turned off
the vibrator. Jennifer was outraged!! She was just
about to release, her orgasm had been so close, and now
she was left with an agonizing frustration, as her
muscles slowly began to unclench, and her body was being
brought back down before having a chance to give her the
immense pleasure she had so wanted. That fucking creep!
thought Jennifer! How the fuck could he do that to me!!
Jennifer wanted to kill him for bringing her so close to
the pinnacle of pleasure, only to deny her! The
throbbing in her stomach was so frustrating, so she
tried to bring herself off by leaning forward and
rubbing her clit back and forth against the vibrator.
It was starting to work, yesssss, thought Jennifer as
she rubbed faster and faster, but again she was horribly
denied when Bubba yanked her off the beam.

"Sorry Jenny girl, I want your first cum with me to be
special. HA HA HA!!!!" laughed Bubba as he dragged her
into the kitchen. "I don't know about you, but I'm
getting hungry, so whaddaya say we grab some lunch?"
laughed Bubba as Jennifer's nipple was again used as a
leash to pull her through the gym. Jennifer wanted
Bubba dead in the worst way, but her thoughts of hatred
quickly turned to fear when she saw what he had planned
for her, all lined up in the kitchen!


Matt pulled his car into the Engineering carpark at the
University, and he, Katie, Jason and Phoebe stepped
outside. They arrived at the education building food
court, the place where only one night ago Katie and
Jennifer had stopped for a quick lite snack before
Jennifer parted to work out in the gymnasium before
heading home. Katie began to tremble when she thought
of how she might have been able to somehow prevent
Jennifer's disappearance if she had done something,
anything, differently last night. A feeling of guilt
swept over Katie's stomach. Noticing Katie's
uncomfortable movements, Matt tenderly held her in his
arms, whispering that everything was going to be okay.
Katie smiled at Matt, thankful that he was there to
support her through this, but she couldn't shake the
feeling that there wouldn't be a happy end to the
resolution of this mystery.

The foursome approached several detectives who were
interviewing some of the people in the food court.
Katie was asked several questions about Jennifer's
demeanor that night, and about whether she had noticed
anything odd or unusual about either Jennifer or the
people around her. Katie struggled to recall anything
that was strange about that night, but nothing came to
mind. Jennifer had seemed to be so happy and was simply
being her normal boisterous bubbly self as she headed
over towards the education gymnasium. Katie started to
cry again, and Matt held her, as Jason smiled kindly
into her eyes, to let her know that everything was okay,
and that this wasn't her fault.

They all walked through the education building until
they reached the gymnasium. Again, Katie was asked more
questions by the police detectives, and she explained
what she knew. Jennifer's routine was simple. Several
nights a week, she would come to the gym to practice her
gymnastics routines, and to exercise. The only
difference was that last night, because of their meeting
in the food court, Jennifer went to the gym much later
than usual. Katie remembered telling her that she
wouldn't have enough time to get in a full work out as
the education building closed at 10 pm, but that
Jennifer had said that she wanted to get in as much as
she could, so she was going to go there anyways.

Jason and Matt, as well as the two police detectives
were eagerly listening for any potential clues in
Katie's story. Phoebe however, was not. Her attentions
were in focused on an entirely different matter.

About twenty feet away from where the group stood with
the police detectives and herself, Phoebe noticed
something that really bothered her. And in a very
strange way.

A large black man, Phoebe estimated to be about 6 foot 4
and weighing approximately 230 to 240 pounds, was
sitting on a bench, with his back leaning against the
wall behind him, staring at her intensely. Phoebe was
used to men staring at her. Even though she was only
15, her extremely attractive face, full of charm,
intelligence and youthfulness, and her young budding 4
foot 10, 90 pound body, drew many stares from many
different eyes, no matter where she went. In the
shopping mall, Phoebe wouldn't have to be doing anything
but standing in line at a food court restaurant, sitting
at a table, or browsing the music store's CD rack, and
she could feel the eyes of men, all ages, colors, and
sizes bearing down on her. At school, all of the boys
in her classes paid lots of attention to her. Even at
church, the older men who were friends of her parents,
and parents of her friends would even be catching
glimpses of her face, chest or little butt as she walked
past them. Phoebe was not nave and knew why all those
men were looking at her. She knew she had been blessed
with an attractive face and that her body was developing
quite nicely. Her breasts were growing in a wonderful
proportion to the rest of her curves, which were
starting to fill in around her waist, hips and derriere.
It was something that even at the tender age of 15,
Phoebe was becoming used to...but this was somehow
different. This wasn't a casual glance of interest that
she was receiving. It was a lustful stare, in lust's
pure essence.

Phoebe and the black man made eye contact, as he
continued staring at her young figure. She noticed that
he was wearing a gray custodial coverall uniform, with a
name tag that she could not quite read from that
distance. She did see the words "physics dept"
stenciled in black lettering on the sides of the man's
coverall sleeve. His eyes were penetrating deeply into
her. Phoebe could totally tell that the black man was
thinking about doing all sorts of sexual things to her,
it was in his eyes, plain and simple for anyone to read.
Normally, Phoebe would have just turned the other way,
and not given the matter a second thought. But
something inside of her, some strange sense of danger,
was triggering Phoebe's consciousness. It was a strange
feeling, thought Phoebe. Very surreal. A Twin Peaks

Phoebe returned her focus to the conversation at hand,
upset at herself for missing out on any of the
statements that Katie was giving to the police
detectives. She didn't want to miss anything; her
sister's life was at stake. From time to time, Phoebe
kept glancing sideways to see if the large black man was
still staring at her. He was there alright, his eyes
capturing in every part of her. However, a few moments
later, when Phoebe turned to peek in on him, he was

Tugging on her brother's shirt, Phoebe whispered to
Jason "I'm just going to go to the bathroom, I'll be
right back." Jason nodded, and then returned his
attentions to Katie, Matt and the two police detectives.
Phoebe slowly began moving in the direction of where the
man was sitting. The bench was completely empty, and
Phoebe felt her heart begin to pound in her chest as she
continued to walk away from everyone, into the darker
regions of a long t-shaped hallway. Where did he go?,
Phoebe thought to herself, as she turned around to see
that she was now standing exactly where the creepy black
man had been sitting. Her view of Jason, Katie and Matt
was just a few moments ago his view of her. Phoebe
continued onward, wanting to find out where the man had
gone. Something about him didn't seem right.

Phoebe started venturing down a long and deserted 150
foot long dark hallway. The man had to be somewhere in
the area, she thought to herself. A light coming from a
door near the far end of the hallway was turned on, and
Phoebe was sure she noticed shadows on the hallway floor
indicating that someone was inside. Quietly, she crept
closer and closer. Finally, Phoebe began to hear some
men's voices coming from the lightened room. She wanted
to continue getting closer so she could hear who the
voices belonged to and what they were saying, but that
would mean leaving the safety range from Jason and the
others. Deciding that her curiosity was too much for
her, Phoebe continued on.

Now the voices in the room were loud and intelligible
and Phoebe was able to even look inside the room without
being detected. Inside, the large black man was sitting
down in a chair, being asked questions by two police
detectives. When the name Jennifer Madison was
mentioned to the black man for recognition purposes,
Phoebe's heart skipped a beat...the police were
questioning this man about the disappearance of her
sister! Phoebe listened and watched quietly so as not
to be spotted. The black man was politely answering
questions about anything he might have seen last night
between 9:30 pm and 5 am, when he finished his shift.
Suddenly, the black man's cell phone rang, and the
detectives paused their questioning to allow him to
answer it. The black man pulled his phone out of his
pocket and answered it by saying "Drake Hodson
speakin'". Drake Hodson, thought Phoebe, as she
committed his name to memory. The police detectives
weren't watching Drake as he made his call, rather, they
were going over some of their notes. Phoebe on the
other hand was paying the highest order of attention to
Drake. She immediately noticed the momentary expression
of fear in his eyes, as they darted back and forth to
the policemen and back. She could tell that he was
trying to cover his fear by attempting to compose
himself quickly, and all he said to the unknown person
at the other end of the phone was "I'm busy right now
bro, I'll call ya back later." As soon as Drake turned
off his phone, he apologized to the detectives, and they
continued their questioning.

Phoebe took in everything she could, wishing she had a
handheld audio recorder like the police officers had to
record all of Drake's answers. In the next fifteen
minutes, Drake was asked some very simple questions
about last night. Drake explained to them that the
reason why he had been working in the education building
last night rather than his usual area, the Physics
building, was that he had been filling in for a
coworker, named Bubba Johnson, who had called in sick.
Drake also stated that he did not see Jennifer, nor did
he see anything or anyone suspicious, although he had
arrived at approximately 10:30 pm. The police thanked
Drake for answering their questions, and they gave him a
business card, asking him to call them if he remembered
anything unusual, or had anything further to add to his
answers. Drake assured them that he would do just that,
and the detectives left began to leave.

Phoebe jumped away quickly, looking for someplace to
hide as she didn't want to be seen by the police
detectives. Her only option was a men's washroom behind
her, so she opened the door and quickly zipped inside,
closing the door all the way. The washroom lights had
been turned off, so Phoebe was left in total darkness,
but she could still hear some noises from the hallway.
Quietly, she listened as the police officers walked down
the hallway. She expected to hear Drake's footsteps
following out, but there was nothing to be heard! For
several anxious moments that seemed like hours, Phoebe
waited and waited inside the dark men's room. Still
nothing. Phoebe decided that she had to try opening the
door to see what was going on. In the worst case
scenario, if she had to, she could always scream her
lungs off, and someone would be sure to hear her. At
least, she hoped.

Opening the door carefully and quietly, just a fraction
of an inch, Phoebe listened. Nothing. Nothing but the
beating of her heart inside her chest. Quietly, Phoebe
used her gracefulness to open the door and slither out,
back into the brighter, but still darkened hallway. She
tiptoed across the hall to the room where Drake had been
questioned. She saw that he was still there, but he was
in the far corner of the room, sitting crouched over on
a small chair, talking on his cell phone. He was
talking so quietly that Phoebe could barely make out
what Drake was saying. But she could hear everything,
and what she heard made her stomach sink.....

"Yeah Bubba, it's not good......yeah......this place is
crawlin' with cops man.......yeah.....no I
didn't....nah, no suspicions......yeah....uh
huh......nothin' so far......yeah.....shit man, I don't
know, I wouldn't go home if I was you......yeah, you're
safe there, stay there.....yeah......I want a piece of
her too so I'm coming tomorrow......"

Phoebe pulled back from the door. Could the "she"
really be Jennifer?? Was it possible that this black
janitor, and someone named Bubba Johnson have taken her?
Or had she totally taken the entire phone conversation
that Drake had out of context, resulting in her
imagination running wild? All of these thoughts raced
through Phoebe's mind, as she decided to go back to
Jason and the others to let them know about what she had
just seen and heard. Maybe Drake's conversation was
about something completely unrelated to Jennifer,
thought Phoebe. But just the idea that she had possibly
stumbled onto the whereabouts of her sister made her

....which was a problem in itself.....

.....when Phoebe got excited, something else usually


Backing up and covering her mouth, Phoebe couldn't
believe that she had just let out a hiccup! She hated
those things; they always popped up on her when she
least wanted them. And this was certainly one of those
inopportune times. Standing up quickly, and shutting
off his cell phone instinctually, Drake wheeled around,
sure he had heard something. Hearing the movement from
the room, Phoebe quickly tiptoed back to the men's room.
She quickly thought about starting to run down the
hallway, but it was so long, and she estimated that
Drake's football player physique seemed to be in good
enough condition that if he chased her, he would easily
catch her within seconds, and she would never have the
chance to be in earshot of a scream which could save
her. So the men's room was the only place she could
think of to hide. The second that Phoebe entered the
men's room and closed the door, Drake reached the
entrance to the hallway, and looked around, knowing that
he had heard something that wasn't just a figment of his

"Hey! Is anyone here?" Drake blurted out. His voice
was so loud and scary, that it startled Phoebe, and she
fumbled her way in the pitch blackness towards the
toilet cubicles. Using her hands like a visually
impaired blindwoman, she followed them back all the way
to the very last of 10 cubicles, and quickly opened the
door and stepped inside, closing the cubicle door behind
her. Phoebe's heart began beating rapidly, when all of
a sudden, she could hear the men's room door being
opened, and the lights being turned on. Please God,
thought Phoebe, please don't let me hiccup now,

"Hello?" boomed Drake's menacing voice, echoing loudly
through the tiled acoustical bathroom walls, ceiling and
floor. The bright light hurt Phoebe's eyes as it had
popped up so suddenly, and she stared at the ugly
institutional blue color of the peeling paint that
covered the inside of the cubicle. The bathroom was not
very clean, and vile profanity written in black ink
covered a lot of the cubicle door Phoebe was facing.
The biggest of the words was the letters R-A-P-E,
written directly in front of her eyes.

Trying to stay calm, Phoebe thought to herself, what
would Dana Scully do if she was in this situation?
Almost instinctually, Phoebe decided to climb up onto
the toilet seat. An intelligent move, as Drake had just
at that moment stopped to drop to one knee, to look
under all of the stalls for any pairs of legs with their
pants bunched around the ankles.

Phoebe prayed, hoping that Drake would just leave the
men's room, hoping that she would be able to leave
safely and rejoin Jason and the others back at the gym,
hoping that they could all leave the campus and continue
their search for Jennifer together. Her prayers seemed
doomed however, when she heard the worst sound she could
possibly have heard. THUMP!!! The door to the first of
the ten cubicles had just been slammed open by Drake's
hand. Phoebe had to keep herself from screaming, as her
heart was pounding in her chest so fast, and little
goosebumps had started to pop up all over her skin.
What would he do to her if he caught her? Horrible
ideas ran through Phoebe's mind, as she remembered the
lustful way that Drake had stared at her back at the
gym. That look was more than just a stare, it was an
ominous hint that Drake was serious about his desires
for her. And now, thought Phoebe to herself, she was
alone in a secluded part of the building with that very

THUMP!!! Phoebe jumped again as Drake slammed open the
second cubicle door.

THUMP!!! Door number three......


In a far end of the city, one of the most feared gangs
that the citizens had ever known were busy calculating
their next moves. The West Side boys had been
terrorizing the city now for over eight months, ruthless
and lacking impunity, they had been moving drugs through
town with relative ease. The police were building a
strategy for stopping their brutality, but it was a long
process, as the West Side boys had seemed to have so
many connections that kept their transactions under
wraps, and almost undetectable. Yet many lives had been
lost, and the gang was getting stronger and stronger as
they acquired more capital from drugs and other
nefarious means.

In their main operations base, four of the leaders were
busy planning their next move. Buster, Tyrone and
Leroy, the three large black leaders were joined by the
only white member of the Boys, Clarence, who was equal
in physique and stature to the other three men. These
four had developed and ruled over the WSBs since the
beginning. Buster was the brains of the operation, but
his team was well rounded by the other members, each
contributing their strengths and talents to make this

"Yo, Buster, check this out..." said Tyrone as he handed
some papers to Buster, who carefully perused them in his
hands. Leroy was too busy looking through some hardcore
bestiality pornography that he had made himself. Yes,
he remembered that farm family that he and Clarence had
stumbled upon, after their breakout from prison. Those
two young high school girls made great models as they
were forced to do acts of extreme perversion with
horses, dogs and even some of the disgusting pigs on
their parents' farm. And he had the photographic
mementos as keepsakes.

Buster noticed Leroy still gawking at the thousands of
images in his homemade scrap book, and became quite
pissed off. "Leroy get your ass outta those pics man,
haven't you whacked off to those enough? Shit man, we
got a major score in the works here. Pay attention,
this is gonna require all four of us!" said Buster.
Clarence's ears perked up and he put down the weights he
had been bench pressing, and joined Buster, Tyrone and
Leroy around the table.

"Check this out!" said Tyrone as he passed the papers
around to everyone. "Looks like ol' Charlie done took
himself a vacation. His big ol' gym is just sittin'
there, all alone, and word from the grapevine is that
Charlie has some major shit in there! We're talking
narcotics that could be trafficked for months man. This
is big."

Clarence's eyebrow peaked with interest as her
summarized the scouting report on Charlie's itinerary.
"The dude won't be back for at least two weeks. Do you
think he'd be stupid enough to stash the drugs at the

Buster nodded. "Clever enough you mean there Clarence.
That gym is the perfect stashin' place for that shit.
It's legit, it's too obvious. But believe me man, it's
there. Leroy, Clarence, I want the two of you to do a
driveby of ol' Charlie's Gym this afternoon. Just a
quick scope is all, and report back. If things look
clear, well then boys, tonight, we're gonna get into
that gym, snatch those narcotics, and high tail it back
here. This will be our biggest score in months. Let's
rock boys!"

"Yeah!" cried the other three gang members as they
prepared their plans to invade Charlie's Gym tonight...
Thanks to any readers who have sent me emails about this
story. Your comments, criticism and feedback are always
welcome and appreciated. As you can see, I'm trying to
take this story up from hardcore erotica to hardcore
erotica plus a bit of a plot. Yes a plot, lol.

My idea is to develop more of a story around the
characters of Bubba and Jennifer, while keeping the main
objective of providing a rape story at its heart. I'm
hoping that for those of you who are tired of just
reading basic rape literature, that rape literature in
the context of a plot will be more stimulating and
interesting for you. For those that just want the good
stuff, well, you of course are more than welcome to
scroll through the character development and get what
you wanted as well.

I'd love to continue this story, at a pace of about one
new chapter each month. I do have a direction for this,
and I know what direction I want my story to proceed
into. However, selfishly, I love a good ego-stroking as
much as anyone else, and I'll continue to proceed with
this story as long as there is actually interest out
there for it. If not, then "I'll stop the Bubba Seizes
the Day" saga and create some new scenarios for you all.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your
great contributions. And to all readers out there,
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a
layman trying to give a little back. My belief is that
even poorly written erotic literature is better than
non-written erotic literature. And writing this stuff
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of
fun. So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen

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