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BUBBA4 split second But that second was


Bubba Seizes the Day

Copyright Dave Haugen 2002

M/F rape torture
If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature
focusing on rape, humiliation and non-consentuality is
personally offensive to you, please do NOT read any
further! Thank you!

Part 4

Grinning from ear to ear, Bubba watched as Jennifer
reacted to what now stood before her eyes in the

"Yeah girl, this is all for you! Betcha didn't think
food could be this much fun!" taunted Bubba as he
watched Jennifer's facial expressions change as she
tried to take in every devious purpose that she knew
Bubba had in mind for her.

On the kitchen counter in front of her sat the familiar
penis-shaped sex toys, but now they were accompanied by
several other items: cucumbers of all lengths and
diameters, long carrots, several bananas, that dreaded
bottle of tobasco sauce, a bottle of chocolate sauce, a
bowl of green seedless grapes and a large gynecologist's
speculum, a device that Jennifer recognized immediately
from her annual exam. Her mind reeled with the
possibilities of how Bubba would be using the objects on
her body, and it made her begin to panic again.

"Please!!" begged Jennifer as she turned and dropped to
her knees in front of Bubba. "How can you do this to
me?? I can't take anymore of this, I'm trying to be
good, but I don't want any more of this, I want to go

Bubba patted her head like an obedient puppy. "Now now
Jenny girl. This here is a great opportunity for me,
and you knows I just gotta take my time and have my fun!
Just think, you're kinda lucky. If you had pissed off
some other guy back there at the university, you might
not be alive right now. But you are going to get outta
this, because you're a smart college educated girl,
right Jenny?"

Jennifer wasn't sure just how much more of this she
could take, but she continued to hold onto the trust
that she had in Bubba, that he would release her,
hopefully unraped, and that she could at least return
home in one piece.

" promised you were going to let me go soon
right? Can't we just do fun things together? When you
were buzzing me with that sex toy, I was really enjoying
myself, and I was going to have an orgasm. Remember? I
will do that for you if you want!" replied Jennifer.

Bubba smiled to himself. Interesting, he thought. This
was the first instance that she had reached the
acceptance and bargaining stages where she had resigned
herself completely to her fate, yet she was now trying
all attempts at compromising with him in order to
minimize the amount of suffering that she had to go
through. He knew she hated his guts now more than ever,
but it was still enjoyable watching this young racist
talking to him as if he was a fellow human being. And a
more powerful one at that.

"You know what Jenny? You're right. But you knows I
hate when you disobey me. You make me have to punish
you like in that shower because you made some wrong
choices. If I agree to let you get some pleasure out of
this, do you promise to start making the right choices
from here on in?" asked Bubba, barely able to finish his
sentence as Jennifer jumped on his proposition eagerly.

"Yes yes!! I promise I'll be good from now on, just
please don't do anything else that will hurt me
please!!! Especially that thing!" said Jennifer as she
pointed towards the large plastic speculum. It was much
bigger than the one her gynecologist used on her, and
knowing how much that one hurt, she had no intentions of
finding out if she would be able to stretch open more
with this monster one in front of her.

"You know what that is huh girl?" chuckled Bubba. "Well
shucks, I was planning on shoving that thing up your
tight little pussy right now..."

"No!!! I'm begging you, anything but that, I'll lick
your butt again for you...anything!" replied Jennifer as
she eagerly offered to do things that were beyond her
imagination only a day ago.

"Well that thing was just going to be a means to an end
anyway, we've got another approach to accomplish the
same thing anyway Jenny girl, so if you behave, and I
mean 'if', then you won't get that thing crammed up your

"Oh thank you." replied Jennifer in relief. Her pussy
was still swollen and sore from Bubba thrusting that
God-awful butt plug through her tight opening, that she
didn't want him even thinking about going there again.
Unfortunately for her, the day was still young.

Bubba sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, resting his
entire weight upon it. "Get over her girl, I think I
want to start things off with a nice romantic kiss. I
want you to climb up on my lap and shove your tongue
down my throat. The more passionate and messy you make
this kiss, the less I'm going to want to play doctor
with ya, got it Jenny?"

Sadly, Jennifer nodded, and without hesitation, she
placed her naked body completely up onto Bubba's lap,
straddling him so wide, that her vaginal lips gaped open
underneath her. She licked her lips to moisten them,
and looked into Bubba's face, realizing that she had to
go through with this or face something altogether
entirely worse. He had been pretty consistent with his
punishments so far, and she didn't want to do anything
to ruin this "understanding" that they had seemed to
come to.

Leaning forward, Jennifer started to kiss Bubba
passionately, doing everything in her power to not let
her repulsion towards him show. Her tiny lips pressed
against his large pink ones, and she went through the
motions of a passionate kiss. Her tongue darted around
his huge lips, and poked in between his teeth, sliding
against them, and licking over his own wet saliva-coated

As they kissed, Bubba's stirring loins became even more
aggravated. They were screaming out to their owner to
quit the constant teasing they had been going through
for the past so many hours and to finally allow
themselves to explode the pent-up sperm they had been
manufacturing inside him. But Bubba was enjoying the
kiss so much, that he just knew he was going to have to
hold off a little longer...Jennifer's compliance was
just to incredible to lose this early. Besides, he knew
his time would come, and it was going to be that much
better once he was finally able to pump out the contents
of his ever filling balls.

Jennifer was making little mmmmmmm sounds as they
kissed, and Bubba liked to imagine that she was actually
getting aroused from kissing him, however, he knew that
it was just her trying to breathe through her nose, as
his huge lips were preventing outside air from going in
through her throat.

Reaching around her body, Bubba began to massage her
shoulders and her back as she continued to kiss him.
Bubba noticed that she tensed up when his fingers made
contact with her skin, but then quickly she relaxed, as
she realized that he did not seem to be intending to
hurt her. Moving further down her spine, Bubba enjoyed
the silky smooth feeling of Jennifer's skin against his
fingertips. She was an incredibly sexual female in
every aspect. His fingers trailed down lower to the
exercise tightened globes of her ass cheeks, and he
gently squeezed and kneaded his fingers over them,
cupping each tiny one in his huge hands, and he jiggled
them around slowly in concentric circles.

To Jennifer, her body was still unnerved at being built
up so close to cumming, only to be denied, and it began
reacting in strange ways. She felt Bubba rubbing her
behind, and thought to herself that it actually felt
nice, although, compared to all the other hell he had
put her body through, this was a welcomed relief.

As the kiss continued, Bubba then moved his fingers
lower, to gently touch her pouting anus, poking out
between her cheeks. The moment his fingers made contact
with it, Jennifer instantly sat up and looked at him
with fear in her eyes, afraid that he was going to do
something to cause her pain. Bubba smiled at her,
enjoying the fearful look she was showing him, but he
continued rubbing her behind.

"I didn't say you could stop did I girl?" asked Bubba

"No...but..." replied Jennifer, still tensing up from
his fingers being in so sensitive a place.

"Then get your lips back here and your tongue back
inside my mouth, NOW! I like sharin' the spit with ya
girl. You got a hot mouth."

Slowly, Jennifer resumed her kissing, now very aware of
everything Bubba's fingers were touching down below.
Still reaching behind her, Bubba then found Jennifer's
still moist pussy and her protruding clit, and he began
to play with it, pulling her body closer to his.

Instantly, Jennifer moaned out into Bubba's mouth, as
his fingers sparked an almost immediate return of her
arousal. She hated how wonderful her clit and her inner
muscles were feeling from being touched there, and how
she was almost hoping that he would actually let her
release this time. Bubba moved his fingers in circles,
tugging on her slippery pussy lips, feeling her juices
smearing around them. His own cock was bulging in his
pants, begging to be let out, but he only continued to
rub Jennifer, noticing that her kissing was
intensifying, and that her body was going through a
series of natural undulations on top of his lap. Shit,
thought Bubba, she is getting totally aroused by this!

Jennifer was not only kissing Bubba harder and bucking
over his lap, but she also began to rub her sore nipples
over his chest, attempting to help bring her body over
the edge. Bubba continued his digital ministerings
until he decided she was again right on the edge, and
immediately at that point, he stopped.

"No don't!!!" said Jennifer quickly as she sat up and
began to press her crotch down onto Bubba's pants,
squishing her pussy lips and her entire crotch area over
them in an attempt to cum. Bubba loved the fact that it
was his body that this petite white girl was using to
get herself off, and that she was responding to all of

"You really want to cum dontcha?" asked Bubba.

"Oh yes!!! I totally do, please let me!!" replied
Jennifer as she had her eyes closed tightly shut in a
full fledged concentrated effort to go over the rainbow.
Bubba took in the site of her beautifully shaped thin
body pressing down onto his lap, but after only a minute
or two, he stopped her.

"Ok fine, but you're gonna do it my way? Ok? You trust
me by now dontcha Jenny?" asked Bubba, as he watched
Jennifer's trembling body not knowing what to do from
its high arousal content.

"Anything but please, I HAVE to release, please! I
can't wait!!" begged Jennifer as she started to reach
down to rub her clit with her own fingers, seeing as how
Bubba had decided to stop with his. Instantly, Bubba
caught her wrists before they could get to their

"You got it babe. Here's my way to fulFILL your lust
baby. Get on your hands and knees again."

Jennifer's conditioned memory reminded her that in the
recent past, that position meant pain, and she was
afraid of what he was going to do, but she complied and
went back down onto her hands and knees, jutting her
delectable rear end upwards, wanting so desperately to
touch herself, have Bubba touch her, ANYTHING that would
allow her to cum!

Bubba grabbed the bowl of grapes and sat crosslegged on
the floor behind her, staring at the fascinating view of
her swollen pussy lips and her star shaped krinkled tiny
asshole just a foot away from his face.

"Do you like grapes Jenny? I do, but I like mine with
some extra flavoring. Guess how I'm gonna do that?"
asked Bubba. As expected, he didn't receive a response
from her, so he answered the question himself.

"I want you to start shoving grapes up your twat. If I
think you're doing a good job, your reward will be the
best fuckin' orgasm of your young sweet life. Cross my
heart." said Bubba as he waited again for her reaction.

"What???" asked a worried Jennifer as his words were not
sinking in for her. Grapes??? He wanted to put grapes
inside her?

"You heard me Jenny. I'm gonna watch, and if you do a
good job, then I'm gonna get the power vibe and send you
on a one way ticket to paradise. Of course, I could
always tie you down and do it for you if you want..."

"No!!! I'll...I'll do it..." replied Jennifer in a
worried shaky voice. Where the hell was he getting
these ideas from, she thought nervously to herself. She
turned her head to see that Bubba already had a handful
of them inside his fingers. Trembling, she reached out
and took one of the grapes from him and brought it up to
her already aroused pussy. It was slightly cold,
however, she matter-of-factly pushed it past her lips
and it popped inside of her. She could feel the grape
sitting just inside her opening, feeling rather out of
place, just sitting there.

"That was one. Now for number two." said Bubba as he
handed her another grape. Jennifer simply pushed that
one inside her as well, feeling it bumping against the
first one, pushing it slightly deeper into her canal.
After two more, Jennifer felt the slight discomfort of
the grapes lined up inside her tight little cavity. It
didn't hurt at all, but it felt strange.

"Ummmm, how many do I have to put inside me?" asked
Jennifer nervously. Bubba smiled.

"As many as I tell you to. I want you to start counting
them now. Here's number five." replied Bubba as he
handed her he next grape. Jennifer sighed deeply as she
pushed the fifth grape inside her pussy, wishing she had
never left Katie to work out. This was so humiliating,
and she only hoped that an entire search team was coming
after her soon!


With her heart racing in her chest, Phoebe sat
motionless on the toilet seat of stall number ten. What
was going to happen when Drake found her? Phoebe
clearly remembered how he had been staring at her
outside in the hallway, and now he was about to discover
her sitting alone inside the men's bathroom? It was
almost too horrible to contemplate.

Drake slammed open the fourth door, and moved over to
the fifth...

Phoebe closed her eyes and placed her face into her
palms, hoping that Drake would simply turn and leave,
but somehow, her instincts told her that he wasn't going
to leave, and that he was going to keep checking every
stall to see if they were empty. She decided that she
now knew how a Thanksgiving turkey felt.

SLAM!!! Door number five was pushed open, and Phoebe
heard Drake's footsteps and his movements becoming
louder and clearer as the number of feet between them
was quickly decreasing. Oh my god, thought Phoebe, he
can't possibly hurt me, I'm only a fifteen year old
girl! How could anyone harm me?

Phoebe's heart was beating much more rapidly as she
heard the sixth door slamming open, and Drake's
footsteps coming even closer. Butterflies were
overcoming Phoebe's stomach and she felt as though she
was growing light headed and might faint or throw up, it
was so horrible. Phoebe always knew that she had an
inquisitive, curiosity-seeking precociousness about her,
and she prayed that it wasn't going to cost her with the
large black man that was quickly coming closer to
discovering her...

...SLAM!!! Door number seven. Phoebe bit her lip.

...SLAM!!! Door number eight. Phoebe had never been
more afraid in her life...

...suddenly, she heard another noise... was a voice... was Jason! She was saved!

"Hi, ummm, excuse me?" said Jason politely as Drake
quickly pivoted a 180 to make eye contact with him as
Jason stepped into the men's room.

"Hey. Can I help you?" replied Drake as his eyes
quickly surveyed the 21 year old in front of him.
Certainly not threatening to a man of Drake's stature,
he acknowledged Jason by nodding.

"I'm looking for my sister, and I was wondering if you
had seen anyone in the hallway in the past ten minutes
or so? It's kind of dark out there."

Drake remembered his lust-filled vision of the young
girl he had seen in the hall a while back, and asked
Jason for a description.

"Well her name is Phoebe and she's about five feet tall,
maybe 90 pounds or so, and she has brown hair, kind of
to her shoulders. She's wearing a lime green tshirt and
a pair of khaki shorts. Do you think you might have
seen her?" asked Jason. Drake's cock twinged instantly
as he thought of her tiny profile with that tight
rounded ass jutting out of those cute little khaki-kid's
hiking shorts. Drake decided that he was going to help
this guy find his sister, just so that he could take
another good look at her. A few exchanged words and he
might have a full name to go on, in case he decided to
do a drive-by and stake out the kid's home life. Worth
it, thought Drake? Yeah. Oh yeah.

"Hmmmm," answered Drake in a kind thoughtful voice. "I
don't believe I saw any kids around here today, although
I am cleaning up this wing now, and I might be able to
help you search for her if you want."

"Yeah, that would be great thanks!" replied Jason
happily as Drake's looming figure walked over to him.

Phoebe knew she had a critical decision to make. Should
she expose herself now, thereby suggesting to the large
black man that she had heard something and was willing
to hide from him because of it? A million thoughts went
through Phoebe's head...maybe it was better to simply
not say anything and let Drake and Jason go off
together, leaving her to continue snooping around for
some more clues. That sounded like the best approach to
Phoebe, as she believed that Drake had some connection
to Jennifer; that he knew so much more than what he had
told the police. His phone conversation that she had
overheard seemed to indicate that.

Yet...on the other hand...her safety was at risk if she
didn't cry out to Jason now for help. Phoebe wanted so
badly to shout out to him that she was in the men's
room, hiding. It was a hard choice.

But Jennifer's life was at stake, and Phoebe made her
choice. Without uttering a sound, she waited for a few
seconds after listening to Drake and Jason leave the
bathroom, before quietly tiptoeing out of the stall she
had been hiding in. Her heart was pounding in her
chest, as she crept towards the hallway door. What if
Jason and Drake had parted just outside, and Drake was
about to return? It was too horrible to think about, so
Phoebe continued creeping forward until she reached the
main door. Cracking it open just a fraction of an inch,
Phoebe listened carefully, not hearing anything.
Peaking her head out into the hallway, totally relieved
to be leaving the men's room, Phoebe stepped outside and
looked around. No one was in site, and the hallway was
as dark as it had been before she had left it.

Sprightly moving across the hall, Phoebe peeked into the
room where Drake had been questioned by the police. She
noticed that his janitorial cart was still there, and
she knew that he would be coming back eventually to
retrieve it. As she went forward to take a quick
opportunity to examine it, her heart skipped a beat when
she noticed an object sitting on a nearby
chair...Drake's cell phone! He had left it behind!

"Yessssssssss..." said Phoebe to herself as she lunged
for the phone and picked it up into her fingers.
Shaking, Phoebe tried to regain her composure and looked
the phone over. Thinking quickly, Phoebe pressed the
redial button in order to capture the last number that
Drake had called, the one to the man named Bubba, whose
partial phone conversation she had overheard. As soon
as it dialed, the number popped up onto the phone's
digital display...555-4192! Hanging up quickly before
the second ring could happen, Phoebe took a millisecond
to commit the number to her almost photographic memory
and put down the phone. Now all she had to do, Phoebe
thought to herself, was to track down the number's owner
and it might lead her right to Jennifer!

Totally proud of her heroic efforts, Phoebe had to force
herself back to her own personal reality. There was a
large black man looking for her now, and he could return
to this room at any moment! Running across the room,
Phoebe stopped to quickly peek out into the hallway, but
didn't see anyone in sight. In a light jog, Phoebe
began to run down the hallway in the direction that she
had originally come from, in order to find Jason, Matt
and Katie to tell them of her discovery.

Looking around the area where she had originally parted
from them, Phoebe couldn't see anyone in sight.

"Jason, where are you?" said Phoebe to herself,
desperate to find him so that she could tell him
everything she observed about Drake. She decided that
if she found Drake with the others, that she would wait
until he left before she approached them.

No one seemed to be around, and Phoebe thought about
perhaps returning to Matt's car. After spending another
ten minutes walking around the less than crowded
building by herself, and not having any luck finding
them, Phoebe grabbed a pencil hanging from a string
attached to a bulletin board, and removed it along with
a paper advertisement. She headed back to the
Engineering carpark and found that Matt's car was still
there. Thank God, Phoebe thought, they're still on
campus, somewhere, looking for her. Phoebe took the
pencil and thought for a second before she began to
write Jason a note:

"Dear Jason, I have to tell you this! That black man
that you met in the bathroom is not a nice man! His
name is Drake Hodson and I overheard him talking to a
man named Bubba Johnson on the phone. I think he might
know where Jen is! I redialed his number and found that
it is 555-4192. I am okay. I am going to be at the
main library researching this number. I tried to find
you but you were gone. Please come and get me when you
get this note and then we can look for Jen! Love,

"There!" said Phoebe as she placed the note underneath
Matt's windshield wiper, keeping it pressed tightly
folded to the glass. "Now I'm going to go to the
library so I can find out your address Bubba. If you
have my sister, you are going to go to jail!" said
Phoebe to herself as she left the carpark and headed
over to the library.

When she arrived, she borrowed a telephone from one of
the people behind the library counter and called Erica's
cell phone hoping that she would be home, but without
any luck. She called her own number, hoping that her
mom or dad would pick up the phone. Again, no luck.
She did get the answering machine and decided that she
had better leave a message so that her parents wouldn't
be worried sick about her.

"Mom, Dad, this is Pheebs. I'm at the main university
library right now. If Jason calls, PLEASE tell him to
come and get me! I am going to wait here until someone
comes and gets me. Oh my God, I think I might have
found out some information about where Jen is! I am
going to investigate some more and the minute I find out
anything, I am going to call you back, unless Jason
picks me up before that. I am ok, and I love you both
so much! Bye." said Phoebe as she put down the phone.

Feeling much safer in the well-lit library, Phoebe knew
that she had nothing to do but wait for Jason and the
others to come and get her. In the meantime, she wanted
so badly to start investigating the phone number on her

After a few minutes, Phoebe was able to find a phone
book section for the city, and quickly filed her petite
fingers to the J's.

"Jamieson...Jensen....Johnson!" said Phoebe as she found
the Johnson section. "Oh my God, there's like a million
of them!"

There were indeed many 'B Johnsons" to go through, and
no Bubbas. Checking each number beside the name, Phoebe
was terribly disappointed to find that there wasn't any
555-4192 number beside them.

"Hmmm, does that mean that he has an unlisted number?
Or maybe Drake didn't call him at home...or maybe his
name was Johnston???" thought Phoebe aloud, as her Nancy
Drew neurons were firing at all cylinders. Thinking for
a moment, Phoebe quickly flipped the phone book page to
the Johnston section, however, none of the numbers
matched. Phoebe turned back several dozen pages to the

"Hodson...Hodson..." repeated Phoebe as she found the
Hodson's. Not as many Hodsons as Johnsons, but there
were 4 of them, no Drakes however.

Phoebe recorded the 4 phone numbers and the addresses
onto a piece of paper, and then closed the phone book.
Still thinking about the redial number, she wondered how
she was going to be able to find out to whom or where it
belonged. She thought momentarily about calling it
again, but was too afraid that someone might pick up. A
thousand possibilities went through her sharp young
mind, but in the end, she decided that if she did
anything to alert the person on the other end of the
phone that someone was after them, that the kidnapper
might take Jennifer away, and they would lose the lead.

Phoebe slumped into a chair in the study area, and
decided that all she could do now was wait for Jason and
the others to arrive. It drove her crazy to think that
she had so much information, but had so little she could
actually accomplish with it. She thought about calling
the police to tell them, but decided that Jason would
know what the best thing to do would be.

"Ok Pheebs." she said aloud, "Half an hour. If Jason
doesn't pick me up in half an hour, then you have to
call the police and tell them." Phoebe hated feeling so

Fifteen minutes passed, and a restless Phoebe decided to
approach one of the librarians on duty. Maybe there was
some way of finding out who the number belonged to by
looking it up somehow. It was worth a try, thought

Her heart rate picked up again, and a rush of adrenaline
raced through Phoebe's young body when the librarian
told her that the library had a computer program that
allowed you to type in a phone number, and that a
database would be cross referenced to find a name in
return! Excitedly, Phoebe asked the librarian to tell
anyone who was looking for her that she would up on the
fifth floor of the library where this computer existed,
and the librarian smiled, saying that she would.

Not able to wait for the elevator, Phoebe bounded up
five flights of stairs as gracefully as a gazelle until
she reached the fifth floor. Opening the door of the
stairway, Phoebe stepped inside and noticed that there
wasn't a soul in sight. Of course, thought Phoebe, it
was Saturday.

The fifth floor of the library was extremely musty,
filled with bookshelves that housed books from the floor
to the ceiling, with attachable ladders that slid across
a track in case a student wanted to reach one of the
higher up books. After her men's room incident, Phoebe
was slightly creeped out by the quietness and barrenness
of the large twisty room. Taking a few steps inside,
she couldn't find a single person in sight. It was

"Come on, don't be a scaredy-cat. Jen's life is at
stake, you have to find that computer!" said Phoebe
under her breath. For a moment, she thought about going
back down to the main floor to ask a librarian for help,
not liking the idea of being upstairs all alone. Trying
to be brave, Phoebe reminded herself that she was in a
public place and that no one but the librarian knew she
was up here, so she would most likely be safe. As well,
Jason, Matt and Katie would read her note that she left
behind on Matt's car, and that they should be here any

Continuing to walk through the quiet desolated library
floor, Phoebe almost jumped a mile when she heard a loud
creaking sound, but realized that it was only the sound
of the room's ventilation system kicking in. Calming
herself, Phoebe ventured further into the room looking
for any computer she could find.

It took about five minutes before she was able to find
one of the only computers in the large room, and Phoebe
confirmed that she was indeed the only person on the
floor. Sitting down in front of the computer, she
realized it was off, and had to turn it on. Waiting
patiently was not easy for Phoebe in any situation, let
alone something as important as this! The old machine
hummed and whirred for a few more painstaking minutes,
but eventually, the database interface popped up on the
screen, and Phoebe sat up erectly to begin looking for a
way to type in her phone number.

Concentrating so acutely, Phoebe's mind totally ignored
the far away sound of the elevator door opening on the
other side of the deserted room, and a set of man's
footsteps coming out of them.

"Ok....where do I type in the number? You stupid
computer." muttered Phoebe as she tried to click her way
around the interface, looking for a phone entry.

we go! City listings!" said Phoebe as she began
frantically clicking links to get her to an entry page.
Phoebe loved puzzles and games, and she felt that she
was involved in the middle of a mystery. Her excitement
was peaking, and she felt that she was getting closer
and closer.

She wasn't the only one getting closer and closer....

A male figure stepped out of the elevator and began
walking through the library. Eventually, the figure
spotted the tiny female figure of Phoebe Madison sitting
with her back turned to him, about fifty feet away,
frantically typing away on the computer keyboard. The
figure began approaching Phoebe, step by step by step by

"Ok here it is..." spoke Phoebe aloud, "Type in the
number here...555-4192..."

Phoebe watched as a few ellipses scrolled across the
screen, and finally, an address popped up on the screen
in big blue letters...

"555-4192......Charlie's Gym, 704 Hauser Street"

"YESSSS!!!!" said Phoebe triumphantly as she stared at
the destination. She did it, she found the name,
thought Phoebe to herself! "Charlie's Gym...oh my God,
I wonder if that's where Jen is...I have to call the
police right away!" said Phoebe as she excitedly jumped
up and pivoted around to start running back to the

Unfortunately for Phoebe, she only made one step.

Slamming into the male figure who had been standing
directly behind her, Phoebe fell to the floor, flat on
her face, knocking the wind out of her. As she
struggled to catch her breath, staring at the carpet,
Phoebe's heart plummeted as she almost forgot where she
was for a split second. But that second was all too
brief. Oh my God, thought Phoebe to herself as she
began to turn around....Drake!!!


Back at the education building, Jason, Matt and Katie
were devastated at their inability to find Phoebe. It
just wasn't like her to run off like that, thought
Jason. After the disappearance of his older sister, the
last thing he wanted to even contemplate was his younger
sister missing as well.

"Jason, we have to call the police!" said Katie, "We've
looked everywhere for her, she's simply vanished!"

"Katie's right Jay," agreed Matt. "Phoebe would never
run off like that. Something's got to be wrong."

Jason nodded his head, he knew Katie and Matt were
concerned and were right, he had to contact the police.
Stopping at a payphone, Jason dialed home but contacted
the answering machine. Disappointedly, Jason explained
that Phoebe was missing and that they would be at the
police station. Jason slammed down the phone before
dialing the police. Katie started to cry again, and
Matt held her tenderly in his arms.


Seven grapes later, Jennifer was groaning with more than
a slight discomfort. Her pussy had twelve grapes in
total inside of it, and Bubba was showing absolutely no
signs of stopping there. In fact, based on his wide
toothed grin and lewd comments, he was having a blast.

"Man Jenny girl, you have no fuckin' idea how hot it is
to watch you shovin' those grapes up your pussy. We're
really goin' ta fill you up big time!" remarked Bubba
happily. Jennifer's voice wasn't anywhere near as

"I'm feeling weird, please, no more!" begged Jennifer,
as she wriggled her hips in a failed attempt to stop the
twelve grapes inside of her from pressing against her
inner vaginal walls.

"You'll stop when I tell ya girl, now keep cramming em
in! Or my cock will be making wine in your pussy if you
get my drift."

"Nooooo!!! I'm doing it!" replied Jennifer with a
renewed sense of energy.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen...

Jennifer felt each grape pushing the other deeper inside
her pussy every time she shoved another one in. She
began to think about how she was ever going to get them
out of her.

Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen...

Bubba licked his lips, watching Jennifer's delicate
fingers pushing one grape after another inside of her.
He loved seeing how they would simply disappear inside
her elastically tight hole. And he had front row seats!

Nineteen, twenty, twenty one...

The first three grapes were really pressing against the
back of Jennifer's pussy, being completely slimed with
her slippery secretions. Her muscles would tighten and
clench around them as she struggled to accommodate them
inside of her as easily as she could, but there was
really no easy way to alleviate the stretching feelings
she was going through.

Twenty two, twenty three, twenty four...

Bubba tried to imagine how full Jennifer's pussy would
be right about now. He decided that she had an equal
volume of grapes in her than the butt plug he had shoved
into her earlier. So if he was able to double that,
then he would have an accomplishment in his hands, or
should he say, up Jennifer's crotch.

Twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven...

"Ok that's enough!! I'm too full!!" said Jennifer as
she felt as though she was giving birth. Each grape was
now a huge struggle to push in as it had to find a way
to force itself against the others. Something had to
give, and that would ultimately end up being Jennifer's
pussy walls, which were stretching out in all directions
slowly but surely, causing her great discomfort and
increasing her stress level.

Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty...

"It aint near enough Jenny. We're goin' for the world
record!" laughed Bubba sadistically as he leaned in
closer to watch the goings-on between the tiny white
girl's legs. Jennifer's inner pussy lips were now
gaping open, and he could see about three grapes all
tightly bunched together inside her. With each grape
that she now pushed inside her, it slipped into the side
with much difficulty, sidling up to its neighbors, and
caused her vaginal opening to start to gape lewdly,
wider and wider with each grape.

"Hold it!" shouted Bubba. "Pull your ass cheeks apart,
we've got some cramming to do!"

Immediately, Jennifer reached back and pulled her tight
buns apart, causing three of the grapes to pop out, one
of them hitting Bubba square on the nose, causing him to
emit a burst of uproarious laughter, and causing
Jennifer's cheeks to blush a bright pink from utter

Still smiling, Bubba began pushing his fingers against
the grapes inside her stretched out hole, forcing the
deepest ones to fill in every available nook and cranny
that they could find. Jennifer gasped in pain as the
grapes mercilessly filled her up. With her vagina
filling up and her rectum getting pressed towards her
back, it felt as though she totally had to go to the
bathroom and have a baby all at the same time.

"Good, that makes some more room. Come on Jenny lets
see if we can make fifty!!" said Bubba.

Jennifer lost it.

"Fuck you!! I can't put any more in me, I'm too full!"
cried out Jennifer before she had a chance to think
about what she was saying. Without missing a beat,
Bubba cracked his flat hand across the center of both of
Jennifer's buttocks, spanking her with a loud

"NOOOOO!!!!!!" cried Jennifer as the heavy slap caused
her to tighten up all the muscles in her lower body,
forcing three grapes to again spit out of her. A thin
stream of light green grape juice began to trickle out
of her as well.

Bubba laughed. "Man, you must have some strong cunt
muscles there Jenny, you're crushin' the shit outta
those poor little guys!! HA HA HA!!!" laughed Bubba as
Jennifer was gritting her teeth, trying to keep herself
from kicking him in the face.

Reaching down, Bubba grabbed the three slippery grapes
and shoved them back inside her twat, eliciting more
moans and groans from Jennifer's lips.

"You're not doin' a very good job Jenny. I'm takin'
over from here!" said Bubba as Jennifer now had to
concentrate on her burning rear end as well as her
constantly stretching pussy.

Bubba was able to cram eight more grapes inside her
before he realized that she had completely peaked.
Thirty eight grapes! Amazing, thought Bubba. Running
his hands over her stomach, Bubba could feel her tummy
bulging out from the bulky grapes making her feel like
she had a football inside her pussy. Several grapes
could be seen in her gaping twat that was bulging from
the inside out.

"I aint takin' no chances with your cunt firing grapes
at me again." said Bubba as he tore off a strip of duct
tape from a fresh roll and applied it right over
Jennifer's crotch. Instantly the tape congealed with
the skin of her pussy, melding to it in an incredibly
strong adhesive grip. Bubba slid his hand up and down
over her duct tape covered crotch to ensure that the
sticky substance had completely adhered to her skin and
the pussy hair around her lips. Tearing off another
strip, Bubba placed it over the first, and then further
down underneath her ,all the way up to her bellybutton.
Jennifer knew that when that tape had to come off, it
was going to hurt like a bandaid from hell. The thought
of it made her fearful, but even worse was the fact that
her vagina was bulging outwards in every direction that
it could go, making her feel twenty pounds heavier. My
poor pussy, thought Jennifer, that bastard's ruining my

"Now don't you DARE move girl! We were twelve short of
our goal of fifty, so it looks like your ass is gonna
have to make up the difference!" laughed Bubba as he
grabbed several more grapes. Jennifer begged and
pleaded for him not to, but she willed herself to remain
on her hands and knees as Bubba sucked each grape before
pushing them past her incredibly tight sphincter

Sure enough, twelve grapes were pressed up Jennifer's
rectum, making it a total of fifty inside of her. Bubba
was pleased as he placed another strip of duct tape over
her asshole and up to her tail bone, patting it down
until he knew it was not going to give.

"There! Perfect! Now stand up girl, we got some more
gymnastics to do!"

How in the hell could he make her do gymnastics with all
of those grapes inside of her, Jennifer thought to
herself...the volume of them was far greater than any of
the sex toys he had already pushed inside her. Time for
some more pleading.

"How can you do this? I thought you said I was going to
release and feel good! This HURTS!!!" cried Jennifer as
she stood up slowly, barely able to straighten out as
every minute tiny movement caused the grapes to grind
against her pussy and ass walls in all sorts of nasty
little ways.

"You want to release huh? Well good things come to
those who wait, and that means you. So hop to it!
Let's get in that gym room for some more leaps and
jumps! I think I can watch that for hours at a time!"
mocked Bubba as Jennifer's anger with him grew.

As she hobbled in towards the gymnasium, she thought of
every dirty name in the book that she wanted to call
him, as she held her lower tummy with both hands, in
agony from being so full. And that nasty tape was
pulling and tugging at the delicate skin in between her
legs that it was so tightly fastened to. Every move was
painful for her; she had to take tiny baby steps to
prevent her legs from moving too far apart, or the tape
felt as though it was going to rip her pussy lips in two
different directions.

As soon as Bubba and Jennifer reached the gymnasium mat,
Jennifer collapsed onto her knees, still clutching her
churning stomach that she thought was going to explode
right through the duct tape. Bubba shook his head,

"Do I have to get the whip again girl? Stand up and
lets see some flips!" said Bubba as he waited for her
response. When Jennifer started to protest again, Bubba
slapped a piece of duct tape right across her lips! Now
all he heard was some moaning and whimpering as she
stood facing him.

"Ah, that's better. I love ya Jenny, but your voice is
a pain in the ass sometimes." said Bubba as he watched
Jennifer's eyes bulge out of her head as she looked
somewhere behind him.

"Now what? Are those grapes makin' ya feel good Jenny?"
asked Bubba humorously as he watched her pointing behind
him, and motioning with her eyes and hands for him to
turn around. Bubba noticed how strangely she was acting
as though she were in a state of panic.

"What the hell is your probl....."

Bubba didn't have a chance to continue as a pistol from
behind him whipped into the back of his head, knocking
him immediately unconscious. Jennifer watched in horror
as Bubba's immense body collapsed to the matt, bleeding
from the back of his head where the pistol end had made
contact with his skull.

Jennifer fell to her knees, and stared with open eyes to
the two large men standing right behind Bubba's
collapsed body.

"Well well well," said Leroy condescendingly. "What in
the hell do we have here."

Jennifer stared at the large black man standing in front
of her, he was enormous...just as big, perhaps bigger
than Bubba, and with a cruel, much more sadistic
expression on his face than Bubba ever had. Jennifer
turned her head a fraction of an inch to look at the
other man standing beside Leroy. Clarence's body seemed
to be a white carbon copy of Leroy's, just as large and
menacing. The expression on his face was totally
unmistakable; it was one of pure lust. She immediately
recognized the symbols on their bandanas, the symbols of
the city's dreaded West Side Boys!

Her heart sank as she began to realize her horrible
predicament. These two men came out of nowhere, and now
had knocked Bubba unconscious, and were staring at her
as though she was nothing more than a piece of fresh
meat thrown to a pack of lions. Knowing that they were
West Side boy gang members, and having heard of their
horribly cruel reputation, Jennifer began to wish that
she was dead.

And she had a horrible feeling that her wish was going
to come true in the hands of these two huge cruel
monsters standing in front of her.

Clarence looked at the young sex toy kneeling in front
of him, and felt his loins stirring. He loved them
young, and this girl was better than just young...she
was young, hot, hardbodied and duct taped, it couldn't
get any better than that.

Leroy chuckled to himself. "Man Clarence, would you
look at that. Buster and Tyrone are going to be wishing
they had done this drive by of old Charlie's on their
own! Looks like we're going to have ourselves an
interesting evening!"

Jennifer's eyes bulged out almost as much as her pussy
and rectum were. She realized that her nightmare had
just taken a turn for the worse. Bubba may have been
sadistic and cruel, but he was at least giving her an
out. She knew these men would not be treating her the
same way. The looks on their faces said it all.

"Baby," said Leroy menacingly, "You're going to get the
fucking of your life........."
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