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BULLNUTS tv for while then went


IR, impreg. Cuckold BULL NUTS by BP

I guess you could say I'm blessed and cursed at the same time. mother nature gave me a big set of balls that produce large quantities of sperm
but when it came to the delivery system, I wound up with a skinny cock
barely five inches long. Kat (short for Katerina), my wife is very
diplomatic and says that my cock is perfect for sucking. She can easily
take the whole thing in her mouth without gagging even when my cock is
fully erect. Otherwise I'm just an average man, average height, build and
of mixed ethnic background. ( English, French, Italian and ? )

Kat is Scandinavian, blond, blue eyes, five feet four inches one hundred
five pounds and has kept her shape even after having two kids. For Kat,
sex is a very important part of life. Unlike some women, she craves sex on
a daily basis. She masturbates at least once a day in addition to wanting
oral, anal or straight sex. Her collection of sex toys would make most sex
toy stores look empty. In a guess you could say that reason for her toys
is of my doing. You see after our second daughter was born her pussy was
stretched out too much for my skinny little cock to feel anything. Since
giving Kat pleasure is a top priority in my life, I bought her bigger and
bigger dildos until I found one big enough to give her pussy that full

As a joke I bought a black dildo. At ten inches long and over two
inches in diameter it makes my cock look more like a finger. When Kat
unwrapped that dildo, she said. "Willy, where have you been." We laughed
and kidded about her new black lover never dreaming that one day she might
have a real live Willy with a cock to match her toy. This was after our
second daughter was born and we had come to the conclusion that my cock
just wasn't doing much for Kat. Other than slipping my cock up Kat's ass,
our sexual activities were mostly of the oral mature.

Our favorite sex game was for Kat to suck my cock as I pumped Willy into
her pussy. I began dreaming that some big black stud was pleasuring Kat's
pussy as she made love to my cock with her mouth. Kat began commenting on
the size of black cocks we saw on the net. Half joking I made a comment
about finding her a black stud. Kat got mad at me and insisted there was
nothing wrong with the way things were. Later that night, she was hornier
than usual. She was really humping her pussy on "Willy" as she sucked my
cock with great passion.

It seemed that every time I turned around the vision of Kat being fucked
by a well- hung black stud would pop into my mind. I made a point of
subtly showing Kat pictures of black men fucking white wives. I also
showed her the interracial sex sites on the net. Kat wouldn't comment much
but she was always hotter in bed after seeing a black stud pleasuring as
white woman.

One night we were at a party with some friends and noticed an
interracial couple. Kat couldn't keep her eyes off them and several times
I saw her talking to the white wife. She was a bit tipsy by the time we
went home and asked how she could meet a black guy and other questions
about making sure he was clean etc.

I found a night club in a neighboring town that has a lot of mixed
couples. One night Kat and I went there "just to watch." As we sat at a
table, a good looking young black man came over to ask Kat to dance. She
looked at me for permission. I smiled and told her it was up to her. Kat
hesitantly went but within a couple minutes she was caught up in the music.
I sat watching Kat dance a fast dance without much body contact then as
that dance ended the guy she was dancing with took her hand and asked Kat
for the next one. This dance was a slow number and in no time she was
rubbing against her black partner. When Kat finally returned to our table,
her nipples were poking out like two hard fingers, signaling her arousal.

Kat barely had time to catch her breath before another black asked her
to dance. This went on for the rest of the night. Kat was positively
glowing from all the attention. When we got home, she was a wild woman in
bed, fucking "Willy" with everything she had. The next week we were back
at the same club. One of the men Kat had met the week before was there and
after Kat danced with him several times she introduced him to me.

I don't know what I expected but I found Art to be very pleasant and
articulate. During that evening I could see that Kat had been charmed by
Art. Art asked me if we would be back the next night. I told him that I
had to go out of town so I wouldn't be able to bring her. Art then asked
if I would allow him to pick up Kat and take her out. I still don't know
why I said yes. Hell Kat is my wife and here I was giving my permission
for her to go out on a "date." On the way home Kat bubbled as she talked
about Art then she suddenly went silent. Kat reached out to touch my arm
and with a serious look, asked if I was sure it was all right. After we
got home and sent our baby sitter home, Kat and I talked for several hours.
Kat was ready to call the whole thing off but to my surprise, I told her
that I wanted her to go out and have a good time and for her not to feel

In bed, Kat went wild, sucking my cock until my nuts were shooting air
as I plumbed her pussy with her dildo "Willy." The next day I had trouble
focusing on my business meeting as my thoughts kept going to Kat in Art's
arms. When I finished my morning meeting, I called to reconfirm my
afternoon meeting and was told that the key person was out sick. We
rescheduled, and I went home.

Driving home I thought about calling Kat and telling her I would be home
sometime after dinner but thought she might cancel her date so I decided to
surprise her.

Pulling up in front of our house I saw the babysitter's car in the
driveway. I pulled my car in the garage and went in. The kids were
delighted to see me and after sending the baby sitter home, kept me busy
until I tucked them in bed.

I watched tv for a while then went to bed. Laying in bed, my mind kept
flashing lewd images of my wife being sexed by a black lover. I guess I
dozed off because the next thing I knew Kat turned on a bathroom light.
For a moment she babbled about being concerned about not seeing the
babysitter's car then being relived to see my car in the garage. To stop
her nervous babbling I hopped out of bed and took her into my arms as I
kissed her passionately. As my tongue explored the depths of her mouth, I
was sure I could taste Art's sperm. Anxious to see her ravaged body, my
fingers began undoing her clothing as my cock tried to burst out of my
pants. Kat on the other hand was nervous about me seeing her and was
blushing heavily. Pushing her dress off her shoulders, I guided her to our
bed. As her dress slid over her shapely hips and her flat tummy I noticed
that she didn't have any panties on and her blond pussy fuzz was coated
with half-dried sperm. Her bare boobs each had some passion bites on them
and her nipples were sticking out like finger tips. It was obvious that
they had seen plenty of attention also.

Kat fussed about wanting to get cleaned up, that she was a mess and
hadn't expected me to be home. I pulled her against me and fell on the bed
as I kissed her wildly and told Kat, I loved her. Slowly her body relaxed
and her hands held me tenderly instead of trying to get free.

Kat stuttered out "Y-y-you, aren't mad that I got carried away and had
sex with him? I didn't plan it that way but he got me so horny I couldn't
say no."

I answered her with another kiss as I held her tightly. As I assured
her that I was not mad, I knew when I told her she could go out with him
again there was always the possibility of sex.

Tears welled up in Kat's eyes as she blubbered on about how much she
loved me and that I was so good to her. When I tried to wipe away the
tears, she turned her head away.

Please let me let me finish before you say any more . . . I let him
come in me. He said he couldn't wear a condom because they were too tight
and was going to pull out but it felt so good we forgot until it was too
late. He was still so hot and his cock didn't go down until he fucked me
two more times. Art has a cock like "Willy" and has balls as big as yours.
Kissing away her tears I told her, it was OK. I held her quietly not
saying anything for a while then I began kissing her neck. Slowly I kissed
down to her boobs, tasting her. Her body tasted of sex. Her nipples still
inflamed from her lover, throbbed in my mouth. Kat moaned softly then
weakly said "please, I'm a mess let me get cleaned up." I ignored her and
worked my wandering lips down her belly tasting her. The closer I got to
her pussy the stronger the smell of sex and the taste of Art's juices.
Soon I was over Kat with my face buried in her sperm covered pussy. Kat
gave up all resistance and pulled my little cock into her mouth. My tongue
had no trouble delving into her dilated pussy as I scooped out Art's globs
of sperm.

I had often eaten Kat's pussy after I had fucked her in order to get her
off but this was the first time I had ever tasted another man's sperm. If
I hadn't loved Kat as much as I do I would have felt different but
strangely I didn't feel threatened or humiliated. Scooping out a glob of
sperm, I thought Art's sperm might have made a baby in her already as Kat
had never used any protection. My mind raced with the ramifications as I
tried to remember when her last period was and figure out if she was ripe.
Oddly if felt disappointed when I figured that Kat probably was passed her
"fertility window." I was shocked, I wanted her pregnant, pregnant by
another man, a black man at that. The more those thoughts bounced around
in my mind the more I realized I wanted Kat to get knocked up by her black
lover. I also wanted to watch them in action, wanted to see his huge black
cock plunging into her blond pussy, to see her impaled under his big black
body. Then I wanted to see her belly grow knowing it contained her lover's
baby and that it would not look at all like me or our other children.

Kat soon began moaning around my cock as I ate her pussy. The feel of
her swollen labia further inflamed my lust making me come much quicker then
I wanted. Instead of disappointing Kat, she purred like a contented kitten
as she drank my cream. She knew there was plenty of ball cream in my bull
nuts. After bringing her to her second climax she asked me to stop as her
pussy was a little sore from Art's monster. She went back to milking my
cock as I tenderly stroked her sexy body.

I had already filled her mouth for the second time when I asked her if
she wanted Art to fuck her again. Her gentle sucking stopped, then started
without any other indication she had heard me. Several minutes went by and
I was beginning to think she was not going to answer when she lifted her
head and said. "He won't use a condom."

She kissed my balls and went back to nursing on my cock. I thought
about her comment as I delighted in her attention to my cock. If I told
her it was OK to fuck Art again I would be telling her to let him knock her
up. My balls twitched as the thought ran thru my horny mind. I tried to
think rationally about all the factors involving interracial children but
between Kat's fantastic mouth and the idea of her being bred by a big black
buck, over rode logic. For the first time, I told Kat that I wanted to see
Art fucking her. Again Kat stopped sucking, she just held my cock in her
mouth as she rested her head on my thigh. Occasionally she would gently
suck then stop, this went on for a half hour or more. I knew that she was
in deep thought because many times before she had done the same thing when
pondering a weighty decision. As I said, earlier sex is a big part of
Kat's life. When it came time to by a new car Kat sucked my cock for hours
before giving her opinion. When we talked about getting a new house, she
sucked my cock for hours every day for a week. When we had talked about
her trying a well-hung lover she told me that she would never think about
leaving me because in addition to loving me dearly she knew she would never
find a cock as suckable as mine.

When I dated Kat, I knew that she had dated others and had sex with
them. When the matter of the size of my cock came up, she told me that the
other guys she had dated weren't hung much better then I and had figured
that was all she was going to get. She told me I won out over the others
for several reasons but my bull nuts sold her.

Kat let my cock slide out of her hot mouth and cuddled up to me. With
her lips still covered with our juices she kissed me on my lips before
saying. Everyone will know that the babies are not yours. Does that
bother you?

I kissed her and said. They will be ours and that is all that matters
to me. I know that some people may frown on us but I really don't care.
With that we cuddled up and fell asleep.

Chapter 2

Over the next few days nothing was said until the phone rang at dinner
time. Kat answered the phone and I knew that it was Art. Kat answered a
couple questions with yes and no then she looked directly at me. Her eyes
were sparkling with lust as she bit her lip then said pick me up about nine
o'clock. She blew a kiss at the receiver before hanging it up and prancing
sexily back to the stove. As Kat put dinner on the table she said she
needed to shave before she went out. My cock twitched in my pants, was she
asking me to shave her? Occasionally I had shaved her legs and pussy as
part of our sex games but usually I was the one who made the suggestion.
By me shaving her, I would be giving her my blessing to go out on her

We ate dinner and talked about anything except what was on our minds.
Dinner was just about finished when I said. "I'll help you shave then
clean up the kitchen while you get dressed." Kat looked at me in mild
surprise before asking if I was sure. I swallowed and assured her that I
knew what I was doing.

She kissed me and started toward the bedroom with a quick look over her
shoulder to see if I was following. She did a bit of a double take and a
big grin lit up her face when she the bulge and wet spot on my pants as I
stood to go with her.

In the bedroom Kat did a quick striptease as I grabbed the shaving
stuff. Boldly she sat on the counter in the bathroom placing her feet up,
exposing her pussy almost like she would to a doctor. Wordlessly she
watched as I began shaving. Having finished shaving the blond fuzz off her
outer labia I started toward the remaining tuft of blond hair above her
clit when she told me to leave it so Art would know that she is a real
blond. I almost came in my pants. Kat asked me to get her hand mirror.
Quickly I returned with it, hoping that she would be pleased with my
shaving job. Satisfied, Kat hopped off the counter and gave me a kiss
before jumping in the shower.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up when the door bell rang. Grabbing a
towel to dry my hands, I went to the door. Opening the door I saw Art's
smiling face, with smooth confidence he asked if Kat was ready. I was glad
the kids were in bed so I wouldn't have to explain why mommy was going out
with Art. Kat came out of the bedroom dressed to thrill. The way her
nipples were poking out I knew she had left her bra in the dresser and I
wouldn't have been surprised if she had left her panties there too. She
gave me a kiss and told me not to wait up for her as she took Art's hand
and went out. It wasn't until I heard Art's car drive off that I realized
my cock was tenting out the front of my pants. Trying to get my cock under
control I went back to cleaning up the kitchen. Not even that helped.

After trying to watch tv, I gave up and went to our bedroom and jerked
off. That helped a bit but my mind kept teasing me with images of Kat
being fucked by a big black cock. Our youngest daughter woke up and
getting her back to sleep almost took my mind off Kat's date but no sooner
had I quieted Lynn down then I began thinking about kids and wondering when
Kat would get knocked up by Art.

About two a.m. I heard Kat come in. Quietly she turned of the lights
and came into the bedroom. Thinking I was asleep she didn't turn a light
on. Just as she peeled her clothes off, I turned on a bedside light. Kat
reacted like a deer caught in headlights, her hands covering her crotch.
Sitting up, I softly told her not to hide from me. She blushed as she
nervously let her hands go to her sides. I guess she didn't want me to see
how swollen her pussy lips were, or the fresh love bites. But then again
she probably was embarrassed to be seen with his sperm drooling down her
legs. Before she could step in the bathroom I got up and took her in my
arms. As I kissed her, I noticed her lips were puffy and tasted of sperm.
My cock jumped to attention pressing into her belly. Taking her hand, I
guided her to our bed, even as she protested that she was too messy.
Mindful that her pussy might be sore I dove for her freshly fucked pussy.
The smell and taste sent me into heaven. Kat stopped fussing after I
sucked her labia in my mouth and rubbed them with my tongue. She not only
stopped fussing but started telling me about her date. That was too much
for my cock, I shot a big load on the sheets as I continued to suck and
lick her well-fucked pussy. Finally Kat begged me to let her up to pee.

Standing in the bathroom door, I told Kat that I loved her. She looked
up at me and smiled, then said."I guess you really are turned on by this."
I just smiled in response.

Two days later Kat's period came. We talked a lot about what was bound
to happen if she kept on letting Art come in her and how it would affect
us. Kat said she would stop seeing Art if I insisted. My answer was to not
say anything and kiss her. Several times, Kat talked to Art during her
period but they didn't go out. I would ask how he was but nothing about
her dating again. A couple times when Art called, I answered the phone.
We would talk for a couple minutes then I would get Kat on the phone.

It was a little over a week after her period that Kat told me, she had
lined up a baby sitter for Friday night, all night. With a twinkle in her
eyes she asked if I wanted to cancel the babysitter or get a hotel room. I
stuttered out. "Are you going to let him come in you?" Kat smiled lewdly,
waiting for my answer. My voice sounded like a squeaky whisper as I told
her watching her and her lover had always been my strongest fantasy. She
told me Art had agreed on the condition that I not interfere. I promised
to be a fly on the wall unless invited. It was the right answer for Kat,
for me I wasn't really sure but it was too late to stop things. For the
next two days I could hardly focus on work as I kept thinking of Kat,
pregnant with a black baby. One minute I was scared, the next, my cock was
ready to come. Kat appeared a bit nervous but never mentioned anything
about backing out of her date.

By Friday night I was a nervous wreck, Kat appeared as calm as if she
was just going to a movie. In the car driving to meet Art, Kat asked if
everything was all right. I forced a smile and told Kat, I would be all
right. It was a lie, the butterflies in my stomach were having

Seeing us enter the hotel lobby Art walked over to greet us. His
welcome was not what my nightmares had pictured. Instead of grabbing my
wife and running for the room, he escorted us to the lounge and its
friendly sounding entertainment. Just before entering the lounge I
remembered that I needed to register and get room keys. Art offered to
help but I insisted that he and Kat go and have fun.

I went back to the car and got our things, registered and all that stuff
then after looking the scene of the coming impregnation, over I went back
to the lobby to join Art and Kat. Not seeing them at one of the tables, my
brain started to go into a panic mode. Before I did something silly, a big
black hand waved at me from the dance floor. I eased over to the bar and
got a drink as I waited for that dance to end. No sooner was my drink in
my hand then Kat came over and kissed me. Standing patiently Art waited
for Kat to urge me to join them at their table.

At the table I made a comment about feeling like a third leg. Art
quickly told me that he wanted me to join them and he wanted me to have a
good time. He also assured that he wasn't trying to steal my wife.

Since I wouldn't be driving, I didn't worry about having several drinks
but after the second I told myself it would be stupid to get so drunk I
passed out or made a fool out of myself. By the time my second drink began
to kick in I was realizing that Art was a nice guy and I could see why Kat
was attracted to him. To my surprise Kat danced not only with Art and
myself but several other men. As Art and I talked I started to relax and
enjoy our special night. After one dance that left Art and I at the table
Kat returned to hear us laughing over a joke. With a naughty gleam in her
eyes she asked if we were going to sit there all night or move the party
upstairs. Without further deliberation we took our drinks and headed to
our room. We were the only ones in the elevator so I wasn't surprised to
see Art put his hand on Kat's hip and pull her close for a kiss. It was a
kiss of lovers, hot and passionate but without breaking Art's embrace Kat
reached out and pulled me close. Nothing was said but her gesture made me
feel much more comfortable.

No sooner were we in the room when Art took Kat in his arms. As they
kissed passionately, Art began undressing her. After turning off most of
the lights I went and sat in a chair in a dark corner. I've seen sexy
stripteases but none of them could hold a candle to the sight I saw as Art
skillfully undressed my wife. When Kat's dress fell to the floor she was
nude except for her garter belt and stockings. I knew she hadn't worn a
bra but I didn't know she was panty-less. Needless to say my cock was hard
enough to pick a lock.

Kat didn't wait for Art to undress, as soon as her dress started to
slide down her body, she attacked his cloths. Dropping to her knees she
took the head of his stiffening black cock in her mouth as she fumbled to
untie his shoes. Art's cock stretched Kat's lips to their limit as she
sucked and licked on his uncut cock. I wondered why Kat hadn't told me
that Art wasn't uncircumcised, I was sure it felt different then my neatly
trimmed weenie. I'm not going to tell you that Art's cock was as long as a
telephone pole, no it is more like a tree stump, about eight inches long
and very thick.

After letting Kat warm up his cock, Art guided her to her feet for a hot
kiss. The contrast of Kat's lightly tanned body against his black skin was
thrilling. They appeared to melt onto the bed, never breaking their
embrace. The soft lighting in the room gave me just enough light to see
their passionate caresses without making it look like we were making a
porno movie.

In spite of having a raging hard-on Art took his time worshiping Kat's
sexy body. Kat in turn was moaning and telling him to fuck her. He in
turn was taking his time, enjoying teasing her. Kat was so hot she was
starting to sound like a cat in heat as she begged for his cock. After
kissing his way up her body he nestled his cock in her now dripping pussy.
Kat threw her hips up at him impaling herself on his thick cock. Art
responded by driving his hips down. The force was so strong I could hear
the air being forced out of Kat's lungs. Art's hips looked like he was
driving poles instead of fucking. The short hard thrusts were making
grunting sounds come from deep within Kat. Far from complaining Kat had
her feet resting on his butt and her hands on his sides as she looked up at
him with flames of lust. It couldn't have been five minutes before Kat
yelled "Oh my god! Yes! I'm coming!" Art didn't lessen his pace, his face
a picture of concentration. I was sure he was holding his own climax back
as I admired his technique.

I moved my chair to get a better view of Art's cock plunging into Kat's
pussy just in time to witness his ball's tense up and to see his potent
black sperm being pumped into Kat's fertile belly. Kat felt it and yelled
for Art to knock her up, to give her his baby. Art froze then looked at
me. I flashed him a smile and a slight nod, suggesting it was all right.
He jabbed his hips twice more causing his balls to tighten and fire more
sperm into Kat's womb then rested with his thick cock trapping his sperm in
her womb.

As they came down from their climaxes Art asked if she really wanted him
to knock her up. Kat took his face in her hands and kissed him then
looking at me she said "Ben wants to see my belly swell with your baby and
so do I." Art rolled off Kat to lay at her side as he looked over at me,
his face a mixture of amazement and excitement. For a few moments, we
looked at each other collecting our thoughts.

That was just pillow talk, wasn't it? Art asked. Kat kissed him and
asked if he had a problem with impregnating a willing white gal. With a
nervous chuckle he said he didn't want a pissed off husband pumping lead in
his black ass but he had dreamed about doing it. I laughed and assured him
that about the only thing that I might shoot at them was a little sperm.

For an hour or more we talked about our relationship and mixed race
babies. As we talked, I had moved so I could clearly see Kat's swollen red pussy lips and Art's sperm oozing out. Kat noticed the focus of my
attention. "Don't be shy you can lick my pussy." She said. I wanted to
crawl under the bed and hide from the humiliation but the attraction of her
pussy was too strong. As if in a trance, I rose from the chair, blushing
from head to toe. I didn't know what to do as I had planed to be neither
seen nor heard during that night. Before I could sit on the bed Kat
reminded me that I was still dressed and that I would have to get rid of my
cloths first. It hit me that Kat was the one who was really in charge.
Art and I were her lovers and at her command. My feelings toward Art
changed from that of a potential adversary, to a "brother in lust."

Somehow my clothes vanished from my body and I was on the bed between
Kat's legs. As my tongue scooped up gobs of Art's sperm I was sure he
would tease me about eating his sperm but he didn't. He did comment about
how I appeared to be very good at stimulating her with my mouth and could
see why Kat had made it clear she wouldn't think of leaving me. I was so
damn proud, I felt like I was glowing. I put everything I had into eating
Kat's pussy. She got the message and was soon moaning with ecstasy as she
humped my probing tongue. Kat tensed and climaxed strongly as I nibbled
gently on her clit. As I gently kissed her pussy, the bed shook, looking
up I saw that Art had moved up to put his cock in Kat's mouth. Opening
wide she took the head in her mouth and began to suck it. Her lips were
stretched to their limit as she did her best.

Soon Kat let Art's cock pop out of her mouth as she begged him to fuck
her. Art looked at me as if to ask my permission, I rolled over, vacating
Kat's pussy and waved my hand to offer him access. Art moved around to get
into position as I started to back off. He looked at me and told me I
didn't have to get off the bed and he didn't have a problem with me playing
with Kat as he had sex with her.

I couldn't believe how fast things had changed but I was happy with the
way things were going. Being able to touch Kat as her lover had sex with
her was beyond my dreams. Kat pulled me to her and kissed me with more
passion then I could have imagined. She grunted into my mouth as Art drove
his cock into her baby maker. With a dreamy look Kat whispered.

He's going to knock me up. He's going to give me a black baby.

I kissed and stroked her as I whispered that I knew. Kat then asked if
I wanted to see my slut wife get bred by her black stud. I told her I
didn't want to miss it for anything. We kissed again the Kat asked me to
tell Art to make sure he got her pregnant. Art's head was only inches away
and I'm sure he heard but somehow I managed to say what Kat asked. Art
slowed his strokes and told me I had the most wonderful wife in the world
and that I was lucky to have her. Uncomfortable with the praise I mumbled
thanks. Art turned his attention back to breeding Kat. Masterfully he
drove his cock in my wife bringing her obvious sexual pleasure. My hands
found their way to Kat's rock hard nipples adding to her pleasure as well
as mine.

Art gave plenty of warning that he was close to coming so I moved to
watch his balls. No sooner was I in position then he jammed his cock hard
into Kat and spat out. "Here comes your baby." She howled like a cat being
bred as her legs held him tightly in. After resting with his cock stuffed
in her, he started to pull out. Kat told him to stop until I had a chance
to stuff a pillow under her ass. Taking my cue I stuffed a pillow under
her as she lifted off the bed. That time instead of getting between her
legs she guided me into a sixty-nine. No sooner had her lips surrounded my
cock then my cock blasted her tonsils with pent up sperm. She just purred
and swallowed as my tongue licked her well-fucked pussy. Twice, Kat
drained my cock, before letting go of my cock. She then wanted Art and me
to cuddle up with her.

Cuddling up we were both offered a nipple to suck on. I guess I dosed
off, because when I opened my eyes Art was now between Kat's legs slowly
moving his cock in and out of her pussy. About an hour later Art finally
pulled his tired but semi erect cock out of her and Kat suggested that we
take a shower and then a short nap.

Instead of the orgy I expected, our shower was just "friendly hands,"
washing each other. Back in bed I dropped into a deep sleep and had a
vague recollection of them having sex sometime during the night. I
awakened to a piss hard-on and a full bladder. Art and Kat were still
asleep so I eased out of bed and quietly made my way to the bathroom.
After relieving myself I stepped back in the bedroom and stood looking at
Kat and Art snuggled up to each other. The contrast of their skin colors
sent a strange tingle thru me. The thought that my wife's fertile womb was
awash with sperm from Art's big black balls made my own tingle. I knew
that she was pregnant.

I slipped some cloths on and went down to the coffee shop for some
coffee and something to eat. Sitting in a quiet corner I sipped my coffee
and nibbled a muffin as I thought about what had happened. Could I live
with a child who was obviously not from my loins? How would our white
children feel about having a tan brother or sister? Had I done the right
thing by allowing it to happen? There was no question in my mind about
giving up my children. I still loved Kat and Art was a nice guy so why was
I sitting there, instead of up in the room with them? Answering my own
question, I ordered two coffees and several muffins, to go.

Easing into the room I heard the sounds of passionate kissing. Art was
over Kat, kissing and sucking on her nipples. Sensing my presence Kat
opened her eyes and smiled warmly. " Art promised to keep breeding me
until I'm pregnant, isn't that great?" Feeling her joy, I smiled at her and
pointed at the bulge in my pants as I said that we were all excited. Art
let Kat's boob flesh pop from his mouth as he looked up at me.

"You can warm her up some more, while I take a leak." Art said as he got
up. I set the coffee and muffins on the night stand as I made a joke about
not being able to live on lust alone. When Kat commented that I had only
brought two coffees I told her I had already eaten. She scooted up a bit
and reached for her coffee and a muffin. Art returned and thanked me for
bringing coffee. Kat teased me about me being the only one with clothes on
and for staring at her pussy. I told her that I had never seen her pussy look so swollen and full of sperm. Kat patted Art's thigh and told me it
was his doing but promised that I would see it looking like that a lot from
then on.

As Kat spoke, she spread her legs more, showing off her pussy. It was
more then I could stand so I dove between her legs and stabbed my tongue
into Art's sperm as it drooled out. Kat moaned loudly and stroked my head
as I helped myself to my second breakfast. Her moans became louder as she
humped her hot pussy on my tongue and held my head into her pussy. In a
few minutes she was climaxing around my tongue as she babbled about how
much she loved me.

I told Art it was his turn as I rolled out of the way. Without
hesitation he pulled Kat back to the center of the bed and mounted her.
For the next hour I kissed and teased her nipples as I told Kat how much I
was looking forward to watching her belly grow and to have another baby. I
must have said the magic words because Kat hugged and kissed me as her hips
fucked back at Art's driving cock.

We rested and talked quietly for a while before getting cleaned up and
checking out of the hotel. Not much was said on the drive home and after
the commotion of being greeted by our children Kat went back to being
quiet. It wasn't until we were getting ready for bed that Kat turned to me
and shrugged off her night gown. As I looked at her, I remembered the last
time I had seen that look. It was just after I had knocked her up with our
second child.

Does it bother you that I let Art give me hickies? Suddenly I saw that
she had love bites all over her breasts and all around her pussy. My cock
answered for me by stiffening. Kat grinned as she noticed my cock.

I guess I'm going to have my work cut out for me, keeping your balls
drained as you watch my belly grow. With that I took Kat in my arms and
laid her on our bed and told her I love her.

Chapter 2

The next day Kat was on the phone talking with Art, seeing when he could
come over to breed her.

For the next two weeks Art visited our bed three or four times a week to
fill Kat's womb. The time for Kat's period came and went then Kat started
having an upset stomach in the morning. Now that Kat's pregnancy was
official, she asked Art what his plans were. I didn't know about it until
Kat told me Art wanted to come over and talk with me. I was quite confused
as Art had been coming and going freely and had gotten to know our other
children. Kat wouldn't give me any clue at to what was going on so I was
all in a tizzy when he arrived.

The first thing Art did when we closed the door to my den was, gave me a
paper that gave me all legal rights to the baby he had planted in my wife.
He then asked if I would consider letting him become a part of our family.
The two of us talked for hours. Kat would stick her head in to bring us
drinks then leave. About midnight Kat came in wearing a see-thru night
gown. None of her charms were hidden as she asked if she could join our
discussion. Our final decision was to see how things evolved but there
would be no restrictions on his visits.

All of this took place six years ago. We sold our house and built a
bigger one to house our bigger family. Kat is now pregnant with Art's,
third child and happier then anyone has a right to be. Me, well Kat won't
let Art put his cock in her unless mine is in her mouth. A few times we
were allowed to double fuck her with me in her ass. Oh and the kids are
doing great.


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