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BWO21 22 movie HBO the far


The Body Worker



+++ Chapters 21 & 22 +++

~~~ Making A Left Turn At The Crossroads Of Life ~~~

(MF, FF, MFF, Mf, Mg, MFg, FFf, FFg, Fg, Mm, Mb, sex therapy, sex
surrogates, sex surrogacy, incest, pedo, very young, oral, anal, group sex,
period sex, all combinations)

Copyright © 2001, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved


January, 1999

Thirty days from my two-year anniversary of being recruited into the
profession I've come to love so deeply and passionately, that of being a
trained polykinetic bodyworker, and my - my - m -y -y -y how things have
changed since that fateful day that Dr. Carol Stein of Wake family Therapy
Inc. became a therapeutic massage patient of mine for a sports injury of
hers when I used to work at the old Raleigh Sports Injury Clinic, when in
an offhand manner she asked for a pudendal massage and reluctantly I
obliged then next thing you know I'm recruited to go a training class at
the Polykinetic Bodywork Institute up in Roslyn Harbour New York and then
am immediately thrown to the wolves as soon as I get back home where I was
immediately "sold" to another therapy practice group (in hindsight, that
was the best thing that could have happened to me) and immediately went to
work as a full-time professional bodyworker along with my compatriot and
fellow classmate Margot K. Knight with little or no apprenticeship or
mentorship as such, gasp, gasp, gasp what a fucking whirlwind my life was
back then.

Now, bumping two years of building my/Dr. Nick's bodyworking therapy
practice which is used in conjunction and with referrals from his
talking-therapy and drug-therapy standard psychiatric practice group, I am
really in the proverbial catbird's seat. My billable hours are usually
fifty to fifty-five per week, and more than ever I get to pick and choose
which specific patients from the entire pool of those generated in-house
and also those brought to us from other practices that don't have
bodyworkers on staff that I wish to work with, assign to another one of the
three bodyworkers that I'm now supervising, or refer back out as being
probably not a suitable candidate for treatment though the latter has only
happened once or twice in the past two years, I and everyone else trusting
Dr. Nick's initial diagnoses pretty uniformly.

Besides the three bodyworkers who I'm supervisor of, Brenda who is a
late 20's brunette and former medical school student, Carolyn who is a
bleached-blond in her early 30's and a former medical claims coder, and
Emily a blond bombshell also in her late 20's with perfectly huge 38D
breasts and former Hooters girl who used to be Dr. Nick's long-time
receptionist before I made my pitch to Dr. Nick that she would have the
potential to be a great bodyworker for a lot of our older male clients and
after some prodding agreed to pay for her training, I also have two
assistants that work only with me, the first being Alexa who is an early
20's raven-haired beauty with an MS in cell biology from CalTech who was
recruited by one of Dr. Chaim's "scouts" a former bodyworker herself who
was one of Alexa's professors, and DeeDee or DD standing for Donna Diana
who is a 9-year-old full-time patient essentially whose mother was a crack
whore and had her working as a prostitute to help support her habit for a
year or more before DD's grandmother who happened to be rich and have some
pull finally got her out of that mess and she, DD, wound up in one of Dr.
Chaim's affiliate practices in the Washington D.C. area and two months ago
was assigned to me full-time as a patient and "therapy model" where she is
used selectively and prescriptively to help others with their healing
process as she herself is healed each time a little more herself. There's
also Kelly, an Australian private tutor who works with DD during the day in
a homeschool setting, giving her a minimum of six instructional hours per
day but doing so in a flexible manner where DeeDee can help myself and
Alexa with certain patients.

Alexa has been with me right at a year now. She took Margot's place
when Margot was recruited to go set up a new bodywork practice for a group
of psychiatrists in the Dallas area who specialized much like Dr. Nick
does in treatment of adolescents, pre-adolescents and their families. God
I miss Margot. I do miss her, so, ssssoooo much. Not a day goes by that I
don't think of her. We grew so much together that first year together. My
classmate, my workmate, by best buddy and at one time even talk of becoming
legal spouses though in hindsight we both knew that that wouldn't have
worked out in the longer-term. At least I know she's happy in and with her
work and has and is helping hundreds of patients that need her special
touch and by doing so is spreading the good word about the true efficacy of
using the body sexual to heal the mind intellectual and the heart

Alexa's a good girl, having been a kind and loving and totally
professional bodyworking colleague of mine in the year I've been mentoring
her and training her, but now she's gone as far as I can take her so it's
time for her to move on. She'll be going to a practice in Denver where
they have one other woman bodyworker that specializes in older men (sixty
to seventy-five percent of most bodyworking clients are older men with
erectile or libido problems, my own highly specialized caseload to the
contrary, as evidenced firsthand by Emily's, Brenda's and Carolyn's own
caseloads, the vast majority of which are men) where she'll begin building
a practice to and for the child-to-teen patient population as well as adult
women clients as well. I wish her well, I do wish her well, I know she'll
do well, and she deserves it.

My mind can't help but drift off to memories of Margot and my old classmates and the wackily weird but wonderful Dr. & Mrs. Chaim who were
the founders of modern polykinetic bodyworking therapeutic modality and who
personally ran the Polykinetic Bodywork Institute where they trained myself
and Margot. I still talk to "Doc" at least once or twice a month, by the
way. Three or four times I've flown up to Roslyn to help out with a
training class, which was a lot of fun, each time bringing back fond
memories of my own short nine days of sex bootcamp there. Aaaahhhhh. The
warm feel of my leather executive chair sulters me into a sweet light
slumber. In my hidden office between the two hallways that lead down each
side of the ground floor our three-story large home that has our treatment
rooms on the first and second floors and our private residences on the
third, my eyelids slide quietly down covering my dreams with gentle ease
before the damn front doorbell buzzer rouses me from my entropic nap.
Looking at the four-sectioned scanning video monitor that rotates shots
every few seconds of the many hidden cameras snuck away in different places
inside and around the house the human form of my next appointment stands
patiently at the door awaiting permission to enter as she hits the doorbell
one more time. It's not a patient, but Alexa's potential replacement, a
Mrs. Marilyn S. Lepac, an early 40's slightly frumpish middle-age
house-wifey-type with a pageboy-haircuit and modest but pleasant figure and
dark hornrimmed glasses and a sincere smile that radiates through the video system even with the camera at a high off-angle to her. She's fifteen
minutes early for our 5PM appointment but that's okay.

"Yes?" I buzz back at her through the intercom.

"This...this is Marilyn Lepac...I have a five p.m. appointment with a
Dr. Eric Woods?"

"This is Eric Woods, Mrs. Lepac...and I'm not a doctor, by the way..."

"Sorry!" she replies with lilting voice.

"...not a problem, I get called Dr. Woods all the time
accidentally...I'm just a therapist, Dr. Nick's chief bodywork
therapist...c'mon in, let me buzz the door open, I'll be out shortly,
please just have a seat in the foyer..."

"Thank you, doctor, errrr, Mr. Woods..."


"...Eric, then..."

I couldn't help but be a little skeptical of this Mrs. Marilyn Lepac.
She was older, actually a lot older than most who come to the bodyworking
profession, though Gwen one of my old classmates at PKI had been about
Marilyn's age. She also was married, very definitely married with a high
degree of monogamous instinct according to her preliminary psychological
tests which Dr. Nick had shared with me, Dr. Nick also giving me full
veto power over her at any time during the initial assessment and
recruitment phase since she'd be spending the next year with me
professionally at least as I mentored her along, and I couldn't help but
wonder how she was going to emotionally balance her love and monogamous
preference for her husband of over twenty-five years with the cold fact
that she'd be having sex with hundreds of patients per year.

She rose from the butler's bench in the front foyer to greet me, giving
me a surprise gentle hug which felt so genuine and loving it me feel all
warm inside. I kissed her on the cheek and looked into her eyes. There
wasn't any fear in them at all, only love. Dr. Nick had insisted that
Marilyn, Mrs. Lepac, was a near-one-of-a-kind find according to all the
tests so far, she exhibiting an even higher degree of empathy and healing
potential than I initially did on my own screening tests, I testing higher
according to Doc Chaim than any of his hundreds of prior students save a
small handful.

"I'll give you the nickel tour of the facilities, but first, some
paperwork and prelims, okay?"

"Sure, Eric, no problem..."

I took her to my exam room and bade her sit at the small metal office
desk to fill out a couple of standard non-disclosure forms that all
potential recruits have to sign. Hearing doors close and cars in the front
parking lot start up I knew that Brenda's and Carolyn's last patients for
the day were leaving. As she carefully read and signed each form, I fished
a douche and an enema from the wiremetal supply rack next to the exam table
and brought them to her.

"Marliyn...Mrs. Lepac..."

"Yes, Eric?..."

"....after you've finished with the forms, please go to the bathroom
over there..." my ring finger gesturing to an open door between the exam
and treatment rooms in the open floorplan "...and douche and enema you need any help with the enema?..."

", Eric, I don't, won't..." she politely responding.

"...and then take a shower, redress, and I'll be back in ten minutes to
get you, and we can continue....okay?" she just smiling and nodding "yes".

Popping back into my office I hit the remote and put all four screen
quarters on my monitor on the cameras in my treatment room. Obediently she
stripped, douched, enema'd herself, showered and redressed. She was better
looking nude than clothed in her middle-age mother of grown children JC
Penney's skirt and blouse. Her 36C breasts had a surprising pertness and
firmness about them, her smallish nipples covering the tips of her breasts with perfect symmetry, her right breast slightly larger than her right one.
I kept her waiting for another twenty extra minutes, a full thirty in
total, just to see if she showed any signs of impatience when she thought
no one would be watching. She eased back into the old ortho office chair
in front of the chipped-paint metal desk and crossed her arms and legs and
waited patiently, not a single sign of frustration of being left alone for
longer than promised.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting..." I smiled as I came back to the
treatment room to get her.

"Not a problem...I was just relaxing some..."

"...shall we continue?..."

"...yes, please..."

I showed her the rest of my treatment room, the shared and open exam and
treatment areas which were off but open to the smallish waiting and
interview area within the confines of its walls where she had been sitting.
Her hand lightly ran over one of the posts of the four-post treatment bed.

"This is your office, your treatment room, Eric?"

"Yes, it is."

I took her own back through the old kitchen area which served as a
storage area for supplies and out to the back deck where the hottub and
Jacuzzi were bubbling away as they stayed 24 hours a day and then lead her
back inside the old storage area to the elevator located in the space
between the two hallways which also hid an entrance to my private office
and work area. Turning the key and hitting the button to go to the next
floor, we stepped out and I gave her the tour of the "wetrooms" where open
showers and commodes and such were located at, the BDSM rooms where all
kinds of whipping benches, racks, St. Andrew's Crosses and tons of whips
and crops and fetish costumes were and then the sound-proof true padded
room and then back to the elevator and up to the third floor where our
respective studio apartments that shared a greatroom and common kitchen
area were.

"The girls" were all there when the elevator door slid open. Alexa was
in our, her's and mine apartment area taking a shower. Carolyn and Brenda
were watching tv on the bigscreen, DD was sitting on the couch with Kelly
going over some homework she had to complete that night, and Emily sat on a
couple of pillows next to the free-standing circular fireplace in the
middle of our greatroom a couple of towels wrapped around her head and body
having just washed the day's grime, what we only half-jokingly call
"patient smudge" from her body. Her eyes reflected the flames from the
open hearth a couple of feet from her, the light from them making the
remaining moisture drops on the small amount of exposed skin glisten. God,
Emily looked so perfectly delicious I just wanted to jump her right then.
It's no wonder that Dr. Nick despite being married had a standing once a
week "private session" with her...with rank does come certain privileges, I

By contract covenant, practicality and common sense Alexa and I had been
"partners" for the past year, sharing a sleeping bed at night as well as a
therapy bed during the day. According to Dr. Nick, Doc Chaim and a whole
bunch of anecdotal evidence as well as my own experience, when a
paired-team like Alexa and I work together all day, it's actually almost
not just beneficial but almost a necessity to spend a lot of time together
afterwards, in order to vent our frustrations, open ourselves to each
other, and generally talk shop with someone who knows what we've been
through that day because they were there with us the whole time. It's not
like all of us didn't have sex with each other whenever we wanted, we do.
But what with Carolyn's and Brenda's and Emily's caseload being
ninety-some-percent-plus male during the day it's not like they wanted to
be pestered by me another male after hours so they pretty much played with
each other when and how they wanted to play and I would usually join in
open scenes once things got going.

Emily got up to grab the wireless headphones next to the stereo and sat
back down next to the fireplace. My eyes must have followed her every move
albeit quite innocently and momentarily because Marilyn touched me on the
arm as we made our way over one of the couches with a "she IS beautiful,
isn't she?" being whispered in my ear.

Making small talk for a moment with Kelly and DD about how DeeDee's
instructional day went, DD's eyes just focused in on Marilyn who returned
her curious gaze with those perfect doe-eyes of hers.

"DeeDee has a couple of pages of math homework tonight, but that's
all...'need to leave, hubby and I are going out tonight for dinner, see you
tomorrow, little one..." Kelly spake while giving DD a polite kiss on the
cheek and making her way across the room to the elevator.

"She is a very dedicated teacher, isn't she?" asked Marilyn.

"Yes, she is, very dedicated...we were very lucky to have found her..."

" DeeDee her only student?..."

"...yes...I thought Dr. Nick explained her situation to you..."

"...he did..."

Dead silence for a moment.

"Would you like a drink, something to drink, Marilyn?"

"...yes, thank you...bourbon and Coke okay?"

"...I think we have some bourbon...none of us are big drinkers..."

"...just a plain Coke will be fine, then, thank you..." that sincere
sweet smile of hers you couldn't wipe off with a wrecking ball following me
along with the rest of her body into the kitchen.

A couple of cold cans were fished out of the bottom of the fridge. We
each took a couple of long sips as Carolyn and Brenda got up from their
seats in front of the tv to come over to us.

"Carolyn, Brenda, this is Marilyn Lepac, who is a candidate to replace
Alexa when Alexa moves on in a couple of weeks..."

"Good to meet you!" Carolyn intoned while touching her shoulder and
kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Good to meet you too!" replied Marilyn with soft kiss back.

"And you, Brenda..."

"And you Marilyn..." a touch of the hand to her arm.

For a pregnant moment we all four just kind of stood there like awkward
schoolkids at a sockhop before Emily wandered in as well and made her own
introduction, Em' lightly kissing her on the cheek. I shuffled my feet a

"I've had a long day, Marilyn, forgive me for a few moments while I go
shower...I'll be right back, and then we'll begin the mutual interview
process in earnest...Brenda, why doncha call Pizza Hut and have three or
four medium pizzas delivered, is that okay instead of us all going out,

"...sure, fine..."

Alexa was lying down taking a nap on our bed naked atop the sheets when
I walked into our large studio apartment along the perimeter of the
greatroom. When Dr. Nick designed this facility and had it remodeled to
his own specifications, he did a great job. Bodyworking is such a strange,
different, unique profession that near-constant contact with fellow team
bodyworking members is a real necessity. Having the four identical studio
apartments, two on each side of the great room with the massive
freestanding fireplace in the middle with built-in couches made into the
semi-sunken recessed floor area around it and the large shared communal
kitchen at one end and a couple of quiet alcoves one of which sported the
large screen tv on either side of the elevator made for easy almost forced
interaction with my team members but still allowed for private times in
semi-private public areas. With all interior walls between the apartments
being thoroughly sound-proofed it was easy to find quiet even amongst the
constant traffic noise outside on the always-busy East Chatham Street one
of the main drags in Cary.

The high-pressure forced spray from the Shower Massage melted the
patient grime from the day's appointments away like so much melted cotton
candy stuck to my skin. One of the first things I had done after Dr. Nick
let me assume control of the practice was to have an additional hundred
gallon commercial water heater and booster pump for additional pressure
installed and it had been worth every penny to me even though part of it
came out of my year-end bonus.

Drying quickly, I laid down beside Alexa for a few moments and took a
quick power nap, our breathing becoming rhythmic together. "Pizza's here,
Eric, Alexa!" I heard Brenda scream at us through our closed door.

"So, Marilyn, what do you think of our humble home, office and home?" I
inquired as hot cheese from the slice of pizza in hand stuck to the roof of
my mouth the flames of which were quickly doused by the cold Coke from a
fresh can.

"I'm impressed, Eric, I am really impressed...Dr. Samiatakis..."

"We all just call him 'Dr. Nick'..." Carolyn interjected.

"...Dr. Nick told me about this place, why he created what he did
here...I still don't understand a lot of things, Eric, Carolyn, all, about
what exactly you do here, why you do it..."

We all shot quick looks of "what the hell now?" to each other. DeeDee
came out from the kitchen and grabbing a pillow off of the couch sat at our
feet as Alexa and I nudged close to each other on the circular couch around
the fireplace, everyone else close to but not on top of us.

"What didn't Dr. Nick explain, or at least explain to your
satisfaction, Marilyn?" Emily asked while chomping down a breadstick.

"I guess this is why I'm here you can ask questions of me,
and I can ask questions of you...that, and I understand we'll do a
'audition' session as well, is that correct, Eric?..."

"Yes, Marilyn, that's correct...I've read your profile with great
attention, and to tell you the truth, I'm still a little skeptical,
especially considering that it'll be you and I as a team...your monogamy
propensity for your husband is off the scale... Dr. Nick d-I-d explain to
you that as a professional therapeutic bodyworker, you will be having
'live' sex with clients everyday, usually several times a day, and since if
you come aboard as my teammate you'll be a sex therapist primarily to
children and teen-agers, did he not explain all that?..."

Her smile left her face but didn't become a frown. "Yes, Eric, all, he
explained all that, but I still don't see"

"How we can do what we do all day long and stay sane?" Emily shot back.

"I didn't want to be that crass, but yes, that's one of the questions I

"That's what your twice or three times weekly talking therapy sessions
with one of Dr. Nick's associates will be for, Marilyn, for the first two
or three months of your employment, to help you maintain your
center...after a while, it'll be cut back to once a week...even Eric still
goes once a week, don't you, Eric?..."

"Yes, I do, Emily...and that's why we share a communal working and
living space...because only a bodyworker knows what another bodyworker goes
through on a daily basis, and only another bodyworker can really offer the
support another one needs...Marilyn, how exactly did you find out about PKI
and bodyworking in general?...your file says that neither you nor a family member has ever had any bodywork therapy, and you're also a former
schoolteacher who quit to help her husband in his general contracting
business, you don't have any medical or healing arts or similar background
at all, something that is usually mandatory for a candidate...please
explain how you came here to be with us here, tonight..."

Long pause. Her face became even more solemn. "Eric, if you've made up
your mind you don't want me to partner with you, I know you can say 'no'
and that's that..."

"I didn't say that, Marilyn...there's just some curious facts about you
and your being here...I'd like to know why and how you wound up here,
that's all..."

"Well...what the file says isn't exactly true, or exactly
complete...three years ago my older sister was brutally attacked and
gang-raped outside a bar in Toledo Ohio where I and husband used to live
and where a lot of my family still resides...anyway, to make a long story short, Dr. Phillips with the Columbus Women's Health Center..."

"Yes, we know of him, he's a cutting-edge practitioner of bodywork
principles..." Carolyn interjected.

"...anyway, a local psychologist in Toledo recommend Dr. Philips to my
sister, because my sister was so far beyond traumatized and this therapist
couldn't help her...the therapist had no knowledge that bodyworking healing
principles were used by Dr. Philip's staff, by the way, she just thought
he might could help her when she admitted she couldn't...a very kind woman
bodyworker then an equally kind male therapist took six months of weekly
appointments to help her through her ordeal, but in the end they did indeed
'cure' her, at least help her enough to where she's living a happy, healthy
and normal life and even has gotten married since...she told me everything,
and I do everything, every little detail about her treatment..."

Marilyn stopped for a moment to take some more bites from her getting
colder pizza, swigged the last of her Coke down DeeDee springing up unasked
to fetch her another one from the kitchen as we all in concert ate some of
our pizzas as well.

"I need to run to the bathroom, gotta go pee an' change my tampon, be
right back!" Emily exclaimed absentminedly as she popped up off the couch
her towels still wrapped around her head and body.

"So how, when, why did you decide you wanted to do this full-time as a
profession?" Alexa continued the conversation.

"I decided sometime shortly after that to call Dr. Philips and ask him
what the qualifications were to become a polykinetic bodyworker...what
background you have to have, what education, stuff like first he
repeatedly denied that there was even such a thing as bodyworking, even
after I told him about my sister - one of his patients - and how she had
gone through the program and had been healed...even after all that, it took
me making an appointment under a false name to be able to see him to ask
him to his face about things...he finally admitted everything to me,
telling me my sister had broken her signed pledge of confidentiality about
her treatment and could face legal trouble because of it, but didn't want
to go that route...I told him I simply wanted to explore the possibility of
maybe, may-be becoming one...why was I, am I fascinated by the
profession?...I don't know..."

Emily came out of her room wearing one of our standard navy blue
therapist longcoats that we use to cover ourselves during most of the day
it being designed for easy on easy off wearing, heading to the kitchen
fishing around for something and bringing Marilyn back a perfect Jack
Daniels and Coke.

"I thought I overheard you ask Eric earlier for a bourbon and Coke?"
Emily asked pleasantly extending it to Marilyn while sitting down a few
inches from her on the couch.

"Yes I did, thank you...getting back to my story...I hope I'm not boring
everyone..." we shaking our heads and mumbling "no, not at all" "...Dr.
Philips made me sign a bunch of confidentiality papers at first, then let
me speak with Meg, the therapist who had helped my sister first in her
treatment...they wouldn't let me sit in on a session, but Meg did confirm
to me more or less what she had done and the other male therapist had done
with my sister, explained why, explained the reasoning and logic underlying
the principles of polykinetic bodyworking, and told me she 'had good vibes'
about me, that I ought to talk to Dr. Philips about possibly becoming took even more weeks of nagging, but he finally agreed to let me
take a series of personality test that I know you all had to take before
you went to school, thinking he later admitted that with my very limited
sexual experience and my love and monogamous practice and feelings for my
husband that I would 'flunk' the tests, but to his surprise, and he didn't
tell me the specifics just enough general information, I scored high
enough, well enough, whatever, to where he offered me the further
possibility of possibly becoming a bodyworker, of being sent to PKI at
their expense..."

Grabbing another slice of pizza as we all did too and eating for a few
moments, Marilyn looked at her watch without thinking as she knocked back
her drink.

"In a rush, Marilyn?" Alexa asked half-sarcastically but politely.

"Oh no...not at all, Alexa...sorry...I was told that there may be a
chance I'll be spending the night with you good folks tonight, so I
prepared an overnight bag, it's in the trunk of the, where was
I?...oh that's right...Dr. Philips' practice couldn't support another
bodyworker right then, so he never sent to Dr. Chaim's program or
anything...a couple of years ago my husband moved his construction business
and us down here from Ohio..."

"Parthenon Construction Company, correct?"

"Yes, Eric, that's correct...I didn't think anything more about it until
a got a call a few days ago from Dr. Philips himself...he didn't tell me
and I didn't ask how he got my unlisted home phone number, I learned last
weekend that he had contacted my sister back in Toledo and she had given it
to him...he said a colleague of his, Dr. Samiatakis, Dr. Nick, was going
to have an opening for a bodyworker soon, that he was local to me, and if I
was interested, the possibility was there, especially considering my
original scores on the tests...Dr. Nick and a couple of his therapists
interviewed and re-tested me last week, then he called you, Eric, about me
and here I am..."

"And what we do, the actual process of what we do, you think you could
handle?" Brenda asked as she scooted closer to us.

"I think I can..."

"Her empathetic and healing nature as shown by her scores do show
promise, Brenda..." I answered as well.

"And, Eric, ladies...I know there is to be an 'audition', a try-out,
tonight if you agree...I'm ready and waiting for it..."

"Even though you've only been with four men your entire life, never been
with a child, never been with a woman, never had anal sex, normally have
little oral sex with your husband, even though..." words came flying out of
my mouth.

"...Eric...if I do this...if you decide to let me try to become
this...I'll be doing it because I think, no, I really believe I can help
those in need, be a healer to those who need healing in this special
way...that is my one and only motivating factor...because I think my
presence here, with you Eric and with you girls too, could make a
difference, a positive difference in the lives of our patients..."

Damn, sounded almost like me two years ago. "Okay, Marilyn, please go
to my room, my studio apartment over there..." point to the left and behind
me "...and let us discuss it amongst ourselves...we'll get you when we're
through talking..."

There wasn't a whole lot to talk about. "As the one she's going to
replace, Eric, I think you and her would make a great team...I think she'd
be a natural with our kids...I can just feel her love and warmth and basic
kindness and gentleness but also her a very real and profound strength..."
everyone else even DeeDee nodding their heads in agreement " long as
she doesn't freak out during the playsession, I vote 'yes'..." all my other
team members mumbling agreement even though they knew I had the final say
in the end.

"DeeDee, go get Marilyn, please..."

My precious little four-eight hundred pound protégé skipped over to our
apartment door and bade her come out to the greatroom. We all smiled at
her when she came out.

"I'm...I made it?"

"Well, Marilyn...not yet...we're all going to have a 'playsession', it's
not an 'audition' as such, and after that, we'll see...ready?"

"I've been ready for years, Eric..."

Carolyn and Alexa moved over to her to help her out of her clothes, her
blouse being pulled loose from her skirt's waist and soon her skirt hitting
the floor along with her shoes and pantyhose. Her breasts filled her black
underwired bra. A thick trace of pubic hair stuck out from the elastic of
her panties.


"Yes, Eric?..." she answered while walking over to me underwear-clad
with Carolyn and Alexa putting an arm each around her shoulder and waist.

"We're not going to do anything tonight that the five, the six of us
don't normally do several times per week if not every night...not all of us
always doing everything to each other, a lot of the times it'll be
spontaneous combinations that just happen, but it's understood that any of
us can have recreational sex with any of the rest of us at any time as long
as it's okay with you understand?..."

"Yes, Eric...I think so..." she replied as my hands cupped her breasts as she stood before me before reaching around to free them from their

"...this is how we all unwind, Marilyn...especially with Carolyn and
Brenda and Emily all being almost exclusively with male clients all day
long, they have to be with other women, their friends, their colleagues,
after work to unwind...and Alexa and I, we deal mostly with children and
teen-agers all day, so we achieve our balance by being with them, with
adults who are our closest friends too, and they don't mind my loose cock
doing it's magic, do you, my team members?..." they all gently laughing in
response as Carolyn grabbed the waistband of Marilyn's panties and pulled
them down to the floor as more clothes were shed all the way around ",
Marilyn, keep in mind you don't have to do anything you don't wish to
do...but you can ask for anything, ask one or more of us to do anything
with, for, or to you and we probably will...what's you choice, Marilyn,
what would you like to do?"

"If you don't mind, Eric, Carolyn, all, I'd like to finish my pizza, I
hadn't had anything to eat since lunch and am really hungry!" everyone
bursting out in a laughter of recognition and sitting back down on large
white bathtowels that DeeDee had gone and gotten and placed on the
semi-sunken couch for us, she is my little sweety, Alexa and I sitting on
either side of Marilyn as the rest of the girls scooted close to us and
DeeDee took her place back on the floor leaning back into my legs. My
hands roamed over Marilyn's naked body, she being the only one sans
clothing, as we finished wolfing the pizza and breadsticks down.

"This is great pizza...Emily, may I have another drink?"

"Certainly..." Emily replied as she stood up from the couch dropping her
therapy robe to reveal her nakedness and fetched our guest and probable new
workmate another bourbon and Coke "...keep in mind, too, Marilyn, that when
you come to work with us, in addition to your great salary, you won't have
a food bill while you're here at One Thousand East Chatham, Dr. Nick has
several accounts at nearby places and we can get take-out or charge dine-in
whenever we like..."

"So Dr. Nick also told me last week..." she replied through her last
bites before getting up off the couch "...he also mentioned something about
him making me accept a new company car?...I couldn't have heard that

"Yes, you did..." Brenda replied back "...taking one isn't mandatory,
and since none of us going anywhere much but local, we all pretty much stay
here 24/7, it's not like we really need one, but didn't Eric show the
backyard, didn't you notice five new-looking cars back there?..."

"Yes I did, but I didn't think anything about it..."

"...they're all company-paid cars, paid 100% by Dr. Nick's professional
firm that we all actually work for...Dr. Nick does take care of us..." her
voice trailing off.

"Yes, he does, doesn't he?" Marilyn smiling broadly now as we all stood
up together and began undressing ourselves and each other in earnest,
Marilyn playfully helping out a bit with the girls, stopping in front of
DeeDee to help her out of top and jeans ", my...DeeDee isn't
it?...DeeDee, you are pretty!...did Eric tell you I have two grown
daughters? youngest left for college last year..." DD shaking her head
"no" as Marilyn kissed the top of her head while holding her shoulders so
she could maintain her balance while stepping out of her jeans "'re
just as pretty as they were when they were your age..." she pulling DD
close to her hugging her once she was naked before her.

"DeeDee is one of us, Marilyn, she's a patient but also a 'therapy doll'
that helps Alexa and I with certain patients of ours..."

"...Dr. Nick explained who and what DeeDee was to me last week, Eric.."
she replied back with accidental scolding tone "...sorry, didn't mean to
sound sharp..."

"...don't worry about it...c'mere...".

Now nude myself, I pulled Marilyn close to me and hugged her tightly,
her boobs forming to my chest. She moved her head a little, smile that
smile of hers at me and kissed me firmly on the lips, her tongue gently
parting my lips. In two years of being a professional therapeutic
bodyworker I had had sex with over a thousand patients and others.
Sometimes, maybe even a lot of times, I could feel the jadedness of it all
start affecting me. Now my cock rose springingly as we hugged even closer.
My knees got a little weak, too. Somehow, I felt almost like a schoolboy
on a first date. Alexa and DD joined our hug, as did Carolyn and Brenda
and Emily. For the longest time, we just shared our love, our healing
energy, and our future.

"So, Marilyn..." I finally coughed up breaking the perfect silence
"...what would you like to do?"

She just smiled and smiled at me and all of us in turn, leaning to give
us all light kisses as we stood there in front of the couch in front of the
dying embers of the fire inside our freestanding fireplace.

"Anything you all normally do, please, just do, I'll join in..."

"...not good enough, Missy!..." I replied playfully " must tell,
TELL us what you'd like to do...or the interview is over and you can go
home..." I continued only half-jokingly.

The look on her face became a little more somber, her smile dropped a
little before her hand reached for DeeDee's face, caressing it with her
fingers lightly.

"Well, I've never been with another woman before..."

"...'K..." I acknowledged.

"...and something I've never told anyone...when my daughters were
growing up, I used to fantasize sometimes about having sex with them,
especially when they started dating...I'd like to make love to DeeDee
tonight, but think I need to be with one of you girls, an adult, as my
first...any volunteers?..." her smile returning to that tension-less smooth
skin of her face.

All of my compatriots squeezed towards her in our group hug, all lightly
shouting a playful "me!" , "no, me!", "no, don't pick her, pick me,
Marilyn!", Marilyn actually blushing from all the fun but very real

"Well, you've certainly got an enthusiastic stable of pussies, eeerrrrr,
partners to choose from..." interjecting my two cents' worth "...why don't
you all just do a group scene together, letting Emily and DD hang back with

"Actually, Eric, if you don't mind, and she's willing, I'd like for
Emily to be my 'first', if you will Emily, if that's okay with the rest of
you?", a bunch of "sure's" and "fine's" coming forth as we broke our
standing group hug and all flopped onto the waiting towels atop the
twenty-some-foot diameter circular couch.

Marilyn sat down on her towel and leaned forward a little. Emily knelt
down on a pillow on the floor before her. Marilyn's hands caressed Emily's
face as their eyes bore into each other. Emily's hands lightly smoothed
over Marilyn's protruding breasts. Their breathing became matched.

"You've never, ever been with another woman, Marilyn?"

"Never ever, Emily..."

"I'm honored to be your first...

"No, I'm honored that you would be my first..."

"...anytime, my sweetie, anytime..." as they kissed and kissed for a
couple of moments.

Emily gently parted Marilyn's legs as she leaned back into the couch,
burying her face into her crotch. Brenda and Alexa had started playing
some next to me as Carolyn to my right leaned into to suck my cock and
DeeDee to my left close to me placed her hand on Carolyn's head as we all
watched Eem take Marilyn's lesbian virginity. Emily slipped a hand forward
and began frigging her while eating her. Marilyn leaned her head back and
just moaned a slight but real moan of total release and passion.

"Make her squirt!...make her squirt!" came a spontaneous soft chant from
Brenda and Carolyn and Alexa as we gathered closer to them on the
pit-couch. Emily began using the standard manual POP ("Principle Of
Possession") G-spot stimulation technique while she continued giving her
head simultaneously, working her index and middle fingers all around
insider her as Marilyn began lightly bucking like she was riding a
slow-trotting horse. Marilyn leaned her head back even further, closed her
eyes and with a mighty pull of Emily's hair to grind her face further
closer to her crotch while her hand went wild inside her and let out an
"...aaauuuughhhhhh!!!!!!..." , a squirt of cyprinne hosing Eem's face as
she pushed her away from her for a split-second.

"Jesus Christ, Emily, what did you DO to me?!?!?" Marilyn half-yelled
half-cooed as she leaned forward to pull her close to her once more.

"Awww, nuthin'..." Eem coyly replied "...just a little somethin' we all
know how to do, somethun' you'll learn in's part of the bonding
ritual with female patients..."

"I can see why!...I'm in love with you, Emily, I'll follow you anywhere
now!" she joked.

"DeeDee, you have to homework to do, young lady..." I mentioned after a
moment of pause as we all scooted close together and began playing playful
handsies a bit as Carolyn resumed her sucking of my cock as we all sat on
the couch.

"Oh, okay...if I finish, can I play some then?"

"Yes, but only if you don't rush; Brenda will check it after you've

DD headed back to our (hers, Alexa's and my) room to get to her chore,
her naked fawnish frame skipping the few steps from the greatroom to it.
On the couch Marilyn and Emily sitting next to each other, their arms
around each other's shoulders and were kissing. Carolyn continued her suck
of my cock as Alexa and Brenda cleaned up a bit, empty pizza boxes and
drink glasses being shuttled back to the kitchen. Whispering to Carolyn
for a second, she stopped and we scooted right beside M and M who were
still cuddling.

"Marilyn, were you planning on spending the night?"

"Actually, Eric, unless you really want me to, I'd rather go home even
if it's late...I won't be seeing Bob for almost six weeks after day after
tomorrow, and I would like to spend as much time with him as I can...I
would like to play with DeeDee a little before I leave, if I can, and I
know you and I need"

" understand why it's important for you to spend the first thirty
days after school living 24/7 with us, don't you?"

"...yes, and I accept it...Bob understands and accepts, too..."

"...since you need to leave soon, shall we?..."


Emily broke her embrace of her, their tongues flicking at each other's
lips as she leaned away from her and to me.


"Yes, Eric?"

"...kiss me..."

This was always a truth test, both for new recruits and for patients.
She didn't hold back. Her tongue massaged mine like I was her long-lost
lover. Our hands roamed over each other's naked bodies. My finger played
in her still-sopping-wet cunt. Carolyn reached from around me and finally
pulled her glasses off, caressing her face as she did so.


"Yes, my Marilyn?"

"I'm scared..."

"I know..."

"...but I know I'll have to be having lots of anal sex with patients as
their therapist..."


" would you please do me the honor of being my first?..."

", Marilyn, soy-teen-ly..." Marilyn laughing at my
half-hearted attempt to break the ice a little "...Emily can help,
too...Eem, tongue her a little while she fucks'll like that,

Marilyn hopped around and on top of me as I leaned back into the plush
couch, my cock sliding frictionless into her slickened pussy. My hands
gently mauled her tits as Carolyn began sucking one and Alexa the other she
and Brenda having come back from the kitchen. Emily's tongue worked its
magic on her anal bud as she rode my pole.

"Now, Eric, NOW!"

Unceremoniously Brenda and Alexa helped her off me and with care eased
her down to all fours on the couch. She had come again while fucking me.
My cock was so slick with her come I didn't need any additional lubricant.
I just rammed in it while she screamed, screamed both from passion and from
pain. My hands grabbed her hips. My motion forced my cock even deeper, as
deep as it could go as Carolyn and Brenda triple-kissed her while playing
with her breasts and softly telling her that she would be welcome to join
our "family". Playfully slapping her ass a few pops, I grabbed her by the
waist and forcing my cock as deep as I could possibly go, came with one
giant burst, leaning forwards to brace against her and my two colleagues in
a moment of passions spent. Rolling off of her, Emily went to get a couple
of washcloths to clean me up with, my cock not responding even a little to
her touch as Marilyn and I held each other and kissed some more.

"Thank you..." words eased to my ear.

"Thank you for what?"

"...thank you for being so gentle with me..."

"...Marilyn, I wasn't gentle...I -took- you...took you fully, without

"...yes you 'took' me, but you were also the perfect
gave me exactly what you knew I needed...thank you..." whispers flit as
Emily kneeling before us now finished washing my cock off nudged her head
back between Marilyn's legs.

"I'd like to give Emily a little, if you don't mind..." she and Eem
switching places as she kissed Emily's inner thighs in a very sensuous show
before easing forward for her first taste of cunt looking up for a moment
with a grinning "...TWO strings, Emily?"

"I do have heavy periods, 'Lyn..." she gossamered back with easy smile,
Emily often called Eem also having given our newest friend her shortened
nickname, "Lyn", which was good since we couldn't call them both a
phonetic-sounding "M"-name "...lick my lips too, just don't suck on my
clit...aauuhhh....that's it, that's perfect..."

DeeDee came back to the living room homework in hand. Brenda gave it a
quick once-over, smiled, gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her it was
fine, D' taking it back to our room before returning with a toy.

"Eric, can I play with...with..."

"Marilyn...or Lyn, as Emily has just renamed her..."

"...can I play with Lyn some?"

"...sure...I know she wants to play with you some before she has to
leave in a bit..."

DeeDee scooted down to the floor next to M and M and began working a
large dildo into Marilyn's pussy as she continued her eating out of the
other Eem, she just turning around for a split-second to smile at her
before resuming. Marilyn was really enjoying herself doing her first Emily
but I could tell Emily while polite and not saying anything was getting a
little bored.

"Marilyn, DD's finished with her homework now...I know you gotta leave
soon...why don't you and her play a little then we'll call it a night?"

"Thanks...DeeDee, is this okay with you?..."

"Sure,'re nice..."

"...what would you like to do, DD?..."

"...anything's okay..."

"...why don't you take Emily's place on the couch?..."


Marilyn eased upright from her kneeling position in front of the couch
and held our naked little DeeDee sitting on the couch in front of her as
close as she could possibly squeeze her to her. Her palm stroked her face
and hair. DD just smiled.

"You are so precious, little one...I wish I could have done this with my
own daughters when they were your are so very pretty...will you
let me give you some oral, little one?..."

"...sure, Lyn..."

DeeDee spread her legs and propped them up on Marilyn's shoulders as she
dove in, her hands reaching up to play with the flattish nubs of her chest.
Dee looked very, very bored to me but like Emily didn't want to hurt her
feelings so she moved her butt around a little and made some sounds of

"Let me give you some head, Lyn..."

"...okay, that'd be nice..."

They switched places and Marilyn once again got that way-far-away look
in her eyes.

"A girl could get used to this...a girl really could get used to
this..." she panted while coming her little come, her last for the night,
as DeeDee finished licking her slit "...I can see many things are
clearer now...clear...clearer..." she began babbling a little.

DeeDee pulled away as Marilyn's hand slipped from its resting place atop
her head. Carolyn and Alexa had gotten bored with it all and were watching
some movie on HBO at the far end of the room. Brenda and I were snuggled
next to Dee and Lynn but hadn't been distracting them.

"Time for you to go home, Lyn..."

"I know...thanks for the wonderful evening, Eric, all..."

"'re welcome...if you need anything over the next two days before
you leave for class, of course Dr. Nick will help you, but you also have
the number here, don't be shy about calling on us, either..."

"...I won't, promise..." she gently muttered as she retrieved her

We all went down with her to see her off, a nice grouphug lasting a
couple of minutes at the door as our good-byes were exchanged and her car
creeped down the driveway and slunk down East Chatham Street and into the
night. We knew what she was in for over the next couple of weeks because
we all been rookies ourselves once, had gone to school with much ignorance
and fear and hope and had our sexuality torn down and rebuilt to suit the
therapeutic needs of our patients. We all were sure she'd do well and I
knew that I'd really enjoy mentoring her over the course of the next year.
The front door closed behind us as we walked back down the hall to the
elevator at the rear of our home. I did need to talk to Dr. Nick about
installing a smaller express elevator to our third floor living quarters
somewhere in the front, note to self.

+++ Chapter 22 +++

~~~ New Eyes, old Lenses ~~~

Early February, 1999

God, I hate getting up so early in the morning, five-thirty AM is when
damn roosters and construction workers are supposed to be rousing from
sleep, not bodyworkers. Instinctively my right hand felt for Alexa as it
had for the past year but she was already in the shower. DeeDee gently
snored her nine-year-old snore as she lay spooning to my back. I stretched
long to try to wake up.

"Wan' ta' play?" Dee hoarsely whispered to me as my longitudinal
movements briefly woke her.

"Can't this morning, Hon'...Alexa's leaving, remember?...why doncha' get
on up and you can help me take her to the airport, okay?..."

"Do I h-a-v-e to?"

"No, you don't have to, but it would be nice if you did..."

"Oh....oh, okay..." she very adult-sound-ingly grown-up pissed and

Her plane would be leaving at seven-twenty, which meant that since it
was a Monday morning and every other high-priced commuter would be leaving
from RDU to head out of the week with her that she needed be there by
six-thirty to make sure she had enough to check her bags and all. Damn, I
just hate that damn traffic jam that was there even this early on '40 going
from the Harrison Avenue exit to the airport, the car as opposed to
airplane commuters packing all twelve lanes from Cary to Research Triangle
Park from six AM on as far as the eye could see. But you gotta do what you
gotta do. Damn I'd miss her.

Alexa came out from the shower towel wrapped around her head. She
smiled at us both not saying a word as DD and sat on the bed and she
blowdried her hair standing naked in front of the full-length mirror at the
closet door. The silence of the sadness was so thick a chainsaw couldn't
have cut it.

My life was an endless stream of hello's and good-bye's. Hello and
good-bye to a new patient or patients every one to two to three hours every
single day, hello and good-bye to long-term patients on a weekly or monthly
happenstance, hello and good-bye to seemingly one colleague after another
as they strode in and out of my life.

DeeDee and I just silently smiled at her as she smiled back at us her
back to us looking at our reflections in the mirror as she having finished
drying her hair now combed the tangles free. The tension was finally broke
when DD bolted off the bed and ran over to her, giving her a big bear hug
from behind, almost crying "...I'll miss you, Alex...I love you...I'll miss
you!..." Alex pirouetting around to return her embrace with a "...I
love...I'll miss you too, Dee...we won't be strangers, we'll stay in
touch..." a most polite if not healing lie falling to ear slightly deaf
from unintentional crying.

Her new practice in Denver had already shipped her larger stuff out from
storage in Cary, so all she had to take on the plane were her clothes and
smaller personal items which she had packed the night before save the one
outfit a white tennis-style outfit and pair of Reeboks which she had left
out. Still, the three suitcases were too heavy for me to lug by myself.

"Ticket?" I bantered.

"Yes...yes, Eric, my old f-r-I-e-n-d...I've got ready?"

With that, DeeDee opened the drawer to the nightstand and pulled out a
hand-drawn-and-colored card showing a man, a woman and a child all holding
hands together and smiling with "Friends Forever" being scribbled on the
front of it. A single tear tracked its way down Alexa's cheek as she
hugged our, our, I don't know what you would call DeeDee but she was "ours"
in any event, hugged our ersatz daughter and therapy model one last time
with a slightly choking "thanks, Dear-y, thanks...I'll treasure this

I didn't make DeeDee go with us. The emotion of the moment was just too
strong. Alexa kept her distance from me in the car as we made our way to
the airport, not even looping an arm close to mine as I drove so I could
hold her hand. With a polite "friends" hug as opposed to someone who had
been a life-partner for the past year let alone a sex therapy partner whom
every single sex act known to mankind and then some had been shared with
she blew me a kiss as she darted down the ramptunnel to her plane and
within a few minutes was out of my life. Now to wait. Wait for Marilyn,
whose plane was due in from Macarthur Field near Roslyn in about two hours.
Two hours to kill. Not enough to go home, too much time to do anything at
the airport.

I slugged down five or six cognacs one right behind the other at the Tar
Heel Spirits bar as I waited for Lyn's flight in Terminal C. An endless
stream of beautiful women streamed past me mixed in with the businessmen in
suits but I barely noticed them, thinking of Alexa then Margot, Margot then
Alexa, then this patient then that patient then back to Margot then back to
Alexa and back again and again. A pleasant lady decent looking in a
woman's business suit sat down beside me.

"Buy me a drink?" she inquired.

"Sure...I'm Eric..."

"Hi Eric...I'm Gayle...I'm in systems management for Nortel..."

"...and I'm a sex therapist with Samiatakis family Counseling, LLP in
Raleigh, she turning a little white then a little sheepish retreating to
the safety of the concourse with a "...uh....uh...good to meet you, flight's in fifteen minutes, good to meet you..." Nothing like
the truth to send an otherwise in any other situation desirable woman
running like a scared cat in the other direction.

I hadn't had this much alcohol in years, if six thin drinks still should
have my two-hundred pound frame still under the legal point-ten DUI limit.
I didn't feel buzzy but knew my next one would probably push me over that
happy boundary.

"USAir flight number 15 from Macarthur Field arriving at Gate Six..."
the temptation being broken by the boomvoice over the intercom.

Marilyn walked slowly up the ramp to me. Her eyes were blank, her steps
halting. I knew the feeling having been there and done that and seen it
with Emily and Brenda and a couple of others fresh from Doc Chaim's sex
surrogacy training farm.

Hugging her close with a "...good to see you, Marilyn...good flight?..."
her gaze was fixed somewhere else a million miles away and her arms barely
lifted to half-hug me back.

"Uh?...oh, yeah...good to see you too, Eric...yeah, good flight...I'm
starved, had to get up at five this morning, can we stop at Burger King on
the way back and get some breakfast croissants?..."

"Sure...your luggage?..."

"...oh,'s the tags..." she handing me her ticket stub with
baggage claim stubs stapled to it.

She leaned into me her head on my shoulder as we zipped our way through
lighter mid-morning traffic, occasionally sweetly moaning
" just don't...", I replying firmly but gently "...yes,
yes I do Marilyn, I do know, we've all been through it, that's how we all
got our'll be fine, trust me...".

We held hands like old lovers or new newlyweds as the decent fare from
the Burger King off of Harrison was consumed. We were the only sit-down
patrons there, only the odd car coming through the drive-through breaking
the interior silence.

"I thought this...this new occupation of mine was going to be mostly fun
and just a little work, Eric..."

"Most of us thought that too at first, Lyn..."

"...but now I see it's going to be mostly work and a little fun...I
never thought sex, sexual healing could be work..."

"'s going to be more fun than you think, Lyn...especially after you
get comfortable with not just the notion but the mandate that as long as
something isn't pro-scribed in a patient's Rx that you can relax and do
basically what you want and like to do with a patient for your own
pleasure...just keep in mind that everything we do, including having
pleasure for ourselves, ultimately benefits our patients..."

"...yeah...that was drilled into us over and over
the way, Gwen sends her love..."

"...thanks!...was she there?..."

"...yeah...she was one of my, our instructors..."

" beans!...did you two have any 'private fun' together?..."

"...Eric!..." she playfully scolded, coming out of her post-school haze
a little for the first time "...not that it's any of your business!...well,
actually, I guess it is...yes...she tutored me privately for a couple of
night in my oral skills with women, with men and women both but for two
nights she worked with me on relaxing me and teaching me exactly how best
to pleasure a woman orally...she knew I'd need it working with you
especially...she sends her love, gave me the number of her new practice and
her new home phone number, said tell you to tell Dr. Nick to give you a
vacation sometime soon and come up to Vancouver to see her..."

"...Gwen is one, one special lady..."

"...yes she is, Eric..."

Having snapped back into the regular world of conscious reality at least
enough to function, Marilyn and I made small talk about this and that on
the remaining fifteen minutes of our trip back to our office/home.

"Can I call Bob tonight, please?"

"Lyn, you know you can't...all that was explained why before you even
went up to Doc's...."

"...I know...but I miss him..."

"...I know you do...but you also know the reasons why not, too..."

"...I know (ssssiiigggghhhhh)..."

I had a pile of stuff for her to do when we got back. By covenant and
common sense she couldn't have any live patient contact for forty-eight
hours, then it was off to the races. I had a ton of stuff to do myself,
having a full patient load that afternoon and tomorrow all day too, having
to reassign Emily with me to help out with those patients. Marilyn didn't
grumble at all about being asked/made to call a several-sheet long contact
list of patients, introducing herself as my new "co-therapist", making sure
there weren't any surprises or hard feelings on the part of some patients
mainly the parents of or the older ones.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Marilyn Begins Her Beginning Of A Thousand Patient Steps

The first case any bodyworker ever has is designed to be one last
shake-out of any potential problems they might have. It's better to have
to them freak and quit the first day than for a hidden problem to fester
and then erupt which could potentially hurt one of their patients. You
would think that after everything that Doc and Mrs. Chaim puts a student
through during their training there couldn't be a situation that they could
encounter that could make them turn tail and run away. But experience over
the years suggests that isn't true, it had happened two or three times out
of the legion of bodyworkers trained.

Doc had figured out that Marilyn always had deep-set incestuous desires
for both of her now-grown daughters when they were little, from the time
they were toddlers, so our first case together was going to be a rough one
even for me a little let alone Marilyn. Dr. Nick had seen to that.

"Good morning sleepy head, time to wake up!'s the first day, the
first step..."

"In my journey of a thousand miles...good morning, Eric, DeeDee..." the
three of us yawning and stretching together as the clock read seven AM.

" ready for the day?..."

" ready as I'll ever be..."

Having reviewed the patient case histories for the what was remaining
for the week, she knew what was to come and didn't seem nervous or even
anxious a little as the three of us finished our quick breakfast as Kelly
bopped in from the elevator to begin her private tutoring of DeeDee for the
day. I gave Kelly DD's schedule for the day for us, so she'd know when
we'd need her as a therapy model. Lyn and I jumped in the elevator and
made the one-minute commute to our office two floors below, lightly kissing
and smooching for a second more for her reassurance than anything.

Her first patient slash our patient was to be Dana, a bright and cheery
and heavily psychically damaged four-and-one-half year-old girl. Normally
the youngest age at which conventional wisdom holds can be treated is
usually around age six, around the age of first awareness of consciousness
and of right and wrong, but Dana's case was different in the fact she
already had the vocabulary of a six-year-old and the intellectual but not
emotional intelligence of a seven-year-old. Both her parents had heavily
abused her from the time she was two until she was four, when her
pediatrician finally got a clue from her vaginal bruising and called social
services, she having been in foster care since. Marilyn's private
psychological profile which I was privy to as her boss and her own words to
DeeDee during her "audition" with us indicated that she had at least some
unresolved issues with incestuous desires that she had felt towards her
girls when they were toddlers but never acted upon them. Dana couldn't
have been a better made-to-order make-or-break first patient.

"Hi, I'm Mrs. Somerville, Dana's social worker..." a pleasant and plump
black lady smiled at us shaking both our hands as we lead them in to the
foyer "...and this is Dana...Dana, say hello to Mr. Woods and Mrs.

"Marilyn...and Eric..." Marilyn friendly suggested.

"...say hello to Eric and Marilyn, Dana..."

"Hello...hello..." sweet little Dana replied back as her child-hand
outstretched to ours.

"Mrs. Somerville..."

"Yes, Eric?..."

"...Dana's therapy will last for one hour...if you need to reach us for
anything during therapy, please pick up the phone beside the butler's bench
and push the '3' button which will ring the phone in our treatment
room...since we don't have a receptionist up front here, the two doors
leading down the halls to the treatment rooms have electric locks on them,
to keep unauthorized visitors from wandering in during the middle of a
treatment session...would you like coffee or a Coke or anything before we
take Dana back?..."

"No, thank you, I'm fine...where's the rest room, though?..."

"...we don't have a public restroom up front...we do have a common
restroom in the common area in the back which like this forms off of the
two you need to use it now?..."

", I'm fine, I was just wondering..."

"...if you do need to go, just punch '3' and I'll buzz the door open,
then just go down the hall and you'll find it."

Marilyn took one of Dana's hands and I the other as we lead her back to
our office and treatment room. Because of Dana's very young age we
couldn't use the standard "Principle Of Possession" ritual with her. So
instead we just propped her sitting up on the edge of the therapy bed after
helping disrobe her, our own treatment robes and dickeys quickly being shed
as well. Pulling her up the bed a little between us, our hands just roamed
over her slightly chubby toddler body.

"Does this feel good, Dana?"

"Yes, Mar-Lyn, uh-hu...."

I scooted down to take a look at her vulva. It was as large and
engorged as any heavily-abused seven or eight year-old's I'd seen before.
Poor kid. Sometimes I did wonder about our homeopathic, our
hair-of-the-dog therapy methods, wonder about them yes but only for a
moment, because I knew our, my success rate with kids was over ninety-five

My finger penetrated Dana lightly as Lyn and I held her close to us,
Dana's mouth reaching to suck on one of Marilyn's matronly but shapely
breasts, a smile coming to both their faces as she did.

"What do you want to do with Dana, Marilyn? know her are-exx, no
proscriptions, as long as we have a minimum of twenty minutes of direct
sexual contact with her, anything either of us wishes to do with her is

"I want to stick my tongue in her little pussy, Eric..."

"Then by all means do so, Marilyn!..." I smiled back.

She scooted between Dana's legs as I scooted up on my knees and knelt
forward a little so as to put my now-hard cock at Dana's mouth, she without
a word opening up and beginning a slow practiced suck of it as Lyn did the
same to her pussy. Dana's expression changed from one of being blank to a
smile. She was obviously enjoying it, as best her limited consciousness
would allow.

Marilyn's face was now moving up and down a lot on the vertical as she
licked our littlest patient's pudenda.

"God, Eric..." Marilyn half-exclaimed half-mumbled "...I've waited my
whole life for this moment!..."

"I know, Lyn, I know..."

She turned her body a little so that her free hand could find her pussy to masturbate herself as her oralling of Dana continued. I wanted to fuck
Marilyn but my hard beyond ragging now from Dana's suck of me also wanted
to fuck Dana. Tapping Lyn on the shoulder I motioned for her to scoot to
one side. Marilyn moved around to lay beside Dana and hold her, hold her
close and help her be still as I maneuvered to between her legs and gently
started probing her enlarged but still tiny four almost five-year-old slit,
Marilyn grabbing my cock and helping work it a little so that my thickness
could ease inside.

We didn't have but ten minutes left by then. I didn't need it. With
Marilyn rubbing Dana's almost imperceptibly small clit as best she could
and about half my length inside her finally, finally I came. And came.
And came. Lyn pulled my cock of our patient with a "plop" and licked the
residue from our therapy with her off my shaft.

"Didn't you want Dana to give you some, too?" I asked.

"Yeah, but we're almost out of time...I catch it next therapy session
with her..."

As we handed Dana back over to Mrs. Somerville, our next patient, an
eight-year-old boy named David Cooke, was already in the waiting foyer with
his mother (who didn't participate in his particular therapy modality)
along three or four older men who were patients-in-waiting for "the girls".
David bolted up from his chair and gave me a big hug.

"Hi Eric!" he gleefully exclaimed.

"Hi you too, buddy-roo...hey, what's going on?..."

"He's just had an especially hard week, Mr. Woods, his father had a
supervised visit with him last weekend and it upset him teribbly..." his
mother explaining for her son.

"...well, we'll take care of him, won't we, Marilyn?...oh, David, Mrs.
Cooke, this is Marilyn, my new co-therapist that is taking the place of
Alexa, who has now moved on..."

"....good to meet you, Marilyn...Mrs.?..."

"...just Marilyn...and it's good to meet you too, Mrs. Cooke...Eric,
Master David, ready?"

Marilyn did her Principle Of Possession ritual with her new charge
perfectly. David had been in the therapy now for six months with Alexa and
I and had been making remarkable progress recovering from the abuse his
father had put him through. With the change in any kind of long-term
relationship, especially like that of between therapist and patient,
there's always a chance the chemistry just won't be the same after the
change. But as Marilyn lightly sucked on his little cock as his feet kept
his legs splayed open in the stirrups and played with his undescended
ballsack some he seemed very relaxed, almost as relaxed as he had normally
been with Alexa and I.

"Time for your enema, now, Sport, then therapy..."

"Awwwww, Eric, you know I hate that!"

"I know, Sport, but you know it's necessary...want Marilyn to do it?..."

"Sure!...will you Marilyn?..."

"Of course Master David, of course!"

I stood near them in the treatment room's bathroom as Marilyn worked the
Fleet nozzle inside his little bum, squeezed, had him release the contents
from his bowels into the commode, then washed and dried his bottom like she
had done it a hundred times. With two kids grown, maybe she had.

"Marilyn does it a lot better than you, Eric!" David gently chided me.

"C'mere, you!..." said as I tousled his short blond hair a little while
pulling him to a hug and Marilyn joining in as we walked the few paces to
the treatment bed.

After six months of biweekly therapy, he knew the routine by heart now.
As he scooted on the edge of the bed, Lyn and I stood before him and
dropped the labcoats which hid our nakedness underneath. David inched his
way closer to Marilyn.

"May I touch you some, Miss Marilyn?"

"Yes, a little, know how the therapy's supposed to go,
though...first Eric, then myself, then both..."

"Yeah, I know..." his hands groping and squeezing Lyn's breasts and
trying to open her legs up to get at her pussy some "'re very pretty
Marilyn, as pretty as Alexa was..."

"Thank you, David! it's time..."

David moved a couple of pillows around and laid back on them against the
headboard as I lay down beside him, my hands roaming over his nude body his
touch reciprocating mine.

"So this past weekend didn't go well at all, hu, Sport?"

"Nope...I mean...with you Eric, this is fun, but Dad was mean to me when
I was little, he hurt me a lot..."

"...I know Sport...but let's not think about this past're
here to have fun and let Marilyn and I help you get better...'K?..."

"...'K, Eric..." he smiled as I gently jacked his three-inch hard as a
nail peter off and he played with mine some.

While I don't think I have gotten over my homophobia even yet, not a
hundred percent at least, and don't think I would ever become truly
passionate about guy-guy or therapist-younger boy sex, not like how I let
myself go a lot of times most of the time and enjoy my time with younger
girls or women, over the past two years I had learned to relax more and
more especially with younger male patients and just let things happen and
within the confines the therapy Rx enjoy myself as times presented

David rolled closer as I held him in my arms as my hand now felt his
member fully engorged while my j-o of him continued. Marilyn was just
behind me, observing, not participating, as was called for in David's
treatment protocol. I slid down and took his cock in my mouth. His hips
moved to a gentle rhythm. Even at a year or two or three before actual
puberty he could ejaculate, and ejaculate at least two or three cc in
volume. But he needed to save his come for Marilyn.

"Time for your anal, Sport..."

He didn't protest, hadn't since the first couple of times way back when.
Marilyn moved a couple of pillows under his butt as he moved to lay flatter
and I rolled a condom on my fully hard own cock and dropped a daub of lube
on it before working a bit of around his rectum and inside the first inch
or so of his sphincter. Starting my own thrusting shallow at first, most
of my length was soon inside him, his tightness grabbing and holding for
all it's worth. His smile got bigger as my pace picked up. I didn't hold
back. No point to doing so, I was enjoying, he was enjoying, it was okay
within his treatment modality. Holding his hips firmly I thrusted even
deeper a few times inside his colon, and came. Marilyn just looked at us
both, smiled, and kissed us both on the lips.

"Time for you to be with me, David..." she cooed.

"Can I butt-fuck you, Miss Marilyn?"

"Sure, David, that would be nice..."

She slipped a latex finger cot on his raging hard and dropped to all
fours before him. I helped him lube her ass up and went around to shove my
now now-dropping member in front of her face, she taking it orally politely
as his tailslam of her worked higher. I knew that no bigger than he was
she could barely feel him inside her but she put a good show without
over-doing it, a few moans and sighs but no throes of faux passion. After
ten or fifteen minutes he still hadn't come.

"Why don't you have sex with me the 'regular' way?" she inquired, he
accepting as they moved around some and she pulled his smallish latex
sheath off, wiping him down with an antiseptic towlette.

She leaned against the headboard and he crawled up between her legs, his
finger-sized member almost getting lost insider her pussy. I could tell
she was trying to clamp down as best she could to try to give him friction.
Another five then ten minutes then still no orgasm from him. Maybe it was
the fact she wasn't Alexa and was new to him. Dr. Nick and I had
anticipated that things like this would happen during the transition. She
had an inspiration.

"Why don't you fuck my titties, David?...would you like that?..."

"Uhhhhh...I guess so...I never did that with Alexa...sure...I'll try..."

She had him lay back down and lean on some pillows as she pivoted
around, her hands squeezing her breasts against his cock, she encouraging
him to thrust some as she also licked the head of his penis as it came near
enough to her for her to reach it. Another five minutes of that and still
nothing. I was ready to call an early end to things.

"C'mon, Sport, let me finish you..." I instructed, taking Lyn's place,
sucking him vigorously like I knew he liked, my head bobbing up and down at
a furious pace, he coming easily in my mouth. The whole point of his
treatment regimen was to reorient him away from male-male sex that he had
suffered at the hand of his father and towards hetero sex with women. He
still had a long way to go, sadly.

Our next patient wasn't ours, it was Marilyn's alone. I really did
throw her a sneaky curveball on the outside of the plate.

Out in the waiting room besides the next couple of older guy patients
waiting to see Brenda and Carolyn were Matthew Langston, a decent-looking
fellow in his mid-thirties, and Miss Cathleen Turner, a perky
fourteen-year-old with wavy brunette hair, green eyes, and nicely
handfulled 32B breasts. Matthew, Mr. Langston, was a long-time client of
Emily's, he having been one of her first patients and still saw her twice
monthly for treatment of his inorgasmia, or in ability to achieve orgasm by
any means. There were no erectile dysfunction problems, i.e. he could
become very hard very quickly, he simply could never come once he did, and
had been this way since his days of compulsive masturbation when he was in
his teens. While handsome, I never thought about it until Eem and I and
Brenda and Carolyn and Alexa were all just friendly chatting one night
upstairs and Emily mentioned that she would almost pay - him - to see her,
that he was one hunk of a guy and with his inorgasmia lasted hard through
the whole hour of treatment. Brenda then chimed in that she had seen him,
as had the other two as he waited in the reception area in times past and
they all agreed they'd almost pay him to screw them, just because he was so
handsome. He did look a lot like the actor George Clooney, but myself I'd
only rate him maybe a seven on a scale of one to ten. Anyway, with Dr.
Nick's permission Mr. Langston became another curveball to throw at

"Mr. Langston, Matthew, correct?, I'm sorry but there's been a mix-up
this morning...I know you were supposed to see Emily like you normally do
but Dr. Nick scheduled her to see Cathleen here..."

"He did?!?..." Emily flabbergasted.

"...uh-hu...her and myself...and accidentally scheduled our newest
associate, Marilyn here, to be with don't mind do you?...I'd have
hell to explain and pay with Dr. Nick otherwise...if you really mind we
can call him now and try to straighten this out..."

"No, Eric, Mr. Woods, I don't mind..." suspecting that this was a bit
of a set-up but apparently not caring.

"He did?!?..." Marilyn also chorused in late "...well, Mr. Langston..."

"...if you don't mind..."

"...I don't, Marilyn..."

"...let's go with this for this week, I'm sure Eric will straighten
things out by next time..."

"...I will..."

"...Marilyn, you use our treatment room, Emily, let's take Cathleen to go ahead and take her back, I'll join you two shortly..."

As Eem and Cathleen disappeared into her office slash treatment room, I
scooted back to my private office between the two hallways and fixed one of
the constant-looping VCR's onto the four cameras in my treatment room where
Marilyn was already POP'ing (Principle Of Possession-ing) Matthew per "the
book". I could tell she thought him handsome. She needed to go with her
feelings and jump his bones and fuck him senseless or at least try to since
that was okay within his treatment protocols. The cameras all clicked
their one shot per second recordings as the audio portion was laid down
live. If she merely jacked him off or oralled him only, that wouldn't be a
good sign. Maybe expected, she was still new to all this after all, but I
had to see for myself. As I came into Eem's treatment room she was waiting
for me, since by procedure we had to POP our patient together. I enjoyed
my times with Cathleen. No real problems, just a high negative self-image
that Dr. Nick thought could be helped by our efforts. And any excuse I
had to be with Emily, so much the better.

I really, really wanted Emily to be my co-therapist instead of someone
else new after Alexa left, but test after test showed that she didn't like
pre-adolescents all that much and they really didn't like her, either, so
much to my chagrin her non-empathy for those younger than teen-agers ruled
her out from being my 24/7 therapy and bedmate. Damn.

POP'ing Cathleen and moving over to the bed with her, Eem was very happy
to be with her, another female, as her therapist since all she did all day
usually was look at, touch, suck, fuck and otherwise have cocks in her face
and inside her body all day. She knew she could do whatever she and I
wished with her. It didn't take her long.

"Cathleen, you're so very pretty!"

"Thank you...uummm...Emily..."

"Yes, Emily, and you're welcome...would you like for me to give some
nice head to start with?..."

"....yes, Emily, that'd be nice..."

The two of them rolled around so that Eem could eat her without
straining her neck. I didn't want Cathleen, I wanted Eem, so I rolled her
enough up to get her butt jacked high enough so that I could easily access
her cunt. She was sopping wet already from eating out her new patient as
my member slid in. My hands cupped and played with those perfect 38DD
Hooters-girl breasts as my screwing of her picked up, Eem turning a little
to flash me a smile like "it's okay, not a problem, enjoy yourself, I am".

For the rest of the treatment hour Emily's mouth didn't leave Cathleen's
pussy, even when I moved Eem around some to make fucking her easier for me.
Damn, I never get tired of that woman. Five minutes to go for both
treatment hours, ours and also Marilyn and Matthew's. Quickly throwing my
labcoat back on and running back to my office I scanned the time-lapse tape
and sure enough much to my delight, Marilyn hadn't held back at all, had
sucked then fucked and fucked and fucked her patient for all she was worth,
just like his normal therapist Emily always did.

And then it was lunch.

That afternoon was a slightly different therapy session from most.
Normally, for some reason unknown to me, only two or three adult male
sexual offenders ever had crossed my caseload. Perhaps this was because my
practice usually concerned victims, not perpetrators of sexual abuse. What
perpetrators I had treated were as implied almost always women, and usually
mothers of the victims. Maybe judges and Dr. Nick and others simply had a
much harsher attitude towards male perps than female ones.

In any case two different adult men were on the schedule for the
afternoon. First was John Todd, a divorced middle-age locally prominent
businessman who had been caught kissing and touching a nine-year-old girl in a public park while under the influence of some controlled substance,
not like that was any excuse. His regimen was of "orientation
redirection", or getting him to focus and sexualize about adult rather than
pre-pubescent females. His therapy had been on-going for six months with
Alexa and DD and myself.

"John, this is Marilyn, she's taking the place of Alexa ... "

"Yes, we spoke on the phone earlier ... "

"Good to meet you, John ... DD's already in the treatment room, shall
we get started?"

Marilyn did a perfect job of POP'ing (Principle Of Possession'ing) him,
bring him aroused but not too much so, DD and I doing our slight POP of him
as well. Sitting on the edge of the bed, DeeDee came over to him and
dropped her therapy robe to the floor, her slight but pretty naked
nine-year-old body before his slightly flabby middle-age mass.

"Hi DeeDee, it's good to be with you again ... "

"You too, Mr. Todd ... what would you like to do? ... "

" ... would you suck me like usual, DD, then have Marilyn join us
before I spend time with her by herself? ... "

" ... sure ... "

DD knelt down before him and took his rising member into her mouth, his
eyes rolling back into his eyeball sockets. Lyn and I crawled on the bed
to be as close to them without disturbing them. DD smiled at us as her
suck on our patient continued.

" ... DeeDee? .k.."

" ... yes, Mr. Todd? ... "

" ... what about if you and Marilyn get on all fours beside each other
... I'll start with you and finish with her ... "

"That would be appropriate, John" I interjected, taking command of the
moment as was my responsibility.

John Todd squirted around as Marilyn and DD bunched next to each other
side-to-side their heads down in the pillows as he first just rammed his
cock home inside Dee without so much as a polite word of warning, fucked
her for a good five or ten minutes, then accidentally popped his cork
inside her, something he knew he wasn't supposed to do. Marilyn handled
the situation perfectly.

"DeeDee, it looks like Mr. Todd did a no-no ... you can leave now ...
Eric and I will take it from here ... "

As she sat on the bed with he and I, she gently scolded him.

"Mr. Todd, John, you know that if you don't successfully complete your
therapy you'll be going to jail ... "

"Yeah, I know, and I'm sorry ... "

" ... so, what are we going to do about this? ... "

" ... I don't know ... "

" ... why don't you just lay on top of me a while, we still have over
half an hour to go, and just relax some ... "

His arms reached around Marilyn's shoulders and held her closer and
closer to him as they just lay there. I put a 60's oldies CD in the stereo
and the Byrds began playing "Turn! Turn! Turn!". He seemed to relax
more. A hard-on popped up as Lyn directed him to suck on her breasts as
they held each other closer still. I licked his cock a little to get him
even firmer and then held it at the entrance to Marilyn's vagina, softly
urging him to enter her which he did.

"You feel so soft and warm, Marilyn ... "

"Thank you, John ... go ahead and come again if you can, come inside me
if you can , if you can ... "

His pace picked up for a moment and then he indeed did come. In six
months with Alexa and Dee ane me he had only been able to achieve orgasm
with Alexa less than half a dozen times and now he was achieving it the
very first time with Lyn. That was a very hopeful sign indeed.

Our next patient was a fifteen-year-old girl with a garden variety
problem with inorgasmia that just loved having Marilyn with her, and then
it was our last patients of the day, a Mr. Griffin Williams and his
ten-year-old daughter Bridget. Mr. Williams' wife had been the primary
molester of their daughter for the previous four years prior to her
recently getting caught and sent to a psychiatric institute for long-term
care (Dr. Nick said that within the next year she would probably become a
patient of mine) but since she also recruited her husband to join in "the
fun" some of the times he also had to undergo at least some sort of
therapy. Our focus wasn't so much on him as it was her, re-directing her
focus away from her dad.

They both went through the standard procedures and were lead over to the
therapy bed. Marilyn directed the initial time between Bridget and her dad
like a movie director on a set.

"That's good, Griffin ... you do give Bridget oral sex so well ... "
Bridget giggling a little at that remark as her dad licked away " ... now,
Bridget Dear, move over to me and give me some head, please ... " she
scooting out from under him and rolling over to prop up on her elbows
between Lyn's legs.

Gently grabbing her hips I worked them up to where my ass was exposed
and easily entered her as she gave Marilyn some head, her dad easing away
so his daughter could focus on us and not him. In the three months of
therapy prior Bridget had exhibited a high comfort level with anything and
everything Alexa and I had done with and to her therapy-wise and today was
no different.

"Bridget Dear, let Eric lie down and you get on top of him, okay?"

As we all switched places, Griffin who had a raging hard-on asked
Marilyn for some relief she agreeing. As my sweet little 10-year-old
patient slide down atop my cock my hands roughly playing with her egg-sized
nubs of breasts as she did, Marilyn and Griffin retreated away from the
treatment bed and to the couch in the reception area of the treatment room
where sitting down together she leaned over and gave him a truly
fully-trained blowjob as they both watch Bridg' and I complete our therapy
together, my hands gripping and fairly slamming her smallish frame down on
me as I came. And that was it for Marilyn's first day.

The rest of the week was relatively uneventful therapy-wise or
personal-wise for Marilyn. She really did have a knack for bodyworking, I
will give Dr. Nick credit for that, for recommending her.

The weekend promised to a special treat for her and I both. I didn't
tell her about it until the Thursday before, just to make sure she was
indeed settling in okay which she more than was. As I've mentioned before,
sometimes Dr. Nick arranges "busman holidays" for myself and whomever
happens to be my partner then, arranges for usually a weekend with a family that either is currently practicing incest openly or more commonly we
meaning my therapy partner and I introduce the entire family to what we
call open sexuality, where all members of a family are introduced to all
forms of sexuality and they can take it from there, almost always under the
watchful talking-therapy eye, pardon the mixed metaphor, of Dr. Nick.

Our working vacation this weekend was with a Mr. & Mrs. James and
Sallie Dooley and their two kids Mark and Alison. They were a typical,
average, normal family that lived in the nearby city of Rocky Mount. He
was an executive with the national burger chain of Hardee's and she was a
local psychiatric social worker that worked with the County Mental Health
department. Their kids were bright, happy, and well-adjusted. James, Mr.
Dooley was in his mid-thirties as was Mrs. Dooley. Except for the small
32B breasts of Sallie and the handle-bar mustache of James, they were
physically unremarkable. Mark and Allison looked like their parents, like
were individual parts of a crowd scene in some long-forgotten movie. I
dunno, maybe it was me, maybe seeing so many patients naked all day and all
week and all year and then years long was beginning to tell on me a little.
Dr. Nick and I had talked about what seemed to be the first signs of
approaching burn-out for some weeks now and he didn't seem too concerned.
Besides, these kind of weekends for always fun, since they had no set
agenda and myself and Marilyn could do pretty much what we wanted to with
the parents as well as the kids as long as the goal of family familiarization and sexualization was accomplished by weekend's end.

Their large six or seven thousand square foot ranch-style brick home
loomed large as we drive down past the brick driveway columns the
wrought-iron gates framing either side. We parked out front and walked up
the longish cobblestone walkway to the front door, ringing the doorbell and
Sallie, Mrs. Dooley answering it promptly with a " ... you must Eric and
Marilyn, please do come in!" as she lead us to the left of the entrance
foyer and towards a greenhouse-style breakfast nook off of the main kitchen
where James and Alison were waiting for us.

"So, James, Sallie, do you have any questions that need answering?" I
politely and routinely inquired.

"Uhhhh . ... uhhhhmmmm ... have you done something like this before?"

"I haven't, Sallie, I'm just fresh out of bodyworking school, but I know
Eric has several times, haven't you, Eric?"

"Yes Marilyn I have ... Sallie, James, for us this is a working
vacation of sorts ... every single one I've done has been very very
successful, all family members getting a lot out of it, each family becoming closer than before ... just follow our leads and our advice and
things will go very smoothly, promise ..."

" ... and your sure that my being on my period won't affect anything?
... " Sallie asked with genuine curiosity.

" ... no . .. as Dr. Nick explained to you, if an adult female wasn't
present who was menstruating, we'd have to bring in another therapy
associate who was ... it's part of the package so to speak that period sex
aversion is dealt with ... " Marilyn interjected.

"So, what's the plan? ... anything changed from when you and I talked,

"Nope, nothing's changed ... dinner smells good ... what is it? ... "

"Well, it sure ain't damn Hardee's hamburgers! (hawhwahawhaw, hehehehe)
. . . it's just a good old-fashioned pot roast, a huge slab of roast
beef, I hope that's okay ... "

" ... sounds ... smells delicious! ... Alison, how do you feel about
this weekend? ... " Marilyn continued.

"I dunno ... okay, I guess ... "

"C'mere my little one, let me give you a big hug ... " Alison sliding
off her chair and moving the three feet over to Lyn, Marilyn giving her the
most perfect of hugs imaginable.

"You're nice ... "

"...Marilyn, or you can call me Lyn, either is fine ... "

" ... Lyn ... you're nice, Lyn ... "

James and Sallie and I just watched the perfect moment for a moment
before Marilyn spake once again to her/our young protégé.

"Alison, you know this weekend is going to be about sex education ...
that, and having lots of great sex with your parents and brother and us ...

" ... yes, I know ... "

" ... and from your profile, I know that you've never seen your mother or father nude, let alone anything more ... "

" ... no, I've never seen them nekkid before, Lyn ... "

" ... and you've never seen your mother even partially nude on her
period ... "

" ... naw, I haven't, but she has shown me a couple of 'facts-of-life'
books ... "

" ... I think it's time for that to change ... Sallie, please come
over here ... "

Mrs. Dooley with a look of modest surprise did what she was told,
coming over to Marilyn. With a zip and a flip Marilyn dropped Sallie's
skirt to the floor and then pull her panties down a bit to where all could
see her bloody pad.

"This is what a period looks like, Alison ... this is what a pad during
your period looks like ... every woman in the world goes through this, so
it's time you learned about first-hand ... "

Alison getting a more or more transfixed look on her face as she stood
next to Marilyn as her mother stood just inches away from them, Lyn plunged
a finger between Sallie's legs and began a slow frig of her.

"According to your profile, Sallie, you've never been touched by another
woman ... how does it feel?"

"It feels wonderful, thank you, Lyn ... "

" ... would you like to touch your mother's vagina, Alison?"

" ... uuuhhhmmm, not now, okay?"

" ... okay ... let's eat dinner first, it does smell so delicious, and
then we might begin playing later, okay?"

. . ... . TO BE CONTINUED ... . .

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