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BWOR1 14 tv and the lecturn and other


(file contains parts 1-14)
The Body Worker



(MF. MFF, MFM, MMFFFFF, Mf, Mg, FF, Ff, Fg, FFFFF, groups in all combinations, sex therapy, sex surrogacy, incest, pedo, family group sex, therapist/patient, oral, anal, mast., light BDSM, hospice sex, sex therapist training, sex surrogate training, menstrual sex)


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction intended for private reading by adults over eighteen (18) years of age ONLY or a higher age if required by the political jurisdiction where you reside...if you are under eighteen years of age, you are required to exit now from your browser if accessing through a communications network or delete this file if accessing it through a local disk system...the following story depicts sexual acts which if they were perpetrated in real life would be against the law in all countries and localities; if merely possessing descriptions of sexual acts which would be against the law if committed in "real life" is against the law in the political jurisdiction where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc. bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and distribute it to other readers of legal age on a strict non-commercial of this story on any commercial website or by any other means of storage and retrieval for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without written consent of the originating author.

Chapter 1: my short bio., and how I fell into the
profession (MF, FMF, sex therapy, sensual massage, sexual massage, oral,
anal, mast., etc.)
I have to admit it, I'm one of the luckiest guys in the
world. I have one of the best jobs in the world, make a
great living at it, and get to have sex with women on a
daily basis as part of my job. But the reason I feel so
lucky as that, more than anything else, I get to help
people, 99%+ of the time women specifically. As a bodywork
professional, my job is to help women heal the scars of
past and current sexual trauma and embedded negative
reflective sexual actions, through application of positive
bodywork principles. Don't assume I'm a male hooker or
anything close to that; I'm a trained professional, and all
my patients are referred to me through my employer, which
happens to be a professional psychiatric group practice.
Every single action I take is within the law, and every
single moment of therapy is reviewed by my bosses, who are
licensed M.D. psychiatrists or psychotherapy professionals.
I will admit that certain bodywork sexual therapy regimens are
just barely within the confines of the law
and/or the canons of medical ethics, but not one finger is
laid upon a given patient without the expressed orders of
one my supervising doctors, and all actions I take call to
the highest order of medical ethics which was the
granddaddy of them all, the Hippocratic Oath. And I will admit also that
professional sexual bodywork therapy might
be considered the psychiatric profession's, mainly the
family and sex therapy subgroup profession's, dirty little
secret. Bodywork for/on a patient is used on a patient when
talk therapy or drug therapy either alone or in combination
simply doesn't work, doesn't cure or hold out a reasonable
expectation for a patient's probable cure. The bottom line
is, is that sexualized bodywork therapy, for certain
patients which have certain gross sexual
dysfunction(s) that can't be treated by drugs or talk
therapy, works.
That's why I am such a huge proponent of my profession,
however borderline legitimate it may seem to the more
mainstream medical society or society at-large. In the two
years I've been a bodywork professional, I've come to
believe in it more and more. I have to admit that, at
first, I got into it because of the money, the opportunity
it presented, that and to be honest the fact I saw it as a
way of getting laid more than any guy could possibly
imagine. My profession has become so much more to me now,
but those more selfish motivations are what initially
nudged me towards considering it. Perhaps a short bio would
be helpful in understanding the how and why of the past, before I get
into the how, who, and where of the present.
I grew up in a happy but lower class family in central
North Carolina, mother and father and one younger sister at
home. We weren't rich and weren't poor, and because my
parents didn't have the money to send me to college, in
retrospect we were more lower than middle-class. After
graduating from Broughton High, I just bummed around from
job to job, when I wasn't slacking. I flipped burgers,
worked construction, ran a cash register at a gift shop at
Crabtree Valley Mall, did all sorts of normal jobs a
teen-ager with a high school diploma but not much else
would do. I tried to get some scholarship money to go to 'State, but
didn't have the grades for any, and didn't feel
like getting on the treadmill of debt by taking out student
loans I'd owe for the next half of my life whether I could
get a decent job after college or not.
One Sunday I saw an ad for a nurse's aide at Rex Hospital
in town, which said the job had potential for advancement,
with a starting salary of $8 an hour with a potential to make $12 an
hour or more. Quitting my job as a parts clerk
at a car dealership the next day, I applied for and got the
job. Being six-three and two-hundred-twenty and nineteen, I
got the job, no problem. Being a nurse's aide as opposed to
a nurse, especially when you're a male, is every bit as
hard, dirty, nasty, and difficult a job as you might
imagine. When ever a large patient needed to be moved,
whenever there was a task they didn't want to give to a
female, I or one my compatriotes was stuck with it. Still,
I enjoyed the work, I enjoyed helping people, and I enjoyed
the money. Eventually, I went to night school at Wake Tech,
and became an LPN. After six years of that and no chance of
advancing without a earning my RN which I didn't want to take the two
years off work and go to nursing college to earn, I became tired of it,
and decided to change careers.
A chance ad in a local weekly freebie arts and
entertainment paper lead to me attending the Carolus School
Of Massage Therapy. After getting some credit for some of
my previous LPN coursework, and after a year of night and
weekend classes at Carolus in nearby Durham, I finally
earned my LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) certificate and
got my State license.
Because I was a guy, and female massage therapists simply
have an easier time getting jobs, that's just the way it is, I'm not
complaining, it took me another six months
before I finally found someone who would give me a
full-time job as an LMT, a group of sports medicine and
physical therapy physicians. Of course they used me in much
the same capacities as I was employed at Rex doing, moving
and positioning large patients and such, but I also was
given a fairly busy workload actually doing therapeutic
massage on patients, "apprenticing" under the PT's
(Licensed Physical Therapists) and orthopedic physicians there. It was a
great group of co-workers there, even the
doctors treated me and all other lower-level employees with
respect, and I loved working with "my" patients, both male
and female. The positive feedback I received from my
patients, how I knew my healing hands made them feel and helped them
heal, really made my job worthwhile. The money,
while it didn't suck per se, wasn't anything to brag about,
was a little but not much more than I made when I left Rex
Hospital, especially when I would have a slack month of
bookings, fifty percent of my salary being commission-based
on the number of therapeutic massages given during a given
pay period. But I made enough to pay bills and have
somewhat of a life, and that was good enough for me.
Two years and a bit into my tenure with the Raleigh Sports
Injury Clinic, I had another chance encounter, another stop
of the wheel of my life's synchronicity, which would change
my life forever, and put me in the where and when that I am
at now.
On a fateful day in February of that year, two years and some time ago
now, a certain Dr. Carol Stein came to see me
as a massage therapy patient. While shoveling snow a few weeks back, she
had blown a knee out badly, and had also twisted her lower back and
pulled a couple of muscles in her thighs pretty badly. Dr. Mike, our
chief surgeon, had
ortho'd her knee and that had healed very quickly, but she
still was bothered by the menu of pulled and strained
muscles she had inflicted in herself while shoveling snow
that day some weeks back, mainly because (and she admitted
to as much) she kept doing too much, wouldn't follow Dr. Mike's orders.
And she knew better, she was a physician, if
a mind physician, a psychiatrist, after all. It was on her
fifth visit to me, which was to be her last, that she
dropped a bombshell on me.
She was lying on my massage table face up, nude but a towel
covering her from breasts to just below her pubis. I was working the DCL
thigh muscle she had pulled and which was
still spasming from time to time, trying to restore enough
flexibility in it so it wouldn't tighten up and make her double over in
pain. As I felt it relax underneath my
fingers, Dr. Carol opened her eyes up just enough (it's
common for my patients to doze off while being massaged) to
make eye contact with me, and asked me sweetly "would you
mind giving me a labial massage, too?"
The one thing they drill into to you at massage therapy
school, the one thing my senior instructor, Pam, drilled into me while I
attended there, was that while all massage
is a very intimate act, the only thing that keeps
State-licensed therapeutic massage from being considered on
the same level as illegal prostitution is the fact that a
massage therapist can never touch a client in a selfish, sexual way.
Doing so is the highest breach of professional
ethics. That said, it was unstated knowledge sexual contact
does happen in therapeutic massage settings,
sometimes, in certain circumstances, with certain patients.
Rarely such sexual massage is by verbal or
written doctor's orders, more often it is simply a courtesy
to the patient. Admitted, I had sexually massaged maybe a
couple of dozen guy patients who had requested it during my
time at Raleigh Sports, and a greater number of women
patients. My sexual massage with my women patients were all
longer-term patients, like Dr. Carol, who I had a sense of,
who I thought wouldn't scream rape or inappropriate contact
or try to get my LMT license revoked.

So, I went through my usual of protestations, about how
doing so would be the highest possible breach of
professional ethics, how I could lose my license if I did
so, etc. Dr. Carol just looked at me and said "relax, Eric,
and I know the drill, and I also know that all massage
therapists selectively sexual massage certain patients who
request it...if you want, I'll get a prescription pad from
my purse, and write myself a prescription for a labial
massage, which will protect you from all future

"No, that's okay, Dr. Stein, that won't be necessary"

I massaged her outer and inner labia, then her clit, then
gently frigged her, then massaged her inner thighs some and
went back to her labia and clit. She only had ten minutes
left in her appointment block, and I politely suggest she
might want to hurry. Plus, none of the treatment rooms had
locks on the doors, and while unlikely, it was possible
someone could burst in without warning and catch me doing
something requested but which could get me fired.

"Would you mind doing a deep anal massage, Eric?"

"No, not at all" I answered "but you only have a few
minutes left...but, sure..."
I slipped a latex exam glove on, lubricated it with some massage oil,
and massaged two fingers deeply into her anus.
She came twice that I could tell. Getting dressed, she
fished a business card from her purse, asking me if I could
drop by her office sometime soon. I replied honestly that
the only time I could do so would be after work, after
normal business hours, one weekday. She asked if later that
day would be convenient. Seeing her office was way the heck
out in north Raleigh, traffic would be a bear during rush
hour then, would make a ten mile trip take fifty minutes to
"Six-ish?" I asked.
The smallish parking lot at her office condo complex off Millbrook was
empty, save a Porsche and an old '70 AMX with
fading gold paint. The drive from Raleigh Sports' office in
Cameron Village had taken an hour and fifteen minutes,
thanks to two wrecks on Wake Forest and Six Forks Road, and
I was agitated. Taking some deep breaths, it occurred to me
that I was clueless as to why I was there. She had simply
asked me to come to her office, and I had said yes.
Usually, a situation like this is where a client asks me to
work off the clock, away from the office, thinking they can
hire me cheaper than what they're paying Raleigh Sports for
my services, which I never do, insisting they make their appointments
through RSIC. Focus. Shaking my shoulders and
doing some jumping jacks to loosen up, my irritation with
the traffic faded enough to where my eyes and face looked
calm, at least.

The entire office condo complex was deserted. The main door
to Wake family Therapy, PLC, was locked. Knocking, the
sound of a key turning was heard, and Dr. Stein let me in.

"Please, Eric, come on back to my office."

"Why did you want to see me, Dr. Stein?"

"Please call me Carol, Eric"

"Why did you want to see me...would you like a massage now,
away from my office, is that why you wanted to see me?" I
asked politely.

"Yes, partially, that and other reasons...would you like a

She sat down beside me on the slightly worn dark-red
leatherette couch in her office, handing me a Pepsi as she
sipped on a Diet Coke.

"Eric, over the short course of you treating me as
therapist to patient, I've become very impressed with're a true professional, and as a medical
professional myself, I appreciate the quality of care when
given by others...I'll...I'll get right to the point...when
you gave me that anal massage earlier today, that was the
very best one I've ever had, no question, you really do
have a special talent, have special healing hands..."

"Thank you, Carol, I appreciate it...but I need to tell
you, I don't see clients off the clock, you'll need to call
the office and make an appointment to see me, I can't and
won't breech my agreement with Raleigh Sports."

"Well, technically, Eric, since today was my last
appointment for you to massage my damaged muscles, we're no
longer therapist and patient, which is why I wanted you to come see me
this afternoon."
She turned her body more towards me, and her posture
relaxed. Her facial muscles relaxed, she smiled a bigger smile while
talking, her pupils dilated noticeably.
Patients in the past had propositioned me enough to where I
recognized what was coming next. Considering I hadn't
gotten laid in a three or four months, that was fine.
"As an potential friend, Eric, I'm asking if you'd like to
have sex with me...please understand, first, that I'm
basically a lesbian, have been since my first husband
divorced me many years back while I was still in med
school, and that my professional practice partner, Jean
Forberg, and I have been lovers for the past ten's a committed relationship, we're married, so to
speak...but, I have to confess, the one thing I miss about
a hetero relationship is having a man's cock, not a dildo
or tongue, up my ass..." leaning in to kiss me, she
whispered "Eric, will you assfuck me, one friend to

A look of surprise came over me, and I couldn't help it. My face even
blushed a little.

"I'll suck you nice and hard if you'd like, and you can
even fuck my pussy some, if you'll spend most of your
energy fucking my ass" she continued.

"Sure..Carol, would you like to do this?" I

Dr. Carol was a 40-ish, middle-aged-ish, slightly plump, but not
unattractive woman, large breasts that looked to be in the "D" cup
range, a somewhat large but not fat ass, slightly chubby arms and small
hands and small feet. She stood up and turned her back to me. I unzipped
the seam zipper in her somewhat matronly business skirt, she pulling her
blouse loose from the confines of its waistband.

Flicking the hooks from her bra as she stepped from her
panties, I stood up as she sat down on the couch and help me undress.

"Friends...I'm doing this as a favor to a friend, some one I like...a
friend" I reiterated.

"Friends" she cooed back.

I plopped back down on the couch and she leaned quickly to my cock,
slurping away. My hard was immediate and powerful.

"Everything you need is in the bottom file cabinet drawer, my Eric Dear"
she whispered, pointing to a four-drawer cabinet in the corner. My
hard-on standing at attention, I waddled over to it, and fished three or
four condoms and a half-filled tube of KY from the assortment of sex
toys and samples of every conceivable contraceptive device and drug
known to mankind. Standing in front of her face, she resumed her
sucking, opening one of the condoms with one quick tear between teeth
and manicured nails like a pro, and rolled it onto my cock with her lips
and tongue, something no one had ever done to me before. My hard was
like iron. My hands gently groped her breasts as she sucked my
rubberized dick.

As she rolled up on the couch to present her butt to me, I asked as a
lover if she was sure she didn't mind a short pussy-fuck, before our
anal sex.

"No, Eric, Dear, whatever you'd like is fine...just
concentrate on my ass."

My hard being okay for the moment, my tongue found her
pussy first as she kneeled into the back of the couch,
lashing her clit and labial lips some. Working my way up, my tongue then
rimmed her anal pucker, then penetrated her dark rose, as my fingers
gently massaged her pussy and clit. Scooting up to straddle behind her,
my dick penetrated inside her, as I grabbed one asscheek with one hand
and pushed a lubricated thumb up her ass, my short digit pressing
through her Douglas Pouch tissue to where my longer cock was one with
it. She bucked some and seemed to come.

Pulling my thumb out and pushing my cock in, she moaned so loud with
unfetered passion that her office condo neighbors would have easily
heard, had it been business hours. My right hand pushed forward for
balance, my left hand reached around to find and rub her clit, my neck
leaned in and our lips meet and tongues wrestled, a perfect passionate

The grind continued for another fifteen minutes or more, but she didn't
want to lay flat down on the couch, and it was an acrobatic act to
maintain my balance on the six to twelve inches of couch space that my
knees had to work with, so, I picked up my pace for three or four
minutes, and came.

"That was incredible, Eric, simply fucking
incredible...!!!" my Dr. Carol Stein-lover exclaimed.

I shot her a sweet and polite but slightly cynical "yeah, right, you
probably say that to all the straight guys who fuck you in the ass"

She kissed me full on the lips, playing with my still
semi-hard cock as she sat-lay in my lap, with a "no, silly Eric, I mean
it!...thank you, friend...Thank were incredible, you have
something, you gave me something very special, something I haven't had
in years...thank you.." her voice trailing off as she leaned her face
into my neck to snuggle a bit.

Then, out of the silence save the whisper of traffic noise out on
Millbrook Road, came a slightly sarcastic
clap-clap-clap-clap of someone's hands in mock salute.
Standing in the slightly ajarred doorway between Carol's office and
Jean's office next door, was Carol's partner
Jean. She didn't look mad, but she didn't look happy,
either. Her face didn't register much at all. Her hand
between her legs, her fingers playing with her cunt as she stood naked
in the doorway, said quite a bit. It shouted that a threesome with the
two of them was next, lesbians or not. But it wasn't to be.

"Did he perform as good as he looked like he was doing?" Jean asked
Carol with deadpanned nonchalance.

"Oh, yeah...Oh, YEAH...he handled me, the situation

"Do you think he'll you think he's the one?..."
Jean mumbled to her with dispassionate indifference,
talking to Carol as if I wasn't in the room at all, her
intended rudeness making me a little pissed-off at her
"...have you asked him yet?"

"Asked me what, yet?" I interjected with concern. Was this a set-up? Was
this some sort of blackmail scam? What the fuck was going on?

"About a little business proposition we might have for you, that's what"
Carol responded as she pried herself from our embrace and Jean went back
to her office to get dressed again, as I and Carol did.

I was unsure of what to do. I knew I had been used. But I had gotten my
own rocks off, I had used Carol, so I figured what the hell. Getting
dressed, Carol sat in her executive chair behind her antique walnut
desk, as Jean came back in, dressed, her long and shapely legs stilting
her thin and shapely five foot nine fashion model frame. Talk about an
odd couple. Jean pulled a chair around to next to Carol, as they
motioned me to sit in a chair in front of the desk.

"I know you're a bit anxious and more than a bit curious, and maybe even
feel a bit used, Eric, but what we did was mutual, you wanted to assfuck
me as much as I wanted you to do it, or we wouldn't have, agreed?..." I
nodding my head yes in agreement "...but, I have to admit, Jean and I
did have a greater motive than just you and I having great sex this
afternoon...Eric, have you ever heard of the term 'bodyworker'?"

I nodded my head "no".

"Have you ever heard of the term 'sex surrogate'?"

"Yes, I have heard of that term, Dr. Stein" my language
dropping a gear to the more formal, as an expression of
irritation and slight feelings of betrayal.

"I feel you have a special empathy for patients, for women in
particular, Eric, a special empathy and set of talents that could be put
to much better use as a bodyworker, as a sex surrogate if you will, than
what you're doing now as a massage therapist...interested...maybe?"

"Possibly...what did you have in mind?"

"Eric, Jean and I, along with our other partner Dr. Kim
Johnson, have built up a thriving family and marital
therapy practice in our 13-14 years in business...we
counsel mainly male-female couples in all aspects of
family, marital, and sex therapy...but, what we don't
advertise, but which the rest of the psychiatric community knows and
which we bill probably fifty percent of our billings from from outside
referrals from other practices, is that we have also have a thriving
bodywork, sexual surrogacy practice, a greater percentage of which has
become female in the nine or ten years that we've been doing this...what
no one knows is that a couple of weeks ago, two of our three
professional bodyworkers quit at the same time...yes, they were both
women, and they fell in love, and left us to go out West, just giving us
two weeks notice, not even finishing out their patient calendars...this
has left in a real lurch, and a real potential crisis concerning
cash-flow...we need two bodyworkers, and we need them now...but
since the American Psychiatric Association doesn't recognize fully the
legitimacy of sexual surrogacy, actually frowns on most forms of
bodywork let alone some of the cutting edge stuff we do here in our
practice, it's not like we can put an ad in the classifieds for
experienced bodyworkers..."

I nodded my head and mumbled some "uh-hu's" in
acknowledgment, my eyes not wavering from Carol's. They may have been
great psychiatrists, but they were lousy
businesspeople, Carol was laying all her cards on the table upfront, not
a terribly bright negotiating stance.

"...I honestly do feel you have a special gift for relating to patients,
especially women patients...would you consider becoming a bodyworker in
our practice, Eric?"

"And exactly what would be my duties, what would be my
responsibilities, and what would be my compensation,
Carol?" I replied with a smile.

"The crux of bodyworking, Eric, is that you would have sex in
therapeutic modes with women patients that would be within the aegis of
our practice...mostly women, and some couples, mostly male-female and
some female-female couples, and maybe one patient out of a hundred being
a man but you'd see the odd man only in a setting with another woman
bodyworker as a team...we'd send you to a special school for
bodyworkers, we'd pay you for attending it and pay all your expenses
there and back, the proviso being that if we had to fire you for just
cause within the first year you would owe use what we spent on your
training or if you somehow flunked out of the school either then you
would owe what we spent on sending you there...but we're not worried
about that...after attending bodywork school, you'd be in our sole
employ...we'll offer you a great base salary, plus non-expensible
commissions on each patient you would see...we'll give you, no, we'll
insist on you living in a very nice apartment that's just a
quarter mile from here, where you'd live and where you would see all
your patients at as your professional therapeutic bodywork office too,
an apartment which will be 100% no-cost to you, except for your phone
and cable tv...and, you'll have delivery accounts at several local deli
and pizza places, where you can order whatever you'd like, your food
bill will be minimal...but more than anything else, Eric...friend,'ll be helping many women who need a firm, strong, but gentle
and empathetic healing hand to overcome the gamut of sexual problems
that society dismisses women as generally having, let alone needing to
have therapeutic measures to cure...whad'ya say?"

Jean came around and handed me a sheaf of papers and a
videotape. The papers were a collection of non-disclosure, non-compete,
non-prosecutorial, indemnification, limitation of liability, personal
services contract forms, the whole nine yards.

"Just standard forms that all our bodyworkers and other
contract employees have to sign. For your protection and ours..." Jean
spoke as she walked back to her chair "...I'm sure you're curious about
compensation...that's on the first personal services contract, if you're

Seven hundred dollars a week base salary, plus a commission based on
forty percent of total gross billings.

"Just 40%?"

"We are giving you a thousand-dollar per month apartment rent-free, plus
you'll see in the table below that
paragraph that depending on total year-end billings, you'll be eligible
for bonuses that could add another ten percent, for a possible total of
fifty percent of billings...the commission is addition to your base
salary, it's not playable against that, don't forget that" Carol

"Ohhhh...I see" I mumbled as I read further. It was obvious they would
be making money but not a fortune off my labors.

"And.." Jean interjected "...even though you can never
repeat this, and will only be touched on but lightly in
B-school, you'll basically have unlimited pussy in this
job...even though it can never be stated bluntly like I'm doing now, as
long as you accomplish the therapeutic objectives for a patient that you
are given by Carol or
myself, there will be nothing wrong with you enjoying
yourself too, with you getting your own rocks off,'re single...think about...unlimited pussy,
limitless sex, hundreds of fact, the bodywork profession has
learned over the years that due to the beyond intimate nature of the
job, that if you don't partake of your own desires and pleasures, again
within the therapy context and making sure that whatever you do enhances
the therapy and heals the patient quicker, if you don't relieve yourself
of the continuing sexual tension with your patients, you'll blow a
gasket, Eric, you'll simply go bonkers and quit, to use a psychiatric
term" Jean said with her first pleasant smile and half-laugh.

"Keep in mind too, Eric, that the average career life-span of a
bodyworker is just five years...fifty percent quit before their third
year, almost none last past seven..." Carol quipped "...that, and the
sometimes emotional turmoil you'll experience, you'll be in bi-weekly or
weekly therapy sessions with one of us as our way of monitoring your
mental attitude in health....a short career and an empathetic sinkhole
of emotions are the two greatest negatives of the job."

"What about disease?"

"With all the precautions taken with each patient before they are
allowed to participate in bodywork therapy, that's really a non-issue,
but prophylaxis modalities will be covered as part of your training in
any case..."

"Well, Eric, what'dya say, you interested?" Jean
half-sneered, bitch.

"I really would like for you to seriously consider joining our practice,
Eric, my friend..." Carol smiled saying much sweeter "...we do need you,
too, no BS...if we don't get someone, actually two, within the next
sixty days, preferably the next thirty days, half our practice will be
irrevocably damaged, business-wise...we need your help...I honestly feel
you'd be perfect for this job...will you join our team, Eric?"

"Can I see the apartment?" I asked with little-boy tone.

"Just make sure you watch the videotape when you get do have a VCR, don't you?...." Jean asked
sarcastically, bitch, I nodding "yes", "...and read over the paperwork
carefully, even have a lawyer read over
everything if you want, everything's above board with us, Eric."

"But we will need a decision within 48 hours from now, or we'll have to
try to find someone else..." Carol cautioned "and, Eric, one other
thing, that's not in the''ll also be expected to
'service' me like you did tonight, usually about once per week, as a
friend, not billable...that's non-negotiable, that okay?"

"Sure, I don't have a problem with that, was fun with
you...can we go see my new apartment now?"

We drove in Jean's Porsche, leaving Carol's old AMX in the parking lot,
to the brick triplex down Woodland Ave. and around to a cul-de-sac,
where it sat amongst a small collection of duplexes and triplexes. The
three units
curved around the lot, parking spaces in front of each one.

Opening the front door, Jean flicked on the lights, and
walked to the sliding patio doors to shove them open and let some fresh
air in. A large bedroom was to my left, a small kitchen with half-height
counter to my right at the far end, and a small anteroom, not much
bigger than a large broom closet which Carol said was intended for us as
an in-home office, tucked up under the steps to the second floor and
extending to beside the front door, a computer sitting atop a cheap desk
next to a small window which faced the parking spaces. A small but
working fireplace with gas logs sat squatty in the back left corner.

Outside through the patio doors was a large, wraparound deck that
extended a good ten or fifteen feet beyond the doors, a waist-high
semi-privacy fence on either side offering minimal but possible privacy
from the other two units, especially when the four-person outside
Jacuzzi at each porch area was in use. Back inside, Carol took me
upstairs to the second floor. Three rooms, again, one large bedroom, one
small one, and a smaller anteroom.

"The downstairs is intended for use as your professional treatment
area...the bedroom downstairs is to be your
treatment bedroom area...this area is to be your private can
keep this furniture to use, or bring your own, as you wish, but
everything in the professional bedroom stays as is..." Carol whispered,
as she kissed me on the lips and grabbed my crotch in a friendly but
erotic way "...I really want to you to join our practice, Eric, my

Jean was pacing as we walked back down the stairs. I went inside the
"professional treatment area" bedroom, noticing a screen. Peeking behind
it, lay a high-tech gynecological exam table, along with a stainless
steel coatrack and some stainless steel cabinets. I couldn't help but
laugh aloud a light guffaw.

"This place is for professional bodywork practice, Eric" Jean sneered.

"Well, Eric, my friend...are you in or out?" Carol asked.

"You said I could have two days to decide."

"48 hours, kiddo" Jean shot back.

"Two days..." I sidelipped.

They drove me back to my car, and I went home. I stayed up most of the
night, watching the tape about bodywork
practices and methodologies, four times. The tape was
fairly generic and really non-sexual in most ways, but I picked up the
subrosa text within the portrayals of female and male sex surrogates,
errrr, bodyworkers, working with female and male patients, though they
discounted and didn't talk much about male therapist-female patient

My mind kept going back to what Jean said, about the job also having the
main side benefit of unlimited pussy, but most strikingly, what Carol
said about what I would be doing would be healing, would be healing
women, patients, and whatever slightly selfish pleasure I would receive
would simply be a side benefit.

The next morning, I went into Raleigh Sport Injury and
tendered my resignation, offering them sixty days, so my calendar could
be cleared and I wouldn't leave them in a lurch. They said sixty days
wasn't needed, that thirty or even just two weeks would be fine. They
implied but didn't come right and say that they could replace me with a
single phone call. Pushing it, I asked if they would still give me a
good reference if I was to want to quit right then, that I had a
fantastic new job offer, not saying who what or where, stressing that I
didn't want to leave them hanging with patients who wouldn't receive
massage therapy because of my leaving. Dr. Mike told me that I had been
an excellent employee, and they would really hate to lose me, but if I
had such a great offer, they wouldn't hold me back, and they would be
glad to give me an excellent employment reference.

I shook his hand, thanked him profusely, then drove over to Wake family
Therapy to personally tell Carol and Jean that I had accepted their
offer. They were both busy, but Dr. Johnson, Kim, came out to talk to
me. She said she was privy to everything, everything that had
gone on last night, and she was glad I had decided to come aboard.

Walking me back to her office, she handed me the usual tax forms and
such to fill out, and then I spent the next hour signing all the legal
stuff and having it notarized by Mariva, the receptionist. Once all that
was done, Carol and Jean came back to Kim's, Dr. Johnson's, office, and
much to my surprise, all gave me a polite but sincere group hug, Carol
again kissing me on the lips in a more-than-friendly kiss.

Reaching under a pile of papers on her desk, Kim handed me a plane
ticket to New York City, an itinerary, a company credit card that she
said had a five-hundred limit and was meant for emergency expenses, and
a bank envelope with five one-hundred-dollar bills inside it, Carol
cautioning to spend what I wanted on whatever I wanted, but to get
receipts for everything, and call if that wasn't enough.

The itinerary showed me leaving for JFK Airport that Friday night, and
coming back Sunday night week. I kissed Carol on the lips and Kim and
even Jean on the cheek, thanking them again and again. Carol handed me
two thick three-ring binders of material, the covers of which were
labeled "Manual Of Therapeutic Bodywork", warning me not to let anyone
see these under any circumstances for any reason and to take them with
me to my bodywork school, then patted me on the butt and told me to
scoot, that they all had patients to see, and they'd see me when I got
back. I left their office high on life, my feet fractionally inches off
the ground.

The Body Worker



Chapter 2: Prep, and the trip up to New York (MF, mast., oral, straight,
sex therapy)

The phone rudely awakened me at 6:30 the next morning. It
was Kim.

"Uhhhhh...ohhh...uggghhh....hell....hellooo?" I mumbled
into the receiver.

"Eric, this is Dr. Johnson...."

Cough...hack...clearing my throat...trying to wake up...

"uhh...yes, Kim...Dr. Johnson...what do you want?" I spake
with sleepy unintentional mild rudeness.

"Eric, you darted out yesterday before I could finish
telling you about the rest of what you'll have to do before
going up to your school...please come by my office at eight
this morning..."

"I thought you, errrrr, we, didn't open up until nine?"
"We don't, I won't be there, but Mariva've got
more tests to take of all kinds, we need to have you do a
complete physical, get blood and fluid samples drawn, a ton
of stuff, and it needs to be done today, if you're going to
make the class starting this weekend...otherwise, you won't
have time, and we'll have to find someone else..." she

" problem....I'll be there at eight".

"Oh, and uh, Eric..."


"Have you gone to the bathroom yet this morning, or eaten
anything yet?"

"No, I haven't, why?"

"Please don't if you haven't....don't eat, or go to the
bathroom at all, if you can possibly hold's for the
tests...and if you have any questions during the day,
please call me directly, don't bother Dr. Stein or Jean, okay?"

"Yeah, sure, 'talk to you later today" I finished.
Mariva was waiting for me when I got to Raleigh family
Therapy's office five minutes before eight. She took me
into the conference room and handed me a stack of
pre-printed tests. One was a standard Meyers-Briggs
personality profile test, plus another one of some name I
didn't recognize, then a sexuality scale test to determine
where on the homo-hetero line I was, and a test for all the
world was like one of those online "purity tests", except
this one was much more comprehensive, over a thousand
questions and scenarios, and was much more formalized in structure.
Handing me a plastic brown bottle full of little white
pills, Mariva continued "Eric, these are MascuStat pills,
they're the first clinically proven oral male contraceptive
hormone pills..."
I shot Mariva an unvarnished look of disbelief, a look
which didn't hide what I was thinking, "you've got to
fucking putting me on".

"...don't give me that look, Eric, I'm serious..."

"There's no such thing" I replied.

"Yes, there is, and these are it...they've been available
in certain European countries for over twenty years now, and have shown
to have virtually zero side effects with
99.9% efficacy...the only side effects are a small increase
in libido, and a propensity to grow deeper and thicker
facial and body hair, that, and once in a while with a few
men, some mild headaches and stomach upset...anyway, after
you finish your tests this morning, take one at lunch, and
every single day for as long as you're employed here at
Raleigh family in your capacity as a bodyworker, you'll
need to take one per day, the very last thing before you go
to's a copy of the page about them from the EC
(European Community) PDR (Physician's Desk Reference, a
guide to prescription drugs, Eric)...if you have further questions about
them, talk to Dr. Johnson, OK?" Mariva
continued, I nodding my head silently in agreement.

"And..." she started again, giving me several pre-printed
forms "'s your authorizations for all the tests
you'll need to take and other errands you'll need to
run...please look them over, ask if you have questions, and
ask especially ask if you don't know how to get to any of
the addresses where they're located, okay?"
I looked them over, and replied "no, Mariva, everything
looks fine, I know where all these offices are, 'can find
them at least".
I really had to take a shit really bad and a piss even
worse, but almost busting with pressure, I made it over
quickly to my first stop, MedFacts Corp. over on Computer
Drive off Six Forks Road. Damn near running in, I handed the
receptionist my paperwork, told her I couldn't hold my
urine or bowel movements much longer, and she quickly
hustled me back to an exam room. A nurse darted in quickly
behind her, handing me a urine specimen bottle and a
wax-paper bucket with lid for my stool sample, pointing me
to the bathroom in the corner of the exam room without
saying a word. Ahhhh, it felt so good, to finally get some
relief! And, I had done what Dr. Kim asked me to do, held
it all in until asked for it. No way I was going to screw
the pooch on this opportunity of a lifetime.
Coming from the bathroom, this nurse that really
looked like a nurse, early middle age with short
hair and white posture shoes and a bit frumpy, had a
vampire table next to an exam chair all ready for me.
She took two tubes of blood from my right arm, then two more from the left.
The receptionist brought in a small cup of
orange juice for me to sip on, the nurse stopping me with a
"not yet, not until I get a sample first", swabbing the
inside of my mouth in three different places with three
different sterile swabs, tossing them into separate sterile
specimen tubes. Reaching in to retrieve an old x-rated porn
magazine from the exam table's instrument drawer, she
busily labeled all the recovered specimens while looking away from me
with a "Mr. Woods, please get undressed, and
masturbate yourself to a firm but not hard erection, and please, do not
orgasm while doing so..." she said as if
talking to an appliance repairman about her broken toaster "...I'll be
back to collect the last specimens needed in three or four minutes,
thank you" she concluded, as she
took the other specimens out to the outer office.
The porn was boring, and while I can always get an
erection, even while reading the newspaper, I just didn't
feel like it. I was playing with myself, looking at the
nastymag, when Nurse Ice came back in. She gave me a look
of unbridled disappointment. My erection was between half
and three quarters. Motioning me back on to the exam table,
she began masturbating me herself. Harder, but still not hard.
"Would additional visual and other stimuli help you, Mr. Woods?...this
is an important test, your employer is
totally insistent upon it..." Nurse Iceberg continued.

"Sure...I guess, 'guess so..." I answered a bit shyly,
unsure what I was slightly embarrassed about.
Getting up and locking the exam room door behind her, she
quickly undid her white nurse's blouse and scooted out of
her bra, her gargantuan tits with saucer-size nipples
flopping onto her chest. Cradling my cock between them, she
got me into a tit-fuck with a practiced ease. That did feel
good. It finally got hard after a few minutes of this.

can't give you oral stimulation without ruining the test,
Mr. Woods, and you do need to come, and I need a sample of
both your pre-cum and your're excited but not obviously
sufficiently there anything I can do to
expedite this process?" she asked friendly but

"May feel your breasts and pussy, Nurse?" I asked with
attempted equal professional detachment.

"Yes, you may".
I played with her actually not-too-bad mounds of round
while she stood in front of me. Standing up, I shoved my hand down her
pants, and found her cunt, beginning a slow
frig. She noticed a drop of pre-cum forming on my urethral
opening, and patted the exam table, motioning for me to
scoot back up there. Masturbating me a little more, she got
her sample of pre-cum on a sterile swab, and then with both
hands, managed to bring me to orgasm, catching that
specimen in another clear glass specimen jar.
"Thank you, Mr. Woods, you've been very cooperative" she said as she got
re-dressed and unlocked the exam room door.
My next appointment was with a GP I didn't know and had
never been to at 10:30AM. Having a ton of personality and
sexuality tests to fill out before five that afternoon, I
bided my time productively, filling them out while waiting
to see the doctor. Finally, at a little past eleven a.m., I
was called back into an exam room. I had expected an old fart of a
physician, but was treated to be examined by a very attractive lady
doctor. I know it was all clinical, but her looks didn't hurt,
especially when she was working
my butt with that ol' fingerwag. She pronounced me fit as
any sixty-year-old man she's seen lately, laughing at her
own joke, as I got dressed and headed for some lunch,
stopping at the Arby's on Hillsboro St.
I continued filling out the tests with my trusty number two
pencils as I scarfed down some roast beef and cheese
sandwiches. I hadn't even eaten a single bite of anything
for breakfast, per Dr. Kim's admonition, and was hungry.

next appointment, my last for the day, was at a
photographer's, which I didn't understand, but really
didn't care, at 1:30.
My session at the photographer's was bizarre, but harmless,
I guess my new employers had their reasons. Basically, I was lead to a
backroom at the studio where there was a
black backdrop with the thin white borders of thin white lines forming
one-inch or so squares on it. While I was
completely naked, they made me stand, turn, squat, and pose
in a wide variety of stances and poses, while in front of
the backdrop. Damned if I know why. Like I say, though,
Finishing my photo shoot, I just drove around some to clear
my head a little, and ended up parking in the parking lot
of Lake Johnson City Park and finished filling out the
tests at a covered picnic shelter area. For a February day,
it was a perfect North Carolina winter day, no humidity, high around
Heading back to my new office, I dropped all the paperwork
copies and receipts from the tests and all and the
personality tests and all off. While making small talk with
Mariva, she is nicer than maybe I've indicated so far,
Carol, Dr. Stein, popped around the corner of the hallway
and said "hi" to me. I asked if she had a minute, and she
said yes, just a minute. We went back to her office, and I
asked her about this MascuStat male contraceptive pill,
told I hadn't heard of such a thing, and had some real
concerns. She asked if I had taken one at lunch yet per
Mariva's earlier instructions, and admitted that I hadn't.
"Eric, my friend, my employee, you've done real well so
far, but it's important to always do
exactly as I, Jean, or Kim tell you to do...
otherwise, this arrangement is not going to work out... I'm
not scolding, just you understand?"

"Yes, Carol, I understand"

"Good...take one of those pills right now, and from now on,
you must take one each night last thing before bed,
I went out to the bottled water cooler to get a cup of Le
Bleu, and walked back in to her office to let her see I was
indeed taking a pill right then. She was on the phone, but
still motioned me in. I had another couple of questions. I
wanted to ask her about this Polykinetic Bodywork School,
especially me being put on the hook for right over $10,000
to the practice, if I was fired or quit during the first year.
"Eric..friend, it's real simple..." she said with sweet face as
she reached across the table motioning me to
extend my arm and hold her outstretched hand "...trained bodyworkers are
in such high demand all over the country,
it's such an exclusive occupational category that you're becoming a
member of, that once you become trained and get
a little experience and learn the business part of the
business, learn who's who and where's what, that you'll
probably be headhunted by other practices in other States,
particularly in the major metro areas, you'll probably get
offers that will be much higher than what our modest
practice can afford to pay you here...that indemnification
agreement is simply our way of protecting ourselves from getting stuck
for the ten or eleven thousand dollars,
should you decide to leave us...we're making a commitment,
and we feel you're making one to us...this just puts it in
black-and-white, that's all".
Made perfect sense, what Carol was saying, so I bought it
at face-value. Leaning over her desk to kiss her a friendly good-bye
one, she grasped me behind my head and firmly
lip-locked me for a minute or more, her tongue finding mine inside my
mouth. I smiled as I pulled away to leave, she
mirroring one back to me. Then she handed me a sealed
business-size envelope, telling me not to open it under any
circumstances, until I was actually on the plane heading to
school that following Friday, I nodding in agreement.
Another mystery, but again, I didn't care. I simply didn't
"See you when I get back" I whispered as I blew her a
friendly kiss as I turned to head out. I thought to myself
that she would make a really nice girlfriend, even if she
was probably fifteen years older than me, that, that and the fact she
wasn't already married to another lesbian.
The next day was a total slack day. I studied my bodywork
handbooks as best I could, but a lot of the concepts
presented were so far-out, so cutting-edge, that a lot of
them didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I figured
everything would be explained to me at the bodywork school.
Mariva called about lunch and told me the lab had screwed
up and they needed to re-swab the inside of my mouth. I
asked what on earth that test was for, and she replied
"honestly, I haven't the foggiest".
I ran by MedFacts and they did another series of swabs on
my tongue and gums and roof of my mouth, and I was flat out
of there in five minutes. My life was changing, certainly,
hopefully for the better. My salary had been increased
twenty-five percent plus just on base alone that week. I felt like
treating myself. I went to Sam's Steakhouse since
I was in the part of town anyway, had myself one of their
perfect prime ribs, washing it down with a couple of
Heinnies-on-draughts, and went home and to bed early.
Friday-day was just a blur. I remember trying to study my
manuals some, but couldn't concentrate, so I just
cat-napped away most of the day in my easy chair, ESPN
creating a drone of white noise on the tube. A siren off in
the distance woke me up from my shallow slumber around
three, lucky for me. My plane for NYC was due to leave in
about two hours, and with the traffic on '40 and all, and
all the incoming business people coming home for the
weekend from out-of-state, I knew I had better skee-daddle
on, so I wouldn't miss my flight, and screw up my life.
I have to admit that this was only the second or third time
I had ever flown anywhere. Somehow, I got in my head that
the practice was going to fly me up first-class. Yeah,
right, fat fucking chance. My USAir 737 heading to JFK
Airport in NYC stunk like a week's worth of mixed body
odors and stale food and alcohol witch's brew of smells.

The odor of burned kerosene fumes from the idling engines
outside also mixed in with the other bitch's brew fumes, rolling in from
the open cabin door at the front. I felt I
was going to be airsick soon, and we hadn't even begun to
taxi for takeoff. My seat, my narrow-assed coach set, was
all the way in the back, the back of it pressed against the
bulkhead next to the toilet. At least they had booked me an
aisle seat, where I could stretch out my six-three frame.
The plane was nearly empty, five or six passengers total. The RDU
terminals had been nearly full of the herd of human
cattle returning from their business foraging expeditions
the week before, but my flight heading up, away from the destination
that most of the rest of the traffic was
seeking, was nearly empty. A short, plumpish, but
well-groomed woman made her way down the aisle with two
carry-ons dragging. Opening the overhead compartment above
me, she saw it was full of my bags, and opened the one next
to it, asking if I minded helping her put her things in the
overhead, since she was a little vertically challenged,
making a harmless joke at her own expense. I told her I
didn't mind at all, 'happy to help. She sat down in the
middle seat of the three abreast row next to me. I
suggested she might want to move up to one of the empty
rows where she could have a whole row to herself, that the
flight crew didn't care. She smiled, and moved one over to
the window seat instead, settling in for takeoff.
The plane glided out above Umstead State Park next to the
airport, turning a one-eighty to head north to Naw Yawk.

The setting sun pierced the window, lighting my seatrow
companion's face like a painting. A few minutes of silence,
then I introduced myself. I told her my name was "Eric", and that I was
heading to NYC to attend a week-long
training conference that my employer was paying me to
attend. She introduced herself as "Margot", and said she was also
heading that way for something similar, asking me
where I was staying when I got to town, just making
friendly smalltalk. Absentmindedly, I replied "at the
Roslyn Harbour Inn, in a little town just outside New York
City called Roslyn, I think it's out on Long Island
Her mouth visibly dropped. " is Eric, right?"

"Yes, Margot, call me Eric" I smiled back.

"Eric...Eric, you by chance wouldn't be going to attend a
workshop that has the word Polykinetic in the name of it,
would you?"
My own mouth then dropped, too. "Margot, is your employer,
by sheer chance, Raleigh family Therapy on Millbrook Road
in Raleigh, are you a recent hire, and by chance, do you have a sealed
envelope in your possession that Dr. Carol or
one the doctors told you not to open until you were in the

"Yes, everything".
Total silence for ten or more minutes. Carol, for some
bizarre reason(s), had played another one of her byzantine
games on me. I stood up, opened the overhead, fished my
sealed envelope out of my jacket, and sat back down to read
it. As I began reading mine, Margot got hers out of her
purse, and began reading her own letter to her from our new
bosses. The letter to me basically introduced me to Margot,
giving me a short bio of her, said that she was their other
new employee that they had hired to replace the other
employees that had left, and that she and I would be
apprenticing under Connie, the long-standing bodywork
employee of Raleigh Family, once we got back from our
training. Connie was burned out, having hit the old
five-year brickwall of being a professional, full-time
bodyworker that Jean and Carol had mention during my
recruitment, but had agreed to stay on until Margot and I
or whoever had completed the rest of their apprenticeship
under her. It went on to say that we two were to be the
core of their bodywork team, that we would be working
extremely closely as a team once we got back, and that
eventually, we would also mentor any new bodywork
employee-recruits they might hire in the future. It
concluded by telling us that we would partnered together during our
classes soon to come, and since we would
literally be having sex in every conceivable way hundreds
if not thousands of times in the future, it was within the
"rules", it was okay for us to go ahead and have sex
tonight if we wished, just for fun.
I was stunned, and by the look on Margot's face, she was equally
stunned. Silently, I handed her my letter, and she
mine. Her letter read boilerplate identical to mine, except
hers contained my bio of course instead of hers, and the possessive
presence was changed to me and not her, if you
know what I mean. Stunned. Fucking stunned. Carol and them
had played matchmaker to Margot and myself, without ever asking us let
alone introducing us, they had fucking
basically "married" us without ever letting us meet first
and say yeah or neigh, married us at least in the
professional, the health professional slash professional bodyworker
sense of the word. Fuck them. My blood
immediately boiled inside at this gross deception, then
fell back to a simmer, then to a bearable warmth.
I looked over at Margot Kendra Knight sitting in her window
seat. My eyes took her in, totally. 4'11", 125 lb.s or so,
pageboy-cut deep brunette hair, thick-lensed glasses inside
a plain dark frame, green eyes, shapely 34D or slightly
larger tits, a reasonably narrow waist and hips that were
in proportion to her height and weight, wearing enough
jewelry to be an Arab bride but tastefully so in the right
places, small hands with delicate fingers, small feet, her
package fitting nicely in her solid black off-the-rack
Stein-Mart dress. Not bad, really. Considering that my
bridges were burned and that, apparently, Margot and I
would be sexual partners for the next some years many times
more than any similar married couple would be in the same
time frame, if so in a professional not passionate sexual
way, I, I mean Carol and them, could have done a lot worse
to or for me. And, Margot seemed to have a high sense of self-confidence
and self-assurance that just radiated her
basic niceness and decency and empathy and yes, raw
sexuality just under the surface. She projected a sense
that she liked everyone and most everyone liked her, and that she could
handle herself in most any situation. Truly
feminine. That's the feeling I'm looking to express. All woman. Velvet
dynamite inside a healing and nurturing
package. Yep, I could have done a lot worse.
Margot was similarly scoping me out, probably, hopefully thinking along
the same lines I was. She smiled at me, and
I smiled back, genuinely. She got up and sat back down in
her original seat assignment, next to me. I took her hand,
intertwined our fingers, kissed her on the forehead, and asked "Margot,
'everything okay?".
Looking deep into my eyes for reassurance, finding it, she
replied "Yes, Eric, everything's fine", smiling a most
sincere smile back to me still.
Our plane slid through the star and street-lit darkness of
New York City, bumpily touching down on an empty outer
runway at JFK. We two being at the rear, being last off the
plane, I put my arm around Margot's waist as a sign of
trust and friendship, she returning the gesture. Exiting into the New
York City piss-smell from USAir's passenger enclosure, three older black
guys in dark uniforms waited
as a group together, one holding up a sign that read
"Woods", another that read "Knight". We walked up to them,
and said who we were.

"Have any checked baggage?"

"Just one piece" I replied.

"I had two" Margot chimed in.
"Let me have your baggage claim stubs, so we can fetch them
for you."
I shot him a puzzled look, like it might be some sort of big-city scam
to steal my luggage, but he quickly pulled a
letter of introduction out from his pocket, a short two
line letter on a Polykinetic Bodywork Institute letterhead
and signed by one Dr. Hugo Chaim, telling to whom it may concern who his
employees were.
One of his helpers took our claim checks and went off to get our luggage
for us.

"We've got three more coming..." "Mac" said, "...and their
plane won't be in for another two hours, they're flying in
from the west coast, we'll all have to wait
together...would you like something to eat or drink?"
I looked at Margot and she nodded her head "yes". We
started to wander off to one of the clipjoint restaurants
down the terminal's hallway, but Mac caught up quickly to
us, with a "Mr. Woods, Ms. Knight, we need to stay together
as a group...burgers okay?...let's go to that restaurant over there",
pointing to a semi-fancy for an airport
terminal sitdown restaurant with semi-open seating.
As we walked, I couldn't help but notice a somewhat plump
but nice-looking and nicely-built middle-aged 40-ish white
lady, and a late 20's, tall and rather thin but shapely
with small breasts light-skinned black chick with
straightened hair and huge eyes also fall in behind us, as
part of our little group.
"Oh, my manners..." Mac chirped "Eric, Margot, this is
Gwen..." our hands reaching to shake hers, our middle-age
lady friend "...and this is Maddy", a round of continued handshakes and
pleased-to-meet you's being exchanged.
"Everyone here..." Mac continued " to be attending the
seminar together."
"You say there's three more coming?" I interjected.

"Yes, I said that..." Mac replied toastily "...but they're
coming in from the west coast, they'll get together on a connecting
flight at Lambert Field, errr, St. Louis, and their flight won't be in
for another two hours or so...I'm
hungry too, let's eat."
Since Mac said the Institute was paying, we all splurged a
little. I had a $40-some dollar filet mignon, and Margot had a nearly
equally expensive grilled swordfish. For an airport hole-in-the-wall
restaurant, the food wasn't bad at
all. Mac sat a separate table with his two helpers away
from us, the other one having come back, telling us our
luggage was in the hotel shuttle van already, as we four ate together,
sharing conversation and harmless tidbits
about our lives with each other.
Gwen was fascinating. It turned out she was a former RCMP
(i.e., Mountie) officer, and having been shot in the line
of duty during her sixteenth year on the force, was offered
an early retirement package at full half-salary and benes,
which she took. Her thick middle Canadian accent amused all
of us, and I told her so, she noticing that I didn't lack
for my own accent, my flat North Carolinian one, said with
a smile. Maddy was a NYC native, Brooklyn born, who had
left when young, her parents moving frequently, and had
lived all over since, living "upstate" currently. Gwen was
an RN, having taken nursing up as a second career after
retiring from the RCMP, and mainly had been a private duty
nurse, where she could set her own hours, not needing a
full-time job with her RCMP pension. Maddy was a PT, a
licensed physical therapist with licenses in New York State
and California and a handful of other states. Margot
mentioned to the them that she was an EMT, had been one
since after high school, but was tired of the
discrimination she faced daily on the basis on her height
and gender, and was tired of having to wear a flakjacket all the time
because of the constant daily danger she faced
in her job when called to rescue OD'ing crackheads and
Both Gwen and Maddy were also going to work for psychiatric
practice groups after the school, much like Margot's and mine Wake
Family Therapy group. I asked them all if they really had any idea what
to expect, other than apparently
we'd be having a ton of clinical-based sexual bodywork
training of some sort next week, admitting I didn't, and felt a little
anxious because of the uncertainty of it all,
they amen'ing me.
Mac fetched and paid our tabs, then motioned us to follow
him. We walked down and to a horizontal escalator between
concourses, then up some stairs and made a long walk to a
gate near the very end of a concourse. In a few minutes, a
TWA jet pulled up to our gate, and a handful of passengers
disembarked. Mac held up a sign that read "Rogers", another
helper held up one that said "Patel", and the third
"Garingoko". A very young and attractive Indian as in India
the country woman walked up to the Patel sign, an even
younger, she couldn't have been much over 18, Japanese
beauty walked over to the Garingoko sign, and someone who
looked to be a world-class runway model, mid-20's or so, perfectly
cwoff'd medium blond hair, perfect medium fashion
model build with small but not tiny tits, who carried
herself with the ease of a trained model, walked over to the Rogers sign
that Mac was holding.
"Florence, Surawan, Keiko, this is..." Mac continued as he
completed all the introductions. "By the way, there's one
more to be in your group, a Nick Black, but he's a local,
and is already checked into the hotel...Florence, Surawan,
Keiko, we've already eaten...would you like to stop and eat
before we leave?'s on the Institute", all of them
shaking their heads "no", mumbling something about a rough
flight and going through a thunderstorm and all feeling
Mac lead his merry band of professional sex bodywork
wannabes through the airport to baggage claim to pick up Keiko's and
Surawan's and Flo's ("please don't call me
'Florence', she had gently scolded Mac) luggage, Mac's
helpers putting it on a chart and lugging it behind them,
as we made our way to the parking deck.
I had expected a real limo, not a van, but Mac had
said "hotel shuttle van", and that's what it was, looked close to an
airport car rental shuttle van. At least it had
room enough for all and luggage and then some. Margot and I
sat together on one of the bench seats and made small talk,
holding hands. The rest initially sat apart and kind of
ignored each other. As our longish trip continued, one hour
then longer, the other girls finally moved around the van
some, sitting together briefly in twos and threes and
making small talk. A rolling chick party, haha.
Even though it was dark, what we could see of the Roslyn Harbor Hotel
was impressive. Concierge service out the ass.
You couldn't pick your nose without a hotel employee asking
if they could do for you. Lavishly furnished lobby. Nine story tall
rooms-area stack. Smelled like money, old money.
Mac lead us into the bar off the main lobby, telling the bartender that
whatever we wanted was to be on Dr. Chaim's
account, and went to get our keys. Margot sipped on a red
wine, I on a Michelob on draught, and the rest of our hen
party on wine coolers or light cocktails, as we sat at a large round
table together, kind of all snuggled together
close, realizing this was "it", that we were where we were
for what and when and why we were there. The rest of the girls began
playing hand-s's a little, as mock PDA's, even
though there were a few people drinking at the bar or
eating at tables near us. Realizing the people were turning
to look, the public displays of fake but nice affection
quickly died down. I kissed Margot on the lips, though, and
she kissed back.
Mac brought our room keys over. They were a thick paper
square, 2"x3" or so, with punched holes in them, a kind I
had never seen before. "Everyone know how to use these
keys?" Mac asked the group, we all nodding or mumbling
"yes". The keys were on a large, thin metal ring, to which
a standard key was also attached. "The metal key is for the
lock mechanism in the lobby elevators for the ninth floor,
which is the only way to access the ninth floor...please,
please don't lose that ninth floor elevator key, or
there'll be hell to pay...I'll show you how to use it when
we go up shortly" Mac finished.
His helpers taking our luggage up on large flat carts via
the freight elevator to our rooms, we all piled into one of
the main lobby elevators, Mac pushing his ninth floor key
in and turning it to the right. "You can only turn it to the
the lobby, it takes you directly to the
ninth the ninth floor, it takes you directly to
the lobby....if you are on the ninth floor and want to go
to any other floor, and there shouldn't be any reason this
week that you should, you'll need to go to the lobby, then
hit a button for floors one through eight, just like you normally
would...any questions?" he finished, we nodding our heads "no".
Our luggage was already in our room when we opened it up,
and the heat had been just turned up. One giant, king-sized
bed. I'll give Carol and them credit, they're not bashful
or subtle, not at all. Margot and I filled the bed with our
luggage, and pulled out a few things, mainly toiletries and
such for our own use that week, my razor and Margot's
feminine things and such, ferrying them to the bathroom, then pulling
some but not all clothes out from our bags and
hanging them up on the standard hotel theft-proof

"Feel like a shower, together?" I nicely asked Margot.

The wall of high pressure and very hot water melted away our trip grime.
I shampooed her hair, and she mine, I
having to kneel and hold my knees so she could reach the top of my head.
We kissed, a long time, not as lovers since
we hardly knew each other, but as beginning friends,
friends who soon would be bodywork professionals working together.
We kissed and groped each other as the cleansing
pure hot water washed our future sins away. We knelt down
together in the shower, she pressed against the wall and me
to her back, and my cock entered her. We craned our necks
and kissed as we fucked. She felt so warm and wonderful and
all-woman-ly in my arms. Our partnership was going to be great, that was
obvious. My knees were starting to hurt, and I asked if her knees were
hurting too, against the cold
hard tile shower floor, she nodding "yes".
We stood up, and I forced my hand between her legs as we kissed, Margot
coming within a couple of minutes from my frig. She dropped to her knees
for just a moment, took my
member in her mouth, and put my hands on either side of her
head, in a gesture that it was okay to fuck her mouth. I held her head
tightly as I fucked her sweet womanly oral opening, just letting go and
coming within a minute,
knowing her knees would start hurting soon if I didn't.
Finishing rinsing off, we toweled each other dry, then
headed to bed, and our future.

As I pulled back the cover, there was a big, red
posterboard sign with the words "Eric, take your damn
pill!, talk to you and Margot next week, Love, Carol".
Damned if Carol wasn't as relentlessly mother-hen-ish as she was
non-subtle. I stumbled back to the bathroom to find
a waterglass and take my damn MascuStat fucking male
fucking oral contraceptive pill, fuck Carol, if she was my
boss and basically a decent person. I have to admit,
though, that without the note, I was so tired from the trip
I would have forgotten. Margot was already under the covers
when I got back to bed just a moment later. I pulled her back close to
my chest and snuggled with her as we fell
asleep together. The next conscious memory was some hours
later, the phone ringing an un-asked-for wake-up call at 7AM, courtesy
Dr. Chaim & Co.

"Please assemble in the training room for your first
orientation in one hour please...just look to the left out
your door and you'll see the sign in front of the training
room out in the hall...thank you, and good morning, and
welcome to Roslyn and The Polykinetic Bodywork Institute",
then, "click".

I gently shook Margot awake, and the second step of our
journey together began.
The Body Worker



Chapter Three: Day 1, or, The Journey Begins
I took a quick rinse-off taking a soap-less shower as
Margot got in a quick doze, not wanting to get up. Getting
out of the shower, I walked over to bed and kissed her
awake, telling her she really needed to get on up,
or we'd be late. I was finished shaving and dressing by the
time she was finally out of the shower. Waiting a little impatiently
while sitting at the foot of bed, watching a local tv channel on the
hotel's cable system, I began
pacing a little around the room, and noticed a door toward
the glass backwall of our large, expansive room I hadn't noticed
earlier, which lead to a room with bookshelves full
of books and a nice-looking executive desk and a nice couch
and all. I had never heard of a hotel room having a study
in it before. Leaving the study, I glanced at Margot
finally finishing getting dressed, and noticed another door
across the room from the study, which lead to a kitchenette
area, complete with fridge and oven and stove and
microwave, the whole bit. "Must be what they call one of those 'suite'
hotels", I thought to myself. Nice.
Margot and I friendly-kissed silently and walked out of the
room arms-on-waist, looking to the left per instructions.
Along the hall's wallspace between the two elevators was a
desk with a uniformed hotel employee behind it which hadn't
been there the night before. A little further past that, Gwen and Keiko
popped out of one of the rooms we walked
past, joining our short hike to the classroom, we noticing
a hotel lobby-type sign on a chrome stand with movable
white letters that I couldn't read another fifty feet or more down down
this long corridor. Politely, I asked the uniformed hotel guy if that
was our classroom, assuming he
knew who we were and why we were there, pointing to the
sign in front of the double doors, and he nodded yes, the
walkie-talkie in a stand on his desk softly crackling with
unintelligible gibberish.
Maddy, Surawan, Flo, and a tall, well-built Italian-looking
guy who I assumed was Nick our other classmate, were
already in the classroom, milling around making small talk,
eating bagels and fruit and Danish and such from the open
breakfast bar which had been set out for us. Gwen and Keiko
and Margot and I grabbed some grub from the table, another
uniformed hotel employee behind the table spread preparing
our orange juice or coffee or whatever we wanted to drink.
We walked over and introduced ourselves to Nick. He seemed
like a nice guy. Thick, heavy New York-Brooklyn-Queens
accent. Curly dark brown hair, much like my own, except
even curlier. Looked like an exercise freak. A little
shorter than me, six foot even or so. He shook my hand and
kissed my lady companion's hands, a real smoother. But he
didn't have what I would consider to be a New Yorker's
attitude. He seemed more relaxed, not wired at all,
The clock on the wall read ten 'till eight. I scoped the room. Large.
Maybe thirty feet deep or deeper, maybe a
hundred feet wide or better. Slideable accordion partitions
every thirty feet or so, standard hotel practice, to make
the room bigger or smaller as needed. Large projection tv
in towards the back, a projection screen behind it. In
front of that, a short lecturn, and in front of that, a
couple of office desks and chairs, an overhead projector to
one side. A phone on one desk. I notice things like that. A
Dry-Erase board on an easel. In front of all that, a row of
smallish, maybe four feet by two feet, small
conference-style plain tables, two chairs at each one.
Small stacks of papers atop each one, pens beside the
papers, along with some folded paper signs with our names
on them in large block letters. To the left far side, doors
for men's and women's bathrooms, and a room which was
labeled "showers"...curious.

To the right, a pile of old junky equipment and stuff, stacked beside
four gyn exam
tables which had lockable caster-wheels underneath each
corner of each respective one. Four beds on coasterwheels
also pushed into a glump.

Near that, another random pile of
curious stuff, what looked like partial human anatomy
"dolls" (I don't know of any other way to describe them),
full-size navel-to-knees anatomy dolls, both male and
female, some 360-dimensional, some 180-sideview-cutaways,
some of them having what looked like electronic display
panels attached to them. Stainless steel medical tables and
carts in random order. A wire rack full of boxes of exam gloves and
other medical supplies. Nick came up behind me
and touched me on the shoulder, breaking my concentration.
The girls were sitting down at the desks near the lecturn
near us, their chairs pulled around to a semi-circle.
"It is good to meet you, Eric..." Nick chatted "I'm glad that you are
here...I've been waiting a couple of months for this to happen...up
until last week, it looked like I
was going to be the only guy in's good that
you're here, wanna go get a beer by ourselves sometime this

"Sure, Nick, that'll be great, I'll be looking forward to
it...hey Nick, they got you taking this MascuStat shit

"Yeah...I never heard of such a free-king thing in my life"

"I hadn't either, until my bosses told me I had to take it
as a condition of employment"

"I figure, from the sheet they showed me, that it's
harmless enough...they told me it was either that, or a

"My bitch bosses didn't mention that option to me...hey
Nick, you know what to expect in this class?"

"Well, kinda, kinda not...basically, I think we're going to
be trained by what is in 'the book' got your manuals
already, doncha?"

"Yeah...I've been trying to study them, but a lot of that
shit in there makes no sense"

"Yeah, I know..."
We chatted for another two or three minutes. I give Nick my
long and short, he mentioning that he had been trained as a
combat medic while serving in the Army, but that soon after
his MOS school they assigned him to different base
hospitals, where basically all he did was grunt shit work,
much like I had done initially at Rex early in my career.
He had quit, didn't re-enlist, and had fallen into a New Age-ish health
career, where he had been making a decent living doing reflexology (feet
and hand massage), iridology
(using examination of the eye to diagnose body illnesses),
colonic irrigation therapy (like it sounds), before being
recruited a few months back by Mrs. Dr. Chaim herself to be
trained as a bodyworker and work within her and Dr. Chaim's
professional marital and family sex therapy group.
The clock read eight-twenty-one. A seriously looking
wrinkled skin almost diseased-in-appearance balding old man
with scraggly white goatee beard and wrinkled old clothes
and scuffed shoes walked into the room like he owned the place, a plump
woman stuffed into a cheap print dress two
sizes too small wearing orthopedic prescription shoes
trailing behind him. He went up to the DryBoard and wrote
his and her names in large letters. Turned out he actually
did own the place. Clapping his hands several times to call
the class to order, he bellowed "welcome, ladies and
gentlemen, to my hotel, to my institute, and to my class,
my Polykinetic Bodywork Institute class, Class Of February
1997...please, stop your conversations, and take your
Margot and I moved to sit at our assigned table, and began
shuffling through the pile of papers in front of us.
Everyone else quietly sat and did the same, as Dr. and Mrs.
Chaim whispered to each other for a moment, Dr. Chaim
taking a seat on a tall stool behind the lecturn stand.
"I see that everyone is here, and appears to be wide awake
and ready....good..."
"...I am Dr. Hugo Chaim, and this is my wife and partner in
all ways for the past four decades, Mrs. Dr. Helena
"...You may or may not remember us, many of you are too
young, from some of pioneering sexology studies we did and
published our results about some decades back, a couple of
which became best sellers in the early 70's, especially in
our early work in further identifying the morphology of and
promoting awareness of the human female 'G-spot'..."
"...We were never as famous to the outside world as Masters
& Johnson or Kinsey, but we had our fifteen minutes...we have always
been more respected within the inner core of the psychiatric community
than those people, and have a
better reputation for doing leading, cutting edge
sexological research, and developing concurrent modalities
to implement the desired product from that research..."
He took a moment to sip his coffee, as we mimicked him,
finishing our breakfast rolls and such and swig on our own
juice or coffee, he pausing, almost closing his eyes for a
second, as if to attempting to gather his thoughts.
"First things may call me Dr. Chaim, Dr., or Mr. Chaim, or
Teacher, but do not address either myself or
Mrs. Chaim by our familiar names...second, there several forms in front
of you that you need to sign...these forms
should be similar to some of the pre-employment forms you
recently signed, limitation of liability forms,
indemnifications forms, non-disclosure and non-compete
documents, etc.,...take a moment to look them over, then sign them instructor will be around in a moment to
pick them up...we'll have them notarized, then fax a copy
to your employers...if you'd like a copy for your own
records as well, ask an instructor later...third, let me reiterate the
nature of this course and need for absolute
"...This is a course designed to teach the basic of
polykinetic bodywork principles, which is a way of healing
the wounded psyche of a given patient, by application of kinetic
application of sexual focus therapies...what you will learn this week,
and in the near future from your
apprenticeships, is an outgrowth from the old sexual
surrogacy practices of decades back, which worked, to a
point...over the past decades and years, we have further refined the
paradigm of using ritualized sexual therapeutic
contact between therapist and patient to enable healing
soma-to-soma, body-to-body, that situationally can't be
accomplished by conventional psychiatric or pharmacological
means...because this approach would be so offensive to the
public at-large, and is still suspect by some in the
psychiatric establishment who are not trained sexologists,
though daily it is being used by more and more mainstream
psychiatrists, the need for absolute confidentiality in all
aspects of your soon-to-be professional career is a must and should be
obvious to you..."
Two men and two women, all in their mid to late 20's
looking like college students and wearing labcoats, came
up behind us all as we were sitting at our desks, picking
up our signed forms, looking them over, taking them away to
be notarized by another young female-type person, who had
come into the room and was sitting at the desk near Dr.
"Forget every notion you've ever had about what is and is
not sex, right now, and forget every notion you've ever had
about what is or isn't, might or might not be appropriate
treatment for promoting healing in a patient...what we'll
teach you, works, even though you might not
initially think so...Gwen and Nick have both been in
boot-camp situations before, and this is what you have
volunteered for, a polykinetic sexual bodywork
bootcamp...and just like bootcamp, we're going to break you down,
break your past fears and hopes and dreams
and dreads down, and rebuild you into someone you won't
recognize afterwards but who will more of actually who you
are, and do so in nine days..."

"...Now, some basic must, I repeat,
must comply with every direction or instruction
given to you by myself, Mrs. Chaim, or one of my're not prisoners or even enlist-ees here,
you're free come and go as you please or even to go home at
any time, but you've all come here to learn the core skills
of a new profession, and by God, in nine days you will have
learned those skills if I have any thing to say about may ask any question at any time to do so, but
please be courteous and wait for an appropriate moment to
do so...your days will be long and grueling, just like
bootcamp, typically twelve hours or longer not including lunch or meal
breaks, but we do schedule other breaks and
rest periods enough to where you can relax and hopefully absorb what
we're trying to teach you..."
A waiter brought around a tray of ice, cups, soft drinks,
and carafes of juice and coffee to our tables individually.

The four people, two men and two women, apparently our
instructors, pulled up chairs behind and to one side of Dr.
and Mrs. Chaim. The waiter refreshed Dr. Chaim's coffee in
his styrofoam cup and he continued.
"Let me tell you some interesting facts about our society,
my students..."
"...over fifty percent of the women in America suffer from
one form of sexual dysfunction or other pathology of
condition that prevents them from enjoying what most people
would consider to be a normal and healthy sex life, from conditions such
as vaginismus, painful intercourse,
reactions to psychoterror crimes such as rape or incest, fatigued
libido, etc. ..."
"...forty percent plus of the men in America suffer from either a
correctable psychophysiological condition that
negatively impacts their sex life, such as premature
ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, or a more purely
psychological pathology such as diminished libido..."
"...over one new million cases of non-consensual incest
against females between the ages of three and fifteen and
half a million similar cases to the male gender happen each
and every year..."
"...four million women are victims of one degree of rape or
another each year..."
"...millions of couples get divorced each year from a root
cause of one or both partners having one or more
dysfunctional sexual pathologies..."
" is to this frontier, is to this battlefield, that
hopefully I will send my newest crop of healers and
nurturers to tend to the wounded, to heal the sexually sick
and injured, to make if not the world then a handful of
individual lives better, to bring rays of healing and
goodness to the, that said, I'm an old man, and
really must go let that coffee I've been sipping on
out..." Dr. Chaim concluded as he walked from the dais
towards the men's room, all of us students standing and
giving him am impromptu round of sincere, heart-felt
We got up and mingled a bit around the buffet table. I got
into a conversation with Gwen and Suruwan, Margot was
talking with Nick and Flo and Maddy. One of the guy
instructors fired up the VCR and tv, putting a tape in but
not beginning to play it yet. The rest of the staff huddled
around the desk, intently studying something atop it, some
papers or such. Dr. Chaim walked back in from the bathroom,
and we all took our seats without being told to do so, as
he resumed his seat atop the stool behind the podium.
"I think....I truly believe that we have one of our very best classes
ever...ever....and I'm not just saying
that to flatter you people...let me give you some
interesting facts about this group as a group..."
"...your average age is 28, ranging from 18 to 43..."
"...each and everyone one of you has a formalized medical background of
one sort or the other, from EMT to massage therapist to physical
therapist to medic to alternative
medical provider to Native American healer to LPN to RN to
medical school student, and you all were recruited from a
current job in the medical profession..."
"...more than half of you have bad credit, but you've all been paying
your bills on time for the past twelve
"...your average educational level is one and a half years
beyond high school..."
"...your average IQ is 112..."

"...each one of you comes from a normal, stable, two-parent
"...six of you are single and never have been married, Gwen
has been married to her husband for over twenty years,
Maddy married last year, both husbands know and approve of
this new career path they've chosen..."
"...none of you have psychological problems, in fact, your
pre-employment tests you took have all shown you all to be
very empathetic, strong healers in personality..."
"....none of you has a history of illegal drug use, and none
of you have been in jail, fact, no one here has
had anything worse than a speeding ticket...none of you are
smokers, or have ever been drunk more than once or twice in
your life..."
"....and, lastly, the average number of paired sexual
partners as in dating you've had is approximately twenty
over the course of your respective lives..."
"...oh, that reminds me...before we actually begin class, a
note...each of you has been thoroughly checked, and no one
here has any contagious disease of any sort, not sexual or
otherwise, and every one here is protected by a form of
birth control, men as well as, when we get into
the contact phase of your training, safer sex precautions
are not needed and will not be used, except in and for
clinical demonstrations, but that will all be explained
more thoroughly shortly..."
Dr. Chaim waved his hand in a "come here" motion to the
back of the room, and the waiter at the buffet table
brought him a fresh cup of coffee in a new cup, Doc
slightly bowing his head, looking intently at a point of infinity atop
the lecturn, then spoke once again.
"Before we get to the very first act of your instruction, a
tape you'll see shortly, some clean-up business..."
"...this floor of this hotel will be your home for the next
nine days, treat it as such..."
"'re free to come and go, as I mentioned, but because
of time constraints, only so many days to do so much, you
must tell the security guard at the desk between the
elevators where you're going when you leave the ninth floor
and when you expect to be back, and call the front desk and
leave a message if you are delayed in coming back at time
stated or have problems otherwise..."
"...there's an in-house health club adjacent to the lobby for hotel
guests only, feel free to use it during your
breaks...there's also some jogging trails on the property
and down to the marina, but I think only Nick is a
jogger...feel free to walk them or whatever if you wish..."
"...tomorrow you all will be nude for most of your classes,
and for the rest of the week...this floor is my private
floor, Mrs. Chaim and I live in an apartment at the far end
of the hall, but never knock on our door for any
reason...if you have problems, see an instructor, staff
member, or the security guard at the elevator
desk...anyway, lost my train of thought, sorry...since
you'll be nude around each other soon for the rest of the
week, nudity in the halls is not only permitted but
encouraged as well, we have total privacy up here, but of
course, please dress before leaving the floor...also, since
privacy will be minimal anyway soon, you're encouraged but
not mandated to leave your room doors open at all times, to
further promote social interaction between yourselves and
your classmates..."
"...anything you want or need to make your time here more comfortable or
satisfying, ask, ask any staff member or long as it's not outrageous, it will be
provided, this is a full-service hotel, and your employers
have paid small fortunes to send you here, you will be
pampered and treated like honored guests as well as my
favored students...any questions?..."

", the drill is have forgotten
everything you have ever learned about sex and human
sexuality...therefor, it's our job to teach you from
scratch...once that is done, then we begin your polykinetic
bodywork training in earnest...take a five minute break if
you need it, your first instruction, a tape about the
basics of human sexuality, begins in approximately five
Coming back from my whizz, the tape was really boring. It
was about as basic and non-explicit as something that would
be shown in high school. Two hours of dreech. After that,
menu cards for lunch were passed around, a staff member
explaining that most days lunch would be brought in, some
days we could leave to eat in the hotel restaurant or bar
or even a local joint, but most days because of time
constraints lunch would be brought up. Next, flesh-colored
half-section and full-section models of female and male
genitalia were distributed to us.
A lot of what we had just
seen on the tape was repeated, except that we were to touch
and play with and hold and poke and prod and look at this
or that aspect of the model organs as our instructors did
the same and directed us to mimic them. Then, using
overhead transparencies, more of the same info was repeated
again, in conjunction with touching of these models. Things
were becoming pretty damn boring. Like school children, we
all had to manipulate and verbally call out the names for
the various anatomical parts of the models we were
touching, like every one of us didn't already know all that
and more. Then, like being Mrs. Hump's third grade class,
different instructors would fire out questions at random to
different students, Surawan and Keiko for some reason
especially seeming to catch the brunt of some of the
questions, which they looked as bored as I felt answering.
Then from back of the room the sound of silverware and
china clanging was heard, with a gaggle of hotel employees
pushing carts and carrying trays, one of them yelling
"Lunch, everyone!"

Our instructors retreated from the room, scooting
somewhere, not speaking to any of us. Mrs. Chaim stuck her
head in the room for a second, then left. We all pulled our
mini-conference tables around to make circle, and shared our lunchtime
together. Keiko said in a California not
Japanese accent that she felt especially singled out during
the instructors' questioning free-for-all, and we all
agreed with her, same with Surawan. "A clit is a clit is a
clit, damn them, and I have one and know what's it for and
what do with it, so I should know!" she fussed, we laughing
with her, not at her. Gwen and Keiko snuggled together a little, heads
nudging sweetly together, light kisses
exchanged. Then Flo and Maddy. Then Nick and Surawan, then
Margot and me. What the hell, right? We all were going to
be having sex with each other soon anyway, right?
I asked Gwen about her marriage and husband, what was his
name, how did they meet, etc.. She knew what I was really
asking. She replied that had met through a mutual friend when she was
20, had gotten married three months later, and
that she had been totally faithful to her Bob, who also was
an RCMP officer, during the twenty-three years of their
marriage. I didn't understand that, and my puzzlement must
have shown.

"Yes, Bob knows I will be having sex with strangers for
money, Eric, men and women, but he also knows how important
this is to me, that it's an extension of my basic healing
and nurturing and caring and healing natures, just like you
have, Eric, just like we all have, or we wouldn't be

The group focused on our conversation.

"I noticed you kissing Keiko just then...did you make love
to Keiko last night, and was that your first lesbian
experience, Gwen, ma' pal?"

"Yes, to both, Eric, my Southern charmer"

"I'm...I'm bi!" Flo blurted out.

We all without thinking blurted out if we were bi, gay or
straight. Only Flo was bi, everyone else proclaimed they were straight.

"I have masturbated select male clients off as favors in my
massage therapy practice, but since doing so is such a
cardinal violation of professional ethics, I never made a
habit of it, it was always a favor to them, and actually I
masturbated more women clients by request than male ones.." I admitted
to the group, maybe trying to re-establish my non-homo-is-ness a little.

"Guys have chased me all me life, but since I'm a-hundred
hetero, I'd'a always decline the offer" Nick chirped in.

"My husband and I have done some threesomes with other men
and other women while dating and since we've been married,
we both enjoy the variety, and while I did have some
woman-to-woman contact in those situations, I've never
considered myself to be anything other than straight" Maddy

"In high school, a best friend and I would feel each other
up and kiss sometimes, but never thought much about
it...I've never felt what you'd call lesbian feelings for
another woman" Margot spoke up.

"My parents raised me strict Hindu...what's in the Manual
Of Therapeutic Bodywork, what we're talking about now, all
this is new to me...I was a virgin until a few months ago" Surawan

"How did you find your way to this time and place?"
Gwen asked Surawan.

"Just lucky, I guess..." polite laughter from us all "...I
was an LPN in a group practice in my hometown that does a
little bit of everything, it's a small town east of LA, my
parents moved there from India when I was twelve, the group
does ob-gyn, general medical practice, family therapy, and
sex therapy, though they don't put that in their Yellow
Pages ad...until one of the partners was introduced to the
concept last year by a psychiatrist friend of his, their sex therapy was
all talk-therapy or pharma-based...I'm
going to be their first full-time bodyworker therapist,
though they did say I'd have to help grow the practice, I'd
still have LPN and receptionist work to do between seeing
clients...anyway, to answer your question, one day the
senior partner just called me into his office, told me
about polykinetic bodywork, and asked if I'd be interested
in being trained in it...after he mentioned the potential
compensation possible, I said 'yes'", polite laughter of recognition
being lauded by us all.

Dr. Chaim came back in, standing near our circle of desks.

"Your main instructors for the day and the rest of the
course haven't been introduced to you yet, I'll do that
shortly. Please keep in mind that in my or Mrs. Chaim's
absence, they are in charge, you need to follow their
instructions to the letter. If a student has a problem, one
of them will come get the Mrs. or myself. Hopefully, there
won't be any problems. This course is not pass-fail, any exams are to
help you spot your strengths and weaknesses and work on strengthening
them both, but you need to know,
that in many past classes, one or more students have
dropped out or were forced out, because they come to a
stumbling block in the instructional modality and can't or
won't go around or under it. But, I don't think that will
happen with this class. Everyone here, each of you
students, is exceptional, you all have great potential to
be excellent polykinetic bodyworkers. Now, let me introduce
you to my core faculty."
I have to admit, I hadn't been up until then and still
wasn't particularly impressed by them. They all projected
an attitude of indifferent smugness, of old money core
rudeness, of Ivy League privilege. In other words, as
physically attractive as a group as they were, all
lily-white with tanning-booth tans and perfect haircuts and
unblemished skin, even in their knee-length labcoats they
looked like a bunch of aging young Republican Club members.
But I and the group were going to be under them for the
rest of the week evidently, so I wanted to give them the benefit of the
doubt. Dr. Chaim made a wave of his hand, and in unison as they stood in
a line behind him facing us,
they dropped their labcoats simultaneously, and were all naked
underneath. O-kee. Perhaps not unexpectedly so.
"This is Jerry..." Dr. Chaim said, the first guy instructor
bowing at the waist to us, to indicate who he was "...and
this is Courtney..." the decent-looking brunette with
pointy breasts and large nipples bowing to us "...and
Hollis...", "...and Ferrum...", "...and lastly but not
leastly, Libby, who will always be here in class with you
even when some of the other instructors won't and who has
the title of Senior Instructor, she's to be your go-to-girl
for problems and concerns, especially if another instructor
and yourselves have a problem...understood?", Libby the
long-legged dirty blond with a medium tan pubic hair patch
that didn't match her hair color and large and pendulous and slightly
dropping but still shapely breasts with
dark-red nipples bowing to us, smiling, doing a mock-salute
to us all. Courtney, Hollis, Ferrum, Libby, Jerry...four out of five
prep names, yep, old preppies.
The rest of the afternoon was are boringly non-erotic as you can have
looking at, observing, and touching a bunch of
naked people. Keeping our clothes on, no one told us to
undress, the instructors rolled out a couple of gyn exam tables and bar
stools and proceeded to do a virtually
identical show-and-tell as what we had gone through with the videotape
and the overhead transparencies and the
life-size foamrubber models, except this time our
instructors became live coatracks that their genitalia
models hung from. I would have never thought that feeling
up three different sets of breast and vaginas could be
non-erotic, but as we all were being grilled about function
and form and gross anatomy while doing so, it was. I could
tell Nick was a little bothered having to touch and feel the male
instructors while calling out answers to questions
they shot to him, but my turn doing it didn't bother me one
way or the other.
We took a short break around two for a few minutes, then back to it.
This time, things were a little more
interesting. Our instructors had sex with each other in
various combinations, MF, FF, MFM, FMF, and yes, MM, in
every conceivable sex act. When Nick saw the Jerry and
Hollis such each other off and then Hollis penetrate
Jerry's ass, Nick turned blanche white, and looked like he
was going to puke. I, we, all knew from reading our manuals
that even for male bodyworkers, some same-sex
contact was inevitable, though the manual made it very
clear that in Dr. Chaim's theories and context, no male
bodyworker would ever be expected to receive anal
penetration from another man, and only in very rare and
exceptional cases give such therapeutic action, and all MM
contact within "the Chaim system" was to be with female
bodyworker partner, and virtually always when giving
therapy to a MF client-couple. My gut told me that if
anyone was going to drop out of class, it would be probably
be Nick.
I could tell that the instructors had been together as a team for a good
while. While demonstrating, while going
through the menu of common sexual human possible contacts,
they didn't hide the fact that they were enjoying
themselves, most of the time at least. Ferrum, Courtney, and Libby
especially seemed to enjoy live demo'ing the
lesbian and bifemale branches of the human sexual credo
tree. I could tell Flo wanted to jump right in there with
them, shoot, I think at times we all wanted to get naked and jump right
in on different scenes they were
"performing" for us, but they kept us too busy, peppering
us with questions and digs for insights and perspectives which they were
repeating rote from the manual and trying
to drill in our heads. "Doc Chaim wasn't kidding when he said this was
going to be like bootcamp", Nick commented.
The clock now read five past six, the faculty was evidently
through with show-and-tell for the day having gone to take
quick showers in the shower area next to the bathrooms at
the leftside of the room, and we were all tired and wanted
the day to end and get something to eat, but, but nnoooooo.
Coming back, they pulled out some thick, red-vinyl covered
mats from the pile of stuff over in the corner, and told us
to sit in a semi-circle together, as they squeezed between
us in the circle. For the next two frigging hours, we had
to talk about the day, what it was like, was it what we
expected, what liked and didn't like about, what could have
been done better, how we felt about being there, how we
felt about this and that and Mrs. O'Malley's frigging cow.
What a total bore. I did vent some feelings of boredom I had felt during
the day. I also commented that while we, the students, looked like a
United Nations Sex Therapy
Class, they looked like a Jaycees Alumni Reunion Sex
Therapy Faculty. Everyone laughed at that, including
"them". Nick also spoke of his queasiness about watching Hollis and
Jerry do their male-male stuff, and the group talked about that. Every
one of my women classmates
commented on the spectacular display of lesbian sexual
practices that the girl instructors had given us. Then the
conversation died to a murmur or two, and Libby called it a
night at eight p.m., telling us that we could go eat in the
hotel bar or restaurant and just show our room key to
charge it to the Institute or we could walk down to or have
the van driver drive us into Roslyn and eat at a restaurant
in town if we wanted to spend our own money on dinner, that
we would all get wake-up calls at 7 the next morning, and
to be in the classroom by 8, and to, "by the way, tomorrow
we start in earnest, so no clothes on from tomorrow morning
on out...and, oh, Nick, Eric, don't forget to take your
pills..." as if Carol was using her as a ventriloquist
Nick and Surwana and Flo and Maddy quickly peeled out of the room. Gwen
and Keiko and Margot and myself hung back,
making small talk for a moment. I asked if we shouldn't all
go out to dinner together, that Margot's and my bosses were
buying, that being the point of the five hundred in expense
money they had given us. Gwen and Keiko jumped at my/our invitation.
I asked the guy at the elevator guard desk where the best
steak in town was, and he gave me directions to some place
outside of town, a thirty minute van or cab ride. Gwen said
she wanted something French or Continental, the guard
mentioning that the restaurant at the marina served several
French dishes including a great escargot and they also had
decent steaks and seafood, too. It was settled. We told him
we going there, and wouldn't be back until midnight, to
give ourselves some leeway. House rules, however dumb, and
all. It had been basically a good day.
At the restaurant, the wait was only thirty minutes despite
having no reservations and it being Saturday night. After
fifteen minutes, I had dropped Dr. Chaim's name, and that
seemed to help.
Gwen had something covered in gravy and slime and costing a
a fortune, but I didn't care. Keiko and Margot both ordered
the grilled sea bass. I had my usual steak, an au jus
primerib this time. It melted on my fork and in my mouth. A
reward for my first school day survived.
Gwen and Keiko couldn't keep their hands off each other or
their tongues out of each other mouths while eating. At
least I had asked for a private table with some privacy.

They had given me that and more, having a short partition
between us and most of the restaurant and having a view
overlooking the boat docks and the Long Island Sound in the
Margot and I snuggled and smooched more than jumped each other's bones
like the newly-minted lesbian lovebirds were
doing across the table from us. Their rising passions were
definitely affecting Margot and myself. Dinner passing into
the night around ten-thirty, I paid the bill, a little
steep at two hundred plus but Carol did say use the money
and don't be shy about asking for more, stuffing the
receipt in my wallet so not to lose it. Walking the ten
minute walk back to Roslyn Harbour Hotel from the marina,
we four walked abreast, arms around each other's waists and
shoulders. "What the heck" I thought to myself "Gwen,
Keiko, want to come back to Margot's and my room?" I asked.
I couldn't help but see Gwen as a virgin, her having made
love to only one man and one woman, Keiko, in her
forty-three years on this planet. I wanted to be her
"first", no denying that.
I slipped to the bathroom to take my blankety-blank
MascuStat pill before I could forget, as the girls got
undressed in the bedroom while I did, quickly taking a piss
and flossing and brushing my teeth as well.
They hadn't waited on me at all. Gwen, all hundred eighty
or ninety pounds of sexy Canadian matronly woman of her, was locked in a
sixty-nine with Keiko, Keiko looking almost
like a small boy with no dick, her breasts being smaller than champagne
glasses. Margot was roaming hands and tongue
all over them as her spirit moved her to do. Gwen and Keiko
were lost in their passion, not evening noticing Margot's
attentions, I think. Keiko bucked a little and knocked
Margot's glasses accidentally off the nightstand. Picking
them up and putting them away from the action on the
dresser, I nudged myself a little room to one side on the
I joined Gwen's tongue on Keiko's eighteen-year-old
flawless cunt, holding Gwen's head in the crook of my arm,
sliding in between to kiss Gwen on the lips. She kissed
back. Margot joined our kiss, three tongues screwing. Keiko
had begun a slow frig of Gwen, and she was beginning to
moan. Scooting around, I whispered in Keiko's ear, and she
slid off. I slid on top of Gwen as she lay under me, and Margot guided
my prick to the her pussy. Her eyes eased
open, and she smiled at me. I had taken her non-marital
virginity, and she knew it and seemed pleased. Margot
licked my cock and Gwen's cunt lips as I slowly pumped her.
Keiko crawled up and began kissing her. I felt Margot slip
a finger in Gwen's ass while I fucked her. Margot and Keiko
wedged between us, first in a sixty-nine, then in a
face-to-face thigh-to-cunt mutual grind. Margot later
admitted to me that that moment was her first full-blown lesbian
experience, but she had said as much earlier in
class that day, whatever, I didn't care, I was fucking
Gwen, taking "my" cherry.
Gwen and I switch position, she getting on top. Keiko began
licking her asshole while she fucked me, Margot joined her
fingers to my cock inside Gwen's cunt. I knew I had a
couple of comes in me or more, but things seemed to be
reaching a mutual climax. I let my orgasm go in her. I
grabbed her breasts and gently pulled on her nipples.
cunt clamped down hard on my cock. That was it. A few
strokes later, and I came, filling a day's worth of
unreleased hards out inside her. Flopping down beside me,
Gwen and I kissed, while Margot and Keiko took turns
licking my cock and the inside of Gwen's cunt clean.
Heaven. Sheer, unadulterated heaven. "This might be a
really fun week after all" I thought.
It was twelve-thirty a.m., damn the time. Long day ahead tomorrow, and
we all knew it. Gwen and Keiko shared kisses
with us both thanking us for the wonderful evening, walking
out of room naked, holding their clothes and shoes as the
pattered out of room to go back to theirs just down the
hall, leaving our door open, per implied earlier
Margot and I took a quick rinse-off together, and fell into
bed, exhausted but happy. We kissed and smooched and my
hard came back up. It was too late for another full-blown
session, as much as I wanted. Margot got on all fours on the bed and I
faced her face, holding her head in my hands
and fucking her mouth, as we had done in the shower last night. She
seemed to really enjoy having a mouth-fuck.
Rushing, I came within five minutes or so. Wanting to repay
the favor, we lay facing each other and kissed, while my lubricated
thumb and fingers penetrated her, my thumb in her pussy and two fingers
up her ass, I figured my Margot
would like that, and she did, coming quickly, bucking my hand.
Sleep overtook us, my hand still in her cunt and ass. The
seven a.m. wakeup call rousted my digits free from their feminine prison
some hours later, we both licking and
drawing her essence in from my hand to our mouths and noses
while we kissed and sucked on my hairy fingers. We both
wanted to sleep in a little, but an annoying character, it
looked like Ferrum in the unlit room's twilight, appeared
at the foot of our bed at seven-fifteen, large spray can of
something in her hand, rousting us up from our innocent

Title Of Page

The Body Worker

Day 2, or, The Wiring Of Jericho, Pt.1, The A.M. session (MF, FM, FMF, MFM, light MM, oral, anal, vegetable, mineral, group, MMMMFFFFFFFF, everything, sex therapy, menstrual sex)

Our attractive little jp (Jewish Princess-looking) instructor, one of our drill sergeants of new sex, Ferrum, tickled the bottoms of our feet under the cover until we both cried "Uncle!" and rolled out of bed.
"You've both got to lose all your body hair below your neck...this is an industrial-strength depilatory spray, it won't sting but will feel a little warm for about an hour...leave it on for no less than ten but no longer than fifteen minutes, then shower it off with warm but not hot water and don't use soap...who wants to go first?"
"I'll volunteer..." I sleepily replied.
"You want your facial hair beard area done too?...this lasts for usually three or four's up to you, Eric..."
"Might as well..."
"Then cover your eyes firmly with your hands, you don't want this stuff in your eyes" she cautioned.

Ferrum sprayed me down like doing a disinfectant spray-down on a POW prisoner. Spraying a puddle on my chest next after she had covered me head-to-toe in foam first, she sprayed my beard area under my chin, then told me to remove my hands from my eyes, dabbing some foam from the puddle on my upper lip/mustache area.
"On all fours at the foot of the bed, please Eric, and reach and spread your asscheeks for me..."

The foam sprayed over the rest of me felt like cinnamon oil had been painted on me; it was becoming more than a little warm feeling. Ferrum coated my anal pucker and worked a spray of foam on my balls in with her hand some, making sure all my ball and inside crotch hair was also covered.
"Okay, Margot, you're next..." Ferrum covering her similarly as she had just done me.
"It's now 7:37...between 7:47 and 7:52, you must rinse off as instructed, or it'll discolor and pickle your flesh...any questions?...", we replying "no".
"...don't forgot, total nudity from now on, on the floor and in class, see you in a bit...oh, class start time has been moved to eight-thirty instead of eight, it appears that everyone else also had a late night too...see ya' in a bit..."

Nick also looked and appeared to have felt like I did, a friendly sheepdog shorn of his coat. He didn't have a bit of hair visible, either, as we and everyone but Surawan and Flo milled around the breakfast buffet table, checking each other's new nudity out, munching on pastries, sipping juice and coffee. Our desks and the projection tv and the lecturn and other desk and all had been pushed to one side of the back of the room, and the beds and gyn tables were front and center now. The chairs had been arranged into two semi-circles facing each other near the beds.

Surawan wandered in, looking nice in her medium-melanined Indian skincoating. Flo pranced in a moment after her, and I think everyone of us was distracted by her beauty. Her perfectly precisioned short but with body and style natural blond hair. Her beautiful, runway model face. Her flawlessly tanned but still white but not pale skin. Her perfect fashion model 34B's, not Kate Moss-ish at all, but not half-melons either. The matched pair of almost sculpted nipples adorning them. Yes, I was drawn in.

The clock read eight-two-five. Dr. and Mrs. Chaim walked in next, naked as we were. Dr. Chaim's body and skin had the pallor and texture of a two-hundred-pound gunney sack full of irish potatoes, as wrinkled and puckering'd and uggghhh and all. Not meaning to be cruel, just honest, while Mrs. looked better than Doc, her nudity reminded me of a female version of the Michelen Man, her thighs slightly rubbing together when she walked, making a soft sound. They went over to their desk pushed to the back wall, talked in private, then Doc called the class to order.

Our naked-as-we-were instructor corps trailed in behind, taking their seats on either side of Doc and Mrs. on the back semi-circle of towel-draped chairs, we students sitting in our paired arrangements from yesterday, four pairs of two chairs being slightly segregated by just inches more from each other. I notice things like that. Margot and I held hands as Doc stood up and began to speak.

"Today, students, we begin in earnest. No one hit an insurmountable wall yesterday, so I think everyone here will make it through the week. That's what all that screening you went through at your employers was for..." (polite laughter from the group).
"Today, we will begin to rip the old hard wiring out from your psyche, and will start replacing it with stronger, thicker wires that you'll need in your new profession...we'll tear the walls of your inner Jericho, down to their very foundations, so that we can begin to rebuild a much stronger structure in its place, using the foundation of who you truly are as a base...any questions?"
Slightly puzzle silence.

", who can tell me what 'The Principle Of Possession' is?"
Seven right hands and one left hand shot up, like we were back in naked junior high.
"Good...I see you all have been studying the Manuals on your own...good...Maddy, please stand and tell me and the group what you think the 'Principle Of Possession' is..."

Maddy stood up, shivered for a second, cleared her throat, her nipples tightened on her bare pert breasts, as she began:
" 'The Principle Of Possession' is where the professional bodyworker therapist, in a clinical setting, accepts the voluntary surrender of will and causes of action from a patient-client, in order to facilitate, by use of direct physical contact means between therapist and patient, a series of combinations of psychological, physiological, and pscyhophysiological breakthroughs and healing modalities...doing so is called 'Principle Of Possession', because the bodywork therapist literally assumes, through acts of trust offered by the patient, temporary possession of the patient's will and consent...this principle is no different from similarly surrendering our will and consent temporarily in order to enable pathological conditional healing when we would go to a general practitioner physician for a diagnosis and shot of antibiotics when we have the flu, the surrendering of our will to the physician being consensual but total because of the implied consent that rests upon the assumption that our physician in that case will do no harm and will probably help us with our problem."

"Very good, Maddy, a very good explanation in-deed, even if it wasn't precisely what I had written in 'The Manual'...", Doc commenting, the rest of us politely applauding Maddy's effort.

Speaking to the class, Doc continued "...your understanding 'The Principle Of Possession' is most critical for you to be a success as a bodyworker...if you don't live it emotionally as well as understand it intellectually, you can not pass this course and can not become a bodyworker...we will be recording how well you respond to this Principle, in cases of offering and receiving Possession to and from others..."
"...Now, it's time for a demonstration of it...Margot, please sit on the edge of the bed right behind me....class, gather around us, as I demonstrate".

Margot ungrasped my hand as she she stood up and went over to the bed. Hollis and Jerry pulled the other beds and gyn tables a little further apart to give the rest of us some room to stand around it. Doc stood in front of her, and began a slow facial massage, which lasted a couple of minutes. He then pulled her to him as she sat on the edge of the bed, gently stroking and massaging her back, kissing her on the top of the head a time or two as he did, which also lasted a couple of minutes. Easing back a little, he massaged and played with her breasts, massaging her nipples with easy circular motions, working her muscles from breasts to shoulder, rubbing underneath them, kissing her forehead as he gently commanded, "up on the table, Margot".

We all recognized he was going through the "Therapeutic Bodywork Bonding Ritual", as outlined in our 'Manual. Margot slid off the bed and onto the gyn exam table next to it, putting her feet in the stirrups. Standing to one side, Doc ran his hands over her some more for a moment as she lay face-up looking at the ceiling, before sitting down on a stool at the end of the exam table, her spread legs wide to his view. A plastic speculum was inserted into her vagina and opened up, he peered inside for a second, then closed and pulled it out and tossed it in a nearby trashcan. He rubbed her clit and cunt lips with unlubricated fingers for another moment, then inserted two fingers inside her "face up", and judging by the look on her face, immediately found and began manipulating her G-spot. Within thirty seconds, an obvious orgasm came over her, and a tiny squirt of pressured come leaked from her cunt. Doc may have been an ugly old fart, but he knew what he was doing. He had written "The Book", "The Manual", after all. We watched with focused intensity.
"Back on the edge of the bed, Margot" Doc directed.

"Fellate me to a firm erection, Margot", he nicely barked, as he stood back in front of her face.
Margot sucked his crooked, wrinkled-skin old dick until it popped up hard within a moment. Not bad for an old man. "All fours, Margot, your knees as close to the edge of the bed as possible, please", as she flipped over and around, horizontal to the bed. Doc's cock pointed more to the top of her butt than her cunt.
"Raise the bed a couple of inches, please, Jerry", Doc motioned as Jerry came over and turned the crank underneath the footboard that I hadn't even noticed before, the beds must having been old surplus hospital beds of some sort, Doc pressing his cock in her once the bed was at the right height to match up.

Without words, without Margot seeing what was happening, her face pressed down to the bed, Libby brought over a couple of condoms and tube of KY to Doc.
"Tell me how much you enjoy being fucked, Margot"
"I enjoy being fucked by you, Dr. Chaim, you fuck really well!"
"Tell me how you feel Margot, how does my cock inside your vagina, feeeelllll, Margot?"
"It feels great, Dr. Chaim...GREAT!...please...please, fuck me all you want..."

Doc lubricated two fingers and slipped them into her anus. Margot stuck her ass back hard, trying to fuck his fingers as well as his cock. "How do my fingers, ffeeellll, Margot?"
"They feel wonderful...wonderful..." she whispered in low passion.
Fucking her while frigging her ass for two or three moments, he pulled his fingers out, quickly opened and rolled a condom on and pushed his cock inside her. Margot freaked in a good way. She started waggling her tail at him, grasping the covers of the bed in her fists, moaning loud enough to wake the dead, then started crying, real tears, real fucking tears. I had assfucked several women before, and none had cried when I did it to them. But then I realized that these were tears of joy and passion, not pain or anguish. Margot's body thrashed around as Doc grabbed her ass and pushed as deep inside as he could. She sobbed uncontrollably into the sheets. Doc picked up his pace, fucked her tail even a little harder, then pulled back, pulled her back around to where she was sitting upright again in front of him, flicked the condom off his cock, and pushed his dick into her mouth, filling her mouth full of his jism, she obviously swallowing every drop as he twitched in front of her.

Doc sat down beside her, pulling her head to his shoulder, Margot still sobbing a little. I think she becoming embarrassed a tad, maybe having forgotten momentarily where she was at while being assfucked, now realizing again we all had watched everything. She gently pulled at Doc's now-shrunken littleman as she leaned into the nape of his neck. Courtney brought her a dampened warm washcloth and a handtowel so she could wipe the salty eye brine from her face.

"Margot, how did you like that?"
"That was wonderful, Teacher...thank you"
"You're, Margot, tell the class why you broke down and cried while being given anal sex..."
"I'm not sure why I just happened".
"Was it because when you were between seven and eight, a close male friend of the family who wasn't a relative anally raped you with his finger in your bedroom at your home while your parents were there, but you were too afraid to cry out because he threatened you, but you still up until now have blamed your parents for not protecting you, as much as your blame the perpetrator of that crime???" Doc's voice rising to a supportive crescendo.

Margot looked directly in his eyes, silently, deeply, with a "how the kingdom come hell did you possibly know, could have possibly found that out??!!!??"

Doc read her silent message of protest, answering "Margot, a psychiatrist can find out more than mere surface answers when analyzing psychological tests like you took pre-employment, before you came to us..."

"Uh-hu" I answered.
"You and Margot have had sex several times the past couple of days, and you enjoy anal sex with women, but haven't had anal sex with Margot, correct?"
"Uh...yeah, that's right"
"And even though you two are to be bodywork practice partners, you never would have, she would have never permitted you or any man to penetrate her anally, not even for therapeutic benefit of a patient, isn't that correct, Margot?...", Margot nodding "yes" as she still sat close to Doc on the edge of the bed but pulled slightly away from him ", tell me and the class, Margot, did you like being anally sexed?"
"Yes, Dr. Chaim, it felt great".
"You've had this horrid fear of assfucking since you were a little girl, but here, now, you enjoyed it...why?"
"I'm not sure...I think because...because I trusted...I trust you...I know you'd never hurt me, only heal me, you're a doctor, a I am a healer...and in using the safety of this time and place, you broke through my walls that surrounded my fear of anal sex"

"Correct, Margot...see, class?...'The Principle Of Possession' in polykinetic bodywork principles in real-time practice...if I hadn't been able to begin the healing process or removing emotional scar tissue inside of Margot's mind through polykinetic means, she never would have passed this course, or been able to become a professional bodyworker...she gave possession of her trust and consent, and I used that to enable polykinetic bodywork principles to free her from the enslavement of a horrible memory that has kept a part of her sexuality chained in a private dungeon since childhood...
...This, class, is what it's all about, this is why you're here, to learn to, within a safe clinical setting, enable healing within those who suffer from a variety of sexual, take a five minute break, your own barriers will be broken down shortly".

When we got back from our bathroom breaks, everyone talking about what just had happened in loud whispers while waiting for a stall or urinal to open inside the now-designated unisex bathrooms the male and female signs on the doors having been removed sometime last night or this morning, Doc wasn't there, and Mrs. Doc was sitting where Doc had been in the semi-circle of staff chairs facing our chairs, Libby sitting cross-legged in front of her, leaning back, making back-to-leg contact with Lady Doc. Mrs. Chaim clapped her hands with a "everyone in back in their seats, please", a slight but not-easily-identifiable accent, sounding a little German but also a little something else, rolling the words out chirpingly.

Sipping on our juice or soft drinks or coffee, we focused on the prettier half of our ultimate bosses for this course, at least prettier than Doc was.

"Class, before we proceed to the next stages, a little background that you need to know...."
"...when there was only surrogacy before we came along, it was all female surrogates working with a strictly male clientele, mainly dealing with issues of premature ejaculation and performance, with only the rarest female client, mainly lesbian clients..."
", as the years have progressed, and women have become more truly empowered, women have, at least a percentage of women in the population have, asserted their Gofffddd-giben rights to medical treatments suited for them, for their, our, my, sex, including the right to sexual therap-ooo-tic modalities...women are no longer willing to accept substandard or non-existent treatment, just because society sffttill at-large doesn't accept women as sexual beings in all cases...
"...that is why, in most bodywork practices that are whiff-in our scope of knowledge, anywhere from 25% to 50%+ of a typical clientele calendar is for women..."
"...over the years, we have documented that while most straight women prefer to deal with a man in a bodyworking therapy situation, alllffftho that's not always the case, almost all women clients seeking bodywork therapy are not affffverss to working with a fffwoman bodyworker, mainly, I fffink, because they don't see bodywork contact with a female bodyworker as sexual, they see it as therapeutic, much as fffaay don't see contact from a woman gynnie-cologist as being sexual, either, efffen though obviously bodywork is sexual in nature, perceptions aside...also, many practices are uncomfortable in having a male bodyworker on their staff, because of their own mmmffisgivings or prejudices..."

"...when you are a bodyworker dealing with such a large percentage of female clients, one can not be averse to embracing the feminine, to working with fffwwemales of all ages, bodytypes, appearances, et-cet-era...and, a wwffact of life is that women have periods, and as a bodyworker, one can not pick and choose not to work with a woman-client on her pwwweeriod...., according to your test results, every single one of you, except Surawan..." (we all turned to look at 'Surry) "...has at least some menstrual aversion, and this is unacceptable, and we're going to work on this in a moment..."
"...keep in mind, too, that besides working with women on ffftheir periods who are seeking treatment for whatever else, some of your cases will be where you'll be removing a personal taboo of menstrual sex from their pppersonalities, at their request."

Miz Doc patted Libby's head as Libby leaned further back to her, sipped on a foamcup of something, thought for a second, then continued.
"Some of the models this week will be having their periods....we call any non-staff twweem-member who is here for purposes of demonstrating one or more aspects of bodywork pwwwinciples to you students 'models', by the order to more realistically train you for your lives after school..."
", the only student this moment hafffing her period is Fwwwooo, correct?..." no one else speaking, especially myself or Nick "...although I do think Gwen will start later this week, and maybe Kaaa-khooo this Saturday or Sunday, correct?..." Gwen and K. nodding affirmatively.
"Fwwo, please come here, stand in front of me..." Ms. Doc ordered, as Libby scooted to one side.

Mrs. Doc forced her hand between Flo's legs, and pulled her tampon out. Courtney, who had left the room and come back, handed a pair of Flo's panties to her, evidently having pilfered them from her room.
"Dwwwering class, Flo, girls, we simply can't make allowances for your periods...soon, in your practices, in won't make any dwwwiffeence,, during class exercises, all contact shall be as if you weren't on your periods, understood?..." we all verbalizing a soft "yes", "...for ease of conffwwenience during class, you'll need to wear a napkin, Fwwlo, not a tampon, there's a selection over there (pointing to the wirerack full of medical supplies to the right side of the room) if you don't have any wwwiff you...come closer, Fwwllo".

Siiiwwee Doc began a slow frig of Flo, her hand stained red as it came into view from her in-out motion.
"Re-wax, Child, re-wax, we are all pwoofessionals, here, Flo-wence..." as Libby stood up and moved to around to play with Flo's breasts from behind. Stopping, Mrs. Doc licked a bloody finger, did another few frigs, then offered to Flo's mouth, Flo licking her own feminine essence off the wrinkled index finger of Dr. Helena Chaim like she was sucking a cock, closing her eyes, trying to take the experience in, trying, I think, not to show any revulsion, trying to be a good student. Misrez Doc got up and went down the line of us students, she leading Flo as they stood consecutively in front of each of us in turn, sticking a finger up Flo's cunt, then offering us each a bloodwarm vampire popsicle to suck on, we taking it in stride as part of our training.

"You'll have more period sex later today with some models, but now it's time for another step in your training first....Wweeebbie will be in charge for the rest of the day...good luck...Dr. Chaim and I will be around if we're needed" she concluded as she left the room.

Libby barked her spiel. "Class, please take your seats for a item...during times where there will just two points of focus, as in two models for the group to work with, the group shall be divided this way: Group Number One...Margot, Flo, Maddy, Eric; Group Number Two...Gwen, Surawan, Keiko, Nick...please remember this, and remember, this is when we need two sub-groups only...any questions?, good..."
" comes the first real core part of your training, the first of many, many more to come in the days ahead...we're going to now break your sexuality down, and begin to rebuild it...each of us staff will first 'do' each of you, then you will in turn parrot what we do to you to us, in turn, then, with us, you will each have sex with each other...with eight of you and five of us, it'll require a little juggling, but nothing we haven't done before, hehehe.." not one of us laughing at her joke " may freely have orgasms as you wish during bodywork contact, but allowing for time constraints, when you're doing something to one of us or yourselves, and we say 'stop' or go on to the next item in sequence, you must do so...any questions?"

"Yes, Libby..." I spoke up.
"Exactly what will you do to us, we to you, we to each other...exactly, what?"
"Good question, Eric...good question...everything sexual, and I do mean everything that can happen between a man and a woman, two women, or two men, and some standard bodywork combinations such as typical MFF and MFM threesomes, except that you and Nick will not be required to have anal sex with each other, unless you both express a desire to do so...", Nick and I both making immediate eye contact with each other, both shaking our heads "no" at each other.
"Nick and I won't be doing that" I respond.
Laughing aloud, the girls laughing at not with us too, Libby continued "...I didn't think you and Nick would,, follow our leads" Libby finished.

Hollis and Jerry piled the exercise mats, I just now realizing exactly what kind of exercise they were for, sometimes I am a little slow on the uptick, out in the middle of the room in a large, rough circle, the chairs being places around them, a bunch of hotel pillows being fetched from a storage closet adjacent to the room and thrown onto the pile of mats at random.

The staff concentrated on the women first. Libby picked Gwen, Jerry picked Flo, Courtney picked Maddy, Hollis picked Keiko, and Ferrum picked Surawan. Piling on to the matpile, it initially looked like total chaos, like an orgy gone out of control, but as I and Margot and Nick watched everyone else, an order arose from seeming randomness. But at first, we were just observing to observe, it was our job.

Jerry flung Flo's napkin'd panties to one side of the room. She wouldn't wear them any more that day, until all the exercises were through. XY Dox hadn't been kidding. Standing face-to-face, Jerry felt her up. Nudging her down, he gave her some head, then fucked her pussy for a moment. Ferrum broke Surawan for a second to retrieve and distribute tubes of KY and condoms and latex gloves like she was throwing Christmas candy off the caboose of a Santa Train.
"By the way, L-A-D-I-E-S !!!..." Libby breaking away from Gwen for a moment, standing up "...the only reason the men will be using condoms when assfucking you is to save time, which we don't have a lot of...if they didn't use condoms, they'd have to stop and wash their genitals off before proceeding to their next partner...we're all certified squeak-eee clean and safe here, condoms are not needed for anything but common courtesy..." she intoned, as she jumped back down to groping up Gwen, then licking her pussy, then sticking a condom-covered finger up her ass.

It looked like Hollis was really enjoying Keiko as they fucked. You can't fake a look of sheer pleasure like that, and why would he want to? "Keiko must have one tight pussy..." I thought silently to myself. Jerry's crotch and upper thighs became blood-red with Flo's menstrual fluid. He covered his cock with a condom, fucked her pussy some for effect, added some KY atop it, then penetrated her ass, sharing her blood back to her hin-o-l-a. Yes, it was damnably erotic site.

The sequence of events became clear. If it was woman-to-woman, an instructor would normally stand or kneel in front of a student, feel them up, feel their breasts and pussy as they stood or kneeled passively, maybe kiss them but usually not, then they'd lay them down on the mat and give them some head, then cover an index finger with a condom, and frig their student-partner's asshole for just a very short while, not much, more as an act of "possession", I think. If it was man-instructor-to-woman-student, the guy would similarly feel them up and frig them, then have them suck them hard a bit, then lay 'em down and give 'em head in return, then get on top or have them get on all fours or some other position and pussy fuck them, and then roll them on all fours if they weren't in that position already, put a condom on, and assfuck them.

Margot and I and Nick sat together and watched the rest of the group. Margot and I held hands. She and I kissed for a moment, then just looked into each other's eyes, as friends and lovers. I had to ask her.
"Is what Doc said this morning...about what happened to you and all when you were a little girl...true?"
Margot broke eye contact, looking at the floor. "Every word, Eric...every frigging word..."
"But I could see in your look at him a look of total disbelief that he didn't put any of that down in your prelims?"
"Then how did he know, Margot?"
"You've got me" she replied.
I kissed her for a second, then broke the kiss, turning her head to face me. "I've simply got to ask you what you told him this morning...true?...I mean about how much you enjoyed it, being looked like you were climbing out of your skin with pleasure...was that real, or was some of that just show, just a show for Doc?"
"Everything you saw this morning with Doc, Eric, came from my heart, nothing was faked, nothing at all" she whispered to me.
"I'll be damned" I replied, as I turned my own eyes to stare at a point on the floor front of me for a moment, my eyes returning to the body pile on the mats.

As if a silent dog whistle signal had been blown, the staff members switched partners. Libby went to Flo, Jerry went to Gwen , Courtney went to Keiko, , Hollis went to Maddy , and Ferrum came over to Margot and pulled her to the mats with her for her first bit of bodywork indoctrination, Surawan coming over to sit with me and Nick, her turn in the current rotation evidently being through for the moment. Nick and I both had hards, couldn't help but be affected by the sight in front of our eyes for sore eyes. We both felt up Surry as she easily played with our cocks, sitting between us. Every five minutes, another partner switch. Nick and I worked through rotation, then Surry was brought back in. It would require a chart the size of a large wall to show the total rotations, but suffice to say, every instructor in turn "indoctrinated" every one of us students.

My turns with Jerry and Hollis weren't too bad. I mean, I'm not a homophobe, I'm just not attracted sexually let alone romantically to men. When they masturbated me, it was boring. Jerry gave better head than Hollis. Nick's still-gut-level-but-moderating-as-time-went-on revulsion of being played with and sucked off by the twin pricks was fairly obvious still, but he was trying to relax and go with it, he knew how important letting the program happen was. J&H did seem to be enjoying themselves just a little too much playing with us. I don't think it would a stretch to believe that on a horizontal homo-hetero scale, that they both would be pretty far to the left, and little further past the "Bi" marker.

My time with our cunt instructors was of course nicer. They all gave great head, but Libby was best. Courtney's larger pussy lips than the other two enveloped my cock like a silken fog when she fucked me. They didn't assride Nick or myself, I mean, they didn't let us assfuck them, this was an exercise series in passivity on our, the students, parts. The clock read eleven-twenty. A uniformed hotel employee finally walked into the room with a handful of bluepaper lunch-menu-request cards, like yesterday. I was starved and wanted to eat lunch right then, but evidently it was going to take a while. The skinny little oriental guy with chef's hat seemed totally oblivious to our state of group nudity. He finally got around to all as our instructors huddle at the desk, Libby making a phone call and whispering low into the handset.

"All-right..." she barked "...whose butthole is a little sore?...", six of the eight possible arms of identification flying upwards "...well, I have some good news, and some bad news...first, the good news...we're not going to do anything more with anal penetration again until after we eat lunch...the bad news is, cunts and cocks, is that the first of the menstrual aversion remediation exercises is next, which means lunch won't be for another couple of hours...look at this way, guys and gulls, especially gulls...that's longer for your analpuckers to recover" Lib The Commandant finished, smiling.

Hollis and Jerry moved two the beds in the middle of the pack again, moving them a little further apart. Two naked high-school cheerleaders, cheerleaders who looked like sisters, I don't how else to describe them, tall and shapely and obviously barely a day over eighteen, came in with labcoats on, dropping them at their feet as one of them stood at the foot of each respective middle bed, slipping out of panties that each had a bloody maxipad affixed to its crotch.

"Students, this is Angelica..." Libby touching her on the shoulder as she stood between them "...and this is Tina..." doing similarly "...these are the first two of many models that you'll work with this week, for specific situation educational needs..."

"'s the'll split into your four-person groups as I mentioned earlier, everyone remember?, good, and each group will do one and then the other in turn, in the following exercise: each team member will manually penetrate the model's vagina, you'll frig them, for approximately two to three minutes...then you'll taste the fluid on your hand, and offer them a taste, which they will accept...then, you will lick their clit, then the entire length of their labial lips, lick them clean of menstrual fluid, then you will tongue-fuck them for at least a couple of minutes or until an instructor says 'stop', your tongue must penetrate their vagina as far inside as possible, then you will french-kiss the model with your still-bloody tongue...understood?...any questions?"

Even though Mrs. Doc had done her menstrual bit earlier with Flo's fluid being used as an after-breakfast mint with us, and even though I had given head to a couple of girlfriends before while they were having their periods, this was getting a little gross to me even, and I could see all our lady compatriots' faces look a tiny bit sick for a second. What the hell, right? In for a penny, in for ten thousand dollars.

The models lay down on their assigned beds, the instructors putting hotel towels under the butts, and we gathered together in our assigned groups next to them. Flo and Margot did Angelica before me, and after the first minute or so, they seemed to settle down, seemed to mind less and less as the exercise progressed. Angelica told Ferrum, who was monitoring the exercise standing with our group, that Margot wasn't pushing her tongue in deep enough, Ferrum joining Margot at Angelica's cunt, feeling the depth of Margot's tongue in Angie's cunt, pronouncing to no one in particular that Margot had a short-ish tongue. Myself, I kind of enjoyed it. Sharing the kiss-franco with Angelica was nice, she seemed to really get off kissing my blood-soaked tongue and mouth, she honestly kissed me back. Our group finished with Angelica as the other group finished with Tina, and we switched places. Tina's flow was heavier than Angie's and tasted different, as Angie's had tasted different from Flo's earlier sample that morning. We completed our rounds and I thought that was it, but no dice. "Nick, last exercise before lunch...Nick, you'll begin to fuck Angelica, whatever position you want is fine, and Eric, you Tina...after a few moments, after you get good and sloppy, stop, and one of your fellow team members at a time will in turn suck your bloody cock clean, you refreshing its blood-covering with a short fuck between cleansings...then, boys and girls, team members will switch male partners, then male partners will switch models, and we'll repeat everything until each team member has sucked Nick and Eric both after they've fucked each model...everyone understand?"

The emotion of the day catching up with us a little, no, I don't think we all comprehended the minutiae exactly, but that wasn't important, Libby would certainly juggle these hundred fine china plates in the air. A couple of us, including myself, looked at her funny, but really, it was just another circlejerk sequence like we had done a couple of times already that morning. If Libby ever retires from professional teaching of bodywork students, I'm sure she could find a second career as a Captain on a Chinese-Fire-Drill Team. My stomach was growling, I just wanted some lunch, a bloody hamburger or two to eat, not a bloody pussy or more to fuck.

The near-sisters-because-of-looks were actually good lays. Even with their fluid flow, especially Tina's heavier one than Angelica's, providing excessive lubrication, their pussies both were so tight that neither I nor Nick had any trouble maintaining our hards during the fucks. We'd go a little soft but not much during our suck-offs from our fellow female-type-classmates as they lay between our legs, licking us clean per instructions, but our highschool sweethearts would get us back firm just as soon as they jumped back on top of us. Just as Keiko, my last of my last go'round, was finishing licking me clean, the clock read two-forty and the sound of clanging china and moving food trays was heard...lunch, finally!

Strange, isn't it, wasn't it? In a sea of limitless pussy, all I could think about was food. It reminded me of Midas, deluged in a sea of limitless gold because all he touched turned to same, all he could think about also was food, because his food turned into gold, too. Okay, maybe not a perfect analogy, but I was batshit hungry.
"One hour, people!...exactly one hour, no more!" Libby shouted at the top of her lungs, as the staff left us to our own devices.

Nick and I got up take a quick shower, we both being covered knees-to-navel in mixed menstrual fluids. Tina and Angelica joined us in the communal shower, they also being knees-to-nipples red in their femininity. I had withheld my orgasms during the last part of the exercise for the benefit of the class. Now, I wanted some relief. I fucked Tina from behind while we knelt on the cold, hard, tiled shower floor, Nick doing the same with Angelica. It didn't take us long. My stomach saw to that. I filled Tina's bloody pussy with my come, did one more quick wash of the red, and headed for the grub.

Lib had done us nice, without asking. Besides what we had ordered, the staff had also brought up both a full salad bar and hot bar on wheels, the hot bar having soups and chilis and even country-styled-steak, another cart sporting actual plates and silverware, not just paper plates and plastic forks, like yesterday.

Flo was sitting with Gwen and Margot at a couple of our classroom tables they had pulled out from the wall, sitting on a folded towel placed in the seat of the chair for obvious reasons. I kissed them all and they kissed me friendly back as I sat down next to Flo with my cheese and chili and turkey club and chips, a waiter bringing my drink to me, blind as a bat to a bunch of naked people-types in front of his eyes. We made small talk, genuine smalltalk. They each had, moments before, licked two different respective menstrual fluids from my cock. We all seemed at a loss for words. The weather. Shopping. The fact that it was so late already. Smalltalk.

Finishing lunch, Flo got up to go to the bathroom. Keiko sat down at her previous seat, taking her place at our roundtable. I apologized to all of them for what had just happened, without knowing why. They each shook their heads, warbling about how it was okay, I was just doing as I was told to do, as were they. I kissed Keiko as she sat next to me, then reached across the table to motion to and hold Margot's and Gwen's hands, simultaneously. Lightbulb idea hit me.

Standing up and moving to Margot's chair, whispering my idea, she nodding yes, I asked Gwen and K. if they'd like to move in with us for the rest of the week, that obviously our room like their room had more than enough room for their bed and their stuff. G&K looked at each other, whispered back and forth a bit in each other's ears, and replied "...sure, guys, we'd love to...we'll push our beds together, to make one giant bed, okay?", we agreeing. My gut said that from here on out, though, more sleeping than fucking would be done in any bed in any student's room on the ninth floor of the Roslyn Harbour Hotel.

Libby walked back in with Jerry by themselves. I walked over to Lib and made my plea.
"Yes, Eric...what is it, what do you want?"
"Dr. Chaim said that while we were here, we could have anything we wanted to make our stay here, our tenure during school, more comfortable, right?...right?"
"Yes, Eric, that's our policy, as long as the demands aren't too expensive or outrageous, we try to make you feel as comfortable as possible".
"Well, Margot, Gwen, K. and myself talked about it, and we'd like to live together for the rest of the week...could you move their bed and stuff to our room, so we could be together after class more?"
"I don't see why that would be a problem, sure, Eric".
"Oh, and one other thing..." a flash of food flood thought still being on my mind from the extended nutritional deprivation of this morning "...could you fill up the 'frig in our room with some canned soft drinks, and maybe scrounge up some chips and dip and maybe a couple of frozen microwave pizzas to have handy in the freezer compartment, pretty please, Teach'?"
"Since you asked so nice, certainly, Student Eric...I'll make a call right now...everything will be ready when we get through today, okay?"
"Thanks, you're a doll" I answered.
"I am, aren't I...five more minutes, then another class, stud...go finish your lunch, you foodaholic" she playfully popping me on my rear with her bare hand hard enough to feel as I turned to walk back to my Dears.
Title Of Page

The Body Worker

Day 2: Or, The Wiring Of Jericho, Pt.2, The P.M. Session

My Dears had scooted away from our lunch table. I finished my bites alone. Everyone was milling around, mostly just walking slowly around the room, not really saying much of anything to anyone else. I tried to at least get Margot to come back over and sit with me, but she made an excuse gesture of pointing the bathroom all of a sudden, heading that way. The smell of spent sex filled the room. Hollis sprayed some sort of thickly-orange-scented spray all over the room, hiding some of the odor of non-passions spent. The rest of our "faculty" huddled together at Doc's desk against the back wall, talking softly so no one else could hear. Hollis left the room for a moment, and came back shortly with a CD boombox and some CD's. He plugged it in at a wall outlet, put some Enya on, and cut up the volume just enough to hear without stepping on non-existent friendly conversations taking place.

Libby rapped her knuckles on the desk to draw our attention. She hadn't done that before, using instead her foghorn of a set of vocal cords. In a voice calmer and softer than she had yet used before, she asked, not barked, us to sit in a circle together on the mats. I couldn't help but wonder what was next, German Shephard Love Lessons? Margot was no where to be found. I told them to look in the bathroom, and Ferrum towed her out from her hiding place.

Lib told us with calmer demeanor to kneel upright, and snuggle together in a circle, buttcheek-to-buttcheek as close as possible. Whatever. Then Courtney, who was standing behind our circle as were the other faculty, began singing along, soft and sweetly and in tune, with the Enya CD playing in the background. Most of us shot "what the hell?" looks around our circle.

Lib kneeled behind Surawan, and spoke to the group.
"Before we get back to our bodywork exercises, we're going to take a moment to meditate. Meditate, think, and talk. Meditate on the implications of what we've all done today. Think about the here and now, and your futures. Talk about anything, anything, that comes to mind. Anything.

Five minutes of dead silence. We all just knelt as in prayer to our Polykinetic gods, Zenning a hole in the floor in the middle of our circle. Then Keiko spoke.
"May I say what I feel, Miss Libby?..." she meekly asked.
"Yes, anything...whatever is in your mind or heart, share it with the group, please" Libby replied in assured but calm voice.
"I...I...I feel like I've been raped, raped repeatedly, this morning...I feel totally violated and used..."
"I do too!" said Flo.
"I do too!" said Margot.
"I do too!" said Gwen.
"I do too!" said Maddy.
"I do too!" said Surawan.

Flo began crying, sobbing like child, first, then it spread to all our class. Even I and Nick almost got caught up with the emotion of the moment. I got up and moved around to be next to Margot, so I could hold her, give her support. Soon, the group circle collapsed into one big group hug, tears and wails flowing like a Sicilian funeral procession. Libby just let the moment be itself. She didn't intervene. Courtney had quit her singing along with Enya, but no one noticed. I kissed Margot on the lips, then Gwen, then Keiko, then the rest, even gave Nick a kiss on the cheek, telling them all as I did that I loved them, loved them all so much. That sparked a round of supportive kisses and more supportive looks and words. Suddenly, it felt like a giant weight had been lifted collectively from our shoulders. Still kneeling close, our staff snuggled around us, around our perimeter at our backs, extending their arms to join in an outer circle of supportive hugs.
"That was excellent,, let's all talk about why everyone perceived their lessons this morning as rape."

Surry, Keiko, and Gwen all tried to immediately take back their words, try to tell Libby they didn't mean it that way, that it was the moment only, that they really didn't feel that way, I think out of cultural conditioning, a sense of societal politeness. Libby wouldn't have it. She insisted on validating, not discounting, their feelings.

In a nutshell, the root cause of most the feelings of rape was that they had been forced to do things which they had never done before, things which would have seemed gross as hell to them just seventy-two hours before, things they would have never done at gunpoint voluntarily, they did within the class just an hour or so before. Libby reminded us all that we were volunteers here, that we were here of our own free will, and we always had choices. A choice might have unintended negative consequences, but there was always choice, and this only a school, not life or death. She also went on about how we would be healing those who had been raped soon after finishing this school, and how much we were needed by those in our practices we would go to. Then she capped it all by saying that the reaction we had was common, and expected, that "mostly, it was the shock of the breaking down your old walls of what is and isn't sex, what is and isn't therapy, etc."

The instructors broke their arms-around embrace of our group, and left us to just be with each other and share strength and support. Slowly, smiles and happy faces and pleasant tones in voices returned. Everyone seemed to be recovering. Flo asked who was going to clean up her puddle of stuff that was accumulating at the base of her knees, as it ran down her legs. We all answered, almost in perfect unison, that "you are!", laughter filling the group. Libby and Courtney came over to us, and asked if we all were ready to get back to work, all of us standing up as a signal of "yes". We sat back down in our semi-circle of chairs at the back of the room. Courtney spoke as the rest of her staffmates listened with us.

"That was wonderful, guys, I'm glad that Dr. Chaim said, you all are a special will be the mirror of what we did before the menstrual workshop, the mirror being you'll do us and we'll be passive, as you were passive and we active first time around...each of you will make love with each of us, in an active way...after that, you'll circle bodywork each other, then we'll do a short group session...any questions?" she chirped.

The got up and stood before us. They didn't tell us what to do next. Finally, Gwen and Nick and Surawan all stood up together, and picked a partner, Gwen with Jerry, Nick with Libby, and Surawan with Courtney. A moment passed, no else got up, so I picked Ferrum, and lead her over to the matpile, my arm around her waist. Flo choose Hollis, while Margot, Keiko, and Maddy turned their chairs around to observe us.

I tried to mimic pretty close to what Ferrum and her cuntfriends had done to me earlier, except that being in the active role now, after the obligatory feel-up and pussylick and frig and fuck, I pushed her flat on her stomach, covered my cock in latex, and fucked her in the ass, she accepting. Nick seeing my cock in Ferrum's pucker, he moved Lib around from his fuck and did the same to her. From there, things continued on like it was in the earlier rotation, Margot and K. and Maddy being worked into the linecard, taking their turns with each instructor in the active role and so on.

When my turn came with Jerry, after I had masturbated him and sucked him some, he looked at me with his cock in my mouth still and asked if I'd like to fuck him in the ass, since I had fucked his three female coworkers that way just moments earlier. I ignored the cocksucker. He asked me again, and again. I was waiting for Libby to give the "all switch" signal, but she was busy having her asshole tongue-fucked by Margot. I stopped my suck of him, and got the group's attention.

"Ladies, Nick, my classmates..." they all turning to look my way "...Jerry here has asked me three times if I wanted to assfuck him, and I haven't replied yet...I'll leave it up to you, my peers...if you'd think it would help you understand bodywork polykinetic principles better, or if you'd just like to see me do him, I will, but if you don't want me to, I won't", all of them murmuring "no's" and going back to their respective partners at hand.

The tension that had been building between us and "them" seemed to more or less be gone. Mostly, 99%, but not totally. Still, the level of acceptance and yes, mutual "possession" had increased dramatically.

After we had finished our rotations in the active mode with our instructors, Libby assumed control of the group once more, again, with less heavy-handed-ness and more respect for us.

"Now, the next exercise is a bonding exercise with each other...this one will go quicker, because it'll just be you eight...this is your'll either stand or kneel before each other, no more than eighteen inches apart or less...before touching, you'll tell your partner what you like most about him or her, and what you like least...then, touching each other while still looking in each other's eyes, you'll tell them what you really feel about them, as a person, as a classmate, etcetera, and no holding back...then, you'll have sex with them in every way possible, again you two studs you don't have to assfuck each other..."
"Gee, thanks a fucking ton, 'Teach!" Nick yelled but not screamed out, cracking everyone up.
"...but otherwise, total the interest of time, it's already after four, we'll be whispering in ears to switch focuses and switch partners, like we've been doing, to facilitate time.

Libby assigned me to Maddy, Gwen to Nick, Margot to Flo, and Surawan to Keiko. I told Maddy I liked her body and skin most, and her hair least...I told her I really thought she is a great wife to her husband, and that her husband is a lucky man, that I'd be honored if I married someone like her. She told me she liked my stamina and my sense of humor most, that she disliked my flippant sarcasm least, and that she wanted to make love, not just have sex, with me sometime during the week, alone she and I, that she thought I was a special man and would make a wonderful healing bodyworker. I told her we would definitely find some time alone, we sharing a smile, then a happy kiss, before getting down to business.

With Flo, I told her I was still awestruck by her beauty, that her best personality trait was her honest vulnerability, and that I liked her sometimes unintentional aloofness least. I then poured my heart out to her, telling her I felt honored to be sharing sex, even in a clinical school setting, with such a dazzling woman, some one who just isn't beautiful physically but pure of heart on the inside. She said she liked my willingness to be strong yet compassionate most, disliked my impatience and spurts of temper least, and that she, like Maddy, really wanted some time along with me during the week, again, where we could make love, not just have sex, I promising, hoping they'd give us more free time later in the week.

And so it went with Surawan, Keiko, Margot, et al, all except Margot and Nick, though more predictably, because I had bonded more with the others privately.

When it came time for Nick and me to be together, all the staff gathered around us, as if to make sure we'd actually complete the sex part of the assignment, and not fake any part of it, like they didn't trust one or both of us completely. I didn't care, as long as they didn't pop up and change the rules and insist we assfuck each other to satisfy their own bents. With five curious staffers around, after I had masturbated Nick hard, I told him to go ahead and come in my mouth if he wanted, that I didn't mind. After having Jerry and Hollis work their proclivities on me all day, it wasn't bad. Nick was becoming a friend, anyway. I'm sure what I was feeling, the mixed emotions, were being felt by our women peers as they did each other as part of their training even though they probably weren't getting too excited doing each other, most of the time at least. Nick let go and popped his cork in my mouth. I stood up and french-kissed Libby and Courtney and Ferrum who were still standing around us to show I had tried to complete the lesson's objective. Nick did the same. He didn't give bad head, it was good enough to make me come, but I had six female-type mouths or more afterhours to pick from, when I wanted some head.

Margot and I kneeled on the mats before each other. At least she was the perfect antidote to my brush to the left with Nick. I told her that I liked her smile and her sense of self-confidence most, disliked her excessive wearing of jewelry out in public least, and that I was so pleased that we'd be sharing our professional mostly but also parts of our private lives together, that I couldn't wait for our journey to begin once we got back to Raleigh. She said she like my no-nonsense approach to things most, my insistence on nagging for some kind of sex I wanted least, and that she thought I was probably the most honest and wonderful man she had ever met in her entire life, and when we got back to Raleigh, she was going to propose to me. I looked as hard-square in the eye as I could, and she didn't blink...I couldn't tell to save me if she was trying to pull my leg, or not.

Our circle exercise in bonding with each other ended. Keiko's eighteen-year-old pussy was every bit as tight as I thought it was going to be, it felt like her muscles were so well-developed that she could squeeze the lead out of a pencil, and her ass was as tight. Surawan sucked my balls mostly instead of my cock, and I still came. She also tongue-fucked my ass, which I found surprisingly pleasant.

The clock now read six-ten. If food and sex don't go together, appetite and desire, you couldn't disprove it by me that day. They allowed us a short bathroom and drink break for ten minutes, then back to it. Besides newly minted hunger, I was also getting a bit tired, as they rest of the group was too, I think.

Courtney again took centerstage.
"Great...simply great, guys...I, we, saw some real bonding and some real emotion out there just then...and Eric's come was at least edible if not tasty, wasn't it, Nick?..." the room now releasing and roaring with laughter, even Nick bobbing his head as we sat in our chairs near each other ", the last round for today..."
"Amen!" Gwen shouting aloud, and more polite laughter.
"...just a short round of FMF and MFM threesomes..."
Someone mumbled under their breath that to them, that building Rome would take just a couple of hours, giggles rippling.
"...and after that, no more for today...because the ratio is odd, six women and two men, we'll cut the rotations short instead of making them longer, especially after the great one-to-one sex bonding sessions you just had...we're going to enforce a timelimit of no more than five minutes per coupling, and if you want to cut it quicker, do so, and if we need to, we'll call you back to finish" Court-and-Spark finished saying.

We began with FMF's. I started with Gwen and Maddy, ended with Keiko and Flo in the rotation. Our instructions were for us guys to stand up, get a double-suck, have the girls play with each other some and soul-kiss and we join in, then fuck one while the the other licks the pussy I'm fucking and then vice versa, then they go into a sixty-nine, and I assfuck them alternately. Try doing all that within a five minute time limit. But we all were trying, we all were getting pooped, we were sprinting towards that finish line.

They didn't make Nick and me do any male-male stuff we didn't want to do in the MFM threesomes. Our order of battle was to stand in front of our female partner, she play and suck us both off while we stood next to each other, we kiss and play with her and give her head and just roam her for a moment, then flipped her doggie-style, one of us fucking her pussy while she sucked the other one off, then changing places, then she rides one of us on top while the other assfucks her from behind, then we switch places in that position, too. Yeah, try doing all that in five minutes. Somehow, we more or less did.

Before dismissing us, we all had to crawl up on a gyn table and be examined. I didn't like being in the stirrups, and now see why some women think it's demeaning. While in the stirrups, Libby asked me if I'd like another quick jack-off job "on the house". I told her she wasn't funny, snickering softly to indicate that her comment was cool with me. We all were thoroughly examined for any skin abrasions, tears, or lesions around our genital areas and in our mouths, and considering all our women-students had been assfucked more today than in total for the past rest of their lives, particular attention was paid to their anal areas, checking very carefully for anything other than solid tan or pink.

As we were heading out the door at past nine-thirty, a nearly fifteen hour day, Libby called out one last thing.
"If any of you are thinking about going into Roslyn, don''s a Sunday night, and the sidewalks are rolled up at six on Sunday night...the hotel bar and restaurant have been kept open for you all especially, just show your room key to charge what you want, as always, good night, see you in the morning" she planed as she left for the evening.

Gwen, Keiko, Margot and I assembled our little pod and trodded down the hall to our new shared room. Considering what we had just been through, I wondered to myself if the four of us and even more limited privacy was such a good idea. Lib had kept her word. Our two beds not only were together, but had a foam "T" piece placed between them, to make a larger, solid sleeping surface. The fridge was full of drinks and the kitchen counter overflowed with snacks. I wanted something filling. Asking them if they wanted to join me downstairs, they all indicated "no", they were too tired. I knew they wanted something to eat, though, they had to. Room service as an option had never been offered to us. I pattered down the hall and asked the guy at the elevator security desk if we could order room service in. He said "sure". Geez, that would have been nice if they had told us that earlier.

I called down to the kitchen and gave them four orders for four individual pizzas, and two six-packs of ice-cold Michelob. Forty-five minutes later, a waiter from the kitchen brought our stuff, along with some fresh, hot breadsticks we didn't order, nice touch. They had put the beer in a large ice bucket to keep it cold. I hadn't tipped anyone at the hotel since arriving. I gave the kid a ten, he smiled and thanked me. He looked back at us as he turned the corner out of our room like he wanted a tip instead of some naked pussies, but it'd been not funny if he asked one or more three very worn-out tails and mouths for some action.

Gwen rested her head in my lap as I leaned against the headboard, Margot doing the same in Keiko's lap, as we scarfed our Italian soul food down, all of us, even Gwen, chasing it with a Michelob, some nameless movie making whitenoise on the tv on HBO. Some cooled but still sticky melted cheese feel onto one of Gwen's nice Canadian mellon-boobies. I leaned forward and licked it off of her tit. She leaned up and kissed me, telling me that I was wonderful today. I replied that she wasn't so bad herself. A round of happy silliness ensued for a few moments, using tits all around as food sampling trays. Fun, but after all the unbridled sex with each other today, more from a need to relax than a need to get horny. Keiko scooted closer to me, Margot reached for Gwen's hand, Keiko and I nuzzled some, Margot dozed off to sleep in K's legbasket. Before I was sure a call from Carol would be ringing soon to remind me to take my damn pill, I eased up and off the bed to get my pillbottle and chase it down with my last sip of Michelob. The floor was dead quiet. I tiptoed to the open door, and wonderful silence. My three monkeys had all dozed off in the meantime by the time I got back to them, not even five minute later. Retrieving some blankets from the closet, I covered them as best I could, snuggling beside Gwen in our Bed Of Loyalty To Each Other. As fatigue gave way to slumber, it felt like the re-wiring of my mental walls of Jericho or whatever the hell Doc had said earlier would happen began to happen, as nerve tingles fell into beta waves which painted a film of Van Gogh recording a new version of "Impressions" on his VCR.

The Body Worker

Day 3: Autoerotic, Or, Mechanix Illustrated, Or, How To Woof A '40 Ford

Sweet-smelling, luxurious auburn hair tickled my face as I crawled out of my deep dreamstate, leaving Einstein and Roseanne and Idi Amin to ponder why even with lots of syrup Waffle House waffles still taste like crap pressed between layers of cardboard. A smiling Courtney, not getting my eyes open yet with her hair tickle, brushed my lips with one of her tits, I playfully quickly opening my mouth and making a faux attempt to catch her nipple between my teeth, she punching me gently in the ribs with "you're awake, you Eric you, get your buns out of bed, it's seven a-m". My arm was caught underneath Gwen and was numb from lack of blood flow to it, as she lay halfway over-on-top-of-me. Keiko and Margot were leaning back against us, using us as a backstop, as we lay in a peaceful pile on our bed. Courtney nudged and spoke to them all, but they all mumbled to her to "go away, no more sex!". Court-Of-St.-Sex asked me to get my bedmates on up, that class would start promptly at eight, that she had other things to do before class.

Margot continued to lightly snore as the others slumbered in half-sleep. I staggered to the bathroom to shave, but looking in the mirror and seeing no new beardgrowth, remembered that I wouldn't be having to do that chore for another three or four weeks. I brushed my teeth as Keiko wandered in to the bathroom to take a dump, sitting on the commode and wiping her ass in front of me like we had been married for fifty friggin' years. What the hell. I had fucked that same poophole of hers, what, five or six times yesterday? She had licked bloody residue on my cock from two different other women during the day, too? No point in false modesty at this point. Giving me a peck on the cheek and a polite "good morning", she opened the shower door and turned on the water, as I took my own shit, then joined her.

The hot water stung my cock a little. When I washed it with soap and a washcloth, my cock screamed in protest, like it had been abused by two pedophile priests armed with belt sanders. K. and I washed each other's backs and fronts. Sore as it was, her nuzzling of me and touch of it made it rise. Of all the female-type recepticles on the ninth floor at the Roslyn Harbour Hotel, her pussy and ass were both definitely the tightest. My cock rose despite itself. Both Nick and I had been studmachines yesterday, subconsciously, unconsciously so. I had fucked three or four hours straight before in my old life, but never fourteen. I couldn't help but wonder if there was something in the MascuStat pills besides drug compounds that prevented semen from forming. Naw, couldn't be. If there was, it'd be on the market, and the inventor of it would be richer than ten Bill Gates. Must have been the day, the setting, the fact that for my job's sake nine different and new women had been doing nice things to my cock all day. Yeah, that was it.

K. played with my cock as we rinsed off. The hot water was relaxing us, but we needed to wake up, not get sleepier. My index finger touched her pussy, and she audibly and visibly flinched, her cunt as sore as my cock. That pussystraw of hers was so inviting, but we were both just too sore. We hugged and kissed and I told her wonderful how much of a wonderful lover she was. Drying each other off, I asked her about something that had popped in my head yesterday, and I had been meaning to ask her.

"There's something, a couple of things, I've been meaning to ask you..."
"What is it?...ask, I don't mind"
"Doc said that everyone of us, the whole class, had at least some medical're what, eighteen?"
"Uh-hu...I turned eighteen two weeks and three days ago...why?"
"If you don't mind me asking, could you have any kind of background at all, let alone a medical one, at eighteen?"

She looked irritated-ly at me for a second, then replied "it's real father is a psychiatrist and my mother is a gynecologist, and they're both partners in a large family and marital therapy practice in San Francisco, they employ six bodyworkers within the practice, five of whom have attended this course...I and my older brother have always known exactly what kind of therapies they use in their clinic...when I was sixteen, I was still a virgin, but being curious, I told my parents I wanted to have sex and learn what it was, but I got in my head and asked them if I could learn from a MF partner-team of two of their bodywork employees...three days and three hours later, my curiosity was satisfied...I enjoyed my time with them so much, that I asked Pa-Pa and mother if I could help out with some of their staff's bodywork sessions...they talked about it for a month, and finally agreed, but only as a team member with another woman or guy, and only on a very limited basis part-time, until I finished high school thinks I am at a clinic undergoing rehab for substance abuse right now, that's the excuse they gave them, ha-ha...I'll graduate this parents sent me her so I could be more formally trained, that's why I am June, I'll be full-time".

All I could muster from my poor brain or say was "Damn!"
"Want an easy and soft blowjob, stud?" she asked, smiling at me.
"Yeah, but it'll have to be quick"

Margot and Gwen passed us on the way out, we all exchanging kisses and hugs. K. sat on the edge of the bed and with puffed cheeks tried to give me the softest blowjob possible, but I was simply too sore to enjoy it. Margot and Gwen came out of the bathroom. I blewdried Margot's hair, combing it out straight for her, her well-cwoffed locks falling into place as she sat facing the dresser and mirror, me kissing the top of her head as I tended her, trying to show some genuine heartfelt affection for her. I leaned in to nuzzle next to her neck, and she nuzzled back, thanking me for being a wonderful friend. The big-red numberblocks on the clock radio atop the nightstand read "7:54", but our commute to our classes was what, thirty paces away?

Our Soremorethanmoresome Foursome was the last to arrive at the classroom, save Doc and Mrs. Dwak. Hot, freshly cooked bacon, sausage patties, and scrambled eggs had been added to our previously only cold breakfast bar spread. I notice things like that. A couple or three of small round bar tables had been set up with vinyl-seated chromesteel-legged chairs as an eating area near the junkpiles to the right of the room, between the buffet table and the junk. The lecturn had been moved back, our tables back in front of it with our nameplates again, the projection tv and overhead projector set up for shows again as well. After yesterday, "a boring day of boring Doc lectures would be fine with all of us", I thought to myself. Surawan and Nick were sitting at one table. Flo, wearing pink panties today as opposed to the white ones that had been fetched for her yesterday, sat with Maddy. Gwen and Keiko got another empty table. Margot sat with Surry and Nick. I plopped my scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage plate down with Flo and Maddy, covering my eggs nearly black with grindings from the handgrinder. "You like a little eggs with your pepper, doncha, Eric?", Flo commented.

Small talk filtered across the table, all the tables, small talk of relaxation, not tension. Miles of smiles were exchanged, soft laughter punctuated the morning air. Just a bunch of old friends who until three days ago had never met each other just sitting around naked as the proverbial jaybirds in front of each other, eating, talking, enjoying each other's platonic company, while waiting for class to start and the polykinetic lessons begin once again. The clock read eight-two-two. A naked Papa and Mrs. Doc walked in the room, Doc looking like he had taken a bath, his skin being two shades lighter I swear and had trimmed his beard, his body smelling of soap as he passed by us instead of wet baby quail as he had reeked of yesterday, telling us that class would start promptly at eight-thirty as he and his missus sauntered up to his desk and lecturn at the back of the room.

His krew assembled around him, putting a tape in the VCR, turning the tv on, arranging some overhead transparencies, fiddling with papers. Libby walked back to where we all were sitting with a bottle of clear liquid and a washcloth in hand, asking, "anyone here who has a sore bottom, raise their hand!..." eight hands shooting skywards "...I know you're sore, guys, you have to be after yesterday, you haven't built up your 'callouses' so to speak yet, here, this 'ill help, it's just witch hazel solution diluted in water, I promise it'll make your sore tails feel immediately better..."

Lib swabbed us all down one at a time, drenching our cunts and cocks and butt-y-holes with the liquid she'd dampened the cloth with, and yes, as soon as it hit, I felt immediate relief, it felt cool and very soothing. Thanks, Lib, My Teacher.

"I'll leave this bottle with some more washcloths on the wirerack if anyone wants to re-dab some more during class back on the desk, help yourself, and I'll make sure there'll be new bottles of it in your bathrooms by the end of the day, so you can use them tonight, okay?", we all thanking her sincerely and profusely.

Doc called the class to order, and we took our places. Pushing a button on a remote, the VCR kicked in, and a tape, must have copied from a film made in the 40's or 50's, began playing. It was a loop of a guy, and I swear on a stack Manuals For Therapeutic Bodywork ten feet high that I'm not making this up, of some old dude in overalls climbing into a pickup truck, it must have been a pre-World-War-2 old pick up, maybe a '39 or '40 Ford, you could see the Ford logo on the hood, getting in, the shot cutting to his hand turning a key, then cutting to him pushing on a thing on the floorboard - it must have been some sort of old-fashioned starter thingydoddle, then engaging the gearshift on the column, then driving along some country road, looking happy, then parking, then a shot to him disengaging the clutch, then turning the key to cut the engine off, and getting out of the truck, closing the door. This same scene repeated at least two, maybe three dozen times, one after the other. We all gave each other sideways glances with mutual "what the hell is Doc up to now?!?" quizzical expressions.

"Now, class..." Doc finally spoke, as Jerry cut the tv and off "...who among you, can tell me what this film you just saw might mean?"
Polite, almost embarrassed silence. Then Nick spoke up.
"That we've all accidentally wandered into a bizzaro world Drivers' Ed class?" he quipped.

"Good one, Nick, I hadn't heard that one before, a good one, but not what I'm looking for...anyone else?" Doc implored us.
"I really am clueless, Teacher..." Maddy spoke up "...but you use analogies a lot, so obviously this an analogy of something you're going to teach us?"
" the main lesson, another core lesson about bodywork, begins."

"I need a volunteer for a demonstration, preferably female, sorry guys, you're later...anyone?..." Gwen raising her hand "...okay, Gwen, up on the exam table behind me, please."

Gwen layed back on it and stretched her legs into the stirrups. We all gathered around to watch, per our now common-ritual.
"Gwen, have you ever had a full-force G-spot orgasm, or any kind of orgasm that you thought was a G-sppwattt one, at anytime before?"
"I don't...think so, Doctor...I really don't know".
"Have you ever squirted cyprinic come from your vagina during sex, as in a forced squirt of something you knew was something but knew it wasn't pee?"
"No, not to my knowledge, or memory, uh-uh".
", class, watch and learn" Doc continued.

He dabbed a little more witch hazel on her slightly reddened cuntlips, then gently rubbed her clit and massaged her lips some, working his hand firmly but smoothly over her pussy. Taking a plastic speculum out from the table's drawer on the side, he inserted it in her with the handle sideways, sideways as opposed to straight up-and-down like you would during a normal exam, opened wide and locked it in place, her cunt gaping open from the locked speculum bills turned to their sides. Rubbing her clit a little more, he thus spake "now, watch closely, students".

With his middle and index fingers of his right hand facing upwards, he placed them inside Gwen a couple of inches, feeling for her G-spot. Finding it, he began working it, and within thirty seconds, she obviously came, but didn't squirt.
"That was with light, general pressure, just enough for Gwen to feel my did it feel, Gwen?"
"That felt wonderful, Teacher, simply wonderful" parroting the same words that Margot had used yesterday after the same act being worked upon her.

"Now, class, the first few seconds, I'm going to work the tips of my fingers around her G-spot tissue, in order to identify the boundaries of it, get a feel so to speak of how large it is, exactly where it's positioned within the top wall of her vagina, and observing how much she does or doesn't flinch or jump, and Gwen, it's important not not to be brave, don't hold back any responses to my touch you feel, just react normally, then put more firm pressure gradually over its wholeness, working my way from its perimeter to the, the exact center of a typical G-spot can be and usually is very sensitive to pressure, so don't put narrow, focused pressure directly in the middle of it, spread the pressure out more with your fingertips, but don't be afraid the apply very firm pressure, you'll need to in order to have your patient fully express a cyprinic ejaculation...any questions?...everyone understand?...okay..."

Although it was hard to see exactly what Doc was doing insider her cunttunnel, I could see him waggle his fingers a little, then press up, then more waggle, then press, then waggle, then press, then really press hard up while waggling harder, Gwen clutching the sheets and sucking air in hard with an "oh...Oh, OH MY GOD!!!", three full squirts of her G-spot come hitting Doc squarely in the face, he licking it off his lips. He then repeated it again, and Gwen squirted again, even more than the first, her legs trembling a little as her feet rested in the stirrups, then he did it again to her, and she just let go and saturated his chest with a continual but broken stream of squirts, she crying out for him to "please, Doctor, stop, STOP, it just feels TOO GOOD!"

Doc stopped and returned to his barstool behind the podium. We milled around for a moment, all asking Gwen if it had really been that good, did she really come that many times that hard, how did she feel now, did it hurt - she nodding her head "no" to that one, just shivering a tad and mumbling and trying to collect herself. Libby came over and felt her off some as we stood around, kissing her, sucking her nipples, rubbing her clit, like she was cooling down a horse after a wild ride. Lib told us to return to our seats, Gwen widdle-waddling a bit behind us a moment later.

"I'll bet someone, one of you doesn't believe still that female ejaculation is real...if you're a biologically-born woman, you have a G-spot, and any trained bodyworker, actually anyone who knows it's there, can express an ejaculation.....someone disagree with me?, class, I mean I want someone, especially woman student to disagree with me....Flo?....Margot?....come on, there's always one in every class...any lady student, who doesn't think I can make her ejaculate, I will bet $100 to a blowjob that I can...c'mon....$1,000?...TEN thousand?....Dear, go get your purse...", Mrs. Doc naked with us running out to go to their apartment at the end of the hall, returning promptly.

Doc fished her checkbook out, wrote a live check out to "cash" for $10,000.00, and walked down the row of our desks, showing it up close to each of us, with a "ten thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars, real greenbacks right now against a blowjob, that says I can make any woman express an ejaculation in under five minutes, even when she's doing her best not to come...takers?"
"You're on, Teacher" Surawan rose from her desk, picking up the glove.

Laying in the puddle of Gwen's come still on the exam table, Surry put her feet in the stirrups, and Doc assumed his sitting position on the stool at the foot of it. Surawan tried to de-focus and zone-out as best she could, but you can't fight physiology, and it was no contest. Doc made her come with no other foreplay within the first minute, her first cyprine stream arching up and wetting the top of his balding head. The second sent her squirming and bucking on the table while she wet him down like a baby pissing on you when you're changing it's diaper, and by the fifth one in five minutes, Surry began babbling incoherently. Doc sweetly patted her pussy as he got up, telling her "I'll collect my blowjob later, Dear", like he couldn't do what he wanted to her or any of us at anytime he wanted.

"That, ladies and gentleman, was a prime example of female ejaculatory response...working knowledge of this will be one of your core skills when working with women patients in polykinetic bodywork must master this skill, and master it perfectly, before you leave her this week, or you won't be allowed to graduate...fortunately, it's a relatively easy skill to learn, especially if you're female yourself, or are naturally empathetic to women like our gentlemen's at the core of our Therapeutic Bonding Ritual, which allows you to connect with a female patient on the most basic of all levels, allows a more fuller expression of trust and surrendering of will per our Principle Of Possession that you will employ with your, let me explain what you just witnessed has to do with the Bonding Ritual and the film you just saw".

Doc scooted his stool over to the overhead projector, flicked it on, and began, a cross-section view of an old '40 Ford pickup truck being projected behind him. "This is going to be interesting, even for Doc", I pondered.

"Women are like pick-up trucks; they're good for hauling things, and most men that own one develop special a attachment to them..." the class politely laughing ", seriously, female ejaculatory anatomy and response is more similar to that old truck that you might imagine..."

"...a naked female in front of you is like a parked truck waiting to be's sitting there, cold, but with potential...during the bonding ritual, what's the first thing you do?...correct, gently touch and massage the face first...good, I see you've been studying your manuals, good...massaging the face is the same as grasping the door handle and opening the driver's side door of the truck, you're asking permission, or more accurately, you're assuming possession of permission to enter that personal space up close, the truck's or the woman-patient's...."
"...when you pull them close to you as they sit on the exam table or bed, what is the mirror of that in this analogy?...very good again, sitting down in the truck, entering even further a deeply personal space..and when you massage a patient's back and breasts?....uh-hu, the truck opposite is fiddling with the steering wheel, the gear shift, doing things to get ready to take possession of the still-still object and do something with it..."

"...what about turning the key?...that's right, Flo, turning a woman-patient's key is when you play with her clitoris and rub her labia...I might as well give you students your certificates now and send you on back to where you came from, you already know this stuff as good as I do...but remember the analogy used in the film, don't think of a modern car where it starts when you turn the key all the way in, what did Farmer Brown do in the film to start his truck, something most of you have never done to start a vehicle before, or perhaps have never even seen?..."
"Push that starter-clutch-thing on the floor" I answered.

"Excellent, Eric, you win a free turn to avoid a male-male with Nick in class, just's properly called a 'starter', and the female equivalent in a therapeutic bodywork bonding ritual would be..." he continued, while using a felt-tip pen to point to and scribble a check-mark next to the starter in the truck cross-section diagram on the overhead projector.
"The G-spot"
"Right again...once a G-spot come has been expressed, the patient or truck is now ready to be driven to where you want to take, what about Farmer Brown driving down the road, what does that represent?..." silence "...anyone?...yes, Keiko?"
"Would that be the journey of the patient and yourself during your session that day with them, the time spent with them in therapy, where you're in control and in charge and taking them where they want to go but you're doing so by use of assumed control as in The Principle Of Possession, you're driving them down the road to their healing and recovery?"

"Perfect...perfect answer, win a free pass of not having to watch Eric and Nick do a guy-guy during class, just kidding guys...once the engine's turned on and you have possession, you take it where you want to go, where you know you're supposed to go with it, where your employer and referring psychiatrist has told you to drive it, and then you park it..."
"The 'cool-down' mini-ritual after the session with a patient?" Margot asked.
"Why don't you students come up here and I sit there and you teach me, you know this stuff better than I do..." we laughing with sincere appreciation.

"...and the parking of the truck, the turning of the key to the off-position and Farmer Brown exiting the truck, what do those acts represent?"
"The patient getting re-dressed, a friendly hug as they're getting ready to leave, and some verbal reassurances about things, some pleasant small-talk, and possibly a discussion of a future appointment with them" Surawan finished
"You folks don't need me...CLASS DISMISSED!...just kidding, take a fifteen minute break, bodywork lessons in what we just learned are next...Libby, the class is yours, see you bodywork geniuses tomorrow, bye..." Doc concluded as he and Mrs. Doc left the room to a smattering of sincere applause, I wondering if our NY-native proverbial Jewish (I assumed) psychiatrist might have a little North Carolina redneck in him, the way he used and seemed so fond of pickup trucks...nnahhhh, probably not.

We all headed for that one bottle of witch hazel, Hollis leaving to bring back shortly an entire case of twelve bottles of Dr. Highwood's Witch Hazel solution. There was as much sexual tension in the air that moment as there normally would be at a church picnic. Strange. Maybe not so strange. Not that we were becoming desensitised to sex, I don't think that was happening at all to any one of us, but I do think we were all starting to separate in our minds sex from making love, sex from love, therapeutic sex from recreational sex, etc.

Libby had Hollis and Jerry move the beds away to one side and the exam tables closer together. The huffed and puffed as they gruntworked the beds out of the way. Being a strong, handy male in a female-dominated profession such as nursing when I was younger is something I know a little something about. For the first time, I felt a little empathy, a little sympathy for them. The clock showed a little after ten. Already?

Courtney called Nick and I over to the buffet table at the back (front?) of the room. Doc walked past the door pattering down the hall past us but didn't even glance over. She gave us both a couple of white capsules, explaining that these were just a prescription version of No-Doze, and we needed to take them now, and, handing us a tall tumbler full of ice and cola, told us we needed to drink as much cola as possible while the lesson went on, that we would need the fluid replenishment later, later but sooner than later. Nick and I both gave each other a sick look, silently expressing "what the hell are they going to do to us now?" to each other. Courtney brought us a fresh 2-litre Pepsi each as we put our drinks at our places, milling up to Libby, Ferrum, and then Courtney who took her place on one of the exam tables, a " 'gather 'round" command being nicely barked by Libby.

"This drill should be obvious. We're going to teach you how to find G-spots, first on us, then on yourselves...again, with the odd ratio, you'll have to take turns with the three of us, and this will take some time, maybe not. Gwen, Keiko, Nick, Maddy, you're the first group with us...the rest of you, you can hang if you'd like, here, in your rooms, wherever, but stay on the floor so we can find you...even if we don't come find out if you don't want to stay and watch, stick you head back in in exactly one hour, okay?"

Nick and chugged our colas per instructions. What perverted things indeed did our betters have in mind for us this morning, I didn't know. Flo headed to the restrooms new maxipad in hand, and I walked fast up behind her. Taking a piss and changing her pad in front of me, it would have been bizarre to me except it seemed so comfortable after all that we had been through, we chitchatted some. I edged closed to her while she sat on the commode in the stall, she taking my cock in hand, asking "are you as sore as I was this morning?" while looking up at me with those doll-y eyes.
"I was, but the witch hazel helped a lot...I think I'm basically okay now..." I bent down to kiss her, she kissed back " told me yesterday you wanted some time alone with me this seems perfect...want some time alone, together, Flo?"
We walked arms-around-waist back to her room. Yesterday, I had done every possible sexual act to her. Today, I just wanted some closeness, some snuggles, but yes, some sex too. She fetched a bath towel from the bathroom, spreading it on the bed, dropping her panties on the floor. Somehow, her covered, Kotex-protected pussy seemed just as sexy or sexier than her bare, bleeding one. Mystery conquering knowledge. I didn't care.

I pulled her face to mine, and face-sucked her. Our kisses were passionate and genuine. She butterfly kissed my face with her long eyelashes. My buddy quickly rose erect. She rolled me on my back and eyelash-kissed my nipples. I audibly gulped. She straddled me, riding me. Sweet, non-lost innocence. My perfect 12, fucking me, my fashion model classmate and friend. She stretched out atop me and sucked on my earlobe. "If you were a girl..." she whispered "...I'd marry you in a second". She wasn't kidding. I knew she was bi or lesbian more than straight. I didn't matter to me. Her expression of her desire and affection for me was genuine, as evidenced by her without reservation fuck of me. Our fuck became a cradle of friendship. We spoonfucked, my chest to her back as we lay next to each other, the slurp-slurp-slop-slop of our menstrual fuck sounding like a pleasant babbling brook in the countryside, my hands cradling those petite breasts and gently working those spectacular nipples. We kissed some more. I knew half an hour or more had already passed. Might as well have one come each before heading back.

"How would you like me to make you come, Flo, my flowing Dear Friend?" making a joke she politely snickered at.
"However you want...after yesterday, you should know what hot buttons of mine to push..."
"I think I do, I think I do indeed".

We sixty-nined, she licking my cock clean of blood, her gift to me, my gift in return to her. I nudged to all fours, placing her hand on her pussy, telling her to "masturbate for me, Flo, give me a show, play with your cunt for me". She closed her eyes and got lost in herself. I didn't see a tube of KY anywhere, and none was in the nightstand drawer. I didn't want to break the mood. I fucked her pussy some more, and using her fluid as lubrication, entered her ass. My strokes were slow, I figured she was even more sore there from yesterday's fun that my cock had been, but I pushed in deep. She purred. I knew time was short. I held her butt firm in my grasp as we doggie-style, and I came bare-back inside her. She rolled me over and licked my cock clean again, fresh from her asshole. Damn. Then she kissed me with the same essence on her lips and tongue. I didn't taste a thing.

The clock stood at eleven-twenty when we got back to the classroom. Five minutes late. Gwen, Keiko, Nick, and Maddy looked like there were close to finishing up with Libby and them. Flo and I walked up to Surawan and Margot, who were sitting together at Margot's and mine desk, waiting their turn with the staff. "You two have fun?" Margot asked wryly, we humming a couple "uuuhhhhummmm"'s "Surry and I did, too". I kissed Margot and told her she was special. She kissed me and told me with laughter in her voice that I was a pussyhound. I couldn't argue with that. Libby barked at Nick and myself to keep drinking colas. Back to reality.

The instructionals on how to find and manipulate G-spots was pretty straightforward. It was simply a matter of getting used to the feel of them, so to speak. Libby's was the size of walnut, Ferrum's no bigger than pea, Courtney's somewhere in between. They coached us on how much pressure and rubbing to apply to achieve a non-expressed and then an expressed orgasm. They had to have come buckets each of cyprine come with the other students, they sipped their own colas as they coached us individually, but their come wells didn't seem to want to run dry. Libby's cyprine tasted like seawater, Ferrum's kind of like a watered-down milk, Courtney's had a plain but mild hazelnut aftertaste, I asked her why that was, she admitted she had no clue. Three cunts, three G-spots, three frigging sessions. At least my instructors seemed pleased with my ability to grasp, pardon the pun, their G-spots, how quickly and adroitly (I found that word in the thesaurus) I was able to express their cyprinic comes, despite being on the downward end of the rotation, after they were somewhat spent already. Ho-fucking-hum. I guess that's why they call therapeutic bodywork "clinical", because it soon becomes clinical, much like inserting catheters into or changing bedpans under female hospital patients, my clinical detachment coming early to me when I was an LPN.

I hadn't even thought about it for some reason, but it was twelve-thirty, and no bluecards for lunch had been passed out or collected yet. "Everyone, go put some clothes on as quickly as you can, and meet back here ASAP..." Libby spake "...we're taking everyone to lunch".

The hotel van drove us to some TGIFriday's-type restaurant just outside Roslyn. A waiter saw Libby, and escorted our group to a private dining area. "Anything you wan from the lunch menu, order, it's on the Institute".

Gwen and Margot and K. and I had gone out the other night to eat at the marina restaurant, but I don't think our four other classmates had seen anything other than the walls of the ninth floor since arriving. This place was nice. Filled with junky but funky antiques, artwork, having a nice view of a shopping mall behind it, but that was okay. The girls noticed the mall in the distance of the parking lot even before we sat down good. "We can shopping sometime this week, Teach, please???" they all begged Libby together, she kissing Flo, who was closest to her, with an "I'll see...probably, but let me see".

If you were to have walked slowly past our table, you couldn't have told that we were anything other than a group of friends and co-workers eating lunch together, because that's what we were. I saw they had 'skins, cheese-and-bacon fried potato skins, so I ordered six orders for the table (it wasn't my money, and I felt we had all earned some splurges, too) and two pitchers of beer for the table, and ordered my self a Texas-style beef barbecue sandwich. The sauce was a little plain, but it was good. Flo, Surawan, and Keiko all had just salads and diet drinks. Margot, Gwen, and Maddy ordered chicken sandwiches. Nick ordered a steak burger. We took our time, but knew we had more chores to do back at the ranch. Calling it, Libby paid the check with a credit card, and drug her brood back to their polykinetic nursery, we all thanking her on the way back for a change in scenery and some good food. It was now two on the dot. Another long day ahead of us, of course. We stripped in our rooms when we got back, and darted back to class.

"Oookeee, boys and girls, take your seats, now you should know what to expect, the rotation next is with each, for a as well as women have G-spots, but they are one heck of a lot easier to find and manipulate than women's G-spots are, just like men are..." our cuntfriends laughing but not Nick or myself "...anyway, it's important, very important for you to know how to feel for, find, and express a male's G-spot..."
"Oh shit, here it comes, I knew it!" I dreaded silently to myself.
"...women therapists with male patients especially need to be as comfortable and skilled manipulating a man's G-spot as a woman's, because it's a way of bringing a man quickly to erection if he has an erectile dysfunction, or bringing him quickly to climax if he has retarded ejaculation problems, or simply making him come quick if time is running short at session's end..."
"...we didn't include Jerry or Hollis in this earlier because of time restrictions, that, and the fact that men are such simple creatures, a moment or two of practice with Eric and Nick in your student rotation and you'll have the art of having a man literally at your beck and call mastered nothing flat..." Nick and myself both audibilizing a couple of sarcastic "yeah, right"'s.

"Nick, Eric, front and center!" our drill Libby drilled.
Putting on a glove from a box on the floor, she lubricated two fingers, and worked them up my ass as she and I and Nick stood before the girls, finding my prostate, massaging it for five seconds, my friend rising from his slumber.
"All I did was massage his prostate gland, the male G-spot if you will, through his anal wall, for five seconds, and see what happened after just those five seconds...I will now massage his prostate like how you just learned to massage each other's vaginal G-spots, and see what happens..."

She ran her latex'd fingertips around the backfacing perimeter of my prostate, then pressed hard over the entire surface, and I shot a line of white semen must have four or five feet directly onto Maddy's lovely blackskin, my forced come splattering all over her tits.

"See?...simple creatures, men are such simple creatures, compared with us women!" she laughed as the girls chorused her sniggles, I playfully sneering and growling at her for her wisecrack, she kissing me on the lips and cheek with a "we love you, Eric, we all love you, you and Nick both, don't we, ladies?...come on up, Jerry bring a couple of chairs over, everyone gets their turn to learn".

My cuntyclassmates had evil gleams in their eyes when they took their turns with Nick and myself, each getting a turn with each, as if doing some sort of payback for retribution for something or things I had done to them, but hey, I had been in the same boat they had been so far, doing what I was told to do. They'd express my prostate with one hand and catch my semen with the other, that, or use an open mouth as they wished. My legs got a little weak but not much. But I could see why Libby wanted us to drink plenty of colas earlier, I was losing literally a cups of fluid it felt like. After my sweetmates finished getting their lessons and their revenge at my expense over, Libby told me to sit down and do Nick, and then Nick do me, that we needed to learn where our male-equivalent G-spots were. I already knew where mine was, thank you. "Sorry, buddy" I sincerely apologized to Nick as my gloved hand rammed up his ass as sore as mine as he stood in front of me and I popped his cork on more time, his come just dribbling out now after six previous forced ejaculations.

"Okay, now that everyone's had their revenge..." polite laughter flittering "'s time to do each other, time to see and feel the differences in G-spots...first, Ferrum and Courtney and I will inventory each of you in the line on the exam tables, and then those students in the line to express you will describe exactly what they phsyically observe, how far inside the vaginal canal, where on the clock it is meaning at twelve or ten or two inside the vaginal barrel, and the approximate size of it, using walnut, pea, marble, etc. as rough size approximations...there's softdrinks beside the tables, drink plenty of fluid, you'll be losing plenty shortly".

Margot, Flo, and Maddy took their positions on the tables, their spread legs wide to lessons learning, as we began our studies, an instructor beside each table, watching us as we went down the line and found and felt and expressed ejaculations from each G-spot of our fellow classmates. Then Keiko, Surawan , and Gwen took their places. Keiko, surprising to me because she definitely had the smallest "vaginal barrel" of any of the ladies, had the biggest G-spot, larger than a black walnut, and she didn't just express a stream of come, it flooded from her cunt like an outside spigot turned on. Damn, that girl was something. "My" Margot, again surprising to me for some reason, had the smallest, no bigger than a pencil eraser, and it took me and everyone else, even Libby when she did her initial inventory of her, a while to find it at first, and it was at the one o'clock, almost two o'clock, position within her vagina, something Libby commented on as being unusual, but repeatedly tried to reassure Margot that it didn't matter, that she was fine physically, that just like breasts, all are different, which didn't seem to reassure Margot much at all.

But the absolute blue ribbon, had their been one to award, would have had to go to Maddy, who didn't just flood, she Noah'd. After the Libby got herself drenched to the wrist with her cyprine fluid while she inventoried Maddy and while Flo who was "doing" her got a look her face like she was going to be almost sick to her stomach after Maddy drenched her hand and arm so thoroughly, and my sweety-buddy Flo is very woman-oriented remember, Ferrum fetched and folded three hotel towels and place them under Maddy's butt as she lay on the table in the stirrups, but by the time the last person, me, got to her, she had completely saturated them to where they were literally dripping cyprine come on the floor, and with me, after eight previous plus G-spot comes, she didn't just open up a water spigot but cranked open a fire hydrant instead, a look of total peace and serenity becalming her face the entire time.

Libby kissed and hugged us all as she said "that's it for today, class!..." the clock on the wall showing just six-thirty p.m., a short day for us " lunch, some one or ones mentioned going shopping...who has enough energy left from today to go to the mall tonight, they're open until ten, we can eat at the food court first, and hit the stores..." six hands and six pairs of cuntstilts jumping up and down with a "me!, me! me!" going along with the gag, Nick and I rolling our eyes in mock disgust.
"By the way...Dr. and Mrs. Chaim have authorized each of you who wants to come along, to spend a hundred each of the Institute's money, you've done so well so far that he and Mrs. Chaim feel you've earned it...I know you all have your own money, but a hundred is a nice round number for some decent shoes...any takers?"

I whispered to Nick, asking if he wanted to go grab a steak and beer with me. He somewhat embarrassedly told me his employer had only given fifty dollars spending money for the week, had told him he wouldn't need any more than that. I told him mine had given me five hundred, I had two hundred and some left, and could get more tomorrow with a phone call, no problem, that tonight was on me. If the girls could have their hen party, then by God me and Nick could have our own rooster party.

I got the front desk to call us a cab. I handed the driver a twenty, and told him just to drive, to give us a tour of Roslyn. There wasn't much to see at night, but it was a nice little town, what we could see of it. Clean. Expensive, expensive houses. A Rolls Corniche, then a red Ferrari, then a Mercedes stretch limo passed us on one of the handful of four-lane roads, some boulevard. A long street edged near the Long Island Sound for a long ways. Nice.

On some back side street near the marina, a neon sign in front of cinderblock building with peeling paint beaconed with "Mom's". Below that was a non-lit, crudely hand-lettered sign that warned "enter at your own risk". I was hooked, I took the bait. I asked Nick if we could try it, and said sure, whatever, since I was buying. A guy in a pressed tuxedo greeted us inside the door, inside this place that looked like a biker's bar from the outside.

"Reservations?" the sissy maitre'd inquired.
"Uh-uh" I replied.
"Just two in your party?"
"Yeah, two." I scowled back, still maybe pissed about my and Nick's perhaps unintentional humiliation in front of our classmates. I admit it, I felt in a mean mood.
"Cuisine?...Italian, steaks, or seafood?"
I looked at Nick, and he shrugged his shoulder to say he didn't care, so I said "seafood".
"That will be one hundred dollars, cash, traveler's checks, or credit pay now, and it's carte blanche, we literally give you as much as you want, for as long as you want, all night long if you want."

I told that fool that I was in no mood for games, that if he ripped us off, I'd beat him until he was a greasy spot and then call the cops.
"Gentlemen, please...if you're not 100% satisfied with your meals, if you don't think it's the best meal you've ever had, we will cheerfully refund your money at the end of your, beer, or softdrinks?"

They gave us menus, but we didn't need them. Before we could sit down good, they brought two pitchers of Mick on draught and two iced mugs and just started shoveling the plates of food at us from the kitchen. Alaskan king crab, lobster tails, shrimp, clams, oysters, two thick grilled sword fish steaks apiece, flounder, sea bass strips, a sample of sushi balls that neither Nick or I wanted, breadsticks, calamaro, crab cakes, hot rolls from the oven, mahi-mahi steaks, more chilled mugs for more fresh draft beer, dolphin (the fish, not the mammal), haddock, lutefish, on and on, the plates being piled so high on our table that some rested over the edge of it. Never heard of let alone seen anything like it. Dove into everything like it was a food orgy instead of a sex one. I'd have to bring Margot and maybe K. and Gwen here, if it was fifty each. And everything cooked perfect. Damn perfect. After an hour and a half of sheer unabridged gourmand gorging, I couldn't eat another bite, but then they brought us a dessert tray with six homemade desserts to pick from, again, part of the up-front tab. Neither one of us could eat another bite.

In the spare seconds between bites, Nick and I tried to talk some. He told me he was going to work for Doc after completing the course, and at his "audition", much like the one I had, he had to fuck and suck and all Mrs. Doc. He laughed, and I laughed, at the thought of that scene. I told him more about the practice that Margot and I were going to be a part of. "Margot's a nice lady, Eric" Nick commented, "yes, she is" I cemented. For some reason I expressed apology at all the stuff Libby and them made me do to him, telling him I wasn't a homophobe but didn't care about having sex with men. He swatted his hand in a silent "passhawww!" motion, telling me not to sweat it, that it was part of the training because at least sometimes it'd be part of our jobs, no sweat as far as he was concerned.

Between the ten pounds of perfectly cooked seafood in my stomach and two pitchers of beer cushioning it, I couldn't hardly stand up to leave. Finding the gentleman maitre'd still at his post, I told him that was the grandest meal I had ever had, couldn't have conceived of such a total perfect meal package before tonight, and ended by saying it was worth every penny and more, stuffing two twenties in his hand for his and the waitstaff's tip, making sure I got a receipt for all. He called us another cab, and we drove straight back to the hotel, Nick dozing off while the cab chugged along Roslyn's pleasant lanes, he laying his head on my shoulder as he caught forty winks. I didn't mind.

Waving at the security guard as I got off the elevator at the ninth floor to head back to my room, Margot was already in bed under the covers, watching a pay-per-view movie. She said Gwen and Keiko were down the hall in another room, they had wanted some privacy, she didn't mind. I asked if she had bought anything on her shopping trip, and she said "yes".

She leaned over to the nightstand and pulled the drawer open, fetching a small, gift-wrapped box from it, handing it to me. I looked at her with bedroom eyes. "Thanks, Margot, my dearest friend" I cooed. Opening it, I found a long stainless-steel beaded chain with an engraved stainless steel dogtag strung on it. On one side, there was an engraved heart, with the names "Eric" and "Margot" engraved over it. On the the reverse, was the phrase in large scripted letters "Pals Forever". I could have cried. I feel to the bed kissing her, telling her how perfect a gift it was. "I bought an identical one for me, too, Eric, Dear, My Pal..." she cooed back as she fished it from under her pillow, showing me. She draped mine over my head, and I hers. We just lay together for half an hour or more, just holding each other, lightly kissing, smooching, being close.

"Wanna have some sex, my pal?" I asked her with polite intent.
"Not really, not don't mind, do you?"
"Of course I don't mind, Margot my love, my pal...wanna just fall asleep in each other's arms?"
"Yeah, that would nice".
"Let me go to the bathroom and let some of this beer I drank tonight out and take my damn pill and I'll be right back".

We snuggled naked together, she facing me, holding each other, like two puppy dogs of the same litter sleeping next to each other. I reached to the nightstand to cut off the light. The room became visually quiet. The room was audibly quiet, save for my Pal Margot's peaceful snoring, which sounded like an angel speaking of love to me. For one perfect moment, the world was at peace. I was at peace.

The Body Worker

Day 4: Swimming The Amazon, A.M.

The phone woke me up from a deep slumbering dream again. Another weird dream again last night. Why on earth would I want to apologize to Alice Cooper for thinking he's gay all these years, just on the basis of his name? I reached for the phone and found my Margot in the way. Must have some switched places during the night. Leaning up, the clock's redlit numbers said "6:31". Couldn't be a damn wake-up call, not this early, and a staff member had been waking us up lately, anyway. A felt a hand and arm lazily touch my back. Keiki was laying next me on my backside, Gwen beside her. They obviously had come back to our room to be with us after their time alone together last night, but I was obviously too relaxed from that incredible meal and all the beer to have woken up to notice. Margot finally awoke enough for semi-consciousness, thrashing her arm around to find the phone.

From the sound of it, it must have been Kim. Damn her calling this early. But she, or was it Carol or Jean, said they were going to call during the week and check up on us, see how we were doing. From Margot's side of the conversation what I could hear of it, it sounded like Kim was asking her about the school, the training, if she had any problems or reservations about any of the exercises, etc., Marggie assuring her many times "no, everything's fine, I love my classmates, the instructors are nice, Dr. Chaim's a card and a half, yes, I'm learning a lot, most of the exercises are fun though my butthole is a little, you want to talk to Eric?...he's here, just a second" as she got up to go the bathroom, handing me the phone, me rolling closer to the nightstand.

"Everything going well, Eric?..." Kim began.
"Yes, very well, I'll amen pretty much what Margot said about the school and our classmates and funny old Doc and all..."
"...I understand you've had some problems with your male-male exercises with Nick, isn't that correct, that, and some exercises where you had to let the class use your anus for demonstration purposes?..." she scolded with harmless intent.
"I wouldn't say're right, I didn't like my anus manually probed and my prostate massage by everyone, but I knew it was part of the training, and I tried to be a trooper and go along with the far as Nick and me, we've become buds, and last night when he and I had dinner together, we came to an understanding, the same conclusion that we're just going to stop sweating it and maybe even try to relax and enjoy it when he and I have to do stuff to each other, we have done everything asked of us so far, we haven't flinched or protested..."
"I know you haven't, Eric, and I didn't mean to fuss at you, I'm just expressing concern, that's all...getting tired of having sex with all those beautiful women yet, hehehhehe?...she joked only half-seriously.
"Actually...actually...let's just say that my definitions about what is sex and what's it for and sex and love and romance and clinical sex are being defined and re-defined even now...but, no, the sex part of it has been great, if tiring...Kim, you know the first day of bodywork training, my hard-on stayed up for more or less fourteen hours straight without a break hardly?..." Kim laughing a supportive laugh "...shocked the shit out of me, Boss..."

"...yes, Boss...yes, Kim?..."
"...anything I can to help you on your end?..."
"....uh...uhhhhh....yes, there is, if you can...don't ask me how, but I forgot that my rent is due this Friday...could you advanced me some money, it's $600, and have Mariva take the money by the office at my apartment complex for me?...I'd appreciate it a ton, if you can, if you will..."
"...sure, and I'll make sure she gets a receipt for you...anything else?..."
"Well, yes, there is...that $500 cash advance for expenses is pretty much gone..."
"...taking Margot and classmates out to eat some?"
"...uh, uh, yeah, I hope you donn't mind..."
", I don't mind, that's what we gave it to you for, spend it, enjoy it, just don't go crazy with it, and save your receipts..."
"...I have been..."
"...I'll call and tell Dr. Chaim to let you have as much as a thousand cash, that should be enough for the rest of the week, he'll make the arrangements, ask him about it later, no problem...well, have a good rest of the week, myself or one of us might call you and Margot later in the week...later..." the phone going dead.

I was taking my shit when Margot came out of the shower. She kissed me, and I reached for her boobs. We smiled at each other while we kissed. Then, her lips curled and her face scrunched up, with a "Eric, flush that thing!...and if you want a blowjob or something else later, wash that thing above that thing, too!", I playfully slapping her ass as she turned to head back to the bedroom.

It was just a little past seven. We snuggled back on the bed together and watched some local news on the tv. As I sat resting against the headboard, she sat with her back to my chest. My hands lightly groped her nice globes. Like this, our differences in height, she at 4'11" and me at 6'3", were inconsequential. Gwen and Keiho lay next to us, totally out of it, the drone of the tv not rousing them. Courtney came in to wake us, and saw that we were already up. She noticed K. and Gwen zoned out. Whispering something to Margot, they rolled over them, pried their legs open, and woke them up to the sweet sound and feel of having their cunts sucked. Gwen commented that that was the nicest wake-up call she's every had. The old part of me wanted an orgy to start right then, to have myself a good ol' rocking time with me and four beautiful women, especially if Courtney would join in. The newly emerging part of me remembered that we all had already done every conceivable sexual thing to each other, so what would be the point? The middle of me wanted some intimacy more than sex, but sex with some intimacy.

"Courtney...I was going to suggest that we all have some intimate fun...maybe a daisy chain?...girls?...would you like to join us, as our friend, not our instructor?...ladies?"

Gwen and Keiko quickly did their bathroom things and joined us back on the bed. My mouth was firmly on Courtney's cunt. Just like Keiko's 3mm pussy drew me to her for that reason and more, Courtney's large and somewhat flappy but shapely and pretty cuntlips drew me to her for that reason, too. When I was in the active role with her during an instructional rotation the other day, I just sucked and licked those wonderful lips, coming from eating her, but didn't have a whole lot of time to continue. Now, Courtney's Breakfast cunt was on my plate, and I was eating the hell out of it. Keiko was giving me a true puffy-cheek blow-job, while Margot was eating her and Gwen was oralling Margot, the circle being complete by Courtney lipsmacking Margot's cunt as I continued my impassioned cuntslurp of Courtney. Fingers worked G-spots softly, no one wanted to break the gentle and pleasant easy mood of the circle, but within the slow crawl of the pace of the circle, enough cyprine leaked to where the bed began to reek of four very distinctive feminine smells and it felt like we all were resting atop a damp towel at the beach. Oh, well, it was a hotel, and that's what maids are for. Courtney, having the best view of the clock on the nightstand, mentioned it was already a quarter 'till, that she had enjoyed it, but class started soon. We all picked up our pace, I gave Court-ly a harder G-spot massage and she gloshed my face within seconds, the other ladies doing the same to their respective partners, legs trembling, breaths being sucked deep, "aahhhhssss" and "ooohhhsss" being chorused while ejaculations were "expressed" as Doc would say. Keiko swallowed my load like it was her morning vitamins, sweet girl she is. Courtney kissed us all, said she'd see us in a bit, arising from the bed, heading out first. If this impromptu, brief and sweet interlude was a busman's holiday for all of us, then yes, I wanted to finish my bus driver's course.

Doc and Mrs. C. were already in the room when we four pusskeeters completed our fifteen-second, thirty-pace or so commute, the traffic in the hallway being clear, not any other naked soulcontainers bumper-to-bumper. After seeing their wrinkled, saggy flesh all week, Doc's and Mz. Doc being naked in front of me didn't phase me now, it was like they were wearing flesh business suits. Hollis and Jerry, the grunts of Doc's instructional corp, were rolling cardboard cases of stuff into a bathroom. Strange, but little made me wonder too long any longer. Nick and Surry came in shortly behind us, Maddy and Flo a moment later. Flo was wearing red panties this morning with lace trim, something like a Victoria's Secret-type. Being served and self-serving ourselves from the usual breakfast bar, each morning I still couldn't help but admire the servers behind the tablespread for being totally unphased by all the routine nudity and oftentimes extreme sex they were witness to, Nick and I dragged the cafe table around to be close to each other, making more of a larger roundtable than a cluster of smaller ones, though not quite because of circles against circles of course. Doc rapped his knuckles on the podium at the back of the room, calling us to order, telling us it was going to be a long, long day, and we had five minutes to finish eating. The female half of our teacher corp sprinted in about then, Libby noticing the new friendship dogtags that Margot and I were wearing, harmlessly fussing at us for doing so but taking them from around our necks, with a "you know the rules, no loose or sharp-edged jewelry, nonono", I protesting, having never heard about such a rule.

Sitting down at our usual spots, we all noticed bluepaper dinner cards and dinner menus from the hotel's restaurant as well as our usual lunch-request cards. Doc cleared his throat and began his spiel.

"Good morning, class...we have an absolutely full day ahead of us, so first things first, please go ahead and fill out both meal-request cards...if it looks like our day will go past seven or eight-ish, we'll call down at five and have dinner brought up..."
Unanimous collective groan from the group.
" and tomorrow, day four and five of this nine-day course, are typically our 'hump' day, or our 'crisis day', if you, we are not going to bring in donkeys or dogs to train you with..." nervous group laughter of only slight disbelief " and tomorrow are the last full days of your sexual cultural r-e-conditioning...since no one thankfully left us on that first day, today and tomorrow, I assure you, will shake any weak links this class's chain...but..."
"...but, and this is important...always keep in mind your freewill, you can leave at anytime, and no harm done...and if one of your classmates draws a line, do not think that is a sign of weakness, because knowing one's self and one's boundaries is always a sign of strength..."

Doc took a deep breath, stared at Flo's tits for a moment, she sitting directly in front of him, and was silent. We sat, would have sat all day since that was our job, silently, patiently, waiting for him to direct our next lesson. He cocked his head to one side, clasping his hands as if in prayer for a moment, and still stood quiet behind the podium. Walking over to Mrs. Doc who was sitting in her usual set beside his and behind the dais, whispered somethings back and forth for a couple of minutes, then returned to the lectern. I had never seen Doc at a loss for words, or for organization. I had never seen him be the first bit indecisive, but he was now. I wondered if he had this course lesson-planned out each day, or if he just wung it.

"Yesterday, there were apparently a couple of small gaffes in your instructional flow, which we need to address, you didn't know about them, and they weren't anyone's fault they were accidentally left out, but mine..."
"First, about the Bonding Ritual with males as opposed to females...that wasn't covered yesterday, and it should have been..."
Libby flicked on the overhead projector, and a transparency of the page on "Polykinetic Bonding Ritual With Male Patients" shown on the screen behind.
"Raise your hands if you've read and remember this page from your manual..." all our hands climbing skywards "...good...Keiko, can you tell the class why the male patient bonding ritual is different from the female one?..."
"Because men are different from women?"
"Yes, that's it in a nutshell, but as the book explains, let me elaborate..."

"Unless a woman patient has the severist form of vaginismus, and that's one thing we'll be exploring today or tomorrow, she can be ejaculated to expression, in order for the bodyworker to assume principled possession of her...this enhances, not detracts, from whatever treatment is prescribed by the referring psychiatrist..."
"...but with men, what happens?...and consider the patient population...and consider the typical, average male patient...even a bodywork situation, the average male can achieve one orgasm at most, maybe two after a recovery phase of many minutes that you typically don't have in a therapy situation, not being able to have hundreds like women can with no ill effects to herself..."
", you have to be very judicious with your use of that male patient's one shot at orgasm, you must place that orgasm, if the prescription calls for him having one during therapy, precisely within the timeline that his polykinetic therapy demands...that is why after beginning like usual, the facial massage, the chest touching and massage, etc., that is why, after he's on the table and you inspect his genitalia for abrasions, lesions, and other trouble signs, that you don't express him then, referring to the prescriptive treatment that his doctor, your employer has written for him...any questions?...I didn't think there would be, I'm just covering what should have been..." he said with slight irritation in his voice.

", concerning use of the Bonding Ritual with pre-pubescent girls, who can tell me why we don't express them after the initial security-blanket touching?...right, Maddy, because their physical genitalia, their vaginal cavities especially and their G-spot gland also, doesn't begin to fully developed until after menarche...but it's important for her to bond with the bodyworker, which is why if she's pre-menarche that we manually stimulate her as best we can and normally, unless prescribed otherwise, use oral on her, too...yes, Flo, what is it?..."
"Dr. Chaim, where is that dividing line between when a young girl isn't ready to be ejaculated and when she is?"
"Good question, Flo, excellent question...the rule of thumb is, and this is very loose and open, after she's had six periods, six months after her first period, that's when, as far as our research shows, that her G-spot gland begins to mature...there is no hard and fast rule, and some young girls pre-menarche do have fully developed G-spots and can be expressed at very early ages, but that's the exception, not the rule...after you've been a bodywork therapist for a while, you'll develop a feel for when a girl is or isn't ready for expression, when she can or can't..."

"...and while we are talking about working with our younger patients, can some one tell me why, if we don't express post-pubescent males in the Bonding Ritual, that we do establish bonding contact, again unless specifically prescribed to avoid doing so, with pre-adolescent male with the same adjusted ritual used with young women patients, that being manual then oral?...
"Because young boys typically have a quicker refractory time of recovery if they do accidentally orgasm by the bonding's touching or oral, and if they do, their total orgasmic capacity, being somewhat infantile and juvenile, is also a lot greater?...oh, and, their prostate is not fully as functional, either?" Gwen answered.
"Very good, Gwen...this is one of my best classes ever...I mean that, all are motivated and dedicated, and very serious about your new career choice...don't forget that..."

Doc called Flo up to the front, Jerry moving the podium out of the way, Doc motioning for us to stand up and gather around the one of the four exam tables.

"Another item accidentally left off the curriculum yesterday was expressing a patient's ejaculation while she is wearing a tampon...I commend you all for getting over whatever minor or major menstrual aversement you had before this course, Libby reported to me that not a single one of you students even hesitated for a second when working with Florence...anyway...yes, Nick?..."
"Excuse me, Teacher, but why would you want to express a patient who's wearing a tampon?...why not just take it out and do so?"
"...another good question, thank you, Nicolas...Nick, you and other may have not read that deeply into The Manual with what we will be doing shortly, when women patients come to you, they come with a wide variety of societal, cultural, and familial influences...even though they are there for therapeutic polykinetic bodywork, in close physical and sexual contact with you, the therapist, many of them will be bringing a lot of cultural taboos as well, regarding menstrual sex, anal sex, oral sex, etc.,...if expressing a patient while wearing a tampon is needed, if it's needed because she's seeing you to overcome a menstrual aversion of her own let's say, then that will be in the are-exxx, if it's not there, then simply remove it, and express her as you normally would...this leads in to what wasn't covered yesterday, that you all should have expressed Flo while she was wearing a tampon, just to experience it and learn from it, so let's do it now...yes, Nick?.."
"Pardon me again, Teacher, but is there enough room inside Flo or any other vagina to do that?" Nick asked honestly but somewhat dorkily, some of our ladyclassmates flitteringly laughing at his question under their collective breaths.

"No, don't snicker, that's an honest question, Nick's not a woman, I don't think, are you Nick?, no, I didn't think so...Nick, every woman's vagina is designed to stretch to ten centimeters in order to give birth...ten centimeters, that's about as thick as your wrist, Nick...yes, don't feel shamed by the laughter of your classmates...a vagina can accommodate a baby passing through, so yes, it can accommodate a tampon and two fingers".

Courtney brought a couple of boxes of Super Playtex and a couple more boxes of applicator-less Super OB's.
"Flo..." Doc turning to her "...please insert one of the applicator tampons, and climb on to the table".
Flo dropped her panties and threw to the back wall, walked over to the exam chair, propped up one leg, and pushed one in, the applicator tossed in the trash, she climbing up to a now-familiar stance in the stirrups.

"Okay, don't express her at all but very easy, don't if you don't have to, just do a feel for her G-spot like yesterday, feel how to work over and around her tampon, we lining up for one of our usual rotations. It didn't understand what the deal was. It was in there, but wasn't in the way, not much.

"In your clinical setting, when a patient comes in wearing a sanitary napkin, she always leaves with a clean one on, which you, not she, puts in her panties, as a sign of your professionalism. When she comes in with a tampon, if you need unrestricted access to her vagina for her clinical bodywork treatment and it needs to be remove, then she also leaves obviously with a new one, which you also insert. Ladies, don't assume because you've used them yourselves you know to use them with other women. Time for another lesson."

Doc pulled her tampon out, tossed it in a can at his feet, and opened the applicator-less pack of OB's.
"If she's on the table when you need to insert one, don't bother with the applicator one, use an applicator-less one or remove one from it's applicator barrel...everyone do a rotation, removing the one there, inserting a new in her..." we all complying ", Nick, Eric, did you see how it didn't go straight up, how Flo's and every woman's vagina is angled to the small of her back?...that's where you have to 'aim' it so to a clinical setting, after a session of bodywork activity where you've had vaginal sex while your patient is on her period, she'll normally retire to the bathroom in your office to clean up before finishing dressing, and of course your bathroom will have an assortment of feminine hygiene products for her to use...however...
"...since The Manual's protocols call for a woman patient not to return to the exam table and be put back in the stirrups after the session is through for any reason except to check for possible genital or anal injury, you need to be comfortable inserting an applicator one when she's in a standing or a sitting position...Nick, Eric, you'll do Libby and Ferrum...the rest of you, practice on each other..." as Libby and Ferrum opened new boxes.

Ho-fucking-hum. Libby and Ferrum said I got it right the very first try in both positions. I reminded them that I had been an LPN, and had done similar things before. Poor ol' buddy Nick, though, bent or broke all in a box and piece before finally getting the hang of it, Libby noticeably yelling "oowwwwww!!!" when he tried on one his first tries, must have pushed it in her clit very hard accidentally.

Things got quiet as we all finished up, everyone just milled around Doc, waiting for what ever was next.
"I need a volunteer to show Nick mainly but rest of the class, too, something..." Doc mentioned.
"I'll volunteer!" Gwen enthusiastically offered.
"Thank you, Gwen, but you've volunteered a lot...who hasn't volunteered for something?...come to think of it, I think almost everyone has, except..."
"Okkkaayyyy, Teacher, I'll 'volunteer'" Keiko murmured.
"...up on the table, then...Gwen, I know you two are an 'item', so you're at the head, I want you to kiss Keiko with all the passion you can muster...Flo, I want you to suck her left breast, Surawan, you suck her right one...and no one stop at all until told to do so...Libby, you know what to do next..."

As the girls up top worked to get Keiko relaxed, Libby, Libby The Pro, gave her the very best head she could, I could tell, expressed a couple of ejaculations from her, then went back to giving her more head, concentrating on her clit. Lubricating her entire right hand, she started working one, then two, then three fingers inside K. as she lay on the exam table. Ferrum urged the rest of us to gather as close as possible around Libby. Then Libby slipped the rest of her hand inside Keiko The Oriental Doll, her thumb disappearing, then part of her wrist, and then her wrist bone spelunked into the darkness as she worked her entire hand and wrist past her wristbone past her vaginal opening. Gwen and K. were kissing the most passionate lesbian kiss I had ever seen in my life, not that I had seen many before this past week. Ferrum took Nick's hand and put it on Libby's wrist as she slid it in and out Keiko. I knew of course intellectually this was possible, but I had never seen a fisting in real life before, and I was captivated. It captivated me even more than this was Keiko Of The Broomstraw Vaginal Barrel Diameter Pussy. Libby started backing her wrist and hand out, letting Keiko's pussy reflex slowly back to its original tightness, tell the team working on her tits and mouth to "ease off some, let's let her cool off slowly, a bit at a time". Five minutes later, Keiko was wearing a cheshire-cat grin, and Doc was calling us back to attention, telling us to head to the communal bathroom on the left, what would normally be the men's bathroom in a "regular" use of the classroom.

The cardboard boxes were stacked 4-5 feet high against the far wall of the bathroom. Summer's Eve vinegar and water douches, and Fleet enemas. Oh she-it, literally.

"Class, just like it's important to recognize and respect the cultural conditioning of your patients regarding menstrual hygiene practices, it's equally so for douching and enema you all know, douching in virtually all cases is not only undeeded most times, but actually can be detrimental to vaginal health...but, to properly put your patient in a more comfortable state, you need to recognize their sensibilities and douche either them or yourselves if their preferences call for it, just as you might need to give yourself an enema if a client is squeamish about penetrating your un-enema'd anal cavity...standard rotation class, each instructor will enema and douche you to demonstrate how it's properly done, then you'll douche and enema each instructor, then everyone gives themselves an enema and a douche, yes except you two non-women, in front of the staff, then rotate to your classmates, giving and receiving both from all...there's several containers of carbolated Vaseline on the vanity to make the enemas may now begin".

I admit it, I never have liked anything up my ass. I know I had a pained expression on my face, but I couldn't help it. It just seems like most women take nozzles up all their orifices easier and with less dread than most men. Must be our cultural conditioning as men. I didn't care. I gritted my teeth, and took it, them, all. At least Jerry and Hollis had disappeared somewhere, I didn't have to do or be done by them. The free-standing open-top trashcan next to vanity filled to overflowing with empty squeeze bottles by the time it was over, a stack of empty cardboard boxes beside it.

I told Libby that I was a little weak-kneed from it all, and asked if I could take a short break before continuing, she replying "sure".
"Class...take a ten minute break" she overheaded to all in the bathroom.

Heading to the buffet table for another glass of Coke and a bagel with creamcheese, I had grown to like New York bagels the past couple of days, I noticed the desks had been moved once more, the mats were back on the floor, and what looked like large cloth shopping bags and duffel-type gymbags were around the edge of the mats.

Calling us over, Doc began a new lecture.
"Class, you've earned your wings...more accurately, you've earned your equipment bags...just like an emm-dee takes his or her little black bag everywhere with them, you'll take your equipment bag with you everywhere also...feel proud,'ve made it this far, you've made it, you've earned the right to these bags, feel proud...each of your bags is personalized with your name embroidered on it, please find it...Libby, the class is yours".

All the bags were of luggage-quality, not cheap material or construction, something like you'd order from 'Bean or 'Bauer. "Eric" was stitched on my gymduffle in fancy but not too-feminine script letters. I opened it to find a large, loose collection of sex toys, condoms, tampons and napkins, lubricants, an extension cord, a flashlight, some lengths of rope, one of those mirror head-band things like you see doctors wear in their offices, one enema, two douches, baggies of some other stuff, and daybook appointment book.
"Welcome, the February Class Of 1997..." Libby proudly announced " the profession of professional polykinetic Dr. Chaim said, you've earned your, let us examine each and every item in your bags...Eric, can I borrow yours to demo?"

She dumped the contents of my bag in the middle of the matpile, asking for a volunteer, trusty Gwen speaking first. Arranging everything so we all could see exactly what was in my bag, she began her practiced litany.
"Every one of your bags has the exact same contents...yes, Maddy?"
"Libby, why did we women get these open-top shopping bags and the guys get gymbags?...I'd rather have a gymbag" she complained.
"I honestly don't know, Maddy, Dr. Chaim orders these himself, and it's what he's always the way, your shopping bags have heavy-duty snaps on the inside top, so you can keep prying eyes in public from seeing what's inside...thank you for asking, Maddy...let us proceed..."

"...I'll eye-dee all items first, and those items that I know some of you aren't familiar with, I'll demo...condoms...five different brand boxes, two boxes of plain Trojans, we've found Trojans are the best overall to protect your health in bodywork situations, a box of different colored condoms, some flavored ones, a box of ribbed Trojans...lubricants...water-based KY for use with condoms, oil-based mineral oil for anal lubrication but remember it destroys latex, water-based 'Probe' which reactivates with saliva or water, it's better than KY in extended contact situations, strawberry-flavored water-based edible gel, and a small container of carbolated vaseline...feminine hygiene pack each Always maxipads, Stayfree minipads, Always pantiliners, Playtex tampons in super, regular, and light, one pack Playtex slim-fits, one pack Tampax Juniors, one 'Chux' disposable 3'x3' pad which you can put under a client's butt to catch fluids and messes and which is disposable, one enema, two unflavored vinegar-and-water douches, one tube OTC storebrand feminine itching cream, one pack of disposable razors and one can of Foamy shaving gel and one pair facial hair scissors for trimming excessive pubic hair, and one roll of 2" wide medical tape, should you encounter a situation where you need to attach a maxipad to the client's pudendal area without her using a pair of panties to hold it in place....nine disposable plastic speculums, three each in small, medium, and large...."

"...ahhhh, uh, yes Nick, what is it?..."
"Libby, why do speculums come in different sizes, since all vaginas open up the same way?" he asked to somewhat impolite snickers from the girls.
", girls, don't laugh at Nick, he's a guy, and that's a good question, he's asking because he doesn't know...that because each woman's vagina, Nick, has natural barrel diameter opening in it's relaxed or normal state, and during her life, that opening size changes...when she's eight, it's as tight as your asshole (snickers)...when she's eighteen and sexually active and having grown some, it can usually can open up to any size cock or even small fist...and when she's thirty or forty-eight and has vaginally delivered children, you might observe she can take a full-sized fist....understand now, okay, Nick?, thanks for asking, you weren't the only one thinking that, back to our show-and-tell..."

" non-penetrating vibrator device...a Hitachi 'Magic Wand', any other brand doesn't last but 100 hours or less, these will last ten or twenty times that, ten-foot-long extension cord for same...penetrating vibrator 8"x2", one 6"x1/1/4, one 6"x3/4", one 4"x1/2", extra batteries for all...non-vibrating penetrative 8"x2" silicone rubber dildo, one 6"x1" of same material, one 7"x2" lucite dildo with balls-base, one Texax-Two-Strap dildo harness, one specially made 7"X1/1/2" silicone rubber dildo for same...appointment book, just a gift from us, it's also personalized...flashlight, and doctor's reflector mirror with headband...two boxes in your correct hand size latex exam ziploc bag full of assorted flavored and non-flavored dental dams, one dental dam belt for same...what else, let's see...velcro bondage cuffs for wrists and ankles, six eight-foot long lengths of 3/4" rope for same, one blindfold, one ballgag, one pair large nipple clamps, one pair small, one small leather slapper paddle, one eighteen-inch single whip, one ping-pong paddle, ten lengths of half-inch rope ten feet 'emergency' capsule pill which I'll explain more about in a handbook of emergency first-aid camping-type quart water bottle, one small bottle witch hazel solution, one small pack of 4"x4" sterile gauze pads, one bottle boric-acid solution for use an emergency eyewash, one non-permanent thick black magic marker, two each hotel washcloths and bathtowels, and inventory sheet listing everything here..."

"...using your regular pair-partner, use them to try each specifically sexual item on you that you may or may not be specifically familiar with...yes, Flo?"
"Libby, what about that 'emergency pill'?"
"Oh, thanks for reminding me...don't open it's sealed packet, please...since most of you will be in practice in settings where you'll be alone with clients, mostly in apartments or such where you will be seeing them, and when you do 'outcalls' from time to time, and more on that later, you need a way of escaping from a situation where a client totally freaks out on you and puts you in, we've never documented a single case of this actually happening, but you can't be too careful...this pill contains a very powerful, operating-room grade anesthetic...simply touching it with bare flesh, it begins to absorb through the skin immediately, and within sixty seconds, unconsciousness happens, but unless the patient is weak with a heart condition or similar, it'll just knock them out for twelve hours or so, it won't kill them...of course, if you break its protective covering and touch it yourself with barehands to press it to a client gone berserk, it'll knock you out too, but that's better than being, well, in deep trouble, and you can also break it without touching it to drop it in food or water...any questions?

All of us, in our nakedness, all of a sudden felt even more naked if that was possible. The gravity of what she had just said hit us like a ton of bricks. My LMT practice had been in a safe, busy doctor's office. Now I and Margot would be by ourselves with strangers on a daily basis, basically having vulnerable sex with them, ourselves being the vulnerable ones. It never occured to me that Carol and them would send us a patient that could freak on us and pull a gun and shoot us, but common sense said that even while thoroughly analyzed by them first, they couldn't predict a highly improbable, nearly impossible random act of violence. It occurred to me then. I shivered a nervous shiver. Others did too.

"Okay, class..." Lib continued "...we'll skip instructions for the stuff I know you know how to use, show-and-tell time for the items I know most of you haven't seen before....Fer-rrrr-ummmm, c'mere..." Ferrum sauntering over and sitting down next to Lib in the center of the mats "...first is the concentrating light doctor's headmirror..this serves two, actually three, practical purposes...Ferrum, please lean back and show me your pussy..."

Ferrum leaned back on her elbows, Lib fetching a couple of pillows to shove under her butt, put my mirror'd headband on, and leaned down.
"This actually concentrates all the room light that hits it to a point the size of the eye opening at a distance of eight inches from it...this way, you can examine closely for lesions and tears better if the room is dimly lit...most of the time you won't need it, but keep it out where clients can see it, it seems to reassure some of them for some reason, that the second benefit...and third, it also magnifys reflectively, so when you hold it away from something you want to examine, it magnifys it larger somewhat so you can see it better...everyone please get your's out and try it like it I did with Ferrum, look at her cunt with and without it on, position it over whichever eye you normally don't close when you squint".

I couldn't tell much difference with or without it, I didn't see any additional light hit her clit. Needed to practice.
"Now, the dental dams...these are for use when you want a flat latex protective barrier between your tongue and a client's vagina, that's what they're mostly used for, and you can use them to cover anuses for the same reason...all your clients will be thoroughly screened for diseases, and most oral in most bodywork situations is flesh-to-flesh, but just as almost all penis-vagina-anus contact will be protected sex, it will totally up to you if you want to use dental dams, or not...Fer, put Eric's on, and open up and wear a dental dam, maybe a cherry flavored one...everyone, take a taste..." tasted like latex to me "...everyone is to practice putting their dental dam belts and using dental dams in a moment...but first, the B&D stuff..."

"We'll get into BDSM briefly later this week, and this equipment is just a starter set of stuff...Ferrum, rise..."
Libby showed us how to use the ankle and wrist cuffs, how to adjust the ballgag and blindfold, how to apply the nipple clips without doing damage but causing wished-for pain, and gave a whack each with the smacking-stuff.
"...when you practice on each other in a moment, at least try the cuffs, blindfold, gag, and nipple clips on each other to see what it's like, but dont' waste a lot of time on it, this'll come later..."
"" long, long pause "...the dildos...each of you will try each on your oral, vaginal and anal orifices, and then on each other, and yes, Eric, Nick, that means your partner will use each of these on your anus', just as you'll use yours on's critical that you know what they feel like, so you can use them better on your patients...sorry..."

Nick literally threw up a tiny bit of what breakfast was left in his stomach, causing Libby to get wide eyes, and I snapped. Yes, I frigging snapped. I yelled to Libby at the top of my lungs "I FUCKING QUIT!!!!", and stormed back to my room, Margot walking fast next to me, begging me to reconsider. No way on God's green earth was going to be fucked in the ass, even with Margot doing it to me, by that cock twice as big as any normal man's, or even a normal-size dildo. Screw it. I didn't need this shit. I found my suitcases and started packing my shit up. Doc came into to my room and told me to follow him back to his apartment. I ignored the sloppy, ugly old naked sonofabitch. He whispered in my ear that he'd up the ante as much as needed, he didn't say how, unless and until I heard him out.

I followed him back down the hall to his apartment at the end of it, which was actually a lavish suite. Nothing but expensive antique furniture. What looked like an original Piccaso on his living room wall, as I followed behind him to his study, Mrs. Doc actually knitting while sitting on the living room couch, quite naked.
"That was a very childish display of immaturity, Eric..."
"I know...and I'm, I'm just hit me wrong, that's all...but my decision is made, I'm quitting, I won't be anally raped, period..."
" that you were told to do, subject yourself to anal rape, Eric?..."
"...well, not, not exactly..."
"...not exactly is damn right, not effffen close..." his accent creeping out as he spoke " were told that you and Margot had to personally experience use of those sex toys, so you would know how they felt on you, so you would know how a client would fwwweelllll when you used them on them in therapeutic situations...Eric, you like Margwwwooo, and she likes you, you're going to be practice-partners when you get home for goodness''d never hurt her, and she'd never hurt you...why do you tinnkkk we didn't want you to do a round with the staff first?...because we knew it would be difficult if not a bit traumatic, and I designed it would be with the partner you trusted're a coward, you know that, Eric?..."

Now I WAS MAD!!! Rather than hit the old SOB and kill him, I stood up to leave, but the crazy coot pushed me back down, with a " listen to me, Mr. Eric Woods!!!..."
"'ve got a lot, and I do mean a lot of potential...but you just gotta relax and go with the situation....Eric, Margot's what, a tiny four-foot-eleven woman???, and you're this husky six-foot-three man???, and she's and all the other women in your class have all had all sorts of things including your cock shoved up their behinds this week, and those dildos aren't any bigger than your cock, and because she knew it was needed as part of her training, she would have, maybe with a little fear but I don't think so but still would have, taken your strap-on up her butt, and wouldn't have said a word...and you lose it and act like a two-year-old, because you can't take what a woman half your size has been taking all week?...what are you, Eric? Margot and all the rest of the women in your class more of a man than you are?...ffffttttiiinkkk about it, Eric".

For some reason, I felt truly shamed, a-shamed. Maybe I shouldn't have, maybe I should have slapped the shit out of him for making me feel ashamed and then left to go home to Raleigh, but - but, I did feel shamed. Doc handed me a cotch neat from a bottle of 27-year-old Glen Fiddich single malt. I don't drink scotch. I drank that. I sat just thinking for a while. Doc sat naked in his rolltop desk chair, starting to read the New York Times. He didn't say a word. He didn't get up to leave. He was letting me think.

I knew I was linking my fear of anal rape with a skill I needed to learn, if I was going to become a bodyworker. No, not getting fucked in the ass, because, I resolved right then, I'd keep everyone to their word, and not ever take a client-cock up my ass, even for therapeutic helping of a client. Specialized gay male bodyworkers were around for those kind of clients.
"Okay, Doc, I'll stay..."
"You'll what?..."
"I heard me...I said, I want to stay..."
"Eric...Eric...okay...maybe...first, you'll apologize for your outburst to everyone...then you'll go through with what you were assigned to do..."
"Doc...Dr. Chaim?"
"Yes, Eric?"
I gulped real hard, shivered for a split second, and then said words which even now I can't believe I said: "Dr. Chaim...will...---will you help me?---"
"Yes, Eric, I will help you".

The Body Worker

Day 4: Swimming The Amazon; Midmorning

Doc walked beside close beside me to my left as we slowly marched naked back down the secured ninth floor corridor of the Roslyn Harbour Hotel to our classroom, Doc resting his right hand and arm across my shoulders, asking me to trust him, that nothing bad would happen to, just don't act like a jerk again in front of the group. His implied opinion was correct. I had acted like a jerk.

The classroom wallclock now read ten-and-three. "Class...Eric would like to address you, 'say something to you".
I took a couple of slow, deep breaths, scanning the room, looking at everyone's face for approval or disapproval or just plain disgust at my outburst earlier. "I'm sorry, truly sorry..." I sputtered out "...for my earlier outburst...I've always had an unresolved fear of anal rape since I was a child, for reasons I don't know why, and between the gallons of enemas administered to me earlier this morning and Libby's order that Margot assfuck with her strap-on after I do her similarly, I'm sorry, but I just level freaked on you...I feel like I've shamed the entire class without meaning to, and you guys are all my close friends now...please....please forgive me?" I meekly ended.

Margot rushed to hug me, then Gwen and Keiko then Flo then the rest, even Nick. Margot burst into tears, I think because she realized I was going to stay, and that she and I would buds once more, would be bodywork practice partners when we got back to Raleigh in five days. Everyone group hugged and kissed me, offering kind words about my courage to come back and all. I told them that without Doc's wisdom and piercing insights and patience with me, I wouldn't have come back. "Doc's going to help me get through this" I told them.

Doc told the class to gather 'round on the matpile as he helped me. He motioned Margot and Gwen to join us as the others stood around us, telling them to sit cross-legged on the mat. Then he had me kneel in front of him as he likewise kneeled down, and began to Bonding Ritualize me. He looked deep in my eyes, and wouldn't break his gaze, even when I tried to. His hands massaged my face, stroking unspoken connections of communication and trust upwards from my very core. He leaned into to hug me, massaging my back some, making tight chest-to-chest contact. "By the way, Eric..." he said loud enough for all the class to hear as he hugged me close to him as his back massage of me continued "...I'm every bit as heterosexually-oriented as you are, I'm nine-plus on the homo-hetero bar, this is strictly professional for me, as patient contact in your bodywork practice will be strictly professional for you". He kissed me lightly on the forehead as he stopped his back massage of me, gently pushing me back into the chests of Margot and Gwen, who were sitting directly behind me, my back leaning in on them.

Doc played with my rising cock, as he would alternate between looking down at up and retaking eye contact with me. Sitting cross-legged himself in front of me, he stroked it until I was harder than I had probably been all week. Fear, dread, tension, I don't know what all, flooded into every pore of my body, then just as quickly as those feelings had hit me, were washed away in some ethereal psychic tide. He lay semi-leaning down, his head in my lap, and started to suck me off. He was taking possession of me, was using the Principle Of Possession he had perfected in his Polykinetic Bodywork modality, and I didn't care. Margot and Gwen lightly stroked my chest as I leaned back in on them more, Margot whispering to me that she was proud of me, that everything was going to be okay. Doc's mouth and tongue were surprisingly talented. I wanted to come, but didn't know if Doc wanted me to, or not. I came anyway, Doc swallowing as I pumped his dentures full of my jism. I didn't feel like a homo, though. "Margot, please down flat, and Eric, you crawl atop her, like she and you are going to sixty-nine...Margot, when he does that, maintain oral contact with his penis, and gently rub and massage him where you can reach, maintain contact with him".

I tried to reach Margot's pussy in our sixty-nine, but with our height differences it was almost impossible in a level sixty-nine position like that. Doc rimmed my asshole to bring my attention there. As short as an hour before, if my parents knew that I had let any seventy-or-whatever-year-old man lick my anal bud for any reason at all, I would have begged my father to get his double-barreled shotgun out of his closet and put me out of my misery. But the moment was right. The time, the place, the people were right. Doc stopped his rimjob and slipped one then two lubricated fingers in my ass. Margot's oral ministrations were getting me hard again. Before this week, I had no clue I had this much libidinous capacity. Doc took Margot's hand, I think he did unless she did it on her own initiative, and helped her work two of her smallish fingers inside with his. She accidentally, I think, hit my prostate, and I filled her mouth with semen, not that she minded, my hard still staying hard. Then Doc did it. I felt the unmistakable feel all fingers leaving my anal space and of Doc's bare cock filling it back. He fucked my ass slow for a moment, probably to make sure I wouldn't melt down on him again, then let 'er rip, fucked me in the ass every bit as fast and furious as I had given to the girls in our classroom exercises during the week. I don't know if should even admit this in print, but yes, it felt good. Doc was the first and definitely the last man who did or ever will fuck me in the ass with my consent, but again, it was happening at the right time. When he came, I swear I felt his spurt of semen squirt up me. Despite my anal canal being cleaned cleaner than granny's front porch earlier that morning, when I felt his come spurt inside me, it felt like I really had to shit. With just his cock in me, I didn't get any feeling like that, but it felt like his come was triggering some sort of need-to-shit reflex. Margot continued her suck below me. The urge to purge passed, and I felt Doc go limp, as he pulled out, strapping on the Texas-Two-Strap, and inserted that Big boy Dildo inside me. He playfully slapped my ass a few times while he rode me with his, actually my, everhard silicone cock. I didn't mind. Nick later told me that I had an ear-to-ear grin on my face then. I didn't and don't remember. Time passed, I don't remember exactly how long, perhaps ten or fifteen minutes then he stopped. He rolled me off Margot and had me lay beside her, my back to her. He caressed my face with the back of his hand, looked into my eyes friendly, played with my cock some more, had me play with his limp cock some. He was cooling me down, per The Manual. I asked if I could "do" him now, and he replied "no, way, Eric-zay", the class laughing aloud with him and us. He patted my cock, looked seriously at me with friendly but professional detachment, and told me and the class that I'd be okay now. Libby bent down to congratulate me, then I was pulled upright by my classmates and given a nice group hug. I really wanted and needed a few moment to recover. Asking Libby for a tee-oohhh, she said she wished she could, but the class was pushed for time today.

Margot and I completed our assigned exercises without further problems. I took all required phallic fulfillments inside me with no problems. Libby had Margot do her giving dental dam experiments with Surawan, so they, both having guys as partners, could see what they were like to use and all. I agreed with her that they were a real pain. I think we both liked the bee-and-dee toys.

Finishing up, Libby said lunch wouldn't be served until after this next exercise. I was still in such of a state of recovery that my normal obsession with lunch wasn't there. Two gentlemen in black leather outfits brought in two women, naked except for the dog collars they were being lead by their leashes by and the wrist restraints that held their arms behind their back. I could have sworn that Libby said the BDSM exercises wouldn't be until later in the week, but I guess now was technically later in the week. Doc was back at the podium, moved back in place once more but closer to the wall because the mats were out, and just started speaking to us, as we randomly sat or around.

"Just stay where you are, class, this will be short...these models are here for a short will interact with the women only, and you will do only what their 'masters' either tell or consent for you to do...the reason that you have a small number of BDSM items in your bags is because we've learned over the years that, and always remember what's written in that patient's prescriptive treatment description, that unless specifically proscribed by your referring psychiatrist, use of physical accouterments like ankle and wrist cuffs and such, with certain patients in certain circumstances, can produce better prescriptive results, quicker...power exchange as practiced by these good folks is merely another mutation of our Principle Of Possession anyway, that of voluntarily giving of trust and control in order to achieve a mutual objective...over your career, you'll learn when a patient might respond to impromptu device-based power exchange and when a patient might not, just trust your instincts...but for now, break into your four-groups, and the gentlemen models will lead you through some basics...yes, Margot?..."
"Will we as bodyworkers ever be required to play the passive role with clients?"
"...good question, and the short answer is, is no, for two reasons...first, the bedrock principle of what we do is our Principle Of Possession, and it's hard to consensually possess someone's total consent if you're the one actually being possessed by them first...secondly, since most of you will work alone with clients, there's a minor safety factor to consider, a small if not infinitesimally risk, but a risk which is conflict with the former, in any case".

Margot and I both enjoyed working the passives, eerrrr, submissives, it looked like the rest of the class did, too. Their bosses, eeerrrr, masters were real nice guys, too. Our group of four, Margot and me and Flo and Maddy, talked more than actioned with our models. Both of the masters showed us how to do some basic knots and knotwork restraints even sans cuffs, how to paddle and whip and spank and inflict an intensed focus pain on the subs without actually hurting them, how to use speed and placement not force of the strike-devices to do that, how to use the blindfolds and gags without tightening them too much, how to use the nipple clips on cuntlips too, and touched on how to use denial of a wanted pain focus play as a means of causing further submission. Both masters, noticing Flo's red panties with her pad bulge obviously visible, asked if she minded that they make their subs do a menstrual oral scene with her, Flo readily agreeing both times, they really working their slaves over with paddles and whips and such on their buttocks and backs all the while, while they were on all fours with their faces shoved in Flo's leaking cunt. And then, it was over. Too short. I asked Libby if another BDSM educational round was planned for school, and she said "sadly, no...I enjoy it too, Eric...both sides of it...". It took me a minute to comprehend what she was trying to tell me. I know, I am a tad slow at times.

Then lunch came. I sat down at our roundtable of roundtables between Margot and Nick. Everyone kept smiling and sweetly giggling at me. "What!!!..." I'd playfully replied "...I didn't enjoy 'it'...and I didn't hear any of you volunteering to take my place!".
"You were the one with the hang-up, not any of us..." Margot loudly whispered to me as she leaned her head onto my shoulder as we sat close to each other.
"Fifteen minutes, class, then back to work!" clipped Libby.

As we all rushed to finish our sandwiches and all and rush to the bathroom before class, an entire family clad in labcoats only being lead by Doc pittered-pattered into the classroom. This family looked liked they had been cut out of a Sears catalog, they were so perfect. A man and woman a little older than me maybe, and a young boy and girl, looking so much like the man and woman they had to be their children, no question. I had read in The Manual about using polykinetic techniques to heal the trauma of sexual abuse and forced incest in children as young as six or seven. It was as obvious as a pimple on a pig's behind what those people and their kids were here for. Margot and Surawan and I all looked at each other, like we instantly sensed each other's inner thoughts. Now, I, we, had some real problems to talk with Doc about, not just some childish hissy caused by some inner demon. We were talking creating abuse situations perpetrated against children, in the name of healing them. And, we were talking committing felonies that could have us all put in jail for the rest of our lives. We rushed to the back of the room to confront Doc about what apparently was going to be our next lesson, we were going to demand a stop to it. He saw us coming, and was speaking before we got to him. "Sit down, class..." he calmly said "...and we'll talk about it, as a class", the rest of the group coming up to take their seats.

"Class, this is Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Katie Dunbar, and their two children, Peter Jr. and Frannie...they are here for what some of you seem to fear and most of you suspect...Mr.and Mrs. Dunbar have brought their children here, so that you might work with them as models in this training program, as well as with them...the children know exactly why they're here, and have freely given of their own consent to be models for with yourselves now, and your patients in the future, there is never the first hint of coercion ever used in any circumstance for any reason...this is the hill, class...either get over it, rise above it, or fall back down it and go home...think about it for a moment...I'll now take questions asked to me in calm, rational voices, but not others".
"Dr. Chaim, if we do what is asked of us, we could go to jail forever!" Margot jumped up and exclaimed.
"No, you won't, you're legally protected, and I'll let Peter tell you why".

Peter began walking forward to us as he spoke. "That's a legitimate concern, but the truth is this: the laws of every State in the Union give physicians and especially psychiatrists extremely broad leeway in determining what is and is not necessary and appropriate treatment..."
As he initially passed by directly in front of where each of us was sitting, he made it a point to thrust a business card inches from each of our faces, which had the his name, the name of the law firm which he was a partner in, and their speciality of family law printed on it, driving home that he knew what he was talking about, or at least was making a good show of it.
"...while I know you've all heard of medical professionals being sent to jail for sexually abusing their patients, you've never heard of a singe case of someone like yourselves going to jail, ever, for helping any patient through bodywork-type therapy, because it's never happened...why?..." he continued to pace before us, as if addressing a jury "...two reasons...first, the principal of agency...since you as polykinetic professionals aren't technically covered by the same canons of ethics as your state-licensed employers, and, don't anyone interrupt me until I'm finished, the fact that all your actions are directed by them so much shares and muddles the responsibilities that it puts it firmly into a gray area that the law simply hasn't addressed yet...years ago, when sexual surrogacy first appeared in the American culture, there were several initial arrests, doctors as well as some surrogates were arrested on the charges of pandering and prostitution, but, ladies and gentleman, not a single one of those individuals charged was ever convicted!...a couple of those initially charged plead out to lesser charges, but those that stood and fought, won!...and every single one of those cases was over twenty years ago now, and not a single surrogate or bodyworker has ever been charged with prostitution or statutory rape or anything else, ever since!, by lack of anyone caring in any state legislature because surrogacy and bodywork is still not in the mainstream of American press or thought no one has passed any laws specifically against it, so you are fully protected...and...can I say this, Doc?...should the impossible happen, there's an entire network of legal defense people and strategies in place, as long as you are charged with something done by you under the protection of a psychiatric prescription written for you to fulfill by your employers...any other questions?...yes, the dark-skinned lady...", Surawan rising to speak " could you let us do what Dr. Chaim wants us to do to your own children?"

"Very legitimate, and not unexpected question...let me answer from the heart...two years ago, when I was away for a business trip, two burglars broke into my home when my wife and children were there by themselves, and repeatedly raped my wife, and sodomized my little boy, and repeatedly raped and sodomized my little girl, my lovely family you see behind me now...Katie and I didn't have a gun in the house, we have one now but didn't have one then...the perps were never wife was totally destroyed emotionally, and both my children attempted suicide, and Peter Jr. was just nine then and Frannie was just seven-and-a-half, and it looked like those evil bastards, who made my innocent son suck a loaded gun put in his mouth after he was made to suck off one of the creeps as he threatened to kill him, then raped my little girl both anally and vaginally with that same pistol before forcing himself orally on her, not to mention what they did to my lovely wife, repeatedly raping her in every way possible while they made our children watch, then they made my wife and children have sex with each other for their sick amusement, if you can possibly even partially visualize and feel the trauma those bastards caused them, you can see why they virtually destroyed the most precious things in my life, and understand why, through misplaced guilt, anger, and shame, our family was headed for divorce and destruction..." long, pregnant pause "...until, while in counseling, our case being marked by Dr. Chaim because of the severe inflicted trauma from outside sources, Dr. Chaim told us about Polykinetic Bodywork therapy..."

"...and yes, I was beyond skeptical at first, because after he initially explained it, I thought my family was going to be subjected to similar abuse, all over again...but, eventually, from sheer desperation, we had nothing to lose at that point, Katie, my wife, began treatment, and within two months, she was on her way back...then, almost as equally reluctantly but encouraged by her results, we sent the kids to bodywork therapy, and within three months, they were on their way back to being my, even though I've gone through a couple of formal treatments just to see what it's like, I'd be lying if I told you I know how it works, all I know is that, is that it does work, and the more severe the initial trauma, the greater the recovery...yes, you, the lady with the glasses and short hair..."

"Do you and your family now have an incestuous family relationship?" Margot asked sincerely.
"I would like to say that's none of your business, because it's really not, but, we're here as a favor to Dr. Chaim, we truly believe in what he is trying to accomplish with training you good folks, so I'll answer it...the answer is, in short, no...the long answer is that our children do not participate in my wife's and mine married sex life, that is our private married life, and our children respect that, as we respect theirs...all our bedroom doors have locks on them, for example...but, do we have sex games as a family, for fun?...the answer is yes, but not every day, and sometimes every week..."

Looking back over his shoulder to Doc, he continued "...have you talked with them about the Principle Of Polykinetic Homeopathy yet?...No?...let's just say that: 1) playful sexualized intimacy is something we've come to enjoy as a family, it makes our family stronger, 2) in your Manuals there's information that let's you know why we do so, and lastly, once the genie is out, you can't put him back in the bottle....any further questions?...Dr. Chaim, the floor is yours", Doc bellowing "everyone, everyone take fifteen, discuss it amongst yourselves, and come back and tell me who's staying and who's leaving...fifteen minutes, class".

The eight of us went back to our roundtable next to the buffet bar. Initially, Margot, Surry, and I were ready to leave right then, but Flo took the lead along with Gwen, and respake Mr. Dunbar's case, except more eloquently so. Fifteen minutes turned into half an hour, then forty-five. I don't know then or now if something like a Stockholm Syndrome was working on me, but eventually, with misgivings and more than a little sadness I think, M. and S. and I agreed we'd go along with the group. Returning to our seats, Margot went up to tell Doc "Teacher, we've all decided to stay, what's the next lesson?"

Doc left the room, and Libby took over. The Dunbars and our instructor team went to the mats, we following behind.
"You should be able to guess the drill by now, class...each of you will have fifteen or twenty minutes alone with each of the Dunbars, then another fifteen-twenty minutes each in the following combinations...mother/daughter, dad/son, mother/son, dad/daughter...this will take a while, so let's get started...Nick, Surawan, Keiko, Gwen, you're up first...this will take an hour more or less, the rest of you, you can stay and watch or go back to your rooms and rest, just don't leave the floor, and even if we don't call find and call you back, be back in one hour..."

I didn't want to stay and watch. Margot said something about needing to make a phone call, Flo scooted off to change her pad. Remembering what Maddy had told me during our one-to-one bonding session, I asked if she wanted to go back to her room to be alone with me, make some love, not just have some sex. She said "yes".

The Body Worker

Day 4: Swimming The Amazon...The Afternoon ~ With Eve

Maddy and I went back her room, knowing that Margot was busy on the phone in ours. I gently pinned her against the door as we entered, took her arms and outstretched them as high as I could over her head, kissing her, really kissing her, she kissing back as passionately as I was initiating. I had dated three or four but had been to bed with only black chick before, and that one wasn't as near good looking as Maddy. If Iman or Naomi Campbell are "10"'s, then Maddy was a solid "9". I pressed my chest firm against her 34C's, about the same size as Flo's, but different in proportion, shape and contours. Her half-a-dollar-size nipples erected, their tips pressing into my chest. Her straightened hair was neat and combed and smelled wonderful, wasn't nappy at all. At 5'4" or so, I had to lean into and down a bit to kiss her as we stood together but not twist like had to with Margot, our bodies merging with vertical wooden slab. She leaned her weight away from me, leading me to the bed.

I lay on my left side, she on her right, facing each other, our kisses continuing, our hands roaming. Nudging me on my back, she pried open and scooted between my legs, sucking friendly and erotically but not manicly. I just lay back, propped up a bit to see better, and enjoyed the view. Those thick black lips on my lily-white cock really revved my motor up. I asked Maddy if her Nubian husband's cock was bigger than mine, bigger than white guys in general, she just shot me a silly look and laughed softly while she sucked, her eyes telling me not to ask such a stupid question again.

She rolled out from between my legs and resumed her position facing me, laying on her right side, taking my cock and bending up and around to penetrate her. She pumped lazily for a few minutes, then stopped. I knew we had more time, and it seemed like she wanted to fuck more, but she just looked in deep in my eyes, stroked my face lightly, licked my lips with her tongue, looked back into my eyes, and said one word: "enjoy".

What happened next, I still shudder with delight thinking about. Motionless beside me, not pumping at all and putting her hand on my hip to silently tell me not to move either, she began doing something to me that I've never heard or read about before or since, anywhere. My cock was deep inside her, all the way in, the top base of my cock pressing against her pubic bone. Then I felt the first nibbles at the head of my cock. Yes, nibbles, it felt like teeth-less gums nibbling on the head of my cock, but not further down the shaft. Then, middle way down on my cock, a ring of her muscles started, and I really don't how to describe this accurately, but I'll try, a ring of her vaginal muscles started spasming?, or quickly contracting?, or maybe even popping around the middle part of my cock, while different muscles at further in her, nearer her cervix, continued their "nibble" of my head. The feeling in the middle was, maybe this will describe it better, of a large, flat rubberband say half-an-inch wide, just small enough to stay tight on your erect cock but not too tight, being pulled out and away from your cock in all directions simultaneously and then, without warning, being allowed to snap back from all those directions simultaneously as well, hard, but not painfully.
Then, using a different set of muscles at the front of lovetunnel, the muscles I think just before her G-spot if I remember from yesterday, she then created another sensation with another subset of cunt muscles, a wave of slowly rolling pressures at the base of my cock, like a small hand grasping and gently rolling its fingers around and over and back around the base, two or three different, specific pleasurable pressure points moving around the circumference of it. And doing that while simultaneously creating the other two, different sensations at the middle and head of my cock.

What I felt right then...what I felt...what I...made me speechless. We kissed so deeply, sucking each other's tongues like cocks. I sucked her nipples and she mine, though she didn't know that even in a situation like we were in doing so really didn't do much for me. I leaned into her more, hugging her tighter still if that was possible while she, while she was fucking me silly without either of us ever moving a inch. We had fucked and fucked and fucked together in class many times that week, and at no time did her cunt ever feel like it did now, always being a good, tight, flexible and horny cunt, but just a plain sheath in feeling, like the other girls felt like except when they might contract some from their orgasms.

"I'm giving you this special gift of mine, Eric...a gift I've given only to my husband and two other special men in my life, because I really do think you're so don't have a high amount of self-esteem, I know (I didn't?), but you really are one special person, one special man...just relax and enjoy, enjoy my special gift to my special, special friend, 'my' Mr. Eric".

I looked so, so deep into those brown pools of eyes of hers. She playfully sucked on my nose as her cunt, her cunt domination of my cock continued. We breathed in unison, slow, unlabored, happy breaths. The miracle of her pussy that she was allowing me to share, her simultaneous in the same vagina non-moving nibbling of my head, ring-slapping of the middle of my cock, and fingertip-sized pressure points massage of the base, continued. Massaging her back, I could feel her dilats tensed, she was using them evidently to draw deep strength from for her cunt ministrations. I massaged them. She cooed sincerely "", and cooing back mirrored sounds. I finally got those dilats of hers to relax just a tad, and the three simultaneous actions taking place in her cunt on my cock got even stronger.

Then it hit me. I had had many, many growth experiences in class and outside of it this past week, revelations, but not ground-breaking ones. This one that hit me was an epiphany. A divine revelation. This was what the Bodywork Bonding Ritual was all about. Don't ask me why that hit then and there, it just did. Establishing contact through physical means with someone, a patient in the case of bodywork therapy, on a truly spiritual level, not just an emotional or physical one. Then it finally made sense to me why I had let Doc do what he did to me, fucking my ass, pushing past my fear of being dominated by another male. Doc understood. Wise ol' Doc. Establishing a psychic, truly spiritual connections through physical and emotional means. Guide and heal the soul by using the body to connect with it, and the outer shells that house and nurture the soul are healed, too. Follow the path, however confusing, that God has laid out for you to follow, and do God's will by doing so. Connect soul-to-soul with someone, and let God heal them and you too. I looked into Maddy's eyes once more, floating back into reality, and saw the eyes and face of an angel. My special angel. My Adam to her Eve. New beginnings.

"I'm going to come, Baby, you just stay relaxed and let what happens happen, I'll make you come too, don't fight it and don't push for it to happen, let me be in control..."

The triad actions in her cunt against my cock became a crazy quilt of sensations. I swear, it felt like each of her muscle subset would switch functions for a moment at times, the nibble sensation going to my base, the popping rubberband sensation moving to my head, etc. And then she started coming, G-spot, ejaculatory coming. And coming. And coming. She had soaked three towels under her butt while doing G-spot ejaculation exercises in class yesterday, and this time, she just opened up her interior set of Panama Canal locks and dams. If my cock had been inside a fire hose with the water turned on high, I don't think any more fluid could have soaked me or the bed under us. But my cock didn't lose friction or sensation, because her triad of wonderful cuntal contractions was making sure I had more simultaneous sensations than my brain knew how to handle. My own orgasm started a small wave literally at the tips of my toes and the hairs atop my head, then rolled towards my groin, gradually at first, then pick up speed in both directions, my orgasmic response wave surging through my neck and chest and calves before hitting my cock, much like a tsunami beginning as a soft ocean wave out in the deep ocean before crashing into the shore twenty stories high.

Maddy had slightly tilted her head back away from me then, but otherwise neither of us had moved a quarter-inch since she began her fucking without moving of me. Screaming as loud as she could "FUCK...FUCK...FUCK MEEEE, Eric!!!!", she bit the tip of her tongue to where it almost brought blood. My orgasm also crested, feeling like a medieval pike being rammed through me from my back through to the tip of my cock, I vaguely remembering crying aloud "...ahhhh...ahhhhYEEEEE!!!.." before literally passing out from purest pleasure on the bed beside Maddy. I still have no clue how long we were out. The next thing I remember was Ferrum not-so-gently shaking our shoulders as we lay together still, happy in our unbreakable spiritual connection, telling us to hurry up and get to class, that everyone was waiting on us. We quickly catbath'd each other and tried to wash and dry as much of Maddy's love liquid off of each other as we could before heading back.

Nick and Surawan, both of whom belive in auras, and Margot, who doesn't, would later tell us that when we walked into the classrom after Ferrum had fetched us, our auras were plainly visible. Nick and Surry both said that, whatever this means, a lot of the red and yellow and traces of brown in mine were gone, replaced by greens and blues and lighter shades of purples, and that my overall energy field was another magnitude larger than it had been before we had scooted of for our lovemaking session. The rest of my classmates also noticed something different I could sense, though it may have been them observing the shit-eating grin on my face that I couldn't have wiped off with a chainsaw. I knew what lessons were next, and was happy with it, happy with our next lessons. Maybe I was higher than the proverbial kite from what just happened with Maddy, but it didn't matter to me, I was just living in the moment, as Nick or Surry might say.

Maddy and I holding hands walked over to Margot and Flo, who were sitting in front of the Dunbars atop the matpile in the middle of the classroom, waiting for us a little impatiently, fidgeting. Sitting down beside Margot, Maddy plopping down next to me as she kissed my cheek, my Margot asked me almost a teeny-weeny bit jealously whisperingly "what on earth were you two up to?'ve kept us waiting for fifteen minutes!", Flo saying she wanted to know what we did too, Maddy and I both replying that we'd tell them later, as Libby called us to attention.

"Okay, class...Margot, you're with Mr. Dunbar first, Eric, you're with Mrs. Dunbar, Flo, you're with Frannie, and Maddy, you're with Peter Jr., are encouraged to talk with them some, ask them anything about their relationship that you wish, they'll be truthful, just remember that your primary goal is non-formally bodywork with them some, ask what they like and they'll ask you, and come to an agreement about what kind of mutual physical contact you'd both enjoy, then do it...oh, and remember, these are outside models, not your classmates, so mandatory condom use during penile-anal-vaginal penetrations, no exceptions...class, go to your partners."

The first thing Mrs. Dunbar, Katie, asked me, was "Eric, are you alright? look...well, different from earlier today...", I replying, thanking her for her concern, but that I was fine, just being truthful but not boastful, saying "...Maddy and I just had some wonderful lovemaking together just before we came back in, that's all...". Truthful, but private. I asked more about her experiences with Doc's bodyworkers. She said that she would have left Peter and probably committed suicide later if it hadn't been for their help. I asked if she felt that sexually playing if consensually so with her kids was, felt like incest to her. She replied that she knew that it was, but drawn from her family trauma and subsequent healing through polykinetic bodywork, she also knew it wasn't wrong, not the way society saw it as being wrong, at least not for herself, her husband and her kids.

"What's your pleasure, Mrs. Dunbar?" I sweetly inquired.
"Would you mind giving me some head, Eric?...I always enjoy oral..." she replying, as she leaned back and I dove between her legs. Her lips were small, her vaginal opening as small. You couldn't tell she had two kids. I turned my head to lick the curve between her right thigh's transition to her pudendal area, where her pantie elastic normally rested. She liked that. She told me so. I switched to her other side for a moment, then back to her pussy. Looking around at my friends and classmates while I sucked Katie's clit, Peter had Margot on allfours and was holding her head between his hands, fucking her mouth, something I knew she liked anyway....Flo was sitting cross-legged with in her lap, diddling with Frannie's almost invisible from my angle twat...Peter Jr. had stood up as Maddy bent her back some while kneeling in front of him as her mouth enveloped his entire crotch area. "Give me a G-spot come, please, Eric...". I quickly found her ghee-whiz-spot and playfully toyed with a moment, before expressing a mild ejaculation. "Switch!" Libby The Sergeant Major barked.

I moved to Peter Jr., Flo moved to Peter Sr., Maddy to Frannie, and Margot to Katie.
"What's your name, mister?..." he asked.
"Eric...and you're Peter Dunbar, Jr., right?"
"...right, mister, err, look happy, Mr. Eric..." he commented.
"I am happy, Peter Junior, I am..."

Despite my epiphany of an hour earlier, some molecule of doubt and dread and cultural conditioning against doing this still was trying it best to hold on. My parents, poor but proud, not educated but still very wise, had always taught me that as long as adults don't hurt each other, they can and should do what they want, but always, always leave the kids alone.
"It's okay, mister, I want to do this, I really do..." Pete Jr. commented as he looked directly at me, seeming to read my thoughts and hesitation.
"You really want to do what, Peter?"
" with each others middles, you play with mine and I play with yours, and suck each other some...."
" you and your father play together like that sometimes, Peter?..."
"...yeah, sometimes, but not unless it's mom and sis and all of us together, like we are now, 'cept we're at home".

Peter Jr. crawled over closer to me and reached for my cock, stroking it. I reached to play with his. This really was it for me. The point of no return. He leaned into me to find my erect member and begin sucking on it. I lay flat and let him do what he wished.
"Don't you want to come, Eric?" he asked me as if he was a grown woman, not a little eleven-year-old boy.
"Not right now, Peter, thank you".
"Okay...will you suck me now?"
I layed him flat and took his member, about the size of my ring finger, into my mouth. I alternately blew and sucked on him, something I hadn't thought of doing before just then, but something he seemed to like. He came his tiny load within a couple of minutes in my mouth and I sipped, not swallowed, it.

He sat back up together next to each other. Even though his hard was going limp now, I diddled with it while we sat and observed the rest of his family interact with my classmates. Having overheard Peter Sr. earlier talking to Flo about having a distaste for menstrual sex, it wasn't surprising that he had Flo on all fours, his ribbed condom-covered cock in her tail instead. Katie also had Margot on all fours, except that she was rimming her anus with her tongue while playing with her clit and cuntal lips, giving her a "reach-around". Frannie was leaning into Maddy as they sat next to each other, sucking on Maddy's left breast, her hand between her ebony-skinned legs. "Next partners, please" said our Libby.

I rolled over to be with Peter, Maddy with Katie, Margot to Frannie, and Flo to Peter Jr. I asked Peter Senior about the trauma his family went through, and how he helped them overcome it. We talked about Doc and his family's friendship and loyalty to him. "We don't take a dime from Doc for coming here and doing this workshop for his students..." Peter told me without my asking "...we come here so when you leave, you'll go back home to where you came from and spread the gospel of polykinetic healing and help those truly victimized like my family was, help heal and restore those damaged souls that live in your community". I was impressed. No doubt about Peter's sincerity lingered in my mind.

"Well, we're supposed to do something together, Peter...what would you like to do?"
"You and my son looked like you both were having fun..."
"We were...he's a nice kid, you've got a great son there...but I was just doing what my training required, I'm not gay or bi at all" a little of my old defensiveness raising its head once more.
"I'm not either...I play with my son only in our family group playtime, and only because Doc's convinced me it's necessary...but I know you and I, actually you, need to bodywork me some...just a slow and easy sixty-nine okay?"
"Sure" I replied.
We half-bored sucked each other off enough to stay hard, but not much more. Then Libby let her vocal timebell ring, and the last switch was made, Maddy to Peter Sr., Flo to Katie, me to Frannie, and Margot to Peter Junior.

"Hi, mister, I'm Frannie!" she said as she shook my hand, catching me a little offguard.
"Hi Frannie, I'm do you feel about what we're doing here, your mommy and daddy and older brother having sex with all these people, Frannie?" I asked with serious intent.
"I like it, a lot...ever since we've been in therapy, I've really liked it, I look forward to it a lot, it makes me happy!"
"Yes, it does, mister....Eric...does it make you happy, having sex with us?"
For a moment, the perfect innocence of her question dumbfounded me. I smiled at her, and thought for a moment. This entire week, not the first time had someone asked if I was happy doing any of this, happy or sad or whatthehelleverelse. Now this sweet little girl asked me her perfect question. Was I happy, right here, right now, in this place, in this time? I opened my arms wide for her, and she waddled over to me while kneeling to give me a nice, big, innocent hug. "Yes...yes I am, Frannie..I'm very happy...I hope you're happy".

"Yes, I'm happy, Mr. Eric...will you make me happy, Mister Eric?"
"If I can, Frannie, yes, I will".
"Will you put your penis in my vagina?...Daddy usually won't 'cause he's afraid of hurting me, even though Dr. Chaim told him I'm grown enough now so he doesn't have to worry about hurting's something I really, really like...".
"Yes, Frannie, I'll put my penis in your vagina".

My erection was already at fullstaff. I borrowed a loose pillow and sat on it, to give my butt more height off the floormats. Moving my legs more open, I had Frannie sit my lap, her arms around my neck, resting her seventy or eighty pounds weight on the top of my thighs, her legs spread wide across them . Working some of my new Probe lubricant in her, she giggled, saying it was cold and that it tickled a little. I kissed her lightly on the lips, and she kissed me a nine-year-old's kiss back. I tried to feel for her G-spot to ejaculate her, but couldn't find it. Doc was right about the differences in ages, too. Grasping my cock firmly, I gently worked my head over, around, and finally in her tiny labia, just a fraction of an inch at a time. I asked if she knew how to ride a man on top like that, with the man on his back and she sitting on him like riding a horse. She said "yes". I lay back on the mat and let her ride me as she wished. The look on her face was one of pure contentment and happiness. She couldn't take my entire length, only about four inches, but enjoyed what she did take of me, that was obvious. I played with her clit, so, so tiny, as she rocked back and forth atop me, and let myself have my come inside this nine-year-old, who simply wanted to be healed and have some happiness. No, I didn't have another epiphany, but I did reach another degree of understanding, one degree on a three-sixty compass rose horizon. Libby then called for a ten minute break, then back to it.

At our impromptu break area, the buffet table with our cafe tables and chairs arranged in a circle beside it, Margot came up to me, and asked exactly what did Maddy and I do that made us so late for class they had to go find us. I kissed Margot the most passionate, heart-felt kiss that my soul could muster, trying to communicate with Margot that she absolutely no reason to be jealous. I could see in her eyes she knew what message from my heart I was trying my best to transmit. Kissing me back and playing with my cock to distract me for a second, she playfully punched me in the ribs with a " least next time you and Maddy play like that, whatever the hell you two did, at least invite me!", we both laughing as we made our way back to the mats.

I was getting hungry. It was still before four. Our Headmistress Libby called her fourth-day class back to her classroom made of thick, vinyl-covered foamrubber mats and polykinetic energy. This time, we'd peel into our four-at-hand groups again, then do the rotations of Peter/Frannie-Katie/Peter Jr., then Peter/Peter Jr.-Katie/Frannie.

"Now group, I'm not going to single out any one person, because it was more than one, more than two even..." Libby began her criticism of us "...but I and the other instructors did see some very half-hearted at best attempts to polykinetic connect with the models, pardon me, with the Dunbars...this is your fourth day now, and we've been giving you more and more leeway as you've done more and more and learned what we expect of and from you, but if we don't see more honest attempts to embrace the bodywork concepts in which you're being trained, we'll go back to the basics again that will make your days even that much longer...speaking of which, after class with the Dunbars, we've got another whole group of models coming in behind them, class won't over for another four hours plus after that, so, let's see some enthusiasm and effort, people!...oh, and this session is to be more long as you and every member of your team bodyworks each member of of the models' pairings, that's what we want".

Margot, Flo, Maddy and I were assigned to Peter Sr./Frannie first. We more or less had to kill a half an hour with them, and it was becoming repetitive, damned repetitive. Don't get me wrong, playing like that is fun, but after awhile, even having a new Rolls-Royce if you're rich enough to drive a new one every day can become boring. So, as if by psychic connection, we all focused on them, on their healing, on using what we had learned so far to help bring their family back together and heal them individually. The half-hour ended and we switched places with the other group, then the Dunbars switched so they paired up Peter Sr/Jr.-Katie/Frannie, and we rotated to them. Strange, though. After the last rotation, we all just kind of moved together in the middle of the mats. All eight of us got in a group hug with the four of them, the Dunbars inside our circle, protected, absorbing healing energy from us...loved. I think I saw tears leak from both Flo's and Surawan's eyes, but they didn't audibly sob any. Instead of a group of naked people just having had polykinetic bodywork'd healing sex that would be illegal in all fifty states and even in West Virginia having a group hug, what we had was a blessing from Doc and God being bestowed upon all of us at our Doctor Chaim's Tent Revival & Flesh-Snake Handling Church. Giving us all pecks on our cheeks as they got up to leave, taking some of our freely offered healing energy with them, the Dunbars left behind more of Doc's legacy as their gift to us. "Dinner!" Ferrum bellowed, as the clock read almost six-thirty now, and we had four more hours to go after supper, from what Libby declared earlier.

The Body Worker

Day 4: Swimming The Amazon ~ At Night

A whole horde of Roslyn Harbour Hotel employees stormed into our classroom like a bunch of friendly storm troopers. Ten, maybe fifteen uniformed employees, many of whom I hadn't see before, came in to grab our collection of eating surfaces and drag in by pieces and assemble before our eyes a nicer, much larger eight or nine-foot true round dining table the kind that you see in a restaurant's private dining room. Our somewhat worn but functional chrome-and-vinyl chairs were replaced by much nice and larger wooden ones. The fact that we and the staff were are naked was totally oblivious to them. I asked one of them what was going on, and all the furniture monkey said was "courtesy of Dr. Chaim."

Another troop of Doc's troopers wheeled our supper in, this time putting a real linen table cloth on our new mealtable and setting our plates and silverware and such for us, not just hashing at us from serving carts. Putting folded hotel towels atop the expensive-looking chair upholstery to protect from our naked body odors and residues, they seated us all like true four-star guests, not even letting me pull Margot's chair out to seat her myself. What we had ordered earlier came in on the serving trays, and more. Doc or whoever arranged this had also ordered multiple appetizers which I know weren't printed on our menu cards. Even a small wine cart was brought in, and Margot and Gwen and I think Maddy accepted this increased hospitality with a vitner's vigor. The rest of us were served our requested tea or coffee or softdrinks. A silver candelabra was placed in the middle of the table, the room darkened somewhat, and the candles lit. Naked and Mrs. Doc wandered into the room, Libby and little crew in tow, offering us congratulations on everyone truly making it over the what he thought was going to be our last hump as a group and humps as individual students. The waiters were serving us, as each walked over to us, as Doc and krew were patting us on shoulders and playfully rubbing the hair on our heads, that still being the only visible sign of hair on our bodies, the depilatory spray from Sunday still working quite well thank you, Doc telling us that this was just a little something extra to show his appreciation to us, and we could have a half an hour extra for dinner, though it would put our final lessons for tonight a half-hour longer as well. We took the extra half-hour.

We savored our time together that night as a group. So many toasts were made and accepted that, after the six or seventh one, Doc called the winecart away, reminding us that we still had class in a bit. Margot seemed to forgive me for whatever supposed sin with Maddy I had or hadn't done, nuzzling me, keeping her hand firmly on my thigh most of the deal, once in a while playing with cock just to sweetly aggravate me as sensuously delicious food became practical soul fuel within us. One of the dangerous lightbuld ideas went off in my head. The setting and the moment was so perfect, that I asked everyone of our Elite Eight if they minded if I asked Doc to get a camera and take our group photo, all agreeing. Doc sent Jerry to fetch a camera, a Kodak digital camera of some sort. Positioning a chair a few feet from us at different angles to the group, he took several photos, scooted, then came back ten or so minutes later with a single, 8-1/2"x11" color printout instead of photoprint of the best shot of our group, our Naked As Jaybirds United Nations Polykinetic Bodywork Peacecausing Force. Margot whispered in my ear that she needed to go back to our room to make another phone call before class started, scooting, taking our and Gwen and Keiko's photocopies too back to our room.

As dinner wound up, room activity buzzed up. Doc and Libby were busy ordering Jerry and Hollis and Ferrum and Courtney around like they were a bunch of serfs. They rearranged the matpile in the middle of the floor to a longer and thinner configuration. The hospital beds on rollers, which I don't think had been used by anyone so far for anything, were rolled around and placed strategically, two along each longer edge of the matpile. Little wovenstraw baskets of condoms and lube and latex gloves and little piles of towels and washcloths beside the baskets were place on the mats in several places. Our gearbags were moved around to be near the beds. More plastic office chairs were brought in and placed behind Doc's podium near the back wall. A coatrack on casters was rolled in to near Doc's desk. Jerry turned up the roomlights as we wolfed down our last bites, Doc called class back to order, as a troop of new, clothed people, either models or observers one only Doc and staff knew which, trooped into the room, all of them eyeballing all of us with fine-tuned pupils.

We got up from the our roundtable as Doc called the class to formal order, our new guests sitting in the new two rows of chairs behind him, we sitting ten or fifteen in front of them, Doc and Mrs. Doc the pivots between our groups.

"Students..." Doc began "...not all polykinetic bodywork healing involves restoration of the body, mind, and soul from traumatic sesscssxsual events...a good portion of your work will involves healing minor problems and difficulties, and anofffer good portion will involve working weefff those who have no major pwwwablom, have a good base to work from, but who simply need to seek furvvver enhancement and impwwovement in the normal and estabwwished sexuality to now enjoy..."

Over the past few days, I couldn't help but notice that when Doc and Mrs. Doc's accents came out, that curious German-Prussion-Alsatian mix of accents or whatever it is was, it was most of the time when Doc or Mrs. was under stress, or trying to struggle for their concentration and find the right words. When they were relaxed and comfortable and weren't trying to watch every syllable they said, their accent was non-existent. He continued...

" example of that would be the families behind me...unlike the Dunbars who you bodyworked with earlier, these fammmwwee groups behind me have never had any major problems as fammllwwees, and each one has been an incestuous family since the time their children started in gradeschool, or earlier...I've tested each of the parents and children extensively, and no one has any psychological problems or neuroses..."
"...they found us initially, ffvvoo, because each family group felt a sense of isolation and aloneness, because of the vewwee real taboo of incest in this society...through occasional bodywork sessions, sometimes in my office with my personal bodywork staff, sometimes like tonight, they find enlightened approval, reinforcement, and strengthening of their family bond through ego reinforcement offered by others, if the person doing so is a paid, professional polykinetic bodyworker....your tasks tonight are to, as assigned classroom pairs, quickly bond your assigned family, determine what they and you would like to do that will help reinforce their positive family bond, and then do so...bowffff the time and the prescriptive actions with your famiwwee are to be highly interactive, and free-form...the rotations will be standard between the four student pairs and the four families, but the time spent with each family will be no wesss than thirty minutes and no greater than sixty, Wwibby will call the rotations as usual..."

"...before I say good-night for tonight, class, a final has been one helwwuva day for some of you, all of you somewhat but some of you more than others, hasn't it?..." polite laughter "...all of you earned your sealegs today...some of you also swam the first full-length of your first Olympic-sized swimming pool, a couple of you swum the width of your own personal Engwwwish Channel, and a couple of you even swam the length of your own personal piranha-infested Amazon River, and all are stronger for having completed their personal journeys today...Mrs. Chaim and I twwuly can't express how proud we feel about all of you...I'd be honored to have any of you working as part of my local team...well, goodnight, and remembwwer, class, it's okay to have your own fun with your bodywork patients as long as it's not proscribed prescriptively, but your primary focus always is to promote the healing and healing of your patients, but owwfcourse, you know...g'night..." he concluded as he walked past us.

Retaking centerstage as Libby once again became the center of attention, she began "...class, now it's time to introduce your model-families for our final class exercise for tonight..." a few sarcastic "phhee-uuwwsss" coming from a few sarcastic students.

"...first, is the Avery Family...Sarah is the mother, and her pretty twin daughters are Annette and Athena, age 13...". Sarah, the mother, looked to be in her late 40's, with a 50's-style hairdo with greying brunette hair, pleasant face, old-style point-y-point eyeglasses which she took off and put in her purse as Libby spoke, but a tiny bit plump. Her twins were little dolls, thin, past-shoulder-length blond hair, what looked to be full, pointy breasts hidden in their bras.

", is the Grisom Family....Ron, the father, and Geoff, the son, who's 14...". Ron looked to be in his mid-30's, barrel-chested, muscled, dark with dark hair, mixed ethnic looking, steely eyes, the kind of guy you wouldn't want as your cellmate if you had to spend the night sleeping it off in a drunktank. His, Geoff, was a big kid for 14, just five and a half feet tall and maybe one-thirty or one-forty, but you could tell was solid muscle like his dad.

"....then are the Dallawn Family...Jacque, father, and Etienne, his daughter, who's 15...". Jacque looked like a skinny French faggot, francone nose, eyes that never looked up at anyone. Etienne looked a little scared, like she didn't really want to be there or was scarred what was in store for her and her dad next. Almost as tall as her dad at five feet-four or so, with medium-brown frizzied hair, her large, almost pendulous breasts making the fabric of her top stretch.

"...and lastly but not leastly, the Teasley Family, mother, Nicole, and daughter, Jessica, 9...". Nicole was an angular woman who kept her posture cocked to one side, her mestizo-mullato multi-racial heritage obvious, with her multi-graduated-melanin skin areas melding into one another, her large and pointy breasts making it look like she had two short spears under her polyesther top. Jessica, her daughter, obviously having an all-caucasian father, her skin being more monotone in color, half a magnitude consistently lighter than her mothers.

"...okay, class, pair off into your normal pairings, and this time, we're going to do things a bit different...since you're going to do a full rotation with all the families anyway, but since this is supposed to be more of a free-form exercise in positive reinforcement for them, we're going to let them select you, instead of me assigning initial assignments...pairs to the middle of the mats, please...and yes, the beds are there to use as you wish...and remember, penis-vagina-anus means Trojans!.

The families took off their clothes, folding them nice and neat and placing them in their chairs, hanging coats on the portable coatrack that had been brought in earlier. The Averies kisses and fondled each other a bit, as did the Teasleys, but the other families just hurried and scurried.

Then the families all kind of milled around us, talking to us, asking our names, as we four pair huddled almost back-to-back as we stood together in the epicenter of the mats, their circling of us reminding me of lions circling a zebra herd, except if anyone was going to eat us, it was going to be fun to be eaten. The Averies picked Flo and Maddy, The Dallawns picked Margot and myself, The Grisoms picked Nick and Surawan, and The Teasleys were left with Gwen and Keiko.

Mr. Faggot Dallawn really did seem to have an attitude, didn't seem to be all that pleasant, but I supposed that not every client in the future that would be assigned to me would be a hundred percent pleasant, either. Not ever being shy especially when it comes to protecting a lady, I put my arm around Etienne, and asked what was wrong, that she seemed nervous and upset.

"Nothing's wrong, Mr. Eric..."
"Do you know why you're here, Etienne?"
"Yes, I know why...this is something I and my father both enjoy doing, the time with the therapists and all...this is just my second time with a class of new polykineticists, and I'm just a little scared, that's all..."
"There's no reason to be, Etienne..." I tried to reassure her "...we're here for you, you're not here for one here will attempt to make you do anything you don't want to do...."
"We certainly won't!" Margot interjected.
"...I know, I know, but thank you, anyway..."

"Mis-tehhrr Eric..."
"Yes, Mr. Dallawn?..."
"...let me tell you up front that I am no fag-woht, I know you would suck or fuck me as I wish but I have no desire for you or any other man..."
"...that's fine, Sir, I'm not gay, either..."
"...and my dau-teaahhrrr, Etienne, while she does like to touch and by touched by women, does not kiss or give them oral sex...."
"That's quite fine with us..." Margot capped.
"I wish to make love with Margot only, and my daughter you only, except touching and being touched by Miss-Mar-gaugh..."
"Certainly...whatever you'd like...that's fine...sure..." Margot and I both rolling our eyes a little as he spoke.

Jacq-iee insisted on not using a condom with Margot, but she more equally insisting that he did, finally reaching the point where Margot had to threaten to call a time-out and go get Libby to referee things, if he didn't comply with what he knew were the rules. I thought Doc screened and educated his patients better than that.
" more arguments, I promise...I'm...I'm sorry...lay beside me, and let me show you what a real lover, a real French-mohhn, makes love like!

He got and top and thrusted away crazily, as Margot shot me a look of total boredom, when looking at me, and at least polite faked smiling sincerity when looking up at him. Etienne sucked me firm and rolled a condom on to my hard herself, not once, not twice, but ten or twelve times, saying she needed the practice.
"Er-whick...." Etienne shyly asked.
""Uhh...yes, what is it, Etienne?.." replied while she rolled another condom on and off me.
"....uhhhmmmmm...I'm under bodywork therapy for vaginismus...I just didn't want you to be surprised or disappointed...when we make love in a moment, you'll only be able to get in a inch or two so, no more..."
"That, okay, Dear...I won't be disappointed, I promise..." I answered, looking at her with the most reassuring smile possible.

Jack-eet The Fagg-iet had Margot on all fours now, pumping away furiously, slapping her ass hard a couple of times, she protesting verbally on one particularly loud and hard slap that left a handmark. He came and collapsed in a heap on the mats, out of breath, panting, groping and trying to kiss Margot, which she let him do only cursorily.

In the meantime, Etienne had pushed me flat and crawled atop me, riding me just an inch or so deep like she said she would, that was fine, she was a sweet girl, and I truly felt that my being there was helping her. Jacques having dozed off for a second, Margot rolled over to us and played with Etienne's breasts and clit while she fucked me. We both three gave us a silent look at each other, saying without words that we hoped Jacques didn't wake up. As we three made twenty-beat love, I asked Etienne how she and her father began their relationship. She said it was actually her mother who started it all, that her mother's family had a long tradition of it, especially mother/daughter, and that when her mother died when she was eight, she and her father simply continued doing what the three of them had done.

Forty or so minutes passed, Libby yelled "time to change partners, boys and girls!", and the next round of musical bodyworkers began. This time, The Averies immediately ran over and claimed Margie and me first, then Jacque and Etienne picked Nick and Surawan , The Grisoms went to Gwen and Keiko, and The Teasleys again were chosen for by default of picking last had Flo and Maddy.

Ms. Avery was heavy in her period, flowing like a small gusher, being polite and asking if I minded, shaking my head "no".
"The older I have gotten, the heavier my flow has gotten..." she unnecessarily apologizing.
"What would like to do?" Margot first asked.
" it Eric?...Eric, I hope you don't mind, but my girls and I are very womyn-centric...would you be offended if we excluded you?...neither one of them has ever touched a man, and I really don't like most men...I hope you're not offended...are you, Eric?"

Truth be told only to you and the fence post in my backyard, maybe I was, just a tad. But, like Doc said, the whole point of polykinetic bodywork is to prescriptively heal the patient, not the healer, and not for the healer to gets his rocks or her ovaries off doing so, unless it can be done harmlessly within the confines of what the patient does and doesn't want to do and what is and is not proscribed or prescribed in the treatment paradigm. Still, I had been looking forward to jumping on the mats with the twins, two perfect thirteen-year-old specimens of feminine exquisiteness, but such is life.
"No, Ms. Avery, I don't mind, we're here for you, not the other way around" I coughed out, managing a brave smile.

Margot dove into her tasks as I scooted back four or five feet and watched. Ms. Avery made Margot give each of girls some nice, protracted head, gently pushing Margot's head more firmly into their somewhat-poochy and thick and long sets of pussy lips on each girl, each of her girls giving Margot a nice double lick together. Annette and Athena's wide-base cone-shaped tits were so inviting, they were almost drawing me to them like four silent siren wails, but I scrunched up tighter on the mat as I sat arms holding legs tight to me and resisted royally fucking up. Ms. Avery told Margot she wanted as deep as tongue fuck as she could possibly give her. Margot relentlessly tried to comply, thrusting her tongue in and out of Ms. Avery's cunt as best she could while the girls sucked as hard as they could on their mother's tits, but a couple of times it looked like she was almost going to be sick, having to stop to pull dime-sized pieces of endometrium off her tongue. At least we had all been through menstrual aversion re-conditioning. But big, juicy, raw chicken-liver-like clots are different. Still, working with patients of all ages and conditions is part of bodyworking, so Margot "might as well get over aversion now as later" I thought to myself. And without warning, "time to switch again!" was called, and the merry-go-round began once more, and this time The Grisoms snagged us.

"Don't worry, buddy, I aint interested in yaw' butthole..." Ron Grisom said with a laugh, as he friendly slapped me on the back, he and his son sitting with Margot and I "...Geoff and I only do mouth and had jobs with each other and men, though this fine l'll' filly here..." he said as he playfully grabbed and twisted but not so much as to hurt Margot's breast "...we'll both get some off this sweet stuff, and 'might get you to help us get some a'that, too..."

Ron had me and Margot knell of either side of his erect cock as he stood, with his son at the front of it, using our three mouths like an open-top pussy. Then he and his son switched places, then he and his son had me stand up as they sucked either side of my cock and Margot held fort at the head of it. The Grisoms were like the proverbial two kids in a candystore. They had Margot knell in front of the three of us, Ron in the middle, his son Geoff and I to either side, as he fucked her mouth while she played with our cocks manually. Then Geoff traded places with him, and I eventually traded places with Geoff in the middle. Then they layed down on the mats, Margot sixty-nine Ron and I 69'ing Geoff, then with them still side-by-side next to each other, Margot and I traded off partners. By then some time had passed, and they sensed that the last switch for tonight was probably going to be called soon. So, Ron putting on latex, had Margot astride his somewhat short but stubby and wide cock, had me stand for Margot to suck me, and Geoff slipped on the required latex and pop it in her asshole. Then I took Ron's place underneath, he took my place standing for Margot's mouth, and Geoff stayed in her butt. Pulling latex off, as the clock wound down, Geoff took his father's place at Margot's oral opening, and Margot took that short but telephone pole piece of Ron's meat up her tail somehow, slightly gasping but not fighting it when he entered her. Ten strokes or so later, he came, and the last switch of the night was called. An hour and and fifteen minutes had passed since we left the Averys.

The Teasleys were precious, both of them. They were both so shy that neither one of them wanted to make much eye contact, both looking down most of the time at the mats when we talked with them. Margot asked Nicole how their physical relationship began, and Nicole replied that when Jessica was a baby, she was very fussy, and she used to masturbated a lot just to make her feel good to quiet her down, and over the years it just progressed from there. She also mentioned without asking that she didn't know who exactly Jessica's father was, and Jess' knew that. Margot, taking charge, asked what their pleasure was, Nicole replying she mainly wanted cock, and Jessica wanted to play with Margot.

Having gotten and stayed maybe a little bit more excited that I should have or wanted to with the Grisoms but having come, my hard was still present and Nicole wasted no time covering my sucker up and pulling me down to her on top of her, becoming openly and unabasedly passionate with her. I felt the distinct feel of a tampon already pushed curled up inside her, bent around her cervix by Nick who had already been with her a while ago. I shot her a curious look, she smiled at me and gently nudged my ribs with a "get back to work, silly boy!" look in her eyes.

Jessica was all over Margot like white on rice. She ran her hands all over her body as they stood in front of each other, playing with, pulling, pinching, massaging, frigging every part of her body, like she was looking for a microdot hidden on one of Margot's few freckles with her bare hands. She literally but a little unintentionally hard pushed Margot down on the mats, then without exaggeration jumped her Margot's face, her tiny little crotch hitting Margot's face so hard it had to have had almost broken Margot's nose, with an "...aaaaeeeeyyaahhhh!!!..." cry as she did it.
"One of our hers and mine's favorite little games..." Nicole explained "...would you like to fuck my little Jess', Eric?..."
"....uhh...uhm, yes, Nicole, I will, but only if you want to, if you want me to..."
" you, you want to Eric?'s okay, just be honest, say yes, or no, yes or no is fine..."
"Yes, Nicole, I would like to fuck your nine-year-old daughter, for my own pleasure..."
"Jessica...Jess-ss-ie...get off that woman and come over her, this nice man would like to fuck you..."

Nicole playfully pushed her daughter off Margot, pulled her over to her with a big hug, then laid her down between us. Flicking her head at me, she silently urged me to join her between her daughter's legs. She took my hand, curled all fingers but my index one, and easily pushed it inside that tiny perfect sweet but not-quite innocent vagina. I began slowly pumping my finger as Nicole licked the almost invisible pea of her daughter's clit. Jessica actually started to lubricate enough to feel, something a tad unusual since she was premenarche. I worked my middle finger inside her thanks to her natural lubrication, pulling them out to between their first and middle knuckles, trying to see and feel if Jessica's G-spot had developed yet, but could only maybe feel the ever-so-slight hardening of a less-than-pea-sized spot at around between the eleven and twelve o'clock position.

Nicole had me stand up, as they both double-sucked me, then she let Jess' just practice on me some, by herself. Reaching for Margot, she passionately kissed Margot as she talked dirty to her, telling her how incredibly nasty it was watching her daughter with a man, asking if Margot was turned on too, Margot not speaking but just nodding her head "yes" as Nicole continued her lip-and-tongue-lock of her.

Breaking her grip on Margot, she nudged her daughter aside, sucked me some, then layed her precious little nine-year-old down on the mats for me to fuck. Guiding me inside her, she directed Margot to lick my cock and Jessica's pussy while I fucked her, as she crawled around to the head of us, kissing her daughter with as much passion as any grown lesbian would kiss any other grown lesbian. That kiss. That kiss, that kiss. Not like I hadn't seen a whole lot of women kissing women and even women kissing girls sometimes this week. But, that precious kiss, unvarnished, unashamed, between a beautiful mother and her equally precious beauty of a young daughter, as Margot added to my and our stimulation as I fucked her without reservation. I came. Time was called. It was a little past midnight. Class over. Time for the models to go home.

Margot, Gwen, Keiko, and I walked arms-around-waists together back to our collectively shared room. Ms. Avery had gotten Keiko into a particularly hot scene together right there at the last, Keiko fisting her way past her wristbone, and despite having wiped off as best she could, still had a pink hand and wrist from Sarah Avery's very heavy peri-menopausal menstrual flow. I asked Keiko if she wanted me to finish licking her hand clean for her, Keiko playfully trying to kick me in the buttocks with a cross-legged kick behind me, a "nnnoooooo!!!, silly Eric!!!" being friendly laughed in my ear as we walked together back to our room.

The girls snacked down on the assortment of chips and dip and pretzels and nachos and everything I had requested and received a couple of days back. They sat stuffing their faces while watching some silly softcore porn movie on HBO. Talk about a busman's holiday driving a cab, for pete's sake. I was still a tad horny and wanted to fuck Margot and Gwen and Keiko, one or both or all three I didn't care, but they either pretended to or actually did want to ignore me right then, so I didn't push it. I put on my clothes, said "bye" to them, none of them even offering a wave bye-bye in recognition, and headed out, slightly pissed at being ignored.

I asked the guy at the security desk where I could get a beer this time of night, and he said that probably the only place in town open right now was the hotel bar. I told him "then that's where I'll be", hit the button, stomped my feet as I walked in, turned my private ninth floor elevator access key to the right, and was expressed immediately to the hotel lobby.

The bar was empty, save one very exhausted looking businessman in an expensive but very wrinkled from his hard day apparently business suit, him, and Libby, who was sitting at the bar four stools down from him, he being so tired that he didn't even bother to roll his eyes any at my not a ten but definitely close to nine long and leggy dishwaterblonde polykinetic bodywork instructor.

I told the bartender to give another of whatever she was having, it looked like a chickdrink like a Kaluha-and-Cream or something, and I ordered a Mick-and-Stollie boilermaker. Putting my hand gently on her shoulder, I asked her if she'd like to sit and talk some, over at a booth where we could have some privacy.

She sipped her Godawful-looking drink as I torpedoed my boilermaker. We talked about The Institute, about Doc, about Mrs. Doc, about how long she had been with them, etc. She mentioned that she started off as a bodyworker in Doc's practice, and that he had recruited her to be on his school staff when she wasn't seeing clients. I asked how many schools like this they had per year, and she said no more than one a month, sometimes only four or so per year, so as to not totally screwup their patient calendars. She also mentioned that she, Ferrum, Courtney, Jerry, and Hollis were five of the seven full-time bodyworkers on Doc's payroll, the other two running appointments during the week class was held. She asked about me just to be polite, I knowing with reasonable certainty she had already reviewed every possible scrap of personal info about my in my review files. I asked if she was straight, bi, or lesbian, and she admitted that when she first became a bodyworker three years ago, she considered herself to be straight with very mild bi tendencies, but now, after three years of non-stop wall-to-wall sexual embracings of both sexes on a day-to-day basis, she wasn't sure any longer. "Occupational hazard, I guess, Eric" she slightly whimpered.

I friendly touched under her chin, and she smiled at me. "I know one thing I never get enough of, though, Eric, and that's power exchange, like I tried to hint at you earlier about, but you didn't take, or catch the hint..."
"Yes, I did..." I protested harmlessly "....but you are my instructor, and I didn't know when and if, if ever, we could do anything about it, Libby..."
"...well, now we can, Eric My Prized Student, unless you're too tired..."
"oh, NO, I'm not too tired..." reassuring her quickly, my horns sensing a chance to be blunted soon "...I'm not tired if you're not tired..."
"...two things, Eric...if we do this, it changes nothing in class...I'm still your instructor there, got it?!?..." I nodding my head in a "oh-hell-yes" fury "...and secondly, I like my BDSM sex rough, and I do mean rough, as in hard-open-hand-slaps to anywhere on my body even my face but no closed-fist-punches, hair-pulling, tit pinching and grabbing, pussy grabbing, heavy workovers with paddles and whips and everything, just don't leave marks on me which the rest of the class can see tomorrow, and I really would need you to verbally dominate me totally, just take control and forcefully of me and the situation, virtually rape me, though I know you couldn't ever rape a fly in real life...if you can't or won't do it like I want, then some other time, no hard feelings..."
"Oh, Libby...oh Libby Oh Libby OH Libby...I can and will do like you problem...but where? roomies are busy having a hen party in my room..."
"...there's a special sound-proof BDSM room just down from Doc's apartment".

Back up on the ninth floor, Libby slipped a paperkey to the lock and turned the handle, the green little bulb lighting up, and we were in. The door silently closing behind us, I sweetly kissed her, then grabbed her nice blouse, and just ripped it off of her with all the force I could, tearing it in the three places. Grabbing her bra, I snatched off her with one hard yank, those 36D's or whatever they were tits that I had seen so much and touched much more this past week slightly flopping down, my hands roughly slapping her breasts as she sucked in several breaths deep and hard. Telling her to unzip her skirt, it feel to the floor as I simultaneously ripped her panties off.

"How do want it?...BITCH?" I barked.
"Rough, Master...give it to me as rough as you want, Eric, My Master..."
"'re a fucking whore and slut, you know that?, whore?..."
"...yes, Master, I'm your total slut and whore, I'm Eric's slut and whore..."
"...I don't know if a slut or whore can be raped, but I'm going to rape you right, you fucking pig of a cunt!!!..." I yelled to her face as she looked down at the floor in total obedience, I starting to really get a feel for my part if this pseudo-roleplaying.
"...yes, Master, I'm yours to rape or whatever you will...I'm Eric's slut to rape if he wishes..."
"...where are the toys kept in this bare-looking dungeon, pigslut?..."
"in the amoires behind you, Master".

I opened the tall cabinets to find a very interesting collection of BDSM toys, indeed. But my mood was more towards domination and control, not sadism. I picked out one thin leather-wrapped whip and one large dildo, but nothing else.
"Now, you slutty whore of a motherless sailor's bitchdog, you said you have a rape fantasy?, hhuuuuu??!!??, screw that, you weak-willed lily-livered cuntblood sucking pigdog of a peasant-fucking yak, screw that roll-playing shit, NOW you're really going to be raped!!!"

I threw her onto one of the two four-poster beds, pulled her on all fours, and began to mercilessly slap her ass, spicing it with flicks from the whip. I let my role play itself out.
"You're going to be raped now, you godless cumsucking old man's whore, and raped but good, and if you ever, ever whisper a word to Doc or the cops me raping you, I'll swear when I get out of prison I'll come back and carve you up like a cheap Christmas turkey, understand me, BITCH!!!" I yelled at her at the top of my lungs, being thankful for the soundproofing in the walls, hoping she didn't lie about that, she mumbling and crying now, I pulling her around to seriously slap her face three or four times hard, but not hard enough to leave bruises or handprints beyond tonight.

"Suck my cock like the asshole-licking slimecunt that you are!" I barked as I shoved my cock in her mouth while I mercilessly mauled her tits, her begging me to stop and to "please, Eric, don't rape me, DON'T rape me!!" just getting my role-playing juices that much hotter.

Shit, I was getting into the moment almost too much, pulled mentally just a tad, but not enough to break the mood. "Prepare to be raped and raped but good, you dogcock-licking slut born of some godless heathen bastard's daughter!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I pushed her around, whipping her back hard in several places enough to leave light cutmarks that the rest of the class might be able to see without meaning to cut into her flesh quite that hard, as I again slapped and slapped and slapped her ass hard, before just ramming my cock totally all the way into her asshole, no lubrication, no nothing, the friction of its unlubricated tightness making me all that much harder.

"AAAAYYEEEAAHHH!!!!..." Libby scream at the top of her lungs "....Eric, I'm not kidding now, you're really raping me now, stop, dammit, now, or I'll kick you out of class this instant, I'm not kidding now, stop raping this instant or I will call the cops, I SWEAR IT!....AHHHYEEAAHHHH!!!" she screamed again as I relentlessly "raped" her asshole, ignoring her words of then because of her earlier words that she wanted it that rough, that, and the face she didn't ask for and I didn't mention use of a safe word.

I shouted some more obscenities at her, questioned her ancestry and parentage and told her how low on the totem pole of worthless sluts and whores she was some more, she absolutely now threatening to kill me herself after I got out of prison for raping her, her protestations and faux-threats sending my passion through the roof, as it did hers.

When she came four or five flooding G-spot comes from my "rape" of her asshole, I knew she was done, started whipping her open and bare cunt while I assfucked her my one last bit, and filled her with more come than I thought I had in me after coming several times earlier that evening.

We collapsed on the bed, she mauled and with red palmprints on her ass and tits and two very light pinkish handprints on her face, her cunt with some light whipmarks, her back with a few that might not be completely gone by in the morning.
"Sorry about those slightly too-deep whipmarks on your back, Libby..." I apologized as we lay next to each other, facing each other, lightly petting and kissing.
"Oh, no problem, they're not that deep and there's just a few...even if they're not healed by in the morning, no one will say anything, dont' sweat it, my best Eric Student..." she cooed, gently reasserting our roles in our outside roles within the classroom, me not minding a'tall "'s did you know that I wasn't serious, wasn't really going to call the cops on you?..."
"...because you told me exactly what you wanted, how and when and where you wanted it, and that's exactly what I gave you, Silly Libby, Silly Libby..." I cooed back we laughed together.
"...yes...yes, you did...I wanted to be raped, and you raped me..."
"...actually, my Dearest Slut Instructor, you didn't want to be raped...." she flashing me a look like "...damn, how did you know that?..."
" didn't want to be 'raped', Libby, you just wanted some rough sex but mainly you wanted someone else to be in charge, to take charge, because that's what you do all day, take charge, get things done, order students and staff around, and having a natural switch's nature like you told me you had, I knew you didn't really want to be raped, just like you told me earlier you knew I was incapable of actual rape, or you wouldn't have invited me up here tonight and given me carte blanche to take charge over you...

"...shut up, know sometimes you talk too much?..." I nodding my head "yes" "'re right, My Sweet Dom, and you handled it perfectly...thank you...THANK YOU, Eric, for giving me exactly what I wanted, instead of what I had asked, tomorrow's another day of class, you better scoot, I gotta go home and feed my cat...g'night, My Sweet Dom..." she whispered to me as she put on a full-length labcoat from a selection in a closet I hadn't earlier seen, taking her skirt with her, the rest of her clothes being shredded and torn and useless, she backing out from the room, blowing me sweet kisses as she want. Back in my room, the tv on, the bed was covered in crumbs and half-eaten bites of chips and dips, and my three favorite classmates had dozed off in a semi-pile while sitting, Margot and Keiko both resting their heads on one each of Gwen's nicely-large breasts.

The Body Worker

Wed., Day 5: A Level Playing Field

A slightly rising pisshard arouse my consciousness and elevating state of arousal. Craning my neck around to try to focus with sleep-glazed eyes on the alarm clock, the redletters shown "6:38". I was snuggled against Margot's back, who's head was still resting on Gwen's matronly tit, as Keiko used Gwen's other one similarly as a pillow. Erect but not really needing to piss right then, I worked the head of my cock easily into Margot, she waking up enough to protest with a classic "not now, pussy's too sore", I easing it anyway, she not complaining further.

Just for the fun of it, to see if I could do it, I tried to do a "Maddy", a male version of one. Keeping my body absolutely still, I deliberately twitched and spasm'd and flexed my own inner PC muscle, making my cock twist and move and rise within Margot's innerflesh. She moved just a little, then smiled. After five minutes or so of closed-eye non-acknowledgment of my innocent pleasuring of her, she rolled her face over to mine, lightly kissed me, with a "that's nice....nice...keep it up".

We made love without moving for another ten minutes or so, Margot flexing her cunt around me as I flexed back, she nibbling and sucking on Gwen's nipple while she lazily massaged her boob. After the intense session with Libby last night, this was a pleasant cooldown. Gwen started waking up, nudged Keiko awake a bit, then promptly at seven, Hollis arrived in our room to give us our ritual morning wakeup call. Seeing our impromptu friendship pile, he asked if he could join in for a few moment. Gwen opened her legs for him and Margot and Keiko sucked her tits and played with her pussy and his cock as he did his Hollis-Slide atop her. I rolled off the bed to do my morning business in the bathroom, leaving the four of them for their fun. Getting out of the shower a bit later, Margot and Hollis came into the bathroom, asking if everything was alright, if I was angry or anything, I replying that "no, of course I wasn't, I just really had to take my morning piss and needed a shower", which was the total truth after my midnight unwashed sweatsession.

Hollis having left, my three cuntkateers and I got in a silly mood as we walked our daily thirty second and thirty pace commute from bedroom to classroom, doing some sort of impromptu Pythoni-ish arms-around-waist silly walk as we four abreast swung wide into the classroom. The buffet guys how addressed us all by name, having served us long enough during the week, with a "good morning, Mizz Margot, good morning Miss Gwen...etc.". We all sat down at our usual old places at our new roundtable. The room was quiet, eerily so. Some stuff had been moved around, some stuff is seemingly always moved in around prior to our coming to a given day's class, so nothing new there. I noticed a pile of clothing at each of our respective places at our desks, but didn't think much about it, just something else new for us to do. We were the first ones in class, and for a few minutes as we ate our eggs and bacon and bagels and such, not even a pindrop was heard, not in the room, not from outside in the hall. Eerie.

Libby came in next with her majordomo brood in tow, several reddish whip marks still visible on her back, visible reminders of her's and mine happy shining BDSM funtime last night, despite having tried to slightly cover the worse of them with some sort of body makeup. Then Nick and Surawan and Flo and Maddy. Flo wasn't wearing any panties and pad today, evidently she must have "stopped" last night. Maddy had an ear-to-ear possum-eating-shit grin on her face, but no one was so impolite as to ask why. Doc and Mrs. D. came in last, stopping to greet us all as a group, as we touched him and her back as they put their hands on our shoulders, asking how we were, if we had a good night's sleep, etcetera, being unusually personable for them.

Six middle-aged men, five white and one African-America, all immaculately and expensively dressed, well-groomed, looking like bankers or Wall Street-types, trailed in single-file behind The Docs, observing but not speaking to us. Doc got his usual coffee from the buffet table and the group of gentlemen helped themselves too, as they and Docs slowly walked to the back of the room. Doc didn't formally call the class to order. The wallclock now read eight-thirty-six, so we students eight gradually got up at our own pace, threw our trash into the open-top garbage can, and made our way to our usual seats, our piles of what looked like to be white and navy-blue full-length labcoats and some other stuff stacked in front of us.

Seeing we were waiting, an as-usual bucknaked Doc got up and leaning into the lectern, began his morning spiel. "Good morning, class..."
"Good morning, Teacher..." we chorused with friendly mocking sarcasm.
"Today, we're going to concentrate on working with male models on the problems of your typical single as in seeing the therapist status not marital or relationship'd-status male patient, that's what these kind gentlemen behind me, all of whom are ex-patients of my practice, are here for..."
"...because so, so much work of a female bodyworker's practice is going to be with men, the entire day is going to be devoted to practicing the main techniques she'll need to work with such patients..."
"...the three main concerns you'll see as female therapists are with male patients: one, erectile dysfunction, or the inability to achieve or adequately maintain an erection for sufficient amount of time to either achieve their own climax or intercourse' their partner to one; two, male orgasmic disorder, or the ability of the male patient to achieve satisfactory orgasmic response during sex; and three, premature ejaculation, or, the exact opposite response of male orgasmic disorder...the inability to control orgasmic response sufficiently long enough for his partner to climax at least fifty percent of the time..."

Doc talked on "...because most male patients will be homophobic about seeing a male therapist about solving these problems, except in a clinical situation where the patient and his wife are seeing a male-female therapist team to treat multiple problems, the good news for you studs, Eric, Nick, is that, unless you want to stay and observe, you're basically have the day off...", Nick and I shaking our heads silently "no" to the idea of killing the day in class when we could go play some Doc-sanctioned hookie.
"....also, because...and most of you didn't know this...Keiko's parents are partners in a professional practice, and for the past two years she's worked as a-yet-formally-trained apprentice to trained bodyworkers on their staff, including helping treat hundreds of cases in the areas we'll be covering today, so, Keiko, if you'd like the day off, you're granted that, I don't see how this workshop could teach you professionally anything you don't already know, but like Nick and Eric, you're welcome to stay and participate or just observe, or you may have the day off..."
"...thank you, Dr. Chaim, if you don't mind, I'll take the day off, thank you!" she gleefully exclaimed.

", before we get started, and Nick, Eric, I do want you to stay and do one quick familiarization session on premature ejaculation before you leave, some other morning business..."
"...on your desks, as you can see, you have four specialized labcoats in your size, two each in navy blue and two white, plus a removable liner for each, plus four 'dickies' or turtle-neck-style pullover covers that cover your flesh from neck just above your breastline, the point of them being they're easier to put on and take-off and store than a full-sized blouse or shirt and cover the flesh exposed by the open front of the labcoats..."
"...the few times that you'll leave the confines of your professional office back home to see a patient elsewhere, at their home, in another medical setting, etc., you will wear a labcoat and dickey to those kind of appointments...'anyone tell me why we would do this, instead of just wearing streetclothes?...anyone?...yes, Gwen?..."

"Is it because the labcoats project a professional image, but more importantly, removing the usual layers of usual clothes in the presence of a client would imply a certain level of too-intimate intimacy and familiarity, would create an atmosphere for therapy that's more erotic than friendly clinical?"
"...very good, Gwen, and precisely correct...outside of your office, on their turf, it's important to maintain 'possession' as in principle thereof, and the shock of your nudity when it comes to that moment in that therapy session helps you maintain that, if you'll open one of the packets that contains a blue coat..."

We all fished one out from its plastic wrap, the smell of newly minted fabric filling our airspace. Beside the pile of coats, I also noticed two golden name tags, both that said "Eric" in larger letters, and one in smaller letters "The Polykinetic Bodywork Institute", and on the other "Wake family Therapy, Inc."

"...and, pick one of the light green or purple dickies to wear, you're going to have your ID's done in a the way, always keep your ID cards, both of them, one from which ID's you as being affiliated with PBI, and the other one which will show your employer's name, with you at all will need these cards to access certain facilities at certain times, and they can also serve as a professional credential in certain'll need these ID's tomorrow when we do a couple of class field trips...please put on a dickey and a blue coat, and then go over to Libby who's manning the station".

Jerry and Libby had been scurrily setting up the white seamless backdrop in front of what looked like some sort of giant passport photo camera in the while that Doc had been speaking. I put my gold Institute nametag on, but Libby asked me to remove it for the photo. Fifteen minutes or so later, we were done, as Jerry, Hollis, and even the female krew members went busily about moving the beds and mats around, in one verse of an endless ritual of preparing for learning. The group of gentlemen had in the meanwhile undressed and were walking towards the middle of the room, towards the altar of polykinetic bodywork education.

Doc fetching myself, Nick, and Keiko, he lead us over to a pot-bellied but not fat model, his flab rolling over his beltline, with a "students, this is Doug...Doug suffered from severe premature ejaculation for decades before coming to us for treatment...after being cured, he can still mimic the symptoms for us, so Keiko, since you know more about the techniques for helping patients control their PE, please demonstrate for the class, then you two briefly repeat what she has shown you, then you're free to go" Doc concluded.

Skipping the unneeded bonding ritual, K. got on the bed with Doug, felated him semi-hard, then as his cock began to twitch, grabbed his head firmly between thumb and forefinger, and not-so-gently but not painful squeezed.
"Keiko is using the old standard Masters & Johnson 'pressure technique' that another couple of times, Keiko, then also demonstrate the techniques of intermittent stimulation and of sensory refocus".

She finished her grab-and-hold's, then showed us how to, using non-continual stimuli with hands and mouth, how to bring forth an ever-growing erection, but how to sense an orgasmic platform building, and then back off, while still using enough stimulus to keep the erection firm. Then, she demonstrated the sensory refocus technique, which basically consisted of her, instead of breaking stimulation, of simply moving her stimulations of Doug to his nipples which she sucked, his inner thighs and anus which she licked and stroked, massaging his stomach, putting her tit in his mouth while playing around his anus, etc.

Doc had Nick and I do the pressure technique on Doug, then the other two. Satisfied that we could work with our female therapy partners using these techniques, Doc excused us and Keiko from class for the day, catty little whispers being underheard under whispered breaths from the cuntgallery. I thought about what I might want to do for the rest of the day, then realized I was damn near broke. I whispered in Doc's ear about getting an advance, remembering that Kim or Carol or one of them had promised to call and arrange it with him. "It's in an evelope in the hotel safe downstairs, Eric..." Doc whispered back to me "...just be sure to keep all your receipts..." I replying "yeah, yeah, whatever" modestly sarcastically, like he was my fucking denmother.

Sprinting to catch Keiko and Nick before they left the room, I asked them if they'd like to hang together for the rest of the day, asking what they'd like to do.
"I've got some things I really need to do this morning by myself, Eric...maybe later?" K. replied.
"And pardon me, old buddy, but I just want some time alone, some time to think...I'm going for a run...catch ya' later?

I dressed in gym clothes and went down to the hotel health club. Normally I work out about once a week, not a lot, but enough to make keeping my membership at the Hillsboro Street "Y" up to date. Being the middle of a weekday, the place was deserted. I worked the Stairmaster some, the stationary bike, and the NordicTrak. I really wanted to do some lifts on the freeweights, but lacking a spotter, didn't want to push it. A stacked blond with more muscles than I came in, picked a bar that had 120 lbs locked into place, put her towel down on the weight bench, and started slo-mowing her reps. Being a gentleman, I walked over to her and asked if she wanted me to spot for her, and she said "sure". She did four sets of ten, then two sets of ten with the 220 lb bar, the later of which was greater than her total bodyweight by fifty pounds easy. We talked smalltalk as she got rid of her excess tension. I just casually mentioned that I was in town attending a seminar and had the day off, she said that she was traveling on business with her husband, they being from Toronto, and he would be seeing a big client all day in The Bronx. She spotted me my three each brackets on the 75 lb and 120 bars, then we ran in place beside each other on adjacent treadmills for about twenty minutes. Both of us achieving our aerobic goals for the day, she asked me point blank if I wanted to go back to her room. For the longest moment, I thought long and hard....very hard...but nah..."no, thanks..." I replied, kissing her on the cheek " seem very nice...and it would be fun...but thanks, but no, thanks" she kissing me back on the cheek with a "well, maybe next time".

It felt like I was starting to cramp up a bit in my legs and arms, so I went over to the rowing machine to do some easy pulls and gradually cool down. Through the room's giant bay window that faced into the woods behind the hotel, I saw Nick come up the jogging path which ran directly in front of it, waved at him, and he waved back. Coming into the health club area, he sat beside me on a stationary bike, slowly working it some, cooling down himself. He said he had done the entire trail, from the hotel down around through town and to the marina and back, and felt a hundred percent better, his head was clearer. I'm not one to do much alone, except kick back and watch tv or read or maybe listen to music. Asking Nick if he wanted to hang out some together, he complained about being broke, but I told him I had some more money waiting for me and it'd be my treat, we could do whatever the hell we felt like. Nick said he just wanted to get away from cunts for a while. I asked if he wanted to find a sportsbar somewhere and just go shoot some pool or something.

We went back to our rooms to shower and met back in the lobby half an hour later. I asked the desk clerk about my envelope, and sure enough, it contained ten fifties and twenty-five twenties. I asked where the bellman where the nearest decent sportsbar was, and he replied there wasn't one in town, the nearest being in the neighboring town of Macarthur, about fifteen miles and thirty minutes away. Asking him to call a cab for us, he replied that as ninth-floor guests, we could have the hotel van shuttle us there, if we didn't care, and take a cab back later or call and have the bus come pick us up, whichever we preferred to do.

We nursed our beers, Mic for me and Bud for Nick, as we knocked the balls around on a decent table, a tournament-sized Brunswick Gold Crown at Rudy's Sport Bar & Tavern in what passed for the two-block section of downtown Macarthur, NY. Munching on orders of skins and nachos, we a lot of the time were quiet, talking about everything but the school when we weren't. A small lunchtime crowd of suits filtered in and out over the lunch hour, we ignoring them as they ignored us, they being all locals apparently, we not. As the crowd of pinstripes left us to our own silences once again, the talk, as it inevitably would anyway, turned to school.

"I never thought I could get actually start becoming numb to sex, but I am, some, Nick...this blond who was in the health club earlier before you came in wanted me to go back to her room with her after we worked out, but I turned her down, because...because it felt like, I felt like one those 'here we go again''s, know whaddImean?..."
"Yeaz, I do, Eric...Surawan's been damned-near insatiable with me at' I mean, she's nice and all, and she and I have had lots of sex with Flo and Maddy like you've got your own little harem with Margot and Gwen and K', but damn, man, fuck all day during class and then they want you to fuck all night, too?..."
"...I think Margot's becoming a little numb to it all..." I replied "...but Gwen and Keiko are like two little lesbian peas in a pod, they can't keep their hands off each other, but it is fun with them, all three of them..."

I finished off the nine and Nick began to rerack the balls. A long, very pregnant silence insued. "Hey, Nick...."
"Yeah, Erwic?..."
" do you really feel about the guy-guy stuff we've had to do, with each other and Jer' and Hol' and all?..."
"...well, like I said that other time, I know it's going to be part of my job, however small a part that might be..."

Another protracted silence as he collected his thoughts, then he spoke once more. "Yah, know, Eric..."
"What, Nick?"
"We've fooled around as part of our class assignments, but...but...I can't help but think..."
"....think what, Nick?..." asking, but knowing what he was going to probably say before he said it.
" and I 'done everything with the girls that guys could possibly do to them, and we've fooled around in class, but...but we haven't done the one thing together that we've done to all them..."
"...what Doc did to me..."
"...exactly...and I dunno, Eric, ' feels like I'm bonded to the girls to the third degree, but only to you because of what you and I ain't done, to the second degree....knowwhadImean?..."
"...yeah, I know what you mean..." I replied with a quiet but unintentional sigh coming from lips "...of course, we can, if you want, it'd be fine with me..."
"....but only if you really want to, Eric, old bud'..."
"....yeah, I guess I want to, Nick, if you want to...sure, let's finish our beers and I'll call us a cab to go back home".

We drove back in the cab to Roslyn Harbour Inn, he in the frontseat, me in the back, silently. From the lobby, I saw Keiko dressed in a tight, black leather miniskirt, sipping on a drink. I nudged Nick and we walked up behind her, putting a hand each on each of her shoulders, shocking the living shit out of her, she not having heard us sneak up behind her, knocking her Bloody Mary over as she jumped up off the barstool, I mock scolding her with a "Keiko, Keiko, Keiko...what are we going to do with you, young lady!, drinking at a bar at age nineteen!", she putting her finger to her lips with an equally mock "ssshhhhh!", the bartender quietly chuckling at us all, not caring one wit about our nonsense.

Without asking, she told us that she had taken the train into town this morning to go look at an antique diamond-encrusted bracelet that Harry Winston Jewelers had that her mother was thinking of buying but wanted her to look at it first in person before okaying the purchase, and then had stopped by Paul & Eddy's boutique to buy a couple of the new rave-style dresses, showing us her full shopping bag. "I honestly thought we'd have more free time than we've had, guys...nothing but fuck, fuck, fuck, suck, suck, suck..." Nick and I just cracking up at that one.

Nick mentioned we had worked out and then went to Macarthur to shoot some pool, and had come back to fool around some with each other. Looking at Nick to make sure it was okay with him, I asked her if she wanted to join us, "sure" she said.

We all three stuck our heads through the classroom's door out of curiosity. Margot and all were busily either fucking or sucking their male model partners as they practiced their exercises, Libby and The Team watching over each session individually, Doc and Mrs. Doc working the room as floaters. We three went back to my room, where the beds had been pushed together to make a larger one.

Our clothes hitting the floor, K. leaned into suck me, I leaned to suck Nick, and Nick's mouth found Keiko's cunt. Just three friends doing each other. I wanted to fuck K., so she rolled me over and crawled on top, Nick licking my cock and her cuntlips as we fucked. Keiko then said she wanted a double-fuck, not a double vaginal-anal penetration, but a true double-fuck in her pussy. Nick and I both exchanged "well, she's as tight as straw, but she did get fisted out the ying-yang yesterday" glances, and shrugged our shoulder in a "sure, why not?" motion. As she rode me, I could feel her tenting her vagina as best she could, making room for Nick as his dick slipped inside her with mine kneeling from behind, our cocks rubbing together like some pre-adolescent jackfest. Keiko closed her eyes, started rocking back and forth, began moaning, and then her fists lightly but firmly tapped my chest. I knew she was getting ready to blow, and she did, in three successive orgasms of increasing intensity. Falling off between our sandwich, she crumpled on to the bed. We snuggled beside her, kissing and petting her, while also playing each other's cocks. I scooted off the bed for a second and came back with some condoms and KY fetched from my gearbag.

I stood up and Nick sucked me as he sat on the edge of the bed, K. off to one side catching forty winks, ignoring us. He then rolled a condom on me and handed me the 'Y, kneeling on all fours on the bed, waiting for me. I entered him easily but not quickly, trying as best to make love to his and his ass not just fuck him. He purred like a chick underneath me as we bonded that Spartan-Bond, two ancient Greek soldiers normally straighter than the arrows they would shoot from their quivers but who in high-stress combat situations would easily and without reservation physically bond to one another in male-male contact ways, the school not being a combat situation but definitely being a high-stress one that Nick and I shared exponentially together. Having held my come through Keiko's fucking, I just grabbed his asscheeks and pulled him tighter to me, filling my condom full of my jism that was meant for him, he feeling my cock pulse and spasm inside his anus. Resting a moment together, we put our arms around each other and kind of hugged, but didn't kiss. We're not faggots, you know. Asking if I was ready, I replied asking me if he'd fuck me from the side instead, he replying "sure, that'll be knees are tired, anyway". Nick played with my softening cock as he screwed me from the back, his chest to my back. "Well..." I thought silently " least I know what it feels like to be a girl and get fucked this way, now". He didn't hold back and quickly came inside me, pulling out, throwing his condom towards the trashcan beside the nightstand. I snuggled closer to Keiko as she dozed, and Nick snuggled close to me.

The Two Clitkateers came in from class sometime after that, Margot waking me up as I snored between Nick and Keiko by tickling my feet, a sweet but unvarnished "...privileged characters..." bit of sarcasm being directed at me. Gwen and Margot both looked like if they had to see or play with one more cock today, it would time for butcherknives to come out to play. Margot snuggled in between me and Keiko, Gwen finding room on the other side of her. "Just hold me, Eric..." Margot implored "...just hold me".

Nick woke up an hour or so later, finding Margot between he and I, nudged me in the ribs lightly, told me that he really enjoyed today and would see me tomorrow in class, making his exit from our room. His getting up roused my sweeties to a lighter slumber, and about another hour later they finally stretched and yawned their way to consciousness. Call it condition, re-conditioning, conditional expectations, call it whatever you want, but I wanted more sex then. But my majority actions and minority words were met by kind but sincere words of protests, all of them bitching and moaning only half-kiddingly right then about not wanting to see or manipulate another cock as long as they lived, moderated with some "we love you, Eric..." and "maybe, maybe later" 's.

Asking who was hungry and stating that I was buying, three hands shot up. Gwen said that she was in a mood for chicken, fried chicken. I really wanted to treat them to Mom's and that glorious dining experience that Nick and I had stumbled into the other night, but once Gwen suggested chicken, then Margot said KFC, and Keiko supra-majority outvoted me. I don't like, but can eat, fried chicken. Getting dressed, Margot told the guy at the elevator's security desk that we wanted to find a KFC, asking where the closest one was, he replying out on the highway two exits down, she being nice asking could we bring him anything back, he a little surprisingly saying yes, would we mind bringing him a three piece meal with all whitemeat.

Taking the hotel shuttle there and back, we got one 15-piece bucket each of white and dark regular plus a mixed bucket of extra crispy, along with six side orders of creamed potatoes, gravy, two dozen biscuits, slaw, and mixed greens, and baked beans. It was not going to be a silent night. Buying our friendly van driver dinner too, he and his shift replacement having shuttled us all over the past few days, he thanked us, as we went back upstairs. Gwen going to fetch a couple of Pepsis from our well-stocked kitchenette fridge, we talked with the desk guard some, inviting him to join us for dinner, but he had to decline, said he could get fired if he left his post for more than a quick bathroom break.

While food had always been nearly as important to me as sex, it was obvious to us all that food was becoming an antidote, a counter-balance to all the sex in our now routine daily lives, a way of balancing the exterior of continual sexual stimulation by the intaking of physical sensuous memoryharkers. In a pile of live bodies and dead fried chickens, we gorged ourselves as we sat naked on our bed together, licking the flavored grease stains from each other's fingers and breasts and nipples and chest and legs in a child-like but not child-ish delight of sharing good food with good friends, the bedsheet becoming one large ever-increasing grease stain underneath us but no one caring, that being what the housekeeping staff and clean sheets every morning were for. Keiko clicked on the tv while we ate and found some softcore shit on HBO, much to the vocalized moans of the rest of us. Margot and I started feeding each other, first bites of mashed potatoes and gravy, then pulled bits of chicken, then bites taken from each other's mouths and shared with a kiss, passing of food and sustenance and yes small-l love from and to each other, K. and Gwen doing the same by our example, then all four of us creating the ultimate in group foodkisses. The buckets of burnt poultryflesh now empty, the sharing of foodkisses bringing our deadend and muted passions back to life, my girls pushed me on my back, covered my chest in what was left of the mashed potatoes, and licked me clean.

"I told everyone how you fucked me this morning, fucking without moving..." Margot blurted.
"You dee-ahhd?..." I replied with mock surprise and slurred accent.
"Uh-hu...and now, Eric, everyone of us wants to experience what you gave me..."
"But I go first..." Gwen replied.

Gwen and I lay down in our giant greasestain on the bed, her back to me, my cock poking inside her. Refueled from the deadwhitemeat and refreshed from playful passions rising, my PC muscles popped and twisted and spasmed my cock inside her, Gwen cooing "oouuuuhhhhhaaahhh!" a couple of times without making a too-exaggerated fuss. My chest to her back, Keiko spread Gwen's legs and joined her tongue at our point of connection, even she commenting she could see my working my cock without moving and feel its movements on her tongue. Margot held me close as she snuggled to my back, leaning over to kiss me. Fifteen or twenty minutes or so passed. Gwen was enjoying it, but unlike Maddy's totally talented cunt, I couldn't do much more than I was doing then, couldn't really cause enough displacement-type movements without moving to cause orgasms to either Gwen or myself. Keiko said she wanted to try it, so she and Gwen switched places, as Margot rolled to the foot of the bed to find Gwen's cunt and give her some head.

Keiko seemed to enjoy it but also seemed a little bored by it. Margot called her turn, and rolled me on my back, astriding me, to take it. Gwen and Keiko got on either side of us and roamed their hands and tongues all over us. My cock just rotated like drill inside Margot's pussy as our friends and classmates enveloped us with their physical energy. Margot didn't move an inch. I didn't either. My cock was definitely moving all over the place inside her. It was great. But without some movement for friction to me and pudendal pressure for her, anything over a little, tiny orgasm was going to be impossible.

I lined them up three abreast on all fours, Margot in the middle, and as I duckwalked up and down my personal row of eager and willing pussies, fucking each one for thirty second to a minute before moving on the next one. Even in this school atmosphere of ever-increasing jade-endness about sex and matters sexual, the sight of My Three Cunts gaping and waiting for me really did push a hotbutton inside me. After thirty-five minutes or so, my knees were really starting to feel it, so I shoved my well-slicked cock from cuntjuices up Margot's ass, and broke my load inside her. She rolled me over, sucked me clean, and shared a kiss with me, tasting like chicken not asshole lucky for me, Gwen and Keiko joining our kiss. I was pooped. Gwen sucked me some as Margot and K. kissed me, but nothing. For the first time that week, nothing. I knew nothing was wrong with me, I just was come'd out, finally, for the first time since school started. Actually, it was no big deal. They didn't make a big deal out of it, and neither did they. Propping a couple of pillows next to the headboard, I just lay back and watched my girls do each other some more, my eyes half-closing. Feeling sleepy, I stumbled into the bathroom, took my MascuStat, took a piss, took a small shit and a shorter shower, then stumbled back into bed with them. Gwen was fucking Margot with her strap-on dildo from her gearbag, as Margot sucked another strap-on being worn by Keiko. They stopped for a second, tried to revive my still-sagging cock, but having no luck, kissed me then went back to their own private dildohood. My eyes closed to the sight of my Margot getting DP'd by Gwen and K., a wonderful sight it was. I dreamed a dream of loaves and fishes, of chickens and potatoes feeding the masses of my conscious desires. Feeling someone tickling my ribs, my eyes opened to a Ferrum groping us all, with a "c'mon, sleepyheads, big day today, field trips, get on up, long day ahead, get on up..."

The Body Worker

Thursday, Day 6: Field Trip, Pt. 1; The Statue Of Liberty, and The Retirement Home

Margot stirred a bit as Ferrum playfully grabbed at her boobs before touchfrigging Gwen and Keikkie to rouse them from their food-and-sex-induced slumber. Margot smiled as she rose to kiss Ferrum, inviting her to stay for a while, Fer' shaking her head "no, thanks", Margot insisting she stay a while with a "Eric showed us something he can do with his buddy last night that you simply have to feel to believe". I wanted to speak up and give Maddy the credit for inspiring me to do so, not having thought of doing it before Maddy did her version of it to me the other day, but I just smiled and kissed Ferrum with "you'll enjoy it, promise!".

Needing to take a piss but taking advantage of my backpressure to increase my own pleasure, I entered Ferrum from the side, my chest to her back, as Margot sucked on her breasts and kissed her as she faced her chest-to-chest. Ferrum's eyes got as big as saucers once I began my flexing and popping of my cock inside her as I lay motionless next to her, my hand lazily reaching over and around to sweetly part tickle her clit. She craned her neck around to make deeper eye contact with me, and to see if what I was doing wasn't some sort of trick. My eyes just caressed her face with the love of one friend to another, a student's love of a mentor and teacher. Somehow feeling new penile muscles starting to come into play, easy diagonal spasmodic waves twisted my cock inside her, displacing her formed vaginal tent. "Damn"..."Damn", she repeated a few times.

Fifteen or so minutes passed. Ferrum relaxed more in mine and Margot's arms, Marggie's tongue now resting firmly on Fer's clit as I fucked without moving, and she allowed herself a couple of smallish orgasms. The refractory phase of her orgasms clinched my cock tighter. I had to take a piss, and I wanted a come. Feeling a bit looser for some reason now than I had all week, I whispered a little something in Ferrum's ear, and she nodded "yes".

Don't ask me why this popped in my head, I have no clue. Ferrum and I and Margot all squeezed in the shower together, Ferrum leaning forward into Margot for balance, as I fucked her from the rear standing up, as the hot water hit mostly me and splattered around the stall some, barely wetting my cuntmates. A few pumps, and I just let it rip, actually one nice big and then a smaller come right behind it. Then, I pissed insider her, my backpressured urine giving Ferrum a uric acid douche. Again, I have no clue as to why I wanted to do that, that way, the thought of so-called watersports never having crossed my mind as being erotic to me before, but it felt like it might be fun to do, and it was. The unique sensation train of two comes plus what felt like a piss-come for lack of a better term felt really, really nice. I darted out of the shower to get a douche, Margot douching our sexmate, so the smell of my masculine scentmarking of Ferrum wouldn't be noticeable to the rest of the class, hopefully.

The usual beforeclass breakfast bar was layed out for us when we wandered into the classroom a few minutes before eight a short while later. Per usual, the stuff, the desks and mats and beds and all, had been scooted around different again, the perpetual furniture jigsaw puzzle. Being the first ones there, Ferrum played with my cock again as she sat to one side of me Margot on the other, getting me hard again. She smiled, and I knew what she wanted, shaking my head "no". She gave me this pitiful hang-dog look, and I smiled as she scooted over and atop my lap, my cock entering her as she sat in my lap and we shared our breakfast together. The regular uniformed hotel employee who had been behind the buffet line most days turned to watch us, his expression not changing as he watched us fuck without fucking. My cock pistoned inside her as my breathing remained constant. Pressing her lips to mine, she shoved a half-eaten bit of sausage patty deep inside my mouth, I chewed on it and her tongue for a few seconds, then swallowed. She shuddered a shudder of passion release accidental, then came a little G-spot come on my lap. "Gee, thanks a lot, Fer', I needed another bath this morning" I sweetly sarcastically cooed to her. We kissed deeply as the rest of our classmates wandered in together.

Nick and Surry playfully asked what we were doing, and we both just smiled back them. Maddy shot me a grin of recognition of knowing exactly what I was doing to Ferrum. Flo, having gone through the buffet, stopped to kiss Ferrum before sitting down next to her.

I tried to eat between kisses and cockpops, and tried to shift my weight to hint that I wanted her off me, but she didn't budge. Doc and Mrs. Doc wandered in last as the clock read eight-twenty-four. Seeing what we were doing, with pleasant expression indicating harmless sarcasm, Doc shook his finger at us, with a "tick, tick, tick, tick" clicking of his tongue at us in mock disapproval. Walking over to us, Doc asked us in friendly but serious tone what we were doing. Ferrum told Doc that I was fucking her without moving. Doc gave us both a silent look of mild disbelief, but it was Ferrum, one of his employees and assistant teachers, that was saying that, not me. Doc asked me with all the nonchalantness of asking a maid if she'd also mind doing a bit of laundry if I'd do what I was doing to Ferrum to Mrs. Chaim, Mrs. Doc. Surprised a bit, I replied "sure", Doc telling the rest of the class to continue on with their breakfast.

Ferrum and I pushed a couple of the old hospital beds together for make a larger one, Mrs. Doc joining us atop. She was so too dry as I tried to enter her as I crawled on top, it was a seventy-plus year-old pussy I was trying to enter with no foreplay afterall. Doc stopped us for a second, lubricated me with KY, and I entered her, Doc needlessly urging me to do what I had just been doing to Ferrum to Mrs. Doc. As I cradled the old sagging bag of flesh and bones which was Dr./Mrs. Helen Chaim in my arms as I lay on top of her, my cock corkscrewing and shifting displacement and backing and thrusting forward slightly without benefit of movement from the rest of my body to which it was attached, that look of amazement and wonder, that look which said to all who could see "oh, my God, what is this?!?...what the hell is doing to me?...ahhhhh...nice..." projected from her ever-widening eyes to mine and then to Doc's, she mouthing silent words I couldn't lipread to her past-Golden-Anniversary'd husband.

She nor Doc said quit, so I just relaxed and let my cock please me. Actually, for a seven-decades-plus lovetunnel, Mrs. Doc was a pretty good fuck. Ferrum played and sucked one breast as Doc did the other. Her breathing got deeper and shallower, then she came, sucking air in hard, the feel of her racing heart inside her chest being felt my mine as I pulled her close to me, kissing those wrinkled puckers of oral lips. I still hadn't moved a quarter inch since my fuck of her began.

Doc handed me a condom and a bottle of Probe, telling me he wanted to feel what I was doing for himself. Jesus, the things I get into. I sighed a sigh that half-non-verbally told him that I really wished I didn't have to do it, but he ignored my semi-silent plea.

Getting on all four before me, I entered Doc's butt with an easy ho-hum whocares. My semi-closed right hand found my open mouth as I yawned a very public gesture of a yawn, telling the rest of the class who had now gathered around to watch what was going on that I was only doing what Doc had told me to do, that it wasn't anything I had wanted to or wished to do. Concentrating on my base muscles at my scrotal wye between cock and balls, I got my condomed cock to corkscrew Doc really good, like a wild boar hog doing some timeless act of dominance over another boar hog. Then I got it to flex sideways more than before, showing Doc how much control over it I really had, making ol' Doc, who I suspect has had more than a handful of other cocks up his ass over the years, wince and grab the sheets in either real or mock pleasure or pain. Then I made it piston in-and-out some, again Doc sucking air, as I remained motionless and bored behind him. Just doing what I had been told to do. After that, he raised up and told me I could finish in him or someone else. I told him I'd rather finish with someone else. Doc told me to pick anyone I wanted.

Calling Surawan up to our bed, Doc addressed her and the class.

"Surawan, please fellate me until I orgasm..." Surry bending down to him as he leaned back against the headboard. I called Flo up to help me finish.
"...class, this is an important lesson...while this started originally because I wanted to ascertain an apparently unique talent that Eric has..."

"Actually, Doc, I didn't know I had it, until a couple of days ago, when Maddy showed me her similar talent, and I discovered I could respond in kind..." I replied, Doc shooting a half-mean look of "shut up, dammit, I'm talking!".

" I was saying, while this started off as a clinical experiment, I'm now highly libidnized, and while Mrs. Chaim and I could make love, I have all you wonderful students to pick from, to satisfy point is this, as is in "The Manual Of Therapeutic Bodywork", and that I and your instructors have tried to teach you this past week but which some of you still don't quite grasp, as bodyworkers, you stay sexualized twenty-four hours a day, and, as long as it's not contraindicated in a patient's prescriptive treatment, having consensual sex with whomever as you like is not only okay, it's actually proactively prophylactically indicated for each of you, it's proactively indicated to help you maintain your own emotional health and well-being..." he babbled on as Surawan continued her suck of him.

"...virtually everyone here enjoys being sexual with everyone else, and it really pleased me that when I came in that Eric had broken the ice and was sexualizing Ferrum for their fun of it as they ate breakfast, so please, class, unless we're in a lesson together, you all have totally sexualized each other anyway by now, feel free to be openly sexual at any and all, Eric, please finish with Flo, and let me finish with Surawan, hurry, class needs to start."

Mrs. Doc began eating Surry's cunt from behind as she knelt between Doc's legs as he lay back against the headboard. I lay back against the adjacent headboard, and Flo crawled atop me. Soon, the rest of the class had somehow joined the four of us on the beds pushed together, like some sort of bizarro telephone booth-cramming mirror exercise. I felt Nick enter Flo's ass from the rear as my cock displace her vaginal space. Kissing her and playing with her breasts, Margot joined us, then Keiko too. Gwen and Maddy joined Doc and Surawan and Mrs. Doc.

I heard Doc half-whisper something to Maddy, and she climbed on top of him. Fucking him without moving, that being his apparent order to her, Doc got this look of total shock and surprise on his face, like he had never been fucked before, or at least fucked that way before, his face showing me what mine had probably looked like when Maddy had sprung that troop of chinese acrobats that lived inside her pussy on me the other day. The Doc stared up at the ceiling, tilting his head back, grabbed the sheets, and without thinking, our little Jewish teacher belied his religion and yelled loudly but not meaning to "Jesus Christ!", the rest of us just snickering at first and then openly laughing, Doc realizing what he had said when Maddy's non-moving clutching cunt had sucked a huge unintended orgasm out of him.

Our impromptu mini-orgy being over, we wandered over to our desks a few feet in front of us, as Maddy walked over to me and hit me hard, not playfully, in the arm, fussing at me, screeching at me that I had betrayed her, betrayed her secret. Doc and Mrs. D. quickly came over, grabbed each of us by the arm, and walked us both quickly back to their apartment at the end of the hall. Maddy explained that before me, she had showed her "talent" to only two other men, and she felt really betrayed that I had blurted out that she had this cunttalent that was equal but better to the cocktalent she had helped me discover the other day when she and I were making love. Doc and Mrs. left the room for a moment, then came back in.

"Maddy..." Doc began "...I know that Eric thinks the world of you, and I know he didn't mean to betray any confidence of any kind with you, you wouldn't do that, would you, Eric?..." I shaking my head "no", "...he just let something slip in the weakness of the moment, but it's good that he did...", Maddy shooting him a puzzled and slightly angry look.
"...Maddy, you're in training to become a professional bodyworker, which means a professional sex worker for all intents and purposes...this means you'll be having sex on a daily basis with a wide variety of men and women..."
"I know what it means, Dr. Chaim" Maddy hissed back.

"...with such a specialized talent such as your vaginal muscles possess, Maddy, I'm glad we found out about means that you can achieve a certain level of success, just like Eric can with his also unique penile muscle control, neither of which I've run across to the extent that both of have in all my years in therapeutic practice, by the way, yes, I've run across similar talents but nothing to these extents, it's like comparing apples and oranges from what you two have to what's been documented in the scientific sexological literature, we'll talk more about this at a later time..."

"...Maddy, I want you to forgive Eric for letting your secret out, and I want you to forgive me for ordering you to demonstrate it on me, but for clinical reasons, I had to see for myself, just like I had to see what Eric's penile control was like for you forgive Eric and usssss?" Doc concluded.

"I guess...I guess, so..." long pause "...yeah, I forgive you, Dr. Chaim, and I forgive Eric too, he is my friend..." she said smiling at me "...and now that the cat's out of the bag, I know I'll have to use this as a tool to help my patients, won't I?..."
"...yes, Maddy, you will..." Mrs. Doc interjected "...just like Eric will in his case, asshhhss wheellll".
"We'll discuss this more,, let's get back to class...we have a long day ahead of us".

Everyone stared at us as we walked back in, turning around in their chairs as they sat waiting for Doc and us. Doc took his usual place behind the lectern, telling the rest of the class that there wasn't a problem, that Maddy and I had some unique talents, and for those in the class who hadn't enjoyed tasting the sweet fruits of our talents, to please approach us at another time to do so. Somehow, it felt like we were in Bodywork Highschool, and Doc, The Principal, had named us Homecoming Queen & King.

Jerry came in with our new ID's, passing them out, as Hollis followed behind him with a sign-off sheet that we initialed to acknowledge receipt of them.

"Class..." Doc began "...these are your new ID's, one that identifies you as being an employee of the practice where you work, the other as being an Associate of PBI...guard these ID's with all due force, everything but your life...if for any reason you lose one or both for any reason what at all, you must immediately contact both your employer and the main number for PBI, even before you call the police, in case of a robbery or theft for example..."

"...anyway, today is a field day, where we'll all go out and have some fun and do some therapeutic healing and help some patients that need help and learn some new things, too...our first stop will be at a retirement home complex, where we'll work with some elderly patients...while bodywork patients over the age of sixty-five were virtually unheard of just ten years ago, with the aging of the middle part of the Baby Boomer generation, geriatric patients are becoming more and more frequent requesters of professional sex therapy services, and therefor, are becoming an increasingly larger percentage of the patient demographic within some practices...older patients offer unique circumstances and different paradigms of treatment modalities than younger ones..."

"You ain't old, Doc..." Nick cracked " fuck like a twenty-year-old!", we all breaking down laughing at Nick's truly true observation, even Doc and Mrs. D. snickering at what Nick had joked.

" any case, aahhhehheemmm, becoming comfortable with and around geriatric patients is essential for you all, since anywhere from five to ten percent of your patients might be such within your practice calendars..."
" a similar vein, the second part of the day will be a field trip to an assisted-living complex, where all of the residents suffer from one kind of condition or injury that requires the assistance of staff members to function on a daily basis, in other words, most of them are in wheelchairs or similar and need the help of staff to live a happy and productive life..."

"...even five years ago, a paraplegic bodywork patient was virtually unheard of in any practice, but with the gwwwwoooiwwing movements of liberations and rights for all minority groups of awwwlll kinds, the passage of the American With Disabilities Act for example a couple of years back, just as women as a majority but culturally repressed population are demanding not just recognition but the right to treatment for all kinds of dysfunctions and conditions, not just those that society deems socially acceptable for them to have, handicapped people like older people are demanding their basic human rights to include treatment for all medical conditions, both groups becoming militant in demanding recognition that they are sexual beings, even when society tries to tell them they aren't or shwwwouldn't be...sorry, didn't mean to get so wound up..." Doc paused to a light smattering of sincere polite applause from us all

"...anyway, please take your labcoats, ID's and name tags back to your rooms to dress..." Doc picking up a labcoat from in front of Gwen to show us "..., ladies, you can and I suggest you put on pantyhose and of course shoes but no panties or bras please, gentlemen please put on some pants and shoes too of course but no shirts, affix your PBI ID nametag 1" above the left breast-pocket, and hang your PBI ID card on the outside of the coat...and, don't forget of course not wear anything else under your coats, do put a one of the liners in, it might be a bit cold of a waahhllk from the van to the buildings, oh and wear your navy blue one, do remember to put a dickey on so no one can admire your bare breasts or chest, and..." pausing if he lost his train of thought for a second " douche and enema before dressing, then we'll all met in the hotel bar in one half-hour".

Walking back to our rooms coats and stuff under our arms, we four sexkateers, Gwen and Keiko and Maddy and I, Maddy caught up with us in the hall, and gave me a one-arm hug and kiss on the cheek, apologizing to me, I replying that things were cool, that her apology wasn't necessary. Margot The Bold asked what kind of "special talent" Maddy had to Maddy's face, Maddy grabbing her hand, shoving it up her cunt right in the middle of the hall, and evidently showing Margot what kind of muscle control she possessed, Margot smiling with a "I'll be damned!'re sweet, Maddy!", taking her hand from her Maddy's cunt, leaning to kiss her as a thank-you on the lips.

Back in our rooms, we rushed to take turns sharing the one commode to do our enemas and the chicks their douches. Dressing in our labcoats with nothing underneath, getting ready to go out in public for the first time like that, felt innocently wicked, like we were going to meet a lover for a secret romantic rendezvous.

We were the last to arrive in the bar, save Doc and Mrs. Fairly Decent Fuck If A Senior Citizen. A couple of bored-looking businessmen at the bar killing time on a weekday glanced up and then momentarily stared at this attractive gaggle of blue-labcoat-clad bodywork geese, as we sat down at one of the larger round table back in the back corner. Doc and Mrs. Doc finally came in along with the Instructor Corps, the hotel shuttle bus pulling up out from as they did, it being visible across the lobby and through the large bay windowed front of the Roslyn Harbour Hotel. The illuminated Miller Lite bar clock's hands read nine-thirty-one.

Driving for a good thirty or more minutes on some backroad that paralleled Long Island Sound, heading east I think, we wound up at some isolated, small-ish marina. Doc ordering us off the shuttle bus, we all shot him looks of curiosity if not concern, eight very "what the living or dying Sam Total Fucking Hell is going to happen next to us" identical facial expressions being laser'd his way, but by now we should have come to expect the unexpected from him, he explaining he and Mrs. Chaim had a little surprise for us. A guy in a sea captain's uniform walked over to our group, and told us to follow him.

We boarded a small boat, I think it was around a thirty-two footer or so, that had a small but adequate cabin, and four deep-sea-style fish-fighting chairs, obviously was a small deepsea party boat that ran charters in the summer. "Miss Spent" quietly but quickly chugged up Long Island Sound at around fifteen or twenty miles per hour, flattening out some light chop on a perfectly calm and crisp February Thursday morning, the temp and windchill too cold to be out for more than minute, we all huddling inside the doghouse cabin with large windows designed to let the passengers easily see out.

Within a short while of minutes, the Statue Of Liberty came into view, and much to our surprise, we kept heading towards it. The ferry to it that Doc told us ran regular loads of tourists out from the station at Staten Island was off to one side and behind us. Slowing down, the captain eased our fine ship well-season around away from the big ferry dock, to a smaller dock a few hundreds yards away. As he eased her in with practiced grace, cutting the engines completely off while a hundred or so feet away from the dock and letting momentum carry us in, a couple of mates using poles to finish easing us in to the boatslip, they secured us via ropes to some dock pilings, and we all piled out across the home-made horizontal deck ladder which spanned the two feet between boat and dock, the Statue of Miss Liberty herself dominating the skyline before us, towering over us as if we were insignificant ants.

"We've only got half an hour or so, class..." Doc began to explain "...but Mrs. Chaim and I wanted to let you play tourist if just for a moment, so you could say you've really been to New York...these nice Park Rangers...." Doc continued, pointing to three khaki-tan-colored-unformed with Smokey The Bear hats on, standing beside three golf carts "...will shuttle you up there, let you spend a few minutes, then bring you right back".

The Japanese and German and handful of American tourists which milled around the base of the Statue taking pictures, flat-out stared at us as we pulled up in our old and beaten-up but functional golf carts, like some sort of group of VIP's on an off on official junket, except that a group of VIP's don't normally show up somewhere wearing matching full-length navy blue labcoats with gold name tags. Thank God I had decided to put thick pants and wool socks on. The wind off the water whipped us coldly chilled as we milled around, mostly looking up Miss Liberty. Libby was the only one of the staff to have rode up with us, and took some photos of us in different groups together and by ourselves with a nice 35mm camera, a Nikon. I got her to take one of us four, G. and J. and Mg. and I, we four Sisters Of Bodywork, together. A Japanese couple half-verbally asked half-motioned-asked me to take their photo, I laying flat on the ground and pointing the camera up to try to get as much of the Statue in the background as possible. Then, Libby went around to gather us back together, and back to golf carts and then to "Miss Spent" we went.

Instead of heading back in the direction we came, the captain steered his ship and us more towards the skyline of Manhattan. None of had no clue as to where were going, let alone where we were. Doc seemed happy, but was silent. Arriving at what appeared to be a private dock up somewhere on what looked like to above East Manhattan, I really couldn't tell, I and we all saw the hotel shuttle van waiting for us at the dock. Parking our boat, we scurried off her and to the waiting van. Within just five minutes or so, we pulled up to the curb in front of a giant condo building.

Leading us off the van and to the doorman-guarded door, Doc showed him the ID which hung from his neck at the bottom of multi-colored thin cloth neckstrap, as we all did in turn mimicking him, and then ran our ID's over a wall-mounted laser scanner of some sort, the kind like you see in a grocery store except this one was mounted inside the vestibule off the front door, doing so opening loudly an electrically-locked inner door, which opened to a lavishly furnished lobby, where a couple of older gentlemen sat on expensive-looking couches reading newspapers.

Moving us to one corner, Doc told us that Libby and he would work with Margot and myself, that Ferrum would work with Flo and Maddy, that Courtney and Hollis would work with Gwen and Keiko, and that Jerry and Mrs. Doc would work with Surawan and Nick.

Passing our ID's over another scanner between two elevator doors, the sound of motors racing above soon had both elevator cars awaiting agape for us. Doc and Lib and Margot and I and Court and Hollis and Gwen and Keiko piled into one car, everyone else into the other, as Doc pushed the button for the third floor.

As the door opened, three or four uniformed employees, two in hospital white the others in light blue, scurried down the hall, one pushing a medication tray, the other a food cart, the other two somethings elses in their arms.

I noticed that beside each door was a metal-pocket-type-thingy, the kind you see outside or on patient room doors in some hospitals, most with clipboards or loose papers or such inside them. Leading us to room 317, Doc fished a bodywork prescriptive sheet from the metal paperspocket, and began explaining things to us.
"Now, Margot and Eric, our patient's name is Carla Viscotti, age sixty-three, widowed for six years, retired since age fifty-five, former businesswoman...since this is outside of a clinical setting, you won't do a formal bonding to her, but you will creatively do an informal one before proceeding, go with your instinct...her problem is a lack of orgasmic function, combined with mild vaginismus that expresses itself sometimes, and a mild lack of libido...Libby and I will observe mainly, but may also choose to assist at our option...we'll leave it up to you two to do with Mrs. Viscotti the are-exxx that you think is best...we have one hour with her."

Doc rapping on the door, a very lovely and not-sixty-three-looking-at-all but with fine coiffured grey hair wearing a nicely tailored one piece dress soon opened it, and invited us in, as a hospital white-dressed aide scooted out simultaneously, pushing a wheeled tray-cart with her. I had expected, this being New York City and all, for her to have a tiny apartment, but her apartment was huge, lavish, expensively furnished. She lead us in and had Margot and I sit down on an antique Louis XIV couch, Doc and Libby making their own way to matching chairs nearby. Another facility employee came out with a tray of tea and cookies, placing it on a large and slightly un-matching coffee table in front of us, excusing herself scooting out the front door down the entranceway, as Mrs. Viscotti poured the hot water from the kettle into our teacups which hosted bags of Earl Grey from the box on the tray to one side, offering us cream and sugar as she poured herself a cup as well, before sitting down in plumpishly upholstered matching near-throne-size chair across the coffee table from us.

She didn't wince words or waste time.
"Dr. Chaim tells me that you two are students in his class this week, is that correct?..." she politely asked, Margot and mumbling "yes"'s "...I don't mean to be so forward, Margot and...and Eric, is that correct?...but we all know why you're here, so, shall we proceed?"

Taking a moment of silence to finish her tea and perhaps gather herself a bit, we also politely finishing ours, we waited until she rose from her chair, then followed her into her master bedroom, Doc and Lib trailing behind us by several feet. Standing next to the bed, Mrs. Viscotti began undressing immediately, but I went up to her, put my hands on her arms, and told her to sit down on the bed for a moment with us, motioning Margot to join us.

"Dr. Chaim tells me that you're inorgasmic, and have mild vaginismus at times, and a basic lack of that correct, Mrs. Viscotti?"
"Yes...that is correct...and please, do call me Carla, both of you..."
"Do you have a regular sex partner at present time?" I continued.
"No...well, yes...and no...I'm currently enrolled in a group session class of Dr. Chaim's for inorgasmic older women, and I and another woman, a neighbor down the hall, do get together for practice sessions sometimes, usually once or twice a week, but no, I don't have a romantic partner or am seeing anyone to date regularly, no..." her voice trailing off with sadness.
"Are you heterosexual, bisexual, or lesbian in nature, basically?" I urged, taking control of the situation back.

"Well, I was married for over forty years, so I'd say I'm basically man-oriented, though I have to admit that Dr. Chaim's inorgasmic class workshops have made me more accepting and open to enjoying pleasurable activities with other women..."
"So, would you rather have a therapy session, with me alone, with Margot alone, or with the both of us?..."
"Oh, the both of you will be fine, though I'd rather have you help me somewhat more than Margot, if that's okay with you, Dear..." she patting Margot's hand as Margot nodded her head in agreement.
"Stand up, please...and let us undress you."

As we stood up, Margot and I dropped our labcoats, I wriggling out of my pants and shoes as Margot did the same with her pantyhose and pumps. Margot moved to her back to unbutton the row of buttons atop her spine. Her dress fell to the floor, she kicking off her Feragamo slip-ons. Margot kissed her right earlobe as she unfastened Carla's bra, Mrs. Viscotti's somewhat saggy and wrinkled but still relatively shapely breasts falling to her chest. Margot grabbed the elastic of her panties, pulling them down to her ankles. I lightly massaged her face as I looked deeply into her eyes as she stood just two or three inches away from me, she reaching to kiss my hand as it passed near her lips, my hands stroking her hair and neck, before pulling her into me for a hug, massaging her back as I did. Doc said use of the standard bonding ritual wasn't needed in this case, but what I was doing just felt right.

Pulling back, Margot reached around for her breasts from behind, as I bent to suck on her nipples as Margot held them upright to my mouth, Mrs. Viscotti sighing with happiness. Laying her down on the bed, I scooted beside her, and drew her to me, kissing her deeply, Margot behind her as we three lay together. Doc and Lib were in the background, sitting in chairs against a far wall, observing. Traffic noise from New York's busy streets filtered up and into the room, background music to bodywork by.

Creatively, I leaned down to suck on her navel. Don't ask me why. From what I could gather from "The Manual", vaginismus is often caused by past sexual trauma or clumsiness on a man partner's part, and inorgasmia can sometimes be caused by too much focus on a patient's genitalia, though a bodywork therapist must use genital stimulation for eventual orgasmic function. I whispered to Margot, and she scooted down to suck on Mrs. Viscotti's toes and feet. Between me sucking her navel and Margot her toes, I could feel her relax, her whole body beginning to relax underneath me. I leaned back up, stroked her face some more easily with the back of my hand, and motioned to Margot to scoot back up, too.

Margot and I sandwiched her with a maximum-skin-contact exercise. She relaxed even more. I knew the time clock was running. Doc hadn't told us to bring our gearbags, so we didn't have speculums and supplies and such. I just hoped, as is Doc's and standard procedure, that she was thoroughly screened for STD's and such...stupid, stupid thought, of course she was, or we wouldn't be here, but I would have, should have brought condoms and lubricant at least.
"Do you have any condoms and lubricant?" I asked Carla through my light professional kiss of her.
"In the nighstand drawer" she replied.

Margot moved between her legs to give her some as I rolled over to the nightstand and finally found some underneath the telephone directories. Fingers inside, I found and manipulated her G-spot, her pussy somewhat wrinkled from old age responding to my working of her gee-whiz-spot, a small squirt squirting onto the bedsheet. Moving back up to kiss her, Margot joined our kiss, as my fingers continued their fiddling of her G-spot and did a general frig. I saw Doc wave his hand, point to an imaginary spot on his left wrist, silently telling me "time".

Crawling on top of her, Margot rolled a condom on me before entering, as I slipped easily inside in her too-wet pussy. Trying something I hadn't tried before, having just discovered my "talent" a couple of days before, I used my scrotal muscles to get my cock to do its acrobatic motions inside Mrs. Viscotti while slowly fucking her. I could tell she had never felt anything quit like before, because she started gulping air so hard, that I quit the corkscrew motions, except once every few pumps, and went back to more of a straight screw.

Another five minutes or so, as Margot flitted between giving her head while I fucked her and ministering to her breasts with her mouth etc., and Mrs. Viscotti, Carla, went to someplace special as she had her nice, big come. Doc touching us politely with a "time's up, sorry, Carla, see you next time".

The Body Worker

Chapter 13: Thursday, Day 6, Pt.2; Field Trip; The Retirement Home, and the Assisted-Living Center

Margot and I scurried to put our half-clothes and labcoats back on, as Doc and Libby gently fussed at us to hurry up, that we didn't have all day. Walking down the hall to a door seven doors down and across the way, Doc pulled the next prescriptive bodywork Rx from the open pocketbox next to apartment number 324.

"Okay, Eric, Margot, we have a married couple that are your next patients...during therapy, you will refer to them only as Mr. Brown and/or Mrs. Brown, not their middle or fist names, which are Al and Judy, they're very peculiar about that...anyway, Margot, Mr. Brown has close to total erectile dysfunction, and when he does manage an erection he often PE's, and Mrs. Brown, Eric, suffers from neat-total reflexive vaginismus...the object of your treatment regimens, which you will ascertain and create on the fly with no help from either of us, is coax some sort of, any sort of median-based sexual response from them."

Doc knocking, the door was opened by an shabbily-dressed old grump of an old fart sporting a five-day-growth of greyed beardstubble and wearing old workclothes that made him look like the building's janitor. Leading us into his apartment which looked like it had been decorated by the art department of Architectural Digest magazine, Barzene draperies, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed furniture, Baccarat crystal chandeliers in each room, Mrs. Brown sat on a Bauhaus-inspired couch in a ratty dress two sizes too small with a 50's beehive hairdo atop her small head chainsmoking one unfiltered Camel cigarette behind the other, using the dying butt of one to light the next one. If this was Doc's idea of a sick joke, it wasn't funny, and if this was his idea of a "drunk test" for Margot and myself, he needed to re-examine his own notions of sobriety.

As Margot and I sat down on the couch on either side of and tried to engage Mrs. Brown in conversation, the only sounds coming from her either side of her stinking Camel cigarettes being gutteral, almost animal-like "uh"'s and "oh"'s and "oh, yeah"'s and "that's nice"'s, Mr. Brown shuffled his feet in slow-mo like he was walking his last mile on Death's Row into and back out of the kitchen, bring a six pack of Spaaten imported bottled German beers back with him, literally throwing one each to Doc and Libby who sat in Erwin-designed chairs modern' across from us, handing us one apiece as well, opening his literally I swear with his dentured teeth, muttering something about "so, you're Margot, and you're Eric, good, let's go see if you can get a rise out of either one of us, hehehehehe...".

That Doc can have such an off-the-wall sense of sick humor at times, I swear.

Though Margot and I tried our damndest to engage in some sort of human as opposed to grunting animal conversation with our patients, we just gave up. Mr. Brown literally ripped the labcoat and all from Margot's body as we four sat around their giant four-poster Shaker-style bed, as Mrs. Brown put my hands on her breasts with "feel me up, Big Boy!!!" command. Sick fucking Doc, sick fucking Doc, he was going to get it for this one.

Margot tried to initiate one last time some sort of intelligent discourse with Mr. Brown before trying to wing a style of bonding ritual, but he wouldn't have any of it, literally shoving Margot to her knees as he plopped his now-naked ass down in a McClean-inspired loveseat, pulling her head to his cock. At least she wasn't by herself in a situation that could get out of hand, Doc and Lib and me being with her. In the meantime, Mrs. Brown had slithered out of her dress, revealing pendulous breasts the wrinkles on which looked like miniature canyons on the dim roomlight, and was pulling my labcoats and pants off me, snickering "I ain't had a decent come in twenty years, Big Boy, ever since old Al here quit being able to shove it in me, but I know ya' here to try, so let's try!". Sick fucking Doc, he really was going to get it now.

What had Doc reiterated and reiterated and reiterated to us all week long? That as the professionals in any therapy situation, it was our job always to maintain control, to always be in control, for the benefit of our patients? By God then, enough of this shit. I pushed Mrs. Brown away from me as she tried to pull me on the bed, and walked over to Mr. Brown, who had Margot by the hair, forcing her to suck his cock.

Literally slapping his hand away from her head, with enough force to leave a couple of reddish finger marks on the back of his hand but not hard enough to really hurt his old fragile bones, only his fragile ego, I scolded with raised but not angry or yelling tone:

"Mr. Brown, Margot and I are professionals who've come here to try to help you and Mrs. Brown...I said professionals, dammit...Margot is not some whore you think you can bend or force to your will, and I am not some stud-boy-toy for Mrs. Brown to control or manipulate,, Mr. and Mrs. Brown..." I demanded as I took control of the situation "...we can do this our way, the right way, the proper way to help you, or we'll leave, right now, and I know Dr. Chaim will back up any decision I make", Doc nodding his head "yes" as he and Libby stood off to one side.

I had the Browns lay naked next to each other, facing each other, on the bed, Margot behind him and me behind her. Holding her hands in mine, I put her hands all over his body, as Margot did the same with his on hers. I told them to kiss, kiss deeply. They did. I felt Mrs. Brown begin to relax next to me, my chest to her back, and I saw Mr. Brown's facial expression change from a half-hateful scowl to something more pleasant, almost human.

I pulled her arms over him, as Margot pushed his arms over her. I just told them to lay there for a moment, hold each other, and say whatever came to mind. Mrs. Brown said in sincere tone "Alexander Brown, even though I haven't said it in years, I love you". He gave her a look like Cupid's Arrow had been shot into his heart or his ass for the first time in who knows how long.

"I love you, too, Sweet Cheeks, you, too". Their interior walls against each other started falling down inside their psyches with an almost-audible thunderous tumble. Kissing, they hugged and pulled each other closer. Margot and I both relaxed our grips on them, pulling back from them to give them their moment. Mrs. Brown started crying, and Mr. Brown tried to shush her, with a "'s here, Dear, don't cry".

Margot and I sitting up on the bed next to them but not touching either one, we both noticed an erection rising from Mr. Brown. Grasping her hand in his, he rolled on top of her and pushed his hard insider her, for the first time, according to Doc, in almost twenty years. We leaned into them as friends and therapists, Margot kissing him and her on the cheek, I kissing her but not him on the cheek, as he slow-fucked his long-suffering wife, his wife. Doc and Libby, who now were just three or four feet away from the foot of the bed, literally broke out in sincere not sarcastic applause for what we had just helped initiate. As we got dressed, Doc one-arm hugged each one of us with a "well done, very well-done". Looking at his watch as I slipped on my loafers noticing the time too, he announced that it was almost one, time for lunch, the Browns thanking him and Lib and Margot and me for helping them, as their marital love-making continued. Walking down the hall, Doc told me slash us that what he had just witnessed was one of the most inspired acts of bodywork or marital therapeutic intervention he had ever heard about, and asked me what caused me to do what I had just done, I honestly replying I had zero clue, that it just seemed like the right thing to do at the moment, I really didn't know where the plan of action came from, Doc shaking his head in polite disbelief.

We took the elevator down to the second floor, walking down the hall to where another blue-hospital-suited uniformed retirement home employee in front of the slightly beaten-up metal door was checking the ID's of the geriatric tenants as they filtered in and out of the dining room. I had expected to be fed retirement home-type slop in a drab, depressing nondescript dining area, but boy oh boy, was I surprised. Inside the New York-condo metal door was what looked to be a fancy, almost four star restaurant. A male staffer in black dress pants and white dress shirt and black bowtie lead us four to a large and spacious booth that shared a window to a mostly residential avenue below us. A female staffperson acting as waitress brought us the lunchmenu blackboard on an easel for us to ponder, and five minutes later came back to take our orders.

We all ordered the same, the day's lunch special of steak sandwhich on French and split pea soup with house salad and egg custard for dessert. I asked for sweet ice tea instead of a softdrink, and the waitress shot me a look like I had ordered a glass of fresh wallaby blood, Doc telling her that a regular Coke for me would be fine. Doc reached across the booth's table and took Margot's hand in his, as Lib did the same with mine. Doc spoke again about the wonderful job I had done with the Browns, mentioning that he had run six teams of trained bodyworkers and eight or nine teams of trainees such as we were at them, all for zero net results, and in one session, I had accomplished not even what his knowledge and experience and direction to his teams had done. I think he was sincerely impressed with my off-the-cuff inspired treatment are-exxx.

We broke our hand-holdings as the food came. Doc bent his arm down to show his watch to us, telling us it was close to 2PM, that we had one more workshop to do before we left, and then we'd go over to our next stop, that we were already running late for that, asking Lib to go make a quick phone call to the rehab center and tell them we'd be an hour or so late. Lib took her last bites and then walked over to the antique wooden phone booth next to the cashier area to make her call. We finished ours quickly, Doc paying with a smile but nothing more flashing his ID at the clerk then fetching Libby as we made our way out.

Making our way up to the eighth and top floor, we walked into a room labeled "Conference" to find our class and staffmates waiting for us, along with eight or nine elderly ladies who were all wearing nice, expensive but slightly worn full-length housecoats. A row of slightly smoke-tinted windows across the length of room matched yet contrasted with tinted grey hair of most of the patients as a shortened skyline of nearby buildings rollercoastered just off in the distance, our clients milling around sipping soft drinks that had been set out on a small rollaway table to one side of the room, waiting patiently for Doc to call the therapy session to order. A pile of vinyl-covered fuckmats of different primary colors similar to what we had in our classroom at the Roslyn Harbour Hotel with a couple of baskets full of condoms and vibrators and lubricants to one side of them dominated the focus of the room.

"Class...class!..." Doc bellowed us to his attention "...we've running late and won't be able to spend the entire hour with our clients here, only half an hour or so, but I wanted to let you have a taste of what a group bodywork session is like, since a portion of your professional practice will be spent in similar group therapy situations...we were to do a group of erectile dysfunctional male clients as well, but we're short on time, so ladies, patients, clients, please choose your therapist traineee...students, all these patients suffer from full or partial inorgasmia, don't bother will a full bonding ritual, just work with them as you feel best and as they would like you, please, let us begin."

There were six caucasian, one black, one Asian, and one mixed-race elderly women, the youngest looking probably in her late sixties, the oldest being maybe in her early eighties. Dropping their housecoats in one corner as we similarly shed our polite fauxskin coverings, they quickly milled to us as a group, herding us in a small group in the middle, as a pod of dolphins herd mackerel in a tighter and tighter circle before dining on them. Three or four smiled at me as they circled and milled among us, making eye contact for a split second, saying "hi", I being polite saying "hi" back, before a tall, thin patient, probably in her early seventies, with a Vogue-style sweptback modern haircut, her smallish what looked to be 34A breasts not saggy because there wasn't much to sag, her face showing more wrinkles per square inch than the rest of her body, walked up to me, touched me on the shoulder, with a "hi, I'm Portencia...", I replying with a smile and a "hi, I'm Eric".

We sat on the mat together, cross-legged, facing each other.
"Eric, I have a pulled vaginal muscle that won't heal easily because of my causes involuntary vaginismal you have a problem in trying to help me achieve orgasm through non-intercourse means?..." she sweetly asked me as she held my hands between our laps.
"No, not at all, Portencia...tell me, what would you like for me to do with, for, you?"
"May I sit in your lap, have you enter my anus just an inch or so, and have you rub my clitoris while you barely penetrate me anally?"
"Sure, certainly, that sounds like a winner, Portencia".

I stood up and she sucked me for a moment to finish rising my rising hard. I walked the five steps over to a basket, getting a couple of condoms and a half-pressed tube of KY from it. Portencia sucked me for another moment, then I rolled the condom down my shaft, and sat back down in front of her, dobbing a dob of KY on the head of my latexed cock, Porty then sliding on top of my lap. Slightly bending my prick with my right hand, I wedged the first inch or so inside her anus, and she sighed a happy sigh. Holding onto my shoulders with her hands, she leaned back some so I could more easily reach her clit. Rocking, my member worked every so slightly in and out of her butt, as my slickened fingers firmly rubbed her clit. She was enjoying it, hell so was I, but I could tell she was having pinges of in-and-out pelvic pain that were preventing her from orgasming. She rocked in her cockrocker for ten or so minutes, then complained that her old creaking hip joints were beginning to hurt. Remembering the edict of Doc from earlier that morning, I told her we were running out of time, but she was a great patient and partner, and asked her if I could have my orgasm inside her anally, she nodding yes.

Sliding more forward into my lap, my member straightened out from its slightly bent contortion and went deep inside her anus, she leaning her head back until I was sure she could see that glass wall behind her. If this was going to a typical therapeutic therapy session with real live patients, this job was definitely going to be fun. I played with her breasts, rubbing and gently pinching her nipples, as she rode me deeply. I didn't hold back, I didn't need to. I made my cock do its twitch-and-move thing, a look of total surprise coming over her face.

"Can you do what you're doing in my anus right now inside my vagina?" she asked clinically but with some passion.
"What about your spasmodic vaginismus?" I replied with concern.
"Let me worry about that, Eric, just do what you're doing right now in my cunt", the word "cunt" coming from her mouth being a little surprising to me.

We broke momentarily as I scooted over and put on a fresh condom, soaking it in KY expecting a keyhole effect from her vaginismus, then climbed on top of her as she lay flat, looking up at the ceiling and me. My cock entered her without any trouble. I felt the spasming of her vaginal muscle pull, saw the pain, so I stopped my pushing, and just let my cock do its motion magic without body motion. She looked at me like I was from outer space, but I didn't mind, because I could tell she was really enjoying it, total shock aside. Her vaginismal spasms decreased to nothing, her heart rate and respiration and body perspiration increased, as I felt her orgasmic plateau rise and fall beneath me. She smiled at me. Kissing her, I smiled back. She thanked me. I told her she was welcome. Doc, always the cognizant taskmaster, called time on all of us.

The hotel shuttle bus was waiting for us as we walked out into a cloudy February New York afternoon, feeling like snow was coming. The van went down and around and over to Roosevelt Parkway, then switched back to the Triborough Bridge, and we were in, I think, Queens, actually a part of it called Astoria. Pulling up to an low-slung complex of du-and-triplexes connected by a low wall of brick and iron fencing, Doc lead the way to the guardshack at the front of the complex, located in what appeared to be an older and dingier part of town, the uniformed doorman letting us through. In the middle of a common garden and yard area which centered the complex of apartment buildings, Doc went into his next spiel.

"Okay, class, this is the assisted living complex where some of my, our, paraplegic and other handicapped clients live...each one, in each apartment you'll find one or more full-time, live-in aids, who assist their clients in going about trying to have a more or less normal's almost three now, so we'll have to cut one of the three planned client sessions out, since we have more to do back at the Roslyn..." collectively loud groan coming from us " Staff, the first two planned sessions only, okay?...and the van will circle the block every five or ten minutes, since there's almost no where to park around here...please limit your sessions to no more than one hour, and come out and catch the van when through, even if you have to ride around some waiting for your classmates."

Doc handed the assignment sheets from Mrs. Doc's purse to our assistant teachers, everyone scattering off in the previously arranged groups to this group of client-patients.

Doc had chosen for Margot and myself a paraplegic female client, a young lady who just last year was in a terrible car accident and had broken her spine in three places, leaving her, according to the prescriptive sheet, fully sensate all over her body, but unable to move her lower limbs and having limited movement but minor strength in her arms, to where she could feed herself most but not all times, and work an ergonomically designed keyboard on her computer.

Doc knocking, her full-time aide let us in, and she greeted us, Margot and me, with a string of obscenities that would have made a mule skinner blush. Another one of Doc's "drunk tests", obviously. I sat down in front of her on her couch, motioning Margot to sit beside me, she in her wheelchair in front and to the side of us, working on a computer program of some sort, her fingers but not her hands or arms moving. She continued her verbal abuse of us. I looked towards Doc, but he was in her kitchenette area and was staring out the window, Libby beside him doing the same, ignoring us, ignoring our non-verbal pleas for help with this crazy bitch, this crazy bitch which for some equally crazy reason he had accepted as a client.

When she compared Margot's face to the beauty found in a pile of rotting bloody Kotex's baking in the African sun, I just burst out laughing, I couldn't help it. I didn't mean to laugh at Margot, it wasn't meant that way, but what she said was funny to me, if it was at Margot's expense. Margot then laughed with my laughter at Kris, this crazy bitch literally on wheels. When Kris lit into me as being so much of a pervert that I'd fuck a syphyllictic zebra in the middle of Central Park if Doc told me to or I wouldn't be in his class, Margot and I both just cracked up, laughing so loudly that Doc and Lib turned to look our way. That made Kris irritated for a moment that we were laughing at her unintentional jokes, a female crippled Don Rickles if there ever was one, we giggling "more, more!". Then she lit into Doc, asking if we both had lots of practice this week blowing into that shunt just above his asshole which went to the balloon prosthesis in his penile cavity which gave him his staying power, Doc sneering back at her with a serious "hey!"

This free comedy club routine went on for another five minutes or so, Kris cracking New York-native wise with her thick accent on any and everything related to Doc and bodywork therapy and our school and on and on. She even started to get tickled with herself, and then realizing she was laughing at her own jokes, quit, saying that if we wanted to hear any more, the cover charge was now ten bucks. We got up off the couch and went over to her as she sat in front of her computer terminal, both giving her a big, friendly hug, she trying to but was unable to move her arms up enough to return it, we both kissing her on respective face cheeks. "You guys are alright..." she whispered to us low enough where Doc couldn't hear from across the room "'re the first students to survive my verbal blasts without walking out..."
"We almost did..." I replied.
"I know, but you didn't, and that's what was important...don't be reality, guys, I am actually a hateful, crippled, embittered young-old harpie bitch if there ever was one..."

"What's your sexual problem or dysfunction?" I asked Kris sincerely as we continued our group hug of her.
"Oh, I don't really have one, except I'm too much of a bitch to have a boyfriend, that and this chair drives men away from me like I had leprosy or something...that, and the fact I'm pre-orgasmic, never had an orgasm in my life, even before this chair caught up with me...I was in sometimes bodywork therapy at Doc's practice for a few weeks before the accident, and he's done his best to try to help me since, even though my insurance doesn't cover the cost of treatment any longer..."
"Would you like us to try, Kris?...we will if you'd like..."
"...sure, why not, you..."
"I'm Eric, and this is Margot..."
"sure, Eric, Margot, nothing to lose except more hope, right?

Margot rolled Kris into her smallish bedroom. Her top had easy-to-open velcro enclosures along the back, as her shorts also had a heavy-duty zipper down the side, obviously designed for third-parties to help dress and undress her easier. I lifted her from her chair and onto the bed. A tampon string hung from her pussy as Margot pulled her panties off. "I know you guys don't mind periods with clients" she explained unnecessarily to us. We shed our clothes to the floor. Laying on either side of her, we both just gently felt her up, massaging her all over her as she lay flat between us. "Condoms, lubricant?" I asked. "Geee-nnnaaa!!!" she yelled "sex stuff, now!", her aide scootily bring a plastic grocery bag to us from another room, Doc and Lib moving aside as they stood in the doorway watching us.

Trying to maximize body contact to relax her, we both kissed her, and I could tell she was doing her best to respond. I propped her head up on a couple of pillows so she could see better as Margot and I rolled around to meet at her crotch, pulling her legs apart, making enough room for both our faces there. We both licked and licked her pussy and inner thighs, and I could tell that why she was feeling some sensation, she wasn't even reaching the first stage of a potential orgasmic plateau. We tried sucking on her breasts while simultaneously playing with her pussy and anus, but again, nothing. Doc called time on us, and we scooted up to kiss her good-bye. "You guys were sweet for trying...thanks, anyway, you're both dolls" she cooed as we left her for her aide to take care of her and finish re-dressing her, following in Doc's wake.

Outside in the cold of mother Nature's winter farts, in a semi-sheltered area behind a brick windbreak off a common garden path, Doc stopped to talk with us some, motioning to sit on a park-type bench beside he and Libby.

"This next case is a special case...and by the way, great job, Margot and Eric, great job with Kris...most student teams never get past her verbal obscenity wall, great job, even if you didn't break her inorgasmia wall down, no one bats a thousand in this job, or we'd all be out of a job..."
"...this case is a special one, though it won't be the most unusual case you'll ever see in your practice, far from it, but it is unusual for you at this moment in your less-than-week-old bodyworking careers..."

"...the situation is this, Margot, Eric...your next clients are a brother and sister...Edward is age fifteen, and Susan is age fourteen...both were born with a non-contagious but 100% fatal degenerative muscle condition, what it is isn't important, just know that it's genetic and you can't catch it...they don't show any obvious signs of the condition, other than constant extreme fatigue and pain...their minds are sharp, and they know everything about their current pathologies and prognoses, including the facts that they both only have weeks, probably less than month, to live...their parents came to us because they were both very suicidal not just about their terminal illnesses, but because they felt they were being cheated out of living something close to a normal life, including having something close to a normal sex life, which most of their classmates in public school, which they attended until just a few months ago by the way, had..."

"...don't mistake their r-x for "pity sex" or anything close to it, please..." Doc continued "'s been determined by a whole team of psychiatrists and general medical doctors that a bodywork team treatment of their virginity as medical pathological condition is not only appropriate but accurate and yes, humane, in these cases...and, their parents not only approve of what you're about to do, sshwwwoulldd you choose to accept this assignment, and I'm gifffing you both the option as a team not to accept without penalty if you don't think you can handdweelll it..." Doc's accent getting thicker again as his inner tension rose "...I can always send Libby and Jerry here next week to handuhhhll things, if you don't wffwant'll be a learning experience for you of course, but I am not going to pressure you in to decide, together."

The Body Worker
by PlanetDweller

Thursday, Day 6, Pt.3, Field Trip: The Assisted-Living Center, or, Sometimes The End Is Only The Beginning

There really wasn't a whole lot to decide. I looked deep into my Margot's eyes, silently. She reflected our mutual unspoken concerns back at me. We talked about things without moving our lips.
"Sure, Doc, we'll do it..." I replied as I turned my head to make direct eye contact with him " problem, we'll do it..."

"Good, Errwwhic...good...I was sure you, Margot, don't be upset, but when you and Eric are in therapuetic mode with Edward and Susan, Eric's in charge totally, you'll follow his directions at all times...understand?'re not upset by this decision, are you, Margwwwoo?..." Margot mumbling "yes" to the first and "no" to the latter.

" Eric, take this, keep it, you'll probably end up wearing one later all the time anyway...", Doc taking a small tietack less than size of a dime from his jacket pocket of a smallish golden sun with eight points of light coming from it with a round bejeweled center of lapis lazuli in the middle of it, very similar to one I've seen him wear before in class while he was wearing clothes I remembered but not really paying attention, Doc pinning it to my narrow labcoat lapel pin, I shooting him a puzzled look but he paying no attention as he pointed to an apartment door around the garden's curvy path and up a three-step flight of small, wide steps, with a "...okay, you're on your own, do me, do PBI proud, we're going to check on the rest of the class, see how they're doing...when you're through, and please take all the time you think you need, Eric, it's your show now, a couple of hours or more if you think it's warranted is fine, just wander back to the front and have the van pick you up, we'll all probably be on it waiting for you" Doc finished as he walked away, soft mumbles from Lib to Doc being heard by my sometimes sensitive ears along the lines of "are you sure he's in, with no vote yet?" puzzling words to me but my focus on the task at hand quickly coming back to me.

I know Margot was freezing in the cold bluster of old man New York Winter, because I was, gooseflesh popping up on our arms. Doc and Lib had acted like it was summer out here in this dingy Queens apartment complex, but shit it was winter, and I was freezing. I raced Margot to the door, pounding not knocking on it, a polite home aide with non-hidden saddened face opening it for us.

Inside, Margot and I shivered from the warm air hitting our cold flesh, as we stood just inside the front door. I asked "James", a cheap engraved plastic nametag on his standard issue nurse's aide white uniform telling me who he was, if there was a room we could sneak to before seeing Edward and Susan, assuming he knew why we were there, without Edward and Susan seeing us first. He lead us to one of them's small bedroom, which was just off the entrance vestibule.

Margot and I sat on the bed together for a moment, holding hands, silently. We both knew something fairly drastic had just happened, but weren't sure exactly what. Margot then leaned to kiss me, with a "what's next, Boss?" sweetly sarcastically parting her lips.

"Well, student, Slave, and don't think I won't make you eat shit if you give me any trouble, you Margot you..." I said as I hugged and kissed her "...we just play things by ear, as we have been all week...just think of them as clients, as patients, don't think about their terminal conditions, and don't think about trying not to think about their other physical conditions, OK?..." I implored.

"...whatever you say, my boss, my pal forever..." she fiddling with her matching dogtag jewelry that she had bought for us both a couple of nights ago "....Eric...whatever you say..."
"Let's just concentrate on their treatment modality and the are-exxx, which is the fact that it's been determined by people a lot smarter and with more degrees than we have that for quality of life issues, which is what sex surrogacy and bodywork therapy is all about anyway, Dear, that we need to bodywork, to take the virginities of our clients, that's all we should think about" I concluded.

Grasping her hand as we walked aimlessly around the corner, we stumbled into the living room, where two Craft-Matic-type adjustable beds had been set up near each other, the headboard parts facing a row of narrow, square windows that wrapped around the outside perimeter living room wall. Edward and Susan sat in wheelchairs facing a droning tv in the corner, soap operas providing background noise and motion to their unfocused gazes. James and another aide, a short plump obviously New York blond with "Emily" on her black plastic engraved nametag, came towards us. I made a comment about the beds facing the windows, whic was ignored.

"They're as close as I've ever seen two human being be..." Emily chirped in instead with a surprisingly thick midwestern accent "...I've seen married couples married sixty years and still hopelessly in love after all that time who didn't feel as close as these two do..."

"Do they know they're going to die soon?" I couldn't help but ask.
"...uh-hu...and we both have heard them make promises to each other that when the first goes, the other will follow right behind..."
"That's sweet" Margot chimed in.
"Yes, it is, isn't it?" James answered.
"Do you both know why we're here?" I asked.
"Yes..." Emily said "...and we're here to help you with anything you ask for, ask us to do, anything that is except the actual sex part, that is..."
"Don't worry, we'll take care of that...any special precautions we should take, anything about their conditions we should know about before proceeding?..."
"Not really...." James spake "...except the both have shortened attention spans, that, and the fact that in their conditions, they tend to nod off kinda easy, that's it, they're not fragile physically or anything, if that's what you're worried about".
"Shall we begin, then?"

We walked over to them as they watched tv with shallowed breathing. I knelt before Suan, a pretty brunette with straight shoulder-length hair, looking like any typical 14-year-old junior high student except for a distant sadness which poured forth from her eyes in torrent on selfless unspoken grief. I gulped. Shit. I wasn't sure if I had the heart or stomach to do this now. She stared at the gold-colored nametag on my labcoat, and the blue-center-sun pin that Doc had just pinned to my lapel. Margot knelt before Edward similarly to my position in front of Susan.

"Eric..." Susan spoke softly "...Eric...Polykinetic... you're the therapists that have come to help us..."
"That's right, assistant Margot..." Margot turning her head just enough to shoot me a sweet dirty look "...and I have come to help you and your you know what we're here for, Susan?..."
"'re here to help show us what we'll be missing by not being able to be married when we grow up because we're going to die soon?..."

"Well, Susan, I don't think Margot or I would have put it in quite those exact words, but yes, we're here to help you find about your own sexuality as part your treatment regimen, just like other therapists who help you, just like James and Emily here who help take care of you...we're here to help you, make you feel you think you and your brother will like that? can always say 'no', and no one will be mad at's the choice that you and your brother can make, or not..." I softly said as I held her hand in mine atop her lap, Edward being in contact with Margot's hair in his right hand as she knelt before him.
"Then...Eric...I choose to...Eddie? with me, or not?"
"I'm with you, Sis, all the way."

James and Emily wheeled them to their respective beds across the living room way, Margot and I walking beside them the twenty steps to their haven. "Eddie and I like waking up to the rising sun each morning, Eric..." Susan spoke as Emily helped her out of her chair and onto her bed "...since we never know which day is going to be our last...we wake up together, turn to tell each other how much we love each other and that we'll be in heaven soon together, where we won't be in any more pain, and then just lay there a while and reach across the space between the beds and hold hands while we smile at our friend Mr. Sun..." she continued.

I gulped audibly, taking a second to compose myself. If she said something else like what she had just said, I honestly didn't know if I could keep it together, or if I'd break down and lose not just my professional composure but my dignity as well.

"It's okay,'s okay...we're not sad anymore about it, it's just, you wanna fuck me, or not, you silly goose you?" she said with blankened eyes but truly sincere smile and without a hint of sadness or sarcasm in her voice.

"Yes, my Precious Susan, yes...I want to fuck you, you equally silly goose..." I huskily whispered back to her as we sat next to each other on her bed, gently nudging her in the ribs with my elbow, she giving a tickle laugh. Then my fingers gently found her ribs, and tickled her some more. She laughed some more. Edward taking my cue evidently, started trying to tickle Margot. I knew Margot's ribs weren't ticklish, but she played it like the pro she was rapidly becoming, and laughed a well-timed series of stage laughs so well, I don't think that Edward couldn't tell they weren't real. Susan tried to tickle me back, as Margot also playfully tried to tickle Edward back, following my lead, good girl. The sounds of laughter, the sounds of life, displaced the gathered gloom and darkness.

Suan and I fell back on her bed together, laughing, smiling, still half-trying to tickle each other as we layed close to each other.
"You're special, Eric..." Susan cooed to me "...not as special as my Eddie, but special to me..."
"Thank you, Susan, you're special, too...I mean that..."
"I know you do..." she said as she momentarily nodded off on me.

"God, please don't let her die right now, I don't think this poor child of yours could take that right now, please don't let her die in my arms, let her live long enough to have her wish fulfilled, if I or someone else does that wish fulfilling for her..." I sincerely prayed silently, my first sincere prayer for anything since I was a kid in church and prayed one time for my Mommie to get better when she almost died from pneumonia, which she did, get better that was. Of course it was a selfish prayer on my part to protect my own fragile sense of mortality and self as well as a prayer for Susan not to die, but I think God understood and forgave me. Her breath was low and shallow, but there. I let her sleep for a three or four minutes, then woke her again with a sweet rib tickle, she smiling up at me as we lay clothed next to each other, leaning up to kiss me.
"Let's get out of these clothes" I suggested.

I crawled out of her bed and stood in front of her as she sat on the edge, dropping my labcoat to the floor, putting her hands on my pant's belt.
"I've seen Eddie naked before and he and I...we..." she informed me, as if she was more of a grown-up than she actually was "...but we were just five and six years old at the time" she finished, I gently swiping her on the arm with mine, with a " sweetie pie you..."

She dropped my pants and underwear and just stared at my cock for a moment. No gyn table handy to do a full bodywork bonding ritual with, or a need for one actually. I put her hands to it, telling her to do what she wished with it. She softly stroked and played with it, my member rising to her amusement. Eight feet away from us, in the meantime, Edward seemed to have a burst of new energy as Margot lead him down the new frontier of her body, showing him her beauty as she stood naked in front of him, her hands guiding his as if he was blind instead of terminally ill.

I pulled Susan up to her feet, kissing her sweetly, as I pulled her teeshirt up and her jeans down, the denim falling to her sandals as she kicked out of them. We lay back on the bed, and she couldn't keep her eyes off my erect member. I scooted up some, adjusting the head of the bed to get more of an upright angle, leading Susan to between my legs, where I told her to play with it as she wished. As she gently jacked me off and began a nibbling taste of it, asking me if that was oral sex that she had heard about, I replying that it was one half or one third or one quarter depending on how she looked at it of the oral sex equation, she asking what the other were, I replying that the variations were man-woman, woman-man, woman-woman, or man-man, she giving a flippant "yuck" sound to the last one.

Margot came over to me and asked if I knew where the condoms and lube were, Edward not knowing. I thought for a second, then told her I'd take responsibility, it was my call per Doc, and go ahead and bareback everything like we were in class, not to sweat it with Edward. She looked concerned for a split-second, then wandered back over to her charge.

Susan's mouth was now engulfing me fully. I whispered to her "my turn", then flipped her up and around began giving her some head. I could clearly see what looked like a textbook illustration of a hymen just fractions of an inch in front of my face. Even if she had used tampons previously, a lot of the outer rim of it had stayed intact. Inserting my forefinger in her, she sucked air hard and grasped the sheets in her hand. I heard Emily and James both rush towards us from their position in the background, back away from us a bit in the living room. I asked Susan if I had accidentally hurt her, she replying "no", she just reacted because she had never felt anything inside her before.

My forefinger then adjacent middle finger worked their way slowly inside her, feeling for her G-spot. At fourteen, I was reasonably certain that hers would have developed by now. Feeling the faint edge of a dime-sized one at eleven o'clock, my fingertips applied firm, even pressure on it, as it filled and fulled out to my touch. Susan had her eyes closed now, enjoying the sensation, breathing more deeply now and steadier. I went ahead and expressed her, her first gee-spot orgasm wetting the sheet underneath her, she apologizing for pissing on me, I then explaining what her G-spot was and why it felt so good to her and the whole anatomy of it. She said she had never heard of it, but playing with it did feel so good. I asked if she'd like another couple of them, she nodding yes. My fingers frigged her deeply, more deeply in and out now, trying to loosen her up a bit for my soon-to-be eventual penile penetration of her, as I would briefly rest them on her G-spot, press it a little, then frig her some more.

Over next to us, Margot was fellating Eddie as he stood before her, she sitting on the edge of the bed, groping her tits as he accepted her blowjob of him. Meanwhile, in theater of therapeutic bodywork, my tongue found Susan's anal pucker as I frigged her, she softly yelling to me that "Eric, that feels so damn good!". I gave her an anal-oral orgasm, then expressed her G-spot one more time before stopping momentarily to ask how she was doing, she reply "...fine...don't...don't stop".

But I did stop, long enough to crawl up to her face, kissing her. She acted at first like it was gross to her, but I told her if her butt was good enough for me to lick, it was good enough for own sweet self to lick, too. She poked me in the ribs with an "oh, Eric, are just what I had been praying're my angel... my sex angel."

I wasn't sure how or why, but God had snuck His nose under my bodywork tent. Whatever, right? I smiled at my patient, my client, my friend for life if only for a couple of hours, my Susan. Screw Doc and the Manual's edicts. I'm not made of fucking stone. I couldn't help but feel what I felt. I didn't try to hide it in crouched body language or modified verbalizations from Susan, either.
"C'mon, Arch Angel Eric, screw my brains out" my brazen little fourteen-year-old hussy told me.

Next to us, Margot was now on top of Edward, having just popped his heterocherry seconds earlier. Doc hadn't shown us their profiles, only told us what he wanted us to know by reading off of the prescriptive for them. I had no clue if Susan or Edward had any bi tendencies or other proclivities and sexual bents identified that I should have known about but Doc didn't mention to me, damn his eyes. Edward held Margot's breasts in his hands as she rode him, she stopping and remaining motionless for a moment every now and then, obviously trying to control his fifteen-year-old virgin orgasmic response mechanism.

I sucked Susan's champagne-glass 32C breasts with smallish pertly nipples as my right hand playfully played her pussy some more. She half-closed her eyes, looking happy but also that her energy was draining. I knew Doc said take all the time I thought I slash we needed, but I could tell that Susan didn't have but precious little life energy left in her withering but beautiful shell of a fourteen-year-old body. I let her drift off to sleep as my caressed her vaginal lips and inside of her thighs, she actually snoring for a second, before a penetrating middle finger of mine awoke her.
"I'm awake, I'm awake, Eric..."
"Now you are, now you are, Susan!" I replied with soft humor in my voice.

Margot's partner had also apparently dozed off, too. She lay beside him and gently caressed his cock as he also softly snored some. Slickness from his own come adorned his stomach. Making eye contact, I motioned her to come join us. "You don't mind if Margot joins us, do you, Susan?" I asked as she joined us on her bed.
"No, Eric, that's fine...'hi', Margot, how ya' doin', girlfriend?"
"Fine, Suan...just fine, haha fine..." Margot cooed back.

I crawled atop Susan and entered her like she was thirty-four, not fourteen. She took me openly and easily. I felt some never-stretched cuntmuscles pop a little, and felt a trace of blood ooze from her vagina, just like all the lore tells you should happen. Margot asked Emily to bring us a couple of wet washcloths and a couple of bath towels. I stopped my fuck of Susan as Margot wiped her pudenda, showing Susan the washcloth stained with the traces of her virginal-loss-blood. Susan pulled me to her and kissed me as deeply as she could as my cock stayed motionless inside her, she sucking on my tongue like it was a blunt cock. I started doing my boarpig-dick-corkscrew-thing inside as I lay motionless atop her, she moving her hips to my penile-gymnasts gyrations, following along with my non-moving movements with her hips swinging and bouncing on the bed. Her virginal adolescent pussy felt so warm and wonderful surrounding my manhood. I felt her have a little come, then a bigger one. I remembered Doc's edict, asked Margot to give us some mutual head, Susan not objecting when asked if that was okay, while I fucked her. I held my precious darling to me as tightly as I could, and filled her untilled garden with my seed.

Susan dozed off again, and I just held her in my arms. Margot joined us, as we both held our little darling in our arms for a moment. Edward waking a bit, Margot slid off our bed to join her partner once again, waking him more fully with a tit-fuck, she sliding his member between her full and shapely breasts.

I just let my breathing match my Susan's, as I visualized going inside her psychically somehow, offering her all the energy of mine she wanted, she accepting some but not all I offered. Her eyelids peeked open at my bearing gaze of her face.

"I've got a favor to ask of you, Eric" she whispered.
"Anything...anything, anything at all..." I replied.
"Marry us".
"Marry...marry who?..." I asked with mild bewilderment.
"Me...and Eddie...."
"But...but I'm not a minister, Susan...and you're..."
"We're brother and sister, I know...but I just had a conversation with God, Eric..." I saw deep into her soul through her eyes, and knew she wasn't kidding, wasn't making this up at all "...and He said...He said for one thing, you are an angel of His, you're doing His work right now, and to keep it up, keep at it no matter what, He actually told me to tell you that.."

"I don't doubt what you're saying for a second, Susan, not a second..." though I really did, and just went along because she was who she was.
"...and He said tell you, just in case you doubted my conversation with Him, that it was you, and not your family dog Sylvester, who destroyed your sister's favorite doll when she was eight, when you got mad at her for ratting you out about skipping school the day before."

I stopped my breathing for several seconds, and turned whiter than a Klansman's new robe. Fuck. Shit. Damn. What was I supposed to think, now? Susan continued, as I kissed her, looking into her eyes more deeply than ever.

"Anyway, Eric, my angel..." she burbled on "...God said tell you that Eddie and I won't last another couple of days, He's calling us home, and He's giving you special dispensation to marry us, He's ordaining you right this moment as one of His special angels on Earth, to marry us, right here, right now, so Eddie and I can be together forever, in Heaven, with Him."

I absolutely fucking lost it. I began crying like a fucking baby. Margot and Eddie came over to the bed to comfort me, as did Emily and James even, all giving me a sweet, supportive group hug. I composed myself as best I could, wiping my tear-stained face with the other clean washcloth that was on the bed.

I took the virginal-blood-stained washcloth from Margot's hand, kissed it, had Susan and Eddie kiss the blood of humanity on it too, the blood on Christ incarnate from my pinning of Susan to this plane of existence in this time and space, with a "sure, Susan, since God said it was okay, sure...I'll marry you and Eddie."

"And you guys..." Susan said loudly to Emily and James " keep your mouths SHUT, not one word to my parents or anyone else, OKAY!?!", they nodding "yes".

Things became a blur for the next while. I remember Emily and James being the bridesmaid and best man, and Margot giving Susan's hand in marriage to her brother and eternal soulmate, Edward. I remember saying a brief speech about God and eternity and marriage, and then pronouncing them husband and wife. I remember Eddie consummating their marriage by fucking his sister doggie-style, as they urged Margot and I to join for a moment of eternal happiness with them. I remember Susan and Margot doing a sixty-nine together, just because Eddie had always wanted to see two women together. I remember Margot riding Edward atop him, as Susan rode me similarly, me and Eddie buttcheek-to-buttcheek beside each other on Susan's bed. Then I remember Susan crawling atop her brother, her legs intertwining with her new husband's, as she drove him deeply inside her, kissing him as a wife, not as a sister, as they fucked their souls together, melding them into one within the caldron of their God-blessed passion. Margot and I slid off the bed while they did that, Eddie coming soon after, his sister and wife sliding up to snuggle her head under his chin.

"It's time for you to go home..." Susan whispered to us as she started to drift off to perfect sleep in her brother's and husband's arms "....thanks for everything...thanks for showing us what we ended up not missing after all...and thanks for marrying us, Eric, you were a great minister, and a great first fuck too, and an even better angel..." she cooed to me "...and thanks, Margot, for being my bridesmaid, and for being my first and only woman, so I could please my Eddie...thank you...thank you's time for you to go now."

"You're both welcome" I whispered to Susan as I leaned over to kiss her good-bye on the cheek, pulling back to put my pants and shoes and labcoat on.
"You're both welcome, too" Margot mimicked, as she kissed Susan a deeper, fuller frenchkiss as she also pulled away to dress and leave.

We walked out past the guardshack to the curb, to wait for the van. Doc and Lib and Surry and the bunch of the rest of my and Margot's class came up behind us, also having just gotten through with their own therapy sessions.
"Right on time, I see..." Doc deadpanned to no one in particular " hour and ten minutes or so, right on time, Eric, Margot".

On the the hour-plus drive back up Sunshine Freeway North to Roslyn Harbor the town and Roslyn Harbour Hotel our home and school away from home, Doc noticed that faraway look I had in my eyes, and called Margot and me to the back of the bus, errrr, hotel shuttle van, so we could talk in semi-privacy. I knew I was out of it. Margot answered a lot of the questions about how the treatment went, what modality of intervention and healing I chose to use, etcetera.

My sense of self quickly recovered under Doc's probing questions, and I was able to tell most of the truth, at least the true part of what was important to him and relevant to our learning experience at hand, without violating the confidences that Susan had asked us indirectly to keep, confidences I knew I should keep private. After another ten minutes of pointed but polite questions, Doc seemed satisfied, and let us be. We migrated back up to the front, sitting with our buds Gwen and Keikkie, making smalltalk for the rest of the trip back "home". "Home". Such an Earth-bound poor substitute for Heaven but comforting nevertheless concept.

Before turning us loose to go eat, Doc called us all back to our classroom, where a ten-page multiple choice and essay question test was waiting for us all. I honestly don't remember any of the specific questions, it was just about stuff covered in "The Manual" and what had been covered in class, no surprises. I think I aced it, even as spacey-feeling as I still was.

I took my three cuntkateers to "Mom's" for dinner with me, and while it was as good as before, the memory of the meal was more of feeling that Mom's, whoeverthehell "Mom" actually was, probably some Indian guy from LaHore who knew how to cook the hell out of things Americans liked, that Mom's cooking was filling my soul more than my stomach.

Back in our room, the girls were too full off gorging their souls and appetites too to want to fool around much, though we did do a harmless daisy-chain together before pairing off once more into our primary pairings to drift off to sleep, Margot feeling so wonderful in my arms as my eyes closed and my fleeting thoughts couldn't help but drift off to that wonderful couple that we helped "rebirth" into this world and then bond together for all eternity in the sight of God within the bounds of His Holy Matrimony. For the first time all week, I think, I dreamed a dreamless night, I didn't dream, my centered and healing slumber being shaken awake, a rough hand pulling on my cock belonging to none other than Doc hizzelf, as dawn cockcrowed a cock-ell-doodle-do to my protesting member, my hand slapping at Doc's to quit doing that to me.
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