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BWORK18 thick hair covered more his


The Body Worker by PlanetDweller

Pt. 18

My Second Day On The Job

(Sex therapy, MM, MF, MFFgg, young sister/sister, pedo)


Morning's dawn crept the light spectrum thermostat up slowly in our
bedroom, grey turning to purple then orange then yellow. Connie had
snuggled into my back, her hand lazily resting against my cock, as I in
turn snuggled Margot close to me from the other side, her arm under my
head, making my neck crick a little. If I lived to be a hundred, this is
one feeling I'd never get tired of, waking up between two beautiful women,
happy. I really didn't want to wake them, I just wanted to lie there and
soak in the perfect moment of being the cock-meat between two slices of
cunt sandwich, but my head was killing me from Margot accidentally cutting
off the blood flow to my brain with her arm pressed against my carotid
artery, and I really, really did need to go piss. Sliding down between
them as to not move them much and accidentally wake them up, Connie's light
red playmarks on her asscheeks and a couple of stray thin pinkish whipmarks
on her back offered innocent testimony to our mutual playtime in BDSM Room
#1 last night.


Margot shooed me out of the shower, gently fussing at me that while I
had a short morning ahead, she didn't, she was fully booked again, and she
needed to dash in and out. She was right, of course. She was booked solid
hour appointments from eight until noon, I having just two hour-long
individual ones, from nine to ten and from ten until eleven. Dr. Nick had
booked us both into a four-hour block from one until five for the
afternoon, a solid four hours which his notes said could be as short as two
or as long as four, our call to be made on the fly. Connie had told us
that this was most unusual.

Connie came in to take her piss as I towel-dried my hair. Almost two
weeks, and still no need to shave, the result of the industrial-strength
30-day-depilatory spray that had been used on Margot and I both during
class, though Margot had commented that the hair on my back seemed to be
growing back. Damn MascuStats. That's all I could figure, that the
MascuStat male bee-cee pills that I had to take nightly as part of my
employment contract must be screwing up my male hormones, making my body
hair grow out thicker and faster. While my emotional libido hadn't
increased yet, my physical capacity for erections and multiple orgasms
surely had, to the point where either or both were so automatic that I
really no longer thought about them. Connie reached to friendly play with
my cock as she sat on the commode next to the vanity as Margot came out of
the shower, kissing both of us as she scampered off to get dressed.

Connie made sure Margot and her first patient for the day got settled in
downstairs in her treatment room before coming back up and joining me for
bagels and cream cheese at our breakfast nook area. Say what you want
about the New York Metro area, once you try bagels from a "real" deli
there, you'll be hooked on them, if you are a born-and-breed Southern
non-Jewboy. We just munched silently as we smiled at each other and held
hands across the table as we enjoyed our bath in the morning's new light,
sitting naked in the warmth of the new day.

"Are you sure you know enough about the moderation
techniques for premature ejaculation?" Connie asked, I nodding "yes", she
insisting on felating me to a new hard before reiterating what I had
learned in class by doing a show-and-tell on me. Not wanting to waste a
perfectly good hard and having a few minutes before my first patient of the
day, we sat on the couch as she slid into my lap, riding me condom-less,
"bareback", until she and I both came, my fingers playing with those
beautiful nipple rings attached to those beautiful nipples and tits in
front of my face.

My first patient for the day was another guy, this time a "real" guy, a
forty-seven year old man, married, president of a local auto dealership,
who had been having trouble with premature ejaculation for the past several
months, and having run through Connie and the two other bodyworkers without
any success at Wake family Therapy who had left before Margot and I were
hired, had insisted, no, really, he was quoted in his records as saying
this, as insisting on wanting to deal with a male therapist or he wasn't
going to pursue things further, his logic being that being with a female
bodyworker therapist simply exacerbated the problem, and that since he was
so far over on the homo-hetero rangescale, covering from seven to nine,
about the same as mine, he didn't think he'd get as prematurely excited
with a guy-therapist and therefor maybe actually re-learn not to come so
quick. I couldn't help but think about that apparent fib that Messers
Doctors Carol & Kim had told me while recruiting me that less than one
percent of my patient caseload would be male, and then I'd see them only in
tandem M/F team therapist settings. Yeah, fucking right. Ben was my
second male patient in as many days. At least Doc had by force of his will
knocked out any homophobia during my PBI training that might have
residually been hiding in my psyche.

Ben seemed bored but okay with the bonding ritual. He stunk like old cigars snuffed out in a sewer, admitting that he pretty much kept a lit one
in his mouth all day long at work, and "please, no oral-fixation or
mother's-nipple jokes, please". Grey, thick hair covered more of his erect
shaft than the rest of his pubic area. No way was I going to put that
thing in my mouth and be picking his pubic hairs from between my teeth for
the rest of the day. Not finding any of Doc's special generic-labeled
industrial-strength hair removal spray in the metal nightstand, I excused
myself for a moment and found an entire unopened case of it in the
storage/kitchen room, lathering my too-genitally-hairy patient's prick and
balls down with it back in the treatment room, making him also soap his
body in the shower down to remove the worst of his cigar stink while he
scrubbed his now-loose hair away in the small footprint shower.

He seemed rather nonplused by my therapy efforts with him as he lay on
the bed and I leaned over him to suck-and-crush his genitals in the
time-honored Masters & Johnson method of punishing the patient until they
learn to control their orgasms. For him and me both, it was professional,
nothing more. If he had simply wanted a blow job, any number of hookers
both male and female would have done it for seventy-five percent less than
the $200 Dr. Nick was charging him for my time. While I had some early
success with Ben, he lasting for over twenty minutes, in the end, he
prematurely ejaculated anyway, uncontrollably, trying to shove my head and
mouth down on his cock as he came, telling me, not asking me, to swallow, I
replying that I would only if he'd kiss me in return, he laughing at that.
In the end, he told me that while not a complete success, he had lasted
longer with me than any previous female therapist, and that he'd be back,
for sure. Great. Another male patient. But billable hours are billable

My next patient was a very young-looking twenty-seven year old lady
suffering from severe non-specific vaginismus. Single, pretty, with a
great job as secretary to one of Ben's competitors perhaps somewhat
coincidentally, she used to date often and well and had a very active
strictly hetero sexlife until a few months ago, when severe reflexive
vaginismus struck her from nowhere, leaving her unable to have intercourse.
Although carrying around a bit of a 'tude, she was pleasant as we talked
before she scooted back to gown up and our session began.

As I slid her gown open and down to massage her breasts per procedure,
she absolutely shuddered at my touch of them. I backed off for a second,
being startled just a bit, but pushed on. While massaging her clit and
labia, her reflexive non-specific vaginismus was very clear to me. Every
second that I touched her genitals produced a "collapsing tunnel" effect at
her vaginal entrance, much as if her vagina was "winking" at me. Size "S"
speculum wouldn't fit, so I went back to the storage room and got three or
four of the toddler-sized ones like I had used on my ten-year-old patient
Sherrie yesterday. Even with this pencil-width-bladed speculum and lots of
lube, it was a chore working it inside my patient Karen's vagina.

On the therapy bed, Karen tried her best to relax, but she really
couldn't. As my hands roamed and played with her as they wished as we lay
naked together, she vocalized concerns about never being able to have
"regular" sex again. Then I began my "Chinese puzzle" exploration of her,
massaging this part and that part of her body, literally from her head to
her toes, doing so briefly before trying to finger-fuck her to see if
"outside" stimulation and pleasant massage pressure would have her yield
her cunt open to my touch. I tried every combination of single-source and
multiple-source massage points I knew, but nothing. But damn, I was
getting horny. Karen WAS pretty, was a knock-out, five-seven, smelling
nice, perfect little 32C breasts. I wanted some. And, remembering
Connie's face-slapping lesson last night, I decided to "get some".

Propping the pillows against the headboard, I nudged Karen between my
legs and told her to suck me until I came, when she was to swallow my load
whole. She shot me a look like "yeah, right, buddy, like I've ever done
that for any of my boyfriends before!", I shaking my head from
side-to-side, she then resigning herself that it was part of the therapy.
My patient Karen was a superb cocksucker. Five minutes later, fifteen
minutes left of the fifty-minute-therapy-hour, and she sucked me until I
came, my semen spurt hitting the back of her throat as she indeed swallowed
every single last drop. My hand lovingly brushed her face as she and I
both finished. Inspirationally, I flipped around and successfully shoved
my index finger all the way up her cunt, before she could react to it and
clamp down on it in reflexive vaginismic reaction hard enough to where I
literally had to brace against her with my free hand to pull it out, my
finger feeling like it had been crushed in a vice. At least I had an
inkling for a possible therapeutic modality now, one along a more
dominance-submission track.

After Patient Karen left, I found Connie in her treatment room, in the
middle of finishing up with her one patient for the day, a nice older lady
in her sixty's or so, a long-term patient of hers who saw her for reasons
of sporadic orgasmia. Connie signaled to me to join them on the bed, and
asked me if I'd penetrate her client while she licked her clit, of course I
agreeing despite having just shot my mainload into my previous patient.
Maybe the MascuStats had other desirable effects than back-up birthcontrol.
Her patient's sixty-plus-year-old cunt was large and airy, but I fucked it
best I could, trying to feel her loose cunt through my rubber to maintain
my erection. Finishing up, Connie told me she'd see me shortly in my

It was just eleven-thirty, and Margot was still with her patient, her
fourth patient of the morning. I knew that because Margot was female and
polykinetic bodyworking therapy had been originally and still was
female-dominated since the majority still though that was changing
clientele demographic was male that she would be getting bonuses close to
or exceeding her $52K/yr base salary while my billable hours would seldom
if never hit a solid forty-plus a week like Margot's almost always would or
even close, I still had a great job I was learning to love more and more
each day at a great salary with a great boss and a great future, so I tried
to find my happy center as Connie came into my office and saw me staring
off into space.

"Thanks for helping out..." she began "...I appreciate it...always keep
in mind..." "I long as it's not contraindicated, we can
free-lance as much as we'd like, no problem..." "Very good,

Connie took us to the Circus hamburger joint just down past the
Maynard/Chatham stoplight for lunch, after smalltalk revealed that neither
Margot or I had ever tried their milkshakes, which were the best in central
North Carolina. The burgers and fries were okay if a tiny bit greasy, but
the milkshakes were as delish' as advertised. As we headed back into our
office-home, Connie asked us if we had any questions or concerns about our
next patients, our last appointment for the day, which was the remainder of
the day, we replying in the negative.

Our next patients were another one of those sad cases that
simultaneously encourage you to question the existence of God and give you
hope that there is one. Mary Sue was seven, her sister Molly was nine. Up
until a year or so past, they had been in a loving, stable, two-parent
home. Then one day, demons of perversion took over the parents, to me there
was no other explanation. At the initial encouragement of the father and
then the quick collaboration of their mother, they put their sweet, lovely,
innocent daughters into a cycle of bestial abuse, making them have sex with
their two family pets, a male German Shepherd and a male Rottweiller.
Dr.'s Kim and Carol and a whole bunch of other psychiatrists and mental
health care professionals never could pinpoint exactly why or how this
dramatic to say the least transformation in the dynamic of the family took
place. Six months into this cycle of sickening abuse, their parents started making videotapes of them having sex with their family pets, and
then started selling them through the underground. In less than three
months, they had sold low-to-mid six figures worth of these tapes of beyond
perversion, but that had lead, fortunately for Mary Sue and Molly, to their
parent's downfall. The short conclusion is that a law enforcement official
stumbled across a tape of them while doing some other undercover work, and
within three weeks, had busted their parents, who were now in jail awaiting
trial on charges too sickening even to think that human beings were capable
of. The girls had been, of course, immediately taken away and put into
foster care.

I didn't get good vibes from their foster mom as she brought them into
the foyer. In fact, the vibes she gave off were downright weird ones. I
politely asked/told her if she didn't want to go shopping or such at Cary
Towne until five, when their therapy would be through. She replied tersely
that she didn't have enough money to go shopping. Connie, glancing at me
hard but picking up on my lead, asked if she couldn't, didn't need to go to
lunch. I think we all were sensing the weird vibes she was giving off.
Again, she replied she was too broke. Finally, I took two twenties out of
my wallet, and just ordered her to make herself scarce until five, when she
could come back for them.

Mary Sue and Molly were almost twins-like in appearance, though Molly
was several inches taller and a little heavier than her younger sister.
Both had nearly waist-length medium blond hair, both were long-legged and
flat-chested though Molly did seem to have tiny buds under her braless
teeshirt, and both had the innocent smiles of angels on earth. Angels who
had been so violated by forced corruption. Now it was up to us, Margot and
myself, to begin the healing process.

We lead them to the reception area of Margot's treatment room, bringing
Cokes and some chocolate-chip cookies to them. While acknowledging us by
glancing at us from time to time and responding to our smalltalk, their
minds seemed very, very far away from the moment. Asking if they'd like to
do anything before therapy started, they not knowing what kind of therapy
was next, Mary Sue asked if we had any dolls she could play with, that she
had lost her dolls when the County took them away from their parents and
put them in foster care. The only dolls I knew about were the "Jack &
Jill" anatomically correct dolls that were in every treatment room as
therapy aids. Connie said she'd be right back. I followed her up to the
second floor, and opening a large, locked closet, had me pull out several
large, heavy boxes of assorted toys from it. At least Dr. Nick had used
Connie's time on the payroll well before bringing us on board, having
Connie learn not just his operations and system but every nook and cranny
in our new home and office. Finding two new identical "Career Woman"
Barbie dolls, we went back downstairs, Connie giving the dolls to them with
a "girls, they're yours to keep", Molly and Mary Sue giving us all hugs in
thanks. Things, the moment, definitely relaxed.

Margot asked the girls if they didn't want to go for a swim. Molly
replied it was too cold outside, and that they didn't have any bathing
suits with them. We had discussed options and possibilities for treatment
last night, but this wasn't one of them. Margot was free-lancing, and that
was fine. I went with it. Margot replied "well, we've got a large hottub
that's big enough for eight people to splash around in, and we don't need
bathing suits, we're all friends here".

The large, eight-person soaking tub on the backdeck, one of two hottubs
and also a four-person Jacuzzi, felt good to my bones as I slid into the
water, a naked Margot and girls right behind me. Almost eight feet or more
across, it was plenty big for them to splash and play in. Margot slid
close to me, and I began openly feeling her up in front of the girls. They
both stopped their play long enough to look at us, then laugh at us, then
resume their innocent play. Back inside, I toweled off Molly and Margot
toweled off Mary Sue, having each towel us dry in return. Molly rubbed my
slightly rising cock a little more than she should have. In the name of
beginning their return to normalacy and mental health, a lot, a whole lot
of bridges would have to be crossed with them, starting today.

Not bothering to get dressed, we took them back to Margot's treatment
room, and began our mutual and shared bonding rituals with them, I with
Molly first and Margot with Mary Sue as they sat next to each other on the
exam table, then per "The Manual", switched. As Margot had Molly lie down
and proceeded with Stage II of the bonding ritual, I pulled Mary Sue close
next to me as we stood at the foot of the table, both of us joining
Margot's genital massage of Molly, Molly laughing a little bit as her
sister touched her, telling us it was ticklish.

On the bed, it was, it had to be, Katy-bar-the-door, for any benefit to
come from our "shock (of their new psychic paradigm) therapy". Placing
them beside each other, I snuggled next to Molly as Margot did with Mary
Sue. They started to tense up. I didn't blame them. "Just relax now,
girls, Molly, Mary Sue, we're here to help you...just relax...everything's
going to be alright...we'll have a lot of fun together,'ll
see..." Margot soothingly cooed to them both as she rubbed Mary Sue's
cuntlips and began a slow frig of her, as I did the same to Molly.

No time for a therapeutic build-up. No time for major preliminaries.
No time for sargeants. No time for anything but the healing machine turned
up on high. As I held Molly in my arms and forced my kisses on her as my
middle finger frigged her pussy, it was hard to stay focused, 'was hard to
remember that this innocent young girl had her humanity so forcefully
stripped away by her sick and perverted parents forced animal activities
that she now was in such a precarious place that we didn't have time to do
anything but blow her the fuck back the other way, back towards her own
species, her own kind, her own special place in God's universe.

"Molly, Dear, open your legs for me more..." I ordered, as Connie stuck
her head in the door, I noticing her but Margot facing away while
concentrating on Mary Sue not, nodding my head for Connie to join us.
Considering she had been through situations like this and worse a lot more
than we had over the past five years, it was actually a relief to have her
join us. During and after school, I didn't see the need for Connie to
so-call "mentor" us, but now, in real life, boy, was I glad she was there,
and I know Margot was, too.

Connie scooted between our two charges', a hand going to each little
girl cunt as she kneeled before them. Getting Mary Sue to scoot down a
bit, Margot straddled her face, ordering the seven-year-old to lick her
pussy. "Molly, suck my cock, please..." I spoke as I kneeled upright and
shoved my cock to her waiting mouth.

Mary Sue held Margot's buttcheeks as best she could as Margot ground her
cunt into her waiting mouth and tongue and face, as Connie now picked up
her frig pace of both of them. Nodding at me as she stopped, Connie pulled
back and I moved around to lay atop my pre-pubescent patient, Connie
slipping a teeth-opened condom over my hard with it inside her mouth as I
did. That's a helluva way to take a nine-year-old's virginity, isn't it?
Just crawl on top and shove right in. It was small comfort to know that
her non-human virginity had already been taken many times before, by her
family "pets" under the threat and control of her sicko parents. Small
comfort indeed. At least her vagina had been previously stretched open by
her large dogs and was receptive for my man-cock size. "Mr. Eric?..."
"Yes, Molly..." "You can fuck me, go's okay...I like it..."

Inches beside me, Connie was now lapping away at Mary Sue's cunt as
Margot continued her sex-trot-race atop the little girl's face-saddle,
obviously just freeing herself of any inhibitions she might have had
moments before and grinding her cunt so firmly onto Mary Sue's mouth and
face that it's a wonder she didn't break her nose.

Under me, I slipped my arm around Molly's shoulders as best I could,
pulling her tight to me, kissing her as I also started to just relax more
myself and go with the moment more and feel more comfortable letting our
blanket therapy Rx wash away any feelings of guilt or pride or remorse I
might have had my own moments before. Molly's right hand slid up, letting
go of my butt as I fucked her on top, and lightly brushed my face as she
smiled with a "Mr. Eric, you fuck really good!".

I giggled for a split second drawing the unwanted glances of all others
present, before Margot also broke out in laughter then Mary Sue and Connie
and even Molly did also, after she realized that what she said was a bit
funny. The first major wall to the girls' recovery had been broken
through. Their forlorn hope was not shot dead in its tracks as it breached
the penetrated walls, but made it through safely okay. Now there was hope
indeed for their treatment to make a difference and their recovery to
hopefully come about over time. Breaking from our respective sexual
focuses, we all just joined in a sweet, tender group hug on the bed for a
moment, all exchanging kisses and touches and smiles. Then, back to

I don't know why, but I decided I wanted to fuck Connie. As I pulled
her around and on top of me, she shot me a silent but curious glance, but
complied with my silent wishes never the less. Astriding on top but facing
the other way, she leaned back and propped up on her hands as she spread
her legs wide, Margot taking the cue and having the girls both scoot down
and to Connie's exposed and gaping cunt. Two sweetest little tongues were
felt by bits and parts of my cock in random orders as Mary Sue and her
sister Molly licked Connie's cunt and my cumpole. Jesus, sweet Jesus. She
continued her own ride of my cock, enjoying our patients' tonguing of her
cunt all the while, Margot scooting around to join my grope of Connie's
tits while sucking on her nipples.

Connie had her come, then rolled off of me, the girls pulling back.
Smiling, I motioned to Mary Sue to join me. Margot tossing me a condom, I
showed Mary Sue how to open it and had her roll it over me. That
precocious vagina of hers, which should have been so tight and so small
that you wouldn't have been able to push a liquid-nitrogen-frozen
broomstraw inside it, slid over my member as if she was thirty-seven
instead of seven. Jesus. My hands rubbed her flat chest, my fingers
pulling and lightly pinching at what less-than-quarter-sized nipples she
had. Beside me, Connie was lying flat as Margot ate her out, Molly atop
Connie's face getting her own cunt licked, her face actually looking happy
if a little distant as she easily half-rotated her hips over Connie's

Mary Sue smiled at me as she continued to ride me on top. Being small
and just seven and not being able to reach my face, I took my forefinger
and middle finger of my right hand, kissed the pads of fingers, then softly
pressed it against Mary Sue's lips, she taking my fingers inside her mouth
and sucking on them like a cock. God, oh God. "C'mon, Dear, get off for a
second, and get on your knees, on all fours, we're going to do something
else" I half-ordered half-whispered to her, while the Molly and Connie and
Margot broke their sexembrace to change to another one.

Shoving a couple of pillows under Mary Sue's butt, my tongue bathed her
anal pucker, as Connie bent over to remove my used condom and keep me
sucked hard. "That feels really nice, Mr. Eric, I like this!" my
too-young patient exclaimed. Smelling a tad like shit, discretion being
the better part of not getting fecal matter on one's tongue, I decided
against anal probing her deeper with my mouth-member. Oh, I could have
enema'd her, but I wanted to fuck her asshole, not suck it.

As Connie rolled a fresh condom on me and smeared some KY first on me
and then worked some in Mary Sue's behind, Mary Sue began crying aloud to
the somewhat surprise of us three therapists but not her sister,
"yes...Yes!...YES!...fuck my bottom, Mr. Eric, I LOVE IT!"

If a seven-year-old can come like a grown woman, if ANY seven year old girl can, Mary Sue can, and did. Within a dozen strokes, her asshole
started pulsating and grasping and releasing my cock as if she was a
trained circus whore. In the meantime, Margot had slipped around and had
her cunt shoved up under Mary Sue's face, her rising cries of passion being
muffled somewhat within Margot's muff. Slapping her asscheeks hard with
the open palms of either hand, the desire to do so just coming over, she
responded even more passionately and more vocally, "YES!...oh, Mr. Eric,
DEEPER!...fuck my bottom deeper!". Jesus-H-Fucking-Christ. What the hell.
Grabbing her ass with both hands, another gear inside my professional
bodywork therapeutic emotional maturity engine just kicked in, as I
screamed at my most precious of patients, "take it deep, Mary Sue, my
little whore princess, take this cock all the way fucking deep, take it all
the way, my princess bitch, my seven year old slut, fuck my cock with your
ass like you mean it, dammit!"

I honestly don't where those words came from, from what place in deep
inside my own passions and my own lusts, but evidently, it must have been
okay still within the bounds of their therapy Rx because Connie while
looking a little surprised at my outburst simply nodded her head "yes" at
me, telling me without telling me that it was okay.

Arching my back and squeezing my sweetest patient's waist so firmly it
left fingerprints along side the light pink palmprints from the
friendly-passionate ass-slaps from a moment earlier, I could feel Mary Sue
open her anal tunnel even more for me as I came inside my condom inside her
asshole. My crescendo of therapeutic passion having risen, now fell, as I
collapsed in a slightly shaking heap beside them all.

The girls joined me as leaned back into the headboard. Connie sucked my
limping dick a little as her hand found Molly's cunt as Molly lay atop my
right arm, her sister on my left one, Margot gently wiping Mary Sue's
slightly sore bottom with a wet washcloth to remove the KY and light fecal
residue before spreading her legs and giving her some pleasant oral

It was only just a little after three. "Want to go get some ice cream?"
Connie asked, the girls all bursting out "yeaaahhhhh!!!", their
passion-spent stupors being broken suddenly by the prospect of some kid-fun
instead of adult-therapy, they popping off of the light and supportive hugs
of my arms and Connie's and Margot's attentions too. At the Circus
burgershack, we just let them be kids once again, for the while they could
be, for the while they needed to be, playing on the Ronald McDonald-style
playground equipment next to the building, letting them eat all the ice
cream and burgers and shakes and fries they wanted.

Back at the office, a little more therapy. Connie had Mary Sue and her
sister Molly both fist her and Margot in turn, to show them the flexibility
of the adult female cunt, like they didn't already know about that. Then
we three deep-frigged each of them in turn, gauging how large their pelvic
opening was at their respective ages, that, and just giving them some more
bonding and human-focused pleasure they needed. Margot and Connie had them
do "nursing focuses" on them respectively, having them suck on their
breasts, urging them to do so with the intent of making them (Margot and
Connie) come or close to it, then in turn sucking on their tit-buds,
closing the circle. Finally, though it was getting close to five and their
foster mom would be back soon to get them, I wanted just one more time with
my shared patients, so I had them sit next to each other on the bed and
kiss each other in a pre-pubescent lesbian love embrace that would have
given the Pope a hard-on, and then slipped my cock between their lips,
fucking their kiss of each other, coming within a minute.

That night, as we three friends and colleagues of bodyworking lounged
around naked semi-piled on top of one another on my bed, doing whatever the
hell we felt like with each other when we and where we felt like it, a
nightly busman's holiday that was becoming almost a ritual with us, Connie
whispered to us that we had "passed" today, that her "students" were close
to finishing their final exams, that for today's work she would give us
both an "A". Friendly shoving my pre-cum leaking cock up Connie's rear
while gently tugging on her nipple rings as Margot snuggled to us both, I
asked her sweetly "now, teach', do I get an 'A'+?".


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