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BWORK19 sucked knelt before


The Bodyworker by PlanetDweller

Chapter 19

Working Vacation, Pt. 1

(Sex therapy, sex education, incest, menstrual sex, MF, FMF, FF, MM, Fg,
Mb, Fb, Mg, all combinations)


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction
intended for private reading by adults over eighteen (18) years of age ONLY
or a higher age if required by the political jurisdiction where you
reside...if you are under eighteen years of age, you are required to exit
now from your browser if accessing through a communications network or
delete this file if accessing it through a local disk system...the
following story depicts sexual acts which if they were perpetrated in real
life would be against the law in all countries and localities; if merely
possessing descriptions of sexual acts which would be against the law if
committed in "real life" is against the law in the political jurisdiction
where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or
delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely
fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc.
bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which
may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is
using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this
story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and
distribute it to other readers of legal age on a strict non-commercial of this story on any commercial website or by any other
means of storage and retrieval for commercial purposes is strictly
prohibited without written consent of the originating author.


Spring fluided into summer.

Connie left us, her protégés, at the end of April to finally go off and
marry her rich boyfriend she meet while they were patient and therapist, an
ethical no-no if there ever was one but in her defense he waited until
completing therapy before calling her back and asking for their first date.
For the wedding he flew us all to a private island off Maryland's
Eastern Shore which belonged to his family They had both a Methodist and a
Unitarian-Universalist minister marry them (Connie was a Methodist, he was
a U-U) while everyone was nude including the ministers themselves on the
beach at sunrise as his private yacht waited on the horizon just offshore,
a dinghy waiting to take them to their waiting love-boat and then down to
the Caribbean for their honeymoon cruise. Damn, it must be nice to be that
rich. His private Learjet flew us back to Raleigh later that same day,
after a reception that included a Hawaiian-style roast pig in the ground
attended by a totally nude catering crew. Anyway.

Anyway, after that our workload and overall client load increase
meritoriously. Wonderful for Margot's and mine bank accounts, bad for our
overall mental if not physical health. Dr. Nick put us both on
twice-a-week therapy sessions with an associate psychologist in his firm,
just so we could have a safe place to vent and download and re-center
ourselves. Margot and I very seldom had sex with each other at night,
though we always slept snuggled together for security and comfort.

Finally, Dr. Nick knew that we both were close to burnout, and directly
intervened. Calling us into his office, he asked us bluntly if we were
burning out. "Yes..." we both replied in unison "...damn close to it."

"What will it take to keep you two happy, to keep you from burning out,
do ya' t'ink?"

"First..." Margot jumped in "...some more time off...since Connie's been
gone, we've been squeezing patients in too tightly, and neither of us have
had a Saturday off since she left, and we both have been working some
Sunday's too...enough already!"

He thought for a second, then said "Done".

"Next..." me taking my turn "...we need a social life...we work and live
together 24 hours a day, and we love each other as friends, but we're not
in love with each other, and probably never will be..." Margot nodding her
head in agreement "...believe it or not, Dr. Nick, we would like to try to
take some of that time to try to actually have normal dates with normal
people that don't know what we do for a living, nice people whom if we have
sex with it's because we choose to, not because they have problems that
we're being paid to therapeutically intervene for..."

"Done...what about no appointments past 3 PM on a couple of days per
week, will that work?"

"Yes, that'll work...and at least one three-day weekend per month, to
make up for all these increasing group therapy sessions you're scheduling
for us at night..."

"Done, too"

"And..." Margot stepped on what I was about to say "...we need some
help, bad, Doc...get us some help, now, we have enough extra bookings to
keep at least one other bodyworking therapist busy..."

"I've already done something about that...I called Dr. Chaim, and he
said that recruiting for the next bodywork class has been sparse to say the
least, and what ones have been recruited are being sponsored by other
practices of course...:"

"...look, Dr. Nick, we don't care...there's bound to be someone you
know or someone in the practice knows who would be a likely candidate, hu,

"Maybe...maybe..I'll think about it...I know someone, maybe, but I don't
know if she could pass the screening tests..."

"Will you at least talk to this person?..."

"Yes...anything else?"

"Just one thing...Dr. Chaim and Carol and them promised us that we
would sometimes go offsite to different cities and such to do therapies
with 'special clients', and since we've been working not Eric or myself
have been anywhere, except bound like prisoners to our house..."

"If I call Dr. Chaim and ask what he can do about getting some special
offsite clientele, will that do?"

"Yes, as long as you actually make the call."



Things settled down for a bit after that. Margot and I both started
answering ads online at Yahoo! Personals and in the "Independent" (a local
freebie weekly) and actually got some dates. But none of respective dates
clicked, the clientele workload increased again, and we were back to the
same old grind, with one exception. Dr. Nick did manage to snag us some
of those "special clients" that Doc Chaim had told us was a side benefit of
our profession.

One special clientele was indeed special. An entire family with no
particular therapeutic modalities needed for no psychological problems at
all. Just a rich, happy, stable, non-psychoses family with three kids
ranging in age from eight to twelve, living in a mansion just off the LI
Expressway in the little hamlet of Spencer not too far from Roslyn Harbour
where The Institute was located and where we had trained.

Doc's limo drove us from Macarthur Field to their home. The limo
strained to make the curves in the winding driveway as it snaked around
from the entrance off McPherson Lane towards the Great Gatsby-style
mansion. Ruby, their young Hispanic housekeeper and governess, greeted us
as Willie The Driver got out personal and professional bags from the trunk.
David and June Siegfied, the husband and wife, the mother and father of
the family we were here to help yes but more from an anecdotal and show-me
kind of way than a purely therapeutic one, greeted us at the door as Ruby
and Willie drug our bags to our rooms located at the galleryhall atop the
winding staircase.

In their early thirties or so, he was handsome, Greek looking more than
the German in his name implied, and she was a bit plain if somewhat dark
and mysterious, she definitely Mediterranean in origin. He kissed Margot
full on the lips, and she didn't mind at all. This weekend was meant to be
a working vacation for us both, and we both felt very relaxed and at home.
She kissed him full back. June smiled, and joined in their kiss, turning
to kiss me next as Margot also joined our kiss. Their calm and relaxed
energy of anticipation was catching. We all felt at ease.

Their kids, who were the ostensible objects of this weekend's ultimate
objective, were called down to the foyer by Ruby. Ellen was eight, and the
perfect specimen of a well-adjusted little girl. Unlike all the
pre-adolescents that I had encountered in my professional practice, she
didn't have a single hiccup in her past that needed to be treated, no
modality for intervention was called for because she was a happy and
perfectly adjusted eight-year-old. She and her 10-year-old brother Gary
who was a young clone of his father to the point of eeriness, and her
13-year-old sister Diane, who didn't look a thing like either David or
June, her parents, assembled before us. They had all been told why we were
there, and being who they were, seemed to expect no less than that.

The kids had never been sexualized by their parents or anyone else.
Yet, because David had become friends with Doc Chaim through his work in
real estate to the point where Doc trusted him enough to tell him about the
Polykinetic Bodywork Institute after David had mentioned his father's
problem with premature ejaculation and Doc offered to refer him to one his
therapists, David and June had become convinced after getting to know Doc
that there was nothing wrong with open family sexual relations, as long as
the initial "education" phase was handled by professionals (Margot and
myself, for example) along with themselves.

Doc for some reason had agreed, explaining to us before we arrived that
this is more common than we might believe, that as long as the family is
extensively pre-screened before hand, that studies over the decades had
proved this was actually healthy for all involved, especially the kids, the
main point of concern always being the ultimate welfare of the children.
One learns something new everyday, doesn't one?

A three day weekend of just relaxing and doing a little sex-ed, and
kicking back and having some recreational sex as we wanted and dictated and
ran the show completely, to help a family grow and change into something
better, something larger than what they were before we came into their
lives. Thanks, Doc.

Margot and I didn't have a particular agenda in mind. No hidden agendas, no timetables, as long as our mission was accomplished at the end
of three days. Just whatever felt right at the moment, we'd confer first
then go for it.

"Where's the hottub?" Margot asked.

"Set up on the rear patio, per your request, Miss..." Ruby chirped in

"Call me Margot..."

"Miss Margot, then" Ruby replied with heavily accented English.

"Just 'Margot'..."

"Miss Margot, please ma'am...if you'll follow me."

"The kids can go for now...let us adults retire to the hottub for a
soak" I chimed.

After the flight up and the ride in, the burbling and spewing hot water
of the Jacuzzi felt so good as my somewhat tired body slid naked into the
friendly cauldron. Margot and David and June all shed clothes as well,
Ruby picking them up and leaving to take them inside.

"No...wait...Ruby...Ruby!..." Margot exclaimed "...Ruby, don't
go!'re to be an integral part of this weekend and your charges'
future, so please, join us..."

"Yes, ma'am, thank you."

Ruby's Iberian-bronzed perfectly shaped 34B's contrasted with June's
larger and somewhat more floppy after three kids 36D's, June's tits floating atop the water as we all scooted together, David scooting next to
Margot, giving her a friendly feel-up as June smiled at me while playing
with my cock under the bubbling clear foam and I pulled Ruby closer to us.

"Where are the kids?" asked June of Ruby.

"In their rooms, doing some of their studies or playing Nintendo, you
can't tell unless you watch them actually, ma'am..."

"I's okay Ruby...after this weekend, you'll become even more a
part of their lives and David's and my life too...happy about that, Ruby?"

"Yes, ma'am..." "Yes, JUNE, Ruby...please start calling me June and
David David instead of 'Sir', okay?"

"Yes ma'am, errrr, sorry, yes June..."


David and Margot were just relaxing and enjoying themselves as they
kissed and groped each other in the steamy freshwater brine, as I pulled
June and Ruby closer to me, asking them to kiss and touch each other some.
David grinned at us as he watched from two feet away. Neither June nor
Ruby had ever touched another woman before, and now was the time for that
to change. Change it did.

They kissed like old lovers in front of my face, my arms pulling them
closer to each other, next to me, in front of me. They were no longer
employee and employer. They were friends and soon to be lovers.

"Let's retire to our bedroom, 'k?" David half-suggested half-requested.

Their bed was massive, at least half to twice as large as a standard
king-sized one.

"We had it made special for us, knowing what our future as a family was
to be, Margot, it?"

One of the kids, Diane, wandered into the room behind us as we piled on
the bed together. Dressed in a nice outfit, a somewhat tight sundress that
perted out her budding 32B breasts from underneath, she looked shock to see
us all naked at first, but then regained her composure after seemingly
remembering why Margot and I were there.

"It's okay, honey...can she join us?" June asked.

"Well, we'd rather wait until tomorrow, if that's okay...Eric?" Margot

"Yeah, tomorrow will be don't mind waiting until tomorrow,
do you, Diane?" I finished.

"No, I don't mind...can Ruby run me over to Missy's house though?...I
need to get my diary I left there last week at her slumber party...can

"Well...not right now, okay, Deenie?..." Margot calling her by the pet
name everyone else called her by "...we need Ruby to be with us for it that important to you?"

"No, I guess not..." she pouted a little as the five of us began
snuggling up closer together on the bed, David openly groping Margot's cunt in front of his daughter, she never having seen either of her parents naked
before let alone like this as I similarly felt up her mother and Ruby
"...but maybe tomorrow, or later this weekend, then?"

"We'll see, Darling, we'll see..." June replied ", please go to
your room...Ruby fix ed some cold sandwiches for dinner, they are in the
'fridge...or, you can always order a pizza from Mario's, you have some
money don't, scoot!" she intoned with happy sarcasm at her
daughter, Diane staring firmly at our naked assembled multitude.

With that, the fascinated and fascinating thirteen-year-old turned with
a slight huff and marched out of the room, an audible spoiled-brat
"haarrummppp!" echoing back at us as she walked away.

Boy, this was nice. No expectations of therapeutic results, no
expectations at all placed upon Margot or myself, except just to be
ourselves and help a family grow. I pulled June and Ruby close to me and
kissed them both, a nice threeway kiss. They reached for each other's
breasts, knowing what was expected of them more or less, and began their
pleasantly paced grope of each other as my hands found their respective
pussies and my fingers opened their sexes up.

"Oh, Ruby!..." June exclaimed.

"Ohhh, ma'am...I mean, June!" Ruby replied, her polite faux pas breaking
the tension of the moment, causing even Margot and David to giggle together
with us as they began their own slow lovemaking beside us, David having
Margot on all fours as he entered her from behind.

Putting my two lovely students in a proper sixty-nine, I rolled over to
join Margot and Dave. Margot was on top of him, riding him as she
relaxingly just zoned out some, he playing with her boobs, as I asked him
to let me take his place there, so he could scoot around and fuck Margot's

"Uhhhh...hhuuu?" he mumbled with mild disbelief.

"It's okay, David...really... I want you to, I need you too...we are
going to do everything to each other anyway before this weekend ends
anyway...I like it...scoot around, get the KY, put on a condom, and fuck my
ass nice and slow..." Margot whispered to him.

Nudging June and Ruby to join us, June kissed her husband David as Ruby
began feeling up Margot as I slid inside Margot myself, Dave entering
Margot's behind-hole with an ease she didn't expect, his and June's profile
indicating that neither one of them had ass-fucked before.

He quickly came inside her and rolled off, his member dead for now.
June and Ruby both looked at me with a light expression of dread as I just
shrugged my shoulders back at them in reply.

"It's okay, girls, Eric and I do this for a living, we know exactly what
to do...just relax and follow our lead,'ll like it, we

Margot "expressed" June's G-spot as I did Ruby's to get them relaxed a
little as they lay prone before us, I sticking my cock in Ruby's mouth
while I did her. Fetching a strap-on from her "pro bags", our large gym
bags with our initials embroidered on them and the old Polykinetic Bodywork
Institute luggage slash ID tags on them having been brought to the master
bedroom earlier by Ruby, Margot fastened the strap-on around her waist as
we placed June and Ruby side-by-side on the bed, their butts touching as
they knelt rears high and faces down in the pillows as they looked at each
other, as Margot and I began our oral of their respective bumholes.

Ruby was tight as a drum. My condom-covered cock simply wouldn't dilate
her asshole at all. Margot in the meantime was having an easier time with
June, June just grasping the sheets as she got assfucked by my buddy and
professional partner in healing and therapy and now just some busman's
holiday fun. Switching, Margot did her thing with Ruby, tying her hands
behind her back, lightly whipping her butt with a thin cane also retrieved
from our professional bag, it finally "winking" at her at which point she
finally was able to enter her with her strap-on as I finished my assfuck of
June, Margot letting me take her place to ass-bond with Ruby.

All throughout this scene which had to be incredibly hot to Dave, he
just lay there next to us and played with his still-half-limp cock. Time
to change that.

I scooted to him and began playing with him. Unexpected to him and
somewhat embarrassed by his own reaction, his cock rose to my touch.

"It's okay,'s's a natural reaction..."

"But...but I haven't ever been with another man, Eric..."

"...and I'm not gay, David, not at all...I am a professional therapeutic
bodyworker, and this is part of my repertoire, so just relax, okay?
knew this was coming anyway from the briefing that a member of Doc's staff
gave you, don't you?..."

"Uh...uh, yes, Eric..they told me..."

"...and you know it will be a part if a small part of the family bonding
regimen that you'll have to go through with your son, don't you?..."

"...yes, the counselor explained all that..."

", Dave, let's just both relax and enjoy it, okay?..."

"...okay...but don't fuck me in the ass tonight, okay?...if you have to
as part of the initiation, can that wait until tomorrow then?"


His member rose hard to my mouth as June and Margot and Ruby watched us
as they group-hugged and groped each other, June and Ruby fascinated by the
first gay male scene they had ever witnessed. Margot urged June to join my
sucking of her husband, and he got even harder, to the point of nearly
coming. Slipping a condom on his hard and pushing June and me to kneeling
positions on the bed, Margot had David first enter his wife to finish the
bonding to her that way, then lubricated my ass and put a fresh condom on
him so Dave could ass-fuck me, to show him why he didn't have anything to
fear from being done that way. Being assfucked was still the least
pleasant part of what I did for a living within my therapeutic modalities,
but I didn't have to do this now, this was all totally Margot's and mine
call, but I didn't mind. David grabbed my asscheeks as he came inside his
condom-covered cock inside me, as his wife and Margot kissed him and
stroked his body all over and played with his balls.

The rest of the evening was just pleasant, easy lovemaking. About
midnight, right on cue, Ruby started her period. We had needed her to be
on her period for the following day's education session with the kids, but
when she hadn't started that morning per her usual clockwork cycle, June
had called Doc and Doc had found someone within his therapy group who was
menstruating to be on standby just in case we needed this other therapist
to be a stand-in for Ruby. But now, thankfully, nature took care of that
for us.

We all rose at six a.m., much earlier than any of us normally opened our
eyes from sleep. Restful sleep.

Today was going to be fun for all of us. In my short career as a
professional bodyworker, I had developed quite a reputation in the
polykinetic community of being one of the premier therapists who worked
with pre-adolescents and adolescents, according to what Dr. Nick had tole
me. It was this reason that Doc Chaim had found Margot and me this

Ruby got dressed and went down to fix the kids and us some breakfast.
Paradigm shift of her status within the Seigfried household or not, having
become a lover to her employers and soon to be to their children or not,
she was still the handmaiden of the house, and had chores to do.

David and June and Margot and I played around a little in bed, just for
fun. That's what this weekend was to be about as much as anything, fun.
Dave kidded June that I gave as good a' head as she did. June remarked
that maybe I should give her some lessons.

We joined our faces at her husband's crotch as we stretched awake.
Margot licking June's pussy, I licked David's rising shaft as I also kissed
June, showing June exactly where her husband's cock was most sensitive,
around the back of the head at his seam and back along his shaft and down
to his balls. Mimicking my tongue movements on his cock as she spread her
legs for Margot who was eating her from behind, David audibly moaned and
started to come almost immediately, his jism splashing my face as well as
June's. June licked my face clean as she kissed me, Margot scooting around
to join us.

"Breakfast is ready!" Ruby chirped from the bedroom door, having dressed
in her proper maid's costume that David and June always made her wear.

We pleasantly chatted about boating, the stock marker, the weather,
politics, anything but the obvious as we sat around the kitchen table in
our robes. Hands were stretched across the table to reach for other hands
in gestures of wanting and needing mutual support, but no words about what
was to happen were spoken.

Soon, the kids wandered in to the dining room, helping themselves to the
fruit and cold cereal and sausage and pancakes that Ruby had made and was
making from scratch for them and us.

"Is today still the day we learn about sex, Mom, Dad?" Gary asked his
parents as he sat down to his bowl of cornflakes.

"Yes, it is, Hon', yes it is..." June replied.

"When, Mom, when?..."

"Soon, Son, patient...soon..." she smiling at her dignified
and mature for his age son.

"Okay...but when?" he somewhat rudely insisted.

"In about an hour or and your sisters go change into your new
robes after you eat, okay?, and meet us adults in your parents' bedroom at
nine o'clock sharp, okay?" Margot replied.

" ;k..." Gary replied.


Ellen, the precious 8-year-old, Gary the stud son at age 10, and the
pert and curious 13-year-old Diane all walked into their parents' master
bedroom at nine sharp, per their instructions, arm-in-arm.

"This is isn't going to hurt, is it, Mommy?" asked Ellen, speaking for
her and her two siblings, their briefing and non-physical sex ed class from
one of Doc's therapists not being as convincing as it should have been

"No, Baby, it's not going to hurt, it's going to be fun, you'll
see...c'mere, My Stinker...c'mere"

mother and daughter hugged for the last time as involuntary innocents.
In a few moments, the entire dynamic of their relationship would change.
Gary and Diane both rushed to their mom for a hug and for reassurance,
their Dad also joining in their family grouphug.

"It will be fine, than fine, things will be
different, yes, but so much better after today, after Margot and Eric help
teach you, teach us all about sex, family'll see...your father and I love you very, very much or we wouldn't be doing this..."

"We know, Mom...we know..." Gary replied back as their hug broke up a

"Ready to start, kids?" Margot asked.

"Ready, Miss Margot..." said Ellen for them all.

"It's just Margot...Margot an Eric...shall we begin then?"

Having the kids sit on the edge of their parents' bed like it was some
sort of padded schoolroom benchseat, Margot shed her robe as I began a
show-and-tell of her body. They had already been through a vanilla sex ed
class so they knew all the proper names of her various body parts as I
demo'd her for them, having her turn around, lean forward and grasp her
knees so they could get a good view of her pussy, etc. Then, nudging her
forward, we had each of the kids touch her wherever they wanted to, asking
her how this felt or that felt. Ellen was fascinated by Margot's large
nipples. Margot leaned forward so eight-year-old Ellen could suck on them,
which broke the ice some. But we still need to follow our step-at-a-time
plan, more or less, so things wouldn't overwhelm them and their parents too.

Gary asked if he could suck on Margot's nipples too, and she obliged
him. Then, she moved to the bed itself, lying down as she propped up her
legs so the kids could get a better look and feel of her cunt. Diane
played lazily with Margot's pussy lips, squeezing them and pulling on them
like a tease, like she had done that before, which her profile indicated
that she hadn't, that she was a virgin in every possible way.

Next, it was my turn. The girls of course focused in on my cock, but
Gary wouldn't touch it.

"It's okay, son..." his father told him " know what Dr. Chaim's
sex educator said, that you and I will have to be together some too, Gary,
for this to work out for the whole's not going to make either
you or I a homo, son...go ahead and play with Eric's cock some, see what it
feels like, it's okay, son, it's okay..."

The ten-year-old slowly masturbated me as I stood before him, then in a
surprise move, gave it a quick lick with his tongue. On the bed, the girls and Gary all took turns playing with me some. Diane even stroked her
finger across my asshole.

"Now, kids, it's time for us to show you about periods, since every
woman has one, and Gary, whoever your marry will spend one-quarter of your
life together menstruating until she's older, so let's all go to the
bathroom and we'll use Ruby as our live model...everyone remember the
lessons about periods from their sex ed class?...good."

Ruby somewhat self-consciously dropped her robe in front of her charges,
who she had been friend and governess to for so many years. Her cheeks
blushed red. Margot went over and kissed her fully on the lips, whispering
words of courage to her as she nibbled on her ear as she also felt her
breasts some in front of the assembled pediatric multitude, Ruby's padded
panties clearly showing her maxipad bulge for them to see. Margot pulled
Ruby's panties down as the kids sat in the edge of the bathtub together,
stepping out of them. She made each of them look at the slightly
blood-stained pad, smell it, the touch it, Gary and Ellen both responding
with an understandable "yeecchhh!", Diane having gotten her period some
months ago not minding too much about doing the drill.

"It's okay to have a reaction to Ruby's period, kids...we're going to
help you through that, and all other aversions you might have to total
family bonding...but never any pressure, just fun, okay?...a bleeding
vagina really isn't that nasty, is it, Eric?"

"No, it' s not, Margot..."

"Why don't you come over and help me show them?"

As Ruby stood still in front of them, Margot dropped to her knees and
pried Ruby's legs open, her tongue finding her bleeding cunt. As she then
rose to share the faint taste of essence of Ruby's period with David and
June first, then the kids, the libido of the room rose higher. "Please
show the kids how you put a tampon in, Ruby, and then we'll head back to
the bedroom."

Propping one foot up on the commode, Ruby slipped her Tampax in as the
kids watched intently close-up, kneeling at her feet to get a better view
of what she was doing, even Diane who had been using them for some months.

"Now, kids, we're going to show you how a man and a woman make love..."
I announced.

Margot joined me on the bed as David and June stayed in the background,
sitting in overstuffed easychairs, the kids joining us on the bed as Margot
and I went through the usual drill of showing them M/F oral, vaginal
penetration, then female anal penetration, which little Ellen was
especially fascinated by. She wanted to join in right then, but we told
her no, not just yet, in a few minutes.

Bringing June over next, I took her around to another line-up of her
kids as they sat on the edge of the bed, so they could touch and feel her
up as they wished, then doing the same to Ruby, encouraging them to stick a
finger each up her tampon'd cunt so they could get a slight taste of what
it was really like.

Then, Margot lead them in a threeway womyn-to-womyn orgy, to show the
kids how women made love. Next, I presented David down the line-up of his
own kids, encouraging them to all to suck on their father's cock. Gary
looked a little sick at the thought, so I sat down beside him and showed
him how much fun it was to suck his father off, David's member becoming
more fully erect in my mouth before passing it over to his son.

Then, David and I did a little scene for them all, and then it was time
for the real fun for Margot and myself to start.

Taking Diane by the hand, I lead her over to her father, as Margot
nudged Gary and his mom and Ruby together on the other side of their
massive bed.

Placing Diane between us, David and I kissed her and touched her all
over, she spreading her legs wide for my and her father's touch. We just
held her between us as we slowly kissed her face and sucked on her breasts and my fingers worked their way inside her pussy. She was as tight as any
thirteen-year-old I had ever had in therapy before.

Next to us, Margot had wasted little time in getting ten-year-old Gary
up and hard and entering her in the missionary position, she taking his
virginity with soft words of encouragement. In our practice, all work with
pre-adolescents and adolescents always had a sad side to it, because all
the kids we worked with had been psychically and/or physically injured
through abuse or worse. Now, with willing and healthy and normal kids and
their parents as partners, it was just fun for us both, Margot and me, just
relaxing fun doing what yes we both enjoyed doing for fun and for our

As Gary continued his virginity-removing fuck of Margot, June was down
between Ruby's legs eating her tasty cunt for all she was worth, really
getting into it as they lay beside Margot and Gary.

In the meanwhile, David was down between his daughter's legs giving her
head as she sucked me as I knelt before her.


As David slid around to give his thirteen-year-old daughter some head,
she sprang up with a "I have to go the bathroom!!..I'll be right
back..." and with that Gary and Ellen both also broke from us and followed
their sister out of the room and down the hall before we knew exactly what
was happening.

Well, having worked with so many kids the past few months in sexually
therapeutic settings, I knew exactly what had happened. The had simply
been overwhelmed by the moment and gotten scared. David jumped up to run
after them, but I pulled him back down to the bed with a "...chill,
David...give them a few minutes...they're just scared...let Margot and me
handle'll be okay, we promise."

Telling the parents to stay in their bedroom, Margot and I enlisted Ruby
to help find them. She said she knew exactly where to look. In one of the
bedrooms downstairs off the ground-level gallery, full on old boxes and
furniture and other junk thrown haphazardly into it, Ellen, Gary, and Diane
all sat huddled together naked on an old but still nice couch, Diane's arms
around her younger siblings in a protective mode.

"Hi guys!...Margot chirped at them as she and I entered the room and
Ruby made her way back upstairs to wait for us. No answer. They didn't
even raise up to look at us.

"Hi guys..." Margot repeated as she walked over to them, touching
Diane's face and Ellen's chin, both of them not moving to look up at her,
turning their heads away from her.

I sat down on a chair a few feet across from them as Margot plopped
beside them next to Ellen, putting her arm around them. I should have been
doing that instead of her, since I was the so-called expert with kids, but
Margot had possession of the moment and was doing fine.

"Okay...what's the problem?"

"Nothin'..." Gary replied.

"There's something wrong...something..." Margie sweeted back "...or you
all wouldn't have run out of the bedroom."

Dead silence for a moment, then Diane spoke. "We just changed our
minds, that's all..."

"Deenie, you and your siblings really can't change your minds now...I'm
sorry...but the 'horse is out of the barn', so to speak, the process of
family sexual integration has begun, you all have sexually touched and been
touched by your parents, it's not like we can wind back the clock and
change that fact now...we have to proceed further forward, we can't go back
and undo the immediate past...sorry, guys...let's go back upstairs, we'll
take it slower some, okay?"

Dead, totally dead silence for a couple of minutes, then Gary raised his
head, his eyes meeting Margot's as he spoke "...but I don' wanna fuck Ruby,
not now, not with her bleeding and all...that's nasty!...none of us
do...and I don' wanna do anything with Dad, either, that's homo stuff..."

Getting up from my chair I eased over to them as they sat snuggled
together for security, kneeling down in front of Gary.

"Gary...handsome image of his father, Gary...within your new family structure, you'll be able to have consensual sex with your pretty mom and
pretty governess Ruby and your two equally pretty sisters anytime and any
place you wish, as long as they wish it you know how many
ten-year-old boys would kill for a chance to live in a family like you're
going to have soon?...having a harem of four beautiful women to have sex
with whenever they wish?...damn, boy, Gary, mmmm, mmmm, uhmmm...and as far
as sex with your father, yes, that it more or less kind of required at
least a little during the weekly family far as periods
being nasty, they're not, they're just part of a woman being a woman, part
of the human condition, and three of the four women in this family you'll
be making love to will be having monthly periods, you know that, and you
and they need to get over any aversions you and they might to have to
harmless menstrual flow...look, that's why Margot and I are
help....let us help you, and I promise, you'll thank us for it for the rest
of your lives...we really do know what we're doing, Gary...let us help you
and your sisters, and everyone will be much happier and mentally and
physically healthy for it...okay?"

Gary wouldn't look at me as I held his hand in his lap as I kneeled
before him. He thought and thought for a while as Margot gently petted
Ellen's flat chest as she sat next to her on the other side of Diane, Gary
being on my side of Diane as she held him close to her. He squeezed my
hand firmer and firmer as he thought for a few moments, then finally spoke.

"Okay, Mr. Eric..." he said as his eyes looked at me with tears
glistening in them "...okay...okay with you, Deenie, El'?..." they nodding
in agreement "...I...we'll go along with you and Marg'...but can we take
things a little slower please, can we do more with you and Margot first
more, before mom and Dad and Ruby join in?..."

"Sure.." Margot replied "...look guys, we promise, just go along with
us, and it'll be more fun than a barrel of monkeys, 'k?"

Their parents David and June were on either side of Ruby gently sucking on her tits and playing with her pussy on their bed as our humble little
group sauntered back in. Telling them to get off the bed and for the kids
to get back on, we told the three adults that we were going to play with
the kids some first ourselves while they watched only for a while before
joining in. Since the plan had been all along for Margot and myself to
take the kids respective virginities so they would empathetically bond to
us initially so we could then transfer stronger feelings that would develop
later over to their parents, this wasn't a big deal. David told me that he
wished he could be the one to take his daughters' virginities himself, but
he knew from the counseling that Doc had put them through that this wasn't
usually a good idea.

We had Diane lay down prone between us four, Ellen and me on one side,
Margot and Gary on the other. Starting a slow non-sexual massage of her
together, Deenie relaxed under our touch, closing her eyes and soaking in
the attention as our hands kneaded her soft and supple thirteen-year-old
flesh. Next was Gary. Our touch made his little 3"-4" penis pop up hard
and erect and come all over himself, but no one said a thing. Margot
licked his firming body clean of the comey mess he had made on himself as
Ellen and Deenie joined her. Then it was Ellen's turn. Sweet, precious
little Ellen. As our hands flatted over her body, she looked at me and
smiled as she asked "...are you going to have sex with me soon, Mr.

"Yes, Ellen, I am, and so is Margot, too, soon..."

"That's nice..." she whispered as she closed her eyes, enjoying our
group massage of her. In the corner, her parents and Ruby sat together
crowded onto a settee, David between his two adult women, watching us

Looking over at Margot who was kneeling across from me on the other side
of Ellen, we exchanged silent communication, she nodding her head "yes". I
placed the tip of my semi-hard cock to Ellen's mouth as we slowly broke
away from beside her as Diane scooted over to lightly stroke her sister's
face with the back of her hand, an "it's okay, Sis, Eric's a nice man..."
burping from her lips.

Ellen sucked my cock with an innocent's attempt. Margot kissed on her
lips, told her to open her eyes, and pulled her up so she could show her
how to suck a cock properly. Her tiny mouth strained to open wide enough
for me and she almost gagged as I pulled back, Margot instructing her to
nibble at the tip of it only if it was too big.

Next, Diane took her turn sucking me, and then yes even Gary, though I
didn't make him do it too long. Still, he had to learn how to do it per
Doc's paradigmamtic instructions, so Margot worked with him too helping him
get over his aversion some, sucking him off while he did me.

The three adults had slid the settee closer to us in the meantime,
David's erection visible, June and Ruby's hands on each other's cunts.

Breaking apart a little to change positions, Margot flopped down on the
bed and propped up her legs so the kids could take turns giving her head.
They seemed a little unsure of what to do, so instead we had each of them
lie down in turn on the bed, as first Margot and then I sucked each one in
turn. Little Ellen had a perfect, hairless slit. Not like I hadn't seen a
bunch of similar ones before in my bodyworking practice so far and used
their presence on my clients to enable polykinetic therapies, but Ellen's
was, Ellen was, different, we were all here for education and just plain
fun. I ran my tongue around the bud of her anus for the sheer pleasure of
it as she squealed with obvious delight to my ministrations.

Then it was their turn cunnilinging Margot. Joining each one in turn, I
showed them just how to properly suck on her adult clit, lick and chew on
her lips, lick her anal opening, push their tongue inside her pussy, etc.
As Diane joined me, we kissed, she whispering that she was ready to have
her virginity taken anytime I and Margot were ready.

Urging the parents and Ruby to join us on the bed, we did another round
again, almost like an instructional class at Doc's Polykinetic Bodywork
Institute, a "round robin" of touching and being touched, sucking and being
sucked, until everyone had been with everyone else.

When it came to suck Ruby's cunt, the kids did protest a little, but we
left her tampon for the first go 'round so they wouldn't blanche too badly
over having to taste it, and after that things were cool, they didn't mind
the second time around after Margot pulled her plug and sucked on it a
little, much to polite howls of "gross!" and "yuccchhh!" from them all
except Diane, who took Ruby's soiled plug from Margot's hand and suck on it
like it was a cotton cock, Margot feeling her up as she did in a very
erotic scene even for us.

The antique English tallcase clock in the corner read "11:17". All of
us were in a polite pile in the middle to the sides of David and June's
custom made massive bed, easy hands and mouths seeking where they felt like
going. Eight-year-old Ellen was being assfrigged by Margot, as Margot
frigged Ellen's mother June. Gary was fucking Ruby's bloody cunt that he
had protested so much about having to deal with, an old pillow under Ruby's
butt catching the flow which ran down her pudenda. Ellen was sucking me
along with Diane who had joined her, and David was fucking June from the
side. Nice. Easy. Diane looked up with a look that said "it's time".

Breaking up our friendly pile, Diane scooted flat as I joined her atop
of her, putting my weight on her a little so she'd get used to it before
actually penetrating her. Her mother June joined us to one side, as did
her father David on the other, he putting his cock to her mouth for her to
suck, as June twisted around to join Margot who had positioned herself
between Diane and me to help.

Diane's pert breasts stood up firm under my weight, actually feeling
nice next to my hairless from the bodyspray chest. She smiled at me and
kissed me passionately as Margot frigged her from beside us and her mother tonguebathed us both as well pushing her head from up under our legs. I
cupped her perfect budding thirteen-year-old breasts in my hands as our
kiss continued. She giggled at my tongue in her mouth, and for some reason
I felt my cock get even harder. For the first time really since I had
become a professional bodyworker, I felt passion, actual passion, I felt
genuinely sexual, genuine sexuality.

It might not make any sense that in a job that involves direct sexual
contact with patients that you wouldn't feel sexual, but you don't. The
focus is always on their therapeutic needs, not yours. Even though within
the bodyworking modalities you're permitted to just let go and more or less
do whatever you like with a patient as long as their Rx doesn't prohibit
it, if it wasn't that way you'd eventually go insane, that's not the same,
it's still part of their therapy in the end.

But this was different, very different. Diane actually wanted me to
fuck her, just because she wanted to! And why not.

A wave of something hit the room just then. Hard to describe, but it
was like reality actually shifted a degree or two. Margot then guided my
cock to the entrance of Diane's vagina, and with a series of easy,
progressive pushes, I took her virginity. Yes, even though she had been
frigged open somewhat by Margot and her mother, she was still soooo tight,
her vaginal barrel protesting my cock's entrance into it, as she grabbed my
hips and pulled me tighter into her, she thrusting her legs straight up. I
laughed. She laughed. Her mom and Dad who were naked and rubbing their
hands all over their daughter's virgin body as he I fucked her laughed.
Margot and Gary and Ellen and Ruby laughed too. What was funny still was a
mystery, but whatever it was, was funny.

After I came, letting Deenie feel what a cock going limp insider her
feels like, knowing my member would spring right back up thanks to the
months' long effects of the MascuStat male birth control pills I had to
take, I stayed on top of her and we just held each other for a moment while
her mom and Dad and siblings all kissed her on the lips. Rolling off of
her, a trace of virgin blood had indeed stained the sheets, and her pussy was pink with her shattered virginity. Doing another go 'round, everyone
kissed her now non-innocent pussy, tasting the essence of her new-found

After that, things stayed relaxed.


"Yes, Gary..."

"Wanna go ahead and show me what to do with Dad?...he asked as we purred
contentedly atop the bed.


David, melded over away the pile as his handsome ten-year-old son Gary
and I did also, the girls easing down to the edge of the bed. Gary's cock
and balls was still bloody from his fuck of Ruby just moments before.
Having him stand up before his Dad and me, I began licking him clean, David
eventually taking the hint and joining in our double-suck of his son.
Gary's little four-inch member stood proud in our mouths. I patted the bed
beside me and he jumped back on with us.

"You and your Dad will probably do mostly oral and mutually masturbate each other, Gary..." I began.

"Uh-hu..." he replied as David played with his cock some more, pulling
at it easy as we three sat close together at the foot of the bed.

"But it's also important to know anal pleasure with each other,
especially since you'll be assfucking your mom and sisters and Ruby now..."

"I will !?!..." he excitedly replied back.

"...yes, as long as that's okay with them when you ask, sure...and
assfucking as much fun for man or boy as 'regular' fucking, isn't it,

"Well, until last night and today, I had never assfucked anyone to be
honest with you, Eric..."

"....anyway, Gary, we'll do this together, it'll be fun, and then after
this time it'll be up to and your Dad if you want to do it any

"Okay, Mr. Eric..."

To his surprise, I pulled David over and to his knees first. "C'mon,
Dad, you first...Gary, you watch and help..."

Margot slid over to us with some condoms and gloves and KY. Gary helped
roll a condom on me as Margot played with his member to keep him hard.
While not particulary fond of doing this to David, he was just an ordinary
if somewhat handsome looking man, this was for the unity of purpose of
their new family paradigm.

My gloved fingers greased his bumhole as he knelt on all fours before
me, and I lazily fucked his tail for a while. As I did, Margot showed Gary
how to lubricate my asshole with his gloved hand, and helped him stick his
fingercot-covered penis inside mine, doing a "train". Gary's little cock
actually felt somewhat pleasant inside me...I guess all the desensitization
to sex of all kinds in general from being a bodyworker had helped me get
over my fear of male-to-male contact, at least with my usual adolescent and
pre-adolescent clientele.

"You're right, Mr. Eric, this feels good!..." he exclaimed as he
somewhat eagerly poked me in time to my thrusts of his father.

My hand gently brushing him back and breaking contact the three of us
had, Ruby now with pad and panties covering her crotch washed Master Gary
off some, and helped him put on a fresh condom. As his son fucked him in
the ass for the first and probably last time, I gently milked David's
member as Ruby kissed him as he knelt before his son.

"Jezzz, Dad, your hineyhole is even tighter than Eric's!" he spouted as
his member did the same inside his latex-cover which was inside his father.

Spent, we just lay there for a moment, as Ruby and Marge and then June
and the girls all scooted towards us.

"Your turn, Gary..." I whispered.

So he wouldn't be as scared, I had him lay on his back with his butt on
top of a pillow. Slicking his hole with some KY, Margot kissed and sucked his precious pucker as she did so for me, playing with my erect member
which was parked a fraction of an inch away from its virgin target, covered
me with a condom, and then helped guide it inside of my young protégé as
his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he slightly moaned, his
tightness easing slightly as I worked the first bit of my cockhead inside
him, then a little more, then a little more, then a little more still,
until I was halfway inside him, when I felt him start to become way too
tense so I didn't dare go any deeper, telling David this was how deep
should penetrate his son and no deeper. Gary just moaned with rising
ten-year-old passion as his sisters Diane and Ellen kissed him and his
mother sucked his cock from the side as my assfuck of him continued.

Feeling his body rise and fall more as he approached his orgasm, I
nodded to David who then took my place inside his son, forcing the pace a
bit but being careful not to go too deep and hurt him, the pace picking up
as their eyes meet and June helped suck to an huge orgasm, Gary spewing his
pre-adolescent come in his mother's mouth while his father had his own
orgasm inside his son's ass.

I still had to take Diane's ass virginity and do Ellen as well, but that
could wait a while. It was after one p.m. and my stomach audibly growled,
June and Ruby noticing as their heads used my stomach as a pillow as this
happy and content family and Margot and I peacefully dozed in a morass of
bodies on David and June's new family bed.

"Ruby?..." I politely asked "...would you mind going and fixing some
lunch for us?..thanks!..." I husked to her, passion having hoarsened my

"Sure..Eric...c'mon everyone, down to the kitchen, it's serve-your-self
today!" she beamed to her new creation she had become part of.


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