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BWORKER23 movie that was the VCR


The Body Worker, Chapter 23

Marilyn's First Busman's Holiday Weekend … Continued from Chapter 22



(Ff, FF, MF, Mf, Mb, MFF, MMFFfb, sex therapy, sex surrogacy, sex
instruction, incest, whole family incest, oral, anal, young, group sex,
menstrual sex, mother/daughter, everything else, all combinations)

Copyright © 2001, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved


Our "working vacation" this weekend was with a Mr. & Mrs. James and
Sallie Dooley and their two kids, Mark and Alison. They were a typical,
average, normal family that lived in the nearby city of Rocky Mount. He
was an executive with the national burger chain of Hardee's and she was a
local psychiatric social worker that worked with the County Mental Health
department. Their kids were bright, happy, and well-adjusted. There was
no prior family history of sexual abuse or incest within the family or
either parents' families.

James, Mr. Dooley, was in his mid-thirties as was Mrs. Dooley. Except
for the small 32B breasts of Sallie and the handle-bar mustache of James,
they were physically unremarkable. Mark, 12, and Allison, 10, looked like
their parents in miniature, like they were nameless faces of a crowd scene
in some long-forgotten movie.

I dunno, maybe it was me, maybe seeing so many patients naked all day
and all week and all year and then years long was beginning to tell on me a
little. During my mandated reality-check therapy sessions Dr. Nick and I
had talked about what seemed to be the first signs of approaching burn-out
for some weeks now and he didn't seem too concerned. Besides, these kind
of weekends for always fun, since they had no set agenda and myself and
Marilyn could do pretty much what we wanted to with the parents as well as
the kids as long as the goal of family familiarization and sexualization
was accomplished by weekend's end.

Their large six or seven thousand square foot ranch-style brick home
loomed large as we drive down past the brick driveway columns the
wrought-iron gates framing either side. We parked out front and walked up
the longish cobblestone walkway to the front door, ringing the doorbell and
Sallie, Mrs. Dooley answering it promptly with a " ... you must Eric and
Marilyn, please do come in!" as she lead us to the left of the entrance
foyer and towards a greenhouse-style breakfast nook off of the main kitchen
where James and Alison were waiting for us.

"So, James, Sallie, do you have any questions that need answering?" I
politely and routinely inquired.

"Uhhhh . ... uhhhhmmmm ... have you done something like this before?"

"I haven't, Sallie, I'm just fresh out of bodyworking school, but I know
Eric has several times, haven't you, Eric?"

"Yes Marilyn I have ... Sallie, James, for us this is a working
vacation of sorts ... every single one I've done has been very, very
successful, all family members getting a lot out of it, each family becoming closer than before ... just follow our leads and our advice and
things will go very smoothly, promise ..."

" ... and your sure that my being on my period won't affect anything?
... " Sallie asked with genuine curiosity.

" ... no . .. as Dr. Nick explained to you, if an adult female wasn't
present who was menstruating, we'd have to bring in another therapy
associate who was ... it's part of the package so to speak that period sex
aversion is dealt with ... " Marilyn interjected.

"So, what's the plan? ... anything changed from when you and I talked,

"Nope, nothing's changed ... dinner smells good ... what is it? ... "

"Well, it sure ain't damn Hardee's hamburgers! (hawhwahawhaw, hehehehe)
. . . it's just a good old-fashioned pot roast, a huge slab of roast
beef, I hope that's okay ... " James bellowed.

" ... sounds ... smells delicious! ... Alison, how do you feel about
this weekend? ... " Marilyn continued.

"I dunno ... okay, I guess ... "

"C'mere my little one, let me give you a big hug ... ", Alison sliding
off her chair and moving the three feet over to Lyn, Marilyn giving her the
most perfect of hugs imaginable.

"You're nice ... "

"...Marilyn, or you can call me Lyn, either is fine ... "

" ... Lyn ... you're nice, Lyn ... "

James and Sallie and I just watched the perfect moment for a moment
before Marilyn spake once again to her/our young protégé.

"Alison, you know this weekend is going to be about sex education ...
that, and having lots of great sex with your parents and brother and us ...

" ... yes, I know ... "

" ... and from your profile, I know that you've never seen your mother or father nude, let alone anything more ... "

" ... no, I've never seen them nekkid before, Lyn ... "

" ... and you've never seen your mother even partially nude on her
period ... "

" ... naw, I haven't, but she has shown me a couple of 'facts-of-life'
books ... "

" ... I think it's time for that to change ... Sallie, please come
over here ... "

Mrs. Dooley with a look of modest surprise did what she was told,
coming over to Marilyn. With a zip and a flip Marilyn dropped Sallie's
skirt to the floor and then pull her panties down a bit to where all could
see her bloody pad.

"This is what a period looks like, Alison ... this is what a pad during
your period looks like ... every woman in the world goes through this, so
it's time you learned about first-hand ... "

Alison getting a more or more transfixed look on her face as she stood
next to Marilyn as her mother stood just inches away from them, Lyn plunged
a finger between Sallie's legs and began a slow frig of her.

"According to your profile, Sallie, you've never been touched by another
woman ... how does it feel?"

"It feels wonderful, thank you, Lyn ... "

" ... would you like to touch your mother's vagina, Alison?"

" ... uuuhhhmmm, not now, okay?"

" ... okay ... let's eat dinner first, it does smell so delicious, and
then we might begin playing later, okay?"

"Okay . . . that'd be nice . . . "

Almost as quickly as the accidental moment began, it stopped. Marilyn
licked her crimson-stained finger clean and then slid Sallie's panties back
up and red-did her skirt, a look of near-disappointment coming over
Sallie's face.

"We have all weekend, Sallie, James . . . " James nearly visibly
drooling over the petite scene he had just witnessed " . . . no rush, like
we said, we can do anything any of us wish, anytime we wish . . ."

James and I made small talk as Sallie and her daughter Alison pittered
and puttered in the kitchen. Marilyn sat at the table with us and
eavesdropped on our conversation but didn't join in. James was an
enthusiastic fly fisherman and his tales of vacationing in Wyoming and
Alaska to fly fish for trout and such were actually not too boring, his
vacation tales flicking my mind reminding me that I hadn't had a vacation
in living memory hardly save these weekend "working vacations". I
definitely was going to have to talk with Dr. Nick about getting some time
off for a - real - vacation, especially considering how much money I had
made him in the past couple of years.

James took us into a different part of the house, a small room close to
the enclosed and heated four car garage that was architecturally built-in
to the design of the house. Fly fishing stuff, vises, feathers, rods,
reels, creels, photos of his trips, stuff was crammed into his little room.
He excitedly pointed to a mounted eight-pound grey trout that he had caught
on one of his trips to Wyoming. Marilyn and I politely smiled and tried to
feign at least some interest as he began droning on and on about the
intricacies of tying a certain mayfly nymph pattern that the eight-pounder
had fallen for.

"Boys, if you'd like to stay, that's fine, but I think I'll go and see
if the girls need any help in the kitchen" Marilyn politely excusing

I wanted to go with her but didn't want to offend our host. Another
thirty minutes of decently entertaining conversation and then a strong
suggestion to James for us to go eat dinner. I was genuinely hungry.

"I thought you might like to see these, first, Eric, they are some
photos of my daughter . . ."

I fished through a small sheaf of nudie photos taken of Alison with some
sort of hidden bathroom camera, shots of her coming out of the shower,
sitting on the commode, etc. What could I say?

"Nice, James . . . let's go eat."

Fucking pervert. At least he hadn't try to do something stupid like
secretly molest his daughter. Nope, he had enough money to be able to buy
a legal sanction of some sort from Dr. Nick & Company, a company that I
was an employee of. Oh, well, don't matter no how. I was getting very
well paid to spend a weekend having sex for money which is what in the end
I do for a living but as -I- wished for, not by therapeutic mandate or
whatever. If James was guilty of perversion, my own free will choices made
me complicitous.

Marilyn was busy helping set the table as Sallie and Alison finished
heaping everything into their respective serving dishes. A lot of my
working weekends had been with clients who were rich enough to have
full-time servants on staff to do everything, but this was nice, a nice
family dinner home-cooked and served by a real family.

"Mark, dinner's ready, get your behind in here, NOW!!! . . . quit
playing your Nintendo and get down here, now!" Sallie bellowed into an
intercom station as an "aawwwww, Mom!" shot back as quickly but was
followed momentarily by Master Mark's physical presence.

Marilyn and I stretched out our arms to hold the hands of Alison and
Mark as they held their parents' hands around the large oval-shaped
rockmaple table and James said a mercifully brief "grace" before allowing
us to dig in. I didn't mind. The normalcy of it all, however thin and
faux, was nice. Marilyn asked the kids about school. James talked some
more to me about his fly fishing. Sallie talked to me about, if things
worked out this weekend okay, about possibly spending a week with them down
at their nice vacation home at the exclusive resort at Figure Eight Island
near Wilmington, the one where Vice-President Gore often vacations at a
beach house not too far from theirs. I replied we'd have to see.

It was already after eight, almost nine p.m., as dinner wound down. I
definitely wanted to play with the kids at least some, but didn't want to
start a prolonged play session so late in the evening.

James suggested we retire to the living room to watch a movie. The
movie that was in the VCR was some X-rated shit, some piece of crap that
was a collection of group sex scenes taken from other fuckflicks. Really

"Mark and Alison have never seen an X-rated movie before; I thought this
would help get everyone in the mood more . . ."

"Well, James . . ." Marilyn spoke as she sat down beside me with a hard
plop on the slightly worn leather couch ". . . Eric and I were going to
have a session tonight with the kids only . . . we'll have a session with
you and Sallie in the morning, then all of us for the rest of the weekend
afterwards, 'K?"

My perfect Marilyn! I slash we hadn't discussed any such thing, but she
had read my mind perfectly. A look of obvious disappointment swept both
parents' faces.

"Well . . . if you really think that's best . . ." an audible sigh
coming from Sallie.

"Yes, we do, Sallie . . . it'll be better for Mark and Alison, better
for you and James too . . . trust us, this is our business, it's what we
do . . . well, kids, ready to play some?"

"Yeaahhhh!!!" Mark answered in chorus with his sister to Marilyn's

The kids went out to the car with us to help bring our luggage in.
Looks of sadness as well as disappointment smothering James and his wife Sallie's face they never the less tried to be a little cheerful as they
lead us to our bedroom for the weekend, a guestroom with an antique
king-size sleighbed dominating the middle of the room and matching bureau
and sideboards to one side, a full bath with modern reproduction
antique-style clawfoot bathtub and shower adjacent.

Sallie hugged Alison for all she was worth and James even gave Mark a
big hug as well as the closed the door behind them to retire for the
evening, a "you have fun, kids . . ." squeaking from James' lips as they
left us to our privacy.

"I saw Mama's period earlier!" Alison loudly told her brother as they
jumped on the bed together.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too! . . . didn't I, 'Lyn?"

"Yes, honey, you did . . . in the kitchen, Mark . . . I showed Alison
her mother's vagina, stuck my finger up it, 'showed her bloody pad too . .
. "

"Can I see it, please?"

"Sure, hon', tomorrow, you not only can see it, but you can also have
intercourse with your mother as well . . . " Marilyn continued as she
finished unpacking the few clothes and toys we had brought for the weekend
as I helped her what I could.

"Innercourse? . . . you mean 'fuck'? . . . like Dr. Nick told me, I
can fuck mama?"

"Not only fuck your mother, Mark, but you and your dad will have fun too
. . ."

"I don't know about that homo stuff, Mr. Eric . . ."

"It's not homo stuff . . . once you try it this weekend, if you and
your dad don't want to anymore that will be fine, but this weekend is for
learning and discovery . . . everyone will do basically everything with
everyone else . . . it's going to be about fun, fun, fun!, first and
foremost, guys . . ."

"Will I get to have innercouse too, Marilyn?"

"Yes, Alison, in fact, you and Eric will have intercourse tonight . . ."

"Can me and Sis' fuck too?"

"Of course . . ." Marilyn finished as she finished arranged her
hairbrushes and all atop the dresser " . . . tonight, us four will be
together, we can do anything we wish . . . now, you two, c'mere."

Marilyn and I sat down on the edge of the bed next to each other as the
kids came over to us. Alison was smiling as she stood in front of me.
Mark had a dreamy but happy look on his face as his tall-for-his-age
five-eight frame shuffled its weight foot-to-foot. I pulled Alison close
to me and kissed her fully on the lips, an adult kiss, her first. Her
first, but only the first of many firsts to come. Marilyn hugged Mark
close to her and kissed him lightly on the cheek, her hand playfully
rubbing the growing bulge in his pants.

"Trade places with us, kids."

We got up and stood before our pupils. I took Alison's hand and pressed
it to my crotch. Marilyn didn't need to direct Mark's hands to her
still-clothed breasts, since they were already there.

"Anything you want to do, do . . . " the kids eagerly following
Marilyn's order as Mark stood up and began stripped my co-worker as quickly
as possible and Alison pulled at my zipper to try to free my cock. Mark
had 'Lyn undressed almost as quickly as I could have, her middle-aged but
pert and firm breasts accepting his touches and tonguings as she bade him
lay down on the bed with her. My cock now freed and half-hard, Alison just
stared at it for a moment before I took her hands and showed her to slowly
jack me off.

"C'mon you two, get undressed and join us!" Marilyn beckoned to us.
Alison smiled at me as her eyes met mine.

"You heard her, sweety, let's get undressed."

Her pants and top came off quickly in my hands. I had undressed lots of
kids, it's my job. Showing her how to take my own pants and shirt off, my
erection became firmer and more pronounced as our intimacy increased.
Taking her in my arms, we lay down beside Marilyn and Mark, Mark now
getting his first blow job ever from my colleague, his member larger than I
expected for a twelve-year-old, almost five inches in length or more.

"His cock is great, Eric, join me?!?"

My protégé had only been with me a week and already knew me so well.

Tugging at Alison to slide around and watch, he didn't object when my
mouth took the place of Lyn's. She was correct, his cock did feel great,
so hard yet silky-smooth as my mouth did its thing over it. I shrugged one
shoulder while looking at Alison and she got the message, joining me in a
double-suck of her brother.

"Jeez, Sis', Eric, this is so great!"

"Yes it is, isn't it, Mark? . . . like we said, just whatever we feel
like doing . . ."

Pushing her back just for a moment, I showed her how to wrap her tongue
around his cock while sucking and bobbing up and down on it, he almost
thrashing as I did so. Lyn had moved around so that he could suck and play
with her boobs. I kissed Alison as my mouth joined hers again, her
brother's cock sliding between our lips, she smiling then giggling a
little. Mark's eyes closed and his body began to stiffen a little
underneath us, his orgasm approaching.

"Eric, Sis, can I come in your mouth?"

"Sure, Mark, go ahead . . ." his jism spurting volcano-ish giving Alison
and myself a nice facial as our mutual suck on him came to a climax.
Alison jacked him off slowly as his member dropped. My tongue licked his
boycreme off of her face. My own hard needed taking care of now.

"Before we go further, why don't you two watch Marilyn and myself make
love . . . "

"You mean have innercourse?"

". . . yes, Alison, have intercourse . . . then after that, we'll make
love to you two . . ."

The kids scooted to one side as Marilyn and I lay in each other's arms.

"C'mon you two, you can get closer, 'play with us as we make love, it's
okay . . ." Marilyn suggested as we held each other close and kissed.

"You are so, so special, my friend . . ." words unexpected but not
unmeant slipped from my lips.

"You don't have to seduce me, Eric!" she playfully replied as her hands
gripped my asscheeks and pulled me to penetrate her.

"Children . . . scoot down and take a look at what making love looks
like . . . we'll be making love to you soon, just like this . . ."

I held Lyn tight to me, my arms underneath her shoulders. I felt small
hands rub and play with my cock and her pussy as our fuck continued, then
tongues. Aaaahhhhhh. I didn't want to spend my come in Marilyn, I could
do that anytime. "Mark, flip around and take my come in your mouth,

Scooting off Marilyn and sitting up, Mark moved around to take my cock
in his mouth and begin his suck of me. There was no shyness, no
hesitation. Very very nice indeed. His tongue felt rough and unpracticed
but it was his first time. I lightly held his head in my hand and
encouraged him to bob up and down faster, my come filling his mouth
quickly, Marilyn joining him for a moment to encourage him to swallow as
much of my fluid as he could, he slightly gagging at the volume pumped into
his mouth.

"You did very well for your first time, very nicely! . . . " Marilyn
praising his efforts ". . . now, my young Master, why don't you join me,
Mark, and let Eric and Alison play some . . ."

Marilyn leaned against the headboard as she spread her legs and
instructed Mark to play and suck her pussy some as I lay Alison down and
dove between her legs as well. "Why don't you watch Eric give your sister some head, see how it's done?"

Alison's ten-year-old slit was just perfect. Just enough pudendal
development to be tasty. Ahhhhh, heaven. Mark smiled as he scooted next
to me. Marilyn kneeled beside Alison and encouraged her to play with and
suck on her breasts. I found her little bud of a clit and just clamped
down on it with my lips and lightly with my teeth. She bucked a little,
not from pain but from pleasure sensations felt for the first time. My
index finger beginning its penetration made her gasp, the first time
anything had ever been inserted inside her vagina. I let Mark lick his
sister a few moments as my finger slowly frigged her, before he decided to
scoot down and suck me some more. Marilyn joined me, then playfully nudged
me aside as her suck of Alison became more focused. Alison just cooed.

Marilyn's own frigging of Alison became more rapid as her sucking of her
tiny clit and licking of the traces of her lips did as well, her hips
forcing up to meet her mouth.

"I think she's ready for you, Eric . . . you ready for me, Mark?"

"Yeah! . . . we gonna fuck now, Lyn?"

"Yes, Mark, we are, we're gonna fuck!"

Lyn placed Alison down on the bed, her head atop the pillows, as she
scooted beside her. Her hand found Alison's pussy as their legs splayed
open, crossing her right leg over Alison's left one. Alison leaned into
suck on Lyn's right breast. Mark broke his suck of me and scooted up to
between Marilyn's legs.

"Just let it slide in . . . here, I'll help . . ." and with that Mark's
virginity was taken, her hand guiding him home.

Lying atop my little one next to the lovers engaged I could see a little
fear in Alison's eyes.

"Don't be afraid, Alison . . ."

"I've always heard it hurts the first time, that's what mama says . . ."

". . . yes, it does, a little, the first time, but after a little while
it starts feeling really really good, trust me . . ."

"I do . . ." she said with slightly resigned smile.

My cockhead poked at the entrance to her vagina. I had been with so
many prepubescent girls in my therapy career, so many other virgins, and
Alison's pussy felt pretty typical. Kissing her hard on the lips to
distract her, I poked harder and harder again before finally prying the
entrance to her canal open enough to take the head of my cock. She gasped
for air a couple of times as I did.

Next to us, almost body-to-body, Mark was just flaying away at fucking
Marilyn. Almost absentmindedly, she gave me her glasses with a silent
gesture of "please put them somewhere so he won't break them", I leaning to
one side as my continued and gradual penetration of Alison continued,
Alison smiling more now as she finally began lubing up a bit and my hand
finally made it to the nightstand beside the bed and saved Lyn's glasses
from damage from the roughening sex.

Mark started making mild grunting sounds as his pace picked up, and
without warning shot his load into Marilyn's cunt, she smiling a smile of
contentment when he did. She pulled him close to her and held him lovingly
as his come finished dripping atop her pussy.

"That was very nice, Mark, you did a very good job indeed for your first
time, didn't he, Eric?"

"Yes he did, like a real pro! . . ." my muted reply as my cock finally
stretched Alison open and I began my no-holds fuck of her. That's one
reason I don't think I'll ever get bored with my job, not when part of it
is breaking in pre-teen pussies. I felt a trickle of virginal blood smear
additional lube on my cock. My own orgasm finally spurted inside her. I
held her close to me, catching my breath from a panting that usually didn't

"Lick me clean, Alison, please . . ."

Prying myself off her and kneeling before her, she looked a little sick
as my come-and-light-blood-covered cock was shoved to her face. I could
tell she didn't want to.

"You'll be having sex with your mom tomorrow, Alison . . ." Marilyn
spoke for me as she scooted next to her ". . . and you saw your mom's
bloody Kotex earlier today . . . you'll have to have sex with her tomorrow
and that means getting used to playing in feminine blood, so be a good girl and lick Eric's cock, okay?"

Closing her eyes her tongue wrapped around my limping cock and started a
nice slow suck, my hardness returning a little before limping out finally.

"That ain't bad, Eric . . . didn't mean to be a brat . . ."

"Oh, you weren't a brat, Alison, not at all . . . Marilyn and I know
this is all new to you . . ."

"My own blood didn't taste bad at all . . . Mark, wanna taste? . . ."

"Sure, Sis!"

"Then lick me . . . I'm still bleeding a little I think . . ."

"Yes you are . . ." replied Marilyn who by then had moved around to
between Alison's legs ". . . you're bleeding your virgin blood, and it
tastes ssssooooo good! . . ." she smiled while moving to one side so Mark
could take her place.

Mark sucked his sister for a while as his hard-on returned, a gently
muttered "wanna fuck, Sis'?" being whispered to her, she nodding her head
"yes" in reply.

We let the kids fuck and play a while by themselves, going to the
kitchen to get something to drink. Passing by the living room, James and
Sallie were naked on the couch, she giving him a blow job while they
watched another fuckflick. They didn't notice as we passed close to them
going to kitchen, but must have heard us making noise getting ice for our
drinks, James speaking to us as we eased back through.

"How're things going?"

"Just fine, James, you've got great kids!"

"Anything we can do to help?"

"Nope, we've got everything under control, thanks" Marilyn replied.

"Any chance we can join you four tonight?"

"No, but don't take it personally . . . we'll play with you two in the
morning, then all of us tomorrow afternoon and for the rest of the weekend
afterwards, okay?"

"Well, okay . . ." another look of very real disappointment sweeping
James' face as Sallie didn't break her stride, still sucking him silently.
Screw him.

Mark was fucking his sister Alison from behind, she on all fours, when
we came back in. I whispered something to Mark. His eyes got very big for
a moment before Lyn whispered something else to him. He smiled.

Shoving my cock to Alison's face, her smallish mouth took my adult-size
as best she could. Marilyn went over to the bureau and came back with some
supplies. Leaning into Mark as best she could, playing with his cock with
one hand, her free hand lubricated his virgin asshole up. His eyes
screened a double feature of fear and pleasure to come.

"Don't worry, Mark . . . Eric's been with lots of young boys, haven't
you, Eric?"

"Yes, I have, Marilyn . . . there's no need to be afraid, Mark . . ."

"I can't . . . I can't help it . . ."

". . . it's okay, Mark, it's okay to be a little afraid . . . didn't I
say you could fuck my rear while Eric is fucking yours? . . ."

"Uh-hu . . ."

". . . so just relax and enjoy, 'K?" Marilyn's soothing voice and
soothing touch of his waiting asshole relaxing him more as she held him
close to her.

Lyn taking Alison's place and position, I showed Master Mark how to roll
his first condom on his still-beyond-hard member, then how to make sure he
was penetrating Lyn's asshole instead of her pussy. Lyn just purred with
contentment as he fucked her rear.

"See how much she's enjoying it, Mark? . . . it'll feel that good to
you too, promise."

With that, my fully-engorged comdom-covered cock slipped easily into his
fully K-Y'd ass. He took one then two then three gasps of air, then
relaxed, his assfucking of Marilyn slowing for a moment but not stopping.
Alison moved closer to watch me penetrate her brother.

"That looks like fun, Eric."

"It is fun!"

"Can I be next?"

"Sure, Hon' . . . aren't you still sore from losing your virginity?"

"Yeah, but this looks like it'd be more fun . . . can I, please?"

A cornucopia of choices. Just what our working weekend was supposed to
be. Pulling out from his ass, Mark didn't break stride as his pace picked
up, his hands reaching forward to play with Marilyn's breasts as she
kneeled on all fours.

Alison smiled and kissed me full on the lips as she slid around to take
a position similar to Lyn's next to her on the bed. A trickle of blood
still ran down her perfectly tiny prepubescent cunnylips. It smelled of
semen and hemoglobin and love, yes love. God, I love my job!

Her anal pucker flowered open to my slickened touch. A fresh condom
rolled on to my cock, and then, inside her. Her anus was tight yes but
more loose and flexible than her pussy had been, something that's often the
case with pre-teen girls. Her sphincter clamped around as my cock probed
her. What the fuck! What a fuck! Playfully slapping her ass, something
that Mark started doing also to Marilyn as he watched how I fucked his
sister, I grabbed those thin hips of Alison's and began pumping as fast and
furious as I could, my 10cc's filling a 20cc space inside the condom as my
knees gave out and I collapsed in a heap beside my young lover, pulling her
to me, kissing her as my cock deflated.

"Thank you, Alison, that was wonderful!" I huskered through deepened
breaths. She just beamed at me as we held each other close.

Mark finished up with Lyn, and we four just scooted together in a loving
huddle, the kids falling off to sleep almost immediately. It was after
eleven p.m., almost midnight. My arm slipping around Marilyn's shoulder,
we dozed off together, too.


The next morning I awoke first. We had slept like kittens in a basket.
My mouth found Mark's cock, sucking him hard and awake. He smiled at me.

"Gotta pee!" a now-awake Marilyn proclaimed, then a rush of bodies all
with full bladders running to the bathroom. We showered together,
something that's a pain in tub-shower combination, but it is do-able if you
take turns getting wet.

"I can't wait to fuck mom!" Mark whispered to all.

"And I can't wait for dad to fuck me!"

We told the kids that their parents, especially their dad, had their
feelings hurt by not being included last night. Alison just smiled and
said that she would make it up to him.

James and Sallie were in robes at the kitchen table, munching on Thomas'
English Muffins and bacon strips as we four came in. Alison rushed up to
her father and gave him a big hug with a "I love you, Daddy!", James'
expression changing from one of being slightly hurt and pissed off at not
having taken his daughter's virginity, I assume, to one of just melting
happy in his young daughter's arms.

"I love you too, Baby . . . you and Mark have fun last night?"

"Yes we did, Daddy . . . this is the nicest present you've ever given
me, Daddy . . . I love you so much!"

"I do love you Baby, love you . . ." his voice trailing off as he held
her close to him.

Mark kissed his mom and felt her boobs through her robe as he did.

"Hey, that's for later!! . . . " Marilyn gently scolded him " . . .
let's finish breakfast, then Eric and I will be your parents this morning,
then we'll all have fun after that, 'k?, K!"

James started talking about stock car racing, something I care about
even less than fly fishing, about how his employers, Hardee's, sponsors a
team and on and on and on. Sallie and Lyn talked about an article they had
both read recently in Redbook magazine, some article on the latest news in
breast cancer research. I finished my orange juice and muffins and made a
"let's go" gesture with my shoulder to them.

We went back to our guest bedroom. They stood there like frozen
statuary before us as Marilyn and I sat on the edge of the bed. I could
tell they were nervous, nervous to the point of being silly almost.

I didn't feel particularly attracted to Sallie nor James for that
matter, and Marilyn gave off vibes along my same-unsaid thoughts. In times
past I would have gone through the whole elaborate "initiation" ritual of
having sex with both of them every conceivable way before turning them
loose on their kids, but shit, this was supposed to be a mini-vacation for
me, and I just didn't feel like fooling with them, especially not him,
much. Still, I did have a duty to desensitize them a little before the big

"Sallie, James, please undress and get on the bed . . ." I ordered with
authoritative breath. Marilyn followed my lead perfectly.

"After you get undressed, please assume the standard missionary position
and show us how you normally make love" she continued my line.

"But . . . but we've never had sex while I'm on my period!" Sallie

"And just what did you think I did to you yesterday, hhhmmm, Sallie? . .
. didn't I stick my finger up your bloody cunt in front of your daughter and then taste it before your and her eyes? . . . did you think that you -
wouldn't - have period sex with your kids this weekend? . . . your
menstrual aversion therapy starts NOW!" Lyn barked on. I just giggled
under my breath.

They obediently stripped, their robes falling to the floor, Sallie's
padded panties flopping atop.

Sallie tried to suck her husband hard but to no avail. Limp as a wet
rope. Marilyn sweetly barked orders to them but that only made things
worse. It was comical.

"Okay, take a break, guys . . . James, let Marilyn play with Sallie
some, you and I watch, and see if that helps you get an erection."

Marilyn placed a towel under Sallie's butt and eased down beside her.
She began kissing her and fondling her breasts, not breaking eye contact as
she did. A hand found her dripping pussy; a slow frig of our co-host
began. Sallie's eyes got very large, very quickly. Menstrual blood covered
Marilyn's hand as the pace of her frig picked up. Jame's penis began
filling up hard as we sat down next to them on the bed. I reached over to
work him a little. He shot me a look of "fuck you, mutherfucker!" but then
as quickly realized that he had been told that I would bodywork him this
weekend as well as his wife and kids, his expression changing to one of
"oh, well, I am paying for all of this, do what you want!", a look of quiet

Marilyn switched around and began a sixty-nine of Sallie, her tongue
lapping deep into her cunt, pink streaks showing on her face. James'
erection became fuller in my hand as we watched our womenfolk do each
other. Marilyn grunted instructions to James to join her and help give his
wife some head.

"No fucking way!" he exclaimed at the top of his lungs, startling Lyn
and myself and Sallie as well, I think ". . . no fucking way!, no fucking
way am I going to lick that bleeding cunt, if it is my wife's! . . ." he
repeated at the top of his lungs as his hard began going limp in my hand
and he pulled back to the foot of the bed away from us.

I knew that a staff psychologist at Dr. Nick's office had given him the
entire storyboard of what was to probably happen this weekend, and he good
and damn well that he was expected to do whatever we said, including this
menstrual aversion reverse therapy.

"Yes, James, you will, you will join Marilyn in giving cunnilingus to
your wife, and you will so, NOW!!!" I emphatically shot back.

"Get something straight right now, Eric . . . I don't care if you are
this big-shot sex therapist . . . I run a hundred million department with
five thousand employees under my direct supervision and every single one of
those employees does what I tell, when I tell them, how I tell them to do
it! . . . and I paid ten thousand dollars for this weekend, and by God,
you'll do what I tell you, or tell you -not- to do, you can't make me do
shit I don't want to do, understand?, or I'll call Dr. Nick first thing
Monday morning and tell him you didn't fulfill you end of the contract and
I want my money back! . . . get it!!??!! . . ."

Now I was just plain mad. What a fucking asshole! Screw him.

"Sallie, do you know your husband here installed a secret camera in
Alison's private bathroom and has been secretly photographing her for his
own perverse sexual pleasure?"

Sallie shot her husband a look of "I'll kill your fucking ass later if
not turn your behind in!" Marilyn shot me a look of puzzlement. James
jumped off the bed and started literally stomping his feet while losing his

"Sallie, it's a lie, it's a damn lie!"

"Then, James, let's go to your fly fishing room and look for those
pictures you showed me yesterday!"

"It's a damn lie, Sallie, I swear it!"

Marilyn and I searched each other's eyes for a moment before she got up
to run to the bathroom and clean Sallie's blood of her face and hands.
Sallie and James started arguing.

"Marilyn, let's go, let's get the hell out of here" I whispered to her
as she came back, fishing our things out of the dressed and throwing them
into our luggage. Then, the kids walked in.

"Daddy, Mommy, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Baby, Eric and Lyn have decided to leave, that's all . . ."

"But we don't want them to leave, please! . . . I like Eric and Lyn,
Sis' likes them too, you told us they'd stay the weekend with us,

Silence for a moment as Sallie rolled off the bed and wrapped the
blood-stained towel around her waist. She walked over to Alison and gently
put her arm on her shoulder.

"Eric has accused your father of a very bad thing, of taking pictures of
you in the bathroom with a hidden camera without your permission . . ."

"Oh that, Mama, that wan't a hidden camera, I let Daddy take those
pictures of me, it's okay, really, Daddy don't do nothing wrong, he asked
if he could and said yeah he could, he didn't do anything wrong, promise! .
. . please let Eric and Lyn stay, please!"

"Daddy also wouldn't do what Eric told him to do, and you know the rules
this weekend, we have to obey Eric and Marilyn when they tell us to

"Why didncha' do what Eric said do, Daddy?"

"Because he told me to do something I didn't want to do, Baby, and I'm
paying him to help us, he is my employee, not the other way around . . ."

"What'd he say do, Daddy?"

"That's not important . . . what is important is that I'm the one
paying him and Marilyn to be here, and they gotta do what I say, not I do
what they say . . ."

"That's not what we agreed to in our counseling sessions with Dr. Nick,
Dear . . ."

"Shut up, Sallie, just shut up . . ."

Silence for another couple of moments. Marilyn and I finished dressing
and packing our stuff up. The car keys were in my hand. James and Sallie
had their robes back on as they sat down on the bed and motioned for the
kids to come over. Marilyn said she had to pee before we left and made her
way to the bedroom's bathroom. I leaned against the bureau waiting for her
as the Dooley family whispered amongst themselves in hushed tones,
deliberately softly enough to where I couldn't hear them. Marilyn came out
of the bathroom tugging at her pants.

"Ready to go?" I asked with solemn voice and face.

"Eric . . . Marilyn . . . please, please wait a moment . . ." James
called to us from the bed as he eased off of it and walked over to me, hand
outstretched in a gesture of attempted reconciliation. I was too pissed at
the mutherfucker, I should say wannabe childfucker, to take it. I just
wanted to get the hell out of there. A dozen or two working weekend
vacations before, all of them great and fun if not all perfect, and finally
the odds caught up with me, a fucking disaster.

"Eric, Marilyn, please don't go, please don't . . ." Sallie cooed to us
as she now also stood in front of us, giving us both tender hugs ". . .
husband here knows he acted badly, and he is trying to apologize . . . I'm
sorry too . . . he shouldn't have gone off on you like he did, and he
shouldn't have taken those photos of Alison a few weeks ago without telling
me and Dr. Nick about it, but he didn't molest her then, and he is sorry
for trying to pull rank on you, Eric . . . please, stay a while, help us
do our initial session with the kids, and if you want to go after that, we
won't say a word to Dr. Nick or anyone, promise . . ." her hoarse
horsewhispering into our ear continued as a group hug evolved from nowhere.
Silence for another long moment.

"Okay, we'll stay and help you with the kids, but after that, we will
leave, okay?"

"Thank you, Eric, Marilyn, thank you for being reasonable."

"We're not staying for you, James . . ." Marilyn scolded back with only
faint diplomacy ". . . we're staying to help your kids, they have been
initiated into adult sexuality now, and they do need to be bonded to you,
we're staying for them."

I couldn't have said it better myself. James kissed Lyn and Sallie
kissed me, then Sallie and Lyn kissed, both smiling as they did.

"Yeah, Eric and Lyn are staying!" both kids exclaimed simultaneously.

"Only for a while, then we'll have to leave, 'k?"

"Awww, Marilyn, I wanted to fuck you again!" Mark pouted.

"You can, Mark, during our group play session, promise!"


"And Eric told me last night, Daddy, that you and I could fuck today,
now that he's shown me how."

"He did?"


"That's nice, Baby . . . can we, Eric?"

"Yes, but not right this minute . . . first, some education and play

I think Marilyn wanted to make as short a' work of this as I did.
Getting the kids to sit on the edge of the bed, she had Sallie show them
her bleeding pussy, how she changes her StayFree, how to use a Tampax, had
them stick their fingers up their mother's pussy and taste her blood, the
usual menstrual densistation techniques. She even made James do it, his
gagging aside.

I could have called dibs and just played with the kids some, they were
great kids and fun to fool around with, but I just wanted out of there. I
did fuck Sallie and then make James lick my cock clean, repeating the
procedure for Mark and Alison and Sallie too, and Mark did fuck Marilyn one
last time as James finally got his ultimate wish and fantasy fulfilled by
crawling his daughter and fucking her as they lay next to Mark and Marilyn
as Sallie watched next to them as she sucked me off, but enough was enough.
Marilyn showed Alison how to give her mother head as I also did the same,
showing and instructing Mark and his dad on how to give each other blowjobs
and showed James how to relax Mark enough to be able to fuck his ass -if-
he ever wanted to which I knew he wouldn't, Mark's little behind was
sssoooo delicious, and then that was it, no further need for Lyn and I to
be there, so we redressed and got the hell out.

Marilyn held my hand as we drove back in silence down '64 back to
Raleigh. I saw the 24-hour Wal-Mart on the left in Knightdale (just east
of Cary/Raleigh) busy with Saturday afternoon shoppers and an idea struck

"Marilyn . . ." my first words spoken since we left the Dooleys almost
an hour before.

"Yes, Eric?"

"I'm gonna stop at Wal-Mart and get some stuff . . . tomorrow, you and
DeeDee and me are gonna go on a picnic, how's that?"

The look of shock on her face couldn't have been plainer if you would
have told her that Clinton was actually monogamous at heart.

"Uh . . . tha's fine, that's great, Eric, that -would- be nice!"

Wal-Mart had everything I wanted, a blanket, utensils, snacks, plastic
cups, etc., everything except a real cane-wicker picnic basket like my
parents used to have and use when they would occasionally take us on Sunday
afternoon picnics after church. I knew one place that would definitely
have one, what I wanted, the Pier One Imports store at Crabtree Valley

I found a wide-willow-split woven picnic basket almost identical to the
one my parents' had growing up almost immediately, but wasn't in any big
rush to leave. I asked Marilyn if she'd like to shop some, that whatever
she wanted today was "on the company", she grinning at that prospect.
After the fourth or fifth shoe store and fifth or sixth pair of new shoes,
she is a woman if a different woman after all, I told her I was getting
tired and wanted to go home.

"Can we get something to eat first?"

"Sure . . . anything in particular?"

"Mr. Dunderbak's upstairs?"

We devoured our German deli sandwiches, my usual cornbeef on dark rye
and Lyn getting some unpronounceable-named meat on wheat, I nursing a
single Heineken on draught for my meal and Marilyn swilling down but in a
lady-like manner five full mugs of draught Spaaten. We held hands across
the table like old lover and made small talk. Then, a small bomb.

"Eric? . . ."

"Yes, Lyn? . . ." I could feel something coming.

". . . I know this is against protocol and my contract . . ."

". . . uh-hu . . ." the sound of the bomb dropping through the air,
waiting to land on me.

". . . but you know I live close to here, up on Saw Mill Road . . . is
there any chance I possibly could stop by and see Bob for five minutes? . .
. please? . . . it would mean so much to him, and me . . ."

I shook my head "no" repeatedly and went off on the boilerplate spiel as
to why she couldn't. Sweet as she was, and is, I really didn't need that
shit right then, not after all the crap from Mr. James Dooley that
morning. Almost like a little girl begging for candy, she asked again,
waited a minute, then asked again. Knowing I could possibly get fired for
doing so however unlikely that prospect was, I finally agreed, she leaning
over the table to hug me in a nice PDA.

"But five minutes only, understand?"

"Thank you Eric, my friend Eric, thank you!"

We made our way up Lead Mine Road to Saw Mill Road and turned off it
into a smallish cul-de-sac subdivision of about twenty houses. Her house
was at the end of cul-de-sac, Lumber Yard Lane, on the left. Nice, about
two thousand square feet, splitlevel, typical middle-class home for typical
middle-class middle-aged housewife. She opened the front door to find Bob
sitting just off the foyer in the living room, a set of plans stretched out
on his lap, but not for long as he rushed to hug his wife of so many

"Honey, Honey, it's so good you're home . . . but I wasn't expecting to
hear from you or see you for some weeks . . . God, it's good you're home!"
tears almost running down his face as his speech became almost sweetly

"I don't have long, Dear, Eric here . . ." he stretching to reach my
hand as they continued their embrace ". . . he's my boss . . ."

"Good to meet you, Eric!" he exclaimed with that Midwest sincerity of

". . . Eric could get fired for doing this, My Love, but he told me we
could have five minutes together . . . there's so many things I want to
tell you, show you, share with you . . ." her voice trailing as they went
off to their bedroom.

Some golf tournament was playing on CBS as I sat down on the couch where
Bob had just been. Scanning the plans, I noticed they were for a new
office building titled "North Raleigh family Counseling Associates, PA", at
a street location not too far from Saw Mill Road. I got distracted
watching the golf before realizing fifteen minutes had passed. Then
twenty. Then thirty.

I simply couldn't have this. Re-bonding to her husband might jeopardize
all her condition hard-earned through her PKI schooling. Tapping on their
closed bedroom door the sounds of feet shuffling and fast movements came
through. She emerged with her blue therapy coat and neck-dickey slightly
askew, Bob zipping us his pants as he came out.

"Thanks so much for this, Boss, I owe you one!"

"Yes, thank you for being kind, we really appreciate it!" he echoed her

It was the first time any employee of the practice had ever called me
"boss" in my two years as boss. I didn't know what to think. I was boss
after all, was the managing therapist for Dr. Nick's bodywork practice.
It felt kinda nice, I guess.

Marilyn beamed like a freshly-fucked schoolgirl all the way home, home
to our, not her and Bob's, home. It was almost six p.m. by then.

I knew that Carolyn had an adult woman-only masturbation workshop on the
second floor that had been scheduled to start around five, but that Emily
and Brenda didn't have anything planned, not professionally at least. Not
that Eem or Brenda wouldn't have loved to have done Carolyn's workshop,
they would have, since depending on the number of participants their
commission would have meant almost five or six hundred bucks in their
pocket for a couple of hours' worth of easy work, but Carolyn had done the
early gruntwork to recruit attendees to this workshop and deserved what
financial compensation came from her efforts.

Another fuck-it thought hit me in the head. As we walked down the
right-side corridor of the ground floor past my/our treatment room so I
could put our pro-bags back in storage and then to the rear of the building
where the old converted kitchen area was where the extra supplies were kept
and the elevator to the upper floors was, I asked Lyn if she wanted to see


"Just something?"


"But you have to promise, your blood oath, never to tell anyone else,
not any of the other girls, not a patient, not your husband, no-body,

"Sure, Eric, I swear!" she replied with mock wonder.

I lead her into what apparently was a broom closet on the same wall as
the passenger elevator and cut on the light inside. She looked at me like
I was fucking crazy. Flipping on a light switch as we made the quick turn,
a key on my ring, actually my elevator key, found a concealed lock on the
back wall to our right. I turned the key and gently pushed the hidden door
open. A light on a movement sensor circuit immediately flooded my hidden main office with white neon light, my fingers quickly pushing the buttons
to deactivate the separate alarm keypad for my office. Marilyn just gawked
at my three computers, my two fax machines, my large executive desk, my
oversized and overstuffed leather executive chair all crammed into a small
space beside racks of electronic gear and racks of video monitors.

"I always wondered what was in the space between the two hallways . . ."
she absentmindedly spake.

"You and everyone else who's ever been here."

". . . I had no idea . . ."

". . . and you still don't . . . you've never been here, you've never
seen any of this . . ."

". . . got it! . . ." she unintentionally slightly sarcastically
snapping back at me ". . . what are all the monitors and VCR's for? . . ."

"Watch . . . I can observe every square inch of what goes in any room
in this house or anywhere on the grounds from here . . . it's my job,
Marilyn, I am the 'franchise manager' for Dr. Nick . . ."

". . .'franchise manager', what's that? . . ."

"This practice is obviously affiliated with Doc Chaim and the
Polykinetic Bodywork Institute where you and I and all of us went to school
. . ."

". . .yeah? . . ."

". . . I'm not sure of the exact financial arrangements, but I do know
that Doc Chaim and PKI get a cut of the gross somehow, in exchange for them
supplying trained therapists and also referring patients and providing
legal and other assistance . . . there's a whole structure involved, take
a look at this . . ."

I went over to one of the computers and brought up PKI's private
extranet/intranet website that was on our 10BaseT line. Scrolling through
the menus I brought up the bulletin board section and went to the
"Franchise Managers Forum" sub-board. I let her play some there, reading
message threads with such titles as "our local DA is busting massage
therapists and my boss is getting nervous" and "one of my therapists came
down with herpes and apparently she got it from a patient who wasn't
screened properly" (yes, things like that however almost unheard of rare
-do- happen from time to time) and "two of my four therapists quit last
week to get married to each other and now I'm up the creek without a

As she played with the website I did a quick roll scan of all the
cameras. Carolyn's masturbation workshop was winding down upstairs, most
of her clients in the process of getting dressed. I couldn't find any of
the other girls, not Emmee nor Brenda nor DeeDee, anywhere in the house or
on the grounds. Probably out shopping or something.

We went upstairs and crashed, hard, snuggling naked next to each other
bed but not feeling like sex at all. Around nine or so Dee and them came
back in, Emily and Brenda having taken DeeDee to Pullen Park for the day.
That was nice of them. DD stripped, took a quick shower, then crawled into
bed between us. Tonight was her turn to be in the middle.

I awoke that following morning, a perfectly glorious Sunday morning,
happy as the proverbial clam for some reason, my weekend lousy up until
then now fine. A perfect day awaited, awaited me and my two perfect

"C'mon, sleepy head, Lyn and I have a surprise for you, c'mon, get up!"

"A surprise? . . . what? . . . what surprise, Eric?"

". . . you'll see, Dee, you'll see . . . we promise it'll be nice . .

It had been years, nee almost decades, since last my parents had taken
me to our special Sunday picnic spot. I should have scouted it out first,
but what the hell.

First a trip to Boston Market on Kildaire farm Road for sides, then back
up the road to KFC for chicken, a bucket of it.

"A picnic!, we're going on a picnic! . . ." DeeDee happily bounced up
and down on the backseat of the car as we drove away from The Colonel.

"Yes, Darling, we're going on a picnic!" Marilyn smiled back to her.

I took me half an hour to find old Reedy Creek Road, north of old Cary,
despite having been there bunches of times as a kid. Between the reworking
of Harrison Avenue and the new Weston Boulevard which bisected the old road, I was lucky to find it at all.

Then when I finally did find it and made our way down the old gravel
road towards the old entrance to Reedy Creek State Park and our special
picnic spot near it, what appeared where the old spot used to be but
Crabtree Creek Impoundment, a flood control earthen dam built right on top
of my old spot with the new North Cary Sewage Treatment Plant having been
built nearby just down Crabtree Creek. Shit, literally.

I wasn't going to be perturbed, disturbed, or defeated. Driving up the
hill from the old one-lane bridge that crossed the creek, a small dirt
parking lot at the fence across the dam came into view. Near the parking
lot, a pedestrian entrance to a walking trail and from the trail, acres of
perfectly mown grass outstretched as part of the earthen dam structure
before us. No problem. It wasn't my old picnic spot remembered as a kid,
but it was as nice or even better.

Marilyn and DeeDee spread out our blanket and supplies bought yesterday
and our grub bought this morning as I meandered down the
jogging/biking/hiking trail a bit to see what was around the bend. Just a
giant office building. Back to my loves.

I mean lovers. No, I mean loves. Just because your job desensitizes
the hell out of your sexuality doesn't mean you quit being human, with
human feelings. Just the opposite in fact.

My loves were waiting patiently for me as I came back into purview. The
sun was high in a cloudless sky, the wind blew softly, a kingfisher skimmed
the water just a couple of hundred yards away for minnows to feed its
brood, a lone small sailboat in the distance rode its breezes like a
timeless memory entertaining us as it did. Marilyn's beneficent and always
healing smile radiated even more than usual. DeeDee giggled at a silly
joke I told her, I grabbing her and tickling her to make her laugh even
more as Lyn leaned over and hugged us both, making us harmlessly tumble
together to the blanket beneath us. A couple on mountain bikes making
their way down the path smiled at us as we playfully roughhoused a bit.
Perfect. A perfect time in a perfect place with my perfect loves.

Emily and Carolyn were cuddled up on the couch together watching some
movie on CineMaxPlus when the three of us finally went back home around two
or three that afternoon. We traded verbal pleasantries with them as they
smooched and went to our bedroom.

Dropping our clothes, I held my precious nine-year-old DeeDee in my
arms, lightly kissing her lips, whispering soft nothings to her. Marilyn
soon joined us, vibrator in hand. She knew what DD liked. Filling her
larger-than-it-should-be-for-her-age void with the plastic cock, she sucked on Dee's clit and vaginal lips as Dee and I continued our hugging and
kissing. My cock rose and Marilyn didn't hesitate, taking it in her hands
and working it inside my little DD for me, my easy fuck of her being a
perfect way to end a perfect day.


The next morning the morning dawn cracked open another workday and
workweek, but that was cool. The working vacation weekend which had
started off with such promise, everyone up until then having been so much
fun, had ended so badly, but had been salvaged not by outsiders but by
family, yes, my family, having a perfect picnic on a perfect Sunday and
ending it with the most sweet and loving fuck I had ever given DeeDee or
Marilyn for that matter. But now it was time to get to work.

The girls already had their schedules and were giving their patient
files one last quick once-over as we all sat around in the common living
room area munching on muffins or toast or cereal or bacon and eggs or
whatever anyone feels like fixing most mornings. Kelly came in on time and
bade DeeDee over to her, DD softly fussing that she didn't feel like school
today, Kelly replying that she knew she had to do her schoolwork so there
was no point complaining. Having seen Kelly interact with DeeDee so
positively during the course of DD being with us and observing Dee blossom
so much from Kelly's attention, I couldn't help but wonder to myself if
Kelly wouldn't make an ideal bodyworker, especially with the child and
adolescent patient populations I work with, should/when Marilyn ever leave
the nest.


"Yes, Emily?"

"I see on your schedule that you have a free half-hour between ten and
ten-thirty this morning . . ." Eem peering over her dimestore reading
glasses that made her look ten years older.

"Uh-hu . . ."

". . . would you mind joining me then for Mr. Buschea? . . . he's a
real hardcase, a real problem jerk if there ever was one . . ."

". . . yeah, I remember, you mentioned him to me a couple of times . .
. sure, no problem, I'll be happy to help . . ."


"Sure, no problem!"

We were, -are-, a team. Helping each other, being there for each other.
It was going to be a good week. It is a good life!

Our, Marilyn's and my, first patient of the day was Mike, a precocious
little eight-year-old boy who had been my on-again off-again patient for
about a year.

His social worker, a Mrs. Walser whom I knew as Olivia because of her
frequent chaperoning to my office of different and varied abused kids who
had been placed in the social service system which, gave me a nice hug as
she handed Mike off to me and Lyn for our therapy session. It was going to
be a great week!

Mike's treatment modality called for general sex play with both male and
female therapists, except that anal penetration of him was proscribed very
explicitly in his Rx.

He always liked to watch X-rated videos while therapy took place, so I
put on one of his favorites, "Lesbian Orgies", as we finished POP'ing
(Principle Of Possession'ing) him and lead him over to the therapy bed. He
just loved Marilyn to death immediately, and responded positively to her
every suggestion, word, and touch.

As he played with her breasts, I began sucking him off, something he
always liked. His hairless and less-than-finger-length eight-year-old cock
felt, well, nice in my mouth, what erection he could manage popped hard
between my lips.

"Can I be you, Marilyn, like I used to be with Alexa?"

"Sure, Mike-y, sure, how would you like to?"

"Can I crawl on top of you, like me and Alex used to?"


Easing him around, his tiny member popped inside Lyn's cunt. I knew she
could barely feel his smallness inside her, but I also knew that all women
during PKI training were trained to use their PC muscles to squeeze and at
least give some friction to a small-ish male partner of whatever age.
Marilyn smiled and held him close to her as they fucked. I played with and
sucked his tiny ballsack some as their gentle rocking fuck continued.
Then, his hour was over.

Our second patient was a seventeen-year-old female, our third was
Chloie, a ten-year-old girl who had been in treatment with another
therapist in a different practice before me, and then it was lunch.

Emily had already called in everyone's lunch order earlier that morning,
from the new Subway that had opened up on the lower end of Harrison. The
delivery guy was right on time. She tipped him five bucks and made his
day, making some comment after he left that as cute as he was she had
thought about tipping him something else, we all politely laughing at her
funny but what we knew to be distantly insincere joke, she not needing or
wanting to see more cock than see already sees every day professionally.

We only had two appointments for the afternoon. First was Betty Lou and
her ten-year-old daughter, Dixie, who despite their names were actually
from "up north", from the Pittsburgh area. Second was Lisa, a twenty-nine
almost thirty-year-old virgin not by choice who quite simply wanted to be
de-virginized and have some serious sex ed in the process. Two of my
favorite kinds of patients, a mother/daughter pairing and a virgin if an
older one. It was a great day if it was a Monday.

I introduced Betty Lou and Dixie to Marilyn out in the foyer, hugs and
polite words exchanged all around, as four patients of the other girls, all
older men, silently gawked at us. I'm sure they figured that if they were
there for sex therapy then Betty Lou and Dixie were too, their imaginations
I'm sure running wild. Running wild yes but not being able to compare with
the reality of what was and is.

"So how long have you been a therapist, Marilyn?"

"This is my second week, Betty Lou . . ."


"Yes, really . . ."

". . . and you're enjoying it? . . ."

". . . I'm loving every single minute of it . . ." she finished as we
made our way the short walk down the hallway to our treatment room.

Behind the screen near the exam table, Betty Lou and her daughter got
undressed and put on the exam gowns while whispering this and that to each
other as Lyn and I waited per prescribed ritual in the open waiting area
nearby. We both heard them mention Marilyn's name a couple of times.

"We're ready now, Eric, Marilyn!" Betty Lou called to us from behind the
thin privacy screen.

I let Lyn take the lead with them. Per standardized protocol, working
Betty Lou first, she massaged her face and shoulders, slipped her gown
down, held her close and played with her breasts some while massaging her
back, then "handed" her off to me so I could repeat the bonding procedure
with her, and then around to the stirrups where she speculum'd her before
finishing the bonding procedure by massaging her G-spot to a
cyprinne-fluid-squirting orgasm, which I also did to her immediately

"I swear you two, that's something I never ever get tired of!"

Also per procedure we let Dixie play with her mother's vagina some while
she was still suspended in the stirrups, then it was her, Dixie's turn.
Dixie opened up to Marilyn's touch during the bonding ritual, her touch to
the tiny buds of her breasts sending cold shivers down Dixie's spine. Her
feet in the stirrups, I showed Marilyn how to feel for the first signs of a
maturing G-spot inside Dixie and per "the manual" oral'd her a little as
did Lyn and her mother before being let out of the stirrups.

Unlike most of our patients, Betty Lou and Dixie had an are-exx that was
pretty well scripted by Dr. Nick, with only limited freedom to freelance
from it. No matter.

On the therapy bed, Betty Lou first lay between us as we played with and
kissed her some as her daughter watched sitting cross-legged next to us.

The whole reason for their therapy was that a rapist had raped Betty Lou
at knifepoint in their old back in Pittsburgh and made Dixie watch as he
did, before also raping Dixie. Even though he had tied Betty Lou up before
moving on to Dixie, Betty Lou getting that inner strength that only mothers
in the mode of protecting their young can get somehow freed herself from
her bonds of lamp and appliance cords wrapped around her wrists and ankles
and attacking their attacker literally choked their rapist to death with
her bare hands. She was never charged with his death, thankfully, but the
experience left her scared but Dixie especially devastated.

Six months ago during their first few therapy sessions with Alexa and
myself the re-traumatization memories of what happened reappeared from time
to time, but I hadn't seen evidence of one at all during our last six or
seven sessions. Talking therapy with Dr. Nick in conjunction with drug
therapy and my bodyworking therapy was definitely putting them both back on
the road to a full recovery.

Betty Lou really, really enjoyed her time in therapy. My finger found
her vagina already fully moist before Marilyn even had a chance to begin
giving her head.

"No offense, Eric, but Marilyn does give better head than Alexa did . .

"I know she does, Betty, none taken."

Betty Lou continued to relax more under our combined attentions. My
mouth sucked and nibbled on her nipples as Marilyn per prescription moved
her tongue to Betty Lou's asshole for a good analingus-ing. Her mind and
body ready, I lay flat on the bed as Betty mounted me on top, swaying her
hips to the George Winston CD playing in the background. For an older woman of her age, her pussy was incredible, and she really enjoyed having
and using it. She could tell she was pleasing me by slowing draining me,
and I think it pleased her to know that her slightly-jaded bodyworking sex
therapist could lose himself inside her passion.

My hands molded her breasts as she leaned back and picked up her pace.
By now Marilyn had moved beside us, holding Dixie in her arms per Dr.
Nick's tight script, and was encouraging Dixie to play with and touch her
mom and myself.

"See how your mom is just relaxing and enjoying Eric, see how much Eric
is enjoying her?"


"Want to take your mommy's place?"


Betty Lou didn't want to stop but knew this was a key part of the
therapy regimen. Sliding off, she helped her daughter over to me and
helped align her so that she comfortably slid down my pole, Dixie being
moistened as best she could by Lyn and everything that had taken place.

God, even for a ten-year-old, Dixie was sssoooo tight. My grin had to
give a possum's competition. Marilyn and Betty Lou were kneeling in front
of each other, again per written instruction, and were swapping kisses and
gropes as Dixie and I watched them as we fucked.

We had time left to kill, but I couldn't help myself. Pulling my
patient closer to me, grabbing her hips I thrust them up and down at a
quicker pace, and came. And came. Betty Lou just smiled. So did Dixie as
she kissed me.

"Time for your check-up!" Marilyn sweetly barked to Dixie.

Dixie lay down flat on the bed as Marilyn's fingers found her
freshly-fucked vagina and probed it for any cross-muscle contractions,
involuntary muscle spasms which belie a total comfort level in being
penetrated by my cock or her fingers or any penetration.

"Can't find any . . ." she absentmindedly spake to me.

"Let me check her."

As Lyn rubbed her breast-nubs to help distract her some, my more
experience fingers found not one but two points of involuntary spasm.

"Marilyn, please scoot down for a moment . . . let me put your finger
where I need to . . . feel that? . . . it's slight, but it's a very real
fear response spasm."

"I see! . . . yes, I feel it now!"

The main part of the therapy session now over, a little freeform play
within strict limits was permitted.

"Eric, you know what I want!"

"Yes, I do Betty Lou, yes I do!" I grinned back at her.

sucking me harder once again, she got on top once more and I just let
her ride at her own pace until she had her little then bigger come, as
Marilyn played with Dixie some next to us.

I couldn't help but think as she finished her saddle-posting of me that
Betty Lou would also make one helluva child specialist bodyworker. I love
my job, but sometimes I do think I think too much about it.

"You haven't had your come yet, have you?"

"Nope, Betty, I haven't, but that's okay . . ."

"Yeah, sure, it's an occupational hazard . . . next time I'll make sure
to pump you full! . . ."



Our next and last patient for the day was a new one, a Ms. Lisa Kay
Reed, a rather attractive twenty-nine-year-old who would turn thirty in
another month - registered professional engineer specializing in electrical
engineering (a rare female bird indeed in her profession) who also happened
to be an involuntary virgin. She had dated hundreds of guys since high
school, all to no avail.

It wasn't like she had a bitch-personality or other fatal flaw of her
pscyhe, no, Dr. Nick couldn't find anything wrong with her personality or
ego or id or superego or even just basic way of dealing with people. The
closest and most probable explanation they could come up with was that she
did talk a little too much at times, and was probably intimidating the hell
of her dates without meaning. She had jacked off one date and given a
couple of others blow jobs, but hadn't gotten past "second base" with any
others and was just ready to scream.

Fuckless and nearing thirty, she was determined not to turn that major
corner of the roadrace of life and still be a virgin. One time a few
months back, she actually hired a male escort from one of those services in
the yellow pages, but had sent him packing quickly when he stank of body
odor and his eyes reeked of drug use when she answered her door to let him

Somehow, she doesn't even remember how, she found out about bodyworking
therapy, found out that Dr. Nick had a bodyworking practice, and persuaded
him that her being cock-less was enough of a problem to let me (and Alexa
at that initial time, now Marilyn) take care of things for her. I didn't
mind, it's what I do for a living.

"Hi Lisa, I'm Eric, and this is Marilyn, my co-therapist."

"Hi, good to meet you finally, Dr. Nick has told me so much about you!"

"And of course I know a lot about you, I have your file right here!"

We exchanged friendly hugs and air-kisses on the cheeks as one young man of around my age and one older gentleman in his sixties or seventies waited
in the foyer their respective turns to see one of the other girls.

"I can't wait for this, for today, finally!"

"C'mon back if you will, we'll get started."

Her knees shook a little as she made her way back to behind the privacy
screen near the exam table. That was cute.

"Marilyn, Eric? . . . could you help me with this exam gown? . . .
I've never been good at putting these things on!"

No wonder she wasn't. She had only been to a gynecologist once, a
female one at that for birth control pills she never ended up needing, and
otherwise had never been sick a day in her life.

"Just do the best you can, Lisa!" Marilyn shouted back politely.

"I guess I'm ready now."

Lisa had tried to put her therapy gown, which was designed to close in
the front for easy access by a therapist during the Principle Of Possession
ritual, on backwards. Marilyn and I both quickly looked at each other and
suppressed a giggle which we both felt.

"That's okay, Lisa, we'll just remove it, it's for your comfort level
anyway . . ." Marilyn slipping it off her shoulders.

She was in place so I let her take the lead again. Looking our patient
patiently and soothingly in her eyes, Lyn lightly stroked and massaged
Lisa's face for a couple of moments before moving to her shoulders then the
embracing hug and breast massage. Finishing, she stepped to one side so I
could repeat the ritual with Lisa.

"I've . . . I've never had a man touch my breasts, or anything else,
Eric . . . nor a woman either . . ."

"I know, Lisa, I know . . . just relax, okay?"

". . . I'm trying ."

". . . we know you are."

Marilyn helped her move around to the stirrups. Per POP ritual, she
worked the speculum inside her for a moment, then withdrew it, letting me
do the same to her. Of all the parts of the bodyworking modality, I never
understood the purpose of using a speculum on a female patient, but for
whatever reason it must help the bonding process or Doc Chaim wouldn't keep
it within the structure.

Lyn then began her G-spot massage of her, and Lisa spurted enough
cyprinne to wet Marilyn's face.

"I'm . . . I'm sorry . . . what the heck was that, what did you do to
me, Marilyn? . . ."

"Didn't it feel good? . . ."

"Yes, it felt great, I've never had such a crunching orgasm in my life,
but what did you do to me? . . ." Lisa interrogated a little more as she
lay flat on the exam table.

". . . I gave you a nice G-spot come . . ."

". . . yes, I've heard of the G-spot . . ."

". . . as Eric is also going to do now, it's part of the bodyworking

It didn't take her a minute to have another squirting orgasm, her
virginal G-spot fluid soaking my face, its sweet taste delighting my tongue
as I catbathed myself.

"I'm sorry, Eric, I didn't mean to . . ."

"That's okay, Lisa, that is a good sign, it means you're ready . . .
'you ready?"


Her delightfully puffie 34C breasts hanging from her five six hourglass
frame were a delight to play with, for both Marilyn and myself, as she lay
on the bed between us. Marilyn scooted between her legs to give her some
head as I shoved my cock to her mouth, she hungrily sucking on it as Lyn
sucked her pussy.

Lyn got a finger then two inside of her as she ate her but then stage
whispered to me "Eric, she's a real virgin, she's as tight as a drum!"

I kissed our patient on the lips with a " . . . 'you ready now?"

"Can I have some more head first? . . . will you join Marilyn down
there and suck my pussy some?"

". . . sure, not a problem."

Marilyn and I made a show out of it, French kissing each other between
Lisa's legs as we would turn and bob up and down between the kisses to lick
her pudendal lips and suck on her clit some, Lisa getting more excited from
our exhibitionist show than from the physical sensation of her first
cunnilingus, I think.

"I'm ready now, Eric, I'm ready!"

Marilyn retrieved a couple of larger hand mirrors from the drawer in the
right-side nightstand. "So you can watch exactly what Eric and I will be
doing" she explained to her.

Scooting up to be beside her better, Marilyn lightly kissed Lisa on the
lips and cheeks as she moved her mirrors in position, checking to make sure
she could see okay. I positioned my cock at her vaginal entrance and gave
it a first, gentle, initial push. No resistance. Lubricated like a spill
in a Vaseline factory. My cock slid as easily into Lisa's pussy as if she
had been fucking everything that moved all of her life. Then, wham! Her
co-lateral muscles clamped down on me, hard!, and she finally felt like the
virgin we knew she was. As tight as any pre-teen pussy, well, almost as
tight, as tight as a virginal adult cunt should be at least.

Buckets. Buckets of cyprinne G-spot come, and then some more. And then
more! Damn. As tight as she was, I lost all friction. Marilyn could
sense what was happening and popped off the bed for a second and came back
with a couple of towels, pulling me out and wiping my crotch and Lisa's too
as best she could to dry us both out.

"Eric, what you do to me, what you do to me . . ." she cooed as her arms
pulled me closer to her " . . . more, I want more!"

"You'll have all you want, but first, we need to dry off, you came
almost too much . . ."

"I'm sorry!"

"No, it's okay, but penile-vaginal sex does require at least a small
amount of friction . . ."

I flipped over beside her and held her close to me. Marilyn began
giving us both some head, in turn, a minute or so apiece. Lisa opened her
legs wife for Lyn's tongue bathing of her.

"God, Lisa, your come tastes so sweet!"

"It does doesn't it, hu? . . . I noticed that when she squirted on my
face earlier . . ."

"Eric, Marilyn, thank you both, this was perfect . . . you gave me
exactly what I want, exactly what I've been needing . . . can I have some
more, please?"

Marilyn and I just grinned at each other. I wish our working vacation
weekend had been spent with Lisa, not the Dooleys, but what the hey. Water
under the bridge and all that. An absolutely perfect Monday.

"Lisa . . ."

"Yes, Eric? . . ."

" . . . you can have all you want . . . and if the two hours today
isn't enough, I think it'll be okay for you to go home with us for a little
while longer tonight, where you can meet and play with the other four women
therapists whom we live with, I know they'd love to make love to you
tonight . . ."

" . . . you really mean it? . . ."

" . . . yes, I do . . . I am boss of this practice in the end and what
I say goes, doesn't it, Marilyn?"

"Sure does, b-o-s-s-s-s-s, sure does . . ." she replying with sugary
sweet but harmless sarcasm.

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