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BWORKER24 video cameras David and


The Bodyworker, Chapter 24: Roads Evolutionary, Roses Tender

Written by PlanetDweller

*** story codes: MF, MFM, FMF, FFFM, FF, Mg, Mf, Mb, Mm, MM, bb, Mm, Fg,
Fb, Fm, Ff, all combinations, sex therapy, sex surrogacy, incest, mother/
daughter, mother /daughter/ son, father /son/d aughter, toddler, medical
exam fetish, role playing, whole family, all combinations, menstrual sex,
light BDSM, DS, caution, romance, polyamory, FMF group triad marriage,
rough sex, rough trade, consensual therapeutic forced rape, real-life based
in a lot of places you figure out where, boring and tedious background
set-up and catch-up from other previous chapters in places - but very-very
hot-HOT in most other places!***

(Author's note: after four years of writing online erotica, I really
feel this is my best, most polished, most complete story to date, the
continuing story of Eric Woods - professional bodyworker, who was modeled
on a real-life person I once knew. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as
I enjoyed writing ! ~~~PlanetDweller.}

Copyright © 2002, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved


"That feels so nice, Eric, Mary, please keep doing like you're doing"
our sweet little naked nine-year-old patient whispered to us as she lay
securely cuddled between the two us, our mutual hands gently rubbing her
pudenda as her eyes closed and a breath was drawn deep. Mary smiled at me
and I couldn't help but smile back her. We leaned into each other and
kissed a passionate kiss as the object of our sex surrogacy session relaxed
between our also nude bodies. Our kiss became even more passionate as our
genital massaging of Katie became even more slightly vigorous. Why
shouldn't I kiss my Mary like a lover, patient present or not, she is my
fiance' after all?

"Will you guys cut it out until after our therapy? I -am- the patient
here" Katie slightly but playfully scolded us. At age nine she had been
through the mill and presented an adult attitude and language at times.
Her familiarity with us after twice a week sessions for the past two
months, basically she was our first patient after we had relocated back in
April to Maine to take over Dr. Josewics's bodywork practice, gave her and
us a familial familiarity with each other that was comforting if not

"Sorry sweetie, we do get carried away at time; it is a lot of fun
helping you, helping you get better" my betrothed replied.

"Yeah, and we three do have lotsa great sex together, don'we?"

"Yes we do Katie, yes indeed" my mouth breaking from Mary's to kiss our
patient firmly on the lips as my finger eased into her waiting vagina and
Mary made her way down to be between Katie's legs.

"Hhhmmm . . . uuhhhh-hhmmmm, that's nice, Mary."

"Glad our Katie likes" came back a muffled mouth from being covered in a
hairless muff reply.

It was a scene I had been in, repeated hundred of times with a variety
of adult female sex surrogate therapist partners partnering with me to
treat pre-adolescent females and males as well as other age range patients
in the four years and change of my professional polykinetic bodyworker
career, but now, partnered with the woman who was going to be my life
partner as well as therapy partner, it made my entire world, my entire
outlook on life seem even more relaxed, more happy, more hopeful.

Mary gave her some more head for a few more moments and then looked at
me with the silent signal of raising of the eyebrow that it was time for me
to do my part, taking her place between Katie's legs.

Giving her pussy a few tongue licks of my own, I scooted further up
until the head of my dick was at Katie's entrance, then eased inside her
effortlessly as Mary moved up the kiss our patient on the lips and suck on
the buds of her breasts some. Her young vagina felt so smooth to my penile
skin, most pre-puberty vaginas do, but the ease of entry our extended
foreplay and oral sexing of her aside spoke to the years of abuse and
terror her father had put her through before finally being caught. Now it
was up to Mary and I to try to heal the scars from all of the past abuse.

Mary got up for a moment to speak to Summer, Katie's mom who had been
sitting in an easy chair in the corner of the room watching the therapy
session. Summer nodded "yes" to something I couldn't hear and came over to
sit on the edge of the bed where her young daughter's bodyworking therapy
session was taking place.

Two years ago, that would have never happened, a parent of a young patient being allowed to remain clothed and non-participating in a session.
Either by therapeutic prescription they had to be naked and participating
in the active sexual part of the therapy of their child, or they weren't
allowed in the therapy room at all. I never understood that. If it was my
child undergoing the kind of intensive direct contact therapy that poly-k
bodyworking is by its nature, even if my direct participation wasn't part
of the R-x I'd still sure as hell want to be in the room where therapy was
taking place. As a parent, I'd sure as hell think it was my God-given
right to, since it was my child that was having therapeutic sexual touch
done to him/her.

It took me gently nagging Dr. Nick for months before he finally allowed
me to occasionally start allowing it in selective cases, but after a dozen
or so times after it was obvious that within a tightly defined protocol and
selective criteria for selected parents, allowing a parent in therapy as an
observer not only dramatically cut the number of therapy sessions needed
and more importantly improved the cure rate and cure effectiveness for the
patient. After two years plus of doing that, plus some other minor
modifications to certain bodyworking protocols, even old Doc Chaim who
trained me and all other PBI (Polykinetic Bodywork Institute)-franchised
surrogates began to included it and the other bits I developed in the new
"Manual" which all future bodyworkers would use as their "Bible". What
works, works.

My penetrative sex of her daughter continued as Summer sat on the edge
of the bed beside us, Katie finally noticing her Mom.

"How you doin', Baby?"

"Fine, Mom; I mean, okay; Eric and Mary are wonderful, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are; they're helping you get better, that's the main thing."


"Yes Hon'?"

"Will you hold my hand?"


This would have never taken place in any therapy session with any young patient just two years ago, and I couldn't have been prouder. As my easy
lovemaking of Katie continued, her mom fully clothed and obviously not
turned on by what she was witnessing, held her daughter's hand, held it for
support, held it to offer her support and encouragement. Just what young Katie needed.


"Yes, Katie?"

"Will you finish with me like we did the other day, then have Mary give
me some head too?"

"Sure; slow or fast?"

"As you like."

Easing up, Katie flipped around to offer me her rear as she knelt on all
fours, her vaginal lips glistening with our mixed juices. I thrust my cock
inside her as her mom regained holding her hand and I pumped away,
deliberately coming within a couple of minutes.

Falling to her side, Mary held her close and then eased over her to a
sixty-nine position, not expecting reciprocation for her, lapping Katie's
and mine mixed fluids from inside her.

As she did that I scooted beside Summer, she now sitting more on the
bed, and held her hand as my fiancée finished our therapy session with her
little Katie.

Summer helping her get dressed, we all four hugged good-bye for now, her
next therapy session being schedule in just two days.


It seemed like a lifetime ago, just two months ago.

After building up Dr. Nick's bodywork practice over my four years as
his "lead mechanic", we were literally bursting at the seams. We remodeled
the old three-story house on Chatham Street twice to try to accommodate the
explosive demand for our services, but even after that and after adding two
paired therapy couples (Marilyn was split off from me and paired with
another male therapist, I asked for and was paired with Emily after that,
plus one other M/F therapy couple that we recruited from another practice
out of state) and adding three more single female therapists whose primary
clientele were men, the latter always being the backbone of almost most of
the billings of most of the PBI practices, we still couldn't keep up with
the demand, still had a waiting list for treatments that grew from days to
weeks and then into months.

Dr. & Mrs. Chaim knew of the situation and worked with Dr. Nick to
remedy it as best they could. I knew but I don't know if they knew I knew
back then before I eventually got promoted to "franchise manager" for lack
of a better term and all of the entire business model was disclosed to me
that Dr. and Mrs. got a percent of the gross billing, two to five percent
depending on a set of contract criteria being met, so it was in there
interest to let the practice grow as large as practically possible.

That's true, but I don't want to give you the impression that money was
the motivator for them. It wasn't. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I'm know
in my heart of hearts that Doc and Missus' only concern was for the welfare
for their patients, both face-to-face in their own practice and by
influence through their polykinetic bodyworking training and "franchise"
(the word sucks for that usage, but it's the only one that fits) of
bodyworking practices affiliated with local psychiatric and sex therapy
practices across the country.

So it was no surprise Doc Chaim stepped in with a grand plan. A
ten-story office building was planning on being built adjacent to a
ten-story hotel to built simultaneously with it, next to it on an outparcel
near the new Rex Hospital in west Raleigh, and somehow Doc found out about
it. He bought the entire project from the developers, and then had the
plans redesigned a little.

The plan was for two pedestrian bridges to connect the hotel to office
building at the fifth and tenth floors, and for floors five through ten
(yep, I ain't kiddin' !) be turned into a massive therapy complex. A
complex where seven M/F therapy couples would reside onsite per standard
bodywork practice procedure along with twelve single female therapists.
There was to be a gym, for lack of a better term a one-room school house
for all the resident pre-eighteen-years-of-age "therapy models", the eighth
floor being host to a ten-person full-time support staff including a f/t
maintenance person, a full-time cook and assistant cook, three
administrative assistants to take care of all the billings and such and
even more non-therapist personnel.

And guess who was promoted to "franchise manager" to handle all this
mess, an immediate (but needed) doubling close to tripling of our size?
Uh-hu, little old me. Even though it meant a huge salary increase, hell,
my gross for the previous year with commissioned billable time and all had
bumped my taxable income to just over a hundred thousand plus for cash
compensation alone plus my standard benefits, so I didn't need the extra
money. I did need and want time with my patients, which I value more than
anything, and which this promotion would have cut by eighty to ninety
percent. The deal money-wise, a raise to one-fifty plus benes but my
commissions being cut out, was still great, the increase in status and
title was great, but the deal patient-wise sucked. I wanted to turn it
down immediately and leave for another practice but my instinct told me to
wait a while.

Glad I did. A month after everything was presented to me slash us, the
rest of the new staff including four recent PBI graduates flew down to see
their new home that would be their new home in a week or two, and Mary,
yes, My Mary, was among them.

The attraction was instant. I don't why, and I don't care. As part of
my job I had had sex with I don't know how many beautiful women, hundreds,
thousands, but that was therapy, and this was love.

At five-six and one hundred twenty pounds and long shoulder-length
brunette hair and perfect champagne-glass 34B breasts and legs up to there,
I wanted to jump her bones as soon as I saw her get off the plane, but that
had to wait a couple of hours until she and her other newbie classmates
arrived back at our then-empty office slash residence waiting for the move,
where I took her to my room and absolutely ravished her for three or four

Thankfully, God thank you, she felt the same spark which turned into
inferno the instant she saw me. Our lovemaking was beyond description. I
proposed to her that same night. She said yes. Taking her to Capital City
Chop House a week later, I proposed again this time with a full carat
diamond ring in tow, and she said yes again.

My falling head over heels in love with Miss Mary Faison-Hewitt and she
I sealed my decision for me.

At eighteen, she had earned both a degree in evolutionary biology and
also one in economics from Yale as a double major, having graduated from
high school in France at age 14 (her dad was a high-level American diplomat
there) and applying for and being admitted to Yale that same year, also
Harvard, Mt. Holyoke, and several other American colleges before choosing
Yale. I mention this because while I'm a decent writer and a great
bodyworker I know that lots of other people are book and other-smarter than
I am, and my Mary is definitely one of them, so I sought her advice on what
I should do, which I would have done anyway since we were to be married.

Oh, how did she wind up as a bodyworker, then? She had been planning on
doing her Master's thesis and then her PhD on human female sexual evolution
and through her research somehow stumbled upon PBI, something I'm still not
sure how she did even though she's explained it to me several times,
considering how beyond paranoid secretive Doc about things to the "outside
world". Anyway, once finding PBI, she finagled an interview with Doc and
Mrs. Chaim, found the process fascinating, somehow conned her way with
them into letting her sit on a couple of days of a training class,
something Doc to my knowledge has never done with anyone before, and at
that point made up her mind that this is what she wanted to do now if not
for the rest of her life, become a professional bodyworker.


When Dr. Nick and I were talking about expanding the staff like we were
going to have to, Doc Chaim gushed on and about Mary, telling me that she
had even more potential than I did at the stage she was now as I was at
years back, just having graduated from the course. When Doc told her about
my pioneering work that had modestly re-written a lot of the bodywork
protocols and modified many others especially where therapy with children
were concerned, she told him that she would either work with me
side-by-side and have me train her, or she would go back to school and
start work on her Master's.

There being no coincidences in this life I do believe, she made that
statement to Doc the same day Dr. Nick and I decided to make our offer to
her and the other recent graduates we wanted to hire. She came down a
couple of days after that, and the rest is history.

No it isn't history, sorry. How did I/we end up running and being
2/3rds of a potentially tiny struggling practice in Portland, Maine just a
short while later?

There was going to be a ten-day gap or so between shutting down at the
old place on Chatham Street and moving into our new fancy digs near Rex
Hospital. After that, after we moved in, there would have been an implied
if not contractual commitment on my part to run the new enlarged practice,
at least for a year or two. Ninety percent plus of my time would have been
administrative or at least non-patient-contact. Mary didn't want that for
me or her or us. She wanted to work with me as my "apprentice" for lack of
a better term, and this was before we met face-to-face and fell madly in
love with me and I her. After we met, her desire to work by my side
working with patients as a team was even stronger. And at that point since
all decisions we were making we made from an "ours" perspective, the only
logical thing to do was tender my resignation and move on to a practice
where I and she could actually practice, i.e. be with patient. So I gave
my resignation notice of thirty days.

Stupid idea.. Turns out, Dr. Nick didn't have confidence in my
administrative abilities to run his new great ship of bodyworking therapy,
so he had been secretly talking with several candidates to replace me
behind my back, my incredible reputation nationally as a wonderkid of
therapy firmly established totally shoved aside. I didn't find this out
until after I had tendered my resignation. Then two days later, 9-11

Usually there are several potential job openings in almost all parts of
the US for trained bodyworkers at any given moment, and we all can access
them through PBI's secured BBS and website. Never has any bodyworker had
the least bit of trouble moving on and getting another job, ever, not ever.

But then 9-11 bit me on the ass two days after I tendered my
resignation. Three potential openings I had been looking at were withdrawn
within two days after that. Only one job opening remained "on the board",
and that was in Portland, Maine of all places.

The salary was less than half of what I had been making, and there were
fewer benes, such as no practice-furnished car. The usual concession
residence was offered, but no unlimited expense accounts like I had been
used to having for four years with Dr. Nick. There's wasn't even any
accounts with local food joints to have pizza or sandwiches delivered and
charged to the practice, something I had gotten used to. Basically, I
hadn't spent a dime on any necessity of life for four solid years. And now
if I took the offer I was going to have to buy my own food and pay for all
my incidental living expenses. Sucked.

In a phone conversation with Mike, Dr. Josewic, he gushed on and on
about how beautiful Maine and Portland were, how I'd fall in love with
place once I got there, how the cost of living was so much cheaper there
than Raleigh, did he mention how beautiful Portland was and that my/our
practice-furnished residence was high on a hill overlooking the a small
yacht basin on Casco Bay? I was skeptical, but agreed to fly up in a
couple of days with Mary so we could be interviewed by him and see

Mary and I talked about a lot that afternoon. She had been to Maine
several times, loved it, said I would too, and was eager to relocate there
(she was NOT impressed by Raleigh at all!) with me. Her base salary would
have been pitiful to start, only $32.5K base and almost no other benes, but
she said she didn't care as long as we could be together, in real life and
as therapy partners. I was still skeptical and thought about waiting until
things settled down and some new job offers appeared on the board. After
all, I had almost two hundred thousand dollars in CD's by that point, and
didn't need to work for a long time if I wished to pull back and wait. But
Mary was eager to marry me, and eager to begin her career. I called Doc
that night to seek his advice. Doc never gave me anything but the truth
and good advice.

"I can't believe, Eric, that you'd leave Dr. Nick" old Doc protested.

"Well, if I could continue to have a substantial amount of patient
contact and still run things, that'd be different, but Dr. Nick made it
very clear if I stayed I'd be a manager, not a therapist."

"That would be waste. You simply have too much talent to become a
pencil-pusher, Eric. The polykinetic bodyworking modality movement needs
you, needs you to continue doing what you're doing. Want me to call Dr.
Nick and talk with him? I'm sure he could find someone else to run things
and let you continue being a therapist."

"Naw, that's okay Doc. I think it's time to move on. Mary loves Maine
and wants to move there, and it would be a good place for us, I think. The
only thing I'm worried about is this huge salary cut I'm taking, not to
mention the fact that there's very little patient case load right now for
her and I, let alone the second therapist which is also leaving and Dr.
Jose' is going to have replace, too."

"Eric, Eric, Eric. My boy, you still don't get it, do you? With your
reputation that you've worked so hard to establish, you could literally
pick your practice anywhere. Anywhere."

"But there was only this one job opening on the board, Doc."

"Eric, you can be so, well, dense at time, my boy. What did I just say?
Let me explain. Three-quarters plus of your patient load right now you
pick and choose from a huge backlog of cases to choose from, and most of
these are from out-of-state, correct?"

"Yeah, so?"

"So, they're flying in from all over to country to Raleigh, setting up
temporary residence while you work with them, and after their therapy is
complete, they leave. See now?"

"Not really, Doc."

"Damn boy, let me spell it out for you. Since your patients come to you
now, they can come to you no matter where you're at, if it's Raleigh,
Portland, Kalamazoo or Timbuktu, get it now!!??!!"

"Yeah, I see, I think" my sometimes slow thought process catching up.

"So you don't have to worry about having to make a living, your living,
your patients will come to you regardless. So, if Portland is not to your
liking, then pick your city in any state, and I promise, no, guarantee
you'll have a job there within 24 hours."

"Thanks, Doc, I appreciate it."

"You're welcome."

"Mary's got her heart set on moving to Portland, though. I just hate
taking a bad deal."

"Let me call Dr. Josewic and speak with him myself about your deal. It
is not fair to you. I can't promise a sweetheart deal like you've got with
Dr. Nick, but I can promise you I'll cut a deal for you that's much closer
to what you should be getting. After all, you're bringing to the practice
all told probably a quarter million dollars plus a year in net billings."

"And for Mary too?"

"And for Mary too."

"We're supposed to fly up there for our interview in a couple of days.
Will you have our deal done by then."

"It'll be done by lunch tomorrow."

"Thanks Doc, I owe you."

"No Eric, you don't owe me anything, if anything I owe you."

I was puzzled by that last remark but let it slide.

"I'll call you when we get back."


Portland's airport was cute, almost as small as RDU had been forty-some
years ago. Mary had been singled out twice on the way there for frisking
by the new security procedures, but just giggled at the male security
guards as they openly groped as opposed to frisked her in the open space of
the concourse, making them blush with embarrassment. Fuck them.

Even though Portland is Maine's largest city, it is still smaller than
Raleigh, about the size Raleigh was when I was little. And the view of
Casco Bay from the backporch of what was to be our new residence was worth
almost anything, was truly beyond fucking gorgeous, just like Dr. Josewic
and Mary both said it would be. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. I loved it. I
was sold.

Doc had indeed kept his promise and cut me a much better deal. A 50/50
one, with $50K base salary plus 50% non-expensible commission, plus a
5-10-15 per cent bonus structure based on total billables and total net
yearly income. "Dr. Mike" still wasn't willing to give us both a
practice-furnished vehicle, but knowing we were to be married soon, made
his pitch to Doc (all this was taking place in private phone calls between
Doc and Dr. Mike) that he'd pay for a lease on a new Jeep Grand Cherokee
for us as a couple or a similar 4WD vehicle making the point that we'd need
it in the winter. Doc told him that we would go for that. Plus he was
willing to give us the usual benes of local accounts with several local sub
and pizza shops that would deliver food to us as we wished "as long as they
don't abuse the privilege too much" he cautioned to Doc Chaim who was
negotiating for us.

All this done for us by Doc in private, Dr. Mike not mentioning
anything about it as he showed us around, still not telling us at first
that he was going to give us a better deal that Doc Chaim had more or less
forced him to offer us, either that or lose his PBI franchise and possibly
me/us as income rainmakers.

Our therapy practice building was separate from our residence, something
a little unusual for a bodyworking practice, but was only literally a block
away, a five minute walk, no big deal. Cutting through an alley between
our residence and a next-door neighbor, our house was an old Victorian row
house that was actually three of them side-by-side recombined into one, we
walked across Perkins Street to go down another alley between two houses to
the backside of our therapy building which faced State Street, a main
commercial street in Portland where a lot of other doctor's offices and
other professional-type practices and businesses were scattered along its
length, Dr. Mike's office being just four blocks or so away. A modest
sign out front read "Dr. Josewic & Associates + Therapy Annex."

Inside, our new therapy home really sucked. It reeked of old cigarette
smoke despite two "No Smoking" signs and old urine smell too, almost an old porn shop smell. The drapes were old and faded, the furniture old, the
threadbare worn carpet older still. The exam tables looked like there were
from the 19th century, the therapy beds felt like horrible old Motel 6
mattresses. Just two small half-bathrooms, no "wetroom" and no BDSM-room
or group room for teaching, three things I thought all practices were
required to have. The receptionist area didn't even have a computer, let
alone connected to the PBI main system. All records were kept manually,
and all billings done the same. Geez, maybe I had made a mistake?

Doc Chaim had told me not to sweat the details like these, that whatever
I wanted changed, to call and let him know and he'd work with Dr. Mike to
get things up to standard, telling me he knew I'd want a lot of stuff done,
this being one of the oldest continually-operated practices within PBI's
aegis. With Doc handling things for me, that would save Dr. Mike and I
having to begin our professional relationship from a negative.

I had to make my decision, now, and let Dr. Mike know. My decision had
already been made. Dr. Nick had told me before I left that I could come
back and get my stuff out of storage that had been there for almost four
years and pick up the few personal effects I owned that were in my
company-furnished apartment, but basically, he told me not to bother to
come back, that he would take care of things from here on out. The new
incarnation of the practice was set to begin the following Monday, as was
mine/ours, if we could swing it that soon. I'm became gladder and gladder
to have made the decision I made.

Dr. Mike found Peggy in the back, straightening things up a bit back in
a dark hole of a room that served as the supply room. Peggy had been a
therapist with him for about six years and had hit that wall that all
therapists know about and usually hit sooner if not later. After years of
struggling with lots of non-40 hour weeks and just struggling to make a
living, she was ready to leave, even though she loved the profession.
Marnie, the other therapist whose leaving had prompted the notice of
employment on the in-house job BBS, was long gone, having left for another
position weeks before.

Dr. Jose' introduced us and the four of us chatted for a while as.
Peggy knew who I was, knew of my so-called reputation, and seemed genuinely
pleased to have met me.

"I would have loved to have had the opportunity to work with you
sometime, sorry it's not going to happen, Mr. Woods."


"Eric, then. Your reputation as a healer, especially of children,
precedes you."

"Maybe that's still a possibility, though Mary here will be my therapy
partner, hopefully for the rest of our lives together" Mary casually moving
her left hand to flash her diamond engagement ring.

"You know I'm resigning, but I'll still be here in town. I was a
massage therapist before I became a bodyworker . . . "

"As was I, Peggy" she smiling at that comment from me.

" . . . and I'll be working for a sports medicine practice just a few
doors down from here doing that again. I wouldn't want even a regular
part-time workload of bodywork, but if I can be of help on an as-needed
basis, please don't hesitate to call on me for anything, Eric; Dr. Josewic
will have my number and like I said, just drop in at 8970 State Street,
Portland Sports Medicine Clinic, anytime. And if you need some help
getting situated, I am a native Portlander, just ask, and I'll be happy to
help you get comfortable in your new city, no problem. Don't forget!"

"We won't!" my Mary replied.

Leaving Peggy to her tidying up, we all went back up front and sat down
in cheap old plastic chairs in the reception area. Then I broke my own
mental rule and told Dr. Mike that the building would have to be remodeled
to come up to current PBI standards. He flat out told me that he didn't
have the money to do it. I told him I'd call Doc Chaim about it, and that
money would not be a problem, it wouldn't come out of Doc's pocket. He
then replied he couldn't afford to lose the billings that remodeling would
cause. I told him that Doc knew how to handle that, doing most of the work
at night and on weekends and such, and just to let Doc take care of things.
He seemed almost angry-puzzled, then looked at me sternly and stuttered out
a question.

"Eric, as you know, Peggy's leaving as of the end of the week. You and
Mary are replacing Marnie, but you're also bringing in your own patient
load. Peggy had been doing her and Marnie's caseload, almost all men, but
I haven't been able to find anyone to replace her. I thought that I'd have
gotten more than just you two responding. I do have an existing client
base, 95%+ male, that needs to be taken care of. You and Mary can't, you
have your own client base. Can I ask a favor? I know you're coming from a
much larger practice. Is there anyone whom you could persuade to leave
with you and come up?"

I thought quickly and furiously. I knew our better deal had been done.
Doc had made it so. But Dr. Mike hadn't broke it to us yet. Time to use
it as leverage.

"Maybe. But not for the kind of compensation package you're offering

"What is wrong with a 32.5/40 package?"

"Forty percent commission might be okay, but $32.5K base salary just
sucks; Mary should be at 50/50 just like my contract."

"Eric, don't break my balls, please. I do have a solid client base to
service. If I give Mary her 50/50, 'think you could persuade someone from
your practice to follow you to service my guy clients?"

"Yeah, but it'd have to be 40/50 minimum, plus at least a small compact
practice-furnished vehicle."

"Which no therapist ever had until you and Mary, I might add."

"And which you'll have to offer if you want me to bring someone with me
on such short notice."

"This person you have in mind, I assume you have someone in mind;
experienced?; nice looking?; someone the clients will come back to?"

"Yes, experienced; she was my therapy partner for the past two years, up
until very recently; she wants to go back to doing male-only therapy and
get out of child therapy, by the way; good looking?; she's a gorgeous blond with 40DD perfect stacked tits and very nice body; client repeatability?;
oh yeah, she's also very sweet, you don't have to worry about that. Emily
as a therapist is exactly what you're looking for."

"Will Dr. Nick scream at me and to Dr. Chaim if you bring her along?"

"I don't think so. Fuck Dr. Nick anyway. Something's going on with
him. It was time for me to leave. Getting back, as long you can guarantee
Emily a 40 hour week for billables."

"That shouldn't be a problem, since she'll be handling two caseloads at
first; if she gets too busy, there's someone in town besides Peggy who was
trained years back and has been nagging me for a job as a bodyworker."

"Why didn't she take one somewhere else, with another practice?"

"Because she's a native like me, and doesn't want to leave Maine, that's
why. I promised her I'd try to work her in, eventually."

"Why didn't you offer her this full-time job that Peggy's leaving is

He thought for a second before answering.

"Well, I don't know how to say this, she, she's a rather large woman,
and like it or not, when you have a male client base, you have to be at
least reasonably attractive. I was thinking I could let this Amy"

"Emily" I corrected.

"Let your Emily have the pick of clients for her 40 hours, I'll help her
determine which clients she should see, and then if any billable slots were
left open, I'll let Wanda have them."

Fucking sexist stupid pig. He evidently never bothered to read the
eyes-only discussion groups on the secured in-house PBI system. If he had,
he would know that many BBW therapists have built up huge male client bases
in many cases. Whatever. Stupid misogynist asshole, if he is my new boss.

"When did she go through the program?"

"Five or six years ago."

"I'll probably have to let you send her back to school then."

"But that would cost me money! Is there any other option, Eric?"

"Maybe Emily and Mary and I could work with her a bit, see how much of
it she's retained, but that time would be billable to the practice. It
might cheaper to send her back to school."

His face turned beet-red as he fumed over having to spend more money,
but he didn't get angry with me.

"Well, you and Mary and Emily working with her would probably be cheaper
than sending her back to school. We're getting off-track in any case. So
we're agreed now?"

I just raised my eyebrows in silent questioning.

"Doc and I will work out the remodeling of the office you say it needs;
you and Mary are on 50/50 compensation contracts, -provided- that you can
bring Emily up with you; agreed?"

I didn't tell him I already knew that Doc had twisted his arm until it
almost broke and had made him promise to give us 50/50 contracts plus
standard benes in any case. Being able to bring Emily up would just be a
bonus for me, since I still thought a lot of her, and still enjoyed
recreational after-hours sex with her, my love for Mary aside.

"As long as Emily gets her 40/50 contract, agreed."

"Agreed" as we shook hands and then he and Mary shook hands.

"Oh, one last thing. You know about the standard deal most
practitioners have with their surrogates?"

He was as transparent as cheap windowglass.

"Yeah. Like Dr. Nick had with Emily and a couple of other surrogates.
He'd see them once or twice a week as he pleased for a 'nooner' or two."

"And it was never billable time, correct?"

Ghhhheessss-us, didn't this guy ever read the management bulletins
issued out, or talk with Doc or other franchise holders?

"Correct. And you're asking?"

"Even though I know you and Mary are to be married, I still am going to
insist on some weekly time with her, and probably with this Emily, too. I
had a similar arrangement with both Peggy and Marnie"

This was one thing among many about the profession I hadn't had a chance
to tell Mary about. I looked at her to gauge her reaction. She was
non-plused by his expectation.

"It is your right, unless Mary has a problem with it. Emily will be
cool with it"

"No Eric, my Husband-to-be, I don't have a problem, unless you do."

"Nope, Honey, I don't. We are professional sex therapists, we have sex
with patients for our living, that's our job; 'servicing' Dr. Mike
wouldn't bother me, unless it bothers you" she shaking her head "no" in
silent reply.

"Done then. I would like a quick blow job before we leave, Mary."

Standing before her as she sat in the 60's vintage cheapo plastic tub
chair as the quiet mill of pedestrian traffic out on State Street passed by
the thin-curtained glass window-walls of the old office building, she
sucked him off quickly, he not lasting two minutes. She told me later if
that's all he wanted she was almost going to be disappointed. Before
finding PBI and becoming a bodyworker, she had only been with two guys.
During training she had fucked and sucked maybe two dozen guys total, but
was eager to have more men, and women too, as recreational sex partners
outside of therapeutic situations. I had never made my desire for other
adult women and children of both sexes a secret from her, so it's not like
she was saying something shocking to me.

Flying "home" the following day, Portland was now my home in reality, I
drove Mary around Raleigh and Cary some, showing her my old schools, my old hanging-out spots, things like that, taking her by the Krispy Kreme on
Person Street for some hot doughnuts right off the line, something she had
never had before and almost had an orgasm from upon first bite.

I also took her by to meet my parents, introducing her as my fiancee',
which she was.

One of the most stupid things I had ever done was "come out" to my
parents about my "real job" two or three years back, after I had been a
bodyworker for a while and knew I'd stay in it as a career. Up until then,
I had told them I was just a massage therapist which I had been until
becoming a bodyworker. My mother was horrified and my dad was disgusted
with me, calling me a male prostitute to my face. At least I had enough
sense not to mention that I worked mostly with children, they would have
freaked if they knew that, probably called the police on me, they still
thinking I worked mainly with adult women and a few men. It had only been
in the past few months that things had begun to ease up with them.

I introduced them to Mary as my fiancee', and they both took to

"So you're gonna make an honest man out of my slut of a son, now are
you, Mary?"

She looked sheepish and turned white before replying.

"I'm; I'm a polykinetic bodyworker, too, Mr. Woods."

Pop didn't change expression at all, neither did Mother.

"Well, that's just fine. What's the occasion? Blockhead here doesn't
come over much to see us unless there's something he needs to tell us."

Might as well get it out.

"Mom, Dad, I'm leaving Dr. Nick's practice in Raleigh, and Mary and I
are moving up to Maine to take over a practice there, in a town called
Portland, right on the coast, near the New Hampshire stateline."

They sat back down hard in their chairs in the living room in the modest
old millhouse I had grown up in on Maywood Avenue on the poor side of town
in Raleigh.

"Whatever you think is best for you, Son, you're a grown man now. You
gonna at least have us up for the wedding?"

"Of course, Mr. And Mrs. Woods, of course we will!" my Mary exclaimed
with glee as she reached for and held Mom's hand as she sat next to her.

"Well, good; I just want you to be happy, Son, that's all I've ever

"I am Dad, I am."

"Well, you two gonna stay for supper?"

"We'd love to, Mr. Woods" my dearest sweetly replied.

"Nothing fancy, just meat and potatoes"

"Anything will be fine"

"You know how to cook, Mary?"

"A little, not much, I'm afraid."

"Why don't you help Mama in the kitchen some? I need to talk with my
son in private."


A young guy about my age was in Dr. Nick's office, sitting across from
his desk, rising to meet me as I came in. Dr. Nick shook my hand and
wished me well as this non-introduced gentleman also shook my hand without
it being offered to him. I had gone his main office to pick up my last
check, not wanting or needing to see Dr. Nick, but he saw me out in the
reception area and waved for me to come in. Actually, it wasn't my last
check, just the current one. I'd be getting another check in a couple of
weeks, plus my bonus check at the end of the year.

"Eric, this is Chad Forestall; your replacement; I should say, Chad's
going to be running the 'new' practice in your, the new building."

"Good the meet you, Chad" I unapologetically sneered at him "how long
have been a bodyworking therapist?"

"Oh, I'm not a bodyworker, Eric; I have a MBA from Duke and a PhD in
economics from Oxford; I'm a professional manager, Eric, not a bodyworker."

"Have a seat, Eric, will you?"

This was a definitely oh-shit situation. But I owed Dr. Nick at least
five minutes.

"I have been recruiting Chad here ever since the move from Chatham
Street to Rex has been talked about, Eric. In hindsight, I should have
been more honest with you, told you that you weren't going to be in charge
and that I wanted to keep you on staff as my straw boss yes but mainly as a
therapist which is what I know you love, but you seemed so thrilled at the
prospect of running things. I know now that you weren't. That's why you
left me, wasn't it, so you could be with your patients still?"

I didn't know what to say. Fucking hell. Yep, if he had only been
honest. My feelings would have been hurt sure, but things would have been
different, maybe for the better, maybe not.

"Yes, Dr. Nick, if you had been more honest, it would have been better.
I don't know; I think I was ready for a change. Then Mary and I met and
fell madly in love just days ago, and now we're engaged."

"I know all about it. And I know that you've recruited Emily to go to
Portland with you; Dr. Josewic called me yesterday and he and I talked
about that, that and other things."

"You have a problem with Emily going with us?"

"No, not at all. She leaves with my blessings."

"What other things did you and Dr. Mike talk about?" I should have
never asked that, but I was curious.

"He wanted to know more about you, of course. I told him the truth;
that you were stubborn as a mule, always thought you were correct even when
you weren't, that you had to get your own way or you'd throw a childish
tantrum and pout for weeks afterwards, that your ego was so huge there
wasn't any room for anyone else's, things like that, things that precluded
you from ever becoming the new larger practice administrator. I also told
him that you were the best therapist, especially with adolescents and
pre-adolescents I had ever had the privilege to work with, that you were as
good a therapist as your reputation suggested, that within a small practice
your admin' skills would be fine, and that you cared about the health and
welfare of your patients above all else, which drove a lot of your
stubbornness and ego. I also told him that if things didn't work out with
him, that you would always have a home with me and my practice, as my
Senior Therapist, no problem."

I didn't know whether to slap him, hug him, beat the crap out of him, or
suck his cock right then and there in his office. I stood up from my
chair, looked him square in the eye and shook his hand firmly again with a
"thank you, Dr. Samiatakis, for all the support you've given me over the
years; I can never thank you enough."

Mary had been waiting in the reception area for me, and could see I was
deep in thought as we drove over to my old self-storage place to sort
through what junk I wanted to take with us.

"Anything wrong, Hon'?" she asked as I made my way down Western Blvd.
to the climate-controlled mini-warehouses.

"Nope, Dear, just thinking, that's all."

"'Bout what?"

" 'Bout our future together", she kissing me on the cheek as we pulled
into the parking lot of Climate Controlled Mini-Warehouse.

The boxes of my old clothes smelled musty and looked old. They could
stay, as could my old furniture and appliances that had been in
practice-paid storage for four years plus now. I fished some old boots
out, a couple of old jackets I thought I'd need for the Maine winters, plus
two or three boxes of old childhood momentos which I wanted to keep.
Signing out at the manager's office, I told them to get rid of what was
left in the cubicle. They said "no problem". Then by the old house, the
old 3-story house which had been my home for the past four years, to pick
up my last little bit of personal stuff as well as Emily, who was eager if
not ready to leave with us to start her new life as well.. I left the keys
locked in my company car for someone to retrieve later per prior
instructions, calling a cab to take us all to the airport. The airport,
then to Maine, and our new life together. Raleigh and Cary looked vaguely
unfamiliar if not strange as I looked out of the window of my window seat
as our plane banked a turn north towards Portland and the future.


Dr. Mike wasn't there to greet us as we landed at the airport in
Portland, but Peggy was, she waving excitedly on the other side of the gate
to us as we disembarked.

"Hi Eric, Mary, glad to see you!" we shooting her a look of puzzlement,
she replying to unasked questions "Dr. Josewic hired me back for thirty
days to be your personal assistant, to help you and Mary and"


"Emily here get adjusted to your new life. Anything you want or need,
ask, and I'll do my best to help you. Anything you need right now?"

"Pee first, then dinner? And dinner being paid for with our new company
credit cards, as promised?"

"I've got your cards right here in my purse, and I drove your new Jeep
Cherokee over to pick you up, hope you don't mind; oh, Emily, you'll be
getting your new vehicle sometime next week, a Honda Civic, correct"

"Uh-hu" she replied with weird warily look.

"I'm just so excited to be helping you guys!" our little miss Peggy
exclaimed as we made our way down the concourse to the baggage claim area
"I'm just so excited!"

Dinner at Maxie's Steakhouse down on a Front Street was excellent, as
was the view of the pier where the Scandinavian cruise ships based there on
Casco Bay Harbor were. Mary finished off a twenty ounce New York Strip
steak, salad, and three brandies which she ordered and wasn't carded for.
Peggy chatted on and on about her growing up in Portland, about all the
neat little things that she loved about it, about her past as a massage
therapist before becoming a bodyworker, shared gossip about Dr. Mike and
the three other therapists that she had worked with in her six years with
the practice now all gone, on and on as we three listened and acknowledged
but didn't say much back to her.

Our new home looked a little different. Curtains in it had been
replaced, which I hadn't complained to Doc about, the carpets had been
cleaned, and things just tidied up in general. Mary and mine's bedroom was
to be what would have been the Master Bedroom for the Victorian row house,
actually three of them combined together some decades back into one much
larger home, up on the second floor just off the stairwell. My office was
next to our bedroom, and in it was new computer desk and new computer atop
it, a coax cable running from it to a wall outlet and then up to a
broadband satellite hookup, Peggy said, which connected directly to the PBI
network hub in Roslyn Harbor, the satellite also supplying regular cable
programming to the house. Emily had her choice of rooms from there. She
picked the largest one up on the third floor, next to would have been, I
should say had been, Peggy's room for the past six years, and which was to
be for thirty days more. That left six empty bedrooms. Dr. Josewic
always had planned on growing his practice to that many, that's why there
six treatment rooms in the treatment building annex with room for a couple
more, but things never worked out that way.

"Your family of therapy models will be here in a week, they'll take two
of the other bedrooms. Did you want a separate bedroom for your therapy
model, Mary, Eric?"

Mary shot me a look of "what the hell is she talking about?"

Doc hadn't mentioned getting us a any therapy models, let alone a whole
family of them, let alone another therapy model for Mary and I. Of course
Mary knew what a therapy model was, she had met Josie, my nine-year-old
therapy model for Emily's and mine practice who also slept with us at
night, when she came down to Raleigh, but still didn't know all the details
and such.

"No, our therapy model will be sleeping with us, thanks."

"Sure. There's lots of extra bedrooms, should you change your mind."

Downstairs was the kitchen in the rear and the living room in the front,
actually a converted foyer area since original Victorian homes didn't have
living rooms as we know them. Plus, a smoking room slash "drawing room"
off the living room, and a very nice study complete with wall-to-wall
glass-door-fronted bookcases filled with old medical books and literary
books almost all bound in leather and bound collections of professional
magazines such as "The Journal Of Sexology" and "The SIECUS Journal". And
a new computer on an old oak desk "just in case you want to work here
instead of upstairs" Peggy mentioned an executive leather chair in front of

"Anyone for ice cream? The chest freezer out on the backporch is full
of all kinds, you name it!" Peggy continued her banter. She seemed so shy,
painfully so, on our earlier visit, and seemed so different, so confident
and buoyantly happy, now. Go figure.

"No, thanks, we're all tired, thanks; we'll head on to bed shortly" I
replied for the three of us as we trudged back up the stairs with out
suitcases in tow, Peggy helping lug the extras up as best she could.

"If any of you would like a little sex before bed, I'll oral you as you
please, let you come so you can sleep better, no problem."

We all looked at each other as we made our way to the top of the stairs
with "you've got to be fucking kidding us!" glances.

"That's okay, Peggy, we're all tired."

"Maybe tomorrow we all can have sex together? I've been looking forward
to it even since I met you."

"Maybe tomorrow, Peggy" Emily almost growingly intoned back at her as
she drug her suitcases up the stairwell further to the third floor, Peggy
following behind her lugging her other two.


The phone rang on my red phone, the phone which was supposed to be my
private line, on the nightstand beside our bed at 6AM the following
morning, Saturday. It was Dr. Mike, and he was trying to make a point.
Fuck him.

"Good morning, Eric, hope you slept well."

"Yes I did, Dr. Mike, very well; this mattress is great, this bed is
great" my eyes opening and focusing on the forward posts of our four-poster
Victorian bed.

"Good. Why don't you fix yourself some breakfast, and have you four met
me at the office in an hour, seven-ish?"

"Why. Why?" I very sleepily replied, Mary not having begun to awaken
yet, softly snoring beside me.

"There's some things we need to go over."

"Why can't you come here?"

"The therapy annex, one hour, Eric, all of you be there."

Peggy fixed us all eggs and bacon as we sat around the table in the
breakfast nook off of the main kitchen which was also off the main dining
room as sipped our coffee, trying to wake up. We all didn't like Dr.
Mike's authoritative style, not one little bit, but he was our boss now.

"Dr. Nick said I, we all could come back to Raleigh anytime we wanted."

"No way, Eric!" Emily groused.

"No fucking way, Dear!" Mary shot back.

"I'd hate for you guys to leave without trying to make things work out
first" Peggy sweetly interjected as she dished out soft scrambled eggs from
the pan onto our plates.

"Oh, we're just bellyaching, we're not going anywhere, Peg'."

"Good, Eric; good!" she replied in her best cheerleading voice.

There were several work trucks parked in the rear and out front of the
office when we finished our ten minute walk to it, arriving exactly at
seven per Dr. Mike's command. A plumbing truck, an electrician's truck, a
carpet guy, three trucks from a general contractor, a tile guy, you name

"I hope you know how much Dr. and Mrs. Chaim think of you, Eric" Dr.
Mike almost scolding me as he lead us through what amounted to the gutting
of and eventual reworking and rebuilding of the inside of the office
building, we having to wear hardhats because of all the activity taking

"Yeah, I do, Dr. Mike, I do know how much they think of me."

"They're paying for all this out of their own pocket. It's gonna cost
me two weeks billings."

"Yeah, all of a hundred dollars" I shot back angrily and sarcastically.

"There's no reason to be angry with me, Eric; you're getting what you
want; Doc Chaim designed this, and the work will be done by Monday of the
following week. It looks like you'll be getting a free week's vacation."

My mind raced.

"What about my patient caseload I was supposed to see this week?" my
main concern coming out,

"Doctor Chaim said he'd take care of all that. He's going to call you
around 10AM this morning and talk with you. You'll be given the complete
game plan then. This is what you wanted, wasn't it, Eric?"

"Uh; yeah, sure."

"Peggy will stay and handle the guy clients for the next week at an
office in my main office, so Emily won't have to take up that slack, unless
she wants to. Seriously, why don't you and Mary and Emily just take the
week off, drive up the coast, drive into New Hampshire or Vermont, just
take some days off, just be back by Sunday to start to work Monday. Doc
Chaim and you can work those other details out. Okay?" he asked over the
whine of circular saws cutting away at two by fours and ramset guns driving
anchor pins into concrete, the smell of fresh plaster coming from what was
to be the new wet room.

"Yeah, sure, fine, thank you, Dr. Mike, thank you!"

"You're welcomed!" he replied with unusual sincerity.

My friend, mentor, and yes I guess even father-figure, old Doc Chaim,
called me promptly on my red phone precisely at 10AM. Peggy was going over
her and Marnie's current caseload with Emily in my study next to my bedroom
up on the second floor. Mary was sitting with me on the couch holding my
hand as we watched some movie on HBO on the 54" TV, similar to the one we
had in Cary down in the living room on the first floor. Hearing the
distinctive "brring-brring-be-rrrnnggg!" bell on the red phone in my first
floor study, I darted off the couch to answer it, knowing it was probably

"Well, what do you think, Eric?"

"About what, Doc?"

He just guffawed laughing at me.

"About the price of freaking tea in china. What do you think I mean? I
mean about the remodeling of your therapy building, silly goose!"

"Oh, that; thanks so much for paying for it, Doc; I know Dr. Mike would
have never paid for it. And thanks for using your pull and getting it done
so quickly."

"Not a problem, my boy. What did you think of Peggy's blowjob last

"Hu? I mean, we, I was, too tired, we went to bed" sneaky SOB, he had
asked her to do that for us.

"You really should have her do you and Mary and Emily all, she's one of
the best cock-suckers and cunt-eaters ever, trust me on this."

"Uh, I will Doc, later. Dr. Mike said you have a bunch of stuff to go
over with me?"

"Yes, Eric. You downstairs? There should be pens and legal pads in the
upper right-hand drawer of your desk. Get a pad out and start making
notes, please."

First he told me that he was having a cellphone delivered by lunchtime
to me along with all accessories, and that from now on I wasn't to go to
the bathroom literally without having this cellphone with me. It was a PBI
special, one like certain government agencies use, one with a built-in
voice scrambler/encoder/decoder where no one could intercept our calls.
Mary and Emily would also be getting similar cellphones, and they had to
keep them in their respective purses at all times. "This BS of having you
out of contact with me when I need you is coming to an end, right now", he
knowing that I hated cellphones and pagers.

Next we talked about my patients that I should have been seeing next
week. He told me if I really wanted a caseload next week I could fly in to
Roslyn and do them from the main PBI complex, but he suggested I take the
week off and take it easy, that things would be fine without me working for
a week. I accepted his offer and advice graciously. He told me that he'd
handle rescheduling from his end, that I/we didn't have to do anything, and
this would be better for most of my patients anyway, having time to
reschedule their coming up, their relocating from temp quarters in Cary and
Raleigh, or them otherwise making it to their appointments. I understood
his logic.

Then came the new office building, or I should say the remodeling
thereof. No big issues there, except one room was specifically going to be
a double purpose one for photography and would be wired for medical
telemetry, so medical data could be taken of and from certain patients. "A
similar room had been built in to your new building near Rex" he explained
"I'll send you a packet of information about everything next week, and I'll
send someone from here in a couple of weeks to spend some time with you
explaining how all the instrumentation will work and what it's to be used
for. By the way, how do you like your new residence?"

"Just fine, Doc, though I do wish we had an elevator; going up and down
the stairs sometimes hurts my bad knee."

"I didn't even think of that! Sorry, Eric. If you're going to be gone
next week, I'll have to see about getting you at least a light duty
passenger elevator installed. No promises, there might not be room for it,
but I'll try."

"Hu? Gee, thanks Doc!"

Next came our therapy models. I was to be getting an entire family of
them to use as I saw fit within my practice, a family consisting of a
father, mother, and two daughters ages of 8 and 13. Plus I would also be
getting a boy of 8 that wasn't related to them. Doc knew I liked having a
young female therapy model for most of the time when a therapy model was
called for with pre-pubescent patients, and that I liked for her to sleep
with my therapy partner and I at night in our bed.

"Will that be a problem, Doc?"

"What do you think, Eric? Silly boy."

He went on to explain that they had been therapy models for a practice
out in Los Angeles for a couple of years, and just wanted out, just wanted
to find some place nicer.

"They'll all be settled in by the time you get back this coming Sunday."

My Sweetie sauntered in and stood beside me as my conversation with Doc
continued, Doc and I discussing the seeming hundreds of details about what
was to come and expected to come, my Sweetie kneeling before me and trying
to playfully get my cock out of my pants as I talked.

Our conversation finished as Mary started sucking my cock. I remembered
what Doc said about Peggy, about how an incredible oral-ler of both men and
women she was, and told Mary we should have her come down and do us and

"You think a stranger is going to suck and fuck my future husband in our
new house before I do? No way, Mr. Eric Woods, no way. Now gimme that

We went back into the living room and lay on the couch, she sucking me
hard then jumping on top to fuck me. I could feel her tampon inside, she
having started last night, but neither one of us cared. I grabbed her
boobs as she rode me, lightly slapping them as I had found out she liked.

Emily and Peggy came down the stairs to us fucking away.

"Well, it's about time!" Peggy gleefully cried as she came over to suck
on Mary's boobs and Emily joined as well, kissing me as my dearest friend
in the whole world other than my Mary and playing with Mary's cunt and my
cock as Mary fucked me.

"Doc told me that Peggy here is one the best cocksuckers and cunteaters
he's ever run across" I said to both my ladies and no one in particular
"let's see!"

Mary flipped off of me as I sat up, Peggy quickly stripping and assuming
the position kneeling before me. Doc wasn't kidding. She gave head like
her tongue was made of muscular but warm and soft and gooey marshmallows. I
tried to think of I had ever felt a tongue like that, had gotten head like
this, but couldn't think of anyone else off hand who had given me such a
warm fuzzy blowjob; a true talent! It was as nice was Doc promised. I
came in her mouth and she didn't lose a drop, my hard staying, that being
the result of four years of taking MascuStat male birth control pills.

Then she made her way over to Mary. Mary's eyes rolled to the back of
her head and she came again and again and again within a couple of minutes.
Leaving My Love in a puddle of cyprinne G-spot come strictly from her
tonguing of her mixed in with her menstrual fluid on the leather couch, she
then duck-waddled over to Emily and proceeded to give Emee an anal
tonguebath from hell, Emee grabbing Peggy's hair and forcing her even
harder into her bottom, crying out "suck my ass dammit, suck my ass!" as
Mary and I cuddled next to them inches away from a scene which would give a
jaded sex surrogate like me an even more raging hard-on, which it did.

Finishing up with Emee, Peggy made her way over back to me with a "Doc
also told me about you, Eric; he says you're one of the absolute best
straight fucks any woman can ever have; Mary, if you don't mind"

"I don't mind, Peggy, not after that head you just gave me!" she teased.

"I want your fiancee' to stick that hard-on in my pussy and fuck me
until he makes me beg him to stop!"

No problem! Having her kneel on the couch, I just shoved it in sans
foreplay, she being wet as hell from giving head to all of us and obviously
enjoying it as much as we did, as Mary and Emily played with her some to
help keep her hot. I gave her my best shot for an hour and then my knees,
especially my bad knee, started to hurt a little from all the kneeling, so
I simply pulled it out and immediately shoved it into her ass, grabbing her
plump but not too-plump rounded asscheeks and just driving it home, she
having an orgasm so strong it made her whole body shudder with delight, she
screaming then crying into the sofa as her face lay flat her ass high on

"You are the absolute best, Eric, just like Doc Chaim told me you would

Getting up and coming back with a wet washcloth and some towels, Peggy
kissed me on the lips whispering "thank you!" to me once more as Mary and
Emee began playing with each other next to me. Emily took one of the
towels and slid it under Mary's butt and fished her tampon out and just
clamped down on my fiancee's bleeding pussy.

"I'm not as good as Peggy here" she half-jokingly apologized to Mary.

"No one is as good as Peggy is, Emily."

"But I -am- pretty good; enjoy, my friend."

I knew that Emily enjoyed period sex with other women, both giving and

Peggy played with my cock as we sat beside each other and watched. She
looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back, she flipping around to sit in
my lap, my cock easing inside her once again. Her pussy wasn't bad,
either. We just rocked and rolled for a few minutes before Emily gave Mary
a couple of nice little orgasms, then moved over to us, her face still red from Mary's period blood.

Peggy spreading her legs as she straddled me, facing away from me as we
sat on the couch, Emily began licking Peggy and me as we fucked and My Love
looked on, smiling at us. Mary leaned over and kissed me as Peggy fucked
me and Emily licked us. Ahhhh, perfect. This was the life. This is my
life. Perfect. No man could ask for more.


The three of us, Mary Emily and I, left for our mini-vacation the
following morning. Emily was thinking aloud about coming back early, maybe
Thursday or Friday, and Me Love and I would wait until Saturday or Sunday
to come back home. Yes, "home". Raleigh was becoming a distant memory
more and more each day, and Portland was becoming home.

We made our way up the coast of Maine slow and easy. "The girls" spent
almost two thousand dollars of my money, ahhemm, "our" money at all the
outlet stores in Freeport, at Saks 5th Ave., at Bloomingdale's, at Hermes,
you name it, each big-name retailer had an outlet shop in Freeport, and my
girls spent some of my money in almost all of them. Which took two days of
looking and buying! That was okay, we were on vacation, and they didn't go
apeshit crazy, even though they knew I had money in the bank and didn't
care if they spent it. Just mostly shoes and handbags and few tops and

At night, we three made soft, easy love. Emily and I having been
therapy partners for two years plus during the day and lovers by night knew
each other much more well than Mary and I did, but Mary was okay with that
and understood, she and I having known each other less than a month at that
point. And every night, Emee gave my Mary at least an hour or two of head,
sucking her bleeding cunt for all she was worth, Mary being surprised about
how much her period turned Emily on.

In Johnstown, we found a little old leather shop with lots of equestrian
stuff including the nicest little thin leather buggy whip you've ever seen.
Mary asked if I'd buy it for her. I said yes, but only if she wanted me to
use it on her. She just grinned. And use it for the rest of the trip we
did, her rump staying nicely lightly welted and red from our "workouts".
We knew she couldn't have welts on her rump during therapy with patients,
so we promised ourselves to quite using it on Friday.

We made our way up the coast to Calais at the US/Canadian border, then
scooted over to St. Stephen's just across the line just say I could say I
had been to Canada.

Making our way back down the coast on Saturday, sometimes getting on
I-95 to save time sometimes getting back on old US 1 for the scenery, we
saw a sign on US 1 that read "Booth Bay / Historic Booth Bay Lighthouse /
Next Left", so we took it and were rewarded by a spectacular sight, a short
(as compared to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina) but pretty
lighthouse at the end of a ¼ mile long or long and narrow rocky peninsula.
At the end of it, at the base of the lighthouse, a couple of families were
picnicking. Mary and I looked at each other and read each other's minds.

"This is where I want to marry you, Miss Fiason-Hewitt."

"This is where I want to marry you, Mr. Woods."

"This is where I want the two of you to marry me!" Emily quipped, only
half-joking I believe.


We spent the night in Ambrose Port about an hour away from Portland,
arriving home around 8AM on Sunday morning. Making our way first to the
half-bath adjacent to the living room on the first floor, we then went to
the kitchen to find Peggy busily fixing a large breakfast and our therapy
model family seated at the dining room table in the dining room off the
main kitchen, The Goulds, Mr. and Mrs. David and Janice Gould and their
two daughters Gail the oldest at 13 and "JB" the youngest at age 8. Also
seated was Master Skipper (yes, his real name!) LeRoy, our 8-year-old male
therapy model.

The Gould family all got up to give us three warm hugs and polite
introductions. Master Skipper also got up to hug us, but seemed a little

"Mr. Woods" the father, David, began.

"Eric, call me Eric, please; and this is my fiancee' and therapy partner
Mary, and my long-time previous partner and associate Emily."

"Eric, Emily, Mary, it's so good to be here; we've heard so much about
you, Mr. Woods"


"Eric, that we consider this to be such a genuine honor that you've
chosen us to be your therapy model family."

"Actually, Dr. Chaim choose you for me, but I trust his judgment

Looking a little puzzled and even taken back a little for a moment,
David, Mr. Gould continued "In any case, we're so thrilled to be here. I
know we'll serve you well in our capacities. Like you, our primary concern
is always the welfare of your patients. I assume that you'd like to see me
and Janice in private and do a kinetic check?"

"Yes, but we're starved, we just got back from our vacation, and if I
eat one more lobster roll I think I'm going to become a freak-king lobster,
but we haven't eaten breakfast yet, and Peggy here is proving herself to be
a great cook among being excellent at many other things" Peggy just taking
a half-bow in half-mocking-jest, we all politely laughing softly in

Over breakfast, The Goulds told us about how they were recruited to be a
family of resident therapy bodyworking models. About five years ago,
Janice had a bout of severe vaginismus and vulvadinia, a bout so severe
that it threatened their marriage. A homeopathic physician cured her
vulvadinia, and for her vaginismus recommended a psychiatrist friend of his
whom he knew had a bodyworking adjunct practice. It took six long months,
including use of both male and female therapy models in addition to male
and female therapists, for her to get over her reflexive spasmodic
vaginismus, but once she was cured, "she became a totally new person"
according to her husband Dave. At that point, some weeks later, Janice
approached her hubby about them offering themselves as therapy models to
the same practice that cured her. Dave wasn't sure about it, but
eventually consented. After a couple of months on the payroll, they
eventually approached the practice about having their kids also become
therapy models, too. Their chief referring psychiatrist then sent the
entire family to a weekend "tryout" for lack of a better term, I as part of
my duties as a Senior Therapist normally doing several such "tryouts" and
"conditionings" of potential therapy models per month, and to make a long
story short, they "passed", and became a resident family of therapy models
at another larger practice in the LA metro area.

I told them a bit about me, but they already a lot, having been given my
short bio through the PBI system. With things happening so crazy the past
couple of weeks, their bios hadn't had a chance to catch up with me. Hell,
until I saw them in my dining room just that morning, I wouldn't have known
them if they'd bitten me on my ankles. Doc does know how to choose well
for me, he always has.

They had also seen Mary's very short bio, being impressed by her two
degrees from Yale as everyone else usually is too, and had read Emily's as
well, they asking her questions about her two years as my therapy partner,
especially concerning my use of pre-adolescent therapy models used with
pre-ad' patients, their children not paying us adults much mind.

"I know that you concentrate on pre-pubescent patients, and use models
of the same age range typically, Eric; do you think you'll have many slots
for Gail to participate in?" her mother asked.

"I'm not sure, Janice, but considering how pretty and nicely formed Gail
is for her age, maybe Emily could use her some with her predominately older male clientele base from time to time."

"That would be nice of you, her, Eric."

Breakfast finished up quietly as Peggy began moving dishes off the
table. It was a true godsend having her as our personal assistant. I
caught her in the kitchen and asked her if she had ever done a kinetic
response check of a therapy model before. She replied in all her years
with Dr. Mike, Dr. Mike had always been too damn cheap to let her or any
other therapist use a therapy model, even when was clearly called for by
Dr. Mike's own diagnosis, and the patient would have paid for it. I told
her that Emily and I were going to do kinetic response checks on the Goulds
shortly, and I'd like for her to sit in and watch and learn. She kissed me
on the cheek to thank me.

Up in a spare bedroom, we did the parents, David and Janice, first.
They had been through this before and I wasn't concerned they'd show any
negative reactions. Just routine for all us, except for Mary and Peggy.

Emily and I sat on the edge of the bed and had them strip before us,
Peggy and Mary watching the proceedings from the end of the room as they
sat in some old carved wingback chairs on either side of the dresser. They
each then did quarter and eighth turns a couple of rotations, so we could
clearly observe their bodies, looking for anything that concerned on
interested us They then turned away from us, bent over, and spread their
asscheeks to each of us in turn. As they did, Emily and I slipped on latex
gloves. Not as a universal safe sex precaution, everyone present being so
thoroughly checked for all diseases that it was a moot concern, but as a
way of saving some time, saving clean-up time as such. I examined Janice's
anal cavity as she bent forward away me, grabbing her knees as she stood,
as Emee did the same to David; then we switched. When you're a
professional bodyworker or therapy model that is used by them, there is no
such thing as homophobia by either gender.

Having our models turn around, we stood before them and groped them all
over, from head literally to toe, watching to see even the most minor tells
on uncomfortability on their parts, tells such as an involuntary muscle
shake somewhere, a quick cough, an unexpected giggle, things like that.
Things which in a therapy situation with a live patient could break the
momentum of a therapeutic action series and potentially hurt the recovery
of our patient. Things which can't be tolerated in a clinical sexual
therapy setting.

After a full-body grope, they lay down on the bed. As I sucked David
hard, Emee gave Janice some head and then frigged her pussy and then her
asshole again with a lubed latex gloved hand, just enough for both again to
check reactions, then I rolled a condom on my cock (again, primarily to
save clean-up time), lubed it up a bit, and having David draw his legs up
some as he got on all fours, entered his ass for just a few strokes. I
could tell he enjoyed everything for their own sakes. Then I had David do
the same to me, in the same sequence, as Janice reversed roles with Emily,
Emee and I both watching each other's respective partners as well as our
own for those tell-tale-tells.

Then we switched. I gave Janice head, frigged her pussy and ass, then
fucked both, then had her give me head with her juices still fresh on me.
Emee gave David head, had him give her head, had him fuck her pussy and ass
and then pussy again (switching condoms between times, of course), then
suck her pussy once more, then kissing him hard on the lips to share their
juices. We then had them do a couple of standard position fucks with each
other. No problems. They passed.

"Peggy, Mary, would you like to do anything with them before they get
dressed? I asked, they shaking their heads "no".

The girls, their daughters, were next. Every therapist does kinetic
body checks a little different with different models and ages of models,
and I'm no different.

Having them strip, we did our full-body gropes, then had them jump on
the bed with us. With blood sisters especially, you need to check their
responses with and for each other, since they might be used together in a
given situation. I had the older one, Gail, give her younger sibling, JB,
some easy head, then had them switch, then do a sixty-nine with each other,
as best they could, considering Gail was almost a full foot taller than her
sister. Emily took JayBee to one side of the bed and I took Gail to the
other. Emily had JB suck her tits, pussy, and then asshole as well, JB
seemingly relishing it all, then Emee did her in turn as well. I had Gail
suck me harder and then crawled on top of her, trying to crowd "her space"
as much as I could, getting my hot breath in her face to honestly try to
push her limits if she had any a little. If she was in a therapy session
and the therapist had a male patient do the same to her, she had to be able
to take not just sexual but intimate closeness. sucking her neck and then
her earlobe, she moaned slightly, not tensing up at all as we fucked, her
smallish but pert young breasts being flattened into my chest by my weight
atop her. She flipping to all fours, I assfucked her just enough to make
sure she was comfortable with a grown man doing that to her. Then Emee and
I switched partners.

With Peggy and Mary watching intently from the foot of the room, Emee
put Gail through her paces, insisting Gail shove her tongue up her ass for
a bit, as JB (for "Joosteema Beulah", no wonder everyone calls her "JB"!)
and I did our thing. The main thing with pre-pubescent female therapy
models is to check for oral, anal, and vaginal capacities regarding adult
male organs. She didn't have any trouble taking my cock to about 3" deep
insider her mouth, enough. Her vagina was surprisingly tight even for her
age, considering the number of adult male patients she had been used with,
I thought the barrel of it would have reflexed open more by all her prior
activity, but apparently not; I couldn't get but a little more than half my
length inside her, no matter how much lube I used or what position I put
her in. Her anus, on the other hand, took my length to its fullness,
something not really surprising, since anal passages even in young girls are usually long enough to be able to do that. She almost purred as I
slowly assfucked her.

:"Peggy, Mary, care to play with our models some?"

I didn't have to ask. Both were already nude and standing beside the
bed before I looked down to the end of the room and they weren't there,
being beside us instead. Jumping on the bed with us, they both began a
freeplay time with the girls. Emee and I backed off a little, watching.
Mary in particular was fascinated with JB. I knew Mary had been exposed
therapeutically to young girls during her training, so this wasn't anything
new for her. Mary's right hand and fingers slowly played with JB's bare
pussy, two fingers working inside her, Mary enjoying it as much as JB was,
as JB sucked on Mary's closest bare breast. Peggy was going down on Gail
in the meantime, Gail literally grabbing the sheets clenching both fists
tight from passion as Peggy did her oral magic on her, Gail also clenching
her teeth and trying to keep from crying out in excess passion, clearly
thinking this was part of her kinetic check (it wasn't, it was freeplay)
and that she shouldn't show much if any response to Peggy's clearly
superior cunnilingus.

"Go ahead and enjoy it, Gail, Peggy is that good, we all know it" I
stage whispered to her, Gail bursting out with an genuine
"aaarrrggghhhh!!!!" as she came two or three times within seconds of each
other, Peggy smiling as her young minion went limp underneath her.

Master Skipper LeRoy was different, as are all pre-pubescent or even
post-adolescent male therapy models. I don't care what anyone else tells
you, I've been with hundreds of young boys as therapy patients and many as
therapy patients, and even if they're seemingly completely comfortable in
most situations, they are -very- different from therapy model girls of the
same age, and you have to treat them different, kinetically check them

We had him do the usual stand and rotate for us, as was the usual
groping of him as he stood. Then Emee bade him up on the bed, and I backed
off for a few minutes. She sucked him, had him give her head, had him play
with her boobs as he wished, had him play with her pussy as he wished,
seemingly giving -him- control over a lot if not most of the situation.
That's the difference. With girls, an adult, male or female, can pretty
much take and assume control of the situation; in fact, if you don't, they
won't respond as needed to a kinetic check. But with young boys, you must
present at least the illusion of some choice and control. sucking his
little cock until it reached its 3" to 4" length, she lay flat and had him
enter her, he clearly enjoying that. Then, before he could have his
pre-pub' come (yes, a child, any child, regardless of age, can and often do
have orgasms, sometimes fluid-emitting, often not), nodded for me to come
over. I still hadn't read his bio fully so I had to wing it.

"Hi, Skipper."

"Hi Eric."

"Have you been through a kinetic bodycheck before?"

"Yeah, a couple of times."

"Have you been with many adult males during therapy sessions?" I
continued as my hand lazily found his still erect cock as we sat
cross-legged on the bed from each other.

"Uh, yeah; it's in my file; I don't know how many, but yeah, lots."

"Anything about being with a man that you don't like or are afraid of?"

"Aahhh, no, not really, not unless he has a really, really big one,

"Let's begin, shall we?"

First I lay back and had him masturbate me, to check on his technique.
Contrary to fantasy speculation, a lot of times with an adult male patient
or couple all that's required of a boy therapy model is some sexual
touching and usually a little oral giving. His eight-year-old hands were
practiced, and worked by cock expertly. I just lay back for a moment and
enjoyed it. Mary slid beside me to watch the proceedings more closely, but
didn't interfere with my kinetic check of young Skipper.

Then I had him suck me, which he did pretty well. Mary seemed
fascinated by this too, watching his smallish mouth take my fairly large
member as deeply as he could. Peggy having sat back down at the foot of
the bed also watched with interest.

Nudging him off me, I lay beside him and took his member in my mouth.
Mary looked like she wanted to join me, but didn't, knowing this was
business with him, not personal. Personal could and would come later. He
responded well to my mouth, appropriately. Then slipping a latex finger
cot on his dick, a standard condom of course being way too big, I got on
all four and had him enter me for a couple of minutes, then he taking my
place and I entering him, his anus blossoming open well and easy to the
touch of my cock. Then it was over, but not before both Mary and Peggy got
a taste of his young cock, and both let him play with their boobs and
pussies some as he wished. Ah, what a life, what life.


I found the Goulds in their bedroom. They had chosen one for themselves
upstairs on the third floor where Peggy's and Emily's was . That left only
one spare bedroom free on the third floor.

"The girls have chosen one across the hall from you. By your file, we
saw where you'd probably want JB as your primary model and also a sleeping
partner for you and Mary."

"Is that okay with you folks?"

"Of course it is, Eric; we are a 'model family', pardon the pun" David
replied "with their room right across the hall from yours, JB can just dart
over and see her sister as she likes, they are very close as sisters."

"Yes, that's obvious" Mary replied as we sat down in a couple of old ladderback chairs near the vanity across from the bed in their room as they
sat on the edge of their bed.

"How is Skipper related to you?"

David shot me an unintended look that yelled "haven't you read our damn
files yet?!?"

"He's not. He was assigned to us shortly after we became a therapy
model family, and has been with us ever since. He's an orphan, doesn't
have any living relatives at all. He's become almost like a son to us.
We've even talked about adopting him, maybe sometime soon in the future.
Oh, while we enjoy doing recreational with our girls and often do so,
Janice and I both prefer Skipper, he's usually our sleeping partner. Of
course, anytime you and Mary wish him as a sleeping partner for yourselves,
we are all at your disposal, including Skipper."

Yeah, like I didn't know that, but I didn't want to be rude or call
obvious dibs.

"Oh, Mary and I will enjoy Skipper occasionally, but as you know I
prefer younger ladies as our third, though the longer I stay as a therapist
the more I've learned to enjoy young boys as well."

"As it should be" Janice replied with unusual thoughtfulness and

"Well, we don't mean to be rude, but we're just back from vacation and
have already had to start working on this Sunday, and have got a ton of
catching up to do before we all begin tomorrow; Peggy usually let's
everyone grab their own lunch, but feel free to ask her if you'd like
something special fixed; she's her as your assistant as well as ours, and
she gives the very best head, by the way, to both sexes."

"We found that out last week!" Janice smiled.

"Mary and I will be in the study next to our bedroom if you need us;
we're looking forward to working with you; ciao!"

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We opened the door between our bedroom
and the office next to it, just in case anyone stuck their head in looking
for us, and began slogging through all the paperwork. Then I heard my
cellphone faintly beep. Damn! I had left it in the kitchen, and just knew
it was Doc calling. Racing to our brand-new courtesy of Doc recently
installed while we were on vacation small but functional elevator, the damn
thing was on the first floor and I couldn't wait the sixty seconds for it
to come up, I flew down the stairs and grabbed the phone off the table. It
was Doc, and I had answered after over twenty or more rings.

"I should scold you, Eric, I told you to keep the phone with you at all
times, but I won't; just do better, keep it closer to you; busy now?"

"Nope, just got through kinetically checking the Goulds and Skipper."

"Everything fine?"

"Sure, they're excellent; you always do know exactly what I need, Doc."

"Couple of things, my boy. Have you been by the office yet, and have
you reviewed your patient files yet?"

"No, and no."

"You need to do both today, ASAP."

"I know, I will."

"I think you'll love your new office. Peggy, by the way, is going to be
your new office assistant there as well. The old receptionist will still
be there, but Peggy is to be your and Mary's constant companion, constantly
present assistant 24 hours a day. You okay with that?"

"Sure Doc. She's very nice, not at all what she seemed like the first
time we met her, not shy or reserved at all."

"Feel free to use her as a therapist or therapy model too, Eric, if you
think you need to, though with the Goulds, with Janice and the girls . . .

"I know. What about my patients?"

"All but two of your regular ones will be able to make the transfer up
to Portland. You'll see my notes to you in a letter to you in the files I
sent, and I've also sent you a copy of it in email."

"Email? Shit, Doc, I haven't checked my email in a week, sorry!"

"It's okay, I told you to go on that vacation, remember?"

"What about Emily?"

"Well, all that's in my notes to you too. As you know, she's taking
over the adult male section of the practice from Peggy and from
whats-her-name that left; please review her files closely too, Eric; keep
in mind she's been working with kids with you for the past two years and
even though she wants this transfer to the adult male clientele, she'll
need your support."

"She's a close friend as well as colleague, Doc, you know I'll be there
for her."

"I know. How's everything else, excited about this new life you're
creating for you and Mary?"

"You know I am. Mary and I found the perfect spot to be married, found
where want to be married at, a lighthouse on a spit of land up the coast;
you -are- coming to my wedding, aren't you, Doc?"

"Eric. Eric." he took several deep breaths then exhaled what he wanted
to say "you're like a son to me, more than you know. Of course I'll be

Stunned silence on my part. He called me his "son". Damn. I knew he
felt close to me, liked me, but damn, damn, damn, damn. I took a few deep
breaths of my own.

"You're like a second Dad to me too, Doc. I feel closer to you than I
do my own Dad."

"That probably because I fucked you in the ass during your training
literally under me, my boy!" Doc joked, we both laughing from tension

Then silence for a couple of moments before I broke it.

"Well, I do have a long day, need to get to these files and go see the
new place. Talk to you soon!"

My head was swimming from what Doc just told me, swimming in nice ways.
I still didn't know what to make of it. I took the elevator back upstairs
and grabbed the Jeep Cherokee keys and pulled at Mary to come with me as I
pressed the buttons on the new intercom system to find out where Peggy was
at, she being in the basement fiddling with something with the boiler.
"Meet me downstairs in a couple of minutes, please" she asking but I not
telling her what I wanted. Hell, -I- didn't know what I wanted.

Throwing her the keys, I told her I just wanted her to drive us around
Portland some and show us some more of her neat places.

She drove us around, she in the front seat me and my love in the back,
for about an hour, pointing out this place and that place as a guide on a
tour bus would. Then she stopped and asked us to get out and follow her.
The signs on this side street near our house clearly said "No Parking" but
she didn't care. She almost skipped skipping steps ahead of us as she lead
us into what looked like a large vacant lot between two 1920's era old tract houses, a vacant lot with a sturdy wrought iron fence around it and
several "No Trespassing" signs wired to it, and an old wrought iron park
bench at the back of it. I didn't want to get in trouble, but she replied
with her now customary aplomb that "she knew the owner, so we wouldn't get
in trouble."

The park bench at the back faced away from the road, and I couldn't
figure out why at first, not until we walked up to it, at the back edge of
the empty lot, and saw the most spectacular overview of Portland possible,
including a view to the right of the marshy part of the small yacht basin
that we had a view of from our house. Truly spectacular view, if it was of
downtown mostly. Still, with the sea and marsh to the right and the hear
of the city to its left, a great view. Mary and I sat down on the bench
and cuddled close in the creeping fall chill (Jes', it does get colder
quicker in Maine than in North Carolina!), Peggy sitting and cuddling close
to me on my opposite side. I didn't mind. Neither one pried and asked me
what was wrong, why I just wanted to get out and see the city a bit. Good
thing, too, because I wouldn't told them.

"I just love this view!" I pronounce to no one in particular, no one in
particular answering me back, either. Just blissful, peaceful, happy
silence between my love of my life, me, and our new friend. We soaked the
view up for a good half hour before my stomach rumbled loudly and broke the
mood, both of my girls laughing at me when it did.

Back in the Jeep, Peg took us to a pizza place near the office where
acting as our assistant had set up an account that billed the practice, one
of several she had done so at places near the office, most of whom also
delivered. Mary got a small garbage pizza and Peg and I shared a large
sausage and Canadian bacon with extra cheese one. And the sweet tea was
perfect, the best iced tea I'd had outside of North Carolina. "C'mon, you
two procrastinators, time for your orientation!" Peggy sweetly ordered as
she hustled us out the door and to the Jeep, driving us the few blocks over
to our newly remodeled office.

Fishing a badge on a strap from an envelope dug out from under the front
seat, she similarly gave us similar photo ID badges like our old ones we
used to have at the old place, standard ones like all PBI-trained
therapists are issued. The new ones read "Dr. Josewic & Associates,
Portland, ME" and then our names and titles. My title read "Operations
Manager / Senior Therapist". Cool.

She also handed us the keys to the Jeep, showing us which other key on
the ring was for the front door, back door, emergency side door exit, etc.
After turning both keyed locks at the front door, one had just ten seconds
to flash their badge in front of an optical card reader three paces to the
left of the door, that or all hell would break loose. She explained all
the details about the security system, which was as tight as the damn
Pentagon. Nice.


The place itself I didn't recognize. A now much smaller waiting area
that had chairs and couches for about ten to twelve people, but all new
furniture, real solid wood stuff. The windows around the building all had
been replaced by taller, narrower ones with triple pane glass, and I could
clearly see the security wire between the panes. And the windows had both
vertical blinds and real, new drapes made from thick imprinted fabric! Doc
did have good taste. The reception area was kind of between an "L" and "U"
shape, with two doors leading apparently to two different corridors. "One
side is for adults, and one side is for child patients" Peggy explained as
if she needed to, the basic design being similar to our old one at the old Chatham Street place, the thick glass window at the receptionist alcove
being at a "L" to be able to see both the front door and the reception

Flashing her badge at another card reader at the left side door, the
door automatically opened. Down the hall the first room was a framed but
doorless playroom area for small children filled with pre-age-8 or so toys
and then a smaller area within with a door with a mostly glass front with a
non-locking lock on it and a TV, Ninetendo, Sony Playstation, computer, and
many other electronic toys for older kids inside, a place where they could
escape any noisy younger neighbors while waiting. Across from that was an
open small break room area with a coin-less Coke machine, a frig, a
microwave, and a wire rack similar to what was used in therapy room filled
with all kinds of snacks. To the side of the breakroom was a unisex
bathroom with two toilets inside stalls, a male urinal, two lavatories and
a small shower. Across from the eight foot wide or so hall next to the
kids playroom was a door marked "Private" with a card reader next to it.
Peggy flashed it and it opened Sesame.

Inside, immediately to the right of that in a narrow foyer was another
door with another card reader, which lead to the receptionist' desk and
area, where all the old paper files were also kept as well. A security
monitor rotated images of three views of the reception area, one image each
of each hallway, and then a series of images from angles outside the
building, both facing it and facing away from it. In the wake of 9/11 and
the feverance of the New Puritanism too, Doc wasn't taking any chances.
Back out in the tiny foyer, Peggy flashed the card reader and the other
woodstained unmarked door opened up, she looking at Mary with a sheepish
"I'm sorry, Hon', but you'll have to wait out here." I gave Peggy a very
stern, almost angry look.

"I'm; I'm sorry Eric, but you know the rules, you know what Doc says;
only you and your assistant are supposed to have access to your office."

I thought for a moment, calming down, before replying."

"I like you a lot, Peggy, and you're great as my assistant, but I'm in
charge, and if I want my future wife to have access to my private office,
she -will- have access, or I will call Doc right now; I'm in charge, not
you, understand?" she looking almost fearful as I motioned Mary to follow
me in.

Inside was pretty much what I expected. A nice desk, a nice standard
computer networked to the PBI system with a separate card reader that
allowed access to it, and a to the right of that a bank of several color
monitors that flashed all the images from the security cameras that were
also piped to the receptionist, yes, but also another series of a small
wall of monitors that showed at least three rotating angles in each therapy
room plus the other treatment rooms plus full audio for each.

"This, Mary, is what you weren't supposed to see, what is kept secret
from every therapist unless and until they're made a manager, that as
manager or senior therapist you can sit back in your office and monitor
every single thing that goes in every single therapy room. It's for the
legal protection of the practice, yourself, PBI, and the whole of the
bodywork politic. I thought you have a right to know, as my wife. Peggy,
Mary will have access before tomorrow, or I will formally reprimand you;
understand?" she nodding her head yes. Then it also hit me; there was no
security measures at the house, so I asked Peg about the lack of them, and
she replied that there were going to be installed hopefully next week, that
until I came along such security measure weren't needed, gently poking me
in the ribs as we made our way down the hall.

Along the far wall, four therapy rooms, mine being directly across from
my office, each marked in turn "Therapy Room #1" and then #2, etc.. My
treatment room did have the small luxuries of a full bathroom with
full-sized tub and shower whereas the other treatment rooms only had
half-baths and small self-contained kitchenetee area within the small
"parlor" area as we liked to call it where patients were counseled prior to
going back to the exam and then treatment areas, but other than those two
items was identical to the rest of them.

A gap of wall space down the hall from my office, some acoustical
"privacy space" I assumed, then, in order, the "wetroom" which consisted of
what amounts to a large open bathroom with stark white hospital-style tile
floor to ceiling literally and three commodes just out in the open next to
each other and a bidet along the same wall, plus two open showers with
multiple heads at different levels, a physical therapy hydro tub beside
them, and a large tiled alcove space with different height seats built in
to the sides and a couple of garden hoses and small fire hoses inside of
cabinets to the side-front of the space; then the BDSM room, kind of small
and not many accouterments such as whips and canes and paddles and such and
no St. Andrew's Cross, just a couple of paddling benches plus a tilting
rack and some large iron eyes and hooks bolted in various places into the
walls and ceilings; then the "group room", a large open airy space with a
large skylight letting in sunlight from the flat roof above and lots of
pillows with stain-proof covers and what we funnily called "fuckmats"
something akin to foam-filled vinyl-covered exercise mats piled atop one
another all over the floor, also a 60" tv with VCR and DVD and nice stereo
beside it and another small self-contained kitchenette along one wall, the
"group room" being used for what it sounds like, i.e. women's masturbation
classes, large group therapy sessions, things like that. Then I noticed a
rack of built-in and freestanding medical instruments discretely hidden behind some folding screens, and along the top of the ten-foot high walls
some seamless rolling-up-down backdrops like photographers use. Doc had
designed the room for triple-duty as the group, photography, and telemetry
room . Smart.

At the end of the hall, a cardless double door lead to the storage area
where the usual racks of towels, linens, gowns, gloves, Kotex, Tampax,
Always, bottles of lube, boxes of condoms and enemas and douches and their
ilk were stored. Walking past another set of double doors with crash bars
and "Emergency Exit Only" warnings on it middle way of the back side of the
back wall, Peggy explaining that while Doc somehow had rushed all this
through Portland City Inspections without a real set of approved plans,
that fire marshall had insisted on taking the card readers off the doors to
the storage room and cutting in this emergency door or he wouldn't give Dr.
Mike/Doc Chaim their/our occupancy permit to open so quickly in time.
Another cardless door on the opposite side lead to the other hall, where
the adult therapist rooms were, all along the outside of the hall next to
exterior wall, a couple of small rooms for the janitor and some of the HVAC
equipment and a telephone and communications closet being the only doors
along the inside hall, then back out to the waiting room. Nice, very nice.


"Pleased, Boss?" Peggy shot at me with that "boss" shit as a non-insult

"Yes, Peggy, Boss is pleased" I murmured as I pulled Mary to me and we
walked the few steps out the door to the street and to the Jeep and home.
It was almost three o'clock and I still hadn't cracked my files.

The damn cell phone beeped me. Thank God I remembered to take it with
me. Of course it was Doc.

"Eric, have you looked over your schedule yet?"

"No, Doc, Peggy and Mary and I went out for a while, got some pizza, Peg
got us orientated to the new office, thanks again for everything by the way
I really love it, and we are just now leaving to go home."

"Well, I'm glad you liked it, I thought you would. Anyway, I have solid
booked for next week, solid from 8 to 5, existing patients only, next week
you can start setting your own schedules again, but I have a favor to ask
of you."

"Uh-hu?" I lazily replied.

"I have an emergency case I need you to squeeze in for me, if you think
you can. If you say yes, I'll fly them in tonight. Oh, this in the
briefings you haven't read yet, all patients unless otherwise we notify you
by the main office will be staying the Parkstone downtown, which is
normally only a five minute drive from the office, and the hotel shuttle
will normally be able to bring them and pick them back up, just letting you

"Thanks for telling me. Sure, you know I'll be glad to squeeze your
patient in. By the way, just letting you know, I'm ordering Peggy to give
Mary card access to my inner office at the new office. Got a problem with
that?" like I gave a shit whether he did or not.

Dead silence save cellphone crackling a bit from the encryption chip for
a minute then "I guess not, but she is to be the only exception."

"I told Emily about the room monitoring and showed her all the stuff
years ago."

I could hear the steam coming from his eyes into his cellphone. Dads
and sons do disagree at times, even in the best of times. "Okay, whatever,
but outside of your therapy partners and personal assistants, you keep your
mouth shut about the room monitoring!" he fussed.

"Sure, no problem, Doc. What's the deal with Peggy anyway? I like her
and all, but obviously you have more in mind for her than you've told me.
She's obviously been cleared to have access to everything. What's the deal
with her?" I asked Doc in the open Jeep where she and Mary both could
clearly hear me ask the question.

"She's to be your personal, -personal- assistant, Eric; again, that's in
the briefing folder that's waiting for you at home. She is to have access
to all but the most confidential data of yours. And she is to be with you
and Mary basically 24 hours a day, to serve your every need. We cleared
her while you were gone. She'll serve you well. She's yours and Mary's
for life, as long as you wish to have her. Call her an early wedding
present. Enjoy her!"

Damn, My, our own personal slave, and one would that gave incredible
head at that.

"Guess what, my fiancee' Dear? Doc says Peggy here is to be our
personal servant, no, voluntary slave for life, as long as we want to keep
her" I kinda smirked as I closed the cover of the flipphone.

I swear Mary shot me a look that screamed "what the fuck are you talking
about? You've got yo be fucking crazy!"

"It's true, Mary. While you were on vacation, Doc recruited me, asked
me to serve Eric and you for the rest of your lives, if you'll have me.
Regardless, I'm to be Eric's personal assistant for as long as he's here,
that and run the household for you and the other therapists. All you have
to do is say 'yes', and I'm yours and Eric's for life, to do with as you
wish, to help you as you need, to be your true personal servant and slave.
Whaddya say, huh?" she chirped as she made eye contact with us from the
rearview mirror, grinning like the proverbial possum that's eaten one too
many dead vultures. No wonder she had been so damned happy. Evidently
this is what she had always wanted. Four years as a bodyworker had taught
me how to read people like a book most of the time.

Mary and I looked deep into each other's eyes for a moment, then smiled
when it hit us that this was for real.

"Sure, you're on, Peggy, as of now you're our servant for life."

"Your slave, Eric, your slave. It's okay to say the word; it's what
I've wanted all of my life, to be slave to my one true Master, and you're

"Okay, slave, first thing, go tell the Goulds that Gail can't have the
bedroom across from ours. I want you in that bedroom, move your things in
this afternoon. Put Gail in any other room."

"Yes Master. Anything else?"

"Mary?" I chirped.

"Do that first, s-l-a-v-e" Mary dragging the word out for a bit of bit
of humor "then come see me; you have more of your delicious head to give

"Yes, Mistress."

"This is going to be a blast, My Husband, an absolute blast!"


Emily had her head buried in Marnie's and Peggy's old patient files.
Marnie was long gone, and Peggy wouldn't be needing them anymore. Knowing
Emily, I knew that she would be happier with an adult male clientele.
Against everything in her file, against all her personality trait tests and
such, and even against Doc's wishes, I had selfishly made her my therapy
partner those years ago simply because she was one of the most stunningly
physically perfect females I'd ever run across, and simply wanted to fuck
her night and day. While more bi than straight by nature, Emee did love
men, I knew she loved me, and knew she'd be happier doing suck-and-fuck
therapy regimens with adult guys than having to mind-blank at times and
just do her job with kids because it was expected of her and not because
it's what she personally would have chosen for herself. With her beauty
and personality, I knew from experience that since her client calendar was
already full it would just be a matter of time before we'd have to get
another female therapist to handle Emily's overload.

Smiling at her and she back at me, I went over and kissed her full on
the lips, she hugging my neck as her papers dropped off her lap.

"What was that for?" she asked with wide eyes.

"Because I love you so much, my dearest friend."

"I love you too" looking at Mary with a question mark above her head and
then speaking to her as she broke her embrace of me "everything all right
with you two?" she even more quizzically inquired.

"Oh yeah, Emee, everything's beyond perfect. Meet our new
slave-for-life, Miss Peggy."

"Hu?" was Emee all could cough up.

"Well tell you later. We're going to head upstairs and get to work; if
you need us, yell."

Peggy brought our case files, schedule, and other stuff from Doc up with
us, just grinning like she had a mouth full of barbed wire as the elevator
eased its way up. Mary pinched Peg's nipple through her blouse just for
fun, Peggy beaming even more.

We sitting on the bed to spread all the dossiers and case files and such
out, Peggy excused herself to go tell the Goulds that she was moving into
Gail's room. I didn't expect a problem, but David soon appeared at my
bedroom door, asking what was going on. I told him that Peggy was moving
in across the hall, taking Gail's room. He asked why twice more. He
didn't need an answer. He was my employee. I told him anyway.

"Because Peggy is our slave, and a slave should sleep near her Master
and Mistress" Dave's expression changing to one of mild embarrassment, he
excusing himself.

As Dave and Janice helped their daughter move her stuff to a the last
spare bedroom on the 3rd floor, Gail stuck her head in and asked if she
could ask a favor of me. I told her sure. She asked that since Peggy was
moving into her old room, could they turn Peg's old room into kind of a
third floor small living room? Would I buy them a nice tv and stereo for
it if I said yes? I said "of course" to all of it, and just tell Peggy
what she wanted tv and all wise, and it would be done, she coming over the
kiss me on the cheek and hug my neck a little in thanks.

"That girl wants to do some 'recreational' with you, don't you know,
Hon'?" my Mary asked as her eyes didn't leave the papers in front of her,
speaking in the slang of a grizzled old bodyworking veteran.

"Yeah, I know. I, eerrr, we will, soon, my love."

The files on the Goulds were interesting. Both Dave and Janice were
victims of childhood sexual abuse. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But
they were also half brother and half sister, same mother different fathers,
Dave having gotten a forged ID when he was 21 or so, just so he could
"legally" in quotes marry his half-sister Janice. You don't see that every
day, grant you.

Gail and JB were both their full blood kids, and neither child had any
abnormalities because of their parents' close genetics. Dave had gotten a
vasectomy and Janice had her tubes tied both after JB, though, because with
two perfect children to their credit they didn't want to take any chance.
Dave was also a former defense department contract engineer assigned to
Lockheed's skunk works plant for years as an inspector of classified
projects, and it was after he was laid off that the thing with Janice
happened and they decided to become a family of therapy models.

Their psychological profiles were interesting. Both showed strong
personalities and high intelligence but submissive streaks a proverbial
mile wide. Then it hit me. Of course, by nature a therapy models have to
be extremely submissive by nature. I'd been working with them for four
years and that realization just then hit me, I guess because of what just
happened with Peggy. I know that skull of mine can be kinda dense at

The "emergency work-in" case that Doc wanted me to take was nothing
unusual. I hate to say it that way, but a lot of my cases are similar to
it. A twelve-year-old boy had been kidnapped and brutalized for a week by
a psycho before the psycho was caught and killed and the boy rescued. The
rescue happened just two weeks ago. Doc had been consulted for the
evaluation, he being one of the nation's leading recognized public experts
in this sort of thing (if the public only knew the rest of his story,
wouldn't they be surprised!), and Doc knew that the sooner therapy could
start, the better for him, the patient. Mary and I would get to him the
next day ASAP, that next afternoon.

More boring stuff about Dr. Mike and the history of the practice, Dr.
Mike not having a clue on what to do with bodyworkers and how to use them
as a component arm of a triad-therapy regimen (talking therapy, drug
therapy, body contact therapy) for sex cases, and then the usual dossier
copies of potential patients I could pick to work with in the near to
medium term futures, once openings occurred in my calendar (I and only two
other true senior-level therapists in other practices in different states
basically have free reign to pick and choose our patients, and we each have
our different strengths and weaknesses and we know them, that's we each
have high "cure" rates), and that was it.

Peggy stuck her head in the door with an "all done Master, care to

All she had done was move what little bit of personal stuff in she
owned, not much at all, but I made my the five feet across the hall and
looked in, nodding my approval.

"Master approves?" I couldn't take it much longer.

"Peggy, I love you Dear, and I am your Master, but please, no, let me
make this an order, except during power exchange times and/or the closed
door privacy of our bedroom, you are to call me 'Eric' not 'Master', is
that understood?"

"Yes, Maaa, yes Eric."

":Now go see Mary. I think you have some head to give her that she

"Yes, Maa, yes Eric."

Downstairs on the couch Emily had finished with her work and was
watching the Browns beat the Patriots on TV. She did like football and
most sports.

"Hi Emm"

"Hi Eric" she replied without looking up at me as I plopped down beside
her. Two years of screwing her on a daily basis in every conceivable
situation and I was still attracted to her. I loved her, was -in- love
with Mary, but make no mistake, unless we all somehow became Seventh Day
Adventists, I'd be balling Emee until I was too old to do so.

"You know we have a whole family of therapy models if we want to pick
and choose a couple and have some 'recreationals' with them."

"I know. I'm just; I don't know; tired, I geuss."

"What's the problem, Emily? You can you can tell me."

Silence. Even more silence for a good five minutes as watched the
Browns win on a field goal with less then two minutes to go in the game.
Then she spake: "I love you, Eric. Peggy came down a while ago that she
was now your and Mary's slave for life. Oh Eric, you gonna think I'm a
silly female for saying this, but that's what I wanted, to be your slave.
Well, not your slave-slave, but to be with you for the rest of our lives.
Not even as your wife, just your woman, your friend. Why do you I think I
took a huge salary cut and chose an uncertain future, because Maine's so
damn pretty? No, Eric, it's because I love, have loved you since the day I
met you, and while I knew you'd never ask me to marry you, I was hoping we
could be and stay more than fuckbuddies, know what I mean, Pal?"

A tear ran down my cheek without me meaning it to you. Then a couple
more. Then a couple more. I quietly sobbed into the nape of her neck as
we held each other close.

"I never knew you felt that way about me, Emee, never, I swear."

"I know" she shot back with on-target but not angry sarcasm "you are a
guy, and guys are so fucking clueless, and you're no exception. You are a
guy, a real guy, that's why I love you so much like I do."

I sucked it up enough quit my crying and look her in the eye. Then, for
the first time ever, I kissed her, not as a fuckbuddy as she put it, but as
her lover. We kissed passionately, our tongues working furiously, until
the moment seemed right.

"I wasn't kidding about marrying you and Mary, Eric."

"I know that now."

"I'd eat your and Mary's shit for the next lifetime if it meant I could
be close, close to you like I want to be, like we just were then."

"That won't be necessary. You will be forever too, I swear to you"

She looked at me with love in her eyes, real love.

"Hhhmmm?" as all she muster.

"Mary's the love of my life, I don't how to explain it, or even if I
can. I am -IN- love with her so much. But I know now I'm -in- love with
you too, My Love. I'm befuddled right now. I do know that I don't have to
choose, so I won't. Mary won't care if you marry us, she'll think it's a
goof, but I'll tell her flat out that it's not, that you and I are serious.
As long as you're content with Mary being wife number one, then my love,
will you marry me, marry Mary and myself, be my, be our wife number two?"

"Of course, my husband, of course."

We kissed passionately for another five minutes before Peggy bopped down
the stairs with a "hey, can I join in?"

"Maybe later, Peggy" I replied "by the way, Emily here is going to be
Wife #2, so you're going to have to be her slave as well."

"Oh, Eric my Masss, my Eric, the way you two have been making goo-goo
eyes at each other ever since I first saw you together, and the way you and
her made love when we all did, shoot, I knew this was coming before you
did. Sure, Emily, my Mistress #2, your slave Peggy is here to serve you

"Then get over here and give some of that incredible head of yours!"
Emee gleed.

"Yes, Mis, yes Emily."

What an incredible past thirty-six hours. What and incredible past
thirty-six days. What an incredible past thirty-six months. If things got
any better today, I'd have though this was a dream. Seeing Peggy eagerly
lapping at my soon-to-be wife #2's cunt and asshole as I paternally patted
Peggy on the head as she did reminded me that this was no dream, it was my
reality, and a damn good one at that. But tomorrow was a work day and
would be a long one at that. Had to pay for all this good fortune somehow,
and my therapy practice was how. Work is work. And love is love. Had to
go tell my Love And wife #1 about how Emee and I truly felt about each
other, and that while she and I would be the ones with the legal marriage
certificate, Emily would be wife to both of us in every way but legally. I
just hope she would take it well.


"Sure, Silly Husband, I knew you two were in love from the moment I saw
you two together at the old place on Chatham Street that first visit.
You're not telling me a thing I didn't know."

"But; but how could you know when I didn't, not until just an hour ago?"

"Because you're a man, silly, and men are totally clueless, that's how."

"Yes, I've heard that before."

"Probably more than once" she getting a tiny bit of slightly sarcastic
lick in, that was okay, she deserved to "we women just know these things,
especially when it concerns how our man feels about other women. I'm
beyond okay with it, really, My Husband. I know you love me more than
Emily, more than your own life itself, and please know that I do love you
and am in love you with as much if not more than you're in love with me"
she continued as she slid her dossier papers off the bed and scooted close
to me as I sat on the edge of it near her "I am right on that, aren't I,

"Of course My Love, I love you more than my life itself."

"The fact the you and Emily are in love too doesn't change how you and I
feel about each other. You are to be my legal husband for the rest of my
life, Eric Woods, and that's all I care about. It's you, silly."

We just hugged each other close and gently kissed for a while.

"You are the perfect woman for me, Miss Faison-Hewitt"

"And you are the perfect man for me, Mr. Woods. Marry me."


"This Thanksgiving."

"Still out at lighthouse we found? You know we'll freeze our taa-taas
off in the middle of a Maine winter there."

"I don't care."

"Neither do I."

More hugs and smooches and kisses. Passions rose.

"I bet my husband right now is thinking about fucking not just me, but
probably about also including one or two therapy models in our play, too."

"Hu?, How? How did you know?"

"Because you're my husband, and I know you because I know myself. Who
do you want me to go get for us? JB? Gail? Both?"

She was right of course, that's who I was thinking about calling for a
recreational, but dammit, wife #1 or not, I didn't want her to be smug in
knowing me as well as she apparently did.

"You're half-right; Gail, yes, but also Janice; I do love
mother-daughter scenes."

"Yes, I know you do. I've read your complete files, remember?" she just
grinned back at me.

Janice and Mary "prepped" Gail for me, making love in a lesbian threesome as I watched and gently masturbated myself for a moment. Wait. I
had a house full of therapy models to do anything I wished. I called
Skipper in and had him masturbate me as he and I both watched the girls,
all of us on my bed, both of us interested but not extremely turned on.
They continued making love to each other for a while, then stopped for a

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing's wrong, Eric, Gail's just started her period and I need to
go get a towel and a Tampax, that's all" my Mary replied.

Janice made a show of inserting the Tampax in her daughter, teasing her
with it like it was a small dildo before finally working the applicator in
and then pulling out and flipping the cardboard tube over her shoulder
against the back wall before diving down on her daughter's muff. That made
me hotter, and Mary could tell.

"Would Husband like to fuck Gail while she's wearing a tampon, Hhhhmmm?"

"Yes, Husband would."

"Then wife suggests he do so."

I eased my way atop Gail like I had done earlier as Mary and Janice
worked at and played with getting my cock in.

"Ever done it with a tampon in, Gail?" I had to ask, she nodding "no"
"it's no biggie, it just feels fuller to you, that's all, just relax and
enjoy; I know you're small, I'll take it easy."

She relaxed more under me as I held her close and made slow, soft, easy
love to her. God, she felt so good under me. Mary was sucking one of her
breasts and her mom the other as I fucked her. Skipper just watched with
plainface the proceedings before him.

"Honey, I know you've done this bunches of times before, but just think
about it: you're fucking a beautiful and sexy 13-year-old girl who's just
started her period and has a tampon inside her; her blood is on your cock,
and your wife is getting ready to lick her husband's lover's menstrual
blood off of her husband's cock; just think about that, My Love."

I did, and had to do everything I could to keep from having a
Screaming-Jesus orgasm right then which would have killed even -my-
erection for a good hour. God, Mary so far beyond perfect for me.

I couldn't help myself. The combination of Gail, her Mom, Mary and more
importantly Mary's words to me did me in a few minutes later, I coming one
of the biggest orgasms I'd had in some time.

As Mary licked Gail's period blood off my cock, Janice went into a
sixty-nine with her daughter right besides us, my cock protesting it wanted
to get back up and rejoin the action but my mental libido telling it to
wait a short while.

"Thank you, my perfect wife, thank you!" I whispered to her as we
kissed, her tongue slipping me some of Gail's womanly red essence between
my lips.

"You're welcome, my husband, you're welcome!"

That night Emily came to my, no, our bed, never to leave or be anywhere
but near me ever again. And from that moment on no pre-pubescent young thing would ever spend the entire night in my marriage bed ever again with
us, except as comfort from the frightening storms of the world outside.


The first moment of the first day of the rest of our personal and
professional lives started off eventfully, as you might guess it would. I
awoke to an erotic dream of having my cock sucked wonderfully, only to find
a naked Peggy strode atop me her mouth and wonderful tongue giving me a 6AM
wake-up call that I hadn't asked for, wanting to get up no earlier than
7-ish. But she was -so- sweet.

"Time for my Master to rise and shine" I shooting her look of mild
disapproval of the term "Master" but she shrugging her shoulders like she
didn't care, mumbling something about that I had told her she could address
me as "Master" in my bedroom "you gonna get your wives up, or do you want
me to?"

"You may have the honors, my Peggy; I got to go pee and take a shower

That was the one sucky thing about the second and third floors; with all
the therapists and others that were supposed to reside there, there was
only one full bathroom on the second and third floors respectively and no
half baths, and only a half bath off near the kitchen on the first floor. I
made a mental note to get Peggy to get a plumber out and see about putting
in at least one more half bath on floors numbers two and three, I really
wanted my own full master bath off the bedroom but knew there wasn't room,
shoot we barely had even a tad of closet space for our combined stuff. The
Gould family of therapy models upstairs at minimum needed another half
bath, even if there wasn't room on any lower floors for more.

The hot water pulsating from the Shower Massage felt good to my slightly
tense and aching shoulders. My mind wandered a bit before being refocused
by the loves of my life, yelling at me simultaneously to hurry up and "not
take all the hot water, either". Hadn't even had the public ceremony yet
and already it was beginning to feel like we all were really married.
Damn, that's another thing I'm sure was needed, might as well have the
plumber go ahead and install new hot large water heaters on each floor,
lots of hot water would be used from now on for sure. Details, fucking
details. It's my job.

It was 6:30AM by the time I took the elevator down to the tiny in-cut
alcove off the main hall between the living room and dining room and
kitchen. Peggy was dressed in a robe ("you don't fry bacon naked, Silly
Master!" she protested when I commented on it) and busily fixing breakfast
for all. Skipper and the girls made their way down shortly after that, the
knowing where the cereals and such were, not bothering Peggy by asking.

"You gonna need me today, Mr. Eric?" JB asked with innocent smile.

"Uh-hu; you'll be with me and Mary most days most of the time from now
on, Sweetie; you and Skipper a lot of times."

"What about me, Eric?" Gail asked.

"You'll probably be participating in therapy oh, three or four times per
week, Darling; if you'd like to do more, I'll ask Emily if she could use
you some with her adult male clients."

"That'd be nice, thanks."

"How'ya feeling this morning?" she naked except for panties holding a
pad in place.

"Oh, crampy a little, I usually am the first couple of days, I'll be
fine; can you and I be together later? Sex usually helps them."

"We'll see. If not, remember, Peggy gives great head, and all you have
to do is ask" Gail surprising me by blushing just a little.

The wives came down a few minutes before seven already dressed and ready
to go, papers in leather portfolios and in hand. David and Janice followed
shortly behind, right at seven, they evidently being the last to have
access to the bathroom and the shower, being dressed as well.

"I am going to have Peggy send a plumber out today to see about
installing at least one more half bath per floor;"

"Yeah!" came a universal response from almost everyone milling around
the small breakfast nook table in the kitchen.

Emily handed David, the father of the Gould brood, a simple box-like
weekly calendar showing what days and times Mary and I would need JB and
others and also who and when she anticipated needing for the week. The
point of doing this was so that David and Janice could coordinate
home-schooling of their daughters and of Skipper too. This was the only
practical way of handling this difficult but necessary task. Hell, I had
been given everything I asked for up till now and thought about asking Doc
for a tutor for them, shoot a virtual one-room school house had been
planned for the new place down in Raleigh to handle all the school-age
therapy models that would be in residence there, but then thought better of
it, considering how light the therapy model workload for the parents would
be, at least for the immediate future. If Dave and Janice started to be
used more in therapy, then I'd see about getting the kids an in-home tutor
so their school work wouldn't be interrupted. I do get paid to manage the
bodywork practice from a financial point of view as well as help heal my

We moved to the dining room for more room as Peggy set everything out
and we wolfed it all down, knowing that our first patients would be
arriving within the hour, me and the kids running back up stairs to quickly
get dressed.

Emee, Mary and I and JB and Peggy taking the Jeep over to the office,
parking in the ample but claustrophobic parking lot behind it, we found an
anxious and irritated Joyce the receptionist taping her foot with
impatience, waiting for us to let her in. As good and detail oriented as
Peggy was, she had forgotten to take Joyce's new employee card and new door
keys by to her over the weekend, but considering the whirlwind we all had
been through recently I had to give her that one. Only five minutes before
eight AM, five minutes before our first patient, a male patient for Emily,
was due to arrive and we still hadn't even gotten inside. As we opened the
door and Peggy slapped her card on the card reader to the side of the
inside wall to deactivate the alarm system, an older model Cadillac with an
older gentleman pulled up to an on-street parking spot in front of the
building. Emily's, our, first patient. Our new lives starting.

Back in my office, I looked over the printout in the printer hopper from
the monitoring systems for the past 24 hours, showing every alarm code,
every door opening, every access of every file on every local and networked
disk, basically every ant that moved within the walls and within the
outside perimeter, the system picked up on and logged it and spit it out to
me each morning. Nothing unusual.


Our first patient, a young girl I had been treating for three weeks on
an intensive basis, was due to arrive at 8:30. Mary wasn't saying much,
was nervous but I remember how nervous if not downright scared I had been
for my first patient for my first day. And just like Connie had done to
and for me and every manager or senior therapist does for every newbie's
first case, fiancee' or not, I had chosen a patient who would test the
limits of my love's temper, patience, commitment to the principles of
polykinetic bodywork practice, and absorption of practices and principles
during her training at the main complex in Roslyn.

Chi-Chi was a precious and downright darling ten-year-old. A
10-year-old who had been brutally abused by her mother for years, sexually
and other ways too, as is so often the case. Eyes that could melt the
hardest of hearts, combined with a past that was more like a chamber of
horrors than a childhood. As grim as her life had been, as much as I hate
to admit it, a lot of our patients had been through worse. That's why
we're here, to treat them, to help them get better.

"Mr. Woods, your first patient is here" Joyce buzzed on the

"Ready, my love?"

"Ready as I'll ever be, Boss" she teasing me with that boss-shit again
like Peggy did the other day.

"Have her come to the dayroom; we'll be there shortly to get her" I
buzzed Joyce back.

Her female court-appointed guardian and foster mom, a rather large but
nice black lady even though Chi-Chi was Caucasian, gave me a polite hug as
Mary and I entered the room to retrieve our charge.

"I see you made the trip up from North Carolina okay" I bantered.

"Yeah, and the Parkstone is a much nicer hotel than the Crabtree Hilton,
let me tell you, and a lot close drive to the office, hallelujah!" she
smiled and we all laughed.

"Get you whatever you want from the breakroom, Joyce brought donuts
though they're not Krispy Kreme, and we'll bring her out in about an hour
and half."

"See you then, Darling" Nadia giving her foster daughter a kiss on the
cheek as she left.

I knew this was going to rough on Mary, but just so many other things
about bodyworking, it's been tried and found true enough to where everyone
has to go through it.

I had Mary POP (do the "Principle Of Possession" ritual as described in
earlier chapters) her first, then I, then we eased in to the treatment room
from the exam room.

"Where's Emily?" Chi-Chi meekly asked.

"Emily's here, she just had other patients to see today; Mary's going to
be my new therapist partner from now on."

"Hi Chi-Chi, how you doin' ?" Mary asked smiling at she touched her on
the shoulder as we all stood naked near the bed but Chi' looked away from
her, Mary looking back at me with concern, I shaking my head "no", silently
telling her to get on with the prescription, with the Rx, it's the only way
to help heal her. I put an X-rated lesbian DVD in and let in begin its
whine as I motioned for Chi' to get on the bed with us.

Leaning back against the wall, holding her close to me in my arms, my
nose nuzzled her as my arms wrapped around her, murmuring "Chi', you know
we gotta do this, and why."

"I know, Mr. Eric, I just wish Emily was here, she was nice."

"Tell you what. If you don't think Mary's every bit as nice by the end
of the session, next time I'll have Emily here instead, how's that? Deal?"

"Deal! she smiled back at me as my hands lazily rubbed the nubs of her
tiny tits.

Time for truth about Mary. "Let's begin, shall we, then?"

Chi-Chi knew the script, having been through it several times with Emm
and I, but it was Mary's first time. Having her stand before her near the
edge of the bed, Mary open-palm slapped Chi' with a scripted "bad girl! I
thought I told you not to go to that boy's house! Bad girl!" followed by
another slap from her other hand. Then a flurry of slaps to her face and
chest as Chi' tried to cover her face with her arms and hands but to no
avail, Mary striking firm blows upon her as she let out a string of
scripted obscenities that would make proverbial sailor blush.

"Fucking little whore, I thought I told you to stay away from that boy!"

"GD tramp, how dare you wear that skimpy top in public!" another hard

"Little cunt, I ought to whip your ass right now, I told you to clean
those dishes yesterday, little fucking cunt whore!" Mary raining down more
scripted slaps and profanities upon her first patient as Chi-Chi hit the
floor with a genuineness of wanting to get away from the physical
"punishment" she knew was a necessary part of therapy but still the slaps
and words hurt and she wanted to get really get away, but Mary pulled her
up on to the bed and across her lap and began flaying away with her bare
hand on Chi's bare bottom, the hurtful words also still coming per Rx. I
studied Mary's eyes. She wasn't repulsed by what she was doing, neither
was she turned-on. Good. Professional detachment. Just what needed to be

Her spanking of her patient continued for another ten or fifteen minutes
before Mary's hand and arms finally wore down some.

"Eat my cunt, you little whore!"

As Mary leaned back, she pulled Chi-Chi by her hair into between her
legs and onto her cunt, Chi' starting her lapping of her cunt and clit.
They both seemingly relaxed after a few minutes of this, but the
prescription called for at least forty-five minutes of this roll play. I
taped Mary on the shoulder to remind her.

"Fucking little bitch, get up and let me eat your pussy, my littlest

Mary started slapping at Chi-Chi's breast buds as she ate her. Good,
Keeping the tension up. She slapped them hard enough to leave finger
marks. Down below, her eating of her continued at a steady but driving
pace. Then, unscripted, Mary took her right hand and began pinching Chi's
open pussy, making her almost scream, keeping the tension level high still.
Perfect. A few minutes of that, and then the clock showed nine-fifteen.
Time to wind down and have some fun.

Mary didn't apologize to her patient as she got off of her, something I
expected her to do and was prepared to reprimand her for if she did. This
was therapy, not real-life, and was for Chi-Chi's long-term benefit.
Instead, she hugged her close to her as we lay on the bed together, with a
"you were the perfect patient today, you know that? And you do give great
head, Chi-Chi. Want to give your new therapist some more? She'd enjoy

Perfect. Beyond perfect. Like she had been doing this for years. One
of the guiding principles of being a bodyworker is that unless the Rx
specifically prohibits a certain kind of sexual contact between therapist
and patient, not only is it permissible for the therapist to release their
own sexual tension with their patient, but it's stated in "The Manual" that
you're expected to do so. To do anything less would create huge amounts of
stress in the therapist, and lead to early career burnout as in months not
years. And doing so has been shown time and again to be beneficial to the
patient as well, because it creates an atmosphere of trust and bonding
between the two, something that is used in future therapy sessions to help
heal. And of course it's understood that the patient can also ask their
therapist for any kind of sexual contact, and again unless it's prohibited
in their Rx, the therapist is obliged but not required to help them, though
I've never known of a therapist refusing a patient's request, unless it's a
question of time remaining or other practicalities.

"Sure, uhhmmm"


"Sure Mary, I'd love to!"

Mary leaned back on the pillows propped against the headboard where just
moments before hurtful scenes from Chi-Chi's past had been played out in
order to exorcised them and now it was time for some fun and bonding.

Mary leaned back and half-closed her eyes as Chi-Chi moved to between
her legs and gently at her clit. "Put a couple of fingers inside me, Hon'
", Chi' not needing any encouragement. I played with Mary's boobs with my
right hand as our young patient continued her easy head and frig of my
love, Mary just relaxing and enjoying it.

"That's very nice, Chi-Chi!"

"Thanks Mary! You taste good, too" we all giggling a little at that

"Would you like to do anything for you, Dear?"

"Could you touch me some 'down there', please Mary?"


The two of them traded places as Chi-Chi lay back and Mary moved to be
beside her, her hand parting her thighs and a single finger working its way
inside her. In a nice slow in-out frig, Mary kissed her on the lips, and
to my surprise Chi' kissed her back. I say surprise because she had never
done that with Emily during Emm's and mine therapy sessions with her prior.
They kissed as patient and therapist, then as friends. Only fifteen
minutes to go. I wanted a little fun for myself.

"Hey, kiddo, what about your old Eric here? Did you forget about him?"

"Nnnooooo!!" came back a lightly sarcastic but light-hearted reply.

"C'mere, Chi', old Eric wants to kiss you too."

I kissed her full on the lips and she kissed me fully back. My hands
roughly but not too roughly massaged her pre-teen chest buds. Her hand
found my erect cock. She knew what I liked from previous therapy sessions.

Getting on all fours and facing me, I cradled her head in my hands and
she opened her mouth for my cock, the head and an inch or two of the shaft
slipping inside but not much more, I didn't want to gag her. Mary moved
around to play and lick her pussy some as my mouthfuck of our patient
continued. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. I smiled back while not
losing my rhythm. Eight minutes left. Pulling my cock out from her
mouth., I cradled her face still with my left hand while my right hand
began a furious jacking off of my cock. Mary stopped what she was doing to
come closer and watch. I can pretty much come at will, or not all, one a
day or a hundred a day, my natural libido combined with the hormonal
effects of the MascuStat male birth control pills I had been made to take
daily for the past four years pretty much guarantees an unlimited capacity
for sex and orgasms. My jism hit her face within a minute or so, she
rising to her knees while Mary moved in to lick it off her face. God, this
is a great job most of the time. Not all of the time, but definitely most
of the time. Three minutes to go. Time to quickly get dressed, as our lab
coats and halffrocks and all allowed us to do.

"If it's okay, Eric, I'd like Mary to be with us next time, not Emily."


Our next patient was Lita, a 27-year-old former stock broker whom at the
age of 27 had already gone through two husbands and was getting ready to
lose a third, all because (she said and extensive physical and
psychological testing backed up) while seemingly libidinous out of bed,
once she was actually in bed, she just went dead emotionally and
physically, wasn't repulsed by sex but could also care less about having it
then or not. I had picked this case out of my usual stack of choices I can
make or not because it seemed like such a challenge to me, and I do like
challenges, it feeds my ego when I meet them I admit.

Lita was nice-looking but no great beauty, average height and weight,
average 34C slightly sagging and off-center and slightly different sized
breasts, and a pronounced somewhat flappy labia. As easily as Emily can
usually get a reaction from almost any adult woman, Lita was equally a dead
fish with her as she was with me. After three months of twice-weekly
sessions I was going to give this week, well maybe the next too but no
more, then admit defeat if I had to.

Thinking along the lines that two new fresh faces might help some, of
course she'd be seeing Mary with me instead of Emily and I also had Janice,
our adult female therapy model, in the session as well. When Mary and I
did the "POP" ritual of face and neck massage and light kisses followed by
a chest and back massage before putting her up in the stirrups and doing a
quick speculum exam and then a G-spot "expression, Mary's keen eye caught
what she thought might be a herpes or other genital wart sitting right atop
the crown of her cervix. I brought a lighted speculum over and took a
closer look at it, but it was just a tiny vaginal barrel "bump" for lack of
a better term, lots of women have then inside their vaginas and the
OB/GYN's never mention them because they're just the equivalent of a tiny
bump that we all get from time to time on our face or arms or hands or
such. Still, it was a good call by Mary, since despite incredibly extensive
screening procedures it -is- the modern day and age and STD's are so
rampant (and yes, quite a few potential candidates are turned down for
bodyworking therapy because of the presence of herpes or hepatitis or AIDS
or genital warts or whatever in their systems) and since we do all work
"bareback" most of the time, we can never take even the slightest chance of
getting an infection, we'd be out of a career if we did. Though, just
thinking aloud, I have often thought about why Doc hadn't set up a "mirror
corps" of at least some bodyworkers who do have herpes simplex to treat the
millions of potential patients who need our help who also suffer from
herpes. I might have to mention that to Doc sometime soon. Anyway, I knew
from experience that the bump on Lita's cervix was harmless, so we went
into the treatment bedroom.

"Eric, Honey?"

Oh shit. When she says "honey" to me in that honey-tone of voice,
something's up her sleeve.

"Yes, Dear?"

"I have an idea that might help Lita, but for it to possibly work,
you're going to need to give us girls fifteen minutes by ourselves. Trust

Sure, but Lita was only her second patient ever and she was making a
protocol treatment call on the fly like she had been doing it for years.
But Lita's case was almost hopeless anyway, what harm could it do?

"Yes, I trust you. What do you have in mind?" I continued as we all
scooted on the bed.

"Just trust me. Fifteen minutes, then come back, 'K?"

I went back to my office to monitor the activity in the room. She
couldn't have forgotten that every room is heavily laden with hidden video cameras and microphones that I can monitor from my secured office. I had
made a point of showing her that.

She turned on the stereo in the living room for some background noise,
then had Janice the therapy model lay beside Lita on one side and she lay
beside her patient on the other, head propped up on her elbow, and the
three of them began chatting. Just chatting. I couldn't quite make out
but the odd word or two, but within a minute Lita burst out laughing at
something which made Mary and Janice also laugh along with her. Then Mary
whispered something else to Lita, and they all laughed together again Then
Janice made a comment, the only words I could pick up despite adjusting the
audio controls all over the place was "and then he looked at me and" and
the garbled words for a moment and then "please tell me that all men aren't" before they all burst out with even more laugh-track additions.
Lita would say something and they'd laugh, then Mary or Janice, then laughs
upon laughs going into guffaws. Whatever Mary was doing I couldn't figure
out. Fifteen then twenty minutes passed. Lita only had the customary
fifty minute-hour session.

Making my way back to the room they stopped their whisperings and
giggleshits when they saw me before looking at each other for a moment,
smiling then grinning at each other, then bursting out with pure-ass
hee-haws as they lay on the bed together. Mary could see I was a little
pissed. Not much, but a little.

"It's okay, Dear, we weren't talking about you!"

"Really, Eric, we weren't" Lita added as her snicker finished.

"Seriously, Eric, we were talking about Lita's ex-husbands, seriously!,
weren't we, girls?" Janice added.

I didn't believe them but that was my tiny bit of insecurity, not
theirs. I smiled at the three of them as I hope on the bed with them. We
only had 20 minutes or so left.

"C'mon, time's passing and we have therapy to do. Lita, if you please."

Lita started sucking my cock. It didn't want to rise on command like it
usually does. I was still a little miffed, at what I'm not sure.

"C'mere, Dear, let your wife-y take care of you" Mary whispered she
joined Lita's suck of me, the old guy finally rising to the occasion.

I entered Lita from the side, my chest to her back, as Mary played with
her from the front and Janice added her touches where she could. Lita's
pussy did feel a little less tense, a lot more lubricated, and some extra
warm to it as we fucked, more than any other time previous with her. I
also felt a couple of nice involuntary PC muscle contractions. Just a
couple, but that was progress. I didn't feel like coming, so I didn't,
just pulled out and had Janice lick me clean a little as the other two

"Gotta run back to the house" Janice said as she got dressed first, I
knowing she had homeschooling to do with the kids.

Our next patient was another hard case, chosen especially for Mary's
first day. A sweet, perfect little four and one-half year old, Missy, and
her mother, Renee'. Missy had been brutalized so terribly by her father who was now Renee's ex-husband and current jailbird on the charges of rape
of a minor under ten, so destroyed physically inside, that two years ago
she had to have her uterus and ovaries and all removed and four operations
on what was left of her vagina to try to have it rebuilt so she could have
at least some sex life when she grew up, though she'd have to have hormone
shots later in life to have any libido at all. It's cases like this one
that are at the fringe of what PBI/bodyworking can and is supposed to do.
Still, the consensus was that bodyworking therapy needed to begin happening
now, as her brain was shifting from the fog of infancy to the increased
cognizance of a toddler. Cases like hers truly broke my heart, and I every
time I've done therapy with someone like Missy it just rips my guts out so
who knows how it would affect Mary, which was the entire point.

Renee' brought her daughter in to the exam room part of the three-area
treatment room suite and helped take her daughter's clothes off. By
"Manual Of Therapeutic Bodywork" consensus, a lot of which I had helped
re-write and modify in my short four years, there's little point in doing a
"POP" ritual on anyone under age seven, unless they show unusual awareness
and intelligence. Then Renee' got undressed and we POP'd her even though
she may or may not become part of the therapy process, as we decide
moment-by-moment during therapy.

As we four walked back, May whispered to me "Eric, do I have to do
this?" even though she knew she did, having read her case file on Sunday.

"Yes, my love, you know you have to do this" I replied as Missy and her
Mom got on the bed, waiting for us as I motioned for Mary to come back to
front parlor area of the treatment room for a moment.

"But Eric."

"There is no 'but Eric" to do it, my love. This is what a bodyworker
does. He or she heals. That little patient in there needs your help. She
needs to have help heal her. A little bit today, a little bit next time,
until it adds up and if she isn't healed completely eventually then she'll
at least be healed more than she would have without any treatment at all."

"Eric, I can't."

"Then pack your shit and get the hell out of my life, beee-iittchhh!"

Of course I didn't mean it, but sometimes a little shock therapy is
needed to refocus someone.

"Whaaa?; what did you just say to me, Eric?"

"Nothin', Dear, except we have a patient in there who needs us. Let's

"I . . . I don't know what to do!"

"Yes you do. You read her file. Whatever you think would sexually
please you with her, you do to her, have her do to do you. That's what I'm
going to do. It's what -must- be done, Mary. Must be done."

Both Missy an Renee' were sitting nude on the edge of the bed, waiting
for us when we came back in. Mary sat down beside our tiny patient with a
"Hi Missy, I'm Mary."

"Hi Mary!" she cooed back.

"We're going to play some now, okay?"

"Sure Mary, whatcha wanna play?" she said with wide eyes that hid so
much pain past in her short life.

"Let's play kisses and touches. I'm going to kiss and touch you in
places, then you can kiss and touch me in places you want" Missy just doing
a little girl giggle at that.

Stroking her thin sandy blond hair, Mary kissed her on top of the
forehead as she held her close to her, then her cheeks, then on her mouth,
pulling her close to her, putting her small hand on her heaving breast as
she did. Then she moved down and spreading her chubby little legs dove on
her pudenda, scars of reconstruction still being evident from earlier
surgeries, as I moved to sit close to Renee', she just smiling at me as I
did. This was our tenth or so therapy session together and she was
comfortable with me by now.

Mary sucked her patient's tiny pussy until she began to giggle as Mary
licked the inside of her slightly pudgy little thighs. Mary smiled and
cooed back at her as her kissing of her thighs continued. Then she pulled
her up with a "your turn, Dear."

Missy had played with Emily and her mom some too in earlier sessions and
knew what she liked. She grabbed and pulled on Mary's own pert nipples,
much to the surprise of Mary, but I knew Mary enjoyed mild pain and wasn't
bothered by it, Missy giggling as she did. Mary lay back and encouraged
Missy to get between her legs. Renee' looked at me and I nodded "yes".

As Missy tried to suck Mary's clit, her mom got behind her and began to
dilate her daughter's vagina with her finger, finally working it in about
halfway after a few minutes. Mary saw what she was doing and flipped
around, flipping Missy on her back and took Renee's place. As Mary frigged
her little patient I could see a look of rising passion in her eyes. Good.
A therapist is never supposed -not- to be "selfishly unselfish" unless the
Rx prohibits it. Mary was clearly enjoying frigging Missy. Turning to one
side to look at me, Mary huskered "God, Eric, you were right, this is
sssoooo hot, and I'm helping Missy too, right?"

"Yes Mary, you are."

Renee' and I both were enjoying watching. My hard begged for contact.

"On all fours, Renee', so we can both watch."

Fucking Renee' for a few moments from behind, I could see Mary having a
small orgasm from the touching of our patient alone, Missy also clearly
enjoying. My turn.

Leaving Renee' and waddling up the bed a bit, a I had Mary lay beside
Missy as Renee' helped guide my cock to the minuscule entrance and after a
bit of lube and a lot of patience managed to get most the head of my cock
inside her. I knew that any more wouldn't fit and if pushed would probably
rip healed stitches holding thin four-year-old skin and do God knows what.
Missy always enjoyed having the head of cock in her like that, she never
showed any outward signs of discomfort, ever, but I knew her undeveloped
anatomy prevented me from going deeper or doing more. Mary was still hot
from her frigging of our patient.

"Eric, fuck me now, dammit!" she barked.

I flipped her on all fours and just banged away. She was so wet from
her therapy of Missy that I could hardly feel her vaginal walls. Renee'
scooted beside me and rested an arm on my shoulder as Missy got closer too
for a better look of me fucking my Mary.

"Harder, dammit, I want to come!"

I grabbed her waist and pulled her tight to me, ramming it in as hard
and fast as I possibly could. Then the old knee pinged a little.

"Sit up and take my come, Mary!" I barked back as she did and I
mouth-fucked for a moment before coming, she swallowing most but not all my
come, both Renee' and Missy licking the dribbles off her cheeks and chin,
the three of them giggling a little and then exchanging kisses for a
moment. Eleven fifty-five. Time for lunch.


In the breakroom, Emily looked a little out of it. I put my arm around
her shoulder and asked what was wrong but she blew me off, mumbling a
little something about it was just going to take a bit of getting used to
doing guys all day long again, she staring away from me as she talked.

Peggy had taken everyone's lunch preference orders for the week the day
before and had the sandwiches and such delivered from the "Northern Lights
Deli" down on Regulator Street. At least we did have our food and
restaurant charge accounts back among many other things, thanks to Doc.

As we ate our sandwiches around the small formica-topped kitchen table
and wire-back kitchenette chairs, Peggy eating her lobster rolls, it was
Maine after all and a lobster roll in Maine is like the equivalent of pork
barbecue in North Carolina, Dr. Mike came in to our quiet lunch.

"Mary, Emily, come with me, it's time."

"What the hell are you talking about, Dr. Mike?!?" I shot back.

"It's time for my; my, uhhhh, my 'perks'."

"The hell it is, Mike. You obviously don't know 'the rules', do you?

"No, Eric, it's you who don't know the rules."

"All he wants is a quick blow-job, Mas', I mean Eric; let me go take
care of him."

"No, you won't Peggy, you're going to stay right here, that's an order."

"I could have you fired right now, Eric! Don't interfer! Mary, Emily,
let's go to Eric's treatment room."

Now he was trying to be a total shit.

"Peggy, go get my cellphone, please, it's in my office. We'll call Dr.
Chaim and settle this right now."

"Yes, let's do that!" Dr. Mike angrily hissed at me.

He and I walked into my office and I hit the speedial for Doc. No
answer. I could tell Dr. Mike was calming down some. Maybe he would be
more rational now.

"Dr. Mike, have a seat in my chair for a moment, and let me talk. You
just listen for a moment, then you can say anything you want in response.
Yes, it is a nice benefit to running a therapy practice with a bodywork
component to it that you can have sex with therapists and therapy models,
basically as you wish; we all know that's part of 'the deal'."

"But I used to have sex with Marnie and Peggy whenever I wish."

"Be quiet and listen, please. And yes, you can have sex with any
bodyworking employee, even me if you wished to" he shaking his head "no"
and trying to keep from smiling at that quip "but you gotta go by the
rules. The first objective is helping your, our, patients, correct?"


"That means we have to focus our attention on them first. That why we
review their case files so carefully before we ever do any contact therapy
with them, and that's why we schedule like we do, so that we balance the
easy cases out with the harder cases; easy case, hard case, on and on, more
or less like that."

"I understand all that. But it is my right . . . "

"It is your duty also not to interfere with my balancing of the
schedule. You tell me more or less when you want to see someone or
someones, and within reason I'll work you into the schedule, just like I
would a patient. And by the way, lunch time is always offlimits."

"But I used to fuck Peggy and Marnie at lunch!"

"That was then, when you didn't have a world-class practice like you do
now because of what I've brought, and this is now, and there will no
'nooners', understand?"

He took a deep breath, made a slight "harr-rrummpp" sound and sigh, then
crossed his arms in disgust.

"Okay. An hour after work with Mary and Emily together on Monday, and
Emily alone sometime on Wednesday morning and Friday mornings."

"You do know that every hour they don't spend with a patient is taking
money out of your pocket and maybe hurting a patient, don't you?"

He couldn't argue with logic, and he liked his money.

"Okay, then an hour after work on Wednesday with Mary and Emily and
Peggy all three."


"But I'm horny now!"

"I'll be happy to give you a blowjob, Dr. Mike, I'd be happy to" he
shaking his head "no", grinning, knowing I would.

"What about Peggy? She does give the best ones."

"Yes, she does. Sure. Let's go back out."

Stupid motherfucker didn't realize that since he was who he was, having
final authority over all of us save Doc having final call over him in his
treatment of us, he could have told me that he wanted to see Mary and Emily
any time after work, at night, on weekends, etcetera and by rule I'd have
to accommodate him, but evidently he really didn't understand "the rules"
and I wasn't about to tell him any different and give up my advantage.

He had tried to cuckold my authority and ladies and had failed. He had
claimed his "right", but in the end I fucked him, he didn't fuck me. As we
walked back to the breakroom "the girls" were crumpling up their sandwich
wrappers and tidying up, finishing their last sips of Cokes and such. I
gently tapped Dr. Mike on the shoulder with a "Peggy, if you have a few
moments, please 'service' Dr. Mike, thank you, Dear."

The next appointment for Mary and I was another hard case, her last for
the day before a three-hour easy session. Doc had set up the schedule for
five eight-hour days whereas I normally have two longer days and spread the
extra time out over the other three days, as I need and want to. He did it
that way because he was trying to help out, trying to help as all the chaos
happened within the chain of events that lead me and Mary and Emm coming up
here. Shit, I almost forgot about Doc's work-in patient afterhours that I
promised him I'd do! Another truly hard case.

Master Skipper bopped into the breakroom his arm hooked with Janice's,
his ersatz stepmom for lack of a better explanation, with a "Hi Eric!" on
his lips. He seemed eager to get to "work" such as it is for him. He
knows he's helping heal other boys by being a therapy model.

"Eric, your one o'clock is here" Joyce buzzed me on the phone in the

"Send them on back" I replied as Janice left to go back to the house and
more tutoring of her charges.

Quinn was typical 13-year-old boy, except for, as you might guess by
now, he had been accidentally raised as a girl by his parents because they
were originally from a small village in Mexico without access to most
modern medical facilities or hardly even qualified doctors. What?, you
might say?

Quinn was -not- a hermaphrodite, not in any sense of the word. He had
been born with male genitalia that had been somehow "tucked up inside him
deeply" and didn't come out until he hit puberty about a year ago, when
almost like magic they somehow just were "there' one day, where before had
only been a smooth pudenda with a tiny slit that hid them up inside him and
fooled his parents and the couple of doctors he saw in Mexico before his
parents and he came to the States also about that time. There's a very
long and technical name for this condition, again it's not hermaphroditism,
since Quinn is 100% all boy, maybe I'll try to look it up for you in his
file later if I have the time and think of it.

I'm not sure why or how the main franchise practice in San Diego found
him and his parents or they the practice, let alone how and why Doc got
involved, maybe it's the rarity of his condition, but in any case Quinn
needs to be "gender re-assigned" in his head, his body already having done
that but his emotions and feelings and identity as a boy and eventually a
man, uh-uh, and that's were we come in.

Sangrina, Quinn's mother, gave me a peck on the cheek as she opened the
door as the security lock clicked and met Mary and I in the hall.

"Who's this pretty thing? Where's Emily?"

"Oh Emily decided it was time for a change is now treating primarily
adult male patients."

"Sorry to hear that."

"No, it's what she wanted. She came up with me from Raleigh; her office
is in the building, on the other side."

"Can I see her before I leave?" Sangrina pestered, thinking of the times
she had spent with Emily during treatment and how much she enjoyed them.

"I don't think so, she's booked solid; I think you'll enjoy Mary here
just as much."

"I certainly hope so!" she mildly fussed as she bent head a little to
give Mary a quick brush-kiss on the lips "and who's this young man?"

"This is Skipper, and he's going to be helping with Quinn's therapy

"Nice to meet you" Skip replied with hand outstretched "nice to meet you
too!" Sangrina answered as she shook his hand.

In the treatment room, I whispered to Mary to give Sangrina not the
usual one but three bonding G-spot orgasms as part of the POP ritual. When
she did, Sag' squirted a bolt of cyprinne come right into her face each
time. Call it a bit of freshman initiation.

I had Mary examine Quinn's genitalia very closely as he lay flat on the
exam table, his feet in the stirrups and his organs exposed. Per orders
from Doc, I took a short series of digital photographs of Quinn's scrotum
to send to Doc later. Doc wanted documentation like this on Quinn each
time we had therapy. It wasn't for me to decide otherwise.

Mary played with Quinn's dick and balls as he stayed reclined on the
exam table, then I, then his mom played with her son too as prescribed by
the POP protocol. Not enough to make him come, but enough to create a bond
with him.

On the bed, I had Mary and Sangrina do a reasonably heavy lesbian love
scene at the foot of the bed while Quinn and I fooled around some at the
headboard. As a gender-identified female mentally at 13, his mom and Mary
doing lesbian stuff didn't do a thing for him, while my sucking of his cock
and him sucking of mine did. The challenges of bodyworking sometimes, let
me tell you.

I broke from him for a moment and had Skipper come over. Skip sucked my
cock and I his smallish eight-year-old member, it's smaller diameter and
pre-pubescent cleanliness tasting sweet in my mouth, then I had Quinn suck
Skipper too as I sucked him as well/.

Him almost coming in my mouth, I told it was time.

"Awwww, Eric, you know I don' wanna'!"

"And Sport, you know you gotta!"

"Mary, up here, please, and on all fours."

Shrugging his shoulders several times in mild protest, he entered Mary
from behind, his cock almost 6" inches in length and fairly thick for his
age. I knew just from common sense let alone all the tests that had been
done on him that that it felt good to him, fucking a female pussy (as
opposed to a male one?). But after his first twelve years of being raised
as a girl, his mind simply fought what his body told his mind was correct.

Now came the hard part. Well, unpleasant, more than hard for me. It
was definitely spelled out in no uncertain terms in the Rx. I had had anal
sex lots with young boys, both giving and receiving, so the anal sex isn't
the hard part for me. The hard part for me and him is knowing that it's
going to hurt him when I do. Not hurt his body, but hurt his mind. hurt his mind in order to force a healing. Sometimes you just got to do it.
Decades of bodywork practice had proven this correct.

I rolled a condom on my cock, again not for universal safe sex practices
but simply to make "clean up" afterwards easier, worked some lube in
Quinn's ass as he continued his fuck of Mary, and then eased my cock inside

He howled a cry of protest. Then another.

"What feels better, hu, boy? My cock in your ass, or your cock inside

"You-a; Your-a; your cock in my ass hurts, you know it always does."

"So which feels better?"

"My cock inside Mary, okay!?!"

Sangrina had pulled Skipper off to one side of the bed and was
absentmindedly playing with cock as they sat close to each other and

"Can I play with Skipper while we watch?"

"Sure" I spoke back as my prescribed anal rape of my young patient

"Skipper here can take my cock for an hour if I wished him to, boy!"

"Bully Ho-fucking-ray for him! Now Eric, will you please stop fucking
me in the ass?" he continued a protest he knew was useless.

"You know what the doctor said: only when you come inside Mary will I

"Okay, okay."

He picked up his pace as best he could with me behind him and inside as
well, a sweat breaking on his back and body, and I could tell when he
finally did come inside Mary, she quickly rolling out from under him and
going right to his cock to play and suck on it some as his mom also joined
in as I backed off from him for a while, his heaving breathing from all
just happened being the only sounds he made.

Sangrina came over to get Skipper, she sucking on his member just for
the fun of it, then having him enter her as she leaned back enough for him
to get atop her.

"Am I your first?" she asked.

"No ma'am" he respectfully replied and politely left it at that.

Mary having finished her suck of him, I wasn't through with him.
Geessss, this gets rough even for me at times.

I forced my cock in his mouth, he enjoying that but knowing what was
coming next, then quickly slipped another condom on and wrestled him flat
to the bed, he truly struggling to get away from my pinning him down, as
Mary lubed my latex-covered cock up and I this time I tried to make it as
close to a true prison-bitch-type rape as I could without doing more harm
than good. I worked the head of my dick just a couple of inches, pumped a
few strokes, and then moved off him just a few inches, just enough to where
he could escape my grasp. Making it over to Mary, he kissed her, played
with her boobs and pussy, kissed her again with "please Mary, that man's
crazy, keep him off me, please!"

"You know he's not crazy. He's not even gay, doesn't even like sex
outside of therapy with young boys or men, let alone tries to force himself
on them. He's your therapist. He loves you, I love you. We are your
therapists. We're here to help you, make you well, like the doctors say
you need to be."

"I don't need any more help today."

"Okay. Just relax. We're going to have some fun. Join in if you

All the above had taken place in less than twenty minutes. I hate to be
a clock-watcher, but there are so many patients to help.

Mary started playing around with Skipper, sucking his cock, he playing
with her boobs and cunt, as Sangria and I started fooling around, she
mainly just wanting to get on top of me and ride me. From the far corner
of the bed, Quinn watched. He saw how much his mother was enjoying fucking
me, and how much fun Mary and Skipper were having.

I moved Mary and Sangrina to a sixty-nine, mainly because I knew how
much Sangrina wanted to, that and Skip and I could work them as they did
each other. Mary on top, I entered her from behind, Skip working his
8-year-old tinycock in Sangrina as best he could.

Then Quinn came up and asked if he could take my place. I told him "of
course you can!" He slowfucked Mary for the next few minutes, until it was
ten until two. Time's up.

Out in the breakroom sipping on bottled waters, Mary got a far-off look
to her eyes.

"You okay, Hon?"



"I know you warned me about today, I just didn't expect . . . "

"No one ever does, no ever can, Hon' "

"I honestly thought you were trying to rape Quinn when you had him
pinned flat."

"I was, Dear" she shooting me a dirty but quizzical look in turn "if he
hadn't tried his best to escape and get to you, I would have been rough
with him; we all know this is role-play and he knows I would never really
hurt him, but I have to sell it for the therapy to work; keep in mind that
my cock was fully deep in his ass while he was fucking you the first time
around, it's not he can't take me."

She took a long draught of her Aquafina and scratched her nose.

"At least the rest of the afternoon will be easy."

"Don't forget Doc's emergency work-in."

"Shit!" my double-degreed from Yale darling eloquently thus spake
"that's right, I completely forgot!"

"That one won't be as hard as you think. First times even with hard
cases are usually just a feeling out, get-to-know-one-another time"

The "troop" of moms and daughters arrived exactly on time, I introducing
them to Mary, they of course asking about Emily and if Emily couldn't join
us anyway I making my now-pat excuses why not, we all going down to the
group room for our therapy.

Three moms and four daughters, Mary and I as therapists and David and
Skipper and JB as therapy models, Janice and Gail being back at the ranch.
How David and Janice educated those kids, even with a formalized
homeschooling lesson plan like a lot of American families of diplomats use
when overseas, is beyond me, but you can't argue with the fact that almost
all home-schooled therapy model kids scored consistently higher on
state-mandated standardized tests than their public school counterparts.

Shonica was the first mom, with Theodora her 9-YO daughter. Charlene
was the second mom, adult sister to Shonica, and was the mom to 8-YO
Darlene and 14-YO Raylene (yes, these are their real names, I am not making
this shit up!). Tara was first cousin to both of them, was the daughter of
Shonica's and Theodora's mother's sister, and was mother to 10-YO Shara.
They were all from New Orleans originally and were of what used to be
called "octoroon" ancestry, which was actually 1/8th African-America and
7/8ths Caucasian. Very beautiful perfect skin and bodies on all of them,
save Shonica whose tits were large and flabby and kind of droppy, her
sister and cousin looking like the biracial Venus' they were as well as
their daughters.

They had followed us from Raleigh and just like in Raleigh didn't stay
where the practice wanted to locate them, but instead insisted on choosing
their own lodgings, this time at the Portland Marriot across the bay, and
they even normally arrived in their own limo. The financial part of their
history which normally I would be privy to wasn't available to me either,
one of the few times I've ever been denied requested access to anything.

Also most unlike all but a handful of other times, we didn't do any
Principle Of Possesion rituals on any of them. Instead we just went down
to the group room where Peggy by Rx had set up three video cameras in three
respective corners and put out a bunch of X-rated tapes of all kinds, some
anatomically correct "therapy dolls" like are used when investigating a
typical child sexual abuse case, some rubberized male and female half
models and other detailed latex models of human genetalia, a whole bunch of
sex toys of all types, and both large plastic containers full of regular
dolls and other toys that are appropriate for the 7-12 age range.

I went around turning the video cameras on as David and Janice and JB
and Skipper all took places atop thick cushions along the back wall as Mary
milled around chatting with the mothers some as their daughters began their

By Rx, the first hour was supposed to at least fairly non-sexual. Just
letting the girls play "normally" which they did. They all whooped it up
at the tape "Swapping Pregnant Wives" which Raylene had dug out from the
pile of tapes next to the wide-screen TV. Mary and I pulled our nice but
standard square conference room-style chairs over to the mothers and made
small talk, Shonica commenting several times about how beautiful Maine was,
how she wished she had come up to vacation here before now.

Close to hour number two, the girls started getting more rambunctious,
and their clothes soon started coming off. As they took theirs off,.
their moms started shedding theirs and Mary and I and the Goulds theirs as
well. Charlene the mom to 8-YO Darlene and 14-YO Raylene and was on her
period, and while wearing a tampon still kept her panties with a thin
maxipad on as her clothes came off, her daughters helping her undress
before getting back to their play.

The girls started playing with the anatomical dolls and rubber models
soon after that, and within minutes as "Lesbian Sex Sisters" played on the
TV now the girls started grabbing the sex toys and teasing each other with
them, 9-YO Theodora making a gleefully funny show of trying to shove a 10"
thin dildo up her second cousin 10-YO's Shara's pussy. Two of the moms,
sisters Shonica and Charlene, turned sideways from their chairs to kiss
each other, and the show as they say was on. To try to recount every
single act of fun and therapy would tax my memory as well as your patience
and attention span, so pardon if I give you a few highlights I more or less

Knowing that the Goulds were their new therapy models and having been in
similar situations like this before and knowing that they could do as they
pleased with any therapy model, Theodora pulled Janice, the mom to the
Gould family of therapy models, off to one side and mercilessly ravished
her pussy with the dildo that she had tried to pester her cousin Shara with
earlier. Janice didn't mind, in fact I know she enjoyed it.

Mary was instantly attracted to Charlene as I was, had been, had been
with Charlene before, she was an octoroon beauty indeed, so we three got
together in one corner of the room and played some. Mary commented that
Charlene's tamponed pussy didn't taste as metallic as others she had been
with before, a comment that seemed to please Charlene as Mary lapped at her
cunt for a good while. With all of us on our knees, Mary kissed and
smooched Charlene from the front as she also frigged her still-protected
pussy and I entered Charlene's ass from the rear as I knelt behind her,
tilting her just forward enough the kneel down a bit and get my cock
insider her, which didn't last bur five or ten minutes before that knee of
mine starting hurting.

All the daughters decided to check out the "new girl", Mary, so they
asked (they can order therapy models, but have to ask we therapists for
favors) if they could do a "merry-go-round" with her. Mary didn't know
what that was but said "yes" anyway. Mary laying on a bunch of pillows of
one of the fuckmats, Raylene started sucking Mary's right breast and
Theodora held Mary's head in her lap and kissed her passionately and Shara
sucked on Mary's left breast and the youngest one of all, 8-YO Darlene
"dined at Mary's 'Y' ", giving her head with all the passion of a grown
woman. Then after two or three minutes, just long enough for Mary to get
relaxed good, the switched places, each moving clockwise one place to the
left, then after another two or three minutes another switch, and so on for
a good half hour.

In the meantime, the sister-moms and their cousin-mom tried out David
and young Skipper in their own swap-go-round, then tried out David's wife and young JB's mother Janice as well as young JB too, making comments about
this and that about each of them to each other but not to the Goulds
directly, damn near rude if you ask me but this was the modality of the Rx.

And then it was five o'clock and time finally to go home. Shit, nope,
Doc's emergecny, shit shit shit!

The Gyrl Troop dressed and left as I made sure they saw me remove the
tapes from video cameras. In my office, I threw them in the trash, went to
my computer, then did system commands for all the footage secretly recorded
in the group room by the banks of cameras and mikes that are hidden in each
room be sent directly to Doc's attention in the following morning's data
traffic, per Doc's specific instructions. Made no sense, but I don't
question Doc, not usually, he is my ultimate boss.


Mary came in with look of weariness with a "Hon', our last patient is
here. Joyce just left for the day, I told her we'd lock up, and you wanted
Skipper to stay too, correct?"

"You can go home now, Dear, you look dead, I remember how my first day
was, I know your head is swimming, go on home and eat and rest, Peggy and I
will take care of young mister Jerome."

"You're sweet, but I need to do this, I'll be fine."

"And you'll leave if you start feeling weird?"


Jerome was busy playing Nintendo in the older kid's section of the
playroom on "my" side of the building. He didn't even notice me as I stuck
my head in to check on him. Peggy passed by the door old grocery bags in
hand and I darted out to catch her.

"You got the clothes for you and Mary?"

"Uh-hu, Master."

"Don't call, eeehhhrrr; never mind; Mary's in the bathroom, go in there
and your and her change; I'll come get you out of Joyce's office when I'm
ready for you; are the hot tubs ready?"

"Yes, Master."

In my office, from the old grocery bag Peggy had put together for me I
put on a regular pair of pants, socks, my nice black dress shoes, a nice
white shirt and clip-on tie, stuff I don't normally within the office
environment. Because of constantly getting in and out of clothes all day,
I normally wear the standard "quick rip" pants like quick-change artists
wear along with the standard PBI turtleneck dickie that covers me from neck
to chest and shoulders where my white lab coat normally covers past that
plus my black Sperry "Topsider" boating shoes. But for this patient, the
POP modality was going to have be change a little, and part of that was me
role-playing the part of a physician giving an exam at first before working
him into treatment.

Finding Jerome, a handsome young twelve-year-old who looked more like a
young Tom Cruise than Tom Cruise did at the same age, still playing
Nintendo in the big kids' game room, I tapped on the open door to get his
attention and as he got up shook his hand with a "hello, Jerome, I'm Eric."

"Eric? Dr. Eric?"

"My last name is Woods, Eric Woods. But please, call me Eric."

"Okay, Doc-tor, I mean, Eric."

"Ready for your exam?"

"I guess so."

"The examining room is right across the hall. Shall we?"

Per standard procedure, I let him undress and change into an examining
gown behind the painted Chinese-style folding panels that separated "the
parlor" from the exam area, a sliding curtain like you see around hospital
beds being the only thing marking the boundary between the exam area and
the treatment area where the treatment bed and such was.

"Ready, Doctor, I mean, Eric."

I did my best and practiced imitation of a physician, or at least a
physician's assistant. Height, weight, blood pressure, oral temperature,
tongue exam, ear exam, eye exam, neck gland check, a chest thumping and
back thumping, the usual. Then time for the other.

"Jerome, please come down off the table and lean forward over the exam
table. I'm going to have to give a rectal exam. It's easier if you remove
your gown, please."

He leaned over the exam table as best he could, becoming more nervous as
he heard my latex glove snap on my hand. I put my hand on his should and
whispered to him to relax. I knew he had been checked fully by a real
physician just last week just like this except for real so this "exam"
shouldn't be a big deal to him, but no guy even gay guys usually like anal
probes by doctors.

He tensed up as my KY'd fingers slipped inside him. I worked my fingers
more like a cock than an exam, my other hand gently bracing his shoulder. A
couple of moments of this and then "please turn around so I can check you
for hernias."

Sitting on the short rolling stool, I worked my finger up inside his
respective testicular descendae or whatever they're actually called,
getting him to cough for me when I did. He was almost erect from the anal
probe and this.

Holding his three-quarters erect penis in my hand, I playfully worked
the shaft a little, commenting "you have a fine penis here, Jerome; do you
ever masturbate?"

"Oh, no."

"C'mon, all boys do. Even I do, and I'm a grown man. You can tell me"
I continued as I continued gently masturbating him.

"Well, yeah, sometimes. Well, sometimes a lot."

"That's fine. With a fine penis like this, you should be proud."

"Oh, uhhhh, yeah, I am, I guess."

"Why don't you hop back up on the table and put your feet in the
stirrups? patting at the padded steel heelkeepers "I'm going to masturbate you so I can get a sperm sample and check your sperm count and make sure
there's no blood in it, make sure you don't have any prostate problems. Is
that okay with you?" He had no clue what I meant but that was okay, that
was by design.

"Uh, yeah. I guess. Will it hurt?"

"Does it hurt when you masturbate yourself?"

"Uhhh, no."

"Well, I promise it won't hurt when I do it, either" I smiled up at him
as my slow stroking continued.

In the stirrups, laying flat on his back being able to look up only the
ceiling, his small but nice 5" inch or so member went as flat as pancake,
just as I knew it would.

I remember the first I was put in stirrups, back in PBI bodyworking
school, how humiliating and degrading that felt to me, let alone a feeling
of helplessness. No wonder most women hate their annual exams with royal
passions. I played with his cock for about three or four minutes but it
wouldn't budge. Proverbial flat balloon. Just what I had hoped for.

I lightly slapped at his cock a tiny bit a "Jerome, this isn't working.
What can I do to help you get an erection? I must get this sperm sample."

"I don't know Dr. Eric."


"I don't know. It was kinda hard-on when you examined it earlier."

"Yes it was Should I examine it like that again? Wait, I know. My two
assistants, Peggy and Mary, are still here. Let me go get them, see if
they can help."

I was very careful to be as truthful as I could with him. I never
called myself a doctor, and I never called my lovelies nurses. Peggy, God
bless her, had found a couple of old white nurses uniforms up in the attic
storage at the house, having used them in one scene years ago with another
therapist in a similar role playing scenario.

"You girls ready?" I asked as they broke their quiet kiss, Mary up on
the lavatory countertop, Peggy leaning into her with her hand up Mary's
nurse's dress.

"Yeah, uh-hu."

"Jerome, this is Mary, and Peggy, my assistants" I spoke level-toned as
he sat naked and a little cold on the exam table, he nodding to them "scoot
forward so that Mary can try give you an erection and we can get our sperm
sample from you, please."

Mary worked his cock like a pro, which she was by now indeed.

"Just relax, Jerome, I've done this lots of times."

"But, I, I haven't."

"Just relax. You need to give me an erection. I need a hard-on from
you so that I can masturbate you and get the sperm sample we need"

"I' trying, I really am!" he exclaimed with great tension in his voice.

"Would it help if I took of my dress and showed you my breasts? Maybe
let you play with them some? Would that help? Could I get my erection
from you then?"

Every 12-YO boy's fantasy come true, even a 12-YO boy that had gone
through three years of hell as the hand of an evil step-parent.

"I - I --- I've never seen a girl naked before, Mary."

"Well, I'm not a girl, I'm a woman, and if you' d like to see me naked,
if it'll help get you firm, just say so."

"Please???" is all could eke out.

"Why don't you help me, then?"

Peggy made her way close to me as Mary slipped her shoes and ill-fitting
white support hose off, showing young Jerome where to unzip her dress, it
falling to the floor as she stood before him in her own white bra and
panties. He couldn't figure out how to unhook her bra.

"Let me help you, Mary" Peggy said and walked to her, showing Jerome how
to flex the fabric enough to pull the hooks back and free, her breasts falling free from it as the bra was whisked away. Jerome back on the
table, Mary took his hands and let him feel her all he wanted. He began
panting a little, and his erection came back full flower.

"It's hard now, let's get you back on the table, shall we?"

Still naked and helpless, Jerome leaned back flat as Mary put his feet
in the stirrups and Peggy put some pillows under his head so he could
watch. I whispered to Mary that he could come any second now.

Taking an Erlenmeyer flask and keeping it near the head of his cock as
she masturbated him, she heaved her nude bosoms at him, giving him a nice
show as Peggy and I watch from a few feet away. Her mouth found the head
of his cock and that did it, he started coming almost immediately and
squirted a good 10 to 20cc or more into the flask, but his hard went only

As Mary atop the rolling exam stool rolled away from him, Peggy and I
walked over to him as he lay breathing harder on the exam table.

"Master Jerome does have a nice cock, doesn't he?" I asked Peggy as part
of the script as I masturbated his member.

"Yes he does" she replied on cue as her hand also found his member too,
her fingers overlapping mine as we played with him.

"Still want to do that hot tub?"

"Uh-hu" both Mary and Peggy replied on their marks.

"Should we invite Jerome here? I think he can stay as long as needed,
that what his guardian said. Would you like to join us for a hot tub soak,
Jerome? We'll all be naked, if that not a problem?"

"Aaahhh, uuhhh, no Eric, I don't care."

"Well Peggy, why don't you get undressed and I will to; is Skipper
already in the hot tub?"

"Yes he is."

"Mary, why don't you take our new young friend on down the hall to the
hot tub? Peggy and I will be out shortly."

Jerome cocked one eyebrow up at that remark. He probably suspected a
bit of a set-up at that point, being abused so much in the recent past had
made him suspicious of everyone and trusting of no one, but he had felt up
his first girl and gotten his first short blowjob, so I didn't think he'd
put up a fight even if he suspected something was up. He didn't.

We waited a few minutes before joining them. Jerome was in the tub with
Mary and Skipper, his hands firmly on Mary's boobs.

The location of the two hot tubs, a standard 4-person cloverleaf one and
a regular barrel 8-person capacity one, sucked big time. Out back of the
office, past the new panic-hardware'd fire doors which Peggy had
disconnected the alarm system to for me sometime during the day, the tubs
were inside a wooden fence enclosure made out of twelve-foot-high and
one-foot-wide slightly overlapping thin boards enough to prevent someone
from seeing directly inside the enclosure, but more than that anyone
walking up the alley to the back parking lot and their cars could hear any
and everything anyone's saying inside the enclosure as plain as if they
were standing there, which made the tubs as a standard treatment means
totally useless. But it was after hours and I knew no one could hear us,
verifying by checking the security cameras before Peg and I came out,
telling Peggy I wanted her to contact a greenhouse contractor about giving
us a price to build a climate-controlled greenhouse inside the existing
fence just for privacy's sake. She said she'd take care of it tomorrow.

Peg and I slipped in the warm hot tub waters. Damn, it felt good. We
didn't have one at the house, but didn't have room for one either, dammit
to heck. Peg slipped close to me and began playing with my cock. Skipper
moved beside her and I could see by her arm movements she was playing with
him with her other hand. Mary was holding Jerome close in her arms, he
gently sucking on one of her boobs. Nice.

"You're no doctor, are you, Eric?" Jerome asked as he broke from Mary
and eased over to me.

"No, I'm not."

"Then what was all the stuff back there?"

"I am a therapist, Jerome. A special kind of therapist. A sex


"Peggy and Mary are sex therapists too, and young Skipper here helps us

"But what's a sex therapist?"

"Actually, we're called professional bodyworking surrogates, or just sex
surrogates, or just bodyworkers."

"Hiioiuu? I don't get it?

As Peggy nuzzled close to me and Mary made the three feet over to be
closer to us all, I answered him "you're a victim of sexual abuse, Jerome,
by your step dad and mom. We're here to help you get over that, help you
heal your wounds as best we can. We selectively use sex to help cure those
with sexual problems, like you have."

"I don't habbb no sexual problems!"

"Yes, Jerome, you do. It's been diagnosed, and confirmed by Dr. Chaim,
one of the world's experts in this field. You need help, and we're here to
give it to you, if you let us" Mary replied as her boobs bobbed just under
the gossamer foam of the gently rolling waters.

He slid away from us to the other side of the tub and hung his arm and
head over the side, looking as much away from us as he could for a moment,
before turning back around.

"I can say 'no', right?"

"Yes, Jerome, you can say no." Peggy replied.

"But if I say 'yes', can I have sex with you some more, Mary?"

"Yes, me, Peggy, Eric, Skipper, and more therapists if we feel you need

"But I dooonnn wanna have sex with Eric and Skipper, just you and maybe

"That's not going to be possible, Jerome."

"I'm not gay, Jerome, I am just a therapist with experience working with
young men like yourself."

"As I was saying before I was interrupted" Mary shooting me a justified
dirty look "Dr.. Chaim has come up with a plan to help you. Part of the
plan is you being with me, yes, and maybe Peggy, and definitely Eric. We
won't do anything, -any-thing-, to hurt you, promise, We only want to heal
you. But you must trust us, and let us guide you through the treatment

"And I can say no anytime?"

"During therapy, no, you can't say 'no' to a specific procedure. That
is the truth. But you can say you want to quit treatment at any time, and
you're free to do so. But think about it, Jerome. During treatment, we'll
have lots of great times together. Whaddya say?"

He thought for a moment before nodding "yes".

"Can have another 'treatment' tonight, Mary?"

"Sure, but it's getting late, and we all need to go home, it's been a
long day. Sure, a little 'treatment' and then you'll have to wait until
later in the week for another one. Is okay?"


Mary plopped him on the deck and gave him a quick five minute hummer as
the rest of us watched a little bored but more tired perhaps. It had been
a long day.

I called the Parkstone and the hotel shuttle van was waiting for him out
front by the time we walked out with him and secured the office behind us,
waving to him as he made his way into the dusk but maybe also his new dawn.
Time to go home.


It was seven o'clock by then and we had another long day tomorrow and
hadn't eaten yet. Peggy, God please bless this slave of mine, somehow had
found time to put a potroast and some canned potatoes and carrots in an
oven bag and had it slow-cook all day long in the oven. It smeellllled
wonderful, and even what was left after the Goulds had gotten to it first
tasted superb. We four, Peg and Mar' and Skip' and myself, finished what
was left off. I needed a beer. I seldom drink, but I had had a very long
day, and wanted a Michelob. There none to be found, the usual single
six-pack the fridge being gone. Absentmindedly I went to the backporch to
look in the extra fridge out there and found none and also noticed Emily's
car was gone from it's usual spot at a wide place in the alley.

I darted through the house looking for Emily. She shouldn't have gone
anywhere. Then I noticed six empty Mich' bottles on the coffee table in
the living room. I buzzed the Goulds' upstairs and asked if they knew
where Emee had gone. They she left about half an hour ago, but didn't know
to where. I thought about driving around to find her, but told myself to
calm the fuck down first. She probably just went out to get more beer.

Sitting down on the couch and flipping to Court TV, I heard the backdoor
open and knew Emee was home. She came to the living room where I was
sitting, Mary having gone upstairs to change and get ready for an early
bedtime, and didn't say a word to me as she plopped down on the other end
of the couch. Streaks in her make-up told me she had been crying, and

"What's wrong, Emmeee?" no answer, then silence for moment more
"Eeemmeee, what's wrong? Aren't you my wife? Tell your husband what's

"I'm your wife Number Two, and no, nothing's wrong."

I swear, even polykinetic bodyworking women in their heart of hearts are
just women too, after all, and my Emily was sure as hell was acting like a
typical woman.

Moving to hold her closer, she just wrapped her arms around me as we sat
on the couch and began to barely sob.

"Oh Eric, my dear sweet Eric, I don't think I can do this anymore, I
really don't."

"Hu? What happened today, tell me?"

"Oh, nuthin', every-frigging-thing, that's all. You know I've never
really enjoyed working kids like you do."

"I know, Honey."

"And before you picked me as your partner in Raleigh, I did enjoy
working with men, I mean -really- enjoyed working with men, but now, I
don't know, everything's so different" her sobs leaking tears all over my
shirt as she sniffled on "this time, I don't know, the men just don't seem
as, as, I mean to say, they're not as nice. Not a single one even told me
'thank you' today for their treatments, except one. And not a single one
wanted to fuck me, all they wanted were their handjobs and blowjobs."

"Well, Honey, this is Maine, not the South, not Raleigh, and people,
men, are just a little different up here, they're more reserved with their
feelings both good and bad, that's all."

"Really?" her voice rising as she leaned back to look me in my eyes.

"Yeah, I really think so. Was your whole day bad?"

"No, there was there one client."


":An older gentleman in his fifties. Twenty years ago he had lost both
his wife and daughter in a car accident while he was driving; they were
killed but he wasn't scratched, and because of the guilt he hadn't been
able to get an erection since."

"Uh-hu, go on."

"He couldn't even get a tiny bit of one with me, even letting him do as
he wished with me."


"Yeah. Then I got an idea. I called up to the house and asked if Gail
was free. She was. She came down and I had her be a therapy model for
him. I let him touch and kiss her as he wished, too. He said she looked a
lot like his daughter that died, that he blamed himself for. While he sat
on the edge of the bed, I played with his cock and let him touch Gail as he
liked. That turned him on and while he didn't get a full hard, he did rise
to half-mast, and she and I both sucked him a little though he didn't come,
he did thank us both."

"See there! That's a real positive. It'll just take time, Hon', that's
all. You're one gorgeous broad, wifey, and don't worry, your clients will
come around, that won't be a problem."

"Promise? You really think so?"

"I know so. Feel better now?"


"Did the Goulds do any recreational when they got home? Did you join

"Nope, they went upstairs, and I drank all your beer, sorry."

"Don't worry about the beer. They didn't do any freeplay at all?"

"Nope, not a lick, so to speak."

"They know after work we all need to wind down with some freeplay
recreational sex."

"I know they know that, and you know they know that, and they know they
know that, but they didn't do any freeplay, just went upstairs, though Gail
did come back down and she and I played a little bit while I drank your
beer, Hon-ey."

"Gail sounds like she's a real special girl."

"Yeah, she is. And she tastes good, too, especially when she's on her
period like today!" followed by a little hiccup.

"Let's get you to bed.":

Getting up off the couch, Mary was right behind us. She evidently heard
most of the conversation. Good. I'm glad she did.

Emily wasn't drunk but was tipsy, almost throwing up in the elevator
before we made it to the our bedroom. Mary took her to the shower in the
one full bath on our floor across the hall to try to get her wet and sober
her up a bit.

Peggy sat down in a chair beside mine in the office adjacent to my
bedroom and went over the day's past details. She had two plumbers out
today, told them what she wanted, and she got one price of $23,000 and one
for $24,600 to add two new full baths, one per 2nd and 3rd floor, plus a
new 80 gallon hot water heater in the basement plus circulating pump, the
hot water currently coming from the heating boiler which explained an
unlimited amount of hot water but also a $400 fuel oil bill for the past
month. I told her to pick one. She also showed the rough-drawn floor plan
which one had drawn up for his proposal, which clearly showed a new full
bath off my bedroom and a new walk-in closet, but at the expense of the
spare bedroom on our side of the hall, and a similar arrangement on the 3rd
floor. Sacrificing two bedrooms we might need to house future colleagues,
but screw it. I told her to go with that one. The plan also showed a
surprise, that our house wasn't three combined but actually two, with the
third part us never being incorporated into the living space. She said she
had called Dr. Mike and he told her that he was using that for storage of
personal and business stuff. That would explain why this supposed
three-wide Victorian only had the floor space of a double-combined. Fuck
him. I could put any future employees over there. Fuck him indeed.
Problem solved, and we now had more usable space since we didn't have to
worry so much about room.

A nude Mary and Emily came back in with damp hair and a smile on Emily's

"I really am in love with you, do love you so much, you know that
doncha' Eric?" she said with slight beer breath and passionate kiss on my
waiting lips as Mary slid her around to the bed.

"I love you too, my love."

"Hic!" she burped as she lay down with Mary.

I scooted between them as they lay together, taking my spot in the

Peggy left and came back nude, save an old futon mattress and a couple
of pillows and a blanket, folding the futon up and placing it on the floor
at the foot of my bed.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Peggy? Go back to your room,
we need to sleep."

She gave me the most sad, utterly hang-dog look anyone has ever given
me, sulking "all I'm doing is wanting to be with my Master. Is that too
much for a slave to ask of her Master?" she pouted with lower lip curling
out at me, almost getting ready to cry because I wanted her to go back to
her own room. I had enough of crying women for one night.

"Oh, okay, but just tonight" she and I both knowing that was a whopper
of a lie if I ever told one "but you stay there, no five AM wake up blowjob calls understand, and if you snore too loudly, you're still back to your
room, got it, slave?"

"Yes Master, I got it" she replied with whimsical glee, shaking her
boobs at me before laying down on her cotton futon at the foot of my, our
bed "anything Master wants during the night, all he has to do is say so and
his slave is right for him ready to please him. Good night, Master."

"Good night."

Silence for about five minutes then both Emily and Mary stirred some.
Shit. I just wanted to sleep.


"Yes Darling, wife Number One, what is it?"

"Just for tonight, could Emee sleep in the middle between us? I think
she needs both our cuddling warmths tonight, don't you?"

"Sure. Whatever you say, Honey Bunch, as long as you both let me sleep.
Goodnight" I gently fussed I rolled over Emily and let her half-awake roll
to the middle to sleep between us.

"Good night, my Master" my equal in all things Mary playfully quipped
back at me.

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