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Babysitters Worth 1


NEW HUMIL STORY: Babysitter's Worth (Ff d/s humil) by cowgirl
By cowgirl

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may download and keep
copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post
this story to any web site without permission from the author. All
other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.

I was sitting on the couch with Darcy for whom I will baby-sit each
night of the week for the next two weeks, while her mom's out of town.
She's probably too old to need a babysitter at 14, but her mom's
spoiled her rotten so she's quite immature and seems emotionally more
like a 9 year old, but what the heck!

Besides, the money's good. I was struggling to better myself through
community collage courses and though I'm not a snob, I had made a
mental five year plan to ditch my repulsive white trash roots through
hard work and determination for a life that I wouldn't be ashamed of.

We were just finishing up with a video, then came Darcy's predictable
stalling to stay up * one more minute!* Since I was older and the
babysitter, you can guess who won. < grin >

At least the Roths were very well off, so staying at their house was
quite a treat! Mrs. Roth owned the string of Buyless stores that me and
my mother happened to clerk at!


"What punkin?"

"Don't call me punkin. Only mom can call me that. Beside's I'm too old to -"

"Quit stalling,.... and get ready for bed ! "

"Okay, But can I ask you one last thing ? "

"Siiigggghhh... one last question. All right, what is it ? "

"I overheard my Momma make a joke I didn't get. She was talking with
some of her friends, and she was bragging about her employees who work
under her and saying stuff like they'd probably work for lots less that
she already pays them, then she goes on sayin' poor people are only
happy when they're know their place and stuff. Then she said this dumb
joke that made everybody laugh! Something like: "If your not the lead
dog... "

"...the view never changes? " I sighed.

"Yeah that's it! What does that mean? " she asked.

"Well...Darc. (deep sigh) The saying just means that dogs aren't like
people. They have a pecking order. There's a main dog, and others that
follow. But unless you're that firrst doggie, all the second an third
doga all have their... well....they're looking in up his,
know...." I stammered a bit.

"Oh.....I get it. " She giggled finally.

"Right. And the *lead* dog, gets to look out and have a prettier view,
since he isn't directly behind some other doggie buns. "

"Yuck. I'd rather be the lead dog. "

"Well, with your family, I wouldn't worry. "

"Why were Momma and her friends laughing though? "

"I guess your mom was making a little joke about the people that work
for her, that's all. "

"You mean people like you and your mom ? "

"Well, I'm sure she didn't mention me specifically. There are a lot of
people who work at Buyless, right ? "

"Yeah.... But that still kind a mean joke, huh? I'm sorry Susan. Your
family doesn't have any money ?"

"No punkin, not like yours. But there's no need to feel sorry for us.
Just because I wear a silly smock at Buyless doesn't mean I'm any less
important that * you * or anybody else! Also remember, I'm older than
you, so I get to * do * things like drive and stuff ! So I get go
anywhere I want without asking my mom and can date guys and earn my own
money. See? There are trade-offs to not being super rich." I said,
pinching her nose more to annoy her than out of affection..

"Yeah, but even when I grow up and can do all that stuff myself, won't
you still be working at Buyless dressed in that stupid smock ? " Darcy
snickered, catching herself quickly with down cast eyes.

I frowned and a not grew in my stomach as I quietly looked down.

"Very funny. Goodnight Darcy."

I clicked off the light to her bedroom, I tried to pretend Darcy's dig
didn't bother me, I really did. She was just a teeny-bopper after all,
I reasoned. Why hadn't I mentioned my five year plan and that I
wouldn't be like this forever? Because it's silly to justify myself to
an immature teen, I reasoned, still blushing beat red at not defending
myself anyway! So I sat there and fumed over the little brat's words
until Mrs. Roth came home at 12:30! I was somewhat chilly to her mom after what I'd heard, but I wouldn't dare confront her about the *
joke* or what Darcy told me.

As Mrs. Roth was getting my coat from the closet, a strange looking
object with some funny looking plastic straps fell from the top shelf.
Mrs. Roth smirked when I asked what is was. She said it was only some
silly Halloween costume that Darcy had made for her last babysitter, as
a joke, but the girl was unwilling to wear it.

"Don't be surprised if she tries to rope * you * into parading around
in it someday." Mrs Roth winked and handing me my coat before stuffing
the odd looking object into the back of the closet.

Sitting in my dumpy apartment and absent-mindedly stroking my Buyless
smock, I ran Darcy's smirking comments over and over in my head! I was
confused I didn't get angrier over Mrs. Roth's opinion of all us
"little people" who work our tails off for her, let alone baby-sit her
brat! Part of me wanted to quit sitting altogether, and another felt
that I shouldn't be goaded so easily by silly gossip!

I knew myself to be above such stuff, and even if Mrs. Roth snickered
behind my back at me and my background, that was her problem, not mine.
Though I was only wearing my bra and panties, I put my smock on,
looking myself over in the mirror. I hated what it represented and felt
hurt and humiliated after what I now knew, and was puzzled to feel a
familiar warmth * down there * , and I quickly pealed my the smock off
and angrily threw it into my closet, fight back the tears.

Wasn't I just embarrassing myself for choosing to silently hang around
the Roths if this is what they secretly thought of me? Plus would
staying there only prove Barbara Roth's point that about people like me
accepting their crumbs like they were pieces of pure gold?

I put it all from my mind and sunk off to sleep, resolved to forgive
and forget.

The evening after that, I sat with Darcy and watched yet another movie.

"I'm sorry about what I said last night about you being grateful to be
stuck at Buyless. It was rude, wasn't it?" Darcy said sounding more
casual than repentant, munching on some popcorn and glued to the TV.

I made a face, thinking to myself. Darcy hadn't said anything about me
being * grateful *! I shifted on the couch uncomfortably, feeling a
familiar warmth in my secret spot again. Why would I feel that right
now? I spoke to Darcy trying to impress her with how unruffled I was.

"Yeah, it was rude, but it's okay. You're younger, and I forgive you.
Remember you've got to watch out for being a snob when you grow up,
with all the privilege you have ! "

"Susan....are you calling my mother a snob ? "

"Huh? " my throat went dry.

"You were, weren't you? You just called me and mommy snobs!!!" her
voice escalating in defensiveness.

"No I didn't! Uh....w-what I *said* was - "

"I * know * what you said. She won't like hearing about this when she
gets home.

"Darcy, why are you being like this? Please honey -
You know I didn't -
mean to - "

Darcy suddenly turned off the tv with the remote and turned around,
staring at me coldly. Now I knew enough about babysitting to know that
if I showed weakness now, I'd never get her respect back. I had to calm
her down without losing face.

"Susan, sit up! On the edge of the couch... "

"Excuse me? "

"You heard me. Sit upright close to the edge, like I said. "

There was a tense few moments, but I figured whatever it took to calm
her down. Maybe she'd forget about it by the time Mrs. Roth got home!
Reluctantly I did as she asked, but I folded my arms to let her know
she's might be in trouble for such cheekiness!

I pulled myself so my butt was perched on the edge of the couch as she
got up off the couch and stood before me, my face a few feet from her

"Okay, I'm here. What now...?" I said in a firm voice.

Darcy reached into her pocket and held up tiny paper envelope to my
face, with a smug look.

"I told Momma what we talked about last night, and Momma told me to
offer you what's in this envelope, in exchange for whatever I ask you
to do! Momma said that even though you'll resist and complain, by
evenings end you'll take me up on the offer, if you wanna keep your
job. "

I smiled. Somebody just played their hand, and lost. Nice try though.

"Darcy,...somebody's telling fibs. Your mother would never say
something like that.

For a moment, her face seemed to fall, as if she hadn't expected me to
see her coming. Then her smug smile returned.

"Are you prepared to lose you job sitting for me....if you're wrong ? "

I sighed, dropping my folded arms to my side. I wasn't of course, but I
couldn't let * her * know that.

"Besides...aren't you curious what's in the envelope Momma left for
you? Not even just a little? Could be a check? A folded twenty? Or a
fifty? Maybe more? Anything! All waiting just for you... "

I reached out for the envelope, but Darcy stepped back a few feet out
of reach And I instantly realised I'd allowed too much interest to play
innocent anymore.

"Nuh huh huh......only if you * earn * it!" Darcy said, all smiles,
shaking the little envelope a few feet before me as I stared daggers at

I sighed "Okay, not that I'm agreeing to even playing this game! - but
assuming we * were *, what would the price of me getting that silly
envelope ? "

"I dunno....maybe I get hold my rear up to your
face..... for 3 seconds, don't pull away!" She giggled,
proud of herself for the guts to say it aloud.

I frowned, trying to hide my mirth. *This * was it? For a fourteen
year old girl, she sure acted like a four year old sometimes! This was
grade school stuff, but I was curious about what prize Mrs. Roth had
left for me. I could see Mrs. Roth's handwriting on the envelope, so I
knew it really was from her.

This game was just Darcy trying to tweak me a little. And, as long as
no one saw us, It was probably worth it, as humiliating as the idea
was. The act meant nothing. She was wearing jeans, so it was just a
spoiled teen's idea of embarrassing her babysitter, that's all.

That's what I told myself, as I Ignored that familiar feeling again. I
took a deep breath and called her over.


Hours later, after our * little game* and I'd put Darcy to bed, I
remembered Mrs. Roth wouldn't be coming home this evening, only her
maid. After The maid came home and didn't hand me a payment, I knew
Darcy was telling the truth. I refused to give Darcy the satisfaction
of opening the envelope in front of her, so as I walked home leaving
Darcy's large beautiful house behind me, I opened the envelope and
found Mr. Roth's letter inside, which I nervously read:

"Dear Susan,

"Opening this means you've done as my daughter asked, I am pleased you
accepted Darcy's offer. Contained in the envelope is the exact the
amount you are worth for having accepted such an offer...

I quickly fumbled to open the tiny envelope and found nothing but...

a single penny.

By stomach did flip flops and my fists clenched into a ball and my face
burned with humiliation, but not at Darcy, or even her mother. The
anger was at myself. I forced myself to continue reading.

"Starting now, your will no longer be paid your usual 17.50 an hour to
baby-sit my daughter. Instead, you will be paid the amount in envelope
we give you each evening! Tonight, you will take this penny home and
place it in a secret spot for one hour.

"I think we both know where this spot is, don't we?

"You will then remove your special penny and place it on a dresser next
to your bed. You will then worship this little penny of yours by
staring at it each morning and evening, as you think of me and my
daughter. You may never remove it from it's new home, because it came
from me and my daughter, and it is special.

Mrs. Roth "

I stared at the letter with a huge ugly knot in my stomach and a hot
moist little wet feeling growing in my gut. I was burning with shame
that Mrs. Roth goddamned well * knew * about what Darcy had me do!!!
Blood rushed to my face as I struggled to keep from crying. I stared
down at the penny in my hand, my payment for sticking my nose in her
daughter little butt!

I chucked the penny across the road, and tore up the letter!

I stormed home in a daze!!! How could Mrs. Roth be so cruel? After how
hard me and mom had I've worked in her stupid store for the last three
years, not to mention looking after that spoiled brat of hers???
Barabra Roth was just humiliating me, and people like me, who having to
work for a living! In my mind working elevated me! At least I earned
what I had, and wasn't born into being an overeducated asshole, I fumed

I swallowed hard resolving never set foot in their house again!
However, my resolve disappeared and I felt queasy at the thought that
my little Darcy might have actually read this disgusting * penny *
stuff her mother wrote to me. If so, then I could kiss her ever
respecting me again goodbye. I * did * care about what Darcy thought
about me. I still had something to prove to her, I guess, and didn't
want to leave her with this repulsive and an image of her babysitter.

It took me half an hour to walk home,

Twenty minutes to sulk,

And another half hour to walk back and get on my knees to find the

I did it in a daze. I knew it had to be * that * exact penny too! I
wanted it so I could confront Darcy with it. I was sure, after thinking
the whole thing trough, that Darcy would be as horrified as I was, and
confront her mother, and we could talk the whole thing out.

I found it at the same spot where I'd thrown it, still sitting there in
the road, with pieces of the torn up letter around it. I smiled at how
shiny it was and then felt instantly stupid. But I picked it up anyway
and gathered the pieces of the note so I could prove what it said to
Darcy, who would never believe such words from her mommy without proof.

That night I studied the crumpled - taped together letter sitting next
to the penny. I frowned as I realized I'd placed in on the dresser next
to my bed as the note said to, but reasoned that it was simply the most
practical place to stare at my new penny.

However, there was no fucking way I was going to do anything obscene
with it, no matter what the note said.
I cried a lot that night, confused and puzzled by why I'd gone back for
it. I knew that neither Mr. Roth or Darcy would know if I was actually
doing as they'd asked. No one would know but me. I could just * say * I
did, right? I didn't wanna feel proud of my new penny, as I earned it
in a stupid humiliating way, and I was clearly being insulted by taking
such a drastic pay cut!
I just needed to talk to Mrs. Roth directly about it, to straighten all
this out. I needed this money to babysit. This was 17.50 sometimes
three times a week, and that was too much to give up without a fight!
I would also hide this gruesome side of Mrs. Roth from her daughter. I
believe Darcy knew nothing of the actual amount, in fact she speculated
it could be a fifty dollar bill I remembered! Why not let her believe
this, as long as could get Mr Roth to agree to hide my secret. Darcy
was just teasing me with her hiney games. Quite harmless really. I had
to protect Darcy, plus preserve my dignity in order to continue sitting
for her.

The next morning I spent some time looking at my penny, ate breakfast,
then dragged myself through work, dreading that evening babysitting
Darcy, but excited about talking Mr. Roth back into me collecting my
usual 17.50! In fact I was sure that the envelope would contain * just
* that, and I would play along with Mrs. Roth's weird little one time
joke, putting the lurid section of her letter out of my mind altogether!

That evening, I was disappointed when Darcy said Mrs. Roth wouldn't be
home again, and in fact, would be working late every night this week! I
pouted as we watched yet another silly movie while Darcy devoured
popcorn that I'd made for her.

"Okay, you know what time it is, right Susan?"

Darcy reached into her pocket and held up another tiny envelope to my
face, with a excited look, eyeing me carefully.

I forced a polite smile back at her.

"Okay, but if I agree, you promise to mind me and not be a pain

"No way. You've gotta do your little trick for me first! Then your
reward is the envelope. I do what I want, as usual."

My face flushed over her words * little trick *, but I screwed down my
anger over the tone she'd used with me and continued.

"Darcy, right now it's just a game, but what your doing is not very
nice. If I told you I didn't really like this game and it really deeply
bothered me and was starting to hurt my feelings, wouldn't that make
you feel bad inside?

Darcy paused.

She suddenly looked guilty. This was something clearly she hadn't

"Well...when you put it like that, yeah, I guess so. Does it bother you?

I paused, unsure of what to say next. Here was a chance to end this
nonsense right now, I didn't wanna lose face by admitting it did bother
me if she wouldn't show compassion. My hope was to embarrass her into
stopping her little game....

Darcy spoke up and broke my train of thought.

"Susan, I'm sorry if you don't like this game, and but momma said you
could quit if you're prepared to give up you job at Buyless. Is that
what you're saying? Please keep your Buyless job, okay? It's a lot of
fun having you sit with me, and I afraid momma wouldn't even let you
babysit me anymore if your not working for her at Buyless!

I sighed, in defeat again. The poor thing didn't even realise she was
threatening me with losing my Buyless job. My warmth and the ugly
sensual knot between my legs was going nuts at how far I'd sunk now. I
was on the verge of tears on shame, but I couldn't let Darcy know that.

"Momma said there's a special treat for you in the envelope this time!
Much more than before! All waiting just for you......once you *earn* it!

My mouth watered as I flashed on the 17.50 from my last sitting with
tonight's 17.50. Sure it was a gamble, but worth it. I'd feel so silly
afterwards, for doubting Mrs. Roth like that.

"Okay, what is it this time?" I sighed.

"20 seconds this time! Keep your face against my butt..... and you
don't pull away! " She snickered as she turned around and walked a few
feet away, her butt facing me.

I tried to rationalize. 20 seconds with my face inches from the back of
her jeans wasn't degrading if I acted like I was the one doing *her* a
favor. I just needed to hide how much it bothered me, and she's soon
tire of the whole game, I told myself. But when I waved her to come
over she shook her head.

"Nope. You come over off the couch - to * me * this time...and...
uh.....could over on your knees?" Darcy sounded
embarrassed and her voice was husky and I could tell this was more than
* just * a game to her. I felt angry for thinking her so innocent and
sweet. Was she just using me, like her mom?

I got onto my knees and crawled over to her, too numb to cry, already
knowing there wasn't any 17.50 in that envelope. So why was I doing
this? Why?

I flinched when Darcy pulled her jeans down to her mid-thighs, exposing
her flesh as I buried my face into her underwear...



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