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Babysitters Worth 2


Babysitter's Worth (part two)


That evening as I walked home with fresh tears stinging my face, I
clutched Mrs. Roth's note in my hands as if it was my only salvation!
The second penny she'd given me was deeply imbedded into my hand as I
clutched it in anger. But I didn't throw it away this time, saving
myself the extra trip back. When I got home, I slammed my bedroom door
and cried for over an hour. Then I read Mrs. Roth's note for the

"Dear Susan,

" I happen to know you were a naughty girl and didn't hide your penny
in your secret spot as I asked! This makes Mrs. Roth very disappointed
in you. You may not be important enough to have the right of placing
your nose in my daughter's hind-quarters. You must be punished for
disobeying my instruction!

" Tonight you will place your second penny, (now known as your
punishment penny) inside your vagina and keep in there while you stare
at the first one. You will then tickle yourself and think of my
daughter's sweet posterior to get the your punishment penny wet.
Afterwards you will place the moistened little punishment penny next to
yesterdays penny on the dresser.

"You will then kneel down next to your dresser and sniff your
punishment penny as you tickle yourself riding the crest of the wave,
but never finishing the wave. Do we understand each other? No riding
your pleasure to its natural conclusion! Stop just before. You will
then re-insert the punishment penny and sleep with it inside you.

" Next morning, you are to give your punishment penny a ride all day to
work and not take it out until you meet my daughter tomorrow night! Do
as she asks and be thankful for your nice penny, which you got for
being good, and your punishment penny which you got for being naughty.

" I know you're confused about your new position in our lives, but
don't worry. Your salary at Buyless will be reduced by 50 % because we
now know your only half as valuable as our other employs since your
just a little ass kisser! But thinking of your two pennies at night
and sniffing them will make you understand. Don't disappoint Mrs. Roth

Mrs. Roth"

I had to hold it inside myself with my hand during my shower, for fear
of losing it down the drain. I blocked out the rest.

I was afraid of what I was becoming. Who I was becoming inside, and the
way I was coming to think of myself.

Of how much these two coins were running my life. The power I was
giving up. And the worst part was....I felt * proud * that I'd earned
the pennies! That I'd please Mrs. Roth's daughter so well, she's
allowed me one of her precious pennies! I was disgusted all during the
day at work wearing my smock by the very thought and tried to pretend
none of it was happening. I was already struggling to make ends meet
without the extra baby-sitting money - let alone the half cut in pay!

If this kept up, I'd lose my apartment! Surely Mrs. Roth knew this,
didn't she? I couldn't lose my place to live over a few worthless

That evening I didn't even bother with the movie. When I walked in the
door and saw Darcy, I stared at her coldly. She said nothing and we
walked into her room and closed the door. Her arrogant attitude, the
way she was dressed in a simple flowered sleeveless dress and sandals
and the way she flounced her pony tailed hair in my face as she stood a
little too much closer than she usually stood, both angered and excited
me at the same time!

"Okay - Let's get it over with!" I frowned, as I unbuttoned my pants,
ready to show her the penny and trying to hide my growing arousal.

She held up a finger for me to stop, surprising me. Was I doing
something wrong, I worried?

I glanced down and noticed a paper bag on the floor.

Inside it I saw that strange looking object with the plastic straps
Mrs. Roth had kept hidden in the closet. It was just a silly mask or
something, but my pulse started to raced when I saw it.

I was trying not to tremble as Dacry walked away from the bag and stood
a few inches from me, saying nothing but looking at me. Since she was
shorter, her eye line came to my collar bone. She peered up at me and
blew her breath into my face, as I flinched a little unnerved.

"What did I have to eat? " She smirked.

"I dunno. But you might wanna brush you're teeth a little more often,"
I said in defiance.

Darcy slapped my face, and I felt the blood rush to it, as I stood
there too stunned to move. I couldn't believe she'd just done that, and
while I knew I should be fuming inside, I was weak and aroused as a
animal in heat!

"Suzie punkin, I want you to smell my breath, and tell me how much you
like it, understand?" The cruel teenager smiled up at me as I nodded
quickly this time.

She opened her mouth and breathed what smelled like day old junk food.

"Darcy, your mouth smells old pop corn and lots of candy,
and it makes me so....feel.....too aroused and........happy and proud
you'd share it with me... "

I fought the tears now, my face burning with humiliation. I couldn't
stop looking at her fat little tongue and wanting to melt my mouth into
hers, as cruel as she was. She closed her mouth and seemed satisfied
and I felt myself get instantly moist and was sure my underwear was
soaked at least a little!

Darcy leaned next to me and grabbed my pants in her hands.

I didn't know why every taunt from her was making me more aroused and
getting me to think of her in such a carnal way! I guess I'd always
been attracted to her, I'd just never allowed myself to feel it before.

Then Darcy roughly yanked down my pants to my ankles, leaving them in a
puddle at my feet. I could feel the cool air of the room and her warm
breath against my chests as she stood back up, only inches from my
face. My eyes caught here, but she looked embarrassed.

"What are * you * looking at, stupid? Don't look at me, okay? "

"Sorry." I mumbled.

Stealing a quick glance into her smug little face as she worked my
undies down next, I could feel myself possibly falling in love with
her, and was eager to dig out my punishment penny and she if she wanted
me to sniff it for her.

Soon my panties were at my ankles too. Darcy slapped me again.

"...this is supposed to be punishment dummy! Get that insipid smile off
your face!!!" she barked at me, although I wasn't even aware I was

"Okay, dummy. Dig it out."

I reached inside myself and found the penny, working it out and holding
it up for her inspection.

"I can't believe Momma actually found somebody dumb enough to actually
* do * it this time!" she giggled. I frowned, realizing I was part of a
joke, and the first one dumb enough to not only fall for it, but to
become aroused be it!

"Okay, you may as well get something outta all this. Go on...sniff it. "

I looked at the penny with sudden disgust and wanted to throw it at
her. How could she and her mother be so fucking mean to another person?
It wasn't fair!!! These were my feelings! I wanted to give my love to
another person someday, a lover and friend who would value what I had
to offer, not laugh at it! Every sexual urge I had I was being mocked

"...go on, Susan, you *know * you really wanna. - SNIFF it."

Each time I tried to fight it, I'd read Mrs. Roth's letters or see
little Darcy smirking at me and I'd get weak and aroused all over again.

I brought the coin to my nose and inhaled my own vagina's smell. It
made me dizzy it smelled so good! I wanted to hug Darcy for making me
feel so loved and warm inside! I found my other hand drifting down
between my legs, against my will.

I wanted to cry tears of joy as I sniffed my smelly little penny! It's
like only Momma and Darcy know who I really am! Only these two know the
secret of my true worth...

of what I have to give,

and what my only value is,

as a human being.

"You stupid bitch!!! You fucked up! You're supposed to punished , and
here you are playing with yourself?????" Darcy was practically
screaming now, and I was still riding off my high to know what to do

In seconds she was slapping my hand away and I had crumpled onto the
floor in a heap, sobbing and begging her forgiveness. It was ugly and
even though she was just a teenaged girl half my size, here I was at
her feet acting like dim witted dog too stupid to understand its

Darcy had called the maid, much to my embarrassment, and the teenaged
girl picked up one last envelope and threw it at me!

"Here you stupid ass licker. This is all you deserve now! "

I picked up the envelope too stunned to defend myself, knowing I was

"First you didn't even do as mom asked the first night, and now this???
This time you've fucked up so bad! I'm telling mom everything - now get
out of my house you pathetic brown nosed cunt!!!" Darcy scolded.

Before I knew it, I was thrown from the house by the maid and Darcy ! I
stood on the porch knocking on the door, but the maid said she'd call
the police if I continued. As I started to walk away, I looked inside
the envelope and found it empty inside.

Not even a penny.

I wasn't even worth * that * now! I never thought I'd sink this low in
my life! I gave up and sobbed like a baby all the way back home! I
felt like shit for letting Darcy and her mom down like that! I really
was barely worth the one cent they'd paid me, and here I was screwing
up all over again!!!

As I walked home, I saw that the door to my apartment had been jimmied

I scrambled into my bedroom and my worst fears were confirmed! Now my
original penny was gone! Darcy and the maid must've driven over taken
it! Darcy had warned me I'd gone too far this time!!!! More tears
flooded as I lay my head against the spot where the penny I'd been so
casual with had been, sniffing the spot in shame and self hate! What a
stuck up fool I'd been!!!!! I'd gratefully shove that penny up my
insides this very instant if I could.

I went to the found some spare change in my purse, and tried to
masturbate myself with those, but it wasn't the same. It wasn't the
coin it was Momma and Darcy's penny's that I'd been so quick to under-
appreciate! I'd known a peace I could never express - while think of
how lucky I was to kiss Darcy's ass and sniff her Momma's penny!

In hysterical pity and self disgust, I lay there stroking myself and
crying myself to sleep, my head laying on my dresser.


I arrived at their house a few days latter, when I remembered Mrs. Roth
was back. I knew it was unlikely they'd even see me, but I had to try!
I knocked on the door and the maid answered. She saw it was me and said
nothing, but frowned. The maid told me I was to use the service
entrance from this day on and showed me where it was.

Unsure and puzzled, I followed the maid around the back, as I was
apparently supposed to, she then she led me toward a back porch, where
I found Mrs. Roth and Darcy eating lunch.

"Well Susan, Darcy told me about your situation. I suppose we all know
why you're here, don't we?" Mrs. Roth seemed so regal and sophisticated
I felt like even her disapproval was a gift! Darcy looked stunning as
ever, even with her smug expression. I wanted to cry and beg and plead
for another chance, but my throat was dry and I had no tears left...

"Mrs. Roth...I know I messed up, really I's just.." I
stuttered stupidly.

" ...shhhh I know honey. Hush up and take your position. Even stupid
poor white trash like yourself deserves the pity of those with an
education and breeding, right Darcy?" her daughter nodded and got up as
she slid her skirt around her waist.

I fell to my knees and gratefully buried my face into her underwear,
working it down with my teeth through my tears of humility!

"Susan, pumpkin, be a good girl and rim my daughter! There's a little
treat for you if you do!" Mrs. Roth giggled and Darcy exchanged smiles.

My face burned with their laughter as I hid my nose in her daughter's
butt. I started licking at her hole with my grateful tongue as their
laughter rung in my ears and to my surprise I felt something...

"well,well, ......I think your babysitter has found her little

I could feel it with my tongue as I snaked it from her little bung hole.

It was a shit-covered penny.

Darcy was disgusted and her mother laughed as I sucked and licked it
clean and felt the warmth of humiliation wash over me, pleased for what
little they sought to throw my way.

Darcy then produced the strange head strap gear I'd saw earlier, and it
looked like a cross between a horses bridle and bathing suit. I was
trying to make out what was, but soon found out. Mrs Roth's daughter strapped it around my head, and I could see it was designed to strap my
face directly into her butt! She snapped it across her waist and
between her legs, like underwear, and guided my face to the back straps.

"...this is something Darcy had custom made for the last girl, but she
wouldn't be caught dead wearing such a disgusting and bizzare device.
However, Darcy could smell how a stupid little cunny like you seem most
nurtured when on the receiving end, and a few hours in this will train
you to except that position in our house! Also Darcy, brought some
clothes our little Susie - Q will feel more at home in, okay?" Mrs Roth

I was stunned and disgusted, but I tried to smile through my tears.
Darcy stripped off my clothes and produced a Buyless smock which she
put on me and tied around waist, except it has been cut too short so my
pussy was visible and there were obscene holes cut so my breasts would
be exposed. My face was crimson by the time she had me wearing it, and
I felt strangely proud of the spectacle I must have looked wearing it!
Both mother and daughter clapped as I thrust my meagre chest out, the
penny still on my tongue.

"Isn't she just * darling? I don't think our little Suzie Q here is
comfortable with anything * other * than this particular view, do you
honey?" Momma Roth laughed as Darcy strapped my face into her butt-
harness and I struggled to follow her around on my knees while both
their laughter made the shit in my tummy grumble as I tasted the copper
penny with my tongue, thanking my lucky stars for this second chance!


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