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Babysitting 2


!!!Warning!!! This document contains material of an explicit adult nature,
if you are under the age of 21 delete this document and go to bed now!

Any comments or criticisms welcomed email

This story was inspired and is dedicated to Laura

Laura Baby Sits Part(2) By Blueboy

It had been a couple of days since Laura had babysat for me, and I had
watched the video of her seducing my daughter Jenny and son Ben several
times since. I found myself thinking about my children in ways that a
father should not, and I was concerned that I was beginning to have sexual
fantasies about them. It had been several months since I last had sex with
anyone, and one evening when I passed my daughters room I heard the tell
tale buzz of a vibrator, I went to my room and jacked myself of watching
the video of Laura using the vibrator on Jenny. I made a decision to
delete the video of my children from my computer however I edited out and
kept the sections that showed Laura alone, with the video no longer
available I found that the fantasies about Ben and Jenny were less
frequent. I decided to arrange to get Laura around on Friday evening Ben
and Jenny had been invited to a birthday party by a cousin, as the distance
was considerable they were going to stay over night and I was to collect
them on Saturday evening.

I rang Laura and arranged for her to baby-sit that Friday the children
however would not be here, I needed to sort out in my mind what I was going
to do. The week went and on Friday I took Ben and Jenny to the party
straight after school it was an hours drive and after dropping them off I
finally arrived home at 6:30pm. I quickly showered and put on my robe, I
then opened a bottle of red wine, sat in the lounge and listened to some
music whilst I waited for Laura to arrive. At 7:25pm Laura arrived and I
invited her in, I took her into the lounge and we sat down, I was so
nervous I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

"Where are Ben and Jenny?" Laura asked.

"Laura I am afraid we have a bit of a problem! I know what happened
last time you looked after them!" I said.

Laura looked horrified and burst in to tears.

"I am sorry, I am so sorry!" she said fighting to get the words out
between the sobs.

"I walked over to the couch and sat next to her, I put my arm around her
and tried to comfort her, she was by now sobbing hysterically repeating
again and again that she was sorry.

"Laura its no good crying we need to talk about this!" I said.

After a few moments Laura began to regain her composure, I was holding
her in my arms and she looked into my eyes.

"I am so, so sorry!" she said again.

"Look you have to tell me exactly what happened, just tell me the truth
and maybe we can sort this out." I said to her in a calm voice.

Laura began to sob again after a short while she regained her composure
and began to explain what had happened.

When I had gone out on Saturday she had sat watching the film with the
children she had a couple of vodka and cokes, after the film finished Jenny
had gone upstairs without saying anything. Laura said that when she went
up to see if Jenny was ok she walked into her room and found Jenny lying on
her bed with her panties around her ankles, Jenny was inserting the handle
of her hairbrush in her pussy. Jenny had gotten really upset and
embarrassed, and Laura began comfort her she said she did not intend to
take advantage.

"I only wanted to show her the vibrator and I intended to give it to
her, I thought that she might hurt herself with the brush." Laura said.

She continued to explain that she had become very aroused by the sight
of Jenny masturbating, and when they went to her room she could not help
herself. She added that when Ben had caught them she was worried that he
might tell me, and decided that if she allowed him to join them he might
keep quiet.

"Did Ben tell you?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter how I found out!" I replied, I could hardly tell her
the truth about the camera. I kissed her gently on the forehead and
offered her a drink and poured her a large vodka and coke to calm her down
a bit.

"What are you going to do now?" Laura asked.

"I think that I should take your panties down and spank your bare arse!"
I said sarcastically.

Laura looked at me and I could not keep a straight face, I smiled and
she suddenly became more relaxed and giggled.

"So you like the idea of me spanking your bare arse!" I said.

By now my cock was throbbing I was completely naked under my robe and
feeling the heat of Laura's body close to me was driving me wild, Laura
leant across and kissed me on the cheek.

"I don't know about the spanking but pulling my panties down sounds like
fun." Laura said.

I put down my drink and kissed Laura passionately on the lips, she did
not object and in fact responded by probing her tongue into my mouth, after
a minute I sat her up and looked at her sternly.

"You have been a very naughty girl, and I am afraid I am going to have
top spank you! Stand up!" I said.

Laura stood up and I began to undo the waist of her denim shorts, as I
slid them down to her knees her panties went with them, the sight of her
shaved pussy sent my heart racing. I pulled her down and laid her face
down across me knees I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against her
stomach through my robe. I began to playfully spank her plump buttocks,
and she pretended to cry out in pain, I slapped her bottom a little harder
and this time she did cry out for real. I increased the intensity of the
spanking a little more and saw my hand had left red marks on her white
buttocks, she was groaning with each slap but not in pain alone.

"Do you promise to be a good girl from now on?" I asked.

"Yes daddy!" she replied sarcastically in a childish voice.

You would not believe how much this turned me on, I was not quite old enough to be her father but she looked much younger than her twenty-two
years and I felt the pre cum ooze from my cock.

"Did daddy hurt you darling?" I asked.

"Yes he did!" she said in a childish voice.

"Do you want daddy to rub it and kiss it better?" I asked.

"Please!" she replied.

I kept her across my knee and began to gently rub her buttocks allowing
my hand to run down the back of her thighs as I passed up her thigh I
allowed my hand to slip between her legs my fingers brushed across her wet
pussy lips. After several minutes of this I leant forward and kissed her
to beautiful buttocks before giving her a final playful slap, I lifted her
up and sat her on my lap.

I cuddled her has I had done with my daughter so many times when she had
been upset, this was different though she was naked from the waist down and
I could feel her wriggling and rubbing her pussy lips against my rock hard
cock. I kissed her tenderly on the forehead, like a father might kiss his

"Do you want daddy to get you ready and take you to bed no darling?" I

"Yes please I want to go to bed!" she replied.

I lifted her top over her head and removed her bra, her breasts were
firm and round, and I pulled her shorts and panties over her feet and
removed her trainers and socks. I stood up and carried her upstairs to the
bathroom, I sat her naked on the toilet seat and began to run a bath, when
the bath was filled I lifted her in.

"Do you want daddy to wash you?" I asked.

Without waiting for an answer I knelt by the bath and began to wash her
hair, afterwards I continued to wash her all over taking great care to wash
every inch of her body, the soap made my hand glide all over her wet skin,
I took extra care to ensure that her breasts, arse and pussy were
thoroughly washed and Laura had several orgasms each time saying "Ooh daddy
that feels funny!"

I lifted her out of the bath and stood her on the bath mat before drying
her slowly with a towel, I caressed every inch of her body through the
towel and she continued to act like an innocent little girl the whole time.
The whole thing was so erotic I could never actually abuse my own children
although after seeing Ben and Jenny with Laura I will admit to being
extremely tempted, I was so horny I wanted to lay her on the floor and
screw her senseless then and there. I wrapped Laura into the towel and
carried her to my bedroom laying her on my bed.

"Wait there darling whilst I fetch you a nightdress." I said.

I went to Jenny's room and brought one of her short nightdresses back
with me, it had a picture of a teddy on the front I sat Laura up and put
the nightdress over her head.

"I will take you to your own room now and tuck you in." I said to Laura.

"No daddy I am scared can I stay here with you for a while?" Laura asked
in a childish manner.

"OK but just for a little while." I said

I pulled back the duvet and laid Laura in my bed, then covered her up
and kissed her on the forehead.

"Be a good girl while daddy gets ready for bed." I said.

I took a pair of clean boxer from the draw and slid them on under my
robe, before removing my robe and climbing into bed, I lay there and Laura
turned round to face me, we lay there for a few minutes looking into each
other's eyes without saying a word. I was so horny but the game we were
playing was so erotic I continued to play along.

"Daddy, are you ticklish?" Laura asked.

"No, are you?" I replied as I reached over and tickled Laura under the
arm caressing her breast as I did so.

Laura also began to tickle me and as we rolled about on the bed tickling
each other and laughing hysterically, we both managed to grope each other
as if by accident, my hand went between her legs and rubbed against her
pussy, and she grabbed my cock through my boxers a couple of times. As we
were easing off and beginning to settle down ~Laura took hold of my cock
and looked at me with her big green eyes.

"Daddy what is this?" she asked.

I explained to her the difference between boys and girls, in a totally
innocent manner as she continued to hold my cock tightly.

"Can I see it please daddy?" she asked.

"No that would not be right, little girls shouldn't see their daddies
penis, I could get into trouble if any one found out." I replied.

Laura began once more to act very childish and looking at me with her
big green eyes she began to pull at my cock with both hands.

"I won't tell anyone daddy please let me see it, please, please,
please?" Laura said.

"OK but just for a minute! And be careful if you rub it too hard it
will shoot liquid out of the end." I said.

Laura pulled back the duvet and slipped her fingers into the waist of my
boxer's, I arched my back so that she could pull them down and she pulled
them right off over my feet. Laura took hold of my cock once more and
began to stroke it back and forth pulling the foreskin back so far that it
hurt, the head of my cock was oozing pre-cum.

"Daddy was is that wet on the end of your thingy?" Laura asked.

"That's daddy's sperm if a man puts his penis into a girls pussy it
makes her have a baby, and if a girl drinks lots of it her breast's grow
really big." I replied.

Laura looked at my cock and went in to a cock worship routine that made
me feel so hot.

"Your penis is so big daddy, it feels so nice I think you have the best
penis in the world." She said.

"Maybe we should stop now and tale you back to your own room before
daddy gets to excited." I said.

"Why daddy, I like playing with your thing! And I want to drink your
sperm so my tits get really big." Laura said.

"If daddy gets to excited he might do things to you that he shouldn't
do!" I replied.

Laura leant forward and took my cock into her mouth I could feel the
head entering her throat, she moved her head up and down a few times and
then pulled off.

"What things might you do to me daddy?" Laura asked.

"Well I might lick and kiss you just there." I said playfully touching
her hairless pussy.

"What else daddy?" she asked.

"If I got to excited I might put my penis right inside your pussy and
make you have a baby!" I said.

"Will you daddy please, please will you give me a baby?" she asked.

"No darling you are to young and daddies can't do that to their little
girls." I replied.

"Will you kiss and lick my pussy then daddy?" she said as she took my
cock into her mouth one more time without waiting for a reply.

I manoeuvred her around so that she knelt over my face she took great
care to keep my cock in her mouth the whole time.

"Are you sure you want daddy to do this darling!" I asked teasingly.

"Yes daddy do it now!" she said.

I could hear the frustration in her voice and asked again, "Are you
really, really sure that you want daddy to do this?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" She replied.

I took hold of Laura's buttocks and raised my head and gently flicked my
tongue along her slit, barely inserting the tip between her lips, she
shuddered and I stopped.

"Please don't stop daddy please lick my pussy?" she asked again.

I raised up again and began to eat her pussy hungrily I was so hot and
as I ate her she pulled my foreskin back so hard that it hurt and began to
lick and suck the head of my cock pulling the foreskin back and forth each
time. I could hold back no longer I took Laura's clit between my teeth and
gently bit as I did she shook violently at the same time my cock exploded
into her mouth, I could not remember ever coming so had or for so long

Laura licked my cock clean and turned around lying down next to me on
the bed.

"I drank lots of your sperm daddy, are my tits getting bigger yet?" she
asked placing my hand on her breast.

"I can't tell through your nightdress, maybe we should take it off while
I check." I said.

Laura pulled Jenny's nightdress over her head and placed my hand on her
breast again.

"Are they bigger daddy, are they?" she asked again.

"I think you may have to drink lots more of daddy's sperm before they
get really big, but they do seem to have grown a little bit." I said.

Laura smiled and kissed me passionately.

"You are the best daddy ever!" she said.

I continued to caress her smooth white silky breasts and rub her nipples
gently between my fingers.

"Daddy please put your cock into my pussy and give me a baby!" Laura
asked again.

I refused again but she kissed me begging, "Please, please, please

"OK but you have to let me pull it out when I say, so that you can drink
my cum and make your tits grow big." I said.

I raised Laura's slim body and positioned her over my throbbing cock, as
I pushed against her pussy opening I could feel her clamping down with her
vaginal muscles to prevent my access.

"OH! Daddy it is to big," she said teasingly.

"OK darling we can leave it for now!" I said lifting her a little away
from my cock.

"No, no daddy let me try once more?" she pleaded.

I could sense the frustration in her voice she needed this as much as I

I again positioned her pussy over the head of my cock and she once more
began to move about on it clamping her vaginal muscles closed to prevent
penetration, I was amazed at the strength in her muscles as she allowed
minor entry and pushed me out again. Suddenly the head of my cock entered
her pussy she felt as tight as anything I had ever experienced, I took her
hips and encouraged her to move further down my shaft.

"Just a little more darling!" I pleaded.

"Its to big daddy!" She replied.

She knew I was desperate and was repaying me for my earlier teasing,
eventually she eased herself down fraction by fraction until I was fully
inside her, I had not noticed before just how flat her stomach was but as I
slowly pumped my cock in and out I could see the movement inside against
her stomach wall.

"Daddy I like having your big cock in my pussy" Laura said mockingly.

I began to pump harder and faster into her tight hole, pulling her down
on top of me so that I could suck on her breasts and kiss her. She began
to rock back and forth in perfect time and soon we were both on the edge of

"Daddy needs to take his cock out now darling!" I said teasingly.

"No!" she replied driving her self down onto my cock to prevent my
withdrawing, I once again began to thrust deep into her pussy and felt my
cock throb as I pumped my hot seeds deep inside her body. We kissed
passionately and then Laura collapsed on top of me we kissed gently and
then I guess we fell asleep, because I awoke two hours later my cock was
still semi erect and still deep inside Laura. Laura was asleep but I began
to slowly thrust my cock into her once again, her eyes opened and she

"Naughty, naughty daddy!" she said.

We both cracked up laughing, and Laura began to act her age, I am going
to screw your brains out!" she said as she began to fuck me wildly.

"Please don't mummy?" I said jokingly.

We both fell about laughing and I could feel her muscles contract around
my cock each time she laughed, I rolled her over and remaining deep inside
her I began to fuck her with vigour, I would withdraw to the point of no
return before forcing it back home as hard as I could. Laura began to
groan and I could that I was causing a little discomfort, I began to ease
of and she looked into my eyes and whispered "NO HARDER", I continued my
assault with more vigour than ever. As I felt Laura climax I allowed
myself to come I thrust in as hard and as far as I could, and felt my sperm
flowing along my shaft, we both collapsed on the bed exhausted, after a
couple of minutes Laura kissed me and said "Thank you".

"No thank you, that was absolutely fucking amazing!" I said.

I looked at the clock it was one a.m.

"God I am so hungry!" Laura said.

I slipped on my robe and handed my other one to Laura, we went
downstairs and I fixed a plate of sandwiches, I could not take my eyes off
of Laura, I never wanted her to leave.

"Here we go!" I said as I put the sandwiches on the table.

I fetched two cold beers from the fridge and as we sat and ate we

"God that was so intense and erotic." I said.

"I love role playing in the bedroom, but that is my best yet!" Laura

As we talked and got to know each other I realised that we had so much
in common, and I also realised what had attracted me to Laura in the first
instant. I looked at her and I could see just how much she reminded me of
Julie my very first girlfriend at the age of thirteen, Julie was the
youngest of five children and her four older brothers had been fucking her
since she was eight. Being the middle one of three boys I had not really
had much experience with girls, but Julie soon taught me everything she
knew, I suspect that our multiple daily sex sessions were something of a
contributing factor to my current sexual appetite, I have yet to find a
woman who can satisfy me fully. Even my wife could not satisfy my desires
we would often have an extra female in our bed, and I had always managed to
get hard even now I often masturbate five or six time a night.

We finished eating and went back up to my room, as we lay together we
cuddled up and it just felt so right, we told each other our most intimate
fantasies and I even told Laura about my first seeing her in the paper shop
that day, and everything else that I had done and planned including the
camera. Laura was disappointed that I had deleted most of the video, but
said that she understood why I had done so, she told me how guilty she had
felt about what had happened the previous week, and how depressed she had
been afterwards. I knew that I wanted to be with Laura I suggested that
she could move in as an au pair at first to see how the children reacted to
us being together. To my delight she agreed and we agreed that she would
move in the next day before we collected the children, I wondered how they
would react to having Laura around full time.

WE settled down for the night and discussed more of our fantasies, if
you want to find out about our deepest fantasies and what we do about them
you will have to watch this space. They will be posted in the usual place

I must go now I have a sexy redhead who has a deviant sexual fantasy
that needs fore filling.

End of part two.

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