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!!!Warning!!! This document contains material of an explicit adult nature,
if you are under the age of 21 delete this document and go to bed now!

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This story was inspired and is dedicated to Laura

Laura Baby Sits Part(1) By Blueboy

Being a single dad of two I often had difficulty in finding a reliable
babysitter with whom I could leave my two children Ben aged thirteen and
Jenny aged eleven. One day I was in the local newsagents and saw a redhead
putting an advert in the shop window, I had no idea at this time what the
advert was for but the redhead certainly caught my eye. I decided to look
at the ad and to get the phone number I had not plucked up the courage to
speak to her in the shop but decided that I might ring her sometime. I did
not know what it was about her, she was in her early twenties with red hair and jade green eyes, after she had left the shop I suddenly felt sad that I
had not spoken to her. I left the shop and scanned the adverts checking
the dates, only one advert with today's date and it read, "STUDENT AGED
LAURA ON xxxx xxxxxx"

I realised that I had an excellent excuse to contact Laura, I decided
that I would ring her later that day and arrange for her to baby-sit for
Ben and Jenny that weekend. I had never felt this way about someone I had
never even spoken to, but for some reason I was longing for the chance to
see her again. I went home and began to think of ways to seduce a
babysitter that I had only ever seen once, that I had never even spoken to
it was crazy there I was a thirty five year old divorced man with a
schoolboy crush on a girl I didn't even know. I decided to arrange to meet
a few friends for a drink on Saturday night if Laura was available to baby
sit, I would then return home earlier than expected after the children had
gone to bed, the rest of my plan was yet to be formulated.

Jenny and Ben returned home from school at 4pm as usual after I had
cooked their dinner I decided to ring Laura. I rang the number from the
card and asked to speak to Laura she came to the phone.

"Hi I saw your advert in the news agents window and wondered if you were
available to baby sit on Saturday night? I may be very late back but I
could arrange a taxi for you, or you could stay in the spare room if you
prefer" I said, my heart was in my mouth. She was available and agreed to
baby-sit on Saturday she also said that she would like to stay if I was
going to be very late. I gave her my phone number and address and arranged
for her to come round on Saturday evening at 7:00pm. I replaced the
receiver and my heart was beating like a drum, I could not believe the way
I was acting I knew nothing about this girl and yet I was waiting for
Saturday to come like a schoolboy going on his first date.

The rest of the week seemed to go so slowly, I was waiting to see Laura
again I could not put my finger on what it was about her that made me feel
the way I did but there was definitely something. Saturday night came and
I was ready to go out, I sat watching the tv with Jenny and Ben waiting for
her to arrive. At 7:25pm the doorbell rang and I took a deep breath before
opening the door.

"Hi I am Laura we spoke earlier in the week" she said.

I invited her in and introduced her to Jenny and Ben.

"Now you two had better behave yourselves and do what ever Laura tells
you, and don't forget I want you in bed by ten o'clock" I said to Jenny and

I showed Laura where to find everything and told her to make herself at
home, after showing her the spare room I left to meet my friends in the
town. As I walked to town I could not stop thinking about Laura, she was
about five foot six inches tall, (I am sure that her heels accounted for
three inches though) she had a milky white complexion with hundreds of
light coloured freckles framing her face her eyes were big and bright jade
green in colour. Her body was shapely her breasts were ample although not
huge, her arse though was one of those you could die for, when I saw her in
the shop she was wearing tight denim cut off shorts, and tonight she wore
the same.

I arrived at the bar and we had a few drinks I began to wonder what
Laura was doing, as a back up plan I had hidden a wireless web camera in
the spare room I had hidden it on top of the wardrobe wrapped in a black
bag after making sure that it was not easily visible I had started a
security program called Gotcha on my computer that recorded video and sound
if it detected motion. I knew that even if I failed to seduce Laura there
was a fair chance that I would have a video of her getting undressed
although this would be a poor substitute.

I decided that I would forget about Laura and enjoy my night out with
the lads until I made my excuses and left early we had a few beers and
headed off on our usual pub-crawl. As the night went on I drank more than
I intended and before I knew it was 11pm and last orders were being called,
we drank up and left the bar at about 11:30. The others were heading off
to the nightclub I said that I had to work in the morning and headed for
home, I was hoping that Laura would still be awake. As I entered the house
it was in total darkness, I fixed myself a drink and took it to my room,
then I remembered the camera in Laura's room and sat at the computer to see
if I had managed to catch her getting undressed. I lit a cigarette and
began to fast forward through the video.

I pressed play as Laura entered the room, she removed her tee shirt and
as she stood in her shorts and bra she pulled her nightdress over her head
before taking of her shorts, shit I thought I am not even going to see her
naked. I continued to fast-forward to the end of the recording, I saw
Laura and Jenny come into the room and sit on the bed, I pressed play again
and plugged in the headphones so that I could turn up the volume without
disturbing anyone. As I watched I saw Laura reach into her bag she pulled
out a very realistic looking black vibrator it must have been eight inches
long with pronounced veins and a huge head, I could hear the buzz as she
turned it on to show Jenny. Jenny took the vibrator and held it in her
hand whilst she moved her other hand up and down the shaft as if she were
masturbating it.

"Its so big how can it fit inside you?" Jenny asked.

"When you get excited you get wet and your pussy stretches I have one
much bigger at home." Laura replied.

Jenny continued to play with the vibrator.

"Would you like me to show you how I use it?" asked Laura.

"I don't know!" replied Jenny.

Laura stood up and pulled her nightdress over her head, she stood there
in her bra and panties, then she unclipped her bra and dropped it to the
floor, her breasts were a generous handful and quite firm.

"Gee you have really big breasts I wish mine were bigger!" Jenny said.

Laura took the vibrator turned it off and began to simulate a blow-job.

"You have to suck plenty of cock and swallow all the sperm if you want
your breasts to grow big" Laura said handing the vibrator back to Jenny.

Jenny inserted the vibrator into her mouth and began to practice sucking cock, I became so excited as I watched my daughter that I had to undo my
trousers and release my throbbing cock. Meanwhile Laura bent over and
removed her panties, I watched as she stood up and I saw that her pussy was
completely shaved, her clitoris clearly visible she lay on the bed and
opened her legs.

"Jenny will you push it into my pussy for me darling?" Laura asked.

Jenny looked at her lying on the bed, after hesitating for a moment she
placed the head of the vibrator against Laura's pussy.

"Turn it on first." Said Laura.

Jenny switched on the vibrator and placed it against Laura's shaved
pussy once more, as she did so Laura began to shake, Jenny began to pull
away but Laura took hold of her hand and guided her back.

"No that feels so good baby!" Laura said.

By this time my cock was throbbing as I watched Jenny slowly insert the
vibrator into Laura's wet hole, Laura again took hold of Jenny's hand and
showed her how to plunge it in and out. Jenny continued to use the
vibrator on Laura and Laura groaned loudly several times as she reached
climax two or three times. Laura took hold of jenny's hand and guided her
withdrawing the vibrator, Laura sat up next to Jenny on the bed and put her
arm around her.

"Oh darling you did that so well I made me feel so good inside, would
you like me to make you feel good now?" Laura asked.

"I don't know it looks much to big for me." Jenny replied.

"Have you ever put anything in your pussy before?" Laura asked.

"Ben has put his thingy inside me a couple of times." Jenny said.

I could hardly believe my ears Ben had been fucking his sister and I had
no idea that they even knew about sex.

"Well darling if he has put his cock inside you then you will be
alright, I promise I won't hurt you!" she said kissing Jenny on the

"OK I will try!" Jenny said.

Laura took hold of Jenny's nightdress and lifted it over her head, I
began rubbing my cock franticly, Jenny had small breasts not much bigger
than half a tennis ball and her nipples were still unformed. Laura laid
Jenny back on the bed and pulled of her panties, it was all too much I came
in my hand and quickly grabbed a tissue to clean myself off. Jenny's pussy was almost completely bald apart from a small patch of pubic hairs around
the front of her slit Laura leant forward and began to lick Jenny's preteen
pussy spreading her lips slightly with her fingers, Jenny shook and groaned
with pleasure as she had an orgasm.

"I have to make you wet first so it won't hurt darling." Laura

"Its ok that feels really nice" Jenny said.

Laura continued to eat her preteen pussy and Jenny had several more
orgasms before Laura sat and picked up the vibrator, she turned it on and
began to stroke Jenny's clitoris with the tip, Jenny climaxed almost
instantly only this time much more violently than before. Laura moved the
head down to her opening and slowly began to insert the huge black rubber
cock into her pussy, Jenny struggled a little but soon the head of the
vibrator disappeared inside her. Jenny appeared to relax and Laura
continued to insert the whole eight inches into her young pussy, Jenny was
writhing about and groaning loudly, suddenly I saw a movement behind Laura.

Ben had come into the room and caught Laura fucking his sister with the

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I am going to tell dad when he gets home!" Ben added.

"Sit down and be quiet!" Laura said menacingly.

"Are you going to tell him that you have been fucking your sister as
well?" she asked.

Ben sat on the bed and said nothing, he watched as Laura continued to
work on Jenny bringing her to a final climax Laura removed the vibrator and
licked Jenny's juices from its shaft.

"Now! Ben I think you will thank me when I show you what else I have
taught your sister." Laura said.

"What do you mean?" Ben asked.

Laura removed Ben's pyjama top and laid him on the bed, Jenny came
around and stood next to Laura, Laura then pulled off his pyjama bottoms.

"Do you want to go first or me?" Laura asked Jenny.

"You" Jenny replied.

Ben lay on the bed his cock stood erect and I could see the sparse
covering of pubic hairs around the base of his shaft, I was quite impressed
by his size he appeared to be five to six inches long. Laura pulled back
his foreskin and took the whole of his cock into her mouth bobbing up and
down, I could see the look of pleasure on Bens face as he sighed and filled
Laura's mouth with his sperm.

"Your turn now Jenny, you want your breasts to get big don't you!" Laura

Jenny sat on the other side of Ben and leant across taking his cock into
her mouth, unfortunately she was in front of the camera and I could not see
much but from the expression on Ben's face I knew she was doing a good job,
as Ben came Jenny pulled of and gagged a little.

"Swallow it all darling" Laura said.

Jenny swallowed and then licked her brother's shaft clean, Laura kissed
Jenny passionately before climbing on the bed next to Ben she kissed him
passionately too.

"Did you enjoy that Benjamin?" Laura asked.

Ben hated being called that and got a bit of a strop on.

"OK did you like that Ben" Laura asked.

"YES!" he replied.

"Well be a really good boy and I will show you something else that's
really cool!" Laura said.

I was still rock hard and I needed to pee, I paused the video got
undressed and put on my robe before crossing the hall to the bathroom.
When I returned I restarted the video, removed my robe and sat naked
watching to see what was going to happen next. I did not have to wait long
as Laura lay next to Ben she began to stroke his cock like any thirteen
year old it immediately sprung to attention, she climbed above him and
lowered herself down onto his manhood. She lowered her breast down to his
mouth and told him to suck her nipple, he obliged willingly as she began to
rock back and forth on his cock, in a matter of minutes he came again and
Laura rolled off to one side.

"Jenny how would you like your brother to fuck you with the vibrator?"
Laura asked.

Jenny was a little embarrassed but with a bit of encouragement she
finally agreed, Laura Laid her on her back in the middle of the bed and
gave Ben the vibrator, she guided his hand and soon the huge black rubber
cock disappeared inside Jenny's pussy once more. Laura lay next to Jenny
and began sucking her breast she manoeuvred Ben to lay alongside so that he
could suck the other breast. Jenny had many orgasms as Ben fucked her with
the vibrator and they both sucked her tits eventually she pleaded for them
to stop.

"OK do you both want to do me like that before you go to bed?" Laura

They both nodded and Laura placed herself in the middle of the bed,
Jenny licked her pussy for a minute before Ben inserted the vibrator, they
both lay either side and began to suck on Laura's ample beasts, Laura was
soon writhing in pleasure and as she came they stopped Ben withdrew the
vibrator and handed it to Laura.

"No I am giving that to Jenny, but hide it so your dad can't find it
darling!" Laura said.

Ben gave Jenny her new toy and her eyes lit up.

"Come on into your own bed's in case your dad comes home early!" Laura

They picked up their clothes and Laura followed them out of the room, I
pressed fast forward again and saw Laura come into the room. She put her
nightdress on and climbed into bed, turning the light out, I heard the
front door open on the video and realised that I had almost caught them in
the act. It was almost 3am and I was absolutely shattered, I started the
monitoring software again and climbed into my bed. As I lay in bed I
pulled myself off thinking about the sights and sounds that I had just
witnessed, I soon came and after cleaning myself off, I tried to sleep
however my mind was racing I wanted Laura more than ever now, but what was
I going to do?

Eventually I fell asleep and woke at 9:00am, I could hear Laura, Jenny
and Ben giggling downstairs, I put on my robe and went down.

"I am sorry did we wake you?" Laura asked.

"No, no I was awake anyway" I replied.

"Did they behave themselves?" I asked.

"They were absolutely brilliant!" Laura replied.

I know that I thought to myself, but this was not the time or the place
to say anything rash.

Laura offered to make me a coffee, and I gratefully accepted, as she
went to the kitchen I asked Ben and Jenny if they had enjoyed having Laura
to baby-sit, they both said that she had been great and asked if she could
come again next time I went out.

"I will see!" I said.

Laura returned with the coffee, as she handed me the coffee she sat on
the couch opposite, I had a wonderful view of her shaved pussy, my mind
began to race, surely she knew that I had this view, I could not think
straight I adjusted my robe to disguise the raging hard on beneath and
finished my coffee. Laura asked if I would need her again and as I looked
across she had spread her legs even wider, I now knew that she was aware
that she was exposing her glorious hole to me.

"I will give you a ring when we need you again" I said.

She smiled and went to her room to dress the children were in the
kitchen and I followed her upstairs, I stopped at the top of the stairs and
saw that her door was partly open, I crept closer and saw her just pulling
her panties on I watched for a moment before creeping into the bathroom, I
had a pee and came out, Laura was just leaving her room.

"Thanks for taking care of them" I said and I kissed her on the cheek.

"No problem" she said as she kissed me back.

I went downstairs with her and got her money from the draw, I paid her
and she left. I was still infatuated with Laura, and I knew that I would
probably have little problem in seducing her but I had to consider this
very carefully now mainly because of the affect it could have on the
children. I was not particularly bothered about them having sex with her
or each other, but I needed to make sure they knew enough to stay safe, but
how could I have a relationship with someone my children had made already
love to.

***I have to do a lot of thinking about this one, if you want to find
out what I decide to do and what happens next you will have to wait for

When it is finished it will be posted at


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