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Barbie Teen Agent 2


Disclaimer: This is for adult reading. Please, nobody under eighteen.
Thank you.

Note: This is the second chapter in an ongoing series of "Barbie - Teen
Agent". There is a little female/female and female-solo in this chapter.
The next chapter will have more. I promise!

Barbie - Teen Agent, Chapter Two, by JR Parz


Barbara Presley was quiet during the ride to Doctor Young's apartment.
With everything happening so fast, she still thought there might be a
slight chance she was dreaming, but every time she looked down at her arms
and chest, she saw herself as a teenager. Barbara was further shocked when
Doctor young reluctantly told her that there was no way to change her back.
Age Regression. Wasn't this something right out of a sci-fi novel? And
how is it legal for the government to turn an adult back to a teenager
without even discussing it? Barbara understood the risks involved in being
an agent with the OSI. At least, she thought she did. This went far
beyond anything she could ever have imagined. Another thing that kept
nagging at her was how crazy her hormones were reacting to the change. The
sexual craving she felt was both constant and uncomfortable. She couldn't
for the life of her understand where it was coming from? When Barbara was
fifteen the first time around, she was a virgin, so it made sense that she
would be a virgin now, but she couldn't ever recall feeling like this when
she was a teen. In fact, she couldn't ever remember feeling this horny for
sex at any age. Barbara squirmed in her seat. She was finding it harder
and harder not to touch herself. If that wasn't enough, she also found
herself stealing glances at the beautiful Doctor. For the first time in
her life, she was wondering what it would be like to make love to another

Barbara wanted to talk to the Doctor, and share her fears with her, but
she remained quiet. Barbara knew there was a mission to perform, and they
wouldn't have transformed her if it weren't serious. Barbara also knew
they had a full file to study. Barbara would be entering Sterling High
tomorrow, and given the suddenness of everything, she knew that she had to
attack this mission with everything she had. At least there was no time to
sit and dwell.

When Barbara entered the Doctor's apartment, the first thing they saw
was racks of clothes. Both of them would need complete wardrobes, and
someone had already seen fit that they dressed accordingly. The Doctor
showed her the guest bedroom which included her own bathroom. Barbara
doubted that the apartment they'd be staying at in Sterling would have
these type of facilities.

"You have a real nice place."

"Thanks know, I think we better start getting used to
the fact that we're sisters.....okay?"

Barbara responded. "'re right Jessica."

Barbara knew that she had to get her act together. Technically, she was
supposed to be the lead in this mission, and here she was acting, like a teenager.

"Would you like some privacy for awhile?" asked Jessica, interrupting
Barbara's train of thought.

Barbara only heard the word privacy and wasn't sure what was being
asked. "Wh....what do you mean?"

Jessica smiled at her and replied; "Take a nap..................take a
bath.............or just rest. Whatever you want. We have a couple of
hours before we need to crack the file and discuss things."

"Oh.....a bath right now does sound good."

"Yes......I'm sure you can figure out how to work things, and you'll
find a towel in that closet over there. I'll rummage through the clothes
that were delivered and find you some panties and a bra."

Barbara blushed as she went into the bathroom. She immediately started
the water running and listened for Jessica's return.

"You're all set, Barbie." Jessica yelled out.

Barbara hated that name! She heard the door close indicating Jessica
left. Barbara didn't think Jessica would come in again without knocking,
but locked the bathroom door just to make sure. Barbara again was drawn to
the mirror. Fifteen years old. Very pretty and very innocent looking.
Fifteen years old! She still couldn't believe it. Barbara undid the band
letting loose her long blond hair. Her hair was beautiful, but a pain to
manage back then. Now, she had to deal with it all over again. Barbara
slowly stripped. When she unsnapped her bra, she again couldn't help gaze
at her breasts. Her hands came up to cup them. Perky and full. Her bra
indicated 34"C". Before being regressed, she wore a size 36"D". She
remembered how she considered a breast reduction and sarcastically thought,
well, it's what I wanted. Despite her breasts shrinking, she still thought
they looked kinda big on her youthful chest. When Barbara stripped off her
panties, she again gazed at her reflection. Stunning would be an
understatement. Barbara went over to stop the water, and while kneeling
down on one knee, she noticed her light blond pubic hair barely concealing
her virgin vagina. It almost gave her the illusion that she was shaved
down there. Barbara slipped her hand down to her slit. The mere touch of
her fingers elicit a gasp. She was wet and a throbbing ache for more
almost made her cry. Barbara got into the tub and laid back with a sigh.
Her right hand again made its way down her teen body. Her mind
automatically brought up her boyfriend, something her twenty-three year old mind did naturally. Damien. How would Damien react to her new self? She
knew she was pretty. Even sexy in an innocent sort of way. How would
Damien react sexually to a fifteen year old girl? Barbara felt a tear
slowly make its way down her cheek. She knew. It didn't matter anyway.
The OSI would never allow it.


"Steve." stated Jack Evans.

"So, how did it go?"

"I hated like hell to do it, but the transformation is complete. They
should be at Jessica's place this very moment going over the case file."

"How far back did you go with her?"

"She's fifteen years old. Still a knockout, but clearly an innocent
looking teen."

"Well, I've got some news for you. I was talking with Oscar this
morning, and I told him about your decision to go after the white slavery
ring. He had an interesting story to tell me. You ever hear of Thorn
Scientific Research in Southern California?"

"No. What do you have on them?" replied the Captain, who's curiosity
was peaked.

"The owner and president is Damien Thorn, and from what I hear, he has
quite a facility."

"Steve. What has this to do with this mission."

"Alright Jack, I can appreciate your impatience. According to Oscar's
source, Thorn has discovered a way to scientifically elicit sexual arousal
in a female. Nothing indicates a slavery ring, but with technology like
that, imagine the possibilities. Oscar's tip came from an informant about
a week ago. Oscar may be retired, but did some investigating himself. He
found that in the last two years, Thorn has hired over one hundred new
employees.....and they're all beautiful females. In addition, a lot of the
girls are from local colleges."

"There may be something there, Steve. Thanks. I'll send a couple of
agents down there. I also need some back up for Jess and Barbara. I don't
like the idea of using the chamber without Jessica around, but I'm placing
a couple more agents on standby. I'll make the decision tomorrow whether
or not to perform anymore transformations.


Initially, Jessica gave Barbara her space, something she would want if
under these same conditions. Jessica was well aware of Barbara stealing
glances at her during their ride back to her place. Jessica figured it
would be a matter of time before Barbara came to her. Jessica was feeling
very horny herself, knowing that a twenty-three year old professional was
inside that teenager's body. Normally, the prospect of making love to a
teen would be perceived as taboo, but under these circumstances, the idea
was quite arousing. Jessica knew what Barbara was feeling, given she lived
it herself, and also knew it would take very little to seduce her.

In the early goings it was hard to look at Barbara and visualize an
agent for the OSI. Was Barbara feeling a side effect that she didn't
experience? It was almost as if the Barbara was truly reverting to a
teenager and it bothered her that Barbara responded passive around her.
According to Barbara's profile, she was everything but passive. Jessica
knew that Barbara would need to be in top form in order to pull off this
mission. Jessica knew it was up to her to make sure this happened.
Barbara's training instructor, Jamie Somers, officially stated that the
girl could handle it. Jessica prayed the Bionic Woman was right.

Barbara emerged from her bedroom looking fresh and oh so young. Jessica
immediately took notice, and felt relieved when the studying went real
well. Jessica was impressed with the way Barbara bounced right back,
comprehending every detail of her role. Now, instead of Barbara looking
like this quiet scared little teenager from an hour ago, Barbara displayed
an obvious confidence and commanding demeanor. Now Barbara acted like the
top agent she was. They went over mobility plans in the event worst case
scenarios occurred. Jessica disagreed with Barbara on one of them, but the
teenager pulled rank on her, so, she had no choice but to accept.

At the end of the night, they were satisfied they knew their role. With
their flight leaving at 0800 hours, they decided to go to bed. Both their
minds flashed on the day's events as Jessica and Barbara tossed and turned.
Barbara felt the desire for sex continue to plague her body while Jessica
played back her memory of watching Barbara through the security camera.
Jessica could visualize Barbara's own hands slowly caressing her naked
body, and her own fingers found her way to her wet snatch and clit.
Jessica, who exerted discipline throughout the entire day, ignored
discipline now. It took only a few seconds before Jessica came. As like
the young Doctor, Barbara also found herself responding to the throbbing
ache inside her pussy. She, too, stuck her fingers inside her pussy, being
careful not to go too far inside. Barbara had already relieved herself
once during her bath, but found she needed relief again, and fingered
herself to a pleasant orgasm.


Rex Poole hung up the phone with Jack Perkins. Rex turned to the group,
three young females, who appeared high school age. "Well, it looks like
the boss wants one more girl........lets use these next couple of days to
stake out Sterling High again. By the end of the week, we'll make our
selection. If everything goes according to plan, we'll have a girl to
deliver by the weekend."

The group of teens acknowledged the instructions and would start staking
out their usual spots. Given they had already abducted three girls last
month, they figured nobody would think they'd strike the same spot again.
Especially after the feds and state police kept their eye out. The next
one on their list was a brunette named Linda Coles, but they knew the rule.
New stake out meant new list.

Rex watched the kids leave and wondered if this was one time they were
staying in one spot too long. He didn't like to second guess Jack, but the
stakes were high. He decided to go get himself a beer before heading back
to his hotel room. He would have enjoyed taking one of these girl's back
to his room tonight, but he knew the rule during a mission. No sex. Rex
followed the girls out to their car, taking in the sight of their lovely
rounded assess. He knew that standard operating procedure and made it a
point never to stray from it. He stayed at the hotel while they set
themselves up in a neighboring town.

Rex was always amazed at the girls performing these missions. Not one
hint of reservations about what they were doing. In talking to them, they
appeared perfectly normal. Being that they were abducted themselves only a
year earlier, he found their business-like professionalism fascinating. He
knew, given he owned one of these lovely trinkets himself, that they
remembered everything about their prior life. They remembered who they
were, their actual abduction and the training they received during their
enslavement, but despite knowing all this, they responded to their
instructions with precise perfection, obeying everything to the letter.
The burning hunger they felt between their legs overrode every other
emotion, and they would do everything in their power to please the object
of their desire. In these girls cases, the object was Mr. Thorn himself.

Rex walked into the bar and immediately liked the music. The band was
an Elton John tribute band calling themselves 'Benny and the Jets'. He sat
down at the bar while the band played 'Rocket Man'. The lead singer
sounded just like Elton, and he wondered why they weren't bigger. After
ordering a beer, Rex scanned the crowd. Given the music, the crowd was
mixed. His age and younger. While Rex nursed his beer, he spotted an
attractive brunette sitting with a table with other girls. A closer look
at the table showed all the girls to be attractive. Maybe he could get
some tonight. Rex stood about six feet with a slim built, and although he
wasn't what woman would consider a hunk, he considered himself above
average in the looks department. Of course with Cindy, his sex pet back
home, his looks didn't matter. Cindy Piper was a senior and one of the
most beautiful blonds he'd ever laid eyes on. He had his team abduct her
and filed an application for ownership. The girl was taken to Thorn
Scientific Research where she underwent her programming. Three months
later, Rex was fitted with the transmitter and Cindy was turned over to
him. Rex knew a little of how it was done, given his position in the
organization. He knew about Doctor Sanderson and his micro-computer chips.
Somehow these chips were inserted inside the female's erogenous zones, and
acted as receivers. A transmitter was then implanted inside the owner's
mind which could be activated with simple thought. This allowed the owners
complete control over the female's sex drive. Then, by using a Pavlov
theory, the center was able to condition the female to understand their new
life and their role. Most of the high school girls were programmed as
Pleasure Slaves and distributed out to the lucky clients at a million
dollars apiece. Not a lot of money when you stop and thought about what
you were getting. A handful were used in the field. Their conditioning
compelled obedience and provided strong incentives for success. By the
time their conditioning was done, they had no desire to return to their
former life, but every desire to do their very best job. While Rex's eyes
kept on going back to the attractive brunette, he thought of his power to
give Cindy an orgasm, simply by willing it. If this girl was his, now, he
could give her one from across the bar. The thought excited him.


"Barbie......Barbie Preston." Barbara replied when the teacher asked her
to tell the class her name. Barbara was told to take a seat in the third
row, and felt strange as every set of eyes seem to follow her every step.
Barbara figured the pretty girls were sizing her up to see how she stacked
against them and the boys were checking her assets out, wishing they could
fuck her. Barbara took a seat and opened her book up to the page she was
told. Here she was, back in her sophomore year. This was really amazing.

As the school day progressed, Barbara found that there really was a lot
of stuff she had forgotten. Fortunately she was pretty much a straight 'A'
student the first time around, so, she quickly picked it back up. In
between classes, one kid, who stood over six feet and looked like he was a
senior, started a conversation with her while she was at her locker. The
first thing that concerned Barbara was how her body responding to him.
While her mind screamed for her to control herself, the closeness of the
kid was making her feel hornier by the second.

"My name's're new at this school, huh."

"Yeah.....hi........I.......I'm Barbie."

", we can hook up something."

Barbara felt her nipples getting hard, her breathing quicken and she
felt a moistness inside the crotch of her panties. Why? Why was her body
responding to this kid? Her arousal increased with every second and she
felt herself complying with Jason's request to get together; "Sure.....that
would be nice."

Jason beamed with a smile; "Great....I'll meet you back here at 3:00

"Okay." replied Barbara with a passiveness that startled her. She had
to lean against her locker to collect herself.

Eventually different girls approached her throughout the school day,
introducing themselves to her and asked about her. Barbara again found her
body feeling arousal every time one of them touched her hand or talked to
her real close. Barbara couldn't understand it. Never in her normal life
did she respond sexually to another girl, but her body reacted to these
girls the same way she did with Jason. Another thing that was disturbing
was how passive she responded to them. She was afraid if anyone of them
made a pass at her, she'd find herself going along. She told them about
Jason and one of the girl's named Linda said that he was a senior, out on
the prowl. 'He just wants to get inside your panties' said Linda. Barbara
almost replied; 'that wouldn't be so bad'.

Just before her last class was to begin, Barbara's arousal for sex was
so intense, that she was forced to go inside one of the stalls of the girls bathroom to masturbate. She waited until class started to make sure no one
was around, and quickly got off, flooding her hand with her come. When she
opened the door to the stall, her new friend Linda was standing by the
mirror. Why wasn't she in class? Linda smiled at her, but didn't say
anything. Barbara had a feeling Linda knew what she was doing in the
stall, but didn't lead on to this as they walked to their last class

This constant craving for sex didn't completely go away with her orgasm,
but it did help. The relief she felt also did something else to
gave back her confidence. Barbara met Jason at her locker but told him
that it couldn't be today. Barbara made sure she didn't allow him to get
as close to her as earlier, not trusting her body to start up again. The
thought and the memory of how her body reacted to him was enough to know
that she wanted him. She feared that it would take very little for him to
seduce her. Barbara told him that they'd meet tomorrow instead and then
headed to her bus stop.


Jessica stopped everything the second Barbara entered the apartment.
She heard Barbara yell out her name and she replied; "In the bedroom."

When Jessica watched Barbara enter her bedroom, she knew something was

"Okay Jessica.......I want to know everything! Tell me what I'm up
against! Obviously my constant horniness is due to some side effect, isn't

" unfortunate one, but a side effect nonetheless."

"You're feeling it too.....right?"

"Yes, but not as much as you. Our report showed your sexuality at a
very high level. I'd say that you enjoyed your sex life, didn't you?"

Barbara blushed but didn't answer.

"My sexuality was average but due to the side effect, it grew to four
times as much. Yours also grew four times greater than what it was, but
given your state was high from the get go, your level is now off the

"What about this desire I'm having for other females. I'm heterosexual.
Why now does my body respond to my own sex?"

"Your increased desire no longer allows you to differentiate. I.....I
was also straight until my age regression, but now I'm bi."

"This is crazy! Not only do I have to deal with being turned into this
teenage cheerleader without my consent, but you've also turned me into some
sort of teenage nymphomaniac!"

"Did something happen today?"

"Almost! I met a boy that didn't know how close he was to getting my
new cherry! If he tried kissing me, I would have begged him to fuck me. I
couldn't control myself. The same with the other girls that got close to
me today. One second I'm making conversation and the next second, I want
to strip off their clothes and start sucking on their tits!..........How do
I deal with this?!?"

Jessica went over and hugged the teen agent, knowing that by doing this
that they would end up in bed. The contact of their bodies, with their
breasts crushing against each other sent them immediately to another
plateau. Barbara twisted out of her arms, and moved back with a look of
surprise. Both of them were breathing hard.

"This will help you, and I both need this......just
let it happen. It will make life easier."


Barbara couldn't believe Jessica had done that. Damn it! How dare
Jessica take advantage of her state. Barbara's breathing was out of
control and she needed Jessica more than she needed anyone in her life
before. Her sexual desire cut into her like a knife, inflaming every
pleasure center of her body. Barbara watched Jessica slowly strip out of
her clothes and then walk up to her, and start stripping her clothes off,
too. She just stood there passively, letting Jessica have her way with
her. Jessica's very voluptuous body, which included a pair of huge breasts,
hypnotized her. Barbara broke her gaze away long enough to look at her own
nudity, noticing for the first time how her teenage body appeared innocent,
yet erotic. It wasn't as if she was a real teenager, despite her body.
Jessica led Barbara by the hands over to the bed. Within moments of their
first kiss, they were all over each other!


Jack hung up the phone in disappointment. The two agents he sent down
to investigate Steve's lead reported back that Thorn Scientific Research
were on the up and up. 'Damn!' he thought to himself. As an afterthought,
he made a note to find out who Sam sent down there. He thought for sure
something would pan out down there. Jack picked up the profiles on the
other two agents he had on standby. Unlike Barbara, they knew what was at
stake. Samantha Cat, twenty-nine and single. Cute with a great body.
Then there was Derek Thompson, thirtyfive and single. Good looking in a
rugged sort of way. Both of them would go undercover inside the school.
Not even Barbara would know about them. There job was to report everything
as it was happening. Jack picked up the phone and called Doctor Young's

"Hello." Said a female voice on the other end.

"Hi Ms. may proceed with the procedure."

"Yes Sir...........leave the dials alone?"

"Yes........same age as Barbara."

"Yes Sir."


Much later, before Barbara would go to her own room. They talked.
Barbara confessed her fears of the other side effect. "I.....I've never
been so damn passive in my life. But it seems, the hornier I get, the more
passive I become. It's almost embarrassing. I get docile as a little
kitten and I know that if anyone of those high school kids were to
inadvertently make advances towards me, I'd be on my back with my legs
spread wide in a heartbeat.........this may be a problem."

"I was afraid of this.....I noticed it the first day, but I was hoping
that it was simply you getting used to the idea that you were a teenager
again........I'm going to do everything in my power to make this easier for
you. I notice that after you relieve yourself, whether it be through
masturbation or sex with me, that you regain your former personality and
are confident again."

"Yes.....that's true..........I have seen the change, and it's dramatic.
If I hadn't fingered myself to an orgasm in the girl's bathroom before
meeting Jason, I would have been in the back seat of his car losing my
virginity to him."

"I guess we're going to have to make love every morning..........huh?"

Barbara blushed at Jessica's comment and replied; "Yeah......I....I."

"What's wrong sweetie."

"I guess I'm feeling confused......have I turned gay?"

"Oh I'm sure Jason could answer Barbara, you're bi now,
just like me."

Barbara looked at her naked lover and sighed; "I guess that wouldn't be
too bad."

Jessica smiled at the teen. "No hasn't been for me."

End of Chapter 2.

In Chapter 3...................During the stake out, Rex is shown
pictures of Barbie Preston and her older sister. Barbie finds herself
seeking out Jason. Does she lose her virginity? Linda senses the
submissive personality of Barbie, and has plans to take advantage of the
situation. Barbie wonders if Jessica's touch is leading to more than
'sexual gratification'. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter
in.........................Barbie - Teen Agent 3/?.

Footnote: "THORN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH" was first introduced in a story called, 'Pleasure Chips' that I wrote and submitted back in March 1998.
Presently, you can read this story in either the breast Expansion stories Archive or the Erotic Mind Control stories Archive. Or, you can email me
(lower case) and I'll send you your own text. Would
I sound like I'm just trying to get you to read the story if I highly
recommended you read it to better understand this 'Barbie-Teen Agent'
story??? Too bad, because I'm recommending you read it!


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