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Barbie Teen Agent


DISCLAIMER: This story is for the adult population and for entertainment
purposes only. To reiterate, you must be over eighteen to read this.

The first Chapter of this story contains a sexual theme, and some female
masturbation scenes, but no actual'll have to wait until
Chapter Two for the intense stuff.

Final Thought: Thanks for the person or people responsible for the Age
Regression stories Archive.............I find your stories fascinating and
enjoyable. May your ink never dry!

I may be reached at (lower case):

"BARBIE.....TEEN AGENT" by J.R. Parz


"This makes the third girl in a month!" exclaimed the Captain. He
looked down at the picture of the pretty high schooler plastered on the
front page of the Sterling Gazette. "Get in touch with Doctor
Young.......tell her I'll be stopping by her office tonight. Also, I need
the file on field agent Barbara Presley.

Captain Jack Evans sat at his desk studying the contents of Barbara's
file. She obviously met the surface requirements. How would she handle
the mental aspects? This case would require not only great skills as an
agent, and also a very beautiful girl, but also someone who can handle a
tremendous change in their life. He knew that he didn't have much time,
so, he buzzed Barbara's supervisor; "Sam......get in touch with Barbara
Presley. I want her to report to Doctor Young's office tomorrow morning at
0900. Consider this conversation a transfer. Effective tomorrow, she'll
be working for me." Jack had met the young female rookie agent only once at
her academy graduation. Not only did she stand out for her beauty, but she
also placed first in a class of fifty. Pretty impressive considering
eighty percent of the class were males. He picked up the phone again.
This time he called OSI's deputy director, Steve Austin.

"Austin here." a scratching voice answered.

"Steve......its me, Jack Evans.......I need some information."

"Hey Jack. Sure. What can I do for you?"

"What can you tell me about Barbara Presley."

"Gorgeous....absolutely gorgeous. Jamie and I had her over our house on
a few occasions."

"Besides being gorgeous........."

"Well, according to my wife, she's the brightest scenario student she's
ever seen. In fact, Jamie said she blew both our scores out of the water.
If it weren't for our bionics, she'd probably be the strongest agent OSI
would have to date."

Jack knew Jamie's and Steve's reputation as being the best field agents
OSI ever had. Jamie only taught now at the OSI training facility, while
Steve performed a dual role of Deputy Director and occasional field agent.
Despite pushing sixty, Steve could still execute.

"Steve.....have you heard about the abductions in Sterling?."

"Very sad situation out there."

"Well, this brings the total to ninety-five young teenage girls abducted
throughout the United States over the last two years. All white and all
pretty. I have no doubt, all alive and living as someone's sex slave.
There hasn't been a white slavery ring this big in the history of America.
The locals, the state police, and the FBI have all failed to come up any
real leads. I've made the decision to send in my best agent as bait. Even
with a successful mission, it means altering Barbara's life.......I'm
concerned how traumatic it will be for her. Could you ask Jamie how she
thinks she'll fare psychologically?"

"Sounds to me like you'll be paying Jessica a visit."

"Tonight, in fact. I know you two go back pretty far......I'll send her
your regards."

"Yeah.....way back. Anyway, let me contact Jamie and I'll call you
right back."

Jack gazed at the picture of Barbara. She looked a lot like Jessica.
Both had blond hair. Both, physically twenty-three years old. Both
breath-takingly beautiful. Jack was just about to leave the office when
the phone rang."

"Evans here."

"Jack. Jamie said that Barbara can handle it. She advised not letting
her know about the transformation until it's done."

Deception wasn't something he enjoyed, but able to do. "Wasn't planning
to.........Thanks Steve. Later."

Jack told his secretary to call Doctor Young; "Tell her I'm on my way."


Barbara Presley was just getting off her treadmill when the phone rang
for the third time within the hour. She let the answering machine pick it
up the two earlier times, but instead of someone talking to her, whoever
they were, just hung up. She figured if it were OSI or important, they
would have left a message. Everyone else could wait until she was done.
Now with the phone ringing, she picked it up; "Hello."

"Hi Barbara. Sam. Listen. Effective tomorrow, you work for Captain
Evans. I think he's sending you off on your first undercover mission.
Anyway, you're to meet him at Doctor Young's office tomorrow morning you know where she's located?"

Barbara has been waiting for this call for a month now.....her heart
beat picked up, and it had nothing to do with her workout; "I heard of
her.....but no. Isn't it downtown at OSI headquarters?"

" The doctor works out at the annex on the edge of town.
Anyway, here's the address." Barbara talked a little with Sam, making sure
she understood the directions. The last words her old boss said to her
were 'be careful.'

When Barbara is done talking, she's both dazed and excited. Finally,
after graduating first in the academy, first during intense agent training,
and first in scenario training, she was finally going to get a chance to
prove herself. This past month had gone by slow. She tolerated the pranks
the guys pulled on her, and laughed along with them when she heard the
occasional comments about being hired for decoration, and the dumb blond bimbo jokes. Barbara knew the guys were just teasing her, but deep down
she didn't appreciate the comments. Maybe the guys would take her a little
more seriously after this mission. Captain Jack Evans was giving her an
opportunity to shine and Barbara felt ready for the challenge. Looking
down at her body, she smirked. She did have to admit. When she did look
at herself in the mirror, it was hard to believe beneath her beautiful skin
was a highly trained agent for the OSI.

Barbara walked into her bathroom to start her shower. Before hopping
in, she went to the mirror for another look. She wouldn't trade the way
she looked for anything in the world. She always appreciated and loved her
beauty and unlike some other career minded pretty woman, she'd rather look
like this and tolerate the dumb blond jokes. She would never trade in her
looks in order to satisfy other people's perceptions. Let them think what
they want. She continues to stare at herself in the mirror, gazing at her
black sports bra and matching panties. This combination is what she worked
out in. Of course, both articles of clothing were now soaked with her
perspiration. Barbara strips off her bra, setting her rather ample sized
breasts free. She had considered getting a breast reduction about a year
ago but decided against it. Never could tell what attributes could come in
handy during undercover work. Barbara looked at her tits in the mirror,
bringing her palms up to cup them. The fullness and the weight always gave
her an erotic rush. She used her thumbs to brush the tips of her nipples,
noting how they both sprung to attention. Her thoughts went to Damien.
Should she give him a call? This may be the last night for some good sex
for quite sometime. As she continued to think of Damien while caressing
herself, her breathing increased. Again, nothing to do with her previous
workout. Everything to do with her arousal. Barbara decided that she
would spend tonight alone. Just her and her fingers. One of Barbara's
hand's left her breast to sneak down underneath her panties. She used
three fingers to slip inside her very wet pussy. Barbara's other hand went
back and forth between her boobs, giving them a workout. Her left hand
continued to busily work in and out of her wet hole. It didn't take long
before Barbara moaned to a climax. Her nostrils took in the aroma of her
sweat and sex. She loved the smell of herself.


Doctor Jessica young hugged her tight young vivacious body hard against
Jack Evans. They were intimate lovers off and on for nearly a year now.
It was nearly two years ago when Jessica tested her age regression
invention on herself, and a month ago when she submitted the official
report on the results. The most interesting finding in the report was that
after going through the process, the body's physical development slowed
down considerable. In fact, Jessica only aged four months in the two years
since regressing. She still sported a healthy, incredibly alive body of a
twenty-three year old young woman. Jessica remembered the heated
discussions regarding who and what the machine would be used on. Given the
highly top secret status of the project, the OSI decided it would maintain
absolute control. Captain Jack Evans headed the Operational Department,
and decided it would serve his purposes perfectly. When Jessica managed to
seduce Jack one evening, she had suggested that he try the machine on
himself. Jack was in his mid forties, and although he kept himself in
shape, she was sure he felt strange doing it with a girl in her early
twenties. Jack knew Jessica before the transformation, but it was hard to
look at her in any other way than what she appeared to look like now. He
declined her offer.

While discussing the case and field agent, Barbara Presley, Jack brought
up Steve Austin's name. Jessica smiled. She hadn't seen Colonel Austin in
nearly a year. The last time was just a day after her change. Steve
visibly reacted, knowing she was eliciting some old memories. She had a
brief affair with Steve a couple of years after his plane accident. At the
time she wasn't even aware of his affiliation with the OSI, thinking that
he was still in the Air Force. She remembered feeling a bit sad when he
married Jamie Somers. They quickly got back on the subject of Barbara.

"I want her regressed to a nubile teenager of fifteen....maybe sixteen,
depending on her physical development. I want her totally convincing in
her role as a sweet high school teen."

"Oh, I'm sure she'll be........after she gets over the shock of her

"I've been told by more than a few people that she can handle, in looking at your report, you lightly touched on some
side effects.........any new information?"

Jessica almost didn't include this aspect in the report, but just in
case information such as this could be helpful in making a decision, she
decided it was an issue worth considering. She also knew that by
disclosing her heightened sensuality, she'd be opening an open door to her
personal life.....something she was hoping to avoid. She even spent
several hours dedicated to the study of why she would feel this heightened
state, but came up with no scientific reason for it. None the less,
Jessica's appetite for sex since regressing almost quadrupled. The side
effect, if it could actually be contributed to the regression, not only
increased her desire for sex, but didn't differentiate either. Jessica,
who had nothing but normal heterosexual relationships prior to her
transformation, turned bisexual in her experiences. Jessica remembered
trying to mentally fight her attraction to a pretty college girl who was
interviewing her for her thesis. Jessica never did pursue that particular
girl, but during a party one evening, Jessica finally did meet a "lipstick"
lesbian. By the time the night was over, Jessica experienced female sex
for the first time and it was incredibly satisfying. She still slept with
Jack, but not as frequently as before.

"No. I'm still very passionate, but like I've said before, it may be
due to my new outlook. I mean look at me.....this body was made know."

Jack looked at Jessica, giving her a smile while commenting; "Well Jess,
I'm hoping that your new sexuality isn't a by product of the
transformation, because if it is, it could distract Barbara....a simple
distraction like that could cost her life."

"Jack, this is why I need to propose something.......listen to what I
have to say, before responding."

He gave her one of those 'I know what you're about to say' looks.

"Barbara is going to be going through a lot of emotions while trying to
handle the mission at the same time. I mean look at what we're planning on
doing. We're taking a perfectly healthy female of twenty-five and
regressing her to a teenager. Not only that, she may need my help if her
sexuality does increase. Who knows what other side effects there may be.
Her chemistry is different and the regression rays may affect her a little
different. And another thing. I obviously can't pass as her mother, but I
could pose as her older sister. She'll need a legal guardian. I saw her
high school graduation picture, and you'd have to be blind not to notice
our resemblance."

"Actually, I was hoping you'd volunteer for this mission. You aren't an
agent, so, I wasn't going to ask you......but I agree with you. Your
support during this mission may save her life. Something that leads me to
another point.........I'm really worried. Whoever is behind this operation
is big time. They are highly experienced professionals, otherwise they'd
be caught by now. I have a feeling if they even suspect anyone's
involvement, they would either kill them or turn them into the same thing
they've turned the other girls into.........remember Jess, Barbara may be
the teenager in this relationship you're about to have, but she's the one
that is trained to take risks like this, not you."

"I understand the risk and I've done field work before........" Jessica
looked at Jack with caring eyes; "Jack.......thank you."

"Okay, but I don't want you performing any field agent work! You'll
play the older sister, period! Set up the Regression Chamber procedure for
tomorrow morning. Barbara will be here at 0900. We'll meet in your office
and talk for a little while. It will give you a chance to lightly sedate


When the three of them were seated inside Doctor Young's office, Barbara
couldn't get over how young the Doctor was. She must be some sort of
genius to have this type of success and reputation at such an early age.
They quickly got into the case of the missing girls. Barbara had been
following the story on the news, but had no idea that there were close to
one hundred girls abducted over a two year time frame. Barbara knew she
couldn't pass for a high school girl, so, she wondered what part she'd play
in this case. During the conversation, she sipped a glass of water that
was given to her prior to sitting down. Barbara only noticed the lassitude
enveloping her seconds before she fell asleep in her chair.


Captain Evans looked down at Barbara, who was slowly waking up. He
thought she was absolutely breath-taking. Even after they covered her up
in a white smock, she still oozed the sweetness, the innocence, and
sexiness of every adolescents most erotic wet dream. Her blond hair now
hung all the way down past her ass. Her blue eyes sparkled hypnotically.
Her breasts looked full, perky and baby fresh. Her body still boasted
curves, but had a slim athletic look. Barbara Presley, who would now be
called, Barbie Preston, appeared to be a sweet innocent young teenager of
fifteen years. By this time tomorrow, she'll be enrolled in Sterling High
School, as a Freshman.

"She's quite the looker......huh." commented a young sexy voice behind
him. Jessica came up beside him to look down at the girl.

"Yes......she is. She obviously took well to her physical I just hope she adjusts just as well, mentally."
remarked the Captain. "Any word from ChemLab?"

"Yes.......and no. Her state prior to her regression came back as very
high. Our Barbara here obviously enjoyed her body and enjoyed sex.
ChemLab just left an hour ago, so, we're not going to know her state for
another fifteen to twenty minutes. With her waking up any second, we'll
probably know her state before they do."


Barbara's eyes slowly opened.....what happened? She appeared to be
laying on a stretcher of some sort. It was hard to focus her eyes. She
could tell the Captain was here, and the Doctor; "Wh.....what happened?"
said the sweet voice, not realizing the change in it.

"We had to prepare you, physically, for the mission. In about five
minutes, you'll be able to sit up."

"What did you do to me?" a sleepy young teen voice asked. "
voice....what happened to me?"

A couple of nurses wheeled in a full length mirror next to her stretcher
and the Doctor moved over to her side; "Okay.....let Jessica help you."
stated the Captain.

The Doctor placed her hands along side her shoulder and left elbow,
helping her sit up on the stretcher. While Barbara was easily lifted to
the upright position, it still didn't dawn on her that she was much smaller
and lighter. She did, however, feel a pleasant tingling sensation at the
contact of the Doctor's soft hands lifted her up. Just as she turned her
eyes towards the mirror, Barbara heard the Captain say; "Barbara High School student Barbie Preston."

Barbara stared in shock. The seconds turned to a minute before she
slowly raised her hands up to cup her breasts through her white smock. Her
breasts felt smaller....much smaller. She continued gazing at her face.
"I'm.......I'm a"

"The Doctor's invention. In fact, the Doctor isn't really the
twenty-three year old you see standing there. Tell her Jess....tell Barbie
how old you are."

The Doctor looked at Barbara with a smile; "39". Barbara only glanced
at the Doctor, quickly going back to her reflection in the mirror.

Barbara was quickly regaining her strength back, and with her recovery,
she felt her emotions going wacky. Anger, confusion, fear and a feeling
of......arousal? All these emotions played havoc with her teen body as she
sat there in a daze.

"Barbie.......Barbie!..........." The Captain had to shout the second

Barbara turned to the Captain, her eyes tearing up.

"Remember. You are one of the finest field agent's in the OSI. You
have been selected for this mission because the experts have made it clear
that you can handle it. In fact, out of every female agent in the
Department, your success margin almost doubles the runner-up.!"

"Yes sir." replied Barbara. who added; "I really hate that name
Barbie....always have. Is it necessary?"

"Yes........Now, in that room over there..." the Captain gestured with
his hand. "...are some clothes that will fit your new form. Put something
on and come back here. I'll give you twenty minutes."

Barbara sprung off the stretcher, feeling strange as her feet touched
the floor. She seemed so light and much shorter. She went to the room as
directed, then closed the door for some privacy. She didn't know it, but
the Captain and the Doctor were observing her every move on a computer
monitor. Barbara stripped off her white gown while standing in front of a
full length mirror, and again felt the shock at what was staring back at
her. She couldn't be more than sixteen! This was all so incredible! It
also occurred to her as she continued inspecting her new form that she was
rapidly getting turned on, which prompted her hands to caress the contours
of her teen body. Her blond hair was longer now, coming down below her
ass. Her face was very pretty, slightly more than she remembered. Then she
thought that maybe she took her pretty face for granted before. Her
breasts were actually big for her small lean frame, and extremely perky.
When she cupped them, the fullness could be felt. Not nearly as large as
before, but her touch did send flairs of arousal to her pleasure centers.
When her thumbs tweaked her nipples, they sprang to attention and another
jolt flooded her young pussy. She reached down with her right hand,
inserting a finger inside herself. She was wet. It took a mere second to
realize she was a virgin, feeling the hymen still intact. The reflection
of herself in the mirror, with her left hand rubbing her breasts and her
right hand inside her vagina was a stunning sight. Barbara wanted to
continue, but the thought of where she was and how much time she had left
to meet the Captain and Doctor, made her stop. Barbara quickly took her
finger out, smelling her sweetness, and went over to a small sink. She
quickly washed her hands and took a small wash cloth, wiping her wetness
away. The urge to masturbate was intense, but discipline was one of her
strongest traits. She went over to a chair where her clothes were and
slipped on some white panties, and then her bra. They must have measured
her, because they fit perfectly. She put on a red blouse and then slipped
on her skin tight blue jeans, tucking in her shirt. Socks and Sneakers and
a red beret to put her long blond hair in a pony tail. Barbara stood again
in silence. She looked like a sweet innocent teenager, but felt like a
horny hooker, and wasn't quite sure why she felt this intense arousal
building. She mentally put her state in check and left the room to meet
the Captain and the Doctor.


"Now......the Doctor here will be in the role as your older sister.
You'll stay at her place tonight and you two will study together. Your
complete history together is inside this folder." stated the Captain.

Jessica watched the reaction of Barbara when the Captain told her this
and was pleased when Barbara smiled at her. She was a stunning sight, even
dressed. Her mind went back to a half hour before when she was observing
Barbara's self discovery on the monitor. As Barbara played with her new
body, she couldn't help react to it, and Jack even found himself getting
aroused. When they both took stock in each other's reaction, Jack finally
mumbled; "Remember to stay professional while inside this building. She'll
be staying with you tonight, and based on this report ChemLab just provided
us, plus what we are seeing through this monitor, your handling of this
vulnerable girl is critical." Jessica read how Barbara's sexual level was
now off the scale. Higher than her's by a large margin. Jessica knew what
her condition made her feel and given Barbara's condition was even more
intense, she wondered how she managed to sit still during this briefing.
It would take about a week before her body chemistry would adjust to her
new state, and when she did, she'd find herself perpetually horny. Jessica
knew that they would inevitable be lovers, but it was important she took
their relationship real slow. Barbara's body would be fighting her sexual
state throughout the mission, and what little relief she could provide her
during their night's together would be essential to the mission.

The Captain shook both their hands and reinforced his opinion of
Barbara's capabilities. He painted a stronger picture of herself to
Barbara for confidence reasons. He told them that during the mission they
were on their own. No contact could be made until the mission was
complete. The OSI would monitor their movements the best they could, but
they would have to maintain their distance. The Captain's last words were;
"Whoever we're dealing with here, is dangerous and highly professional.
Don't assume for a second that a mistake would go undetected.......good

Author's Note: This completes the end of Chapter
One...........................stay tuned for the "exciting" adventure of
Barbie and Jessica as they "closely" work together to expose the biggest
white slavery ring in America! Read how Barbie fights her attraction to
not only Jessica, but to all the pretty girls in her high school! Read
who's behind the abductions and what all the high school girls go through
during their enslavement! Stay tuned for "Barbie....Teen Agent" Chapter


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