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Barefoot and Pregnant


>>> Adults Only <<<

If you are under 18 or if reading erotica is illegal in your locality please exit from this screen NOW.

That said, this story may be printed by individual users of ASSTR by my permission so long as those printed pages are for the personal use of an adult and minors will not have access to the story. This story may be posted to free websites with my permission or to the free section(s) of pay websites with my permission.

Disclaimer: This is just a story! I like murder mysteries yet I've never killed anyone and I also like Tom Clancys' work even though I've never nuked Denver, crashed a 747 into the United States Capitol, sunk a chinese missile submarine, or tried to wipe out the entire human race with biological weapons. I'm trying to say that I would NEVER do any of the things portrayed in this story nor did I write this story to compel or inspire someone else to do such a thing.

I also love to hear from my readers so feel free to write to me with comments, compliments, suggestions, or criticisms - it's all welcomed.

MF impregnation coercion

Barefoot and Pregnant - copyright 2001 by Patrick Flanagan

I heard the police sirens just moments after I heard the squeaky screen
door on my porch open. I wasn't expecting any guests at 2 am on a snowy
morning so I figured it was prudent to get out my 9mm Glock and go
perforate somebody. The lights of the police cars lit up my living room as
I made my way in the dark to the back porch. Walking past a mirror I not
only scared the shit out of myself, I also noticed that the only thing I
was wearing was the Glock.

"There's a guy who's dressed for the occasion!" I just whispered it out

I heard a few things moving around on the porch and realized, for sure,
that I had company. I stood there for a moment to figure out my best
strategy when the doorknob turned tentatively. My right hand came up level
with the center of the doorway and my left hand came up on the light

I was about to shoot someone and I realized that I really, really,
needed to pee.

First things first.

The door creaked open and a smallish figure slipped in and gently closed
the door. With the intruder's back to me I figured this was the best time
to make my move.

"FREEZE!" I shouted as I flipped on the lights.

"Ohmigod, don't shoot me! Please don't shoot me!"

What was this? Here I'm expecting some toughened thug and it turns out
my burglar is a girl? Well, I guess criminals come in all shapes and
sizes, now don't they?

"Okay, easy now, you keep facing that door and you don't get shot,
understand me?" I moved a little closer to her.

"Yes, sir...I was just..."

"SHUT UP!" I screamed, mostly due to adrenaline and a little touch of
fear. "Don't move and don't speak until I tell you to, you hear me?"

"Yes, sir." Her voice became smaller and, somehow, very feminine.

I pulled the knit hat from her head and revealed a tousled head of
shoulder length dark brown hair.

"Okay, very slowly now, take off the jacket and drop it behind you."

She readily complied and then I saw her lithe form and I also saw that
she was not visibly armed. I relaxed a little.

"Okay, you can turn around now. Slowly."

She turned around and we both caught our breath at about the same time.
She was an angel. If you can imagine a young lady with the flawless beauty
of, say Natalie Portman, but with piercing blue eyes and the most angelic
face then you know who I was looking at. I could not believe that this
girl was in my house, and I could not believe that she was running from the

"You're naked." She actually blushed. Despite the circumstance of her
being a criminal in my house at gunpoint, it was still cute.

"Uh, well, so I am. I guess I should get a robe. You walk ahead of me
and go into the bedroom over there and I'll get my robe."

She walked, almost floated, across the floor with the grace of a
ballerina and into my room.

"Better yet, that's my robe on the end of my bed. Toss it to me,

She did as I asked.

"Now lay face down on the floor so I can get this thing on and be a
little more presentable."

Again, there was no complaint and no resistance. She lay face down on
the floor and I laid the gun down on the dresser and slipped into the robe.
I tied the robe off and then got into my slippers since the floor was
getting a bit cold on my feet.

"Better. Now get up and let's go sit down and figure out what to do
with you."

She did as she was told and had no sooner sat down on my couch then the
tears started.

"Please don't call the police! I'll go to jail for the rest of my life
and they'll..."

The sobs wracked her little body and I fought the urge to comfort her:
what if it was just a ploy to make me lower my guard?

"Fine, fine, I won't call the police..." she looked up with a sense of
hope on her face, "...yet. But you're going to settle down and then you're
going to tell me just what the hell you're doing in my house, okay?"

"Yes, sir."

I pulled a throw out of my armoir and tossed it to her.

"Cover up, it's chilly in here."

She drew the thick wool around herself and visibly relaxed.

"Thank you."

"No problem. Take off the boots and get your feet under the blanket."

She looked at me hesitantly. I realized what she must be thinking,
practically naked guy with a gun and all.

"Sweetie, your muddy boots are fucking up my Persian carpet if you don't

"Oh, I'm so sorry..."

While she was undoing the laces on the boots I went to my bar and poured
a generous glass of my smoothest brandy and exchanged it with her for the
boots. She stared at the glass in her hand as if it were poison. I opened
the back door and tossed the muddy boots out on the porch with a thump.

"I, uh, thank you, uh, but I don't drink."

She made to hand the drink back to me.

I don't know why, but I felt compelled to exercise my control of her.

"Drink the damn thing and then we'll have a nice little chat or I'll
call the cops right now."

Fear ran across her face and she upended the glass down her throat and
then she looked at me for a moment before the alcohol started to burn. Her
eyes welled up and then she hacked a little bit before settling down.

"Have you ever had brandy before?"

"No. Never."

"Well, sweetie, you just tossed down about $20 of my best sippin'
brandy. I didn't mean for you to drink it all at once."

Her doe eyes looked up at me through her bangs.

"I'm sorry. Really."

Well, the brandy soon kicked in and my guest started to spill her guts.
And I mean spill. She started in about her father dying some years ago and
then her mother married the Assistant DA. It turns out that Mr. Assistant
DA had a thing for my twenty-year-old guest, Laura, who was just finishing
up her sophomore year in college. She went on to tell me of him groping at
her whenever the mother wasn't around. And then earlier this evening, with
the mother in Chattanooga for business, Mr. Asst. DA decided to step into
the shower with Laura.

She broke down in tears at this point.

"Laura, tell me, what did you do that the cops are chasing you now?"

She stopped her crying and got very quiet.

"Laura, what did you do?"

She looked up me, every bit the angel.

"I shot him. I blew his brains out all over the bathroom."

Her head hung down and was soon buried in the blanket that covered her
sobbing body.

I knew what she was facing. In our genteel Southern town she'd be lucky
to get to trial. The Assistant DA was a 'pillar' of the community and the
cops considered him to be one of their own. No doubt they'd shoot her on
sight. If they didn't then the best she could hope for would be most of
the rest of her life locked up in some hell-hole with a bunch of lesbians.
The death penalty was a serious possibility, too. And Laura was smart
enough to know the cards she'd been dealt.

Running was about her only option. And she wasn't very good at it.

A lot of gears started turning in my head. Options. Possibilities.

"Laura..." she looked up at me again, "I think I can help you."

She sniffled.

"I have a bit of money put aside and I've never liked this fucking town
anyway...I know we just met and you'd probably never have looked twice at
me before..."

I felt like a goddamn teenager stumbling over asking a girl for a date.

"...but I have still have my cabin in Oregon and I could take you there
until this blows over."

I almost shot her as she launched herself off the couch and into my
arms. She held me tight enough to give me a hard time breathing, and I'm
not a small guy! After a few more tears and some brandy-slurred thanks I
led her to my spare room and set her up on the day bed. She fell fast
asleep and I shut off the light, unloaded and locked up the Glock, and then
I hit the hay myself.

* * * * * * * * * *

I priced the house cheap and it sold two days after I listed it. The
agent was the happiest guy around to have made such an easy sale. I rented
a decent sized truck and loaded up my meager things and was on the road a
week after that snowy night. Laura had to stay in the back of the truck
bundled up in blankets until we got into Texas where no one knew her story.
Then it took five days of driving to get to the cabin outside of Coos Bay
and we both slept on a mattress in the back of the truck to avoid any
scrutiny from the prying eyes you always run into at motels.

The cabin needed a lot of sprucing up, but we soon had it cozy and warm.
Laura settled into her room and I settled into mine. I got a job at the
Indian casino fixing the slot machines and Sara became quite the homemaker.
Hell, she had nothing else to do. college was out of the question. So was
a job. So was just about everything. But she often reminded me that this
life was better than jail.

Our little arrangement went on like that for three months and then, with
spring coming into bloom, things changed for me.

I came home one Friday afternoon and found Laura in her new garden, in
just shorts and a t-shirt, weeding. Her feet were covered in mud. Her
hair was a mess. She was sweating in 60 degree sunshine. She was

I pulled the pickup into the yard and she looked up and gave me a
wonderful smile...and a view right down her top. She waved as I went into
the house to get a shower to clean off all of the tobacco smoke of the
casino. As I came out of the shower she came up to me in the bathroom and
leaned up and pecked me on the cheek.

"I'll have dinner on soon, why don't you go get a brandy and I'll be out
after I clean up, okay?"

"Sure, sounds like a plan."

I heard the water start up and I pictured the streams of steamy water
flowing all over her body.

It had been a long time for me.

I needed that brandy and it settled the dragon in my robe for the time

Laura was soon out of the shower and she came out in her white terry
robe and started to work on the dinner. I came to the kitchen door to
watch her watch her.

She was washing her hands from cutting up the chicken when her robe fell
open and I could see she was naked underneath it. I watched as she put the
boning knife away after washing it and then she put the chicken in the
broiler to cook. She never bothered to close up her robe and I kept seeing
glimpses of things I hadn't seen before.

My own robe fell at my feet as I walked across the kitchen to her. I
gathered her into my arms from behind and held her close.

"Mmmmmm..." she purred, "I love you, too."

Laura started to close up her robe when I pulled it back.

"What are you doing?" A little panic could be heard.

"Laura, if you're going to play the part of my wife, I want you to play
every part."

She tensed up. "No, this isn't...we can't...I mean I don't feel that
way about you!"

"But I feel that way about you, Laura." I nuzzled into her neck.

"I can't do this, not with you, I just can't..."

She struggled as I pinned her against the kitchen sink, my hands pulled
up her robe and my hardened cock fell naked against her bare back.

"No, no, please! We can't...we're friends!"

I was not going to be denied.

"Laura, you're right," I whispered into her ear, "we don't have to do
any of this. I can call the police right now and they can come take you to
jail for murder. Sure, I'll got to jail for a while, too, but I'll get out
in a month or two."

She said nothing as my hands moved around to hold her beautiful breasts.
"I want you, Laura, and I'm going to have you or the police will have
you, it's your choice."

I tried to pull the robe from her shoulders and she just silently hung
on to it. Fine, I figured, hang onto the robe.

Still pinned against the sink, I put my hands under her arms and lifted
her and bent her over until she had to brace herself with both arms to stop
from falling face first into the dishwater. She began to sniffle and
shudder in my arms.

I squeezed against her to hold her in place and then I reached down and
took her knees up in my hands and spread them. I looked down at the tight
globes of her ass for the first time and thanked myself for taking
advantage of the gift that broke in my back door that particular night.

I stepped closer and the head of my cock poked neatly into her freshly
showered pussy.

"No, no, please! Not like this, please! You know I'm not protected!
Oh, please, you can't do this!"

Her feet flailed on my back as I sawed my cock back and forth through
her moistening pussy. Even though her mind said 'no', her body was
responding to me and betraying her. We went on like this for a few
minutes, maybe five, maybe ten, my cock plowing her pussy lips, her pleas
for mercy falling on deaf ears.

Her pussy felt like warm velvet on my hungry cock and her hips began to
answer mine with barely perceptible thrusts. I could have buried my tool
into her at anytime, but I tried to be patient, I wanted this to be
something memorable.

She decided to make a struggle of it and she rose up on her arms in the
sink to try to push me back from the counter. My cock, thoroughly wet with
Laura's juices, popped into a new position as she arched her back and I
drove it into her depths in one fluid thrust.


She gave the one scream and then fell forward as I began to fuck her in
earnest. The position we were in allowed me to run my cock all the way
into her belly. It felt so wonderful to have my eager cock sheathed in her
warm, supple, body. Every few thrusts I made an extra effort that rewarded
me with a shudder from Laura as I touched her cervix with my cockhead.

"Please" She started to sob. I paused for a moment and then brought my
hands came up her back, holding her shoulders, I pulled down and locked
myself deep inside of her, the head of my throbbing cock now firmly against
her cervix.

It turned me on even more as her belly tensed with each thrust, her
pussy clenching around my cock like it was milking me. I pulled my cock
right back so that the tip was just inside her outer lips. I drove my cock
deep inside her to her cervix and felt my balls nestle against her soft
globes. Her hips began to quake. I kept pressing deeper and deeper, my
cockhead now kissing her cervix with each stroke.

I could feel the fear and panic seize Laura. She knew full well what
was happening and she knew it was pointless to fight me anymore. Her
surrender aroused my basic instincts and with wild excitement and
anticipation I strained to make that glorious delivery of my sperm deep
inside Laura's waiting belly.

I could feel the familiar pressure beginning to build up in my balls and
my cock hardened even more as my long-awaited pleasure began. I withdrew
to the opening of her tender pussy and, and with the spurts of cum beginning to flood her from my eager cock I thrust deep into her belly and
sprayed my seed straight into her fertile womb.

She fell limp and silent as my cock continued pumping into her wonderful
body. I thought about that Assistant DA and realized that, yes, to have
Laura, even a chance to have her, was worth dying for. He'd had his chance
and now I had mine.

The fight gone from her, I gathered her up in my arms and carried her to
my bed. I laid her down on the sheets and then I got on top of her and
kissed her. I was surprised when she kissed me back and then even opened
her mouth to the probings of my tongue. It occurred to me that I'd taken
her before I'd ever even kissed her. This was our first kiss.

In the middle of our kissing I slipped my softened cock back into her
warmth and just let it lay there as we kissed. I could feel my cock harden
in her belly and I began to slowly thrust in her just a bit. Her pussy was
moist with my sperm.

"No, please," she sobbed, "no more."

She cried and her tears began to roll down her cheeks. I thruste deeply
into her pussy, burying my cock into her to the balls, feeling her womb
kiss the tip of my cock. She sobbed helplessly as I kept on drilling into
her until I began to feel that familiar tingle in my balls and the swelling
in my cock. I leaned in and kissed my lips to her mouth as I filled her
belly with another shot of my potent sperm.

* * * * * * * * *

In the days and weeks that followed Laura resigned herself to being my
lover, if not being my wife. Her daily routines around the cabin were soon
resumed, although her nightly routines were much different than she had
ever imagined. It was only the next night after our first experience
together that Laura truly became a woman. In surrendering to me fully she
had allowed herself to relax and was rewarded with the joy of erotic
pleasure sweeping through her body. Feeling Laura come on my cock made for
a wonderful feeling for me, too.

It was early June when she started showing.

And on a snowy night this past January Laura went into labor. It was a
simple birth, thank God. Laura being a wanted criminal we couldn't take
her to a hospital. Our baby girl looks to be the spitting image of her mom and she has the same, beautiful blue eyes.

I did worry, for a while, that Laura would kill me for...well...raping
her, but she forgave me far sooner than I deserved. Just before Christmas
she said to me that it was somehow a kind of justice that a murderer should
find refuge with a rapist. I was even more shocked when she kissed me
right after saying that.

It is now another winter coming on and the nights are cold again. And I
am blessed with the warmth of the most beautiful woman in the world to see
me through to another spring.


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