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The following is intended for adults readers who want to read fiction about
men and women in adult situations. Anybody who is not legally permitted to
view such material should read no further. All rights to this story are
reserved by the author. Permission is given to archive this story in places
where no fees are charged for legal adults to view it and if no words are
changed, including this disclaimer. Hope you enjoy.

Bachelorette Party Surprise
by Hector's Pup

We were out of college and a B.S. in psychology gets you nowhere when you
want to earn a living in the real world. My friend Sally and I worked at
whatever odd jobs the universe would provide. On a special evening
celebrating Sally's new temporary position as a crew chief for an inventory
checking service Sally laid the most shocking request of my life on me at

Sally was acting plenty solicitous over our second bottle of wine, picked
the right moment, and asked me if I would be willing to be the entertainment
for her cousin Kathy's bachelorette party. She caught me mid-sip and I shot
some wine out my nose, giving me a mild rush. My mind raced with excitement
as I told her, "No way!" Then she started working on me, not willing to
take no for an answer. It turns out she promised her other cousin Jennifer,
Kathy's sister, she would be able to deliver the entertainment. Flattery,
ground rules she thought I could live with, and begging started to wear my
resistance down. It was just a matter of time, because my fantasies were
getting the better of me, as she worked on my ego.

All the talk about what a good dancer I was, how good a shape I was in from
all of my varsity sports and working out steadily, that I could dance down
to whatever level of undress I felt comfortable with, that I would be
admired by a room full of adoring women -- that there was a hundred and
fifty bucks in it for me, was leaving me with little to hang objections on
and to justify my "no" stance. So, as you figured, I agreed.

I was to meet Sally at her place at nine o'clock the night of the party, and
she would take me there. The party was being held in a banquet room
separated off of a bar. Sally told me to wait in the bar and she would
come and get me. I was dressed in my best out-on-the-town outfit that was
tight fitting and showed off my best features. Underneath, I wore a tank
top tee shirt and high cut briefs. I would tease the women to request the
tank top off, maybe even a couple of quick peeks of my equipment under the
briefs but I would end the session after a couple of dances in the briefs
and high-tail it out of there preserving my dignity as best I could.

My nerves were shot. My fight-or-flight response was on red-line. I just
tried to forget the whole thing. What would be the worse thing that could
happen? I was ordering beers, but I was periodically getting too nervous
to swallow normally. I tried to watch the TV, focus on other patrons,
imagining their stories, trying everything I could think of to focus my
attention away from what lay ahead. When Sally appeared with a kittenish
smile, my stomach tied itself into a knot, and I started to hyperventilate.
Sally put her arms on my shoulders, hands on the back of my neck, and said
that I would be great, and not to worry. Some solace that was! She
grabbed me by the hand and led me into the room to a six inch dais at one
end where all of the lights seemed to be directed.

All I could think about at this point was, how not to look as nervous as I
felt. I tried to pace the rhythm of the music as I walked behind Sally to
the intimate stage. The room was filled with friends and relatives of
Kathy and Jennifer, none of whom I had ever met. The only person in the
room that I knew was Sally. Most of the women were somewhere in their
twenties. They giggled and pointed at me, unnerving me all the more. A
couple of older ladies in their thirties and forties started the crowd
cheering to try and get me in the mood. When Sally was through introducing
me and left the stage, the cheering began in earnest. The music volume went
up and I tried to "bump and grind" as I imagined would be the sexiest,
from practicing before my mirror at home for hours, the days before tonight.
I tried to pace my disrobing, basically, one major item per song. Some of
the older ladies were starting to act a little impatient at how slowly I
was progressing to the point they were anticipating. I started to pick it
up so that I was down to my tank top and underwear. I tried to tease as
best as I could muster with the tank top. One of the older ladies was
leading cheers of "take it off". Cheers went up when I was down to my
briefs. I gave peeks, went over to bride-to-be and gave a private
lap-dance and returned to the stage. Then I decided I would close it out
and get off the stage. Sensing this, one of the older ladies took out a
twenty dollar bill, creased it lengthwise, and waved it in the air between
her index and middle finger saying, "Not so fast studly. How about one
more for the road?"

She came up to the stage with the body language that she intended to stuff
the twenty in my briefs. I met her at the edge of the stage, put my hands
behind my head and posed for her while she reached in to stuff the twenty,
but she was taking her time and trying to get feel for her bucks. I lurched
back slightly but thought better of it as the sensation was exquisite.
Then without warning she took her fingers and wrapped them around my balls
forcefully. Her index finger and thumb formed a noose and the others
started to squeeze the jewels against her palm. She said, "Anyone got some
scissors? Let's do this right." As she was waiting for the scissors to be
passed forward, she told me to do exactly as I was told if I wanted to walk
away with them intact.

The pain was making me wince and double over forward. As she cut my briefs
off, the wave of humiliation almost made the pain and concern for my
testicles go away momentarily. "Now," she said, "get your hands on that
cock of yours and get it hard." The younger women with mouths agape were
silent except for occasional nervous giggles. The older women yelled "go
girl" to encourage my tormentor. I looked for Sally, but couldn't find
her in the darkened room beyond the lights. She must be in the back, I
thought, but why isn't she coming to my rescue? Another squeeze with a
pull snapped me back to the task at hand.

My hand went to my cock and started a familiar motion to bring it to
attention. I tried to focus my attention on an attractive women in front
to make it seem like I was doing this for one woman. This didn't last long
because my lady friend with the vise grip pulled me to one end of the stage
to give the ladies at that side of the room a better view. The humiliation
was starting to make this actually exciting because I had lost all control
of my situation. As I started breathing harder, Ms Vice-Grip squeezed and
pulled me all of the way across to the other side of the stage, and told
me not to cum until I was allowed to cum or I'd regret it.

As I started to approach my much needed orgasm, Ms Vice-Grip ordered me to
stop and take my hand off. Stopping short of the desired effect made me
convulse momentarily, as my cock twitched and dripped a clear precum. She
waved Kathy up to the stage. Kathy said, "No, no!" as her party mates
pushed her forward to a spot immediately if front of me. Being raised up
six inches standing before her, with the index finger-thumb noose trapping
and displaying my balls, cock straight, hard and twitching, presented
quite a sight for the blushing bride. The new "Mistress of Ceremonies"
instructed her to take a good look, to touch, and to manipulate me so she
would know how her husband-to-be worked. She reached out with her index
finger and ran it along the shaft, then down around the left side of my
ball sack, seemingly making a mental note of the temperature, texture,
turgidity, and so on. Mistress of Ceremonies said that a man likes a woman
to be more decisive and even take control of him through his genitals.

With encouragement from everyone Kathy started experimenting by pulling,
pinching, gently slapping and flicking her finger into the left ball. Oh!
The flicking was excruciating. The pain shot into my stomach and doubled
me over. Kathy backed away in shock and Mistress ordered me to stand up
again accented by a full hand squeeze not letting go until I forced myself
up through the pain and I nodded with tightened lips as if to say that I
would be good.

Now Kathy was instructed to put her mouth on my cock, to which she
emphatically refused. After some teasing and the realization that this
line would not be crossed by her, a volunteer was heard from the crowd.
Sally appeared front and center. She put her mouth on my aching shaft and
looked up at me with her kitten eyes speaking to my brain, asking me if I
was having a good time. Here was my rescue. She moved her warm moist
mouth along the length of it and in short seconds I was starting to arch on
tiptoes, she immediately took her mouth off, and Mistress squeezed hard, as
I shop my load on the floor in front of the stage. As my spasms subsided
Mistress slowly released my aching balls and brushed off my genitals as if
she were brushing lint off of a suit. She gave them one last pinch, pull,
and underside slap upward with her fingers, picked up the twenty and placed
it between my cock and balls saying, "Good job lover, you deserve this."

I got dressed, rode with Sally to Sally's place in too much shock to make
conversation with her. I got into my car and drove home in a daze, got
home and masturbated to the memories of the evening trying to sort out
exactly what happened.


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